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Kat Dennings - Nevermore
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Kat Dennings - Nevermore

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

* * * * *

Dressed in her old clothes, a red chequered shirt and black leggings, Kat was ready for a day of clearing the garden, something that was much needed and rather desperate now as the summer had turned from glorious sunshine into damp, cold days with short hours and never ending dark and dreary. Well it seemed that way anyway, the days so much shorter than they had been in the bleak December and it just made things feel so much more depressed and withdrawn. Still, it gave her time to snuggle up indoors and relax around getting filming work done.  Right now the curvy brunette was just waiting for her friend Rob to arrive; she’d asked him to come and help her work today as she had some stumps to pull out and other heavy lifting to do and after a playful grumble about it he’d agreed to come over and help her out to get the garden cleared for the winter.

Her beautiful black cat stretched on the sofa and curled itself tighter, having no intention of going outside on the chilly December day with her as it closed its beaming green eyes again; she hadn’t had him very long, a year or so, a new cat to replace her lost cat Lenore that had sadly passed the previous year. Kat was sure he’d be interested to go outside if he saw the stately raven strutting around on her grass, foot falls purposeful as he sought out sustenance, leaving not a feather then he fluttered, disturbed by Rob appearing on her pathway and approaching her front door. Seeing him from the window broke her from her thoughts and turned to the hall, heading out to open it before he could tap on it and invite him in from the bright but chilly day.

“Hey,” he greeted him warmly as she stepped back to invite him in, shutting the door behind him as he pulled his coat off before craning up to hug him. At only 5’3 it was difficult to hug her friend who was over 6’ with Rob making the effort lean down and return the embrace, having not seen her for a little while due to the time pressures of filming she’d had.

“Hey Kat, been too long,” he said, breaking away from her and stretching a little.

“It has, nice to finally get time to do things, even if it is clearing the garden,” she replied. She liked gardening but clearing was still a chore, but then it had to be done if she was going to grow nice things in the spring.

“Well it’s good exercise outdoors I guess,” he said with a smile, decked out in similarly old clothes ready to get things done. It was a bit later start than would have been ideal, clocks already at midday and the daylight already felt like it was waning though they had hours left.

“Yeah, and we’d better get going, plenty to do,” she said.

“Well that’s what I’m here for, ready to get nice and sweaty with you,” he said, letting her take the lead and direct what she wanted done as he gave her a smile and a wink.

“Let’s do it,” she replied, flicking her eyebrows playfully and turning to lead him outside through the back door of the house, almost suspecting she caught another stretch of her restful cat as she did. They headed outside, grabbing some tools from her shed before getting to work on the garden which was strewn with tired grass, old leaves and bare branches that needed cutting back. There we also a couple of old stumps from trees that had previously been cut off that she needed removing which was going to be the bulk of the work.

“Where do we start?” he said, looking to her. It was her garden after all.

“Well...how about we clear up the lightweight stuff first, get that all out the way?” she said, meaning the leaves and grass. After all, getting that clear would mean they weren’t walking through it constantly as they went about the garden. He nodded his agreement and they went to work with the rakes and bags, clearing up all the wet, dead leaves and pieces of decayed plant life from the grass and around the periphery of the garden space. Though a simple job it seemed to eat time and once they were finished it was going on two in the afternoon, bags filled and grass thoroughly raked out to clear it for fresh growth.

“Right, that’s a good job”, she said, surveying the garden which looked considerably tidier now. Despite the cold they were both warm, the exertion keeping them more than hot enough in the weak December light, shadows already creeping over the garden.

“Yeah, what next?” he asked.

“Well, I’ll drag these out the way if you want to get started on those bushes? I want to get branches down and it’s the perfect time with everything having died back,” she said, pointing to the large loppers stood against the wall at the side of her house.

“Sure,” he said, dragging a bag back to the house on his way to collect them. Kat was dragging the big bags out the way as he walked back, catching a quick glance at her curvy ass as he passed her, admiring her shape; he loved her curvy figure and had harboured a thing for her for as long as they’d known each other but they’d never got together at any point and they were just friends. He wasn’t hung up about it though, he was disappointed they’d never explored it. She knew full well he’d wanted to take things further which she understood but that was it, she loved things as they were and had never let that mystery explore. He got started on the trees, lopping branches back as she’d indicated and motored through the first of the shrubs, Kat coming back over to him with another bag to collect the offcuts. She could barely pick them up as fast as he was hacking it back, fumbling around him as he went rapidly at the bush, lopping it back efficiently as she laughed and grabbed handfuls of the sticks tumbling onto the wet grass.

“Slow down!” she playfully chided, bundling the cuttings into the rapidly filling bag.

“Bet you don’t say that to guys very often,” he teased, looking at her with a smile and flick of his eyebrows. She laughed heartily with a glance up to him, gathering up handfuls from the ground and straightening up to deposit them in the bag.

“Not often, no,” she replied boldly, never a shrinking violet. He scanned the shrub and cut a few further branches back, pretty sure that things were about done before moving on to the next part of the garden.

“Certainly not right now,” she mused at a more curious volume, seemingly as much to herself as to him as she worked.

“No?” he questioned gently, just wanting to let her speak if she intended to.

“Not right now, no. Seems so hard to meet people,” she said, more directly now, engaging him once more as he stayed focused on his task chopping down the trees.

“I hear that, seems once you get away from college and stuff it’s impossible to meet anyone real,” he replied.

“Right? All I meet are other people on set and some of the guys are just...they need a mirror, not a girlfriend,” she said, hesitating no longer and letting her evident frustration tumble out. He couldn’t help but laugh, knowing exactly the kind of guys she was referencing; there was certainly enough of them, men and women, around L.A.

“You’ve got me right here though, so you’re all good,” he said with a wink, smiling at her as he turned back to what he was doing.

“Yeah, and with wood too,” she said, making him glance back to see her holding up one of the sticks from the trees. He laughed as he repositioned himself to attack another part of the tree, going more serious again.

“Seems meeting someone genuine as you get older just gets more difficult. Don’t know how because we all know somebody still single, you’d think everything would just work out or something,” he said, clipping energetically at the branches as Kat gathered them up to finish filling the bag they’d been working on. Taking a breath, she undid her chequered shirt given how warm they were getting, the physical exercise getting to her.

“Hollywood for you,” she muttered with finality. The cut back the trees which despite his speed seemed to take another hour and several more bags, the debris just piling up as things went quiet between them for a bit, sound only of the wind and nothing more. Kat caught herself eyeing him when he wasn’t looking, taking in his good looks that had got more rugged as he’d got a bit older and energy as he helped to clear her garden. She wondered what else he could do with that energy then pushed the fleeting thought from her mind.

“Right, now we just need to get rid of these stumps,” Kat said, resuming focus and surveying the two moderate sized remains of trees in her yard, the trees themselves having been cut down months earlier. He got a spade and pick axe from her venerable collection of gardening tools as she once again cleared the bags out the way and got digging. He dug down around with the spade and then got to work with the pick, breaking roots and hacking underneath the base of the stump to weaken it ready for them to haul it out.

“You’re getting a lot of free labour out of me here you know,” he commented, sweat beading on his brow despite the cold in the bleak December air, weak sunlight already struggling and throwing deep shadows on the ground.

“We’re doing some gardening work, you said you’d help,” she countered lightly.

“It’s unreasonable. It’d cost you plenty to pay for this kinda action you know,” he said with an unseen smile as he continued to hack and pry at the stump.

“Hey come on, I can pay you something for this. How much do you want, I appreciate you helping me out here,” she offered, surprised since he’d done her favours before but didn’t want to take advantage of him.

“No I’m kidding, I’m kidding,” he said as he looked up to her with a smile, his amusement clear.

“Good, because I wasn’t really gonna pay you,” she laughed in return, sticking her tongue out a bit as he caught his breath a moment, wiggling the stump and figuring it was ready.

“Let’s give this thing a go,” he said, grabbing hold of it to pull it out. Kat stepped in to help and between them they wrenched and twisted at it, yanking it a certain amount and struggling to free it, Kat getting quite into it as she pulled at it. He couldn’t help but steal a glance at her fantastic chest, her enormous tits straining at the black shirt she had on under the red one, outline of her bra clearly visible through the thin fabric as her huge DD breasts strained against it.

“Hold on,” he said, leaving her to it and taking the pickaxe again, jamming it underneath and using the handle to lever it against the ground. With a groan it stretched, fought against them and finally gave way with a crack, the last deep roots breaking, stump surging suddenly from the ground so Kat stumbled back and practically fell over. She let out a little whoop of joy, glad the stump was finally out, supporting it so he could take it off her and drag it over to the bags ready to be taken away.

“One down,” Kat said as he walked back to pick up the tools again, another stump left to clear as the day faded away around them. The time seemed to have gone so fast, an afternoons work racing by.

“One to go, let’s make this one quick,” he said, getting straight to work digging it out. It was older, weaker, the tree having been dying when Kat had opted to get it cut off so the stump had a much more slender hold upon the earth.

“Tell you what, you can have a shower after all this, how about that?” she said as he worked at the remains of the tree.

“You gonna come join me in it?” he teased.

“Don’t push it,” she admonished. He just smiled wider and carried on digging.

“A shower sounds good, especially after this,” he said, hotly taking a moment before carrying on. The stumps were hard work and didn’t want to give up, even this half dead one, and it took longer than hoped to finally break it free and yank it from the ground. As he worked, Kat waited, hands on the leftovers of the tree and looked up to see the raven on the roof of her house, the ebony bird beguiling her, waiting to swoop back into the garden and prey on the worms turned over in the freshly exposed wounds they had rended on the earth.

“Finally,” Kat said as they tore the final stump from the garden, Rob manhandling it fairly effortlessly over to the piles of other cuttings and debris from their afternoons work.

“Quite a job,” he said, surveying the garden with the fading light, their footprints compressed all over the soaked grass, looking much clearer and tidier now.

“Yeah, but a job well done, let’s get cleared up,” she replied. He followed her in clearing up the last of the earth on the grass and scrubbed off the tools, helping her pack them away before, with a satisfied look, she beckoned him inside. With a last glance at the darkened garden, realising just how much the sun had dipped, he followed her to the door and kicked his boots off to head inside. It was nice to get inside from the cold breeze, realising how chilly it had been outside despite the heat from his exertion, Kat pulling off her black beanie hat to free her long dark hair.

“Want a beer?” she asked, holding one out to him.

“Yeah thanks,” he said, taking it despite it only being the afternoon. He needed it, they needed it seemingly as she grabbed another out and uncapped it, wasting not a moment in slugging it deeply. He did much the same, discarding the cap onto her worktop and drinking straight from the bottle, realising how much he needed that cold, crisp beer as it washed down his throat. Not a word passed between them save the glugs of them downing their beers, Kat pausing with hers to watch him just neck the bottle, a slight smile on her big lips as he killed the bottle and stood it aside, looking refreshed and pleased with himself.

“Better?” she enquired.

“Much better, damn I needed that,” he said, standing the bottle aside.

“You can have another if you like?” she offered. She had plenty.

“I’ll go grab that shower first,” he said, realising how uncomfortable he felt as he cooled down. He needed to get out of his old clothes and under a hot jet of water.

“Sure, this way,” she said, standing her beer aside and leading the way to her room, pointing out her bathroom on the way.

“You can change in here, there’s a towel in the bathroom so just go right in there,” she said before leaving him to it and heading back to her beer in the kitchen. He watched her go and then gratefully stripped off, relief at finally being free of his old clothes which he hung out the way on a chair she had so they might air a bit as he showered off. It was odd being naked in her house, but she wasn’t spying on him and he casually walked to the bathroom and closed the door, figuring out the shower and setting it going to warm up. Sliding under the spray, he gave a sigh of pleasure, the hot jet cascading over him a welcome sensation to his tired body. He shuddered as the warmth spread through him, the heat such a contrast to the cold he’d been in all afternoon, water rushing over him and blocking all sound and sensation from the outside. Grabbing some shower gel from the rack she had in the corner, he soaped himself up and rinsed down under the cascade, feeling immediately better and more refreshed. Leaning against the wall, he just let the soothing hot water run over his shoulders and down his body as he took a deep, steamy breath and let his body unwind.

That was until he head the bathroom door open, the distinct sound of the latch as the handle turned and the door opened. A little startled, wondering what on earth she wanted as he was showering, he turned and pulled the curtain back to look out, seeing Kat stepping into the bathroom and closing the door behind her. She was wrapped in a large white towel, turning to look him straight in the eye, holding his gaze for a palpable moment before she pulled it open to expose her gorgeous curves in all their naked glory, purposefully holding her arms out straight to fully show herself off before letting the towel drop to the floor at her feet. He could only stare and then step back as she stepped to the tub, giving her room to get in as he held the curtain back out the way for her.

She hadn’t been entirely sure about this; they’d flirted and joked around before and she knew he had a thing for her but they’d never taken it any further than that. They were good friends and whilst there had been points where they might have dated it had never happened, they’d never randomly hooked up after a drunken night together or just given it a try to see what happened. She’d gone back to the kitchen and sipped at her own beer as she had contemplated it, the idea crossing her mind as he’d got into the shower to do as he’d jokingly suggested and go join him. She wanted a shower anyway, not that that was why she was thinking about it; he’d teased about doing unpaid work for her and though he’d refused her money she did want to pay him back for it...and she hadn’t been fucked in months. It’d been way too long since a guy had taken her to task and frankly she missed it. Right now she had the perfect opportunity to get it...if she made a move. She’d sipped her beer, realising she had moments to make it happen if she was going to do it and in that second had decided she wanted it, she just did and being with him wouldn’t be the worst idea she’d ever had. Draining her beer quickly, she’d hurried to the bedroom quietly and stripped off naked, wrapping herself in the towel to go and join him – and so there she was.

“Hey,” he said, mind struggling as his cock already gave a strain as blood flowed to it, taking in her beautiful body and enormous soft tits, leading into the curves of her waist and neatly shaved pussy.

“Hey,” she said, stepping in close and sliding her hands onto his waist as she pulled herself in under the tumbling water.

“Decided to join me then,” he said, gathering himself a little after his surprise, delighted she was in the shower with him, mind racing in equal pace with his heart which worked to pump blood to his expanding erection and helped lift it up to press against her tummy.

“Yeah. I wanted to say thank you for coming over and helping me out, I really appreciate it...and I know this is something you’ve wanted for a long time,” she purred softly, quiet but meaningful.

“I...it is,” he replied earnestly, no jokes now. He couldn’t believe she was there, naked in front of him in the shower having just hopped in to stand easily before him.

“So take me,” she whispered, looking up to hold his gaze, her big blue eyes piercing into his in that final moment where he could resist her, as if he would. Kat gave a little smile, a hint of a grin as she held it back, almost overtaken by the humour of it all in that moment even as her heart thumped. Leaning down he kissed her passionately, just going for it and pressing his lips to hers as his tongue delved into her mouth, Kat returning it eagerly, just ready for him. They kissed hungrily beneath the shower, water wetting her beautiful body as he pulled her underneath it, his arms around her strong and primal, lust taking over as he drew her against him, hand sliding straight down to grab a confident handful of her ass.

Kat murmured in pleasure and slight surprise as he really took her, seeming unleashed as everything he had dared to dream of was offered to him, his hands all over her, squeezing and stroking her curvaceous body as the water tumbled over them. She gasped loudly and shivered as he pressed her back against the cold tiled wall of the shower, her whole body shuddering as she almost withered in front of him, arms pulled into his body as he leaned on the tiles beside her, their mouths still connected, kisses hungry and frantic as their tongues entwined in a delectable dual. His hands wasted no further time in going to her chest, both of them grabbing her phenomenal tits, squeezing them firmly, pushing them up and together as he felt their firmness and weight; they were absolutely huge and he’d dreamed about having this moment at times, dreams no mortal dared to dream, his hands massaging them, fingers taking in her silky skin as her hardened nipples pressed into his palms.

“Fuck,” she mumbled, not having had her tits handled so roughly in years and absolutely loving it, “you like them?”

“Love them,” he breathed as he kissed down her neck, making her ticklishly wince, his soft lips stimulating her skin as he dragged his teeth onto her shoulder.

“Why don’t you kiss them?” she breathed, feeling her heart pounding with excitement, loving his rock hard cock against her tummy, knowing she was going to get every inch of that soon. He didn’t need asking twice, pulling his hands back to let his fingers draw to her nipples and pinch, making her lurch from the wall with a cry of pain, the momentary jolt bursting through her as he tweaked her delicate tips before letting go. It was replaced by the instant exhilaration of his tongue gliding across the surface of her pale skin as he leaned down, hands sliding down to hold her waist firmly, commandingly as his strongest muscle pulled across her breast and nipple, only making it harder as he took in her wet skin. He repeated the same on her other breast, leaving neither untouched as she groaned with pleasure and let him do whatever he wanted with her in that moment, tingling with pleasure, clit throbbing as he roughly pulled his tongue over her, hands pulling up from her waist to lift her chest up for his attack.

“Ohh don’t stop,” she groaned, head back against the tiles as she closed her eyes, basking in the sensations which seemed to burn into her core as he assaulted her chest. He mumbled in pleasure at finally getting his hands on her, loving her phenomenal bust as he kissed and licked all over it, his tongue tracing trails all across her mortal flesh as he took her in, hands and fingers squeezing and lifting the visceral weight of her breasts which only served to push them up for him. Her body was a delight and he revelled in it, her gasps and breaths only fuel for his efforts, pushing him on to give her everything as his cock ached, bouncing in front of his body. She didn’t forget that though and her slender hand grasped hold of him, fingers clasping and enclosing him beautifully, firmly as she felt his manhood flex in her grip and started slowly working her hand back and forth on his rock hard shaft. It only turned her on more to know how hard he was for her, his lust for her hungry and unsatisfied, knowing he wanted all of her as she felt him touch and bite at her as his teeth grazed across the surface of her tits. Kisses turned to light bites, compressions of his teeth pinching at her pale, soft skin which gradually got harder, more intense, more dominating as she squeaked at him leaving bite marks on her skin.

“Fuck,” she stuttered, half talk and half breath as she shuddered in pleasure and pain, never realising there was this side to him. He kissed her passionately again, their tongues dancing for a fleeting moment before she pushed him away from her with her spare hand, stroking him vigorously to make him surge and groan in want, need for her to go further and stop teasing him, imploring her to please him. She didn’t disappoint as she turned him in the shower and sank down to her knees before him, stroking him a second longer before she leaned forward and encapsulated his bulging purple head in her velvet soft mouth, making him shiver and groan deeply in pleasure as she started to suck firmly, working her tongue at him as she relished the feeling of him straining in her mouth. His hands naturally lowered onto her head, holding her long dark hair as she squeezed the base of him and sucked him deeper, letting him sink further into her mouth as she pressed her tongue up against his shaft and made him tingle with pleasure.

He had no need for further encouragement, not even a whispered word to belie his satisfaction as the gorgeous actress sucked him off. She slowly moved her hand at him in a wonderful rhythm as she rocked her lips back and forth over him, delving down quickly to push the sensual pout of her lips over his bulging head and then slowly withdrawing to let the inside of them pull back over the sensitive back edge of him. His gasps with every bob of her head told her everything she needed to know and she kept at it, sucking a bit harder and pressing her tongue more intently to him, curling it to let her tip delve into every crevice and contour of his manhood as she gave him a blowjob. She felt him surge and push towards her, riding his motion to give the blowjob she wanted to even as his fingers twisted in her hair, groaning as her careful attention worked him up, imploring her to go deeper or faster as he revelled in the sensations she delivered him.

She pulled off him with a deep breath, stroking him as he throbbed before her while she looked up at him with a smile, naughty but nice, suggesting there was so much more mystery to explore. Reaching over with her spare hand, she grabbed the shower gel from the corner and flipped the cap open with her thumb, releasing him to pour a load of it into her hand. Standing it aside, she rubbed her hands together to lather up and then leaned back, shoving her chest out to rub her soapy hands all over her magnificent tits. Tipping her head back and closing her eyes, she just let him watch the show as she ran her hands over every curve and soft contour of her chest, squeezing and groping herself to spread the soap over her huge DDs, making sure to get them nice and slick before she reached back out for his hard cock, her soapy hand sliding easily over him, feeling every ridge and bump in his shaft as she stroked him while pulling herself back up onto her knees as the water continued to crash down over his shoulders above her.

Pressing herself to him, she pulled his cock between her tits and pressed him into her sternum, sure he would feel her beating of her heart as she closed the soft flesh of her chest around him, the soapy skin enveloping him in a blissful, seductive heart. The stiffness of his erection was a stark contrast to the forgiving, supple curves of her feminine form as they met, Kat squeezing him tightly between as she tipped her head back and started to rock up and down, just slowly, effortlessly working her body against his to draw the slick, soapy tunnel and down his throbbing cock. He groaned at the uniquely stimulation sensation as her pale skin slid easily over him, Kat rocking back and forth with enough stroke to both squeeze his balls and completely cover his head, burying him between her fantastic assets as she worked at him. She stared up at him, directly into his eyes with a look of determination as she gave him what was already the greatest titfuck of his life, pressing her chest around him intently as she got a little faster to stimulate him better.

He groaned and his hands, which had drifted from her head, reached back for her and twisted into her long, damp hair, the brunette strands around his fingers as she lowered her gaze and closed her eyes to focus. He didn’t direct or push her, just resting his hands on her possessively...comfortingly almost as she worked, focusing more deliberately to stroke his cock with her soapy tits. She enjoyed doing this, feeling his cock hard cock stroking perfectly between her massive breasts, loving that he loved it and the way he was holding her head gently just made her feel safe, she didn’t know why. She could feel him thrust against her a little, getting more into it as his cock strained between her soft flesh, trying to burst from her grip as she settled her fingers again to make sure her huge, sculptured bust stayed snugly around him.

Feeling his hunger for her, holding back his urges to let her do her thing and wanting her to take him all the way, she increased her efforts, settling her knees on the floor of the bath, careful not to slip on the water that still spilled down over both of them as she braced herself to give more energy. She rocked her body faster, harder, pressing her chest against him and driving him deeper into her incredible chest as she rocked her huge boobs around him as well to increase the stimulation. He could feel her rock hard nipples pressing into his body as she worked from how turned on she was, only serving to excite him further, loving that she was enjoying herself as she gasped in unison with him, her exertions evident. It felt fantastic, his cock surging and flexing harder, the hardest it’d been for ages, years even as the stunning actress pushed her gargantuan globes against him. She craned forwards in his hands to nuzzle gently against his tummy, slowing her body motions momentarily as she pouted her big lips to kiss softly at his body above his aching erection, still working her hands to keep her tits moving at him while her lips traced across his abdomen.

Pulling back, she worked hard again in her same rhythm without skipping a beat, faster than ever as she bounced on her ankles, ass wetly slapping against her heels to drive herself against his cock, taking him towards the first orgasm she’d ever given him and what he hoped wouldn’t be the last. He was startled at the stillness as she released her breasts and pulled back, making him thrust at thin air for a second, looking down as she abruptly withdrew and grasped him again, using her spare hand to throw the hot water over him and rinse away the soap as she jerked him off quickly. She swooped in quickly to wrap her lips around him again, making him gasp deeply as she sucked like a vacuum and bobbed her head rapidly over the ridge of his head. Pulling off, she stroked him fast once more before her hand moved swiftly from full length to short strokes, focusing on the tip of his cock; she knew how to stroke a dick and worked intently to bring him to climax now, squeezing much tighter and pushing her thumb under his tip, feeling him surge and strain in her sweet grasp.

“Over me,” she breathed as she looked up to him, yearning in her eyes as she stroked him hard and fast to the finish, reaching out with her other hand to direct his own down towards his cock. His body bucked and jumped as he held himself back to enjoy the last few seconds of her ministrations before he did as she directed and grabbed himself from her grip to jerk himself hard. Kat sat back onto her heels as she quickly swept her hands through her damp hair, tipping her head back and closing her eyes. She pushed her phenomenal rack up ready as his other hand pushed into her hair and held the back of her skull much tighter this time, fingers twisting in her hair for purchase and to pull her head down just a little more as his gasps turned into hard, soulful grunts, his strokes becoming the merest of movements at the final moment.

With a guttural, growling groan of sheer ecstasy and release he thrust his pelvis forward with the first explosion from his cock, a thick jet bursting across her face, making her flinch as it struck across her cheek, closed eye and forehead, just into her dark locks before another thick shot landed hotly across her nose and into the corner of her other eye. He aimed down to unleash another streak down her chin and neck before emptying the rest of his balls over her chest, several thick shots that became weaker as he drained himself over her pushed-up breasts, his sheer arousal and excitement conjuring up a big load for her, landing thickly and abundantly over her alabaster skin. Pulling her into him, he wiped the head of his thick, softening cock over her full, pouting lips as he squeezed out the last of himself, Kat parting them obediently to let him slip between where she sucked lightly and let her tongue skilfully clean every last drop of him. With a final strain he released her, pulling back and letting himself sag, back of his hand trailing tenderly down her cheek as he smiled down to her, breathing heavily as she swallowed.

“Fucking hell,” he murmured, taking in the curvy brunette with his load all over her.

“That’s a lot,” she mumbled, reaching out for his hand to guide her. Helping her carefully up in the wet tub, she stepped under the showed to rinse his thick load from her skin, rinsing down her fast and chest under the hot cascade. The bathroom was thick with steam as Kat washed away the soap and refreshed herself before she turned and craned up to kiss him, their lips locking together for what was at first a soft and tender kiss. It soon became hungry and soulful, tongues twisting as they entwined before she broke away, a look in his eyes before she turned to step out of the shower. Grabbing her towel, she smiled as he watched her dry off, fantastic body shaking, gorgeous breasts jiggling as he shut off the water and moved to join her. He got out as her foot falls padded on the floor to head back out, a look to him with fiery eyes that told him to follow faster than he safely should as he fumbled with his towel. Drying himself rapidly, he rubbed the fabric over him as doubtless she had far more for him, the passion burning within her as she gazed upon him as she disappeared behind the doorway.

“Come,” the whispered word, all she said as she slowly padded towards her bedroom, Rob rapidly following, turning into the hall to lock his eyes on her towel-clad curves.

“Whoa!” Kat laughed as her lover caught up with her just as she reached the door to her bedroom. Grabbing her from behind, he swiftly pushed the brunette up against the door frame, her back towards him as he pressed his body against hers. Her laugh turned into a moan as his lips swiftly attacked the nape of her neck, planting a path of kisses along her smooth, alabaster skin while she felt his fingers busy themselves with her soft towel as her mind’s focus lay entirely on the sensual sensations of his mouth he undid the knot and roughly tore it away, leaving the voluptuous actress naked at the entrance to her bedroom.

“God damn!” she giggled when his firm hand grabbed her by the shoulder and he spun her around to face him. The fiery look in his eyes as he took her nakedness in made Kat blush, but it was a huge turn on for her as well. He surprised her when he roughly grabbed her tits, fingers sinking deep into the soft alabaster flesh as he pushed them up and together, creating a deep, alluring valley of her bosom. Passionately, he dove down and his lips latched on to her nipple, sucking on the sensitive nub of flesh as his tongue flickered against it.

“Wow…” she gasped, feeling both overwhelmed and excited as her long-time friend kissed and worshipped her magnificent rack, switching back and forth between them as he licked, sucked and playfully nipped at her flesh, losing himself in the act. Kat’s head dropped back, thudding against the wooden door frame as she basked in the sensation, allowing herself to just enjoy what he did. Her hand came up, fingers entangling in the short hair at the back of his head, still wet from the shower, but she made no move to stop him.

“These are incredible,” he mumbled, taking his time marvelling at his friend’s famous tits, making sure to soak up every square inch of them before he finally moved on. Dropping to a knee, he continued his path down Kat’s naked body, planting light kisses along her sternum, along her ribcage and down to her belly button, feeling her breath hitch as he proceeded. His hands slid down along her back until they fell to her ass, giving it another passionate squeeze before he grabbed Kat’s right knee and used that to lift her leg up on his shoulder, spreading her thighs apart. For the first time, he got a really good, close-up look of Kat’s sleek, shaved pussy; he took a second to admire her. Slender, supple lips, slightly opened due to her stance and a small, hooded clit, a delicate button that implored his touch. Kat whimpered as she felt his hot breath against her smooth labia, excitement almost boiling over. Looking down, she saw him smile devilishly up at her as he leaned in teasingly close to her slit, his lips almost touching her pussy, but not quite, frustratingly close.

“Do it!” she hissed, eager to receive her pleasure after she had given him plenty.

“Do what?” he smirked, slightly retreating when she pushed her hips forward, masterfully maintaining the distance and teasing her terribly.

“Eat my pussy, please,” Kat whined, pushing the back of his head to her crotch as she beseeched him to please her. Rob obliged the woman’s desperate wish, dragging the flat of his tongue along the length Kat’s slit, all the way from her entrance up to her clit. Kat shuddered at the sensation, moaning when she finally got the stimulation she craved, desire erupting in a tremble. With the time for teasing over, her friend hesitated no longer and eagerly licked her pussy, the tip of his tongue parting her folds and tasting her silken treasures below.

“God…” she whimpered, relief washing over her as the built up tension found an outlet. It had been quite a while since anyone had touched her like this and to feel Rob’s mouth on her now made it all the more incredible. He was talented too; within a minute he had her panting, head dropping heavily against the door frame as he licked and sucked at her most intimate areas. Her heavy breasts heaved while her moans turned more and more guttural, crying out his name. Soon she felt like she was on the verge of coming then and there, ready to get carried away on a wave of endorphins when all of a sudden, that mouth was gone.

“Huh? Wha…” Kat stuttered, confused and frustrated. She opened her eyes to see Rob rise to his feet, firmly grabbing her wrist and pulling her into the bedroom. However, instead of making his way to the bed, he instead opted to roughly push her towards her dresser. Kat gasped as she was shoved against it, then a firm hand between her shoulder blades pushed her forwards. All kinds of things that were laid out across the dressers surface were swept aside as Rob bent her over and make-up, jewellery and a small statuette of a Greek Goddess clattered to the floor, though neither of them paid them any mind.

She cried out as Rob laid a firm spank onto her butt, resulting in a red, hand-shaped print forming on her left ass-cheek. Peering back at him over her shoulder, he looked more wild and sexual than ever, tangled in her tumble of dark hair as he dropped back down to his knees. His fingers dug deep into the supple flesh of her glutes, testing their firmness for a moment before he spread them apart, completely exposing her to him. It was still surreal to him that he could see Kat like this. An hour ago, she had been his gorgeous friend whom he helped with her gardening, now he looked directly at the tight, pink iris of her asshole. It looked perfect, like the rest of her and for a second he considered licking her there before he discarded the idea for now. There would be plenty of time for that.

Instead, he buried his face deep in Kat’s soft, ample ass and wrapped his lips around the smooth mound of her pussy, drawing a pleasure-filled moan as he sucked on her. His tongue easily parted her silky lips and he basked in the soft, feminine gasps that he drove from her. Her fingers grabbed the edges of her dresser as he found an especially sensitive spot and she bucked back, eager for more.

“I’ve wanted this pussy for so long!” Rob mumbled, his voice almost muffled because he couldn’t break his mouth away from her sweet hole long enough, not wanting to let up. Reaching up, he placed a finger on either side of her slit, spreading her open for him to attack her concealed clit, which he did with passion. Kat’s moans rose a pitch when his tongue began toying with the small bundle of nerves directly, making her knees shake with pleasure.

“Fuck!” she cursed, closing her eyes as the sensual experience got harder and harder to handle. She bit down on her lower lip as she started feeling the familiar tingle, knowing that an orgasm was not too far removed. Picking up on her signs with a further flit of his tongue, Rob replaced his mouth with his thumb, skilfully rubbing Kat’s clit while his tongue went back to diving into her hot hole, now feverishly swirling as her tummy fluttered in ecstasy. He made good use of all the intel he had collected on her pleasure zones and what she liked best as he now made a concentrated effort to make the actress climax. It didn’t take long for his approach to bear results; Kat let out a strained whimper as the tension inside her belly steadily grew to the point it became unbearable, tingling inexorably from her soul. She rose to the tips of her toes but Rob followed, not giving her an inch of space as he ate her pussy mercilessly, dragging her to the edge and hurling her over.

Kat cried out as she came hard, her body tensing so suddenly that she accidentally shoved the heavy dresser a few inches forward as her legs kicked. Rob held her tight, his face still buried in her thick ass while he let her ride out the orgasm he had brought her. Her legs started shivering as her release coursed through her, overwhelming the actress with its ferocity, but Rob held on, only letting go when the biggest waves had crashed and Kat collapsed in a boneless heap draped across the top her dresser. For a minute, the silence was unbroken; both of them just revelled in the pleasure of what just had transpired, catching their breath, Rob sitting on the floor, Kat sprawled over the dresser. Only when a sudden tapping sound came from the bedroom window did she finally open her eyes.

“Shit!” the naked actress cursed as she saw that outside on the windowsill, the raven had landed heavily, only briefly looking around before the ebony bird took off in flight again. Realizing that the drapes had been open the entire time and anyone could have been looking in on them from the house across the street as the darkness closed in outside, Kat pushed herself up to stand. Her knees still felt weak and her head a bit weary from her orgasm as she staggered over to the purple curtains, hastily yanking them shut. She sensed him coming up behind her and a moment later his lean, naked body pressed up against her as he hugged her from behind. A grin spread on her face as she felt his hot, thick cock, rejuvenated from the break it had been granted, press up against the small of her back while his hands were magnetically drawn to her chest.

“Having fun?” she asked, cocking one brow mischievously as she turned her head to him, amused by his predictable fascination with her huge tits. Rob’s reply was to give them a firm squeeze, his hands unable to contain them, making good use of the new liberties he had been granted before he leaned in for a kiss. Kat let out a pleasurable moan as his tongue invaded her mouth and playfully duelled with hers. She had only just had an orgasm and his passionate touch already had her eager for another one. Lips staying locked, she turned in his embrace to face him, pressing her breasts up against his chest as she decided to take the initiative.

She could feel his surprise when she pushed him backwards, but he did not resist, allowing her to take the lead until the backs of his knees bumped against the side of Kat’s big bed. One more nudge and he fell backwards onto the sheets, landing softly and bouncing on the mattress. Kat wasted no more time and followed him down, climbing into his lap and straddling him, one hand taking a firm hold of his cock as she mounted him dominantly.

“You want to fuck me, huh?” she teased, paying him back for when he had done the same earlier while stroking his shaft, “How long have you wanted to fuck me, Rob?”

Rob moaned, savouring the feel of her soft, dainty hand on his manhood. Looking down, barely able to see past her huge breasts, he watched her nuzzle the smooth tip up against her sleek pussy, teasing penetration of her silky hole without delivering.

“Forever!” he admitted truthfully, “I wanted to bend you over from the first time I saw you.”

“Yeah?” Kat smirked, liking his reply. She swiped his bulging glans along her glistening vulva several times before she reached down with her other hand and spread her lips apart carefully with her fingers.

“Well, there’s time for that later. For now, I’m going for a ride,” she retorted almost triumphantly.

They let out a moan in unison as she gave in, letting her hips sink down onto his cock. Overwhelmed by the feeling of her hot, wet snatch, Rob grabbed her ass again, gripping it tight as she almost took half of his sizeable cock on the first stroke to bury him in velvet bliss. Meanwhile, Kat threw her head back, stunned by how he stretched her vagina around him, the contours of his head gliding through her tight tunnel. She was extremely wet after he had made her come with his mouth and fingers, but she still struggled to take him; wiggling her hips slightly from side to side, she adjusted, leaning on his shoulders commandingly before she carefully continued to take more and more of him into her. His grip on her hips and ass was almost painful, but it helped her keep her balance and control her pace.

“Fuck,” she cursed when she finally felt his lap against her crotch, as much a growl than words. Looking down, she saw her silky smooth pussy lips wrapped tightly around the base of Rob’s cock, every last inch of him inside her and it felt incredible. The two of them made eye contact as she drew back slightly, not wanting to rush it with a dick of his size, her breath catching when she slid back down. She really felt full to the brim, well and truly penetrated with his smooth, round head deep inside her. She worked herself into a rhythm of short strokes, somewhat gingerly at first but quickly gaining confidence. His hands, which had supported her in the beginning, were still on her ass but instead of helping he was just having fun now, kneading the firm flesh.

“Ow!” she exclaimed, her eyes widening with surprise when she suddenly received a hard spank to her ass that made her full cheek jiggle. Glaring down at him, she saw him grin.

“Faster!” he demanded, his head propped up by her purple pillow to watch the show, “Come on, show me what you’ve got!”

Kat bit her lip, giving her friend-turned-lover a playful glare, but she complied without complaint. After all, his request met her own desires perfectly. Placing both hands on his chest, she leaned onto him, shifting her weight to allow herself to move her hips more freely. At the same time, the pose pushed her breasts up and together, predictably drawing his eyes to the spectacular valley of cleavage as she picked up her pace. Flicking her hips back and forth, she started to gain speed, as she used his sizeable cock as a tool to stimulate herself, driving herself against him.

“Fuck, yes!” Rob groaned. His eyes were fixated on Kat’s big tits, bouncing up and down firmly with her movements in ways he had always dreamed of. During this afternoon alone, while watching her working outside in the garden in her work outfit, he had thought multiple times about what she would look like naked, what her pussy would feel like. She was his friend, but she was also undeniably hot. Now she was riding his cock for all she was worth after sucking him off, treating him to a taste of her exquisitely tight, sweet pussy and using her famous tits to get him to shoot a load all over her. It was like a dream.

He gave her round ass another couple of slaps, each one met with a sexy gasp from Kat, as he lay back and enjoyed letting her do all the work, basking in the observation of how much she loved this, how much sexy Kat Dennings got off to riding his cock.  And she was really good at it too; working her hips, the brunette flicked them back and forth, occasionally rolling them or even twerking her ass when his grip allowed, always changing her technique up while loudly moaning out her pleasure. She had not fucked in months and had felt her abstinence harshly. Now all the pent up sexual energy poured out, endorphins ran rampant and she was having the time of her life.

She gasped out, her face a grimace of pleasure as she suddenly leaned back. Bracing her hands against his knees, she explored the altered angle of his cock inside her and enjoyed the sparks that sizzled up her spine with each new sensitive spot that he hit. Despite her eyes being closed, she could feel his gaze on her tits, which were now wildly jiggling up and down on her chest with her energetic efforts. She loved that he could not keep his eyes away from them, loved the power they had. Predictably, his hands soon slid away from her butt, around her body and he once again groped her rack, kneading them roughly. She whimpered at the sharp pain as his fingers found her nipples and pinched them firmly, but the sensation only mixed with the pleasure and heightened the feeling.

Rob watched her face closely, seeing her brows arch and her eyes squeeze tighter and he knew that she was enjoying this. Deciding to help her out even more, he reached down with one hand to where their bodies were carnally joined and let his thumb quickly find the small nub of her clit again. Kat jerked as he made contact, but didn’t think about complaining, gasping ecstatically instead when he played with her, making it all the more intense.

“Oh God!” Kat whined, her voice rising as she felt her orgasm, “Oh God! Oh G...!”

Her eyes flew wide in shock when suddenly Rob’s hand moved from her chest and darted up to grab her by the throat. Taken completely by surprise she stared down at her friend, who clenched his jaw, then used his hold on her to roughly flip them over, rolling Kat onto her back with him on top. Before Kat even knew what was happening her legs were grabbed by his hands and pushed up on his shoulders as he leaned over her, almost folding her in half as he buried his entire length inside her, making her jolt as he bumped her cervix.

“Wha…” she gasped, still overwhelmed by Rob taking control so suddenly when he started fucking her in earnest, withdrawing his throbbing length and burying it into her again. Kat cried out as her shaven pussy was pounded, the sounds of flesh roughly slapping against flesh filling the room.

“Play with yourself!” Rob ordered, fucking her harder and deeper than she had ever been, his balls smacking against her exposed asshole with every thrust. She complied automatically, reaching down and rubbing her clit in time with him fucking her while crying out loudly. Her orgasm had been close when she had been on top and he had timed his takeover perfectly, pinning her down on her bed and just ploughing her to her climax as she screamed at the top of her lungs.

She came within a minute of hard fucking, unable to take his dominant assault after working herself so close on top. Squeezing her eyes shut, her loud cries suddenly ceased. Her curvy body tensed under the onslaught as the release washed over her and her muscles clamped down around him, milking his cock for all its worth, triggering a similarly intense reaction from Rob. He cursed, overwhelmed by her sensual massage and quickly pulled his cock from her pussy, about to explode. Kat barely registered what was going on, too preoccupied with her own intense pleasure when he roughly grabbed a hold of her hair and yanked his friend towards him. Before she knew what exactly was going on he had shoved his thick cock between her lips and two more rapid thrusts ensued before he came, groaning as he filled her mouth with his hot load.

Kat winced, caught completely off guard as his hot, thick come exploded into her mouth, his bulging head on her tongue, rock hard shaft pulsing between her plump lips as his climax too over and he pulled her to him, holding her intently to empty his balls into her hot mouth. Before she had a chance to protest it was happening and she just swallowed, an instant decision as she gulped his thick, salty come as he pressed his cock a bit closer to her throat, head held tightly by her raven hair. She sucked aggressively, working to take every bit of his load as his pulsing in her mouth slowed.

“God damn,” Rob groaned, holding his cock deep in her mouth for several seconds after he had stopped coming before he let her go, allowing the brunette, still shuddering with the after-shocks of her own climax, to slump back on the bed. Exhausted himself, he dropped onto the sheets beside her, a satisfied smile on his lips as his heart pounded, thumping heavily in his ears as sweat pricked his skin. Deep lungfuls of air hauled into his body, matched only by Kat doing the same, laid out on her back in her delectable nudity.
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Re: Kat Dennings - Nevermore
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They didn’t speak, simply laying in the quiet of the bedroom to recover, Kat sprawled out on her back beside him as he sat up a bit further against the pillows. He slid down on the sheets to lay properly next to the brunette, body unwinding as he relaxed and gave in to his body to properly rest. They lay together for a couple of minutes, heart rates slowing and hard breaths ebbing without even a whispered word.

Kat stirred with a mumble and then rolled towards him, pulling herself close and resting her head on his chest, damp brown hair a cool contrast to the warmth of their bodies. Her huge tits squeezed into him as his arm slid around her, reaching down for another handful of her ass as he did, Kat murmuring incoherently as she settled into him. He just basked in the sensation of the gorgeous actress cuddled up to him, warm body entwined with his, her arm resting across him and fingers softly touching his abdomen, stillness broken by gentle caresses of her digits. He twisted a long strand of her hair around his own, idly touching and playing with her as she rested on him, head softly rising and falling with his breaths as she stroked his body. His cock gave a twitch, recovery rapid as Kat gently tapped her fingers on him, little intimate moments every one even as she lay on him with her eyes shut.

Brushing her hair back to her face, he let his arm slide over and down between them, underneath her own arm which moved up to his chest in response, happy to let him explore as his own fingers trailed down her body, over her tummy towards her smoothly shaven haven where they slid across her soft, pale skin. His fingers split her puffy lips easily, parting her labia to glide slickly over her clit and elicit a moan, Kat shuddering as she curled against him, her fingers rolling a little to dig her nails into his skin. Her hand didn’t move to similarly stimulate him however, leaving him be as his digits began working into her, stroking the length of his middle finger along her juicy slit and stroking her clit, pulling her hood back on the withdrawal and directly stimulating her most delicate nub.

Her murmurs of pleasure and urges of her pelvis thrilled him, loving how she pushed forwards into his touches and rocked her hips to accentuate his actions on her most intimate spot. Her fingers pulled across his body but still avoided his stiffening cock, not returning the stimulation in kind as he worked at her, the actress grinding onto his hand as his digits danced on her. Her soul burned within her as his fingers fluttered and flew across her smoothly shaven pussy, fingertip hooking into her inviting entrance as he worked back up over her clit to make her tingle. With her gasping and yearning for release, his hands were suddenly withdrawn, leaving her curvy body bereft of his touch as he pulled back, making her open her eyes and look up, only to tumble onto the bed as he pulled put from beneath her. Her questioning mumble had no time to form into words as he jumped out with impressive speed, his pace catching her by surprise as he abruptly spun around behind her on the bed, kneeling over her thighs and yanking her powerfully by her hips onto all fours, presented perfectly...vulnerably.

Kat cried out in surprise at the pleasure and pain that struck her as he grabbed his cock and buried himself within her, aiming his thick, throbbing cock into her velvet folds and driving himself forward with all his strength to shove against her ass. His gasp of ecstasy contrasted with her tumultuous sensations, pain as he nudged hard at her cervix, pleasure as he stretched and filled her completely once more. His hands grabbed at her hips, yanking her back into him as he pushed up onto his toes and rode her, burying himself deep as he thrust himself inside her hard, hungry for her body, Kat feeling how rock solid he was as his cock plunged into her, plundering her without care or caution. All she could do was screw her fingers into her sheets and bury her head with them as he fucked her, and that’s definitely what he was doing to her, fucking her, taking everything he wanted from her in the most primal fashion. His hands dug into her waist to pull back against the flare of her hips, hauling her back against him as he ploughed into her, leaving nothing on the field as he slammed against her.

His hands pushed up her smooth, pale back to grab two big handfuls of her dark hair, yanking her head back and pulling her up from the bed as she moaned, the pain surging through her in a jolt only to entwine with the pleasure coursing through her body, alive with enjoyment of his big, stiff cock slamming into her from behind, hips driving hard against her curvy ass. She groaned in a cascade of sensations as he worked his pelvis to bury his aching cock inside her again and again, not slowing or fading, his breaths hard but controlled, energy managed perfectly for this fuck he was giving her. She hadn’t taken with such power and lust in her whole life, a new experience as he dominated her to give her everything she never realised she needed, riding up hard on her ass to drive his cock down over her G-spot and stir her soul, accelerating the orgasm that had been building in her.

He released her hair and let the actress collapse back onto the bed, Kat emitting a groan of relief though it was the slightest bit as he continued fucking her so hard she couldn’t handle it, mind a blur of sensations but one she couldn’t deny was the pleasure building rapidly inside her, passing the point of no return before she even had a chance to realise. Her tummy clenched, pussy tightening and pulsing on him though he barely registered, so intent was he on just pounding himself into her. With a few more seconds of intense fucking that Kat could neither engage with nor withdraw from, she braced herself on the bed to withstand his incredible pace and power, back arched until she suddenly came, her orgasm rushing up and striking her fast. She shuddered hard, breathless, stuttering moans of pleasure and exhaustion muffled by the bed as she trembled, body unable to hold him any longer as her knees slid out from under her and she sank into the bed.

“You’ve just made me come again you bastard,” she breathed, still trying to recover as he continued to slam down into her, the altered angle only serving to drive him harder against her G-spot and make her endure longer pleasure and overwhelming sensations in the wake of it all. She wished she could catch a break from it but he had no intention of giving her that, she could tell with the way he pinned her down and if anything drove into her harder and faster than before. She heard him laugh slightly, satisfied with himself as it was lost in his harsh breaths, hands on the small of her back now to force her into the mattress and arch her up, Kat doing as he wanted and pushing her ass up for him to slam into, seemingly set on totally demolishing her pussy. His soul burned within him now, like a man possessed as he took her, smashing his hips into her bum with rapid slaps matched only by his heart rate, Kat digging her nails into the bed to hold herself in place for him as he fucked her harder than anyone ever had in her life, his cock twitching inside her, iron hard within her velvet folds and ready to explode.

His outpouring of need and carnal vigour was incredible and with a few more aching seconds of it, during which his breaths became hard and short in a manner she knew very well, his motions strained before he drove himself down against her as hard as he could, making her grunt hard as he went the deepest he ever had and exploded with a near roar of pleasure. Levering and straining with every muscle and sinew, his back arched as he shoved himself deeply, primally into her and let his load jet straight into her womb. Kat gasped in desperate relief and pleasure, interspersed with mumbles and murmurs as she felt him flex and swell inside her, the most carnal pulses of his thick cock in her clenching tunnel as he pinned her dominantly on the bed and emptied his balls as deep inside her as any man ever had before. His hard, guttural gasps turned to a few final grunts as he liberated every last bit of himself into her delectable body and relaxed, dropping his head as heat burst throughout him, the cost of his intense efforts on her, primal need replaced with exhaustion, kneeling over her with his softening cock throbbing inside her as they both breathed hard in the aftermath of it all.

He carefully lifted his hips to slip from her body with a grunt, Kat doing the same as her pussy, tightened from enduring his immense force, stretched a little for him to break free of her. He rolled over off her and collapsed heavily back onto the bed next to her, blinking slowly at the ceiling as he hauled in slow, deliberate breaths, filling his lungs completely in recovery. Kat looked exhaustedly over at him, stretching her cramped, aching arms out from under her and wincing slightly at the soreness. Turning an arm, she saw worn, tender patches on her elbows where he’d fucked her so hard, so roughly, bouncing her mercilessly on her bed to rock her against the sheets and literally wear her out. He’d fucked her harder than she’d ever been fucked in her life and she looked over at him, tiredly pushing her now-ragged hair back from her face and gazing on him recovering beside her. She was absolutely exhausted and could barely form thoughts in the aftermath of how he’d fucked her.

“Thanks for helping out with my garden,” she mumbled quietly, a smile breaking across her lips as he glanced back to her with a wide smile of satisfaction and contentment. Kat closed her eyes sleepily, happy he had not left her loneliness unbroken, coming over to her and letting this mystery explore. As she closed her eyes, he reached over to brush his fingers down her face, Kat murmuring softly and in that moment his lust for her, his lost l’amour, now was nevermore.

The End

Big thanks to Ghost for helping create, plan, check and edit this story.

This was a collaboration between Viper_Noj and SammyColt, our third one ever, and we both really hope you enjoyed it!

Please send us Feedback if you have any thoughts or ideas. We love your feedback so please let us know what you thought of this story or anything you'd like us to write in the future.
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Re: Kat Dennings - Nevermore
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Holy shit, that was fucking awesome. You and Sammy make one hell of a team. This might be my favorite story of yours so far. It's definitely up there with all of your other classics.
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Re: Kat Dennings - Nevermore
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I loved this!

Kat comes off like a goofy lady despite having weapons of mass distraction with that busty chest. I think you did a great job playing into that with the back and forth talking between the sex. There's a sense of fun nature to her.

Two of my favorite authors on this site utilizing a buxom lady to her fullest potential. What more could I ask for?  ;)
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Re: Kat Dennings - Nevermore
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Loving the collabs, they are really good!
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Re: Kat Dennings - Nevermore
« Reply #5 on: December 08, 2020, 06:31:37 PM »
The Natalie Dormer collab you guys did was a masterpiece. This one truly is too. Love reading all of your works over the years.
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