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L is for Lucy (Lucy Pinder)
« on: September 04, 2020, 10:19:03 AM »
L is for Lucy

Scene 1

Starring: Lucy Pinder

Codes: solo, symbian

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission.

“Hello and welcome” Lucy said, the camera zoomed close to her amazingly beautiful face.

She licked her lips, a slight sheen of nervous perspiration on her brow, smiling as the camera panned out.  She sat on a plush leather arm chair, a sheer black bra and small black panties, all she wore.
“I hope you enjoy this video, and get to know the REAL Lucy Pinder” Lucy said, leaning forwards towards the camera, she grinned, and laughed.

Hands moving up to her breasts, she squeezed them tightly in her bra, playfully making the soft skin bulge over the edge.  Sucking her 2 fingers she made them shine with saliva before pushing them down the front of her knickers and gasping.

 “I am sooo fucking horny thinking about what I am going to do for you” she gasped, fingers rubbing her cunt under the fabric of her sheer panties.

She arched her back gasping as her body soaked up the pleasure of her clit being firmly rubbed, trembling slightly at her own touch. Staring down the camera, Lucy brought her fingers to her lips savouring the flavour of her own pussy.  She laughed again tossing her hair, before pulling her panties down and tossing them aside.

“Mmm like my pussy?” Lucy teased, running her fingers down the small landing strip to the soft pink folds of her lips.

The camera zoomed in to her crotch, 2 fingers sliding slowly in and out as her thumb pressed hard on her clit, rubbing it.  Glistening juices ran down onto the chair making it shine, her fingers slowly building up pace.  She swapped her thumb for her other hand, as she inserted 3 fingers now, shifting her legs to spread them wider, hanging them over the arms of the chair.

“Ohhh fuck I am so wet thinking about what you are going to see me doing” she gasped, as the camera moved back up to her face.

She was perspiring more now, as her fingers vigorously worked her cunt, left leg trembling below the knee.  She spat on her free hand, rubbing the slippery saliva over her clit, faster and faster her fingers almost a blur.

“Ohhh fuckkk, sooo close, sooo close” she gasped, her body starting to twitch.

Fingers inserted deep, she stroked her clit in a fast circular motion, stabbing occasionally deeper with those inside her. Her breath came faster and faster as her body started to shake, and with a gasp the pleasure was released. Toes curling she shook in orgasm, growls of ecstasy as she hissed and squealed.

“FUCK YEAH! FUCKING YEAH!” she snarled, as her pussy clenched on her fingers, she looked straight down the lens cumming hard.

Again bringing her now soaked fingers to her lips she devoured them avidly, sucking every droplet of herself from them.  She gestured to the camera to get closer, as it moved so only her glistening face was in the shot.

“Yeah I’m a fucking whore!” she said, staring directly at the viewers, ”I am going to show you exactly what a total slut Lucy Pinder can be”

She reached around unfastening her bra, revealing her huge breasts, nipples rock hard, she lifted her right breast to her mouth and chewed roughly on the hard teat.  Her breasts looked huge almost swollen in post orgasm, she squeezed them together and flicked her tongue playfully through the gap, miming wanking a cock between them.

“I bet you would love to stick your dick in here” she said, using her arm and thrusting it between her breasts, fist clenched.

“Slam my big tits hard, make your cock explode between them.  Titfuck this glamour model you have been wanking over” she teased.

Reaching down by the side of the chair, she brought up a large vibrator, approx 8-10 inches long, and with a meaty girth.  Playfully she ran her tongue up and over it, swirling the bulbous head before she switched it on.

“Ohhh fuckkkk yeah” she gasped as she ran it over her clit.

She eased the big round head between her lips and pushed it deep, her pussy swallowing the shaft eagerly, almost sucking it down.  The thick member buzzed inside her cunt, Lucy rubbing her clit slowly but firmly toes flexing as she felt every inch within her.

“”I fucking love it, love being a whore, that proper girl next door you see, she’s nothing. This is the real Pinder, the take it hard and nasty slut” Lucy gasped.

She started thrusting the vibrator in and out, giving it a slight twit with every pump, grinding the end deep. She kept her eyes locked down the screen, as she wanked her pussy furiously enjoying every deep probe of the shaft. 

“Ohhh fuck you are gonna cum so much, I want those balls drained when you watch this” she gasped, “Fucking take pictures, videos, send them to me” she gasped.

Lucy was rapidly slamming her cunt now, driving that shaft deeper and deeper, only clinging to the end by her fingertips.  She fingered her clit fast, swirling her tips around the throbbing bud, as she moved closer to cumming again.

“I want to watch you spunking over me, fucking pumping those dicks and spurting, fuck it makes me so horny” Lucy gasped, on the verge, “I wanna see who can cum the most times to my video”

She squealed, her cunt clamping down on the vibrator, thighs taught, shaking.  Her orgasm pulsed hard, she wrenched the buzzing toy free, and a jet of girlcum followed it.  Rubbing her clit fast, her clenching pussy sprayed jet after jet towards the camera, splashing down onto the dark tiled floor.

“FUUUCKKKK!!! YESSSSS!!!” Lucy screamed in climax.

She gritted her teeth as she came hard, lip snarling as her body clenched in orgasm. Lucy sprayed over and over squirting a large pool onto the floor, the camera was splashed with cum, as the operator quickly wiped it clean.

“FUCK YEAH! YEAHHH! YEAHHH! YEAHHH!!” Lucy cried as each spray raining down.

Lucy gasped for breath as she again calmed from her climax, pulling the thick vibrator to her lips she sucked on the head, savouring herself once more.  She tilted her head back and started easing the fake shaft in, slightly deeper each push, she gagged slightly as it hit the back of her throat, then next push she forced it through.

She held it deep, her throat contracting, as she gagged, tears ran from the corners of her eyes, black streaks down her cheeks, like war paint. She held it there for what seemed an age, before yanking it out and gasping for air. Grinning at the camera a large clot of spit dripped from her chin, she spat it out into the pool below her.

“Fuccck yeah, that’s the real Lucy right there” she gasped, moving down onto her hands and knees, looking up at the camera.

She pushed her face down into the puddle and slurped up a long drag, looking back up she opened her mouth to show it was full of the liquid, swirling her tongue, then gargling loudly before swallowing it all.  She gasped and licked her lips “Delicious” she purred.

“Fucck,” she gasped, “all I need is a hard cock up my ass, some big dicked bastard pinning my face in this squirt and reaming my ring so fucking hard”

She lifted her hips high, turning her head sideways and laying it in the puddle.  Her hips jerked as she wobbled her ass, mimicking being taken from behind.  Hands folded behind her back she mimed being held down and buggered by a cock.

After several moments of her spectacular ass jiggling, she knelt back up, and the camera panned left.  Fastened to the floor was a sybian machine.  Lucy crawled over and squatted down, lowering her pussy over the shaft, and nestling down until her clit touched the many small rubber studs that were designed to stimulate it.

“Ohh you fuckers want o see me ride this?” she asked, picking up the remote.

She started the motor, and let out a squeal as it started to buzz, one hand steadying herself she ground down to meet the rubber dick, as she slowly cranked up the intensity.  Gasping she forced herself not to rise up as she ticked past 50% and upwards. Her upper things were wobbling as the intense vibrations from within rippled outwards, and Lucy sat breathless, the dial all the way to max.

“Ohh fucking hell!” she wailed, “Fuck! FUCK! FUCK!”

She steadied herself with both hands, leaning forwards, head bowed, trying to breathe.  Her ass cheeks shook rapidly, you could see the waves of soft malleable flesh undulate out. Lucy growled, animalistic noises from deep in her sternum as she struggled to cope with the intensity.

“FUCKKKK!!” she cried.

Flicking upright she forced her hands above her head, teeth gritted, a fine spray of spit hissing out with every other snarl.  Face contorted in pleasure the camera zoomed in on her expression, waiting to capture that moment of orgasm.

“Fucking perverts, you fucking love jerking off watching me don’t you” she snapped, “Fucking empty those balls right now, see how many thick creamy loads I can drain” she hissed.

Her body was shaking, she was trying to hold off as long as possible, as she taunted the viewers behind the lens.

“Fucking watch me reveal my true whore self, the slut who sucked off 3 men at a photo shoot. The dirty bitch who fucked her Taxi driver in Beverly Hills, man that guy fucking drowned me in spunk” She gasped.

Her huge nipples were rock hard, tits pulling themselves to an even perkier condition, as she nearly came, one final look at the camera and her eyes rolled back in their sockets and she howled in orgasm, body given over to the pure sensation of the machine.

“YES! YEEESSS!! YEAAASSSSS!!!” she cried, huge tits wobbling and swaying.

Her body shook, as the orgasm never seemed to end, Lucy must have cum for well over a minute as she moaned and shrieked in pleasure. Finally she gasped and settled, turning down the machine to a low buzz, she looked back at the camera.

“Ohh fuck, you ready boys, you ready for me unleashed?” she panted. Hands above her head, she shook her boobs form side to side, then grinned.

“Bring it on, get ready for the porn of your life” She said.
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Re: L is for Lucy (Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2020, 10:23:01 AM »
So quick explination, I edited some vids of Lucy from back in 2008 from when she did some adverts for TVX.  I wondered what if, and this is the story of how whilst there she made the dirtiest secret porno ever.

I have one scene planned for each outfit, if you check out the channel for lucy on our discord you will find a gif of each, or PM me and I have a folder full you can download.

Happy to have collab on this if anyone wants to write a screne,  Cade has already said he would like to do one, so if anyone else does just let me know. 

Scene list below

Solo masturbation - Black Bra

Cades POV - Yellow

DP - Red corset

3 girls and Lucy with strap ons - White

Blowbang/Swallow - Purple Bikini

Double anal - Red Bustier

Bukkake - Red bra

Gangbang - Green

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Re: L is for Lucy (Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #2 on: September 05, 2020, 05:24:50 AM »
I can write one of these stories if you like. Anyone you want. Did you hear of the infamous Lynx deoderant ads that were banned for being too racy?
You can delete this reply if you want.

Lucy Pinder raunchy Lynx advert banned for being 'degrading to women'
Six raunchy Lynx adverts, one featuring lads' mag pin-up Lucy Pinder, have been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) after attracting more than 100 complaints.Six raunchy Lynx adverts, one featuring lads' mag pin-up Lucy Pinder, have been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) after attracting more than 100 complaints.

The shower gel advert, which was circulated in July 2011, attracted 113 complaints. The poster depicted a bikini-clad woman under a shower at a beach, with the headline: "The cleaner you are the dirtier you get."

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Re: L is for Lucy (Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #3 on: September 05, 2020, 05:45:54 AM »
Yeah, have them all in HD, some great short vids ;)  Message me for which scene you want to do

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Re: L is for Lucy (Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #4 on: September 05, 2020, 08:15:51 AM »
I'll write the DP in her red corset. Any restriction on number of words?

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Re: L is for Lucy (Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #5 on: September 05, 2020, 09:45:43 AM »
No as long as you like
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Re: L is for Lucy (Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #6 on: September 08, 2020, 11:35:08 AM »
Scene Two.


Where Lucy Pinder doubles her fun.


cons- oral, tit fuck, mf, mmf, dp, cons.

No matter how successful a glamour or topless model becomes, a girl can never really forget her roots.
At an early age Lucy Pinder had little option but to take the more amateur type of modeling work for less than desirable photographers.

Being a shy girl from Hampshire, Lucy had nonetheless been blessed with stunning good looks and a body to die for.
The word 'stacked' was probably the most fitting description for the young model's beautiful set of huge knockers.

She had been 'discovered' for want of a better word, by a sleazy publisher called Joe Penhale while sunbathing on a beach, and soon she had been whisked off to Soho where she would be photographed topless and nude countless times.

Penhale had taken just one look at her stupendous 32GG boobs to know a winner if ever he saw one, and exploited her to the full.

Still, the experience of being in front of a camera, and learning about various poses, were all confidence building and now Lucy was an award winning, and much sought after favourite model of thousands.

So it was quite amusing for Lucy to find out her current shoot was to take place in the very same studio in Soho where she had started.

Thrilled to return to her origins, Lucy was curious as to how things had changed.

Years ago the studio had been situated above a tatty peep show club, which was now a gourmet coffee bar.
In fact, the bar seemed brand new as a couple of workmen were busy painting the skirting boards.

As she took the rickety stairs next to the entrance of the bar she was aware of four beady eyes mentally undressing her.

"Mister Smithers?"

"Lucy? Hi. Right on time. The changing room is out back. Did you bring an outfit?"

"I brought a little something."

Lucy fished out a minute pair of red underwear from her bag and held it up between finger and thumb.

"Fine. I'll get the gear ready."

The short session had been booked in order to film some commercials for the late night, subscription only, sex channel known as Television X.

Lucy emerged soon after looking like the ravishing creature that she was.

Her mammoth boobs were simply bulging out of her fire truck red corset with the intricate lacing at the front. She wore the skimpy pair of matching panties and thigh high hold up fishnet stockings.

The studio was fairly well equipped with professional looking lightning, cameras, and a large mirror.
Smithers stood by a digital video camera on a tripod and pointed the lens at a backdrop of a red circle in a white square.

Smithers looked up and whistled at the curvy vision of womanhood.
The corset hugged her bust and showed off her best assets to the full.
Her bottom was peachy smooth and firm, and her legs seemed never to quit.
The hot brunette was pure, unadulterated sex on a stick.

"Simple set up, Lucy. You read the words as you look into camera and flirt a lot. Got it?"

"Like you say. Simple."

"So, on my mark. And, action."

Lucy placed the small white card close to her but out of camera shot and gave her best smoldering gaze.

"Hi, I'm Lucy Pinder, and I want you to join me on 'Television X Live' for exclusive shows."

Lucy pointed a well manicured finger at the lens in invitation, pouted, and thrust her tits out provocatively, severely testing the limitations of her corset's ability to cope with the enormous swell of her titanic boobs.

"Just phone the number on screen, or press the red button and follow the instructions. That's all there is to it. See you soon."

Lucy winked and tossed her mane of hair back and smiled broadly.

"And cut. Nice. Now turn the card over and recite the other invite. Ready? And, go."

"I'm Lucy Pinder, come in and get your 'Television X Live' the hottest in British sex. You know you want it."

Lucy made a big play of sucking her index finger and jiggling her hefty bust in the figure hugging red corset.

"Are YOU man enough to try?"

She fluttered her lashes and her gorgeous brown eyes blinked seductively.

"Perfect! Now I'll just reel off some topless stills and we're done."

Lucy untied the front of her corset and let it all hang out.
When all was done Lucy retired to the changing room and slipped back into the chair.

She had put her all into making herself sexy and alluring and as a result the glamour model had inadvertently made herself rather horny.

As she fussed with her wavy hair in the mirror Lucy fancied she heard noise just outside the door.

She put her head to the door and the unmistaken sound of heavy breathing could be made out.
She wrenched the door open and the two workmen from earlier stumbled in.

"Bloody hell!" Said one.

"Crikey!" Gulped the other.

"What on earth are you doing!"

Lucy stood over the pair of sorry looking men in grubby overalls in the buff and her massive tits jiggled as she seethed.

"Two peeping toms, no less!"

She considered both men as they stood up with sheepish expressions and eyed them up.
They appeared to be quite young, twenty maybe? With dabs of paint on their cheeks and noses, which Lucy considered rather cute.

At the same time they looked Lucy up and down and gawped at every curve of her superb rack, backside and statuesque thighs. the pair of mesmerised men made silent gasps as they lingered on the soft bulge of her snug, shaven quim.

"Sorry, love. We couldn't help but see your photo session through the door of the studio. Your boss never closed it."

The taller one spoke next and blushed at the same time.

"Yeah, Jimbo is right. We was only looking. You're the sexiest woman we ever saw."

Lucy calmed a bit and put her hands on her hips as she listened.
They were both rather cute, and she WAS horny as hell.
Memories of her earlier days and her more wilder side came flooding back as sized them up.

"Hmm. Flattery will get you everywhere. Is that your paintbrush, or some other typo of tool?"

She pointed to the bulge at Jimbo's front that tented his trousers.

"And that?" She asked his buddy.


Lucy pounced and popped the zippers on both men's overalls and dragged their clothing all the way down to their groins with almighty tugs.
They stood stock still in front of the very naked model with their tackle out and their dicks at full mast.

"Well, hello big and bigger."

Both men were undoubtedly well endowed and their full erections stood up impressively from their groins.
Jimbo was big. Big and veiny. Big, veiny, and circumcised.

His mate was even bigger with a smooth shaft and flared head that mushroomed out over the top two inches of meat.

"I've got a couple of free hours. Wanna play hide and seek?"

"Hide and seek?"

"Yes, you hide your cocks in me while I seek satisfaction."


"Count me in."

"Go seek." Said she as she spread her hands.

Both men grinned and pounced. Their hands were instantly all over Lucy, pawing at her boobs and feeling her pussy as she parted her legs.

If she wasn't already turned on, she certainly was now, as they sandwiched her curvaceous form between their masculine bodies.
Jimbo delved into the divine sweet spot of her pussy and Lucy went up on top toes as she froze in sheer bliss.

Her face contorted with lust as his thumb flicked at her exposed hard nub of a clitoris.
Bob grabbed her left tit and closed his lips over the erect nipple and sucked in hard, hollowing his cheeks as he did so.

"Easy, tigers."

Lucy slipped down them and gripped both their boners, anxious to taste their rock hard members.
In the space of five minutes she had changed into a ravenous vixen, hungry for cock.

"Fuck, me!" Cried Bob as Lucy filled her drooling mouth with the tip of his knob.

She sucked greedily on his bell end, slurping and slobbering loudly as she went.
Jimbo was next and he stiffened as Lucy twisted his balls in her hand as she licked up the salty tasting shaft whilst making yummy sounds.

She flicked out with her long tongue while she wanked his shaft with frantic clock wise twists of her wrist.
Then she surprised him as she gave his dick several hard rubs and squashed her heavy boobs around his sausage.

"No fucking way!"

Lucy tit fucked the lucky guy and his fairly prodigious cock disappeared in the depths of her hot and cavernous cleavage.

Her stiff nipples teased his chest as she lunged up and down with her balloons of flesh all the way down to his root until he though he might very well explode in those succulent love pillows.

Unable to stand back and watch any longer, Bob grabbed her by the elbows and yanked her up.

"Get up on that table, you."

Both rabid men stripped out of their overalls double quick and stood back completely naked.

Lucy willingly balanced on the small make up table and draped her stocking clad pins on Bob's shoulders as he buried his face between her slim thighs.
He lapped at her bald cunt with gusto, making her moan in sheer delight.

This was just what she needed, uninhibited and raunchy sex with not one, but TWO virile young men.
Bob left her inner thighs and muff sopping wet and smeared with dabs of fresh white paint from his face.

"Lick me, right there."

Jimbo looked on as Bob probed Lucy's inner folds with increasing urgency.
Lucy bucked on her peach of a bum and nibbled on her lower lip as her juices flowed out and lubricated her cunt.
Her legs spread out wider as Bob licked her out like there was no tomorrow.

"I'm ever do wet. Who's up first?"

Jimbo stepped in and draped Lucy's legs over his forearms.
As he mounted her Lucy opened her mouth in awe as he drove into the hilt.
Her expression was one of surprise and ecstasy as her stomach undulated and she bucked up on the table edge.

"I don't believe it!"

Jimbo had a solid bar of meat for a dick which drilled into the glamour model deeper and deeper.
Her shrieks of delight filled the tiny changing room and her huge tits danced on her chest as she was shunted back and forth on Jimbo's thick log.

Lucy's eyes fixed on Bob's fat headed knob and gulped at the sight of such a thing.
Jimbo relented and pulled out of her moist sex and she was made to face the mirror, her boobs swaying as she balanced on her toes.

After five glorious minutes of being fucked dizzy by Jimbo she looked at her reflection and saw her hair had matted to her brow and her pussy trickled well earned juices down her left thigh.

"What an ass!" Said Bob as he parted the pale cheeks and admired her cunt from the rear.

Lucy widened her stance and wiggled her derriere impatiently, like the bitch in heat she was.
He stood idle for seconds and the longer he made her wait, the more intense was her craving to be fucked.

"Give it to me, you bastard!"

"Oh, right."

Just when Lucy could bear the suspense no longer that Bob sank his rod into her mushy cunt.
His superb length filled her wholly, so much so that Lucy came instantly.

As she quivered and panted with her orgasm Bob did not let up and arched his back and banged into her with power thrusts.
Another climax built and built the harder she was screwed and exquisite tingles became a crescendo of ripples that caused the horny beauty to scream out.

Bob held her by the hips so that her bum was lifted high up and he smacked his groin into her quaking buttocks as he have her all he had.

He spanked her on both nether cheeks as she ride his dick and Lucy gave in to her most carnal of desires.
She pushed Bob in the chest and he stepped back with his shiny pole pointing up to the ceiling.

Jimbo was sitting on the small two seat sofa with his boner in his sweaty fist and Lucy took a tub from her bag and tossed it to him.

"Here, smear a dollop of that on your knob. I want you both at the same time".

Jimbo held up the jar of Vaseline and shrugged, covering his rigid stalk with the sticky stuff.
Lucy stepped over him with her bottom in his face and flung her legs on the outside of his chunky thighs, digging her toes into the carpet.

Her stockings had no toes now and great holes had appeared down the length of her legs.
She dipped her head beneath her and guided his erection to her butt hole.

His lubed up cock felt gummy in her hand as she put the tip to her anus and dropped down two inches.
His head popped inside her rectum and Lucy felt that unique pressure as her asshole was opened.


Lucy's hole tightened as she moved down onto more of Jimbo's pulsing spear.
He was gob smacked and grabbed her hips and began to force her down onto his hose all the way.
After a few exploratory plunges Lucy relaxed and indicated to Bob to grease up as a well.

"Come on in, the water's lovely."

Bob took his tacky cock, looked between Lucy's legs and buried his length in her pussy.
Lucy let out an almighty groan as both of her holes were filled with cock and she trembled in their arms as they fucked her.
They both started to rock, easing more of their lengths inside her with every second.


The result of the double penetration was simply mind blowing.
Her thigh muscles screamed as she straddled Jimbo, impaled on his dick as she was.
Her body perspired from the erotic scene and her gleaming boobs bounced against Bob's chest as he bored into her soaked pussy.
Four hands manhandled her inflamed body as both rampant men rhythmically fucked her senseless.
Their hot breath fanned her heated form as she adjusted to the two syrupy cocks stuffed up her cunt and ass.

"What the fuck!"

Lucy was effortlessly hoisted up and lifted into the air like a big masturbation toy.
Jimbo held onto her with a firm grip and slammed his cock up into her sphincter with a wanton gusto.
His balls slapped against her as she draped her arms around Bob and held on for dear life.
The tightness in both her holes was indescribable as she was literally bounced up and down like a suspended rag doll.

"I'm coming! Again!"

Lucy moaned into Bob's shoulder as her angled body responded to his huge cock deep up inside her.
So achingly full was she that her juices had a devil of a time leaking out over Bob's thick bar.
Jimbo's hose swelled in her back passage and he spurted warm cum up into her asshole.
As he grunted on the back of her neck he slid out, leaving her ass bathed in cum and slick with gooey lube.


Still in Bob's arms Lucy could do little but let him eject his cum into her sopping cunt, his hips pumping and pumping until he lifted her off and into the open arms of Jimbo.
Both of her raw holes oozed out onto the carpet and her spectacular tits jiggled as she shivered in post coital gratification.

"You're a great fuck, darlin' you really are."

"You said it, boy."


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Re: L is for Lucy (Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #7 on: September 08, 2020, 12:18:45 PM »
Nice! This is going to be a brilliant project!
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Re: L is for Lucy (Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #8 on: September 08, 2020, 06:07:18 PM »
Always good to read more Lucy, thank you to both of you!

Cade, you need to write our queen again some time. I hope you haven't moved on from her. 

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Re: L is for Lucy (Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #9 on: September 09, 2020, 03:42:18 AM »
Brilliant work, Thanks for your contributuion! need to crack on with my next chapter for this one.
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Re: L is for Lucy (Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #10 on: September 09, 2020, 05:25:01 AM »
Loving these stories so far, can't wait to read more  :))
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Re: L is for Lucy (Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #11 on: September 14, 2020, 09:30:45 AM »
I would like to write one of these. Is it open for all?

I could do the purple bikini story. Maybe we could do something with those Lynx adverts too.
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Re: L is for Lucy (Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #12 on: September 14, 2020, 11:27:18 AM »
Sure that would be great!

Lynx ads as a sequel to this batch  :Y:  way more outfits/scenraios for that too

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Re: L is for Lucy (Lucy Pinder)
« Reply #13 on: November 27, 2020, 08:24:09 AM »
Scene 8

Starring: Lucy Pinder

Codes: MF, MMF, MMMF, gangbang, facial, swallow, DP, Anal, titfucking, facial, spit, throatfuck, cum swallow

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission.

Lucy walked down the corridor, the camera panning as she walked,  A tight white robe covered her amazing curves.  She stopped at a door and knocked, “Ready Boys?” she said loudly, knocking on the door.

Lucy had been aching for this scene, she was pulling out no stops, this was going to be the roughest gangbang she had ever done.   No one had told her what was going to happen, but she had agreed once she stepped through the door there were no limits to what she would do when asked.

“Hello” said the man who opened the door, he was around 6ft tall, handsome and looked to be well built, “You ready?” he said, gesturing for her to step in.

 “All yours” Lucy said quickly

 “Come on in then” he replied.

Lucy walked in, the camera following, panning to show the room. Sitting on a sofa were 2 other men, and walking from a door to the left was another.  She smiled, all 4 were pretty good looking, and none were what she would call overweight. 

“I am your whore, Lucy,” she said “Anything you desire I am here to fulfil”

“Yes she is!” said the man who opened the door, “I’m Nick,” turning to introduce the others, “this is Bill, Andy and Grant” they either nodded or smiled as he said their names.

 “So how can I serve you today?” she asked.

“She’s got the right attitude” Andy said, “She wants to serve us”

Nick stood up, and started to unfasten his shorts, “Let’s see how well you suck” he said, dropping them to the floor.  Lucy grinned kneeling in front of him, taking his cock in her hand and feeding it to her lips.  His had lightly held her hair as she started to work up and down, his dick swelling every second.

“Eager” Grant said, “I like it”

The other guys started to strip off as she worked on Nick, his cock was hard now, a decent 8 inches of meat between her lips.  She glanced left and saw Grant stroking his cock, another good 8 inches for her.  Coming up for air with a gasp she looked right, her eyes wide as Andy and Bill stood wanking slowly watching her.

“Holy SHIT!” she said loudly, eyes wide staring at their dicks.  Both must have been over 10 inches maybe closer to 12, Lucy had rarely seen any that big in all her time fucking a LOT of guys.
“Ha, that’s the usual reaction” Andy said.

Nick moved her head back to his dick “Don’t stop” he told her.

Lucy lowered her mouth to his cock again, she loved giving head, possibly even more than getting fucked.  Slavering over his cock made her so wet, she didn’t notice as the rest circled her.
“Share it around” Bill said.

Lucy looked left to his cock, gripping it then sucking on the huge member, moving to her other side she slurped on the next.  Moving around one to the other Lucy sucked them all.  Grant moved around behind her to help her up so she could remove the robe, “I want to see those bad boys” he said.

Helping her to stand, they all stood watching as Lucy slowly peeled off her robe.  She dropped it to the floor and stood there, green swimsuit, technically a one piece, but the barely there fabric meant everything was on show..

“You boys gonna fuck me good?” she asked, grinning.

“You have no idea whore!” Grant replied.

Moving behind her he pushed her over so she bent down, sliding her bottoms to one side he pushed his cock into her wet pussy.  She groaned as he filled her with his dick.  Reaching around he groped her tits through her top, squeezing the massive mammaries hard.

“Ohh fuck yeah” she groaned, as he crushed her boobs tight.

Holding her hips Grant stared fucking her hard, big tits swaying forwards with each thrust, she gasped as he fucked her, nearing her climax already, the thought of today having turned her on so much.

“Ohh she’s tight guys, wet and tight, just how we like em.” Grant gasped.

“FUUUUCKCKKKKKK!!!” Lucy growled, hips shaking, tits nearly wobbling free of her top.

“Whore’s cumming already!” Andy said, stroking his cock faster.

Lucy came so hard, her body was aching for this, and she let go all of that built up anticipation.  She screamed loudly as her pussy was smashed hard by Grants cock.


Grant grabbed her hair and twisted it hard, tugging her head back as she yelped.  Using his other arm he grabbed her hands and held them behind her back, hips still pumping she gasped and wailed, her orgasm lasting for ages.


Andy and Bill moved up in front of her, monster dicks being slowly stroked, Grant held her still pushing her face down, as they both dick slapped her hard.  Throbbing purple heads whacking meatily on her face.

“Feel that Lucy, that hard cock slapping your face, that means you are ours now, ours to use as we please” Bill Sneered.

“Show me what you’ve got then big boy” Lucy gasped back.

  “Open wide” he said.

Lucy stuck out her tongue, mouth wide, Bill slapped his thick head on it, before pushing between her lips.  Lucy felt it push along her tongue, she closed her lips around it and sucked.  Bill grasped her hair guiding her head, as he pumped his dick in and out, her wet mouth felt incredible.

His hips moved faster, harder, now both hands on her head he pulled right back, forcing her to look up, Grant paused his thrusts, waiting for Bill to take control.

   “Can you take me Lucy” he groaned pushing his hips forwards

Eyes wide she forced herself not to gag as the big cock pushed to the back of her throat.  Resisting the strong urge to puke she fought it off, trembling as finally her throat popped and he pushed deep.  Tears rolled down her cheeks as he slid balls deep, her nose pressed tightly to his stomach above his cock.

   “OOOOHHH good bitch” he gasped, holding her there.

   “She’s got skills” Andy said stroking his dick watching.

   Easing his cock out of her throat, a thick line of drool connected her mouth to Bills dick, a long arc of spittle that stretched as he moved back.  Lucy gasped for air as her throat was clear, but she had only a brief rest bite as Grant started fucking her once more.   

   “FUUUCKKKK!” Lucy croaked, as he felt him pumping her.

   Bill twisted his hands in her hair and thrust back, his cock driving into her neck, he throatfucked her hard.  Within seconds spit was oozing from her mouth, as Nick quickly thrust a bowl below her on the floor.

   “Slop bucket for our whore” He teased.

   Hammering his hips he plunged his cock in and out harder and harder, Lucy gagged, a thick line of spit gushing down her chin and splattering into the bowl below her.  Grant tagged out, and Nick pushed into her soaking wet pussy. Lucy wanted to cry in pleasure, but her throat was jammed with Bill’s monster shaft.

   “Ohh bitch is screaming” Bill growled, feeling her throat roar on his dick.

   Her hands now grabbed Bills thighs, as Nick groped her ass cheeks, crushing them as he thrust his hips back and forth, dick slamming her cunt.  Spit was dripping from her jaw, long strands of wet sloppy mucus, stringing down then splashing into the bowl below her.

   “Man she is good” Bill gasped, “I gotta stop”

   Lucy gasped, flicking more upright as her throat was clear, she bounced furiously as Nick really went hard into her. Lucy pulled her hair away from her face, as she growled and gasped, her body moments from yet another climax.

   “Ohhh FUUUUCKKKKKK!!!!” she wailed, her legs trembling, collapsing as Nick helped hold her up.

   “What a whore” Andy said, his hard dick in his hand, stroking it.

   “FUCK! FUCK FUUUUUCKKKKK!!!” Lucy screamed.

   “I am so gonna fuck you up” Andy said moving closer to her pleasure filled face, hand gripping her chin and making her look at him.

   Nick pulled from her pussy, her hand instinctively going to her clit, trying to drain every second of pleasure from her loins. 

   “YEEEEAAAASSSSSSS!!!” Lucy squealed her fingers rubbing furiously, body clenched in climax.

   All 4 now stood watching her, cocks rock hard, as she gasped for breath, “Strip off slut” Andy said, eyes fixed on her.  She now put on a show for the camera, slowly composing herself and beginning to gyrate her body.  Sweat was trickling down her belly as she ran her hands up to those full soft breasts.  She flicked the straps of her top off, and slowly peeled them down, allowing the big juicy tits to bounce free.

   “Moneymakers!” Nick exclaimed, mouth watering at the sight of her rack.

   She wiggled the swimsuit down, her full hips shaking of the tight bottoms, the indentation in her thick, but not fat thighs enticing them further.  She kicked the outfit off and stood naked, fingers rubbing her shiny wet pussy lips as she turned back to them.

   “Like what you see boys!” she teased.

   Hand grabbing her hair, Andy roughly pushed her down to her knees, until he loomed over her looking down.  She reached up to grab his cock, ready to suck on it, but he slapped her hands away.

   “Alright whore, let’s see if you have what it takes to keep going” he said, as the other circled around, “Tell them what you are, and why you are here.”

   “Start with your name slut” He said.

   She looked at the camera “Lucy Pinder” she said defiantly.

   “What can we do?” He asked

   “Anything you want” she said, grinning.

   “Anything?” He said again.

   “ANYTHING!” She said firmly.

   He slapped her cheek, hard, enough to sting.  She squealed then turned her head back, showing some fire, “BASTARD!” she snarled.

   Andy laughed, he coughed up a large spitwad and blasted it on her forehead.  The thick wad splattered her forehead, oozing down as she knelt, slightly shocked.

   “Like that cunt” he snapped, spitting again, before the others joined in, all spitting on her face.

   Lucy looked up as they continued their spit assault, “Fucking love it” she sneered, opening her mouth, she was gonna rise to their level and match them move for move.

   2 large spitballs hit her face at once, the thick trails running down both cheeks as she watched them, lining up and taking turns.  She felt the slimy spit run down her face, then several wads splat her tongue.  She closed her mouth swirling them around before swallowing.

   “Mmmm delicious” she teased, opening her mouth showing it was empty.

   “Ohh this whore is good” Grant said, “Tonight is going to be amazing”

   “Like being nasty eh slut?” Andy said, moving to grab her slop bowl, he picked it up and decanted the gloopy mess into a large brandy glass on the table.

   He spat ontop of it, the fresh spitball frothing on the top of Lucy’s own.  Passing it around each of them added a couple of wads before he handed it to Lucy.  “Chug it down whore”

   Lucy took the glass, she was revolted at the thought, but wasn’t going to show them, she was determined to be the ultimate whore for them, then nastiest dirtiest fuck they have ever had.
   “Cheers boys!” She said grinning, holding the glass to her lips and chugging it back.

   The slimy cold gag mix filled her mouth, Lucy fought the urge to spit it out. Holding her mouth wide she filled it to the brim, then swirled her tongue around in the thick goop.  Gargling she frothed the concoction for 30 seconds before closing her lips and swallowing the lot.

   “Fucking nasty slag!!” Andy exclaimed as she forced it down.

   Her stomach urged, wanting to expel the liquid, holding her lips tight Lucy forced it back down, “Evil fucking bastards!” she hissed through gritted teeth.

Dragging her by the hair, he pushed her face down onto the carpet, pinning her in place.  The camera zoomed in on her face as he twisted her hair holding her there, she grimaced as he roughly positioned her, back arched, hips high.  Nick took over kneeling down and using both hands to pin her there as Andy moved behind her.

“Describe every moment to them Lucy” Andy said, his hand grabbing her ass cheeks and spreading them wide, “Tell all your fans what I am doing to you”

Andy pushed his cockhead to her asshole, she squealed, expecting him to go into her pussy, he thrust hard, huge member ramming 8 inches deep. Lucy squirmed, her ass so full.
Eyes wide she hissed at the camera, “He’s stuck that monster up my ass”

He thrust, the rest of his cock brutally driving deep. She screamed and tried to move, but Nick held her down, as she looked straight down the lens.

“FUCK!” she snarled down the view, “FUCKING HUGE!”

Her face was screwed up, as she hissed and snarled, this monster dick balls deep in her ring.  Lucy could feel the girth stretch her ass, the pain making her gasp for breath.  She was fully committed to whatever happened now, showing off her true inner whore to the viewers.

Spit was spraying from her teeth, and a tear ran down her cheek as the camera zoomed in. She was snorting huge lungfulls of air as Andy started thrusting.  He was deliberately forceful, testing her limits, dick pulling most of the way out before slamming home again fast and hard.  Her hips rocked and body lurched, as she rested on her huge tits as he pounded her ring.

“FUUUUCKKKKK!!!” she squealed as the camera moved out to show the full scene.

Nick released Lucy’s arms, allowing her some movement, she flailed them wildly as Andy plunged his massive dick up her asshole, over and over.  Fingers deep in the soft flesh of Lucy’s ass he gripped tight and rutted ferociously in and out. She lurched forwards, rocking on those big tits screaming with every deep thrust.

“Dumb CUNT!” he snarled, lapping her ass, as he drove harder and faster, “Fucking piece of fuckmeat!”

His hands grabbed her hair again forcing her face down to the floor, as his cock battered her ring, Lucy howling as she was brutally taken.  This was the roughest sex Lucy had ever had, previous encounters had always turned her on, this next level was making her feel sensations she had never dreamed of.

“FUCK! FUCK FUCK!” she gasped, her pussy so wet, she could feel a huge powerful orgasm building inside.

Balls slapping hard on her wet pussy, Andy felt her shake, body clenching with pure pleasure.  Lucy was now roaring in animal pleasure, body craving every inch of his dick, each twist of her hair sending shivers ontop of her orgasm.

“YEASSSSS!!! FUCKKKKK MEE!!! USE MEEEEEE!!!” she screamed, body climaxing hard.

Andy collapsed onto her pinning her to the floor, dick balls deep and she squirmed and shook.  Her ring clenched so tight as it convulsed and gripped his huge cock.  Lucy whined as her body shook, pleasure aching from every muscle, gasping for breath as he lay ontop of her.

“Nasty whore” he groaned, easing out, “You fucking enjoyed that”

She lay panting, rolling over she looked up to see all 4 standing over her stroking,  Nick sat back on the sofa, as Grant helped her up, “Ride my cock Lucy” Nick said, holding the hard shaft proud.
Lucy eased her soaking cunt down over his dick, groaning as she felt him balls deep, “Ohhh fuckk” she gasped rolling her hips starting to fuck him.  Grant moved behind her, slapping his cock on her ass cheeks, then sinking next to Nick in her pussy.

“Ohhhhhh!” Lucy gasped, her fuck hole full of 2 dicks.

Lucy wasn’t expecting it, but it felt good.  2 dicks slamming her pussy, stretching her out as they double poked the wet cunt. She arched her back as Grant tugged her hair, Nick latched his lips around her nipple, chewing her teat roughly, causing her to yelp.

“FUCK!” she wailed, as the 2 hard shafts slammed her relentlessly.

Nick crushed her tits in his hands, sucking ferociously on each nipple ass he growled in pleasure.  Lucy was getting close to another orgasm, as they hammered her wet snatch.

“FUCK ME GOOOODDD” she groaned.

“Oooh the bitch is close, how about you boys?” Bill asked.

“Fucking holding off” Grant gasped.

“Seconds” Nick said.
Grant pulled his cock from
 Lucy, and stood back, it bounced in front of his body, but he stopped himself from wanking as he was so close to cumming. Bill grabbed Lucy who was furiously riding Nick, and lifted her up off of his cock, she groaned as her pussy was emptied, her body aching for another orgasm.

“Nooooooo” she wailed.

“Ooh Pinder, you don’t get to have anything bitch, you cumming is just a pure accident of us satisfying ourselves.” Bill said calmly setting her down and then sitting on the sofa.

“Now sit on my cock slag” he snarled.

She looked back over her shoulder at his monster shaft, if anything it was bigger than Andy’s, tentatively she rested her anus on his cockhead, trying to relax her ring.  He grabs her hips and pulls her down, thrusting up to meet her. She screams as his entire cock goes balls deep, arms wrapped around her waist holding her tight.

“FUUUUCKKKKK!!! FUUUUCCCKKKKK!!!” she sobs, her ass stretched wide again.

“Shut up slag, I told you to sit on it!” Bill snarled, holding her down and grinding his cock deep.

She is shuddering, sobbing as he holds her there, dick all the way up her ass, ring clamped so tight on the base of his dick.  Lucy looks around, the camera is close on her face, as she hisses and gasps trying to adjust to his shaft.

“Dirty Fucking perverts!” she snarled at the camera, “Like seeing Lucy Pinder screaming with a huge cock up her ass do you?” she growled.

Zooming in closer she snapped ”Fuck you, I’m the filthiest fucking whore you’ve ever seen, so enjoy watching what these bastards do to me”

Bill twisted her hair making a temporary ponytail, twisting it tightly in his hand he held her head still.  The other gripped her jaw and forced it open. “Open wide slut, stick out that tongue.” She said.
Lucy looked up mouth wide as Grant and Nick stepped up stroking their shafts, “Hold up those tits Pinder” Nick said.

Lucy held her tits in her hands as she sat on the monster dick, mouth wide Bill holding her head firmly she could only dart her eyes left and right to see them. Grinning at each other, “So close Nick” Grant gasped, “Mee too” Nick replied.

“Fucking spunk on my face boys, blast me like the nasty whore I am” Lucy teased.

“Ohh Lucy, you don’t choose anything” Bill said smirking as Nick and Grant rushed forwards.

Expecting them to jerk all over her face, Lucy sat there shocked as nick pressed his cockhead to her right nostril, and Grant to her left.  Mouth wide tongue out she was stunned as hot thick cum blasted up her nose and hit the back of her throat.  Bill held her head tight, she couldn’t move as cum blitzed both nostrils, the thick white cream now running down her tongue and dripping onto her tits as she held them up. She gagged and choked as their cum kept going, a huge flood of spunk up her nasal passages.  The big white streams splattered from the tip of her tongue onto her big tits, oozing slowly into the valley of her cleavage.

“Choke you whore” Bill snapped as she gagged hard.

Finally their blasting stopped as each stepped back, I thick line of cum oozed down over her upper lip, 2 snot like streaks of semen, dripping down from her nostrils. 

“HOLY SHIT!” she gasped, in pure shock, she had never ever thought of this perverted act.

The camera zoomed in onto her face, she looked straight down it, Lucy snorted, the cum retracting back up into her nose, she opened her mouth the large wad of cum at the top of her throat. She swallowed it avidly, gasping and then showing her empty mouth.

“Filthy cunts, get off on this do you” she sneered.

She lifted one hefty tit to her lips and slurped the wads of semen from it, filling her mouth, before slurping the other.  Looking straight at the camera she showed the shimmering white pool, rolling her tongue in it, before guzzling it down.

“Lucy Pinder the cum drinking whore, you love it” she said straight to the camera.

“Just you 2 left then,” Lucy said to Andy and Bill.

“Ohh we’ll be back Lucy” Nick said laughing as they sat and watched Andy approach her.

Gripping her legs under the knees, Andy spread them wide, his big cock bouncing as she positioned himself.  Driving forwards he pushed into her wet pussy, Lucy groaning both holes full of their huge dicks.

“Fucking nasty slut” Bill whispered into her ear as she growled, loving her holes getting filled.

Both men rammed hard, Lucy bouncing on the dick in her ass, the one in her pussy slamming deep, she was gasping and groaning, her delayed orgasm about to peak.  Andy let Bill grab Lucy’s legs, as his hands went top her tits, he gripped each nipple between his thumb and fingers, stretching her tits up just as she came.

“SHIIIITTTTT!!” she screamed ass the massive orbs were pulled tight, her body convulsing in orgasm.

Bill held her legs tight, as Andy rammed faster and faster, her tits stretched so high, she screamed in pure pleasure as her body rode every wave of climax.  Her clit buzzed all by itself as her holes were filled with hard pumping cock.


She shook and shuddered as she came hard, body revelling in her pounding, taking every bit of stimulation and translating it to pleasure.  Lucy was roaring, crying in pure climax as they eased their thrusts.

“OH, OHHHH FCUK YESSSSS” she panted, calming.

“Dirty, Dirty bitch” Andy said, catching his breath, her tits still stretched in his hands.

“Ohhh you nasty boys!” she gasped, as he now groped both breasts hard, churning them beneath his fingers.

“Ohh Pinder that’s not nasty” Andy said, “This is nasty”

Bill gripped her legs even tighter as Andy pulled out of her pussy, slipping his cock down he pushed hard next to Bill.  Lucy screamed, the head of his cock pushed in, her ring stretched so wide, she howled and shook as maybe 2 inches of cock entered her asshole.

“FUUUUCCCCCKKKK!” she wailed, the shock of a second huge cock up her ass.

Bill held her kicking legs tight, as Andy looked straight at her face, tears ran down her cheeks as she sobbed, her ass never having taken anything the size of their cocks before.  He sneered, no mercy spitting a large wad at her, it spattered her forehead and ran down her face.

“Weak fuckbitch” he said, thrusting hard burying the remaining 8 or so inches up her ass.

Lucy howled, as her back passage was filled, her body cried out in pain and fullness, her eyes rolled up into her sockets as she took both cocks balls deep.  Andy held himself deep, watching her as she fought and shook.  As her eyes opened he spat on her face again, grinning at her.

“You piece of fucking shit Pinder, worthless fuckmeat for us today” He laughed.

“Fuck you, FUCK YOU, YOU WANKER!” she shouted back, gaining some fight and energy.

“You want it slag, you want it, does Luuuucy Pinder want 2 cocks up her ass” He teased, drawing out her name.

“Fucking do it, I’m that worthless cunt whore that wants to be used, all those fuckers watching need to see what a nasty fuckdoll I am” she snarled.

Andy and Bill started fucking her ass, 2 huge cocks pounding in and out, Lucy shook, she’d never taken anything like this brutal double anal.  Andy slapped her thighs as he drove up her shit hole, they stang but Lucy loved that feeling and was now starting to get really turned on.

“FUCK ME! FUCK MY WHORE ASSSSSS!!” she screamed at Andy.

“Nasty bitch, pgh” he spat on her, she shook her head laughing and snaked her tongue to lick it up, “Fucking filthy slag!” He spat again on her.

She snarled, teeth clenched, spit spraying from between them as her ass was pummelled.  Both cocks slamming so deep and fast, she felt a whole new range of sensations driving her towards orgasm.  Her ass was so stuffed, the initial pain now replaced with a desire for more and more stimulation.

“YES! YES! YEEEESSS!!!” she screamed, a climax coming from nowhere.

Legs trembling they kept pumping, harder and faster as Lucy shrieked in almost too much pleasure.


Lucy almost blacked out as her head rushed with the power of this anal orgasm, her body clenched so tight as the peak hit her.  Arms flailing wildly she shook and cried, maybe for a minute as this feeling drove her wild, her whole being pushed past all previous limits.

“FUCK!!! FUUUUCKKK!!! FUUUUCCCCKKKK!!” she hissed finally sated, her body easing back from this new peak.

“Ohh did Pinder enjoy it, did you slut?” Bill teased, “Wanna see us double fucking that ass”

He moved his grip, arms under her knees folding her back, his hands gripped her head and forced it up, as she was pinned, legs behind her head, like some human pretzel.  Lucy’s chin rested in her cleavage as she looked down her body at the 2 huge shafts slamming her ass.  3 rings of belly fat now formed lines across her stomach, she was in fantastic shape but every top glamour model had curves, and Lucy’s were the best. 

“Holy fucking shit!” she gasped, watching them fuck her ass.

She was pinned in place by Bill as Andy dug his thumbs into her thighs pumping ferociously into her ass. She shook, her body unable to control itself.  Lucy watched intently as they pounded her ring.

“Ohh Fucking use me, fucking take me like the slag I am” she snarled.

Andy laughed at how she had become this dick craving whore in a few minutes.  From crying with pain to begging for more, she truly was an amazing sexual animal.  Driving his cock faster and faster, he knew it wasn’t gonna be long before Lucy came again.

“HARDERRRRRRRR!!!!” she howled that inevitable orgasm arriving “HAAARDERRRRR!!!” she wailed.

“Oh your gonna get it hard Pinder” Andy growled hips pumping, as her ring clenched on his and Andy’s cocks.

“FUUUUCKKKK !!! FUCCCCKKKKK!!!” she cried.

Her body was pinned so tightly that Lucy could barely breathe, her orgasm draining the breath from her as she howled in pleasure.  Andy and bill kept pumping until the climax fell away and she calmed down.

“Sooo good” she gasped.

“Heard the bitch wanted it hard” Nick said, approaching hard dick in his hand.

“Shall we tag team her?” grant said standing the other side.

“Ohh fuck I am close, yeah take over” Andy groaned sliding out of her ass.

“Up you get Pinder” Nick said as Bill released her.

On wobbly legs Lucy just managed to stand, as nick pulled her to the arm of the sofa and bent her over it.  She collapsed forwards face in the cushions ass High, ring gaping wide.
“Hard eh slut? Let’s see how much you can take” Nick said pushing his cock into her wide open ass.

For about 20 seconds he dropped his dick deep up her ass, pulling out to the tip then launching his whole weight down, over and over.  Grant then tagged him out and did the same, Lucy’s anus was being slammed frenetically by each guy in turn, eyes wide she lay there in shock.

“Fucking hard enough bitch!” Grant said tapping out.

Andy then Bill dropped their huge dicks up that ring, Lucy squirming and kicking as they pounded her, so hard so deep, loud thwack as their whole body weight hit her ass cheeks. She squealed and tossed her head back after about 3 minutes of this, silently shuddering as maybe another orgasm hit her.

“Ohh you sneaky slut, you just came didn’t you” Andy growled

   Lucy grinned nodding her head, as he pulled from her ass.  Lucy was free from them for a moment and spun over to face the camera once more, “Holy fucking shit, hope you like that, this nasty anal whore getting pushed to her limits” she said.

   `”No rest Pinder” Andy said, as he moved her to sit at the front of the sofa.

   She sat on the floor looking up at him, “Head back, now don’t move” he said.

   Bill and Andy moved to either side of her, dicks throbbing as they wanked, eyes darting left and right she watched them, waiting eagerly for what she hoped was about to happen.

   “Cum on my face” she said grinning.

   “Ohh we have something nastier for you slut” Bill said, “take your fingers and hold your eyes open wide”

   “That’s it whore” Andy added, “Now hold them open, we are gonna blast your eyeballs with our spunk”

   “And you are gonna beg for it, beg for those eyes to be filled with semen” Bill said laughing.

   The camera moved to get a good angle of Lucy’s face, her hair splayed out on the sofa as she used her hands to hold those beautiful brown eyes wide.  Andy stood to her left, frantically wanking, while Bill stroked the head of his dick to her right.

   “Do it, blast my whore eyes boys! Make them fucking sting” she teased, having had many facials and cum in her eyes, she knew what to expect.  It wasn’t something she wanted, but the degradation of begging for it turned her on.

     “Cum in my fucking eyes you sick bastards, I wanna feel them burning from your spunk” Lucy begged, “Use them cover them, fucking spurt your thick loads over my whore eyeballs”

   Andy groaned, cum pulsing from his cock, it was thick and creamy as it splattered her eye.  She hissed, shaking, her body trying to avoid it.  Holding firm she kept that eye open as pulse after pulse of cum filled her eye socket.  Bill milked his cock, he wasn’t a spurter, and it was ultra thick as it oozed from the tip and dripped onto her eyeball.

   “Fuck! Fuck it burns” Lucy hissed as both her eyes were covered in spunk.

Flicking the last few drops from their cocks, they stepped back and allowed the camera to get really close.  Her eyes moved under the thick layer of cum, eyeballs rolling in the stinging salty liquid. Lucy took her hands away forcing them open, hissing as it burned her eyes.

“Fucking warped cunts!” she snapped, “Hope your enjoying it you wankers”

Sitting up the cum oozed down her face as she blinked her eyes wiping them.  Now red and bleary she blinked multiple times, looking around at the 4 men, catching a moment before they took over.
“Sit up here” Grant said, showing Lucy the arm chair. “Legs over the sides”.

Lucy positioned herself in the chair, legs spread wide, as Grant approached her. He rubbed his fingers over her soaked pussy lips before pushing 3 fingers up her cunt, vigorously he started fingering her, deep fast pushes up inside her pussy.

“FUUCKKKK!!!” Lucy screamed almost instantly, he touched the most sensitive spots, setting her off into an almost instant orgasm

His hand was a blur, vigorously pushing in and out, fingers curled to hit that perfect spot inside her. Semen oozed down her face as she screamed in pure pleasure, the pain of her eyes gone and replace with the joy of orgasm.

Nick held a glass under her pussy as Nick’s fingering made her squirt everywhere. She screamed loudly as her body clenched, waves of climax forcing her to gasp for air.  Her pussy sprayed big jets of girlcum out, splashing down onto the floor as well as filling the glass.  Lucy roared incoherently, her hands trying to stop Grant as he made her cum so hard.

“Fucking crazy bitch!” Nick said as Lucy shook and screamed, her pussy easily filling the glass.

Nick pulled his fingers out, leaving her squirming on the chair, hands trying to calm the intense orgasm in her loins, fingers rubbing her clit trying to ease the stimulation.  She lay shuddering as the camera zoomed in on her.

“Ohh fuck yeah, that always works” Grant said smiling, “Snap out of it Pinder, we’ve got hard cocks that need your whore skills”

Hauling her up the stood either side of her as she wanked their dicks, Lucy moving her mouth from one to the other, sucking them hard.  Grinning Grant took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom, camera following them as he pushed her back onto the bed.

“Tittyfucking time Pinder, push those whore tits together for us” He said.

Straddling her body he looked down at her, cock pumping those tits, a smirk hit his face as he spun around, sitting over her neck, dick pushing down between her tits, “Tongue that asshole whore” he instructed.

Lucy reached up and spread his cheeks, licking ass made her feel so worthless, she loved performing this act, and set about it with relish.  Grant gripped her tits tight, crushing them over his cock as she rimmed him, dick throbbing between the huge soft orbs.  Lucy had her tongue deep in his ass, licking and sucking with abandon, her face buried between his cheeks.

“Fuckk yeah” Grant gasped releasing her tits, “You boys gonna have some of this”

The 3 other guys all lined up against the wall, Lucy knelt behind them as she moved down the line, licking ass as she went.  Occasionally reaching around to stroke a cock, but focusing her efforts on the best tonguing they had ever had.

“Fuckk, the whore knows her place, like sucking ass do you slut?” Bill asked her.

“Eating ass is what I fucking live for” she snapped back, a wry grin on her face.

“Whore thinks she’s funny” Andy said, “Shall we put her in her place”

Grant lay back on the bed, hard dick upright, “Lets fill up all her holes, see if she can take all 4 cocks like the nasty slag she is”.

“Ride him Pinder” Nick said.

She straddled his body cunt wet and eating up his dick, looking around at the other 3 dicks, wondering where they were going.  Andy move to sit over her legs, his monster once again probing her asshole, easing in she whined, pussy and ass so full of cock.  Andy leant back on his arms, dick about halfway in, making space for Bill to stand over him.
“Ohhh fuck agaaainn?” she gasped as his cock probed against her clenched ring.

“Give me that ass slag, fucking give it or I’m taking it” Bill said.

Lucy tried to relax her sphincter, the thought of those 2 huge monsters in her ass making her nervous and excited all at the same time. She screamed as his cockhead pushed in, he kept going, driving balls deep.

“SHIIIITTTTTTT!!!” Lucy Screamed, her ass again stretched, shaking as Grant held her tight.

A hand grabbed her hair, bending her head up, Nick pushed his cock into her gasping mouth and straight down her throat.  Grant released his grip allowing her to bend upwards more, back arched, as Nick started throatfucking her hard.

Lucy gave herself over, her holes taken, she went beyond any previous limits she had set herself.  She was theirs, body taken and used, degraded, this was the most sexually fulfilled she had ever been.

“Whores cumming” Bill groaned, feeling her body shake, Lucy climaxing.

Nick thrust deep into her gullet, spit oozing and spraying down her neck and tits as she screamed and shook. Lucy came so hard, her body pounded, dicks driving in and out. Unable to vocalise she just screamed and roared, guttural primal noises as her body glowed in pure pleasure.

“Fuckkk bitch is on heat!” Andy gasped, his and Bills cocks clenched in her vice like anal spasms.

Lucy couldn’t stop, her orgasm last on and on, maybe 3 minutes or more of constant muscle spasms, shaking and screaming.  The men relented and suddenly her throat was clear her ass empty. She sat on Grant, shuddering, the camera zoomed in to see her huge breasts wobbling and shaking as she panted.

“Holy fuck” she groaned, her body finally calming from her insane climax.

“That’s one filthy whore” Nick said.

“Right Lucy, lets finish this in style, each one of us needs their balls draining, we are fucking gonna use that fuckwhore body of yours” Bill said.

Lucy groaned, just about comprehending him.  “Me first” Grant said looking up at her, “I am gonna fill that asshole with my spunk Lucy, fucking pound that ring until I cum”

He rolled her over so he was ontop, fucking her pussy for a minute or so before pulling out, pushing her back off the bed until her shoulders touched the floor, he bent her legs over Lucy grabbed them, folding herself in half for him.

“Fucking take me, take this whore asshole and fill it with your spunk” she teased.

Grant stuffed his cock up her tight ring, she groaned, her ass  was stretched already so he easily pushed balls deep. Hands on her thighs pinning her down he began thrusting, cock slamming furiously into her ass. 

“Fucking slag” he snarled, spitting down on her face, it splattered her right cheek.

Blass bashing her ass cheeks his cock went in and out, tip to base over and over, he spat on her face again, she opened her mouth waggling her tongue, “Spit in my whore mouth you cunt, I want to taste your spit” she hissed.

Grant drooled a big wad down as his cock continued slamming, Lucy swirling then swallowing it.  He slammed so hard into her, all thought now on making his balls explode, she urged him on, “Fucking use me, use my slag asshole” she gasped, “Shoot that spunk up my shitter”

His fingers dug painfully into her thighs now as he reached the point of ejaculation, cock driven so deep, cum pumping into her bowels, “Fucking yesssssss” she groaned feeling every hot spurt.
“BITCH! FUCKING NASTY SLAG!” He screamed at her as his balls emptied, “YOU FUCKING BITCH!”

Finally sated he collapsed back to the bed, the camera zooming in on Lucy’s gaping rim, getting a close up of the spunk oozing down into it.

“Ohh yeah baby” she groaned, feeling the warm cum in her ass.

The other 3 stood stroking slowly, Bill stepping up to Lucy, “On your knees slag” he said, “Open wide”

Lucy complied kneeling in front of him looking up mouth wide, he stroked the end of his cock vigorously milking it in a circular fashion.  Lucy sat there, eyes looking up at his throbbing cock, mouth wide, she eagerly awaited the cum she was about to receive.

“Beg for it slut, beg for my spunk” Bill said.

“I want it baby, I want your cum sooo bad” Lucy purred, “Fill my cumguzzler mouth with your seed”

Bill wanked faster and faster as Lucy begged for his cum, she turned on the nasty talk just for him.

“I am your cum dumpster baby, I wanna gargle your fucking semen, shoot it right in here” She begged, opening her mouth wide.

Cum dropped from his dick, thick white bombs of spunk, he groaned as it rained down into her open mouth.  Lucy squealed as the salty lumps filled her mouth, she could feel each one as she twirled her tongue in the semen soup.  Bill shot a huge load for his second attempt, Lucy felt it filling her mouth, finally balls empty he stepped back as Lucy Knelt mouth wide.

The camera zoomed in, capturing her mouth full of spunk, true to her word she tipped her head back and gargled it.  The lumpy white broth foamed and bubbled as she gargled, before returning to the view of her mouth full of spunk.  Still wide Lucy swallowed, the lumpy concoction disappearing into her belly. 

She grinned at the camera, “Total cum whore aren’t I?” she teased.

Next up was Nick, “Those fucking are mine Lucy” he said, “I want fuck them so bad, then cover them in my cum”

He stepped up replacing Bill, as she wrapped those massive mammaries around his shaft, again looking up, she winked at him as she started wanking his dick.  She stroked him expertly, this was maybe her speciality.  Lucy had lost count of how many cocks had been between her tits, probably thousands, as she whored her way into modelling.

“Faster bitch, wank my cock hard” He told her.

Lucy furiously moved her tits up and down his cock, before he pushed her back against the bed, gripping her hair and holding her tight as he then started fucking her tits.  She gripped them tightly as he pumped between them, balls dragging up her stomach as he thrust so fast and deep.

“Fuck big titted whore” he gasped, “Fuck you, fuck you, fuuuuuckk yooouuu”

His dick exploded, cum blasting up and hitting her chin, before he could pull it out and wank all over her tits.  Cum laced the soft globes, splattering all over the top, and covering them in a white criss cross of semen.

“FUCK YOU BITCH!” he roared, “FUCK YOOOOUU!!!”

Nick milked every drop from his balls as he covered Lucy’s tits, she held them up to catch ever drop, and then finally he moved to allow the camera full access.  Lucy knelt, holding her ripe melons high, as cum glistened off of the top of them.  She lifted one to her lips licking the cum from it, allowing it to drip back from her tongue onto her tits.

“Every one of you has that fantasy, titfuck Lucy Pinder and spunk on her tits” She said, looking straight down the lens, “I would do it to every single one of you if I could”.

Finally Andy moved up, his monster cock bouncing in front of her, “Drain these balls all over that nasty slag face Pinder” he said, “Wank my cock until it explodes all over your pretty cumwhore face”

   Lucy looked up gripping his dick in both hands, slowly stroking it, one rubbing his throbbing head the other up and down his shaft.  Eyes wide, red from their cumbath earlier, she set to her task.

   “Fucking talk nasty whore, tell us what a worthless fuckbucket you are” Andy said.

   “Ohh baby, spunk on my face, use it, cover me in your cum.  I want to stink of your semen for days, blast it in my hair” she said.

   Andy growled as she spat on his cockhead, swirling her hand rapidly over it, his toes curling in pleasure.  “Fucking suck your fingers and stick them up my ass” he hissed.

   Lucy eagerly did as she was told sucking her 2 fingers then reaching around and probing his asshole.  His cock swelled and twitched the moment she pushed them in, “Fucking dirty cunt” she sneered, as he groaned, “Want me to milk this cock all over my whore face, fucking drown me in it, make me your spunkplate.” She teased.

   She twisted and curled her finger in his ass, making him growl and shake, spitting up at his chest defiantly, she wanked him furiously, until finally she felt his balls rising as he was about to cum.

   “That’s it you nasty fucker, spray my whore face with your spunk” she snapped as cum pulsed from his cock.  She held it just in front of her face, cum blasting out.  Think streams splattering her forehead, clinging to her hair as he came hard.  Fingers up his ass she flexed them, his cock responding and blasting forth again, the force of his blasts making it splash from her cheeks.

   “FITHY SLAAAAGGGGG” he screamed head back cumming over and over as she fingered his asshole.

   Lucy drained every fucking drop from his balls, they were desert dry by the time she was done.  Her face coated in his huge load, she grinned as he collapsed back onto the bed, camera moving in for a close up.

   “Happy?” she said, the cum oozing down her face in large droplets, thick white streaks forming strands on her eyebrows, right eye glued shut with 3 big wads. 

“Like seeing me Raw, my inner whore revealed” she asked, “Fucking bet you do”

“Come on bitch, one final whore task for you” Nick said, “Back into the lounge”

Lucy staggered back into the lounge, the guys making her sit on the sofa.  Nick got her glass full of girlcum, and passed it over. “Need a bit of refreshment Lucy, how about a toast to your fans”

The guys all poured out a glass of champagne and surrounded her, she sat naked one hand rubbing her pussy, one hand holding the glass, as the camera framed the men around her.

“Cheers!” she said raising the glass.

“Cheers the men all said together” Draining their glasses.

Lucy lifted her to her lips and drank it back, as the camera focused on her face, recording her drink every drop of her cum.  She drained the whole glass, opening her mouth and showing it brimming, glugging it down the camera faded to black with Lucy mouth wide tongue out, staring straight down the lens.
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