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Swagg Something with Lucy Pinder
« on: October 15, 2022, 05:06:23 AM »
Swagg Something with Lucy Pinder

Thank you to Cade and John Connors for help and suggestions. Story is dedicated to another author as a parody tribute.

Fake... Parody... Swagged Out Big Boobs Fiction... not to be taken seriously.

Standing in front of the mirror, looking back at my own reflection. So much swagg coming from my skinny body, I feel like a champion right now. It helps that I've got British glamour model legend Lucy Pinder and her huge tits waiting on me in the living room. What is swagg? What the hell do I know? I just know this gold chain around my neck and fancy fur coat look cool. You might think I look like a twat,  but I'm banging Lucy Pinder and you're not.

My short black hair is slicked back and shiny from the gel. I'm skinny, but tall and pale skinned. Maybe if I were a little older, I might get some hair on my chest. I have to look down below to see the length of my cock. I know what you're thinking and yeah, it's big. Fucking huge, to be exact. I have to get it at least twelve inches long just to satisfy my busty babe and be able to handle her giant boobs. I had to visit my uncle Spence (The King of Queens) to get a bottle of pimp pills. Not sure where he finds that stuff, but it does the job well with making your dick grow bigger. My babe demands a large size for her super big tits and I aim to please with my size.

"Viri! Where are you hiding, love?" Lucy screamed from downstairs.

"Hold on, I'm coming!" I yelled back at her as I stomped out of the bedroom. My hard cock was swinging all over the place, ready to be played with. Lucy had been busy the past few months shooting new content for her FansOnly profile. Lots of beautiful photos of her giant natural breasts in lingerie tops and bikinis. She did not go topless yet, which made me feel more special. Only I got to see those beautiful perfect tits these days while everyone else only dreamed of. Let me remind you again, I am banging Lucy Pinder and you're not.

You're probably wondering what kind of lucky sonofabitch I am to be dating this woman. I could spend all day telling you, but it would just make you ask even more questions. Being born rich and having champion level swagg comes in handy. Oh yeah, and knowing the right people who like to party with hot models. From Britain to L.A. to Ibiza, I get around. If I wasn't banging Lucy right now, I'd be trying to take my chances with Demi Rose and that big ole booty she's got.

"Viri!!" Lucy is yelling for me again.

"I said I'm coming, baby!"

"What? You've been upstairs wanking it?" Her British accent was strong. Lucy used certain words as part of English slang that often made me blush. It was easy to be distracted by her tits alone, but I did love the sound of her sexy Westminster accent. It sounds better than my dull American voice.

"No! Fuck no! I'm naked though, coming down to bring you something."

"Are you swagged out with that big ass cock out, honey?" Lucy spoke a question she loved to tease me about during naughty time. I had heard the famous pimp James use it more than once, and thought it sounded funny. So as I walked down the stairs, I felt definitely felt swagged out with a big ass cock out. The gold chain rattled and shook and my hard cock was swinging all over the place.

Downstairs in the living room of my mansion was Lucy Pinder, standing naked. Her hands were planted on her hips, waiting on me to enter the room. Those giant breasts were on full display. All natural perfection. Were they an E cup? Maybe G cup now? Fuck, if I know the accurate measurements. What I do know is that they are the best boobs in the whole world, or so I will tell you that. Remember, I'm the one banging her. I might look like a doofus with my pimp swagg outfit, but I'm getting laid. Pete Davidson isn't the only guy to get lucky with a hot babe.

"There you are. I was beginning to worry you would keep me waiting, just to drive me mad." There was that lovely, but prissy English voice I loved to hear.

I shake my head at her. "No babe, it took me a while to adjust this jacket. What do you think? I think it has swagg!"

Lucy looked at me funny. I knew that look she would give me when I threw the word 'swagg' around. Or maybe it wasn't that, since she did say it back to me in a joking manner.

"I think you look like a twat. Take that bloody stupid coat off!"

Oh. Damn. It was one thing to hear someone else say it, but knowing Lucy did not approve of my outfit, that made me feel a little embarrassed. I threw the chain to the floor and stepped closer to her, pressing my hands over her huge boobs. She threw her arms around my neck and next thing I know, we've locked lips and trading tender kisses. I moaned into her mouth as I felt her nipples harden from my touch. Lucy broke the kisses after I squeezed her breasts. The look in her eye told me what she wanted, she didn't have to say.

Since we moved in together, some days are filled with nothing but non-stop sex. You probably wouldn't be surprised to learn that the most famous glamour model of England is quite the sex addict. I felt her hands squeezing my huge cock below. She pressed it against my stomach before stepping back and pulling me. Lucy did not hesitate to force me to walk forward as she stepped backwards, leading me by my cock.

"Forgive me, love, but I can't wait any longer. We need to start fucking right here, right now." Lucy gritted her teeth after uttering those words. All I did was smile and nod.

"What better place to start than here?" She tugged at my cock some more before finally letting go. Behind Lucy was a large black leather sofa. We used that piece of furniture for sex often, but Lucy liked to fuck me everywhere in the house. Sometimes in the bathrooms, guest rooms, kitchen and even outside on the balcony. Many memories were made in this specific room, including a new one coming up. She fell down to her knees, rustling locks of her long brown hair between her fingers to push them behind her back.

I groaned when she grabbed my cock again. Lucy gazed up at me, making eye contact as she opened her mouth and slid her tongue to lick the head of my shaft.

"Is it big enough for you today?" I couldn't help but smirk after uttering those words. Lucy grinned, nodding her head at me.

"Yeah. I guess you took some more of those pills, my dear." Her eyes leered at my ruler length of a dick. She would no doubt struggle to suck it, but the extra inches weren't for her mouth. Lucy licked the left side of my cock and began to slither her tongue back and forth, slurping and slobbering on it.

"Ohhhh fuck..." I moaned out, alerting her enough to gaze back up into my eyes. Lucy looked at me as she slid the head of my shaft between her lips and began to suck. I moaned again as she began to bob her head up and down, sucking it by the inch. Due to how long my cock was, I knew she would not suck it entirely, and I didn't want to force her. After all, the extra inches were for another reason. Lucy made a muffled moaning sound as half of my length was now down her throat. She bobbed her head up and down at a slow pace, taking her time to taste my dick.

Her hands moved over her huge breasts. She pinched one of her nipples and squeezed her left boob. When those gorgeous brown eyes gazed back up at my face, Lucy shifted her hands to my balls. She massaged them as she continued to bob her head up and down, only stopping when she pulled her lips to the head. She made a pop noise when she released my cock, but only to give herself a moment to breathe. When she went back down on it, I cried out in pleasure.

She pulled her lips away from my cock making another pop noise. Lucy licked it from the tip down to the underside and then began to lick the right side. I knew the reason she was getting my cock all slick and wet. It was the proper preperations for the next phase in our style of fucking. When she pushed my cock back into her mouth, I lowered one hand to the back of her head, encouraging her to continue sucking.

"Mmmmmmm", a muffled moan was heard before all the slobbering and slurping noises that came from her bobbing her head up and down. Lucy gorged herself on my dick, sucking it vigorously. Before she was done, she pushed her lips as far down as she possibly could. Her right hand gripped the base, just to measure how far she could sink those pretty lips. More than half my cock made it down her throat before she gagged on it. She then pulled it from her mouth entirely before spitting on it.

"Go sit down and get comfortable." Lucy ordered me, as I knew what she was planning to do next. There were few things that felt better than the way she sucked cock. One of those things was coming up next. The true reason I was willing to swallow down some strange pills to make my dick bigger was for this reason. I plopped my ass down over the black leather couch and watched her crawl between my legs. A wicked grin ran across her lips. It was time for tittyfucking.

Its hard for me to properly describe how it feels to get a titwank from Lucy Pinder. One look at those boobs and you'll be thinking of all kinds of dirty, naughty things. This was the reason I did drugs to get a bigger dick. One needed a huge cock to tangle with those giant breasts, but it still wasn't enough. Her tits were big enough to swallow up any dick. I knew this too well, as I was sitting back and watching her smash those big beauties around my cock. The head poked up, but the rest of it was completely hidden between her tits.

"Ohhhhhhhh man." I let out a loud moan. Having my dick between Lucy Pinder's boobs was the best feeling ever. Better than being high. If heaven was real, this was the place for me. She dropped her lower lip, revealing her gritted teeth to me as she began to pump her breasts up and down at a slow pace.

"You like that, love? You like how my big titties feel wrapped around your huge dick!?" Lucy moaned. She knew what to say to tease me with that lovely accent of hers. A smacking noise echoed in the room as she continued to pound those huge boobs down. With each full thrust, the head of my cock poked up, but she ignored it. Her head was held high, looking proud to use her breasts for pleasure like this.

"Keep going, Lucy! Ohhhhhh god!" It was moments like this that made me feel like a champion in life. I was swagged out with my big ass cock shoved between Lucy Pinder's huge tits. She continued to pump her breasts up and down. Every bit of my 12 inch pole of awesomeness was felt smashed between those tits. I moaned and sat there, enjoying every minute of it. She began to pump her tits harder and faster. Her hair was swaying around as she gave me a pouty look.

"Keep doing that, baby. Fuck my cock with those giant tits!"

She gritted her teeth, still pouting. Lucy was tittyfucking my dick so hard now, all you could hear was loud smacking sounds. If not for the pimp pills I took, I wouldn't have lasted this long. I would've blew my load right here, right now. That was one of the good side effects of the pills, making me last longer as she only fucked my cock faster now.

"Ohhhhhhhhh fuck yeah."

I moaned out, just to show Lucy how much I loved those tits. She began to slow down as we looked into each others eyes.

"That's it, baby."

Her breasts were still pumping up and down my cock, but now the head was nearly poking at her chin. Lucy slowed down to a halt. She leaned down and slid her tongue out. I moaned upon feeling the tip circle around the crown of my king sized cock. Her big brown eyes gazed up at me and then she pulled her breasts off me. I pouted in protest. Without warning, she took my favorite thing away and now was climbing up on me.

"Oh shit, you gonna ride me, baby?"

"What does it look like I'm gonna do!?" Lucy grabbed my huge dick and lined herself up. All this time had passed and I ignored taking a look at her pussy. She kept it clean without a single hair in sight. The head of my dick brushed against her pink folds before she slid herself down, sending me inside her warm tight hole. I moaned out to her, closing my eyes for a moment as I felt her hands roaming up my skinny chest.

"Mmmmmmm, yeah..."

I opened my eyes to a wonderful sight. Lucy Pinder's huge boobs were shaking in my face while I felt my dick throbbing inside her. I reached up and smashed my hands over those tits. Lucy cupped the back of my head, guiding me between her boobs as she began to rock herself up and down my cock. I wanted to yell 'Rock me baby!' at her for good measure, but I could not while being distracted by these perfect boobs. I squeezed and fondled them before I began to shake my head, motorboating them.

"Ohhhh yeah! Show me how much like my titties, Viri!" Lucy cooed and giggled in excitement as I continued to motorboat her tits. I squeezed them hard, feeling her nipples underneath my palms. When I finally pulled my face away from her tits, she was bouncing up and down my cock at a slow pace to make sure it did not go all the way in. I had not noticed that Lucy had sunk her feet down in the cushions on the side on both side of me. She did this to further aid herself in riding me.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!!" She cried out as her long brown hair was swaying all around. I just laid back on the couch and watched those giant titties bounce and shake all around. I slid my right hand back to smack her ass. The spanking sound echoed in the room.

"Ride that fucking dick, baby! Woooooo!!" I screamed and shouted in excitement, watching those big ass titties flop and bounce all around. Lucy had to move the hair out from her face multiple times. Lucy was slamming herself down, pumping my cock in and out of that tight pussy. She closed her eyes and began to cry out after slowing down. She arched her head up and then screamed as I felt the rush of her orgasm within.


Her loud voice echoed throughout the entire mansion. Good thing we weren't doing this in a hotel, cause when Lucy screamed, she would have probably woke up some neighbors. She climbed off me with a bit of her juices squirting on my chest. Lucy leaned down and slathered her tongue over my chest before swallowing down her own juices. I managed to hold myself back from cumming, so we weren't done yet. I stood up from where I had sat on the couch and watched as my glamour babe was now pushing my cock in her mouth. Lucy loudly slurped her own juices, polishing and cleaning my shaft.

"You wanna suck it again, baby?" I asked a pointless question, but at least it made those beautiful brown eyes gaze up at me. The head of my shaft was still between her lips as Lucy squeezed her lips around it, only to pull it out with a popping noise.

"So you haven't cum yet."

I shook my head at her question. Lucy began to wank my cock, sliding her right hand up and down the slick length. She kissed the head before letting go of it and moving her hands down to those giant breasts. She held them up with a grin across her lips.

"I know what you wanna do, and this time you're gonna be doing all the work." Lucy spoke while shoving her massive tits around my twelve inch dick.

"Fuck my tits." The three magic words were spoken. One of our absolute favorite things to do was tittyfucking and now, it was my turn to give Lucy what she wanted. The head of my cock poked up between the folds. so slick and wet from her pussy juices coating it. I began to buck my hips, pumping my cock forward between the world's greatest boobs.

"Ohhhhh yeah! That's it! Fuck my tits, Viri! Mmmmmmmm!!" Her eyes locked onto me as I continued to buck my hips, thrusting my cock back and forth between her tits. It was moments like this that I felt like a real king in life. Swagged out with my big ass cock between huge boobs!

"These are the best tits in the world, ohhhhh, uhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhh!!" I was moaning and yelling like crazy. I didn't care what words came out of my mouth, as I felt every inch of my cock pumping back and forth between those huge boobs. Lucy lowered her head and opened her mouth. She flicked her tongue across the head each time it thrust up. She stopped when I thrust so fast that the head slipped between her lips.

"Yes, yes, yes! Fuck my titties!"

I was still thrusting my dick between those boobs with each word she spoke. Lucy moaned and called for me again.

"I want you to cum for me! Cum all over my boobs!" That was definitely where I wanted to see my load splattered across her. I made a few more thrusts between her tits and then I snatched my cock free. Lucy knew what to do. We had done this so many times before, that her hands immediately moved over her breasts and smashed them together.

"That's it, that's it. Cum all over my boobs!" I was stroking so fast, my hand looked like a blur jacking it hard, back and forth. I bit down on my lower lip, grunting before my cock finally began to explode.

"FUCKKKKKKK!!" I screamed while watching thick, hot loads fire out of my 12 inch cum bazooka and splattering all over her beautiful tits. I was screaming, wailing like a banshee at how hard this orgasm came out. Lucy adjusted her left forearm to prop her tits up and then grabbed my cock with authority, squeezing it hard as she aimed it at her boobs.

"Mmmmm, yeah! Get my titties all sticky and wet, Viri! There ya go!" Lucy giggled as she was now wanking my shaft, forcing out the last remaining spurts of cum that splattered over her titties. The cum was dripping and streaming down her perfect chest. Before she finished, she brought the head to her lips and kissed it. I watched my cock bounce a bit after she let go of it, grinning widely with her cum soaked boobs on full display.

"Well, that was a lot of fun, babe."

"Yeah, it sure was. Next time, don't keep me waiting just to come downstairs dressed like a twat." I smiled as she reminded me of how much she loathed my pimp outfit, but hey, at least I got to Swagg something.

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