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Two Busty Girls (Kat Dennings, Hayley Atwell)
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Two Busty Girls

Originally published August 2013

October 2013

When Kat Dennings' lips connected with mine, I did the opposite of what any other man would do -- even many attached men like me. I pulled away, at least after a second and a half. But I never kissed back, so I wasn't a cheater in strict terms.

Still, my girlfriend wouldn't have seen it that way if she came by. Then again, she was busy talking to her other Marvel universe co-stars. Because she's Captain America's Hayley Atwell, and we were at the after party for the "Thor: The Dark World" premiere.

Perhaps not many other men could possibly be in this position, then. So who were they to judge?

I got myself into it by starting a relationship with Hayley two months ago. This was our first red carpet date, and one of the first milestones we'd hit as a couple. As for the sex milestones, they were another matter, as we were taking it pretty slow -- though it wasn't usually my idea.

It wouldn't be many people's idea to go two months without having sex with Hayley -- at least the people who knew of her. While busty, curvy women had been on the rise in Hollywood, Hayley wasn't on the level of a Christina Hendricks, Sofia Vergara or even Kat Dennings yet, if only career wise. Body wise was another matter, as I knew first hand, even if not as much as I wanted to.

Tonight was another example, as Hayley tantalized me and the red carpet with a pink dress that showed off her stunning figure -- on her body and her chest. But I couldn't openly gawk in front of the red carpet press, or during the movie, or during the after party. And when Hayley caught up with her Marvel/Captain America friends, I graciously stepped aside -- for her and for my self-preservation.

That's when I wound up at the bar. That's when I got approached by Kat. That's when I took in her black dress and all of her own voluptuous curves. That's when I realized she didn't know who I was or who I was with, since I was alone now and she arrived later than me and Hayley. That's when I didn't tell her I was with Hayley or anyone, since she didn't ask.

That when I lost track of time talking with her until she kissed me. And now here we are when I pulled back.

I caught my breath, quickly realizing I'd have to explain myself, or at least look at her. Of course, the first thing my eyes caught were Kat's eye-catching cleavage, so that was out. I looked up higher to see her equally entrancing full red lips, so that was out too. So were her big, enticing blue eyes, which really left me in a bind. I looked at her hair as a last resort, but she didn't seem to take notice.

"What's the deal, man?" Kat asked, blunt and to the point as usual -- at least as usual in the half hour I'd known her, and last few years watching her work. "I'm pretty sure I didn't read the vibe that wrong. Either my vibe rater needs a tune up, or there's something up with you. So what's the deal?"

I shook off every possible way to read the vibe joke, and tried to review my options. Just telling Kat I was with someone -- one of her fellow Marvel employees, at that -- was an obvious option. But after not telling her already, admitting it now and showing I lied by omission wouldn't look good. My face might not look as good by the end either.

By that logic, saying nothing was wrong and letting Kat carry on was even less desirable. In theory. Of course, that's the only way to say this was less than desirable.

It made twisted sense that I was being tempted by Hayley's virtual doppleganger -- in body type, anyway. Ironically, unlike Hayley, I'd actually seen Kat naked, albeit in those leaked cell phone pics of hers. Nevertheless, Kat was the only one of them who'd shown me her ungodly double-D tits and her mouth-watering hourglass form. If she was willing to do it again, just for me...

Nope. I wasn't that desperate. I liked being around Hayley for reasons other than her body and the sex countdown. I knew I'd at least have that as a fallback by going back to her now -- the other way was much more unpredictable. Plus I always had Kat's naked pictures saved on my laptop, so my imagination could fill in the blanks -- and provide a template for Hayley's naked body, like usual.

But it was nice of Kat to offer her gorgeous talents and keep me company. The least I could do was not make her furious or guilty by admitting who I was. It certainly was the least.

"I'm interested in someone else here," I stated. Not involved with someone already, just interested -- seemed to split the difference. "I had this whole plan to impress her tonight. But I got too nervous and came here to get some courage. Then you distracted me more....but I think it's time to be brave now. I might even still have time tonight."

I didn't tell her how I got invited in the first place, so there was enough room for her to buy this. Or there would be if I explained it better.

"Bullshit," Kat said with an amused, disbelieving tone -- which almost matched the one in my head. "Who is this magic woman?"

"No one you know," I said. This one might have been true, since I didn't know if Kat and Hayley knew each other well, at or outside of Marvel functions.

"Well, I'm gonna need to now. If you stood her up, I'll need to help bail you out," Kat stated, either being sincere or calling me out. "I can leave out a few things, of course."

"No, I can do that myself," I tried to weasel out.

"Come on, I can keep a secret. At least ones I don't put on my phone first," Kat joked, not helping me at all with her little -- well, not so little -- reference.

"I've bothered you enough already," I said somewhat lamely, but I started backing up in the meantime. "Thank you for your company and offer, and....good luck with all the other premieres."

I tried to walk away regularly, then headed for the nearest bathroom when I got far enough away. I figured I'd wait 5 minutes in the stall, then come out, find Hayley and hope Kat didn't follow me. It was another good plan in theory, and hopefully this one would have better execution.

And not leave me with a boner afterwards.

Fuck. Well....if I cleared all these thoughts out of me before I found Hayley, it might help. And I did give myself five minutes in here.

I lowered my zipper and pulled out my erection, not bothering to start off slow given the limited time -- and my inspired imagination. After imagining Hayley in my fantasies for weeks, it wasn't hard -- difficult -- to substitute her for Kat. Same tits, ass, super hot blow job, riding me, doggy style jiggling, the works.

Then I unconsciously upped the ante by bringing a naked Hayley in the mix.

Now there were four gigantic tits in my mind. Two luscious bodies below them. Two delectable round asses. Two sets of perfect lips that trailed over my cock and balls. Two pairs of eyes burning into mine as they took turns deep throating me. Two Marvel bombshells riding my cock and face as they rubbed their tits together -- although dream me couldn't see that below Kat's ass.

As I imagined cumming all over their chests, I came all over the toilet seat in real life. I snapped out of it in time to aim it at the actual bowl, but just barely. No one was knocking on the door for me to get out -- neither Kat nor anyone that had to go -- so I figured I was fast enough.

I zipped back up, flushed, watched my hands and exited the bathroom, seeing no sign of Kat in the crowd. I headed back to where I last saw Hayley, and to my relief for now, she was still right there. At least until she saw me and headed right over.

"Oh God, I'm sorry," Hayley said apologetically, which sounded better with her British accent. A lot of things probably did -- I could think that without a problem since I just came. "I got too caught up talking, I know."

"I kind of did myself, so we're even," I said, without saying who I got caught up with.

"Well, I should have at least introduced you to them. Maybe I still can," Hayley offered.

"Just a few, okay. Then we should get caught up," I said genuinely.

"Of course, of course we will," Hayley promised, giving me a big, bright smile. That smile and her bottomless brown eyes was different from Kat's smirk and somewhat suggestive blue eyes, but still even more beautiful.

Nothing happened to wipe that look off, as Kat didn't show up and Hayley introduced me to other Marvel stars. I thought I heard a beep from my phone in the meantime, but I brushed it aside. When we reached our quota of introductions, we made time for just us as the party seemed to wind down. With that in mind, Hayley offered for us to do some exploring, as she put it.

Exploring seemed to mean walking up to the next floor, then walking down the hallways until Hayley stopped at a door. She opened it to reveal a room with a desk, two chairs nearby, and a big couch on the right side. Hayley closed the door behind us and lowered the blinds on the windows, which fueled my imagination again in great and terrible ways.

"I didn't spend all my time talking to them. I was looking for a room like this too," Hayley revealed.

"Why would that be necessary?" I inquired.

"I know you've been frustrated with our....physicality. Or lack thereof," Hayley admitted. "It wasn't because I didn't want to. It was because I wanted to save it for something special. Or at least hotter," she surprised me.

I had entertained the theory that she was somewhat prudish, despite letting me graze her clothed boobs a few times. But if she was going in.....a direction like this....

"The party's winding down, you met my co-workers, you got through your first big premiere....I can't think of a better way to celebrate," Hayley stated. "We can start fucking in regular beds later. Even if this sets too high a bar. But at least we'll still have the bar."

I had to still be in the bathroom. I had to be in some masturbation induced coma in there. Hayley then went over and kissed me, so I figured this would do before I woke up and saw some guy giving me mouth to mouth.

Hayley's lips felt as sweet and juicy as usual, making this pretty realistic. I put my hands on the top of her back, noting her bare skin felt quite smooth and lifelike. The feel of her ample chest pressing into mine was a nice touch too. She then put her hands on my neck, trailed them down my face, kissed me deeper and pulled back slowly to leave me in a daze -- yet I hadn't woken up.

As I started to wonder that this could be real, Hayley reached to the back of her dress. This would be a fitting place to snap out of it -- but the dress came down and I was still there. And for all the times I dreamed of Hayley being topless, it wasn't this vivid.

It was real. And Hayley's bare breasts looked real after all, in spite of their gravity defying shape and size. I stared at her cleavage by instinct, before remembering I could look at more now -- which I did as she slipped off the rest of her dress.

She was left in nothing but underwear that clung to her shapely, perfect hips, and likely clung even better to her shapely, perfect ass -- which I'd get to see as soon as she turned around. Yet I was savoring too much of her front to want that right away. While curvaceous women like Hayley somehow aren't everyone's cup of tea, I drank her down like an instant addict.

"Oh fuck," I groaned out while ogling.

Strangely, it sounded like there was an echo when I said fuck. Although the echo sounded less masculine. Then the next sound I heard seemed to come behind the desk.

For having the gall to distract me from Hayley, I went over to see what the noise was. I heard a few more before I went behind it -- and saw who was responsible.

"The fuck?!" I asked/yelled as I saw Kat on her knees.

"Fuck!" Kat repeated after me again, only much louder. She got up and said, "Don't be mad," yet Hayley's surprised shriek suggested she wasn't happy. Remembering there were still other people outside, I shushed her and Kat.

"What the fuck is this?" I tried to hiss quietly.

"I asked myself that, till she gave me two big ideas," Kat gestured to Hayley. Going back to me, she asked, "That's the magic woman you were being brave for? That's why you didn't get..." she started before getting quiet.

"Kat, he asked you first. What are you doing in here?" Hayley paraphrased for me while trying to cover her chest up -- as much as she could. Her arms almost showed more cleavage than her dress did, but this time it didn't stop me from thinking clearly.

I turned away as a way to give Hayley privacy, and to check my phone. Kat's last half statement and my memory of the cell phone beep gave me a theory. It was confirmed when I saw a text message Kat had left me, saying to meet me in this very room in case I "needed a win after all."

I gave Kat my cell number earlier tonight, so she could send me a picture she took of us. Now she had used it to invite me here....for the same reason Hayley invited me? Well, she sure wasn't gonna tell me or Hayley that now.

"I came here to get some quiet time before I went home. I didn't know you were gonna be....much less quiet," Kat proved me right. "I guess I stopped that from happening, though. Damn it, that's a big my bad on me."

To her credit, she did look apologetic, even if she didn't have the most to apologize for. "Please, carry on like I'm not here. It'll be hotter this time because I'm not. But please do your thing anyway." I had my doubts Hayley would be in the mood for that now.

"You gave yourself away when I got naked," Hayley stopped Kat by pointing out. There could have been worse things for her to realize. "You knew by then what we were doing. It shouldn't have been that shocking to see me disrobe. If that is why you said fuck."

"Well, sure you were talking about it. Didn't mean you were gonna do it," Kat challenged, with a bit of a hitch in her voice.

"In this case, it did. I wasn't waiting any longer," Hayley said, stunning me anew that I wasn't the only one waiting. "And you were really going to watch. We would have been too occupied to see you sneak out....but you didn't want to." She then dropped the bomb by asking, "Was it just because of him?"

"What? Come on," Kat said in a less than convincing light hearted tone. "I mean, I'll bet you two are both cut, but...." she trailed off. Just 10 minutes ago, I would have thought Kat was the more sexually aggressive one compared to Hayley, but now I wasn't so sure.

Hayley paused, then stated, "I'm still doing this anyway. Me and him have put it off long enough. Whether you stay or not."

"Whether she stays?" I joined in incredulously. "You're not really gonna let her...." Now I trailed off, not knowing whether to add "watch" or "join in."

"If it bothers you, then you should distract yourself," Hayley figured. "I told her we'd be too occupied with each other to notice her. I'd like to think I wasn't lying."

Hayley lowered her arms, uncovering her glorious chest to the both of us again. Before I could comment, Hayley said, "On your knees." I gave what was surely a cock eyed look, and she continued, "Surely my pussy's more distracting than her, right?"

It was easier to make that case when Hayley bent down and removed her panties. With her completely naked, I only barely heard Kat comment as I focused between her legs. For all my visions of her on her knees, it felt poetic and kind of hot that I'd be doing it first.

I stood in front of her and knelt down, then Hayley instantly put a hand on my head and pushing herself onto me. I barely heard Kat again, thanks to Hayley's pussy smothering my face. I could only breathe her in, although that wasn't enough for long as I let my tongue take a lick.

With that one lick setting me off, I added a few more and soon added my lips. I even used my teeth for a moment, causing Hayley to groan softly -- which I heard with no trouble. Fully focused now. I moved my lips and tongue side to side and up and down her opening, as Hayley held onto my hair and grinded against me.

My hands felt useless, especially with so much to explore. I grabbed onto Hayley's hips, groaning into her pussy at the feel of them. I soon moved back to hold her ass, which felt as thick, juicy and apple shaped as it looked, which was something. It inspired me to further devour her front as I jiggled and groped her back.

"Oh yes, that's bloody brilliant," Hayley moaned, making me briefly chuckle. My tongue started digging deeper while my hands left her ass and trailed up her waist. I rubbed all over her luscious curves, then slid back down to her hips and went all the way down to her legs.

To bring it home, I put my hands on her feet, intending to slide them up her entire body. By the time I got to her upper waist, I felt possessed. With that, I nibbled the bottom of her pussy while grabbing her breasts for the first time.

I'd imagined savoring it more when I first touched them, but in reality, I just mindlessly bounced them in my hands and smushed them together. Hayley didn't seem to mind, yet I looked up to make sure. Her head was thrown back, but she soon looked down at me with the sexiest glare in her eyes.

She kept eye contact as she thrust her pussy back and forth into my face. Eventually, I stuck my tongue out to meet her thrusts, then got the idea to squeeze her tits whenever I dabbed her. Within moments, her thrusting and my squeezing were in unison.

Now I could properly take in the feel of Hayley's incredible tits -- at least the parts I could feel. I moved my hands all over her chest, rubbing my palms over her nipples when I could. Soon I tweaked both nipples in tune with my tongue fucking, then put my hands back under her tits.

I didn't want to neglect her pussy, so I kept my hands in place and worked my tongue faster and harder on her. In turn, Hayley groaned faster and harder, and before long, her groin gyrated deeper on me as well. Eventually I did have to take a breath, yet when I pulled my face back, Hayley still thrust her hips forward.

I stuck my tongue out and dabbed her whenever her pussy thrust close enough, giving me some room to breath again. When I did, I buried my face back between Hayley's legs and used everything I could. My tongue dove into her, my lips suckled her clit and lips, and my teeth gave their share of love bites as well. In the meantime, my hands just kept holding, bouncing and rubbing the bottom of her tits in tandem.

"Fuck me with your tongue," Hayley urged me to do further. I should have used my fingers by now, but I couldn't tear them away from her breasts. To compensate in a small way, I covered as much of her pussy as I could with the front of my tongue.

I wetted it all over, then tried to do the same with the back of my tongue. After rubbing it all over her, I did the same with the front of my tongue, then put the whole thing back into her. Meanwhile, my hands groped her tits harder again, hoping that would help her get closer to cumming -- at least before I came in my pants.

I wanted to unzip myself to give my cock some relief, but my hands were still too busy to do it. I just kept pinching and rubbing Hayley's boobs, even as I felt impossibly tight and hard down below. "Ugh, my cock...." I groaned into her, wishing to God I had extra hands.

When I felt one on my crotch, I couldn't believe God had listened to me. Then I pulled my head back and saw who was doing it on His behalf.

Indeed, I had completely forgotten Kat was still there. Not only that, she was on her knees behind Hayley, with her arm between her legs and her hand on my zipper. She lowered it and fished inside my pants, giving my cock human contact for the first time in minutes -- though it felt like decades. But it felt like I'd explode within seconds as Kat pulled my shaft into view.

"No! Not yet!" Hayley objected. She could mean she didn't want to cum yet, or she didn't want Kat to jack me off. Could have been anything. Yet when she reached down to get Kat's hand off me, I lost that hope.

Hayley took my head off her crotch and got me to stand up. I glanced Kat moving away, but I was otherwise too confused as Hayley started kissing me. She tasted herself on my lips and tongue and moved us back to the couch, where she laid on her back and broke from my lips to say, "Suck my tits."

There was no reason to be confused over that. My mouth and tongue latched onto her left breast, fitting in as much as I could. With so much to explore, I rubbed my lips over her flesh and licked each part of it when I was done. In the meantime, I owed Hayley a finger fuck, so I quickly inserted my left index finger in her. Her hand soon went down below and went on top of mine to help move it along.

My mouth went all over her right tit, but I didn't get all of it before Hayley got up and pushed me back. I scooted back and rested on the left armrest of the couch, in time for Hayley to lie on me and start kissing down my chest. She soon got her head down between my legs, and wasted no time in putting her pillow soft lips on my swollen head.

Those lips slowly slid halfway down my shaft, then went up and popped off before Hayley went back down with her tongue. Once she licked my cock from top to bottom, her lips returned and slid almost all the way back down. Her tongue kept sliding around me, and I was barely conscious enough to see her put her hand between her legs.

She took her mouth off me and started fucking herself furiously, then muffled her moans by putting my cock back in her throat. I threw my head back as Hayley moaned on me, popping off after a few seconds and licking me before taking me back in. She repeated the pattern of sucking, moaning and licking me several more times, fingering herself all the way.

Eventually, she took her hand away from her pussy and her head off my cock. But before that upset me, she held her tits and opened them up to welcome my shaft. It virtually disappeared into her supple cleavage, with my head barely peeking out as she fucked me with it.

Unfortunately, she only did this for several seconds, and even her deep throating me afterwards was anticlimactic. When she lathered up my cock, I felt a bit different -- but it really helped when she got up, sat on my lap and lined herself up to ride me.

With the extra lube from her tongue, my cock slid inside Hayley without much trouble. She took her time adjusting, but when she did, she began fucking me fairly hard. Her fingers quickly went down below, yet I was too overwhelmed to use mine too.

Hayley rode me like I was an inanimate bull, although her tits were far from inanimate as they bounced furiously. Between that, her actually fucking me, and the glimpse I got of Kat pleasuring herself nearby, I feared I'd cum first despite Hayley's furious attempts to.

However, as she tightened around me, I sensed she might pull it off. But it felt like she'd nearly pull my cock off as she started cumming around me.

Hayley kept riding me through her orgasm, while I had to stay still for my own sake. She began slowing down right as her orgasm did, until she laid herself down on top of me. Yet she had the energy to lift herself off my aching cock, then got enough to slide down my body again.

When her head returned to my crotch, Hayley resumed sucking me off and licking me clean. Once she did, she brought her tits back there and put my cock into them, leaving my head free for her to lick up. As she licked me and kept her tits on my shaft, I felt myself ready to bubble over.

"I'm gonna..." I groaned once Hayley licked my slit fast enough. She suckled my head, then popped her mouth off and fucked me with her tits again. It pushed me over the edge just as my head disappeared into her cleavage, exploding inside it and dabbling her chest and chin until she suckled the rest into her mouth.

As I came down and felt coherent again, I saw Hayley rub my leftover cum on her chest, then get up on her feet. I could somewhat hear her say, "There, I did it all first."

"What's that?" I slurred more than I said.

"I got eaten out all over by you first. Then I sucked you and fucked you all over. I'm your girlfriend, so you should be doing me first all over," Hayley pointed out. "Now that you have, it makes it better for Kat to do it."

Hayley sat on the right of the couch, just as I could finally pay real attention to Kat. She wasn't fingering herself anymore, but she still looked flustered from the show. Perhaps enough to join in, as I could now dare to hope.

Kat still had the courtesy to look skeptical at Hayley, yet she countered with, "Go on. I got that first fuck out of the way to be first. I can get myself ready for the next one while you get him ready."

So there would be a next one. Well, I would need a lot of revving up after that last show. If Hayley couldn't do it....plus this was what Kat seemed to want all along anyway, only without an audience.

I gave her a look to try and convey that, and she eventually gave me one in return. She sat down next to me while Hayley lay behind both of us, still naked. Kat still had all her clothes on, if only for the moment. I put my hands on her shoulders to start lowering her dress straps, but she stopped me in place.

"Nope. She started stripping right away. I'm gonna need a different game plan," Kat informed. So she was punishing me for Hayley's big show and for not going to her first, then. Then again, when she kissed me for the second time and I didn't pull away, it didn't feel too punishing.

Kat actually got my shirt off as I kissed her back and thoroughly enjoyed her perfect lips this time. She suckled on my bottom lip, but slowly pulled away before I could suckle back. She then leaned forward and pushed her cleavage into my face, yet slapped my hands away again before I could pull her dress down.

"Come on, you know what they look like already. You even saw their clones," Kat gestured to Hayley. Before I could register her reaction, Kat pushed her chest up and I had to give it my full attention. I ran my tongue between her exposed upper breasts and was allowed to put my hands on them, as long as I didn't expose the rest of them.

I went down to kiss the clothed parts of her tits, including their nipples. It wasn't the same as kissing Hayley's exposed breasts, but this was one of the few things that came close. Remembering that Kat was the only one here who didn't cum yet, as far as I knew, my hand trailed to her legs and she didn't stop it this time.

I went up her dress and felt up the front of her panties -- or I would have if they were on. I looked on the floor to see a pair lying several feet besides Hayley's, so that solved that. Since this part of Kat was bare, albeit unexposed so far, I rubbed and tweaked it as best I could while my face went all across her chest.

By then, Kat was all but in my lap and writhing, but still got up and pulled her tits and pussy away. She stood over me, saw my pants were still around my ankles, and pulled them off accordingly. She then got on her knees and saw my cock was still recovering -- though I had a feeling she had a way to speed it along.

Yet instead of going for my cock, Kat pressed her lips against my balls first. She didn't kiss them, however, and when she took my balls into her mouth, I felt her tongue hover just above them without licking them. Even now she was teasing me, as she further did by popping off my balls, licking the bottom of my shaft and giving the area a light kiss.

Kat kept giving me light licks and light kisses over those spots, bringing my cock back to life through virtual torture. It got worse when she took it and slid it over the top of her breasts, without exposing them further or putting me in between them. She kept on a sultry smile and a teasing twinkle in her eyes, enjoying my pleasure and frustration.

When she was done, Kat put her lips on the underside of my head, rubbing it against them and putting her tongue on it for just a split second. At last, she relieved me by taking my cock completely in her mouth -- yet the catch was she didn't suckle. Not even when she trailed her lips up my shaft, without even using her tongue.

Once her mouth came off, she got back on her feet to my grave dismay. Instead of hopping back on me or going on the couch, she turned around and hiked her dress up. Now her bare bubble butt was wiggling in my face, with Kat shortly bending over to show more of her pussy below.

I owed it more attention -- maybe me and Hayley did. I filed that away for later as I leaned forward to kiss her opening. In my case, I did more than that right away, sliding my tongue all around it and using my right fingers to tease it. Kat kept herself bent over and moaned, making sure her dress stayed up as she pushed her ass onto my face.

I slid the tip of my index finger into her, replacing it with my tongue a short time later. Yet my finger kept tracing her lips as my tongue licked them and what was beyond them. I then took my hand away and grasped both her hips, steadying Kat as I ate her out faster.

"Yeah....fuck, that's what I expected," Kat called out. She could have meant she expected it from my performance on Hayley, or from wanting me earlier tonight -- as long as it was up in the air, it didn't give away anything. If it even still mattered to Hayley.

Now that I remembered her, I figured she was getting ready again as well. I took my face off of Kat and fingered her anew, as I turned and saw Hayley still naked on the couch. She was teasing herself, but I figured I could help with my free hand.

My right finger continued to push inside Kat, while my left one went over to work on Hayley. It got into her as I put my mouth back onto Kat, fingering and eating her while just fingering Hayley nearby. I pulled my face back and just watched myself finger Kat and Hayley simultaneously, while listening to them groan in unison. When they pushed themselves backwards to fuck themselves on my fingers, it was just gravy.

"Oh God....I need him to fuck me. Hayley, I need him to fuck me," Kat told us. "I'll be quick, I promise...."

I stopped thrusting my fingers into them and wiggled them around while waiting for Hayley's answer. "You might as well make sure he's ready first," she replied, scooting herself closer to me.

I took my fingers out before Kat stood up straight and turned to face us, admitting, "I guess I should get ready too," before finally getting her dress off. Once it dropped down, I finally had a chance to see Kat's naked chest and figure in the flesh, and not on a cell phone -- although she still had panties on in the cell phone pics. But I couldn't study her any closer once she dropped to her knees again.

There was no teasing this time as Kat gave me a full on, tongue lashing blow job. Her sumptuous lips sucked me down good and hard, but not for long, of course. However, she took my cock out of her lips and put it into her bare tits instead.

Yet before I could admire that for long, Hayley came back into view and put my face in her own full chest. I got the idea quickly, suckling and grouping her large tits at the same time Kat's fucked me -- a double assault from the twin double D's.

After suckling down my head, Kat declared, "He looks all ready now. Tag out!" squeezing my cock one last time before taking her tits off. I gave Hayley's nipples a last kiss before she pulled away and got up herself.

Hayley and Kat were now standing over me together, just like in my bathroom vision. Yet the real life sight of these two sexy, busty, voluptuous stars with perfect mouths and wet pussies had a slight edge. But it was Kat who would get hers handled first -- or last, technically.

Kat went over to lie on the couch as Hayley stood aside. I sat up in front of Kat, lining up to slip my tip inside her. She pushed herself back to take in the next few inches, then we settled in and I got to work.

My hands journeyed all over Kat's body like they did with Hayley's. Since I was sitting up, I got a good feel of her waist, hips and legs before settling on her chest. Kat took more of me in as I pushed her chest up, then pulled me down to lie on top of her once I got all the way in.

I had to put my left hand on the armrest behind us to help me keep pumping. I managed to keep my right hand on her breast, but otherwise settled into the missionary position. Kat rocked herself below me, kissing my lips briefly before going across my cheek and into my ear.

"This is just what I wanted while I was waiting for you in here," Kat whispered sexily. She moaned and kissed my ear, perhaps for Hayley's benefit, then kept whispering, "I even got a few bonuses. But I would have settled for this too. Even if she got the first load of cum on her tits."

First? I almost asked that before Kat bit down on my ear and groaned. After she broke off, I gripped the armrest and went into her harder. Hopefully hard enough for her first orgasm, but not enough to trigger my second yet. That I owed to Hayley, in spite of Kat's hint.

With that in mind, I took my right hand off Kat's breast and signaled Hayley to come closer. Once she did, I inserted my index finger into her to get her in the mix. Before long, Kat even reached over and put her finger on Hayley too. Before I could question her involvement, she put the tip of her finger in, so I responded in kind by going in too.

Me and Kat fucked each other faster while trying to finger fuck Hayley faster, which was tougher to do all at once than it looked. Yet Hayley bucked her hips against our fingers as Kat bucked harder against my hips. She was getting closer, but I was too occupied to help her further.

Hayley freed me up by walking away from us and our fingers. But before I did anything else, she kneeled down besides us and placed her hand on my ass, even as it thrusted against Kat. She slid down to palm my balls, but went down further to Kat's filled opening.

As I tried to fuck Kat into cumming, Hayley's hand and fingers were between us to help her along. It seemed to be the winning push, judging from Kat tightening and pushing back against both of us. I laid my face on her neck and tried to withstand it as Kat lost control, over my cock and right near Hayley's hand.

I felt Hayley's hand brush against me as she trailed her fingers over Kat, collecting whatever escaped out of her. I took myself out of her after a few more moments, still erect and wet. I sat up and laid back against the couch, left alone to recharge until Hayley put her hand on my shaft.

She pumped me slow as Kat's juices served as the necessary lube. But she soon took her hand off and put her wet palm in front of my face. Hoping I got the message, I licked the traces of Kat off Hayley's hand, like I hoped she wanted. It looked that way when Hayley licked her own hand clean of what was left, then connected her lips to mine, with Kat lingering on both our mouths.

Hayley promptly sat on my lap and inserted herself on me for the second time. We broke our kiss and settled into position, as Hayley wrapped her arms around my waist and I wrapped my arms around her. It didn't take us long to set a quick pace, with Hayley riding me once more.

"Fuck....is this everything you wanted?" Hayley asked.

"You added some extra things...." I pointed out. But when I looked next to me, Kat wasn't there to acknowledge my reference.

In fact, she was already kneeling behind us on the floor. The next thing I knew, I felt the somewhat familiar sensation of her lips on my balls. Only this time, she suckled and slurped them down in full.

But after a few moments of that, she went up to lick the outside of Hayley's pussy too, obviously returning the earlier favor. Her hand went on my balls as they slapped against Hayley's ass, then Kat put her mouth back on them and let her hand play with Hayley.

Kat kept the pattern going as Hayley kept riding me and I kept my head on her upper chest. Yet as Kat worked on both of us from behind, I sensed I only had a little time to carry out any other bright ideas. Therefore, I told Kat to back off and had Hayley get off my lap, which she did reluctantly.

"Sit next to each other," I told them to do. I got up and Hayley soon took my place on that spot, with Kat sitting down close by. Once Hayley was settled, I stood in front of her and put myself back in, resting my left hand on her shoulder. As for my right hand, it settled between Kat's legs to resume working her over.

I curled my finger into Kat at the same time I pumped my cock deeper into Hayley. She moaned and stated, "You are....so generous," as she tightened around me.

I rewarded her by bending down to kiss her, sliding my tongue into her while my finger slid further into Kat. I licked up as much of Hayley's addictive mouth, lips and tongue as I could, then went down to suckle on her neck.

I had to put my left hand on the couch to keep steady. Yet when I pulled back and saw Hayley's head leaning back, with her sweet lips parted, her pretty face turning red and her beautiful eyes barely staying open, I nearly got weak kneed. It also told me I had to move onto Kat while I still could.

Somehow, I brought myself to pull out of Hayley, although I put my left hand on her pussy immediately. In return, I had to pull my right hand from Kat's pussy as I slid over to line up with her.

Wasting no time, Kat took my wet right index finger and suckled it down, blowing it sweetly as my cock filled her up and my left index finger filled Hayley up. Kat moaned around my finger like she would on my cock, licking it up and down while giving me her familiar, seductive glare.

To respond, I dropped my head to her tits when she released my finger. I held her right breast with my free hand and nibbled on her nipple, then licked all around it and blew. Kat hissed as I put my mouth on her left breast, remembering to fuck her and finger fuck Hayley in the meantime.

Kat grabbed my face and put it directly in her cleavage, then took her breasts and rubbed them up and down against me. It was like she was trying to titty-fuck my face, and it wasn't a half bad attempt. My hand gripped the right armrest to keep steady, although I was sure I was pumping Kat slower and was less attentive to Hayley.

Once that crossed my mind, I put my left middle finger onto Hayley and began to fit it inside her. As Hayley thrust back against both my fingers, Kat thrust her hips back against mine while still massaging my face with her tits. Eventually, I had to breathe again and remember it was Hayley's turn -- but if she tried to top Kat's move, I'd probably go pretty quickly.

I pulled out of Kat and told Hayley, "Get up and bend over," in lue of going into her. She complied and leaned against the top of the couch, which took her tits out of view and left her ass on full display -- which was slightly more manageable.

I spared just a second to drool over the heart shape of her ass, before pushing my hips against it and putting my cock below it. I kept my hands on her hips as I pumped away, in lue of grabbing her swaying tits or fingering Kat.

Speaking of Kat, she got up on her feet and stood next to the action. She studied us to see what she could do, and settled for putting her right hand on Hayley's right tit. Resigned, I put my left hand on her left tit, as me and Kat both jiggled a breast each while I fucked Hayley.

I left my right hand on her ass, but Kat's free left hand soon joined in. In fact, she went further by trailing a finger down the crack of Hayley's ass. She rested it on her hole but didn't go further, yet it still took me and Hayley by surprise. Hayley was obviously more worked up, now that she had a finger on her ass, a throbbing cock in her pussy and a hand on each tit all at once.

When I thought about it, I saw I had no choice but to put my right hand on Kat's breast, so I could hold both their chests at once. I somehow did some more thinking, then kissed Kat and asked quietly, "You want more from her?"

"Wouldn't be the worst thing," she quipped, even under these circumstances. I still took it as a yes, so I whispered my idea for the next position. When she understood, I pulled out of Hayley and we both took our hands off her.

"You can sit down now," I told Hayley. She took a few breaths before following the order, leaning back on the couch with her legs spread -- the perfect position.

Before Hayley knew it, Kat got on her hands and knees in front of her and put her head between her legs. But Kat was fully aware that I would line up behind her, ready to fuck her from behind her own deliciously round ass. Hayley took notice right as Kat put a finger into her and I slipped my head into Kat.

This time I intended to keep my hands on someone's curvy hips. I just focused on fucking Kat and feeling her ass up, while Kat's finger worked Hayley back up. Once she was horny enough, Kat dove her head down and seemed to be eating Hayley out herself.

Although it's what I wanted, I didn't know what it implied about Kat's tastes -- or Hayley's since she enjoyed it. Maybe they never thought about stuff like this before this crazy night, maybe they didn't -- I'd sure learned not to assume Hayley's tastes anymore. But they clearly weren't thinking about it now, so what could I do but follow their example?

I resumed fucking Kat harder, which made her moan onto Hayley's pussy and drive her madder, making it a handy chain reaction. I soon saw the back of Kat's head lift up, although I couldn't tell what else it was doing.

"I don't know....why they go on about Scarlett and Gwenyth. Or even Natalie. At least not without going on about you," Kat stated to Hayley. "And I'm not saying it 'cause us plus sizes gotta stick together." She then dipped her head back down and Hayley's moans told me what she was doing.

"I'm sure....thank you," Hayley got out.

"If I had to rent anyone's lady goods by accident...." Kat went on. "But I know I'm renting. I know what big, wet pipe you really wanna keep down here," she stated before licking her again anyway. To thank Kat for that weird little analogy, I pumped my pipe all the way into her.

"Yes....it is mine. Completely mine now. You're being rented too, you know," Hayley laid down.

"Trust me, I do. He's not gonna rent anyone else unless you let him. I'm just warming your cock up for you," Kat promised, looking back at me with a knowing, sexy grin -- more than Hayley probably knew -- and pushing her ass deeper against me.

"Yes! Warm up my cock....warm up my pussy. Break us both in...." Hayley rambled, despite how we seemed broken in already. However, I nitpicked less when Kat fucked herself deeper on me and seemed to lick Hayley out faster.

I merely held onto Kat's ass and went along for the ride, until I realized the ride would be over soon. Hayley and Kat were likely on the brink, and I didn't know how I was holding out. I did know it'd probably be bad form to give Kat a second orgasm before Hayley.

I pulled out of Kat and tapped her on the ass as a signal. When she got up, I added the word "Sit," then rushed to plunge back into Hayley before I got an answer. Not giving her any time to recover from Kat's work, I thrusted rapidly and helped her out further with my left finger.

When I saw Kat was sitting next to Hayley again, I put my right hand back between her legs. But I wanted to get Hayley off first, so most of my energy was spent on her. Nevertheless, Kat worked on herself as well to fill the gap.

Hayley just moaned and grit her teeth, while I couldn't add much in intelligent conversation. We both muttered "cum" once or twice, yet it didn't help me figure who would tip over first. I watched her chest bounce and her body gyrate, so I had to look up for my own sanity.

Eventually, I heard Hayley give one last loud moan and felt her keen over the edge. I slowed myself so it wouldn't make me cum too, and doubled my efforts to finger Kat. In fact, rubbing and flicking her pussy helped distract me from going off.

Kat rode my finger and her own as Hayley cooled down. While she started composing herself and I felt her release on my cock, Kat madly worked to get off and ultimately succeeded. Halfway through her orgasm, I even had the foresight to go over, kneel in front of her and lick her clean.

After getting her juices off, I lazily kept licking Kat, buying time as my own cock cooled down -- as much as it could under the circumstances. Kat took notice and got herself off my face, signaling me to stand up while getting back on her knees.

Hayley's juices were probably drying up on my shaft -- but if they were still there, Kat sucked and licked them off quickly. She nodded her head while sucking mine, then Hayley went over and kneeled down next to her. Without a word herself, she came down to suck my balls as Kat kept my shaft in her pouty mouth.

I contained myself long enough for Hayley to put her own pouty mouth on my shaft, with Kat going down to my balls. They sucked both sets of genitals off together, then Kat placed her lips on the side of my base as Hayley suckled my head. Hayley quickly put her lips on the other side, but then Kat took her turn bobbling on my shaft.

I mindlessly pushed myself deeper in Kat's mouth, too out of control to wonder if I should come in Hayley's mouth instead. But Kat didn't want it in her mouth, as she proved by putting my cock between her tits and fucking it to the brink. If that wasn't enough, Hayley leaned over and licked my head when it peeked out from Kat's breasts, and then Kat joined in.

Four gigantic breasts were closely grouped together, with my cock between two of them, while two tongues from two luscious mouths were on my head. Two sexy pairs of eyes were zeroed in on that head, waiting for it to deliver, and I couldn't disappointment them anymore.

Kat let my first few spurts go up her chest and face, then pulled away and aimed my cock at Hayley. She swung it back and forth as it spurted, although I probably got a few suspicious drops on the floor. But most of it went on Kat and Hayley's chests, and I even got a few final spurts in their open mouths.

After I finished, I saw my cum settle on Kat and Hayley. Impulsively, I put my hands on my own cum and rubbed it onto the top of their breasts. Then I kept rubbing them, holding both sets of tits one final time.

With Kat and Hayley already kneeling down, I went down to join them. I took my hands off their chests, as the reality of what happened finally sunk in. I looked at Hayley, amazed anew that she wanted our first time worse than me after all -- enough to let all this happen in it. In my appreciation, I lunged to kiss her, which she eagerly returned.

As overwhelmed as I was, I still noticed when I felt Kat's lips on my cheek. I broke from Hayley to see Kat an inch away, seemingly wanting one more kiss as well. I gave it to her, and before I knew it, all of our lips and tongues were colliding and going back and forth with each other. If not for how drained I was, I would have been ready to go yet again by now.

But this three-way kiss would have to do as a final act. If only between Kat and Hayley and me.
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