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Author Topic: 3rd Chromosome: Sauna  (Read 21068 times)


3rd Chromosome: Sauna
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No Sex in the Pool. That's what the sign said. Why it said that Charlotte didn't know. The busty blonde lazily paddled her laps around the pool. The few other patrons this Sunday morning did much the same. It seemed no one wanted to do much today. She kicked and sent herself over to the ladder.

An attendant greeter her, towel in hand, as she pulled herself out. "Towel?"

"Thank you." Charlotte took the offered towel and started to try dry herself. "When did that sign show up? I don't remember it being here last time."

The attendant, a perky brunette with a wide smile, wasted no time in responding. "They put those up last week. Some of the other patrons took it upon themselves to have sex in the spa. It unfortunately cascaded into the pool."

"You mean they had a fuckfest?" Charlotte stretched and toweled off her hair.

"You could say that." The brunette...Rosie was it? wasn't forthcoming with details. Instead she seemed content to eyefuck Ms. McKinney.

"Let me guess, Lindsay Lohan." Charlotte enjoyed the attention. Rosie was cute, and based on the bulge growing in her pants, she was sure she could get some play. And that mouth can suck my dick dry.

"You are correct, and the owner decided it wasn't going to continue. Now is there anything else I can help you with?"

Charlotte's own member strained at that thought. Yes, drop to your knees and start sucking. "No, I'll be fine for now, I'm just going to go into the sauna."

"As you wish." Rosie took back the damp towel. "Just so you know, there's a 2er hanging around today. Try not to fuck this one."

2er. A 3C expression for those that had just 2 chromosomes. Charlotte didn't care one way or the other. "No promises."


Water sizzled as it hit the hot rocks in the center of the room; a cascade of steam erupting from within. Charlotte sighed, running her fingers through her wet hair. She breathed in and let the hot air fill her lungs. Across from her two more people sat. A latina and a slightly shorter Japanese girl sat side by side. They spoke to each other in whispered tones and giggles that Charlotte didn't need to hear to guess what they were discussing. She did however take a moment to admire them. The latina was very average for the most part, yet she had an ass that pushed her seat up several inches. The Japanese girl lacked height but made up for it elsewhere. Two massive breasts, bigger than Charlotte's pushed her towel far away from her body. Those soft orbs bounced nicely. The blonde wanted to grab them and just start fucking them. It would be wondrous to have a pair like that wrapped around her cock. Or, she mused, to fuck that fat ass.

Her internal monologue was interrupted by the door opening. A trail of steam wafted out before it was closed again. Charlotte was genuinely surprised. She knew there was a 2er coming, but she never expected it to be her.

Truth be told everyone in the modeling industry were rivals. There few friends. Even the Victoria Secret Angels were rivals with one another. Charlotte had a rival too, and she was standing right in the door.

Kate Upton breathed in the hot air as she closed the door. She received an invitation to this very exclusive spa and she jumped at the chance. She was told however, that it was a special spa. That didn't matter to her at all, she just wanted the membership.

The two girls talking hushed their conversation as Kate strolled in. Their eyes glued to the curvaceous figure of Kate Upton as the blonde came in and sat down. The conversation began again yet in even quieter tones.

"I didn't expect to find you here." Charlotte said as Kate spread out.

"Oh Charlotte, hey!" Kate perked up, "No, I got the invite and jumped at it. I'm know I'm not normally allowed, but this place is so private. Much better than my usual gym."

"It is." The busty 3C confirmed. The conversation came to a lull just after that. The two girls got up and skittered out of the sauna, giggling the whole time.

"Where are they going?" Kate wondered aloud.

"Probably just some private time." Charlotte leaned back against the wooden bench; inhaling the sweet scent in the air.

"Can I ask you something?"

Charlotte looked at Kate through one half closed eye. The blonde model was fiddling with her hair. The towel she wore barely covered her gorgeous body; a deep sea of cleavage bursting forth from the inadequate garment. Is she only wearing the towel? Charlotte's member twitched in response. "I suppose."

"What's it like?"

"What's what like?"

"You know." Kate gestured to her crotch. The thing.

Oh that. Did she come her just so she could watch 3Cs? "Having a dick?"

Kate blushed, "Yeah."

Charlotte sat up suddenly interested in this conversation. "It's no different then anything else. (Sorta) I could ask you what it's like to have just a pussy... Do you want to see it?"

"No, that's okay, I just won...dered..." It was already too late. Charlotte had stood up and dropped her towel. Her cock bulged proudly out of her swimsuit. The semi flaccid length curving down over her large balls. Her entire package barely contained by the bottoms. "...Oh."

Charlotte was standing before Kate now, her unit just inches from the stunned blonde. "Touch it."

It was not a request, but Kate complied nonetheless. Her hands tentatively reached out towards the bound gonads. Her fingers delicately poked the fabric bound cock. It was as if such a thing couldn't exist, and her mind was trying to decide if the dick was real. Charlotte let out a soft moan as Kate continued to prod her member. "Let me get out of this."

A few tugs later her swimsuit, a blue monokini, fell onto the floor, revealing Charlotte in her naked glory. She was a stunning example of beauty, in fact her figure closely rivaled that of Kate, yet Kate didn't take in any of that. Instead her eyes were firmly fixated on the shaft in front of her. Semi flaccid, it barely reached past Charlotte's balls; thick veins crisscrossed the length. They pulsed with the beating of her heart; pumping blood and engorging it to full erection.

Kate's hands leapt to the cock; thoroughly inspecting it with her digits. Not a single detail was missed, and she went forwards to the balls. Charlotte wasn't the biggest 3C out there, she had heard that Molly Quinn was currently the largest at over 2 feet long, yet her 13 inch shaft had no problem pleasing the ladies she bed. Moreover, her testicles came in around the size of plums; no issues there regarding her output either. Charlotte grinned as Kate fondled her sack. Kate was a shaft girl. That much was obvious.

There were two categories of women in her mind. Shaft girls and sack girls. Shaft girls were about the pussy pleasing powers of a penis. Sack girls were fans of the baby making potential of the unit. Based on Kate's focus, it was obvious she wanted a good fuck. She has to earn it though. "Suck it."

Tentatively, Kate leaned forward and licked the dick. Her tongue scraped along the smooth head, shooting sparks of pleasure into Charlotte. Yet, the 3C was not content with just a blow job; she wanted the entire package. Charlotte pushed Kate back, turning her as she went until the blonde was flat on the bench. With but a tug, the towel fell away leaving Kate in her nude glory. The 3C was seeing every teen boys' fantasy in the nude, and she was every bit as spectacular as expected.

Charlotte mounted Kate, her butt resting on Kate's stomach as her cock whacked into her rival's chest with a thud. Kate didn't need to be told what to do. She pressed those double Ds together creating a cavern of cleavage. Charlotte began rocking herself back and forth, titfucking the model. Her cock easily punched through her tits; the thick rod practically clubbing Kate on the chin with every stroke. "Lick it."

Kate managed to tilt her head around so the massive member was as her lips. As it came up it popped into her mouth. Pulling back, it came off with a trail of cum and saliva. Almost immediately it slammed back in. Charlotte loved the feeling of tits wrapped around her cock. Unfortunately, she rarely got to partake in this vice. Today she was making up for it. Kate's velvety soft cleavage was a perfect foil for her achingly hard member. Kate squeezed them together even more, a tight canyon of soft boobage. Charlotte let out a moan at the combined assault.

"Mmmm...that's a good slut." Charlotte pulled herself off Kate; her cock slick with pre and saliva. Kate was a quivering mess. Her boobs were incredibly sensitive and the huge cock of Charlotte just seemed to hit every little spot. Kate moaned as the 3C massaged the mess of fluids into her tits; squealing as she tugged at her nipples. "I'm going to fuck you. Do you want me to fuck you?"

Charlotte rubbed her dick across Kate's tit enticingly. "Yes."

She rubbed it harder. "What?"

"Yes, fuck me! Take that big ass dick and slam it home. Fill my cunt with your cock!" Kate pleaded with her. "Please."

Charlotte blinked in surprise. Wow, she is a little slut. She moved a finger over her snatch and traced the folds. They were dripping wet. "You want it?"

"Fill me up with your spunk!"

Charlotte moved Kate around until the 2ers legs were draped across her shoulders. Her cock mere fractions of an inch from the hot cunt of Kate Upton. Charlotte swore she could feel the heat coming off of it. It was a promised land of sexual delight with a river of pussy juice. "Let's go."

For such a wanton slut, Kate was incredibly tight. It was that or Charlotte was bigger than anything that ever entered. Her dick slipped in and they both moaned in unison. Kate was once again a velvety paradise. Inches of girlcock pushed into her sex. Sweat poured off both their bodies as their fucking began; the steam in the hot sauna doing little to stifle the friction between them.

More dick slipped inside as Charlotte pushed forward. Kate was tight but accommodating apparently; her honey pot having no visible limit. Charlotte's cock bulged her stomach as it pressed forward.

"More! More!" Kate screamed as they went. The blonde tightened and relaxed her legs, pulling Charlotte further into her sex. There was almost an audible click as she hit bottom in Kate. The duo panted for a second, catching their breath as steam coalesced around their naked bodies. Then they started fucking.

The bench thumped the wall in tune to the sex. Charlotte would slide almost completely out before pushing all the way back inside. The slick cunt would always welcome, no demand her, back inside. With a wry smile she speed up. The thumping got louder as she drove even harder.

Charlotte enjoyed pounding Kate. Every time she bottomed out, every slap of her balls against the model's' thighs sent Kate's tits bouncing around. They shimmied gloriously across her chest, nearly slapping her in the face with each thrust. Kate was obviously enjoying this ride. Her face was contorted in pleasure as a stream of obscenities and praises to religious leaders escaped her lips. Kate's hands were clamped down onto the bench, her nails digging into the wood, her knuckles bone white.

"I'm cumming!" Charlotte announced, though it was far too late for Kate to do anything about it. Kate felt the cock buried deep inside her twitch, pulse and explode. A cannon went off in her cunt as Charlotte came. Several shots painted her insides and sent her to an orgasmic high.

Charlotte screamed as Kate clamped down on her member. The vice like cunt squeezing every ounce of cum out of member as it continued to pump its' seed into the model. Kate came more subtly than Charlotte. There were no fireworks but instead body went completely rigid, locked into whatever pose she happened to be in. Kate's chest heaved as her body locked up; her eyes twitching as the orgasm overloaded every synapse.

Just like that it was over. One last long spurt and Charlotte was done. Her cock was completely spent; the vacuum like cunt of Kate Upton sucked every little bit of jizz out of it. The 3C's lungs started to work again, bringing in warm humid air into the exhausted futanari. Kate's eyes fluttered as Charlotte started to pull out. "No, please keep it in."

Charlotte couldn't refuse such a request. The duo collapsed in exhaustion. Both were utterly spent from their efforts. Charlotte went in for a post coital kiss. It was soft and sensual as the two love birds drew it out.

"Did you have fun?" Kate and Charlotte both looked at each other. Neither of them spoke those words. Sheepishly they looked towards the open door. Through the steam the duo made out the imposing figure of the spa owner. Jessica Alba stared at them with a silent rage. Though it was quite obvious that she had been watching them for awhile. Her member was achingly hard and pressed out against the fabric of her jeans. "Looks like I have to order another sign."

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