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The Interview starring Gemma Arterton
« on: April 27, 2020, 05:58:58 PM »
Thanks to JCONN for a proofread.

Slowly but surely, Tom was getting tired.

He had been standing right at the barrier near the red carpet for the Lawrence Olivier Awards nearly 3 hours now, and he was counting down the last minutes before the show was supposed to finally start. It was his first time doing this up to this point - most of his job was to write articles from the comfort of either his flat or the office. However, since their usual correspondent was down with a case of food poisoning, he was chosen as the one to replace him. And so he now stood,a microphone connected to a recorder in his hand, with a camera pinned to his collar, allowing him to videotape every interview he managed to squeeze in. He had already managed to talk to a few higher profile stars like Sophie Rundle and Hayley Atwell, the interviews flowing pretty smoothly even with his lack of experience. He could already hear the rumble of the crowd grow louder and louder as another star moved along the red carpet. He craned his neck, noticing who was approaching, feeling his hand jitter from excitement.

It was Gemma Arterton, his number one celebrity crush ever since he saw her play Strawberry Fields in Quantum of Solace. He had followed her career pretty closely since, even writing a positive review of one of her more recent works - Gemma Bovery (the fact she was involved in a sex scene making the viewing even better). Right now, she was approaching him - her black dress giving him a very good view of her spectacular cleavage and big, full breasts. He took a deep breath, preparing himself for the interview and trying to ignore the feeling of his cock getting hard in his pants. He smiled, looking at her as she suddenly caught him in her eye, returning a glowing smile of her own.

“Hello, Miss Arterton!” Tom shouted as she moved in closer, pushing his microphone a bit closer to her lips. “How are you doing today?.”

“Very fine, thank you.” She replied, a warm smile decorating her lips. “And good evening to you too.”

“To you too as well.” He spoke, feeling his hands sweat, voice wobbling a little. Here she was, the woman of his dreams, just inches away and looking like a Greek goddess. “Excited?”

“Oh, for sure. So glad to be here.” She replied, her voice smooth and warm. “Thrilled, actually. I’ve always loved being invited here, always nice to meet all those lovely, talented people. And I’m very proud to be representing Hampstead and “A View From the Bridge”. We’ve all poured our hearts out to make that play special and let’s hope the Society has seen that as well.”

“Of course. And you do look dashing, by the way. Quite the wonderful outfit you have there.” Tom spoke before even thinking, biting on his tongue right after he spoke. She didn’t seem to mind, though.

“Oh thank you, you’re looking quite good yourself.” She replied, giving him a little twirl. “And yes it’s quite alright. Just a dress, but I’m very happy with it.”

“Aren’t you worried it might… malfunction? It’s quite... daring, to say the least.” Tom spoke, a wide smile decorating his face as Gemma laughed. He noted to himself how he relaxed more and more, entranced by Gemma’s energy.

“Oh, it will be fine. And if it happens, it happens. But there is a lot of tape involved, I can tell you, so fingers crossed it holds.” She replied, Tom leaning in a bit more. Unseen to him, Gemma’s gaze shifted down before returning back up, a visible smirk decorating her face.

“The necklace is very beautiful as well.” Tom continued, not noticing the shift. “There's something written on it…” he spoke, leaning forward even more, trying to decipher the writing as Gemma held the necklace. He squinted, however the writing was so small and flowery he couldn’t decipher it. “...I can’t read that, sorry.”

“Ah, no matter.” Gemma replied, waving her hand. “It’s poetry, if anything. Might be even complete nonsense.”

“No problem, moving back to a more serious topic, how do you think did the play challenge or change you as an actor?” Tom spoke, finally thinking with his brain instead of with his cock.

“I’d say it had a big impact on me. It’s one of the classics where people come in with set expectations, but the beautiful thing was we set out with a mission of sorts…” She spoke, letting her hand run through her hair and Tom listened, entranced. “.. to show we can take a classic work like that and we can update it in a way that still makes it relevant. We worked hard, all of the cast and all of the crew, and I really hope this gets recognized, but that remains to be seen.” She finished, right as another woman came up to her, whispering something into her ear.

“Oh, sorry, I have to go now.” Gemma spoke, her tone apologetic. “It was very lovely to meet you.”

“Lovely to meet you too, thank you so much for your time. Have a wonderful evening.” He spoke as she walked away, waving him a goodbye. He looked on, watching her walk away as he suddenly felt his phone buzz in his trouser pocket. He quickly pulled it out, noticing it was his boss - Suzy Stone.

“Hello?” He spoke, shouting over the crowd.

“Tom, it’s me, Suzy.” She spoke, tone neutral. “Are you still at the awards?”

“Yes, they’re moving in now, it’s starting soon.” He replied, moving away from the barrier as the people started to move either away from the venue or moving inside.

“Good. Get back to the office, we need the footage to go online. Mark is already inside, he’ll handle the awards themselves.” She spoke, her tone leaving no room for discussion.

“Right. On my way. See you there.” He replied, hanging up and starting to move to the Tube station.

It was already dark as Tom exited the office. After leaving the equipment with the guys responsible for video editing, he chatted a moment with Suzy, confirming he’d have time off for the next day as well as the rest of the evening. Soon, he was back in his flat, laying on the sofa with a cold beer in his hand, tired, but satisfied. After polishing off the bottle and taking a long-awaited shower, he crashed onto the bed, falling asleep quickly.

The sound of his phone ringing was the first thing Tom noticed as he stirred awake from his sleep. The sun was already up, peeking through the blinds as he moved himself up to rest on his elbows, squinting and blinking a few times. The phone rang on and on as he quickly grabbed it and swiped at the screen.

“Hello?” He mumbled into the microphone, still not quite awake yet.

“Tom, it’s me, Suzy...”

The sound of her voice made his heart stop for a short while. Her phoning in on a day off usually didn’t mean much good was about to happen.

“... I know you’re supposed to stay home today, but could you please swing by the office as soon as you can? There’s something I need to tell you.”

“Am I in trouble?” He replied, voice eerily quiet and reserved. “Is it about yesterday, I… I’m...”

“No, not at all… everything is fine, more than fine, actually. Just need to talk to you. Don’t worry, you’re still with us.”

“I’ll be there. Give me half an hour.” He replied, relief spreading through his body.

“Great, see you then. Bye, Tom!”

“Bye, Suzy.”

The ride on the Tube passed by quicker than usual, and soon enough Tom was moving through the main office space. He exchanged a few greetings, noticing some people smirking at him or observing him with quite the amused looks on their faces.He smiled lightly himself as he finally reached Suzy’s office. Fortunately for him, she was alone, so after a quick knock he peeked the door.

“Hello. Made it as fast as I could.” He spoke, keeping the tone neutral for now.

“Come on in, then.” She replied as Tom then moved into the office, the door closing behind him as Suzy pressed the switch to close the blinds.

“So… yesterday, at the awards,” she spoke, Tom swearing he could notice her eyes twinkling. “You did a very good job for a first time like that.”

“Thank you. I tried.” Tom replied. “It was easier than I thought it would be, though I got some good material.”

“You did. The traffic on your interviews after we posted them online was quite good…” She spoke, before suddenly grinning. “... but there was one in particular that seems to have struck a chord.”

Tom didn’t reply, waiting to see if Suzy had anything to add. Instead of continuing, she quickly typed something into her laptop, before turning it so that Tom could see the screen. He recognized the setting immediately - it was just before he interviewed Gemma.

“Just so you know, this has triple the amount of hits than the others. Guess why..” Suzy then spoke, pressing the play button. Tom didn’t respond at first, watching the footage. Suddenly, he noticed how the camera moved forward… practically diving right into Gemma’s cleavage. Tom could already feel his cheeks heat up from embarrassment, as the camera gave everyone watching a very close-up view of Gemma Arterton’s sizable bosom.

“Oh God…” He whispered, covering his mouth with his hands as he noticed Suzy smirking at him. “I… I didn’t know…”

“I know, Mark explained it to me already. Now, if I hadn’t known this was accidental, you’d be straight on the chopping block.” Suzy spoke, her tone again shifting back to neutral. “But, all things considered, the response was… fairly interesting.”

“What do you mean?” Tom asked, still embarrassed, but now at least curious.

“Well, I was expecting a full-on catastrophe, fights and all but… people are mostly making fun of it. And I don’t blame them, same as I wouldn’t blame teenage boys for wanking themselves off looking at it.” She continued, now really grinning wide. “However, we had a request come in that concerns you.”

Tom didn’t respond, opting to just give his best “What is it, then?” face to her. She seemed to pick up on it as she then spoke again.

“Miss Arterton would like to give a full interview to you. In person, face to face, only you and her, no cameras or photoshoots.” She spoke, tilting her head to the side. “What do you say?”

To say the offer stunned him would be to understate things greatly. There he was, going from pure embarrassment to joy, hearing one of his celebrity crushes wanted to give him an interview. He felt a wave of excitement wash through him as he then cleared his throat.

“Of course. I’ll take her up on that offer.” He replied, not being able to mask his excitement. Suzy did seem to catch it as she smiled.

“Great. I’ll pass it down and we’ll find a date that suits you both.” She spoke, standing up from behind her desk as Tom followed her lead. “That will be all.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Stone.” Tom spoke. “Have a nice day.”

“Nice day to you too.” She replied as he left her office, unable to hide the wide, dumb grin decorating his face.

Tom took a deep breath as he walked up to the main door. After a few back and forths, the paper finally managed to arrange for the interview to take place. Gemma was the one to pick the place - her own home, which Tom found interesting. Usually, they’d pick some more “middle ground” sort-of location, but who would he be to complain. After arranging the term, he spent most of his days leading up preparing himself - both mentally and physically. He was quite fit already, but a fresh haircut, a full beard trim and some new cologne did make him feel far fresher than usual. He did actually catch himself once thinking that he was preparing for his meeting with Gemma as if it was a date and not a work assignment. And, considering he has been single for almost a full year now, it made some degree of sense.

Those thoughts did dissipate the moment he pressed the intercom button. He waited, taking a look at the very nice house Gemma’s flat was in. Hailing from Hackney, Tom didn’t visit Chelsea much, mostly coasting on his view of the borough as being filled with rich snobs. The sudden crackle of the intercom refocused his attention.

“Hello?” Even through the intercom, Gemma’s voice was clearly recognizable.

“It’s Thomas Jones of the Guardian, we were supposed to have an interview..” He replied, subconsciously running his hand through his hair.

“Oh, alright. Second floor.” She replied, the sound of the buzzer following. Tom moved inside, moving up the spotless staircase right up to the door. As he approached, he heard the lock click open as the door then swung open.

“Hello there, Tom. May I call you that?” Gemma spoke as Tom smiled. He noticed her more casual outfit - a simple white blouse and a pair of jeans, before focusing back on her face - her lips in a full smile, her brown eyes full of excitement.

“Of course. I… guess I can call you Gemma, then?” He replied as he stopped right at the door. “May I come in?”

“Yes and please.” She replied, letting the door swing open and turning around. The move helped Tom realize her jeans were much tighter than he first thought as she walked back into her spacious flat, hips swaying seductively with every step. He quickly closed the door, leaving his jacket and shoes at the coat hanger. As he moved into the tastefully decorated living room, he heard Gemma’s wonderful voice again.

“Something to drink?”

“Water will be just fine.” He replied, turning around to notice her leaning against the doorframe, a smirk on her lips as she bit her lip.

“Alright.” She replied, moving away from the frame. “Make yourself comfortable, I’ll be right back.”

He did as he was told. He sat down in the comfortable armchair, before laying the recorder on the coffee table. He swiped his phone, bringing up the questions and notes he prepared in advance. He scrolled through them, focusing on how to let the interview flow and what to ask first to set the mood and framework. He was so focused on preparations he didn’t hear Gemma’s feet padding against the floorboards as she went in.

“Your water, Tom, just as you wanted.”

The sound of her voice made him turn his head away from his phone to face her. The view almost made him gasp out loud - somehow, Gemma managed to get changed. And the dress she was now wearing was exactly the same as the one at the awards show;the tight fitting black number with a wide and deep neckline practically presenting her cleavage on a silver platter. He noticed how she also had the same hairdo as the last time, before even noting she had both a glass of water and a glass of red wine in her hands. She moved towards him, bending down as she set the glass of the table, giving him quite the view as she then moved to sit opposite him, taking a sip of the wine.

“Cat got your tongue, Tom? Didn’t mum tell you to say thank you?” Gemma spoke, her tone seemingly stern, but Tom could see by the satisfied smirk on her face she didn’t mean it.

“Well, thank you very much, Gemma.” He replied, taking a sip. “I was just surprised you got changed. I’m not that special..” he finished with a sarcastic chuckle.

“I see… I mean, you did seem to enjoy seeing me in it on the red carpet.” She replied, taking a sip of the wine herself, a smile never leaving her face.

“What can I say...you’re a beautiful woman.” He spoke, tone sincere. Gemma angled her head to the side, her brown eyes looking right at him.

“Thank you.” She replied, a quiet laugh suddenly leaving her lips. “Just so you know, I did see the video. Short but sweet...”

Tom could actually feel his cheeks heat up, He coughed, clearing his throat.

“I didn’t know where the camera was pointing, I didn’t mean to.. Point it where it pointed.” He replied, tone apologetic as Gemma kept watching him intently.

“Mhm.” She emoted, taking another sip of the wine as her smirk widened. “Although it did make for a… memorable video, I guess.”

“Depends on how you look at it.” Tom replied, a little smile now tugging at his lips as well.

“Especially since it was your first time doing this sort of thing, wasn’t it? Your face seemed… new to me, somehow.” She continued, her glass now almost empty.

“It was, actually. Had to fill in.” Tom supplied, taking a swig of his water. “It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Although I don’t think I could do it for the rest of my life.”

“And why would that be?” She asked, setting the glass on the table. “You seem sweet and easy-going enough.”

“Then I’m almost as good of an actor as you are.” Tom chuckled, words again travelling faster than his filter. “There’s a reason why you’re my favourite.” He stopped himself, feeling a blush creep up his cheeks again. Gemma didn’t seem to mind, her smirk widening.

“Oh, am I?” She spoke, practically purring, Tom suddenly feeling his cock pulse in his pants. He ignored it for now, focusing on answering her question.

“Yes. Ever since Quantum of Solace.” He replied, feeling his heartbeat get louder. “After that I just… uhm…”

“Had an awakening, of sorts?” She spoke, suddenly standing up. “I loved that role, if I’m honest. So much fun.” She spoke, as she sauntered towards him, hips swaying seductively.

“You could say so.” He replied, feeling his throat dry as he looked at her figure, feeling his cock harden even more.

“So tell me… Tom…” She spoke as she then sat sideways on the arm rest, still looking deep into his eyes with a radiant smile on her face. “Do I arouse you?”

“What?” He replied almost immediately, surprised, as a giggle left her lips in response.

“Do I make your cock hard when you think of me, Tom?” She continued, her voice a sultry and seductive whisper  as he felt her arm against his, the contact making his cock pulse. As he understood the situation he now was in, he turned his head to look her right in the eye.

“Yes.” He replied, before continuing, feeling his cock press against his underwear. “Rock hard.”

“Show me, then.” She spoke, her hand now drifting towards his crotch. The directness of her words stunned him for a second before he followed her command. His hands jittered a little as he pulled the zipper and undid the button of his trousers, pushing his hips up to pull them down alongside his underwear and socks and kick them off to the side. He could hear a faint gasp leave her lips as he bared his cock to her, rock hard, with a bead of precum decorating the tip.

“Mmm, did I do that to you? Very nice.” She replied as her hand then wrapped around the thick shaft. Tom moaned, feeling himself harden even more as she gave him a slow stroke. “This will do very nicely indeed.” She added, before she suddenly stood back up. Tom watched as she let the shoulder straps of the dress fall and then pulled at the material, the dress sliding down to reveal she was wearing absolutely nothing underneath. Tom gasped, grasping his manhood and giving it a quick stroke as he followed her movements, his gaze shifting from her breasts to her hips and crotch and then down her legs.

“Fuck, Gemma, you’re perfect.” He gasped out as she giggled, moving to straddle him on the armchair. She gasped as she sat down, Tom feeling her pussy right against his cock.

“You’re pretty handsome yourself, you know.” She spoke, before moving her head down, kissing him. The feeling of her soft lips on his was divine as Tom reciprocated, maybe a little rusty but passionate and eager. Their lips and tongues moved as they kissed, both of them moaning into each others’ mouths as Tom felt Gemma’s hands grab at his shirt. He wasn’t idle either, his hands fist settling on her hips before sliding upwards, cupping her full, soft breasts as she gasped into his mouth, breaking the kiss.
“Oh, I thought so.” She moaned as Tom’s fingers brushed against her nipples. “I bet you dreamed of touching my tits all the time.”

“Yeah.” He replied, giving them a little squeeze, the size of them making them overflow his hands. “Fuck… so big…”

Gemma giggled in response as he then moved up, pressing a suckling kiss to the soft skin. Gemma fist gasped, and then moaned as his lips moved to her rosy nipples, Tom feeling them harden as his fingers sank into the soft flesh of her massive tits. He then gave the nipple a hard suckle, the feeling of Gemma’s tits in his hands and her hips grinding against his making him harder than ever before.

“Mmmm, Tom, that’s it… suck on those big tits… fuck yes… get that mouth to work you horny bastard…” She kept on moaning as he continued his ministrations, sliding his tongue against her now hard nipple, giving it little kitten-like licks as her hands pinned him in place. He quickly moved to the other breast, flattening his tongue against the skin as he let his fingers glide against the hard buds.

“Gemma…” he moaned against her skin, his cock painfully hard. “... bedroom?”

“Too far.” She gasped out, rolling her hips as their eyes met. “Sofa.”

“OK.” He replied, sliding himself upwards as Gemma dismounted him. He quickly divested himself of the rest of the clothes as he stood up, his hard cock swinging from side to side. Gemma laid herself on the sette, a smile never leaving her lips as she spread her legs, giving him a perfect view of her shaved pussy. Her fingers slid right to her belly, a gasp leaving her lips as she slid them against her clit.

“Gemma...” He gasped as he moved on top of her, kissing her again. It was slower this time, their bodies sliding against each other as they kissed, the skin-on-skin contact making him mad with lust. He broke the kiss, a full, hearty giggle leaving Gemma’s lips as he slid lower, cupping her breasts again as he sucked on her nipples for a short moment. He then slid lower, leaving a trail of messy kisses against her toned belly before finding himself between her legs, his cock sliding against the sofa as he noticed her wet pussy. He slid his hands under her ass, cupping it as he then closed the distance, his lips wrapping around her clit as he gave it a lick.

“Ohhh yess…. that’s it, Tom.” Gemma moaned as he slid his tongue lower, tasting her sweet, tangy nectar on his lips. The sound of her reaction only made him more determined as he moved back to her clit, alternating between sucking on the swollen nub and licking it with vigor. He let his tongue slide lower, teasing her soaked cunt and tasting even more of her sweet juice on his lips. He let himself move up again, his tongue parting her wet lips as he kissed her clit again, his licks slow and soothing. He felt Gemma’s hand against his scalp, her thighs right against the sides of his head as his whole world narrowed down only to her.

“That’s it you dirty boy… eat my fucking cunt… that’s it… yesss, fuck yes!” She moaned out, her hips thrusting into his face as her grip on his hair tightened. The sound of Gemma’s beautiful voice saying such dirty things to him made him redouble his efforts - he quickly pulled his right hand from under her, teasing her wet entrance with his finger while gingerly licking her clit. Then, as she gasped at the feeling, he quickly shoved two fingers inside her tight hole, sucking hard on her swollen nub as she moaned.

“Yeess, that’s it, fuck me… don’t you dare stop Tom… oh fuuckk….”

The tightness of her cunt surprised him a little - he was sure he wasn’t going to last long with his cock shoved in there. His efforts picked up in intensity, curling his fingers inside her as he moaned against her clit, the taste and feeling of her juices overwhelming every other sensation. He quickly added a third finger, thrusting his hand in and out of her soaked, tight channel as he started to feel her walls pulse. His other hand wrapped around her thigh, spreading her even  wider as he looked up at her, her breasts heaving with every gasp, her eyes filled with hunger and lust.

“Tom… oh fuck… yes… Tom…”

“Come on Gemma…” he spoke, pressing a kiss to her belly as he stopped thrusting, letting his thumb rub against her clit. He scrambled, somehow moving up to face her, letting his hand do the work as he looked into her eyes. “... so fucking beautiful…” he added before kissing her again, desperate, his mind clouded with lust. He then thrust his fingers in and out again, curling them as he flicked her clit. Gemma broke the kiss as he suddenly felt her inner muscles tighten.

“Oh, Tom!” She yelled out, throwing her head back as her body started to shake. He froze for a second, feeling her inner muscles pulse around his fingers as her mouth hung open is a silent scream. He rubbed her clit lightly, his lips hot on her neck as quiet gasps then fell from her mouth, her body shivering from intense pleasure he brought her. He watched, mesmerised at how beautiful and divine she looked, her face contorted in pleasure as her eyes rolled back. Slowly, he felt her pulsing weaken and fade away, a long gasp leaving her mouth as she sank into the settee, a tired giggle leaving her lips.

“Holy shit…” Tom spoke, slowly pulling his fingers out of her. He felt as she grabbed his hand, pulling it up to her mouth as she then licked them clean, making him moan at the sight. She then released them, a wide grin decorating her plump lips.

“That was lovely, Tom.” She spoke, voice soft as Tom moved over her, his cock poking at her belly. They met in the middle, lips meeting in a slow, sensual kiss, her legs rubbing against his hips and the backs of his legs, her nails scratching lightly against his back. Then, Tom moaned into the kiss, feeling her hand slide between them and wrap around his cock. He broke the kiss, staring right into her beautiful eyes, noting how black they now had become. Without saying a word he pulled back a bit, allowing Gemma to line him up, gasping as she dragged the head against her clit and then right to her entrance, feeling his head get slick with her juices. As she finally lined it up he pushed in, moaning as he felt her tight cunt squeeze his swollen cockhead.

“Ohhhh, fuck, Gemma…” He moaned pushing his hips forward slowly, his cock sliding in inch by inch, stretching her. It felt divine, her soft muscles pulsing around his throbbing cock, her legs spread in a silent invitation, as wide as she could manage.

“Tom… oh my God, yes… so big and thick…” She whispered into his ear, her voice trembling as he slid as deep as he could, a groan leaving his lips. “Fuck me, Tom… please, darling…I need you..”

He groaned, the desperate tone of her voice making him even more aroused than he thought possible. He pulled back, slowly, before sinking back into her, watching as her breasts jiggled with the movement. He kept things slow and steady, letting his cock plunge deep into her wet cunt before pulling back, savoring the feeling. Gemma wasn’t quiet, a gasp or a loud moan accompanying every roll of his hips, her own hips pushing against his, trying to pull as much of his cock inside her as possible.

“More… give me more of that cock….” She moaned into his ear, her hand sliding to his ass, giving his cheek a slap. “Fuck me harder....faster… more!”

He obeyed, speeding up. Soon, his rolls turned into pumps, the sound of their bodies colliding growing louder with every movement. He grunted, Gemma’s moans picking up in intensity as he started to fuck her properly, his thrusts becoming more powerful with every passing moment. He watched as her tits jiggled in earnest, hard nipples poking upwards, begging to be sucked. He couldn’t reach them with his mouth, but he quickly gave one of her tits a rough grab, squeezing the hard bud between his fingers. Gemma moaned in response, her cries of pleasure growing even louder.

“Fuck yes… oh fuck me… Tom…. oh my God, your cock feels so good inside of me….please don’t stop, oh yeeees!” She kept babbling between moans and gasps, his pace now frenetic as his hard cock pistoned in and out of her cunt. His own vocabulary practically disappeared, reduced to gasps of her name and primal grunts as he pounded into her. He let go of her breast as he kissed her, raw and passionate as he slowed down just a little, feeling his orgasm slowly rumbling in his body, intensifying with every moan leaving his lover’s lips.

“Gemma… fuck, Gemma, you feel so good…” He gasped, breaking the kiss as he kept fucking her, feeling her muscles pulsing around his manhood, just as they did with his fingers before. He felt and then saw her hand fly to her clit, fingers starting to rub it.

“Don’t stop… keep fucking me… yes… Tom, Tom, TOOOM!” She yelled out, her legs trapping him in place, cock lodged deep inside her as she came. He groaned, the feeling of her muscles pulsing around his cock almost making him cum as well. He moved down, fusing their lips in another heated kiss, swallowing her moans of pleasure as he closed his eyes, the feeling of an incoming eruption fading out - but still palpable. They stayed like that for a while, bodies rubbing against one another as he felt her thighs quiver, her nipples rubbing against his chest as her nails scratched against his back. He felt her body slacken, the pulsing fading away as he slowly pulled out, his cock covered in her juices. He broke the kiss, slotting himself against the back of the sofa, spooning Gemma from behind.

“Hello there.” She whispered softly as she looked behind her shoulder, Tom’s hand moving to grasp her cheek and pull her into another kiss, slow and sensual this time. He gasped into her mouth, feeling his cock poke at her arse as he pulled her flush onto him with his other hand.

“Oh Gemma…” He gasped, breaking the kiss as she hiked her leg up over his hip, spreading herself wide for him again.

“Mmmm, Tom, please…” She spoke softly as he grasped his cock and then pushed back into her wet heat, both of them moaning at the feeling of connecting again. He left one hand wrapped around her waist as he cupped her breast with the other, his lips hot on her neck as he slowly pumped into her, any urgency from just seconds before seemingly gone.

“Oh Tom… yes my love, just like that… oh I love your cock… so good…” She moaned softly, her voice like the most beautiful song to his ears as he moved, keeping the slow tempo on.

“Gemma…” He moaned, his cock starting to ache and pulse. He wanted to go on, to keep making love to her but he could feel his body betraying him, his stamina after a few months of a dry spell certainly not quite there yet  - although the fact his partner was his number one celebrity crush didn’t help matters either. “... I’m gonna… I’m gonna cum, oh God…” he finished with a whiny moan, letting his teeth slide against the skin of her neck.

“Oh yes, Tom… cum inside me, love… fill my cunt up with your warm spunk… I know you want to…” She replied, looking back at him, a sharp gasp leaving her lips as he suddenly sped up, giving up the fight.

“Fuck… Gemma…”

“Yes… give it to me… cum for me… I want to feel you cum deep inside me… please Tom, my darling, please.”

“Gemma… oh God… Gemma, Gemma, GEMMA!” He yelled, a moan leaving his lips as it finally hit him. His cock started to pulse as he threw his head back, burying himself as deep as he could manage. Each pulse and spurt of cum felt more powerful than the last one, Gemma moaning quietly as Tom’s seed filled her.

“Oh yes… oh my God… oh Tom… so warm...oh, I love it...”

He kept on groaning, his hips now pumping erratically, out of rhythm, guided only by pleasure. His load kept on spilling, Gemma’s cunt filled to the brim with his warm cum as he finally sagged back, spent and finished. He breathed hard, heart thudding against his ribs as he buried his face in the crook of Gemma’s neck.

“Holy shit…” He whispered, still in the haze of his peak as he felt Gemma shift, his softening cock falling out. She turned to face him, pulling him into a slow, sweet kiss before resting her forehead against his.

“I can’t remember the last time I had a good shag like that.” She spoke, her voice quiet but happy. Tom smiled in return, letting his hand lightly caress her cheek.

“Always happy to help.” He replied, causing her to snort.

“So romantic.” She spoke, a hearty laugh leaving her lips as he chuckled in response.

“What can I say, I do have a reputation as a heartthrob.” He spoke, smiling wide as Gemma kept laughing. He moved forward, capturing her lips in another kiss as she laughed into his mouth, their hands caressing their bodies as they kissed.

“So… about that interview..” He spoke, breaking the kiss, Gemma’s lips still pulled into a wide smile.

“Well… I guess since I’ve used it as a ruse to lure you in here… of course.” She spoke, Tom chuckling in response. “However, I think I do need a shower, first.” She added, squeezing her legs together. “You’ve made quite the mess down there.”

“Just following orders.” He replied as she moved to stand, Tom noticing the trickles of cum leaking down her inner thighs, the sight causing him to groan quietly.

“Just so you know, the shower is big enough for two…” She spoke, giving him a wink from behind her shoulder as she started moving, Tom entranced by the way her hips and ass swayed and jiggled with every step. He sat up, letting his back sink into the soft backrest, throwing his head back and closing his eyes. He stayed like that for a moment, enjoying the silence and calm, letting himself decompress a little. Then, he stood up, following the faint sound of the water running in the shower. Soon, he stood in the spacious bathroom, watching as Gemma showered,standing with her back to him. He took a few steps and swung the cabin door open. Gemma must have noticed since she chuckled as water cascaded down her divine figure.

“Well hello there, mister. Nice of you to join me.” She spoke as Tom closed the distance, wrapping his arms around her belly as he placed a kiss to her shoulder.

“How could I not when you give me an offer like that.” He replied, letting his hands slide up to cup her breasts, a soft moan leaving her lips as he pressed his hips right up against her arse.

“Don’t start something you’re not capable of finishing, Mister Thomas Jones.” She spoke, a gasp leaving her lips as she pushed her ass back up against him, Tom groaning as he could feel his cock harden again.

“That won’t be an issue, Miss Gemma Arterton.” He replied, giving her neck a lick as he rolled her nipples in his fingers, feeling them harden again. Gemma’s hand shot forward, quickly shutting off the spray as she then turned around, pulling Tom into another kiss. He groaned into her mouth, her hands grasping his cheeks as he held her by the hips. Then, she broke the kiss, sliding down to her knees as she grasped his half-hard cock.

“Gemma…” He groaned, feeling her hand squeeze and jerk his shaft, agonizingly slowly as he felt himself harden.

“I see you’re not quite ready yet. Let me give you a hand.” She spoke, chuckling as he watched on. Then, she moved her head closer, her tongue suddenly wrapping round the tip of his cock, giving it a slow, gentle lick. Tom groaned, hand shooting to thread through Gemma’s hair as she then closed her lips around his cockhead.

“Oh fuck, Gemma…” He gasped out, feeling Gemma moan around his shaft. She continued her journey, slowly sliding down the length of his erect manhood, tongue swirling around the shaft as he then felt her fingers lightly cupping and teasing his balls. He moaned, throwing his head back as she started to work him over, sliding her lips up and down the cock as her hand jerked what she left uncovered. He kept the grip on her hair light, slowly pumping his cock into her eager mouth as her tongue teased the bulging vein at the underside. He could feel her suckle on his cockhead, undoubtedly swallowing all the precum already leaking from the engorged tip. She moved up a bit, letting more and more of his shaft into her mouth, Tom suddenly feeling her nose bump into his belly. He looked down, the view making his cock throb even harder. Here she was, his celebrity crush, with his hard cock fully inside her mouth. He moaned again, feeling Gemma suck hard as she then pulled back fully, leaving his saliva-covered cock bobbing in the air. She quickly grasped him again, taking him back into her mouth, her head bobbing up and down as her lips and tongue started to work him over again.

“That’s it Gemma... fucking suck it you… oh God, so good...” He moaned, noticing her hand flying down to her clit, rubbing at it gently as she kept on blowing him. He could feel her moan against his shaft again as she then pulled him out of her mouth again, moving down to lick at his balls while she kept stroking him.

“That’s much better.” She spoke, as she then sat back on her knees before standing back up, pulling him into another kiss. Their lips clashed again as Tom moaned into her mouth, feeling her hand stroking his hard shaft again.

“Fuck, Gemma… so fucking gorgeous…” He spoke, breaking the kiss as he looked deep into her eyes. He moved forward, both of them careful not to slip as Gemma’s back hit the wall. She quickly threw her leg over his hip, bringing his cock right up against her pussy.

“Get that cock in me, Tom.” She gasped out. She didn’t need to repeat herself as Tom quickly grasped his shaft and pushed in, filling her with one quick stroke. Restless, he started to pump his hips quick, the bathroom immediately filling with the noise of their bodies colliding against one another, Tom groaning as he felt her pussy squeeze around his cock again.

“Fuck, Tom, oh yes, God it feels so good.” She moaned, Tom’s hand wrapping around her thigh as she grabbed him hard by the shoulders. He looked down, watching hypnotized as he pounded into her, seeing his hard cock slam in and out of her tight, wet cunt. In the corner of his eye he could see her tits jiggle wildly, her moans filling his ears, making his cock throb inside her.

“Ah yes… Gemma…” He gasped as he then moved in to kiss her, groaning into her mouth as he closed the distance, slowing down the breathtaking speed and power of his thrusts. He then pulled out of her cunt, making her whimper into the kiss as he then swung her around, his cock now lodged between her arsecheeks. Gemma gasped at the feeling, her back arching as Tom moved a little, letting his cock rest between her thighs. He kept one hand splayd on her belly and the other cupping her breast as he whispered into her ear.

“You learned French for Gemma Bovery…”

“Yes. You’ve done your homework.” She replied, a little chuckle leaving her lips.

“Think you can use it a bit now?” He spoke, a smirk decorating his lips, grasping his cock and dragging it against her folds, making her gasp as she then looked into his eyes over her shoulder.

“Peut-être” She replied, smirking as he then pushed in, another loud moan leaving her beautiful lips. He hept one hand cupping her breast as he started to move again, mesmerized by the way her ass rippled and clapped loudly with every pump of his hips.

“Oh, oui, oui Thomas...baise moi… baise moi s'il vous plaît… oh oui mon amour...OUI!” She moaned out, the sound of her voice making him thrust even harder, especially since she now switched to French, making the whole affair even hotter. It honestly felt like heaven, the view and sound of their lovemaking a true dream come true as Tom kept thrusting, moaning loudly himself.

“Gemma… Jesus, so fucking good….fucking hell...”

“Thomas… oui… ne t'arrête pas… baise moi… oh oui….” She moaned even louder, over the sound of Tom’s hips slapping against her ass, the sound positively filthy. Tom let go of her tit, wrapping his arm around her ribs and pulling her to him so that her back hit her chest.

“Gemma…darling, so gorgeous and talented… fuck…” He spoke as he suddenly stopped thrusting hard, letting his hips pump into her slowly as he started to rub at her clit, moving the other hand back to cup her big tit. Words seemed to fail heras she kept on moaning, Tom’s lips hot on her neck.

“Come on darling… you can do it…Gemma...” He whispered into her ear as he gave her a more powerful thrust, still rubbing quick at her clit. This seemed to break her - her moan turned into a yell as he felt her cum, her juices spraying all over his fingers and cock as he held her in his arms. He kept himself still, breathing in the scent of soap on her skin as she shivered, moaning in sync with the pulses of her cunt. As he felt her slacken and the pulsing fade away, he resumed his thrusts, moving slowly and gently, each thrust causing a gasp to fall from her lips.

“Thomas….s'il vous plaît… oh mon amour…” Her whisper trembled as he kept on moving, surprised she was still keeping to his request. The sound of her wet cunt squelching and his balls slapping against her skin filled the shower stall again, their gasps and moans now quiet and reserved. He stopped thrusting, pulling out slowly as he watched her legs wobble. Then, she slid down to sit on the floor, breathing hard.

“Gemma, everything alright?” He asked, a little bit scared he had injured her somehow.

“I’m fine… come here…” She spoke, Tom joining her on the floor. As soon as he sat down she moved in, straddling his hips as he sat up against the shower wall. Before he could react, she grasped his cock in her hand and impaled herself on it, a satisfied moment leaving her lips. Tom moaned too as she then lurched forward, capturing his lips in a heated kiss. Their hands roamed over their bodies as Gemma then leaned back, starting to roll her hips as Tom moaned.

“My turn.” Gemma spoke, smiling as she then started to move in the earnest. Tom could only watch as she first rose up and then thrust down, her hands wrapped around his head as she pushed his face right into her cleavage. Tom moaned, resting his hands on her ass as she picked up the pace, slamming herself down onto his cock with vigor and ferocity, taking him all in.

“Mmmm…. Thomas… J'aime ta bite… Oh oui…mon Dieu...” She moaned right into his ear, making his hips buck up, but with his legs stretched it wasn’t much of a movement. He busied himself with her breasts, finally able to lick and suck on her nipples as she rode him hard, the new angle and view making his cock throb and pulse. He could already feel his second orgasm approaching, although he was pretty sure he could make Gemma cum again before it happened. His hands moved to rest her hips as he helped her bounce a little, his gaze still focused on the way her tits jiggled with every jump of her hips. The back of his head hit the wall as he let her lead, perfectly content to just watch this gorgeous woman take him. The sound of her moans and her speaking French was just the icing on the cake.

“Oui… Thomas… oui, oui, j'aime cela… oh...”

“Gemma… Gemma… fuck…” He moaned as she picked up the pace even more, Tom feeling her pussy start to squeeze his cock tighter in an already familiar way. He grabbed her hips. Pinning her in place for a second before he took over, slamming her up and down his cock as she thrust her hips forward.

“I have you… come on Gemma…” He gasped out, looking right into her eyes, her mouth wide open as moans fell out of it.

“Oui, Oui, Thomas, mon Dieu… Thomas, oh Ouiiiii!” She yelled out as Tom slammed her down pushing her body flush to him as another orgasm flooded her body with pleasure. He found her lips, kissing her deeply as he felt her warmth right next to him, letting his hands rub at her back. He could feel her gasp into her mouth and her legs squeeze tight against his. She broke the kiss and collapsed fully against him, a big sigh leaving her lips as he then pulled her hips up, making his cock fall out.

“Holy shit.” She spoke, breathless. “My God, Thomas… you’re... something else.”

He smiled in return before he moved to stand up in front of her, extending his hand.

“Up you go.” He spoke, smiling as he helped her stand on wobbly legs again. Then, he pushed her back against the wall, facing her. He grabbed her thigh, helping her hook the leg around his hip as he then pushed in again, already feeling his orgasm approach. He started to move - slowly, focusing more on the feeling and emotions rather than speed.

“Gemma…” He moaned out, voice broken as he neared his peak. “Oh, I’m gonna…”

She didn’t respond with words, only nodding while looking deep into his eyes and pulling him even closer, her breasts squishing against his chest. He managed to shove into her with a few, quick thrusts when it hit him, almost as powerful as the first time around. He groaned, Gemma gasping in return as he came, warm sperm spilling inside her again, soft moans falling from her lips with every spurt of seed. As the orgasm finally drained him she pulled him into another slow and sensual kiss, lips and tongues sliding against one another in a lovely dance of sorts. Soon, they both broke the kiss, gasping for air, with Gemma giggling.

“You truly are something else, Thomas Jones.”

“Could say the same about you, Gemma Arterton.” He replied, smiling as he felt his cock shrink back, pulling out of her cunt slowly. He gasped, seeing some of his cum leak out and fall to the floor. “Wow…”

“Wow indeed.” She spoke, turning on the shower again. “Now, let’s shower, get a bite to eat and get that interview done. You’re not leaving empty-handed, that’s for sure.”

“Depends on what you consider empty-handed.” He replied, Gemma giggling in response.

“Well, my guess is your boss wouldn’t be satisfied with the answer of ‘Sorry, I don’t have the interview because I shagged the interviewee.’” She replied, a satisfied smirk on her lips as Tom rubbed the shower gel into his skin.

“I guess you’re right.” He replied, groaning as he let the water cascade over his body. “Let’s think of it as a nice bonus.”

“For sure.” She replied, miming the gesture of zipping up her lips and throwing away the key. He nodded in response. “I’ll go order something to eat and then we can talk. Curry?”

“Why not. Madras for me.” He spoke, now washing his hair as Gemma walked out of the shower.

“Got it. I’ll leave your things in the kitchen.” She spoke as he heard her feet padding away.

He shut off the water, a chuckle leaving his lips. He exited the spacious shower, quickly finding a passable towel. As he dried himself, he thought about how he got to the position he was in now - having just had sex with his celebrity crush twice and now being privileged enough to interview her. He knew one thing - nothing in the future would ever top what he just did.

And maybe it shouldn’t.
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Re: The Interview starring Gemma Arterton
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2020, 06:16:50 PM »
Definitely worthy of a sequel with Gemma and/or a series with various celebs (or both even)
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Re: The Interview starring Gemma Arterton
« Reply #2 on: April 27, 2020, 07:55:16 PM »
Wow, fantastic story. You always deliver with high quality.

Your dialogue is usually my favorite part of your stories. You have a great talent at creating realistic conversations and when things get heated, the flirting feels real. Especially loved it when she called Tom a dirty boy.

Using that photo shoot from the red carpet was a great idea and it turned into a wonderful story!
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Re: The Interview starring Gemma Arterton
« Reply #3 on: April 28, 2020, 04:37:32 PM »
Definitely worthy of a sequel with Gemma and/or a series with various celebs (or both even)

We'll have to see - I envisioned this story as afull standalone affair, but I'm not putting anything out of the question.

Wow, fantastic story. You always deliver with high quality.

Your dialogue is usually my favorite part of your stories. You have a great talent at creating realistic conversations and when things get heated, the flirting feels real. Especially loved it when she called Tom a dirty boy.

Using that photo shoot from the red carpet was a great idea and it turned into a wonderful story!

Thank you!

Yes, dialogue is something I really like to try and make as polished as possible, since I feel bad/unrefined dialogue can ruin even the best descriptively written sex scene. The idea to have Gemma as this flirtacious, seductive vixen was the main idea behind the whole project, so I'm glad it worked.

And yes - the film from that red carpet event was far too good of a premise to ignore.
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Re: The Interview starring Gemma Arterton
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Great.  Job.  Amazing.  If only all professional slip-ups could lead to such fun.  Nice touch with the French.  The seduction when she invited him over was also handled excellently, I really enjoyed that.

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Re: The Interview starring Gemma Arterton
« Reply #5 on: July 09, 2020, 06:48:07 AM »
It's truly been a while since I read one of your stories and Gemma is one of those ladies who often is overlooked, not even appearing on most people's radars.

So much to like about this story, not sure to start.

The dialogue made it all feel real. Good back and forth engagement and talking. The chemistry is definitely spot on with Gemma and Tom. The French language bit was a surprise and definitely fit.

I love the romantic angle, don't see that often in celebrity erotica so when it is used, I always take my time to read.

The ending was well done too, after all that heated passion they go about with their day. It's not a simple wham, bam, thank you ma'am.

Great story, this one goes down as a favorite for 2020.
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Re: The Interview starring Gemma Arterton
« Reply #6 on: July 14, 2020, 11:17:12 PM »
Great work. Always nice to see Gemma get some attention, especially with such quality.


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