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That 70's Show-The Ski Trip
« on: December 26, 2018, 05:27:44 PM »
  That 70's Show-Ski Trip

(fictional story about fictional characters)
(MF, MMF, orgy)


   Eric Foreman stood in the basement of his family's home folding a road map, surrounded by his friends Stephen Hyde and Fez. "It should be no problem getting to Jackie's cabin after school on Friday," he assured them, "piece of cake in the Vista Cruiser. There should be plenty of make-out opportunities for The Kid and Donna this weekend...and I do mean me."

   "What's with this "The Kid" crap," Hyde, the groups resident wiseguy, wanted to know.

   "It's my new nickname for myself," Eric smiled, "it's cool."

   "No it's not," Hyde told him.

   "It's dorky," Fez, the school's foreign exchange student, agreed.

   Just as they were sitting down on the old, discarded furniture that decorated their basement clubhouse, the fourth member of their male quartet entered, "guess who made out with Pam Macey behind the gym," he boasted exuberantly.  Michael Kelso was the school's self-proclaimed Lothario and assumed all females would succumb to his charms.

   "Everybody," Hyde cracked.

   "No...me," Kelso exclaimed, oblivious to Hyde's burn.

   "Wait...behind the gym," Eric questioned, "a lot of people hang out back there...are you sure that's wise."

   "I know," Kelso bragged, "everybody saw me...it's great."

   "Yeah and it's just a matter of time before someone tells Jackie," Hyde shouted.

   "And if she finds out before Friday...there goes our ski trip, you moron," Eric spat out.

   "She won't find out," Kelso began but was interrupted by Jackie storming in through the outside door.

   "Michael Kelso you are a dog...a dirty dog," Jackie shouted at him.

   "Wait...what did I do," he asked.

   "You kissed Pam Macey," Fez muttered, smiling.

   'We're through Michael,"  she scolded him.

   "OK, fine...when we get back from your parents cabin on Sunday you can dump me," he calmly stated.

   "Oh no...no ski trip for you," she assured him.

   "That's a shame that you ruined the trip for everybody," Kelso said.

   "Oh don't worry about that," Jackie corrected him, "you're the only one not going."

   "My friends here wouldn't go without me...right guys," Kelso asked.

   "Did I mention, my parents won't be going so it's just us," Jackie added.

   "See you Monday Kelso," Eric chimed in and the others nodded their heads in agreement.

   The ride to the cabin in the woods began well, but as the snow storm grew worse, the conditions of the road deteriorated and it was inevitable that the Vista Cruiser skidded off the road and became stuck.  Eric's father Red had given him an emergency kit for the car and although Eric didn't think he had been paying attention to Red's instructions, they had definitely sank in.  Unfortunately for the other inhabitants of the car, Jackie spent the entire time whining about how much she missed Kelso.  Before long Eric had the car freed, courtesy of some kitty-litter, and they soon arrived at the deserted cabin.

   "I am so cold," Fez gasped as he rushed into the safety of the log structure, "the cold has robbed me of my manhood."

   Hyde spied Mr. Burkhardt's liquor cabinet, grabbed a bottle and handed it to Fez, "Amaretto...take a swig of this...it'll warm you up."

   Fez snatched the bottle from Hyde, twisted the cap and poured some down his throat.  "Oooo, liquid candy," he remarked before chugging about half the bottle.

   Standing in front of the fireplace, Eric stated, "we need to light up and take the chill out of the air."

   "Way ahead of you Foreman," Hyde answered, and asked Jackie, "are these your father's."  He was referring to the pipe rack on the mantle, grabbed the one with the largest bowl and began stuffing it with marijuana he retrieved from his coat pocket.

  "Wow, I was referring to the fireplace," Eric admitted, "but your idea is better, Hyde."  Eric lit the fire while Hyde lit the pipe and the five of them were soon warming up in front of a roaring fire and passing the pipe.  Hyde, Jackie and Fez sat on the sofa while Donna and Eric cuddled with a blanket around them in front of the fireplace.

   By now Jackie was constantly whining about how much she missed the cheating Kelso, and just when they were ready to throw her out in the snow, he burst through the front door covered in snow.  "Oh Michael," Jackie gushed, running to him and throwing her arms around him, "you walked all the way up here in a storm just because you missed me.  You would never do that for that tramp Pam Macey...would you."

   The truth was he had hitchhiked and gotten a ride nearly all the way with a creepy truck driver, but Kelso just stared blankly and answered, "uh...no."  Smothering him with kisses, Jackie helped him off with his coat and led him over to the couch where she shoved Fez aside and sat down on Kelso's lap.  Before long, not only were the friends passing the pipe, but also raiding the liquor cabinet.

   The one thing that was missing from their usual gathering was a TV, so before long Hyde announced, "I'm bored...isn't there anything to do here."

   "Well it's snowing too hard to ski, and I don't like being cold anyway," Jackie informed him, "but there are some games in the chest by the table."  They played Monopoly for awhile, but that got boring too, and Fez didn't really understand about the houses and hotels, so they moved on to Mousetrap.  Unfortunately there were some key pieces missing so they also abandoned that. Stopping to munch on the snacks they had brought and the sandwiches that Kitty had stashed in the car, it was obvious that they were all incredibly drunk and stoned. The guys all went outside to "write their names in the snow," and began to talk about how horny they all were.

   "It's too bad we can't get the girls to play strip poker," Hyde suggested, "that would liven things up."

   "Oooo yes, boobies...I love boobies," Fez laughed.

   "Jackie is so drunk I'm sure she would play," Kelso agreed, "she'll do anything when she's drunk."

   "Yeah, but there were no playing cards in the chest...heh, heh, chest," Eric giggled..."wait, how about strip-Operation.  If you set off the buzzer...you take off an article of clothing."

   "You're a genius Foreman," Hyde shouted, "a skinny beanpole genius.  Not only will it get the girls naked, but it will be quicker than poker...poker...get it...poke her."

   Going back inside, they explained to the girls about strip-Operation and the completely wasted Jackie eagerly agreed, "whatever you want to do Michael."

   Surprisingly, an equally blitzed Donna was even more enthusiastic as she planted a big slobbery kiss on Eric's lips and stated, "where's the game...let's get started."  They all gathered around the heavy, round wooden table and they each drew there first card telling them which body part they had to remove from the metal man.

   "Hey, hey, hey," Hyde slurred, "I got an idea...not only do you have to take off an article of clothing, but you also have to take a toke...or a drink."  Everyone heartily agreed and Kelso began the game. All six were so wasted that they couldn't have put their shoes on, let alone remove a tiny piece of metal from an equally tiny hole with a pair of tweezers, so they all lost on every turn.  The familiar sound of the buzzer rang constantly as they went around the table.

   Before long, the guys were down to their shorts: Eric and Fez in "tighty-whities, Hyde in boxers, and Kelso in some kind of zebra-print bikinis.  Hyde nearly collapsed laughing when Kelso assured him, "chicks dig it."

   Jackie giggled, "yes, they're sooo sexy," while Donna just stuck out her tongue and frowned as if she smelled something bad.  Truth be told, no one had liked Jackie very much, she was everything they despised:  she was a stuck-up, rich girl cheerleader and had nothing in common with the rest of the group.  But she had latched onto Kelso, so they grudgingly accepted her (plus sometimes, like now, it was nice to have a rich friend). That being said, all four guys could not help stare at her tiny slender body as it was displayed in skimpy pink lace matching bra and panties. There didn't appear to be much on top, but her body was certainly shapely, and not unattractive.

   Donna had just lost when the "funny-bone" tripped the buzzer and it was her turn to shed her blouse.  Standing in her conservative white panties, her long legs seemed to go all the way to her shoulders and they waited breathlessly for her to remove her top.  She had removed her pants first because, even in her inebriated condition, she knew they would ogle her remarkable breasts.  And she was right.  Pulling her blouse over her head, she revealed her lacy white bra that was having trouble containing her incredible tits. She heard moans and groans as she pulled her arms free of her shirt.  "Holy crap Donna," Hyde remarked.

   "Oh man," Kelso exclaimed before Jackie punched his arm.

  Eric just stood there with his mouth open, while Fez giggled, "I love boobies."  The lifelong friends and neighbors, Eric and Donna, had just started dating and this was the most of her luscious body he had ever seen...he still had not even gotten to "first base."  Eric was embarrassed at the noticeable "tent" in his shorts, but looking around the room he found that every male present was having the same reaction. Donna and Jackie glanced at Fez and then at each other when they saw the abnormally large bulge in his shorts...both wondering if his "package" could possibly be that huge.

  What the kids didn't know was that a similar scenario was playing out back in Point Place at Donna's house.  Red had actually been delighted that Eric was going to be absent for the weekend and had big plans for he and Kitty.  He had spread out candles, a dish of mixed nuts and a bottle of wine on the Foreman's coffee table in preparation for a sex-filled couple of days; but when Kitty came downstairs and saw the spread, she quickly nixed his plans. "Oh Red, you dog," she exclaimed, "I hate to disappoint you but we're having dinner and playing bridge at the Pinciottis.  Midge and I are having a fondue party."

   "Oh no...not the Pinciottis," Red complained, "Bob is such a dumb-ass...and I had plans...mixed nuts and everything."

   "You are such a romantic softee," Kitty softly said as she sat beside him on the sofa and kissed his cheek, "now come on, we con't want to be late," as she grabbed his hand and tugged.  Red was like a little boy pouting as he trudged across their driveway and through the Pinciottis back yard.  When Midge Pinciotti  greeted them at her back door, Red's mood immediately perked up.  Midge was an absolutely gorgeous brunette and she was wearing a sweater so tight Red could clearly see that her prominent nipples were unencumbered by a bra. She was such a beauty that Red often thought she should have been  Playboy bunny...or at least grace the centerfold.

   Everyone who ever met the Pinciottis wondered how Bob had landed such a babe as Midge (the truth was that she had become pregnant with Donna, and Bob was a convenient father for her baby). As Red was admiring the curves displayed by her skintight pants, her doofy husband Bob glided into the kitchen and greeted the Foremans: "hey Kitty...Red...you ready to lose at bridge."

   "Bob, stop it...be nice," Midge scolded her Brillo-headed husband.

   "Nice to see you too Bob," Red sarcastically answered.

   While Midge fried up some nice chunks of beef, Kitty set the Sterno under the bowl of cheddar, and in no time it was time to eat.  "How does this work," Red inquired, staring at Midge's ass as she bent over the stove.

   "Well, everyone gets one of these long forks," Kitty instructed, "and you dip your meat into the cheese...and them just eat it.  Be careful though, the cheese is very hot.  I read about this in Cosmo."

   "Ooo, I just love cheese," cooed Midge.

  "Right...Cosmo," Red grumbled as he stabbed a big chunk of beef and dipped it into the molten cheese, "I know where I'd like to stick my meat."  Blowing on it a few seconds to cool it, he popped it into his mouth and grinned, "hey, not half bad."

 Bob followed suit, bit off about half his meat and then dipped it back in the cheddar.  "Oh no no no," Kitty scolded him, "double dipping is a fon-don't," and she broke into her familiar (yet annoying) cackle over her own joke: "heh, heh, heh, no double dipping."

   "Yeah...jeez Bob, nobody wants your spit in the cheese," Red added, sounding pissed.  Kitty had brought a nice bottle of wine, and although Red wasn't exactly a wine connoisseur (he would much rather have a bottle of beer), it seemed to go well with the fondue.  After a surprisingly pleasant meal, the dishes were quickly cleared and Bob opened a new deck of cards.  Midge and Kitty got out the blender and in no time had a pitcher of strawberry daiquiris (Kitty's favorite) on the table. They seemed to be drinking more than playing cards, and soon they were on their third pitcher of frosty beverages, and feeling totally uninhibited.

   Only one other person in Point Place was aware of the secret kept by Kitty and Red:  when they were a couple during Red's enlistment in the Army, they had maintained quite a reputation of being "swingers."  They had participated in many couples swaps and several orgies, experimenting in very diverse sexual acts.  No one would have guessed that the "tight-ass" redneck that Red appeared to be now, could have lived that double-life.  All inhibitions now gone and just staring at Midge's tight slacks and sweater, Red reverted to his more open personality.  "This is boring as Hell, what do you say we liven things up a bit."

   He saw the twinkle in Kitty's eyes and knew she was thinking the same thing, as Bob asked, "what did you have in mind Red ?"

   "We're all adults here and I was thinking of maybe spicing up this game by playing strip-bridge," Red suggested, "that is if you're up to it."

   Never one to back down from a challenge, especially from Red, Bob readily agreed, "I just hope for your sake Red that you're wearing about six pairs of underwear."

   The usually silent Midge spoke up with a surprising suggestion, her speech slightly slurred, "bridge takes too long...how about if we each just draw one card.  High card wins and the others have to take off an article of clothing...shoes and socks don't count."

   "I love that woman," Red agreed, "I'll shuffle the deck and let's get started."  All four just kicked off their shoes and socks as they drew cards.  Red drew a King declaring, "how appropriate," and the other three threw off their tops.  Red's eyes bulged when Midge tugged her over her head and her absolutely perfect 36 C breasts jiggled free.  "Holy crap, Midge, those are incredible...it's a shame to hide them."  They were every bit as magnificent as Red had thought they would be: perfectly round, sticking straight out without a trace of sag; her large areola surrounding jellybean sized pink nipples.  "You're a lucky man Bob," Red commented.

   "Don't I know it," Bob replied grinning, "aren't they something.  But hey, you're lucky too," he continued, indicating Kitty's breasts which were still partially covered with a very lacy, but demure white bra.

   "You don't have to tell me," Red agreed, "best rack in Point Place."

   "Oh Red," Kitty blushed as everyone reached for another card and another sip of daiquiri. this time Midge drew high card and Kitty shrugged her bra from her shoulders baring her ample 36 D tits.  They were just as nice as Midge's, just different.  Kitty's breasts didn't jiggle...they swayed when she moved, and hung on her chest.  Her areola were a light brown and her nipples resembled pencil erasers.

   The daiquiris were being consumed like water and the next round saw Midge lose her slacks and Kitty down to her very conservative plain white panties.  "If I had known I would have worn something a little more sexy," she admitted.

   When Midge finally succeeded in peeling off her skin-tight slacks, it was revealed that she had gone completely "commando," deciding to forego any panties.  Her plump fleshy mound was completely bald and fascinated Red, "The last time I saw a bald one was when Laurie needed her diaper changed...it's very attractive."

   Swiveling in her chair and spreading her legs so Red could get a better look, Midge seemed pleased, "you really like it...I could help Kitty to do it.  Before I met Bob I modeled swimsuits and we always shaved our pussies."

   "Well, that's up to her," Red admitted, "but I kinda like fighting my way through the jungle to get to the prize."

   "Yeah, no getting hair stuck between your teeth," Bob smiled.

   Kitty was next to lose her panties and there truly was a dark blonde jungle hiding her slit as she slid her panties off.  Bob was wearing some kind of jungle print boxers, and when he pushed them down his prick was already hard.  It was a respectable six inches, but very fat like a Coke bottle.  Midge was waiting almost breathlessly as Red began to lower his saggy tighty-whities.  She could see that there was an insanely large bulge and he was having difficulty stretching the waistband over his hardening rod.  "Oh my," she gasped when he finally shoved them down and off.  His cock was truly monstrous: nearly a foot in length and the girth of a soup can...like a fat kielbasa as it waved between his legs.  "Kitty no wonder you're never in a bad mood," Midge whispered.

   Midge sat back in her chair, spread her long legs and began to rub her already glistening mound.  "Like Red said, we're all adults here," Kitty repeated as she dropped to her knees in front of Midge's chair, placed her hands on Midge's creamy thighs and dipped her dark blonde head into her crotch. Kitty seemed to be right at home as she licked Midge's bald mound, tracing her slit from bottom to top.

   "Mmmm Kitty," Midge moaned as Kitty's tongue delved between her slit and into her pussy, her head tilting back.

   Kitty raised her ass into the air as she kneeled, and Bob recognizing an invitation, stepped up behind her.  When she felt him fumbling to spread her ample ass cheeks apart, she turned her head and instructed him, "wrong hole Bob...only Red gets my ass."

   Never missing a beat, the eager Bob used his stubby fingers to fight his way through Kitty's dark blonde bush until he found her fleshy lips.  She spread her knees as far as she could without losing balance, and Bob nudged his crown against her slit.  Although his prick was very fat, he pushed into her with relative ease since she was used to Red's giant cock.   "Nice," she moaned into Midge's crotch as Bob's wide plug filled her hole.

   Midge's perfect tits were like magnets to Red's hands as he stood behind her chair and roughly squeezed and kneaded them, trapping her hard nipples between his course fingers. He was amazed at how firm they were in his palms. "Oh my," she groaned as Kitty's tongue slid in and out of her cunt and Red fondled her tits.  Seeing her open mouth, Red got an idea and stepped over to the counter where the cooling pot of fondue was sitting.  He tested the temperature with his finger, and satisfied, proceeded to dip the tip of his hard-on into the still liquid cheddar.

    Seeing him, Bob commented, "what the Hell, Red...you complained about my spit."

   Smiling from ear to ear, Red presented his now yellow prick to Midge's face, "you said you loved cheese."

   "Mmmm...yummy," Midge agreed, as she opened her mouth wide while Red slid his thick cheese-stick past her ruby-red lips. It was a struggle because of it's immense size, but Midge allowed Red to shove into her mouth until he nudged the back of her throat.

   "Holy crap, you're a real trooper Midge," Red exclaimed as he eased his way down her throat.

   "Mank muu," she mumbled as she sucked and milked his pole, reaching up to squeeze his scrotum.  Kitty was finding it difficult to lick Midge's pussy because Bob was now fucking her from behind as hard as he could, her body shaking with his strokes; so she just inserted two fingers into Midge's slit and finger-fucked her.  Looking down and watching his wife's fingers sliding in and out of Midge's inviting hole, Red knew what he wanted and withdrew from her mouth, his prick cheese-free. He stepped in front of the chair, lifted her naked body with seeming ease by putting his hands into her armpits and set her beautiful ass down on the edge of the table. Spreading her shapely legs wide, Midge grinned from ear to ear and urged him, "fuck me, Red."

   Holding his enormous cock in his hand, Red rubbed his tennis ball sized head up and down her juicy slit, enjoying the feel of her slippery bald flesh.  Gently easing his crown between her fleshy lips, Red pushed forward as his cock speared her hole.  "Oh my gosh," Midge groaned as Red steadily shoved his huge pole up into her belly, stretching her tunnel as he proceeded.  Nothing had ever been that far up her cunt, and Midge begged him, "fuck me Red...fuck me...jam that big beautiful cock into me."  Red decided to tease her and as slowly as possible he would withdraw and then slide up into her, letting her feel the entire length of her tunnel shrink and then expand.  He enjoyed watching her slick lips grip his massive pole as he pulled out and then disappear up into her when he pushed forward. "Enough Red," Midge yelled, "shove that big fucking cock into me."

   Smiling contentedly, Red obliged, and rammed his monstrous pole up into Midge's cunt as hard as he could, his balls slapping against the edge of the table. Shoving his hands under her beautiful ass cheeks, he gripped them firmly and drew her into him as he shoved forward, slamming his cock violently into her.  Midge lay back onto the table, her lustrous hair spreading out behind her, her legs splayed wide apart and screamed, "ohhh yessss...stretch my fucking cunt...fuck me Red...fuck me."  He loved the way her incredibly firm tits jiggled as he thrust up into her hole, and he leaned over and roughly ground her left nipple between his teeth.

   The muscles lining her pussy went into a spasm and squeezed his cock so hard that Red ground his pelvis against hers and began to squirt his sperm deep into her belly.  Feeling his hot fluid against her womb, Midge squealed, "holy shit...fill my fucking cunt...cum in me Red...cum in me."  Red continued pumping into her until every last drop from his balls was deposited in Midge's pussy; then he backed up and watched as his huge cock slipped out of her hole like a giant snake. As she lay on the table, her legs spread wide and her hole still stretched open; Red's cum began to drip out of her opening onto the kitchen floor.  Sitting up, Midge proclaimed, "I better clean that up before Bob slips on it and breaks his neck."

   "Are you sure you want to," Red joked, and they both laughed.

  Kitty had leaned forward with her forearms on the floor, shoving her ass high in the air, giving Bob a much better angle to jack-hammer her pussy from behind.  He was sweating profusely as he pounded her cunt with his fat tool.  Her tit-bags were swaying back and forth beneath her and Red whispered in Bob's ear.  Bob withdrew his plug from Kitty's pussy and she turned to object when she saw Red grinning.  Bob sat back in his kitchen chair as Red helped his wife up and led her over to where their neighbor was waiting. Now she knew what Red had in mind and she straddled Bob's lap, facing him as he pointed his fat prick at the ceiling.

   Lowering her slightly plump body, she impaled herself again on his penis, welcoming it back inside her pussy.  She leaned forward against Bob's hairy chest while Red stepped up behind her. Feeling him spread her fleshy cheeks, exposing her sphincter, she tried to relax, making penetration easier for him.  Red's giant cock, still slippery with Midge's fluids began to push through her muscle ring, which was even tighter than usual because her cunt was being stretched by Bob. "Oh shit, Red," Kitty groaned as he pushed further into her asshole, both holes now being stretched by thick meat. "Oh my goodness...fuck me...fuck my fucking holes," she moaned. Red continued to push forward until his balls rested against her and Bob.

   "You've still got a tight ass," Red whispered in Kitty's ear as he began to fuck her.

   "Heh, heh, heh," she cackled, "you old sweet talker...it's nice to have Big Red home again," referring to their nickname for Red's penis.

   Bob and Red started to thrust and withdraw in unison, allowing her body to relax, and then stuffing her holes full again. Midge stood against the table, rubbing her pussy and waiting for her turn as they fucked Kitty harder and harder.  Red grasped her waist and began to thrust into her ass so fast Midge expected to see smoke. Bob was slamming his prick up into her pussy and working up a creamy froth around her mound.  "Oh shit...fill my holes," Kitty ordered as they fucked her.

   "I'm ready when you are, Red," Bob grunted and when he felt Red's prick begin to twitch, they both unloaded their wads up Kitty's holes. She urged them on by bouncing and twisting her body between them, trying to milk every drop from their balls.  Red had already emptied his balls into Midge's pussy, so he was quickly spent and let his drooping pole naturally slip out of his wife's stretched out ass.  "Wow Kitty, you really know how to fuck," Bob complimented his neighbor as he pumped her full of his seed.  She was still bouncing up and down on his lap, milking his rod with her pussy.

   Red collapsed into a kitchen chair, his flaccid prick laying between his legs like a salami as Kitty climbed off Bob and stood next to Midge, now leaning against the counter.  "Oh no you don't," the gorgeous brunette scolded them, "you're not quitting now that it's my turn for two cocks."

   Red looked at the Playboy deserving body, with his cum dripping down her inner thighs, and his pole began to quickly grow to attention.  When it was pointed straight at the ceiling, he urged her, "climb on."  She surprised him by backing up to his chair, straddling his legs and spreading his own cum all over his penis. "Are you sure," he asked as she reached behind her and spread her perfect cheeks wide.  Red was fairly certain she had never had anything as large as his rod in her ass before, but was certainly eager to accommodate her. Feeling his crown wedge against her hole, Midge slowly lowered her beautiful body until he popped through her sphincter ring.

   Red put his hands around her slender body and grasped her incredibly firm breasts as she slowly impaled herself on his gigantic cock. When she was sitting firmly on his lap, her rear tunnel bursting with meat, Midge groaned, "holy shit that's fucking big."

   "Are you ready for me, honey," Bob asked, standing in front of her with his fat prick bobbing back and forth.

   "Fuck me Bob," she requested as she leaned back against Red's chest and spread her puffy lips with her fingers, "I'm already wet...just shove it in."  Standing between her legs, Bob lined up his crown with her hole and lunged forward, burying his wide plug into her cunt.  MIdge's groin was now so full of cock that both her holes were tighter than they had been since she was thirteen, and Red and Bob were enjoying the sensation of fucking a virgin.  "Oh my gosh...fuck me...fuck me," Midge begged as they began to shove their cocks into her together.

   Red could not believe how firm her tits were as he rolled her nipples between his fingers.  Looking over, he watched as Kitty hopped up on the counter, splayed her legs and began to fuck herself with the empty wine bottle.  As it disappeared into her dirty-blonde bush, Red met every thrust by jamming his cock up into Midge's tight ass.  He could feel Bob's dick through her membrane and they matched each other's strokes; fucking her holes almost violently.  Grinding her ass down into Red's lap, Midge ordered them, "fuck me...fuck me harder."

   Her body began to shiver and twitch, the muscles in her tunnels contracting and releasing.  Bob and Red rammed their rigid cocks into her as hard as they could, slamming against her naked body. "Ohhh fuck,"  Midge squealed as they pumped whatever cum they had left into her holes.  Bob was sweating so profusely that Red was afraid he would have a heart attack as his neighbor sank into a chair.  Red lifted Midge's wonderful body off his lap, sat her in his chair and went over to the counter where his wife was fucking herself.

   He replaced her grip on the bottle with his hand and thrust the slimy glass dildo up into her cunt.  Her tits had spread out onto the sides of her chest and Kitty began to knead them and pinch her fat nipples.  "Oh Red," she moaned, "fuck me you big hunk of man."  Using the bottle, he fucked his beloved wife, her bush now matted with her own juices. He marveled at how much of the green glass was was disappearing up into her.  Holding onto the glass with only two fingers, the bottom of the bottle was now surrounded by her plump lips. Finding his way through her jungle, Red flicked her erect clit with his tongue and her body responded by thrashing from side to side.  "Oh my fucking God," Kitty screamed as Red bit down on her bud.

   "Well, that was fun.  Let's do it again sometime," Kitty suggested a short time later as she and Red put on their shoes and left through the Pinciotti's back door.

   "Who would have thought that I would have such good time at that dumb-asses house," Red declared as he and Kitty made their way through the hedge on their way home.

   He patted Kitty's pronounced ass and she scolded him, "oh Red...you devil, heh, heh, heh."

   At the cabin, Fez had just drawn the Ace of Clubs and everyone now had to reveal some private parts, and take another shot of the Vodka from the Burkhardt liquor cabinet.  They had long since depleted the bowl of weed, and no one was volunteering to go out to the Vista Cruiser and get the stash from Hyde's duffel bag. Kelso, acting like an excited puppy, shoved his exotic bikinis off his long legs, proud of the six inch "hot dog" they had concealed.  Eric was a little more shy, even in his condition, and turned his back as he uncovered his bony ass for his friends.  When he turned around, Donna was pleased with the nice fat eight incher he sported, and winked appreciatively at him.  Hyde made a production of shoving his boxers off and shouted, "ta da," as his hard-on came into view.  It's size was between Kelso and Eric: about seven inches and not quite as thick as Eric's, but with a larger crown.

   Now the guys all stood back to watch, and Hyde urged, "OK girls...let's go...top or bottom, what's it going to be."

   "You're such an ass sometimes," Donna told him as she reached behind her to unsnap her bra.

   "Yeah, and I've been waiting to see your ass for years," he quipped as Donna shrugged her straps off her silky shoulders and slowly drew her bra off to reveal the finest breasts any one of them had ever seen.  They were absolutely glorious: a full 38 D and they hung on her chest like overfilled water balloons.  Her pink areola were the size of silver dollars, surrounding fully engorged gum drop nipples of a darker pink.  When she moved, they didn't jiggle...they swayed.  "Again...holy crap Donna," Hyde remarked as she blushed.  Eric just stared at his girlfriend's marvelous tits, his jaw dropping even farther.

   "Oooo boobies," Fez exclaimed, "I love this country."

   "Holy shit, Donna," Kelso shouted, hopping around like he was standing on hot coals...until Jackie slugged him in the arm.  "Oww, he responded," then realizing what he had said, "I mean, you haven't seen anything yet...go ahead Jackie."  Looking mad, she unsnapped the front closure, let it slide down her skinny arms and threw her bra at Kelso.  As expected, her breasts were tiny; 34 B, but surprisingly her nipples were incredibly long, like elongated pale pink jelly beans.  Despite what he had been telling the guys, this was also the first time he had seen his girlfriend's breasts and he could hardly keep from touching them.  "They are sooo cute Jackie," Kelso encouraged her, but she wasn't sure it was a compliment or a crack about how diminutive they were.

   "Yeah, yeah, let's play cards," Hyde urged them, "there's still clothes to lose."  Hyde actually won the next hand with the Jack of Spades and rubbed his hands together, "now for the good stuff."  Everyone took another shot of Vodka and Fez gladly stripped off his saggy tighty-whities.  Now it was the girls turn to have their jaws drop as they stared at the snake waving freely between his thighs.  His penis was at least twelve inches long and as thick as a kielbasa.  "Holy crap Fez," Hyde chided him, "I can't believe they let you through customs with that weapon."  Donna and Jackie broke their trance, glanced at each other, and then back to Fez's pride and joy.  Even though they both had boyfriends, if they had been truthful, they both felt a dampness growing in their crotches as they stared at Fez's dick.  Hyde brought them back to reality, "your turn girls."

   Making eye contact with each other, Donna and Jackie slowly shoved their panties down in unison.  "Wow, Jackie," Kelso exclaimed when he saw her pussy for the first time.  It was completely bald...not what he was expecting.

   "I read that the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders shave their pussies so that there is no chance of hair sticking out of their uniforms," she confided without even being asked.  Her mound was very prominent and presented a perfect "camel-toe."

   "You are so beautiful," Eric complimented Donna, staring at her pussy.  The rug matched the drapes as her bush was a bright red.  It was closely trimmed in a triangular shape, so short that her unbelievably long lips were totally visible.  Jackie had urged her to trim her former jungle at the beginning of Summer so that her hair didn't show when they wore bathing suits.

   "Hot, you mean, Foreman," Hyde corrected him.

   "Holy crap," was all Fez could say as he stroked his massive prick, which was growing steadily harder and longer.  The sexual tension in the cabin was so obvious that the guys could smell the girls arousal.  The fire in the fireplace had waned, but no one seemed anything but overheated. All inhibitions had disappeared and everyone was just wondering how things were going to proceed.

   Donna broke the tension as she went over to Eric, put her arms around his neck and began to kiss him passionately.  Putting his arms around her, he pulled her naked body against his, trapping his hard-on between them.  He cupped her incredible ass cheeks tightly, something he would have asked permission to do if he had been sober, and squeezed the soft flesh roughly.  She whispered in his ear, "I want you...I want you to be my first...fuck me Eric."  She dropped to her knees, his hard-on slapping her in the face, and grasped his impressive shaft with both hands. Like an old pro, she instinctively started to lick the length of his shaft, from his balls to his crown.

   Eric looked down between them as Donna opened her inviting mouth and enveloped his bulbous head.  "Holy crap," he sighed as he watched his shaft disappear further inside her mouth until he bumped the back of her throat.  Her cheeks indented as she sucked his rod and fondled his scrotum. Eric leaned forward, reached down, and began to knead her magnificent tits, rolling her hard nipples between his fingers.

   "Holy shit...suck that cock Donna," Hyde yelled, "Foreman, you lucky bastard."  Eric smiled broadly and when Donna withdrew for air, he hooked his hands under her armpits and urged her to stand.  Backing her up to the sturdy wooden table, he lifted her up and sat her on the edge.  Kneeling between her creamy white thighs, he spread her legs with his hands and leaned into her crotch.  Without the vodka and pot, Donna would have died with embarrassment, but loved the look on Eric's face as he gazed at her damp pussy.  He had seen bush shots in the Playboys he kept under his mattress, but never before had he seen the slit or the lips, and he was anxious to explore.  He gingerly grasped her elongated lips between his thumbs and forefingers and stretched then wide.

   They must have been nearly three inches long and he kept waiting for Donna to slap him or yell at him to stop, but when he looked up, she was smiling at him with encouragement.  Gently releasing them, he hooked his thumbs inside her slit and tenderly spread her opening wide.  "Oh my God...it's sooo pink," he exclaimed and then blew hot air up inside her.

   "Ohhh shit Eric," Donna groaned, and pulled Eric's head into her crotch.  Taking the hint, Eric extended his tongue inside her cavern and began to lick her pussy, using his tongue to scoop out her juices so he could swallow them. Her clit had become engorged and when he bumped it with his nose, her whole body quivered and his face was flooded with her juices. Her thighs clamped his head as he slurped up every drop he could, his face now drenched. Donna's hands had a death-grip on the edge of the table and she lay back on it and urged Eric, "come on lover...fuck me...shove that fucking cock in me."  It never even occurred to her that all her friends were watching...she just knew she needed to be fucked.

   She released her grip on Eric's head and spread her legs as wide as possible, inviting him to enter her.  His dreams coming true, Eric gazed at the incredible naked beauty displayed on the table and wedged his body between her thighs.  He rubbed his crown up and down her slit, making sure the tip was well lubricated, then spread her lips with his thumbs and gently pushed his head between her slit. Applying forward pressure, he easily slid inside her pussy, stretching her opening to accommodate his prick.  Slowly he pushed forward; he had paid attention in Health class and expected to encounter a barrier just inside. Reading his mind, Donna assured him, "hair brush...fuck me baby."  Grinning, Eric shoved forward, burying his eight inch cock inside her.

   Feeling her cunt being stretched by a cock for the first time, Donna screamed, "holy shit Eric...that feels so fucking good...fuck me baby...fuck me."  Her legs dangling off the edge of the table, Eric grasped her waist and began to shove his cock in and out of her juicy cunt. "Making love" to his girlfriend would have to wait...now he was fucking her.  Her pussy was making squishy sounds as Eric thrust up into her and Donna squealed, "fuck me Eric...fuck me...I love your fucking cock."  Harder and faster he shoved his prick into her hole, mesmerized by the way her giant tits were flopping back and forth against the sides of her chest.  She was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen and it was driving him wild the way her cunt muscles were grasping his cock.

   "This is sooo great," Eric panted as he rammed his hard-on in and out of her wet tunnel.

   "Shut up and fuck me," Donna ordered him, "harder."

   Eric was really getting into it now, shoving his rod into her so hard that she was sliding on the table.  Donna wrapped her endlessly long legs around his waist, trying to draw him farther into her pussy.  His mind working overtime, Eric decided to try something different. Leaning over and wrapping his bony arms around her waist, he picked her up and turned around so that his back was leaning against the table. Going with the flow, Donna put her arms around his neck, released his waist and rested her extended legs on top of the table, transferring some of her weight so Eric didn't have to support them both. Moving his hands down to cup her perfect cheeks, Eric began to bounce her up and down on his shaft, bending his knees to get more upward leverage.

   This was just the opportunity the scheming Hyde had been waiting for and he stepped up behind the beautiful redhead, his prick in his hand.  Feeling him behind her, Donna looked around and warned him, "don't you dare even think about it."

   "Come on Donna, you'll love it," Hyde tried to persuade her, "I know I will."

   Jackie had been sitting on the sofa making out furiously with Kelso, watching her friends have sex, and she came to Donna's rescue...so she thought.  "Oh Donna, I have just the thing," she assured her as she rummaged around in her pocket book.  Jackie produced a small bottle of baby oil and proclaimed, "this should do the trick."  When she saw the puzzled looks around the room, she explained, "how do you think I keep these perfectly soft elbows...I don't want them getting all rough and scaly like Donna's."

   She brought the bottle over to Hyde, and for good measure, slapped Donna on the ass so hard it left a hand impression of her pale skin.  Hyde squirted a generous amount of oil along his length and threw the bottle at Kelso, who tried  to duck but his reactions were too slow. Stepping up behind Donna, Hyde was helped by Eric who pulled her fleshy cheeks wide apart, exposing her brown hole. "You better be fucking careful, nothings ever been in there before," she admonished him, "or I'll slug you."

   "You won't be able to say that after today," Hyde joked, as he started to wedge his crown against her sphincter ring.  Holding her cheeks wide apart, Eric ground his pelvis against her slippery mound, trying to take her mind off the impending backdoor penetration.  Realizing what he was doing, a grateful Donna began to kiss him passionately, her tongue delving down his throat.  Having difficulty gaining entrance, Hyde quipped, "I always knew you were a tight ass."  Bending his knees and shoving upward, Hyde finally plowed through her ring and into her ass hole.  His cock coated with oil, Hyde didn't stop pushing until he was balls deep inside her ass.

  "Oh my fucking God," Donna squealed as her body was stretched by two cocks at the same time.  Twenty minutes ago she was a virgin, and now she was being double penetrated...and she couldn't have been happier.  Eric and Hyde just stood there motionless, Donna's weight equally distributed between them, letting her get used to the extreme invasion. Finally, Donna asked, "well...are you gonna fuck me or not ?"  Instantly, Hyde and Eric began to shove their cocks up into her stretched out holes together.  "Holy fucking shit that feels good," Donna screamed as she threw her head back, butting Hyde's forehead, "fuck me...jam those fucking cocks into me...fuck me...fuck me."

   Both Eric and Hyde were bending their knees deeply, gaining more leverage to shove their poles up into the insatiable Donna.  Her lustrous hair was flying around her head and her giant tits flopping against her chest as they violently fucked her holes. "Oh my God yessss," she shouted, "fuck me...fuck me...I love fucking cock."  Eric was busy holding her ass, so Hyde reached around and began to knead her huge tit-bags, pinching her fully erect nipples roughly.  Feeling their cocks inside her, rubbing together through her thin membrane, Donna lost all control and her entire body began to spasm between them.  "Ahhhhhhh," was all she could moan as she climaxed multiple times; their cocks continuing to fuck her.

   Watching her friend lose control, Jackie yelled at Kelso, "well, what are you waiting for Michael...they're beating us.

   "Allll right...finally," Kelso leaned back on the couch holding his "hot dog" so it pointed at the ceiling and suggested, "hop on Jackie."  She may not have been as voluptuous as Donna, but Jackie's nude body was shapely, cute and tight as she faced Kelso and straddled his lap.  With her totally bald mound and her tiny tits, she looked like she was about thirteen (not the legal age that she was), and for some reason that turned Kelso on even more. His eyes were glued to her bare crotch as she began to lower her slim body. Using her fingers to spread her puffy lips, Jackie felt his crown slip between her slit for the first time. As she lowered her body, impaling herself on his hard-on, she winked and assured him, "Donna's hair brush."

   His slim penis easily slid into her tunnel and when she was sitting on his lap, she encouraged him, "you feel sooo good Micheal...now fuck me."  Immediately he came to life and began to thrust into her tiny body like a jack-rabbit; slamming upward into her pussy. Her knees beside him on the sofa, Jackie used them to bounce up and down with his strokes. "Ohhh Michael," she moaned as he leaned forward and took one of her incredibly long nipples between his teeth.

   After watching Hyde violate Donna, Fez stepped up behind Jackie, the bottle of baby oil in one hand and his pole in the other.  Turning to stare at him, Jackie spat out, "oh no you don't...I'm not giant Donna."  Seeing the deflated look on Fez's face, Jackie greedily eyed his stiff rod and suggested, "I will suck you though."  Happily, Fez tossed the bottle aside and jumped onto the sofa. Standing beside Kelso, Fez presented his massive prick to Jackie's mouth.  There was no way his tennis ball sized crown would fit through her lips, so Jackie grabbed his cock with her tiny hand and began to run her tongue all around his dark purple head. Her small fingers didn't come close to encircling his tool, and it seemed even larger in her hand.  Still bouncing in rhythm with Kelso's thrusts, she licked the entire length of Fez's prick, running her tongue around the bulbous crown.

   "Oh Jackie, your tongue feels so good," Fez exclaimed as she sucked on just the tip of his pole.  Without warning, Kelso's body began to twitch under her, and Jackie could feel his warm liquid spreading inside her.

   "Already Michael," she scolded, "this part wasn't a race."

   "You just turn me on so much," he sheepishly apologized as he pumped up into her pussy.

   She released Fez's prick and rolled off of Kelso's lap, his "hot dog" slipping out of her like a limp noodle.  Leaning back against the sofa, she brought her legs up and spread them wide.  She was a cheerleader and her tiny body was so nimble that her legs were virtually straight out to the sides, like she was performing a split.  Her tiny slit was wide open as she splayed her slender legs; Kelso's cum clearly visible. "Get over here and fuck me," she ordered the excited Fez. He jumped off the sofa, knelled in front of her and pressed his huge crown against her soggy slit. Staring down between her legs, Jackie thought it looked like a fence post was aimed at her crotch...and she couldn't wait to feel it inside her.  "Go ahead," she urged.

   Fez couldn't believe his luck as he gazed at the cute little naked body in front of him.  Holding his rigid tool in his hand, Fez pushed forward, watching Jackie's fleshy lips stretch to accommodate his large head.  She grabbed fistfuls of sofa cushion in her hands and grit her teeth as she felt her opening stretch around his crown. "Holy shit," she whispered as his tennis-ball forced it's way inside her.  Fez was fascinated as he pushed forward, watching his giant pole disappear into the slender body of his friend's girlfriend. The sensation was incredible as Jackie felt her tight cunt stretching as Fez shoved into her inch by inch. At first she thought it was pain, then Jackie realized it was the most exquisitely wonderful feeling she had ever experienced.

   Fez gripped her slim waist and actually grimaced as he shoved the last few inches up into her tunnel.  She was so tight that he could feel his foreskin peeling back, but nothing was going to stop him from stuffing her full.  "Oh my God, Fez," Jackie groaned, "your cock is so big."  Her taut stomach was actually distended by the huge hunk of meat in her belly, and when Fez began to withdraw, she could feel his cock scrape every nerve ending in her tunnel.  "Holy shit Fez...fuck me...fuck me," she begged when he had completely withdrawn.

   Fez, who had also been a virgin before that night, was so turned on that he replied, "yes my pretty," and rammed the entire length of his cock up into her cunt.  Her petite body quivered as she provided extra lubrication, and Fez began to fuck her. He slammed his monstrous cock in and out of her pussy, noting that it was now coated with a white froth. "Your pussy is so tight," Fez complimented her as he thrust into her as hard as he could; his balls slapping against her ass.

   "Just fuck me," she panted, "fuck me with that big beautiful cock...fuck me hard."  Kelso, sitting next to her just stared as Fez fucked his girlfriend.  He wondered how that much cock was fitting up inside her tiny body.  Leaning over he started to  tweak her incredibly long nipples; pulling them out and watching them snap back.  She seemed totally oblivious to his presence; concentrating only on the horse-cock fucking her pussy.  "Oh my God Fez...fuck me...stretch my little pussy," she encouraged him.  "I need to feel your cum in me."

   He grasped her ankles, holding her legs wide as he violently shoved his massive cock into her pussy.  "Here I cum, Jackie," he gasped, "get ready for my semen," remembering his Health class. He rammed his fat meat up into her belly, held it there, and began to empty his balls against her womb. "Oooo Jackie, that feels so good."

   It felt like a hot water bottle had burst in her belly, and Jackie's naked body was racked by a series of orgasms; her legs twitching and jerking as Fez held them tight. "Ohhhh my God...oh my God," she squealed as Fez pumped her full. "Fuck me Fez...fuck me."  Fez filled her pussy with years of pent up frustration, as he continued to fuck her as hard as he could, wanting to enjoy the feeling of her tight tunnel as long as possible.

   Jackie collapsed back against the sofa and Fez leaned back on his heels, his prodigious pole still inside her. Looking down between her legs, Jackie could not believe that a cock that size had actually been all the way inside her. Fez watched as his member began to shrivel and soon it naturally slipped out of her hole, leaving it stretched wide open.  "Oooo Jackie, I can see way up inside you," Fez exclaimed as he stuck his face between her splayed thighs.  She leaned forward to see, and large gobs of cum began to drool out of her cunt.

   "I have to admit Foreman, your girlfriend has one great ass," Hyde congratulated him as they jammed their cocks up her holes.

   "Thanks Hyde...the rest of her isn't bad either," Eric agreed.

   "Yeah, thanks Hyde," Donna panted, "you're quite an ass yourself."

   "Burn," Kelso yelled across the room.

   Hyde answered by shoving his prick up into her ass as hard as he could and spraying a stream of cum deep inside her.  "Oh my God...did you just cum...I can feel that," Eric yelled, louder than he expected.  Feeling Donna's belly become even warmer, Eric shoved his eight inches as far up her pussy as he could and began to pump his sperm into his girlfriend's tunnel, grinding his pelvis against hers.

   Feeling the two cocks twitching and jerking inside her stretched out holes, Donna's body went into a spasm and she squealed, "holy fucking shit...fuck me...fuck me...fill me up." Wrapping her silky thighs around Eric, her body writhed between them as they pumped their seed into her belly.  "That feels so fucking good," she groaned, "why didn't you fuck me before Eric."

   "Wait...what...I wanted to...you wouldn't...what," her statement had left him almost incoherent as he sprayed her with his jism.

   "Burn...just messin' with you," she grinned..."fuck me baby."

   Pumping the last drop up into her, he suddenly realized how tired his arms were, even though having her trapped between him and Hyde had taken some of the weight off.  Hyde backed away, his prick sliding out of her ass; a satisfied and smug look on his face and Eric set Donna's magnificent nude body down on the floor. Suddenly he had a sinking feeling in his stomach and he blurted out, "oh my God, Donna...are we going to have a baby."

   "Probably...Little Eric," she calmly stated, and then seeing his scared expression, she added, "relax...my Mom's had me on the Pill for six months.

   Fez was laying on a faux bear-skin rug in front of the fireplace stroking his hard-on and added, "besides Eric, a girl can't get pregnant if you do it standing up," (maybe he hadn't been paying attention in Health class after all).

    "No...that's not it," Kelso added, "it's that a girl can't get pregnant if you do it under water...like at the pool."

   "That moron is your boyfriend," Donna said pointing at Jackie.

   "And just in case you're interested Michael," Jackie tersely added, "as soon as I told my Mom Donna was on the Pill, she let me go on it too."

   Donna had been watching Fez stroke his gigantic prick, thinking it looked like he had grown a third arm out of his groin. She gave Eric a quick peck on his cheek and wandered over to the fireplace where she dropped to her knees on the soft rug and replaced his hand with hers.  Even Donna's long fingers didn't go around Fez's fat pole and she told him, "I have to feel that monster inside me."

   "Oooo, I love America," Fez grinned, "two beauties in one day."

   Cum was drooling down her smooth thighs as Donna straddled Fez's prone figure; she looked like an Amazon standing over him.  Staring up at her, her huge tits actually blocking her face, Fez thought she was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. Dropping to her knees, she again grasped his giant pole and wedged his bulbous crown between her unbelievably long lips. Feeling her slit spread farther than it had ever been, Donna began to bend her knees, lowering herself onto his monstrous cock.  Feeling every inch of her tunnel being stretched, she groaned, "holy shit," as she continued to impale herself.  Fez, already in heaven, reached up to grasp her waist, and immediately pulled her down onto the last few inches of his horse-cock.

   Twelve inches of fat meat stretching her cunt to new extremes, Donna screamed, "holy fucking shit your cock is big.  Oh my God, Fez...fuck me...shove that big fucking cock into me."  Using her legs as leverage, Donna began to bounce up and down on Fez's lap, impaling herself on his huge pole. She closed her eyes, as if shutting down all other stimulation would let her enjoy being stretched by Fez's massive meat even more.  Fez just lay back watching the beautiful Donna slide up and down on his prick, her long lips gripping it tightly, and her huge tits making "slapping" sounds as they flopped against her chest.

   Having just been a virgin, it felt like Fez's arm was up inside her pussy as Donna bounced up and down.  "Holy crap Fez...fuck me...fuck me," she screeched, "shove that big fucking cock up me...stretch my fucking cunt."  Fez responded by thrusting up into her as hard as he could, meeting her body as she bounced.  "Yes...yesss," she gasped as she felt his giant cock pounding up into her, "harder...fuck me harder...oh my God I love cock."

   "Holy crap, look at Donna," Kelso shouted, "I want some of that."  His prick still slick from Jackie, Kelso keeled behind Donna and spread her ample cheeks with his hands.  Knowing his dick was considerably smaller than Hyde's, Donna just leaned forward against Fez's chest and tried to relax her sphincter muscles.  Even though her body was being stretched by Fez, Kelso easily slid his "hot dog" up into her ass, aided by Hyde's lubrication.

   Once again being double penetrated, Donna just relaxed between them and let them do the work.  Having Kelso's penis in her ass made Fez's cock seem even bigger, and she just concentrated on the sensation of her cunt being stretched with every stroke.  Kelso reached around her nude body and began to knead her "water-balloons" roughly.  He exclaimed, "holy crap Jackie, look at these tits."

   They truly were a work of art, but Jackie looked down at her own little nubs and now it seemed like a competition.  She pulled the sofa out into a bed and patted it with her hand, ordering Hyde and Eric, "get over here."  Indicating Hyde, she commanded, "clean that thing off if you want to fuck me...I know where it's been."  Hyde grabbed the first article of clothing he could reach off the floor, and it just happened to be Kelso's underpants.  Smiling he wiped Donna's ass off his prick and lay down on the bed.  Scooting onto the bed, Jackie straddled Hyde's body, her back to him, and positioned herself above his crotch.  Hyde would never admit it, but her little naked body was cute, and he couldn't wait to fuck her.

   Her little body was so lithe and limber that she easily lowered herself into Hyde's rod, feeling it slide up into her pussy, that Fez had just stretched and lubricated. "Let's see Donna do this," she mumbled as she directed Eric, "I want you in my pussy too."  Figuring his girlfriend was being fucked by other people so it must be OK for him too, Eric crawled up between their legs, his hard-on in his hand. Jackie lay back against Hyde's chest, doing a split and stretching her legs as wide as possible.  She reached down, hooked her fingers inside her fleshy lips and spread them wide.

   "Hey Foreman, don't touch my dick," Hyde chided him, chuckling.

   "Hey...you don't touch mine," Eric snapped back.

   "Shut up and stuff your dick up my pussy," Jackie ordered, looking down between her legs. F


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