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Natalie Dormer - Layover
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Natalie Dormer - Layover

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

* * * * *

Natalie felt the surge in her stomach of negative-G as the plane started to descend, something she’d felt so many times but always struggled to get used to as the airliner sank towards the ground. The flight she was on, a marathon from Sydney back to her home in London after shooting on her latest project, had a layover in Singapore and she had something very specific in mind; a few years earlier she had worked on another film in the country and become close with one of the production guys on the set. How close? Well after knowing each other less than a week they’d started sleeping together, no scratch that, fucking each other and it had been a very fun, very physical affair that both of them remembered very fondly and due to that whenever she happened to be stopping over in Singapore she always made time to seek him out. He did the same with her if he happened to be in London or any other city she was working in though he tended to spend most of his time in Singapore due to his job.

She’d worked on the movie with him for over six months and during that time had lots of exhausting, soul-vitalising sex. The project had wrapped and of course she’d had to move on to the next job away from him but they’d made an agreement that whilst they couldn’t have anything more permanent they would make time for one another whenever proximity allowed and she’d made good on that promise. They generally tended to hook up two to three times a year and Natalie made sure of that, some of her trips to Singapore far more deliberate. This wasn’t one of those times however, merely on a long trip home from down under with the ideal opportunity to stop in and see him, though time was tight. The layover was only a few hours though he lived close to the airport so Natalie knew she could escape the boredom of waiting for her connecting flight by going to see him with enough time to make it back.

After what seemed to be far too long she heard the roar of the engines as the thrust reversers engaged, the plane touching down with a bump onto the tarmac and slowing to taxi to the terminal. Thanks to her fortunate seating position on the aisle, near to the exits, she was able to speedily disembark and get down the ramp to the terminal though she still had the frustrating wait for her luggage to slowly arrive on the carousel. Natalie stowed it in a secure locker, not wanting to bother taking it with her on her short excursion before heading out into the bustle of Singapore and straight into a taxi. With easy directions, well practiced, she was taken through the churning traffic to his apartment which seemed to take an agonising amount of time given the gridlock surrounding the airport. She headed into his building and buzzed him, looking pointlessly up the wall of the towering apartment building as if he’d somehow lean out and spot her from the 12th floor.

She tried a few times with no luck, frustratingly silent in return until someone came out of the building and she slipped quickly in after them and headed straight to the lifts. Riding up to his floor and finding his door, she tapped a couple of times in case his buzzer wasn’t working but was again disappointed by the lack of any reply. Natalie gave a frustrated sigh; she didn’t have enough time as it was to indulge their passions and with him not being home it could all be a trip for nothing. Of course she had his number, she could call, but they didn’t do that as they were both busy people and if they weren’t right there at the time then unless they’d specifically arranged it they had a no-call policy lest they interrupt each other on set. Pondering a moment, she made a decision and headed back to the lifts, heading down to the ground floor once again to seek out the building manager. He was a little irritated by the intrusion...until he realised who she was; he had seen her around a couple  of times when she’d been visiting her fuck buddy previously and recognised who she was.

She used that to her advantage when she asked for a key to his place, saying she wanted to be waiting for him as a surprise when he came home and was there any way he could let her into the apartment. He told her with waning authority that he couldn’t let her into his place, private property and all that, how his job could be on the line if anybody found out about it. All it took was a little of Natalie’s gorgeous charm, her pleading and promising it would be alright and that nothing would happen to wear him down to the point of a deal. Figuring she just wanted to get on with it and nobody else would know, she signed him an autograph on a pad of paper from his desk, kissed it to leave her lipstick smudged along side it...then pulled up her top and bra to flash her perky tits for him. She giggled as she gave him around five seconds to take her beautiful body in before she pulled her clothes back down and demanded the keys, which he handed over to her with a smile.

She promised he’d get them back then went ahead and let herself into the apartment, locking the door and putting the keys aside in the kitchen as she got herself a quick drink. With that she helped herself to a shower to freshen herself up and towelled down before walking about his apartment naked, looking at changes since the last time she was there like a new TV, a few new furnishings and pictures. She was sure he’d have no problem coming home to find her standing naked in his front room but disappointingly that didn’t happen so she headed for the bedroom, impressed with the neatly made bed before she peeled back the sheets and snuggled into it, the cool of the fabric sensually slipping over her naked body. Natalie remembered to set an alarm on her phone in case she wasn’t disturbed and had to wake herself up before chucking her phone on the side unit and resting her head down, figuring a nap wouldn’t be the worst idea.

She wouldn’t have to wake herself up however as around an hour later her man came home, having no idea she was there and not being tipped off by the building manager who had luckily gazed on her beautiful boobs before he got the chance. He headed up and into his apartment, not even imagining Natalie, his Natalie, would be there for him. It didn’t cross his mind as he headed in, checking his phone, casually closing the door and glancing through a couple of letters that had been in his mailbox as he walked into the kitchen. Looking up, his heart lurched as he saw the glass on the side, wet and evidently recent, dropping the letters down as he looked around worried, quickly checking to see what else was out of place. He noticed that chairs seemed bumped from his table, the bathroom door was open and a towel was hanging damp on the rack and crucially his bedroom door was closed.

It didn’t exactly meet the expected evidence of a burglary but it wasn’t right and he knew he wasn’t alone, steeling himself and creeping towards the bedroom door, taking a breath before he burst in slamming the door back in an explosion of energy. The door banged back loudly as he took in the bed before him, a shape under the covers, somebody audaciously sleeping in his bed after having broken in. The abrupt sound when she was under an hour into dreamland, lightly sleeping, made her body panic in a primal manner, the flight or fight response kicking in, sitting bolt upright and throwing the covers back as her pretty eyes sprang open with a yelp of confusion to see him standing there in the doorway ready to tackle the intruder.

“Jesus Christ!” she half screamed, “Sean...fuck,” she breathed, heart heaving in her chest.

“Nat,” he said with a near sigh of relief, a smile spreading across his face as he took in the gorgeous Brit in front of him and her now naked chest, perky breasts as fantastic as he always remembered.

“Surprise,” she whispered with a naughty smile, presented as perfectly as she could have hoped for, sat in his bed waiting for him with her tits out.

“It’s great to see you, what are you doing here?” he said, heart rate relaxing as he walked into the bedroom towards her.

“What do you think I’m doing here?” she said, grinning with a flick of her eyebrows. He laughed, loving that she was so straight forward with him, no games or guessing.

“I figured that was why, and scaring me half to death. I didn’t think you would be around here any time soon, I thought you were filming for at least another couple of weeks?” he said.

“We wrapped early and I had a layover, so here I am, I made an effort for you,” she replied.

“And I’m glad you did,” he admitted, overjoyed to see her.

“Now come on, I haven’t got long, this is a short stop I’m afraid so how about you get over here?” she said, flipping the covers back to reveal her gorgeous naked body, stark tattoo down her left forearm, slender and toned torso, pinch of her waist leading into her hips, her beautiful pussy with its perfectly styled strip of pubic hair and her smooth legs. He took a moment just to drink her in, her toned, fine body, before he spoke.

“I have a girlfriend you know,” he said quietly.

“Oh really?” Natalie said with a playful, mocking look, nonchalant like it didn’t matter. It did though, the statement sent a little sting through her, a tension, like he was telling her she wasn’t enough any more or something. It was ridiculous, they were and always had been fuck buddies and nothing more, but it rankled her a little.

“Yeah. She stays here quite a lot, you’re kinda lucky you didn’t run into her when you broke in here,” he said with a slight smile.

“I didn’t break in here, I buzzed and knocked before I asked for a key to get in here,” she said, acting affronted.

“Oh you got a key huh? Maybe I need to go and complain about that,” he smiled, edging closer to the bed.

“Hush, I charmed my way to a key so I could surprise you, don’t go mentioning it,” she purred.

“I’m sure,” he said with a smile, knowing exactly how charming she could be as she basked naked before him.

“Look Sean, I don’t give a fuck that you’ve got a girlfriend,” Natalie said matter-of-factly. He stared at her silently, holding her gaze.

“I’m not gonna tell her,” she said with a slow, sultry tone as a smile crossed her lips, tongue flicking out cheekily, invitingly. She teasingly ran her fingers up her body, squeezing her perky breasts for him as she gave him a wink, somehow reassuring him that fucking her was definitely the right thing to do and she could keep a secret. He couldn’t resist her, his gorgeous side piece, and stepped towards her as her smiled spread into the wide grin, loving that she had him no matter what as he leaned over her and drew her into a deep, tongue-twisting kiss that felt like a tingle of electricity, the excitement palpable.

“Tell you what,” she said, casually sitting and watching him as he stripped his shirt off quickly and made to follow with his jeans, “I’ll suck your cock to make up for sneaking into your place.”

“Sounds perfect,” he said as he kicked his clothes away, now as naked as her as his cock swelled to full erection before her, his thick manhood making her bite her lip as she felt a tremble of arousal, pussy wettening just a bit more.

“Then get here and let me,” she commanded. He’d always loved her straight forward, no shit attitude and simply smiled as he stepped to the bed to meet Natalie as she leaned down, groaning as his cock slipped easily into her hot, talented mouth. He gave a shudder; nobody gave blowjobs like her, she was exquisitely talented with her tongue and the way she sucked was just heavenly, always happy to please and tease him every possible way in the course of fellating him. His hand slipped familiarly into her long blonde hair, pulling her close to him as she wasted no time in swallowing his cock, gliding easily down deep with her impressive talent for cock sucking, his bulging purple head buried into her throat as she gulped deliberately noisily.

“Oh fuck that’s it, god I’ve missed this,” he murmured, the actress undeniable. Natalie urged him onto the bed, Sean sliding on beside her as she took a momentary break from sucking him to let him settle before she attacked once more. She grabbed his rock hard cock, feeling it pulse and strain in her dainty grip, urging her to give it everything which was she was more than happy to do as she engulfed him in the sensual heat of her mouth once more and applied her tongue firmly to him, flicking at his head and around his shaft. His groans told her everything she needed to know, though she already knew it and carried on hungrily. He’d always loved her blowjobs and she knew exactly what it was he liked which was a good firm suck, her tongue working overtime and deep throat. Her hand slid from his cock and she gripped his hips with both her hands, stabilising herself over him as she continued sucking before she pushed effortlessly down on his cock to swallow him all the way until her nose pressed into him.

“Fuck,” he groaned with an ascending, accentuated tone as his hands once again pressed into her soft hair and held her down for a moment, straining in her throat as she swallowed him. Natalie smiled to herself as she pushed her head down deeply and ground herself against him to let him feel and see her talents, knowing he was watching her. She wasn’t wrong as he looked down on the gorgeous actress to watch her slowly withdraw and slide his cock back out of her throat till just his head was in her mouth, her tongue and lips attacking him vigorously before she swallowed him completely once more. He leaned back into the bed and just let her work, hands resting on her soft hair rather than controlling her or pushing her down, not needing to as the beautiful English actress worked enthusiastically on his manhood to sink him from the tip to his balls every time.

There was nothing to be said as he simply lay back and let her work her hot mouth along his length, sucking perfectly, throwing in suddenly hard sucks mixed with softer, wetter ones. Her mouth felt as delicious as her pussy, reminding him what it was like to slide inside her as she slurped noisily on him, deep throating him again, her talents effortless as she pressed her nose into him once again and made him strain in her throat. She’d learnt how to deep throat as a teenager and every man she’d ever been with had loved it; she had something of an oral fixation and loved giving head, loved the hard yet smooth sensation of a cock in her mouth, loved the groans and thrusts of pleasure she could induce with her tongue and deep throat skills and the inevitable pulsing, intense moment where they ejaculated between her skilful lips.

She sucked and thrust her head more, picking up some speed before she twisted her head, turning so his achingly hard erection slid along her cheek, gliding effortlessly over the silky smooth tissue that felt the same as her vagina. Sean groaned in pleasure as Natalie slowed things down and rocked her head deliberately on him as his cock bulged her cheek, groaning in pleasure herself to send vibrations tingling through him, stimulating him further as she rolled her head over to push him into her other cheek and let her tongue get in on the action at the same time, flicking powerfully over him. She lazily rocked her head up and down as she opened her eyes and looked up to him, staring foxily from beneath her eyebrows as she almost let his cock escape her mouth, bulging her lips before surging back down to embed him in her cheek, smiling a little round her mouthful as she looked up at him groaning, feeling his urge to push up to her through her hands at his hips.

In an instant Natalie closed her eyes and started sucking properly again, diving straight back down on him full depth before giving some fast, short strokes on his cock and applying her tongue to him. Burrowing it powerfully under the tip of his cock, she kneaded the end of her powerful muscle into him as she sucked ferociously hard, the huge surge in her vacuum making him choke before he managed a ragged sigh, overwhelmed by the intensity of her ministrations. Natalie giggled to herself, letting him feel it as she kept going on him, thrusting, swiping and flicking with her tongue over the most sensitive part of his cock as he struggled and shifted beneath her. He didn’t know whether to pull away or just bury his cock in her mouth, torn and completely swamped by the sensations as she showed off.

When he really was about to wrench her off him and beg for a moment of mercy the blonde stunner switched tact once more, able to read him perfectly as she dived down to give a few soft, sloppy strokes that gave him a couple of seconds to recover before her next assault. She pulled most of the way back once more and applied her tongue but more gently this time, just firmly licking up the bottom of his shaft towards his head before swirling it flatly around on the underside of him and then rolling up around the sides. She directed her tip to follow the contour of his head, tracing the shape of him as she followed him back around, swiping side-to-side as she took him in, murmuring at the pleasure of having him back in her mouth again as she sucked firmly. Her tongue wrapped perfectly around and over him, sending tingles of ecstasy he hadn’t felt since the last time she’d been around to fellate him, shifting his hips to help push and pull his cock through her deliberate attentions and maximise the sensations.

“Fuck don’t stop,” he breathed as Natalie pulled back off him with a sensual suck, moving her hand to stroke him quickly as she composed herself.

“I’m not gonna stop baby,” she purred, smiling up at him before she held his cock up and leaned down to him, dragging her extended tongue up and down his cock, letting him feel her hot breath tumbling over him as his cock throbbed in her hand. She squeezed and tightened her grip to make him bulge harder, throbbing with the pulse of his heartbeat as she traced her tongue over the veins on his smooth, tight skin. With him held, she lunged in with her teeth and gently bit at him, something she knew he loved, just lightly biting at his shaft with careful but meaningful clenching of her jaw. He groaned and shivered in pleasure, loving how she knew exactly what he liked as she became quicker and more aggressive, lunging forward for more intimate, thrilling bites of him as she worked up towards his head. Natalie was careful with that, not wanting to be too hard but nipping just enough to let him feel it as he grunted at every one of her touches, working her way back down him with her teeth.

She got faster and more intense, bites firmer, harder, digging her teeth into him to leave slight marks as he pushed into her mouth. He’d always loved her using her teeth and she always indulged him, relishing the feel of his thick, strong cock flexing and bucking in her mouth as she did so. Natalie nipped at him a few more times before a final, hard bite that made him hiss for a second before she immediately engulfed his cock in liquid heat again to follow it up with a deep groan and shudder of pleasure. She sucked hard, as hard as she knew he could take, working her tongue as she took him deep with shorter strokes, going much faster as she bobbed her head and took him full depth with practiced ease but only let him about half way out of her mouth. Natalie let out deliciously trashy noisily as she sucked him, slurping wetly as she pumped him into her throat, his cock rock hard now.

She pulled back to attack him, knowing he came strongest with more stimulation to his head than deep throating offered so focused on the tip of him more as she changed her ministrations up to faster, short strokes over the first few inches of him. Her tongue hooked now to stimulate and tease him with perfect pressure under his head as she sucked just right, not too hard, on his bulging, sensitive tip and mixed it perfectly with the flicks of her tongue. His strained thrusts up into her mouth, trying not to take charge intently in the build up to his orgasm, feeling the tingling rushing up on him as Natalie kept going, seeming to sense it was the moment and increasing her speed. He groaned and grunted harder, throaty and guttural as she really picked it up to her ultimate pace and worked her tongue with intensity he’d forgotten. It was almost too much in the best possible way and he held on for as long as he could, feeling the intense, soulful sensation finally hit him.

It was like a wave breaking, the power just sweeping over him as he couldn’t help but give in to his wants and grabbed her hair to haul her down deep, burying his cock deep in her throat with a near roar of ecstasy as his cock erupted to empty thick shots of come into her throat. Natalie just groaned and shuddered with pleasure in contrast to his roar of pleasure as she felt his hot load spill into her throat, so deep she couldn’t even taste him as his hot, salty load exploded into her body. She just groaned and kept sucking, loving that she made him come with her efforts, working her tongue at him hard to encourage every last drop from him as she strained in her mouth with hard, bulging thrusts, seeming to burst endlessly into her mouth as he squeezed every last burst of himself into her as she swallowed hungrily.

With a final clench, he held her for a moment and then sagged back to the bed, hands slumping to the bed beside him as Natalie slowly pulled back off him with a slow suck and sat up, smiling as she swallowed with a look of triumphant success.

“I’d forgotten how good you were at sucking cock,” he murmured.

“Better than your girlfriend?” Natalie said, almost blurting it out, flicking her eyebrows to follow it up.

“I...yeah,” he conceded, figuring it was useless to lie to a woman that was a cock sucking champion.

“Happy to remind you,” she said with a naughty smile. She loved that he enjoyed fucking her so much, as much as she enjoyed him.

“Well let me remind you of this,” he said, suddenly lunging up at her from the bed to pull her into a deep, tongue twisting kiss, their hungry affections unleashed as they made out deeply before he turned her over and slammed her down onto the bed, the gorgeous actress pinned naked for him to enjoy. Natalie gasped, the trademark smirk spreading on her face as he took control. She loved the feeling of him taking over, dominating her a bit, just as much as she liked being in charge. The way he held her down, his grip too strong for her to break, was a huge turn on for her.

“Let’s see what you got…” she hissed at him with a flick of the eyebrow. A challenge.

Sean let out a playful, feral growl at her defiance. He knew her teasing ways, loved them even, and he was happy to indulge in the instincts she awakened. She let out a small shriek when he grabbed her by the shoulder and effortlessly flipped her over onto her front, then used his weight to pin her down into the mattress, both hands immediately slapping down on her ass.

“You are so fucking bad…” he grinned as he dug his fingers into her malleable flesh, admiring the way her creamy globes were firm but soft at the same time. She really had a great booty.

“It’s just way more fun that way,” Natalie retorted, then gave a short, feminine squeal as she received a quick spank. “And you love me for it!”

Sean chuckled, shaking his head at her sharp wit as he watched a slight, reddened imprint of his hand form on Natalie’s left buttock where he had struck her. Going on instinct, he placed a gentle kiss on the blemish. The actress purred in response and he felt her push her ass up at him, enjoying the soothing contact and urging him to continue. He did, planting a series of small, light pecks on her warm skin, while he reached behind himself. Blindly grabbing a pillow, he shoved that below Natalie’s hips, elevating them in her prone position to give himself better access.

Natalie peered back at him over her shoulder as he settled down in position, straddling her calves as he worshipped her ass. She smiled, feeling giddy in anticipation, having looked forward to this for days now. His lips, tongue, teeth and fingers on her behind, pampering her while he took his time. She felt him spread her cheeks apart slightly as he slowly worked his way towards her core, exposing the pink iris of her butthole and eliciting another gasp as his tongue flickered over it.

He didn’t linger however, merely causing her puckered hole to clench before he placed a gentle kiss on her taint and Natalie’s body tensed in unbearable anticipation to what was coming next only to let out a grunt of disappointment when he strayed off his path. Instead of giving her what she wanted so badly, he continued his trail along her right pussy lip, avoiding the sensitive centre and circling around.

“You bastard…” she breathed, eyes already closed as she lost herself in his game, her hips pushing towards his face as he made his way to the small, neatly-trimmed patch of hair, excruciatingly close to her clit. Just as she opened her mouth to berate him further, he flipped the switch and Natalie’s jaw dropped as the wet, spongy flat of his tongue broadly swiped up her slit. A gasp came from her mouth and her brow furrowed as he licked her all the way from her small clit over her cunt to her asshole where he inverted and made his way all the way back to where he had started.

Natalie felt like a current was running through her body. The anticipation and build-up over the last couple of days had been immense and the pay-off now was incredible as Sean’s tongue went to work. With the time of teasing over, he wasted no more time and all but devoured her snatch. He had always been incredibly talented and she had always loved having her pussy eaten and the time apart made it all the sweeter now. Her fingers curled and dug into the sheets, clawing at them as Sean used his thumbs to spread her open a little more, allowing him to go deeper and hit some of her most sensitive spots.

“Oh god, Sean…” she whimpered, already worked up as he held her in place and ate her out. The way hips lips wrapped around her clit, his tongue fucked her creamy hole, his face buried itself in her ass… it felt incredible. Eyes closed, she wiped some errand strays of hair out of her face, then buried her face into a pillow to stifle a moan, only managing to make it that more obvious.

His mouth pressed to her smooth pussy, Sean glanced up to see Natalie squirm desperately and he couldn’t help but grin against her snatch. Like Natalie, he loved giving oral sex as much as receiving it and seeing her tremble and shiver like this, melting away under his tongue, really gave him a rush. The fact that she was famous, a beautiful Hollywood starlet that millions of people lusted after, only increased the push to his male ego and motivated him to apply himself even more. It made fucking Natalie Dormer the best sex he had ever had.

“I fucking love this cunt of yours!” he hissed up at her, knowing that a bit of dirty talk served to drive her mad even more and the whimper she gave in response proved him right. Another short slap to her raised butt, then he latched his lips on to her clit. His tongue found the little bundle of nerves and teased it beneath its hood as he noisily sucked, which elicited another feverish groan. She was so utterly carried away, lost in the moment that he had absolutely no issues catching her by surprise when he grabbed her hips and rolled her over, back onto her back. Her eyes widened and she glared down at him past her jiggling tits, but before she could get as much as a single sound out he had pushed her knees up to her chest and his chin was once again buried in her crotch.

She moaned his name. Like they had minds of their own, her hands came down to his head, fingers entangling in his short hair, trying to force him deeper as he ate her out. Her eyes rolled in their sockets, her head dropped back as her feet kicked the air and she felt her own release become imminent. She was helpless below him, the tables turned to how it had been earlier when her mouth had been wrapped around his cock and she loved it. A girly whine escaped her lips as they curled into an erratic smile and she tried to force more of her pussy into his hot, skilled mouth. Sensing her imminent release, Sean knew just the right way to finish her off. Using his left forearm to pin her legs back, he freed up his right hand for her.

His lips moved to her clit, attacking it with renewed vigour and as this was already enough to drive Natalie crazy she didn’t see it coming at all when he pushed two fingers into her pussy. She bucked once more as she was penetrated, caught utterly off guard in the best way possible. She had been soaking wet, so Sean’s fingers easily slid inside, stretching her cunt around them and adding to the already incredible stimulation. He wasted no time either, hooking the fingers to stimulate Natalie’s g-spot as he quickly thrust in and out, causing raunchy squelching noises from the Brit’s petite pussy.

Natalie cried out, spewing out a very unladylike curse as she came, her hips lifting off the bed and pressing up against her lover’s mouth. Her pussy clenched down on his fingers, gripping and massaging them as he continued to rub her rubbery g-spot all throughout, driving her deeper into the abyss. She let out a strained whine, grimacing as Sean expertly prolonged her orgasm, teasing her increasingly sensitive flesh to the point it was unbearable.

“Fuck!” she gave a breathless gasp when he suddenly pulled his fingers out and let her legs go, allowing them to fall back onto the bed below as he crawled up her trembling body, a wide grin on his face which was smeared with her juices. Bleary-eyed, she looked down at him, panting, her entire body covered in sweat.

“You… that was fucking amazing!” she whispered, still catching her breath as he offered his glistening fingers to her mouth. Looking at his soaked digits, then at him, she opened her mouth and accepted them inside, loudly sucking them clean and tasting herself in the process, the lewd act only making him harder.

“God, I missed this,” he smiled, feeling the actress’ tongue swirl around to clean him off. Lips still wrapped around his fingers like she was sucking his cock, Natalie gave him a wink, then pulled her legs up to wrap them around his waist, trying to draw him in. When he pulled his hand back, that saucy smirk was already back and egging him on as she felt the head of his rejuvenated cock rub over the soft folds of her pussy.

Sensing her eagerness, Sean smiled. Continuing their game of never giving in right away to what the other person wanted, he reached down and grabbed his member around the base, nuzzling it up against Natalie’s slick opening. When she fell for it, the expectation of penetration written all over her gorgeous face, he decided to draw things out a little longer by rubbing his cock head along her slit, then lightly tapping it against her clit. The cute gasp of indignation the actress gave at this drew a chuckle from him and he enjoyed the feeling of her heels digging into his ass, trying to force him in, but after a few moments he had enough of this, himself eager to fuck her.

The look on Natalie’s face was priceless, eyes and mouth widening, nostrils flaring when he pressed his thick cock against her tender opening and pushed inside. Aided by the demanding pressure of her heels, he slid right in and Natalie let out a long, slutty moan as her silky pussy was stretched open. She hugged him close as several inches of hard, hot cock pierced her and it felt so good that her short fingernails dug into his back It had been too long!

With how wet she was, he managed to push almost two thirds of his thick cock into her cunt on the first try, taking both of their breath away as he did. He was careful enough not to hurt either of them, knowing that with how big he was, pacing was elementary, but she was so utterly wet he hardly had to worry. Instead it was her who urged him deeper, pulling him in like she was desperate for more and the throaty, guttural moan she let out when he was finally buried all the way inside her hinted at how urgent it had been for her.

They remained like that for a moment, her arms and legs tightly wrapped around him with his cock deep inside her pussy, his balls pressed snugly against her ass, and just basked in the feeling of being truly reunited. Sean grit his teeth, feeling her snatch cling to him when he pulled back in the most pleasurable way and both gasped as he thrust back in. He pressed his lips to hers as he began fucking her with long, slow strokes. The two of them moaned into each other’s mouth as he quickly found a rhythm and gained pace. He knew well what she liked and made strategic use of that knowledge.

“God!” Natalie gasped, breaking the kiss, “That feels great!”

He grinned, loving the reassurance and rewarded her by delivering faster thrusts, rocking her lithe body below him and making her breasts jiggle. The British actress moaned in response, her head dropping back to the mattress and she looked up at the ceiling, completely losing herself in the fucking she was now receiving. Her cries got louder, the hug of her arms tighter as his wonderfully thick cock seemed to hit all the right spots at just the right angles in a way that only he seemed to be capable off. She uncrossed her legs and let her thighs fall apart, completely giving up control to him and opening her pussy up for him, knowing that the sacrifice in their little power struggle was worth it.

Unrestricted, Sean made use of her submission. Digging his toes into the bedding, he gained leverage to put more power into his thrusts while rolling his hips to make sure to stimulate her even more with each rough thrust. The bed beneath them began to creak, adding to the naughty soundtrack of moaning and rough slapping of flesh on bare flesh that filled the room and as Natalie’s shameless, primal cries of pleasure grew louder he reached down to grab her ankles. Halting his rhythm for just a split second, he pulled her legs up to his shoulders, bending her double beneath him, which gave him further control and allowed him to penetrate even deeper.

“Yes!” Natalie whimpered as he now pounded her into the mattress, the initial intimacy turned to raw passion. “Fuck me! Hard!”

Growling, Sean happily obliged. Remembering that trademark smirk of hers, the way she had disregarded the fact that he had a girlfriend now and had easily wrapped him around her little finger like she always seemed to manage… it all fuelled his movements now as he drove his cock deep into her wonderful cunt, paying her back for her teasing ways. Grabbing her wrists, he then pinned them down on the bed too, leaving the English beauty completely stuck below him. She seemed to love it too, spurring him on in her charming accent as his heavy ballsack rhythmically slapped against her ass.

His endurance was impressive. He had always been a great athlete, but especially lately he had worked on his cardio a lot and the results showed as he managed to keep his fast, hard pace for a while, leaving Natalie to moan and fawn over how good he fucked her. Holding her down and just taking her like he was some barbarian with the lovemaking skills of Casa Nova… he was definitely the best she had ever had, which was the reason she took detours halfway across the world on a regular basis just to feel him fuck her and it was worth it every single time.

Finally, he slowed however. His muscles burned from the strain, his face was red from exhaustion and he had to slow down a little to catch his breath.

“Fuck…” he gasped, a grin on his lips, “your cunt is just incredible!”

“Mmmh, such a sweet-talker…” Natalie purred, then gasped as his cock brushed her g-spot, the sensation causing her to bite down on her lower lip. Twisting her wrist loose from his grip she freed herself a little. “Here, let me show you just how incredible my cunt really is!”

He didn’t resist when Natalie pushed herself off the mattress and rolled them over, ending up on top of him with his cock deep inside her, straddling his hips. Immediately, his hands went to her waist and she smirked, flicking her brow at him and placing a hand against his chest “Just lie back and enjoy the show for a bit!”

Sean smiled and relaxed, allowing her to push him back onto the bed as she settled in position on top of him. Settling her knees, she sat upright and gave him a deep, mesmerizing look as she began to circle her hips. Both of them sighed, basking in the pleasurable sparks that were sent though their bodies as Natalie worked herself into a pattern. His hands slid from her waist down to cup her buttocks, sinking into the firm flesh but making sure not to restrict her movements as he allowed her to take charge for the moment.

Watching Natalie ride was always a treat. She was fit, her body honed by countless hours of exercise in all kinds of sports, and she moved with the grace and confidence of a dancer. Her tight abs rolled as she circled her hips, flexing and undulating in a fascinating rhythm as she basically used his cock to tease the sensitive walls of her tight cunt. Her expressive face made for a beautiful show too as it mirrored all the pleasurable shudders running through her body. Her brow twitched, her eyes squeezed shut, she bit her lip and moaned out her glee as she lost herself in the act.

“Fuck…” she gasped, her face flushed from exertion and excitement when she suddenly switched tactics, changing from circling her hips to rolling them back and forth, which allowed her to pick up speed. At the same time, the new movement caused her sensitive clit to brush against his crotch on every thrust, adding some delicious stimulation and spurring her to increase the pace.

Her wild, intensifying movements caused the entire bed to shake. The headboard began to rhythmically thud against the wall, likely loud enough for the neighbours to hear, but neither of them cared. Leaning backwards, Natalie threw her head back and let out a guttural scream of pleasure as she found just the right spot inside her pussy, his penetration perfect. She braced against his knees with both hands and continued, focussing on that particular, sensitive area.

Sean meanwhile grit his teeth. He had nothing to do but to hold out, but with the show the saucy Brit was putting on, even that was hard enough. Her tits jiggled delightfully with every thrust, bouncing up and down with her pink nipples stiff. Unable to help himself he reached up and grabbed them with both hands and squeezed them roughly. He didn’t have to worry about being too gentle; He knew Natalie liked a bit of ferocity, so he kneaded her pale breasts to his heart’s content, the growl that the actress gave in response to this only proving him right. When he pinched both her nipples she glared down at him and they exchanged a grin, causing him to continue.

“God!” Natalie hissed, her jaw clenched. His cock felt incredible inside her, the ridge at the rim of his head stretching her in just the right place. Her nose scrunched up as she leaned a bit further back, increasing the pressure of his cock against her erogenous zone, feeling that she was getting to where she wanted to be. Due to her bent-back position, Sean couldn’t reach her breasts any more, so his hands slid back down to her hips where he took a strong grip. Sensing her increasing pleasure through the rising volume of her moans, he decided to help her out. Pulling her down on his cock with one hand while his other reached to where their bodies were joined, rubbing her small clit to further add to the stimulation, hoping to help her to achieve her orgasm.

“Sean! Fuck!” The urgency in her voice confirmed his suspicions that she was about to come. She tossed her hair back and looked down at him, past her bouncing tits and the two of them had smouldering eye contact as the firm hard thrusts reached a crescendo. Natalie came with a long, drawn-out gasp. A shudder ran through her body and very suddenly she seemed to lose control, unable to keep thrusting and her muscles froze. He could see in her eyes the pleasure she felt wash over her in her release and a small, cocky smirk spread across his lips. Stunning the self-assured actress even for a second always felt good. Making her come all over his cock was an incredible boost. Her orgasm face, mouth and eyes gaping wide, also made for a great show, but the way her tight, hot cunt massaged his cock was straight-up mind-blowing.

As the British beauty shuddered and mewled in his lap, Sean had to focus hard not to come then and there. They always playfully fought for control, it was their little game that they liked to play, and he really wanted to finish on top. So he held out, teeth clenched, basked in the glory of her orgasm and let her have her moment.

His hands held her hips as she gave a few final grinding thrusts, accentuating his pressure on her G-spot for the last few moments before giving a shudder and sitting down onto him. Exhausted, she reached up and pushed her long hair back from her sweaty face, smiling down at him as his rock hard cock pulsed inside her. He pushed up from the bed and pulled her down into him, kissing at her perky breasts and up her neck as she murmured with pleasure before being drawn into a full snog with him, their tongues twisting as her pussy squeezed at his impaling shaft. She ground her hips a little into him as she clenched at him to feel him twitch within her until he suddenly shoved her off him to the side, Natalie tumbling onto the bed on her side, looking back up as he swiftly spun up onto his knees and grabbed her hips.

“Come here,” he almost growled, the deep tone sending a little tremble through the actress as she helped him pull her up onto all fours before a sharp spank landed on her toned ass. She gasped as she tingle spread through her skin, making her clench up momentarily then relax in perfect timing for him to push himself forward against her silky pussy lips. With a grasp of her hip and push of his own his bulging head split her labia in two and he buried himself into her again hard, shoving himself deep inside to drive his pelvis against her gorgeous ass and delve to his deepest possible depth as she gave a cry, being opened up a final bit despite her arousal.

“Fuck that’s it,” he mumbled as he felt her give a tight squeeze, muscles giving a hard clamp down at the tweak of pain to send a ripple of pleasure through him. Her pussy was the sweetest he’d ever had as it was and the way she contracted on him was one of this things he loved about her. Wasting no time at all, he grabbed her tightly and started thrusting, pulling back and plunging into her again hard. Natalie groaned in pleasure, bracing herself on the bed as he fucked her, pumping his hips energetically to slam himself into her, his hips driving against her lovely round ass with every thrust to rock her on the bed. It shook beneath them as his drilled her, both of them gasping intently as his thick cock stretched her out and drove into her deeply. He absolutely loved her booty and squeezed it firmly, spreading her cheeks as he slowed for a moment.

“How’s this ass, Natalie?” he asked, seeing her tight asshole clench and relax.

“Closed,” she murmured with a smile, knowing exactly what he was asking, “we don’t have time for that.”

He smiled, spanking her firmly before grabbing her tightly and starting to fuck again, thumping into her with passion and power. Natalie let her arms sag and she dropped down to lean on her elbows, bracing herself against him, letting her thighs slide a little wider apart not that she needed to as he smashed her. His fingers dug tightly into her soft, pale skin as he cranked back on her hips, pulling her to him hard as he fucked her, just giving short strokes of his cock now so he could thrust into her as fast as possible. His thick head smashed against her cervix and sent sensations through her she hadn’t felt in ages…since the last time she fucked him actually. This was why they continued hooking up, how their connection had somehow lasted in the years since they had actually worked together, why she still flew across the world to see him; because he fucked her like nobody else did, and they both absolutely loved it.

His grunts and rock hard cock told Natalie that he wasn’t going to last much longer, her sweet, squeezing pussy and lithe body were more than doing the trick with him. It was hardly surprising and his energy only increased, slamming his hips against her jiggling ass with even more intensity, a bit faster and far harder, driving his muscles to shove into her and make her tense her shoulders to keep herself up under the hardest fucking she’d had in ages. Her fingernails dug into the bed as she braced her elbows to stay up, holding herself prone for him to fuck, loving being his fuck doll at times like this, his big cock pulsing and flexing inside her as he twitched in pre-orgasmic pleasure.

“Fuck, Natalie,” he gasped, struggling to form words as the characteristic tingle spread through him, the point of no return.

“Don’t pull out,” she breathed, knowing he wouldn’t anyway but it always turned him on to hear her beg for his load inside her.  His breaths became deeper, more guttural as his heart raced, holding out and pounding her blissfully hard for a few seconds before he suddenly thrust hard against her ass and blew his load, Natalie groaning as she felt him bucking inside her, thick cock swelling and spurting as he emptied his balls into her sweet pussy. His growls were deep and soulful, pleasure coursing through him as his eyes squeezed tightly closed and every ounce of his energy expended itself through his cock, muscles clenching over and over to urge absolutely all of his hot, thick load into her body. His shaft jumped repeatedly until there was nothing left, the last of himself ejected deep into her womb as he exploded and gave a final tense before sagging onto his heels behind her.

The silence was broken only by their ragged gasps, his cock pulsing inside her as he softened, leaning down over her and leaning on the bed to stabilise himself as he kissed lightly over her slender shoulder blades to make her murmur. He took a few deep breaths and then eased backwards to withdraw from her, Natalie squeezed her pussy tight as he slipped out wetly with a gasp, making her giggle at the final bit of stimulation she gave him. Sean leaned past her then collapsed onto the bed, heat prickling through his body as he drew in slow, deep breaths, Natalie sliding her knees out from under her and pulled herself to him for an intimate, soulful kiss before she slumped with her head on his chest, his arm pulling around her to hold her close.

“Fuck I needed that,” she murmured, hand draped lovingly across his body.

“Me too,” he replied.

“I thought you had a girlfriend,” she said slyly, intimating that he should have plenty of sex.

“She doesn’t fuck like you do,” he said, not even bothering to pretend there was any other reason that he hadn’t hesitated to indulge her.

“Don’t you forget it,” she teased.

“How could I,” he mumbled as they settled down to just rest together in the aftermath, recovering a little as the cooled and calmed down. It was easy to slip into a sated sleep and they both dozed off for a few minutes, lost in sheer comfort with each other. Natalie jolted awake a little while later, groggily lifting her head as she yawned and looked at the clock.

“Christ!” she exclaimed, shocking him awake as he started beneath her, Natalie scrabbling up quickly from the bed.

“What, what?!” he said, confused as he opened bleary eyes to see her hurriedly getting off him.

“My flight, I’m gonna be late!” she said, jumping off the bed to frantically look for her clothes. She had minutes to spare to make it even at the best run back to the airport and really didn’t want to lose out on her seat back to London. He slid off the bed and pulled his shorts on as she grabbed her stuff, throwing it onto the bed as she looked desperately around for her underwear.

“Where are my pants?” she asked, searching around for them.

“I dunno, I didn’t see them, you were already naked when I got here,” he replied with a smile, amused by the sheer ridiculousness of it all.

“I don’t have time for this…” she mumbled to herself as she desperately looked around for them, wondering where the black thong she’d discarded on arriving had gone.

“I can’t find them,” she conceded, giving up, not having the time now to look for it as she grabbed her single black lace bra and pulled it around herself.

“If I find them I’ll mail them to you,” he said with a smile, Natalie laughing.

“If you find them you can keep them, just don’t let your girlfriend find them,” Natalie replied. Her knickers were in fact down the back of his bed where she’d casually thrown them as she stripped off and he would find them hours after she left. She yanked her jeans on over her naked bottom half and shrugged herself into her top, pulling her messy hair back as best she could as she quickly grabbed her phone and bag, scanning around for anything else she’d missed before grabbing her shoes and shoving them onto her feet. Going commando felt somehow liberating as she hurried to the door of his apartment with him in tow, knowing she had minutes to get back to the airport now.

“I’ve got to go, I’m sorry this was so short,” she said, pulling him into a deep, hungry kiss that exuded the passion and lust they had for each other.

“I wish we had more time,” she mumbled through their lips locking.

“I’m just glad you came,” he replied as they made out, their final touches.

“Twice,” she smiled, both of them laughing slightly through their kisses. With a few final lip locks, tongues entwining, she broke away and let herself out into the corridor.

“Bye Sean,” she said, blowing him a kiss with a warm smile before she hurried for the lifts.

“Goodbye Natalie,” he said softly in reply, watching her ass jiggle beautifully in the snug denim. He watched her round the corner, hearing her exclamation of thanks at catching the lift last moment, some friendly neighbour holding it for her to gain vital seconds.

Riding down, she sped out to the kerb and hailed a cab, relieved when one pulled in to pick her up almost immediately, thanking her lucky stars she’d got one as she glanced at the time on her phone. She gave directions to the airport and sat back to take a breath and ride there, looking at the clock as she willed the car to break through the traffic and get her to the airport in time for her flight. She was again fortuitous as they seemed to proceed through the hellish city traffic effectively and the driver pulled up at the airport with minutes to spare...just as Natalie felt his creampie leak thickly from her pussy into her jeans.

Natalie shuddered and closed her eyes just as the driver halted and asked her for payment, the British beauty fumbling him a couple of notes and telling him to keep the change just as she felt a little tremble of arousal tingle through her. She loved when guys came inside her and to feel him seep out of her now, ahead of her flight with no underwear on, just turned her on like nothing else. She knew she’d have to sit like this for a while and just hoped it didn’t soak through her jeans. She exited the taxi and made her way into the bustling airport to find the locker she’d left her bags in and her departure gate, managing to make it to the plane on time and get aboard before take-off.

Settling into her seat, she sighed and took a moment to relax, having made it just in time. Pulling out her phone, she sent him a message to let him know she’d got to the airport alright, was ready for departure and was very satisfied with her Singapore layover.


The End

Big thanks to Ghost for helping create, plan, check and edit this story.

This was a collaboration between Viper_Noj and SammyColt, our fifth one ever, and we both really hope you enjoyed it!

Please send us Feedback if you have any thoughts or ideas. We love your feedback so please let us know what you thought of this story or anything you'd like us to write in the future.
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Re: Natalie Dormer - Layover
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Thank you for another great Natalie Dormer story!
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Re: Natalie Dormer - Layover
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Great story. I love the surprise with an intruder in her home and then the cheating scenario that unfolds from there.
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Re: Natalie Dormer - Layover
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I am a little late leaving you feedback and for that, I do apologize hun.

This was a great story, I love the theme with Natalie acting as a seductress and making this man cheat. That is always something I find fun to read.

I thought you had a girlfriend? She doesn't fuck like you. I love that exchange, strong dialogue making this believable.
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