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Dr. Kingston (Alex Kingston)
« on: March 05, 2020, 04:58:23 AM »
Dr. Kingston

Disclaimer: If you ain't 18, begone! This is for the adults, and Sweetness, you're not.
Hope you enjoy it, if you don't, well I tried
I don't take requests, sorry.
And remember, there is no spoon.

  Alex Kingston was curled up in bed, writing in a new book. She fantasized about being a doctor. Sure she's played a Dr. on tv, but this was a little different. She made house calls.
She writes: After setting up the exam table with stirrups, I walked into the bedroom, where the patient, Shanna Jones, waited. I dropped my bag, just staring. Damn, even in a paper gown, she was gorgeous! Ice blue bedroom eyes, long black hair, pink full lips, large natural tits. I shivered with desire, sure she could see it. "I-I-I'm Dr. Kingston" I manage to speak. She holds out her hand. "Shanna Jones." We shake hands. I pulled out her charts. She just needed the usual check-up, nothing major. I pull the blood pressure cuff from the bag, and strap it on her arm. I squeeze the bulb as much as I can, then stop. I watch the gauge. "Your blood pressure's good" I say as I remove the strap, and put it in the bag. I pull out the stethoscope, and place it on her chest. Here, I make the mistake of looking into her eyes. There was humour there, and arousal? Surely not! But there it was. I gulp softly, and my hand holding the resonator slips, and touches a breast, "Sorry." I say. She just smiles. I lift my hand and the resonator back up, and this time I make sure not to look into her eyes. Her heart sounds good. I place it on her back, she takes  deep breaths and I listen to her lungs. All good. I put the stethoscope away, grab my bag and motion for her to follow me. We walk down the hallway, into the room where I have the exam table set up.

Shanna gets up on the table, waiting for me. I tell her to lie down. She does so, and I give her a breast exam. Feeling no lumps, I go to pull my hand away, when Shanna places her hand on mine. She uses my hand to caress her tit. She drops her hand, and mine keeps on caressing. I run a thumb across a nipple, and she gasps. I move closer, and with my other hand, I caress her other tit, using that thumb to rub a nipple. I lean down, and put my lips on a nipple, licking, and sucking. "Yesss", she moans. I do that same to the other nipple, getting the same response. I stop and indicate that she should put her feet in the stirrups. I dig into my bag, and pull out the instruments needed. I examine her, looking carefully. Everything was good. I place my instruments into a bag, and set it aside. I tell her she has a clean bill of health, and that she can go ahead and take her feet out of the stirrups. She keeps her feet in place. She looks at me, daring me to pleasure her. 'Do it', she mouths. I take a deep breath, step closer, and latch onto her clit. I suck, then lick, feeling her wetness flowing. My hands move to her firm tits, playing with them, pinching the nipples. Shanna's bucking, moaning. I can sense she was close to her orgasm, so I pinch her nipples, twirl my tongue, pull my tongue back, and gently nibbled her clit. Shanna arched her back as she came, screaming my name. She collapsed, and I carefully helped her take her feet from the stirrups.

After a few minutes, she climbed off the exam table. She kissed me passionately. She told me to take my clothes off, as she moved to an end table. I remove my clothes, watching her as she removes something from the drawer. She straightens, and I see she has a double headed strap on and a bottle of lube in both hands. Shanna indicates me to bend over a medium sized table. As I comply, I turn my head, watching her put on the strap on.

She moves close, applying lube to her hands, then she rubs first one head, then the other. She sets the bottle down on the table, then slowly penetrates my ass and pussy at the same time. The head slides into my pussy easily, but I resist when the second head presses against my asshole. Shanna whispers to relax, and I slowly do. She adds more lube, and slides further. She slides in slowly, adding lube as needed. Soon, she has fully my ass and pussy. She slides in and out, building a rhythm. Throughout all this, she makes sure she keeps the dildo in my ass lubed. She pumps in and out, her hands sliding up to my tits, squeezing them. She moves fast, then slow. I feel my orgasm build, and tells her so. She uses the lube for the last time, then pumps fast. As my orgasm is at its closest, she slows down, pinches my nipples, and gives one final pump. My orgasm hits hard. I can feel her still pumping. As the first one subsides, another hits.  Somehow, I realize sheís going to give me multiple orgasms. I cum again, and again. My eyes are crossed from the pleasure Iím receiving. I have no idea how long I remained bent over, or how many times, Iíve managed to cum, but one final pump, and Iím screaming with pleasure from my final orgasm. I finally collapse onto the table. Shanna slowly pulls out. I passed out.

Alex finishes writing in her book. She closes it, lays it on her nightstand, and proceeds to finger herself. After she cums, she falls asleep.

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Re: Dr. Kingston (Alex Kingston)
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Nice story, thank you for posting it on here for us to read.  :Y:


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