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Big Bang Birthday (Kaley Cuoco, Melissa Rauch)
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Originally published September 2013

Mid-April 2013 was like most other mid-Aprils. I was finishing another year as production assistant on "The Big Bang Theory" -- only this time, the last day of shooting fell on my birthday. So it was a bitter sweet day all around as the cast and crew left for summer break -- only this time, two of them stuck around with me.

Having worked on the show for four seasons, I was no stranger to social occasions with Kaley Cuoco, a.k.a. Penny. I could also say the same about Melissa Rauch, a.k.a. Bernadette, who started her time on the show just after I did. Kaley had helped fit me to fit in and Melissa was a fellow newcomer, so I owed both of them quite a bit.

I didn't expect them to pile on by offering to take me out for my birthday -- just the three of us. But I took it, knowing it was the last time I'd see them for three months. With that, I figured we'd go all out, yet they dressed modestly -- as if these two blond bombshells could be that modest -- and made sure we only had a few drinks at the nearest bar.

Kaley took us to her apartment, since she was indeed clear enough to drive. Yet I briefly wondered how clear she was when she asked me to come in with Melissa. Nevertheless, I followed the ladies and the next thing I knew, another hour of casual chatter had gone by.

"So, four years working with us. Wow," Kaley chattered. "How many times have you thought about fucking us?" That brought an end to the casual stuff right there.

"What? Come on...." I tried to laugh off. "Melissa, are you sure we didn't go overboard at the bar?" I asked, letting her know I wasn't indulging in this. Yet she didn't look offended or put out at all.

"No, we're good. It's a clear question. Maybe it should have a clear answer," Melissa said. She didn't sound drunk, and now that she wasn't using her squeaky Bernadette voice, it sounded pretty serious.

"Wait a minute....you really wanna gang me up like this here, on my birthday? On our last day of work?" I nitpicked.

"Why not?" Kaley commented, which made me frown in indignation.

"Come on, you guys are better than that! Okay, so I might have thought like a pervert a few times, but you two can't tell me that's shocking. I mean, look at you! Okay, that's no excuse, but I always acted like a professional near you! That counts for something!" I defended myself. And all I got for it was laughter.

"I think you got the wrong idea about our idea of ganging you up," Melissa corrected.

"Well, if you're not ganging me up for thinking.....things about you, what else...." I trailed off as I started to really think it over.

"Like I said, why not?" Kaley repeated. "It's your birthday, we're all single now, we've all thought about it once or twice over the years, and we won't see each other again for months. By then we'll be able to work together again like nothing ever happened."

"You've all thought...." I scrambled to catch up. "Wait, which one of you is offering....what?"

"Okay. I guess without a script, we can't explain things the right way," Kaley figured. "Not with words."

I'd gotten about halfway there anyway -- it was the outlandish conclusions that were tripping me up. Before I could explain, Kaley used her lips to explain another way.

Any odd thoughts I had about kissing Kaley Cuoco certainly didn't look like this. Not after what she hinted at, and not with an audience -- not every time anyway. But this was still one of the most gorgeous women on TV, and one who teased my brain for years -- supposedly by accident -- so I let myself indulge before I had to come back to my senses.

But as I adjusted to her lips against mine, I felt another pair of lips on my ear.

Before I could turn, Kaley took my face in her hands and deepened her kiss, which temporarily left me blind to the world. Until I felt those other lips suckle my ear and then go down to my neck.

When Kaley broke off, I didn't know who to address or be thankful towards first. Melissa acted faster by taking my face and kissing my free lips next. As if Kaley kissing me wasn't enough without a second gorgeous, busty blonde following up. To add to the overkill, now I felt Kaley's lips on my neck at the same time.

Melissa added her tongue and wore me down, as I could only move my lips and tongue to meet hers while Kaley suckled on my collar bone. When Melissa broke from my mouth, she went back to my cheek and I felt Kaley do the same. My eyes furiously shot back and forth between them as they went down each side of my neck.

Eventually, I focused on Kaley as she pulled away, her enticing green eyes twinkling with a naughty, perhaps semi-drunk glare. I briefly looked below, imagining the supple breasts, lovely shape and immaculate ass hidden underneath her grey top and blue skirt. After seeing hints of them all for years on sets and TV, now I might get to see them all?

I heard a cough and turned to Melissa, who somehow made me push Kaley aside with a heart stopping look. Without her Bernadette glasses, her striking blue eyes were clear and burning into me. To say nothing of what was straining at the top of her pink shirt. While she didn't have to show her body on the show as much as Kaley -- a crying, puzzling shame, really -- everyone knew how much her chest was packing....and I might soon have proof up close.

"You sure?" I satisfied my last remaining bit of hesitation.

"Like she said, tonight's the perfect night to do this. It'll help make the summer go by better," Melissa stated. "But there's gonna be an order to this."

"Yeah, we have a perfect system ready to go," Kaley chimed in. "So you go into the bedroom, let us go over it one more time, and one of us will be right there."

That just raised more questions....but the more time I spent asking them, the longer this thing would be delayed. So I got smart enough to keep quiet and go right up to Kaley's bedroom. After getting myself comfortable on her bed, and debating whether or not to start taking my clothes off now, I stayed fully clothed as my wait reached five minutes.

Maybe this was just a big prank. Maybe they were having fun with the birthday boy, and figured they'd get off scott free with summer break coming. That probably made more sense than offering themselves in a three way. They weren't that cruel at all, but maybe that was more logical than them being that horny for me.

I gave myself two more minutes before I would accept reality. It took one more minute to hear a knock on the door. "Can I come in?" I heard Melissa ask quietly.

"Um, of course, be my guest," I stammered, forgetting that I was her guest -- or that we were technically Kaley's guests. Then I forgot everything but my name when the door opened, and even that was a challenge to remember.

Melissa walked in and closed the door, with nothing but a sheer red nightie covering her. Well, it only covered some of her -- it didn't bother to cover her legs or the top half of her ample breasts. I froze on that part until she walked closer and got the rest of her into frame.

"So here's how this'll work. I'm gonna get you warmed up first. Then you're gonna warm up Kaley. Then I'll come back and we'll all see what happens next. How does that sound?" Melissa sounded out. My ears caught up about three seconds later.

"I think anything you say sounds good enough," I forced out.

"I'm very glad to hear that," Melissa breathed out seductively. Since her real voice was so different from her mousey one on TV, I knew it was talented, but not to that extent. Yet her mouth used other talents when her lips got back onto mine.

I followed along faster this time, bending down to compensate for my length, or at least Melissa's shortness. Yet her petite, perfect body fit just fine in my arms, with the fabric of her nightie doing wonders against my hands. But there were other parts that I knew would feel even better without it.

I laid Melissa down on the bed and settled on top of her, kissing her at a slow, gentle pace. In contrast, my hands quickly reached for the spaghetti straps on her shoulders. Melissa broke off, then brushed my hands off and slipped the straps down and off herself.

She sat up and I backed off, giving me room to see her halfway bare chest. I was on my knees while she laid back on the bed, as my hands tried to get ready to move forward. However, Melissa's right hand was faster as it reached the front of my jeans first.

She lowered my zipper and took my focus off her breasts, so she was obviously doing a good job. Her tiny hand reached in and found my straining erection with little trouble. As I watched her attempt to fish it out into the open, her left hand began lowering her nightie. By the time I noticed, my cock was free and Melissa's mouth watering tits were just about out too.

I let my hands loose to expose them completely before gently squeezing. Her D-cups fit just right in my hands -- like my cock fit into her hand just right. When she squeezed it and started rubbing, I fell back on top of her, with both of us still holding onto each other's genitals.

Soon enough, I was back on top of her while kissing and holding Melissa's tits, as she stroked me off at the same time. Melissa hummed softly, running her thumb over my tip while I kissed and teased her nipple. Next I pushed her breasts together and licked up and down her generous cleavage, which made Melissa slide her hand down to my balls in kind.

She palmed and jiggled me as I did the same to her chest. Despite the intense actions, Melissa had set us on a kind of languid pace, which was easier to savior than frantic groping. That didn't mean I wasn't straining to contain myself, considering Melissa's firm grip, the feel of her breasts pressing up into my face, and the way her gorgeous blue eyes egged me on.

Yet it was Melissa who made the next move, rolling me onto my back in spite of her height disadvantage. She quickly lifted my shirt up and off, leaving me little time to savor her breasts hovering over my face, before she pressed them against my chest and kissed downward.

She wasted little time before reaching my crotch and lowering my pants down. Then she wasted little time taking my shaft into her mouth, humming right away and making me arch forward. Before I actually fucked her mouth, Melissa pulled off and wrapped her lips underneath my head, sucking gently while her tongue glided over me slowly.

I tried to groan out some coherent words, but I only got halfway through a few fucks and yes. Otherwise, Melissa made me feel like my insides were turning to goo, to say nothing of other body parts. She swallowed me down insistently, but almost lovingly, leaving no part of my cock or balls untouched in some way.

Then of course, she had to top it by putting her tits in the mix. But first she thoroughly lathered up my balls and shaft to get them wet enough. Once her chest covered my cock, Melissa wasted no time gliding it up and down. And once my head peeked out, she alternated between light kisses and hard licks.

"Oh, fuck, that is it, I'm gonna...." I rambled.

"I know," Melissa sweetly shared. "We gotta get the first big load out of the way now. And we can't keep Kaley waiting much longer, can we?"

I almost very ironically said 'Screw Kaley' in my need for this to go on longer. Yet when Melissa kept her tits still and rapidly licked the underside of my peeked out head, I knew this couldn't go on much longer. Otherwise I might have an aneurysm and get this all cut short.

Needing to at least end this on my terms, I put my hands on Melissa's breasts and fucked them hard myself. With her hands free, I saw her put one between her legs, lifting the rest of her nightie up to reveal a distinct lack of underwear. Between the sight of her round, bare ass and her round, bare breasts fucking me, I was done pretending I could hold back.

I groaned louder as a warning, to which Melissa put her head down and got her lips around my head as it went off. She pulled off when I was mostly done, allowing the rest of my cum to land and sink onto her chest. Once I finally came down, she finally took herself off me and laid on the bed.

I narrowly caught my breath to see Melissa get up and cover herself again. "Wait, don't I need to return the favor?" I pointed out.

"There'll be time for that. I'll just get my first one out of the way when I hear you and Kaley," Melissa informed. "I'll tell her to give you a few minutes, okay?" she asked, pecking my lips and swaying out of the room before I answered her.

I froze up for the first minute, then remembered to pull the rest of my pants down in the next. I relieved the unfathomable turn of events with Melissa in the next minute -- then felt myself hardening again when I wondered what Kaley could do to top it.

"Well, that looks promising," I heard, inspiring me to lift my head up. The rest of me shot up when I saw what was there for me.

Like Melissa, Kaley had dressed herself up as well. In her case, her nightie was light, see through black with a generously low v-neck and short length. She played a Cheesecake factory waitress, yet now she looked every bit the part of a cheesecake pin up girl.

While Melissa had spoiled me with her tits, Kaley's stuck out to a full, ripe, melon shaped degree as well. I could make out every sleek curve of her waist, and when she turned to her side, it showed off her deliciously round ass perfectly. She then faced me as I sat up on the bed, then parted my legs to stand between them.

"Did Melissa tell you what's gonna happen? Or was her mouth otherwise occupied?" Kaley popped at the end.

"Um....maybe the second thing," I tried to remember.

"It's simple. You need something to do before you get hard again. And listening to you guys didn't get me all the way yet. So you're gonna fuck me with your mouth and fingers until I cum, and then you'll fuck me with your other tools."

"Well, that is simple," I complimented. She then made kissing me the next logical step.

Melissa's kisses and actions were slow and sexy, yet Kaley's were faster and more bluntly passionate, albeit no less sexy. After my lips and tongue caught up, I didn't know what to do with my hands, so I split the different. My left went onto her chest to feel the hidden and unhidden flesh there, while my right dove under her nightie and went over her front and back.

I broke from Kaley, who was almost towering over me as I sat on the bed. This meant that her cleavage was just about bent over in my face, so I promptly planted it there. My left hand pushed one breast up at a time as I nibbled her exposed flesh and the silky material below it. Yet before long, it joined my right hand as they both reached her center and started rubbing.

"Oh fuck, yes, sweetie," Kaley moaned. I wondered how much of her moaning would be from me, or from her putting on a show while Melissa heard us. Well at the least, I owed her some extra help.

I'd let Melissa control the last round, but it seemed like Kaley wanted me in charge this time. So I removed my hands from her pussy, lifted her nightie up and started to pull it over her, leaving us equally naked. In no time, I got up and laid Kaley on the bed, as I was now standing over her and her sexy naked body.

If I was going to start drooling over her, I figured my face should be closer. On that note, I went on my knees in front of the bed and put my head between her legs, picking up where my hands left off. They stroked the top of Kaley's smooth legs as my tongue buried itself into her, with my eyes looking up at her thrilled reaction.

"Yeah, fuck me....let me cover your face in cum this time," Kaley asked. I didn't bother to correct her that Melissa swallowed most of mine. Instead, my teeth went to her clit as my hands went to her hips and started exploring. She pushed herself up to grind on my face and give my hands room to grab her backside.

The feel of her peachy flesh, and the sight of her playing with her peachy chest, drove me to devour her faster. I pulled back and stuck my tongue out so Kaley could watch me coat her pussy. When I leaned back in, I opened wide and covered as much of her as I could, with my tongue licking and finally fucking her inside.

Kaley lifted her hips and fucked herself back against my tongue, then my mouth had to come off and my hands had to leave her ass. They returned to her pussy, with my thumbs and index fingers gently pulling her lips wider. I licked and pinched Kaley and heard her moans get louder and throatier -- though I almost heard other moans as well.

"Yes, eat me. It's what you wanted all along, right?" Kaley egged on. "You've had four years to think about how to make me cum....now make it happen. Take that hot load of cum from me....ooh, fuck, baby!"

I wasn't eating her any less vigorously, but she was much more louder. To fill the gap, I shoved my left index finger in the bottom of her pussy and tried to squeeze my right in as well. I then licked her from the side and triggered even harder moans -- with some pretty hard ones coming from behind the door as well, until they started to trail off.

With the knowledge that Melissa finally came, I had to make Kaley even the score. I removed my left finger from her and sucked the bottom of her pussy, moaning loudly into it the whole way through. The moans, tongue, teeth, lips and fingers all combined to try and push Kaley overboard, which felt effective so far.

"Yes! Yes, it's coming, your cum is coming! Take it, take me, fuck!" Kaley yelled as she let loose on my face as promised. I opened my mouth over her and caught as much as I could with my tongue, while some of it I just swallowed down my throat. When I swallowed the last of it, I patted her with the back of my tongue and then pulled back.

Kaley exhaled and closed her legs up once I got on my feet. I stood over her, taking in her post-orgasmic body and luscious body parts moving around. At least it didn't all seem like a big show for Melissa's ears. "Damn, if I knew you had that in you...." she added.

"Thanks," was all I had. But I shortly added, "Now that we've all had one, what now?"

"Now we work on the next one," Kaley answered. "Since I need a minute to get ready....and since you seem all set...."

Kaley ended that statement by putting her eyes on my newly erect cock. Before I could get back on the bed, she flipped herself on all fours and crawled over to me, then bent her head down. Instead of sucking my cock, she trailed her tongue up and down my shaft, attempting to get every inch of it wet. When she did, she bent down further to get every inch of my balls wet.

My eyes trailed up her naked ass and back, which was slightly less likely to drive me overboard. But I couldn't ignore it when Kaley closed her mouth around half my cock, getting it all wet again. After popping off, she looked up at me with her sultry green eyes as she went down my entire shaft.

Kaley took herself off me and then put herself on her back again. The invitation clear, I got back on the bed and put myself in while I was still wet and throbbing enough. By the time I was fully adjusted, Kaley had her hands on my lower back and I rested my right elbow next to her head.

My hand went into Kaley's golden blond hair, as my cock went in deeper and my chest brushed against her firm breasts. I bent down to take a tentative lick of her lips, which suckled down my tongue once I did it again. We kissed quickly but purposefully while Kaley's hands slid down to my ass.

"Ooh, that's a firm one you got there," Kaley credited. "I should have taken a bite out of it while I could."

"I suppose," I said with a little confusion. Still, her grip on my ass made me push in further, helping me to further lose myself in Kaley. My grip on her hair tightened as my lips went down to her neck -- and that was before I felt her slap my left ass cheek.

I groaned into her neck, but my next groan was of surprise as I felt a hand come onto each cheek. The new hand on my right didn't feel like Kaley's either.

I looked back and saw what I'd missed during all this -- Melissa sneaking back into the room, now completely naked. Kaley clenched around my cock before I took a good look at the rest of Melissa's body. Yet when I turned back to focus on Kaley, I missed Melissa sneak up and actually give my ass a nibble.

The surprise and the impact stunned me enough to drive all the way into Kaley -- which was probably part of the point. We both groaned for various reasons, then I felt Melissa lick the area she bit and give it a tiny pat.

Now that I was deep inside and had extra adrenaline, I started pumping steadily into Kaley. Soon enough, I could look away from her and see Melissa lying on her side next to us. She just leaned in to kiss me and briefly slid her tongue deep into my mouth, then pulled away before I could meet her in kind. However, her lips then went to my ear as I recovered to keep screwing Kaley.

"I heard the big show," Melissa whispered. "I'm glad you give as good as you get. If you did that before getting anything from her....what do you got for me?" she breathed before nibbling my lobe, causing me to go faster on Kaley.

"You'll find out....though I'm kind of busy now," I reminded.

"There are ways around that," Melissa whispered, then kissed the bottom of my ear and said out loud to Kaley, "Flip him."

Like Melissa did earlier, Kaley rolled me onto my back. This time, Melissa backed away as Kaley rose up and rode me from her new position. I could now enjoy her tits bouncing and her hips flexing while she put her hands on my chest -- but my view was shortly blocked.

Still, it was blocked by Melissa straddling my face and hovering her pussy above me, so it could be worse. Though I couldn't see Kaley, I felt and heard her riding me harder, while Melissa's full naked body was right up close and her pussy was mine for the taking.

If she wanted the show I gave Kaley, I would follow through. I held the front of Melissa's hips and dove my head right in, rubbing my lips side to side while bucking my hips into Kaley. Melissa grounded herself harder onto me and the tip of my tongue teased her in return.

Melissa showed she wanted more when she grasped the back of my head to push me deeper. I put more of my tongue into it, and for good measure, my hands went back to cup her ass. As the licking and suckling got deeper and louder, I looked up at Melissa and felt almost submissive. Maybe it also had to do with how Kaley was fucking me more than I was fucking her.

I got back into that with a few deep thrusts, forcing Kaley to stop and enjoy my work. As I concentrated on her more, I still threw in a few licks and gropes for Melissa. But I didn't do the groping alone, as I felt Kaley's hand reach over to help fondle her co-star's ass.

Kaley still had a hand on my chest to steady herself, yet her other hand and my two hands had her way with Melissa's ass as my mouth circled her pussy. She moaned softly and pushed herself against my face, then pushed back against our hands. This went on until her moans turned into full on teeth gritting.

"Okay, that's not enough," Melissa still argued. "You had more already, now it's my turn," she seemed to say to Kaley, but my head was too content between Melissa's legs to check -- though it'd probably be removed from there soon.

"Okay, fine, but be quick," I heard Kaley concede. Figuring I should concede myself, I laid my head down as Kaley and Melissa both got off me. After I adjusted to breathing regular air again, I looked over and saw Melissa near the edge of the bed, on all fours with her ass in my direction.

"Come on, your tongue set the bar, now jump over it," Melissa requested. The offer was certainly tempting.

I figured this would work better with me standing up. I had Melissa turn around so her ass was facing me as I went to the right side of the bed, then quickly inserted myself in her at last.

I went right back to holding her ass, only this time I could watch it jiggle and push back as I fucked against it. But when I peeked and saw the side of her tits swaying below her, I had to reach over and play with them again too. Ultimately, I multi tasked by pushing my right hand on her crotch and keeping my left on her chest.

"That better?" I asked, influencing her decision with a hard pump.

"Oh, you fucking bet it is," Melissa shot back. I smirked and Melissa looked back to catch it in time. I assumed that was why she kept gazing at me as I stepped up my work.

I was so low in the various feelings and sights, I once again lost track of the outside world. In this case, Kaley. However, I was reminded of her existence when I felt her hand in back of me. I stopped in surprise and turned to see Kaley on her knees behind me -- with her hand going down my ass to my balls.

"Don't stop on my account. Don't you dare," Kaley insisted. I did a practice thrust and Kaley's hand stayed on my balls. I decided to shrug it off, keep going and try to stay on my feet -- but both of those goals almost crashed when I felt a tongue on my balls next.

I couldn't move anything except for my head, which was rewarded with the stunning sight of Kaley's face below my ass and tonguing my balls. The only thing that broke my concentration was when Melissa pushed her ass back. It was now clear I was caught in a sandwich between Melissa's gyrating ass and Kaley's hot mouth.

"Okay, okay, okay, okay!" I desperately called out when it was too much. "I'm not done yet, all right?" I let them know. When Melisa removed her ass and Kaley removed her mouth, it was hard to think of something other than my disappointment. Before long, I had something somewhat good.

"Melissa, get on your back. Kaley, get on your stomach next to her. Please," I added for safety's sake.

"Okay. I guess it's not midnight yet," Kaley said offhand. I stood back as Melissa laid down and Kaley laid on the bed next to her while on her stomach. Now her scrumptious ass was exposed and open while Melissa's front was exposed and waiting.

I knew Melissa wanted more than my mouth, but I hoped my left fingers would do. I inserted them into her right after I dropped to my knees behind Kaley. For her, I provided my right fingers and my tongue as I ate her out below her ass.

"Mmm, that makes sense," Kaley credited, before I put my fingers deeper into both ladies.

"Oh, it's getting there," Melissa admitted. While I couldn't add my tongue like I could with Kaley, I tried to go deeper into Melissa to make up for it. Yet I went back and forth thrusting into both of them as my tongue lapped the rest of Kaley up.

I thought that turnabout would be fair play when I looked up at Kaley's ass, although Melissa was the one who bit mine. Then again, with Kaley's magnetic ass in this position, it wasn't wise to quibble. So I took a brief nibble and lick on each full cheek instead.

"Mmm hmm. Boob man, my ass," Kaley commented.

"He liked them from my angle a while back," Melissa snarked, even as my fingers curled inside her.

"I can like more than one thing. And fuck them," I chimed in. "I can prove it more if Kaley would get on her back."

I pulled out of both women as Kaley turned over and lay on her back next to Melissa. Once she was settled, I walked back over and put my cock right into her, while putting my left fingers back into Melissa too. I wound up fucking Kaley harder, yet my fingers still wiggled when I could and Melissa helped by pushing back.

"That's it, sweetie, fuck us," Kaley cooed. As she tightened around me, I had to remember I couldn't end it fucking them like this.

"I gotta get back to Melissa. I'll try to be right back, okay?" I made myself tell Kaley. In response, she arched her hips and bucked into me a few more times, then slowly started to pull away. I exhaled deeply and pulled out the rest of the way.

"Be back soon," Kaley hoped, then drifted her fingers towards her legs. However, I put my right fingers on her first as I walked over and put my cock into Melissa. Before long, I was fucking them both like before, only with the jobs reversed.

"You want me to cum quickly so you can get back to her?" Melissa gasped.

"Not just for that," I assured.

"Either way, I think I got this," Melissa promised. To back it up, she put her left hand on herself and played with it next to my cock. Her right hand went onto her right tit and tweaked her nipple, so I had no choice but to do the same with her left.

Our hips slammed together as we each held one of her tits and she rubbed herself furiously. I could barely remember to finger Kaley next to me, yet I felt her bucking against me and rubbing herself anyway. When I could look over at her, she seemed to be enjoying the show.

When I looked back and saw Melissa panting and working herself, I had to enjoy it too. But I couldn't enjoy it too much.

I tried to slow my cock down, figuring her fingers, hips and our hands would help fill the gap. As she gyrated and pumped away while we rubbed her tits together, I thought it just might work. "Yes, yes, fuck, I'm close," Melissa gave me another promising hint.

Taking a deep breath, I slowly started to pull out -- then slammed back in and fucked as hard and fast as I could without cumming. Between that and the tit jiggling and pinching, Melissa wasn't able to hold back as well.

"Fuck! I'm cumming all over...." Melissa started, then let out a Bernadette like squeak as she started cumming. I froze in place and made sure I couldn't move, staring at her stomach instead of her tits or pussy. I heard Melissa's moans get deeper and felt her releasing on me, yet I still avoided my own release.

After a few more seconds, I looked back up at Melissa as she got her senses back. She smiled blissfully and slowly pulled her hips away from me, freeing my wet cock. I smiled back as I felt safe to look up and down her sexy, satisfied body -- then noticed the other one nearby again.

Just as I realized I'd stopped pumping Kaley, she got up and removed my useless fingers from her. Yet her solution to chide me was to bend down and suck Melissa's juices off my cock.

"Fucking hell, yes," I got lost in the moment, then remembered, "Wait, if you want me to fuck you, then...."

Kaley got the message, but not before a final bob down my shaft and a slow pop off. "Just keep your hips still, honey," she told me, so I kept still even when she spun me around and straddled me on the bed.

In no time, she lowered herself on me and started riding, then leaned down and put her right hand on the mattress while the left went to her crotch. She worked on herself twice over, but I only saw her tits hovering over my face. She did tell me I couldn't move my hips -- for good reason -- yet other parts might be okay.

I shot my head up and seized her left nipple with my mouth, putting my left hand on the bottom of her breast. My right soon kept her other breast company, yet my mouth did much of the work in nibbling a nipple at a time, hoping it got her off faster.

"Come on, make me cum and then we'll make you cum harder," Kaley vowed. That both helped and hurt my goal to contain myself. However, I could do nothing but keep suckling and biting her sweet chest, as Kaley did the rest of the work.

Yet Melissa crawled over and reached out for her co-star's crotch as well, helping to rub her off. Inspired, I took my left hand from Kaley's breast and added a third set of fingers over her pussy, while my right reached out and found room to grab her ass. But my mouth stayed right on her perky right breast, moaning on her nipple as my tongue batted it around.

"Fuck, you fucking guys! Give it to me, get it outta me...." Kaley gritted her teeth. Like with Melissa, I gambled and slammed my cock up into Kaley for a late final blow. At the least, it sounded and felt like it paid off for Kaley, but I would be far iffier.

I removed my mouth from her chest and closed my eyes, trying to shut out the feel of Kaley cumming over me. Her screams were harder to block out, and so were their fingers alongside mine on her pussy. I did hear Melissa say, "Come on" and then felt Kaley lifting herself off me a moment later.

"Okay, we need a minute," I said out loud. No one said anything back or touched me either. My cock was still throbbing and had even more juices on it, yet it steadily became bearable. I opened my eyes and stared up at the wall, but that wasn't a real option once I felt a pair of lips on my cheek again.

I turned and saw Melissa lying on my left after kissing me, then felt what were obviously Kaley's lips on my right side. After turning to see her, she gently held my chin and put her lips on mine, kissing me as slowly as Melissa did back at the beginning. In the meantime, Melissa kissed my neck for extra support.

The two snuggled up and put their faces next to each other in front of me. This made it easier to quickly go back and forth between kissing them. My arms went around them and our tongues started touching each other all over, with both of them dipping theirs into my mouth for a brief second. In kind, my hands cupped each of their lovely chests in return.

I settled on making out slowly with Melissa, though it got deeper as Kaley kissed down my neck to my chest. She landed on my right nipple as Melissa broke off and headed down to my left one. They gave each of my pecs an oral treatment, with each adding a seductive glare as well.

My gaze settled on Melissa, giving Kaley the chance to slide further down while I wasn't looking. By the time I focused on her, Kaley sunk her lips just below my cock head. Melissa then came down and went even lower, putting her mouth on my balls and licking in between them.

I exhaled hard as Kaley sunk further down my shaft, licking slowly along the way. Melissa came off my balls and settled for suckling one at a time. Once Kaley got down all the way, she popped off and quickly suckled on my right ball, while Melissa worked on my left. However, she freed it and went up to take over cock sucking duties.

"Oh fuck, this is the best...." I couldn't finish, since it was pretty obvious where this birthday ranked. Especially when both Kaley and Melissa put a hand on my shaft, leaving the tip peeking out for them to lick up at the same time. They took turns dipping their tongues into my slit, then took their hands off and just licked my underside simultaneously.

"We were already gonna miss you this summer. Now...." Kaley didn't finish. I wasn't sure if I wanted her too -- whether due to emotions, awkwardness, sadness or not wanting her to stop sucking.

In any case, Kaley didn't stop sucking for long. For that matter, after getting my cock halfway in her mouth, she hummed the first lyric of the Happy Birthday song on my shaft. That was really all I needed right now.

Melissa's work on my balls made it that much harder to hold off until the end of the song -- especially when she hummed the second lyric on my sack. But I put my hands on both of their heads, waiting for the big finish.

The two came off me and licked each side of my cock, putting their lips on each side of my head. At that point, they both hummed the third lyric while sliding their tongues across me. They were almost close enough to kiss, and in my madness, I could almost swear they did once their lips left me.

But in rapid order, Kaley's mouth came back on my shaft while Melissa sucked my balls back up. Kaley gave me a hard lick before Melissa added a hard suck, then I felt them humming the final verse.

I also saw Kaley sink lower and lower, and by the time they got to the end of the song, she had all of me down my throat. In fact, they kept humming as they licked and sucked harder, almost daring me to cum with their eyes.

It was long past time for me to accept that dare.

It would have been all too ironic if I shot off right at midnight, to mark the end of my birthday and my present. It would have been extra ironic if it came after midnight, when I wasn't a birthday boy anymore.

In truth, I probably came well before midnight, but I didn't have the interest to check. With my exhaustion, the prospect of staying in bed with Kaley and Melissa -- and the need to savor this before we all went our separate ways for some time, perhaps never to reunite in this bed again -- I had better things to do.

And it was the last time for several months that I went to sleep without masturbating to this night. So it was notable in that way too.
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Re: Big Bang Birthday (Kaley Cuoco, Melissa Rauch)
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Great stuff, really enjoyed this one.


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