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Fuck Talk (Multiple Celebrities) [Chapter 6 Posted]
« on: November 04, 2020, 03:55:46 PM »
Fuck Talk
Written by Calibur009

Chapter 1
Starring: Victoria Justice
Co-Starring: Alison Brie
Featuring: Samara Weaving, Alexandra Daddario & Kiernan Shipka

Hi there! I’m Victoria Justice and I was recently hired as the host of a brand new talk show named Fuck Talk! Now I will admit that I was a little apprehensive about it at first. But I’m grateful for this new venture because honestly my career had been pretty stagnant before my new career path as host of Fuck Talk. It has given me the opportunity to not only be in the public eye again but have a lot of naughty fun too. So this is how it all began.

Victoria’s House

On a warm summer evening in Hollywood, California, Victoria Justice is at her home working out. She is wearing dark blue Fabletics and is literally breaking a sweat as she continues her workout.

Victoria stops exercising when she receives a phone call from her agent Gary. He informs Victoria that he has landed her an audition to be the host of a new late night talk show.

Victoria in an excited tone says “Wow! That is amazing news Gary! So the producer of the show wants me to come in tomorrow morning for the audition? That is fine! I'll be there bright and early. Thank you so much Gary. Goodbye”!

Victoria puts her phone down and says “Well it isn’t a film project but it’s better than nothing. But who knows this may turn out to be a great opportunity”. Victoria smiles, takes a shower and retires to bed early for the audition that awaits her in the morning.

D.F. Studios

The following morning Victoria arrives at D.F. Studios where the auditions for the talk show are being held. Victoria is dressed in a black blouse, denim skirt and black ankle boots. As she enters the studio Victoria says “It’s funny that I’ve never heard of this studio before”!

When Victoria enters the studio’s lobby she sees that Samara Weaving is there as well. Samara is wearing a short yellow sundress and tan heels.

Victoria sits next to the Australian actress and says “Hi Samara! So you’re auditioning for host of the talk show too”?

Samara replies “Hi Victoria! I figured it would be fun to host a talk show about sex”.

Victoria then says “Wait a minute! It’s a talk show about sex?! Gary didn’t mention anything about that when he told me about the audition”.

Samara replies “Well sex is the theme of the show. From what I understand when the producer makes their decision for the host they’re going to begin filming the first episode for it”.

As the two actresses converse Alexandra Daddario & Eiza Gonzalez make their exit from the producer’s office. Both women are wearing short form fitting dresses that expose their cleavage and legs. Alexandra’s dress is red and Eiza’s dress is black.

Eiza gives Alexandra a cold glare and has an angry look on her face. Eiza walks right past Samara & Victoria without saying a word to them and storms out of the studio.

Alexandra on the other hand is all smiles and does stop to speak to her peers. She says “Hey! I haven’t seen you two in a while”!

Victoria replies “Hi Alex! Yes it has been a while”.

Samara responds “Hi Alex! Did the producer make their choice for host already”?

Alexandra replies “Not yet! But I think I have a pretty good shot of landing it though.

Alexandra then says “How about we all go out for drinks later”?!

Victoria replies “Okay I’ll take you up on that offer Alex”.

Samara responds “Yeah that does that sound good”.

Alexandra replies “Great! I’ll see you two later at Roger’s Bar”. The busty actress then exits the studio.

Victoria says “Alexandra seemed pretty confident”.

Samara replies “If I was wearing a dress like that and had those tits I would be too”.

As Victoria & Samara laugh, Kiernan Shipka sporting glasses with black frames, wearing a red blouse, short black skirt, heels and holding a clipboard with a list of names walks out of the producer’s office.

The cute brunette actress says to them “The producer is ready to see you now”!

Victoria & Samara look surprised to see her and Victoria says “Kiernan?! You’re the producer’s assistant”?!

Kiernan grins and replies “Yes I am! A girl has to make some extra cash in Hollywood somehow! Anyway you two come on into the office”!

Victoria & Samara then tell each good luck and follow Kiernan into the producer’s office.

Once inside the office Victoria & Samara see several muscular men wearing black t-shirts, jeans and shades standing in a row to the left, a huge tan couch on the right, a large desk in the far center of the office and two chairs side by side in front of the desk.

Kiernan says to Victoria & Samara “Please take a seat the producer will address you after she’s done talking some business”.

Victoria & Samara do as Kiernan suggests and take a seat. Victoria sits in the chair on the right and Samara sits in the chair on the left.

There is a female voice coming from the office chair which is turned around. Once she is done talking on her phone she turns her chair around to face Victoria & Samara.

The woman is Alison Brie. She is wearing a short navy blue skirt suit and a name tag that says Ms. Brie. Alison says “Welcome to the audition ladies! You’re the last two actresses that I need to see today. Once a decision has been made between you two there will be one final audition tomorrow”.

Victoria says “Wow! I had no idea that you were the producer of this show Ali...I mean Ms. Brie”.

Samara replies “I didn’t either”!

Alison smiles and responds “I’m actually the executive producer as well as the creator of the show. But I don’t like to brag. Well maybe a little”!

Alison chuckles and then says “Anyway! Fuck Talk is my brain child and I recently signed a deal with DigitalFlixxx for them to stream it on their website. They also set me up in this incredible office too”!

Samara then says “Isn’t DigitalFlixxx that online streaming site that only airs x-rated celebrity shows”?!

Alison replies “Yes it is Samara! That is why it is the perfect home for a show like Fuck Talk”!

Victoria responds “Don’t get me wrong I’m no prude. But isn’t that name a little too explicit? No offense Ms. Brie”!

Alison replies “No offense taken Victoria. I’m aware the title is a bit in your face but it grabs your attention right away. But the title makes sense because the show will be all about...fucking”!

Alison goes on to say “You see every week the host is going to interview a celebrity. The host will ask them questions about their sex lives and they’ll answer them. Maybe they’ll even fuck on the show too”. Alison then winks at Victoria & Samara.

Victoria then says “That’s fine Ms. Brie. But what exactly does the audition process for the show involve”?

Alison smiles, looks at Victoria and replies “Do you see all of those men behind you?! That is what the audition involves”!

Victoria & Samara look at each other. Then Samara says “Ms. Brie! Do you want us to have sex with all of those men”?!

Alison chuckles and replies to the Australian actress “Yes! But not with all of them”.

Alison stands up from her office chair, walks to the front of her desk and sits down on top of it facing Victoria & Samara. She then says “You see earlier this morning Alexandra & Eiza had a titfucking contest for their audition which Alexandra won. To say that Eiza was pretty pissed off about losing is an understatement”.

Samara then says “Okay but I still don’t understand! What does fucking some guys have to do with hosting this show”?!

Victoria replies “I don’t understand that either Ms. Brie”.

Alison sighs and responds “You see ladies in addition to being charismatic on camera I want the host to be very open sexually. What better way to do that than by performing an explicit sexual act on a whim”!

Alison then says “So ladies what is it going to be? If you don’t want to go through the audition process that is perfectly fine. I’ll just call Alexandra right now and let her know that she has the hosting job and…

Before Alison can finish her sentence Victoria & Samara say in unison “We’ll do the audition”!!

Alison with a big grin replies to them “Splendid! Just follow me over to the couch ladies”!

Alison, Samara & Victoria walk over to the couch. Victoria & Samara then take a seat on the couch.

Victoria says “Alright! Ms. Brie, what do you want us to do with the guys”?

Samara replies “Yes Ms. Brie! What are we going to be doing here”?

Alison grins and looks at the group of men she refers to as her A-Team. She then points at two of them. Alison says “Brad & Jason I’m going to require your skills for this audition”.

Brad, a Italian man and Jason, a brown skin black man walk towards and stand next to Alison.

Alison then says to Victoria & Samara “Your audition is going to be what I like to call a Free-For-All-Fuckfest! It will be as many sex positions as you like within the time limit”!

Both Samara & Victoria begin to remove their clothing. Both actresses are now nude sitting on the couch. Brad & Jason also remove their clothes.

Alison says “Okay Samara & Victoria you have twenty minutes. The first one to make their man cum returns tomorrow for the final audition. So let the fuckfest begin! Kiernan if you’ll do the honors”!

Kiernan replies “Of course! Ms. Brie”! She then starts a stopwatch and sets it to twenty minutes to count down the time.

As soon as timer begins Victoria & Samara start to fuck Brad & Jason. Victoria lays down on her back, spreads her legs and Brad inserts his big cock into her pussy and starts fucking her. On the other side of the couch Samara is being banged from behind by Jason. Both actresses moan in pleasure as they’re being fucked by the two men.

Victoria is now riding Brad while Samara is laying on her back as Jason fucks her. A few more minutes pass and Victoria & Samara switch partners and now Victoria is being fucked from behind by Jason while Samara is riding Brad reverse cowgirl. Both women continue to moan in pleasure as they’re being fucked.

Alison & Kiernan watch on and Alison says “Pick up the pace ladies! You’ve only got five minutes”!

Victoria begins riding Jason’s cock faster and Samara is now being fucked in the spoon position by Brad who begins to fuck her faster.

Victoria says to Jason “You’re fucking me so good”!

Samara says to Brad “Keep fucking me just like that”!

Both Victoria & Samara are now furiously sucking Brad & Jason’s cocks. A few seconds later Brad cums onto Victoria’s face and soon after that Jason’s blows his load onto Samara’s face.

Kiernan stops the timer and Alison claps and says “Congratulations Victoria! It’ll now be you and Alexandra for the final audition tomorrow”.

Victoria replies “Thank you Ms. Brie! I’ll definitely be back tomorrow”.

Samara then says “Congrats Victoria”! Victoria replies “Thanks Samara”!

Kiernan then hands the two actresses a couple of wet naps so they can clean themselves up.

As they wipe themselves clean, Alison says “Well that is the end of the auditions for today. Victoria I’ll see you again tomorrow”.

Samara & Victoria get dressed, leave Alison’s office and exit the studio.

Now outside of the studio Victoria says “Well I wasn’t expecting the audition to go like that. But I have a great feeling that I can land that hosting job tomorrow”.

Samara replies “Speaking of which are you going to tell Alexandra that it’s down to you two for host of Fuck Talk”?

Victoria responds “Yes! I’m going to tell her Samara. There’s no reason to keep it a secret”. Victoria then says “Well I’m heading home now. I’ll see you at the bar later Samara”.

Samara replies “Okay Victoria I’ll see you there”.

Roger’s Bar

Later that day Victoria, Alexandra & Samara are seated at a table having a few drinks at Roger’s Bar. The trio of women are all dressed in casual clothing.

Alexandra says “So what did Alison have you two do for your audition”?

Samara replies “We competed in what she called a Free-For-All-Fuckfest and Victoria won”.

Victoria responds “Yeah but it was pretty close though. Alexandra it’ll be you and me for the final audition tomorrow”.

Alexandra drinks some of her beverage and says “Okay that’s cool Victoria. I guess we better be prepared for whatever Alison has planned for us tomorrow”.

Victoria laughs and replies “Absolutely! Alison’s audition process is pretty unconventional to say the least”.

Samara responds “Well good luck you two”.

Victoria & Alexandra tell Samara thanks as they all continue to drink their alcoholic beverages and have a great time at the bar.

Alison’s Office

It is the following day back at D.F. Studios and the sounds of women moaning in pleasure are coming from inside of Alison’s office.

The women are Alexandra & Victoria riding the big cocks of two white twin brothers on the couch while Alison along with Kiernan watch the action.

Alison is now dressed in a gray version of her skirt suit and Kiernan is wearing a tight black sleeved shirt and short plaid skirt. Kiernan is also keeping track of time again.

Alison says to Alexandra & Victoria “I understand that you two ladies are enjoying the Ride ‘Em Cowgirl portion of your audition. But you only have three minutes left to make Billy & Jimmy blow their loads”!

Alexandra & Victoria begin grinding on their guys’ dicks even faster. The two actresses are now riding Billy & Jimmy’s cocks so fast that their amazing sets of tits begin bouncing even more than usual.

Victoria & Alexandra continue to cry out in ecstasy as they’re being fucked by the twin brothers. After a few more minutes Billy says he’s about to cum and Victoria hops off of his cock and he proceeds to blast a huge load of cum onto her tits.

Victoria’s slender body is now covered in sweat along with the cum on her tits. She then sits down next to Billy and catches her breath.

Kiernan stops the timer and Alison claps. She then says “Bravo! I finally have my host for Fuck Talk! Congratulations once again Victoria”!

Victoria says “Thank you Ms. Brie! I’m ready to begin filming the show whenever you like”.

Alison replies “That’s great! Because we’re filming the first episode in two hours. So I need you to get yourself cleaned up and ready to be on set soon”.

Victoria responds “Yes of course Ms. Brie”.

Kiernan says “You can use Ms. Brie’s executive bathroom to clean yourself up Victoria”. She then points a still nude Victoria to the direction of the bathroom.

Victoria says “Thank you Kiernan”! Victoria then enters it to bathe and freshen herself up.

After Victoria leaves Alison says to Kiernan “I really think she is going to be a great host”!

Kiernan replies “She definitely has potential Ms. Brie”!

Alison then gasps because she realizes that Alexandra is still fucking Jimmy. Alison turns around and says to “Alexandra! You can stop fucking now, Victoria won”!

Alexandra is now covered in sweat and her hair is a complete mess as she continues to bounce up and down on Jimmy’s cock. After a few more minutes Alexandra hops off of his cock and begins to suck Jimmy’s dick. She does this until a sizable load of cum sprays her face.

Alexandra says “Fuck! That was so good”! She then notices Alison behind her and says “I’m sorry Ms. Brie but Jimmy here was fucking me so good I didn’t want to stop”.

Alison laughs and replies “Well I can’t blame you! I’ve given both Billy & Jimmy as well as the rest of my A-Team several “test drives”. So I know how great they can fuck”!

Alison thinks for a moment and then says "Alexandra how would you like to be a guest on an upcoming episode of Fuck Talk”?

Alexandra replies “Wow! I would love to appear on the show”!

Alison responds “Great! I’ll have Kiernan call you to set it up”.

Alexandra then says “That’ll be fine! Thanks again Ms. Brie”!

Alexandra cleans herself up, puts her halter top, short black shorts and heels back on. She then waves goodbye to Alison as she exits the office.

Billy & Jimmy stand up from the couch and leave the office as well.

Alison says “Boys you forgot your...clothes”! Alison then looks at the couch which is stained with cum and sweat.

Alison says “Kiernan remember to have the cleaning crew sanitize the entire couch later”!

As Alison walks off, Kiernan replies “I’ll take care of it Ms. Brie”. Kiernan then takes a note of it.

End of Chapter 1
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Re: Fuck Talk (Multiple Celebrities) [Chapter 1]
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Very novel idea and it’s about time Samara got some stories written about her!  Great start to the series.
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Re: Fuck Talk (Multiple Celebrities) [Chapter 1]
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I agree with DarkSwordsman on both counts. Really like this first chapter in a fun story and Samara Weaving is an underrated story choice
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Re: Fuck Talk (Multiple Celebrities) [Chapter 1]
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Love the idea and excited to see what other guests show up!

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Re: Fuck Talk (Multiple Celebrities) [Chapter 2 Posted]
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Chapter 2
Starring: Victoria Justice
Co-Starring: Alison Brie
Featuring: Nina Dobrev & Kiernan Shipka


Victoria is now seated backstage of the Fuck Talk set. She is wearing cherry red lipstick, a short designer blue dress that shows off her cleavage and legs as well open toe stiletto heels.

Victoria is going over the questions she will be asking the guest who will be appearing on the premiere of Fuck Talk. As she is doing this Alison along with a tall white man with light brown hair, a neatly trimmed beard and wearing a dark blue business suit walks towards her.

Alison says “Victoria I would like for you to meet Mick Rawlings. He is the DigitalFlixxx representative responsible for the studio picking up Fuck Talk. Mr. Rawlings is also here to watch the filming of the first episode of the show”.

Victoria replies “Nice to meet you Mr. Rawlings and I hope you enjoy the show”.

Mick responds “Nice to meet you as well Victoria. Alison told me that she just hired you today to be the host. But I think you’ll do a fine job”.

Victoria then says “Thank you! But I haven’t actually signed a contract yet”.

Alison replies “Don’t worry about it Victoria. We’ll take care of all that legal business after the first show is filmed okay”.

Victoria then says “That’s fine Ms. Brie. Who is going to be my guest”?

Alison replies “Nina Dobrev! I believe you know her”.

Victoria laughs and responds “My twin! Yes I know Nina it’ll be fun to chat with her tonight”.

A few minutes later and the first episode of Fuck Talk begins filming.

Fuck Talk: Episode One

The introduction of Fuck Talk shows a graphic of two women gossiping in front of a purple background. It is accompanied by cheesy 1990s style music. The words Fuck Talk then appear on the screen written in neon pink letters. A female narrator using an overly sexual voice begins to speak and says “Welcome to Fuck Talk! The only late night celebrity sex talk show with your host Victoria Justice”!

The set of Fuck Talk is now shown. It consists of gray walls, a long purple three seat couch for the guests and across from it is the host chair which is also purple. Lastly the Fuck Talk logo is on the wall behind the host chair.

Victoria then walks onto the set, smiling and waving at the camera before taking a seat in the host chair. Once she is seated the camera zooms in closer to her.

Victoria with a big smile says “Hello! I’m Victoria Justice and welcome to the premiere episode of Fuck Talk! I’ll be your host tonight so let’s have some fun and get into some Fuck Talk”!

Victoria then says “Let me introduce my guest for the premiere of Fuck Talk. She portrayed Elena Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries and has appeared in the films The Perks of Being a Wallflower and XXX: Return of Xander Cage. She is Nina Dobrev”!

Nina Dobrev walks out from backstage and onto the Fuck Talk set. Nina is wearing a short red designer dress with matching heels. When Nina makes her way onto the set she and Victoria hug. She then takes a seat on the guest chair.

Victoria says “Welcome to Fuck Talk, Nina! How have you been”?

Nina replies “I’m doing well Victoria! Life is pretty good for me right now. Hey! Do you remember when people would say that we look alike and even make jokes about it”?

Victoria laughs and responds “I sure do! I remember those jokes very well. Nina I still have people tell me to this day that we could be twins”.

Nina laughs then replies “Well we do kind of look alike don’t we Victoria”?

Victoria in a humorous tone replies “Well we are twins after all. So of course we would look alike”!

Nina & Victoria then both laugh.

Alison & Mick are watching the show on a monitor from backstage.

Mick says “Victoria is quite energetic isn’t she? Alison I think you made the right decision casting her to be the host”.

Alison replies “I think so too! Victoria is doing a fine job”.

Victoria says to Nina “I also see we’re both wearing the same type of dress”!

Nina smiles and replies “Yes we are! I guess great minds really do think alike Victoria”!

Victoria responds “That’s very true Nina”!

After a few more minutes of small talk Victoria finally asks Nina a question about her sex life.

Victoria says “Okay Nina since this is Fuck Talk. I have to ask you a question about your sex life. So are you ready”?

Nina replies “I’m ready Victoria! What is the question”?

Victoria asks “Nina what is your favorite sexual activity”?

Nina laughs and answers “Well Victoria my favorite sexual activity is fucking guys with my gal pals! I fuck guys with Julianne all the time. If I’m not fucking hot guys with her than it’s usually with Anna Kendrick or Sarah Hyland”.

Victoria grins and says “That sounds like a lot of fun Nina”! How would you feel about having a threesome tonight on Fuck Talk”?

Nina in an excited tone replies “Sure! But I would need another girl and a guy to do it”.

Victoria responds “Well you’re just in luck Nina because I do have a guy for you”!

A muscular dark skin black man named Terry dressed in a black t-shirt, dark jeans and shades walks out and stands next to Nina.

Nina then says “Wow! Okay but I still need another girl”.

Victoria looks at Nina, points to herself, smiles and says “I’m going to be the other girl Nina”!

Nina responds “Alright! Well let’s have ourselves a threesome then”!

Victoria replies “I think the audience watching at home are going to enjoy this”!

Both Victoria & Nina stand up and remove their heels, dresses and lastly their underwear. Terry then removes his clothing and sits down on the guest chair.

Afterwards Victoria & Nina smile, kneel in front of Terry and begin to give him a double blowjob. They both lick, jerk, and suck his already erect cock making even harder. Victoria is now sucking Terry’s cock as Nina is licking his balls then they alternate.

Nina is now blowing Terry while Victoria is licking his balls.

Nina says “His cock is so big”!

Victoria replies “Yes it is and so are his balls”!

Nina then mounts Terry’s cock and begins to ride him. As she’s doing this Victoria is on the other end of the guest seat  pleasuring herself.

Nina continues to ride Terry and says “Oh fuck! Your cock feels so good”!

Victoria watches on while Terry pounds Nina’s pussy. After a while the two beautiful brunettes trade places.

Victoria begins riding Terry’s cock while Nina is now pleasuring herself on the guest seat. Victoria bounces up and down on Terry’s cock for a while and says “You’re fucking me so good”! Nina moans in pleasure as she plays with her pussy and watches Terry fuck Victoria.

A few minutes pass and Terry is now fucking Nina from behind while she eats out Victoria. Victoria says “That feels so good Nina”!

Nina smiles and replies “Your pussy tastes so good Victoria”!

Terry begins fucking Nina faster and she then looks back at him and says “Keep fucking me just like that”! Once again the two brunette beauties trade places. Now Victoria is being fucked by Terry while she eats out Nina.

Nina says “Oh fuck yes! Keep licking my pussy like that Victoria”!

Victoria then says as she’s being fucked by Terry “You’re fucking so good Terry”! This goes on for a while.

Victoria is now riding Terry’s cock reverse cowgirl while Nina begins to suck on Victoria’s tits. Victoria moans in pleasure as she rides Terry’s big cock. Nina then takes over riding Terry’s cock again while Victoria sucks on Nina’s perky tits. Nina has a huge grin on her face and says “His cock is so good”!

A few minutes go by and now Nina is kneeled in front of Terry sucking his big cock at a rapid pace as Victoria watches on. Nina makes loud suck and slurp noises as she sucks Terry’s dick. She even begins to licks his nuts as well. Nina continues to do this until Terry’s fires a huge load of jizz onto her face. Victoria then kneels next to Nina and they share a playful kiss.

Victoria looks at the camera with a big smile and says “Well I hope you all enjoyed watching us have a threesome! I definitely did”!

Nina replies “I enjoyed it too Victoria”! I’ll love to do this again sometime”! Nina begins to suck Terry’s cock again while still sporting a cum facial.

Victoria then says “Well that is all the time we have for the premiere of Fuck Talk! I want to say thank you to my guest Nina Dobrev and I’ll see you all again next Friday. Goodnight”!

Victoria waves and blows kisses to the screen as the closing credits are now rolling. The show then fades to black which signals the end of Fuck Talk.

Alison’s Office

Later that afternoon Alison, Victoria & Mick are all inside Alison’s office. Victoria is now wearing casual clothes and is seated as she signs some paperwork. She finishes signing the final document of a contract and says “There all finished”! Victoria then hands the contract to Alison and the two women shake hands.

Alison says “Well that’s it! Victoria you are now officially the host of Fuck Talk”! Alison then gives Victoria’s contract to Mick who places it inside of his briefcase.

Victoria in a cheerful tone says “I want to thank you so much for this opportunity Ms. Brie”!

Alison replies “You’re welcome Victoria! Also you can call me Alison. So enjoy your weekend Victoria and I’ll see you again next week”!

Victoria responds “Okay I’ll see you next week Alison and once again thank you so much”!

Victoria makes her exit from Alison’s office and both Alison & Mick wave goodbye to her.

Alison who is seated at her desk looks at Mick and then says “Well Mick since Victoria just left and no one else is around. I think we can finally have our own private meeting”.

Alison stands and begins to make out with Mick. She then pushes him down onto her chair. While Mick is seated she kneels down in front of him, unbuckles his belt, unzips his pants and pulls out his cock.

Alison while holding Mick’s cock says “This is one of the reasons why I like you Mick”!

Mick replies “What is the other reason”? Alison responds “Well if it wasn’t for you I may not have gotten my deal with DigitalFlixxx for Fuck Talk”.

Mick replies “Alison you only fucked me that night to get a deal for your show”?!

Alison responds “Yes! But I’ll admit you did fuck me pretty damn good that night though”.

Mick smirks and replies “Okay I’m fine with that”!

Alison then responds “I think you should be! Now I want you to shut the fuck up while I suck your cock”!

Mick nods in agreement as Alison grins and begins to blow him.

Alison then wraps her beautiful pink lips around Mick’s cock. She slurps on it rapidly and even licks his balls for a while. Alison then gives his cock and handjob and says to Mick “My hand feels really good jerking your cock don’t they”?! Mick once again nods in agreement with Alison.

After jerking Mick’s cock for a while, Alison says “I have an idea! But first we need to clear this shit off of my desk”! She then knocks all of the items laying on her desk onto the floor.

Mick & Alison then begin to undress. Mick then lays on top of the desk and Alison climbs on top of him for some sixty nine fun. Mick begins eating Alison’s pussy while she slurps on his big dick. Alison says “That’s it! Keep eating my fucking pussy just like that”! She then returns to sucking Mick’s dick while bobbing her head rapidly. When Alison finishes blowing Mick she climbs onto his cock and begins to ride him.

Alison bounces up and down on Mick’s dick and a rapid pace. While she does her amazing tits bounce as well while she continues to ride his cock. This goes on for a while and Alison says “I have to admit you’re fucking me pretty good Mick”!

The Studio Storage Room

While Alison is having her fun, Kiernan is having some fun of her own inside of the studio’s storage room. Kiernan is kneeled and bobbing her head rapidly while giving a blowjob to a white stagehand by the name of Fred. He has dark brown hair and a goatee.

Fred says “Are you sure you’re not going to get into trouble Kiernan”?

Kiernan while stroking his cock, smiles and replies “No! If Alison needs me she’ll give me a call. But for the time being I’m not going anywhere until I’m done sucking this big cock of yours”!

Fred responds “I’m not going to argue with that”!

Kiernan giggles and returns to sucking Fred’s cock. She jerks it for a bit while blowing him. She then begins to lick and suck on his balls. Kiernan says “Do you like how I suck your cock?! A lot of guys say I’m pretty good at it”!

Fred replies “Fuck yes! Your mouth feels so good Kiernan”!

Kiernan smiles and continues to happily suck Fred’s cock making pop and slurp noises while doing so. She then says “I can’t believe how fucking big your dick is Fred! If Alison knew you would be on her A-Team. Maybe when I’m finished I’ll put in a good word for you”.

Kiernan then slaps her right check with Fred’s big cock a few times and her brown eyes grow wide at how much it turns her on.

After that Kiernan begins sucking Fred’s dick faster until he eventually blows a sizable load of cum onto her pretty face.

Kiernan laughs and says “Fuck! That was so good! Wow! Your cock is still hard too! But unfortunately I have to go now”. Kiernan cleans her face and then says to Fred as she leaves the storage room “I’m definitely going to tell Alison all about you”! Kiernan winks at him and exits the room.

Fred waves goodbye to Kiernan as she leaves.

Alison’s Office

Alison is now on the desk bent over so Mick can fuck from behind. Mick then inserts his dick into Alison’s snatch and begins plowing her as fast as he can. Mick fucks Alison like this for a while. She then looks at him with beautiful blue eyes and says “I want you slap my ass! Slap it now”! Mick proceeds to give Alison’s ass a few hard slaps which arouses the brunette bombshell even more.

Alison then says “Yes! That’s it keep fucking my pussy just like that”! After a few more minutes Mick is ready to blow his load. As Mick pulls out of her Alison turns around and he proceeds to blast a load of cum onto her tits.

Alison then sits on top of her desk and says “Mick that was pretty good! Now why don’t you get yourself dressed, take Victoria’s contract and get the fuck out of here”! Mick smiles, gets dressed and leaves the office.

Alison waves goodbye to Mick as he leaves and laughs.

Alison smiles and says “Wow! This has been an incredible week! I’ve found my host for Fuck Talk and it premieres tonight”!

Kiernan enters the office and sees Alison is nude.

Kiernan giggles and says “Looks like you just had some fun Ms. Brie”!

Alison laughs and replies “Yes I did! I’m about to take a shower now. So what is it Kiernan”?

Kiernan responds “I wanted to tell you about this guy named Fred. I believe he has A-Team qualifications if you get my meaning”.

Alison then says “Really?! Well I would like to meet this Fred then”.

Kiernan replies “I knew that you would and he’s right outside. Come on in Fred”! Fred then enters the office.

Alison says “Okay Fred! Why don’t you show me what you’ve got”!

Fred says “Of course! Ms. Brie”! He unzips his pants and pulls out his big cock.

Alison looks at Kiernan, grins and says “Holy shit! Kiernan you were right”!

Kiernan replies “I thought you would like it Ms. Brie”!

Alison responds “I love it Kiernan! Fred I’m about to go take a shower now care to join me”?

Fred nods his head, removes his clothes and follows Alison into her executive bathroom.

Alison from inside the bathroom says “Kiernan you can join us too”!

Kiernan smiles, removes her clothes and says “Coming Ms. Brie”!

Kiernan enters the bathroom and closes the door behind her. All that is heard next are both Alison & Kiernan moaning in pleasure from inside of the bathroom.

Alison then says “Fred your big cock is so fucking good”!

End of Chapter 2
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Re: Fuck Talk (Multiple Celebrities) [Chapter 3 Posted]
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Chapter 3
Starring: Victoria Justice
Co-Starring: Alison Brie
Featuring: Madison Reed & Chloe Bennet

Victoria’s House

Later that night Victoria is inside of her bedroom wearing a black nightgown. She is sitting on her bed having a phone conversation with her sister Madison Reed.

Madison says “Congrats! Vic I’m so happy for you”!

Victoria replies “Thanks Maddie! It feels great to be the star of a series again. Even if it’s just a talk show. The premiere episode of Fuck Talk will stream on DigitalFlixxx tonight at eleven”.

Madison responds I’ll be sure to check it out Vic. I’ve been subscribed to their service for six months now anyway”.

Victoria in a surprised tone says “Really?! Maddie. Anyway just be sure to watch the show tonight okay”.

Maddie replies “Don’t worry I won’t miss it! Bye, Vic”!

Victoria responds “I’ll talk to you again tomorrow. Enjoy your vacation in Miami. Bye, Maddie”.

Rick’s Place

Madison smiles and puts her phone away. She is wearing a white two piece bikini and is sitting poolside at the house of a local nightclub manager by the name of Rick.

Rick is one of Madison’s regular hook-ups whenever she is in Miami. He is a Puerto Rican man with tattoos and has short hair. He is also wearing green swim trunks and has shades on. Even though it’s currently night time.

Rick is sitting poolside as well and in a thick accent says to Madison “Was that your sister Victoria”?

Madison replies “Yes it was. Vic was telling me about her new show that’s going to stream on DigitalFlixxx tonight”.

Rick responds “I love that site! It has some good shit on it”!

Madison laughs and says “It really does! Yesterday’s episode of Cash or Cock with Vanessa Hudgens was a sight to behold”!

Rick laughs and replies “Yeah! I should have known that she going to chose fucking a dude with a big dick over money for charity”!

Madison laughs and responds “That’s typical Vanessa behavior! I was like holy shit at how much she made that guy cum though”!

Rick responds ‘Yeah I never knew a dude shoot that much jizz”!

Madison laughs then says “Yeah! Gangbang A Star is another good series. Miranda Cosgrove was on this week’s episode and I would have never guessed that she could fuck like that”!

Rick replies “No kidding! She took a lot of big cocks in her ass too”!

Madison responds “My sister is friends with Miranda so I wonder if Vic knows about that”.

Madison then removes her bikini top and says to Rick “Well enough talking about sex shows and let’s make one of our own”!

Rick replies to Madison “Fuck yeah! Now you’re talking”!

Rick & Madison begin to make out with a lot of tongue kissing. Rick then starts to suck on Madison’s tits. This goes on for a while before she kneels down, pulls down his trunk and begins jerking and sucking Rick’s long dick for a while.

Madison while jerking Rick’s cock says “Your cock is so long Rick”!

Rick replies “What can I say I’m gifted”!

Madison laughs and continues to suck and slurp on Rick’s cock. She then removes her bikini bottoms and bends over so that Rick can eat her out.

Madison moans in pleasure as Rick eats her twat. She says “Oh fuck yes! Keep eating my pussy like that Rick”! After Rick dines on Madison’s twat for a while he inserts his long dick into it and begins to fuck her. While Rick is fucking Madison she says “Fuck! I love your long dick”! Rick is holding onto Madison’s hips as he continues to fuck her at a fast pace.

Rick then sits down in one of the poolseats and Madison begins to ride him reverse cowgirl. Madison bounces up and down on Ricky’s cock rapidly. She then says “Your cock is so good”! Rick continues to fuck Madison until she tells him “I want to suck your dick again”! Madison then hops off his cock and begins to blow it while Rick is still seated.

Madison sucks and licks his cock rapidly as if it was a lollipop. She even licks his balls as well. Madison continues to suck off Rick until he blows a huge load of cum into her mouth. She then swallows it.

Rick says “Goddamn! That was great fucking blowjob”!

Madison smiles and replies “Thank you”! She licks his cock one more time and then says “Shit! It’s almost time for Vic’s show! I don’t want to miss it”!

Rick replies “Okay let’s go inside and watch it on the computer”!

Madison & Rick then enter the house to watch Fuck Talk.

D.F. Studios

It’s now Tuesday morning and Victoria is dressed in casual clothes. She arrives at the studio to film the second episode of Fuck Talk. Before Victoria does that she enters Alison’s office first to speak with her.

Alison’s Office

When Victoria walks into the office she sees Alison seated at her desk and is in a very good mood. Alison is eating a salad, drinking mineral water and looking at the DigitalFlixxx website on her desktop computer. She is also dressed in a black version of her signature skirt suit.

Alison with a huge smile says “Victoria I am happy to say that the ratings for the premiere episode of Fuck Talk were amazing! It received more viewership than all of the other programs combined on DigitalFlixxx over the weekend alone! Well except for Gangbang A Star. But it’s still pretty damn good I would say”!

Victoria replies “Wow! That is incredible news Alison. It’s great that the show is popular and that so many people watched it”.

Alison responds “Yes it is! Today in addition to filming the next episode of the show you’ll be doing a promotional photoshoot as well”.

Victoria then says “I love doing promotional stuff so that’ll be fun. I’m going to head to wardrobe now to get ready for the show. So I’ll speak to you later Alison”.

Alison replies “Yes of course and I’ll talk to you after the taping Victoria. One more thing Chloe Bennet is going to be the guest for today’s episode”.

Victoria responds “I like Chloe so it’ll be fun talking to her on the show today”.

Victoria exits Alison’s office and heads to the wardrobe room to get ready for the show.

After Victoria leaves Alison resumes watching the latest episode of Celebrity Blowbangs featuring Scarlett Johansson.

1980s style porno music plays in the background of the video as a nude Scarlett is surrounded by six white men with huge cocks. She is kneeled, jerking and sucking all of their cocks. Scarlett says “I fucking love sucking all of these big cocks”! Scarlett is then shown deepthroating the guy with the biggest cock of the bunch.

Alison watches more of the video, laughs and says “Goddamn! Scarlett can really suck some cock”! But I still don’t think she’s better than me though”. She chuckles and says “Not many women can beat me in that department”! Alison then sighs and says “Margot Robbie might be the only one. That fucking bitch”!

Fuck Talk: Episode Two

The show is already in progress as we see Victoria dressed in a white top that shows off her midriff and a black skirt seated in her host chair. She is speaking to Chloe Bennet who is wearing an orange tube top and quite possibly the shortest pair of white shorts ever made.

Victoria says to Chole “I see that you’re wearing some really short shorts tonight”.

Chloe replies “Well Victoria, the Agents of Shield producers won’t allow me to wear them on any of the episodes. I can’t even wear them backstage because they claim it would be too distracting. Can you fucking believe that”?! Chloe grins and then says “But I can wear them here on Fuck Talk”!

Victoria smiles and says “Definitely! Chloe why don’t you give the audience at home a closer look at your ass and the tricks you can do with it”!

Chloe laughs and replies “I do love to shake my ass Victoria! So I’ll be happy to do it”! Chloe stands up and begins doing some really suggestive dancing before bending over to show off her amazing ass.

Chloe begins shaking her ass rapidly. Her ass cheeks are on full display from the shorts she’s wearing too. Chloe then says “When you have an ass like this why wouldn’t you want to shake it all the time”?!

Victoria replies “I wouldn’t know Chloe. Mine isn’t as round as yours but people tell me it’s nice though”.

Chloe while still shaking her ass responds “Victoria you should stop being so modest! I’ve seen you on the beach and you have a great ass”!

Victoria smiles and replies “Well thank you Chloe”!

Victoria then says “Since this Fuck Talk, Chloe. I have to ask you a question about your sex life. Are you ready”?

Chloe while still dancing provocatively replies “I’m ready Victoria! What is the question”?!

Victoria asks “Chloe which one of your holes do you enjoy being fucked in the most”?

Chloe in an excited tone answers “I love when a guy fucks me in the ass! In fact I’m willing to do it on the show tonight”!

Victoria replies “Chloe I was just going to suggest that. I also have the perfect man to help you out as well”.

A muscular white man with long sandy blonde hair, wearing a leather vest and dark jeans by the name of Drew walks out. He’s also holding a bottle of lube.

Chloe removes her top and shorts. She then gets into the doggystyle position on the guest seat and says to Drew “Come on! Put your cock in my ass right now’!

Drew immediately pulls out his big cock, lubes it up and inserts it into Chloe’s asshole. Drew is now rapidly fucking Chloe’s ass while Victoria watches on from the host chair. As Drew plows her asshole, Chloe says “Holy fuck! Your big dick feels so good in my ass”!

Victoria while watching the action says “Wow! Chloe is really making her ass quake”! Victoria smiles, looks at the camera and says “Guys someone had to say it”!

Alison’s Office

Alison is now nude, on her knees in the middle of her office blowing both Billy & Jimmy. The beautiful brunette says to them “You know Billy if you didn’t have brown hair and if Jimmy didn’t have blonde hair I would never be able to tell you two apart! Either way both of your cocks taste so good”!

Alison smiles and continues to apply her oral prowess to the twin brothers’ cocks. She sucks and jerks off Billy with her right hand while jerking off Jimmy with her left hand. Alison continues to alternate between sucking Billy & Jimmy’s cocks at a rapid pace.

Alison makes glug, pop and slurp noises as she furiously blows both Billy & Jimmy’s big dicks until they cum in unison on her beautiful face. Alison smiles and says “Now that was just what I needed”! Alison now sporting a cum facial then kisses the heads of both twins’ cocks. She laughs and then says “Guess I’ll get back to work now”!

Fuck Talk: Episode Two

Chloe is shaking her ass even faster as Drew continues to fuck her. He even pours the rest of the lube onto her ass. He then pulls his cock out of her asshole and slaps her amazing ass cheeks with it a few times. Chloe says “I love that! Keep slapping my ass with that big cock”! As Drew continues to spank Chloe’s ass with his cock the oil from her ass splatters across the guest seat.

Drew then sits down on the seat and Chloe begins to ride him cowgirl. She inserts his big cock back inside of her ass. Chloe is now bouncing her oily ass on Drew’s cock. She then says “Shit! Keep fucking my ass just like that”! Chloe begins to shake her ass while riding Drew's big cock as well.

Victoria with an aroused look says “That is some very impressive ass shaking Chloe”!

Chloe says “Thanks Victoria! It’s what I do best”! She then continues to ride Drew’s big cock for a while. Chloe then lays prone bone on the guest seat and Drew begins fucking her ass again. Chloe moans in pleasure as he fucks her ass for a few more minutes. Drew then pulls his cock out of Chloe’s ass and blasts a huge load of cum onto it.

Chloe looks at the camera, smiles and says “He fucked my ass so good”! She then shakes her cum covered ass.

Victoria still aroused says “Well that is all the time we have for this edition of Fuck Talk. I want to say thank you to my guest Chloe Bennet for appearing on the show tonight”.

Chloe is now sucking Drew’s cock but removes it long enough to reply “Thanks for having me on the Fuck Talk, Victoria”! She then continues to blow him.

Victoria then says “Join me here next Friday night for more Fuck Talk! Goodnight everyone”!

As Victoria signs off as Drew begins fucking Chloe’s ass again and the screen fades to black.

Victoria’s Dressing Room

Later that afternoon, Victoria is in her dressing room after filming episode two of Fuck Talk. She is naked and sitting in her chair and pleasuring herself in front of the mirror.

Victoria says “Damn! I’ve been so horny ever since I’ve become the host of this show”! She then says “I really should have bought a vibrator to keep on set for when I need it”.

Suddenly there is a knock on the door as Victoria continues to pleasure herself. Victoria stops what she’s doing and says “Who is it”?!

The person on the other side of the door replies “I’m James one of the stagehands. Anyway Ms. Justice, Ms. Brie and the photographer need you for the photoshoot in ten minutes”.

Victoria mutters to herself “Ten minutes huh”? She then says “James could you come into my dressing room please”!

James replies “Are you sure Ms. Justice”?!

Victoria responds “Yes I’m sure! Just come in please”!

James, a young Asian man dressed in a cap, black polo shirt and jeans enters Victoria’s dressing room. After James enters the room he closes the door behind him. He is surprised to see Victoria is nude when she turns around to face him.

Victoria with a sly smile says to James “Well we have ten minutes! I would make the most of it if I was you”.

James grins and removes his clothing. After Victoria sees James naked she says “Wow! You have a pretty damn good body and even nicer cock James”!

James replies “Well I do try to keep myself in shape Ms. Justice”!

Victoria sits down in her chair and James kneels down and begins to eat her pussy. Victoria says “Oh fuck! That feels so good”. After James dines on Victoria’s twat for a while he inserts his big dick into her and begins to fuck her.

Victoria moans in pleasure and says “Oh yes! Keep fucking me like that”! James speeds up and begins to fuck Victoria even faster while she’s seated. Victoria continues to moan in pleasure as James fucks her. This goes on until Victoria begins sucking James’ cock. She says “It’s so big”! Victoria sucks his dick for a while and even licks his balls too.

The Photoshoot

Alison along with the black female photographer named Kim are waiting for Victoria to arrive. Alison looks at her watch and says “I wonder where Victoria is? She is normally on time”.

Kim replies “She still has five minutes before we get started. I’m sure she’ll be here soon Ms. Brie”.

Victoria’s Dressing Room

Victoria is now on the floor being fucked from behind by James. She says “Oh my god! James you really know how to fuck me”! Some time goes by and James is now laying on the floor as Victoria rides him, reverse cowgirl.

As Victoria rides James’ cock wildly she continues to moan in pleasure. This goes on until James tells Victoria he is about to cum. James then pulls out of Victoria and she grabs and jerks his cock until he fires a big load of cum into her stomach.

Victoria with a satisfied look on her face says “Thank you so much! That was incredible James”!

Victoria then cleans herself, applies her makeup, puts on a sparkling silver dress and hurries to the photoshoot.

The Photoshoot

Victoria is finally on set and is being photographed. When she finishes the photoshoot she talks to Alison.

Victoria says “Sorry I was late Alison. I was having some trouble with my dress and James was nice enough to help me with it”.

Alison with a smirk replies “Is that right? Victoria I think we need to talk.

Victoria responds “Yes of course Alison”.

Alison & Victoria leave the set and head to Alison’s office.

End of Chapter 3
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Re: Fuck Talk (Multiple Celebrities) [Chapter 4 Posted]
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Chapter 4
Starring: Victoria Justice
Co-Starring: Alison Brie
Featuring: Kiernan Shipka & Kelli Berglund

Alison’s Office

Victoria & Alison are now inside of Alison’s office. Victoria is seated in one of the chairs in front of Alison’s desk while Alison is seated in the one next to her and is facing Victoria.

Alison says to Victoria “The real reason you was late was because you were fucking James right”?!

Victoria sighs and replies “Yes! I had sex with him. But I just needed it so bad! You understand right Alison”?

Alison smiles and responds “Of course I understand Victoria! There were several times when I was filming Community that I really needed to get off. So I would end up fucking a stagehand or two backstage”.

Victoria laughs and says “Is that true Alison”?!

Alison replies “It’s very true! I remember being late to set several times back then. All would be forgiven once I gave the director a blowjob though. But the point is Victoria I do understand”.

Victoria responds “Thank you Alison! Next time I’ll be honest and let you know. It’s just that I really don’t want to lose my hosting job”.

Alison replies “Victoria I would never fire you over something like this. You’re doing an amazing job hosting Fuck Talk. Truth be told I don’t think the other actresses who tried out would have done a better job than you”.

Victoria replies “Really?! Thank you Alison”!

Alison smiles and then says “Going forward whenever you’re on set and you feel the “need”. I will have someone from my A-Team on standby to take care of you. How does that sound”?

Victoria replies “That would be great! Once again thank you Alison”!

Alison responds “No problem! Well we’re pretty much done for today so you’re free to leave now. But I’ll need you back here early next Wednesday morning to film episode three of the show. Got it Victoria”!

Victoria says “Yes of course! I’ll be here Wednesday bright and early Alison”!

Alison replies “I did want to ask you when you were fucking James in your dressing room was he good”?!

Victoria smiles and responds “Let’s just say that he made the most out of the ten minutes we had”.

Alison then replies “Oh! That’s nice to know. Goodbye Victoria”!

Victoria waves goodbye to Alison as she exits the office.

After Victoria leaves, Alison picks up her phone and calls Kiernan. She says “Kiernan I need you to tell James that I need to see him right now”.

Kiernan replies “Right away! Ms. Brie”.

A few minutes later both Kiernan along with James enter the office.

James says “Kiernan said that you wanted to see me Ms. Brie”?

Alison replies “Yes I did! I’m not going to beat around the bush. I know you fucked Victoria. So how about you show me how good you fucked her by fucking Kiernan here”!

Kiernan smiles and says “Oh! I love demonstrations. So let’s get started James”! She begins removing her striped blouse, navy blue skirt and red heels.

Alison and James remove their clothing as well. Alison goes to take a seat on the couch and says “I want to see a great show from you two”!

Kiernan & James begin to make out and she begins stroking his big cock with both of her hands. She then kneels and begins to suck his dick. Kiernan blows James at a steady pace while she looks up at him with her brown eyes.

As Kiernan sucks James’ cock, she says “Your cock is really good”! She smiles and begins licking his balls.

Kiernan then says “I want you to fuck me now”! James then picks her up and begins to fuck her in the standing position. James fucks Kiernan rapidly while he is holding onto her. She says “Oh yes! Your cock feels so good”!

Alison watches on from the couch while pleasuring herself. She says “You’re fucking Kiernan pretty good there James! I am very impressed”!

James continues to fuck Kiernan standing for a while before he carries her over to the couch where Alison is. James lays Kiernan down and begins fucking her while she’s on her back. Alison continues to pleasure herself as she watches the action.

Kiernan says “Your cock feels so good James”! James continues to plow Kiernan’s pussy before taking a seat on the couch and Kiernan begins to ride him cowgirl.

Alison says “Kiernan your ass looks great riding that big cock”! Alison then playfully spanks Kiernan’s ass a few times.

Kiernan says “That felt good Ms. Brie”! Kiernan continues to bounce up and down on James’ big dick.

A few minutes pass and Kiernan is now being fucked from behind by James as Alison continues to watch on. Kiernan says “Yes! Keep fucking me just like that”! James continues to fuck Kiernan until he says “I’m about to cum”!

Alison in an excited tone says “Come on Kiernan! Let’s suck his cock one last time before he cums”!

Kiernan replies “That’s a great idea Ms. Brie”!

Alison & Kiernan kneel in front of James and begin sucking his cock rapidly.

Alison is sucking his dick while Kiernan licks his balls. The two women alternate doing this until James grunts and says “Fuck! I’m about to cum ladies”! Both Alison & Kiernan smile and place their faces together.

Alison says “Cover us in that cum right now”!

Kiernan replies “Please do it now James”!

James proceeds to fire two loads of cum onto Alison & Kiernan’s faces.

Alison looks at James smiles and says “That was a very impressive load of cum James! You know I have a spot open on my A-Team so I’m going to promote you to fill that position today”!

James replies “Wow! Thank you Ms. Brie”!

Alison responds “Don’t mention it. You more than earned it! Now take the rest of the day off and you’ll start tomorrow”.

James gets dressed and waves to Alison & Kiernan as he leaves the office.

Kiernan says “Now that was a nice gesture Ms. Brie”!

Alison replies “It was! Wasn’t Kiernan”! Do you mind cleaning my face”?!

Kiernan responds “Sure! I’ll do it Ms. Brie”! Kiernan begins licking off all of the cum that was still on Alison’s face. She then says “All clean”!

Alison replies “Thank you Kiernan! Your face could use some cleaning up too”! Alison proceeds to lick off the cum that’s on Kiernan’s face.

Kiernan giggles and says “Your tongue is tickling me Ms. Brie”!

Alison laughs and replies “Well you’re all clean now too Kiernan. I’m pretty hungry now so let's go get some lunch. It’s my treat”!

Kiernan in a happy tone replies “Yeah I’m hungry too and thank you Ms. Brie”!

Alison & Kiernan put their clothes back on and exit the office to grab some lunch.

Victoria’s House

It’s now night time and Victoria is on her bed watching the DigitalFlixxx original series Famous Women Go Dark on her laptop. This episode features Riverdale actress, Camila Mendes.

The video shows Camila being fucked by two black men with huge cocks on a large white bed inside of a high rise apartment. She is giving one of the men a blowjob while the other black man fucks her from behind.

Camila then says “Please keep fucking me with your big black cocks”! She then continues to moan in pleasure.

Victoria watches more of the video and says “Damn! Those guys are really giving it to Camila! I wish it was me in her place”! Victoria then laughs and says “Well I think that’s enough stimulation for me tonight. I should get some sleep now”. She then turns off her laptop and goes to put it away.

When Victoria returns to her bed she’s only wearing a white lace bra and matching underwear. She tries to sleep but is still aroused. But luckily for Victoria, she has her trusty white dildo nearby for just an occasion.

Victoria removes her bra and underwear. Now nude, she inserts the nine inch dildo into her twat. Using both of her hands, Victoria begins to move it in and out as fast as she can.

As Victoria pleasures herself she says “Oh my god! It feels so fucking good”! Victoria continues to cry out in her ecstasy throughout the night as she pleasures herself with the sex toy. In one one final moan of blissful joy Victoria orgasms and says “Fuck! That felt so good”!

Victoria then places her dildo down and falls asleep with a satisfied look on her face.

D.F. Studios

It’s the following week and true to her word, Victoria arrives at the studio bright and early on that Wednesday morning. Victoria is all smiles as she says good morning to all of the studio staff as she passes them.

Victoria is dressed in casual clothing, holding a cup of coffee and enters her dressing room to prepare for episode three of Fuck Talk.

Fuck Talk: Episode Three

The show begins with Victoria dressed in a short red dress. Victoria is seated in the host seat and says “Welcome to another episode of Fuck Talk! I’m not going to waste much time tonight so I’m going to bring out my guest right now”!

Victoria then says “You’ve seen her on shows such as Lab Rats: Elite Force, Animal Kingdom and Now Apocalypse. She is Kelli Berglund”!

Kelli Berglund walks onto the Fuck Talk set wearing a black mini dress with open toed heels and sporting a huge smile. After she hugs Victoria, Kelli sits down on the guest seat.

Victoria says “Welcome to the show Kelli”!

Kelli replies “Thanks for having me on Fuck Talk, Victoria. If I would have known about the auditions to host this show I would have tried out for it”.

Victoria responds “Well I’m glad you didn’t Kelli because I probably wouldn’t have a job right now”!

Both Kelli & Victoria then have a laugh.

Victoria smiles and says “Now Kelli I’ve heard that you really enjoy giving head. Is that true”?!

Kelli laughs and replies “Yes it is! I love giving guys blowjobs! I have what you would call an oral fixation”. Kelli with a naughty grin then says “In fact I may have gotten into some trouble once because I was blowing a few of my co-stars on set”.

Victoria smiles and says “Really?! So was it worth it Kelli”?!

Kelli smiles and replies “It was very worth it”!

Both actresses converse for a bit longer before Victoria asks Kelli the sex question.

Victoria says “Now I do have one more question. Are you ready for it Kelli”?

Kelli responds “Yes I am! What is the question Victoria”?

Victoria asks Kelli “Besides blowjobs what is your favorite sexual activity”?

Kelli answers “That is a great question! My favorite thing to do in the bedroom besides sucking dick is being fucked by two men...at the same time”!

Victoria responds “That is kinky! So Kelli would you be willing to have sex with two men on Fuck Talk tonight”?

Kelli playfully thinks over Victoria’s question and answers “Yes! After all that talk about blowjobs I’m horny as fuck right now! So let’s do it”!

Victoria replies “Okay! Let’s get some guys out here for Kelli”.

Brad & Jason walk onto the set and stand next to Kelli.

Kelli looks at the two men and says “Wow! Victoria it’s almost like you know me well”!

Victoria replies “I do try to take care of my guests Kelli”.

While both men are removing their clothes, Kelli stands up and begins taking off her dress and heels. It’s revealed she wasn’t wearing any underwear beneath her dress.

Kelli smiles and kisses both Brad & Jason. She then lays down on the guest seat. When she does Brad begins sucking on her perky tits while Jason eats her out. Kelli with a huge smile says “Oh fuck! That feels so good”!

This goes on for a while as Brad continues to suck on her breasts and Jason licks her pussy. Brad then places Kelli’s left foot in his mouth and begins to suck on her toes.

Victoria watches on and says “I love when a man pleasures my feet like that”!

Kelli moans in pleasure as she’s having her pussy eaten by Jason and her left foot and toes sucked by Brad. The two men then stand up and Kelli kneels between them and begins stroking both of their big cocks.

Kelli is now jerking and sucking Brad’s cock with her right hand while jerking off Jason’s cock with her left hand. Kelli sucks off Brad for a while before switching her attention to Jason’s cock. Kelli continues to suck both of their cocks for a while.

Kelli smiles and says “You guys have some amazing cocks”! Brad is now laid out on the guest seat as Kelli rapidly sucks his cock while Jason rubs her pussy. Kelli says to Jason “I fucking love that”! She then returns to sucking Brad’s cock.

Brad & Jason then trade places. Now Kelli is sucking Jason’s cock while Brad is fucking her from behind. She says “Oh yes! Keep fucking like that”! Brad continues to fuck her from behind while she orally pleasures Jason’s big cock. The two men trade places once again. Now Jason is fucking the Kelli from behind while she sucks off Brad.

Victoria watches on and says to the camera “Kelli is putting on a hot show isn’t she? I’m definitely enjoying it”!

Kelli is now riding Brad’s cock cowgirl while she sucks Jason’s dick. She makes loud suck and slurp noises as she blows Jason’s cock. Jason then sits down on the guest seat and Kelli hops off of Brad’s cock and begins to ride Jason cowgirl.

As Kelli is riding Jason’s cock she looks back at Brad and says “Come on and put that cock in my ass”! Brad does just that as now Brad is fucking Kelli’s ass while Jason continues to fuck her pussy. Kelli then says “Oh my god! You guys are fucking me so good”! She continues to ride Jason’s cock as Brad fucks her ass.

After a few more minutes Brad pulls out of Kelli’s ass and she hops off of Jason’s cock. Both men are now jerking off to the right and left of Kelli. They then fire a couple of loads of cum onto her pretty face. Kelli says “Oh yes! That cum feels so good”! She then takes a seat between Brad & Jason and catches her breath.

Victoria smiles and says “Kelli! That was pretty hot”!

Kelli smiles and replies “Thanks! I really enjoyed that. These guys know how to fuck a girl!

Victoria looks at the camera and says “Well that is all the time we have for Fuck Talk. Once again I want to thank my guest Kelli Berglund for being here tonight”.

Kelli is now riding Brad’s cock again. She jerks off Jason and replies “Thank you for having me on, Victoria! I think next time we should fuck some guys together on the show”! Kelli then moans in pleasure.

Victoria responds “I would love to have some group fun with you next time Kelli. See you guys next week. Goodnight everyone”!


Victoria is now backstage and is on her way to a special room called the Need Filling room until she hears Alison call out to her.

Alison is wearing a red business jacket, dark blue skirt and heels. Alison says “That was a great show Victoria! Also Kelli has some amazing sexual energy doesn’t she”?!

Victoria laughs and replies “Thank you Alison! I agree Kelli is like the energizer bunny. She keeps going and going! I think she was still having sex Brad & Jason when I left the set too”!

Alison laughs then says “I meant to tell you this earlier but I have a rare free day coming up this Saturday. So I was wondering if you would like to have a girls day out”?

Victoria replies “Sure Alison! I don’t have any plans for that day. So yes we can hang out on Saturday”.

Alison smiles and responds “Great! It’ll just be you and me and we’ll have an amazing time”!

Victoria says “I’m looking forward to it Alison”!

Alison replies “Okay! Well I’m heading back to my office now. I think you’ll enjoy the gift I left for you in the Need Filling room”.

Victoria responds “Thank you Alison”!

Alison then walks off and Victoria enters the Need Filling room.

The Need Filling Room

This room is usually used by the studio to film bedroom scenes. But Alison is allowing Victoria to have access to the room for her needs to be filled. Once inside the room Victoria sees a bed and a naked Latino man with a big cock named Marc.

Victoria quickly removes her dress and says “Marc I’m going to need you to fuck me really good”!

Marc replies “I can do that”!

Both Victoria & Marc move quickly to the bed behind them. Marc and Victoria begin making before he starts sucking on her amazing tits. After Marc does this for a while he begins to eat Victoria’s pussy as she’s laying down on the bed.

Marc continues to lick Victoria’s twat as she moans in pleasure. Victoria “Fuck! You’re eating pussy so good Marc”! This continues for a while until Marc lays on the bed and Victoria begins to suck his big hard cock.

Victoria says “It’s only fair to give you some oral attention as well”! She smiles and goes back to blowing Marc. Victoria is sucking and jerking Marc’s dick at a quick pace and even begins to lick his balls as well. As Victoria is blowing him Marc begins use his right hand to finger fuck her pussy. She grins and says “That feels so good! Keep it up”! Marc does as Victoria asks and continues to finger fuck her pussy while she sucks his cock.

When Victoria finishes blowing Marc she begins to ride his cock. Victoria bounces up and down wildly on Marc’s dick and says “Oh shit! You’re fucking me so good”! Marc than transitions to fucking Victoria in the spoon position. They fuck like this for a while before Victoria gets into position and Marc begins to fuck her from behind.

Victoria with a huge smile says “Keep fucking me just like that Marc”! He continues to plow Victoria from behind even faster than before. After a few minutes Victoria is now laying on her back and Marc begins to fuck rapidly while she’s in this position.

Victoria says “Your cock feels so good inside my pussy”! When Marc finishes fucking Victoria he pulls his cock out of her and fires a huge load of cum onto her beautiful face. Some of the cum lands on her tits as well. She licks the head of Marc’s cock and says “That was incredible! Thank you so much for that”!

Victoria then cleans herself up and puts her dress back on. Victoria smiles and waves goodbye to Marc as she exits the Need Filling room.

End of Chapter 4
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Re: Fuck Talk (Multiple Celebrities) [Chapter 4 Posted]
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Can Brianna Hildebrand appear in chapter 5??? She’s certainly quite attractive and is of that age cohort. For obvious reasons, pair her with women

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Re: Fuck Talk (Multiple Celebrities) [Chapter 4 Posted]
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Can Brianna Hildebrand appear in chapter 5??? She’s certainly quite attractive and is of that age cohort. For obvious reasons, pair her with women

Thank you for the suggestion but chapter five is already complete. I hope you've enjoyed the story.

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Re: Fuck Talk (Multiple Celebrities) [Chapter 5 Posted]
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Chapter 5
Starring: Victoria Justice
Co-Starring: Alison Brie
Featuring: Kiernan Shipka, Natalia Dyer & Madison Pettis

Alison’s Place

It is now Saturday morning and Alison is leaving her home for her day out with Victoria. She is wearing a yellow dress that shows off her cleavage and legs, heels and sporting bright red lipstick. Her driver is a young white man named Tom. He is waiting outside of a black Mercedes to drive Alison to her destination.

Tom says “Good morning Ms. Brie! Are you ready for your day out”?

Alison smiles and replies “Yes I am Tom”!

As Alison is speaking to Tom she notices the huge erection in his pants.

Alison smiles and says “Now this may sound a bit cliche. But you must really be happy to see me Tom”!

Tom nervously replies “I suppose I am Ms. Brie”!

Alison laughs and responds “Tom can I please see your cock”?

Tom unzips his pants and pulls out his dick. After seeing it, Alison says “Wow! Well I can’t have you driving me around with a boner like that. So I’m just going to have to take care of it for you right now”!

Alison proceeds to remove her dress and place it to the side. Now only wearing her underwear and heels, Alison kneels in front of Tom and begins to give him a blowjob. After a few minutes of Alison sucking Tom’s cock, she looks up at him with her blue eyes and says “Tom what is it about me that makes your cock the hardest? Is it my face, my tits, my legs or all of the above”? She then returns to sucking and licking his cock.

Tom thinks it over and replies “I’m going to go with your face Ms. Brie! Looking at it alone is enough to make a man cum”!

Alison smiles and responds “Oh! That’s what I love to hear Tom. So in addition to having a big cock you're a charmer too”! Alison begins sucking Tom’s dick even faster and even licks his balls. After she does that Alison begins to give Tom a handjob.

Alison furiously jerks Tom’s cock until he grunts and says “I’m about to cum Ms. Brie”!

Alison replies “Oh yes! Tom I can tell from how big your balls are that you have a lot of cum to give me”! Alison then wraps her red lips around his cock and sucks it until Tom cums inside of her mouth and she swallows it all too. Alison then releases Tom’s cock from her mouth and shows him that all of the cum is now gone.

Alison laughs and says “That was a lot of tasty spunk you just fed me Tom”!

Tom breathing heavy replies “Thank you Ms. Brie”!

Alison then puts her dress back on, reaches into her purse, pops a breath mint into her mouth and says “We better hit the road now Tom! I don’t want to be late for my day out with Victoria”.

Tom replies “Yes! Ms. Brie”!

Alison then enters the backseat of the Mercedes and Tom begins to drive off.

Victoria’s House

It’s now noon and Victoria is still getting ready for her day out with Alison. Victoria steps out of her bubble bath and dries herself off. A few minutes later she is now wearing a sleeved white dress. Victoria is now brushing her hair as she looks in her mirror. Victoria while looking at herself in the mirror says “I’m finally ready! I just need to call Alison. So she can tell me where to meet up with her”.

Before Victoria can pick up her phone she hears a car horn from outside of her house. Victoria goes outside to see who it is and there is a black Mercedes parked in her driveway.

The backseat window rolls down and Alison peeks out of the window. She says “Hey Victoria! Are you ready for our day out or not”?!

Victoria smiles and replies “I didn’t know you were going to pick me up Alison. But yes I’m ready”!

Victoria enters the left side of the backseat of the car and shortly after the Mercedes drives off. Alison says “It is so great to have a day off! We’re going to grab some lunch first if that’s okay”?!

Victoria replies “That’s fine I’m a bit hungry myself Alison”.

Alison then says “I think Kiernan should manage without me at the office today”.

Victoria replies “Kiernan is working today”? Alison replies “Yes! I needed her to take care of a few things for me today. But I told her once she finished she can leave”.

Victoria responds “Kiernan is a great assistant so I don’t think you have anything to worry about Alison”.

Alison’s Office

Inside of the office there is pile clothing on the floor. In front of the pile of clothes are Kiernan and her friend Natalia Dyer, one of the stars of Stranger Things. The two starlets are nude, kneeled and greedily sucking the big cocks of Drew & Terry.

Kiernan while jerking off Drew’s cock looks over at Natalia and says “That big black dick looks so good in your mouth Natalia”!

After Kiernan says this Natalia removes Terry’s cock from her mouth to reply “Are you sure your boss is going to like us doing this in her office”?!

Kiernan laughs and responds “You really don’t know Alison very well do you? I’ve finished the work she wanted me to do. So I don’t think she’ll mind us having some fun in here”.

Natalia says “Yeah! You’re probably right”! She then returns to jerking and sucking Terry’s dick.

Kiernan is sucking Drew’s cock rapidly while massaging his balls. Drew’s cock is now completely covered in her spittle too. She then says “I’m ready for you to fuck me with this big dick now”!

Kiernan turns around and Drew begins to fuck the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina star from behind.

Meanwhile Natalia is still sucking Terry’s cock and begins licking his balls. She then jerks his big dick some more, smiles and says “I want you to fuck me now too”! Natalia then turns around Terry begins to fuck her from behind as well.

Both Kiernan & Natalia moan in pleasure as Drew & Terry pound their pussies with their big cocks. Natalia says to Terry “Oh my god! Your dick is so big”!

Kiernan says to Drew “Keep fucking me with that big cock of yours”!

After a few minutes Kiernan & Natalia are now riding Drew & Terry’s cocks, cowgirl style.

Kiernan & Natalia continue to ride Drew & Terry cocks rapidly. Drew grabs a handful of Kiernan’s ass while he continues to fuck her. Natalia says “Terry your big cock feels so good inside my pussy”!

Kiernan says “Drew your big cock is so good”!

Some time passes and the two starlets trade partners.

Kiernan & Natalia are now riding Terry & Drew reverse cowgirl. The cute duo continue to moan in pleasure as Terry & Drew bang them senseless.

Kiernan says to Terry “Your big cock feels so good”!

Natalia says to Drew “Oh yes! Keep fucking me with that big cock”!

After a few minutes Drew & Terry are now seated on the couch as Natalia & Kiernan are kneeled between their legs sucking their cocks. Both starlets are playing with their pussies as they jerk and suck Terry & Drew’s big cocks.

Kiernan is now rapidly jerking and sucking Terry’s cock and she says “I want your fucking cum now! Please give it to me”! Terry then proceeds to blast a huge load of hot cum onto her face. Kiernan smiles and says “That cum feels so good”! She then licks Terry’s cock.

Natalia is licking Drew’s huge balls for a while before she starts jerking his cock again. Natalia jerks his cock until it fires a massive load of cum onto her face which seals her right eye shut. Natalia laughs and says “Oh fuck! That was amazing”!

Kiernan while still stroking Terry’s cock says “Thanks for keeping me company today Natalia”.

Natalia while sucking Drew’s cock replies “I was happy to do it Kiernan! This was fun”!

Kiernan responds “Definitely! Looks like Drew & Terry’s cocks are still hard too! So you know what that means Natalia”!

Natalia smiles and replies “Yes I do Kiernan”!

Both Kiernan & Natalia giggle and begin to blow Drew & Terry again.

Leonardo’s Restaurant

Alison & Victoria are having lunch at an upscale restaurant in Hollywood named Leonardo’s. The two stars are enjoying their meal and having a conversation.

Victoria says “So Alison why didn’t you host Fuck Talk yourself”?

Alison chuckles and replies “Actually Victoria I thought about it when I first came up with the idea for the show. But I figured I would give another actress the opportunity to host it instead. I’m perfectly fine with just being the creator and executive producer of the show”.

Victoria responds “I feel kind of bad for saying this but I’m glad you didn’t because I really love hosting Fuck Talk”.

Alison laughs again and says “Don’t feel bad Victoria you’re doing a fine job as host”.

Victoria replies “Thank you Alison! It really does mean a lot. It’s just that before Fuck Talk acting jobs for me were far and few between. So I’m really grateful for this opportunity”.

Alison smiles and responds “You’re welcome! Victoria”.

Alison & Victoria then smile at each other, finish their meal and leave Leonardo’s to continue their day out.

Inside of the Mercedes

Later that day, Alison & Victoria are now back inside of the Mercedes. As they’re driving Alison gets an idea.

She says to Tom “How about you drive us to The Love Inn”!

Tom replies “Yes Ms. Brie”!

Victoria says “That’s a motel isn’t it”?!

Alison replies “Yes it is! I’ve been to The Love Inn many times. In fact I even have a room reserved there”!

The Love Inn

Fifteen minutes later, Tom pulls into The Love Inn’s parking lot. Alison & Victoria make their exit from the Mercedes. As they’re walking towards the motel

Alison looks back at Tom and says “Are you coming are what”?!

Tom replies “Yes ma’am”! He then exits the vehicle and joins the two famous women.

When Victoria, Alison & Tom enter the motel they see the manager at the front desk. He is an older white man with white hair, wearing glasses, and has on a dark gray suit.

Alison says to him “I’ll have my usual room”!

The manager replies “Of course Ms. Brie”! He hands Alison a key with the number 069 written on it. He then says “Enjoy your stay”!

Alison replies “Thank you! I always do”!

Alison, Victoria & Tom head towards Room 069. After Alison unlocks it and turns on the lights, Victoria & Tom follow inside and close the door.

Alison says “Tom I want you to get comfortable while me and Victoria get warmed up”!

Tom does as Alison suggests, removes his clothes and takes a seat on the bed.

Both Alison & Victoria begin removing their dresses and are now nude. The two beautiful brunettes begin to make out in front of Tom. Alison even begins to suck on Victoria’s breasts and Victoria returns the favor and begins to suck on Alison’s tits. Tom is jerking himself off while watching them.

Victoria says “I think it’s time we move this to the bed Alison”!

Alison replies “I agree Victoria”!

Alison & Victoria smile and walk towards the bed. Alison lays down on the bed next to Tom and he begins to eat her out. Meanwhile Victoria begins sucking Tom’s cock.

Victoria says “You’re right Alison he does have a big cock”!

Alison replies “I told you so! He also knows how to eat pussy too”!

Victoria laughs and continues to jerk and suck Tom’s dick as he dines on Alison’s snatch. The two hot brunettes eventually change places. Tom is now eating Victoria’s pussy while Alison sucks his cock.

Some time passes and now Victoria is riding Tom’s, cock cowgirl while Alison is sitting on Tom’s face while he eats her pussy again.

Victoria says “You’re fucking me so good Tom”!

Both Alison & Victoria continue to moan in pleasure as they’re being pleasured by Tom.

Tom is now fucking Alison from behind while she licks Victoria’s pussy.

Alison turns around and says “Keep fucking me just like that Tom”! Alison then returns to rapidly licking Victoria’s pussy.

Victoria says “Oh fuck! Alison you’re eating my pusssy so good”!

This continues for a while until Victoria & Alison trade places again. Tom is now fucking Victoria from behind while she is eating Alison’s pussy.

Alison says “Fuck! Victoria you really know how to eat my pussy”! Victoria continues to lick Alison’s twat while Tom continues to plow her.

A few minutes pass and Alison is now riding Tom’s cock while Victoria watches on and pleasures herself.

Alison says “Keep fucking with your big cock Tom”!

Victoria replies “It’s so hot how you're riding his dick Alison”!

A few more minutes go by and Victoria & Alison are now giving Tom a double blowjob.

Victoria & Alison lick both sides of his cock and take turns sucking the head of it. Victoria then begins to lick and suck on Tom’s balls while Alison continues to suck his dick. They then alternate a few more times as now Victoria is sucking Tom’s cock while Alison is licking his balls.

Victoria then says “We’re ready for you to cum now Tom”!

Alison replies “Yes! We want it bad”!

Both of the famous brunettes continue to give Tom a double handjob until several streams of cum fly out of his big cock and cover their faces.

Victoria & Alison laugh at the accuracy of Tom’s cumshots and continue to jerk his cock. Alison & Victoria then kiss each other.

Victoria says “That was incredible Alison”!

Alison replies “Yes it was Victoria! This was such a great girls day out”!

Both Victoria & Alison laugh, make out again and continue to play with Tom’s cock.

Victoria’s House

Later that evening Tom drives Victoria back to her house.

Victoria exits the Mercedes and says “That was so much fun! Thank you Alison”!

Alison replies “I had really a fun time today too! We should do this again. Well I’ll see you back at the studio next week. Bye”!

Victoria replies “We really should. Bye Alison”!

Victoria waves goodbye to Alison as her car drives off and then Victoria enters her home.

D.F. Studios

It is the following week back at the studio and Victoria is filming episode four of Fuck Talk. Her guest this episode is Madison Pettis.

Fuck Talk: Episode Four

When the show begins Victoria is seated in her host chair. She’s also wearing revealing purple lingerie with stockings. Victoria looks at the camera with a huge smile and says “Welcome to another episode of Fuck Talk! You may know my guest tonight as Natasha Bennett on the series Five Points. She is Madison Pettis”!

Madison Pettis walks onto the Fuck Talk set wearing skimpy black lingerie and stockings and sporting her trademark curly hair. She and Victoria embrace and Madison sits down on the guest seat.

Madison then says “Thank you for having me on Fuck Talk tonight, Victoria”!

Victoria replies “You’re very welcome Madison! Thank you for the lingerie too. It’s very comfortable”!

Madison laughs and responds “I knew you would like it and you look great in it too Victoria”.

Victoria replies “Thank you Madison! You look great tonight too”!

Victoria then says “Well let’s get into some Fuck Talk, Madison. Now I’ve heard that you are a big tease on social media. Is that true Madison”?!

Madison laughs and replies “Yes I am Victoria! I’m a huge tease which is the reason I’m wearing lingerie on the show right now! I especially love teasing guys with my tits and legs”!

The camera then zooms in on Madison’s tits. Madison giggles and says “I have a great set of tits and my legs look great so why not! Also if I’m making all of you guys watching at home cocks hard right now then I feel I’m doing my job”! Madison then laughs again.

Victoria laughs and says “There’s no shame in being a tease Madison! So are you ready for your sex question tonight”?

Madison replies “Yes I am Victoria! What is the question”?

Victoria asks Madison “How do you like to get warmed up before having sex”?

Madison laughs and answers “I love to perform lap dances before I have sex Victoria. In my experience it makes a guy’s cock really hard before we fuck”!

Victoria responds I may need to try that! Well Madison would you like to demonstrate your lap dance technique on Fuck Talk tonight”?

Madison grins and replies “I’m feeling pretty damn sexy tonight so yes Victoria I would love to”!

Victoria then says “Okay let’s get someone out here for Madison to give a lap dance to”!

Fred wearing a black t-shirt and jeans walks onto the stage. He then sits down on the guest seat next to Madison.

As some sexy music begins to play, Madison smiles, stands up and begins doing a seductive dance. She does this for a few minutes before she begins grinding on Fred’s lap.

Madison grinds on Fred’s lap for a while and says “Oh! I can feel how hard your cock is against my ass”! A few more minutes pass and Madison bites her lip looks back at Fred and says “Fuck it! I want your cock now”! She then kneels in front of him, pulls out his big cock and says “Oh my god! You have a nice hard cock”!

Madison smiles and begins sucking Fred’s cock. The caramel skin beauty makes loud slurp and pop noises as she sucks and jerks Fred’s dick. After a few minutes Madison removes her bra and begins to titfuck Fred.

She does this for a few minutes and says “This big cock feels so good between my tits”! Madison then stands up, removes her underwear and lays down on the guest seat so Fred can eat her pussy.

As Fred eats her out, Madison says “Yes! Keep eating my pussy just like that”! Fred continues to do this until he inserts his big cock inside of Madison and begins fucking her. She cries out in ecstasy as Fred’s big cock rapidly moves in and out of her pussy.

After a few minutes, Fred takes a seat and Madison mounts his cock and rides him cowgirl. As bounces on his cock, her amazing tits jiggle and she says “Oh my god! Your big dick feels so good”! Fred then fucks Madison’s pussy faster. He even grabs a handful of her great looking ass too.

Victoria watches on and says “You two are really putting on a show”!

Fred is now fucking Madison from behind on the guest seat. He fucks her for a bit then pulls out his cock and begins spanking her ass with it a few times. Madison giggles and says “Yes! Keep slapping my ass with that big cock”! Fred does just that before he begins fucking her again.

Madison moans in pleasure as Fred rapidly fucks her from behind. After a few more thrusts he pulls out and Madison. She then turns around in time to take a massive load of cum to her pretty face. Some of the cum even lands on her tits as well.

Madison smiles, wipes some of the cum from her face and says “Holy shit! I haven’t been fucked like that in a while”! She then licks Fred’s big cock one more time.

Victoria smiles and says “Madison that was a hot performance”! Well I’ll like to thank my guest Madison Pettis for appearing tonight”.

Madison replies “Thanks for having me on Victoria”! She then begins to suck Fred’s cock again.

Victoria is about to close the show until she sees how hard Fred’s cock still is. She then says “Wow! How the hell is his cock still hard after that”?!

She then looks at the camera and says “We’re not done with the show yet guys”! Victoria then leaves the host chair and joins Madison to blow Fred.

Both Madison & Victoria lick and suck on Fred’s cock. They even lick his balls. After a few minutes Victoria takes over sucking his cock while Madison licks his balls.

While Madison sucks Fred’s balls, Victoria continues to happily suck his big dick.

Victoria then says “Wow! No wonder Alison & Kiernan love sucking your cock so much”!

Fred replies “They love how I fuck them too Victoria”!

Victoria grins and responds “Really”?! She then stands up and removes her lingerie. Now nude, Victoria begins riding Fred’s cock while Madison watches on.

Victoria rapidly bounces up and down on Fred’s big cock for a few minutes.

Victoria then says “It feels so good”!

Fred begins thrusting into Victoria even faster. After a while Fred begins fucking Victoria in the spoon position on the guest seat.

Madison is now seated in the host chair rubbing her pussy while watching Fred & Victoria.

Victoria continues to moan in pleasure as Fred fucks her. This goes until Fred pulls out of Victoria and she begins jerking his big cock again. While jerking it, Victoria says “I’m ready for your cum Fred”! She then sucks his dick until it expels a huge load onto her gorgeous face.

Madison laughs and says “Oh fuck! He creamed your face good Victoria”!

Victoria also laughs and replies “He really did, Madison! Fred that was great”!

Victoria then looks at the camera, while still sporting a cum facial says “That’s it for Fuck Talk tonight! For real this time”! She laughs and says “Goodnight everyone and I’ll see you all next week. Bye”!

Victoria smiles while still stroking Fred’s cock as the credits roll and the screen fades to black.

End of Chapter 5
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Re: Fuck Talk (Multiple Celebrities) [Chapter 6 Posted]
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Chapter 6
Starring: Victoria Justice
Co-Starring: Alison Brie
Featuring: Nina Dobrev, Florence Pugh & Samara Weaving

Alison’s Office

A few hours later Victoria is talking to Alison inside of her office. Victoria is now wearing a short light blue top and form fitting black jeans. Alison is wearing a short blue dress that shows off her cleavage.

Alison says “That was another great show Victoria”.

Victoria replies “Thank you Alison! Any ideas on what we should do for the season finale of Fuck Talks”?

Alison drinks some water and says “I’m thinking since summer will be over soon the season finale of Fuck Talk should be a special beach edition”.

Victoria replies “That is a really great idea Alison! We could also have more than one guest on the finale too”!

Alison responds “I love that idea Victoria! Multiple guests would definitely garner some great viewership. It would also insure that DigitalFlixxx extends Fuck Talk for another season”.

Victoria then says “Looks like we have a finale to plan, Alison”!

Alison smiles and calls Drew & Jason into her office. Alison smiles and replies “I agree Victoria and since we have plenty of time to brainstorm some ideas. We might as well get a quality fucking too right”?!

Victoria smiles and responds “Alison I love how you think”!

Victoria then begins making out with Drew and Alison begins making out with Jason.

A few minutes later and Victoria is on top of Drew sucking his cock while he eats her out on the couch. Meanwhile Alison is seated in her office chair being eaten out by Jason. Both Victoria & Alison cry in ecstasy as they’re being orally pleasured by Drew & Jason.

Alison says “Oh yes! Jason you’re eating my pussy so good”!

Victoria while Drew is eating her out says “Fuck! That feels so good! Victoria then returns to sucking Drew’s cock. This goes on for a while until Drew begins fucking Victoria from behind.

Meanwhile Alison is now happily sucking Jason’s cock and even licks and sucks on his balls as well. Alison smiles and then looks over to Victoria and says “You’re really enjoying Drew’s cock aren’t you”?!

Victoria laughs and replies “Yes I am”! As Drew continues to fuck her, Victoria says “Yes! Keep fucking me with your big cock”! Drew proceeds to fuck Victoria even faster and she is all smiles as he rapidly plows her pussy.

Alison is now riding Jason as he’s now seated in her office seat. As she rides his cock rapidly Alison says “Oh fuck! Your big cock feels so good”! She then continues to bounce up and down on Jason’s big cock. He also sucks on Alison’s tits as well while she’s riding him.

Drew is now seated on the couch as Victoria rides his cock, reverse cowgirl. After riding his cock for a while she says “Do you like how I bounce on your big cock Drew?! Because I love how your fucking me right now”! Drew nods in agreement as Victoria wildly rides his dick.

Alison is now being fucked from behind by Jason as she holds onto her desk. He fucks her for some time and she says “Keep fucking me just like that Jason”!

Victoria says to Alison “I see you’re really enjoying how Jason is fucking you”!

Alison laughs and replies “Yes Victoria! He’s fucking me so good”!

Some time passes and Victoria is now sucking Drew’s cock. She licks, jerks, and sucks his cock until he fires a huge load of cum onto her beautiful face. Victoria laughs and says “Fuck! That was a lot of cum Drew”! She continues to jerk and lick his cock afterwards.

Jason is still rapidly fucking Alison until he pulls out and she begins to blow his cock again. Alison jerks his cock with both hands until he cums on her face. She smiles and says “Oh my god! Jason your cum is so warm and feels so good on my face”! Alison then licks the head of his cock one more time.

Alison then looks at Victoria and says “I think we’ve brainstormed enough for today. So we’ll start contacting some potential guests for the season finale over the next few days”.

Victoria while still jerking off Drew replies “We can definitely do that! Hey do you want to get some dinner Alison”?!

Alison in an excited tone replies “Yes! There’s this great hibachi place a few minutes from here too”.

Victoria responds “Okay we can go eat there then”.

Alison & Victoria clean themselves up, get dressed and leave the office to get some dinner.

Victoria’s House

The next day Victoria is nude sitting on the couch in her living room having a phone conversation with Nina Dobrev. Victoria says “Hey Nina! I was wondering if you’ll like to make another appearance on Fuck Talk for the season finale”?

Nina is inside of a room at The Love Inn motel. She is only wearing a black thong and blowing a white man with a big cock. But she stops to speak with Victoria. Nina says “Victoria I would love to do it. But I'm going to be on set filming all next week. So I won’t have the time to stop by”.

Victoria responds “That’s okay Nina! If Fuck Talk gets a second season we’ll bring you back on then”. 

Nina now jerking the man’s cock responds “That would be great Victoria! Well good luck with the finale. Goodbye”!

Victoria responds “Good luck to you too. Bye, Nina”!

Victoria then puts down her phone, sighs and returns to pleasuring herself using her trusty dildo. While she watches some DigitalFlixxx programming on her laptop.

The Love Inn

Nina puts down her phone, smiles at the gentleman she’s jerking off and says “I’m sorry about that Frank! Let’s pick up where we left off”! Nina wraps her pink lips around Frank’s big cock and begins sucking it again.

Nina makes loud slurp noises as she blows Frank. She smiles again and says “I love sucking big hard cocks like yours”! Nina then says “I’m going to need a really good fucking today because I won’t have time for one next week”.

As Nina continues to blow Frank and as she does he begins feeling on her ass and even gives it a playful spank. Nina says “Oh yes! Spank my ass again”! Frank does just that which excites the brown skin beauty even more.

Once Nina then removes her thong, Frank begins to eat her out on the bed. Nina grabs his head and says “Keep eating me that Frank”! She moans in pleasure as he licks her pussy for a while. Nina then says “I need your big cock in me now”! Frank inserts his cock into Nina and begins fucking her. Nina has a look of pure joy on her face as Frank continues to plow her at a rapid pace.

Nina says “Yes! Yes! Yes! Keep fucking me”! Frank does just that as he begins fucking Nina even faster. After a few minutes Frank is now fucking Nina in the spoon position. Frank rapidly thrusts into Nina’s pussy and she continues to moan in pleasure as he does so.

Some time goes by and Frank is now laying on his back on the bed as Nina sucks and jerks his dick again. She even licks his balls before she mounts him and begins riding his cock. Nina rides him wildly and has a huge smile on her face. She says “Your big cock feels so good”! This goes on for a while until Frank begins fucking Nina from behind.

Frank plows Nina’s pussy at a fast pace and she says “Oh yes! Keep fucking me just like that”! After a few more minutes Frank pulls out and sprays a huge load on cum onto Nina’s ass with some of it even landing on her back.

Nina looks back at Frank, smiles and says “That was incredible! Frank that was just the fucking I needed before having to film next week”. Nina & Frank then rest on the bed after their fuck session.

Alison’s Place

Later that day Alison is in her bedroom laying on her bed. She is wearing blue lingerie while speaking with English actress Florence Pugh on the phone about appearing on the season finale of Fuck Talk.

Alison says “Hello! Florence I was wondering if you would be interested in appearing on the finale of Fuck Talk next week”?

Florence Pugh is at home and is in the middle of riding the big cock of a bald black man on her couch. But she stops for a few moments to reply to Alison.

In her English accent, Florence says “Thank you for contacting me Alison. Under normal circumstances I would be honored to appear on the Fuck Talk finale. Because I quite like the show. But I won’t be able to because of prior commitments I have. I’m terribly sorry, Alison”!

Alison replies “It’s okay Florence maybe next time then. Well you have a great day”!

Florence responds “You have a great day too, Alison. Goodbye”!

Alison puts down her phone and says “Ah well! I’ll try contacting more potential guests later. But now it’s time to have some fun”! Alison smiles, takes off her lingerie, pulls out a red vibrator and begins using it.

Florence’s Home

After ending her conversation with Alison, Florence puts her phone down and resumes riding the big black cock. She bounces up and down on it for a few minutes and says “Oh fuck! Your cock is so good Bobby”! Florence rides Bobby’s big cock for a while before she hops off of it. She then kneels between his legs and begins giving him a blowjob.

Florence slurps on the black stud’s cock and even licks his balls. She returns to sucking his cock. She then says “I love sucking your big cock, Bobby”! She even slaps his cock on her tits as well.

Some time goes by and Bobby is now fucking Florence from behind. He holds onto her shapely ass while pounding her too. Florence smiles and says “You’re fucking my pussy so good”! He fucks UK actress even faster and even gives her ass a slap. Florence says “Oh fuck yes! I love when you slap my ass”!

Bobby then lays down on the couch and Florence begins riding his cock again, but this time reverse cowgirl. She bounces on cock for a while, looks back and says “Do you like how my ass looks when it bounces on your big cock”? Bobby nods in agreement, Florence smiles and continues to ride him. She moans in pleasure from good he’s fucking her.

A few minutes pass and Florence is now sucking and jerking Bobby’s cock again. She says “Oh fuck! I want your cum so bad! Please give it to me”! Florence continues to suck and jerk Bobby’s cock until he grunts and fires a massive load of cum onto her face.

Florence with a load of cum on her face, smiles and says “That was so fucking good Bobby”! While still jerking his cock she says “Would you like to fuck me again”?! Florence then giggles while still sucking and jerking Bobby’s big cock.

Alison’s Office

It’s now Friday morning and Victoria is once again talking to Alison inside of her office. The two ladies are discussing the finale of Fuck Talk. Alison is wearing a red version of her skirt suit and Victoria is wearing casual clothing.

Alison says “So any luck contacting guests for the finale”?

Victoria replies “No! It seems that everyone is busy next week. But I’ll keep trying to contact some guests”.

Alison says “Kiernan informed me that she was able to contact Alexandra and said that she is available for the finale. So we have one guest confirmed at least”.

Victoria replies “That’s great news Alison. I’m still waiting to hear back from Kat McNamara. I left her a message so maybe she’ll be able to do it”.

Alison then says “Well just keep me posted Victoria”!

Victoria replies “Will do! I better get ready for the Fuck Talk taping. It’s hard to believe this is the last show before the finale next week”.

Alison responds “It’s like they say time flies when you’re having fun.”

Victoria laughs and replies “Seems that way! I’ll talk to you after the show Alison”.

Alison responds “Have a great show Victoria”!

After Victoria leaves to go film Fuck Talk, Alison smiles and removes her clothing. Now nude, Alison begins watching the latest episode of Anal Allstars on the DigitalFlixxx website. This week’s episode features fitness model, Sommer Ray.

The video shows Sommer laying on a leopard print bed. She is being fucked in her ass by a Hispanic man with a big cock. Sommer says “Oh my god! Keep fucking my round ass with your big dick”! The man does just that and continues to pound Sommer’s ass.

Alison watches more of the video while she pleasures herself. She then says “It’s been a while since I’ve had anal sex. Maybe that needs to change today”! Alison then clicks off of the site. She smiles and says “Fred! It’s time to have some fun”!

Fred who is already naked makes his exit from the bathroom. Alison with a naughty grin then pulls out a bottle of lube from her desk.

Fuck Talk: Episode Five

Victoria is seated in her host seat and is wearing a black top and short yellow skirt. She smiles at the camera and says “Welcome to another edition of Fuck Talk! So let’s get the show underway. My guest tonight is a regular on the series SMILF. She has also appeared in films such as The Babysitter and Ready or Not. She is Samara Weaving”!

Samara walks onto the Fuck Talk set wearing a red bikini top and denim shorts. Samara & Victoria embrace and she sits down on the guest seat.

Victoria says “Welcome to Fuck Talk Samara”!

Samara in her Australian accent replies “Thank you for having me on Victoria!

Victoria responds “Well what have you been up to Samara”? Samara replies “Well nothing much Victoria. Just waking up and taking life one day at a time. What have you been up to”?

Victoria responds “I’m the host Samara I ask the questions not you”! Victoria laughs and says “On a serious note I’m doing fine Samara. I’ve also been hosting this show and doing a lot of...fucking. That’s it”!

Both Samara & Victoria then laugh.

Alison’s Office

Fred is rapidly fucking Alison’s ass on the couch. She says “Oh fuck! That cock feels so good in my ass, Fred”! Fred continues to bang Alison from behind and even pours more lube onto her ass and his cock while doing so.

After a few more minutes of fucking her ass, Fred pulls out of Alison and she begins to suck his dick. She sucks on it for a while and says “Nothing like some good atm to start the morning”! Alison giggles as Fred takes a seat on the couch. She then mounts him, inserts his big cock back into her ass and begins riding him.

Alison bounces on Fred’s cock as fast as she can. The brunette beauty moans in pleasure at the joy she’s feeling from the ass fucking she’s receiving. Alison says “Oh my god! I love how you’re fucking my ass Fred”! Fred continues to plow Alison’s ass for a while until she hops off of his cock and kneels in front of him. Alison begins sucking Fred’s cock again and even slaps herself in the face with it a few times.

Alison blows Fred until he fires a huge load of jizz onto her beautiful face. Alison then says “Oh yes! That was some great ass fucking Fred”! Alison continues to stroke Fred’s cock afterwards and her blue eyes grow wide in amazement of how hard it still is.

Alison says “Holy shit! You are a freak of nature, Fred”! Well since your cock is still hard I think we should go another round”! Alison then winks at him and begins licking and sucking his cock again.

Fuck Talk: Episode Five

Victoria is still talking to Samara before asking her the sex question.

Victoria says “Well Samara it’s time for that part of the show where I ask you about your favorite sexual activity. Are you ready”?!

Samara smiles and replies “Yes! Victoria I’m ready. What is the question”?

Victoria asks “Samara what sexual act turns you on the most”?

Samara with a naughty grin answers “Well Victoria I love blowbangs! It’s just something about sucking off a group of men that just drives me wild”!

Victoria then says “Okay Samara would you like to have a blowbang on Fuck Talk tonight”?

Samara in an excited tone replies “I’ll love too! I think it’ll be fun”.

Victoria responds “Alright! Come on out guys! Samara is waiting for you”!

Brad, Marc, Terry and James all walk out to the Fuck Talk stage.

Samara smiles and kneels on the stage as the four men surround her. They pull out their cocks and Samara begins sucking and jerking Marc’s cock while Brad, Terry & James jerk themselves off. Samara looks at Marc with her blue eyes as she sucks his cock and begins to slap his cock on her tongue as well.

Samara does this for a while and begins to blow Brad before moving on to Terry and  lastly James. While she’s blowing James she begins jerking off Terry with her right hand and Marc with her left hand while Brad is jerking himself off watching on.

Samara then says “I love sucking these big cocks”! She then removes her bikini top and tosses it onto the guest seat. She then begins blowing Terry as she jerks off Brad & James. Samara sucks and slurps on Terry’s cock for a while before moving on to Brad. Samara then sucks Brad’s dick and even licks on his balls and she then begins jerking off James and Marc as she continues to blow Brad.

Victoria watches on and says “You have some amazing oral skills Samara”!

Samara replies to Victoria “Thanks Victoria”!

Samara then continues to blow James while jerking off Brad & Terry.  Samara then stands up and removes her jean shorts and is now only wearing a red bikini bottom that barely covers her ass. All four men are also standing in a line now as Samara returns to blowing them. Samara even titfucks each man as well.

The order in which Samara blows the men are Marc, Brad, Terry & James. She goes down the line happily sucking each of their cocks. As she does this, Samara makes loud slurp, glug and suck noises all while licking, jerking and sucking their cocks.

Samara then looks over at Victoria and gets an idea. She says “Hey Victoria! I know you’re pretty skilled when it comes to sucking cock. Why don’t you come join me”?!

Victoria laughs and replies “I’m not going to turn down a request from a guest. So looks like I’m joining the fun guys”!

Victoria then removes her top and lastly her skirt. Victoria is now only wearing a white bra and underwear. Victoria begins blowing and jerking both Terry & Marc’s cocks while Samara is jerking and sucking both of Brad & James’ cocks.

Victoria is blowing Marc while jerking off Terry using her left hand. She then alternates and begins blowing Terry and jerking off Marc with her right hand. Victoria even begins licking Terry’s cock as if it was a lollipop pop before she returns to sucking on it. She does for a while and then returns to sucking off Marc.

Samara is sucking on Brad’s balls while she gives him a handjob using both hands. She does this for a while before turning her attention to James’ cock and begins to suck his cock again. Samara rapidly sucks James’ dick for a while before she returns to sucking off Brad.

Victoria is now blowing Brad & James while Samara blows Marc & Terry.

Victoria says “These cocks are so good”!

Samara replies “Yes they are”!

The two famous women continue lick, jerk, slurp and suck the cocks of the four men before them and even suck on their balls as well.

After a few more minutes the men are ready to blow their loads. Samara with a naughty grin says “I’m ready for your cum boys”! Victoria replies “I am too! Come on give to us”!

Marc fires a huge load of cum onto Samara’s face which is followed by Brad who blasts a nice sized load onto the beautiful Aussie’s face.

Meanwhile James expels a huge load of cum onto Victoria’s face and lastly Terry follows up by firing a big load of cum onto Victoria’s gorgeous face as well.

Samara then says “Fuck yes! I love all of this hot cum on my face”!

Victoria laughs and replies “That was fun Samara”!

Victoria then looks into the camera with her face covered in cum and says “Well that’s all the time we have for Fuck Talk tonight! Join me next week for the season finale which is going to be a really big show. Goodnight everyone”!

Victoria blows a kiss at the camera while Samara begins blowing all of the guys again. The credits roll and the screen fades to black.


The Fuck Talk taping is now over and Victoria exits her dressing room. She is all cleaned up now and back to wearing her casual clothing. As she walks towards Alison’s office her phone begins to ring.

Victoria answers her phone and says “Hello”?!

Kat McNamara is the voice on the other end and replies “Hey Victoria! It’s me Kat. I’m calling to let you know that I’m free to appear on the season finale of Fuck Talk next week”.

Victoria in a cheerful tone responds “That’s great news Kat! I’m looking forward to seeing you next week”.

Kat responds “Me too! See you next week Victoria. Bye”!

Victoria replies “Bye Kat”! Victoria smiles as she enters Alison’s office.

Alison’s Office

Victoria is now inside of the office and gasps. She sees a nude Alison on the couch giving Fred a handjob using both her hands. Alison’s face is also covered in fresh cum as well.

Victoria laughs and says “I’m sorry Alison! I hope I’m not interrupting your fun”.

Alison while still jerking Fred’s cock, laughs and replies “It’s fine Victoria! You see I’ve already made Fred’s cock cum three times already and I’m now working on a fourth! So I’ll watch the playback of the taping later. I’m sure you did a fine job today Victoria”.

Victoria responds “I’m sure you will enjoy it Alison. I came to tell you that Kat called me back and she said that she will be able to appear on the season finale. So we now have two guests confirmed”.

Alison while still jerking and sucking on Fred’s cock says “That’s wonderful news Victoria! But we still need one more guest. Do you have any suggestions”? Alison returns to sucking Fred’s big cock.

Victoria thinks it over for a minute and gets an idea. She looks at Alison and says “Alison I think you should be the third guest on the season finale”!

Alison, still jerking Fred’s cock, smiles and replies “I never planned to appear on camera for Fuck Talk but we do need another guest. So yes Victoria I’ll do it”! She then goes back to sucking Fred’s cock.

Victoria smiles and says “Thank you Alison! We now have all our season finale guests”. Alison removes Fred’s cock from her mouth and replies “Excellent! I’ll see you next week Victoria! It’s been a fun time working with you”!

Victoria responds “I feel the same way Alison. I can’t wait until next week. It’s going to be fun”! Victoria waves goodbye to Alison as she leaves the office.

Alison continues to jerk Fred’s cock even faster and begins sucking his cock again while massaging his balls.

Fred says “Oh fuck! I’m about to cum Ms. Brie”!

Alison smiles and begins sucking his cock again until Fred blasts a massive load of cum onto her face. Some of the cum even lands in Alison’s hair as well.

Alison lets out a sigh and says “Fuck that was so good! But I think that’s enough fun with your big cock for today Fred. It has distracted me long enough. It’s time for me to get some work done”!

Alison licks Fred’s cock one last time before she leaves the couch to clean herself up. Fred then falls asleep on the couch, exhausted from the fun Alison has been having with his cock.

End of Chapter 6
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Florence and Samara in the same chapter? You spoil me, Calibur!  ;D

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