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Author Topic: Fuck Me Baby One More Time (Britney Spears)  (Read 5755 times)

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Fuck Me Baby One More Time (Britney Spears)
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Fuck Me Baby One More Time by Author Unknown
Celeb(s) – Britney Spears
Codes – MF, Oral, Tit Fuck
Originally posted on August 25, 2002 at CSSA

Nearly three months before his graduation in May of 2000 John was madly sending out resumes to all sorts of companies. Since he was such a music fan he sent is resume to all the public relations departments of major labels such as Jive Records.

Unfortunately, up until April the only interviews he had been granted were stuffy corporate jobs that required 9-to-5 work. That was the last thing John wanted. He wanted to be out on the road, seeing the world.

One day late in April John returned from his morning class to find his answering machine blinking with a new message.

"John this is Anna Smith with Jive Records. We received your resume and we are very interested in setting up an interview with you. Please call me back as soon as possible," the voice said.

John could barely dial the phone he was so excited. Finally a job in the music business.

"Yes this is John Larson returning a call to Anna Smith," John said to the operator.

"Please hold Mr. Larson," the secretary said.

After a minute Anna picked up her line.

"John sorry to keep you waiting. As I said on the phone we’re very interested in setting up an interview with you. You’re from Illinois right?"

"Right," John said.

"Well some of our people are going to be in Chicago on May 6. Could you be up there for an interview?

"Absolutely," John replied. "Where will the interview be held?"

"We have a conference room at The Drake reserved. How about 10 a.m. Saturday May 6," Anna asked.

"That’s outstanding. 10 a.m. Saturday May 6," Ben confirmed. "I’ll see you there."

On May 6 John made his way to Chicago and breezed through the

"John we’d like to offer you a position with Jive Records," Anna said.

"Thank you so much. When can I start," Ben asked.

"As soon as possible. We’d like to get you some experience on the road. In fact we’ve decided to send you out on the road with Britney Spears," Anna said.

So on June 1 John began his trip around the world with Britney Spears. One of the first locales John was sent to was Hawaii, where Britney was shooting her Fox Special.

Upon his arrival on the island a meeting was set for Ben to sit down and get to know how Britney liked things to be done.

"Hi John. I’m Britney," she said when he walked into her suite with the other media people.

"Hi, how, how are you," John stammered. She was even more beautiful in person. With her deep tanned skin, perfect breasts and the best ass that Ben had ever laid eyes on.

Britney had just come from the pool and was still wearing her bikini for the meeting. As the meeting progressed Ben couldn’t take his eyes off of the Southern belle.

As the meeting ended Britney got up and showed them to the door.

"I’ll see you boys tonight at the show," she said. Indeed she did. Britney put on an outstanding show in front of 20,000 screaming fans. Afterward John needed to update Britney’s official website to let her fans know how the show had gone. He asked Britney to come to his room at the hotel to writer a personal note on the site.

About 11 p.m. John was pounding away on his keyboard, updating the site, when Britney knocked and entered the room. She was wearing jeans and a small t-shirt that exposed her flat stomach.

"So what do you need from me," Britney asked.

"Well I thought your fans would appreciate a personal note from you," John said.

John sat on the edge of the bed as Britney typed out her note.

"There all done," she said. "Anything else?"

"Nope that’s all. Thanks a lot Britney," John said.

Britney stood to leave, but instead of walking to the door she sat down next to John on the bed.

"You know I caught you staring at me today during the meetings,"
Britney said. "You’re not the only one, but you were the most persistent. I love that bathing suit on me. I love when the cold water makes my nipples hard," Britney said.

She leaned closer and whispered in John’s ear.

"Did you notice my nipple were hard John," she whispered into his ear. "I’ll bet you did."

John was growing hard as rock inside his pants, but he couldn’t decide if she was teasing him. On instinct John leaned out and passionately kissed Britney. She responded with her tongue.

John slowly began to rub the inside of Britney’s thigh. She lightly moaned.

Taking this as a sign to move forward. Ben began to move his hand up her flat stomach to her luscious breasts and began to kneed both of them softly.

Britney suddenly broke their embrace and without saying a word took off her baby t-shirt, revealing no bra underneath, just the most beautiful set of tits John had ever seen.

John moved in and kissed Britney again and trailed the kiss down her neck and began to circle each breast with kisses, moving from the outside in until he reached the nipple. He gently sucked her nipple into his mouth and could feel it spring to attention at once.

"Oh my god," Britney gasped.

Slowly John continued to trail kisses down her body until he reached the goal of so many pubescent teams. John slowly unzipped her jeans and Britney lifted her hips to allow the jeans to be removed and revealed a black thong.

John began to plant wet kisses on the thong and slowly he felt the material dampen. John then removed the thong and saw the most beautifully shave pussy he had ever seen. She was shaved bare.

John once again to began to plant kisses on her outer lips as Britney laid back on the bed. John then moved to her clit, gently taking it into his mouth again and again.

Britney began to buck on the verge of an orgasm. John moved his thumb to her tightly puckered asshole and gently applied pressure. That triggered a crescendo of moans as Britney came in his mouth.

"Ohhhhhhh, ohhhh don’t stop," Britney said as John stood up, removed his pants and climbed onto the bed.

"I’ve wanted to fuck your brains out ever since I saw your first video," John said and kissed her again before moving back down the bed.

John positioned himself at her entrance as she wrapped her long tan legs around him.

He slowly pushed all eight inches into her, eliciting another gasp from Britney. John slowly started pumping in and out, varying the rhythm
and depth of his thrusts.

After 20 minutes Britney began to loudly moan and thrash about the bed as John continued to thrust in out and out, each time hitting her clit.

She reached her second orgasm and came even more violently than the first. Britney’s violent orgasm triggered John’s as well and he shot his hot load deep inside of her.

John pulled out and Britney faced him on all fours and took his cock
into her mouth and licked it clean. When she was done she turned around
on all fours facing away from him. John was confused.

"Well," Britney said. "Are you gonna fuck my ass or not?"

John couldn’t believe it. She was offering her virgin asshole to him.

John approached her from behind and lightly pressured her anus. Slowly he rubbed it, eventually lubricating his index finger and gently
working it into her asshole.

"Uhhhhh," Britney winced in pain.

John withdrew his finger and brought his cock to her puckered anus. He slowly pushed the head in and couldn’t believe the pressure. He worked the rest of it in and started a slow rhythm before reaching around to play with her clit.

Another 10 minutes produced Britney’s third violent orgasm. Britney once again licked him clean and drew him close to her. The pair fell asleep with her head on his chest.

The next morning John awoke with a hard-on, but not because of nature, but because Britney was blowing him.

"You want one more shot before we go to the airport," Britney asked.

Definitely," John said as he laid her on her back and straddled her stomach and reached into the nightstand for a can of Vaseline.

"What are you doing," Britney asked tentatively.

"Something every male in America wants to," John said as spread the Vaseline all over her beautiful tits. "Now push them together."

Britney did as she was told and John placed is cock between her firm mounds and began to pump in and out. Britney slowly caught on and began to take his cock into her mouth on every thrust. John eventually came and Britney swallowed every drop.

John returned the favor by going down on her again, lapping frantically at her pussy until he could taste her juices.

When he was finished John headed to the shower, and when he came out all he found was a note.
All stories posted from this account were once on C-S-S-A.com and belong to the respective authors we have credited in disclaimers. Our goal is to preserve these stories as part of internet porn history and ensure they are not lost in time.
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