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Kylie Minogue - Kylie's Sore Throat
« on: March 08, 2020, 09:01:32 AM »
Kylie’s Sore Throat

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

Written as a request from a Fan.

*   *   *   *   *

Kylie relaxed as she let her boyfriend push her down onto her knees in front of him. Wearing thigh high black leather boots, a tiny black leather miniskirt, a tight boob-tube and a spiked collar, she was ready for her boyfriend to have at her. It was a nasty fantasy of hers, to have a guy use her like his own little whore and give her a throatjob she’d never forget. She’d tentatively asked her boyfriend, who’d happily accepted the challenge, already familiar with her deepthroating talents and relishing the idea to take it further and have full control over her, seemingly having some suppressed sexual aggression towards her, which she was intending to feel the full force of.

Kneeling before her boyfriend, who was naked and erect for her, his big cock just inches from her pretty face, her lips bright red, eyes smokily done up with mascara, eye liner and shadow. Smiling up at him, Kylie extended her tongue and dragged it up the underside of him, signalling that she was ready to begin. He took hold of his impressive cock, something Kylie particularly liked about him, and then slapped it down firmly on her mouth and nose, bouncing it on her face, then switching to the side and cockslapping her cheek, doing the same to the other side of her face as she closed her eyes and felt a little rush of wetness to her exposed pussy.

“Open wide,” he commanded sternly, in a voice she’d never heard from him, making her shiver from excitement as she did so, waiting for him to insert his cock. She was taken aback however as he leaned down and spat on her face, making her recoil into his waiting hand, which he immediately used to guide her straight onto his cock, pushing his rock hard erection into her willing mouth. Her instincts took over and she began sucking, hearing him groan as she felt his saliva slide down her face, his hand in her hair to steady her as she got to work on him. Kylie knew how to suck a cock, and got to work giving her best possible blowjob, sucking just hard enough as her tongue started to wrap and stimulate him, bobbing her head up and down just over half his length as she got her rhythm going.

He just enjoyed her ministrations for a minute or so, then tightened his grip in her hair and pushed deeper, making it clear he was going to start giving what she’d asked for quite soon. Kylie had no problems taking a bit more, and was soon working faster and deeper, being more aggressive as she sucked his cock, just letting her teeth bump him slightly in just the right way to increase his pleasure. Sucking firmly, she worked her head back and forward on him, enjoying herself as she gave him head, loving his controlling hand in her hair. It was at that moment that he put that grasp to use, pulling her onto him as she went down on him and pressing his cock into her throat, pushing all the way till his balls were pressed against her chin. Kylie could take it though, she’d learnt to deepthroat as a teenager and had built up considerable skills since then, using them to her boyfriends pleasure quite regularly.

He held Kylie in place for a moment, just grinding to try and get any deeper as Kylie waited, before letting her back up. His hand however stayed in a very dominant position on her head, letting her know that that was the new standard for her to adhere to. Without hesitation, the Australian pop princess got to work again, going right down balls deep with each stroke, working her throat and tongue hard, pulling right back to work on the sensitive head of his cock as she did to give him the maximum pleasure. As she knelt before him, she wondered when he’d really go for it and give her a throatjob, though she was thoroughly enjoying sucking in him with him in total control. She loved the sensation of his thick head sliding deeply into her skilful throat, his balls pressing against her chin as she showed off what she could do, all the while sucking and tonguing expertly at him. He pressed her down hard again, rocking and trying to get deeper even though there was no way he could, something he’d never done to her before. Opening wide, she extended her tongue to lick at his balls, hearing him murmur in pleasure.

“Good little slut, you’re learning,” he commented, making Kylie feel rather stupidly proud of herself, pleased to bring compliments from her boyfriend about her cocksucking. He didn’t slow down though, pulling back and then plunging right into her throat again, starting to take control fully now, holding her head and thrusting purposefully into her mouth, taking full advantage of her deepthroating ability now as she worked to keep up with him. She could tell he was getting ready to give her what she wanted, but when he did it still took her by surprise, mainly due to the manner it was done to her. Kylie was happily letting him plunder her throat, when after a particularly deep, long hold, he suddenly yanked himself out, making her gasp in the sudden emptiness of her mouth. Looking up, she was knocked sideways by a firm, stinging slap across her face, taking her breath away when he immediately grabbed her by the hair, wrenched her back into place as she yelped in pain and jammed her open mouth down on his thick cock.

“Take it all you cunt!” he snapped as his strong hands forced her right down to the hilt before she could resist, catching her off guard and tripping her gag reflex for the first time, making her body heave as he held her in place, ignoring her desperate attempts to pull off. In all the emotional chaos of that moment, Kylie knew one thing; her pussy was wetter than it’d ever been in her life, and she knew after this if he wasn’t up to fucking her, she’d need to get one of her big toys out to satisfy herself. Choking and straining round his cock, she was unable to fight him as he shoved her back off her knees, off balance and onto the edge of the bed, pinning her head down on the side of her silk sheets. He put a leg up onto the bed and pressed down hard into her throat, his balls pressed hard against her chin as he rocked a little to get every last millimetre into her throat despite her attempts to resist. Yanking out sharply, Kylie coughed and gagged hard as he stroked himself for a moment, before he firmly grabbed her hair and slapped his cock quickly on her cheek, making her squeeze her eyes shut tightly as he spat on her again.

”Don’t complain, just do it,” he ordered sternly as he pushed himself back into her mouth, using his bodyweight to push right into her throat again as she felt a tremble of excitement, her pussy almost fit to drip onto the carpet. She was more ready for it this time, using her deepthroating skills to take him, starting to work her tongue again as he got a bit of a rhythm going and used her throat, her hands digging hard into the carpet to brace herself against his fairly hard thrusts. Kylie didn’t need to do much for him, simply let him pound her throat as hard and fast as he liked, which she did, only he got a little too fast and deep, again tripping her gag reflex so as he pulled out she coughed up a thick mess of saliva round his big cock, her gagging preventing him pushing back in. Her eyes started to water, Kylie knowing her make-up was running down her face with it. He kindly gave a pause for her to cope, Kylie spitting and tilting her head to the side to let the thick fluid slide down the side of her face messily, towards her collar. She was starting to know what it was like to be the pornstar in the videos she watched as he paid her back with another slap across the face, making her gasp but leaving her no time to complain as he put his cock back into her mouth. All she knew was that she was more than happy to do it for free.

He let her suck a little this time, before slowly pushing himself to the hilt in her throat again, only this time he held it there, leaving her to deal with it and control herself. She breathed through her nose as she tried to be calm, holding back a couple of almost gags as she did, patiently and obediently waiting with his cock in her throat. It was when he pinched her nose that she started to panic, and within seconds she was gagging hard round his cock, hearing his groans at her spasming throat as she tried to push him off with her hands to no avail. With a sharp, deep thrust, he suddenly pulled out very quickly, setting her off harder than before, causing her to surge up from the bed as she retched, coughing as another thick, gooey load of saliva escaped her and slid down her chin, dripping onto her toned tummy and little leather miniskirt.

“Get up bitch,” he growled threateningly, Kylie feeling herself quiver as he did, quickly pulling herself to her feet, teetering on her high-heeled thigh high boots for a moment before he grabbed hold of her, pulling her into the air and then dumping her down quite roughly on the bed on her front. She gave a scream as he grabbed her hair and used it to pull her so her head was over the edge of the bed, yanking her head up and just letting his hard cock rub on her face. Kylie had to admit she was loving her boyfriend being so rough and assertive; although she felt degraded and used, like a cheap hooker, she was also incredibly aroused, her pussy so wet she was pretty sure her fist would just slip up there if she gave it a go right now.

“Take it, fucking take it,” he snapped, losing himself to their roles now as he shoved his cock back into her mouth, plunging deeply in and catching Kylie a bit unaware again, making her gag as he levered it all the way down into her throat, reaching up to try and push him off her as he held her head and ground his cock balls deep in her throat. He let her push him off and pulled out as she coughed, making her choke on her breath as he slapped her briskly across the face.

“You don’t fight it, got it? Just suck me you cocksucking little tramp,” he growled, holding her by her soft blonde hair and staring into her eyes, Kylie able to see a dominate, empowered spark that she’d never seen before, and she immediately knew she was completely his, far beyond this throatjob if he carried on this way; she would simply submit.

“Yes sir,” she mumbled as she opened her mouth for him to slide back in, being given a moments respite as he just rocked strongly but more shallowly in her mouth, letting her suck and tongue at him. Hearing Kylie Minogue submit to him and call him sir was an immense turn on, and he wanted to relish that moment, as well as control himself in case he got too excited and finished with her too quickly. After a few moments lull however he resumed his deep fucking of her throat, tightening his grip on her head and forcing himself balls deep, right down till they pressed against her chin. Kylie was ready for it this time however and just relaxed and took him in, feeling him shudder as her throat let him all the way in, combined with her continued, diligent sucking and tonguing of his shaft as she lay on the bed.

“Grab your ankles,” he commanded firmly, and she moved to comply. Kylie knew exactly what he wanted her to do, and she wagered as much for the look of it as well as how it would remove her control. She knew precisely the position he wanted from her, a classic porno throatjob position, and given that was exactly what she had wanted to be subjected to, she was more than happy to perform. The pop princess used her fantastic flexibility to comfortably stretch back with her hands, letting her weight down fully onto her chest now as she brought her knees up, bending into position to grasp her smooth leather-clad ankles firmly, taking a good grip and settling into position, knowing her was loving the way she looked right now. She was also able to feel his increased vigour as he pumped harder into her throat, right down every time now, being quite rough with her though she made no complaint, or rather attempt.

All that emanated from the Australian pop star was the fast, wet sounds of her man plunging hard and fast into her throat, Kylie relaxed fully now and holding herself in position, looking up at him with her pretty eyes. He dignified her by looking down into them now and then, but spent most of his time ogling the way her body was bent on the bed in front of him, using her throat solely for his pleasure as she occasionally coughed or gagged, holding her firmly by her hair. He looked down at her and smiled, making her feel a little proud, but was then caught off guard as he sharply spat on her again, making her shudder before he slammed harder into her throat again, his balls smacking into her chin with every pump, making her struggle with his pace. He suddenly held full depth in her throat, making her gag reflex immediately overwhelm her, causing her to yank away from his grip and cough heavily, though she never disobeyed by letting go of her ankles. He gave her a moment to catch her breath, but took the opportunity to slap his cock over her pretty face again before he jammed it down her throat again, a thick mix of saliva running down her chin.

He resumed a pace more comfortable for her, wanting to instead just get a good rhythm going, still holding her in his powerful grip as he slid his cock from tip to balls on every stroke, Kylie quite enjoying not only how he was degrading her but the sensation of his smooth, thick cock gliding into her throat, so much deeper than she’d ever taken a cock before, even with her impressive deepthroating skills. He looked down at her tightly arched body below him, taking in her full lips wrapped round his cock, her fantastic ability, long blonde hair wrapped around his fingers. The smooth skin of her back was elegantly sexy, down to her incredible ass under the tiny skirt, tightly squeezed by her position before leading into her toned, firm legs wrapped in leather, held up by her dainty hands grasping her ankles, the sharp heels of her boots pointed up towards him as he fucked her mouth.

After enjoying her position for a few more moments, thoroughly jamming himself down her throat, he held himself in her throat, making her immediately tense up as she gagged, not ready to sustain his depth, where he then ground against her face a bit before he suddenly yanked himself out. She coughed hard, eyes watering and make-up running as she coughed another thick, gooey load of saliva onto the carpet by the bed, the biggest yet, as he grabbed hold of her slender shoulders. He easily flipped the pop princess onto her back, her long hair swinging down as her got her in place at the edge of the bed, her head tipped back over the side towards the floor, making her mouth and throat a straight line for him to bury his cock into.

“Come on baby, fuck me, fuck my throat,” Kylie gasped, barely believing what she was saying as she pleaded to be used by her man.

“Don’t worry, I will, and you’re gonna love it,” he grinned as he pushed his big cock back into her waiting mouth, grabbing her collar and sliding to full depth on the first stroke, Kylie well readied now and able to swallow him down perfectly. He quickly got a rhythm going, really going to town and fucking her face as she laid on the bed taking it, her hands grabbing handfuls of the sheets, legs and body tensing up as she battled to stay in place on the bed and swallow his impressive manhood. As he pumped into her throat, he reached down and yanked her tight boob-tube top up, letting her perky breasts pop out from it, her nipples stiff and waiting to be played with, which he obliged, hearing the Australian groan through his embedded cock as he pulled and twisted at her beautiful nipples. She gave a squeak as he gave a particularly hard pinch to them, arching from the bed and stopping her sucking for a moment, which she regretted as he just jammed himself through her resistance, making her choke.

She wrenched her head back off him and turned to the side to spit more onto the floor, feeling it run down her face as she turned back to suck him again, his cock driving into her throat again before she could barely get back in place. Kylie took it like a champ though and started sucking hard again, starting to work her head to meet his thrusts and get him full depth, attempting to get him to climax now. He was getting a fast pace up now, and she really couldn’t keep up, sucking and slurping noisily at his cock as she did her best to pleasure him whilst he slammed into her throat. She gagged again and started choking, but he didn’t let up this time, reaching down to hold her under her head to stop her pulling off as he continued to jam into her throat. She gave a strained sound and continued to gag and choke, her throat contracting to stop him getting into it as she tensed and heaved, her whole body tightening and spasming, heels digging into the bed as she kicked, as he continued mercilessly.

Kylie noisily spat up a load of thick saliva around him as he fucked her, her eyes streaming as it erupted around him, running warmly down her face, to her eyes and forehead, into her soft hair. He let her go and pulled out, where she immediately heaved again and spat yet more onto the floor, reaching up to wipe it from her face as he just stood waiting, his cock harder than she’d ever seen it before as he anticipated finishing her off with yet more throat fucking, exactly what she’d asked for.

“Fucking asshole, when I choke gimme a break!” she snapped, standing up to his abuse of her whilst at the same time lying back down to resume the position for him to continue that abuse. The thanks she received for her little outbursts was a very hard smack across the face, making her yelp in shock that he would do it, and also thoroughly remind her who was the boss and what her job was. It was reinforced by another firm one to the other side of her pretty face.

“Shut up you little cunt. You wanted this, you wanted to do it like a pornstar, and you’re doing very well, so shut the fuck up and enjoy it,” he said loudly, pulling her head back into position by her spiky collar and forcing his cock back down her throat. She held down another retch from the off and got to work sucking again like she’d been told, working his cock as he thrust powerfully into her throat for a few moments before he held back, just the head in her skilful, sucking mouth.

“You do the work,” he commanded, and she quickly moved to comply, shifting on the bed a little to push up and bury his cock in her throat, her nose pressed into his balls. He just let her make the effort, and was happy with her performance as she started to go balls to tip on every stroke, engulfing his entire manhood every time and building quite a good speed up, far more than he expected her to be able to do, and she maintained a good suck and tongue assault on him as he enjoyed it.

“Yes you little slut, good,” he urged, just loving how she was working to please him as he reached down for her tiny black leather miniskirt, grabbing the hem and rolling it slowly up away from the top of her thigh-high leather boots, over her hips to reveal her sweetly shaven pussy, giving her time to notice what he was doing. Kylie made no complaint however, and even tried to lift her arse from the bed to let him expose her smooth cunt. He just ogled it for a moment and then reached down between her legs, making her stutter a little in her motion as his fingers slid over her engorged clit and through her drenched pussy, soaking him in her juices.

“Fuck, you’re absolutely loving this aren’t you,” he said, a rhetorical question, but Kylie wanted to answer him, mumbling positively through his cock, knowing her affirmative response would turn him on more. His fingers dipped into her juicy, waiting vagina, making her roll her hips to try and get him deeper, but he just slid them out of her.

“Patience, I’ll stuff that tight cunt of yours later, and maybe somewhere else as well,” he said with a smile, making her feel a little surge of excitement that he wasn’t finished with her, even though she well knew they’d be fucking little rabbits after this, and that she’d leave her boots on. She worked extra hard on his cock until he grabbed her head and took over again, jamming down into her as he pulled her head up, Kylie just trying to sustain it as he pounded her before she choked again, not having any time to react as she powerfully gagged this time, another burst of thick fluid escaping round him as she choked noisily, sounding exactly like a porn star as it ran down over her face and into her hair again, some dripping off her cheeks onto the floor below as he continued, Kylie trying not to fight him. He pulled out just long enough to let her spit, not even turning her head now, just wanting to do her job, spitting it over her face and letting him straight back in to continue as it ran down her chin and neck towards her spiky collar.

He pumped into her again, but it was different now. She could tell he was close, his cock feeling a touch harder in her mouth, his thrusts a little shorter and more urgent, staying deep in her where her throat squeezed and clenched at him. He wasn’t done yet, she knew that, she knew exactly how he felt in her pussy when they were fucking and he had excellent stamina and would always get her to an orgasm first, she could never win that race it seemed. But he was being more aggressive with her now, if that were possible, and absolutely slamming her throat. He plunged in hard and then held himself there, catching her out and provoking a gag, before he suddenly started slamming her again as she started choking. She desperately tried to control herself as he brutally throat fucked her but it was only a matter of seconds before she broke, and it was different this time. Not just a gooey mess of saliva, she actually threw up, giving a loud choke and coughing up hard round his pumping cock, her body heaving awfully as she did, the thick mess spewing out round him and over her face, sliding in all directions over her smooth skin as he pulled out, himself surprised at what happened.

Kylie turned coughing to spit thickly onto the floor, feeling horribly embarrassed now and wanting to clean it off, but he gave her no such chance, pulling her head back down by her gothic collar and thrusting in again. He wanted to finish now, she could tell by how he was fucking her, and he wanted to try her like a porn star, and good porn stars didn’t quit when this happened. It was part of the job and they just kept going, so she made herself do the same, going back to working hard as he thrust, finding it strangely enjoyable as she got back to trying to please him. Another hard stab into her throat made her throw up again, that barrier broken now, her petite frame heaving as she gagged hard. He pulled out just in time for her to throw up, another thick burst erupting from her mouth and running down her cheeks and face, but now she didn’t turn, wanting to carry on like a good little whore.

Kylie was a right sight now, her dark make-up running all over her face, which was covered by a mixture of saliva and sick, her eyes squeezed shut as she opened wide with her tongue out to eagerly accept him again, which he happily did, and she knew he was going for the finish now, fucking her throat so hard and deep in short, fast thrusts. Knowing this, she resolved herself not to lose control and gag again, to instead just work him expertly to a fantastic climax and wrap this throat job up in style for the both of them. Her ministrations and his hard fucking of her throat, the hardest of the whole thing where she could really feel his raw power, was enough to bring him swiftly to climax and she felt him about to burst. He suddenly pulled out, surprising her as he always liked her to swallow and especially liked it when she did it during a deepthroat blowjob. He told her he loved the way she would just keep working him deepthroat when he was ready to pop and casually swallow his load without making any fuss, so for him to pull out now caught her off guard.

“Open wide,” he gasped as his hand grabbed his cock, Kylie seeing his balls tighten as he stroked himself hard and fast. She lifted her head up and opened wide, watching him bring himself to absolute bursting point before he pointed his cock down into her open mouth and exploded with a loud, long groan of ecstasy, emptying his balls in a massive load. Kylie felt spurt after spurt of his thick, hot come ejaculating into her mouth, over her soft tongue and running into her throat, pooling at the back of her mouth. She didn’t swallow and just maintained her position as he gave a shiver and groan of satisfaction as he squeezed the last drop from his cock and wiped it on the tip of her tongue, looking down at the gorgeous blonde popstar with her mouth full of come like a good porn star.

“Now swallow it,” he commanded, after a few seconds to take in the sight of Kylie Minogue in such a position. She obediently and happily closed her mouth and swallowed deeply, him watching her throat move under her spiked leather collar as she did. Kylie didn’t even need to be asked to open her mouth again to prove it, doing so and sticking her tongue out to show not a drop remained. She’d always swallowed, quite liking the taste and wanting to please her men, who were always very happy she swallowed without being asked.

“Good slut, very good. We’re done,” he breathed, stepping away from her and turning to sit on the end of the bed with a deep breath as Kylie just let her body go, her muscles giving up now, her head hanging back off the edge of the bed, long blonde hair dragging on the floor as she breathed heavily, feeling completely exhausted at her degrading but hugely arousing ordeal.

“Thank you, sir,” she breathed in return, completely limp over the side of the bed.

They just rested for a minute before he got a towel for Kylie, who gratefully cleaned herself up as he gazed over her naked body, perky tits and smooth pussy just waiting for him. It was enough to start him recovering, his cock starting to harden again at the sight and thought of what he could do with her. She finished cleaning herself up and looked over to him, seeing his recovery and feeling how horny she was, her pussy absolutely begging for him as she peeled her tiny, pointless boob-tube off.

“Are you going to fuck me now?” she asked with a smile, looking up at him as she pulled herself back onto the bed, digging her heels into the covers.

”As promised,” he said with a smile as he slid onto the bed with her, Kylie giving a giggle as she spread her thigh-high boot clad legs…


The End.

Big thanks to Ghost for helping check and edit this story.

As usual, please send me Feedback if you have any thoughts or ideas. I like reading your feedback and suggestions, so please drop me a line.
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Re: Kylie Minogue - Kylie's Sore Throat
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Loved this story, thank you so much for posting it!


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