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The Slumber Party Massacre XXX
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The horror story you are about to read is not based on true events. The celebrities in this story are not famous as they are depicted as everyday 18/19-year-old high school girls. For Mature Audiences Only

The following story contains:
Graphic violence
Strong Sexual Content (MF,oral,interracial)
Foul Language
Drug Use

The Slumber Party Massacre XXX: Starring: Danielle Rose-Russell, Peyton List, Mary Mouser, Lana Condor, and Jodie Comer with Randy Quaid as The Night Butcher

{For Danielle Rose-Russell and her friends, they were about to experience the most terrifying night of their lives…

In 1990, Randall Yates known as the notorious Night Butcher went on a grisly and gruesome murder spree around the Orange/Riverside/Los Angeles areas of California. He brutally slaughtered and dismembered eighteen young women between the ages of 18-30. The body count is possibly higher as more women in the same age range have been reported missing during his killing spree. Their whereabouts or remains have yet to be found.

In 1992, Yates was finally apprehended in Los Angeles after his 2-year reign of terror bringing comforted to the cities citizens. It didn’t take the jury long to reach the verdict of the death penalty by lethal injection for the convicted mass murderer. Randall went on a vow of silence, never uttering a word after being arrested and convicted.

On the morning of October 1st, 2020, after 28 years on death row, Randall was being transferred to San Quentin State Prison for his execution when the convoy transporting the sadistic killer and four law enforcement officers was involved in a deadly highway collision. Yates’s body was never recovered among the wreckage of burning convoy which contained the bodies of the four law enforcement officers. It’s believed he survived, but possibly seriously wounded.

Several hours after the deadly accident, San Diego Police Department along with authorities from neighboring cities and in conjunction with the FBI believe Randall Yates is still in San Diego and heading towards Mexico. A massive manhunt began.

The mayor of San Diego has placed the city on high alert with an 8 ‘O’clock curfew as the infamous mass murderer Randall Yates is at large…}

Around 7 ‘O’ clock somewhere north in San Diego, 45-year-old Phillip Stevenson and his 42-year-old wife Debra was cruising down a back road in their tattered RV camper when the couple spotted a man walking along the side of the road.

“Hey, honey. Should we give that poor man a lift?” Debra asked her husband while fixing the large curlers in her big bushy blonde hair. “He’s a long way from any city. Surely he could use a lift.”

“You’re right, dear. Not safe out here with that deranged maniac on the loose,” her husband agreed, pushing up his white bucket hat and adjusting his big bifocals to get a clearer look at the stranger in the bright orange jumpsuit mixed with a few burn marks. He beeped the camper horn as he got closer to the unfamiliar individual and stopped.

“Howdy, mister? Where you headed? The next town is pretty far from here. Care for a lift?” Phillip asked. “It’s just me and my wife. We’re headed in the same direction. Our baby girl is getting married this weekend. We’re so happy. We thought Amanda, our daughter, would never meet a man and move out of the house,” he rambled on. “Hop in buddy.”

Debra opened the side to the camper and the tall burly stranger entered the shoddy RV that reeked of a heavy tuna smell.

“Can I offer you some refreshments? I made some slamming lemonade. Or maybe you’ll like something to eat? Unfortunately, tuna fish on rye is all we have to offer,” Debra politely asked their guest, trying not to stare at the burnt scars on one half of his face and neck area. Her nostrils flared at the scent of his badly rotting flesh and facial hair. “Were you in an accident, mister? What’s your name? Do you need to go to the hospital?”

As they continued their journey down the back roads, the oldies music that played on the camper radio was interrupted by some breaking news.

“The residents of San Diego have been placed on a citywide 8 ‘O’ clock curfew as Randall Yates, the notorious mass murderer coined the Night Butcher in the early ’90s is currently on the loose after a terrible accident involving the convoy that was transferring Yates to San Quentin to be put to death later this evening. The San Diego authorities believe Yates is still around the San Diego area as he’s trying to make his way to Mexico. Randall Yates is in his mid 60’s and stands 6’5 with dark brown hair and a grey and black full beard, and considered extremely dangerous. It’s also noted that he could be severely wounded. Please lock your doors and windows and call 911 if you hear anything usual or see a person of suspicion in the area.”

“Oh boy, mister. Aren’t you lucky we came by and picked you up or that Yates fellow would have gotten you,” spoke Phillip.

While driving, Phillip was completely unaware that his wife Debra was in the back of the camper clenching her slice-open throat as blood ran between her fingers and onto her white moo-moo gown.

With the blood-soaked cooking knife still in his possession, the sadistic traveler stalked towards the clueless husband. A few moments later, the RV camper swerved off the road and crashed into a tree. The side door of the camper opened and the deranged killer disposed of the corpses of Mr. and Mrs. Stevenson on the side of the road like yesterday’s garbage and drove off in the badly damaged camper.

In the nearest town close to the ill-fated accident in the small suburban community known as Carroll’s Grove, Danielle Rose-Russell arrived home from a late Friday evening study group at the library. It was cut short due to the 8 ‘O’ clock curfew set in place by the mayor. With her parents and little brother out of town for the weekend visiting her mother’s sister, Danielle was permitted to have her closes friends stay over the weekend with the stipulation being; no boys allowed. Being extra cautious, her mom asked their next-door neighbor, Mr. Peterson to look in on the girls and reinforce the no boys rule.

As Danielle exited her car, she received a text alert reminding about the 8 ‘O’ clock curfew and to lock your doors and windows. The alert was immediately followed by a text from her ex-boyfriend Eric. The 5’7, light brown-haired, green-eyed ex asked if he could come over and work things out after their unexpected break up last week. He was caught kissing his ex-girlfriend but claimed she came onto him and forced the kiss.

On the other side of the driveway, a pair of eyes watched Danielle text Eric back with a hard “fuck off, leave me alone” message. The peeper approached Danielle and got close enough to place a hand on her shoulder.

“OH MY GOD!!” Danielle shrieked as she jumped with fear, dropping her cell phone and purse.

“Didn’t mean to frighten you,” spoke her 70-year-old neighbor, Mr. Peterson.

Danielle turned around to be greeted by her big bushy mustache neighbor. “Mr. Peterson. You nearly gave me a heart attack,” she replied, panting heavily with her heart rapidly beating in her chest. After taking a few deep breathes, her heartbeat slowed down, and then she kneeled to the ground to pick up her things.

“Let me help you,” her creepy neighbor insisted. The first thing he noticed was a condom had fallen out of Danielle’s purse. His lecherous eyes then wandered down her blouse for a good look at her flawless cleavage, attempting to get a momentary look of her giant heaving breasts he often masturbated. His cock twitched and started filling up the crotch area in his tight-fitted Garth Brooks jeans.

Danielle saw her creepy neighbor holding the condom, panicked, and snatched it away.

“At least you’re being safe,” he interjected as they returned to their feet. “I just want you to know that I will take my responsibly as your caregiver for the weekend serious. If you and your friends need anything, anything at all, please don’t hesitate to give me a call. I’ll be home all weekend. So you can call me day and night. I’ll be at your service.”

Danielle felt extremely uncomfortable hearing Mr. Peterson’s unwanted declaration. 

“Thanks, but I think my friends and I will be just fine for the weekend,” she gracious turned down her neighbor’s disturbing supervision. She cracked a fake smile at him and then headed towards the front door.

Mr. Peterson stood in the driveway licking his lips with his dick noticeable bulging while his eyes outlined the curves of her thick backside.

Danielle quickly got inside her house and closed the door, letting out a huge sigh of relief.

It was 7:30 pm as a crowd in the San Diego High School gymnasium watched and cheered on two rival high school volleyball teams during the closing moments of the semifinals of the tournament. Despite a killer on the loose, the volleyball tournament commenced as scheduled with an increase of security.

Peyton List was leading the home team to their first volleyball playoff finals in over a decade. Before serving the ball, Peyton looked out into the sea of people sitting in the bleachers and smiled at her boyfriend Desmond. He was a 6’1, African American sports athlete in his own right with a football scholarship to Ohio State in the fall.

After briefly flirting with her boyfriend, Peyton served the ball to her team. After some back and forth close calls, her teammate and best friend Lana Condor spiked the ball onto the opposite side of the volleyball net, scoring the winning point of the game, advancing San Diego High School into the volleyball tournament finals. The home crowd erupted into roaring cheers. The volleyball team jumped for joy and celebrated in the middle of the gymnasium. The celebration continued in the locker room and their volleyball coach, Jodie Comer entered with a winning smile on her face.

“Alright ladies, listen up, listen up. Congratulations on tonight's big win. We’re just one win away from becoming city champions,” Jodie applauded. “Now I know you all want to go out, get drunk and high off your asses and fuck some dick tonight.” The tail end of the sentence caused the volleyball players to burst into laughter. “But there is an 8 ‘O’ clock curfew in effect right now, so I advise all of you to go straight home and be safe this weekend. And again, congratulations ladies. I’m very proud of all of you. Championship finals, here we come! WHOO WHOO!”

A happy Coach Comer exited the locker room while most of the girls started undressing for the showers.

Lana, hiding behind her locker door couldn’t help but peek at her fellow teammates’ bodies, in particular the volleyball team captain and her best friend Peyton List. She gazed intimately as the petite blond threw off her uniform top, slipped out her tennis shoes. Next, her uniform shorts dropped to her feet. The luscious curves of her milky-white buns were exposed by skimpy pink underwear. Peyton then reached behind her back and unfasten her beige brassiere to reveal a pair of perky C cup breasts, appearing large on her 5’7 frame. Lana drooled at the luscious sight of her best friend’s soft funbags. The same pair of titties she has seen many times and still soaked the front of her panties each time.

Someone watching Lana walked up behind her and tapped her shoulder.

“Oh shit!” Lane gasped, freaking out and quickly turned around to see it was her other friend Mary Mouser. “Don’t fucking scare me like that...”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Why don’t you tell her already?” Mary implied to Lana’s unashamed crush on Peyton. “You can do it tonight at the slumber party.”

Lana sighed with a doubtful expression on her face. “She has a boyfriend. Plus she has talent scouts checking her out. Her life is perfect. I can’t suddenly blow all that up by telling her I’m into chicks and I want to be with you,” she explained.

“Hey bitches!” spoke Peyton from behind, startling Lana. She hugged her arms around her friend’s waist, crushing her perky naked tits against her back. “Ready for the slumber party tonight? Desmond got us some fucking booze and I got the weed. After tonight’s win, I’m looking to getting fucked up.”

Mary replied with a tiny smirk and saw the look of arousal on Lana’s face. “Oh yeah. I can hardly wait.”

Lana let out a deep low soft moan from the feeling of Peyton’s bare breasts pressed against her back.

“Well, we need to take a shower. I don’t want to keep Desmond waiting. Remember, we have a curfew,” Peyton teased, curling a Cheshire-cat like smile. She released her arms from around Lana and headed towards the shower room.

“I almost came,” replied Lana, solemnly with the front of her panties moist. Mary couldn’t help but chuckle.

Coach Comer made her way out to the parking lot which was dark and nearly empty except for her vehicle and a tattered RV camper with a smashed front and missing bumper parked a few rows down. As she got closer to her car, a man walked up from behind and shined a flashlight.

“Excuse me, ma’am. There’s a psycho killer on the loose and I see that you’re all alone out here in the dark. Would you like some protection?” the generous man offered his services.

Jodie turned around pointing a Glock handgun that startled him.

“No. I think I’m good on protect. You might be the one in need of protection school security officer Jeff Micheals. What will a baton, mace, and a stun gun do against a bloodthirsty murderer?” Jodie replied with a wicked smile, then leaned forward and locked lips with the security officer.

“Congrats on winning the game, tonight,” he congratulated, pausing their steamy hot kiss.

“You damn right and I think I deserve my present and I want it right now,” she implied, hugging her arms around his neck and planting another hot kiss.

“You want it now? Like right now?” he questioned in a funny tone.

“Fuck yeah. There’s no one out here,” she replied, trailing kisses down his face to his neck before releasing her arms from around his neck. She tucked her Glock back inside her purse and opened the door to the backseat of her vehicle. She climbed inside and spread her legs. “Give my pussy that sweet tongue, daddy.”

Jeff smiled and helped Jodie unbuckle her pants. He pulled them down along with her panties baring her cunt which was lightly layered in dark brown pubic hairs. The security officer plunged his face into her pink pussy and began giving her twat a tongue bath.

“Ohhhhhhh, fuck!” Jodie cried out from Jeff lapping way at her tight wet cunt with wild abandonment. His tongue spelled out all the letters in the alphabet. “Ugggghhhhh, Jeff! Oh god! Ohhhhh yeeeeeeeah!”

Jeff oral assaulted her juicy clitoris next, further heightening Jodie’s sexual peak.

“OHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK! Lick that pussy! Oh, fuck! Lick my pussy! Ohhhhhhhhh,yeeeeesssss!” Jodie shrieked loudly in the dark parking lot, reaching an orgasmic point of no return.

Jeff moaned while eating Jodie’s piss-soaked love tunnel with joyous savagery as she came and flooded his mouth with her creamy pussy juices. He stroked his rock-hard cock that painfully bugled inside his uniform pants.

Jodie’s body withered on her backseat and her thrashed around like a scene straight out from The Exorcist. Her eyes were rolling into the back of her head while her back arched and her hands groped her nice-sized tits over her top. Her body was deeply absorbed by waves of intense orgasms. “OOHHHHHHHHHHHH GODDDDDDDDD!!”

While immersed in her concentrated orgasms, the feeling of Jeff’s mouth on her dippy cunt stopped suddenly but his face remained buried in her hot creamy snatch.

“Hey, motherfucker! Why did you stop? I was just getting started…” Jodie’s words trailed off as she opened her eyes and saw the handle of a large cooking knife sticking out the back of Jeff’s bleeding head. Her cunt was covered in blood pouring out of Jeff’s mouth.

Jodie let out an ear-splitting scream and the car widow behind her shattered abruptly and a large arm reached inside, grabbing Jodie by her long blonde hair, and yanked her out of the car. The behemoth man slammed the screaming volleyball coach onto the pavement and stood over her.

“HELP ME!! SOMEONE HELP MEEEEE!! PLEASE HELP ME!!” Jodie screamed to the top of her lungs and with brutal force, the large man punched a fist-sized hole through her stomach and pulled out Jodie’s lungs. Her intestines spilled out of the vicious wound and into the open as her suffering ended. 

“Did you guys hear that?” Mary asked with a sudden feeling of uneasiness. The girls stopped in the hallway as they heard nothing but dead silence.

“Sounded like it came from the parking lot,” Peyton chimed in while looking at her two friends.

“How about we just wait here for Desmond to come to pick us up?” said Lana, nervously. “I mean, there is a killer on the loose. He could be right outside.”

“Lana is right. Perhaps we should call the police. That was a scream I heard,” said Mary in agreement.

“And what are the odds that he’s outside waiting to kill us? Peyton mocked. “There’s three of us and one of him. He’s been locked up in prison for how long? 100 years? He’s an old fucking geezer by now. I like our odds. Now let’s go see what or who’s bumping in the night,” she taunted her two anxious friends.

The trio made their way outside to the parking lot and spotted their coach’s car still there and the shoddy RV a few rows down.

“Isn’t that Coach’s car?” Lana noted.

Peyton took the lead walking towards Coach Comer’s car. Without getting too close, she spotted two bodies in the backseat, one on top of the other, and turned around with an “OH MY GOD” look on her face towards Lana and Mary.

“What? What?” Lana asked, trying not to panic. “Is she dead? Is the killer inside?”

Peyton held her hand over her mouth trying to contain her outburst of giggling. “Oh… my… god… Coach Comer is knocking boots the high school security guard,” she revealed, followed by bursting into laughter.

“Gross,” Lana responded with disgust on her face.

“He must be hitting her pussy real good if Coach is screaming like a freaking banshee,” Peyton mentioned with a sinful grin.

A loud engine came roaring in the girls’ direction as Peyton’s boyfriend Desmond pulled up in his silver Mustang.

“C’mon baby, let’s go,” he shouted.

“The coach isn’t the only one with plans to knock boots tonight,” Peyton spoke softly to Lana and Mary.

The girls hopped inside the silver mustang unmindful to the fact that their coach and her fuck buddy were gruesomely murdered. Randall Yates sat behind the stirring wheel of the worn-down RV camper and watched the silver mustang tear out of the parking lot like a bat out of hell. He started the engine to the camper and followed the silver mustang to the small suburban neighborhood sitting up on the hilltop…

A few minutes before curfew and the start of her slumber party, Danielle was in her bedroom getting ready to change into her most comfortable pajamas. She was unaware that her perverted old neighbor Mr. Peterson was spying on her from his bedroom window. He had a tripod with a video camera set up and a telescope pointing towards her bedroom. This was an every night occurrence since Danielle and her family first moved into the area a year ago. Mr. Peterson waited with bated breath to see Danielle naked but she either closed her curtains or changed in the bathroom. Seeing Danielle’s enormous breasts fight to become freed from her bras was the closes he ever got.

Mr. Peterson held his hard dick in one hand and steadily stroked while watching young Danielle undress to her sturdy black brassiere that barely contained her delicious meaty huge tits and white cotton panties wrapped snug around her big white booty. Despite not seeing her naked, this view was enough to make him shamelessly ejaculate his milky semen all over the window seal. The unsuspecting Danielle kept her undergarments on and changed into a two-piece blue-sky pajama set. She suddenly received a text from her ex-boyfriend Eric still begging to try and work things out.

Outside of Danielle’s house, Desmond’s silver mustang arrived and a few minutes later, the shoddy camper showed up and parked some distance away from Danielle’s house.

“No boys allowed, huh?” Desmond asked Peyton.

Mary and Lana exited the mustang while Peyton stayed back to talk to her boyfriend.

“Her creepy-ass neighbor will be watching us and I don’t want to get my homegirl in trouble. Just park the car down the street and sneak into her backyard. Text me in a few and I’ll meet you outside. Why should Coach Comer be the only one having some celebration sex?” Peyton planned out to her boyfriend and then leaned in to give him a tender kiss which had a watching Lana feel a bit jealous. Peyton exited the car and joined Mary and Lana on Danielle’s doorstep.

“Heyyyyyyy!” said an excited Danielle when she opened the door to greet her friends.

She welcomed her friends into her home with warm hugs. The girls were oblivious to the unhinged mass murderer watching from the stolen tattered camper just a few feet away.

Meanwhile, a patrol car found the mutilated bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Stevenson along the back road. He immediately called it in and Sheriff Paul Sutton arrived with half of the San Diego Police Department.

“Jesus hell… He was here alright,” said the concerned Sheriff. “This means he’s driving in a vehicle and could be halfway to Mexico by now. Let’s get some identification on the victims and find out what they were driving.”

“Might be a little bit of a problem, Sheriff,” exclaimed Deputy Harris. “Yates took out all their teeth and cut off their fingertips. It’s going to be hard to make a positive ID on the victims.”

“Well fuck me,” Sheriff Sutton blurred in an annoyed tone. “It seems the vehicle crashed into this tree taking the bumper clean off. Get a forensic team down here to analyze and get fingerprints,” he ordered. “In the meantime, send patrol units around the area. The FBI has the borders closed. He can still be in San Diego.”

Deputy Harris put out a call to several patrol units to canvas all nearby areas where the two dead bodies were found. The coroner’s office arrived to pick up the deceased bodies of the married couple. Their killer has found his next victims about to have the ultimate slumber party from hell in the small suburban community of Carroll’s Grove.

In town at a local burger joint, a group of eighteen and nineteen-year-olds along with some college students were hanging outside as if the curfew didn’t exist. One of the nineteen-year-olds was Danielle’s former boyfriend, Eric. He had no plans except to go to Danielle’s house in an attempt to make amends, but his best friend Shane dragged him to the burger joint, tired of seeing his best friend looking like a lovesick puppy.

“Cheer up, bro. There are plenty of other babes with bodacious tatas in the sea,” Shane clowned, handing a glum Eric a cheeseburger.

“Fuck you, man. Danielle is more than her huge boobs. She’s kind, warm-hearted, loving, and beautiful,” Eric described, painting a picture of his former girlfriend unaware that Shane was mouthing every word he said.

“Stop fucking around. I love Danielle,” Eric confessed.

Shane laughed and while doing so spotted two hot college girls, one blonde, the other a redhead sitting at the other end of the burger joint. They were checking the two best friends out with the “we think you guys are really hot” stare and giggle. Shane nudged Eric in the side to get his attention.

“Those babes are checking us out. Play your cards right and you’ll be screaming a different name tonight.”

Suddenly, police sirens went off as a couple of patrol cars pulled up into the burger joint parking lot. Everyone scattered like roaches immediately. Before Eric and Shane could take off, another police vehicle pulled up in front of them. Sheriff Sutton stepped out from the passenger seat, not to the surprised of Eric.

“Son,” Sheriff Sutton called out calmly.

“Father,” Eric replied nonchalantly.

“How are you doing Mr. Sutton? I see after a long day of hard police work you guys are starving. I recommend the burger tower; four juicy thick burger patties with cheese and bacon on top of each with lettuce, tomatoes, and onions in the middle, sandwiched between two soft sesame seed buns. Mmmm mmm. So delicious,” said Shane, obviously sucking up.

Eric’s dad gave Shane an irritated death stare.

“Shut the fuck up, boy. Your mama is worried about you. Get your ass home. Eric, get in the car. I’m taking you home,” his father sternly ordered.

“I’m not riding in the back of your police car like I’m some common criminal. I’ll ride with Shane. He’ll take me home,” Eric replied.

“Fine. Go straight home. There is a killer still on the loose. Your mom will never forgive me if something happens to you. I don’t think I would be able to forgive myself if something happens to you,” Sheriff Sutton emotionally responded. He got back inside his squad car and Eric and Shane watched the car drive off.

“You know your dad loves you right? I mean, you’re lucky to have a father,” Shane reminded his best friend. “If my bum of a father was here, I would hope that fucking psycho ass Yates fucking kill him.”

Eric stared questionably at Shane. “You have some major daddy issues, dude.”

The two chuckled as they walked over and got inside Shane’s black F-150 truck.

“You’re not taking me home, dude. I lied. Take me to Danielle’s house. She needs to know that I would never cheat on her,” Eric explained.

“Come on, man. I’m sure if we drive around, we’ll find those two hot babes that wanted to fuck us,” said Shane.

“Danielle is having a slumber party and I have on good authority Mary will be there,” said Eric, using Shane’s crush on Danielle’s best friend to persuade him.

“Fuck it. Let’s go crash a slumber party,” Shane announced, turning the key to his truck and peeling off to Danielle’s house.

A squad car patrolling Carroll’s Grove arrived on the street where Danielle’s house was located and spotted the damaged RV camper. The police officer slowly rode passed the suspicious RV and shined his light inside, not able to see anything. So he pulled in front of the camper and parked his car.

After exiting his vehicle, the officer shined his flashlight to survey the damage to the front of the camper and then flashed the light inside the camper’s front window to find it empty from his vantage point. He walked up to the camper’s sliding side door and gave a few knocks to see if anyone was inside.

“Hello? Anyone in there?”

Not getting a response, the officer walked around the suspicious camper before heading back to his patrol car and getting on the radio.

“Calling dispatch. This is Officer Jake Cole. I have a 10-37 in the area of…” before Officer Cole could finish his call to dispatch, his throat was slashed from ear to ear and blood rushed from the vicious wound all over his car seats and stirring wheel.

“Hello? Officer Jake Cole. What’s your location, Officer Cole? Hello? Officer Jake Cole?”  The female dispatcher on the other end called out, oblivious of the officer’s impending demise.

Officer Cole clutched the bleeding gash on his throat, and attempted to respond to the dispatcher. He fell over in his car seat gasping his final breaths. Yates took his large cooking knife and pierced the blade into Cole’s upper back and made a large split down the middle of his back. Then the mass murderer put his hand inside the blood-gushing abrasion and ripped Officer Cole’s spinal cord out of his corpse.

While Officer Cole was meeting with his untimely death, Danielle’s next-door neighbor Mr. John Peterson was ignorant of the murder that occurred from the corner of his window. The 70-old-year slapped a big wad of lotion on his hands and greased up his cock while looking through his telescope at Danielle and her slumber party guests.

“Will someone please get naked, please,” Mr. Peterson mumbled, stroking his flaccid junk.

The slumber party was underway with drinks, food, and Nicki Minaj playing low in the background. Peyton pulled out her stash of marijuana and lit a fatty to pass around.

“Those are some really cute pajamas,” Lana complimented Danielle on her nightwear.

“Thanks. My mom brought them for me,” Danielle responded as she got a text from ex-boyfriend Eric.

“Is that douchebag still bothering you?” Peyton asked after a couple of puffs on the joint and then passed it to Lana.

“Yeah. I keep telling him to fuck off and that I don’t want to talk to him,” Danielle replied with uncertainty in her tone.

“His ex-girlfriend is a vindictive bitch. No doubt she kissed him to screw with you guys. Perhaps you should talk to Eric and hear him out?” Mary chimed in.

“Speaking of talking, perhaps you should talk to his best friend Shane. That boy eye fucks you every time he sees you,” Lana informed Mary and passed her the marijuana joint. Danielle and Peyton chuckled.

“That neanderthal? No way,” Mary said in disgusted, taking a hit off the joint and started coughing. “He’s not my type.” She continued to cough.

“And what exactly is your type of man little miss squeaky clean virgin?” Peyton blatantly called out Mary. “Plan on getting laid before we all graduate?”

“I’m not going to open my legs to the first guy that I see,” Mary insinuated, passing the joint to Danielle.

“And what the fuck is that supposed to mean?” Peyton responded in an angry tone.

“Nothing. I’m just saying that I am waiting for the right guy, that’s all,” Mary humbly explained.

There was an awkward moment of silence after that brief exchange before Peyton started hysterically cracking up and the rest of the girls started laughing.

“I love you, Mary. I’m fine with my checkered history with men,” Peyton followed up and then received a text from her current boo Desmond. “I’ll be right back you guys. I gotta handle some business.”

“Tell Desmond I said, hi,” Danielle said.

Peyton chuckled. “I will,” replying and walked out of the bedroom. Mary looked over at Lana and could tell Peyton’s “sex rendezvous with Desmond” was bothering her.

“Say, let’s start watching some movies!” said Mary. “I feel like a horror movie.”

“A horror movie it is,” Danielle agreed.
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While the slumber party continued, Peyton met Desmond in the backyard and planted a passionate kiss on him.

“Let’s use the tent?” he suggested, talking about Danielle’s little brother’s sleeping tent.

“Cool. Never fucked in a tent before,” a gleeful Peyton confessed. She seductively smiled at her boyfriend and led the way to the tent.

Shortly after zipping the tent up, the horny love birds began passionately kissing and roaming their hands all over each other’s bodies. Desmond seized a handful of Peyton’s shapely round ass and squeezed. The gorgeous blond took off her top and tossed it aside revealing her scrumptious breasts encased in a pink lace bra. Desmond bent his head down and kissed the tops of her milky-white tits while his large hands undid the snaps to her bra.

The bra fell off divulging Peyton’s large perky C cups and Desmond’s lips immediately latched onto one of her big cherry nipples. He alternated back and forth between her young boobs, licking, biting, and sucking both nipples to harder than granite peaks.

While her boyfriend feasted on her supple bosoms, Peyton loosened her jeans and after a few minutes of oral attention on her beautiful flesh mounds, Desmond kissed his way down her flat toned stomach and helped his sexy girlfriend out of her jeans and pink g-string all in one fluid motion leaving her just in a pair of grey socks. Her pussy was covered in a neatly trimmed brown bush and Desmond wasted no time in sliding one of his meaty fingers inside.

“Ohhhhhh,” Peyton moaned as her man finger-fucked her tight wet cooch and his lips resumed their attack her spiked nipples.

John Peterson had a front-row seat for the action but unfortunately, his telescope and video camera didn’t come with x-ray vision.

“Rats!” he muttered with his hand full of his hard cock.

John looked up from the telescope and for a brief few seconds saw the grotesque face of a tall man standing behind him through the reflection of the window.

“Who the fuck is you?”

Without warning, Randall Yates lodged his large cooking knife into Mr. Peterson’s spinal column and then grabbed the back of his head and made his left eye eat the eyepiece of his telescope, killing the old perverted instantly. The mass murderer pulled Peterson’s cranium off the telescope and looked through the bloody eyepiece at Danielle, Mary, and Lana watching a horror movie and then turned his attention over to the rocking tent.

“OHHHH GOD, give me that big hard black cock, baby! Ohhhhhhhh fucccccck!!” Peyton loudly roared as Desmond pumped his black 8 ½ inches of meaty raw schlong inside her hot taut pussy doggy-style. His muscular torso was pressed on her sweaty back while his strong arms hugged her waist. He ferociously slammed his pelvic against her round booty, making it jiggling on every impact, and fed the entire length of his rock-hard member to her sopping tight twat. Her pale titties wildly bounced below and Desmond moved his hands upwards to hold and squeeze them.

“Is this what you wanted, huh? You want this big black dick inside your pussy?” Desmond taunted, pulling his body up and grabbing Peyton’s long blonde hair, tugging it back as he fucked the shit out of his girlfriend.


Back inside the slumber party, the TV volume was turned up loud enough to drown out the loud raunchy sex outside in the backyard, but Lana was too focus on what Peyton was doing to enjoy the movie.

Mary looked over at her worrisome friend and then momentarily glanced over to Mr. Peterson’s house where she saw a statuesque outline of a lofty man with half of his face disfigured.

“Ah fuck!” she loudly gasped.

“You okay Mary? Do you want to continue the movie?” Danielle asked.

“I-I thought, I thought I saw s-s-someone next door,” she stuttered with fear trembling in her voice.

“Probably Mr. Peterson? I mean, you know he’s a big pervert,” Danielle reiterated and looked over at Mr. Peterson’s bedroom window and saw nothing suspicious.

“But it wasn’t him that I saw… I think,” Mary replied with some doubt.

“Should we call the police?” Lana asked.

“No. I guarantee the entire station is empty looking for that maniac Yates. Mr. Peterson maybe a giant perv, but he’s harmless,” Danielle ensured.

“In any case, I’m going to go check on Peyton. Her 15 minutes were up 15 minutes ago,” said Lana.

“Are you sure?” Mary asked worried about her friend’s emotions.

Lana sighed. “Yeah… Be back in a bit and I mean it,” she chuckled and left out of the bedroom.

Danielle and Mary watched her leave the room when Danielle asked, “What was that all about?” to Mary.

Inside Mr. Peterson’s garage filled with gardening and lawn tools, Randall Yates picked up a brush cutter. The only good ear he had left perked up to the sounds of Peyton moaning and begging for her boyfriend’s cock.

“Ohhhhhhhh yeeeeeah! Ohhhhh godddd! Fuck me harder! Ughhhhhhh fuck! Make me cum, baby! Make me cum with the big dick!” the petite busty captain of the volleyball team cried out in utter lust. She was on her back with her sock-covered feet over Desmond’s shoulders as he drove the entire meaty slab of ridge hard cock balls-deep inside her dripping wet snatch.

“OH yeah, baby. I love your pussy. Oh yeah,” Desmond moaned, dropping her long silky legs to his sides and collapsing the full weight of his brawny frame on top of hers.

Peyton instantly wrapped her legs around his waist as she became immersed by intense waves of orgasms that rocked her body to the core.

“I’m cumming, baby! Ohhhh fuck, I’m cumming! OHHHHHHHHHHH – MYYYYYYYYYY– GODDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!”

As she climaxed, the sound of a brush cutter started up outside the tent by a shadowy figure. The sharp blades cut through the top of the tent and Peyton let out a blood-curdling scream matching the blood-curdling scream from the horror movie Danielle and Mary were watching. The blades descended into Desmond’s back, shedding through his flesh and bones, causing the dead weight of his frame to convulse on top of Peyton as she screamed and sobbed for her life.

With blood splattering all over the walls of the tent, the brush cutter ripped through Desmond’s muscle-bound body and started cutting into Peyton’s torso. Blood spewed from her mouth and tears streamed down her face as Randall Yates ripped her insides to sheds with the brush cutter, having gruesomely killed the young couple.

Lana finally made her way to the backyard after a pit stop to the bathroom. She noticed the shredded tent had fallen over the top of Peyton’s and Desmond’s bodies. Only their sock-covered feet stuck out as she approached them.

“Hey, you guys. I see you brought down the whole damn tent,” she joked. “I bet the whole neighborhood heard you guys. Now that you got that out of your system, we really should be heading back to the slumber party, Pey…” Lana stopped talking as shock set in, discovering the gruesome bodies of her best friend and Desmond.

“No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” she screamed in horror and began sobbing uncontrollably.

“Did you hear that?” Mary asked Danielle with an uneasy feeling. “Sounded like someone screaming outside.”

“Probably Lana discovering Peyton and Desmond butt ass naked in an awkward position,” Danielle replied.

Confused, traumatized, frightened, and sobbing, Lana’s brain was telling her to run away but her feet weren’t listening. Slowly backing away from the grisly sight, Lane bumped into Randall Yates holding an ax. She gasped while balling in tears for her life as Yates swung the ax with full force and chopped her head off in one clean swing. Blood gushed aimlessly from the stump of Lana’s neck as the body hit the ground. Her head went flying into the bushes.

While Lana met her violent end, Shane and Eric arrived at Danielle’s house. Once they got outside the F-150 truck, they noticed the suspicious tatted RV camper and patrol car parked in front.

“Well, that’s odd. Cop car but no cop?” Shane noticed.

In Danielle’s room, she and Mary were snuggling together watching the scary movie when suddenly the power in the house went out.

“What the hell?” Danielle angrily reacted. Then the doorbell rang spooking both of them.

“It could be the electrician,” Mary implied.

“Then he’s pretty fast,” Danielle responded.

Danielle dressed in her pajamas and Mary dressed in a long pink tee and blue boy shorts, made their way downstairs using the flashlight mode in their cell phones. Danielle had in her other hand her marching band baton.

“Okay, Mary. When I count to three, you open the door. Ready? 1…2…3!”

Mary opened the door as Danielle was ready to attack but stopped short when she realized it was Eric and Shane.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! It’s just us,” Eric pleaded.

“Oh my god, what are you doing here?” Danielle asked.

“I came to see you. We need to talk about that kiss,” Eric said, reminding Danielle why they broke up in the first place.

While that was happening, Shane was eyeballing Mary. She was single, shy, and a bit of a bookworm, but Shane was up for the challenge.

“Can we come in?” Eric politely asked.

“Fine, but only if one of you can restore the power to the house,” Danielle explained.

“Don’t worry, I got it covered,” Shane volunteered. “But I could use a little assist of the female persuasion?” He glanced over at Mary

Danielle looked at Mary and nodded her head to go with Shane.

“Fine,” Mary answered in a not so caring manner.

“The fuse box is in the garage so you’ll have to go through the side door through the kitchen,” Danielle pointed out. “And if you happen to see Peyton and Lana, please bring them back to the party. The guys aren’t staying long.”

The guys entered the dark house. Shane followed Mary to the garage leaving Danielle and Eric alone…

The San Diego Police Department responded to dispatch about a security guard from the San Diego High School failing to check in with his boss. His wife had called his boss asking about his whereabouts. A patrol car scouting the area for mass murderer Randall Yates discovered the appalling brutal crime scene that happened in the school parking lot. Sheriff Sutton and his men rushed to the scene and confirmed they were murdered by Yates’s hands.

“Son of a bitch,” said the frustrated Sheriff. “We’re constantly 2 steps behind this dumb murderous bastard. Do we know the name of the other victim? Any witnesses?” he asked his Deputy Harris.

Deputy Harris called over a tech officer with a laptop to show security footage captured from the parking lot surveillance camera. It showed Randall Yates killing Jeff the security guard and then walking around to the other side of the car where he viciously murdered Jodie Comer, the volleyball coach.

“No witnesses but moments later after the killings, three females show up in the parking lot. One of them took a look inside the car but doesn’t appear to be frightened, perhaps not knowing they were dead from the positioning of their bodies and then a mustang believed to be silver arrives and all three females get inside. Another camera captures an RV camper driving off just as the mustang leaves the parking lot,” Deputy Harris explained

“That gotta be Yates,” confidently said the Sheriff. “Can we get a license’s plate on that RV or mustang?”

“The video is too dark and grimy. Might take a couple of hours to clean up the video footage to get a clear reading on both license plates,” the tech officer explained.

“Get to work. If we don’t find that maniac Yates, I’m afraid those young ladies are in serious trouble…”

Back in Carroll’s Grove at Danielle’s house, she and Eric stood in the middle of the dim-lighted living room for an awkward couple of minutes before Danielle broke the ice.

“You said you wanted to talk, so talk. You have five minutes before I’m throwing you out,” she said in a commanding tone.

Eric moved in and suddenly gave her a long fiery kiss. She resisted for a few seconds, but gave into temptation, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing back. His hands were already at work unbuttoning her pajama top and Danielle let the top slip off her shoulders and to the floor. Her huge bra-encased breasts were squashed up against his chest making Eric moan during their kiss.

She felt his hard-on pressed up against her crotch and worked to get his pants unzipped and unbuckled. Eric threw off his shirt and stepped out of his shoes as Danielle dropped to her knees pulling both his pants and boxers to his ankles. He stepped out of them with his hard and swollen decent-sized cock waggling between his legs, taunting Danielle like a carrot to a racehorse.

She seized his prick and took it in her mouth, stroking her lips up and down the throbbing length of his hard member, bobbing her head precisely back and forth. She had one hand tugging on the root of his hard cock while the other cupped his dangling balls for a massage. Eric quivered and moaned as he ran his fingers through her thick golden-brown hair.

“Oh god, Danielle. Ohhh yeah,” Eric cried in pleasure.

While his best friend was receiving a blowjob from his busty ex in the living room, Shane was alone with Mary in the dark garage looking at the fuse box on the wall.

“Hey Mary, listen… I like you a lot and I know you wouldn’t be interested in a big oaf like me and…” before Shane finished his confession, Mary pushed the big guy up against Danielle’s father’s workbench and planted a kiss on him, catching the young man by surprise.

“Is it true that you have a big penis?” Mary blatantly asked after the unsuspecting the kiss.

“Well, I mean, I’m no John Holmes, but I haven’t gotten any complaints about the size of my dick, I mean, penis,” he confidently replied.

Mary gasped. “Can I see your big penis?” she asked in her angelic voice with an eager expression on her face. “Truth be told, I’ve never seen a real live penis…”

“Uh, okay,” Shane agreed in a dumbfounded tone, looking into Mary’s gorgeous eyes and the wide-bright smile on her face. He hopped up on the workbench and Mary started undoing his jeans.

“Listen… I want to lose my virginity tonight. Is that okay?” Mary asked.

“I will be honored to take your virginity,” Shane replied, smiling from ear to ear.

Mary pulled his pants and underwear down to his ankles and exposed his large flaccid cock.

“Wow! Your dick is really big!” she gasped, marveling at the length and girth of her first penis. She grabbed his big long wiener with both hands, feeling the heaviness in her palms and still in amazement at his huge manly cock. She put her nose up to his shaft and inhaled his masculine scent.

“If you want, you can suck on it. It gets a lot harder,” he suggested.

“I know what a blowjob is. I’m a virgin, but I’m not stupid when it comes to sex,” Mary smartly snapped back. She gave his big dick a swift and steady hand job to get it semi rock hard. She started licking around the big mushroom head of his cock with wild abandonment, then moved her tongue along the sides of his fully extended enormous cock, up and down each side, and then focused her tongue on the sensitive underside causing Shane to repeatedly moan.

Shane had his eyes closed savoring the wet and sloppy lick job Mary was giving his big fat cock until a pair of gardening shears went directly through his eye sockets.

The young virgin took a small portion of his meaty rod between her lips and started sucking when she felt a sudden trickle of blood landing on her, breaking her oral concentration. She looked up and saw the grisly sight of gardening shears plunged in Shane’s eye sockets. Mary became mortified. She let go of Shane’s cock and back away from his corpse only to bump into Randall Yates. She turned around to face the murderous lunatic with overwhelming fear surging through her body and let out a high-pitch scream just as Danielle let out a roaring scream while riding on top of Eric’s cock.

The ex-lovers were hot and sweaty on the floor in Danielle’s living room. She bounced up and down on his throbbing hard member while his hands were groping and massaging her irresistibly massive fun-bags.

“Oh my god, Eric… Oh my god,” Danielle moaned, leaning forward to smash her huge knockers into his face.

One of Eric’s favorite things to do when they had sex was motorboating between Danielle’s giant soft titties. After having his face stuffed between her jugs for what felt like an eternity, Eric gave each hefty pound of flesh on her chest a good oral sucking while plunging his rampant cock inside her gooey-wet tight cunt. Danielle’s small erected nipples were extremely sensitive to the touch and the quickest way to make her cum. Her pussy shuddered over his rock-hard manhood as she experienced wave after wave after wave of intense orgasms.

“Ohhhhhhh! Here I cum, here I cum, here I cum, here I CUMMMMMMMMM!!” Danielle cried, pulling up and arching her back during her powerful climaxes.

Meanwhile, her best friend was at the end of the most traumatizing experience of her life as The Night Butcher was mounted on top of Mary and pummeled her beautiful face with his bare knuckled-fists in bloody mincemeat making her unrecognizable. Barely conscious and breathing, Mary quietly sobbed as she knew her life was over.

Randall Yates dragged her unresponsive body over to Danielle’s father’s expensive wood chipper, leaving a blood trail. He revved up the wood chipper and the sharp blades began spinning, ready to slice and dice. He picked up Mary’s body like a ragdoll and flung her over his shoulder. Like a lawn dart, Yates tossed her face-first inside the wood chipper, shedding her head down to her waist into pieces of bloody chunks. An abundance of blood and human flesh splattered everywhere. The wood chipper started malfunctioning from being clogged by chunks of flesh and bones. 

Back inside the house, Eric left a hefty pool of hot sticky cum in Danielle’s immaculate cleavage from the relentless pounding he gave massive soft knockers until he reached his epic sexual peak. After the unanticipated sex, the two former lovebirds cuddled on the floor wrapped in a sheet until Danielle realized that none of her friends mistakenly walked in and the electricity was still out.

“Why is the power still out? Where is Peyton, Mary, or Lana? And I swore I heard my father’s wood chipper going off in the garage. What the hell is going on?” she asked with an uneasy feeling surging through her body. She reached over to check her cell phone and received no calls or texts from her missing friends.

“Yeah… Shane hasn’t returned either,” said Eric, as he stood up and started getting dress. “Stay here and I’ll go look for everyone.” After throwing on his tank top, jeans, and shoes, Eric headed towards the garage to investigate their missing friends.

Back in the high school parking lot, the Sheriff and his police squad were trying to figure out their next move when a call came in from the forensics team about the missing camper and the two dead bodies.

“The decease victims are Phillip and Debra Stevenson. They were owners of a 2005 RV camper. Get the word out on the model and license plate,” the Sheriff ordered.

“Sheriff Sutton! Sheriff Sutton!” an officer called out in urgency as he ran over to the Sheriff. “Dispatch received a call from a patrol car in the Carroll’s Grove community. His call was cut short before he could give dispatch his location on a suspicious vehicle. It was Officer Jake Cole who made the call.”

“Carroll’s Grove, Carroll’s Grove. Why does that community sound familiar,” the Sheriff asked himself.

“Doesn’t Eric’s girlfriend live in Carroll’s Grove I thought I heard you mention one time?” Deputy Harris answered.

“And knowing my son the way that I do…shit.” Sheriff Sutton pulled out his cell phone and speed-dialed his son. Eric’s cell was ringing on the couch in Danielle’s living room until it went straight to voicemail.

“Shit. He’s not answering,” he said. His phone then rung and it was his wife. He answered to her being worried about their son’s whereabouts. Sheriff Sutton promised to find their son and bring him home. “Get every available unit to Carroll’s Grove, now!”

The street of Carroll’s Grove was dark and deserted with no signs of life thanks to the psychotic mass murderer on the rampage. An officer was dead inside his vehicle and a 70-year-old man met his untimely fate inside his bedroom. It started thundering and lightning which startled Danielle as she attempted to call her friends and got nothing but voicemails.

“Fuck. Where the hell are you guys?” she questioned herself. She put her phone down and grabbed Eric’s blue and black checkered flannel shirt and threw it on. She then headed upstairs to go clean up before joining Eric on the search for her friends.

Eric was in the garage and saw no signs of his best friend Shane and Mary, but he spotted the fuse box on the side of the wall near the garage door. As he walked over to the fuse box, he nearly fell slipping on a wet substance but caught his balance.

“What the fuck,” he exclaimed.

Eric hit the switch turning the power back on to the house. He looked down on the ground to see multiple trails of blood. He kneeled to get a closer look.

“Is this blood?” he questioned and dripped his fingers into the red substance. “Holy shit,” came out of his mouth while looking at the blood on the tip of his fingers.

He began to panic which caused him to hyperventilate. He quickly stood and to his horrifying surprised, he looked up and saw Shane hanging down the ceiling of the garage with a water hose tied around his neck and gardening shears in place of his eyes.

“W-WHAT THE F-FUCK?!?!” shouted the stuttering and struck with fear Eric. He got up and slipped on the pool of blood, falling, bruising his rib, and hitting his head on the ground. Eric regained consciousness after a couple of minutes. His vision was a bit hazy and gaining his full sight he saw Mary’s legs and feet sticking out from the wood chipper and that turned him ghostly pale. “HOOOOLY FUCCCCCCCCK!!”

The power came back inside the house while Danielle was in the bathroom cleaning up. She was using a candle to see in the mirror.

“Finally,” she said relieved. She hunched over the bathroom sink to splash water on her face. Unbeknownst to the busty buxom due to the loud water, her cell phone started ringing from Eric’s father, but it was next to his son’s phone downstairs.

Danielle grabbed a towel to dry her face and then opened her eyes as lightning flashed outside. From his reflection in the mirror, Danielle was nearly startled to death by Randall Yates as he stood behind her. She screamed and inadvertently knocked the candle onto the ground. The rug next to the tub caught fire.

Randall stalked towards Danielle in the burning bathroom as she scrambled to find something to defend herself. Grabbing a bottle of hairspray, she sprayed The Night Butcher in the face and momentarily blinded him so she could make a daring escape.

Wearing only her ex-boyfriend’s flannel and a pair of panties, Danielle attempted to push pass Yates only for his hand to reach out and snatch the big-tittied girl by her hair and dropped her to the floor. She screamed, kicking her legs trying to free herself from his clutches.

“Let me go, asshole! Get the fuck off me!”

Randall answered her demand and tossed Danielle through a wooden door leading into her brother’s bedroom. He stalked towards Danielle and even after being thrown through the wooden door, the busty beauty crawled her way out of the wooden pieces trying to escape the deranged murderer. 

“Back the fuck off her, freak!” Eric yelled as he took a crowbar he found in Danielle’s garage and nailed Randall in the head, knocking the psycho killer to the ground. “And this is for Shane,” he announced while delivering another blow with the crowbar. “And this is for Mary, you sick freak,” delivering another hit to Yates’s head.

“Mary?” Danielle muttered and started sobbing. Eric went over to his ex and embraced her with a comforting hug. “That bastard killed Mary?”

“Let’s get the fuck out of here and call my dad and tell him we got…” his words were cut off by the hook end of a crowbar thrust into the back of his head.

“ERICCCCCCC!!” a heavily sobbing and frighten Danielle screamed as she crawled away from Randall Yates holding Eric’s body off the ground by the crowbar in the back of his head.“STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP IT! LEAVE HIM ALONE!!” she screamed.

Ignoring her, Randall lifted Eric in the overhead gorilla press position and tossed him out the bedroom window. His body went hurling onto Mr. Peterson’s wooden fence below, impaling his body onto one of the large wooden pieces.

Danielle looked outside and let out a blood-curdling scream viewing the grotesque scene of her former boyfriend with a large wooden board impaled through his body. She quickly ran out of the bedroom and headed downstairs. She ran into the kitchen, scrambling to find a knife to defend her.

Shortly after Randall was standing in the kitchen doorway and forced the scared shitless Danielle to run outside into the pouring heavy rain. Once outside she regrettably saw the dead bodies of two best friends Lana, Peyton, and Peyton’s boyfriend Desmond piled on top of each other. She let out another scream as Yates stood behind her with malice in his eyes.

Improvising, Danielle grabbed a lantern hanging from the patio and threw it into the mass murderer’s face giving her some much needed time to escape. He let out a primal grunt, swinging his large knife around wildly trying to cut anything near him.

Danielle ran and tripped a couple of times in deep mud puddles trying to escape. She, unfortunately, twisted her ankle on the last fall but stood and limped her way to the front of the house continuing to cry and scream for help while amid the terrible thunderstorm. She managed to carelessly limp into the middle of the street and like a deer caught in headlights, she frozen as a police car came to a screeching halt and thumped her onto the street.

“Oh shit,” shouted Deputy Harris as he got out of the police car to check on Danielle, hoping she’s still alive.

Sheriff Sutton got out of the police car to see The Night Butcher Randall Yates standing in the middle of the street in the pouring heavy rain wielding a large kitchen knife. Out of the corner of his eye, Sutton spotted a corpse skewered on the wooden fence. He immediately knew it was Eric from his son’s sneakers. He fought back his tears of grief and turned his brief mourning into anger.

Several police officers got out of their vehicles with 9mms, shotguns, and fully loaded automatic rifles aimed at the murderous Randall Yates.

Without fear, Randall Yates charged with homicidal intentions towards Deputy Harris while he shielded a still breathing Danielle.

“LIGHT THAT SICK SON OF A BITCH UP!” Sheriff Sutton shouted, ordering his entire police unit to open fire. He had his gun out and fired the first shots at the convicted mass murderer.

It was like an old fashion firing squad as every police officer opened fire and pumped bullets into the hideous killer known as The Night Butcher…
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Re: The Slumber Party Massacre XXX
« Reply #2 on: October 02, 2020, 08:22:50 AM »
Great story! Funny, scary and gory with tons of hot sex and Jodie Comer. What more could you ask for really? Good work!
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Re: The Slumber Party Massacre XXX
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Pretty funny story. Comedy and big tits are your trademarks  ;)
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Re: The Slumber Party Massacre XXX
« Reply #4 on: October 03, 2020, 02:11:34 AM »
You had the nuts to write this and I was amused by the 80s horror movie set up. Hell yeah.
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Re: The Slumber Party Massacre XXX
« Reply #5 on: October 03, 2020, 09:50:05 AM »
This was pretty enjoyable though was disappointed there wasn't a Lana Condor sex scene.

Really amusing with the horror movie cliches.
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Re: The Slumber Party Massacre XXX
« Reply #6 on: October 03, 2020, 01:57:16 PM »
Thanks everyone. Glad you enjoyed.

I love horror movies, so I was happy to be able to write a horror story.


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