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Frustrated Diva (Jennifer Lopez)
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Frustrated Diva by dkg
Celeb(s) – Jennifer Lopez
Codes – MF, Oral, Anal
Originally posted on December 6, 2011 at CSSA

Disclaimer: The event in this story is entirely fictional. Any chance (highly unlikely) that the events depicted should be in any way accurate is purely coincidental.

Notes: My apologies in advance of any spelling errors. Wrote this because most Jennifer Lopez stories are from some years ago and I still think see look amazing anno 2011.


The ping from the elevator brought me back from my daydreaming and I entered and pushed the button for the ninth floor. Yawning, I hoped that tonight would pass relatively effortlessly… it wasn’t really my shift this, but being the all-around nice guy I’d accepted taking it. The money wouldn’t hurt either as I wasn’t exactly living it large at the moment.

Working at a LA hotel as a bellhop, which meant taking care of different small jobs that came along too, is a pretty decent job and the night shift is usually pretty uneventful, so I hoped for a quiet night. So far it seemed like I’d achieve that, the first task I was given was delivering this package to one of the guest, which even at this late hour wasn’t at all out of the ordinary.

Something that was unusual however was the fact that Miss Conway, the manager of the hotel, had been in when I started my shift. Normally there’s only somebody at the front desk, a security guard and the couple of bellhops working at this time of the day, but today started with her calling me into her office. She reminded me of the confidentiality clause in my contract, which basically meant that if I gave any information about any guest I was sure to lose my job and receive a huge lawsuit. Assuring my boss that I would respect the privacy of our guest she handed me this small paper bag and told me to bring to one of the rooms.

Still somewhat confused as to why she felt the need to remind not to call the tabloids about any possible smut, a lot of more or less famous people went in and out of hotel, I reached my destination. Checking the door number matched with the sticker on the bag one last time I knocked on the door.

“Hi…” a lady greets me with a smile.

“Uhm… I…” my attempt to reply is cut short at the view I’m presented with. Standing in the open door is none other than latin superstar Jennifer Lopez, wearing a small silk robe and her well known smile. Stumbling for words I involuntarily give her the elevator look; from her sexy heels, her legs clad in see-through lace stockings, the robe hugging her every curve and the grin on her face when I make eye-contact with her.

“You got something for me?” she smile, to which I only nod, lost for words at seeing someone like this, who I’ve fantasized about since the mid-nineties, standing inches from me and in this state of dress.

“Come on in…” she step aside and forcing a thanks past my lips I enter the room.

“Just got this for you, Miss Lopez…” I say, having to say something to seem somewhat professional, as I can feel my cock hardening a little at the sight.

“Oh, you got something for me alright…” she grins, and with an almost predatory look in her eyes steps closer to me.

“Wha…” I say, backing away a bit, “Yeah, I got this package for you…”

“I can see!” she smile, wide-eyed, as she grabs onto my crotch, rubbing my growing bulge.

“Oh gawd!” I grunt, and my cock responds by growing even more.

“Mmm… looks good, I can’t wait to unwrap this one!” she smile and pulls the silk belt on the robe revealing her body to me.

“Jeez…” I gasp. She’s wearing tight lace baby doll, see-through except at the cups and matching her garters, and a small pair of matching panties beneath.

“You like?” she grin, feeling my cock twitch at the sight of her outfit and shrugging the robe off her shoulders.

“Holy sh…” I gasp as she rips open my shirt, a couple of buttons flying through the air. Planting a deep kiss on me, her tongue forcing its way past my lips, I’m too stunned to respond.

“Hmm…” she hums and drops to her knees and unzips my pants, unbuckles the belt and almost in desperation pulls my engorged cock from my pants. I drop the bag, which I’d held tight since Jennifer threw herself at me, and hold onto the small table she have backed me up against.

As she licks the head of my twitching tool, while smiling at me, those sexy eyes staring back at me, I consider pinching myself. If there ever was a moment to make sure weren’t dreaming this had to be it… The feeling of her mouth on me is enough for now to convince me that this is actually happening and I just lean back and enjoy the feeling of Jennifer Lopez – wauw I almost say out loud at the thought – bobbing her head onto my cock.

Having a world famous sex symbol kneeling at my feet, alternating between sucking the head of my cock, teasing it with her tongue and swallowing as much of it as she can makes me forget all worries about maintaining some kind professionalism towards her.

“Oh, god!” I grunt, my hips thrusting forward on their own as it’s clear I won’t last long.

“Mmm…” Jennifer moans around my twitching cock, smiling at me.

“Fuck… gonna cum…” I grunt and pause – do you say Miss Lopez or does the guest/employee politeness go out the window when one part is blowing the other?

“Yes, give me that fucking cum!” she hisses and jerks my cock. Kneeling lower she places her mouth on my ball sack, licking and sucking it as she jerks my cock.

“Yes…” I grunt, seeing Jennifer with her head buried between my legs while her hand in a blur moves back and forth my cock.

With a loud roar I shoot my load, Jennifer sucking my balls hard and continuing jerking me until I stop shooting. Gasping for breath I’m surprise at just how much cum I just deposited, five or six jets shot onto the hotel room floor.

“Hehe, excited aren’t you?” she grin and licks my sensitive pole, making me shudder.

“Uhmm… that was… I mean… thanks… Miss Lopez…” I stutter, gasping for breath after the best blowjob of my life, no contest.

“Oh no, thank you… and we’re not done yet!” she smile and holds her hand up for me, which I take and helps her to her feet.

Kissing me, just a quick peck this time, she turns away from me and saunter to the couch, peeling her baby doll off on the way. Open mouthed I stare at the world famous round ass and her slim, naked back as the material is pulled over her head. Licking my lips I admire how good her body still is, even though she’s passed forty and has given birth… the way woman in showbiz age is something else I smile to myself.

“You coming?” she smiles, looking over her shoulder.

Snapping out of it I start towards the couch, forgetting my pants still around my legs and stumbles. Hearing her giggle, I struggle a little pulling off my shoes and pants before eagerly moving to the couch.

“Com ‘ere, I need some release bad!” she hisses, sitting back in the couch and spreading her legs.

“Yes ma’am!” I grin and lick my lips, enjoying the view of her naked body, only the garters and the tiny thong covering a small part of her body.

“Oh no…” she smile as I kneel down and heft my quickly hardening cock and pull aside her small panties, “I think you should return the favor…” she say, and gropes one of her naked breast, the same sexed look as when I entered the room still in her eyes.

I gladly get on my knees in front of the couch and with her thong pulled aside I place my mouth on her wet opening. She writhes in pleasure as I trail my tongue along her lips before placing my mouth on her protruding clit and sucking hard. Licking along her slit and sucking her hard knob has her moaning aloud, the sound of her cries of pleasure filling the room makes me rock hard with excitement again.

“Aiiee yes, make me fucking cum!” she moans and places one of her hands in my hair, twisting her fingers in it. With a smile I look up, over her mound and heaving breast, seeing her eyes closed, mouth open and her other hand pinching one of her hard nipples.

Eager to please I push my tongue into her, twirling it around some before continuing on to her clit again. I repeat this again and again, licking her and pushing my tongue deep inside her before ending at her hard clit. Her moans grow louder and her breathing becomes more labored, her breast moving in time with her breathing. Feeling her body primed for orgasm I add a couple of fingers to the playing field.

“Yes yes…” she grunt as I trace a finger along her wet lips before pushing them into her, while keeping my mouth on her clit.

Feeling her body convulse a little, I smile and starts driving the finger into her. She arch her back in pleasure, her breast thrust into the air, and tightens her grip of my hair. I push another finger into her, thrusting two fingers into her, fast. With both my fingers and mouth working on her she soon convulse in pleasure and with squeal of delight tenses up and I pull away, leaving only my fingers inside of her as she cums hard.

“Oh god… I needed that!” she smile, then moan and shudder a little as I move my fingers inside of her, “Now, I see you’re up for another round…” she smile and pause, “Can I ask you your name before we move on?” she grin.

“Sure, I’m Danny…” I grin too and pulling my hand from her soaked sex I offer it to her, “Pleased to meet you, Miss Lopez”

With a big smile she takes hold of my wrist and pulls my hand to her mouth, sucking my fingers clean while keeping eye contact with me.

As she’s sucking my fingers clean I grab my cock, hard as a rock now, and push it against her sex. We both moan as I slowly sink into her, her pussy swallowing my cock while gripping it tight. Damn, she’s mom to a pair of twins, I think as her velvety warm folds wraps around me.

“Aiiiee yeah… fuck me!” she groans as I pick up pace, her breast moving in time with my thrust. I can’t help but think that the time hasn’t hurt her that much as I think back to the movie U-Turn. It brings a smile to my face and I place a hand on each breast, fondling them and pulling at the erect nipples.

I lean over her and place my mouth over hers. She responds by grabbing onto the back of my head and pushes her tongue into my mouth, our tongues dueling with while I pound her hard. Pulling away I grab onto her hips with both my hands and pull her into each forward thrust. Her hands grabs onto my arms and pounding her with all my strength she’s soon writhing in pleasure and screaming as her pussy tremble and grips my cock hard.

“Ahh…” she groans as I keep going through her orgasm, both our bodies now covered in a thin layer of sweat.

“Ugh…” I grunt as I feel cum starting to make it way up my shaft, and then Jennifer explodes in another orgasm.

“Oh fuck yes Dan…” she squeals as she cums hard just as I unload inside of her, the added sensation of jet after jet of hot jism coating her insides has her cumming again and again.

I slump over her body, gasping for breath. Catching my breath I push off of her, resting above her on my hands. She’s lying on her back with her eyes closed, also getting her breath back. I stay in that position, my softening cock still embedded inside of her, looking at her face a stupid grin on my face… Jennifer fucking Lopez, this has to be the best on the job experience ever!

“Thanks…” she whisper as she opens her eyes and smiles at me, “Don’t ever have twins and then break of your marriage without having some alternate way of your needed dose of sex!” she smile and moves her hands onto my body, tracing it along side until she reach my neck at which time she pulls me in for another kiss.

“Uhm…” I say, breaking the kiss, a much softer one than the previous ones, and looking at the clock on a nearby table, “I better get going…” I trail of, seeing the time and not wanting to lose your job, as much as you’d hate to leave Jennifer.

“Oh?” she raises her eyebrows, “But I’m far from done with you” she pout playfully and push me back, my softening cock slipping from her pussy, our combined juices pouring out with it and making it glistens in the light of the room.

Disappointed I get to my feet, having decided that I’ll have to leave now… how do you explain that you spend half of your shift delivering a single package to one guest?

“Sorry Jen… Miss Lopez” I say, still keeping it formal, “I’ve got to get back to work… oh, damn!” she stops me by leaning forward and swallowing the head of my cock, sucking our excitement off. Bringing a hand up to fondle by balls and swirling her tongue around the head I’m soon sporting a semi-hard-on again.

“Okay… you can leave” she smile and get off the couch.

“Yeah… sorry, I have to…” I start but lose the thread as she bends over a few feet from me, giving me a perfect view of her fantastic round ass as she peels the thong off.

“… or you can stay” she continues, flinging the flimsy garment at me, “Just bring the content of that bag with you!” she smile and turns away.

Naked and sporting a huge erection I watch with open mouth as she saunter towards the bedroom, swaying her hips exaggerated.

Decision time… I walk to my clothes, but don’t pick them up straight away. Instead I grab the paper bag lying on the ground next to my pants and tear it open.

“Holy shit!” I mumble out loud. Inside the bag is a tube of K-Y Jelly… she want me to… Jennifer Lopez?! All thought of my job is gone in an instant and taking the tube I have to make an effort not to run into the bedroom, but try to play it somewhat cool. Entering the bedroom I see Jennifer sitting on the bed, her legs pulled under herself.

“Hmm, you’re ready for some more?” she say, getting on all fours and crawl to the edge of the bed where I’m standing.

“Mm-hmm…” I nod, standing there speechless with a tube of K-Y Jelly and an angry looking erection.

Laughing at my reaction and beckons me closer, reaching for my hard-on.

“Mmm… I thought you’d be, give me that cock of yours again!” she says, licking her lips and flirtingly staring at me. Not one to argue that I stepped a little closer and she grabbed hold of my once again rock hard pole. I gasp as she sucks the head and licks along its length a couple of times.

“Lay down” she commands, a little desperation in her voice, as she pulls away.

Smiling at her eagerness I lay down on the bed and she’s quickly on me, straddling my knees and taking my cock back in her mouth. I moan as she bobs her head on up and down, sucking my cock hard before pulling her head off again and jerking my cock, her tongues dance over on my engorged head.

“I need some more of this big cock!” she grunt and moves her body, squatting over me. We both groan in pleasure as she guides me into her body, her feet flat on the bed on both sides of me and her hands grabbing on to each of my legs. In this position she bounces herself onto my cock while giving me a great view of her body. The view and the feeling of her wet folds hugging me makes my body respond by thrusting upwards almost on its own, meeting her thrust for thrust.

“Fuck yeah Jen!” I grunt, thankful that I’ve cum a couple of time already so this will last a while.

“Mmm… no more Miss Lopez, huh stud?” she grin, between her moans, “We were past that a long time ago anyway baby” she moan.

She rides me hard for a while before she pushes down, my entire cock inside of her, and convulse in orgasm. A loud groan escapes her lips as her pussy contracts tight around me and her hands grip my legs a little harder. She remain still, quivers some, as the orgasm wash over her before she move her legs, straddling me in a traditional cowgirl position, still impaled on my cock.

“Thanks baby…” she smile and press her body into mine, her breast mashed against my chest, “The costumer service is great here… I’ll have to recommend you guys” she smile and kiss me.

“Well, we aim to please…” I smile, breathing heavily.

She giggles and raises her body into a sitting position. She moves her body up and down my cock a couple of times, the tightness of her pussy sends waves of pleasure through my body.

“Oh god…” I gasp, gripping onto her waist… Costumer service like this really pays off I think as my hands roam her body.

“Mmm… I have to compliment Cynthia ‘bout you” she moan, making me raise my eyebrows.

“Wha…” I mumble, Cynthia I guess is my boss, Cynthia Conway…

“Ha, yeah… you didn’t think I just jump anybody who comes to my room?” she giggles, and leans down for another kiss, “We have an… agreement… She sends me some meat, and I’m sure it won’t end up in the media!” she smiles.

“Oh, okay…” I reply.

“Now… let me turn around and ride this fat cock some more!” she hiss in my ear, “I bet you’ll love to see this ass while I ride you, huh?”

“Oh fuck yes…” I gasp and grinning she pulls off of me. Kneeling next to me she take my cock in her mouth sucking it quickly before straddling me, her back turned to me. Reaching down she guides my hard cock into her warm pussy again and we both gasp as she lowers her body, embedding my entire cock inside of her.

“Yeah… spank it!” she grunt as I move my hands onto her famous round ass, as it bounce up and down on me.

“Really?” I mutter in surprise, but not one to refuse such a request I slap her cheek playfully.

The sound of our combined moans, her body slapping against mine, the occasional spank I delivers to her bottom and her delightful squeals that follows echoes in the room. As her ass moves up and down I can’t help but grab hold of each cheek, both a little red from the spanks I’d delivered, spreading her cheeks to see her invitingly tight ass hole. I take my thumb into my mouth and suck it, getting it good and wet, before spreading her cheeks a little again and tracing the thumb around her tight little hole. Jennifer gasp in pleasure and her pussy tightens around my cock as I touch her hole, encouraging me to push on.

“Fucking hell…” I moan as I push my thumb into her ass, her body tightening and she groan in pleasure.

“You wanna fuck my ass, baby?” she moans, looking at me over her shoulder, a dirty glint in her eyes.

“Mmm-hm…” I grunt and with a cute giggle she pulls up off of me, my glistening hard-on slaps onto my belly.

“Grab the lube” she grin and gives me a quick peck on the lips, before turning away and on all four presents her famous ass for me, wiggling it playfully at me.

Finding the tube on the floor next to the bed I’m soon kneeling behind Jennifer, spreading her ass and applying a generous amount of lube to her tight ring. She rests her head onto the bed, her ass sticking into the air and moans as I push a couple of fingers inside of her, getting jelly deep inside of her.

“Do it… fuck my ass!” she moan, her eyes closed and her hand moves between her legs, a couple of fingers playing with her pussy.

“Yes ma’am!” I eagerly reply and move behind her, resting my cock on the crack of her ass. Grinding my cock into the naked and sweat covered ass of Jennifer Lopez made me wish I had a camera to commemorate this later…

Snapping back to present as she moans and press her body back against mine, I take hold of my cock and press it against her tiny opening. Having lubed her up and in her over-sexed state her ass opens up for me as I push forward, her anal ring yielding to my cock. We both let out pleasurable groans, me from the warm tightness of her ass and her from throbbing cock expanding her sphincter and pushing deep inside of her.

“Fucking tight…” I grunt as I start to slowly thrust into her, going a little deeper with each thrust as her body quickly grows accustomed to my cock, it’s clear that she’s no stranger to this act.

“Uh, uh, uh…” she grunts with each thrust as her fingers works her clit, her ass contracting a little with each jolt of pleasure that shoots through her body.

Soon I’m pounding her full force, my hands holding her hips tight and her body getting forced into her bed from it. Her loud moans and screams of pleasure are muffled by the sheets she’s burying her head in, her fingers is still toying with her pussy.

“Fuck me hard!” she grunt, pushing up her body onto all fours and turning her head, an intense look in her eyes, “Do it!” she grunt, “Spank me, fuck me…”

“Damn…” I mumble and give her what she wants.

I fuck her hard and bring my hand down hard onto her round ass, both of cheeks turning a slight shade of red after repeating it again and again. She scream in pleasure and urge me on, telling me to keep going while she keep fiddling her clit and convulsing in pleasure several times. Damn, she really gets off on this I think, having lost count of how many times Jennifer has seemingly cum.

“Oh shit” I grunt, feeling my orgasm slowly approaching, having only lasted this long because of my previously releases.

“Gonna cum baby?” she moan, turning to smile at me, gasping for breath and a dazed look in her eyes, “My thigh ass getting too much for you?” she hiss and tightens her ass.

“Yeah…” I grunt and give her one final hard thrust before slapping her ass and pulling out.

Having Jennifer Lopez naked and writhing in pleasure on the bed in front of me, I can’t pass up the opportunity to fulfill a fantasy of mine. Jennifer gasps in pleasure, a pair of her fingers piston into her pussy, and I grab my cock and jerk it. It only takes a few tugs before I spray her ass and back with jet after jet of cum.

“Fuckin’…” I grunt, smiling as I look at my work. Jennifer Lopez, world famous diva, naked with a load of my cum on her body.

“Thanks… I needed that!” she grin and after catching her breath gets onto her knees and turn around. Kissing me softly she say “You made a mess…” and look over shoulder, to her cum soaked back, “I’ve gotta go shower… and you’d better get back to work, right?” she ask, but clearly indicating that my services is no longer needed.

“Uhm, right” I reply, as she gets of the bed and leaves for the bathroom, her body glistens from sweat and our juices. Not one to complain about getting kicked out after casual sex with a woman like this, I take a few moments to regain some strength and then go looking for my uniform.

Fastening my shirt, I’m about to leave when I see the tiny lace panties on the floor. With a smirk I pick them up and stuff them into my pocket before leaving the room, hoping that my colleagues hasn’t been looking for me during the last couple of hours.

“Danny!” I turn when I get back downstairs, Miss Conway is standing at her office door, “Get in here for a minute” she continue and go inside.

“Sure…” I mumble, confused as she’s rarely here during the nights.

“So, I trust it went well?” she smiles.

“Uh… yeah, fine” I reply, still not sure if she now exactly what happened upstairs, but suspecting that she does after what Jennifer said.

“Good,” she grin, she’s a beautiful woman and there’s something different in the she smiles at me now compared to how she usually does, “Then you’d might be interested in some more extra night shifts?”

“Sure” I reply, thinking that if I weren’t so spent I maybe would’ve made a move on this sexy MILF as she flirts with me.

“Good…” she licks her lips, “Take this and just head on home… your services won’t be needed any more for tonight” she hands me an envelope.

I thank her and leave, looking into the envelope as I walk towards the dressing room my eyes bulge as I see numerous of bills. I smile as I leave the hotel, with a tiny lace souvenir in my pocket. I’m not sure if I should feel used or just be happy that I got a nice bonus and a shortened shift in return of spending a few hours with a woman of my dreams.

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