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My New Woman (Jennifer Lawrence)
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Originally published May 2014

September 2013

I am a relatively odd person by today's standards. The fact I've only had sex with one woman, got married and had a baby right before I was 21 would have made me a poster child in the 1950's. Of course, this is a poster child that lost his wife in a car crash 19 years later.

Now it's been two years since she was gone, and my son just went back on the road to college. With nothing to do and with no one to talk to, I got the impulse to buy the earliest train tickets to New York the next morning.

Going there was a favorite pastime for me and my son, especially after my wife....left. But we couldn't afford a full vacation there this summer. However, just a day out to go through Times Square, have a night on the town and then come back home would do me good. At least that's what I told myself as I sank my money into this impulse buy.

I got to New York early the next afternoon, soon finding myself among the masses at Times Square. With no hotel to stay at, and no sports game or Broadway show for later like in my usual trips here, I soon realize I should have set a schedule. Otherwise I'd be wandering around like an idiot all day long.

So I wandered until I thought of something better to do. I looked around at the buildings, theaters and giant billboards, until I looked at the people nearby. One of them catches my eye.

It almost looked like....someone who'd caught the eyes of millions. Including mine already. But it couldn't be. I couldn't be that bored to imagine this, and it was too late in the summer for heat stroke....

I ran up to the figure, got a closer look and realized I'm not imagining things. I did wish I'd imagined myself gasping loud enough for her to hear me, though. Or that I imagined myself covering my mouth right as she turned to see me.

Like I said, I'm an odd duck. Perhaps it would be normal for a 21-year-old, boy or girl, to have that kind of reaction in front of Jennifer Lawrence. For a 41-year-old man, doing it....bordered on the creepy at best. But that's where I found myself.

"I'm sorry," I apologized, figuring I was bringing unwanted attention on her. "I'll get out of your way before they notice."

"No, no, it's...it's cool," Jennifer actually laughed off. "I would have worn the usual hat and sunglasses if I was hiding, right?"

Indeed, she wasn't covering up her face or trying to be anonymous. If anything, her blue pants and blue tank top were even more attention grabbing. "But you're the one who found me out and spoke up about it."

"Yeah. Not who you expected, huh?" I mentioned. "And that's before you knew I watched and loved The Hunger Games with my son, can't wait for Catching Fire and live in Philadelphia. Silver Linings Playbook, Eagles country and all."

"Well....I know now," Jennifer still looked amused. "And that's before you knew I'm hanging out here before I start filming Mockingjay tomorrow. Weird world."

"Weird world," I agreed wholeheartedly.

Jennifer still had long blond hair, so she wasn't in her darker Katniss locks just yet or in her Silver Linings Playbook hairstyle. But I was probably weird enough without pointing that out. Let alone pointing out that my son and I shared not only Hunger Games fandom, but....the same kind of crush on its star.

I may have been with only one woman in my life, but I wasn't dead. Not in my fantasies, anyway. And Times Square wasn't the ideal place for those fantasies now.

"Well, might as well get proof of it," I commented, getting out my phone before I caught myself. "I mean, if I haven't bugged you enough."

"I got way too much time on my hands before I go end a blockbuster trilogy. I'll kill it any way I can get," Jennifer joked. Taking that as a go ahead, I got the phone ready and lifted it up in front of us, hoping I got us both in frame.

"Hey, didn't you say you had a son? Maybe he could make this easier on you," she offered.

"He would if he could," I said he really would kill for this kind of chance. "But he's in college."

"Ah," Jennifer noted, then looked down at my hand. "Is your wife a college gal too?" I was confused until I remembered my wedding ring was still on. One of the few times I had forgotten about it, really.

"She might be if she could," I sighed. "If they have college in heaven, maybe."

"Oh, then....oh," Jennifer quieted down. "Well, I'm world famous for putting my foot in my mouth. But that was a two-footer." She stammered again and corrected, "Sorry, I'm not trying to make jokes about this!"

"That's fine, I know. You didn't accuse me of lying to get in your pants. So it could have been worse," I found myself saying. Usually reminders like this would have gotten me more upset. At least too upset to make jokes right back.

"I guess I was saving that one," Jennifer replied. "Okay, well....I do owe you a picture anyway." So we got back into position and I snapped it, and she stuck around to see it came out just fine.

"Sorry again," Jennifer repeated. "I know I have no filter."

"There are worse things not to have," I answered. "They get a little easier over time. Other times they make you need a little vacation. And look how it ends up."

"With someone who needed a vacation before leading a fake revolution. Go figure," Jennifer said.

"So the revolution starts in Part 1?" I asked. "Or in Catching Fire? I haven't read the books yet, so...."

At that point it was getting weird, and inconspicuous, to just stand around in Times Square with Jennifer Lawrence this long. So we went on to do walking and talking, as Jennifer got more proof that a 41-year-old widower with a college-aged son could love a Young Adult movie. I wasn't as rare and odd as someone like that who loved Twilight, but it got Jennifer's attention.

So did the added stuff about me being a Philadelphian and a sports nut not to the extent of the Silver Linings Playbook characters, however.

Otherwise, Jennifer was the real chatterbox, as befitting her reputation. She even blabbed that at the rate she was changing and dying her hair for the Hunger Games, she'd have to chop it off. To my credit, it was one of the many things I kept quiet about a few months later when she did.

For this moment, the blond, long haired Jennifer still allowed me to be her sounding board, as we walked out of Times Square and back again. Although this was our only day in New York before we had to return to reality some more profitable than others we had no problem killing it with each other. At least I knew I didn't.

If only my son could.....well, he should at least have the proof I did.

As we returned to Times Square, I got out my phone to send my picture with Jennifer to my son. When I did, I realized I'd have to hurry, since the battery was almost dead. Leaving it on all day and not charging it since yesterday had taken its toll.

I hurried and sent the photo to my son's phone, but that only solved one problem. When he got it, he'd obviously have a lot of questions and unless he called in the next two minutes, he'd have no way to reach me. I didn't bring a charger or any essentials with me, since I wasn't staying overnight, and I doubted he could hold out until I got back home tomorrow.

Then Jennifer offered a way around that pointing out her hotel wasn't too far away. I could call from her room and hope he actually answered a strange number.

That kind of idea was risky. Maybe in more ways than one. But there was no sense refusing her. She was 18 years younger than me, yet I knew it wasn't wise to refuse her. Now I knew what a director or studio exec felt like.

But all I was doing was going to her hotel room, not putting her in a $100 million epic or Oscar bait. That's all I was doing. It didn't mean my son wouldn't kill me if he answered her phone.

When we got to her hotel and her room, I tried dialing my son's cell number on her room phone, and he did pick up on the second try. He didn't kill me, but he asked more about me being in New York than me being with Jennifer Lawrence. Then he asked about why I didn't bring him, why I went to New York alone this time, and why we didn't go for a day while he was back home.

I didn't want to get emotional in front of Jennifer, let alone on a phone with my son. But something did finally come out of me.

"It was too much, okay?" I asked. "It's been two years. It's not getting easier....I needed to forget that for a while. I needed to deal with it alone, somewhere else, for a day, all right?" Of course, I wasn't exactly alone now.

Jennifer reminded me when she tapped me on the shoulder. "Mind if I explain it to him?" she requested. I was stunned at such a question, which gave her time to take the phone anyway.

"Hello?" she asked as I got my bearings straight. "Yes, this is she," she went on. After a while, she added, "No, I don't think anyone has nailed an impression of me yet. This is the real Jennifer Lawrence, all right. Real enough to run into your dad, anyway."

I only saw and heard one side of the conversation they were having. It was enough to tell me my son was asking how I was, why I was calling from her room, how we were spending the day together, what I was doing in New York, and why she was helping me. The answers she gave were very flattering.

For her part, she made sure my personal story was on the level, asked about our shared Hunger Games fandom, and confirmed he really was dying with envy right now. Since Jennifer was still talking and laughing, I assumed he wasn't being creepy about it.

At least not as much as I might have been looking at her. And thinking about her. And being amazed by her. That's a combination I really only hit with....

"All right, I'll keep taking good care of him," Jennifer interrupted my revealing thoughts. "Good luck with the book learning and everything else. Be strong for your dad and I know he'll be strong for you." She gave me back the phone and said, "You can prove me right at any time."

I exhaled and could do little else but talk to my son again. "Jesus, Dad...." I heard him exhale back.

"How do you think I feel?" I laughed off.

"You can tell me either way. No matter what. Okay?" he told me seriously. "You tell me everything else about her when you get back. Okay?" he said even more seriously.

"You too," I said, not wanting to take up more time. "I'll call you as soon as I'm home."

"Okay. You lucky son of a...." he trailed off before we said more official good byes. When he hung up, I went to the nearest chair and sat down, amazed anew at my day.

"You need a drink? Not too much, though," Jennifer offered. "You know how dangerous drinking and walking is in New York." I nodded and accepted anyway.

I went to the couch and soon took my drink, while Jennifer had one of her own. When I had enough liquid courage, I said, "Thank you for all that. I hope we didn't make it a bigger problem."

"None of you did. He's a heck of a kid. For being two years younger than me," Jennifer reminded. "But for being 18 years older than me, you're not so bad either."

The math sounded more troubling when she said it....and perhaps a little something else when she didn't seem bothered. "You are quite the character. David would love to pick the brain of a guy like you," she name dropped David O. Russell.

"After Silver Linings and that American Hustle trailer, I'd love to pick his brain too," I mentioned. "The things he comes up with for you....it's a wonder fathers and sons crush on you!"

Although she probably guessed that about us by now, it was something else to say it out loud. Especially in this setting.

"I can get widowed 40-year-olds, from Philly, who've only been with one woman....to share young adult movies and crushes with their sons," Jennifer summed up. "I knew I had power, but Jesus...."

"At least you do good things with that power," I tried to salvage.

"I'm glad you see that," she praised. She then used her power to lean in towards me. I turned my head, in time for her lips to catch mine.

She broke off after a second, which was still slower than I'd have expected. If I was thinking straight. She was the one who didn't look fazed about kissing an older man. I supposed she was fearless like that.

"Was that your first kiss with someone other than your wife?" she wondered.

"No," I answered. "I've had kisses and dates with other women. Before and after. Just not....a bunch of other things."

I looked over at her, gazing down at her top and I could have sworn it was heaving. Not just her perfect breasts, her whole chest. And....if I was seeing through what I thought I was at the center of those covered breasts....

"So you've done this after?" Jennifer asked, before leaning in again. This time I was ready for her lips.

"A couple times," I said after she broke.

"And this?" Jennifer asked, before kissing me again and sliding the tip of her tongue into my mouth. I met it with mine for a few seconds, until I had to breathe and give my answer.

"Just once or twice," I replied.

"Does that go for this?" she went on, taking my right hand. When I realized where she was taking it, I started holding my breath then it was fully taken away when I felt her chest.

This was borderline insane, if not other more damning things. Feeling up a 23-year-old, feeling up any woman, feeling up Jennifer Lawrence.....her wanting to be felt up by me....the feeling of feeling her up.....wow, the dirty thoughts I had in movie theaters didn't do it justice.

Before I knew it, I answered her question by reaching for her top and pulling it off, revealing her bare upper body and all its luscious curves on her waist and on her tits.

"God, you're so gorgeous," I said at the sight of it this time out loud and right to her, instead of in my mind during her movies.

It didn't answer her question, but she started getting my shirt off anyway. When it was off, I feared the sight of my older body would be more underwhelming for her. Yet she pressed her body against mine and resumed kissing me anyway.

Between kissing Jennifer Lawrence, kissing someone like this other than my wife, and not having to feel her absence for once, I gave up my control. But as her hand trailed to my pants, I realized I still needed some of it.

"What about this?" Jennifer asked, palming my bulge as she kissed my chest. "No one's done that to you?"

"Only....two people in 20 years," I confirmed. "You're looking at one of them."

"Oh," Jennifer took in. "So you've got a lot built up, don't you? I guess first things first, then."

The first thing involved Jennifer going for my zipper. The next involved me steeling myself and hoping I didn't go off immediately. With my experience, I should have had more control on paper and it's not like I had two full years worth of cum backed up, thanks to my own efforts.

Since no one else had made an effort in over two years, though and since the hottest young star in the country was breaking the streak one couldn't be too careful.

Jennifer nearly made that pointless once she pulled my cock out, though.

She stroked me off, going back and forth between watching my cock and my reactions. She looked amused and horny over both and the thought of me having that effect on her didn't help me. Yet that was a Godsend compared to when she dropped her head into my lap.

Jennifer laid on her stomach besides me, leaning on her right elbow while her left hand held my cock. I looked down at her flowing hair, her smooth looking naked back and the outline of her succulent looking ass in her jeans. If that wasn't enough, her tongue then made contact with my head.

It circled around my head, licked up what it was already leaking, then went down my shaft. Before long, her mouth followed. When it started suckling as her tongue licked down, I almost forced her head down deeper. As it stood, my hand laid into her hair while her head started bobbling.

After several moments of this pattern, Jennifer merely sucked and licked my head, humming before popping off. Instead of going back, she got up and sat upright, leaving me hanging for dear life. Finally, she took mercy and pumped me again, going fast as she leaned in and kissed me slow.

The contrast of her soft, fast hand and soft, slow lips caught my breath while making me reach up for her soft, full breasts. Once I got a good grip on them, Jennifer broke off, slid her thumb over me, and waited for me to give out.

When I did, two years of overdue cum didn't come out. But it felt like it.

I forgot to get my hands out of the way, so a strand or two landed there for starters. I moved them aside and let the rest of it go on Jennifer, although I could barely see where. I did feel her mouth back on me before the end, though, as she sucked the rest of it down.

Once I was done and able to catch my breath. I saw parts of Jennifer's face, lips, chest and stomach painted with my cum. Not to mention the back of my own hands. "Oh dear God...." I gasped in more ways than one.

"It's okay, I got it. You're still the guest," Jennifer commented, getting up to find some paper towels. I stayed seated in place, until Jennifer came back with a towel roll and a glass of water she drank down, rinsing her mouth off. Eventually, she started wiping herself clean and myself as well.

I was her guest. That may have been simple for her. But not for me. I was....and she was....fuck, what did I do?

What was I going to do?

After a glance down at her naked, jiggling chest, and after Jennifer kissed the back of my hand when she was done, I had a good one word answer. Everything.

If anyone needed this relief, it was me. And if this woman, of all women, wanted to help me fame, age and everything else aside I did need to properly thank her. The ways I could....well, it wasn't as if I hadn't thought them out before.

"That was first things first. What about second things?" I snapped into action, standing on my feet. Jennifer stood up in front of me, but I gave her no time to answer.

Once she started kissing back, my hands rested on her waist and didn't stay still. They roamed over the top half of her magnificent body, then went down to her lower half. I practically moaned, "Oh yeah," into her mouth as I felt her ass, which made her respond by grinding up against my spent, hanging out cock.

Maybe I'd have the recovery of a 23-year-old after all. Getting rid of our last remaining clothes would have to help.

So I found the bedroom door, went over and started getting out of my pants in the meantime. By the time I dropped them down to the floor, Jennifer got to the door, opened it and started getting her own jeans off.

She bent down as she lowered them, showing me the heart and cock-racing sight of her round behind, bent over in black panties. After stepping out of her pants, she walked over to her bed and laid on her back. Soon enough, I stood over her nearly naked hourglass figure, before putting my nearly naked body on top of it.

After sharing more heated kisses, I dropped my mouth down to her neck and glided over it. A few licks and nibbles really drove home that....I'd never tasted another woman quite like this in a long time. The different texture and context was jarring for a while but the more I tasted, the more I got used to it.

I was addicted by the time I started tasting her breasts, cupping and rubbing them as best I could too. My thumbs rubbed the underside as my tongue went back and forth on each nipple, bringing them to their peaks and gliding my lips over them.

"Mmmm....I guess you're not rusty," Jennifer mentioned as she groaned.

"It's been two years. But I still have my fantasies," I said over her left breast. "And there's some tricks I haven't forgotten."

It may not have been feasible, or productive, to use the sexual tricks on Jennifer that I used with my wife. Even if they worked the same, I didn't have to use them. I had a whole new canvas to uncover anyway.

I uncovered that Jennifer liked it when I held her waist and kissed down her stomach. She really liked when I licked her skin, blew on it and then quickly kissed it. "Yeah...do it just a little lower. Right on my pussy," she called out, telling me her lack of a filter applied here too.

Maybe I didn't need one either. "You really want it there?" I warmed up.

"Yeah....I got a lot of build up too. I wanna give you exactly what you gave me. All over your face," Jennifer revealed. "Fill me up and clean me out before you really fill me up," she growled.

With that, I slid her panties down and started to fill her up, starting with my tongue. A few light dabs and heavy licks balanced it out, while my hands held onto her full hips and her long legs rested on my shoulders.

"I like the view as much as you do," Jennifer said.

"I find that hard to believe," I replied, before my mouth went back on her.

"Oh, I do," I heard her moan. "Can't believe a guy like you is doing this....fuck, that's hot...."

She could mean I was hot, or what I was doing was hot, or doing it with an older fan was hot, or doing it with an older man period was hot. Or being the second woman I've had sex with, and first one after my wife, was hot. It could be anything but there was too many possibilities to focus on now.

Especially with Jennifer's wet pussy and other perfect parts to focus on. "You're telling me about hot," I groaned, suckling on her lower lips.

"Yes! Fuck, tell me," Jennifer demanded.

"I can show you just as well," I promised, wiggling my finger and tongue on her at the same time.

"Fucking....that works too," Jennifer admitted.

I kept up with what worked, being as vocal as I could with my moans and words. Jennifer responded in kind, her mouth running in some shape or form. That was just her personality, I supposed, whereas I supposed I had more pent up things running loose now.

One of them told her to, "Get on your hands and knees."

"All right....let's see where this is going," Jennifer agreed, getting into positions.

I sat up on my knees on the bed, whereas Jennifer was turned away from me on hands and knees. Her ass and pussy were right within range, making me all but lick my lips which were still tinged with her, ironic enough.

"Mmm, that looks so good," I credited, bending down and swiping her pussy with my tongue while holding her ass. I massaged and jiggled it as my tongue massaged Jennifer's lips, finally entering as my fingers grasped her peachy flesh.

I shook my head and lips up, down and side to side, burrowing myself against Jennifer. She arched her hips back to meet me, groaning, "Oh, shit, you're getting there....you are an ass man...."

"In some ways," I said right against her pussy. Once the vibration went through her, I took my hands off her cheeks and lightly started kissing them both. My hands reached their way over Jennifer's dangling tits in the meantime. "In other ways...."

I grabbed Jennifer's nipples as I finished kissing and blowing on her behind, then resumed devouring her pussy. My tongue's strokes were tied to me stroking her nipples, although Jennifer barely stayed still in the process.

"Fuck, you're gonna make me do it. You're gonna make me cum," Jennifer predicted. "Go on, make me cum all over your face...."

"I wanna feel cum on my face again," I admitted. "I want to feel your cum...."

"You've wanted it for a while, huh? You and your whole family," Jennifer egged on. "But it's just you I'm gonna cum for...."

"Oh yeah, just me. Just me working on this sweet pussy, juicy ass, perfect tits...." I mumbled, eating into her with one more big flourish. As she pushed back and felt ready to go, I praised, "Oh, that's my girl...."

"Oh, your girl's gonna cum for you, yeah...." Jennifer trailed off when I gave her breasts a last pinch, then licked her deeper before pulling back and letting my fingers finish her off.

When she started cumming, I put my face back on her and let her go off, unleashing on my mouth and finger. I licked up what I could, but I wanted to leave some on me. After she finished, I exhaled, sat back up and went completely off her, lying down on the edge of the bed.

Jennifer got off all fours and laid beside me, looking at what she left behind on my lips. I licked my top lips, but Jennifer licked the bottom one, and we met in the middle. She ultimately laid her head on my shoulder, with my hand resting on the curve of her waist.

"That escalated quickly," Jennifer muttered. "I don't know if you or me should take the credit."

"I guess we both like it that....vocal," I figured. "Usually...." I almost said that I'd usually have to keep it quiet with my wife, since our son stayed in the house most of the day. That really wasn't wise to say out loud now, for many reasons.

"I'm not one to keep my mouth shut. I'll have to with this, but it'll be different in my head," Jennifer said.

"A lot of things are probably different in your head," I jibbed.

"Makes sense. I'm the kind of gal who can get any fan, and here's one like....you," Jennifer recapped. "And you get someone like me for a....really big milestone. We're both something, all right." She paused and said, "I hope you think you're a lifetime two-for-two in the lady department."

"Oh, you're not the one who needs to be insecure," I reminded.

"Well, now I don't have to say it back, then," Jennifer came back.

"So....this is a good cup of tea for you," I gestured to myself. Jennifer responded by kissing me down my neck.

"If I date my age in 17 years, this tells me I should have a lot more....tea ahead of me," Jennifer said, kissing down to my chest. "And now that you got the bar reset for....tea again....you should have something to look forward to too."

"I like to think I do. Most of the time," I admitted. Putting off another painful/hopeful reflection, I concluded, "But for the here and now...."

I got Jennifer to roll over for a bit, while I sat myself up. I patted my lap for her to sit on, yet she dropped her head down to suck me off again instead. She popped off and licked my head, then rubbed it against her nipples and breasts. Unfortunately, she wasn't in an ideal position for full on tit-fucking.

Before I could fix that, Jennifer went back down on me, lathering my shaft and even dipping down to my balls. When my cock was wet enough, she finally got herself to sit up. As she settled into my lap, I thought fast and put my left index finger into her before my cock wanting her to get a warm-up act too.

"Okay, we're even, then," Jennifer ruled. "Now fuck me, old man...." I chose to keep seeing that as hot, letting her wet genitals sink onto mine.

I was inside Jennifer Lawrence. I was inside another woman. My celebrity crush was mounting me. The biggest new Oscar winning actress in Hollywood had me inside of her. No matter how many ways I said it....

Well, there was only one way to do it now.

My hands went back on her hips, with the rest of her gorgeous figure right on full display. Her breasts bounced, her waist and hips wiggled, her legs wrapped around me and her face gazed at me with a kind of....playful, sexy horniness. If I could coin that in the middle of fucking her.

What I could do while fucking her was bury my face in her chest, hold her ass and buck myself up into her. I lightly bit down on her nipple as our hips collided faster and Jennifer held onto me. When I moved onto her right nipple, my left hand left her ass and went between our legs.

As I rubbed her and Jennifer tightened around me, I wondered if making me cum so soon before really made a difference. It should have made me last longer this next time, after getting the first orgasm of its kind in so long out of the way. But at this rate....

"Slow down, slow down," I let escape. Getting my head back on straight, I thought ahead and added, "Lie down."

Just in case, I bent down and helped lie Jennifer on her back, with her legs still wrapped around me. I sat back up, however, telling her, "Take a breather for a while."

Although keeping myself under control would still be hard, it might be easier this way. And at least one of us could relax. Jennifer eventually sat back as I fucked her slower, helping me to cool down. It didn't mean I'd let her cool down too much, though.

My left hand returned to her pussy, stroking it with my finger. My right hand went up her stomach and held her breast, with my thumb stroking underneath the plump surface. "Look at you....feel you," I reflected anew.

"Ooh....I'm gonna be feeling this tomorrow on my flight," Jennifer reflected. "Might even wanna....go to the bathroom and feel it myself. If I can wait that long...." Now she was just fucking with me. Either way, I set out to up the ante for her.

I put both my hands back on her pussy, stroking it as I fucked her faster. She'd only be able to use the hands by herself on any plane. I then reached back up to her tits while fucking her all too slowly again, she couldn't do all of the above on her own.

But I didn't want to tire myself out proving it. So I laid myself down on top of her, keeping my left hand between her legs and propping myself to lean on my right elbow. My hips gently rocked into Jennifer while my upper body tried to rub against hers, and my right hand rested on her head. As for my face, I soon rested it on her neck.

"You settling in?" Jennifer asked while I kissed her neck. "All nice and cozy?' I then felt her hands go down my back and settle on my ass. "You don't feel too tense. Feels pretty good, all things considered."

"Is that right?" I said out loud. Before Jennifer responded, I delivered another series of fast, pounding thrusts, before stopping just as quickly.

"Oh yeah, that too...." Jennifer agreed.

"Just sit back and relax...." I offered, slowing down again. Taking the full workload on while Jennifer....took it in. Letting her lie back and let the pleasure I was hopefully giving her wash over. Letting my mouth and finger take over for a time. Bringing her close to the edge while I stayed off a little while longer.

But Jennifer wasn't someone to just lie back and take something. She reminded me by pushing me to my side, then getting me right on my back.

"Now take your own advice," she told me, before starting to ride me again. She laid on top, pumping me with her pussy and holding onto my head and chest, while her mouth worked on my neck.

Yet just as Jennifer couldn't completely stay still, I had to keep busy too. I did so by resting my hands on her waist, once again feeling her perfect curves and brushing the sides of her ample breasts. And like she did, I landed on the ass with hers far more taut and full than mine as my final destination.

But I brushed my fingers on the hole underneath, so I wasn't completely copying her.

I moaned as Jennifer rocked her body on top of mine, teased my neck with her lips and tongue, and clenched and rode my cock harder. Seeing the end was coming in a hurry, I tried to help Jennifer do the same by pushing my hips up, while pushing her hips down as well.

Our hips soon collided harder on their own, so my hands moved on to other tasks. My left went back onto the front of Jennifer's pussy, while my right tried to reach it from behind. As for Jennifer's hands, they leaned onto my chest as she started sitting up, her tits swaying over my face.

Reaching my head up to suckle them, while I fucked and fingered her, wasn't the easiest task. I had to lay my head back down before long, leaving me to just finger and fuck her. Jennifer didn't seem to mind much, though.

"That's it, I'm ready to cum....you get ready too," Jennifer declared. "You already came on me, now cum in me.....I got pills and I know you're clean...." That was true and I was too distracted and smart to ask about her.

"Cum for me....let's both cum...." Jennifer pleaded. No sense holding back or denying her now.

I started by grasping her breasts and rubbing them together, giving Jennifer an unexpected source of friction. When she moaned loud enough, I moved down to let both my index fingers rub her pussy, almost as fast as my cock moved insider. When they got worn out, my hands went back to her ass, jiggling the firm surface before slapping it with both palms.

With one last good grip, Jennifer took me all the way in and started going off. "Fuck, take it, yeah!" Jennifer urged, before she gave it to me. Moments later, I finished giving it to her.

Jennifer finally stopped bouncing on me. sitting upright as she squeezed the rest of my cum out. My hips arched up and my body went stiff, while I gritted my teeth and endured the draining. Once I was empty, I certainly felt it right away.

I kept my eyes open to see Jennifer come down from her orgasm. When I closed them, I didn't know if I could open them back up.

But I finally did at some point.

All I knew was that the window wasn't reflecting sunlight any more as I woke up. I considered getting up to find my pants, before I remembered my cell phone was dead making getting up all the more useless.

Jennifer seemed to agree with me. Or at least her sleeping body lying flat next to me did. Now my grogginess was replaced by clarity.

I just finished fucking another woman. That woman was still here, lying on her back and still full on naked. One of the most desired naked bodies in entertainment was still on full display next to me, after I fucked her.

I'm lying in bed with a different naked body for the first time in my life. It took me decades, but here I was. If she wanted me to move on, she and the fates took their sweet time making it possible although I imagined it took a lot to make it happen like this. A lot of unconventional minds behind this one.

As the payoff washed over me in multiple ways, I tried to exhale quietly and steadily, so as not to wake Jennifer. In the meantime, my right hand draped onto her stomach, absentmindedly rubbing her skin. Whether I covered that part of her with cum the first time, I couldn't remember.

I wasn't far away from the part I came on the second time, though.

It was ridiculous to think about that now, though. I had to be spent, she was probably spent, and I still had a lot of self-reflecting to do. That all halted when I felt her left hand drop on my stomach, though.

I didn't want to open my eyes or move yet. I was still too tired, and maybe a little nervous to face Jennifer, now that we weren't so out of control. Supposedly. I didn't even know if she was awake. If she was, she wasn't addressing me yet either, so I had my excuse.

I just kept brushing her skin and she kept brushing mine, as we both went lower gradually. I wasn't moving another muscle and I doubted she was. It was like....like the kind of lazy, early morning action that used to be common for me once upon a time.

As that bit of self-reflection came over me, I felt my fingers land between Jennifer's legs. In no time, her fingers were back between mine as well.

Now I knew she had to be awake. Just as she knew I was. But this still wasn't the time to ruin the illusion.

My eyes stayed closed as I curled my finger back into Jennifer. They stayed shut even when she wrapped her hand around my half-hard shaft. I kept still when I tweaked her lips with my thumb and finger, and I only moved a little bit when she pumped me back into full strength.

Other than that, the only sounds around us were our quiet moans. If Jennifer wasn't talking, then she really was committed to this kind of moment. I matched her by not saying a word only groans of approval when her thumb brushed my slit and underside. She gave louder ones when I brushed her slit as well.

I didn't know how long we could or would keep this up, or whether we even had one more in us. Jennifer had youth and energy on her side, so she could probably....cap the trilogy for herself. It'd been a long time since I had a night like this, so maybe I still had a little bit left in stock. If there was anyone still living who could get it out....

Jennifer then broke the illusion by trying another way.

Her hand came off my cock, before she took my hand off her pussy. I finally opened my eyes, only to see Jennifer get off the bed and stand to the side. I moved over and sat up, but before I could get on my feet, Jennifer kept me sitting on the right edge of the bed which she then knelt down in front of.

I saw her put her right hand between her own legs, right before her left hand went back on my shaft. Her mouth followed promptly, as she moaned from swallowing me and touching her. She pumped the both of us while licking and sucking me down, which certainly brought me closer, if no one else.

Jennifer said not a word when she popped off. She merely fucked herself harder and licked me up and down faster, then took me back down her throat. She nearly put her teeth on me while her fingers worked herself over, but it did help me suck harder.

Ultimately, she removed her hands from herself and me. Still without a word, she put her hands on her tits and draped them down to my cock closing them right on it. As she pumped her supple chest on my erection, I realized I definitely had some....reserves in stock after all.

At this rate, I wouldn't be able to say that much longer.

Yet Jennifer took her breasts off me, stood up and asked, "So what do you have left for me?"

Instead of waiting for my answer on the off chance I was stable enough to come up with one Jennifer put me on my back again.

I scooted back to the middle of the bed, then Jennifer crawled up to me on all fours before turning around. Soon her ass was right over my face, while her face was closing back in on my cock.

After Jennifer finished settling into the 69 position, I finished working out what I wanted to do. Once her mouth sunk back on my cock, I pulled her backside down and tried to eat her out with the same vigor. She had a lot of it left which I could feel quite clearly now and I hoped I was remotely close.

Jennifer kept moaning on my shaft as I bit, sucked and licked her lips, so that was probably a good sign. The rest of it sure felt good, to say nothing of the taste at least on my end. Or rather, from hers.

I still wasn't tired of fondling, squeezing and running my hands over her curvy ass. Jennifer didn't seem tired of stroking and sucking my cock, or resting her hand on my balls. I guess we were both winning.

There were still no words, just moans and grunts. If we didn't fuck certain....essences out of each other after all, maybe we fucked the words out. In any case, our mouths were full enough now.

I opened my mouth wide and covered as much of her center as I could, licking it mercilessly. Jennifer used her big mouth to stuff my entire cock into it. I came off and put my finger into the mix, fucking her pussy and lightly fucking her mouth at the same time.

One deep moan from Jennifer made me hiss, so I paid her back by rapidly rubbing her clit. She popped off and she spoke at last, "I'll swallow every last drop left if you will...."

No more words were needed. Not until I finished finger fucking her, she finished bobbing on me, and we couldn't hold back for a third and final time.

Even after we drank each other down, we were way too exhausted to say anything. At least I was.

The next time I woke up, I saw it was still night, so I hadn't overslept that much. Jennifer wasn't on the bed, though. In fact, when she opened the bedroom door, I noticed she even had clothes on again, unlike me. "He rises!" she poked fun at me.

"I didn't snore too loud, did I? Is that why you're....not naked?" I asked.

"It wasn't the main reason," Jennifer answered. I got myself on my feet, noticing that my clothes were now on a nearby chair, instead of spread out in her hotel living room. She closed the door and let me change back to normal in private.

When I emerged, I saw Jennifer sitting on the couch with the TV on, and with sweatpants and a t-shirt on. "Were you waiting for me to go so you could head out?" I wondered.

"Nah. I'm not usually an out on the town kind of girl. Unless work makes me," Jennifer replied. "I might go for a nighttime Times Square stroll later, but that's it. Right now, I....like not having to move around."

"I see where you're coming from," I stated, practicing making my legs work again. I got to the other end of the couch, as awkwardness finally bothered to set in.

I hadn't been in a....aftermath like this since my first time with my wife. Adding everything else on top of it, I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do. Should I just leave, wait for her to kick me out, stick around, or what else?

"Did I keep you from your train?" Jennifer spoke up, bringing my next concern to light. I looked over at the nearest clock and breathed a sigh of relief.

"No, actually. Turns out we did this just early enough," I said. "From here, I think I can reach the station in time if I..." I trailed off.

"Leave right now?" Jennifer wondered.

"Well....I certainly would if I did," I answered. "But I've got about....30 minutes till I really gotta get going," I said without trying to pressure her.

"Ah. I'm sure we can find some reality show to keep you up till then," Jennifer offered.

"I'm not a reality show person. So that might not help," I replied.

"Well, finding a genre you like should keep your eyes open too," she came back with. With no argument for that, I sat on the couch with her.

Before long, she asked, "You sure you're all right here?" Thinking of a way to be delicate which was probably rare for her she settled on, "The timing wasn't too much, was it?"

"The timing's never perfect for something like this. Even if two years is long enough," I said. "But....in this case, it paid to wait until the right first time. Rare that happens twice in a lifetime."

Jennifer had no one-liner or comment, as she just smiled and went back to flipping through channels. I sat quietly too, letting the end of this....unlikely milestone in my road to recovery pass by.

But my son didn't need to hear every detail of it. No need to risk him being creeped out on top of being jealous.


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Re: My New Woman (Jennifer Lawrence)
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Good story. It's great to know that older guys can give these hot actresses a great night of sex!


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