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Author Topic: Angel: Cordy Finally Gets Her Wish  (Read 781 times)


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Angel: Cordy Finally Gets Her Wish
« on: August 29, 2021, 06:27:51 AM »
Originally posted on T-S-S-A.com by The Fan ([email protected])

Disclaimer: Angel belongs to the WB as do all related characters. I own nothing. This is pure fantasy. If you are of age, stay. Otherwise split. Enjoy the show.

Angel: Cordy Finally Gets Her Wish

Lilah Morgan sat in her desk somewhere in Wolfram & Hart. She was looking at the extensive file she had built on Angel over the years. He was one fascinating character. He had been born Liam Angelus in 18th century Ireland. The son of Master Angelus, a wealthy landowner and his wife, Sarah. He had a sister named Emily. Liam was like every other wealthy youth in his time. A brash lad and a womanizer to boot.

He was friends with Sandy Burns, a young Irishman in his native town of Galway. They were the place's top dogs. Liam because of his good name and fabulous wealth, Sandy because of his wits and cunning and skill with the blade and the ladies. Around 1753, Liam Angelus was twenty years old and still partying.

One night he went out and saw a pretty blonde girl. Her name was Darla, she was a vampire and the offspring of the Master, whom Buffy the vampire slayer would kill in Sunnydale. Darla made Liam into a vampire. He called himself Angelus and killed his whole family. Then he joined the master's inner circle of powerful vampires. He would travel the world doing evil. Along the way he
would meet a mad girl named Drusilla and turn her into a vampire. She in turn would take the shy, embittered british poet William "the Bloody" Perkins and make him a vampire. William would become Spike.

A century later Angelus would seduce and kill a girl from the Kalderash gypsy clan and the tribal elders would use old magic to restore his soul. That night Angelus the One with the Angelic Face was gone. He was replaced by Angel, the goody-two-shoes vampire with a soul. Angel would try to help people and get atonement for the wrongs he did as Angelus.

He would travel the world and one day, in the twentieth century come to Sunnydale, California. He would meet Buffy Summers, the vampire slayer. He would love her and she would love him. Their love would cost him his soul. Angelus came back when Angel and Buffy slept together. He killed Jenny Calendar, the witch woman whom Rupert Giles, Buffy's trained watcher loved. The gang, then made up of a straight Willow Rosenberg, a two-eyed Xander Harris and a werewolf named Oz would gang up o him and restore his soul.

"Wait," said Lilah. "Wasn't there someone else? Oh yeah. Cordelia Chase."

Back then she was a very rich and snotty brat. The lover of Xander Harris. In later years, Angel would move to Los Angeles and meet Cordelia there. They would start ANGEL INVESTIGATIONS with an Irish half demon named Alan Francis DOYLE.

Doyle would die.

Angel would meet Gunn, a black thug man with an interest in killing vampires. They would meet Wesley Wyndham Pryce, a former Watcher who helped them back in Sunnydale. They and Cordelia would be a team. Along would come Winnifred, a smart and shy girl who had got sent to a demonic world. The same world Lorne the Host, a benevolent demon psychic came from. Darla would come back to LA. Wolfram and Hart saw to that. She would sleep with Angel to make him lose his soul. That would fail. The results were interesting. Drusilla came back and made Darla a vampire again prior to her sleeping with Angel. Angel
beat the two vampire women out of LA.

Darla would come back and give birth to a son. Hers and Angel's son. Connor. The birth of that half human, half vampire boy was the death of Darla. For good. Here's where Cordelia stepped in. She became some kind of mother figure to Connor, right before Angel's time traveling foe Holz came and stole Angel's son Connor. Angel would be devastated.

Months later, Connor, now a teenager would come back to LA with Holtz. They tried to destroy Angel. Holtz committed suicide. Angel was bound and sent to the bottom of the sea by an enraged Connor. Cordelia would ascend to the Higher Planes of Existence as an immortal spiritual being while her body remained on Earth.

Angel would be freed by Wesley from his watery grave. They would take back LA. An immortal from a higher plane would take over Cordelia's mortal body. That being would seduce Connor into fathering it's foul offspring. Angel would be hurt by his son's actions. The False Cordelia would use a powerful demon known as the Beast to wreak havoc upon Los Angeles. The Beast would
take away the light of the sun from Los Angeles. Demons and vampire would take over the city and butcher the humans.

Angel investigations did their best. Wolfram and Hart was destroyed by the Beast as well as all its personel. The Gang would be forced to get rid of Angel's soul in order to gain a more ruthless ally against the Beast. The legendary vampire Angelus.

Angelus would kill the Beast and beat Faith, the former slayer sprung from jail by Wesley to help. The Gang would get help from Willow, the lesbian witch. She would restore Angelus's soul and he would become Angel once more. Then Faith and Willow left to help Buffy the slayer and the Potential slayers in fighting the First in Sunnydale.

The False Cordelia gave "birth" to a strange being who sprang in the form of a beautiful black woman. The One. Jasmine. Then Cordy went in a coma.

Jasmine was a higher being who wanted to change the world for the better. She used her magical powers to seduce Los Angeles and everyone in it. Angel and company included. Then Fred and Angel saw her for what she was. They fought her and revealed her to the people as the monster she was. Connor killed her.

Then Connor went in a rampage. He kidnapped people. He had gotten tired of the world of the humans. Angel was contacted by Wolfram and Hart who made him an offer he could not refuse. He took it. He used that offer to give Connor what he wanted: a normal life. Connor had a normal family and forgot all about vampires and all the weird stuff. It broke Angel's heart to lose his son to a new life and different people but he put the boy's interests before his own. Then Lilah herself warned him of danger in Sunnydale. Angel went to Sunnydale.

Everything had changed. Including Buffy. She was in a relationship with Spike, who now had a soul. They fought the First. Angel tried to rekindle their past love. They had both changed too much. She was a woman with responsibilities. Angel was a very old vampire with far too many duties. It broke his heart a little but he left anyways.

Now he was back to Los Angeles.

His city.

He stood alone.

So much had changed. He looked at the vast city. Its millions of humans would never know who or what roamed their streets at night and who protected them.Never. They would rather ignore it. He had never felt so alone.

He was still looking when he heard someone approach. It was her. Cordelia Chase. He looked at her. Before him stood a tall, slender girl with pale white skin and bobbed black hair. She was his friend.

"Hello, Cordy," he said.

"Hey, Angel," she said.

He looked at her. It had been mere weeks since she'd gotten out of that coma. She was still very weak. A very human girl, no , a woman, who had vision powers. Courtesy of the Powers That Be.

They stood there in silence.

"Nice view, huh?" he said.

Cordelia smiled. "You and small talk," she said.

She smiled that radiant smile. Until then he had not realized how much he missed it. They talked. He told her stuff. Everything and anything. She listened and listened.

"Angel," she began.

He looked into the city. "What?" She was looking at him in that special way. Angel had too much on his mind to notice. "Can you believe Buffy?" he asked.

Cordy bit her lip.

"What?" he said again.

"Nothing," she said.

He went on and on about Buffy. Cordelia watched him for a long time. She took her time. She looked at his strong, handsome face and lean, muscled form. He
wore dark clothing as usual. He was after all a creature of the night. 'God, what a man.'

She decided to drop the news on him.

"Angel," she said. "I'm moving."

He froze.


That got his attention.

"I said I'm moving to Sacremento."

This was where her parents lived. Angel heard they'd gotten back a lot of the wealth they had lost in Sunnydale years ago. They were rich again. Angel knew Cordelia hadn't seen them in years. He understood her need to be with family. But she wasn't gonna visit, she was staying. Permanently.

"You can't go," he said.

"Why?" she asked. She bit her lip. Maybe he was really seeing her after all.

He was a perceptive guy. Perhaps he would realize the girl who had been his best friend and confidante since he left Sunnydale had feelings for him. His next words sealed all hope in her heart.

"We need you around here."

He said "we" as opposed to "I". There was always we. The team. Never an us.

"I have to leave," she said. "I need to reconnect with my... family. I love them."

"We need you, Cordy," he said. "I need you."

Cordelia's heart beat faster. He said he needed her! Then he killed it.

"Otherwise how would we get visions?" he said.

Cordelia Chase felt something in her snap. "Visions? Visions! That's all I meant to you! Well, here's a vision for you," she said. "Me leaving!" She
walked away.

"CORDY!" Angel cried.

She was gone.

He tried to go after her but couldn't.

The sun had risen above.

Angel stayed inside, brooding. Why was she leaving? Had he done something wrong? Didn't she know all that happened to him? He had lost his son, again! He had lost Buffy, again! He slammed his fist into the wall and watched it shatter the concrete of the building. Ever since Jasmine died, he had been different. Her power flowed into him and Connor for they were there when she died. Connor had given up his powers to become human and have a very normal life. All of Jasmine's earthly might flowed inside Angel.

He was so strong now. Usually he could lift six times his weight, which was superhuman strength. He measured great on a human scale. Now he was so much stronger. He lifted an SUV. He watched his hand bleed from the impact. The wound healed two seconds later. Vampires had strength, speed and fast healing but not like this. Still, he did not care. He was in pain. He felt like everyone was leaving.

The others had all gone to Wolfram and Hart, on a mission to use the wealth and influence of a formerly evil organization to save the world. He was alone. He refused to join, not now. And now Cordy was gone. Angel was pissed. He went around trashing the place. He lifted a 2-ton beam and threw it into a wall with such force that the thing went in. He raged and fought and hit and took hits against the walls and objects. Until he lay exhausted in a field of chaos.

He lay there.

"That's an odd picture," said a voice.

Angel turned around.

He found himself staring at a very familiar face. A face he had not seen in years. The face of Alan Francis Doyle, his friend. The deceased half demon.

"Hello, old buddy," said Doyle.

Angel stared at him. "I... Doyle?"

"In spirit," said Doyle.

"You look good, what's happening. What are you doing here?" said Angel.

"I am an otherworldly agent of the Powers That Be now," said Doyle.


"YEAH. You have done a fine job with the place," said Doyle. "Too bad the same can't be said of Cordy."


"You are always so focused on yourself," said Doyle. "You mean to tell me you don't know?"

"Know what?" said Angel.

Doyle shook his head and began to show Angel a bunch of magically projected images. Angel watched.

He saw himself as a young man in Galway. Still human. He saw himself walking in that alley that night. He saw two possible chances.

"There were choices for you to make," said Doyle.

He showed Angel the possibilities. Angel saw the very familiar one. The path he chose when he went to talk to Darla. It was what led him to all this.

"There was a different path you could have chosen," said Doyle.

"What?" said Angel.


He watched as he saw his younger, human self take a different path. Liam Angelus did not take that alley nor did he speak to DARLA. He was not made into a vampire. He saw himself staring at a very familair brunette. She was the spitting image of Cordelia Chase.

"Who is she?" said Angel.

"Look," said Doyle.

Angel did and saw his human self talking to that girl. Her name was Chelsea. She was a poor peasant girl in Galway. Far beneath him in the social ladder. He saw himself helping her get home safely. Then he saw Liam (his younger self) talkling to her. He saw Liam falling in love with her, taking her horse riding. Angel smiled. Liam and Chelsea looked so happy. He saw them get married and have children and be happy. They lived to see old age and died as mortals do and went to Heaven.

"This is what could have been?" said Angel.

His mind raced with the possibilities. Himself, living out a human life. Never becoming a vampire.

"No Angelus the vampire. No Master. No Buffy. Buffy..."

"What would have happened to Buffy if he hadn't met her?"

Doyle showed him. Buffy the vampire slayer without meeting Angel would have loved Xander Harris. They would have married. So would Giles and Jenny Caldendar. Angel nodded sadly. He brought pain to those he loved. He saw Willow and Oz the werewolf together in Europe. In a vision.

"Do you understand?" said Doyle. "None of this should have happened. You were never meant to be immortal. Never a champion of light. You were supposed to die a man."

"What about my Crew?" Angel said.

Doyle showed him. Gunn was still fighting. Fred fell in love with Lorne, who without Angel would have gone back to his dimension and married the human girl. He saw Faith. She was not a rogue slayer but a happy girl who never knew she was a slayer and was riding a motor bike with her boyfriend, a tattooed type. Wesley was a Watcher in England.

"What about Cordy?" he said.

Doyle showed him. Without Angel in Sunnydale, Cordelia was dead. It saddened Angel.

"You still don't know, do you?" said Doyle, shaking his head.


Doyle showed him. Cordelia, acting all perky and happy around Angel. She looked at him longingly when he wasn't looking. She had a thing for him. Angel was shocked. He thought Cordy liked normal guys.

"She loves you, bozo," said Doyle. "She's always acting bitchy back in Sunnydale but that was to hide her feelings," he said.

"Damn," said Angel. 'What now?' he thought of all the times Cordy had been there for him.

After the battles. Always bright and cheery. Making him feel better. She was the shoulder he cried on. And he was always so focused on himself, his soul or Buffy. He had been such a bastard. What he had with Buffy was okay but Cordy was more. She had been his best friend, confidante, assistant, and ally. She had nursed him when he was hurt and saved his child. She had done so much and kept throwing her heart at him but he barely noticed her. To him, she was a buddy, nothing more.

He was enraged at himself. He wished he could have done more.

"She's gone," he said to Doyle. "Hopefully she'll be happy where she's going."

Doyle looked at him sadly.

"She is gonna be happy, right?"

Doyle showed him.

Angel looked into the magical projection and saw a clearly upset Cordelia Chase driving really fast in Los Angeles. She was trying to make it. To LAX to go to Sacremento. He saw something. A truck was coming at her really fast. The driver lost control. His car hit Cordelia's. Flattening car and driver.

"Nooooooooo!!!" Angel yelled. "This cannot be!" He looked at Doyle, despair in his eyes. "Please, this cannot be! She can't die."

Doyle looked him in the eye. "If the gods of old can die, so can she," he said flatly.

"Can I stop it?" said Angel.

Doyle smiled. "Maybe."

"What do I have to do?"

"Go and stop her."

Angel got ready to run then realized it was bright sunlight outside. He would burst into flames as soon as he got out. And the others were not around.

"Doyle, what can I do?" said Angel.

"There is a way to save her," said Doyle.

"How? I'll do anything."

"Give it up. Now."

"Give what up?"

"The Powers are probably gonna have my hide for this but I've consented to grant you the Wish. Give up your immortality."

Angel hesistated, but only for a moment. The thought of losing Cordy...Doyle or the Thing that looked like him held out his hand and Angel clasped it. Immediately he felt himself being drained. All of his power. All of the strength and speed and agility and healing prowess of the vampire. He felt himself losing the Essence of Jasmine, the leftover powers of hers that were in him. All of it. It was like being inside fire and ice and a thousand needles all at once. Unimaginable pain. He felt his body twisting, changing.

He fell.

When he opened his eyes, he was mortal. He saw the world with limits. He looked with all the fear of a human being upon the Otherwordly Power that stood before him.

Doyle smiled. "Fool!" he said. Then he changed into a being unlike anything Angel could have imagined even after living so long.
And vanished.

Angel was gasping in shock. Then he was aware that Cordelia needed his help.

"Oh shit," he said. He ran.

Cordelia Chase's apartment....

She had been hurt deeply today.

She could not believe how foolish she had been, thinking he could notice her at last. He was so focused on Buffy even after all these years. That must be what true love was like. She was his soulmate. Cordy could not compete with that. They were both people with destinies. She was a human girl playing superhero using an unwanted Vision power she could never control. How could
he like her?

She had not told him she loved him. Back in Sunnydale. She dated Xander because he reminded her of Angel. So it was with the Groosalug. They were both pale imitations of the dark man she loved. She had been there for him. Always the bright light at the end of his tunnel. She had wished he would give up the life of high adventure and somehow they would be together. A man
and a woman. But that could never be. Angel was a vampire, not a man. He would live forever, the guy with the great destiny while she would grow old and die. He would go on and on in the distant and fascinating future. Tears flowed down her cheeks. He would forget her. But not Buffy. Who knew how long slayers lived anyways?

No, moving away was the best thing to do, she told herself. She did not want to be there when Angel got back with Buffy. His soulmate. It would kill her poor heart. She started the car and drove. It felt good to speed up a little. Just a little.

Angel ran.

He was clumsy. His body felt like new. He ran and was surprised to find himself out of breath after a few stairs. He leapt down ten feet, and almost broke his legs. He ached all over the place and his heart thundered in his chest, he was still getting used to it beating. He ran the fifteen blocks to Cordy's place. When he got to the parking lot, he saw her leaving.

"Hey," he said. He broke into a run, forcing his tired and bleeding body to get moving. "Cordelia!" he screamed.

Cordelia drove.

She thought she heard something and slowed. She looked. Blinked. It couldn't be... him... in bright sunlight? Nah, it couldn't be.

"Cordelia!" he said.

That was definitely him. But it could not be. She was seeing things.

"Cordy, wait!" he said.

She drove near the end of the covered parking lot. Stepped out.

"Cordy!" he said.

She gasped. It really was Angel. He looked messed up....and tired.
"Hey," she said coolly.

"Hey," he said. He put his hands on his knees, gasping for breath. "I...have... to talk to you," he managed to squeak out.

"What? Angel, I'm leaving," she said. She turned on her heel.

"I don't want you to go," he said.

"Too late."

"Cordy," he said. "I have feelings for you, okay. I realized that I want you."

"As a friend or teammate?" she scoffed. "I loved you, Angel, now get outta my way." She jumped behind the wheel and started the car. She looked in the
rearview window.... to find him... there.

Angel... reflected.

How was that possible? She stepped out. In the sunlight. "What the hec..."

Angel looked at her. He looked tired and desperate. As he damn right should... but there was something else. Something different. She gasped when he stepped into the sunlight, eyes blinking.

"Wow," he said.

"How come you're not burning up? How is that possible?"

He looked at her. "Oh, Cordelia, if you only knew. I love you, Cordy. You and you alone." He came closer to her. She recoiled. "I realize that now," he said. He suddenly held her in his arms. Cordy struggled. She did not know what was happening or how but she wasn't gonna simply give in and forgive him for what he did.... even though her heart warmed when he said the 3 special words. She was stiff in his arms.

"You don't believe me?" he said. "Look at me, Cordy. I am not a vampire anymore. I am human." He showed her his hands. There was no special ring or amulet or any magic gizmo to save him from sunlight.

Cordelia gasped when she realized what he had done. "You didn't..."

He looked at her with very soulful eyes. "Yes, I did," he said. "I am human now."
He held her and kissed her.

"You gave up all that... for me?" Cordy asked.

"Yes," he said. "I gave up my immortality for you, Cordy. In an eternity, you're the only one I've ever really loved."

Cordy then hugged him fiercely. She felt tears of joy rushing down her cheeks. She was so happy. Her wish had come true. Angel was human, and hers. He kissed her full and deep and they were on the car hood. He could not contain his passion for her. She had wanted him for so long.

They went back to her apartment. She had to support him for he had been hurt. He told her of the apparition of Doyle. The choice he had made. Cordy could not believe it. She looked at him even now as he lay in her bed, awaiting her. She joined him there and took her sweet time to pleasure him. Angel's body responded well to what she did to his cock. Then he showed her
how much he cared by suckling her breasts. He went down to her frontier and pleasured her pussy with his fingers and tongue. She was amazed at his expertise. He aroused every fiber of her being. She held him and kissed him. She watched him lie down holding his large erection. She looked at his face as she lowered herself onto him nad his firm hands held her waist, his
manhood invaded her, taking her. They made love like this. And in a thousand different ways.

She showed him the pleasure of having his cock in her mouth and between her breasts. Then she gave him what she had always denied all men before him.
It was a dirty thing and most women wouldn't do it but she gave it to him because she loved him. She lay on her back, legs spread and spread her ass cheeks. She opened her anus to him and he took her there. She gasped at his size and power as he began to ram her tight butthole. She was in pain as he plunged his now huge cock in her most private orifice. She felt full. His dick was in her ass. His hands were teasing her clit, working her over. Then she felt it. His fingers had done their job for she was on the verge of a spectacular orgasm.


At the same time, her sweet Angel shot his load in her ass and his hot cum fled deep to her bowels. He pulled out with a small popping sound.

They lay on the bed, under the covers. Angel looked at her. And she at him. They smiled. She promised herself she would show him all she knew. She would please him... and make him glad to be a man.

In time.

They had the rest of their lives together. He was a wonderful man who loved her to the point of sacrificing his immortality and super powers for her. She felt like the luckiest girl in the world. She watched her Angel sleep. And smiled.

In time.


The Being masquerading as Doyle smiled. He had just rid himself of all the obstacles in his way. All had fallen. The Powers That Be had no champion. Angel was mortal. So was his son Connor. Wolfram and Hart were no more. The Slayer was depowered now and the Potentials would make no difference. It had been a long scheme from corrupting Skip the agent of the Powers to controlling the Beast and Jasmine. He had orchestrated the death of the First and Glory the hellgod. He had changed the worlds. They would be his to conquer now as the All Powerful One.

Let Angel and that Cordelia woman enjoy their love, it would be short-lasted like everything mortal was in the end. He had so many plans.

He laughed at how easy mortals, immortals and even gods were to trick. He was beyond them all.

The End
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