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Sarah meets Lucy (Sarah randall and Lucy Pinder)
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Sarah meets Lucy

Chapter 1

Starring: Lucy Pinder, Sarah Randall

Codes: MF, MMF, DP, Tittyfucking, Facial

Disclaimer:  This story is purely fiction, it has never happened.  Please keep this story to this site only, if you want to share elsewhere DM me and ask for permission.

Lucy waited on the set, she was shooting with a new girl Sarah, today.  This was pretty unusual as being one of the best known glamour models in the UK, she normally had the spotlight all to herself.

“How are you Lucy” the Photographer, Karl asked.

“Good” Lucy replied, “who’s the new guy?”

“That’s Dan” Karl said, “He’s here for a few weeks training on photography for his degree”

Dan smiled, he was a handsome young 20 year old guy, Lucy smiled back, her brain already churning with how she was going to seduce him.  Lucy was horny today, really horny.  It had been weeks since she had been fucked and she was on the prowl.

“So who’s the new girl?” Lucy asked

“Sarah Randall, apparently has some amazing naturals” Karl replied, “she should be here any minute”

With that the doorbell buzzed and Dan went to answer it, muffled voices in the hallway followed by Dan returning, a petite busty Brunette following him

“Lucy, Karl, this is Sarah” Dan said making the introductions

“Hello” Sarah said, “Hello” Lucy smiled at her, “Hi” Karl said.

“So ladies, you want to get ready while Dan and I set up” Karl said.

“Sure” said Lucy, “Sarah I’ll show you the ropes”

The ladies went into the changing room, and found their outfits on a hanging rack there, Lucy passed Sarah hers. “First shoot, bet you are nervous Sarah” she said

“Completely, and I am shooting with you Lucy, you’re a legend” Sarah replied.

“Ohh thanks hun, don’t worry I’ll look after you” Lucy said reassuringly.

Sarah started to undress, nervously she fumbled with the buttons on her blouse, as she struggled to get it off. Lucy moved over “Let me help” she said, Sarah letting her undo them.  Sarah had a HUGE pair of tits, Lucy almost gasped out loud when she stood there in her bra, for her size and frame they were enormous.

“Well those are magnificent” Lucy said.

“Ohh thank you, from you that’s a massive compliment Lucy” Sarah said

Lucy started to undress, Sarah was trying not to stare, but she watched as Lucy got naked and started to dress.  “You can look Sarah, most of us models admire each other on shoots” Lucy told her.

“I just, you are so beautiful Lucy, your body is amazing” Sarah stammered.

“Thanks babe, I really want to see those boobs of yours if that’s OK?  We need to be comfortable for the shoot” Lucy grinned, she wondered just what she could talk Sarah into given it was her first shoot.

“OK, well here goes” Sarah giggled nervously, before removing her bra.

Those big soft tits rolled out of the bra and bounced wonderfully in front of Lucy, she smiled, “may I?” she asked. Sarah nodded, as Lucy reached out and held them. Squeezing them gently in her hands she felt the weight, before letting go.

“Spectacular Sarah” she said.  Lucy could see why she had been asked to shoot with her, the publicity for Sarah would help make her an instant star.

Both got dressed into their outfits, Sarah a dark red bra and red knickers, Lucy a classic black bra and panties set, with matching stockings and suspenders. They both returned to the main room, where the set was ready.

“Ladies you look sensational” Karl said, as they moved onto the set.  First up was a plain white background.

Sarah took to the modelling straight away and soon had the hang of the various poses etc, Dan and Karl both took pictures, Dan learning various techniques. The underwear then implied shoots went well, then the girls went topless.

Karl passed Lucy the oil and had her shine her breasts up for the camera, then she passed the bottle to Lucy.  “Actually Lucy, could you put that on Sarah?” Karl said, “if you don’t mind?”

“not at all” Sarah replied.

Lucy moved behind Sarah her arms coming under Sarah’s and around to her breasts, she rubbed the oil into Sarah’s soft tits, shining them up as Dan and Karl took pictures. Lucy could feel Sarah’s nipples get hard under her palms as she rubbed the oil in.

“feel good” she whispered into Sarah’s ear.

Sarah didn’t react as Lucy squeezed a touch harder, her fingers really crushing her tits for a second.  Lucy moved back, Sarah’s tits shiny and glistening with oil.  Lucy and Sarah moved to a pose with both of them facing each other, breasts squashed together nipples touching.  Lucy stared deeply into Sarah’s eyes as the camera flashes went off, her intent clear. Sarah attempted to remain professional as Lucy tried to put her off. They continued shooting, then Karl moved them to the next set.

“Can we do some shots on the bed please” He asked.

Sarah lay back and Lucy lay ontop of her, noses almost touching.  Lucy leaned in so their lips were within an inch, for a pseudo kiss.  Sarah was breathing heavily as Lucy lay ontop of her, their bodies so close.

“On all fours now Lucy” Dan said, taking over for some of this part.

Lucy knelt on the bed, tits dangling down as Sarah moved behind her, hands on her hips.  They posed in a fake doggy style fashion before Sarah leant down, her fingers hidden by her crotch ass they pushed into Lucy’s knickers and sank into her pussy.

“Like that, you teasing whore?” Sarah whispered in her ear before pulling them out.

Lucy grinned, knowing she had found a fuck mate today, but could she do more?

The photo shoot finished up, Karl very happy with his shots.  “Thank you ladies, that was great” he said.

“No thank you” Lucy said, “This has been a great day!” she smiled at Sarah winking.  “Want to make it even better Karl?”

“ohhh, you’re in that kind of mood eh Lucy?” He replied, having known Lucy for several years.

“Totally” she said.

“Dan, just so you know this doesn’t happen normally on a shoot, Lucy is somewhat special” Karl said.

“What doesn’t” Dan replied.

Lucy now knelt in front of Karl and unzipped his fly, she sucked his cock into her mouth, wantonly feasting on his hardening shaft.

“This” Karl groaned.

“FUCK!” Dan said, shocked at the glamour model now sucking off his friend.

“Shit this whore has been pussy teasing me all day, you want some too babe?” Sarah said kneeling in front of Dan.

“Hell yeah” he gasped, unfastening his trousers his already hard dick bouncing free.

Sarah smiled, Dan had a nice 8 inch cock, she took it in her hand stroked him fast looking up, the flicked the tip of his head with her tongue.  He jerked, the sensitive end being stimulated hard.

Karl was now stripping off his clothes as Lucy led him to the bed, she pushed him back and straddled his body, her wet pussy eagerly swallowing up his large 9 inch penis. Gasping she settled ontop of him, hips starting to roll as she fucked him.

“Ohh fuck, fuck, yeah” she groaned, her body loving the cock inside her.

Sarah looked across at Lucy and stood up, leading Dan over she bent over sucking one of Lucy’s tits into her mouth, Dan stood the other side and did the same with the other. Lucy gasped as her big full breasts were suckled.

They moved up to kiss her, first Sarah then Dan, before kissing each other in front of Lucy’s bouncing body. “Ohh you have teased me all day Lucy, my cunt is so wet.” Sarah gasped.

“Let me sort that out.” Dan said moving to stand behind her as she bent down into the bed.  He held her hips as he eased inside her, Sarah gasping as her cunt was stretched, before long Dan was pumping away into her as Lucy rode Karl.

“Oh, fuck me Dan, fuck me good” Sarah groaned.

Lucy looked down at Sarah, she clutched the sheets tight as Dan rutted her pussy, Karl was squeezing her tits now as she rode him, fingers tweaking her nipples.  She leaned back crotch thrusting as his thick meaty dick slid in and out.

“ohh fuck, fuck yeah” she gasped.

“Soooo close” Sarah growled as Dan slammed harder.

Her hands clawed at the sheets, as Sarah shook, her body climaxing.  Dan pumped harder as she howled and screamed, body tight with pleasure. Lucy looked on jealously as she watched Sarah screaming and shouting, obviously cumming really hard.


“Ohh fuck I neeed that too” Lucy gasped.

“Wanna help me Dan?” Karl groaned.

Grinning Dan knew exactly what that meant.  He pulled out of Sarah who lay panting on the bed, and knelt up behind Lucy. Karl gripped his hands behind her back holding her down onto his chest.

“Ohhh fuuuuckkk yeahhh” Lucy growled as Dan pushed his cock to her asshole.

Dan pushed in, her ring bursting as his dick drove down.  Karl held her still as Dan finally ended up balls deep in her asshole.

“Oh, oh God yes!” Lucy cried, now both her holes being fucked.

Both cocks were really pounding her hard, the thick shafts driving in and out, as Lucy writhed between them.  She was so close to orgasm, her pussy clenched then she flooded Karls balls and shaft with her cum.

   “YEAAASSSSSSSS!!!” she wailed, shaking

Dan and Karl kept up their pace as Lucy fought and bucked between them, she was shuddering and bucking as she came, her big tits quivering.  Dan held her hips down so he could slam her clenching asshole even harder as she came.

“FUCK! FUCKKKKKKKKK!!!!” Lucy screamed.

Sarah got up and moved to the end of the bed, as Lucy calmed from her orgasm, “Let me taste her” She purred, moving down.  Dan and Karl eased from her holes, and Sarah wantonly sucked on their shafts, savouring Lucy’s ass and pussy alternately.

“Ohh fuck, that’s nasty!” Dan groaned as she did so.

“Think it’s time you boys came.” Sarah said, “You have earned it, eh Lucy?”

“Uhh huuuh!” Lucy gasped still recovering from her orgasm.

“Wanna fuck these tits?” Sarah teased.

Both girls lay back on the bed, Dan straddled Lucy, Karl Sarah.  Squeezing their breasts together, for a double titfuck.  Sarah locked her hands over the top of her tits, squashing them around Karl’s shaft, while Lucy lay back and let Dan grip her tits and do that job himself.

“ohh fuck these big soft tits baby” Sarah teased, “Give me your load”

“you want it, you want to cum sooo bad” Lucy gasped at Dan.

After fucking Lucy in both holes, neither was about to hold back, so this was not gonna last long.  Sarah wanted to push things further faster, opening her mouth snaking out her tongue, ”Spit in my Mouth Karl, fucking spit in it!” she snarled.

Lucy grinned when she heard this, Sarah was a girl after her own heart, this was going to be a good day.  Karl leant forwards and dribbled a thick spitwad down into Sarah’s face.  She swirled her tongue around it before swallowing.

“ohh yeah, that’s it, treat me nasty” she gasped.

Dan couldn’t hold back any longer, the sight of Sarah begging for the spit was too much, “Gonna cum Lucy!” he gasped.

She held her head up as cum blasted forth from between her tits, splattering down her face. She spluttered as a thick rope fell into her mouth.  Bolt after bolt of spunk drenched her face, Dan shooting a monstrous load onto Lucy.

“FUCK DAN!” Karl gasped watching him cum, then back to Sarah.  His balls erupted as well.

Sarah craned her neck hard, lifting her face close, cum splattered her forehead, dripping down the bridge of her nose, the next thick spurt hit her straight in the eye, she squealed, but kept them open.

“fucking cum on me Karl, empty those balls on my face!” She growled, “Cum on me like the little whore I am !”

He groaned as more cum pulsed over her, drenching her other eye this time.  Lucy lay back, Dan spent, he rolled over and sat on the bed, as Karl finished cumming on Sarah.  Both men were sated, and got up to dress.  Lucy and Sarah lay there, faces covered in thick spunk, breathing heavily.

“Ohh fuck Lucy, fuck that was hot!” Sarah gasped.

“You filthy little bitch” Lucy replied, “I knew you were a dirty bird the moment you arrived today”

Lucy rolled over to lay ontop of Sarah, she bent down and kissed her, the pair sharing a cum filled minute kissing and licking each other clean.  Swallowing an equal share of cum, Lucy finally got up.

“Hmm that was awesome Sarah, only just scratched my itch, do you want to head out tonight and see what we can pull?” Lucy said.

“Do I ever!” Sarah replied.

Both got up to dress and then head out, stopping by Lucy’s flat on the way to have a shower and freshen up.  Lucy was fascinated to see how far this new model would go, she had shown signs of being a truly nasty whore, but Lucy wanted to see if she had finally found someone who was on the same level as her.
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Re: Sarah meets Lucy (Sarah randall and Lucy Pinder)
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Excellent work. I always look forward to some high class Pinder tit-fucking in your stories and this did not disappoint one bit.

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Re: Sarah meets Lucy (Sarah randall and Lucy Pinder)
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Wonderful to see you back. Sarah is a real beauty. It's always great to see Lucy getting some good work done too.  ;)


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