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Author Topic: Katy & Rihanna's Illicit Encounter  (Read 1324 times)

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Katy & Rihanna's Illicit Encounter
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Katy & Rihanna's Illicit Encounter

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

* * * * *

A soft knock at the door made Katy Perry’s heart flutter, then pump harder, breath quivering a little as she stood from her plush hotel bed. She took just a couple of steps to the door and took a deep breath, opening it to reveal the gorgeous form of Rihanna standing in front of her, letting out a slow sigh as she smiled. There was a pause as she took in the stunning Bajan singer, dressed in a long red silk halter dress that split up to her hip and plunged from the chest to show off her toned body to perfection, tempting Katy’s eyes to roam all over her. She pulled her gaze back up to her face, framed by swept blonde-highlighted hair, where the grinning Rihanna pouted and blew her a kiss.

“Just you?” Katy asked, leaning forward to look down the corridors of the hotel.

“Just me,” Rihanna replied with a wink as Katy scanned the empty hallways.

“Oh thank god,” Katy murmured and reached out to grab the necklace she was wearing, pulling Rihanna into her room abruptly. She simply gave a giggle as the Californian singer yanked her inside, hunger evident as she pressed her lips to hers for a firm, needy kiss as she shoved the door closed with her other hand. Rihanna eagerly returned it, loving how much Katy wanted her, and how she managed to be passionate but somehow tender with her kisses. She loved when her partners were a bit aggressive with her, especially when they were women, and Katy was most definitely that right now.

As they turned away from the door Katy’s hands slid round her smooth, naked back, stroking perfectly up her soft skin towards her shoulder blades as she drew her in closely before one slipped back down, tracing Rihanna’s spine and delving tactfully under the back of the dress to run fingertips along the waistband of her panties. Rihanna just let Katy lead her, bringing her hands in to Katy’s hips, feeling her curvy figure through the snug black cocktail dress she was wearing, just letting her fingers curl to bunch up the skirt and draw it up Katy’s strong thighs.

Breaking their kiss, they rested their foreheads against each other, eyes closed, breathing intently and already feeling a degree of release of the tension between them. This had been going on for months now; they’d been close before and then drifted apart, and upon reconnecting had given in to their lust and indulged in this affair. Rihanna had initiated it but Katy was a very willing participant and now they hooked up at every opportunity around their schedules, with award shows like this being a favourite. The forbidden excitement of it and absolute necessity to keep it hidden made it all the more exhilarating. They shuffled firmly against each other, Rihanna’s hands sliding down a little further to slip under the edge of the skirt, sliding slowly back up underneath to tease up Katy’s thighs to her firm bum for a slow, restrained squeeze before letting them fall away.

“Take your dress off right now,” Katy said as she pulled away with a distinct, hungry look into Rihanna’s eyes, then turned to lock the door of the hotel room.

“I love it when you’re romantic baby,” Rihanna giggled, kicking her black high heels off and reaching up behind her neck to untie her dress. With the door securely bolted, Katy turned back to set her eyes on her lesbian lover, watching with a thumping heart as the gorgeous singer released the red silk, holding the dress up and looking into her eyes with a smile before she slowly lowered it to reveal her tight, toned body and perky breasts, the pierced nipple catching Katy’s eye for a moment before her tan beauty hooked her thumbs into the dress and peeled it off her hips with a smile, bending a little to drop it to the floor. There was a pause as Rihanna stood before Katy Perry in just her sheer black panties, just tempting, willing her to come and take her, like she knew she wanted to. Her heart trembled as Katy took a moment and then did just that, stepping forward to her and sliding her hands onto her naked body, slipping one around her hip and onto her firm ass, giving a hard squeeze as her other hand slid up her tummy to her perky breast in equal measure. She exhaled slowly in exhilaration and arousal as Katy leaned in and kissed her softly on the cheek, then accelerated them down onto her neck, making RiRi tingle as she moved passionately down and then grazed her teeth over the top of her shoulder.

Her own hands found their way onto the Californians curvy body, onto her hips again and then just letting her fingertips stroke up the sides of her ass on their way up her body, over the thigh-length black dress. She pulled her grasp round Katy’s back to pull her closer and then get hold of the zip on the back, wasting no more time in drawing it down to free the dress. Her hands pulled up to grasp the straps off the dress, pulling them down over her smooth shoulders to urge it towards the floor, pulling away from Katy’s excellent ministrations to allow it. She went with the flow and stepped back to let Rihanna pull it down, taking over and reaching down to shove it from her hips onto the floor, left in just her sexy lace bra and thong, black to match Rihanna’s. She matter-of-factly reached behind herself to unclip her bra, shrugging it off and casting it aside as Rihanna waited with a smile, eyes locked onto Katy’s phenomenal chest, biting her lip in anticipation as she took in her gorgeous double-Ds. Katy lunged forward to kiss her again, Rihanna meeting her for a deep, tongue-twisting kiss as their hands roamed over one another again, taking in the smooth, soft skin and delectable feminine curves in front of them.

Rihanna barely had time to pull her hands up to Katy’s chest and take a much desired squeeze before the Californian girl broke the kiss and dropped  to her knees before her, hands slipping into the sides of her small, sheer panties as she pressed her nose to the front of them. Rihanna murmured as Katy teased her with soft kisses to the front of them, just making her wait a moment before she swiftly pulled them down to her ankles and exposed her smoothly waxed pussy. Rihanna kicked them out the way and spread her legs a bit more as Katy’s hands slid back up to hold her hips, taking a good grasp on her before delving in for a long lick up her pussy. RiRi shuddered at the hot, silky touch of Katy’s tongue gliding up her vulva, running up her lips and over her clit to send a tingle through her.

Katy shivered equally in excitement, loving finally getting her tongue onto her lesbian lover, the sensation of her completely smooth skin under her simply perfect, tempting her to dive down and lick up her once more, curling her tongue a little more this time to split her labia more and take in the sweet taste of her juices. They clung thickly to her tongue as she started lapping at Rihanna rhythmically, exciting her taste buds as she stroked up her smooth body, delving her tongue deeper between the soft, waiting lips as she continued, letting the strong muscle perfectly separate them and glide up to her stiff clit, pulling a heightened gasp from her every time.

“Oh fuck, Katy, faster,” she breathed, reaching to hold Katy's head and then restraining herself, just wanting to leave her to be in charge and bring her to orgasm. She'd been in charge at times, but knew Katy did her best when given control, the Californian liking to be the boss, at least with her. Katy hadn't missed Rihanna's desire though, and as she gave slow, powerful drags of her tongue through her silky, juicy pussy she reached up for Rihanna's hands and drew them onto her head. She felt the Bajan immediately twist her fingers into her luxurious black hair and reached back for her hips, taking a firm grasp on Rihanna once more as she stepped up the assault, with one long draw up to her clit again before attacking it vigorously, fluttering her tongue powerfully against the delicate button in rapid vertical flicks, the tip dancing over the thousands of nerve endings as Rihanna practically doubled up with the overwhelming pleasure.

“Fuuuuuuck,” she whined as she grabbed Katy's head firmly, almost using her to keep herself upright as her body was hit by the barrage of intense sensations, her fingers pulling deeper through the thick black mane of the California girl. Katy switched to hard sucks as her tongued tired, knowing exactly how to get Rihanna off as she worked with her full lips and sucked intently at the soft clit hood and aching nub beneath it. Nibbling lightly for a moment, she just let her tongue relax before the next attack, going at her nub again rapid swipes from side to side across the swollen button interspersed with a few laps up over it to really work her up. Rihanna was immensely turned on and with the way she was being stimulated it was only going to be a minute or so before she climaxed.

Her hips betrayed her as she gave a telling shudder in the building pleasure, letting Katy know loud and clear she was doing a great job, which only spurred her to increase her efforts. Rihanna hardly knew where she found the energy as her tongue simply started dancing in all directions now, both glancing gently and driving intently across her clit in equal measure, throwing in intense sucks as well as circling her rapidly. When she could barely take any more, pressing Katy to her pelvis firmly, the pop star slid a hand from her hip and pulled it between her toned thighs, reaching up to easily delve a finger inside her juicy pussy, feeling the immediate clench of her muscles in response as she sunk it to its ultimate goal of her G-spot.

Rihanna could only give an ascending, strained noise of intense pleasure as Katy's fingertip hooked back and found the slightly rough area inside her, pressuring it firmly and starting to just circle on it as on the outside she continued her onslaught with her tongue, driving her so hard the RnB singer could barely stand up. With another shudder she felt her peak kicking in, Katy somehow picking up even more pace as she alternated flicking at her clit with circling it, solely focused on getting her off. It worked, and with a sudden series of gasping grunts she trembled powerfully and then let out a scream of ecstasy as her orgasm broke over her, digging her nails into Katy's head and grinding into her face as she shook with the pleasure. Anybody in nearby rooms would know exactly what was going on if they overheard, and probably assume it was Katy making the noise, not suspecting she was actually generating it. Katy continued driving her tongue against Rihanna's clit as long as she could, finger still probing her G-spot to sustain her orgasm and overwhelm her playmate as she shivered and quaked in the fading climax.

“Stop, stop!” Rihanna gasped, suddenly becoming highly sensitive in the aftermath as she felt the heights of it draining away, prying Katy's head from her, taking deep breaths as she tried to calm down, legs feeling like jelly as the finger inside her slipped silkily out of her hot pussy. Katy pulled Rihanna's tattooed hands from her head, holding them as she leaned forward to plant a soft kiss on her smooth lips before rocking back onto her hips with a sigh, taking deep breaths herself and letting her tongue loll exhaustedly. Rihanna smiled down blissfully and brushed her fingers down the side of her face before taking a shaky step backwards to slump onto the end of the bed, just perching on the end momentarily before Katy reached out for her, pulling under her knees so her weak legs gave out under her and she slipped down onto the floor in front of Katy, knees up, laying her head back onto the soft sheets as she gave a satisfied smile, closing her eyes to enjoy the after glow as she caught her breath.

After a minute or so, Rihanna looked back up as she felt Katy's hands on her legs, just softly caressing the outside of her calves on the legs she had left unashamedly open. Katy was looking at her with a look that she knew, a foxy look that said she wanted action as she shuffled forward on her knees between her tan thighs. Rihanna's eyes flicked down to her heavy breasts, thinking of getting her lips on them as Katy licked her own, smiling as she moved in on her. There were no words as Katy's hands slipped up over her legs, past her hips and then tickled lightly up her sides to just push slightly at her more humble breasts with a smile before she leant forward to press her lips to Rihanna's for a soft, succulent kiss. Rihanna could taste herself on Katy's full lips and in the twist of her tongue, her hands lifting up to just take in a quick, soft grope of the singers fantastic chest as it hung invitingly before her, then slipped her hands down Katy's sides to take in the gorgeous womanly shape of her body, pushing against her hips slightly as they made out and letting her finger tease under the waistband of her lacy black thong.

Their kiss became a little more intense before Katy pulled away, drawing her tongue from Rihanna's mouth slowly with a grin before the Bajan singer leaned up to cling on and kiss down her neck towards her chest. Katy paused to let her for a moment, then pushed away and stood up confidently over her conquest, smiling down at her as she reached down to hook her thumbs into her panties, swiftly sliding the delicate black lace down and kicking them aside off her feet. Rihanna just took in the smoothly shaven pussy before her, waiting for her tongue and then looked up as Katy smiled down at her, reaching down for a handful of her blonde-streaked hair before pulling her head back onto the bed.

“My turn,” she said boldly, stepping forward to plant her foot beside the waiting beauty before lunging over and pushing her knee onto the bed, letting herself sink down to press her smoothly shaven pussy into Rihanna's face, straddling her plaything dominantly. She grinned with a purr of pleasure as the RnB singer murmured beneath her, muffled as she wasted no time in getting what she wanted. Katy rocked her hips to grind her lips over Rihanna's, who playfully rolled her eyes as she gazed up to the Californian as if it were a chore and then opened her mouth to let her talented tongue slide forth to taste the sweet juices before her. Katy sighed in pleasure at the hot caress of her friends tongue, always loving the sensation of someone licking over her smoothly shaven pussy, but she always got especially turned on when it was  Rihanna, another woman, her first.

Rihanna didn't dive in though, despite her submissive position, electing instead to take her time to build Katy up even though she was immensely turned on already, her hot juices coating her tongue and gliding silkily all over. Rihanna let her tongue loll lazily back and forth along her lips, softly stroking from her clit to glide through her puffy entrance and then back again, just getting into a rhythm with the slow, impatient rock of Katy's pelvis. She accentuated things with a quick of her clit, drawing a grasp before she went back to her slow licks, feeling the delicate yield of the soft lips at her own, letting her tongue tease at pushing inside a little but not letting it, making Katy wait for her.

Pulling back up to her clit, Rihanna rapidly circled and flicked at her sensitive nub again for a few moments and then attached to suck on it firmly, making Katy inhale hard and crunch up at the intensity, pressing her hands down onto the bed now as she was stimulated, only for her lesbian lover to release and glide her tongue down once more, teasing her before giving a firmer pull of it back up to split her lips open and catch her clit once more at the peak of it. With a few more licks she opened her mouth and then let her teeth graze over the Californian gently, something she knew she loved, a hint of danger, a wonderfully hard sensation to blend into the soft, silky stimulation of Rihanna's skilful tongue exploring her most intimate area. Still holding back, she circled her clit again and licked down between her full lips, just threatening again to penetrate and then holding back.

Katy was getting impatient now and wanted some proper attention; Rihanna knew it was coming, and that Katy could get quite bossy when she didn't get what she wanted, evidenced when with one little touch to her clit that made her jolt with pleasure, after a tremble she rolled her hips and pushed them down into Rihanna, twisting her grip in the bedding as she gave her lover nowhere to go, a clear statement of intent. Rihanna had no problem obliging, smiling to herself even as her mouth got to work, swiftly attaching itself to her clit and sucking firmly, not too hard but just right for Katy to groan in pleasure, circling her hips just slightly as the Bajan beauty got to work properly.

Sucks turned into aggressive tongue attacks, working side to side and then up and down, much as Katy had, but she was being fast and changing quickly, moving between all possible motions of her tongue and then going into rapid circles around her button. Her tongue just teased at it directly enough for Katy's strong thighs to squeeze and cause her to tremble on the bed in a twinge of pre-orgasmic tension, brought on embarrassingly quickly by the far more experienced Rihanna.

“Oh shit,” Katy breathed softly in her husky tone, big pretty eyes squeezing shut at the intensity of it all as she leaned over on the bed. Rihanna had kept her hands out of things but now she brought them up the back of Katy's legs and gave a hard squeeze of her ass whilst slipping lower to delve into her juicy labia, stroking firmly back and forward just a couple of times before driving her tongue powerfully inside, making her grunt at the new form of stimulation thrust upon her. Katy might be on top but she wasn't really in charge, at the complete mercy of the pleasure Rihanna was bringing her, though she had no intention of overthrowing Katy and leaving her unsatisfied.

The squeezing thrusts of her tongue deep inside were divine, Katy pushing her hips down to help get every last bit possible inside her before she drew her talented muscle slowly back out and applied it flatly to her vulva, drawing over the beautifully smooth skin, shaven to perfection in readiness for this exact moment. Rihanna knew she hadn't done it for the show or so she could wear some sexy panties, it had been all for her. It was a thought to make her tingle with her own pleasure, loving the effort Katy had gone to for her as she devoured her pussy, attacking her clit once more to send another shudder through her.

Katy was always taken aback by just how perfectly RiRi could eat her pussy and bring her straight towards a big orgasm, the climax starting to bubble and build in the background of her enjoyment. The way she could so aggressively yet carefully work at her clit took her to the maximum without quite overloading her and taking the edge off it and she was basking in it now as her tongue danced flatly over her with direct pressure, lightly enough to wind her up nicely but with enough intent to show she was focused on a goal. Letting herself relax a little more, she sank onto the bed and rode Rihanna's face with slow, powerful, grinding rolls of her hips to help direct the stimulation to exactly where she wanted it. She was indulged with several more deep, searching explorations from Rihanna's tongue, lapping up her abundantly leaking juices without a thought before returning to her clit, knowing it was only a few carefully executed manoeuvres from causing Katy Perry to erupt into a spectacular orgasm.

Rihanna's head was pressed into the bottom of the bed now as the Californian arched her back and sank down completely on her in pleasure, humping ever so slightly as she breathed hard on her way towards climax. Rihanna's tattooed hands slipped up and down to stroke at her toned ass before curling her fingers to dig the nails into Katy's soft skin, just going hard enough to drive a little grunt from the pop star in the process. Squeezing and groping again, Rihanna let her fingers slip between her cheeks and stroke threateningly between, tantalisingly close to her tight asshole. Katy gasped and shivered as a finger was pressed quite firmly to her sphincter, starting to circle in conjunction with an acceleration of the tongue on her clit, going from a steady, firm rhythm into a much faster, more unpredictable dance across her most sensitive area.

She moaned in pleasure as Rihanna really turned up the heat, her tongue now spelling out her own name on Katy's clit, not that she knew of course, lost in a general cacophony of sensations now as she intently ate her pussy. Finished with that, she synchronised the motions of her finger with those of her tongue, keeping them in time and then suddenly off-setting them to deliver pleasure to Katy in an ever-changing manner, making the curvy singer grunt and groan with it all and give a telltale tremble that let Rihanna know she was almost there. Her finger moved up and down and circled round, testingly probing at the resistance of the tight ring of muscle, threatening to drive it inside as Katy's hips started to buck and jolt in attempts to hold off her upcoming peak. Her tongue switched from flat, soft licks over Katy's clit to more intent, rapid swipes of the tip, attacking hard now, going sideways and vertically over it as her finger just started to pressure more deliberately and work slightly into her tight ass.

“Oh fuck, don't stop,” Katy whined even as she gave a shudder of impending orgasm. Rihanna had no intention, and with that she started to circle her clit again harder and faster than she had before, switching the direction up as she licked her to climax, which begun as she suddenly pushed her finger deeply into Katy's tight asshole, making her push back and shudder hard as she broke, Rihanna making sure by suddenly attaching her lips and sucking hard at her clit with dabs of her tongue. Katy let out a rapid succession of hard breaths and then erupted into a huge orgasm with a loud squeal of release, the pleasure washing over her with a wave that made her whole body arch tightly, throwing her head back from its bowed position to flick her long black hair onto her shoulders as she dug her nails into the bedding.

It was followed by a series of visceral grunting, gasping cries of utter ecstasy as Rihanna continued to suck, tongue and finger with an intensity Katy hadn't felt since their last tryst. Nobody had ever licked her pussy the way Rihanna did and it was one of the reasons she always kept coming back for more, quite literally as she shook and shuddered over her Bajan lover, gritting her teeth and then lifting up with a sudden release of muscle tension and energy drain.

“Stop, stop,” she gasped, suddenly too sensitive for the assault on her body, pushing up on a trembling leg and pushing a hand down through Rihanna's hair.

“Funny, you were begging me not to,” she murmured with a smile, finally clear to speak after the domination of Katy, letting her finger just slip easily out of her ass. The curvy Californian just gave a weary smile as she pulled her other knee onto the bed and shuffled forwards away from Rihanna and then collapsed face first onto the bed, buried in her long hair, breathing deeply as the tingling afterburn of her orgasm lingered, a completely sated sensation just flowing through her as she basked in it, totally flopped on the bed. Rihanna meanwhile raised her head stiffly from the bed, reaching up to rub and squeeze at her neck after the fixed position under an appreciative pop star. It gave a crack as she moved, rolling her head and then pulling herself away from the bed, rolling onto her knees and then standing up to see her lover sprawled out on the sheets, already dozing off.

“It's a good thing I don't fall asleep so easily after an orgasm, isn't it?” Rihanna said with a smile, reaching up to push her long hair back over her bare shoulders as Katy only offered a sleepy mumble from the bed. Turning away, Rihanna stepped over to the phone and picked it up, pressing to get through to reception. She ordered a bottle of classic Moet champagne with two glasses, with the explicit instructions that it be delivered in fifteen minutes rather than immediately. If anybody on the desk knew it was Katy Perry's hotel room they didn't show it by wondering why she wasn't the one calling.

Putting the phone down, she turned and stepped back over to the bed, taking in the gorgeous feminine curves of Katy before her, napping lightly in the wake of her efforts. Sliding onto the bed herself, Rihanna slipped down behind Katy, their skin brushing softly together as she pulled herself in close and slid her arm underneath her neck to snuggle up close to her. Katy murmured at being disturbed but stretched and then pushed back into her friend, Rihanna smelling the sweet scent of her hair as she held her tightly for a moment. Nuzzling through it all, she kissed Katy's neck as her other hand slipped over to squeeze firmly at her magnificent chest.

“You have an absolute maximum of fifteen minutes to enjoy this,” Rihanna whispered, feeling the warmth of her lover pressed to her.

“Mm why?” Katy managed, almost asleep.

“I ordered some room service, and it's probably best for you that I don't open the door looking like this,” Rihanna smiled, relaxing completely into the soft bed.

“Probably,” Katy said with a smile, hooking her legs back into Rihanna's, glancing at the clock beside the bed. The two gorgeous singers just lay entwined on the bed, enjoying one another's closeness for several minutes, lost in their own little illicit embrace, hidden away from the world. Minutes passed like seconds it seemed as they were interrupted by a knock at the door, jolting them from their doze.

“Room service,” was politely added through the door. Katy glanced at the clock as she pulled herself up and rolled over, sitting up quickly.

“One moment,” she called as Rihanna lazed back onto the pillows beside her, sliding off the bed and standing up at the end, turning back to her lover to give a stunning full frontal of her curvy body.

“Gonna answer it like that?” Rihanna said with a sly smile, eyeing her up and down.

“You're the one getting lucky here, not him,” Katy replied quietly with a smile, stepping to the door into the en suite bathroom to grab a short black silk robe, arching her back sexily to push her chest out as she slipped it on, Rihanna watching intently as pulled it around her body and tied it at the taper of her hourglass figure, sexy smooth legs on display.

“Come here,” she whispered with a snap of her fingers, jolting Rihanna into a response, smiling playfully and slipping off the bed to dance quietly over to Katy lest she be heard.

“Out of sight,” Katy breathed, pointing to the bathroom. Rihanna looked into her eyes with a devilish grin and then stepped in behind the door to the hotel room. Stark naked, their dresses still heaped at the foot of the bed, she tucked herself away just inches from where Katy would open the door to room service.

“You'd best get that,” she whispered, daring Katy to make the next move. She paused a moment and then moved, not wanting to keep the guy waiting any longer as he tried to deliver their champagne. She opened the door to him, catching his eyes flitting down her silk-wrapped figure to her bare legs, though he didn't say anything to acknowledge she was anything other than another guest, the kind the high-class hotel attracted all the time.

“Your champagne, madam,” he said politely, indicating to the bottle in the ice bucket.

“Thanks, please just put it somewhere there,” she said, indicating the area of clear floor beside the bed, stepping back and opening the door fully to allow him to step inside. Rihanna, completely naked behind the door, drew a breath and held it as he entered, rolling the little trolley into Katy's room where she had indicated. Katy couldn't see if he looked, but she was sure he must notice the two sets of clothes strewn at the end of the bed, two dresses, underwear and shoes that would indicate exactly what she had been up to with a moments thought. Turning back, he gave a pleasant smile to Katy as he headed for the door.

“Have a nice evening,” he said, unaware that just beside the pop star, right in front of him, Rihanna stood naked behind the door, holding her breath as her heart pumped in exhilaration. He stepped out into the corridor as Katy closed the door.

“Thanks, you too,” she replied, then shut it, locking it once more before looking straight at Rihanna with a growing smile.

“You're a bad girl, you know that,” she said, eyes flitting down her toned body.

“You love it,” she purred in return, smiling devilishly.

“I've got something you're going to love,” Katy said, reaching out to take Rihanna's hand and lead her back to the bed.

“Sounds exciting,” she replied, letting herself be taken to and then spun onto the bed again.

“Oh it is, just wait there,” the Californian said, stepping away to find her bag. Rihanna sat curiously on the side of the bed, leaning forward to see what it was Katy had for her as the singer searched her bag in the corner. She'd deliberately bent over to let the short gown slip up over her ass, almost showing everything off to Rihanna, whose eyes were slowly scanning up from her ankles to her toned thighs and where she could almost get a peek at the juicy bulge of Katy's pussy. It was silly given what they'd been doing just minutes earlier, but the temptation of an illicit glimpse still turned her on. Maybe it was true that sexy was what you couldn't see. The pop star drew her eyes with a rustle as she found what she was looking for and stood back up, then turned around to show what she had in her hand.

It was a black strap-on harness, sporting a soft translucent blue dildo. Rihanna took it in, absorbing its shape and size before looking back to Katy's face, locking eyes with a smile.

“Looks like fun,” she said simply, leaning forward and pushing herself up off the bed to meet Katy as she stepped back over to the bed.

“Oh it will be,” she grinned, before reaching down to quickly hold it between her legs as she disposed of the black silk gown, untying it swiftly and casting it aside onto the floor  to leave her stunningly naked in front of her lesbian lover once more. Continuing, Rihanna watched unashamedly as Katy reached down to step into the harness and slide it up her legs, already mostly adjusted for her. Rihanna herself had both worn and received strap-ons, having a good time on both sides of it, but she knew Katy never had. It looked like she'd been practising though, slipping into the harness with ease and seeming comfortable with it immediately as she wiggled her curvy hips into it and adjusted the waistband like a pro. Rihanna, unable to help herself and wanting to encourage Katy in her latest exploration of bisexual life, stepped forward and dropped to her knees, running her hands up the American's gorgeously smooth leg to the strap around her thigh. Looking up past the toy, she saw Katy breathing heavily with excitement as she looked down into her eyes, giving a last settling of the toy on her hips before going to grasp the other thigh strap, before Rihanna stopped her.

Urging her hands away, the Bajan star took hold of the first strap, letting her other hand slip tantalisingly up the inside of her thigh before drawing it up slowly, allowing Katy to feel it tighten up and then press into her soft skin securely, feeling the firm, reassuring squeeze of the strap as the pulled it tight. Moving to the other leg, Rihanna drew the other strap up in the same teasing fashion, before going a little further than expected in tightening it firmly, toned muscles flexing a little as she made Katy murmur at the feel of it. Slipping her hands over Katy's hips and onto the strong belt, Rihanna took hold of the straps at each side.

“You'll want it done up nice and tight so you can really fuck me,” Rihanna said with a grin and little flick of her tongue, before pulling the straps a little bit further to tightly lock the harness onto her pelvis, the soft blue toy sticking out purposefully in front of her.

“I intend to,” Katy breathed after a pause, taking in the sight of herself with the toy on, giving a little shake of her hips to make the blue rubber wobble in front of her, bouncing some as she rocked her hips back and forward a couple of times, springing up and down in front of Rihanna, similar to how she'd had a few guys do to her. She gave a slightly giggle at it, Rihanna smiling up at her, then glancing down at the toy in front of her, before looking back up and doing what Katy herself usually did when presented with a hard cock in front of her; RiRi leaned forward and slid it slowly into her mouth, letting her lips and tongue slip wetly over the contoured head and down the shaft a little as she looked up, before closing her eyes and pushing down further, hands still at Katy's hips gripping a little tighter to accentuate the effect. Despite Katy not being able to feel it directly, she immediately felt a rush of arousal at watching her close friend and bedmate start sucking on her strap-on. With a few deeper sucks and her hands reaching round onto her ass a little, Rihanna pulled away and looked up again at Katy's slightly unsure but excited expression.

“I know you want to watch me do this, just admit it,” she said, before slipping her mouth down the flexible blue toy once more. She did, and with an encouraging hand she drew Rihanna more firmly to her, pushing the toy into her mouth at the same time with a rock of her hips. Her fingers twisted in her blonde-highlighted hair as the RnB singer happily sucked, wanting Katy to enjoy her freely, reacting to the push of her hips by urging Katy to continue using her hands, letting the translucent rubber cock slip into her throat. She watched Rihanna suck at her toy for a minute or so, going down deeply onto her until with a slow push she took it all, pressing her nose to the black harness and awakening a hunger in Katy to escalate things. She pulled Rihanna off by her hair, making the Bajan star look up to see why.

“Stand up,” she commanded, taking hold of her hand as she had barely got to her feet and then lead her across the room, RiRi following obediently. Katy caught sight of herself in a mirror, slowing to take in the sight of herself wearing the strap-on. She'd seen it before, practising with it to put it on right, but she was still caught by the sight each time, still new to her.

“You look fucking hot wearing that,” Rihanna whispered, looking past her to their reflection in the mirror. Katy smiled shyly, then turned to press a firm kiss to Rihanna's cheek before leading her with a few more purposeful steps to a black leather chair set at the side of the room beside the bed. Without letting go of her hand, Katy turned and dropped down into the chair, inhaling at the cold kiss of the leather on her bare skin, slipping forward to push her hips to the edge, the toy sticking up as she urged Rihanna to her, smiling devilishly up at her.

“Making me do all the work again huh?” she teased as she stepped in close, feeling the smooth, warm touch of their skin rubbing together.

“Damn right, means I get to watch you too,” Katy purred, her hand taking hold of Rihanna's hip at she stepped over her knees to straddle her. Rihanna just gave a playful roll of her eyes and moved forward over the blue rubber cock, reaching down to pull it up where she wanted it, pressing it against her smoothly waxed pussy to stimulate her clit. She teased Katy by rocking her hips against it for a moment before she just perfectly pushed her hips forward and over the tip of it, the bulbous head of the blue toy slipping effortlessly inside her snug pussy as Rihanna pushed her knee onto the chair beside Katy, giving a soft gasp, feeling the tapered shape pop into her body. Katy stifled a groan of excitement, feeling the pressure down onto her through the harness, her hand dropping from Rihanna's to move onto her hip with the other one as the tan singer pushed her other knee onto the smooth leather as well, sinking into it with Katy as she buried the toy deeply inside herself with a sink of her hips, feeling the pop star push up underneath her to help.

Rihanna's hands naturally found Katy's fantastic chest, giving a firm squeeze of her gorgeous breasts as she started to pump her hips steadily up and down, taking the full seven-inch length of the toy with each stroke. She looked down into her lovers eyes with a determined, lustful stare as she pumped her pelvis, feeling Katy's grip on her tighten a little, fingers digging into her toned body, feeling the tightness of her muscles as she rode. She dived down to press their lips together, locking with Katy's full pout, feeling the beautiful, feminine softness of them as they kissed, tongues just touching initially with a probing dab. It became more hungry and primal, energetically kissing one another as their tongues started to dance and entwine, Rihanna fully leaning over and dominating Katy as they made out hotly, Katy slowing things with a suck of her tongue before they continued, the Bajan star still riding busily, picking up her pace in the heat of things as her hands grabbed more tightly onto Katy's phenomenal double-Ds.

Katy's hands were working strongly to pull RiRi down into her, working her hips so her hot pussy swallowed the entire toy every time, thrusting her own hips up towards her to make sure of it. The chair rocked underneath them, banging back against the wall with a thump as they fucked, Katy ignoring it as she got lost in the new, lustful passion she was enjoying, taking in every sensation and tingle of stimulation from the snug harness as it pressured her under Rihanna's intimate motions. Her hands pulled up into the taper of Rihanna's waist to gain more leverage, pulling down hard on her lesbian playmate as she thrust up to meet her, hearing and loving every grunt and growl she gave at the thick rubber toy driving inside her, going in short strokes now as the pace and power had increased so much. Rihanna had her head back now, gasping hard at the high intensity of it all, her muscles aching from the exertion.

“You picked a great toy,” Rihanna groaned, giving a slow, hard grind of herself down against the harness and taking a deep breath, her hands moving up to Katy's shoulders as she paused for a moment to catch her breath.

“I hoped you'd like it,” Katy smiled, breathing hard herself, hair sticking to her glowing face. Rihanna smiled and pushed her hair back over her ear, looking into her eyes with a naughty smile as she started to work her hips again, adding a slight circle of her hips to it to increase her own pleasure as the translucent blue dildo moved inside her velvet tunnel, rolling her hips to grind her clit into the firm material of the harness. Katy's hand strayed up now to take a squeeze of Rihanna's far more humble chest, stroking over her damp skin and tattoos to find her right breast and squeeze tightly at it, feeling the stiff piercing pressing into the palm of her hand. Her other hand slid down into the taper of Rihanna's waist again to pull down at her hips, helping to drive her down onto her strap-on, thrusting up again busily into her friend. The harness pressed and rocked on her hips, stimulating her hard clit just enough to keep her ticking over, chasing the pleasure as her pussy waited dripping wet beneath it. She wanted to be in control though, making the moves and doing the fucking; it was one of the reasons why she'd bought the strap-on in the first place, part of a lust for taking charge.

“My turn,” Katy said, pushing herself up and wrapping her arms around Rihanna, kissing at her fervently, distracting her in the moment as theirs tongues twisted again, Katy giving a protest as Rihanna bit quite hard on hers. Her arms pulled in tightly around Rihanna's slender back and with a thrust upwards she pushed onto her feet, lifting the toned singer up with her, toy still buried deep inside. It was short lived though as Katy lunged a step forward and then slammed Rihanna down onto the huge bed, driving her elbows into the mattress and letting her full weight jam the strap-on as hard as she could into her, Rihanna crying out at the sudden jolt of pain from the deepest stretch, so sudden and intense as the rubber ploughed deeply into her body. It was followed by a rasp and a shudder, digging her nails into Katy's back and biting down on her shoulder, legs twitching for a few moments before she pushed her feet into the covers and pulling her knees up, Katy just holding the toy deeply and rocking her hips slightly to grind her clit against the harness as Rihanna endured it.

“You don't need to be so rough with me baby,” Rihanna said with a smile, laying back onto the bed and stroking softly up Katy's sides, squeezing her thighs onto her hips. Katy leaned down to kiss her again, a moments pause.

“You love it really,” she replied as she pushed back up on her elbows again, starting to thrust the toy inside her. Rihanna wasn't sure if she was a natural or had been practising, but Katy seemed to drop into the rhythm perfectly to start stroking the toy in and out of her juicy pussy, muscles yielding around Katy's energy to effortlessly accept all seven inches of it right to the harness now. She couldn't help but groan in submission to the pleasure starting to tingle through her again, laying back and just letting her work, plunging the whole length into her with a slower, powerful method. Katy withdrew until the head threatened to pop out and then sank it back inside in one smooth stroke until her harness pressed into Rihanna, adding another dimension by stimulating her clit to go with it. She felt every ridge and contour of the toy, closing her eyes and groaning deeply with pleasure, murmuring further at it as Katy kissed over her soft cheek and into her neck as she braced herself above her, thrusting her hips determinedly.

“Oh fuck, don't stop,” Rihanna breathed as she felt the telltale tingle of an orgasm building towards completion inside her, pulling her feet off the bed and squeezing her legs tighter around the energetic pop singer as she continued to bury it inside her. Rihanna felt the deep tingling inside her growing stronger, little trembles starting to spread through her. Katy's long, fulfilling strokes were a little bit too patient to take her to the hard, explosive finish she wanted however, and to get what she wanted she let her feet hook around behind Katy's firm, rounded ass, loving the silky warmth of her skin sliding under her feet on the way to locking her ankles together just beneath it. Her arms slid round Katy's smooth, pale body to hold her close as her legs tightened to help press her hips down into her own, keeping the toy deep inside her and shortening Katy's strokes to just a few inches, but crucially always full depth.

“Faster,” Rihanna mumbled, feeling an immediate acceleration as Katy applied some more reserves to her shorter range of motion as Rihanna controlled it, thumping towards orgasm as Katy breathed and gasped hotly over her shoulder at the exertion, face practically buried into the bed beside her as she focused only on pleasing her lesbian playmate. It was just a few fierce seconds of fucking, Rihanna's lungs giving out hot cries of pleasure as her climax built quickly, peaking as Katy suddenly pushed up onto her hands, flicked her hair back and somehow found another gear to slam her hips against her with intensity she hadn't felt in months, maybe years, especially from another girl. Katy grit her teeth, eyes closed with hard breaths, desperate to make Rihanna climax as the head board smashed noisily against the wall, fingernails dug hard into the bedding. She didn't need to worry though as Rihanna broke into rapid, uncontrollable gasps as she tensed up tightly, just holding on to endure a few more thrusts before she shuddered animatedly underneath the Californian star, shaking and writhing in utter pleasure as it spread like lightning through her body, up her spine to send a tingle into her brain. Her thighs clenched hard at Katy, slowing her motions and locking her in, arms almost crushing her as she tried to pull her close through her moments of ecstasy, right before she felt overwhelmed at all the sensation at the passing of her peak.

“Stop, stop,” she gasped, legs dropping with trembles to the sides on the bed, her hand swatting clumsily at the smooth back under it as Katy ground in deep and stopped, arms shaking, gasping hard for air, feeling the borderline cramps from the effort she'd put in, awkwardly leaning down onto the bed on her elbows again, head beside Rihanna's as she took a breather, bodies entwined hotly together. Exhausted, Katy lifted back up onto her elbows, pausing to share a soft, lingering kiss before she bent one knee to push herself off Rihanna, sliding her hips back to withdraw her soft blue toy from her juicy pussy before rolling off and flopping tiredly on her back, feeling the dildo spring back wetly against her toned tummy momentarily. Breathing hard, she felt the aching tension slowly ebbing from her body, her arms and legs having been so tightened up by her exertions, having a renewed appreciation for guys at that moment. After just a few moments rest, Rihanna rolled over to her and reached up to her face, giving her another soft kiss.

“You're not finished yet,” she purred, settling down beside her and reaching down for the strap-on, wrapping her skilful hand around it. She characteristically stroked up and down it for a moment and then grasped it firmly at the base, circling and grinding it into Katy.

“I don't think that's going to work,” Katy smiled tiredly, feeling Rihanna working at her. She was proven wrong a moment later as she felt a sudden surge of pleasure, the harness twisting and rocking to stimulate her just right. She couldn't restrain a long inhale at it, pushing up into it with her hips.

“That's the spot,” Rihanna breathed with a smile of her own, starting to work her hand on the toy to get Katy off, working her wrist to manipulate the strap-on dildo. The contours and bumps of the inside of the harness, designed for just such a purpose, were now working perfectly into Katy's clit, only more gently and less direct than when she had been putting the effort into Rihanna. That more delicate, circling motion was exactly what her clit needed for perfect stimulation; already so turned on from the sheer act of it and the physical pleasure combined, it wasn't taking much to rev her engine, which Rihanna was easily able to see.

“You look so fucking hot wearing this,” Rihanna breathed, playing up to her, knowing Katy was loving taking charge with her new toy. Snuggling in beside her, she laid her head onto the Californian's stunning chest, working her wrist intently to rev her up, hearing the little gasping groans cutting the quiet air of the hotel room.

“I love you being in charge with it,” she breathed, grinding it more intently into her clit and then attaching her soft lips to Katy's nipple, just using a few soft sucks to coax it to full hardness before she started sucking properly at it, using her lips to massage and tease at it as she did, starting to work faster as Katy pushed up into her, her arm pulling round Rihanna's smooth back to hold her close, hand sliding over her ribs to find her perky breast once again.

“You fucked me so good, you're great with this,” Rihanna breathed in between sucks of her nipple, starting to give quick, gentle nips of her teeth to Katy now, over her nipple and soft breast as she gasped beneath her, close to climax now. Rihanna was working the harness into her perfectly, knowing exactly what it took to drive sensations with it, feeling the tension in her wrist as she focused only on the pleasure of her friend, finding it incredibly hot as Katy lost control beneath her. It was hardly that she hadn't seen it before, but this was something different, more kinky. Katy was close now, barely holding back as Rihanna jerked and twisted her hand on the strap-on, rubbing and driving the ribbed inside of the harness against her clit, timing it in perfect rhythm with the thrusts of her hips up into it.

“I can't wait till you fuck me again,” she added, giving a long, vertical roll of the toy and harness as she did so, making Katy shudder intently, tense and about to burst. With no more words Rihanna sucked and pulled at her nipple with her teeth as she ground the strap-on against her clit hard, making the Californian give a strained, groaning gasp of ecstasy as she orgasmed, the huge climax rolling over her and spreading to every fibre of her body, making her stretch out fully even as her fingernails dug into the bedding. Her hips bucked and jumped as she shook in pleasure, thrusting up into Rihanna's continued efforts whilst also losing control, legs kicking and trembling in their tension. Her growling moans slashed through the still air of the hotel room as she rode her peak, able to stay on the bubbling crest of the wave for a few moments of ecstasy before she shivered back down as it drained away, sensitive and suddenly completely overwhelmed. Her clumsy hand managed to grab urgently at Rihanna's wrist as she gave long, slow breaths, drawing deep lungfuls of air in as she went light-headed into the aftermath.

“Said you weren't finished,” Rihanna murmured with a smile, just leaning up enough to kiss over her chest, collarbone and softly at her cheek as Katy lay flopped back on the bed. She nuzzled at her for a moment before resting her head down on her shoulder, snuggled up to her as her hand slipped from the toy, bringing it up to cup Katy's breast as she let her leg slip silkily over Katy's as she pop star lay exhausted on the bed, flopped out with the translucent blue toy sticking up from her pelvis. Fucked out, Katy dozed off lightly for a few minutes, Rihanna doing near the same on her shoulder, both of them just loving the soft, smooth feel of each other, illicit though it was.

Rihanna stirred a little first, waking Katy again, who gave a stretch, her spare hand reaching down to just run over the harness she was wearing, pulling almost curiously at the straps. Her other pulled up over Rihanna's hip again, just holding her close. Rihanna moved in closer again to plant more soft kisses on her cheek, encouraging Katy into turning her head for tender, passionate lip locks, slowly making out with one another, soft lips pressing together as their talented tongues entwined. They broke the kiss and then just rested for another minute or so, before Katy wriggled out of place and loosened the straps at her hips before sliding to the edge of the huge bed and standing up, letting the toy slip down to the floor. She bent down to pick it up and throw it lazily back towards her bag, giving Rihanna a perfect view of the sweet bulge of her pussy in the process before she stood up again.

Turning back to the bed, Katy gave a long stretch, pushing her ass out and arching her back tightly, raising her elbows as she pushed her fingers onto her shoulders before pushing her hands up under her long black hair and reaching for the ceiling, letting it all cascade back down over her smooth shoulders like a shampoo advert as she stretched her fingers out to the very tip. Rihanna took in the gorgeous show of her body, Katy's beautiful curves always so lusciously feminine to her, begging to be caressed. Katy looked back to her on the bed, planting her big eyes straight on Rihanna's for a pause.

“Do you want me to go back to my own room now?” Rihanna asked with a slightly playful pout, but also sincerity since sometimes Katy, new to indulging herself with another woman, became a little shy and wanted her privacy back at times like this.

“No, I want you to come and get in the shower with me,” Katy replied without a smile but with the subtlest raise of her eyebrow and a look she could feel as a tingle. The Californian just turned away and walked towards the bathroom, leaving Rihanna to take in her perfect hourglass figure and sexy back as she disappeared out of sight. In a heartbeat she swiftly rolled onto all fours and crawled to the edge of the bed to follow...

To be continued.

Big thanks to Ghost for helping check and edit this story.

As usual, please send me Feedback if you have any thoughts or ideas. I like reading your feedback and suggestions, so please drop me a line.
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Re: Katy & Rihanna's Illicit Encounter
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These two make a hell of a pair together, would've never thought to see them in a story together. Great work!  :Y:


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