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Author Topic: The Blogger and HLN Anchor Susan Hendricks  (Read 1072 times)

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The Blogger and HLN Anchor Susan Hendricks
« on: January 17, 2019, 11:00:11 PM »
CNN HLN anchor and reporter Susan Hendricks is surfing the internet for an interesting story to feature on HLN Now. Not finding anything and feeling a little bored, Susan decides to Google herself to see what people on the internet are saying about her. She runs across the usual search returns like photos and video clips of her but then she sees something else: a blog with something written about her.

Susan clicks through to the blog and finds something completely different. Yes, there are photos and videos of her, but they exist in the context of the blog's writer posting has innermost thoughts and fantasies about her. Susan has an idea for her story: bring in one of her fans and interview him live and on the air. Susan emails out to the blogger and makes her pitch, which the blogger enthusiastically accepts. Arrangements are made and the blogger travels out to Atlanta to visit the HLN studio for his on-air interview with Susan.

The blogger arrives at HLN studios and is greeted by Susan. Susan is wearing an outfit that the blogger has mentioned many time in his writings: Susan with a tight black turtleneck sweater, white skirt, and knee high black leather boots.

Blogger: Hello Susan, my name is Brad. It's a pleasure to finally meet you.

Susan: Hello Brad. it's nice to meet you face to face.

Susan shows Brad to his dressing room where he has his hair and makeup done. Once he's ready, Brad makes his way to the set, where Susan is sitting at the couch on the right (if you're watching on tv). Susan instructs Brad to sit on the couch to the left and gives him some simple instructions before they go on air live.

Susan: Welcome back to HLN Now, I'm Susan Hendricks. Many celebrities have dedicated fan followings and are the subject of blogs on the internet. That also happens with reporters, and I have here in studio, blogger Brad Hamilton who runs a blog about newscasters and reporters. Good to have you here today Brad.

Brad: Thank you Susan, it's great to be here.

Susan interviews Brad and asks him about the blog and the reasons why he decided to start and run it. Brad gives Susan a simple answer, it is a way for him to openly talk about certain subjects as it relates to news reporters that is frowned upon and not accepted in related forums around the internet.

Susan: By certain subjects, you're referring to sex, right?

Brad: Yes, Susan.

Susan continues her questioning on this particular subject when she brings up the subject that has been on both our minds but never discussed previously.

Susan: I've read some of your posts, or should I call them fantasies, about me. Is that what you're thinking about when you're masturbating

Brad: Why yes, Susan. I do have those thoughts about you when I pleasure myself. I am very good at it.

Susan: Would you be willing to demonstrate for me and our audience?

Brad: Sure, I'd love to.

Brad starts taking off his clothes slowly, one article at a time as Susan fidgets on the opposite couch. She crosses and uncrosses her legs a few times while Brad disrobes. He neatly folds his clothes and places them on the couch beside him. Susan's eyes widen as she looks at this magnificent physical specimen in front of her, naked with a fully erect penis. Brad reaches down with his right hand as he gently and light grabs the shaft of his penis and starts to slowly run his hand up and down the shaft, leaving the head untouched.

Susan: Oh my, you have a wonderful body Brad.

Brad: Thank you Susan. I think you have a very sexy body yourself.

Brad continues to stroke himself softly with his right hand as his left caresses his chest. He runs his fingers across his hard nipples, and lets out a soft moan.

Brad: Mmmmmmm. This feels so good Susan. I can't take my eyes off of you. You have beautiful legs.

Susan: Would you like a closer look? Come here.

Susan signals Brad over with a simple come hither wag of her right index finger. He stands up, completely naked with his hand fondling his penis and walks over to her. Susan signals Brad to kneel in front of her.

Susan: On your knees, Brad.

Brad kneels in front of her, looking up and paying tribute to this newscasting goddess. Susan uncrosses her legs, lifting her left leg up and over Brad's head and resting her leather boot just above her ankle on his right shoulder. Then she lifts her right leg and does the same on Brad's right shoulder. Susan's hands make their way to the bottom of her skirt as she hikes up her skirt just slightly so Brad can see.

Susan isn't wearing any panties!

Brad looks up at Susan as she starts to reposition herself on the couch, sliding her hips closer to the edge and working her way to her back. She looks at Brad, smiling, and gives him a knowing nod. Susan's hands move to the sides of Brad's head as she guides him, lowering his head down between her legs and up her skirt.

Susan: Lick my pussy Brad.

Brad starts to kiss Susan's inner thighs, and moves his hands from his own body to the outside of Susan's thighs, slowly massaging them as his mouth, lips and tongue make their way to Susan's pussy lips. He finds Susan's clitoris and softly places the tip of his tongue on her clit. Susan lets out a long moan.

Susan: Mmmmmmm, Brad, that feels so good.

Brad continues to perform cunnilingus on Susan while the cameras are still on, broadcasting the entire thing over to millions of cable subscribers around the world. Susan's hips start to move in rhythm to Brad's oral technique as she arches her head back, enjoying every moment. Her breating starts to pick up as she nears orgasm.

Susan: Oh my God, Brad, I'm gonna cum. Oh Brad OH BRAD

Brad brings Susan over the top as the orgasm runs through her entire body. Her body spasms from the sheer ecstacy, passion and pleasure that Brad has provided for her. Susan's breathing and heart rate start to slow down, but she is far from satisfied. She looks at Brad.

Susan: Stand up Brad

Brad stands up, holding Susan's ankles on each of his shoulders as she readjusts. Susan is now lying flat on her back with her skirt hiked up. She smiles, looks at his still erect penis and gives him a knowing nod.

Susan: Do it Brad. Do it so everyone can watch.

Brad slides his erection inside of Susan, pushing his hips against Susan's body.

Brad: Oh Susan, I've been fantasizing about doing this to you for a long time.

Susan: I know, Brad. I read your blog.

Brad: I love you Susan.

Susan: Show me how much you love me. Put all of your love into those hips and give it to me.

Brad continues to thrust into Susan, channelling all of his sexual frustration, his arousal and his love into each thrust.

Susan: That's it Brad. Fuck me. Love me.

Brad: I'm going to cum Susan. I'm ready.

Susan: Cum inside of me Brad. Don't pull out. Put all of your cum inside me.

Brad gives one last hard thrust with his pelvis that puts him over the edge. He leans his head forward, looking into Susan's eyes with the lust and hunger that he's written about in his blog. Susan is finally experiencing what she had been reading.



Brad and Susan both feel the warmth and intensity of their simultaneous orgasm, and the ejaculation of Brad's essence into Susan. Brad's penis lets out several pumps, pushing out all of the semen that Brad has stored between his legs. Once their orgasms subside, Brad drops his knees down on the couch as Susan's legs slide down his arms and land on the floor. Brad leans forward toward Susan as their lips meet in a long passionate post-coital kiss.

Brad: I love you Susan.

Susan: I love you too Brad.

Susan looks at the screen

Susan: We'll be back.

As the cameras pan back to show Brad on top of Susan on the couch, they go to commercial as Brad and Susan continue their post-coital make out session.

Brad: I'm happy that I was able to finally express my love for you, and I don't care if the whole world saw us.

Susan: Me neither Brad. It was wonderful.
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Re: The Blogger and HLN Anchor Susan Hendricks
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2019, 02:52:17 AM »
More fine work. I love your dialogue and that sweet dirty talk.
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