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Jennifer's Rehearsal (Jennifer Lawrence)
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Jennifer's Rehearsal

Originally published September 2013

Late 2014

There was still time to make a clean break. She seemed to have called me from the road, so she wasn't that close by, right?

I supposed it had to come crashing down like this somehow. After I sold my first screenplay, and had none other than Jennifer Lawrence attached to film it after the last two Hunger Games, I was due for a downfall. It would be a unique downfall, but my own fault, nonetheless.

Maybe if I left the apartment now, I could come back in a few days to get my stuff and sneak out of Hollywood. But that went out the window once I heard the knocking on the door.

She didn't seem like the 'commit a secret Hollywood murder' type. But under these circumstances.....I took a last look at my non scratched up face and opened the door.

When Jennifer called me on the phone, she ended it with one word that chilled me to the bone. It was the same word she used to start this next conversation. "Bob 6929," she repeated.

I merely stepped back and let one of the most powerful young actresses in Hollywood in, so she could crush my career in private. She wore a modest white shirt and tight blue jeans – and noticing stuff like that is what got me into this mess.

Since she knew, I supposed I should at least try to defend myself before the slapping started. "I wrote that story two years ago. I know I should have deleted it, but it got a lot of hits!" I very lamely defended.

"I noticed," Jennifer said way too calmly. "I noticed a ton of things."

"Right, how couldn't you?" I lamely laughed off. "I'm far from the only person to write a smut story about you. The difference is, I'm probably the only one with my foot in Hollywood's door. Or I was." Getting right to it, I confessed, "Just don't tell them why you quit or had me fired. Not until I get a 24-hour head start outta here. Please?"

I waited for the rejection and rants about me being a pervert. Leaving aside how I didn't even write the screenplay before I wrote about her having sex. Or how writing celebrity smut actually fine-tuned my writing for legitimate screenplays – and got someone like Jennifer to star in this one. But I was in no place to point out this irony now.

"You want to know how I found out first?" Jennifer asked instead of slapped. "Some stuff in the story got me suspicious. But it wasn't until I e-mailed you that I put it together."

"E-mailing.....what the fuck, you're Tiff90?!" I gasped out, not caring much for dιcor. We were pretty beyond that now, given the subject matter.

"I know it's not the most brilliant fake name for me. I've had better, trust me. But at least I came up with a lame Internet cover. You used your regular e-mail address to write me back," Jennifer pointed out.

"How was I supposed....did you know before that?" I sputtered.

"Of course not. But when I compared the writing styles, it wasn't a big shock," Jennifer admitted.

"You....you left a message on my profile page and said you loved it. When I wrote back and shared what....inspired me, you wrote back. We wrote back to each other twice after that," I recounted. "If you didn't know it was me until later....why even write anything at all?"

"I'd already come that far by reading it. How much worse could talking to the writer be?" Jennifer figured. "If I got too grossed out, I figured I'd have fun embarrassing you later. I didn't really figure I'd have to with you, though. I mean, your stuff....I sure read worse."

"Yeah, I get that. Not in every case, of course," I qualified. "Then when you figured out it was me...."

"That was before our last exchange," Jennifer added. "After that, I figured I might as well come here."

"Well, if you figured it out, I'll bet the studio did too. With their background checks, how could they not?" I groaned. "Maybe they'll hold it over me to make me write some teen werewolf movie."

"Or they really don't know. I haven't felt the need to tell them yet," Jennifer warned.

"Yet?" I sighed, figuring the boom was coming. "Okay, what'll it take to keep you from needing it? Delete the story? Add or delete scenes from the screenplay? Add or delete characters?"

"Dude, come on, I'm not that Hollywood yet," Jennifer actually joked like a regular person. Like this was regular. "If I wanted any of that, I'd have done it from the start. Why do you think I'm just bringing this up now?"

"I....I'm done guessing at this point. You'll have to fill me in," I requested. To get ready, I sat on the smaller couch in my living room as Jennifer took the large one nearby.

"Look, I'm still kind of new to the whole superstardom thing. Or not quite old at it yet," Jennifer reminded. "Heck, you wrote your story before Hunger Games and Silver Linings. How come you didn't write another one after that?"

"I was kind of busy with legitimate work by then," I stated.

"Don't say it like that," Jennifer objected. "I'm still getting used to the creepy, weird and sick parts of being a big star. So I read all those stories to....desensitize me in a way, or something! But your story wasn't creepy, weird or sick! Sure it was kinda weird for me to read, but in a....kind of hot way. That's why I left you those comments."

"Oh....that's it," was all I really had to say.

"And the comments you made after that weren't....that bad either," Jennifer seemed to blush. "You could have been a lot creepier when you talked about my body, that's for sure."

"I said you were a perfect 10 in every way," I recalled. "And I didn't just say that about your body."

"I remember. You said some of your celebrity crushes lack in one or two areas. But I was one of the few who had a perfect 10 with my boobs, ass, legs, curves, face, movies AND personality," she paraphrased.

"Well, some of that was paraphrasing," I corrected, in more of a kidding manner than I'd thought possible 10 minutes ago.

"Then again, we did start e-mailing after I signed onto the movie," Jennifer thought. "You're sure that didn't alter your score keeping?"

"I thought that stuff long before I met you. I mean, if I wrote that stuff before Hunger Games started, it shouldn't be a shock," I said. "After the last few years, and after....what you're doing for me now....why would that change?"

"Good question," Jennifer complimented. "You put a lot of thought into this. Not many would." She paused and added, "Maybe that's why the story had....a lot of thought into it. I mean, if you do that stuff in real life, I'm surprised you're still single."

"I haven't really....had chances to do that in real life. I didn't when I wrote the story either," I confessed, figuring secrecy and embarrassment were pointless now. "I was too busy writing to do much dating."

"So all that was off the top of your head?" Jennifer asked. "It was just stuff I inspired you to want to do with me?"

"I'm not saying you planted those ideas on purpose," I made myself laugh off.

"Right. But that was your highest rated story on that site," Jennifer said. "Now I'm starring in your first screenplay. Being such a big part of the two best things you've ever written, in those ways....it's something."

"Well, you're already acting out the one with clothes on. I'd say we're even," I dared to hope was still true.

"Is that how you see it?" she wondered. "You know, I've only just started acting out your words. And your script directions. And your characters. I really want to do great with your material. And....a lot of practice from a lot of sources does make perfect."

Before I saw the exact subtext, Jennifer made her way next to me. "Wait a minute, you....you don't need that much help. No Oscar winner does. Not the ones not in B-movies now, anyway," I tried to keep light before my nerves took over again -- in new ways than 15 minutes ago.

"Come on, you can't tell me you weren't thinking about it for real. Not when you met me. Or those times after that. Or when we were e-mailing," Jennifer teased.

"I had other things to be concerned about then," I pointed out. "I can't say it didn't happen once or twice, but...."

"And yet you stayed professional anyway. That is something," Jennifer complimented. "I wouldn't have guessed you had all that buried in your head. I guess it's pretty powerful when it comes out. That's a skill I could stand to learn for the movie."

I couldn't imagine me being able to teach Jennifer Lawrence anything. But....if that's the premise she needed.... "So this is a....rehearsal? Only for my.....other work?" I started to play along. "In that case, we should start from the beginning, right?" I asked, hoping that would buy more time before I was fully ready for this.

"I don't think so. Your setups are pretty long, and we had a long one here already," Jennifer nitpicked. "By now, I think everyone involved wants to see the main event."

Technically, that did poke holes in Jennifer's rehearsal premise. But there was no time to think of loopholes while her lips were nearing mine.

If we were actually reenacting my story, it would make sense for me to be shocked and stunned at first, since that's how I always am in these stories. Since I was feeling that in real life right now, I supposed I got that aspect right. Eventually, I did kiss her back, so I managed to do that in the last second before she pulled away.

When that wasn't enough, I moved my lips over to hers next time. She pressed back quicker, putting her hands on my shoulders for good measure. Realizing I could actually touch her too, I wasn't sure where to start, though I just settled on her waist after her tongue entered my mouth.

It wasn't quite enough after my tongue joined in, so I moved my right hand to her face and soon slid it into her blonde hair. "All right, what now?" I breathed out after our lips parted.

"You should know, you wrote it," Jennifer exclaimed and got on her feet.

"I haven't re-read the thing in a while, I don't remember the exact order," I admitted. And yet she removed her shirt anyway.

I still focused enough to hear her say, "Come on, man, I did my research. You get so out of control that you make me sit on your lap, remember?" Now the pants were coming down too.

"Yeah, I can buy that," I said, as things were coming back to me. Even if they were just my fantasies during the writing process two years ago. Yet I was working with less than accurate data.

Back then, my brain had tried to capture how full Jennifer's breasts looked in her blue bra. And how her hips were framed in her matching panties. It also tried to capture the essence of her perfect curves, long legs, and the sides of her stunning ass. It had also tried to picture the hungry look in her eyes and the pout of her lips.

In every way, my brain had failed miserably to get it right. And yet it still churned out a story like that. Go figure. Well, it could bail me out now. "Now I remember a few things," it helped me say while I slipped out of my pants.

Once I took my undies down, Jennifer did the same with hers and came right back to me. She knew this was her cue to sit down on my lap, with her legs around my waist and my erection laying on her crotch. I made myself get everything under control, before touching her bare skin for the first time.

Jennifer rocked herself against my lap, with my cock still right against her center. My hand slipped down to her ass and gave her supple flesh a long squeeze. Resisting the urge to make it longer, I got out, "Lift it up," and waited for Jennifer to follow her cue.

She obeyed by lifting her ass up as high as she could while I pushed my cock down. Hopefully when she sat down, she would be lying right on my shaft. I didn't know how feasible this trick was when I wrote it, so I wasn't sure what the actual outcome would be.

It sure looked and felt like so far, so good when Jennifer literally sat on my shaft. With a bit of maneuvering, she had it right where I wanted it – in between her bare buns. My right hand reached back to make sure it was in position, then held onto her bottom as I made my first thrust.

I was trying to fuck her in between those perfect round cheeks of hers. And just like in the story, it worked better when Jennifer rocked her hips back and forth to glide her crack over my cock. On my own cue, I kept my right hand on her ass for support, then put my left hand down to circle her pussy.

My fingertip got in and felt the wetness right away, as my erection kept sliding between her buns. Despite having both hands on the front and back of her crotch, it wasn't quite enough for the story or this.

"Stand by for bra removal," I somehow talked in movie lingo, then Jennifer reached back to start removing it. I helped her the last half of the way, and soon the bra was loose enough to brush aside. When I did, her perfectly full, soon to be bouncing tits were right in my face.

"Oh, fuck," I babbled at the three way assault on my senses. To stop myself from talking more jibberish, I covered my mouth with the top of Jennifer's right tit. My hand reluctantly left her ass and grabbed the bottom of her breast, lifting it up even more to help my mouth.

As I suckled her nipple down and looked up at Jennifer's impressed face, my left hand left her pussy and rubbed its wetness on her left tit. My mouth soon joined it, leaving my right hand to take over the fingering.

It wasn't as easy as I made it look on the Internet. But I was still suckling Jennifer's ample chest, rubbing her taut pussy and staying lodged between her thick ass all at once. Jennifer sounded as aroused as I was, but it could have been part of the reenactment. Maybe I'd get a more definitive answer in the next position.

I pulled my face back and removed my hands, watching Jennifer grit her teeth afterwards. She looked upset for a second, but there was no need since she knew what was coming next. As she remembered, she said, "That's not enough, right?" just like in the fic.

"Get on all fours and I might remember," I got in character as a thinly disguised me. Jennifer frowned in character, but got off my lap and went to the larger couch nearby. There, she put her hands and knees on the cushions and arched her ass, leaving me room to go on the right side of the couch.

I kneeled down and saw her peachy behind and wet pussy waiting for another go around. Impulsively, I put my hands on her buns and hit them a few times like a drum. In all honestly, I wrote this well before Amy Adams had that happen to her in Jennifer's last movie, so there was no point in suing. Then again, who knew how many movie people other than Jennifer read Hollywood smut....

I could find out the answer after I licked out her pussy from behind, though.

My tongue did all the work at first as my hands stayed locked on her ass. However, I gave my thumbs permission to go down and rub each side of her opening. They took turns going in all too briefly, then my tongue burrowed deeper inside to make it somewhat okay.

It would have time to get better, given that my hands left Jennifer's backside and reached over to her swaying tits. I couldn't hold that much of them while bending down behind her, eating her out and resting my hands on the side of her chest. It's easier to get around that in fanfic when you don't have to rehearse.

"We might have to improvise this," I said into her opening.

"Okay, I'm getting better at that," Jennifer commented, then followed with, "Get on the floor and kneel down."

I ceded creative control to Jennifer and got off the couch, kneeling down in front of it. Once I did, Jennifer turned so that her ass was back in the air in front of me, while she leaned on the top of the couch. From that angle, I could resume eating her from behind and grab onto her tits much easier.

I had always written and crafted stories by myself, but maybe there was something to be said about collaboration. At least in this end result.

In any case, I tugged on Jennifer's nipples with every lunge my tongue made into her pussy. When she pushed her ass back against my face, I thrust it back against her as well. Soon my face and her ass were thrusting and colliding against each other as I ate her and rubbed her chest.

"Fuck, I knew this was hot," Jennifer groaned, although the last nipple tug might have helped. But that wasn't enough for me, as I stopped pinching her nipples and grabbed onto the rest of her tits with my hands. I jiggled the shapely flesh as my mouth, lips and tongue went up and down on her from behind.

"Tell me when you're close," I said my line on time.

"Okay," Jennifer called. When I nicked her with my teeth, she announced, "Getting there," then repeated it a few more times when my tongue went faster. Once it got loud enough, I went onto the next step and removed my hands from her tits, putting them on her pussy instead.

Primarily, I put my left thumb into her and wiggled as my tongue furiously licked next to it. Jennifer moaned suddenly and erotically, just as I imagined it two years ago. My right thumb and index finger rubbed below her pussy as I licked and fingered it, and soon her "Getting close" groans were getting louder.

"Close....close, THERE! Fuck, yes, there! Fuck, I'm gonna cum!" Jennifer groaned, with only the last line coming from my story. None of us could really care then, especially while Jennifer was cumming on my hands and mouth.

I kept my thumb in for a few seconds before pulling it out halfway through Jennifer's orgasm. I licked up the rest of it and put my thumb over my cock, beginning to lube it up. Once Jennifer came down, my index finger glided over her and then wiped itself on my shaft too.

"Lie down," I told her, expecting her to know where that came from. After a few seconds, she proved it by lying on her back on the couch. I climbed up and hoped I actually had enough room to straddle her, but I managed to spread my legs far enough and rest my ass on her stomach -- with my wet cock right in range of her chest.

I held her breasts again, this time positioning them and myself to smother my erection. I thrust forward, hoping there were enough of her juices to make it easier. Regardless, it still felt like quite a good fit. "You okay?" I double checked to see if it was good for her.

Jennifer had no words, but when her hands reached over to grab my ass, it seemed like a good enough answer.

In the story, this act lasted longer than a minute. But with Jennifer pinching my ass while I fucked and groped her magnificent breasts, I had my doubts. They turned to serious concerns when she stuck her tongue out to lick my slit as it came closer. It stayed out to cover more of my head each time it neared her mouth.

"Fuck, getting there too," I called back. "Where do I do it?" I knew where I did it in the story, since it set up the third act, but I didn't know if Jennifer was that committed.

"Just do it. Just cum for me," Jennifer answered, briefly lunging forward to suck my tip. At that, I put aside all other questions and just kept thrusting.

Jennifer only licked my head on every other thrust, but it didn't help me control myself any better. I went back to rubbing her nipples, although I looked back and forth between that and her eager face. Picturing what it would look like shortly was the last push I needed.

My groans got louder as a last little warning, to which Jennifer gave my head one last big lick and then leaned back. By then, I started spurting and got the first few drops right on her gorgeous face. She then leaned forward to put her lips around my head and catch the next few spurts. When she pulled back, I could only unload the rest on her upper chest.

Once enough time went by, I let go of her breasts and took my softening cock out of her chest. By then, her face and chest had a good deal of cum on them, while she finished swallowing the load in her mouth. I exhaled at the sight and at so many other things. "I think....I think we got it," I said.

"Right, we both got it," she said sarcastically, her eyes rolling as the rest of her face remained stained. She patted her face and chest down, then said, "I think I should clean off the evidence."

"Oh, you.....okay, that's a good idea," I credited, getting off the couch so she could do the same and head upstairs -- still naked, and heading for my shower. Just like I wrote it.

After I heard the shower come on, I was supposed to wait five minutes before coming up. I retrieved my pants to get my cell phone, checking the time every 10 seconds or so. When I did it enough times, I finally took my shirt off and headed upstairs quietly, although she knew I was coming in this scenario.

When I wrote this out two years ago, my shower was only covered by a translucent, see through white curtain. Thankfully, I'd kept it clean and intact instead of getting a new one. It'd be neat if I'd consciously done it to set up this moment, but my powers weren't that strong yet.

The fact that Jennifer Lawrence was in my shower, washing my cum off her upper body, should have been quite enough. Yet even perfection could be improved upon. Still, I didn't quite see how to improve on the sight that greeted me in the bathroom.

The white curtain covered the shower, but it was see through enough to see the silhouette of her hourglass figure. An hourglass figure that was completely wet, getting washed under my shower, and was just getting clean -- for that moment, anyway. Despite having seen her naked already, the shape of her behind that curtain and the images coming to my mind made me rock hard in no time.

I wrote this as my Act III to give the story a sensual ending, and to try my hand at writing shower sex for the first time. Apparently trying something new really did do wonders. But the wonder I uncovered when I pulled back the curtain was just ridiculous.

Jennifer was right under the showerhead, having just squeezed a spongeful of soap over her chest. As the suds dripped down her chest and I saw many more strands of water run down her body, I almost forgot I had to move soon.

I thought I saw Jennifer look stunned when I uncovered her, but perhaps she was still staying in character. If I didn't do the same, I would look even more inadequate in comparison than usual, before we even started the final act.

With that, I moved my legs and got into the shower to admire her. It clearly wasn't enough, so I reached out to finish rubbing her chest and stomach clean. I stepped forward and got the rest of me wet, yet Jennifer finished soaking me up by pushing her wet form against mine.

I reached up to move the showerhead so the water wasn't directly raining on us -- after all, I couldn't let it get in my eyes and blind me now. Still, I closed them as our lips met again, then put my hands on her back and felt that it was wet enough already.

Our tongues dueled as I slid my hands all over her, then reached up and put them under the showerhead. When they were wet enough, I put them back on Jennifer's ass and slid them up her back.

Jennifer had fun getting me wetter too, and seemed to enjoy that I had my shirt off now. She broke from my lips and put hers on my neck, kissing down to my upper chest. I backed up and leaned against the right wall as she kissed, licked and nibbled my pecs, gazing up at me and letting me see her face was all clear -- and still gorgeous and eager.

"Wait, you first. I remember that much," I blurted out while I still could.

"Right, right. I guess we used up our improv limit," Jennifer joked.

"I don't think either of us will mind that much," I stated, as I backed up and Jennifer stood below the showerhead. I took her sponge and scrubbed it with soap, while saying, "I know you cleaned yourself up, but there's no reason not to double check."

When I was done, I put the sponge under the shower, then moved it back so the water rained down right behind Jennifer. The sponge was now wet enough for me to scrub down Jennifer's chest, rubbing in the soap and then kissing her when the soap was clear.

I scrubbed her stomach next, getting on my knees in the process. I repeated the process of scrubbing her down and then kissing the area, then I slid the sponge all the way down her left leg. I then slid it slowly up her right leg, then lightly pressed it between her legs. It wasn't for too long, as I quickly put the sponge on her ass and lower back and started rubbing it as I began eating her out again.

Jennifer was plenty wet, although most of it was likely because of the shower for now. To make it more balanced, my tongue licked her as rapidly as it did before. As I rubbed my whole face against her, my hands went up and down her body and caressed it more slowly.

The atmosphere of the shower, the intense oral sex and the slow massage of her body looked good on the page, so I hoped it felt good to Jennifer in real life. It was working all right for me so far.

"Ooh.....ugh, I almost wish I took more showers as a kid," Jennifer commented. It was weird, but she could be weird like that -- plus it sounded like a weird seal of approval. She made it clearer by saying, "Fuck, you're cleaning me out so good...." as I nibbled her clit.

"Only to make you dirty again," I responded.

"Then you don't really need this," Jennifer set up as she took the sponge from my left hand. She squeezed it over my head and splashed it with water, then put her hands on my hair and rubbed it like she was putting shampoo on it. I was almost tempted to have her do that for real, but that would be too weird a kink even for us.

Nevertheless, I still liked her wetting my hair and pushing my face deeper into her. And I liked licking and suckling her while my bare hands kept feeling her flesh all over. After they slowly went down her waist, hips and legs, feeling all the lovely curves in between, I mindlessly put my right hand on my erection to stroke it and provide some relief.

"Oh, fucking hell," I moaned into her pussy. "It's always more sensitive after a shower, but this...."

"Yeah, I see that," Jennifer answered while grinding into me. "I guess it's time to see for myself."

That's right, I wrote that in too. Jennifer reminded me further by making me back up and get on my feet, then she backed me into the other side of the shower. She adjusted the head to the point where the shower came down on her back, once she got on her knees in front of me. Before I wondered if we really needed that on anymore, she felt the need to put her lips on the underside of my cock.

I almost couldn't notice her right hand going down to her pussy. Not with her left hand gliding back and forth on my lower shaft and balls, and not with her lips engulfing the rest of my head. Unlike in the tit fucking, Jennifer could go down longer and lower this time, taking half of me down as her hand worked on the other half.

I nearly grabbed the shower curtain right there, but I did it anyway after Jennifer made a few more bobbles. She fingered herself hard and moaned right on my tip, then stuck her tongue out and slid it down my shaft, before opening her mouth and bringing it down too. She kept eye contact with me throughout, as her clear enjoyment – or pretend clear enjoyment – made me grip the curtain and almost tear it down.

With that act and how she was bringing both of us closer, I knew we had to get to the climax now. "Okay, one more part and we've got it," I reluctantly told her.

This was the hard part for me when I wrote two years ago. After writing all those acts, I couldn't see how the actual fucking wouldn't be anticlimactic. I figured setting it in a shower would make up for it, but it did make for limited positions and limited grand finales, until it all came to me.

Now the hard part would be lasting long enough to pull that off in real life. We'd both gotten worked over pretty hard, so I gave us a few moments to stand around. When I felt ready, I backed us up to the middle of the shower, then maneuvered us so I could press her right into the middle wall.

In the story, it took Jennifer by surprise when I lifted up her arms, pinned them to the wall, then moved the showerhead so it was spraying right on our upper bodies. While she probably saw it coming now, she still looked taken aback and eager to go.

We were both the same height, although I might have been a little shorter than Jennifer's 5'8, so she wasn't exactly submissive. Yet when I held her wrists and her arms up and then slid into her, she didn't look eager to move around any time soon. Not to get away, anyway.

I tried to make this sound sexy and seductive on the Internet. Doing it in reality would take some extra effort.

As I started thrusting, I dropped my face to Jennifer's wet neck and kissed it slowly and gently. Since my hands were occupied on her wrists, I couldn't touch and arouse her anywhere else. But I tried to rub my chest against hers and grind harder against her crotch to make up for it.

I tried to be gentle with her neck as I fucked Jennifer harder, then I went the other way in suckling it as my cock slowed down. Finally I nibbled as I drove all the way into her, making her clench harder onto me.

I wished I could lift her up so she could wrap her legs around me, but she wasn't the most petite woman. I had her stay on her feet the whole time in the fic, although I didn't know if that would be feasible here. I still had to make it sensual somehow, though.

I went back to the fic blueprint by kissing slowly up Jennifer's neck while fucking her faster. Then after a hard thrust, we both had to take a breath, though I recovered first by kissing her gently. My thrusts got slower as the kiss got more languid, then I slid my left hand down her arm and put it right between us.

My right hand kept holding her arm up against the wall as my left joined my cock near her pussy. Her left arm came down enough for her hand to grab my ass, pulling me even closer as her tongue slid deep and slow into my mouth. Despite all that, I kept pumping inside Jennifer as we kept slowing down.

"You're so fucking gorgeous," I remembered one of my last lines right on time as we broke.

"So you keep telling me," Jennifer remembered as well. She also remembered to free her right arm and grab my other cheek, as we went back to kissing and my left finger kept navigating between our bodies. My cock soon got back into gear as well, as we were getting faster but were no less sultry – at least Jennifer wasn't.

"Sit down. I got one more improv idea," she interrupted our kissing to say. This was a hard order to follow, given my position.

"You sure?" I had to check before I moved an inch out of her.

"Even the best stories need some editing, okay?" she answered back. Since that seemed to be all I'd get, I pulled out and sat down on the hard shower floor to see what her big edit was. The drain had been open all this time, so there was no water to splash around in.

Jennifer stood back, took the showerhead and aimed it so that it sprayed right between my open legs. I made myself refuse to move away, just to see where the hell this was going.

"You said it feels extra nice in the shower, right?" Jennifer asked. As I tried to recall that part of the scene, she came back over and bent down in front of me to stroke my even wetter cock. It was indeed even more sensitive after all this showering, the extra spraying and the sight of Jennifer bending down in front of me. I should have saved the fucking gorgeous line for that moment.

Before I thought to use it again, Jennifer went over and sat on my lap. She was able to wrap her legs around me now and sink onto me, although this wasn't exactly the most comfortable position. Shower sex sounds hot in theory, but it really isn't the best for comfort in most times.

Still, the showerhead was raining on her back now, so I could rub that extra wet part of her up and down as we rode to the finish.

I probably would have done it with myself on top, if I'd been willing to risk Jennifer being uncomfortable sitting like this. So I didn't want to make her do all the work here, as I grasped her lower back to keep her still while I thrusted up against her. I let her rest on me while I leaned back as best I could.

My hands ran all over Jennifer's back as the shower water came down on it, then I used my wet hands to make her front wet again. She leaned up and took over riding me, giving my finger room to aid my cock once more. Jennifer tightened her legs around me and raised her hips up, slamming them down harder in the next second.

We were in virtually the same position from the very start – something I should have thought of as an ending to the story. The difference was that I actually had my cock in her pussy as I groped her ass and thought to suckle on her breasts, and every part of us was wet too. Maybe I really had reached my limitations as a solo writer.

"Fuck me and cum, fuck me and cum," Jennifer gritted out as my finger and cock rubbed and fucked faster.

"Ready when you are," I responded, adding another finger so she'd be ready faster. My left index finger and thumb worked furiously as my right hand jiggled her ass and rubbed more water onto it, while my mouth took sporadic nibbles on her bouncing tits.

"Yes, fuck, come on, come on," Jennifer got louder as her cries echoed more in the shower. The loudest echo of all told me she was right there.

I tried to fit the tip of my finger into her along with my cock, and I got far enough to make her go off. I rested my head on Jennifer's breasts as her arms went around me, riding out her orgasm. Containing mine got that much more difficult, but I remembered the final image of my story and made myself soldier on for my art.

Of course, thinking about it didn't help at all, and perhaps my current position didn't either. Therefore, I just kept my mind blank, which it really should have been anyway. I felt Jennifer come down and heard her breathing more normally, so it looked like it worked.

"Can you stand up?" I asked when it sounded like she could talk to me again.

"I'll let you know in a bit," she answered, then pulled away from me and got on her feet. Jennifer nodded knowingly, then stood underneath the shower and let the water rain down on her one last time before finally turning it off.

I now had the final image of Jennifer's post orgasmic, wet, flushed, curvaceous body standing over me – inspiring me to make it even wetter. I grabbed my cock and started pumping, knowing I wouldn't last long now and knowing I'd already cum all over her before, but sometimes repetition just worked.

It worked in short order, as I got up and kept pumping until I shot my first batch onto Jennifer's stomach. My cum complemented the dripping water perfectly, doing so again when I got the next bit on her tits. But before I could go anywhere else, Jennifer improvised once more and got on one knee – with a dab landing on her face before she closed her mouth over me.

She sucked and swallowed the rest out with no trouble, as I struggled not to slip or tear the curtains down again. But my stance and my dιcor stayed intact, nonetheless.

When I was done, Jennifer's mouth finished a few seconds later. She popped off and stayed on her knee, still covered in water and a few drops of cum. I let my body and mind reboot for a minute, then reached over to get the sponge and soap.

"Right back to where you started, I guess," was the best post-sex line I had, albeit an accurate one. Jennifer just nodded in agreement and lathered herself up all over again, cleaning me off anew. I let myself watch, although I was way too spent to fully enjoy even that sight. Regardless, once she was done she finally turned the shower off, sparing me from an even higher water bill.

I got myself out as Jennifer dried herself off with one of my towels. She looked apologetic, but I shrugged it off and headed to my linen closer for a spare. It gave me some time to really take in what happened – massive, unbelievable roller coaster and all.

I didn't know how I was supposed to act with Jennifer now, both in the immediate aftermath and in our working relationship. I didn't know how she wanted me to react. I didn't know much of anything.

But in the back of my mind, I still couldn't help but think.....maybe I had to get back in the erotica game. To help me relax after the long work days ahead, anyway. It now had a proven track record of being a big help – or at least not a career killer yet.

Maybe the next one should have me and Jennifer in an actual bed. To make it more comfortable. For my character.
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