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La Caza Tales Pt. 1 (Salma Hayek, Scarlett Johansson)
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La Caza Tales Pt. 1
Starring: Salma Hayek, Scarlett Johansson

Codes: MFF, Romance, Cheating/Affairs, Dirty Talk, Oral, Anal, Titty Fuck, Facial

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

Special thanks to my friend Runningrock for helping me with the title for this series.

Los Angeles, California

April 2013

Across a clear blue sky, clouds hung high and across the view stretching out beyond traffic on a hot spring day. Seasonal change in California was meaningless once the later hours of morning had shifted long enough for the heat to wash away any coolness that came from the previous night. Green hills were visible just before the mountains in the distance while the streets stretched and turned into paths beyond the gated estates and other-worldly homes far out from the rest of the city. Hidden Hills was a gated community sitting outside Los Angeles with roads requiring proper navigation into the bigger city for work during the week days. Within five months of living there, Winston Moss was beginning to find himself accustomed to the routes and scenery while gripping the steer wheel of his black BMW.

The roads were smooth, a far cry from the rocky dirt paths he was used to navigating back home in Virginia. 2012 was the year in which the world was supposed to end, playing into the old Y2K scare from the previous decade he remembered from his youth. While the world was still in tact, something had changed for Winston. A new beginning as he had found himself among the inner circles of high society just outside of Hollywood. How a thirty-two year old man from the other side of the country had wound up here wasn't so much a mystery when considering where he had found himself in the past five months. The question came from anyone inside certain social circles involving one special A list actress in Hollywood: just who was Winston Moss and what business did he have around her?

Where he came from was of no concern, as Winston was confident in his current place in life after spending the last five years living in L.A. and trying to get somewhere in the entertainment industry. His one skill was in photography as well as camera work, but without much of a background, no studio seen a reason to take a risk on someone who appeared to be a mere amateur. Perhaps a better question to wonder would've been in the realms of existence to a higher power in the universe. If anyone had dared to ask Winston if he was willing to or previously had sold his soul in exchange of a better life, the answer was an easy yes. It didn't come with a ceremony of sorts or taking an oath. Lucking into the right situation was always about being in the right place at the right time, knowing certain people and having special friends. His devil if one wanted to refer to her as that, was none other than actress Salma Hayek.

Their meeting had come months ago before the year passed as Winston had caught Salma's eye after getting thrown out of a party he was not invited to. Willing to do anything to try and get his name out there in hopes of joining a studio for modelling or even working in the cheapest of B movie studios. It was a chance coincidence for him to bump into a woman of her wealth and fame, but such was the rewards of taking chances in life and going for risky adventures. It was only the third party he had sneaked his way into with the previous two only leading him to brush shoulders with socialites and a few models. At first, she had mistaken him as an identity thief, since he had forged an ID to sneak into the party to begin with. For some reason or another, Salma had seen Winston as a useful man, offering him a hand and a new life if he were willing to accept. How could he say no to a better world of living?

As the new year had proven that the apocalypse was not coming, his body didn't cease to exist as his name had been changed into one that had no paper trails leading back home. With a bank account in the six-figure range and given the keys to one of her upper class homes tucked away in a gated community outside of L.A., Winston had a new purpose in life. Salma had made reason to keep Winston around as an 'assistant' but only he and she knew the true reason that she had shoved him somewhere safe to keep. That fateful night was the beginning of an affair, one that had led him to where he currently resided. Given a new identity of last name, Winston signed on as a 'PR manager' as Salma had dubbed him. As she had told him from the night they had met, a man that would go out of his way to sneak into parties and try to get somewhere in the business was one with determination. A useful piece for her to maneuver over the chessboard of her personal life.

Upon agreement to this new life, Winston had to prove himself to the forty-seven year old married actress. It was made apparent to him that Salma had other useful men around handling various things for her, mostly involving paparazzi. None of them were engaged in an affair like Winston had found himself having a more significant part of her life. He wasn't allowed to ask about her business involving her husband outside of the country or any other personal matters. Winston enjoyed joking with himself that he had soul his soul to a devil, thinking of Salma in her 'Dusk Till Dawn' role as a succubus who had taken his soul after performing a dance routine. It was something he had dreamed of back in his younger days when he first saw her in that movie. She may not have been the first crush he had in life, but she was one willing to sacrifice his previous life for in a wild journey that awaited both of them. Even if it meant for him to be used as her foot stool, he seen no problem with such a demand.

As part of his new identity, a makeover of his appearance had been ordered. His dark brown hair had been cut shorter and his face clean shaved from where he previously had a thick black mustache. Salma insisted he begin working out to build up his muscles, but Winston preferred to have that equipment back at her home rather than going out to gyms and socializing. He preferred to keep to himself as a man who didn't always have many friends, something that Salma took a liking towards. It was nice for her to have a good man tucked away behind a gated community in an area outside of L.A. where she could have some personal time to herself when needed. With the money he had now; Winston had no problem occupying himself if she wasn't around. The BMW was the first of his purchases along with an exercise bike for upstairs and a couple hundred dollars spent on various vinyls of classic rock albums.

In the months passing, Salma was impressed to see how he wasn't spending much of the money she had given him. It was another sign to her that Winston had more to offer in terms of usefulness. The time had come for him to begin making his own income as one of her managers with jobs that involved him having a hand in her business. Most of this consisted around interviews, the typical 'boring PR stuff' as Salma liked to call it but on this special day Winston had been given a much better job. Salma had an interview with a major publication who would no doubt be putting her name on the front cover while another actress filled the slate with a full photoshoot. After a conversation days ago, Winston agreed with Salma that they would negotiate for a better payout. Despite not being on the magazine's front cover, Salma wanted her name to appear in larger print advertising her interview through the pages.

1 PM was the time he needed to be at the office and unless he made several stops along the way to waste time, Winston would be arriving less than thirty minutes early. Salma would already be there, escorted with her bodyguards and a metallic blue Cadillac Escalade serving like stagecoach for a royal family member. The woman always knew how to carry herself with grandiose class and luxury to give the appearance of a queen. Downtown traffic was always hectic as something Winston had learned from living in Los Angeles within a few years. Not worrying about the time, he found the Esquire magazine office and the car park sitting next to it. Both buildings were grey with the car park being slightly taller, mostly due to other buildings surrounding it that served it's purpose in placement. It took a few minutes to park on the third floor and then make an exit. Thankfully the office was in walking distance, not requiring too much time as the clock was only seven minutes from a new hour.

With a tall build, Winston stood in a black suit without the tie as the white collar to his undershirt gave away the color. His short brown hair was slicked back, as he easily blended in with the dress up of a business man. His suits had been paid for under the six-figure budget Salma allowed for him beginning months ago before the pages of a new year had been flipped. He had the complete appearance of a new man, taking life of his new identity. When it came time to choosing his surname, Moss was the first one that popped into his mind. Salma approved of it while Winston demanded to keep his first name and not go by anything else. He dreamed of the day that the name Moss would potentially carry some weight to it within the industry, even if his sole purpose was working with Salma. Those thoughts weren't at the center of his mind today as he entered the building and looked around the lobby.

"Looking for someone?"

A familiar voice had nearly caught him off guard. Winston turned around to his left side to see Salma herself standing before him. A smile curved over her small red lips, her long dark hair was split down the middle offering a subtle view of diamond ear rings. She wore a black dress, offering a view of her impressive heavy cleavage with a black leather skirt down below with black high heels to finish off her outfit. Always a woman of style, putting on the appearance of a royal queen. Winston nodded, offering her a smile.

"Yeah, you should know I'm only looking for you."

Around them the lobby for the office was decorated with plain white walls and a few framed photographs hanging on each wall. A row of black chairs were off to the east and west side while the elevators were to the north. Winston didn't bother studying the round shaped reception desk in the middle while people came and went. Salma nodded at him, returning the smile as she soon began to walk. Two of her bodyguards were sitting in the waiting chairs, each of them in suits like Winston. As they approached the elevator, Salma spoke to Winston to spark a conversation before their meeting.

"You're right on time, I'm glad I didn't have to call you."

He chuckled at her remark.

"You say that like it's a bad thing."

Salma smirked, glaring over at him from her right side before replying.

"No, I just have to wonder if you're ever going to slip up and get too comfortable with yourself back home. It's been five months so far and you've proven to be worth the chance I took."

Winston let out a sigh as the elevator doors slid open and both of them entered alone. He stood at her right side while Salma pushed a button for one of the higher floors. The doors silent shut as he reached over with his left hand to graze the metal hand rail beneath his finger tips.

"I guess you've already checked in and know where to go, huh?"

She nodded her head.

"Of course. I've been here before, more than once."

Turning to look at him, her brown eyes starred back at his face. Winston was a bit taller than Salma, even with the slightly elevated height her heels offered.

"You'll be doing most of the negotiations without me. I've already told them that you're an agent representing me."

Hearing her words, Winston couldn't help but smile.

"Me? Your agent?"

"Mmmhhhhmmm,at least today you are. Think you can handle this without me, Winston?"

Such a question was almost like a dare from the tone of her voice. Salma knew he wasn't going to say no. Sure enough, Winston nodded to her.

"Yeah, I can handle this just fine. You said you want your name in bigger print on the cover, right?"

"That's right."

"You never told me who's going to be on the cover of this magazine. I figured it was going to be you."

"No, I'm not on the cover. Scarlett Johansson is."

Winston was somewhat surprised to hear this revelation, as Salma could see from the reaction painted on his face. She smiled, leaning over and then kissing him on the cheek as the elevator stopped on the 7th floor.

"If you wanna do a good job, make sure my name is as large as hers on the cover. Or better yet, put my name close to hers, how's that?"

"I think I can handle that."

The doors parted down the middle, opening the way on the new floor. Salma smiled, slashing her teeth at him while Winston had blushed from her soft kiss. Together they made an exit out of the elevator, her heels clacking over the elevator's floor before fading into a boom under the carpet. Salma pointed down the left hallway.

"The offices are back there. I'll meet you on the other side when you're done."

"Sounds like a plan, babe."

They split up, as Salma headed down the opposite path of the hallway to separate offices. Winston marched his way down to the offices but not without turning to glance over his shoulder at her buxom figure. Watching her move by stomping those heels into the carpet floor ahead of her. Confidence was key, as Winston believed Salma knew just what she was doing. She was grateful that he didn't ask too many questions regarding her business now that she was mobilizing him to be more than just a fuck toy off to the side, hidden away in one of her homes that wasn't a necessity to her every day life. Over time he was beginning to grow on her in the past five months, giving her belief in the possibility of sharing more than the erotic adventures together behind mansion walls. Salma had high expectations for Winston, figuring that a man hungry enough to take on this role with a new identity, was going to have a long future with her.

While he would be busy negotiating the deal with editors of the magazine, Salma was treated to a basic interview as part of her deal with the magazine's issue of the monthly. A three piece photograph shoot had already been accomplished the week prior with her modelling in a black dress. Only three of the photos would make it into the magazine as now she was running through a basic interview. It was nothing too personal with most of the questions centering around what she planned to do in Hollywood with film selection and future projects of the year. The interview was less than fifteen questions and took less than thirty minutes to complete. After she was finished and had shaken hands with the woman conducting the questions, Salma left the room and wandered off to the photo session room near by. There she stood near some of the crew, peaking in behind white walls with her keen eyes at a photoshoot featuring Scarlett Johansson.

A bed was laid out for the photo session with all cameras focused on it. Behind the bed was the window itself with sunlight illuminating this set piece. Salma's observant eyes followed the pale skinned actress, witnessing her pose of laying across the bed on the right edge. Scarlett had tilted her head, resting her head beneath the palm of her right hand and showing off a new tattoo of a necklace design over her wrist. Her long golden hair was on display from the angle she remained at. The cameras flashed and the man standing behind the station signaled a thumbs up with his right hand. Salma just stood there, watching and looking at those blue eyes from a distance. When Scarlett leaned up from the bed after the last photograph snap, her outfit was visible. It was a simple dress with small shoulder straps in a navy blue color appearing lighter due to the sunlight beaming through the exposed window. All of her curves demonstrating a buxom voluptuous build were on complete display.

Scarlett had a sultry appearance based off her outfit, now roaming her right hand through her hair while having a friendly conversation with one of the crew men standing behind the set. She smiled before cracking a laugh and didn't seem to witness the dark haired woman dressed in black off in the corner observing and contemplating in deep thoughts. Salma had met Scarlett once many years ago back on the set of another photoshoot involving a fashion magazine. Years gone by felt as if the event occurred a lifetime ago and now Salma had the chance to meet the woman for the first time. Her mind wandered back to Winston, now considering the possibility of introducing her side lover to a game she had not played with a partner in several years. Perhaps it was time to introduce Winston to cruising, or 'La caza' as she preferred to call it in Spanish. Scarlett Johansson was on her radar now.

Stepping away from the doorway, Salma didn't want to alert anyone inside from taking notice of her as an uninvited guest snooping about. Scarlett soon left the set, walking off to the dressing and makeup room that wasn't far off from the set. When Salma stepped back into the hallway, a crew member in a black T-shirt brushed beside her not paying her any attention whatsoever. She was left alone while waiting for Winston to reunite with her, figuring it would have to be soon. Still, her mind wandered back to Scarlett and some of the rumors she had heard about that sultry woman from mutual friends in their social circles. A reputation for a wild private life had followed Scarlett after her divorce from Ryan Reynolds. Salma remembered the rumors she had heard from men they had both brushed shoulders with, figuring from such tales, Scarlett was a woman that indulged in the kind of fun she was currently considering.

"Hey! I got it taken care of, babe."

Winston's voice alerted Salma, snapping her out of the daydream she was beginning to slip into. Turning to look at him, she witnessed the smile over his face while crossing her arms over her busty chest.

"You've got a deal with the editors. They're going to print your name right under Scarlett's, I told them you'd appreciate it and maybe come back for a cover photo shoot."

"Excellent, you've done good today."

Upon her reply, Winston could see that Salma's mind was elsewhere for the time being. He stepped around her to see where her eyes had wandered off to in the doorway of the photo session room. As he stood next to Salma's left shoulder, glancing into the room from behind her, Scarlett entered his vision. The blue dress had been discarded and now she wore an unbuttoned white jacket, showing off a black bra that contained her busty breasts and flashes of a black thong. She stood for a moment, buttoning up the jacket so the photographers could proceed with a few more shots. Salma glanced away to see Winston's face and his eyes locked on the blonde hair actress in the room.

"What do you think of her?"

Winston glanced away from Scarlett, looking back at Salma for a moment as he answered her.

"She's pretty, but not as beautiful as you."

Salma rolled her eyes and shook her head. Such a predictable remark from him.

"Oh, spare me the flattery."

"Well, maybe I should ask you the same question. What do you think of her, babe?"

Both of them had their eyes set on Scarlett who was now playing with a hand mirror and posing for a few more photos. Her long golden hair was properly fixed up, bouncing off her shoulders as she smiled back at the camera. Salma thought for a few seconds before responding to Winston's questions in a low voice.

"I think she's a whore."

A strong word to call another woman, as Winston was completely taken by surprise.


Salma's eyes glared back at Winston.

"You heard me. Don't tell me you aren't looking at her and having wild fantasies about that woman, Winston."

"No, I'm not."

"Don't lie to me!"

Slightly raising her voice, Salma turned and then smirked at Winston. He glanced down at her cleavage on display below with her arms still folded before gazing up at her big brown eyes. The answers he had given her were words of denial. The last thing Winston wanted was for Salma to believe he would choose another famous woman over her. Since he wasn't going to reply, she smirked and carried on speaking in her low voice.

"I see the way you're looking at her. It isn't that different from how I've been watching her myself. I dare you to try and tell me you can't envision her doing dirty things with you... and me."

Finishing off her final words slowly, Salma watched Winston gaze back at Scarlett. Those big blue eyes caught sight and glanced over at the two of them standing in the doorway as she began walking away from the camera stations. Salma spoke once more.

"I'm pretty sure she gets up to some fun times from what I've heard around certain people. With a body like that, I'm certain when I tell you she would make a good treat for tonight. Winston baby, I think it's time we play a game together."

He chuckled at her words, glancing back into Salma's eyes upon answering her back. The tone of her voice had shifted offering a subtle touch of tenderness when she called him 'baby'.

"A game? What are you getting at, Salma?"

Smiling back at him, Salma spoke in a low and almost seductive tone of voice with her heavy accent.

"Let's call it La caza. Have you ever had a threesome before, Winston?"


"Well today is your chance to have one. Go hunting for me, like cruising. Try and seduce that blonde whore to take a trip with you and me. "

She uncrossed her arms from her chest before speaking once more.

"I'm eager to see if the rumors I've heard are true."

Winston glanced back at her dumbfounded at such a request. He knew Salma had a dirty mind but this came so suddenly and with little planning. The thought of having a threesome had not even crossed his mind but now he had to think quickly.

"I don't know if I can do that, babe."

"What do you mean you can't? You managed to negotiate something for me a few minutes ago. You can handle her, have a little faith in yourself!"

"That's different though, that was business. What am I going to approach her and talk to her about?"

Salma let out a sigh, then shook her head. No matter how dearly she liked Winston, he could be hard-headed about such things. Perhaps he didn't remember their meeting like she did, as she believed of him to be an ambitious man. If he could lie his way into parties he wasn't invited to, Salma seen no reason he couldn't sweet talk a woman into having a nightly affair. If he were to put forth the effort, Winston could accomplish something. It was frustrating at times how little he seemed to believe in his own abilities.

"Tell her anything! Come on, you manage yourself well whenever you want to. Tell her you're some big shot agent or whatever. Don't act like you've forgotten how to make stuff up. Invite her over to meet me and we have dinner tonight or some drinks, you decide."

Stepping away from him, Salma glanced over her shoulder and smirked.

"If you really want a threesome, you'll convince her to come over to the house. I know you will."

She swaggered off, leaving him to listen to the sound of her booming heels pushing down into the carpet below. Without Salma there, Winston was going to have to approach Scarlett on his own. The session room had crew members shuffling about, dismounting pieces of the camera work station and moving other materials from the set. Scarlett had ventured off to the changing room as her photo shoot was complete. Winston figured he would wait for her to come out while Salma was no where to be seen in the hallway. He figured she must have retreated back to the lobby, leaving him to work alone for this assignment. For the time being, Winston figured he would wait for Scarlett, standing in the same area near the doorway where Salma previously stood. It was almost funny to him that no members of the photography crew told him to leave, but maybe that was a privilege that came with wearing a suit and giving off the appearance of an important figure.

While awaiting Scarlett to re-enter his sight, Winston had the time to think of how he was going to approach her. The longer he thought about Salma's words, he couldn't deny that she had a point. He was skilled when it came to smooth-talking someone when he wanted something bad enough. A threesome with Salma and Scarlett was just one of those things he was feeling the desire build up to within his heart. By the time she finally stepped back out, Scarlett had changed into her casual clothes. A white shirt covering her chest beneath a black leather jacket and a pair of denim jeans hugging every curve she had down below. Her feet were pushed down into a pair of white sneakers, giving the appearance she could blend in with anyone outside the building. Her long golden hair was wrapped up in a pony tail, hands shoved down into the pockets of her jeans as she came strutting towards the doorway. Winston offered her a smile and spoke up.

"Hi, Miss. Johansson. That was an impressive display for a photo session."

Her big blue eyes gazed up at Winston upon offering him a smile and nod.

"Why, thank you. I noticed you and a woman who looked quite familiar making yourself cozy right there while you watched me."

Winston laughed.

"That woman was Salma Hayek, do you two know each other?"

Scarlett's face lit up in surprise, suddenly smiling back at him before she answered him.

"Oh, no. I have much respect for her though. Please tell her I said hello, I would appreciate that."

"You can have that chance yourself, if you'd like. Salma wanted me to invite you over for some drinks, if you're interested."

"That's nice of her, but who are you?"

"I'm Winston Moss, one of her agents. I handle her contracts with magazines, fashion photography and other stuff."

Quirking up an eyebrow, Scarlett nodded upon replying.

"Oh, so you're a modelling agent? How come I've never heard of you?

"Well, probably because I only work with Salma. I don't take offers from anyone else."

Her face faded into a soft smile.

"She has her own people not connected to any agency? That must be nice, maybe I could have something like that one day."

"Yeah, do you want to meet her?"

"It would be a pleasure."

"Alright, after you, Miss. Johansson."

As he stepped aside to allow her to walk past him, Scarlett laughed.

"Oh, don't call me that, dear. Scarlett is just fine."

He chuckled at her response. Together, Winston and Scarlett headed to the elevator as another person stepped in front of them from the hallway, joining inside. The man had a black beard and light blue shirt as Winston didn't pay him much attention. Luckily the button he pressed in the elevator was for the lobby, directly where Winston needed to take Scarlett. Silence fell upon them in the elevator as Scarlett glanced over to look at Winston, almost as if she were studying his face momentarily. When the elevator stopped and the doors opened, Scarlett stepped in front of Winston as they hurried out. Just as he expected, Salma was waiting in the lobby. A grin ran across her small lips as she stepped out to greet Scarlett.

"Hello there, Scarlett."

"It's nice to finally meet you, Salma."

The two women embraced in a hug with Salma's wide smile flashing her teeth. Winston just stood there and watched as Salma spoke back to Scarlett.

"My friend Winston and I were wondering if you'd like to join us for some company."

Scarlett nodded.

"Yes, he spoke to me about that."

Salma smirked back at her before responding.

"I'm sure you're not doing anything important for the rest of the day, are you?"

"Actually, I was gonna head back home until now and maybe watch some movies."

"Those movies can wait. You wanna ride with me or Winston?"

Turning to glance over at Winston, Salma grinned at him and gave him a wink. He was impressed how quickly Salma had taken control of the conversation, seeing as she didn't want Scarlett to have second thoughts about this. The blonde haired actress shook her head at the latter reply.

"No, I think I would rather ride with you. I took a cab here."

"Sounds perfect..."

Pleased from the tone of her voice, Salma stepped off, her heels clacking loudly over the floor's surface below. Winston soon joined her, walking side by side with Scarlett slightly behind her. The bodyguards who had accompanied Salma soon joined, as they would be in the vehicle with her upon the drive. Winston was impressed how easy this had been for both of them. Not much talking, as everything had come straight down to business with a simple goal at hand.

"I can't believe this was so easy. I figured she would be hard to talk into any kind of meeting."

Salma chuckled a slight laugh. They walked out of the entrance doors with the sunlight beaming down over them as she replied.

"That was the easy part. We'll see how quickly she gets up to some fun. I'll be sleeping the night back at your house."

"What about Scarlett?"

Turning to look at Winston to her right side, Salma gave him a smug grin.

"Don't worry about her. She can call a cab to get back home."



The trip back to the secluded mansion in Hidden Hills was a short journey. Winston had followed behind Salma's Cadillac Escalade, knowing she was sitting in the back alongside Scarlett. When they arrived at the mansion, Winston and Scarlett had taken off their shoes to get more comfortable. He was more than ready to get out of his pinstriped suit and get comfortable, changing into a pair of blue gym shorts a white T-shirt. Scarlett had taken off her black leather jacket, tossing it over one of the chairs in the kitchen. Salma wanted to pour a few glasses of wine once they had arrived back and began to relax during the day. The three of them hoisted their glasses in a toast to new friendships before each of them took a sip. Winston wasn't too into wine, but he would share a few glasses upon request of Salma.

Inside the bottom floor of the mansion was a living room connected to the foyer, just beyond the staircase that led to the higher floors. The room was a large and almost empty in space apart from a fireplace on the northern wall and large white leather couch in the middle and a low, white padded table off to the side. A wide screen television hung from above the fireplace and a dark mahogany wooden table was close by with a vinyl player near a shelf stacked with various vinyls. The carpet below was in a beige color, freshly vacuumed just yesterday. Off to the right side was a mirror wall offering reflection while the opposite side was a set of sliding glass windows that led into the yard. For much of the time Winston and Salma spent enjoying each other's company was in the living room, making use of the large couch and sometimes the white padded table that sat close to it. It extended out long enough for someone to lay upon, better server as a tanning table for outside.

Scarlett had made herself comfortable laying her back over the table. It was low off the ground for a reason, as Salma liked to make use of it between various positions next to the couch. Beneath Scarlett was the padded white cushion surface. She arched herself up with her elbows shoved down into it, crossing her legs together with her feet dangled off. She faced Salma who stood in front of her while Winston was seated down onto the couch from behind. Upon the various subjects they had spoke of, the women traded small discussion about how they were both with Frenchmen. Scarlett knew of Salma's marriage, but few were aware of her own current relationship. The grin that moved across Salma's face was more than enough to tell Winston how little regard she had in Scarlett having a day of infidelity. He was already aware, given of what she had called the woman and noting that she could simply call a taxi to leave when they were finished with her.

"So how long have you been dating this new man?"

Salma asked Scarlett as she stepped around her, moving to the couch.

"About six months now."

"Oh, so you've got a good long term relationship?"

Scarlett had turned her head to look at Salma and smiled back at the older woman before nodding.

"Yeah, I guess you could call it that."

With a smirk, Salma replied.

"Too bad for him he's not here to join us, or maybe we would have a double date together."

Winston laughed, uncrossing his legs from where he was sitting at Salma never took her eyes off Scarlett. She studied her reaction, seeing a light blush across her face as the time for beating around the bush had ended and the game of seduction was now commencing. Scarlett replied after a few seconds of waiting.

"You know, I'm not sure you would've invited me here if I was with him today."

"What makes you say that?"

"I get the impression you and your friend here have your own ideas besides a double date."

Salma's eyes moved to Winston whom she moved her eyebrows towards, as if she were silently suggesting something to him in coded facial language. He wasn't sure what she was trying to say, but it seemed apparent that Scarlett may have caught onto their game. Moving from the couch, Salma stepped over Scarlett. The younger actress followed her every move with her big blue eyes, almost glaring at her.

"That's a pretty good impression, I'll give you that."

Scarlett smiled.

"My friend P has told me some things about you before."

Placing her hands on her hips, Salma gazed down at Scarlett. She knew just who 'P' was, none other than her old friend Penelope Cruz.

"Oh really? I take it by P, you mean Penelope Cruz, right?"

Nodding at her, Scarlett let out a soft giggle.

"Oh yes, we've been friends for years now. She told me about how special you are to her and some of the things you've done together."

"Did Penelope tell you about what we did on the set of that western movie from two-thousand-and-six?"

Scarlett leaned up and then with a wide smile, she nodded her head. Salma didn't know how to react as Winston began to laugh. Before he could utter any words ruining this moment between the two women, Salma raised her left hand and motioned with her index finger for him to stand up and approach them. Scarlett broke eye contact with Salma to glance over her left shoulder when she heard Winston moving about as he stood up. As she lay there over the table with both of them standing before her, Winston to the left and Salma to the right, all she could do was crack up into laughter.

"I knew there was a better reason for both of you inviting me here rather than a few drinks."

Salma smirked as she leaned down a bit. Scarlett raised herself up, now sitting over the table as her feet hung off the ends of it.

"If Penelope has told you about me and her, then you already knew I liked to have a taste of a good woman, huh?"

Without replying, Scarlett starred back into those big brown eyes and then leaned forward as Salma had come into face-distance with her. From where Winston was standing, he got to watch two of the most famous women in Hollywood lock their lips together for a short kiss. Scarlett had moved her hands up to cup Salma's face, embracing the moment for a full passionate kiss. By the time their lips broke, Winston could feel his erection rising within his shorts. Salma's eyes looked up at her lover man, prompting Scarlett to turn her head and glance upward at Winston who was just smirking down at her. Salma moved to sit down over the table, forcing Scarlett to move her legs over to the left side.

"You mind if I help you take your shirt off, babe?"

Scarlett soon felt the touch of Salma's hands running up her stomach. Salma shook her head, answering Winston for the other woman.

"No, I think she would rather me do that."

Giggling at Salma's words, Scarlett nodded.

"Yes, that would be more appropriate, I think."

She turned her head to see Salma grinning at her just before the older woman gripped her shirt in both hands and pulled it over her head. Scarlett proceeded to snatch it up and toss it to the floor while Winston was standing there and watching. He couldn't feel too bad for being snubbed by Salma, for at least he was lucky enough to find himself in the middle of two of the most beautiful women to ever walk the face of this planet. A black push-up bra encased Scarlett's natural milky white breasts, begging to be freed as Salma didn't hesitate to pull at the straps over her shoulders and loosen the bra up. Scarlett aided her by pulling it off and tossing it down onto the floor. She cupped Salma's face in her hands, inviting her for another kiss as she laid back over the cushion table. Salma had climbed atop of Scarlett, pushing her lips to hers and embracing a passionate kiss between them now.

Winston let out a sigh, eagerly watching the action between the two women as he began to feel a surge of anticipation to get his own clothes off. Muffled moans were heard from Salma's voice, notable for her heavy accent that tended to come out in full force when she was enjoying an act of pleasure. Scarlett's hands moved over Salma's body, caressing her clothed back as they continued to kiss. Winston didn't remove his clothes as of yet, but instead stepped his way to the end of the table where Salma's phat ass was on full display, still tucked into her black leather skirt from earlier in the day. Feeling a bit mischievous, he raised his right hand and brought it down hard, smacking her ass and alerting the older woman who moaned. Salma diverted her attention from Scarlett only to glance beyond her right shoulder and order Winston.

"Take dat off, now!"

His eyes became enlarged for a moment to hear her full accent come out, slurring a bit of her speech slightly. That was all Winston needed to hear for him to know Salma meant business with her words. He grabbed the front of her skirt and began tugging it down while she began kissing Scarlett once again. Once her plump ass cheeks were visible to Winston's eye, he watched Salma shove her legs together and make it easier for him to slide the skirt off. Only a black thong was sucked between those firm cheeks. He raised his hand to once again, slap her ass playfully. Salma moaned into Scarlett's mouth and then moved off her, standing up next to Winston and leaving Scarlett down on the table. The blonde haired actress began to unbutton her the front of her denim jeans and then shoved her legs together.

"Mind taking my pants off too, dear?"

The soles of Scarlett's feet pushed over his chest as he turned to look at Salma who was only grinning at him. She moved in to kiss him as he grabbed the ends of Scarlett's pants and began tugging them down. Locking lips with the woman he loved, Winston moaned into Salma's mouth before she pulled away and left him there craving for more. Salma stepped her way back to Scarlett who was now gazing up at her as she watched the Mexican goddess began to pull her own black shirt from over her head. Scarlett moved her legs as she felt the pants coming off, revealing what was a lacy black garter belt slightly above her black thong and with ends attacking down to black nylon stockings that covered her legs. Scarlett didn't bother looking at Winston as her pants rustled to her ankles and he began to gently pull them off. Instead her eyes were locked on Salma's hanging breasts encased within a silk textured black bra.

"You want me to finish undressing you babe?"

Salma looked at Winston with an exaggerated expression of disgust, teasing him as she shook her head while tossing her shirt down to the floor. She stood in nothing more than a black bra and bra that matched the color of her heels below.

"I can take it off myself!"

He stood there watching as she used both hands to reach behind her back and unbutton the straps holding her large, legendary breasts within the bra. Scarlett had leaned up slightly so she could witness the reveal of Salma Hayek's tits before her very eyes.  Her elbows shoved down into the cushions of the table and before she knew it, Salma was shaking her tits in front of her. Salma cupped the back of Scarlett's head near her pony tail and shoved her face down between her tits, smothering her in them. She began to lick and suck over Salma's breasts while raising up one of her legs and tucking her toes down at the edge of the table. Winston began to step his way back towards Salma as the only one still properly wearing an outfit of clothes. Salma pulled Scarlett's face from her breasts, standing there for a moment before moving to sit next to her on the table. Winston looked over at Scarlett, smirking towards her.

"You wanna help me get naked now?"

Biting down on her lower lip, Scarlett shook her head at him.

"No, I think you can take your clothes off yourself."

Salma giggled, smiling up at Winston as moved her left hand to caress Scarlett's face. It was funny how both of them were teasing him, but he wasn't able to complain. Like they had done before him, he reached for the bottom ends of his shirt and began pulling it off his body as Salma spoke up.

"How were you wearing that garter belt within those jeans? Looks uncomfortable."

"It was! I saw them in the dressing room and figured I would wear them back home as a souvenir."

Again, Salma let out a laugh before she pushed her lips back to Scarlett for another kiss. Their bodies shoved up against one another, their busty chests rubbing up against each other as Winston had pulled his T-shirt off and discarded it down to the floor with their clothes. Not wearing any underwear within his gym trunks, he was able to shove them down to his ankles and then step out of them before kicking them to the right side. As he watched the two of them trading kiss after kiss, he grinned to himself. Scarlett had moved her hands to cup the back of Salma's neck while the other woman was pushing her palms of her pale white cheeks. To get their attention, Winston whistled. Salma was the first one to glance over at him, soon moving her hands away from Scarlett and prompting the other woman to do the same. Scarlett slid her legs over, now sitting as she faced Winston and began to slowly rise up from the table.

Salma followed the same movements, sitting next to Scarlett's right shoulder and on the left side view from where Winston was standing. Both women topless, only wearing a black thong below while Scarlett still had on her garter belt and the stockings covering each leg. Not a word was spoken as both of them dropped down to their knees and proceeded to crawl towards Winston, eyes locked onto him. He had witnessed Salma do this same crawl before, but to see Scarlett mimicking her made him wonder if the other woman had done acts like this before. Taking in a deep breath, he remained standing there as each woman soon reached close to him and adjusted themselves on their knees. Salma ran her hands up to her breasts, giving them a squeeze while glancing down at Winston's semi-hard cock. Scarlett didn't waste any time, raising her left hand and gripping his rod with it.

"Ohhhh yeah, stroke it..."

Winston's voice was subtle, almost inn a whispering tone. Scarlett's big blue eyes gazed upward at him as she began to slide her hand up and down the length of his cock. Salma let go of her tits, watching the other woman as she raised her right hand and soon gripped the base of his shaft.

"Let me help you with that."

Salma's voice was low but louder than Winston's whisper. She turned to look at Scarlett, nodding at her for a quiet invitation for them to kiss. Winston stood there, watching them begin trading kisses as the two hands were now wanking his shaft. Salma's grip was tighter, pumping from the base of his cock upward while Scarlett jerked the other end of it near the head. He took a deep breath and let out a moan as he could heard Scarlett letting out a soft whimper in Salma's mouth. His dick had grown to full length but that didn't stop either of them from wanking it back and forth, their hands touching almost in a perfect sync. Salma was the first one to stop and then pull her lips away from Scarlett. She let go of Winston's cock, allowing him to focus his complete attention on Scarlett to have the first turn. She moved her hand away from his cock, watching it lightly bounce while raising both of her hands up to the back of her head.

"You want me to shove this big dick in my pretty little mouth?"

Scarlett smirked at him, her hands pulling out the ponytail holding her long golden hair together. She threw it to the floor and then ran her hands through her hair while lowering her puffy lips down to the kiss the head of his swollen rod. Winston didn't respond, prompting Scarlett to tease him with another question in a low, sultry voice.

"You want me to slobber all over your dick while Salma watches me?"

Raising her left hand again, Scarlett gripped the base and didn't wait for Winston to respond. If he didn't utter any words back by this point, it was no use in waiting for him. She flicked her tongue over the head of his shaft while Salma sat there on his left side watching. When Scarlett enveloped her lips around the shaft, that was when Salma glanced up at Winston. He didn't break eye contact with Scarlett as she soon looked away and began to slowly bob her head up and down. Only then did Winston glance over at Salma. He witnessed her wink at him and then bite down on her lower lip. Whatever she was trying to silently suggest to him, he didn't know what it was. For now, he just stood there and embraced the feeling of his cock sliding into Scarlett's mouth. Salma began to watch her from the angle she had sitting next to her. Licking her own lips, it was apparent the Mexican goddess was quite pleased.

"Mmmmm, yes... Suck it like a nasty little whore, let me see what jou can do."

To hear Salma talking dirty to Scarlett had somewhat caught Winston off guard, but it didn't seem to phase Scarlett's concentration whatsoever. Scarlett shoved her hand down to the base of his cock and began to go a little bit faster, devouring inch after inch of his swollen dick as it shoved back and forth into her mouth. She closed her eyes for a moment, pulling her lips to the head and then releasing it with a loud pop noise. Scarlett turned to Salma and spoke.

"You wanna-"

Shaking her head, Salma cut her off quickly in speech.

"No, I wanna watch jou suck on it!"

Winston lowered his right hand down to Scarlett's hair, patting it lightly to divert her attention back to him. He could see Salma winking at him as Scarlett then shoved his cock back into her mouth. Holding herself there for a moment, she shoved inch after inch of his meat pole into her mouth. Winston gasped as he soon felt the head of his cock poke to the back of her throat and Scarlett's puffy lips moving to the base.

"Ohhhh, fuck!"

Scarlett choked, slobbering all over his rod before pulling it out of her mouth with another popping noise. Those big blue eyes glared up at him as she spit down on his cock. Salma bit down on her lower lip, watching the saliva strings dangle from both sides of his shaft just before Scarlett slid it back into her mouth. Winston took a deep breath as the buxom blonde actress then began to bob her lips up and down, devouring his cock inch after inch with experienced speed and hunger.

"This feels so fucking good. Ohhhh, fuck yeah!"

Groaning out to her, Winston soon planted both of his hands down over Scarlett's head. This sudden movement had given Salma an idea from watching Scarlett close his eyes with half of his cock shoved between her lips.

"Fuck her mouth, Winston."

Such a request he could indulge in easily. Winston's fingers gripped into Scarlett's blonde hair as he began to buck his hips slowly, driving his cock into her mouth. She stilled herself, eyes remaining closed as she sucked inch after inch of his cock pumping into her mouth. He went slow at first, all while Salma stood there on her knees, only moving slightly to Winston's left side so she could watch the action herself with a smug grin of satisfaction on her face. 'Mmm, mmmm, mmmmmm', Scarlett's mouth generated muffled moaning noises between the sucking and slobbering. She choked slightly as he began to speed up a bit, much to Salma's liking.

"Dat's it! Fuck her mouth!"

Scarlett's eyes popped open and she glared upward at Winston as he began to thrust harder and faster pumping his cock in and out of her mouth.


The noises Scarlett's mouth made had only pushed Winston to continue fucking her mouth while Salma shuffled about soon moving behind the blonde actress. He had not even noticed Salma's voice slurring her speech slightly in her heavy accent and how much he loved hearing that, for all his attention was locked on the other woman right now. Not once did Scarlett glance away from Winston with her eyes, keeping her sight locked onto him as was still pumping that fat cock back and forth into her mouth. When he came to a halt, Winston shoved every inch of his cock into Scarlett's mouth, watching her lips become buried at the base near his pubes as the head reached the back of her throat. She gagged, choking on his length before he pulled her hair to release his cock from her mouth and allow her air. Saliva ran out of Scarlett's mouth, drenching her lower lip, chin and streaming down her neck.

"Mmmmmmm, that was so fuckin' hot. You know how to suck cock well, I'm impressed."

It was Salma's voice speaking up in praise of what she had just witnessed. She had moved behind Scarlett, now roaming her hands over her pale white breasts and giving them a soft squeeze. Salma could feel her hardened nipples beneath the palms of her hands, almost as perky as her own. Scarlett glanced down, seeing the contrast of skin color from Salma's darker skin in comparison to her pale white skin. Salma moved her head beyond the right side of Scarlett's neck, breathing down it as she soon whispered into her ear.

"My Winston loves a good titty fuck and I'd say dat jou are built for it."

Scarlett let out a moan, dropping her lower lip as Salma began to play with her large boobs. She forced them to bounce up and down from within the grasp of her hands.

"What do you say, hmmmm? Wanna feel Winston's big cock sliding up between your tits?"

"Yes, that's just what I was getting ready to do."

Glancing up at Winston, Scarlett gave him a nod. She moved her hands over her tits, but Salma had a stronger grip, already pulling them apart.

"You wanna shove your cock between my titties and fuck them?"

Winston nodded to Scarlett, stepping forward as he grabbed a hold of his shaft from the base. Salma was glancing doward, anticipating the moment to witness his cock as it moved towards Scarlett's tits. She knew just when to press them together around his lengthy shaft. Eyes still locked up at Winston, Scarlett spoke again.

"Come on, slide that big dick between them. Let me feel it pumping up and down."

"Mmmmmmmm, so fuckin' hot!"

Salma bit down on her lower lip after speaking, both hands still pushing over Scarlett's milky white tits as both of them were holding them together for Winston to pump his cock between. He let out a moan, watching as his rod disappeared between the folds of Scarlett's wonderful tits then the head popping back up. Both of them gazed up at Winston. A sultry smile on Scarlett's face, flashing her perfect teeth while Salma had dropped her lower lip displaying gritted teeth from Salma.

There was a contrasting difference between their facial expressions, a subtle reminder to Winston that Salma was in conrol and Scarlett was relishing in the role she played as their entertainment. As he continued to thrust his cock slowly between Scarlett's tits, he watched Salma lean down and flick her tongue over the head of his cock when it poked up.

"Ohhhhh, man!"

Winston moaned in excitement to see Salma aiding Scarlett. When she heard his words, the older actress glanced up at him with her big brown eyes. He took a deep breath, still thrusting his cock between Scarlett's tits. Salma's moment of glancing up at him had only prompted Scarlett to lean her head down and use her own tongue to flick over the head of his pulsing cock driving between her large breasts. Salma soon moved her hands entirely away from Scarlett's large tits, allowing the buxom blonde the freedom to hold them herself. She cupped Scarlett's face, caressing her left cheek and turning her head to the right where they locked lips again and began trading small kisses. Winston grunted, letting out a moan as he didn't utter any words to disturb the two women from their intimate act. His entire focus remained on Scarlett's breasts and pumping his cock back and forth between them.

Soft moans could be heard with Salma's voice echoing slightly louder than Scarlett's. When they finally stopped kissing, Scarlett glared her eyes upward at Winston and bit down on her lower lip. He had begun pumping his cock faster and harder between her tits, forcing the head to poke upward beneath her chin with each complete thrust. Gasping for air and heavy breathing was all that could be heard in chorus with their moans. Salma grinned at Winston smugly. It was funny to her how he focused on Scarlett, but she knew soon enough he was going to want to fuck her tits. All of this had become a game, even when it came to a small act of teasing. She listened to him groan and let out a loud moan while Scarlett's eyes were still gazing up at him.

"Mmmmmm, you love fucking my titties, don't you?"

Scarlett bit down on her lower lip as Winston began to slow down. He made one last thrust between her tits before coming to a complete halt. So predictable, Salma thought to herself. Next he would be asking to fuck her tits, she thought to herself. He pulled his shaft from Scarlett's boobs and then watched her hold them up for him. Winston then shoved the head of his rod up against her left nipple just before he began beating it over that hard edge. Smack. Smack. Smack. Scarlett gasped, letting out a moan as he played with his cock up against her nipple. Salma simply bit down on her lower lip, teasing him with her eyes before he gave her a nod.

"Your turn babe, I wanna fuck your tits now."

With a slight laugh, Salma shook her head.

"No, you can fuck my tits later! For now, we need to show Scarlett some good lovin'."

Turning her head to glance at Salma, Scarlett let go of her tits and smirked.

"That would be lovely."

Her voice was low, offering a subtle touch of her New York accent. Winston had stepped back and offered his hand to Scarlett to help her up from the floor, but it was Salma who had already risen up from her knees and helped the woman up. They stood together for a moment, their voluptuous busty bodies nearly pressed up against one another as Salma reached down for the black thong beneath the matching lacy garter belt Scarlett wore.

"Oh yes, help me get that off."

"Jou gonna take mine off too?"

Salma's heavy accent slurred her speech slightly, something Winston had loved to hear any time it occurred. She gently pulled down Scarlett's thong, watching it fall down to her ankles where she could easily step out of and leave it discarded along the floor. Not a hair in sight of her pink folds, demonstrating an impressively clean pussy. Salma ran the index finger of her right hand over her soft dew, biting down on her lower lip as she studied the woman's reaction to her touch. She slid her finger up to her clit, then listening to Scarlett gasp as she gave it a quick rub with the tip of her finger. When she pulled away and stepped back, now it was Scarlett's turn to shove down Salma's thong. She gripped both sides of it, gently tugging it down her curvy perfect hips.

"There you go... Nice and slow..."

Scarlett lowered herself down, waiting to witness the moment of Salma's exposed opening. Unlike her, there was a clear landing strip of a small trail of hair just above it. Salma's thong fell down to her ankles and she soon stepped her heels out of it. Her opening had a shiny coat of wetness over it and Scarlett did not hesitate to part her lips and drape her tongue over Salma's lovely pussy. The Mexican woman gasped, placing the palm of her hand on the back of Scarlett's head.

"Oh my!"

Her lower lip had dropped as Salma was caught in a quick spark of pleasure from Scarlett's mouth. Licking over her pussy a few times, Scarlett kissed it before lapping her tongue over Salma's clit, all the while Winston had stood there and watched. Salma knew he was beginning to feel neglected and soon she curled her fingers up into Scarlett's long blonde hair as a way of telling her to stop. When she soon felt Scarlett's tongue beginning to venture inside of her pussy, Salma had to pull her away.

"Not just yet! You'll be eating me out real soon."

Looking over at Winston, Salma motioned at him with her hand.

"Come on, be a gentleman and help her up."

He leaned down, taking a hold of Scarlett's left arm as Salma walked back to the table that they had previously played around on.

"Move her back to the table..."

Another order from the older woman in charge, Scarlett just laughed.

"I think you both like having me on that little table, even though it's a little low off the ground."
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Re: La Caza Tales Pt. 1 (Salma Hayek, Scarlett Johansson)
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Her eyes had wandered over to the couch, wondering to herself why neither Winston or Salma were making use of it's large space. There had to be a reason why, regardless if either of them were going to admit it to her. Standing up, she turned her back to Winston and made her way back over to the table where Salma patted her hand over the matted white cushion surface suggesting Scarlett to lay her back down over it.

"Dis is right where I want jou."

To hear that strong accent slurring words slightly had caused Scarlett to smirk up at Salma as she lay her head down the end of the table. Salma was standing just over her, hovering her wet pussy above her mouth while Winston moved to the opposite end of the table. Scarlett glanced forward to see him lowering himself down onto his knees and then she knew what they were about to do in this position. Salma raised her right leg, moving it over the table as she began to lower herself down to Scarlett's face.

"Come on, taste me!"

Scarlett had shoved her elbows down into the table, raising her head up a bit as she darted her tough between Salma's thighs and gave a quick lick. At the same time down below, she could feel Winston's breath between her thighs and soon his tongue slipping around the folds of her pussy. She responded to him down below first by spreading her legs out and then moving them over his shoulders, running the soles of her feet down his back as Winston had now snaked his tongue between the folds of her vulva and entered her.

"Ohhhhhh, yeah..."

As Scarlett let out a moan, crying out in her voice, Salma was worried that she may have become distracted from the task facing her. She reached down with her right hand, tightly gripping the back of Scarlett's head with her fingers shoved down into her blonde locks.

"Eat me!"

Salma's voice called out in authority and Scarlett clearly got the message as her tongue darted between the folds and slithered up inside of Salma's wet delight. A muffled moan was heard from Scarlett's voice just as Salma gasped and then let go of her hair. Scarlett was now caught in a whirlwind of pleasure, all due to Winston's talented mouth working on her from down below and now her own tongue slithering and shaking from within Salma's pussy. She raised her left hand up, touching over Salma's tanned skin as she found her clit above. The older woman gasped, looking down at Scarlett as she began to rub and play with her clit.

"Mmmmmmmm, yes!"

Biting down on her lower lip, Salma was impressed with the skill Scarlett was demonstrating. She knew how to eat pussy nearly as good as Winston had proven himself in the previous months. Using her hands, Salma leaned down and touched over Scarlett's breasts as they lay out in the open neglected from any attention. She watched them move, shaking and bouncing with a light ripple showing their natural firmness. She shoved the palms of her hands down, squeezing them hard while Scarlett's tongue was venturing deeper into her cunt and slithering about wildly. Winston heard Salma moan, letting out a loud cry as he was busy himself with eating Scarlett's pussy. The three of them remained locked in the position with Scarlett receiving the most heated of pleasure from both ends of her body. Her cold feet moved up Winston's back as she began to raise her legs and arch her knees.

"Ohhhh, OHHHHHH!!"

Gasping heavily, Salma's voice was calling out in loud moans. She bit down on her lower lip, softly moaning before she moved her right leg away and had to pull herself completely away from Scarlett but not without giving her pale white tits one final hard squeeze. With her mouth free, Scarlett's voice curled up as she closed her eyes and then belted out cries to Winston while moving her legs away from him, spreading them out and bending her knees.

"Ohhhhh, FUCK!!"

Scarlett's voice loudly broke the silence but it didn't phase Winston whatsoever. He remained in concentration, eating her delicious cunt while both of his hands were moved between her thighs. He could feel Scarlett's slight body movements from where she stretched her legs out, but it was only when she placed her hands down into his dark hair, did he finally come to a much needed halt. His eyes glanced upward at her as he pulled his lips from her pussy. Salma had placed her knees down on the edges of the table, climbing over Scarlett's body and crawling her way towards Winston for a soft kiss. She could taste the other woman from their lips pushing together, the scent of Scarlett's dew fresh from within Winston's breath.

"Sabe buena..."

Salma spoke to Winston in Spanish, though he did not understand what she uttered in her low voice. Scarlett's vision had been temporarily blinded with Salma's massive rang hanging above her. She reached her hands up, giving those legendary breasts a gentle squeeze that caused Salma to softly moan as she climbed up and soon moved off the table all together. Winston looked down at Scarlett as he began to rise up from his knees with a smirk on his face.

"Ready to get fucked, Scarlett?"

"You bet I am!"

Like many times before, those big blue eyes gazed up at him and burned through Winston's soul. There was no doubting what she wanted now. He stepped as both he and Salma watched from both ends of the table as Scarlett climbed up and moved into a position on all fours. She faced Salma whom had placed her hands on her hips, starring down at Scarlett to observe her every move. Winston was given full display of her firm ass, legs spread out while she used her left hand to pull one of her ass cheeks back and tease him.

"Fuck her, Winston!"

It caught him by surprise to hear Salma calling out to him with such words, but soon Scarlett spoke up to echo the order with enthusiasm audible from her voice.

"Yes, fuck me!"

Scarlett glanced up at Salma as if she were expecting something while Winston gripped his shaft and slid it between her thighs to find her warm wet hole. She dropped her lower lip, gasping as she felt him thrust inside of her. Salma ran her right hand down, caressing Scarlett's left cheek and then gripping her chin to force her to look at her. She grinned down at her before she began to climb onto the table yet again, moving her knees to each side along with her hands. Scarlett shoved the right side of her face down into the cushion below so it would be somewhat easier for Salma to climb into this position. Winston moaned as he felt Scarlett's tight inner walls wrapped around his long cock. It was a sight to behold as they both made use of every inch of that small table, Salma had climbed over Scarlett and shoved her breasts down over her back as she was crawling towards Winston.

"Fuck her real good for me..."

He glanced down to hear Salma's voice and then saw her big brown eyes gazing up at him. Winston was just about to move his hands over Scarlett's firm ass cheeks and give them a squeeze, but not with seeing Salma there and her breasts pushed down over the lower back of Scarlett's body. Both of Salma's knees bent, touching the sides of the table beneath with Scarlett pinned down in the middle.

"I bet jou will like dis..."

Winston took a deep breath upon hearing Salma's voice slurring her speech slightly in her strong accent. He could hear Scarlett faintly breathing in heavily just before Salma parted her lips and darted her tongue down the crack of the woman's ass, right in sync with Winston thrusting into her pussy.

"Oh my god, yes! Ohhhhh, yes!!"

Scarlett was unable to hold herself back from gasping in excitement as she knew what was about to come. Here she was, hunched down on all fours with Salma climbed over her pulling her ass cheeks apart and rimming her dark little hole, all while Winston was fucking her cunt from behind. She had closed her eyes momentarily only to pop them open and moan in an ecstasy of pleasure.


As Scarlett screamed and began panting heavily, Salma began to thrust her tongue into her dark little hole, wiggling it around while Winston was pumping inch after inch of his cock into her pussy.


Screaming for more, Scarlett wiggled around slightly from her position as a result of being overwhelmed with pleasure that both of them were delivering to her. Salma's hands squeezed over her ass cheeks harder while Scarlett was forced to grip into the cushions of the table while her toes curled up. Closing her eyes, she moaned louder as Winston was still thrusting his cock slowly into her while Salma's tongue worked over her booty hole simultaneously in sync. Both of them moved slow with Salma pleasuring her at a moderate speed that matched with the movement of Winston's cock pumping into her. Scarlett gritted her teeth, crying out as her fingernails grazed over the cushion surface of the table.


To hear the excited screams from Scarlett's voice that echoed throughout the room, Salma came to a stop and moved her head up from Scarlett's ass. She raised her right hand and then spanked over the left cheek of Scarlett's ass before turning her head to glance beyond her shoulder.

"Jou like gettin' fucked in the ass!?"

Hearing Salma's voice slurring her speech a bit caused Winston to stop, ready to pull his cock out of Scarlett's tight cunt.

"Absolutely, YES!! I want him to fuck me in the ass!"

It was almost as if Scarlett knew the game Salma was playing now. Those big brown hues glared up at Winston from in her position and Salma winked with a soft grin.

"Jou know what to do!"

Flashing his teeth in a grin, Winston wanted to lean down and kiss Salma for this pleasure that was soon to come but he instead hurried to snatch his cock free from Scarlett's pussy. He slid his fat cock up the crack of her ass, soon hearing the woman moan and call out to him.

"Mmmmmm, yeah Go ahead, slip that big dick up inside of my ass. I wanna feel your fucking dick inside of my ass, stretch that hole out while Salma watches."

"Watching won't be the only thing I'm doing..."

Salma's reply to Scarlett's filthy words had caused Winston to slightly chuckle as he pushed the head of his cock to the entrance of Scarlett's booty hole. It was already properly lubed thanks to Salma's loving mouth and now he was sinking his cock down into Scarlett's tight back door hole while the woman he loved watched his cock disappear into that nicely firm ass. Scarlett gasped while Salma moaned.

"Jus' look at dat..."

Gasping in breath, Salma refused to take her eyes away from the action as Winston was now thrusting his cock into Scarlett's ass. Her speech usually slurred from her accent when she became excited during the heat of a moment.

"Dat is gorgeous."

"Ohhhhh, ohhhhhhh yeah... Fuck me in the ass with your big dick, mmmmmmm. Stretch my ass out with it. Come on, give it to me."

Scarlett's voice was almost crying out to him as Winston pumped inch after inch of his cock into her tight and firm pale white ass. Salma's fingers were still stretched out, pulling those cheeks apart as she and Winston were watching the action. He couldn't say he was surprised to hear such a flush of excitement from Salma's voice. It was merely months ago when they began their affair that he learned of her love for ass-fucking. Such an act that they enjoyed to share together had made Winston enjoy it even more. He let out a grunt, moving his hands over into Salma's dark hair as an attempt to divert her attention up at him. When those big brown eyes took a gaze up at him, Winston winked at her and then pulled his cock slowly out of Scarlett's ass. As his rod bounced upward, Salma responded by parting her lips and shoving it into her mouth.

"Mmmmm, fuck yeah!"

Winston called out in excitement to witness his cock from Scarlett's ass and into Salma's mouth. The blonde woman felt slightly neglected as the absence of his cock from within her was truly felt, but she could hear Salma's muffled moans as she bobbed her head up and down Winston's long shaft. So much attention had been focused on Scarlett from the two of them that Winston was now to the point he was ready to move his attention directly to the woman he loved. He moaned as she sucked and slobbered on his shaft from the odd position, still hunched over Scarlett's back with her breasts shoved down into her pale white skin to demonstrate a beautiful vision of the contrast in their skin tones. Taking in a deep breath, Winston thought to himself for a moment before he stepped back and pulled his cock out of Salma's mouth making an audible popping noise.

"Salma baby, I think it's your turn now."

A frustrated sigh was heard from Scarlett's voice.

"You're done fucking me in the ass?"


The tone of Winston's voice was all Scarlett need to know as she sighed once again. Salma had begun to crawl backwards a bit, climbing off of her and then stepping her heels down into the floor. Scarlett was now free to glance over her shoulder and look at Winston with a disappointed expression painted across her face.

"You didn't even make me cum."

Salma placed her left hand down onto Scarlett's shoulder, capturing her attention as the woman glanced up at her. She then moved her hand up to Scarlett's chin, lightly gripping it as she was forced to look up and see the smirk on her face.

"Leave dat to me..."

She spoke in a low but almost stern voice, reminding Scarlett who was in control here.

"Hey, Salma. I want you now, I've been fucking Scarlett enough, don't ya think?"

A goofy smirk on Winston's face was enough for Salma to drop her fingers away from Scarlett's face and then smile back at the man.

"Oh yeah, Winston? Is it gonna be pussy or ass first?"

"Your ass, baby. It's only fair after I fucked Scarlett's, I wanna fuck your big ass now."

Turning her view back to Scarlett, she gave the woman a smirk.

"Men... they're quite predictable, huh? All about tits and ass."

Scarlett giggled at Salma's slight joke, leaning up from the table as she gave her a small kiss on the lips. Winston stepped over towards then and then Salma glared at him with a smirk on her face. She stepped towards the table and began to bend over, teasing him as she shook her ass and then spoke in her heavy accent.

"Is dis what jou want, hmmm? My big ass?"

"Fuck yeah!"

His eyes trailed up her strong legs, watching those plump cheeks bounce and shake firmly. While his attention was focused on Salma's booty, the woman herself pointed her right hand index finger at Scarlett before ordering her.

"Stand on the other side of the table so I can have a taste of your pussy while Winston gets busy."

Scarlett slowly curved her puffy lips into a smile, quirking her eyebrows at Salma.

"I knew you wouldn't forget about me."

The small padded table was seeing almost all of the action so far between the three of them. It was funny to Winston how Salma was able to crawl above Scarlett and make use of such tightly confided space for a position. Now he was standing before her as she bent over and shook her ass at him. Salma placed the palm of her left hand down over the white cushion below, then raised her right hand to the back and spanked her ass to tease him. Scarlett had followed her directions accordingly, moving onto the opposite side of the table and facing Salma. To get a bit closer, Salma stepped forward slightly, now with Scarlett's labia directly in her view from where she was bent over and her thick phat ass pushed out to Winston from behind. She licked her lips before suddenly feeling Winston's right hand slapping down over her ass. Salma moaned as Scarlett brought her hands down to cup her face, caressing her cheeks as she gazed down at the older actress.

"Lick me, dear... Make me cum, please."

With a soft touch and low voice, Scarlett made her demands to Salma politely. It was quite the difference in style from how Salma had been dominant and commanding when in control. Now that Scarlett was having her turn, she took a different approach, offering subtle tenderness to the woman. Once she felt Winston sliding his thick shaft into the crack of her ass, that was the cue for Salma to part her lips and slather her tongue over the pretty pink folds of Scarlett's opening. Winston's voice could be heard behind Salma before he raised his hand again and spanked her ass hard enough for the sound to echo throughout the room.

"Best ass in the whole world, bar-fucking-none!"

His hand came striking down once again for a hard spank. If it weren't for embedding her mouth to Scarlett's juicy pussy, Salma would've replied back to Winston. Scarlett had spread her legs, slightly rolling her hips as a way to encourage Salma to slither her tongue inside of her. She moved her hands through that beautiful long black hair, but without taking a grip as she felt Salma's tongue enter her at the same time Winston's fat cock shoved into Salma's wonderful ass.

"Fuck! I always forget how tight this ass is!"

It was typical of Winston to utter such words when he began to fuck Salma's ass. His hands moved to grip those perfect firm cheeks, giving them a good squeeze as he slowly thrust his cock inside of her dark little hole. Scarlett moved her left hand to softly caress the right cheek of Salma's face, gasping in breath as she felt Salma's tongue aggressively wiggling inside of her.

"Oh! Ohhhhhh, fuck!"

Winston glanced up to see Scarlett with her eyes closed. He reared his right hand back again, slapping Salma's ass once more as he pumped his cock back and forth, pounding her ass hard enough that his balls were smacking onto the undersides of her phat cheeks. Scarlett roamed her fingers through Salma's dark hair, soon gasping and panting once more as the woman was still slithering her tongue inside her labia, using it as a weapon of pleasure.


Not letting up whatsoever, Salma moved her hands between Scarlett's thighs, raking her fingernails lightly over her skin as the woman's eyes suddenly opened and she looked back at Winston who was just watching the entire time as he pumped his cock thoroughly in and out of Salma's wonderful buttocks.


Scarlett suddenly gasped, panting hard as she curled her fingers up and finally gripped Salma's hair. Smack. Smack. Smack. The sound of Winston and Salma's bodies hitting together was the only thing audible between the panting and low cries that came out of Scarlett's voice. Her lips curled up, almost as if she looked to be pouting as Scarlett panted once again and then screamed.


The sudden rush of warm juices flooded into Salma's mouth, nearly choking her as she began to swallow it all down, gulp after gulp. Winston took a few final thrusts into her supreme ass before he came to a halt and began to pull his cock out, all while Scarlett was moving her hands through Salma's hair gently before pulling them away all together. Excess juices from her busted labia overflowed down Salma's lower lip, dripping down her chin. Once Winston had freed his cock from her ass, he took a few steps back only to see Salma glance at him from beyond her right shoulder.

"You have fun back there?"

Grinning at her, he just nodded his head silently. Salma smirked, then looked up at Scarlett before leaning back up. Winston had stepped towards the small table, ready to make a new position as he knew it was now Salma's turn to have his cock lodged inside of her tight cunt. She glanced up at Winston as he approached her, both of them standing together with Scarlett behind them.

"I'm ready to really fuck you now, baby. I don't wanna have to wait any longer."

Glancing down at the table, Winston smirked as he moved to sit his bare buttocks down over it.

"I think it's my turn to use this table, huh?"

He laid down on his back, both legs dangling off the end of it. Salma glanced down at him and gave him a smirk. She then looked over at Scarlett and gave her a nod.

"So this is how he wants it, then don't mind me getting on top."

Raising up his arms, Winston offered to help her with a goofy smile on his face that flashed the top row of his teeth. Salma finally stepped her feet out of the pair of high heels, moving her left foot out before the right one. The only reason worth taking them off was that she realized she would need to properly balance herself over the table to properly make this position. With her back facing Winston, she raised up right leg and then climbed up, pushing both feet at the edges of the table so she could properly straddle him in the middle. Winston placed his hands on her hips, ready to aid her as he was just thankful to know his cock would soon be inside the one woman between the two who truly mattered. As Salma used her feet to balance on the edges of the table, Scarlett had moved in front of them and reached down to grab Winston's cock, aiming it upward for Salma to lower herself down upon it.


Salma spoke softly as she looked forward at Scarlett who just smirked up at her before responding.

"You're welcome, dear."

To make this position work, she had to push the palms of her hands down onto Winston's chest, forcing her hands to be from behind. Lowering herself down, she let out a moan upon feeling her lover man's cock enter her, slipping inside. With his hands gripping her sides, Winston was able to balance Salma atop of him for this reverse cowgirl position and soon, she began to thrust herself down, forcing his cock to pump into her.

"Ohhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhhh yeah..."

Salma's moans were low but audible enough that anyone could hear them from within the room. Her breasts began to bounce, shaking around wildly while Scarlett stood in front of them watching the moment between them. The sold of their bodies hitting together was soon heard as Winston bucked his hips upward slightly to meet with Salma's downward thrust. Scarlett was eager to join in on the action, now feeling slightly neglected. She moved to the left side of the table, shoving her knees barely up against the edge of where Winston's left side was. She then wrapped her left arm around Salma's body, caressing her skin as Scarlett found her right side breast, then used her right hand to squeeze her other tits and prevent them from shaking around freely.

"Ohhhhhh, yes... Yes!!"

Her long black hair began to sway as Winston could see it when he glanced upward, but his eyes were focused on the action down below. He watched as her thick ass cheeks bumped and slammed down into him each time his cock thrust inside of Salma. She closed her eyes, moaning out as Scarlett suddenly parted her lips and slathered her tongue over her right breast. This was a tidal wave of pleasure for Salma, to have this special woman playing with her boobs while she rode Winston's cock.

"Ohhh, ohhhh, OHHHHHHH!!"

Louder and louder her voice became, Salma groaned while Scarlett was now licking and sucking on her right nipple. She moved her pale hands beneath Salma's breasts, allowing them to flop around while Scarlett's mouth was loudly slobbering over her nipple. Smack. Smack. Smack. The noises that Salma and Winston's bodies produced from hitting up against each other was the loudest sounds in the room apart from heavy breathing and moaning. Winston groaned, calling out to her.

"Ohhhh, fuck! Baby!"

"Yes, yes, yessssss!!"

Still pressing the palms of her hands down onto his chest from behind, Salma raked her nails lightly over his skin, opening her eyes to look down at Scarlett. When Salma slowed down from riding Winston, she soon felt his arms wrap around her stomach as he leaned up lightly and was now taking control. She was able to finally move her hands out from behind him, dropping her toes from each side of the table and now letting them hang down below as she sat onto Winston with his hard cock shoved into her tight cunt.


Scarlett gazed up at Salma who spoke once more.

"Between my legs, now! Rub my clit don't wait!"

It was a direct order and a sudden reminder of what woman was in charge. Salma knew just what Winston was about to do from experience in the past when they used this position. Scarlett quickly moved to face the table and lowered herself down to play with Salma's clit. Winston began to buck his hips upward, his hands moving to cup Salma's breasts as he smashed them into the palms of his hands while sending every inch of his cock slamming upward into her. Salma closed her eyes just as her hair began to sway and move all over the place from beyond her shoulders.


Over and over, his cock pounded into her with his balls slapping between her thighs. It was difficult for Scarlett to be able to rub and play with Salma's clit due to the body movements and speed from which Winston pumped into her. Still making an effort, Scarlett used both hands to play with Salma's clit, tucking her right over one of her thighs where she could feel Winston's balls slapping up over her skin with each full thrust. Salma reached down with her own hands, snatching Scarlett by the hair and forcing her to remain there, encouraging her to continue pleasuring her with the touch of her hand.


Salma called out to him while Winston continued to pump his cock into her. He bit down on his lower lip, knowing he could at least fuck her long enough to hold off his own orgasm. The man had proven that to her months ago when they first began this affair, as one of the reasons Salma found him more than useful with lustful acts. Over and over he continued pumping his cock into her before moving his hands away from tits and allowing them to flap around freely once again. Salma gasped, screaming loudly with her heavy accent slurring her speech slightly.


Her lower lip dropped as she felt her orgasm rushing through her body. Winston came to a stop as he felt the surge of her juices flooding his cock from within her.

"Ohhhhh, fuck! Ohhhhh, baby yeah!"

His muttered words were of no importance or thought as he just cried out in pleasure. Salma bit down on her lower lip, attempting to catch her breath as she glanced down at Scarlett between her legs. Suddenly, an idea came into mind due to the right circumstances of the other woman being there. Loosening her fingers in Scarlett's hair, Salma reached under her and slightly elevated herself high enough to grab the base of Winston's fat cock. Looking down at Scarlett she spoke to her softly in her heavy accent.

"I had a taste of jou..."

Biting down on her lower lip, Salma finished her sentence.

"How 'bout a taste of my juices?"

To her surprise, Scarlett nodded at her with a grin and answered Salma.

"That would be a pleasure."

Salma was still catching her breath as she sighed in relief upon pulling Winston's cock from her pussy and then witnessing the sudden rush of her juices squirted down onto Scarlett's face. She bit down on her lower lip, softly moaning as she studied the reaction from the other woman. Shocking to Salma, Scarlett didn't flinch upon feeling the sticky warm substance of her bodily liquid coating her face. She eagerly leaned forward and opened her mouth to embed it down at Salma's cunt, sucking up the excess juices. Impressed with this action, Salma let go of Winston's cock as he had laid back on the table now and just sat there as Scarlett cleaned her up.

"Buena putita...."

Uttering a few words in Spanish to Scarlett, neither she or Winston were aware of what Salma had just said but from the tone of her voice she was pleased. Only she knew that she had just referred to Scarlett as a 'good little whore', watching as she moved her mouth away from Salma's thighs and then gazed up at the older woman as if she were obediently waiting for a new order. Salma couldn't have been more impressed with this submissive side Scarlett was displaying.

"Salma, baby... I don't think we're done yet."

Winston's voice had caught both women by surprise.

"I still haven't gotten to fuck your tits, you know?"

"Mmmmmm, I haven't forgotten, mi amor."

Biting down on her lower lip once again, Salma began to climb off Winston while Scarlett to a few steps back. he moved over the table, first leaning up and then turning to the side as he now Salma to his right side and Scarlett going down to her knees on the left. It didn't appear as if the buxom blonde wanted to be left behind here but for now, this was Salma's show. She moved her hands over her breasts, holding them together and inviting Winston to shove his big wet cock, slathered in her own juices right down the middle.

"Come on and fuck these tits, Winston!"

"You know you don't have to tell me that twice!"

Salma knew this was his most favorite pleasure from her, sometimes joking that her breasts were made for his cock. She didn't disagree, always giggling when he said that in the past. Now she shoved them together after he had slid it down the passage way she offered. Glancing up at him, Salma smiled while squeezing her breasts together and then breaking eye contact to watch his amazing cock begin gliding between her breasts with each hard thrust he made.

"Yes.... Jus' like dat, fuck my tits. Fuck 'em real good!"

Parting her lips, Salma's tongue darted out and flicked over the head of his cock when he thrust up. He grunted, still thrusting that cock back and forth, watching and counting how many times Salma licked over the head. Winston couldn't stop himself from moaning as he quit counting after the sixth time.

"Oh my god, fuck..."

Upon hearing his voice, Salma gazed up and grinned at him while still holding her boobs together. He continued to thrust and pump his hard cock back and forth between them. All the while, Scarlett was still on his left side just watching the action. She didn't interfere as it seemed she sat there acknowledging this act and enjoying the view.

"Mmmmm, fuck my tits! Ohhhhhhhh, yeah!!"

Dropping her lower lip, Salma gasped while starring up into Winston's eyes. She could feel him thrusting harder and faster as he pumped that long cock between her large tits. Only when he began to slow down, that was the sign for Salma that her lover man was close to his own climax.

"Oh fuck, these tits are perfect. I wish I could fuck them all day, ohhhhh man..."

"You're about to cum, aren't you?"

Taking in a deep breath, Winston moaned upon replying to her.


"How about an extra pair of titties then?"

Scarlett's voice had caught both of them by surprise as she moved towards Winston, holding her own busty breasts within her hands. Winston's eyes became enlarged before his lips curved into a mischievous grin once he realized just what Scarlett was hinting to. How could he ever say no to a double titfuck between these two sex icons? He reached for his cock, pulling it out from Salma's breasts as he then spoke.

"Oh, fuck yeah! Let's do it! I am gonna blow my fucking load all over both of you!"

Salma smirked at Scarlett before speaking.

"I like your dirty mind, this is something I don't think I've ever done before."

"Just shove your tits up against mine and let him do the rest of the work."

Facing each other, both women pushed their breasts together, nipples rubbing up against one another as Scarlett was to Winston's left side and Salma to the right. Like clockwork, they both turned their heads to look up at him and tease him with filthy words. Scarlett first, then Salma's voice.

"Come on, slip that big dick in between these titties so you can-"


As Salma screamed at him, Winston stepped forward and guided his cock between the small passageway of two of the most famous set of breasts in the world. Salma could be heard moaning as he moved both of his hands to grip their shoulders and then begin thrusting his cock between them. Winston couldn't believe he was doing this as his lower lip dropped and he moaned in amazement.

"Oh my god, this is fucking amazing!"

His cock was swallowed up, absorbed between their massive tits as the head only poked up lightly between each thrust. Winston nearly cried from his moans while Salma began screaming at him.


"Mmmmmmm, yes. Fuck our titties, go on."

Scarlett's voice was in complete contrast to the screaming excitement from Salma. Gripping their shoulders slightly move, he began to buck his hips forward as hard as he possibly could. For such amazing pleasure, Winston regretted they had not done this sooner as he was now at the mercy of both of them for his impending orgasm that was only drawing closer through the passing seconds. Again and again, he thrust his cock between their tits, watching it bounce around as the sweat was dripping from his forehead down into his eyebrows. As if that wasn't enough, Scarlett's big blue eyes and Salma's beautiful brown hues were burning into him as they never broke eye contact. Scarlett continued to speak to him, followed by Salma's yelling.

"It feels so good to have your cock pumping back between our titties, it's such a-"


"I want your cum, I need it. Cum all over us and give me that hot, sticky-"


Grunting in pleasure, Winston quickly snatched his cock free from their tits with his right hand. Salma was the first to move, facing him from the right side and holding her head and tits up as her eyes shut and she parted her lips to tease him with her tongue. Scarlett shoved her left shoulder against Salma's right arm, also holding up her tits and closing her eyes.


As Winston screamed, he wanked his cock a few times with one hard squeeze and then a torrent of cum went flying out, the thick string splashed across Salma's right cheek. She gasped and leaned forward but he aimed his cock towards Scarlett and watched the second wad go flying out and splattering over her forehead. The blonde actress dropped her lower lip, moaning as her eyes were still closed as she uttered to him.

"Mmmmm, yeah..."

"Ohhhhh, man! Fucking yes, ohhhh god!"

He cried out, still wanking his cock as he aimed it back on the right side to shoot a string towards Salma that slathered across her left cheek and dripped down. She moaned, as if begging for more, but Winston aimed back towards Scarlett and then continued wanking his cock, watching two more strings of his warm sticky substance drench over her right cheek and streak beneath her eye. The next wad wasn't as powerful, just thick droplets that also landed over Scarlett's right cheek. Feeling his orgasm beginning to fade, Winston quickly thought of where he wanted to finish and then shoved the head of his cock to Salma's waiting tongue. She wrapped her lips around it and proceeded to suck him, milking his cock dry of the final remainder of cum he had within him.

"Ohhh, ohhhhh yes babe. That was so fucking hot, ohhhhhh yeah..."

Scarlett began to open her eyes as she listened to Winston panting and attempting to catch his breath upon moaning. Her face was a cum coated mess, sticky from Salma's own juices from earlier and now Winston's dripping seed. She glanced to her right side to witness Salma gazing up into his eyes with a bit of cum also dripping from her face. The older woman sucked his cock and then pulled it from her mouth with a popping noise. Salma leaned up, opening her mouth to reveal the puddle of his semen washing around over her tongue. Winston just smiled at her before she turned her attention to Scarlett. Looking into her eyes, she suddenly swallowed Winston's load, allowing Scarlett to see her throat muscles move a bit. Salma then spoke to her.

"Look at you..."

"I'm drenched, I know. Your man did a hell of a job making a mess out of me."

Salma slowly grinned before replying.

"Yes he did. Come here..."

Leaning forward, Salma placed her hands onto Scarlett's shoulders and began to lick her face clean. Her tongue collected not only Winston's cum but her own juices from her orgasm earlier. Scarlett just closed her eyes, embracing this moment while the man stood there watching as Salma indulged in a lustful taste. Once she had collected it all up, Salma moved her hands to cup Scarlett's face, leaning her back a little bit as she looked into those big blue eyes and subtly hinted for a kiss. When Scarlett parted her lips, Salma opened her mouth and leaned her back to the point all of the cum from within her mouth dripped down into Scarlett's hungry mouth. Winston's lower lip dropped as he watched the cum-swapping between the two. All Scarlett did was close her lips together and then swallow it all. Salma moved her hands away from her face and then Scarlett leaned in to lick up the remaining strings of cum that dangled from Salma's face, cleaning her properly and swallowing it down.

"Holy shit, that was so fucking hot! I ain't never seen anything like that before in my life."

As Winston spoke, Salma got up from the floor, quickly rising up while Scarlett glanced up at him with a smile across her face.

"Thank you, dear. You've got quite the special woman here leading you."

Scarlett spoke to him while Salma made an exit from the room, walking her naked body out and then going to the kitchen. She soon called out for Winston, alerting him.


"Yeah, babe!?"

Stepping away from Scarlett, he walked off to go find where Salma was yelling at him. In the kitchen she stood behind the counter, still naked with her back turned to him while opening the refrigerator to grab two bottles of spring water.

"I'm right here, baby."

Salma turned to look at Winston and handed him the bottle of water in her left hand. She quickly unscrewed the cap of her own bottle to get a drink before speaking to him.

"Tell her to get dressed and call a cab."

"You aren't going to let her stay for dinner with us?"

Looking back at him almost in shock, Salma chuckled.

"Of course not! Dinner is between me and you, mi amor. She's served us well today, but that's it. Call a cab after she gets dressed."

"What if she wants to thank you?"

"Tell her I'm upstairs getting a bath. Just call her that cab and I'm sure she'll leave."

Just like that, Salma was cold and right down to the point. Scarlett had indeed served them well for a threesome and now it was time for some time alone between the two of them. His mind wandered back to what Salma had originally told him when they first seen her earlier in the day on the photo shoot. Thinking of what she called this as a 'game' to arrange a threesome in the form of 'cruising'. Scarlett had a point to what she had told him, as he truly did have a special woman leading him. As Winston began to walk off and leave Salma in the kitchen, many thoughts were now roaming through the center of his mind. This game felt like the beginning of something truly special in the journey of his relationship with Salma.

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Re: La Caza Tales Pt. 1 (Salma Hayek, Scarlett Johansson)
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That was really hot stuff. Great dirty talk, good seduction and a nice set-up/plot. Another winner, and I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next from this if you continue it as a series.  :Y:
New here, but not new to writing. Writes celeb and fan-fiction smut.
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Re: La Caza Tales Pt. 1 (Salma Hayek, Scarlett Johansson)
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That was really hot stuff. Great dirty talk, good seduction and a nice set-up/plot. Another winner, and I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next from this if you continue it as a series.  :Y:

Thanks for the kind words, always appreciate it. There will definitely be a part 2 soon. I've already mapped it out. I set the beginning in 2013 so it can progress through years. I'm trying to do some new things with this series that I've never done before. It's fun writing Salma again, I greatly missed her!  ;D

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Re: La Caza Tales Pt. 1 (Salma Hayek, Scarlett Johansson)
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Great double act, the dirty talk was amazing.  Looking fwds to the continuation of this
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Re: La Caza Tales Pt. 1 (Salma Hayek, Scarlett Johansson)
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Very nice story, loved Scarlett being submissive, and it was really hot how Salma called her a whore. Salma getting hot at everything  he did was really exciting, the part about how she was as excited about butt-fucking as he was was great. A big fantasy is fucking a woman in the ass doggy style while another cheers and then sucks the cock. It was a dream come true!
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Mr. Heigl

Re: La Caza Tales Pt. 1 (Salma Hayek, Scarlett Johansson)
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Thank you for this beautiful story. Please keep writing.
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Re: La Caza Tales Pt. 1 (Salma Hayek, Scarlett Johansson)
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Holy hell!  Cade, that was white-hot with some wonderful dirty talk and filthy, ball-draining sex.  As a fan of both women, big natural tits and fucking a bubble butt, this is right up by alley.  I have to say that, low-key, one of your best writing attributes is your scenery porn.  You have a great attention to detail around the action and I can imagine it all visually and in audio.  Excellent job and I'm looking forward to what's to come down the road.
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Re: La Caza Tales Pt. 1 (Salma Hayek, Scarlett Johansson)
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Wow, the premise here offers many interesting possibilities for future chapters. This is a great set up with cruising and you are writing Salma as a woman in control, I love it.

Do you think Winston and Salma could cruise Jessica Alba into a threesome?
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Re: La Caza Tales Pt. 1 (Salma Hayek, Scarlett Johansson)
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Thanks for the kind words everyone, I truly appreciate it. Apologies for slow replies here, allergies and sinus issues have been keeping me bed ridden the past few days.

Holy hell!  Cade, that was white-hot with some wonderful dirty talk and filthy, ball-draining sex.  As a fan of both women, big natural tits and fucking a bubble butt, this is right up by alley.  I have to say that, low-key, one of your best writing attributes is your scenery porn.  You have a great attention to detail around the action and I can imagine it all visually and in audio.  Excellent job and I'm looking forward to what's to come down the road.

Huge thanks for these kind words, I appreciate it. I try my best to write out details so anyone reading can visualize everything and get an experience out of it.

Wow, the premise here offers many interesting possibilities for future chapters. This is a great set up with cruising and you are writing Salma as a woman in control, I love it.

Do you think Winston and Salma could cruise Jessica Alba into a threesome?

YES!  :)) Jessica Alba will get cruised by Salma and Winston, she was one of the first ones that came to my mind. I'm probably going to set that in 2014 or 2015 on the set of that movie they did together.
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Re: La Caza Tales Pt. 1 (Salma Hayek, Scarlett Johansson)
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Great story! Salma is not my fav celeb but it was really hot the way she ordered Scarlett and her boyfriend how to fuck.

Thanks for metioning me but I did nothing.
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Re: La Caza Tales Pt. 1 (Salma Hayek, Scarlett Johansson)
« Reply #11 on: April 25, 2020, 08:16:53 AM »
Great story! Salma is not my fav celeb but it was really hot the way she ordered Scarlett and her boyfriend how to fuck.

Thanks for metioning me but I did nothing.

You helped me give me the title for this series. Without you, it wouldn't have had such a unique title. I appreciate your help!
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Re: La Caza Tales Pt. 1 (Salma Hayek, Scarlett Johansson)
« Reply #12 on: April 25, 2020, 05:29:17 PM »
What a hot pair Salma and Scarlett make.

That double titty-fuck scene was something else. My god, I envy Winston through that whole ordeal.  8#=D Don't think I would have lasted as long as him, that's for sure. Looking forward to reading the next chapter  :Y:
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Re: La Caza Tales Pt. 1 (Salma Hayek, Scarlett Johansson)
« Reply #13 on: April 25, 2020, 08:42:24 PM »
What a hot pair Salma and Scarlett make.

That double titty-fuck scene was something else. My god, I envy Winston through that whole ordeal.  8#=D Don't think I would have lasted as long as him, that's for sure. Looking forward to reading the next chapter  :Y:

Many thanks, the double titfuck was almost too hot to write!  :))


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