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Katherine's Games (Katherine Heigl)
« on: August 24, 2020, 12:32:28 PM »
Just found this story on an old HD I started years ago (as you can see from the cast!).  I only wrote the Katherine chapter, and prob will never do the others, so will post it here as a stand alone KH story

Katherine's Games

Starring: Katherine Heigl

Codes: MF, Titfuck, cum

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission.

   The girls sat around the table in the kitchen, chatting as Donna called the meeting to order.

   “Well hello Ladies, you all should know why we are here but let me just refresh your memories”. Donna said “You are all famous ladies, and well known for certain assets,” she smiled as she said this “ Also you have all expressed a desire to shall we say dally with your sexual fantasies.  So here we are the first of my little get togethers, why don’t you introduce yourselves, so we have no strangers”

   “I am Katherine Heigl, an American actress I am 21 and my stats are 36-24-36” said a young busty blonde.

   “I am Danni Minogue an Australian, I am 29 and my stats are 36d-24-36” said a full figured brunette.

   The rest of the group continued Kelly Brook, Jordan, Jenny Mccarthy, Christina Aguillera, Charisma Carpenter, Brittany Spears, Nell Mcandrew and of course Donna air.

“I have a little competition in mind for this first gathering and as we all share a similar set of assets I though we should have a little competition.  I have arranged for 10 men to join each of us, and you can do anything you want to try and influence their decision, but basically after they have seen us all they will decide who has the best set of tits!” Donna proclaimed.

“Once we have a winner I have the perfect present to finish off their weekend, so try all of the tricks you have got Girls, cos I this is going to be a tough competition.” Donna said. “Now who is going first, I know why don’t we go in age order, Katherine your they youngest you can have first crack”

“Mmm fresh meat just what I like!” Katherine replied, eagerly.

“Pick a room for me to send the guys to” Donna said

“The Bedroom, I like to persuade my friends the old fashioned way” Katherine said.

“Ok go get ready, the guys will arrive in about 10 minutes” Donna purred, as Katherine got up and left.

Katherine changed into a tan Bikini and sheer white dress, and lay on the bed waiting for the men to arrive.  After a few minutes, the door opened and the first man entered, he was naked and by the looks of his half erect cock, getting ready fast.

“We thought we would come in one at a time that way we could each get a fair view” He said.

“Fine now why don’t you come over here and put me to the test,” Katherine replied, winking at the guy “What’s your name?” she asked, as the guy came over and stood by the bed.
“Pete” he replied.

“Well Pete, don’t just stand there hurry up and test me” Katherine said invitingly, rolling onto her back.

Pete knelt on the bed and reached up to squeeze Katherine breast, rolling his thumb over her nipple through the fabric of her dress and bikini.

“Mmm, that feels good, now why don’t you see them in the flesh” Katherine panted. Unbuttoning the top of her dress and freeing her cleavage.

Pete curled his hands over her breasts and liberated them from her bikini. and dropped his mouth to her nipple, eagerly sucking it.  Katherine gripped his hair and pulled him to her breast.

Do I taste good Pete, are my nipple hard enough for you” Katherine panted.

Pete rolled over on top of Katherine, “I’m gonna fuck you now” he said, nudging his cock against her stomach.

“No honey this is about my tits, and the only way for you to test them properly is for you to Stick your hard cock between them and fuck them till you come.” Katherine gasped as Pete gently nibbled her nipples.

“Ohh you slut, I am soo going to enjoy this” Pete groaned working his way up her body nudging his head against the base of her tits.

“That’s right I’m gonna tit fuck each of the guys that come through that door, I just love to use my tits to make guys come” She gasped, pushing her breasts together.

Pete eased his cock into the depths of Katherine’s cleavage, pushing through until his purple head popped out the top. Slowly he pushed back and forth, his hands gripping Katherine breasts and pushing them together.

“Oh yes Pete do it, do it, fuck my tits baby, fuck my tits” Katherine snarled, as Pete worked up a pace.

Her soft breasts encased his shaft as Pete banged away into Katherine’s cleavage.  Faster and faster he moved, until eventually, his eyes rolled and as his cock emerged from Katherine’s soft tits, his head swelled and exploded.  A jet of white semen splashed up under Katherine chin, roping over her right cheek.  Pete’s cock disappeared again into her tits, and then emerged spraying and coating her right eyebrow and forehead.

“Ohh shit honey yes, spray your cum over me” Katherine squealed as Pete came.

Again and again he came, filling the hollow of her neck with his cum, leaving slimy trails down from her cleavage to the bottom of her neck.  Eventually he finished, releasing her breasts from his hands he rolled off of her, to stand on shaky legs.

“I’ll send the next one in” Pete said staggering out.

About a minute after Pete left another guy entered, naked again but this time he had long blonde hair, and a really stiff cock.

“I’m Sam” he said “and Pete has told us about your little plan and we all love it!”

Katherine sat up on the bed, cum dribbling down her face dripping from her chin onto her right breast.  “Well you look ready,” she said standing “I think I’ll come to you this time”

She walked over to Sam and  pushed him back against the door, he cupped her breasts and squeezed the left nipple, sending ripples of pleasure through Katherine.

“Mmm real, that’s what I like” he said.

“Of course” She replied, kneeling in front of him.

Taking his cock in her hand and rubbing it over her breasts she  made sure that he was really hard. Pushing him between her tits she grasped one breast in each hand and encased him in her titty flesh.  Sam gasped as her warm boobs gripped his dick and began stroking up and down.

Katherine began to expertly wank his dick, keeping the head buried in the depths of her cleavage, for 4 or 5 strokes then furiously releasing it from between her tits.  Katherine dribbled a little spit down to lubricate the action, causing Sam’s dick to twitch as it splashed on his head.

“Dirty Bitch” he gasped, gripping her hair causing Katherine to look up at him, “I’m gonna cum” he groaned.  Sam bucked his hips as Katherine thrust her full cleavage down over his shaft.

Cum erupted from Sam’s cock, fountaining up and painting the underside of Katherine’s chin.  Thick streams gathered in her hair as Katherine held him high in her cleavage, her nipples pressed hard into his crotch. Sam’s eruptions ceased, and Katherine took him back into her breasts wiping him clean.

“Ohh baby that was good” Sam gasped, opening the door “I’ll send the next in”

Almost immediately 2 men entered, twins’ dark hair, muscular hard 8-inch dicks.

“I’m Joe” Said the first “And I’m Moe” Said the second, “and we do everything together”

 “Oh guys I’ve been waiting for this, I’ve never had 2 at once before” Katherine said. “Well what are you waiting for come and inspect me”.  Katherine Walked over and sat on the bed, thick lines of cum slowly running down her neck glistening on the top of her breasts.

“we want to know how you are gonna tit fuck us both at the same time?” Joe said. “yeah that would be impressive” Moe added.

“Oh I'm sure I can manage” Katherine said taking each of their dicks in hand, she wiped the head of each cock over her breast, pausing working her nipple into the end.

“Dirty bitch” Joe said. “We like dirty bitches”

Katherine lay on the bed , propping about 2 pillows under her back.  She directed the twins to stand either side of her.. Lifting her right breast she took Joes cock and placed it horizontally across her body under the base of her breast.  Lowering the tit, Joe held it in place over his cock..  Katherine then repeated this with her left breast and Moe.

“There you go guys one tit each now feel free to fuck me till you come” Katherine said.

The twins began stroking their dicks back and forth Below Katherine’s tits.  Identical fast shallow strokes,  then slow long ones, then fast and so on. Katherine began shuddering, hips bucking as ripples of orgasm flashed through her body.

“Shit man we’re only fucking her tits and the bitch is cumming, what a horny little slut” Joe said laughing.

Katherine’s eyes were rolling back in her head, as she shook in orgasm, oblivious to the fact that the twins were about to empty their balls.  Both knew this too, and almost telepathically they whipped their cocks out from under her tits, and wanked the spitting heads over Katherine’s face. 

Katherine felt them pull out and looked up, opening her eyes just in time to see 2 thick ropes of semen flying at her face.  Both shots took her square in the eye,  pooling it the sockets.  Katherine screwed her eyes shut as the twins splattered her face, thick gushes roping over her nose clinging to her hair, thoroughly drenching her.

“Shit this stuff stings” Katherine gasped, as she struggled to open her eyes, cum glueing her eyelids shut.

“nice one bitch” Moe said “Yeah We’ll send in the next” Joe added, leaving Katherine panting on the bed trying to wipe her cum covered eyes so she could see who was next.

   Sitting up Katherine peered through her bleary eyes trying to get a good look at the next man to walk through the door.

   “I’m Frank,” he said “ and it looks like the twins did a real number on you”

   Katherine’s eyes widened as she saw the size of his dick, it must have been a good 10 inches at least, “oh baby why don’t you come and put that weapon to good use” she purred, laying across the bed.

   Katherine hung her head over the side of the bed as Frank walked towards her, looking up his stiff cock looked huge, and she reached up taking it in both hands.  Frank leant forwards and grasped her breasts in both hands squeezing them together, caressing her nipples with his thumbs.

   “Ohh fuck my tits you big dicked bastard,” she gasped easing his shaft down between her tits so that he straddled her neck as he fucked her tits.

   Katherine leant backwards driving her chest up to meet each of Franks thrusts, her hair falling down to the floor, cum oozing down the strands, trickling down her neck.  Franks balls were brushing across her neck as he pumped vigorously into her cleavage, balls banging her chin on the occasional full stroke.

   Katherine grasped his buttocks and pushed him harder and harder into her sweating bosom.  Frank groaned obviously about to come, and on instinct Katherine drilled her tongue between his ass cheeks, flicking his butt hole.  This sent him well over the edge and a flood of semen erupted from his shaft, flooding the depths of her cleavage, pulling back, spray after spray of sticky cum filled her tits completely.  The thick white pool of cum drained slowly down out of her cleavage, oozing down her body over her soft smooth abdomen. Frank slapped his softening dick over Katherine’s nipples, wiping the remnants of his ejaculation over her breasts.

   “God that was dirty you cow” Frank said easing back from Katherine,” You get bonus points for that”.  He walked towards the door, “Half way there now Katherine, I think your doing really well” he added leaving.

    The 6th guy came in as Katherine was sitting up on the bed, looking at her he said ”Shit bitch they really have plastered you aint they”. 

   “ Well I hope you’re gonna add to it” Katherine replied standing, “Why don’t you sit on the chair and I’ll do my thing”

   Katherine stood up and walked towards him, her tits glistened with cum, thick globules dripping off the bottom of each breast, lumpy strands running down her neck.  She knelt in front of him and took his hard 7 inch dick and pushed it between her tits, squeezing them together she took him down into the depths of her cleavage.

   “I’m Dan by the way” he gasped as Katherine pumped his dick between her tits.

   “Well Dan, do you like fucking my tits, does it feel good when I wank your dick with my soft Spunky tits” Katherine teased. 

   Dan was pushing his hips up driving his shaft hard between Katherine’s tits, as she continued her relentless work on his cock.  She felt him buck and come, and twisted her tits around his head, cum spraying out over her boobs.  Semen fountained out of his cock cascading over her breasts, streaming down her soft skin dripping off of her nipples.

   “My, my you have been saving up haven’t you” Katherine said, as Dan finally stopped shooting.  Her tits were bathed in thick white jism, Dan's shrinking head sandwiched between her tits.

   Katherine stood up and Dan followed, walking to the door he winked and said, “Ready for the next”.

A young man of only 21 entered next “Hi I’m Phil” he said, “and I am all yours”

   “Hello Phil, wow young blood just what I like, and sizeable too” Katherine said looking at his 8 inch dick. “ Have you ever fucked a girls tits before Phil, pushed you hard dick up between her soft smooth breasts”?

   “No, no never I’ve only ever fucked a Girl twice” He replied, “Shit Katherine you’re covered in cum, I think I could empty my balls just looking at you”

   “Well get over here and let me help you then” Katherine said, sitting on the chair tossing her matted come soaked hair. Phil walked over and straddled her legs his hard dick bouncing just in front of Katherine nose. Katherine gripped his shaft in her hand and slowly wiped the head on her neck, easing it into her cleavage.

   Katherine eased him deeper down between her tits, Phil fucking his cock hard against her body.  Katherine pressed her nose to his stomach and began gently kissing him, in rhythm with his titwank.

   “Ohh yes I’m gonna shoot soon, oh yes baby, ohh yes” Phil groaned “Do you think, ohh, could I please, please cum on your face honey.”

   “Oh yes baby, fuck my tits and spray your hot seed on my face, ohh I would love for you to do that” Katherine groaned, clasping herself to Phil, as he drilled his hard shaft down into her tits.

   Phil groaned as his cock throbbed, quickly taking it into his hand he furiously jerked it in front of Katherine’s nose.  A furious spray of cum splattered over Katherine’s forehead, large white globs trickling down her face, Phil rubbed his cock along her nose, squirting 2 wads into her right eye.

   “Oh shit yeah” Phil moaned, wiping the remnants of his cum on Katherine’s cheek” none of my girlfriends every let me do that, shit I’ve only every fucked twice before.

   “Well honey if this is an example, I’ll give you my number I’d love to give you a few hints.” Katherine panted, grinning at him right eye glued shut.

   “I’ll send in the next” Phil said leaving.

   Again 2 men walked into the room, grinning broadly as they saw Katherine sitting panting on the chair, a glistening sheen of semen on her breasts.

   “Hi I am Simon” Said the first, “and I’m Terry” added the second. “Bloody hell bitch, you look a real sight, we thought you might enjoy a little tag team action”

   “Well why don’t we go over to the bed and get started, I’m sure you cant wait to get you dicks between these!” Katherine said pressing her breasts together, thick white cum oozing down between her cleavage.

   She lay back on the sheets, chest heaving as Simon straddled her abdomen, laying his cock between her tits.  Terry knelt across her neck, easing his cock down into Katherine’s cleavage.

   “Yes boys stick your dicks into my sticky soft young tits” Katherine gasped, squeezing her breasts around both cocks.

   The 2 men began slow even thrusts in and out of Katherine’s cleavage, alternately plunging into her tits.  Katherine was panting and groaning, as once again the friction of her titty fuck was too much to take and she spasmed in orgasm.

   “Fuck, yes, do it do it, screw my tender young breasts, pound them with your hard throbbing cocks.” She squealed.

   Katherine’s boobs were taking a real pounding, both guys were really giving it some stick, spurred on by Katherine’s filthy ramblings.

   “Do it, do it you bastards, fuck my soft titties, I want to feel your cum raining down over my tits, I want your cummm” she groaned.

   Both men shuddered as Katherine’s orgasmic ravings sent them over the edge, Terry grasped his shooting cock, and hosed Katherine’s left breast, whilst Simon did the same with her right.
   “Fuck yes you bastards, slime my breasts with you cum” Katherine gasped.

   Both men shot wad after wad, plastering Katherine’s body, thick white ropes of cum, criss crossing her nipples.  Then smaller and smaller droplets hitting her breast tops and neck as they eased up.

   Getting up off of her and walking to they door both men were grinning broadly as Simon said ”We’ll send in the last man”.

   Through the door appeared a tall black man, “Hi I’m Tom” he said.  But Katherine wasn’t really paying attention, her eyes were fixed on the size of Toms cock.  It was huge, possibly 14 inches long and very thick.

   “Shit baby, you could kill someone with that monster” Katherine said.

   “I nearly have, one bitch nearly choked to death on it” Tom replied.

   Easing a couple of pillows under her back, arching it thrusting her cum covered tits into the air. Katherine panted, “Come over here and fuck my tits then you huge dicked bastard.”

   Tom walked to the bed and straddled Katherine’s body.  Pressing the head of his cock to her abdomen, he scooped up a tick trail of semen with his dick as he nudged the base of Katherine’s tits.

   “Do it Fuck my tits hard, baby, I want to feel your balls banging on my tits.” Katherine groaned.

   She held her breasts together as Tom firmly ploughed his cock up her cleavage, head emerging and travelling upwards resting on the bridge of Katherine’s nose when his balls touched her boobs.  Bouncing the tip on her nose Tom set about plunging his monster dick back and forth between her tits.

   “Oh fuck me you bastard, fuck my tits with you tick black cock, I love it, I want it, fuck my tits and come all over me.” Katherine howled.

   Tom banged away for what seemed like ages, Katherine spitting obscenities urging him to deliver his load. Then it happened like a volcanic eruption, Tom’s cock surged into action, like some large black viper it spat its poison from within Katherine’s cleavage, arching up slashing her chin, forming a line down the centre of her body. He followed it up with his cock, bashing the spurting head on her nose as spray after spray of semen erupted from his cock.

   Katherine was soaked as Tom’s fluid flooded her face, clinging to her wet straggly hair, running in rivers down her forehead, pooling in her red eyes, dripping down and off of her chin. Tom must have come for a minute solid, and when he finally subsided, and eased himself back onto his feet. Katherine she lay there a blissful look of contentment on her semen covered face.

   “Shit honey, your balls must hold about a pint of semen, you are one horny genetic freak” Katherine said.

   “Just over a pint, I can fill a glass and a bit” he replied grinning.

   “Well that’s your lot, us guys will get together after the others have had their turn, and score you all, but I tell you now they will have to work hard to beat your little scheme” Tom said leaving.

   Katherine, stood up and walked over to the dresser, sitting down she looked at herself in the mirror, what a slut, she thought.  Her face was plastered in cum, Toms huge outpourings dripped down onto her breasts, her long blonde hair glistened, as thick lumps of semen clang to the curls.  White rivers of cum shimmered on her neck and tits huge globules dripped off of her pert young nipples.

   On impulse, Katherine ran her finger along the top of her right breast, and scooped up some semen, bringing it to her lips she tasted it.  She knew it was filthy but Katherine couldn’t help herself, and again and again she scooped the semen from her face and body, revelling in the taste.  She sucked on both of her own nipples sending shivers of excitement through her spine.

   Like a woman possessed Katherine licked and sucked the ejaculations of all 10 men from her body.  Sucking her hair clean, wiping her face forehead, everywhere until eventually she had cleaned every drop of available semen from her skin.

   Feeling rather contented, she showered changed and walked back out to the kitchen, where the girls all waited.

   “All done” she said “You’ll have to go well to beat that, I can promise”.

   “Who’s next?” Donna said.


   “I’ll try next” Danni said, standing up.

   “You go girl” Jordan said, sipping her glass of wine.

   “Where would you like to go?” Donna asked.

   “I fancy the pool room” Danni replied.

   “OK you’ve got about 20 minutes to change and get yourself ready” Donna said.

   Danni took her holdall and walked out of the kitchen, towards the poolroom.
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Mr. Heigl

Re: Katherine's Games (Katherine Heigl)
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This is a real surprise! Great job. Thank you.
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Re: Katherine's Games (Katherine Heigl)
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This was a real surprise! Love to see something with the Queen Bitch and those epic boobs.
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Re: Katherine's Games (Katherine Heigl)
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Never thought I'd see the day you published something with Miss. Heigl.

I've noticed you really like filling pints and glass cups with cum lol that's something unique that only you do.


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