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All-Star College
« on: October 02, 2018, 06:04:55 PM »
All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a single word of it ever occurred, nor would it.
Additional Disclaimer: This is not your standard celeb fan fiction. In this, the celebs are no themselves, but rather, students at a college. It's them, without the fame. Still the same hotness. If that is a big deal to you, this is your warning. Otherwise, enjoy.

All-Star College
by MaxwellLord
(MF, MFM, oral, anal, DP, slut)
Chapter 1

Celebs(sex roles in blue): Selena Gomez, Peyton Roi List, Victoria Justice, Kate Upton, Lili Reinhart, Bella Thorne, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Alison Brie, Camila Mendes, Gillian Jacobs

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready for some of that old college debauchery," Paul Simmons said. He was in his dorm room, his dormmates and lifelong friends, Jesse Carr and Matt Nelson, by his side. He had just finished hanging the last poster in his section of the three man room.

"Because nothing screams sex and decadence like a John Belushi poster," Matt snidely said.

"Let the man have his cliche," Jesse added with a laugh. "Besides, we all know how that story ends, I don't think anyone wants to go full Belushi."

"Of course not m'boys," said Paul. "Kind of hard to get pussy when you're six feet under. You guys ready to check out the trim?"

"You mean go to the dining commons and see who's there?" Jesse asked.

"Yeah, but my way sounded better." Matt and Jesse decided to let Paul have it. After all, today was just the move in day, classes wouldn't start until Monday, so there was no need to add stress to the living situation before the college life began in full.

Since people were still coming in, the hallways were buzzing with students moving in. So much activity in fact, Jesse bumped into someone that would end up changing his and Paul's lives.

The two didn't even see each other, Jesse checking out his upcoming class schedule on his phone, the girl unable to see over the boxes she was carrying into her room. Sadly, those boxes soon came tumbling down.

"Oh fuck, I'm sorry," Jesse said, immediately going to help her. He reached out for her hand, which she took. It was then that their eyes met and Jesse saw the single most beautiful woman in his life.

"Oh, it's no problem," the blonde said, laughing at the situation. "Not like I could see either."

"Yeah," Jesse replied. He was having trouble forming sentences, still stunned by her beauty. The girl found herself in a similar situation, feeling a spark, an instant attraction to this stranger. "Um, let me help you with those...um...things...yeah."

"Thanks." She replied. "Room 75." She picked up some of her boxes, and Jesse got the rest.

"75? I'm in 74, right across the hall."

"Oh, well in that case, hi neighbor." She flashed him a smile that somehow melted his already melted heart again. That's right, this lady could melt the same heart twice in a row.

"Um, my name's Jesse. Jesse Carr," Jesse blurted out. "Though, yeah, neighbor could be a good nickname."

"I think it's a bit too impersonal," the blonde smiled. "I'll stick with Jesse. And you should stick with Peyton. Peyton List."

"Well, I'd say we should shake hands but, you know, boxes."

"Totally." The pair wouldn't have to wait long for a more formal greeting. With a few more steps, they were at Peyton's door. The leggy blonde kick-knocked the door. In seconds it was answered, and Jesse met his second drop dead gorgeous girl of the day.

"Well," the sexy brunette said, a smirk on her lips. "Looks like you found yourself a new friend Pey."

"Victoria, this is Jesse," Peyton said. "Jesse this is my roommate, Victoria Justice."

“Hi,” Jesse said. “Just thought I'd help Peyton with her stuff after knocking it all down.”

“That's one way to get a date.” Victoria replied.

“Oh, be nice to him Vic.” Peyton put her boxes down on her bed and turned to Jesse. “You'll have to pardon the lioness, she hasn't had her meal today.”

“Well, at least not lunch, had real big breakfast.”

“The football player down the hall?”

Victoria grinned wide and nodded. “I feel it's a good idea to start early in getting to know the people on this floor. And the integrity of the beds.”

“I'm sure you and your crash test dummy had fun,” Peyton laughed. “But maybe some real food would interest you?”

“Hey, maybe we could eat together,” suggested Jesse. “I mean, um, well, me and my friends were already on our way down to the commons.”

“Oh, that sounds nice.” Peyton replied. “Where are your friends?”

“The might already be there actually, I was following them when I bumped into you, quite literally.”

With that cue, Paul and Matt entered the doorway.

“Found you fuckface, what happened to you?” asked Paul before setting his eyes on Peyton. “Well, what do we have here?”

“This is Peyton,” Jesse said, trying to stand between Paul the predator and Peyton the prey.

“Hi,” she said. “You're friends with Jesse?”

“Of course he is, he called him fuckface,” Victoria said, thoroughly unimpressed with Paul “Like all good friends.”

“Yeah, me and Jesse go way back. And I hope you and I can go even further, Peyton.”

“Well, since Paul won't do it, I'm Matt. The third wheel, apparently,” Matt said.

“That's not a bad thing,” Victoria said, taking and shaking Matt's hand. “In fact, I can think of quite a few activities that are quite fun and involve three people. I'm Victoria.”

“I'm Matt and I love the number three now.” Victoria gave him a wink, then turned her attention back to Jesse. “So, you were saying something about lunch right? You, Peyton, myself.”

“And me, now.” Paul added, on Peyton like white on rice. “Don't forget.”

“Sadly, I doubt I could if I tried.”

“Great,” Paul said, not remotely hearing or caring about what Victoria had to say. “Lunch is on me.” Paul took an enamored Peyton by the hand and lead her out the door.

“The genius who took my roommate is aware the D.C. is free this weekend, right?” asked Victoria, annoyance and disdain dripping from her voice.

“Trust me,” Jesse said. “The food is the last thing on his mind. Or hers, sadly.”

“Day's not over yet, man,” Matt said. “Besides, it's not like he ONLY goes after women you're into...it's just the ones he tries to make his girlfriend.” He gave Jesse a sarcastic pat on the back and followed behind Peyton and Paul.

“If he only knew,” Jesse said in a laugh.

“Knew what?” asked Victoria.

“Long story.” he replied. “Want to watch slime at work over lunch?”

“I don't really think I have a choice if I'm going with you, but no way in Hell am I leaving my roommate alone with someone like that on the first day of knowing her.”

“You'd be the first to stop Paul.” Shrugging, Jesse and Victoria finally exited the room.

The dining commons was bustling with activity, as any place with free food tends to be. Though by the time both Jesse and Victoria had found their table, the sight of Paul having Peyton completely in his thrall was more than enough to make them lose their appetite.

“And he has her,” Jesse said. “Not record time, but not his worst.”

“Look, I might have only just met both of them, but I'd like to think my roommate is a bit to smart for whatever he's selling.”

“Trust me,” Jesse said. “I've known him since junior high. The smarter the girl, the nicer the girl, the easier they fall.”

“Then I must be a dumb, mean bitch then.” replied Victoria.

“No, you can just smell bullshit from a mile away. It's rare, but he can sense you just like you can sense him. Which is most likely why he won't even remember your name.”

“Jesse, Veronica,” Paul said upon the pair's arrival. “We were wondering when you'd show up.”

“Told you,” Jesse said.

“Well, we weren't really. These two were preoccupied with whatever and I was marveling at this bomb ass grilled cheese,” Matt said.

“This one?” Victoria asked when she sat. Matt nodded, and she reached over and grabbed half the sandwich and took a bite, making an over-exaggerated show of mulling over the flavor. Then another bite. Then another. Then finally the sandwich was gone. “Yeah, not bad.”

“Thanks,” Matt said, giving the brunette a sardonic grin. “So glad to make a new friend.”

“Victoria's nice when you get to know her a bit,” Peyton added. “Or seems to be.”

“I'm sure she is,” said Paul. “But enough about Veronica...”


“Whatever, weren't we making dinner plans?”

“Well, I don't think it'd be smart tonight,” Peyton said, making Jesse breath a sigh of relief that Paul could't care to notice. “And most of next week is just getting used to the schedule...next Saturday though, that works for me, how about you?”

“Perfection.” replied Paul. “Much like yourself.”

Victoria rolled her eyes and tossed the sandwich half that remained back to Matt. “Take it. My appetite is long gone.”

"Thanks." he replied, tossed the crusted remains to the side.

“Yeah, I can relate,” Jesse said, picking at his food while watching Peyton go completely nuts for Paul's tricks. He knew it was stupid. He'd only just met her. Still, he knew he felt something, and then along came Paul.

Right when the nausea had reached it's zenith point for Victoria and Jesse, it spread to Matt when his own past came back to haunt him in the form of his ex-girlfriend, Demi Lovato.

He didn't see her approach at first, but the moment she came into focus, any feeling of hunger faded from him, replaced only with an all consuming dread.

“Hi Matt,” Demi said. “How've you been?”

“I was doing fine,” he said. “Now, I think I lost my appetite.” He stood up from his seat and looked Demi right in the eye. “What part of 'I never want to see you again' did you not understand?”

“You didn't even give me a chance to explain.”

“Yeah, that'd be kind of hard for you to do with his dick in your mouth!”

“Oh fuck you! Look, I came over here to try and be nice. We're on the same campus, we might bump into each other. I thought it might be best to be civil with you. But Matt Nelson? Go fuck yourself.” Demi stormed off, every bit as angry now as Matt had been.

“Demi, you okay?” Selena Gomez asked, getting up from her seat.

“Hey, you know how he feels about me?” Demi asked. “I feel double that for you. Go back to your new friend Taylor.” Demi continued her path out of the commons, leaving Matt still furious and standing alone in the middle of the massive room. Selena could only shrug and return to her table with the aforementioned Taylor Swift.

“What was that all about?” asked Taylor. “I thought you two were friends.”

“So did I.” Selena replied. “She thinks I ditched her for you so I'd have an easy in for your sorority.”

“Wow, jealous much?”

“That's Demi. Didn't help it came right when she and Matt broke up. Shit, they were like that couple that's always been together since, like, grade school or something that end up married. Then, well, something happened.”

“What happened?”

“Not my place to say. Even if she hates me, I'm not breaking her trust.”

“No problem,” Taylor said with a smirk. I can always find out on my own, the blonde thought to herself. She didn't want to break Selena's trust. After all, Selena was her best friend. But Demi was part of Katy Perry's sorority, which made her the opposition. Taylor wanted all the information on the opposition she could get, just in case.

Back at Matt's table, he was still fuming, and Paul of all people seemed the most uncomfortable. This was a detail that did not escape Victoria.

“I think I'm gonna go tour the campus a bit more,” Paul said, his voice tense and nervous. “Peyton, you care to join me?”

“That sounds great,” she said smiling. The pair then left, hand in hand. Victoria and Jesse watched them leave, Victoria disgusted that any girl would fall for a viper like Paul and Jesse reeling from once again dealing with his “friend” swooping in and getting their before he could even contemplate making a move.

“Well, I think I'm going to go the parking lot and scream myself hoarse,” Matt said. “See you later.” With Matt gone, Victoria reached over to his tray to grab his grilled cheese and took a bite.

“Wow,” she said. “This IS fucking good.” She tore off a piece and offered to Jesse, who also partook of the sandwich.

“God damn,” he said. “I got my appetite back.”

“Me too. Want to finish up here then check out the campus as far away from your friend as possible?”

“Sure.” As the two newfound friends ate and made plans, they, nor anyone at the table noticed that they had been watched the entire time by Reggie Fisk. He was a well dressed young man who made film executives and lawyers look squeaky clean. Most people who knew him were surprised he didn't leave a trail of slime in his path.

But he did have his purposes. One of them was he was a great salesman. A superb middleman for people who sold a certain product. He could sell to anyone and always could find the best customers. And when he saw Matt and Demi, he knew he had a customer.

Before Matt could exit the commons completely, Reggie got in his way, his best car salesman smile on display. “Hey man, that seemed pretty rough,” he said. “You okay?”

“Yeah.” Matt replied. “And who are you?”

“Straight to business. I like that. Look, I take it you knew that delicious babe pretty personally to get that worked up, correct?”

“Yeah, so?”

“Well, first off, good job getting that. The ass on that girl, outta this world. Still, if you're pissed off, I think I could find a way to relieve your stress, for a price.”

“Whoa whoa whoa pal, sorry, but I'm strictly butter side up. No offense.”

“I'm not offering. I'm just your hook-up.” Reggie reached into his jacket and pulled out a business card with a phone number. “Call that number. If Bella answers, get ready for some fun. At a price.”

“What price?”

“Well, that's up to her. IF you even want to relieve that stress in the most fun way possible. And, take it from me pal, no woman can quite relieve that specific stress a bitchy ex provides quite like the girl on the other end of that phone number. Guaranteed.”

Matt took the business card, then looked at Reggie with an eyebrow raised. He saw that grin on the salesman when he bought his first car. The one that lasted all of a week and a half. However, what he was supposedly hooking him up with sounded appealing. He was pent up, and with more than just anger. Despite what happened between him and Demi, just the sight of her was enough to make him ready to go. If he didn't hate her guts he would have tried to take her to the restroom for a quickie.

“I might look into it,” Matt said. “Thanks.”

“No problem,” Reggie grinned. Matt nodded and walked out of the commons. “We got one.”

While Matt was pondering his stress relief options, Jesse and Victoria took a look around the school store. They were just browsing, not really looking for anything in particular, though for people who had just met, the conversation was getting surprisingly deep.

“Jesse, you seem like an all right guy,” Victoria said. “And Matt seems a bit on the toadie side, but all right. So why are you two friends with someone like Paul? I mean I know him for what, maybe twenty minutes and I already want to feed his balls to my bulldog.”

“Well, and thanks for the image by the way, it's kind of complex.” he replied. “I mean, he wasn't always like this, or at least not as bad. But once he had sex for the first time and essentially discovered that, well, he was silver tongued both in and outside of bed, it all went to his head. And it often times leads to bad situations, as you saw.”

“Look, the Peyton thing makes me feel slimy too, but it might not be that bad.”

“That's not what I was talking about.”

Victoria took a moment, then realization hit her. Matt and Demi. “No...no way. Matt's like his sidekick!”

“Yep. That whole thing between Matt and Demi is because Matt walked in on Demi. The way he tells the story, some guy was fucking her, well, to be blunt fucking her up the ass. She was dressed like sexy Dorothy from Wizard of Oz and Matt was the Tin Man. Anyway, he walks in catches this, and is silent. Dumbstruck, right? Watches just to the end when the guy, in a mask, total coverage, pulls out and blasts on Demi's face. That's of course when Matt makes his presence known, breaks up with her on the spot. Storms out of the party, doesn't speak to her again until today.”

“Wow, and the guy in the mask was Paul?”

“Yep. Demi told me, then Paul confessed. Told me telling Matt would crush him because then he'd not only have lost a girlfriend but a best friend. I didn't buy it. Then Demi told me what happened and...I kind of had to keep quiet.”

“What did she tell you?” Victoria asked. “Paul didn't, you know...”

“Not exactly,” said Jesse. “Demi has kind of an addiction issue. Used to drink, do coke, a lot. She'd tried to get clean and stay clean in junior year of high school, if you can believe that. And she did pretty well. She fell of the wagon a few times, but no one, especially not Matt, judged her. If anything he was the single most supportive person I'd ever seen when that happened. But then came that Halloween party. Matt had volunteered for a beer run for the party. Demi was cool with this. When she was sober, she wasn't preachy about it. But Paul, being stone cold sober, started slipping her alcohol. First a shot, then a glass of wine, and soon she was doing beer bongs. All the while, Paul was dead sober. I think you can piece it together from there.”

“That motherfucker isn't getting near Peyton.” Victoria declared. “No way. I don't know the girl that well, but nope, not happening.”

“Your heart is in the right place on this, but the hooks are in. He's got her and the spell is unbreakable. Believe me, anyone who knows him has marveled in horror.”

“So why didn't you ever tell Matt?” Victoria asked. “Paul alone couldn't have been enough to stop you, and it sounds like Demi would want to tell the fucking cops, quite frankly.”

“Demi was ashamed and didn't want to hurt Matt more than he was. She wouldn't hear anything else. She took the total brunt of it all. Couldn't break my word to her, and if she'd come to you, I don't think you'd be able to refuse her request either.”

“Fair enough. Hope you don't mind if I make it my mission to destroy him.”

“Honestly, not at all.” replied Jesse. “Frankly, I'm starting to wonder why I'm still friends with the guy. Not just over Peyton either. Though that stings. It's not like he knew I was into her. But I also know that wouldn't have stopped him. I don't know, sometimes it's hard to cut ties. Especially when the person you used to know sometimes comes out to play from the house of shit he now lives in.”

“That's nice, kinda poetic. You an English major?”

“No, acting.”

“Really? So's Peyton. I think you have an in, good sir. Well, two. Because of three of you jokers we met today, you can be sure I won't be shit talking you.”

“Thanks,” Jesse said, sharing a quick look with Victoria. “Want to check out the gym? Somebody said they actually have three pools, one just for casual, non sports stuff.”

“Water slide?”


“Let's go.”

While those two headed to the gym, Matt, back in his dorm room, had decided to call the number on the card. He was a bit anxious, even when he heard a female voice pick up.

“Hello, this is Bella,” the voice said. “If you're calling me on this phone, I have a pretty good idea what you're looking for. How can I help?”

“Well, I guess an associate of your gave me this card,” he said, trying not to sound as nervous as he was. “He said you were the perfect, um stress reliever.”

“Not the best compliment Reggie has ever given me, but it worked. But let me ask you...what's your name?”


“Well Matt, rest-assured, I'm so much more. Sure, I can take care of any tension you may have. I'm also the most fun you can have doing the filthiest things imaginable for a reasonable price.”

“How reasonable?”

“Let me tell you what,” Bella began. “Meet me at the university library. Go right to the world history section and go down the hallway to the restroom. You'll see a door marked emergency exit. Go through it. No alarm will go off, trust me. Head straight down that hallway and out to the alleyway. That's where I'll be so we can discuss business. No commitment, but I'd recommend bringing cash. You can always say no, but no one's been able to do that with me yet. Bye.”

Bella hung up, confident Matt would come to her. And she was right. Matt's second head was doing the thinking now. He opened his lock box, took all the cash he had and headed to the library in a near sprint. He didn't even know what this woman looked like but the way she sounded was enough to make him stiff as a board.

Before too long Matt was in the library, following Bella's directions to a T. World history, hallway, fake emergency exit, alleyway, and there she was, the ultimate hooker right in front of him.

“You must be Matt,” Bella said, a sultry and slutty smile on her face. “I'm Bella. Bella Thorne if you want the full name.”

“Um, hi.” Matt replied. He was beginning to sweat, nerves taking over, which made Bella giggle.

“Am I making you nervous? That is so cute.” She walked toward him, sashaying her hips and licking her lips. “Sweetie, calm down. Let me give you the rundown. Usually, these are the prices. Oral is a hundred. My cunt, that's three hundred. Right to the ass? Five hundred. Total package, all three of my naughty little fuckholes? That's a sweet bargain at seven hundred. But you? My sexy little sweetheart, you can get the whole package for just five hundred.”

“Just five hundred?” he asked incredulously.

“I know, you think it's a lot. But here's why it's not. I'm not joking about usually charging seven hundred for everything. I've been doing this since junior year of high school, I have a fairly large client list, especially now that I can do it somewhat legally at twenty years old. Still, my clients include students here, athletes, coaches, professors...they're all regulars and they'd all vouch for me if Yelp existed for whores. Which, let's be honest, I am and I love it. I also am a business woman and like getting new customers. So I run specials. For example, right now, back to school special. It's my not my first year on campus but I still love to make a good impression. That would bring the total package down to six hundred. However...this is just the weekend before school, and you're my first customer, I hope. So...I'm giving you a special discount. I like making my customers happy in the pants and in their pockets. I hope the price and the experience make you a return customer. And you can cum as much as you want. I don't watch the clock. I don't even fucking set the clock. We're done when we're done.” Bella licked her lips and smiled. She knew she had him. All Matt had to do was say the word.

“Done deal,” he said, reaching into his pocket and taking out the cash. He took out five hundred, which, thanks to meticulous saving, would not break his bank at all.

“No no honey,” Bella said. “Money after. I like it better that way.”

“So, where are we doing this?”

“Here,” she replied. “No one will find us. That's why this isn't an exit. When they expanded the library they had to essentially cut this off as an emergency exit. This whole area is walled off. No one here but you, me, and a bunch of cigarette butts for people who are in the know.”

Bella slowly moved Matt until he was against the wall. She was like a cat playing with her prey. She delicately licked at his lips before kissing him. She gave him a slutty smile then sunk to her knees. “You can be as gentle or as rough as you want...I like it both ways.”

“Oh shit,” Matt sighed as Bella took his cock in her mouth. She wasn't lying, she was a pro. Not a single wasted movement. Even the moans she made, the sucking sounds, the eyes contact all these things spelled out one thing,Bella knew exactly what her calling was and was not ashamed to embrace it.

She pulled her mouth of Matt's cock, bringing her hand to jack and tease it. Matt shivered and moaned as Bella rubbed the underside with her thumb, going up and down, then in circles.

“Mmm you like that, don't you sweetie? Mmm, don't worry, your whore is going to take good care of you.” Bella moved her mouth to his balls and eagerly began to give them a tongue bath.

“Fuck this is so worth it!” Matt exclaimed. “Every fucking penny.”

“Oh, honey, I haven't even earned fifty dollars yet. You haven't felt anything yet.” Bella extended her tongue and licked from Matt's taint to the tip of his cock, flicking her tongue against it before taking him throat deep and holding him there.

“Motherfucker!” he yelled. “Fuck, I'm already close!”

“Mmmmm, glad you're enjoying yourself,” Bella said. She took a few breaths before going back to attacking his prick. It was almost a reverse face fuck, Bella impaling her own mouth on his cock. It was a new experience for Matt, but one he was relishing. He had never been with anyone so cock hungry before. Whether it was for money or not, you can't fake a love for dick the way Bella was displaying it.

“It's okay if you cum,” she said, her tone almost begging for some jizz. “I told you, you can cum as many times as you want...make me earn that money...make this whore earn her keep...gimme some cum sweetie...make me swallow it...”

“Oh fuck fuck fuck,” Matt whined, bringing a gigantic, Cheshire grin to Bella's face. The grin would have grown even wider when Matt finally reached the breaking point and grabbed her by the head, finally taking charge and facefucking her, desperate to blow his wad right down her throat.

“Ung...unh...fucking take it you slut....fucking whore...ughh!!!” he growled, he thrusts producing a rhythmic “Glug glug glug” to come from Bella's mouth as he rammed it until finally he hit that ever so delectable wall.

Matt held Bella's head in place as he unloaded in her mouth, Bella not missing a beat in swallowing every drop down. It went even further, as Bella refused to let go of his cock, not allowing a second of calm for his cock. She was going to earn her money, and she couldn't do that with a soft cock.

The pleasure shooting through Matt's body was almost too intense, the aftershocks Bella was giving him making him wobbly and weak in the knees.

When Bella was confident he was staying hard, she backed off, placing one last, sensual French kiss on his cock head.

“Bet that felt good,” Bella said knowing all too well. Her vicious smile told the whole story, and her body language was the perfect punctuation. “Hope you don't mind all that post-cum sucking. Want to make sure you get to sample everything you paid for.” She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him, hungrily, starving like the good whore she was. She jumped into his arms and wrapped her legs around him.

Their eyes locked, Bella staring him out with a smirk as she reached between them and grasped his cock, aiming it for her sopping cunt.

“No need to wait honey,” she teased. “Fuck me.”

Her grin, teasing and tantalizing combined with her cock hungry attitude was too much for Matt. He pinned her against the wall and drove his cock into her in one thrust, Bella howling in pleasure.

“That's the fucking spirit Matt,” she said. “Fuck the whore...fuck this whore cunt...fucking use me!”

“Fucking whore...earn my fucking money...fuck...” Any thoughts Matt might have had of Demi earlier faded away as he took Bella's heavenly cunt. Fuck, the mouth alone had ended up being worth this price in his summation. Her pussy was beyond belief. For a pro, she was shockingly tight. With every thrust, he could still tell she was a pro with how could tighten and flex her cunt muscles at will, knowing just when to do it.

He pulled her top down, her tits falling out and his mouth immediately went to them. He hungrily sucked and licked at them like a starving man served a three course meal.

“Fucking bight my nipples!” Bella demanded. “Not nibble, fucking bite!”

Matt pulled out and dropped Bella back to her feet. Before the slutty redhead could say anything, Matt spun her around, slapped her apple-round bottom and drove his cock back into her pussy again.

Bella let out a low moan, a smile on her face. She loved it when she got this out of her clients. It didn't always have to be rough or fast...but real. Real, raw sexual feeling, no holding back...it got her hot. Hotter than she already was for her job. Now Matt was really fucking her, and she knew he wasn't done with her.

“Oh you dirty bitch,” he growled before giving in, the sensation making Bella squeal in delight.

“Mmmm...that's right Matt...fuck my sluthole...fucking take it and make it yours...it's all yours till you're done with me...then just leave...throw that fucking money on your little cumslut when you're done with her....fuck me! YES!”

“Oh I'm gonna fuck you like the dirty bitch you are,” Matt said, a sneer coming to his face as he got more and more into the depravity of Bella. He wrapped a handful of her hair around his fist and yanked her head back. He then pressed his lips to her ears. “You still owe me that ass, remember?”

“Oh yeah?” she asked, taunting him with her tone. “Then what the fuck are you gonna do about it big man? You gonna fuck it? Take that asshole and make it a your private fuckhole till you're done?”

“You fucking know it!”

“Then stop talking and start fucking! Fuck that ass!”

Matt pulled out of Bella and pressed his cock, slick with Bella's juices right up against her anus and pressed forward, the slut grinning and hissing as he popped the head through.

“Fuck you're tight,” Matt said. “Tight ass for a whore.”

“Not all men are man enough to know what they want and pay for it,” Bella said. “Most of these pussies just go for a blow. They aren't real men like you. Real men know what they want and get it...”

Matt yanked Bella's hair gain, bringing her lips to his for a sloppy, hungry kiss. “I'm gonna fuck your ass the way a slut like you needs it.”

“Mmm, wouldn't have it any other way baby.” It didn't take long for Matt to build his pace, a pace Bella loved to the core. Hard, rough, fast. He slammed into her tight ass with no mercy, and Bella requested none. The pleasureful pain made her hot, sopping wet. Anal was one of her favorite parts of the job, especially if the man was starving for it. The hunger was contagious, as it turned out. The more the man wanted to fuck her ass, the more Bella NEEDED her ass fucked.

Matt grasped Bella by her hips, smacking her ass cheeks hard as he slammed into her asshole as hard and as fast he could He was going to cum, no doubt about it. The only frustration in his head now was cumming up her ass or on her face.

“Gonna fucking cum,” Matt announced. “Fucking this whore ass is gonna make me shoot.”

“Mmmm, fill up my ass baby,” Bella pleaded. “Shoot that spunk up my fuck chute...fucking cum! Cum up my ass!”

“Oh you slut TAKE IT!” Matt growled, slamming into her one more time and unleashing a torrent of cum of her well fucked asshole. He held her still as his eyes rolled in the back of his head from the intense pleasure.

“FUCK YES!” Bella cried out, the hot jism hitting her bowels making her cum as well, every new pulse of Matt's cock sending a new ripple of pleasure through her body. After a few after pumps, Matt pulled out, bracing himself against the wall. He smirked as he watched some cum dribble out of Bela's freshly fucked anus.

“Mmmmm, that was amazing baby,” Bella said. “I only need one more thing from you.”

“What's that?”

Bella smirked at him while she crawled over to him and began to suck his cock, fresh from her ass, teasing the still sensitive head.

“Throw the money in my face and call me a good whore.”

Matt couldn't help but grin. He grabbed the money from his pocket and tossed it in her face as her lips were still on his softening cock. “Here's your money, you good little whore.”

“Mmm, thank you.” she replied. “You were a lot of fun. Don't be a stranger sweetie.”

While those two were composing themselves, Paul and Peyton found themselves just outside the library, Paul's hooks in deep and Peyton completely entranced. Paul knew how to play this. He wouldn't get any action tonight, at least not from Peyton.

He knew it would be at least a week before he got a piece of her. But she looked quality, so she was worth it. Besides, if he gained her trust, he could do just about whatever he wanted, and not just with her. Sure, he knew what people thought of him. He even knew some of his friends thought the same. It didn't matter to him. As long as he got what he wanted how he wanted when he wanted, that's all that mattered. It's the best lesson his father taught him and the perfect philosophy for life as far as he was concerned.

“So, you thinking about your Oscar speech already,” he asked. “Picking out the dress?”

“Oh stop,” she giggled. “I'm just studying. I don't even know if I'm any good. That's why I'm doing a double major in computer science. Back up plans and all.”

“Beautiful and smart. I'd also put money down on talent being in the mix as well.” She blushed. Hit confirmed. “This really is a nice day. Can't think of a better way to spend it.”

“I can't disagree.” Peyton replied. “Wouldn't mind a repeat...then another.”


“Well, I'm sure we could vary it next time Peyton. Maybe a nice, moonlit walk after dinner? Then the next time maybe pick you up for breakfast...not a long commute after all.”

“That sounds wonderful..especially breakfast.”


“I aim to please. I hope you get to see that in the long run.”

“Well, I can free up my schedule.” She smiles, beaming, Eyes sparkling.


“Wanna head back to the room? I'll help you unpack.”

“That sounds great.” The pair walked off, a sick sense of pride in Paul that beamed off him like a search light. So bright it couldn't help but be noticed by two passers by, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift.

“Ooof, that guys bad news,” Selena said. “Girl's gonna get taken for a ride.”

“Aw, you jealous, Sel?” Taylor teased. “You want the ride instead?”

“Oh please Tay, I'm not that bad.”


“If you have a list, keep it to yourself right now. Let me enjoy the last weekend before class begins hang-up free.”

“List being put back mentally, and done.”

“Thanks,” Selena said. “So, when's your first class?”

“Ugh, Monday, seven in the morning. Biochem. The human brain is not designed for advanced chemical polymers for any time before noon. You?”

“Monday, but not till noon. Perfect actor's schedule!” Selena smiled. “Same class as Pete, we're probably going to go together, get lunch before hand.”

“Oh, Peter?” Taylor said with a smirk. “I like Peter.”

“So do I. That's why we're friends. Nothing more.”

“Does he know that?”

“Does who know what?” Peter said, coming up to the pair of beauties from behind.

“Oh nothing,” Selena said. “Nothing important.”

“Well, I don't know, might be important to someone,” Taylor remarked. Ever since she'd known Selena, she'd known Peter Farrano. And she could see someone utterly lovestruck when she saw it. That was Peter all over when it came to Selena. And in Taylor's eyes, it'd be a perfect match, if it wasn't for Selena's preference for bad guys. Not not even bad guys with a heart of gold. Just assholes. And she could see something behind her eyes whenever Peter was around, but it couldn't overpower Selena's tendencies towards the drizzling shits. Not that Peter was always waiting for scraps. He tended to be busy as well, something Taylor could certainly attest to.

“Not that I don't love both of you, I think I should leave the two person film crew alone to discuss their plans for the year. Taylor gave them each a hug, along with a kiss to Peter's cheek along with a whisper of advice: “Keep trying.”

“Didn't mean to intrude or anything,” said Peter.

“You didn't.” Selena replied, her smile making his heart flutter. “Walk with me. I'm heading back to the dorm.”

“Cool. What floor did you get?”

“Top floor, you?”

“Same. Kind of surprised you aren't staying in the sorority house. Thought it was required, actually.”

“More like preferred, but the opportunity was too good. The person I was assigned to live with got a place off campus at the last second. I've got a BIG suite all to myself. All I have to do is share the bathroom, which I'd have to do anyway in the sorority. Kind of want to really live alone as much as I can.”

“Damn that must be sweet. I'm sharing with someone named Cliff Hetfield. Seems nice enough but I get the feeling from the three guitars he brought with him I'm going to need earplugs just to sleep.”

“Aww, poor baby,” she teased. “Tell you what, if it gets really bad you can just crash with me.”

“Really?” Peter asked, a smile on his face too big for Selena to not notice what was behind it, yet somehow she always didn't. “I mean, um, aren't there rules or something?”

“I guess? I mean, technically the other person is still listed as being my dorm mate, but they're never going to show up. The school can't put anyone else in there for the entire semester. I guarantee there's going to be a lot more illicit activities then a friend crashing their because he can't sleep. You're in the clear. You know, if you need it.”


“No problem. It's what friends do.”

Friends. That word friends. It stung a little. There was no one Peter would rather be around than Selena, but it just being friends, he couldn't deny it stung him. He'd been in love with her since first grade, the day she moved in next to him. They'd been as inseparable as anyone save for Peter's other closest friend. Maybe even as much as her and Demi had once been. And as their interests grew together, her dreams of being an actress and his of making movies, they made some really bad short movies in high school together, but they were fun. And they got even closer. Nit just not as close as Peter would have liked.

But Peter didn't judge her. He loved her, but wouldn't leave her side. That's not what friends do, no matter how much it hurt.

“So, I'm guessing you have some ideas for shorts for the student film showcase?” Selena asked. “Or do you want to brainstorm in the dorm lounge?”

“Brainstorm.” he replied. “Wanna grab some Cokes and head over?”

“You read my mind.” Se smiled at him, taking a small moment. “You always do, don't you?”

“Well, we can discuss my amazing psychic abilities on the way, can't we?”

“Mmm, maybe I'm psychic, because I knew you were going to say that.”

“Well, aren't we a pair of mutant freaks?”

“I think we have a movie idea,” she laughed. While the two walked off, another pair of friends, with little to no romantic tension between them, walked right on by. One of those two was someone Selena and Peter should have noticed right away...and vice verse.

“What's the plan my blonde bombshell buddy?” Camila Mendes asked. “Last weekend before sophomore year starts, we have to do a big damn blow out before our weekend are consumed by studying and only moderate darn blow outs.”

“I have front row seats to WHW tonight!” replied a very excited Lili Reinhart.


“WildHeart Wrestling! Local federation. They have this AWESOME masked tag team. They're called Callous Pain. Saw them on YouTube and holy shit they're hot and talented and I need to see them.”

“Wrestling again?” Cami sighed, already exhausted at the thought of more men in tights. “Lili, I get it, you love wrestling. Your prize possession is your picture with Rey Mysterion.”


“Whatever. There's more to life than that.”

“I know. And we went out partying on that guy you know's yacht last weekend. I skipped a show for that.”

“See, you can't even remember the guy's name but you know the name of two wrestlers you've only seen on YouTube.”

“Hey, be fair, you don't know that guy's name either.”

“...okay, fair enough. But still, really?”

“I went on a yacht and threw up wine along with the entire day's meals because I got sea sick. I always get seasick. I still went. Pleeeeeassseee?” Lili comedically fluttered her eyelashes.

“Ugh, fine. You win. Just...just don't go nuts or anything.”

“When do I ever?”

“At the last show you dragged me to you spit on that one guy that spit the green mist and called him a dogfucking puke sack.”

“He flipped me off!”

“In the ring!” Camila exclaimed. “Part of the show!”

“And I was just getting in the spirit.”

“Whatever, you're buying the soda and popcorn.”

“Deal.” The two turned a corner to head to the dorm when they came across another pair, two men: Jose Heyman and Jake Triton.

“Oh...hi Lili,” Jake said, taking a deep breath at seeing his dream girl. “How've you been?”

“Oh, good.” she replied. “Cami, did you ever meet my lab partner from last year? Jake Triton.”

“Oh yeah, the huge guy! Hi huge guy.”

“Hi Cami.”

“Still huge, huh?” the sarcastic brunette asked. “Holy shit your biceps are like cantaloupes!”

“I'd say honeydew, but I'm not really a fruitologist,” Jose said. “Jose Heyman ladies. Esquire if you choose, I know I do.”

“Nice to meet you, little guy,” Camila said. “You two remind of those cartoon dogs that Bugs Bunny would fight with.”

“Charming,” Jose said, a grin on his face. “And you must be Lili. Jake talked about you a lot. Super smart. And hot too, he wasn't lying.”

“Oh god...” Jake said, facepalming while Lili blushed. “I'm so sorry.”

“No, don't worry about it, always happy to take a compliment,” she laughed. “I wouldn't mind hearing more, but Cami and I still have to unpack.”

“Yep, roomies again. And trust me, while we're unpacking we won't be making fun of you at all big guy.”


“No, scout's honor. I mean, with the little one we have more than enough material until we're finished.”

“Again, completely charmed.” Jose put on his biggest, fakest shit-eating grin, one which Cami returned.

“See you around, Jake.”

The women entered the building and the two men walked by.

“Hey, thanks for keeping your mouth shut, asshole,” Jake said. “Now I look like a stalker.”

“Yeah, but one with big muscles,” said Jose. “Though that might work against you. You could probably get in the pants of the brunette devil woman.”

“Cami's all right. You're just mad she can go toe to toe with you on the mic, Jose. Or should I start calling you Brimstone to get ready for tonight?”

“Wait till the masks come on, Magnus Pain. Because tonight, “Hell Priest” Brimstone Callous and “Saint Sinner” Magnus Pain bring the ultimate tag team to WHW...CALLOUS PAIN!” Jose then did an exaggerated “evil” pose mid walk, accentuating the name, garnering an odd gaze from his partner. “Too much?”

“Maybe, at least without our gear. Alison got it ready to go?”

“Yep. Ms. Brie has her and our gear ready to go. Apparently it looks sick as Hell. I'm gonna look like gambit with a demon mask man!”

“Ah, a boyhood dream more honorable than that of Shawn Michaels.”

“Do not compare me to the Heartbreak Hack. Ever.”

“Sorry. I mean why would anyone want to be compared to one of the single greatest wrestlers of all time?”

“That's right....wait a second.”

“Looks, let's just go check out the gym, maybe get a quick work out in before the match tonight.”

“Sure.” Jose replied. “And that Cami chick COULD NOT outdo me on the mic on her best night or on my worst.”

“Whatever you say.”

And so the rest of the day went into the night people paired off, as friends or more, good intentions and ill. Then night fell, and the wrestling show Lili had chosen as her big send off to the freedom of summer had started.

Lili and Cami were front row, Cami more entertained by the excitement her friend was showing before the matches even started.

“You really love this stuff, don't you?” Cami asked.

“You didn't learn that Freshman year?”

“I just didn't know the scope.”

“Well, just think of it the same way you love sarcasm. Besides, you like The Rock.”

“Well, more accurately I want to jump his bones and ride him like a bucking bronco, but yeah.”

“Okay, okay,” Lili said. “Just try to enjoy the show. You might even have some fun.”

“When does it start?” Right then, the sound of Nine Inch Nails' Wish began to play and Lili went nuts.

“Holy shit it's them! They're match one! OH MY GOD!”


“Callous Pain!” Lili pointed to the entry way to see a huge muscular man in black tights adorned with reflective fabric that gave off the look of dripping blood. His gloves, as well as his partners, were black with bones on them. Both men wore masks, the bigger one in black save for a sculpted skull on the face. The shorter one's mask looked almost demonic, inhuman if note for the hair sticking out from the top. They were being led to the ring by a very busty brunette. She was in what looked to be a one-piece swimsuit, her make-up dark and Gothic with licks a deep black, only looking more sinister with the toothy grin on her face.

Lili cheered like a madwoman as the trio entered the ring. The woman and the smaller man were both handed microphones and the music stopped.

“Would you look at this crowd Brimstone?” the brunette said to the smaller man. “I mean, when I booked us here, I thought we were finally going to be on the road to the big time, not in front of a bunch of loser marks.”

“Fuck you, lady!” a voice from the crowd yelled, followed by a water bottle being thrown in the ring, which the bigger man caught with ease.

“Nice catch, Magnus,” the brunette said. “I think made one of these idiots fighting mad.”

“I think you're right Aphrodite,” Brimstone added. “Too bad whoever did that is most likely, nothing more than a little bitch. You know the kind I'm talking about, right?”

“I think I do, but please, go on.”

“The kind of pathetic, backwards ass, obsolete redneck hick you always find in the armpit of wherever we end up going. The kind of idiot that the dark ones we follow wouldn't even bother looking at. You people, especially the little crap stain that got so mad at the lovely Aphrodite Gorgon. You sir, could not last ten second in the ring, and certainly not even one inside Aphrodite.”

The crowd roared with boos, except from Lili, who couldn't stop laughing.

“You do flatter me Brimstone. But that's not why we're here at Wildheart! No. The reason Callous Pain are here is simple. We are here to destroy. Not win. Not be champs. Destroy. Annihilate. Like we do every single place we go.”

“By the dark ones, do you remember the last town we were in?”

“I know, both of my boys utterly eviscerated not just the competition, but the whole locker room.”

“Calling that crowd jobbers would be an insult to jobbers, my lady.”

“And of course, we reigned supreme in their tag division. As podunk as it was.”

“And now, we're here to do even worse.”

Aphrodite nodded, her grin becoming even sicker. Cami had to admit, she was very in to the theatricality of it all. And the small guy, despite the mask, was kind of cute. She then looked over to Lili, who was totally transfixed, though not entirely by the whole show, as Cami would have suspected. Lili's eyes were drawn to the big man in the ring. She knew his name already, “Saint Sinner” Magnus Pain. She saw him move on the internet. All his moves. But the one thing it didn't prepare her for were the masked man's deep green eyes. Despite being the powerhouse and all the violent, hard hitting moves she saw him do, the eyes had a softness to them that she couldn't help but be drawn to.

“The fact of the matter is, all of you here, tonight and ANY night really, you're just stepping stones,” said Aphrodite. “Little nothings we will not only step on, but stomp on to get what we want. And my big man, what is it we want?”

She held the microphone up behind her, and the big man, Magnus Pain, leaned over and said one word.


“That's right big man!” Brimstone said with sick glee. “Tag titles, world title, TV title, and yes, that sad little, obsolete nothing of a Women's title you have here will be uplifted into the grand darkness by the lovely Aphrodite.”

Then, another song hit, White Zombie's More Human Than Human, and out came a slim blonde carrying a baseball bat. She was in a short skirt and heels, a perfect little blonde girl next door, but her eyes gave the idea there was something not quite right going on in her head.

In the ring, Aphrodite and the men with her were livid. The blonde was handed a microphone by a stage hand, the crowd roaring for her.

“Surprised to see me Aphrodite?” the blonde asked. “Because trust me honey, the surprises are are just beginning. But let's get one thing clear right off the bat. That belt? Doesn't work with your whole “evil and disgusting” vibe. What it need is to be around the waist of someone who's utter perfection. Someone who's more human than human. Someone that the fans of WHW deserve. They deserve a champion like me, Athena Zeus.”

“I will curb stomp you, bitch,” the brunette said.

“Oh, you'll try. And I'm sure your boys will be your insurance policy, just like you're theirs. It's smart. But never, EVER forget, I've always been smarter than you.”

More music played and two men showed up behind Athena, causing even more anger in the ring, and soon, a full blown brawl broke out. Cami, surprisingly, was into it. Not surprisingly, Lili was into it even more.

By the time whole affair was over, the brawl had turned into a match where everyone got involved. The women got even more brutal than the men, which Cami liked. What Lili liked even more was her team coming out with the underhanded win.

“I've got to meet him,” Lili said.


“I mean, I've got to meet them, Callous Pain. I have to get a picture with them. I'm going to go see if I can meet them out front. I'll be right back.” Lili got up and rushed out, leaving Cami alone.

“Great. Could be partying on a boat right now, getting down in a club. Sharing drinks with a dashing young millionaire...but nope. In a bingo hall that smells of stale beer. What a Saturday night.”

While Cami lamented her situation, the debuting stable celebrated a great night.

“We fucking nailed it!” exclaimed Jose. “Killed it even.”

“They actually knew who we were!” Alison Brie said, her smile wide as she removed her Gothic make-up. “When that dude called me a bitch and threw the bottle at me, fuck I almost came! And that catch! Jake, that was fucking legendary. Fucking sold and no sold at the same time!”

“It was good, wasn't it?” Jake said.

“Damn straight it was,” Gillian Jacobs said, entering the locker room. “Alison, they actually remember us from the Bakersfield feud! I can't believe it. And nice 450, Jose!”

“Me, what about how you sold Jake's turnbuckle power bomb? Holy shit, I smell a Slammy!”

“Yeah, you okay?” Jake asked.

“Oh please, not like it's the first time you did that to me. We trained at the same place and you always ask the same thing, you big softie. I just wish you'd go through with my idea next time to build up some real heat, make them hate you even more.”

“Gillie, I love you but I told you last time, it's either two tables stacked on each other with thumbtacks OR on fire, not both.”

“Whatever,” Gillian said, rolling her eyes. “You guys want to hit a bar with me and the Night Force after the show. I get the feeling we won't be doing much post-show partying for a while after Monday.”

“Sure, just gotta get out of Callous Pain mode first,” Jake said. “Gonna go to the merch booth first though, see if we pushed any shirts tonight.”

“Oh check for me too.”

“Sure thing, Gill.”

“Hey, we might be...tenaires, is that a thing?” Jose asked.

“You mean we might be able to get, gasp, one imported beer each?” Alison joked as she dropped her top. “We're in the big leagues.”

As everyone else dressed down while Jose looked at Alison's nude body and Alison pretended she gave a damn about anyone in the back seeing her naked, Jake still masked and in gear, bumped into Lili.

“Oh my God! Magnus Pain!” To say Jake was shocked at his dream girl being star struck by him would be underselling his reaction to the situation. “I am such a HUGE fan. Wow..just wow! That's a debut, that's how it's done! And holy shit you're hot!”

The already somewhat stoic Jake Triton was shocked further into silence. Lili being a wrestling fan was one thing. Her being a fan of his was another. Her finding him hot left his mind blown. Of course, that wouldn't be the only thing blown that night.

Lili pulled Jake's face down and kissed him, his lips mercifully being exposed through his mask. Their tongues collided and followed the theme of the night and wrestled as Jake pulled Lili closer. The kiss broke and Lili wasted no time in dropping to her knees. She yanked his tights down his hips, his cock free and soon in her mouth.

“Holy shit,” Jake growled in surprise. He wasn't the only one, Lili in the back of her head was screaming with surprise at her actions, but not to stop.

Lili sucked fast. No delicacy at all. That isn't what it was about. This was pure lust. It was sloppy and wet and intense. Her mouth and hands seemed to be everywhere, sucking his cock, sucking his balls, jacking him, massaging his balls, her mouth a blur of sex.

She was in complete control, Jake too lost in the surprise of the situation and sensation it was causing. He was completely in Lili's hands, and that was a very envious position.

Just the face of someone so angelic going so dark and nasty was enough to send him rocketing over the edge. Lili Reinhart, on her knees, cock-starved wanting only him to satisfy her hunger...he was never going to last, and they both knew it.

“Let me swallow it,” she simply said. That's what she wanted, and that's what Jake provided, releasing with a grunt of intense pleasure, pleasure that only grew at the feeling and knowledge of Lili swallowing every drop down.

With the last stream shot, Lili pulled back, looking up with her blue eyes locked on his green. He pulled his tights back up as she got to her feet. She kissed him one more time. He tried to speak, but was shushed with finger.

“Don't speak. Not yet. Later.” She turned to leave, before looking to him and saying, “See you next week.”
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Re: All-Star College
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2018, 06:11:45 PM »

While Jake tried to absorb everything that had just happened, at the dorms things were a little bit quieter. IN Peyton and Victoria's room, Victoria and Jesse were finishing the last bit of unpacking she had to do. Peyton and Paul, to both their dismays, were nowhere in sight.

“I genuinely hope that girl isn't dumb enough to drop her panties before the first date,” Victoria said, flopping down on her bed.

“I wouldn't worry about it.” he replied, sitting next to her on the bed. “I'm betting he put Peyton in his S ranking. Even if she pressed, he'd hold back.”


“Because he thinks it's an accomplishment to keep a girl like her begging and waiting. Then when he goes for it, she's up for anything.”

“Do you have any friends that aren't jackasses?”

“Matt's not that bad, just a bit sycophantic towards Paul at times. And Paul wasn't all always like this. I mean..okay, you ever know a kid who just, out of no where, gets ultra rich and changes? That's Paul. Dad struck it big in music and has somehow KEPT that cash in the digital era.”

“Eh, the one rich kid I know is pretty all right, and compared to Paul she's a god damn saint.”

“It's weird. I think I'm just friends with him and suffer because it's easier than ditching hi.” Jesse flopped down next to Victoria, sighing deep. “It's not like he hasn't done this before.  Honestly, this isn't as bad as other times. This time I don't think he even knew I was into Peyton. Other times...not exactly a prince.”

“Between that and Demi, you sure know how to pick 'em.”

“Eh, today with you didn't go so bad.”

“Well, everyone can be right once.” She got a laugh out of Jesse, which in turn brought one out of her.  “You know, it'd be kind of a drag to start off the school year on such a down note, you

“Indeed.” Victoria leaned over and the two began their night of carnal knowledge with an intense kiss. Victoria reached between them to unbutton his shirt while Jesse reached our to Victoria's back to unhook her bra.

The team works provided results, with the two of them being completely topless. Jesse held Victoria and rolled her on her back.

“Not to be blunt, but wow,” Jesse said, kissing and sucking on her tits. Victoria smiled, a sigh escaping her lips.

“Mmm, I'm the kind of girl that loves compliments.” She took another deep breath as Jesse continued to give her breasts the most amazing attention she'd had in a while. Hungry and delicate, trying desperately not to go too fast but also waiting on the edge to taste another centimeter of her flesh.

Jesse slowly began to work down, making a trail with his tongue down to Victoria's jeans, looking up at her as he undid them. He stood up from the bed to peel the pants from her body, noticing with a joy only matched by a kid on Christmas morning that there was nothing more he needed to unwrap.

Instead of immediately jumping back into action Jesse again took the time to taste a bit more of Victoria, kissing his way down to her thighs. He was ready to go even further, till he was stopped by Victoria.

“Not that I don't appreciate the gesture, but I really, REALLY want some cock,” Victoria said. “Besides, you're just down the hall. I get horny a lot. You'll get a second chance at a slice of pie.”

“I'll hold you to that.”

Victoria grinned and sat up, she reached for his pants and undid them as well. They fell to his ankles and Jesse quickly stepped out of them. Victoria reclined on the bed and Jesse got on in position on top of her.

“Holy fuck,” Jesse moaned upon entering Victoria. “Fucking wow...god damn...”

“Oh, fuck, feels good on this end too,” Victoria said, her voice already trailing off into a moan. Jesse wasted no time in building up a pace. His lips met Victoria's, the kiss hungry and sloppy, matching his pace.

“Oh fuck yes...fuck me Jesse...hmmm give that good dick nice and deep baby, mmm that's some good dick...” Victoria's red nails raked Jesse's back, her legs wrapped tightly around her as he went harder and deeper.

The traditional sounds of college soon filled the room, sexual abandon as told through the sounds of a bedpost banging against the walls and moans of intense pleasure. The sounds were utterly hypnotic to the people making them, nothing else was entering their sensory perception at that moment. A nuke could go off and they would still be going at this intense fuck session.

Jesse sat back on the bed, pulling Victoria up with him. She licked his lips before resuming their hard and fast pace.

“”Fuck...oh fuck Vic...fucking Hell,” Jesse growled. He hungrily went back to her breasts, making Victoria roll her head back in pleasure.

“Yess,” she whined. “Oh yes...mmmmm....” She bit her lip as she leaned back on her arms, her back arched and breasts pushed out. She knew she was going to have fun tonight one way or the other with Jesse, the fact he actually was a good fuck was just icing on the cake. He knew every right move to make. When to reach down and rub her clit, not feeling threatened if Victoria did it for herself, grinding his hips, caressing her skin in between needful thrusts. Definite four and a half stars out of five, and the half star knock is only because it was their first time. Victoria already knew she'd invite him into her bed again.

The pair switched positions again, a near perfect fluid motion bringing Victoria to all fours and Jesse behind her, hand on her hips and driving away inside her.

“Fuck me,” she roared. “Every goddamn inch...fuck me with that fucking cock! Awww fuuuucckkk...” Face down ass up, that was Victoria Justice in that moment. Her hands wrapped around her sheets as her face contorted in pure ecstasy. Her eyes were shut, but if they were open she'd certain she'd be cross-eyed.

With Victoria bent over before him, Jesse had now gotten the total 360 view of Victoria Justice, and was just as in awe of her perfectly round and perky ass as he was the rest of her. He couldn't resist the urge to spank it.


“Oh fuck yes!” she howled. “Do it again! Slap my ass!” He did. SMACK SMACK SMACK! “FUUUUUUCK I NEEDED THIS SO FUCKING BAD!!!”

Victoria was pulled up suddenly to Jesse's chest, his arms wrapped around her slim waist. She craned her neck to kiss him. His breathing, her breathing, it was a sign they both knew. They were drunk on sex, sweaty, breathing deep, beyond words, ready to cum.

“Oh fuck Victoria,” Jesse said, desperate, knowing he was well past the point of no return. “I'm gonna fucking shoot!”

“Swallow.” She replied. “I wanna swallow it. Jesse hurriedly pulled out and she laid on the bed. He straddled her chest and Victoria grasped at his cock, licking, sucking and jacking it while gazing at him with a sexy smile. While he was rushing towards blast off, Jesse reached behind him and worked on Victoria's clit, sending her on her way to a world of pleasure first.

Jesse got planet side first, erupting on his lover for the night's face and mouth. She hungrily sucked and swallowed every stream of hot white protein he shot until the well ran dry, which was when Victoria started a flood of her own, her orgasm like a title wave that was perpetually crashing against her.

They both flopped on the bed, sweaty messes with wide, satisfied grins on their faces.

“I don't know if I can move,” Jesse laughed. “Fuck, I'm wrecked.”

“Best to get the walk of shame done early,” Victoria gasped. “Besides, just down the hall. Not too bad.”

And it wasn't. The conversation was pleasant as the two got dressed, Victoria for bed, Jesse back in his clothes. For them, the weekend was over, and school was officially in session.

When Monday came calling, that was the case for the entire college campus. The entire place was electric with activity from end to end. Confusion, excitement, it all came together in one big mass of human activity.

One of these masses was the arts building. The sounds of activity were somehow greater than the amount of students present. Directions being giving, questions asked, and huge uproarious laughter from Jose Heyman and Alison Brie directed at Jake Triton.

“It's not that funny,” Jake said.

“Oh fuck yes it is!” Jose said, his laughs barreling out alongside a couple of tears. “I swear to god, I have ever seen anyone with luck so good it fucking slingshots around the sun into being bad! Holy shit this is golden!”

“Come on Jake, it's not just funny, it's fucking hilarious!” Alison added. “I mean come on, your dream girl, who's apparently a HUGE wrestling fan, blows you, right outside the locker room. FUCKING SWALLOWS no less...but ONLY as your gimmick! She barely knew your name!”

“She knew my name.” he replied. “No coaxing.”

“That's not what Jose says.” Jake gave Jose a death stare, making the smaller man get behind Alison.

“Okay, I may have exaggerated for effect but still, this is pretty funny.”

“Jake, just ask her out. Don't bring up the fact she blew you until well, it's safe to. But come on man, just do that, sweep her off her feet and this little mutt will stop yipping.”

“Hey, I'm pure bred whatever the Hell I am, thank you very much,” Jose said. “And certified organic. Or is that orgasmic?”

“I don't know,” Jake said. “Ask your hands, they're close to the subject.”

“Oooh, a nice 7.5 on the burn scale,” Alison said. “Nice to leave you boys for class on that subject. Got acting class. You two?”

“Music history,” Jose said. “He wanted at least one easy A this year and I'm going along with it on my platter of easy As.”

“Cool, see ya. And Jake, try not to get your dick sucked by anymore dream girls unless you're out of costume, 'kay?”

“I hate you guys.”

“You love it.” Alison hugged the two of them and headed down the hall. The tag team of Callous Pain then entered the classroom. It was modest sized, several posters adorned the walls. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Clash and so many others had homes on the wall. At the head of the class was an insanely buxom blonde. She sat on the desk, going over notes in an incredibly short mini dress that her tits were damn near falling out of.

“Holy shit,” Jose said. “You could be on the god damn space station and still see those ta-tas.”

“How the fuck is that possible?” asked Jake. “Those might actually be melons....I think we better take a seat so our staring is a lot less conspicuous.”

“Good idea. A lot easier to notice hard-ons behind a desk.”

Before long the class filled up, students taking their seats seemingly at random. Most of these pairing were coincidental, of course, None were going to leads to much of anything..except one.

“Hey, mind if I sit here?” Paul Simmons asked. He took the seat without waiting for a response, and action that Reggie Fisk liked. “I don't like to take no for an answer, so I just do it anyway.”

“Oh, totally get that,” Reggie said. “Man after my own heart.”

“Nice. You see the tits on that bitch?”

“Oh fuck yes. I knew this class was going to be easy, now it's gonna have a hell of a view.” The two didn't care that they were near the front of the class, very much within earshot of the woman. Why should they? What could she do to either of them?

“Good day class,” the woman said, her eyes flashing at Reggie and Paul. “As you can guess, I am not your professor, Cade Deveraux. His flight got delayed, so he will indeed be missing the first day of class. But rest assured, he will be back for class number two on Thursday.”

“Fuck, does he have to,” Paul said to Reggie. “No way is he going to have cans like that.” Kate looked at Paul again, the arrogant young man giving her a smile.

“I am his T.A., Kate Upton. I'll be here almost every day of the class anyhow. Today is going to be rather simple, just going of the syllabus and one small homework assignment.”

“T.A. That has T & A like that,” Reggie said. “It's both hilarious and boner-inducing.”

“Excuse me,” Kate said, finally bringing her full attention to the two men near the front. “Is there something you'd like to say a bit louder, boys?”

“No,” a grinning Paul said. “We're just discussing how anxious we are for the rest of the class.”

“Yeah, we're real eager to learn.” Added Reggie,unashamedly staring at Kate's tits.

“I'm sure.” she responded. “I'd like to see you both after class, since you're so eager to learn.”

“Oh, no problem,” said Paul. “You can have us for as loooong as you need it.”

“Good,” Kate curtly said. “Now, if you're done, I'd like to continue for the sake of the rest of the class.” Paul and Reggie laughed and Kate went on, ignoring the two charming troublemakers.

Soon, the class was done, and syllabus handed out. “Now, don't forget, list the bands that you feel were the most influential to your own personal history and why. No less than five. Bring them in on Thursday!” She then turned to Reggie and Paul who were getting up to leave. “You two, sit down. I'd like to have a few words with you.”

Reggie and Paul shrugged and took their seats again. Neither noticed Kate locking the classroom door and closing the blinds. Kate had plans for these two, and them alone.

She came back to her desk and signaled for them to come over to her. They snickered the whole time.

“I take it you boys really enjoyed the class, didn't you?”

“Oh, yes we did Kate,” Paul said. “A whole bunch.”

“Well, what was your favorite part? The little bits of trivia? Everyone introducing themselves, or was it just staring at my tits?”

“Tits.”Reggie replied.

“Yeah, definitely tits.” Paul agreed. “That a problem?”

“Only if you boys don't know who's in charge,” Kate said, surprising both men by grabbing their crotches. “Hint hint fellas, it's definitely not you..” She began to undo both of their pants, both shocked at how quickly she did it on both of them at the same time. “Here's the deal boys, I'm going to fuck you. You too are hot in that hatefuck kind of way. And I have a choice, either let things build and build until it fucking explodes and I'm not in control. Or, we do it right here, and now. I fuck you little shits dirty and you fucking shut up for the rest of the year. Who knows, you might get some more if you do good on the midterm.”

Before either man could respond with a yes, they were quickly reminded they had no choice when Kate dropped to her knees and started blowing them both.

The pair were stunned at Kate's raunchy actions. Slobber and spittle were already getting on the floor, the big-titted blonde almost immediately deepthroating both men one after the other.

“Pull down my dress and take out my fucking tits!” demanded Kate. As soon as the fina word was uttered, her massive tits were out in the air and Kate went back to her savage suckjob. Paul and Reggie were utterly dumbfounded by what was going on. They reasoned it had to be because they were both incredibly charming and Kate was an uberslut. They were half right. Kate hungered for dick in a way junkies fiended for heroin. She was a total nymphomaniac, and an aggressive one at that. The professor knew this and was quite happy to be on Kate's shortlist of fuck buddies. These two were just in the right place at the right time. The VERY right time, considering the fire lit under Kate's skirt.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Paul sneered. Kate stuffed both of their cocks in her mouth, the only response Reggie could give was an orgasmic moan. Kate had to smile. It was always nice to have two men so full of bravado completely in her thrall. It always took so little to cool down the hot shit.

Kate got to her feet and hiked up her own skirt then hopped on the desk. She tugged her panties off and threw them straight up over the two men, Paul grabbing them from the air.

“You get first dibs on my pussy,” Kate said. “You still get the mouth.”

“Nice,” Paul said, his voice almost a snake-like hiss. Kate bent over and he dropped trou all the way. With one thrust he was in her with Reggie gladly taking the front. At the point in the action, he was happy just being inside the buxom blonde. Besides, something told him he'd get some pussy before all was said and done.

Kate was in heaven as she did her best impression of a Chinese finger trap. He preferred number of cocks in her during sex was always two or more. Usually she had to make due with just one. That was fine, but nothing hit that sweet spot like being completely filled with cock. These two mopes are in for a wild ride, she thought.

Paul couldn't care less about any of the reasons why this was going on. He had no intention of asking Kate, not would he gain any such intentions of anything except fucking this big titted fuck doll again. He grasped tightly at her hips, hammering his cock in her wet fuckhole at a blurring speed. Every thrust pushed her forward on Reggie's cock, and his new partner in crime was clearly loving the solo blowjob he was getting.

With that much enjoyment though, Reggie decided to take a much more active role and began to face fuck Ms. Upton, a change in pace that she loved every moment of, though Reggie couldn't have known.

“Fucking whore,” Reggie growled. “Take it...take these fucking dicks deep you bit-titted fucking cooze!”

Kate loved this.The way they spoke, the savagery with which they ravaged her. It was simply intoxicating, and to her they were just appetizers....the main course was going to be whatever Professor Deveraux had up his sleeves.

When Reggie pulled his cock out of Kate's mouth to slap it on her face, she took the opportunity to speak. “Switch up, now.”

Paul took the order like the good little boy Kate had made him with just fifteen minutes with her pussy. She had Reggie climb up and lay down on the desk, then mounted up and began to ride her Bronco., though this cowgirl was in reverse.

“Holy fucking shit...”Paul said, his voice trailing off as he got damn near hypnotized by the bouncing tits of Kate Upton. The trance was only broken when Kate gave him another direction.

“Hey, you gonna stand there stroking to my tits or are you going to fuck my face, hot shot?” Kate asked, authority and lust echoing in her voice. Paul climbed the desk and place his cock in it's eager receptacle, Kate moaning as he began to thrust. This was all just shy of heaven for her, and soon enough, she'd give these boys the keys to the pearly gates.

“FUCK this pussy is prime,” Reggie said, smacking the tanned backside of Kate. “Mmmm baby this the college fucking life.”

“Oooh, fuck baby,” Kate hissed. “You think this is the best?” She looked up to Paul, her tongue licking her teeth, sexy sarcasm dripping from her look. “How about you start fucking my tits while I give your partner here a bit more of a ride?”

Paul nodded. He liked this chick's style. She'd be a nice side piece on those nights Peyton didn't want to give it up or the nights he was bored with her.

The confident grin never left Kate's face as she squeezed her tits together around Paul's cock. “Yeah, that's right Freshman...fuck these big fucking titties. Bet you've never seen tits like this, huh?”

“Certainly never gotten to fuck 'em.” He replied. He placed his hands on Kate's shoulders and began to thrust fast.

“Hahaha! Good boy! That's right, fuck my titties...fuck 'em good! And don't think for a second I'm done with my ride!”

“Oh, wouldn't dream of it, slut!” Reggie exclaimed. His slimy yet confident sneer was plastered on his face, but soon faded as Kate turned the heat on him, her cunt constricting and rippling on his cock. “Ooohhhhh fuck...”

“Oh, poor baby, that too much for you? You almost came because of this pussy, huh? Mmm, well I guess it's time to really speed things up.” Paul backed off as Kate turned around, hr back to him and face to face with Paul.

“Since you almost lost it on the ride, I'm giving your buddy back there first dibs on my ass...if you can last until I say switch, you get it next. Got it?”

“Yeah,” Reggie said. He was worried. Just hearing her say that almost made him nut. Not even Bella was this aggressive with him. And even weirder, he liked it.

“And you,” she said to Reggie. “You waiting for a written invitation? You cock, my ass. Now.”

“Gotta love a woman who knows what she wants.” Kate stood still, taking a deep breath while Paul pressed his slick cock against her sphincter. She bit her lip as the head popped in and he inched his way inside. She loved it like this The feeling of being completely filled, ass and pussy each with its own cock. The added bonus of Reggie sucking her tits was just sprinkles.

“Oh fuck,” Kate cried. “Oh fuck it's so good....fuck...”

“Mmmm, I like this slut,” Paul said, giving her a quick slam. “Nice and dirty.”

“It's cute you think this is dirty,” she teased. “Not how about you both fuck me senseless? It'll probably get me off easier than your shit-talking.”

“Oh, honey, you really want to throw down a challenge like that?”

“Oh, honey, you still talking?” Kate retorted. Paul had to laugh, just like he and Reggie had to give Kate was she was asking for. “FUCK!” sh exclaimed as the two began to ravage her. “Oh fuck that's the way...oh you dirty fucks!”

“Such a good...fucking...whore,” Reggie said. He almost couldn't look at Kate for fear it'd be too much stimulation. IT already almost WAS too much stimulation. Everything was getting ready to do him in. Her pussy, feeling Paul's stroke in her ass, Kate's noises, her sweat-slicked flesh, her tits, her face...it'd be a miracle if he could last, and he knew Kate didn't care as long as she came, which also fucking turned him on.

Paul on the other hand wasn't in the same position, literally or figuratively, as his new bud. This wasn't even his first double penetration. Sure, it might have been is first with someone so insanely eager and dominant, but he new how to handle it. Fortunately for him, it was his favorite way. Kate loved the rougher stuff he tried. Pulled her blonde hair? She moans. His hand reaches to tweak her nipples, she moves it to her throats and asks him to choke her. So rough, so dirty, so nasty...so fucking hot. No slow build up, not fake emotional platitudes. Just his cock up her ass, enjoying her body. Using her to get off and getting off knowing that's all he was to her. They were each other's sex toys, and at the very least, Paul respected that. Though that didn't mean he didn't love fucking her tight ass and making her cry in pleasure.

“How you doin?' Kate said to Reggie, snark dripping from her voice like sweat from her tits. “You want this ass?”

“Uh huh,” he squeaked, putting all his concentration in holding off.

“Say please.”

“P-please...please let me fuck your ass.”

“Mmm, I love it when they know their place. You mind switching up?”

“Not. At. All,” Paul said, ending each word with a hard thrust. He then pulled out and let Kate turn around on more time. It was a sight seeing her take Reggie's dick up her ass. Yeah, he'd loosened it up, but Reggie didn't look like a micro man. There was something about seeing a hot woman take a huge cock up her ass, especially when the enjoyment was painted all over her face .

“Got an opening,” she said. “How about you fill it, no application needed.” And he was in, again, her pussy still feeling just as good. “And boys, no slow shit. This is the final stretch.”

And no slow shit was had. Both men hammered her to Kate's orgasmic destination. Shit talking was over now, as any sounds she made were moans, grunts and growls. Not that the men were in the talkative mood either. Even if Paul's mouth wasn't busy with Kate's massive mammaries, he and Reggie were in the same situation, rocketing towards that final release at an insane pace. The three were in a race, and it was going to be a photo finish.

And that flashbulb went off as Kate released a low, guttural moan, her eyes rolling in the back of her head. She came, and she came monstrously hard.Of course, both men felt at as her cunt convulsed and her asshole clamped down hard on both men.

“FUCK I'M GONNA SHOOT!” Reggie yelled, any wall he had broken down.

“Shit, me too!”

“Face,” Kate said, gulping for air. “Cover my face!” The two pulled out and Kate hopped to her knees, waiting with tongue out and hungry eyes. Her wait was short as both men seemed to explode all over her simultaneously. Rope after rope of jism shot and landed on her face, tongue and tits. The men's orgasms were only increased as it seemed Kate had another smaller one just from feeling them cover her in jizz.

Right when both taps were almost dry, Kate took them both in her mouth once more, the two colliding together in Kate mouth as she gave them one last dual suck.

“Mmmmm,” Kate said. She made a show of scooping and licking the cum from her body and face to her mouth. “How about you boys gets dressed and leave? Not to be curt, but I'm kinda done with you for now. But hey, thanks for the cock.”

“Anytime,” Paul laughed. “I got things to do anyway.”

“Yeah, m-me too.” The men quickly redressed and headed out of the classroom, leaving the cum -coated Kate Upton to clean herself up.

“Holy shit man, can you believe that?” Reggie said. “I mean, I've had some sex but that, that was fucking nuts.”

“Fuck yeah it was.” replied Paul. “Stick with me, you'll get more of that.”

“What a coincidence, I was about to say the same thing.”

“You were?”

Reggie smiled his care salesman smile. “How'd you like to meet my girlfriend Bella?”

With that question, Reggie and Paul went on a path to cement their new found friendship...as well as many other events that were due to happen to them, as well as others.

College, it can be a fun ride, but a very, very bumpy one, as so many of the students and faculty were going to find out.
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Re: All-Star College
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All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a single word of it occurred, nor would it.

All-Star College Chapter 2
by MaxwellLord (with special guest Cadeauxxx)
Starring: Taylor Swift, Victoria Justice, Kate Upton, Peyton R. List, Bella Thorne, Lili Reinhart, Demi Lovato, Sophia Bush, Selena Gomez, Sabrina Carpenter
Codes: MF, oral, anal, cons, DP, DVP, DAP

"Okay, how do I look? Peyton asked. She was modeling her Halloween costume to her roommate, Victoria Justice.

"Well, it's a t-shirt and cut-offs that almost show your ass." said Victoria. "So it's hot, but what are you trying to be again?"

"Vic, I'm a camp counselor from Friday the 13th. Didn't you see the shirt?" Peyton pointed directly to her chest, which did indeed read 'Camp Crystal Lake'. "It's part of a couples costume. I'm a counselor, Paul's going to be Jason."

"How appropriate, you're playing the victim to a giant monster."


"Sorry, just joking in the sense I'm totally not."

"Well, I like him. What about you? What're you dressing as?"

"Beetlejuice. Sexy Beetlejuice, naturally."

"That can be sexy?"

"Peyton, I can make anything sexy. This is a walk in the park. What party you going to?"

"Kappa Alpha I think. The Beta Ki one I think couldn't get the student union so it might even be off."

"Wow, I'm sure Taylor's taking that well."

"You know her?"

"Nope." Victoria replied. "But I do know enough of her from one week here to know that she's not a happy camper right now."

"I guess. But, I mean, what can she do? The decision's been made."


"Oh come on, Mr. McKracken!" Taylor said, her voice dripping with annoyance with a tinge of anger. "We both know I filled out the paperwork a good week before school started. I paid the fees. I paid extra. We both know that the student union should be mine for Halloween!"

"Well, I certainly don't know that." Mr. McKracken replied, a sly smile on his face as he looked down his nose at Taylor. There was something about her that made him relishing getting one over on her, to deprive her of something, especially since this was one of the few times Taylor didn't do anything underhanded to get what she wanted. "These forms you claimed to have filled out and the money you say you spent simply aren't here."

"Well, my bank account begs to differ." She pursed her lips, her blue eyes radiating anger even stronger. She was being scammed. Being an expert at the game herself, she knew, and she could see when an amateur like McKracken was proud of himself for it. Especially considering she had a pretty good idea that he just got roped into it, and she knew just who was behind it. 'Bitch...' she said to herself. Then, a plan formed. They always did when she needed them most. "So, how much did she pay you?"

"Um, what?" McKracken said, suddenly sitting up straight. "What do you mean?"

"Ha! Mr. McKracken, you have a horrible poker face. How much did she pay you? I mean, it couldn't have just been money. What was it...flash her tits? No...no that wouldn't get you to attempt embezzlement. I mean Katy Perry has great tits but a flash of them is not worth the hassle of that."

"I...I have no idea what you're talking about."

Ignoring, him, Taylor continued on. "No, she made you cum...but I don't think she touched you. No...not Katy....I'm going to guess she let you jerk off while you watched her masturbate.You get off, watch a co-ed get off, if she wasn't faking and let's face it, no offense, but she was. She probably hit you with that offer first and you were so shocked you took it right away."

"Now see here, Ms. Swift, I am I married man and I will not stand her and be accused of-"

"Look, I get it," Taylor said, crossing and uncrossing her long, fit and shapely legs. "I blurt all this out, you get nervous because you think I'm going to set off this truth bomb. Not true. I just want to buy back what's mine at a price that Katy wouldn't have gone near." Taylor stood up and walked to the other side of McKracken's desk, then sat on it, her legs open and giving McKracken a perfect view up her skirt. "I can't imagine why either. I mean, I've seen some of the guys she's dated and you're way better looking than, like, most of them."

"Wait...what?" McKracken was genuinely confused now. He thought he knew what Taylor was offering, but then again, he was pushing fifty and she was a young co-ed. He lucked out with that Perry girl, but this?

"Oh come now Mr. McKracken," Taylor said, her voice friendlier, but with a sinister dose of teasing lurking behind it all. "We both know exactly what I mean. But if me spelling it out turns you on..." Taylor leaned over, her red lips close to his ear. "I want you to fuck me. Use that nice...hard...cock and fuck me...please daddy, fuck this bad little girl."

"Is that what you want?" Mr. McKracken said, his nervousness fading away as his face gained an eager smile. "You know bad girls get fucked hard, don't you Taylor?"

"Mmmmm hmmmm!" she said excitedly, nodding her head and smiling with her red lips closed in a girlish smile. She had this guy pegged the moment she walked in. Fortunately for her, she had no issues getting off to what this guy obviously liked. "That's what makes us bad girls. The other thing is, we like to suck cock. Can I suck your cock?"

"Well...maybe...but first thing's first."

"Oh!" Taylor yelped when Mr. McKracken grabbed her by the ass, pulling her up a bit before moving his hands up her skirt. In a flash, Taylor's panties were off and across the office. He hiked her skirt up and surprised Taylor in the best way possible by going head first to her crotch. "Mmmm that's it..."she hissed though a smiling mouth.

Both of Taylor's tone legs were hooked on McKracken's shoulders as he happily lapped away at her cunt. "Oh...oh Mr. McKracken...mmmm eat my pussy daddy...fuck...eat this dirty girl's cunt."

SMACK! McKracken slapped Taylor on the ass, taking his mouth away from her cunt to say. "Language!"

"Mmmm sorry daddy," Taylor said in a dreamy tone. Her tone again shifted in pitch as her older lover dove right back into her pussy. She always loved it when a man REALLY wanted her. Yes, there's no such thing as a man who'll turn down free. No strings attached sex; but when they were really into it, a really eager Taylor was always that much more turned on, knowing she was going to cum. The man was unleashed and hungry, and Taylor loved being the main course.

McKracken pulled away from Taylor's pussy and stood up, unblocking his pants as Taylor looked on with an excited smile. Sure,some of it was for show and he knew that...but it didn't make it any less sexy. "You still want to suck this cock sweetie?"

"Uh-huh," Taylor said, her tongue peaking out to lick her full, red lips. "I wanna suck it SO bad, sir...I want to feel that hard dick in my mouth...I'm getting even wetter thinking about it."

Taylor slid off his desk and to her knees. When her knees hit the floor so did McKracken's pants. She ran her hands down and down her bare legs, settling them on his package. She giggled as he moaned at her fondling of him. Again, it was part of the act, but part of Taylor really did get a kick out of getting such a reaction from doing so little.

She gripped his cock with her soft hands and slowly began to jerk him while her other hand tugged and teased his balls.

"Your cock is so hard Mr. McKracken," Taylor said. "Is it all for me?"

"Oh yes baby," he groaned. "Fuck, it's all for you. Now, fucking suck it."

"Yes, sir." She gazed up at him with her blue eyes and winked before slowly taking his hard rod in her mouth. She moaned as he fit it inch by inch, her tongue snaking around its hard form.

"Oh fuck...that's such a good girl honey." he moaned, his voice warbling a bit. He couldn't bear to look down. He knew what it'd be, he could feel it on her lips. Taylor happily sucking, almost smiling with his cock in her mouth. Her blue yes bright, her red lipstick smearing, her face showing nothing but pure glee in sucking his dick.

And he wouldn't be wrong. Her blue eyes were sparkling, practically giving off fireworks of lust as she sucked and stroked him. There was just something about sucking cock that drove her crazy. She loved it enough to become a master at it. She could read a man like a book after the first few sucks. She knew just the right places to tease, when to go slow, when to go fast. She knew if he wanted to face-fuck her or if he wanted it slow and sensual. Mr. McKracken? Taylor would bet money he'd be the face-fucking type.

And she'd be right. Her reached his hands down to her golden locks and held her head in place. Taylor braced herself, even she liked this part.

"Yeah...fuck take it you dirty slut...mmmm...fucking dirty girl...oh fuck this is amazing..." McKracken's voice mumbled and trailed on, singing the filthiest praises he could think of for Taylor Swift. His voice sounded so delirious and lost in lust that Taylor was worried he might just cum down her throat. Not that she didn't swallowing, but Taylor preferred to taste the cum on her tongue then swallow rather then right down her gullet. Besides, she was so wet now she might suck him back to hardness just to get his cock in her.

Fortunately for the both of them, Mr. McKracken had a lot more in him. He yanked his spittle coated cock from Taylor's mouth, slapping it on the co-ed's face before pulling her back up and pushing her back on his desk. Her hooked her legs back on his shoulder again and tore her shirt open, revealing his suspicion, no bra for Taylor. Their eyes locked, a smirk on Taylor face. They both breathed deep in anticipation, McKracken's cock just outside of her pussy.

"Say it Taylor," Mr. McKracken growled, a hungry wolf. "Fucking say it?"

"Say what?" she teased, her tone was a singy-songy voice and her tongue barely sticking out through her teeth.

"Say 'Fuck me daddy'...fucking say it..."

"Mmmm fuck me daddy...fuck this bad girl with that big hard cock...fuck me daddy...."

"Unnnnggg," he groaned, shoving his cock in her. Taylor moaned in glee. She didn't get much time to savor it. Soon the desk was skidding and creaking with the force at which McKracken drove into her. That suited Taylor just fine. Hard and fast was just one of the many flavors she was a found of.

"Ohhhh, fuck me daddy...fuck your dirty little girl...mmmyou have such a good cock...I'm soo lucky! A lucky little slut!"

"Fucking...lucky...slut." said McKracken, punctuating every word with a hard thrust. His lips crashed into Taylor's hungrily kissing her, a bit of tenderness to the debauchery. A savage but sweet kiss while his cock drove into her like a battering ram and his hands pawed at her tits. Together, they both loved every minutes of it. Still, Taylor wanted to sign her check for this deal in the best way possible.

"Mmmm, I love how that cock feels in my dirty pussy, daddy," she said, her voice a mix of deep breaths and moans. "But...do you think...."

"What? What baby girl?"

"Mmm...do you think it could fit in my ass?"

"I think we should find out?" he grinned. He pulled out and then spun Taylor around, the leggy blonde bent over the desk. He threw her shirt to the side and tugged down her skirt, leaving Taylor in just her pumps. "Perfect," he grinned.

"Oooo, you gonna stuff that cock in my ass Mr. McKracken?" Taylor asked, that teasing, knowing voice that was simply throwing gasoline over the older man's fire. "I mean, I want it sooo bad...I just hope it means we've come to an agreement about my party...sir."

"Let me put it to you this way, sweetie," McKracken said, his voice so lecherous but still insanely arousing. He pressed his cock, soaked in her juiced, right at her back entrance and pushed forward, making them both grunt as he popped his head past the tight ring. "Katy who?"

"Mmmmm, you're so good to me daddy," Taylor moaned. "Now...fuck my ass..use my ass as your fuck-hole...Mmmmm..."

"Oh yes," he hissed. "Take this dick Taylor....Mmmmm I've wanted to fuck you for so long...Oh fuck....Ever since your freshman year on campus."

"I...un...hope I'm worth the wait, sir...ohhh, fuck you're so big!" And she wasn't just whistling dixie about his dick. It was a lot bigger than Taylor expected. She wasn't a size queen or anything, but sometimes, a girl just needs a nice, big, rock hard cock inside her. And it being up her ass just added the perfect level of dirtiness to it, as if they way they were talking didn't do enough. Taylor braced herself against the desk, yelping and groaning with every hard, lust-powered thrust McKracken drove into her now-stretched out asshole. Even in all his filth and force, he did show a bit of concern for her feeling, as he rubbed her clit as he took her tight little ass for everything it was worth.

"Oh fuck...Mr. McKracken...oh your gonna make your dirty girl cum...cum just for you...oh your big dick feel so good, daddy!"

"AM I gonna make my dirty girl cum? Am I?

"Mmm hmmm..." She squeezed her ass tightly around Mr. McKracken's cock, making the man whimper in pleasure. He was close too. All it would take is just the right bit of encouragement. "Oh...fuck me daddy...fuck my ass...shoot that cum in me daddy...right up ass...make me cum with your hot cum inside me...Ooooh FUUUUUCKKK!!"

"Oh I can do that baby girl...fuck...shoot...right..in your..ASSSS FUUUCK!!" He growled, starting to shoot the moment the last word escaped his mouth.

"OH FUCK YES DADDY!" Taylor moaned, her orgasm hitting the moment his hot jism began to coat her bowls. She fell forward, flat on the desk and Mr. McKracken followed suit, humping into her ass as the last few shots of cum emptied from his cock into her has. Taylor softly moaned, loving the tender affection he showed, soft butterfly kisses on her shoulders in between whispers of 'thank you' into her ear. She always found the filthiest motherfuckers to be the most tender and appreciative after the act, so happy to have found someone to share in the perversion of the moment.

When his soft and wilted cock finally slipped from Taylor's well-fucked ass, he fell back on his chair, even more wrecked than Taylor. "Fuck...fuck baby." He said. "And...wow...I'm a man of my word."

Taylor's turned around, a smile on her dick drunk face as she saw him open up a file cabinet and show her the contents. "This is Katy's late turned in form. So late in fact that I never even saw it." Taylor's blue eyes sparkled again as she saw him take out a lighter and torch Katy's forms. "Of course, I'll have to return the money to her. It wouldn't be right to keep it."

"Oh, of course." Taylor nodded and laughed. "And I guess forgetting mine was just a clerical oversight?"

"Of course." He grinned, opening his briefcase and showing her form along with her receipts of payment from before. "My secretary must of misplaced them. Luckily, I found them before your party. I do hope there hasn't been any trouble, Ms. Swift."

"Oh, none at all Mr. McKracken." she replied. "Thank you so much for your help. I was really concerned. And, you know, if you ever need say, a student volunteer around the office, I do have Wednesdays free from classes." She winked at him then kissed his cheek. "You were fantastic."

She wasn't lying, though fantastic might have been an exaggeration. But she came and had fun and got what she wanted out fo the deal, all while giving Katy Perry a big middle finger. She only wished she could see her face when she found out the Perry Party was cancelled and the Swift Soiree was back on.


The classroom was filled, well, at least in the sense all the students were there. Since day one of the directing/producing course, the room was only half filled and none of the students knew why. By the third day, none of the students regarded it as much more than an odd curiosity that exactly half the room was empty. Instead, everyone kind of gathered together into teams, without realizing it. One of those teams was Peter Farrano and Sabrina Carpenter. The first day of class, they'd just hit it off in terms of ideas and the kind of films they wanted to make. They'd pretty much found their partners for the semester. And, like every day since the first class, the two were sitting together, chatting it up before class really began about all the film contests for the year.

"So we're definitely doing a twofer for the 48?" Sabrina asked. "I mean, that's going to be a ton of work but I think we can handle it."

"Sure, just sleep in shifts." replied Peter. "But we double the chances of winning. And believe me, we can get the crew and an A-list cast, at least for the actress."

"Ah, the mysterious Selena Gomez. You know, for all this talk about your gorgeous, talented, amazing blah blah blah best friend, I sure haven't, you know, met her. In fact, I've met more of her sorority sisters than her at this point waiting to meet her."

"Well, she's just been busy too. I don't even know what the acting classes are doing."

"Some of those women are actresses," Sabrina added. "But hey, not here to sew discontent. Just saying...maybe keep our options open? Besides, we also need some bomb dudes too."

"Fair enough." Almost in time with the end of the their mini-discussion, the professors, Tim Nolan and Sam Carpenter(no relation to Sabrina) entered. Behind them was an excruciatingly beautiful brunette who got all the guys and several of the girls attention when she walked in.

"Okay folks, second week of school has started." said Tim. "It's already apparent to both Sam and I that on your own, you guys have found two people you at least think you want to work with for the rest of the year.

"And we're gonna let you keep in those groups," Sam said. "Which brings us to a person who's going to be helping us out for the rest of the year with her class. Folks, this is Professor Sophia Bush, the best damn acting teacher any one of you is gonna see."

"Well, thanks for that intro, Sam," said Sophia, her smokey voice entrancing the entire class. "Now, some of you might actually recognize me from a show I used to do called One Tree Hill. If not, cool, I'm not here to talk about that. I am here to help this class learn how best to work with actors, and of course, teach young hopefuls to be actors. Which leads me to what's next, bring them in, Tim, if you wouldn't mind."

"Of course Sophia." Tim walked back to the doorway and held it open, allowing all the actors to come in, among them, Selena, a face that Sabrina was right about, Peter hadn't seen in a while.

The actors all lined up in front of the room, Sophia beaming with pride in all of them. "Okay, as most of you can probably guess, this is my acting class. And they will be joining you, along with myself, for the rest of the year. Now I note we say year because we do recommend that you take this course two semesters in a row to really get a chance to work on different types of scripts, and you will be getting them today. But first, actors, why don't you introduce yourselves?"

First up was a tall, very leggy brunette. The smile on her face seemed perpetual as she stepped up. "Hi everyone, I'm Hailee Steinfeld," she said, peppy and full of energy. "I've been acting my whole life, just local stuff and a few short films. Can't wait to work with some of you to see what we can come up with and just learn. So...yeah, just glad to be here." The perky girl smiled and nodded, then returned with the other students.

Next up was another brunette, her energy much more low key if not all together different. She was smoldering, seducing the room without even trying. "Hi, My name is Elizabeth Gillies. Call me Liz if you'd like. Now, much like everyone's favorite ball of happy thoughts you just met, I've been acting and singing most of my life, mostly on stage. Decided to take this class to get more on camera experience." She paused to lick her lips, not intended to make people even more under her spell, but the side effect was still there. "I look forward to working with you all. Hope we have some fun." She gave the class a half-smile, then made way for the next introduction.

"Hey there folks, I'm Anna Kendrick," she said. Her posture and demeanor showed a very casual attitude to match the look of the quintessential girl next door. "Looks like I'm the hat trick of this intro, because yes people, I too have had acting experience, and I can sing. I assure you though, I most likely have aver distinct personality from my previous two compatriots just because I like to say 'fuck' a lot. So, based on that and a fondness for beer which 'WINK WINK' we should never partake in on set, I think we're gonna have a big old blasty-blast this year."

And so it went, all the actors, among them all; Selena Gomez, Peyton Roi List, and Jesse Carr. Once the introductions were complete, the students were essentially given an off-day to mingle with each other. During this though came a crushing blow to Peter, when Selena completely breezed by him, as if he weren't even there to go to someone else in the class. He was a man who radiated the kind of energy that made a good chunk of the class instantly dislike him. Which made him the exact kind of man Selena wanted. From what Pete could remember of the guy, his name was Reggie Fisk.

To say it was a sucker punch would be underselling it. However, he wasn't given much time to wallow in it when Sabrina came swooping in.

"Hey Pete, I want you to meet Hailee," Sabrina said, bringing the tall, perky brunette to his attention. "I was just talking to her, thought you should too."

"Hi," Hailee said, smiling. She extended her hand to Peter, who took it. "Sabrina tells me you two have been making movies for a bit so you have kind of an edge over most of the folks here?"

"Well, we have been." he replied. "Not together, we only just met last week, but yeah, we both have a bit of a filmography on our YouTube pages."

"Awesome! I have one too. Maybe we could check each other's stuff out. I mean, like, no offense to anyone else here but I kind of want to work with people who have some level of experience."

"Yeah, we could do that," he said, his mind kind of trailing off.

"What my partner is trying to say is we'd be happy to do that Hailee. I think Thursday night would work best, probably in my dorm as Pete here is sadly cursed with a roommate who believes guitar practice is in their room and until four in the morning."

"Oh that's sucky..."

"You can say that again." Peter said.

"Well, I hope you can get some rest. Can't wait to see what great stuff you guys have done!" Hailee walked off, as chipper in her step as Peter was dejected in his.

"Look Pete, I don't know you that well," Sabrina said. "And I certainly don't know her at all, but I gotta ask, you sure you two are friends?"

Peter honestly didn't have an answer. Well, he did, he just didn't like it. This was hardly the first time Selena had acted like this. And even after a lifetime of knowing her, it didn't make it suck less. Sabrina wasn't the only one to see how Peter was feeling. This person, she felt bad for the kid. Along with that pity, she saw a bit of an opportunity. As Pete and Sabrina walked out the door, the opportunistic woman bumped into him, knocking his notebook down. She apologized, picking it up for him before giving him a warm smile while slipping in a business card he was bound to find the next time he opened it up.

On the other side of the room however, a similar situation, yet also vastly different was also playing among Peyton and Jesse, who had been chosen, along with Liz Gillies and another actor, to be part of Bruce Parker's group. While Bruce and Liz had their own conversation, so were Jesse and Peyton. Though with Jesse, it was tinged with just a bit of poison.

"Wanna go grab lunch?" Jesse asked.

"I'd love to," Peyton said. "But I'm meeting up with Paul. I think he's going to show me his Halloween costume. It's going to be a couples thing, and I have mine, so can't wait to see his."

"Um, I didn't see him put together a costume this morning when he left the dorm."

"Oh, well he must want it to be a surprise. Still, there's other things we have planned." The smile she gave let Jesse know pretty much what was planned. "But tomorrow, lunch. That's a promise." With that and a wink, she walked out of the classroom.

He may have only known Peyton a week, and in that week, he'd fallen for her. Simultaneously in that week, he'd grown very tired of Paul and Matt. Paul, because he was seeing first hand how Paul, plain and simple, saw his relationship with Peyton as purely sexual and bragged about how he was making her think it was more.

With Matt, well with Matt, he was genuinely becoming more like Paul: more pig-headed, his attitude worsening, and the unearned cockiness. He'd essentially become Paul's little lap dog and it all started when the whole Demi thing went down.

'Wonder how loyal the dog would be if he knew Paul was the one who fucked Demi...after getting her blitzed drunk.' He thought to himself. Not that he could do much of anything. Demi made him promise not to tell anyone, and he was intent on keeping the promise, no matter how much he really wanted to knock Matt's ass back to Earth. That however was a pipe dream. Demi made him promise not to tell Matt, and she'd already been through enough. So, it was off to the library for him to study the script...and maybe call up Victoria later. They weren't dating or anything, but when a girl tells you to put her in your phone under 'designated booty call', he figured it'd be in his best interest to take full advantage of that.


"So, do I finally get to see your costume?" Peyton said to a confused Paul.


"Yeah, for Halloween, remember?"

"Oh, yeah," Paul said. "Sure. Just not yet. Finishing touches, you know?" Of course, if Paul was truly being honest he'd have said he had no clue what she was talking about. He was just good at faking it. I mean, he'd assumed they'd be doing something together for Halloween. Mainly, her in something skimpy and him removing it and promptly giving her some serious deep dicking.

"Well, I can't wait to see it. It's gonna be SO much fun!"

"Well, I'm certain I can think of something at least as fun to tide you over." Paul got up and wrapped his arms around Peyton, the blonde giggling as she was pulled close.

"And what would that be?"

"Pey, I think you know what I want." She did, and his hand squeezing her shapely ass was the punctuation to the sentence. Usually, Peyton would never dream of of sleeping with a guy she'd barely been dating for a week. But...Paul was playing all his cards right. She thought he was the perfect guy, if not a little arrogant. Only one other guy she'd met recently could keep her attention the way Paul did...but Paul went for it first.

The moment their lips touched, Paul knew she was his for the taking. He knew not to push it too far, or he might not get the goods down and dirty later. No, for this, their first time, he had to play it sweet. The ladies, they liked it that way, at first. Made them think he cared. As long as he came though, he didn't really care too much for their thoughts.

Before Peyton realized it they were on her bed, Paul on top of her. The only communication their mouths were doing were close contact, no words. A moan escaped her lips when Paul's hand slid up her shirt, grasping her breasts then pulling down the cup of her bra.

Paul pulled her back up, peeling off her t-shirt and letting Peyton take care of the bra herself. He had no time with the deviltry of a woman's bra hooks.

Her chest bare, Peyton threw her blonde locks back as Paul's mouth and hand went right for them, savoring the taste of her and her moans as his tongue teased and flicked her nipples. He was testing the waters, trying to see what really worked on her. Not so much for Peyton's benefit, but so Paul could take not of what buttons to press to get what he wanted later.

"Ooooh shit," Peyton moaned at Paul's treatment of her nipples. 'Fire one is a success', he thought to himself. He continued his course of action, just to see how revved up Peyton could get on nipple play alone.

The answer turned out to be quite a lot. It didn't take much longer for Peyton to completely give in to her lust. She pushed Paul down to his back and nearly tore his shirt off in removing it. To his great pleasure, he had Peyton go into beast mode essentially. Her hazel eyes locked on his dark brown. Her mouth trailed down his body; kisses on his lips, nibbles and bites on his neck, licks down his chest until she reached his crotch. With movements so fast he didn't even catch her doing it, Peyton had removed Paul's belt, unzipped his pants had his cock out.

“Fuuuck yesss,” Paul groaned as Peyton began blowing him. Skill and enthusiasm, the two integral ingredients for good head, at least in Paul experience. Usually, a woman could get by on one or the other, but very few had both. And Peyton, well she was one of those few and proud. Paul reached down and held Peyton's hair back. The fact it was good for her, as well as him was irrelevant. He wanted a good, clear view of everything her mouth was doing to his cock.

And what a show she gave. Peyton had no issues taking Paul right down to the root. She did this so many times Paul had to wonder if she even had a gag reflex.

Peyton pulled her mouth back to catch her breath, her hand still jerking Paul's rod, slick with saliva. Paul shivered a bit as she began to tease the underside with her thumb then added a bit of a show, slowly licking her lips before moving down a bit to sucks his balls. It wasn't a long treatment, just a taste before she went back to his cock. Just enough to throw more gasoline on Paul's fire.

Paul, like most men, loved a good blowjob, and this was well past just good. However, that's not what he came to Peyton's dorm room for. He pulled her up to his face and kissed her as her rolled her onto her back. As she laid in front of him, her long legs already splayed out around him perfectly. He reached for her jeans, unzipping and peeling off the tights pants before throwing them to the ground. Her panties, simple white cotton, joined with her jeans.

With all barriers removed, Paul went for his prize. He was on top of his blonde sex bunny, and soon his cock entered her pussy, Peyton releasing a pleasured, if not a bit surprised, moan. While Peyton did appreciate the feeling of a hard cock in her pussy, she was hoping more than a little that her oral favors would be returned. Further evidence she didn't really know Paul that well.

Peyton was on her back moaning and writhing with every thrust. Her legs wrapped tight around Paul's waist as he rose a up a bit, kneeling while he drove into her. Between this and getting them on all fours, it was near impossible for Paul to decide which position he liked fucking in more. Right now though, there was a certain extra bit of enjoyment looking down on Peyton as he fucked her. He watched the flesh of her tits jiggling and moving with every thrust as pleasure was radiating from her face. His hand moved to her nice, plump peach of an ass, rubbing and squeezing it.

“Fuck you're tight baby,” Paul growled. “Tight fucking cunt...feels so fucking good....fuck...” His paced increased fast, slamming into Peyton's pussy, Paul hungrily racing towards the finish.

Peyton didn't mind the increased pace, it still felt good. Still, she would have liked things to go a bit slower. She couldn't complain too much, Paul was still making her feel good. The way he touched her, his hands caressing her with just the right amount of rough. Lightning bolts of pleasure flashing through her body as he teased, pinched and tugged her nipples. Peyton wasn't close, bu the ride was feeling pretty good.

Paul pulled her up, the two face to face now as Paul continued to piston into Peyton. “Fucking take this cock...uhhh fucking take it baby...fucking take what you need!” Before Peyton could respond, her lips met Paul's, soon followed by a meeting of there tongues. His arms wrapped around her and pulled her close and Peyton moaned into his mouth. She loved it when a man held her close during sex, it drove her wild in a completely different way than her nipples did. It made her a lot more generous.

Paul however, didn't get to have fun with Peyton's generosity. He was right on the precipice, her knew it. Any longer inside Peyton and he might risk becoming a deadbeat dad. He laid Peyton back down, pulled out, then moved up her body, straddling her chest.

“I'm fucking CUMMING!” he yelled. “FUCK YES!!!” Ropes of cum erupted from Paul's cock onto Peyton's face and neck. It was a lot earlier than Peyton expected, but she was close enough that she could finish her self off by giving her clit some personal attention.

Right as Paul's orgasm slowed to a trickle, Peyton's began, a small one, but noticeable if Paul had the attention span for it. The smile Peyton saw was not for her so much as Paul admiring the mess he had made of Peyton's face.

“Baby, that was great.” Paul said, very satisfied as well as self-satisfied. “Fucking great.”

“Want to continue in the shower?” Peyton asked, a smile shining through her cum-covered face.

“I'd love to, I really would.” Paul lied, putting his clothes back on. “But I have to head to a business meeting. Work stuff.”

“You have a job right now that requires business meetings?”

“Yeah, entertainment stuff. Runs in the family, I guess. I told you about my dad, right? He didn't get me a job, but we're in the same field...kinda. Look, I'll explain later, but gotta go now.”

“Okay,” she shrugged. She pursed her lips for a kiss. Paul hesitated, not even wanting to get near his own jizz. Instead, he shook her hand then left, leaving a very perplexed Peyton on her bed wondering what exactly had just occurred.


“I LOVE Halloween,” said Camila Mendes, admiring her Catwoman costume, sans mask, in her mirror. “What other time of year do I get to us my whip as a fashion accessory?”

“I'm sure you could pull that off for Christmas.” Lili Reinhart replied from behind the bathroom door. She was putting the finishing touches on her own costume. She desperately wanted tit o be perfect. Not just for her own satisfaction...but for that someone special.

“Oooh, I like that.” Camila replied. “Sexy Mrs. Claus...bet I could make some bank at the charity date auction with that get up.” Cami turned around, loving how the tight leather of the outfit hugged her caboose. “I actually feel jealous I won't be the lucky guy getting a piece of me...Is that narcissistic?”

“Okay, I'm coming out,” Lili said, interrupting Cami's existential quandary. Camila turned around to see the very...unique costume Lili had adorned herself in.

The blonde was wearing pink and black tights adorned with hearts and skulls. She accessorized this with pink, reflective sunglasses, a leather jacket and a toy wrestling championship belt.

“What are you supposed to be?” Cami asked. She was genuinely befuddled, but she had a good idea about what area she was coming from with the toy belt.

“I'm Bret Hart.” Lili replied to a still very confused Camila. “The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be?” The blank stare continued. “Multi-Time Intercontinental Champion? Multi-time WWF and WCW World Heavyweight champion? The Montreal Screwjob? The HITMAN!?”

“Look, I'm just gonna say you make a cute wrestler and leave it at that.”

“Fine...but do you think he'll like it?”


“You know....”

“Oh my god, seriously?” Cami asked, trying to contain a laugh. “You are such a slut!”

“I am not!” Lili said, more than a little offended.

“Oh, yeah, pardon me. Oh wait, remind me, who blew the masked man in a high school gym? Oh wait, that was you! Being all slutty! Did I mention you didn't even know his name?”

“I know his name.” Lili retorted. “It's Magnus Pain.”

“Oh my god that is not a name!” Cami laughed. “Lili, face facts. You blew a guy who's face you've never seen and real name you don't know. And to me, that spells S-L-U...”

“Oh, like you've never had sex with a masked guy before.”

“Yeah, but I knew their names!”

“Okay, you got me.”

“Lils, come here.” Lili came over, taking a seat on Camila's bed next to her. “I don't wanna be harsh. I mean yeah, I'm funny doing it but still. It's just...well, I mean, you're at the beck and call of some muscle bound dope, doing whatever he asks for. I don't like tha.”

“Whoa whoa whoa,” Lili said. If Camila was suggesting what she thought Camila was suggesting, then Lili was more than a little offended. “Is that what you think happened? He saw me, all doe-eyed and blonde, snapped his fingers and I blew him?”

“Well...yeah. You didn't give any details except blushing over the fact you blew a wrestler in a high school gym.”

“Okay, first of all Cami, it was a bingo hall, not a high school gym. Secondly, I made every single move. I walked up to him, pushed him against the wall, shushed him, and had my fun. Then left him stunned, saying I'd see him next time.” Lili was blushing again, the memory of it all crystal clear, turning her on more than just a little.

“So, just so we're clear,” Cami said, standing up and pacing. “You made every single move. You surprised a stranger who's real name you don't even know and blew him, swallowed, and left him wondering what the Hell just happened?”

“Yeah, pretty much.”

“What part of that doesn't scream 'slut'?”

Lili paused. Camila was right. “Okay...I'm a little bit of a slut.”

“I'll take that as a victory. I have a question though.”

“What is it?”

“Is this just fun to you? Or are you looking for something a bit more? Because if this is just kind of a crush thing, I'd let the guy know, just to be fair. I mean, if your intent is purely a fun fucky buddy and he wants more, just lay it out there to be fair.”

“Cami, I blew him. I think he knows what this is.”

“Does he? You ask him? And honestly, did you even ask yourself?”

Lili honestly couldn't respond. She hadn't done either. Blowing Magnus was spur of the moment...but it wasn't something she normally did. It felt right in the moment. It was right in the moment. But what if there was more? Did she want it? Did Magnus?


It wasn't very often that Jesse found himself skipping a meal but being extremely okay with it. However, when he got a text from Victoria Justice to come by her and Peyton's dorm, he couldn't just say no.

In the short time he'd known her, Jesse had found Victoria to be a lot of fun to hang out with. Funny; smart, amazing in bed and a big time, true blue, died in the wool believer in casual sex. Not that was the only reason he'd found himself hanging out with her a lot in the past couple weeks. He found her all around to just be better company than either Paul or Matt. The sex was just the best bonus that ever was.

When he arrived at the door, any thoughts of hunger had passed. Two knocks and Victoria answered the door.

“Hey!” she said, dressed fully in her Halloween costume.

“Sexy Beetlejuice?”

“Good eye. Come in.” He walked in to see that the room seemed to be in the middle of some kind of cleaning session, air sprays and such scattered about.

“Spring cleaning for Halloween?”

“No, just disinfecting the fuck stank I came in to. I think your buddy got in my roommates pants a bit earlier than expected.”

“Oh,” Jesse said, more than a little wounded. “He pushed his usually schedule up. Weird. You called me up to help clean up?”

“Kinda. See, in my experience the only way to cover up evil fuck stank is with good fuck stank.” She smiled, her tongue snaking out and licking her darkly shaded lips before she walked up to Jesse, planting a kiss on his lips. “Let's get you ready.”

Victoria slid to her knees, her hands already at work pulling down Jesse's pants. He moaned as she fondled and toyed with his cock. There was a twinkle in her eyes as she felt him harden in her hand. Victoria loved that feeling. Whether it was in her hand or her mouth, something about the feeling of a cock getting rock hard made her wetter than a rainstorm.

Of course, Jesse was enjoying himself as well. Even with just her hands, Victoria knew all the right moves and he loved every single one of him. Her nails tickling and teasing his balls while her other handle slowly pumped him, twisting as it jerked. She ran her thumb in circles right under his cock head, smiling with her tongue between her teeth as he shivered.

“Mmmm, I think you're ready,” Victoria said. Jesse looked down, hungry for the tactile sensation as well as the visual treat of a woman as beautiful as Victoria hungrily sucking his cock.

The wait wasn't too long for both desires to be sated. Victoria's brown eyes looked up at him, feeding his own fire while her mouth through gasoline on the fire. Jesse threw his head back as Victoria sucked him. Her tongue slithered and snaked on his cock while she teased and tugged at his balls.

“Fuuuck, suck it Vic...oh fuck that's it,” he moaned. It took all the willpower he had not to start bucking and thrusting into her mouth, but he knew Victoria wasn't a fan of that unless she gave the clear okay. Right now, Victoria was having too much fun playing with her prey and Jesse was enjoying himself far too much to care about the role he was playing.Her Halloween make-up added a bit to it, he couldn't deny. Victoria took Jesse's cock in to the root, deep throating the man, loving the reaction it got from him, his fists tightening, his knuckles turning white. All from her. Victoria moved back, catching her breath as Jesse's cock, shiny and slick with her spit jutted out, hard and pulsing. She leaned forward, giving it a long lick from base to tip, ending it with flciking her tongue just on the underside before wrapping her lips just on the head.

“Holy FUCK!!” Jesse cried out, Victoria's attack of pure pleasure driving him nuts, almost to the brink, but not quite yet. Victoria knew when to stop. Besides, she didn't want to finish him off with her mouth, not today. Victoria pulled her mouth away and got to her feet. She smirked at Jesse then turned around, dropping and stepping out of her striped pants and bending over ever so invitingly over her bed. She thought she knew exactly what Jesse would do next. She was surprised.

“Oh!” she moaned as Jesse's mouth was away her pussy. Victoria would have bet cold hard cash that after that blow job he would have jumped right to fucking her. She wasn't disappointed in being wrong. Rather, the longer he went at it, the more surprise left her body and the more pleasure replaced it. She reached around, pushing his face deeper to her cunt, grinding against him as Jesse ate her out.

“Ohhhhhhhh, fuck yes...” she hissed. “Eat my fucking cunt...fucking eat it....shit...eat it baby...”

Jesse wrapped his arms around Victoria's waist, pulling her even closer to him as she snacked on her cunt. Hearing her moans, her filthy talk, it was more than enough to let him know it was time for the real action.

Still behind her, he rose to his feel, one hand on his hip the other grasping his cock. He lined himself up and with one thrust was inside Victoria.

“OH, FUCK YES!” she shouted. “That's what I fucking wanted! FUCK!!” Jesse held her hips tight, going full speed right from the start. Victoria was bent over, her back arched in that perfect way as she braced herself with the bottom posts of her bed. Jesse slapped Victoria's lovely ass, making the Puerto Rican sexpot yelp with delight, then let his hand glide up to her shoulder. Victoria promptly ditched her striped jacket, leaving her only in a black bra. Jesse reached around, pulling the cups down eagerly groping Victoria's breasts.

“Yeah...yeah that's right Jesse...feel my body....feel it baby...inside and out....fuck...fuck me...give it all to me...” Victoria hunger head down, a low moan erupting from her mouth as Jesse agave her a few deep and hard thrusts, swiveling his hips with every strong movement.

Victoria licked her lips, rolling her head back, a drunk's smile on her face as the pleasure drowned her. IN her daze, her body slowly but sure giving to a sure to come orgasmic eruption, a delightful idea entered her head: the first treat of Halloween for her and Jesse both.

“Fuck my ass.” she said. “Don't question it, just fuck my ass.”

“Is that what you want?” Jesse tauntingly asked, slapping her ass. “Want this cock up your ass, Vic?”

Victoria looked over her shoulder, grabbed Jesse by his shirt and tugged his face to her, savagely kissing him, biting his bottom lip as it broke. “What did I say about questions?”

Jesse gave her a grin, licked her lips, then withdrew his cock from her pussy and pressed the slick head right against her back door.

Victoria took a deep breath, relaxed and let out a pleased sigh as Jesse's cock popped in her back door. Her hand pressed against his stomach, signalling for him to stop, just long enough for her to get used to the intrusion. After a few, breathless moment, she withdrew her hand and braced herself once more.

Jesse leaned over, kissing her shoulder as he slowly built up his pace. “Fuck you're tight.”

“Mmmmm fuck,” Victoria sighed. “So big in my ass....fuck I love it....mmmmmmm, fuck my ass...fuck...make me cum with your cock up my ass....”

Jesse kissed the nape of her neck and moved his hand to her clit, frigging the aroused nub as he began to really fuck her ass. Victoria's moans began to get desperate, she was starving for that climax. She needed it and there was no doubt it was coming, but ti seemed miles and miles away.

“Cum for me Vic....cum with this dick in you baby....fucking cum...”

“Mmmm I'm gonna cum...gonna cum for you!” she desperately cried. “I want to you to shoot in my ass when I cum...I fucking need you too! Fuck...fuck FUCKKK CUMMMMING!!!!”

Victoria went rigid, her asshole clamping down hard on Jesse's dick as her orgasm rocked her body and triggered Jesse's. And Jesse fulfilled Victoria's request, shooting his load up her ass, which made Victoria's orgasm even stronger. She loved the way it felt when a man came in her ass, gave her orgasm just the right edge.

The two collapsed forward on Victoria's bed, Jesse giving her ass a few more pumps before pulling his exhausted cock from it. He rolled off of her and Victoria rolled to her back. Both were smiling in a post-orgasm haze.

“Fuck...” laughed Victoria. “Mmmmm shit, Jess...that's a high bar set for tonight.”

“I don't think I can move my legs.” he replied.

“You're welcome.” joked Victoria. “No rush though. I'm certainly not going to be able to operate heavy machinery for a bit.”

“So...what are your Halloween plans?”

“Sorority party. Which ever one it is now. Apparently Taylor Swift's is back on and the other one is off. I don't know. Where ever the booze and dudes are.”

“Sounds like a plan, need some accompaniment to help weed out the real dirtballs from the regular ones?”

“Sure,” Victoria said, leaning on her side. “Besides, that way I get a sure fire lay no matter what goes down.” She winked at him then sat up. “We're taking a shower. You wash my back, I'll wash yours. And note, that's not a question.”

“Duly noted.”


“This seems like a fancy place for a business meeting,” Paul said. Reggie had been building him up about his 'great lucrative' meeting since they both had taste of what Kate Upton had to offer than sprayed her with what they had to offer.

For the most part, Paul had thought it was all bullshit. But he also witnessed Reggie go through money like it was tissue paper. He had to get the money from somewhere. There was no harm is going along for the ride simply to learn where this money came from. In all likelihood, it was just slinging drugs to eager Freshmen. Still, this apartment building he was heading into...it was a bit on the posh side of things for a simple dealer.

The two entered the building, the doorman giving neither any issue as they headed for the elevators. Reggie whipped out a keycard and placed it against a scanner. An elevator opened instantly and the two walked in.

“Okay, here's the cool part,” Reggie grinned. “Not the coolest part, but pretty cool.” He took out a key and stuck it in a slot among the buttons in the elevator. He turned it, and it went up. “Exclusive as fuck.”

“And this is your place?” Paul asked. “Seriously? You're not blowing the dude who owns it?”

“I don't blow anyone, I GET blown.” replied Reggie. “But no, technically it's not my place. This belongs to my business partner.”

“Ooookay.” After a quick ride up the door open to a small hallway with a few doors spread far apart. The exclusive level. Reggie pressed a button at the door.

“Yes?” a female voice asked.

“It's Reggie.”

“You have a new prospect?” the voice said.

“No, potential business partner.”

“Oh god, again?”

“Look, at least meet him."

“Fine.” A buzz and a click, the door opened and the two walked in.

“Your partner sounds like a ray of fuckin' sunshine,” Paul said. “What business are you two In exactly? And why would I be a partner?”

“To answer your first question,” The female voice said. It was now attached to a sexy, if not a tiny bit skanky, red headed woman, walking down the stairs of the penthouse apartment. “I'm in the business of pleasure. Reggie here is my associate. As for your second, I don't have a clue. So maybe Reggie here has some way of enlightening us both as to what exactly he brought you here for and prey he isn't wasting my time.”

“Okay, okay, tough crowd,” Reggie said. “How about we all just have a seat and I can talk about my proposal.”

“Fair enough.” the woman said. “Wouldn't want to be rude to the guest I didn't invite. You Reggie, aren't making that easy. How about you introduce us?”

"Yeah! Yeah sure. So, Paul Simmons, this is Bella Thorne.” Bella extended her hands and Paul shook it, soflty but firmly, making Bella smirk.

“Pleasure to meet you Paul,” said Bella. “Nice grip.”

“Pleasure's all mine Bella.” Paul.

“Well, not yet but the day's still young.” Reggie, oblivious to the obvious flirting going on right in front of him, led the two to sit down near the coffee table.

“Okay, so I bet you're both wondering why Paul is here.”

“Yeah, the question entered my mind,” Paul said.

“Ditto,” added Bella. “My business is perfectly fine with the employees I have. No offense but I don't see myself branching out to include clientele that would like Paul services.”

“That's not what I'm talking about.” replied Reggie. “Okay, Paul here is studying law, business and entertainment.”

“And I already have a lawyer,” said Bella. She turned her attention to Paul. “Everything I do is on the level. Turns out the IRS doesn't care where your income comes from as long as you pay taxes. And I'm all on the level. I file as an entertainment provider. Which is technically true. I LOVE technicalities, don't you?”

“Big fan.” replied Paul.

“Uh huh, yeah, I know you have a lawyer babe, but that's not why he's here. He studying that work for his dad, who's in the music biz. Paul here has contacts.”

“Really?” Bella looked back at Paul, more intrigued than she had been already by his looks. “How major are we talking about?”

“The kind of major where if they get caught cheating their wife drops an album all about it.” replied Paul.

“Nice,” Bella laughed. “You did good Reggie.” Bella now shifted her attention completely to Paul.

“Here's the deal. You hook my girls up with these connections, you get a cut. That simple. Now, these girls get a majority of it, their the ones taking the dick. They get seventy percent, I get twenty, you get ten. That's the deal, no negotiation. Now, in addition to your ten percent, you'll also get any of my girls, any time you want. Now, the caveat there is they can't be booked otherwise and they have to say yes. You force yourself on 'em, you're out and the cops will want to have a word with you. Don't fuck with the madame who's personal clientele includes the mayor, the chief of police, and several high powered and decorated members of our police force. And I guarantee they love my mouth, pussy and ass on demand a lot more than any money you can throw their way. The only other rules is you do not mess with my competition. There's a respect and truce there. You can fuck her girls, I can get you a discount, no harm no fould. But do not try to poach her talent or force yourself. Otherwise, you'd be surprised how similar the punishment is. Am I understood?”

“Crystal clear, Ms. Thorne.” Paul said, returning the smirk Bella had given him earlier.

“Call me Bella,” she said. “I'm not running an office. I'm a madame and a whore, and I'm damn good at both. You're an associate, and associates call me Bella. But, if you don't feel comfortable with that arrangement I have a great little icebreaker.”

Bella slid from the couch to her knees, then looked to the two men. “Stand up and pants down.”

Paul and Reggie stood up, Reggie grinning ear to ear. Both men dropped there pants, the sight of their cocks making Bella lick her lips.

“Really nice work bringing Paul by Reg.” Bella said. She grasped both men by their cocks and started pumping. They grunted into approval of Bella's skilled handiwork. “Very nice.” She winked at Paul, something Reggie missed as his eyes were shut from Bella's skilled handjob.

Her eyes locked on Paul's as her mouth opened. She licked the tip of of his cock then wrapped her lips around the head, softly sucking before taking him in her mouth.

“Damn,” Paul groaned. With one hand on hisballs and Bella's other still pumping Reggie, all the work on his cock was being done solo by Bella's mouth, and she was more than up to the challenge. Every movement of her tongue, the teasing her did with her teeth, taking him to the root...a ll perfectly timed, all deftly done. Bella was a pro and loved showing it off. It got her off more than a little, and Paul could tell.

“Mmm babe,” Reggie said. “How 'bout I get some of that action?”

“Heh, he is so impatient,” she winking at Paul. She kissed his cock before moving over to Reggie, taking his cock deep into her throat on the first time.

“Ugh, fuck yes Bella!” Reggie cried out. Her grasped her head, fingers coursing through her red locks as her began to fuck her throat. “Yeah...yeah fucking take it bitch...uh yeah...”

Paul had to admit, he was getting a kick out of watching. Bella gave him the pro treatment now he got to see it. Bella might have been taken by surprise by the sudden face fucking Reggie was supplying but she adapted quickly, a Hellish fire in her eyes that if Reggie had seen he might have been scared off by the intensity of.

Reggie pulled out of Bella's mouth, a long string of saliva connecting the tip of his rod to her mouth. She gasped for air then grasped the two cocks, bringing them centimeters away from her mouth.

“I'm gonna suck you both at the same time,” she said. Bella wasn't asking, she was declaring. Before Reggie could say a word of pause, she took them both in her mouth, her tongue dancing on the hard, fleshy rods in her mouth as they jousted. Bella's eyes went to Paul, completely unphased by the action. She liked that. Then she looked to Reggie, who was clearly a bit...conflicted to say the least. Clearly enjoying the feeling of sharing the same hot, wet space with another cock but not being comfortable with enjoying it. Bella REALLY liked that.

Bella pulled back, jacking both slick cocks, a happy and sexy sneer on her face.She looked over to Reggie. “Go lay on the couch,” she said to him. Reggie scrambled over, almost tripping over his pants. Bella then looked at Paul. “You're gonna fuck me while I suck him off.”

“How come I don't get first crack at that pussy?” Reggie asked.

“Because you ask dumb fucking questions like that.” Bella replied. She smirked at Paul before bending over and taking Reggie into her mouth, any of his questions about who goes first melting away as she began to suck him off once more. Paul jacked his cock as he approached Bella from behind, hypnotized by her tight apple bottom, his eyes going from her glistening slit to her puckered little asshole. “Next on the menu.” He said to himself as he thrust himself I Bella's cunt, making the redhead groan over Reggie's cock.

“Fuck this is tight pussy...” Paul groaned. He was more than a little shocked that a woman who openly said she was a whore had this much tread on the tire. Something told Paul that fucking this fine pussy was just the beginning of the fun.

“Mmmm, fuck that's good dick.” Bella replied. “Fuck that fucking cunt.” Paul began to slam into her, loud moans escaping from her mouth. Then her eyes turned right to Reggie who was jacking off to the scene. In one fluid motion, she took him to the root, Reggie arching his back up as Bella deep-throated him. “Nnnngfuuuuck,” Reggie growled. He reached down and grasped Bella's head, skull fucking her while Paul pounded her from behind.

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Re: All-Star College
« Reply #3 on: October 02, 2018, 06:58:45 PM »

Bella was being used. She knew it. Hell, she got off on it to a degree other side she wouldn't be in the business she was in. But Reggie...he was reveling in it. Making a show of it to look like a bigger man than he was. That was something Bella did not like. Reggie was forgetting his place. Paul, not so much. He seemed a bit too confident to give a shit. He was fucking a hot slut, and that was good enough for him.

If Paul knew what Bella's summation of him was, he'd happily agree. The fact she was also being a nasty slut was a nice big cherry on top, considering the rather vanilla romp he'd had with Peyton earlier. The fact that he didn't even think Bella was even approaching her full filth factor turned him on even more.

Paul's grip on her hips tightened and his pace increased. Bella removed her mouth from Reggie's cock and through her head back. She cried out “OH FUCK YEESSSS!!!”

“Yeah, you like that fuckin' cock don't you?”

“Unng just keep fucking going,” growled Bella. “Pull my fucking hair.” Paul grabbed and wrapped a handful of her red locks around his hand and yanked back, hard. Bella let out a cry mixed with a laugh as she was yanked back. Her head was turned to it's side, Paul extended his tongue and Bella hers. The two were licking at each other before hungrily kissing.

All the while Reggie watched, stroking his cock. He wanted to be part of the action, but he also couldn't deny he got a kick out of watching Bella get fucked. He used to get the show whenever he wanted until Bella find out he was recording. That got him in some deep shit, but he still got some pussy whenever he wanted. If not from her, than the girls who worked for her...not that she needed to know about that.

“Ung harder,” bellowed Bella. “Fucking ram me..and choke me...oh fuck treat me like the whore I am!” Paul's hand wrapped around Bella's neck, tightening just the right amount to make Bella gasp in the best way possible while his other went to her tits, playing and tweaking with her nipples.

“My turn,” Reggie said, now tired of being a spectator.

“Sure thing!” Bella said, pulling away from Paul but making sure to give him a huge kiss. She walked back over to Reggie, then turned to face Paul.

She grasped Reggie's cock and straddled, him, sinking onto his rod while she stared out Paul. “Come here,” she said as Reggie began to fuck her cunt hard. “I wanna taste my cunt on your fucking cock.”

“I think I can swing that.” Paul said. He walked over to Bella and fed her his cock, his moan joining Reggie's in a chorus of lustful pleasure as she hungrily devoured Paul's pecker.

“Awww fuck yeah, Bella!” croaked Reggie. “Take these fucking cocks!” Her thrust up in her, the happy whore yelping as he cunt was filled by his dick.

“Take those fucking cocks?” she thought to her self, a smile forming on her mouth as it cried out for more. “Maybe I will.”

She trained her eyes back to Paul and verbalized that idea. “I think I got room for one more in the chamber,” she said. “Do it!”

“Well, all right,” Paul said, his grin just as wide as Bella's. Before Reggie could say anything Paul was in Position. Bella had stopped movement as Paul prepared his entrance.


“Oh fuck yeah!” Paul growled. “Two cocks in your fucking pussy...dirty fucking whore.”

“You fuckin' know it.” replied Bella, she and Paul kissed again. “Fuck, I love this....”

“Oh fuck this is hot,” Reggie said, meekly giving in to the pleasure of sharing Bella's cunt. He'd never even thought about that kind of thing before. Hell, sharing her mouth had kind of shook him and he'd already done that last week with the big titted Kate Upton and Paul. He couldn't deny it, though it felt fucking amazing.

“Ohhhhhh, shit this is tiiight,” she hissed, her body tense and loose all at the same time. Bella was feeling it all..and she knew it wasn't over yet. No...the fire had only started.

“Pull out.” she said to Paul, a tinge of regret in her voice. Once he had done as she asked, Bella changed position, now facing Reggie. “Now, stick that fucking cock up my ass.”

Bella's mouth went to Reggie's silencing his upcoming question about why he couldn't be the first in her ass with a kiss. The kiss broke and Bella froze in place while Paul worked his cock into her ass, Bellaa sighing with a big grin as his cock made it's way up her sphincter.

“Oh god that's so fucking good.” She said. “Oh fuck I need to be filled like this more often....”

“I think I can help you with that.” Paul joked, kissing her shoulder as he began to thrust. “Any time you want.”

“Fffuuck, I'll hold you to that.” Bella replied. It didn't take Paul and Reggie long to build up a good, hard and fast rhythm in Bella. Good, hard, and fast was exactly how Bella wanted sex like this, along with the adjective filthy. Bella was in whore heaven as the men took her holes. Reggie had to grin to himself as he felt her nails digging into his shoulders, and the look of utter depraved lust on Bella's face as her ass and pussy were both taken at the same time. It couldn't get much better than this, not to Reggie. Bella on the other hand? Well, she of course wanted to up the ante.

“Both of you, pull out.” Soon,her asshole and pussy were vacant. Bella reached for Reggie's cock and lined it up with her ass, letting his hard rod enter.

“Fuck yeah!” Reggie said, eagerly thrusting in Bella's well fucked ass. He was enjoying his solo time, not knowing it was going to be all that long solo experience.

“Paul, why don't you join Reggie up my ass?” A near breathless Bella demanded via question.

“Well, if you insist...” Replied Paul. Once again Bella's movement stopped and Paul got in position, pushing forward until he was sharing space up Bella's ass with Reggie. It didn't take long for either to start thrusting again and for Bella to start howling out in pleasure.

“FUCK! FUCK MY ASS! FUCKING STRETCH THAT WHORE ASS, YOU SONS OF BITCHES!! FUUUUCK GAAAAH YESS!!!” Bella was as dick-drunk as she'd ever been as the two men took her ass, going faster and faster, the sensations driving the trio completely up the wall in the best way possible. At the pace they were going, orgasms were on the way for each member of this threesome of filth.

“OHHHHHH, FUCK I'M CUMMING!!” Cried Bella, convulsing and shaking as the fiercest orgasm she'd had in a while rocked her body. And her body's reactions took their toll on the men, her convulsing and clamping holes sapping any resistance they had left.

"Oh fuck, cumming!” Paul cried.

“Fuck, me too!”

“Face, NOW!!” Bella demanded. Paul and Reggie both gave a few more thrusts into her ass before pulling out, Bella getting to her knees the moment her ass was vacated. Almost to the moment her knees hit the floor, both men unloaded on her face, covering it and filling her open mouth with two gigantic loads of hot, white cum.

“Oooohhh fuck, Bella.” Paul moaned. “Fuck...” He used his cock to clear the cum from her eyes, bringing it to her mouth to suck it clean, which she eagerly did. “I think this is the first the first step in a long and fruitful partnership.

“I can't help but agree.” she replied.

“What'd I tell ya man?” Reggie asked, a strange pride beaming from him. “Does my bitch know how to fuck fuck or what?”

And that was the straw that broke the whore's back. Bella stood up, eye to eye with Reggie and grabbed his still sensitive cock, and grabbed it hard.

“Let's get one thing straight,” Bella said. “Something you seem to have forgotten. I am not your bitch. You are mine. I'm the boss, you're the bitch boy. DO we understand each other?”

"Y-yes Bella,” Reggie grimaced.

“Then say it. Say you're my bitch.”

“I'm your bitch.”

“Good boy.” Bella let go of Reggie's dick then grabbed his clothes. “Put them on, get out and do whatever it is I pay you for. I'm gonna clean up and show Paul how I run things now that the getting to know you phase is over.”

Bella through the clothes at Reggie who scrambled to get them on and was soon out of the apartment. Bella then turned to Paul.

“Good,” she said. “Now, we get down to business.”


“Okay, so this is the match,” said Alison Brie. She was sitting outside the student union snack bar with Jake and Jose. “Okay, so me and Gill are gonna tear it all down. I'm talking weapons, blood, the works. You two and her guys are going to be good little lumberjacks until I kick one of her guys in the balls. Then he's going to push me and then it gets really crazy.”

“How crazy?” Jake asked.

“Well, for starters, Gillian specifically told me you're putting her through a barb wire table. No if, ands or buts. Then Jose here is going to go for a 450 splash but all he's going to meet is a flaming steel chair to the stomach.”

“Do I get a say in this?” asked Jose.

“Not really. But don't worry about it. I'm gonna break a two by four across both her guys then hit her with that same chair, and that's the match. Then we do an old school, nWo-style beat down on them until “security” comes to pull us away.”

As Alison continued breaking down the Halloween night match that was in the trio's future, Jake noticed Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes approaching them. Not just walking in their direction, but RIGHT toward the table the three were sitting at.

“Oh shit.” He said. “Oh shit...it's her.”

“What?” Alison asked. Jose then looked behind them, and a grin crossed his face.

“It's that chick who blew him last month. The one he's a moron for.”

“Oh shit Jake, you still haven't told her?” a very exasperated Alison asked. “And I swear to god Jose if you do anything to embarrass Jake I will do everything in my power to make sure you get jobbed out to James Ellsworth when he comes to town so whip that grin off of your face before I do it for you.”

“Fine, party pooper.”

Alison rolled her eyes at Jose then went back to Jake. “Okay, Jake, honey, forget about any and all bullshit Jose said to fuck with you. Forget anything I said when I found out. You like this girl and clearly she fucking likes you. So...tell her who was under that mask. Tell her who Magnus Pain really is.”

“Yeah, but what if she only likes Magnus? Hell, what if she's furious at me for not saying who I was when it happened.”

“Sweetie, it doesn't sound like she gave you a chance to say anything,” Alison said. “And frankly, when you're in the middle of an orgasm it's hard for me to think of my own name when I have an encyclopedia of expletives rushing through my brain. So, if she's coming over here then tell her.”

“Yeah, and if she is mad at least you got some great head out of the deal,” Jose added in.”

“Oh my GOD, that is not helping!” said Alison. “Shush it, Brimstone.”

Before Alison could get in another word, Lili and Cami had stopped at the table and Jake had frozen up.

“Jake, I've actually been looking for you.” Lili said.

“Yeah, and I've been tagging along because I literally had nothing better to do,” added Cami. "No offense to you Jake the hot big guy or your super hot brunette friend with a rack to die for. But a little offense to the yappy dog.”

“Oh haha.”

Alison looked over at Jose, more than a little stunned. “Oh, 'ha ha'? Really? That the best you got?”

“Well, it was short notice and she's all evil and shit.”

“Uh huh. So I'm Alison Brie, and I'm friends with the hot big guy and the yappy dog. You must be the super sexy devil woman Camila.”

“That I am.” replied Cami. “And I thought Jake here only had eyes for Lili.”

“Cami!” Lili interjected.

“Don't worry, that was how Jose described you.”

“Alison!” yelped Jose.

“Well, isn't that just adorable?” Cami smiled.

“Okay, before this gets even more awkward,” said Lili. “Jake, I lost your number. I got a new phone during the break, and I had no way to get your number on the new one. I was hoping to get it so you could help me out with chemistry again. My current partner is smart but kind of a dud in communicating. You made it fun. And I thought in exchange I could help you with your English Lit stuff if you're still studying it.”

“Uhhh yeah, sure.” Jake said. “Um, when do you want to start?”

“Sunday would be good. I already have Halloween plans.”

“Yeah, she has a hot date,” Cami added. She spotted a slight wounded look on Jake's face when she said that, making her feel a bit sorry for the guy. The longer she looked at his face though, the more it reminded her of someone.

“I don't have ANY date.” Lili said. “I just have plans. But Sunday I'm totally free. So, can you help?”

“Sure. I have plans too. We all three do. Gonna do some...stuff.”

“Oh, well cool.” Lili responded. “So, uh, here's my number. Shoot me a text and we'll work it out from there.”

“Yeah, sure.” He replied. And with that, she and Cami walked away.

“She's into you. Tell her,” Alison said. “Trust me, I can tell.”

“And if not I think you could get that Cami chick in the sack,” Jose chimed in.

“And you're still not helping,” Alison said. “Besides, we can all tell that you're the one who wants to fuck Camila. It's obvious.”

“Oh, it is so not obvious I want to jump in bed with the hot brunette who can talk like no one's business....wait, let me rephrase that.”

“Okay, on Sunday I'll ask her out. Right now though, we have a heavy duty hardcore match to plan, so let's focus on that.”

While those three continued planning their bloody weekend, Cami and Lili continued on themselves.

“You should totally get with muscle dude,” Cami said. “He's into you, you're into him. It's perfect.”

“What? No,” Lili said. “I mean, yeah he's cute, but I might be seeing someone already.”

“Someone's name you don't even know and who's face you never seen but hey, you could pick his cock out of a line up.”

“Hey, be nice. Besides, you just want me to go out with Jake so I can hook you up with his friend.”

“The yappy dog? Puh and lease. Put them together and you get PLEASE, are you kidding!?”

“Nope. I know you and I know when you give someone that much shit you're probably at least a little in to them.”

“Well, you're way off.” Cami said. She hoped it would end there, but she did have a back up plan to try and change the subject. “I think I've seen Jake somewhere before.”

“Yeah, last week on campus.”

“No, outside of school. There's something familiar about him. I can't place but I swear to god I recognize him from somewhere. Same with Jose.”

“Don't you mean the yappy dog?” Lili joked. “Probably recognize him from a past life where you two were in a heated, passionate affair.”

“It's time like this I'm reminded why I was a loner for most of my life...”

“Oh, you love it when I'm the one who gets a one up sometimes. If you were always the queen it'd be boring for you.”

“True. But now, we stop yapping and go get some food.” Lili agreed and the two headed to the dining commons. Still, Cami couldn't quite shake her feelings that she had definitely seen Jake somewhere before...and that maybe Lili was right about the yappy dog known as Jose Heyman.


“Okay, so I'm thinking we go to the party for a few hours, then go on the hunt for easily satisfied women.” Matt said. He and Jesse were on their way to the student store to meet up with Victoria. Well, Jesse was. Matt tagged along in the hopes that he could get in Victoria's pants somehow.

“You mean your usual type?” Jesse said. “Come on, there's going to be plenty of opportunities for you to make an ass of yourself in front women at the actual party. And probably one of them will find it endearing.”

“True, but she'll probably also be at the party.”

“Really? You're going to let the whole Demi thing effect your Halloween?”

“First off, do not say the damned one's name. And secondly, would you want to see her after what she did?”

“Someone got her drunk and took advantage,” Jesse curtly said. “You know this.”

“I know that what she claims happened.” Matt replied. Just thinking about Demi made him furious. The nerve she had to be anywhere he was, after what she let happen. Just thinking about it was bad enough. Then, it got worse. There she was, siting on a bench outside the store. Matt couldn't have that. He broke away from Jesse, who knew immediately what he was going to do. Matt made it to the bench, and the moment Demi saw him, the smile she was wearing faded. Fortunately for her, Jesse pulled him away.

“Leave. Now.” Jesse said. “Before you do something stupid.”

“She should be the one to leave, dumb fucking slut.”

“She was here first. Stop being an obsessive dick hole and leave.”

“Yeah, fine. Gonna have to sweep Victoria off her feet and in my bed some other time.” Matt began to walk away, then turned back one last time, looking directly at Demi. “I sincerely hope I don't see you around, you fucking skank.” With that, he walked off, leaving Demi on the verge of tears.

“Demi, I am so sorry,” Jesse said. “I didn't think...I'm sorry.”

“It's all right,” she said, wiping away a tear. “I should have known I was going to have to deal with this. And let's be honest we both know when he's pissed no one can really contain him. He's always had a bad temper.”

“And he shouldn't take it out on you. Let me tell him what happened that night.”

“No. I...I don't want him to know what his 'friend' did. And as both his and my friend, I expect you to keep that promise you made me, okay?”

“Okay,” Jesse said. “I don't like it. But I also never could say no to you.”

“I know.” Demi said with a smile. “Be thankful I never used that for more insidious means.” She picked up her bag, hugged Jesse and walked off.

It really tore Jesse up to see her like this. She didn't deserve this. He also couldn't defend how Matt was displaying his anger. At the the same time, he had a promise to keep, even it was to protect someone he was seeing less and less as a friend these days.


After an uneventful few days, Thursday had rolled around and that meant Peter had to meet up with Sabrina and Hailee to watch each other's short films. Peter's plan was to meet up early with Sabrina at her dorm room, since they both had early days with their last classes ending well before noon. Before he went to Sabrina's, Peter had to pick up a hard drive of his that had his two latest shorts. The only issue was Selena was the one who had it. It wasn't that he didn't want to see Selena. It was more that he hadn't at all, not really. If he saw her, she seemed to willingly be ignoring him for her new guy, Reggie. He wasn't jealous or spurned. He knew that much. As much as he thought he was in love with Selena, he knew he wasn't dating her. But, he did think they were friends. They'd lived next door to each other since kindergarten. Yet she always did this with a new guy. He was number one in her life and Peter was de-ranked to somewhere around number three hundred twelve.

This though, he hoped, wouldn't be an issue. All he had to do was pick up his hard drive. Selena even made it easier by saying she;d leave it at the sorority house with Taylor if she had to leave early. Which was why he was heading there instead of her dorm room. After a short walk from his class to the sorority house, he saw Reggie Fisk sitting on the porch.

“Well, isn't that adorable?” Reggie said. “The lovesick puppy.”

“Well, isn't that amazing.” replied Peter. “A talking primate.”

“Oh, funny guy. Too bad funny doesn't get you the pussy you want. You know, the pussy I get to fuck.”

“Uh huh, cute.” This was every interaction he'd had with Reggie. He'd never even met him before last week,but he was coming out swinging with this stuff. Which lead Peter to believe Selena was being really honest with her thoughts with Reggie. “I'm just here to pick up something from Selena.”

“Yeah, that's nice. I'm here to actually pick her up though, and I don't want you here. I don't think she does either.”

“That's fine.” Peter replied. “I just need my hard drive and I'm gone.”

“Well, how about you're not getting it until I say so?” Reggie got up and began to walk down the stairs.

“How about I don't give a fuck what you say?” Peter stood his ground, dropping his back pack. “How about I go in that house, get the one thing I came for and leave you well behind me, where you belong.”

“What if I don't let that happen?”

“Then I guess you don't have a choice, Reggie.”

“Oh, I am gonna enjoy this.” And he was. Reggie had a LOT of pent up anger because of Bella. Fucking Selena was nice, but he had an edge on him that hadn't gone away.

“And I am going to enjoy calling the cops on you,” said Taylor Swift. “Not on you Peter. I like you. On you though...I'm REALLY going to enjoy it Reggie.”

“Hey Taylor,” Peter said. “By any chance did Selena leave my hard drive with you?”

“Yeah, I got it in the den. Come on in and get it. You? You go and wait on the curb with the rest of trash or I press this little button on my phone and call the campus police.”

“Why does he get to go in but I don't?”

“Because I know him. I like him. I know you. And I despise you. I don't care if you're dating my best friend, you're trash and I don't take that in the house. I take it out.”

“You really think you're hot shit, don't you Swift?” Reggie asked with a sneer.

“Honey, I don't think it, I know it. Now, move your tough guy wannabe ass aside so the person who I want in the house can come in. Selena will be out shortly to meet with you and hopefully reject her recent poor choices.”

“I am going to take you down, bitch.” Reggie said as he headed towards the curb. “Just wait and see.”

“Oh, I'm sure.” she responded. “Trust me, you won't be the first to try.”

Peter picked his backpack up and walked past Reggie, the two exchanging dirty looks. He then entered the sorority house, with Taylor following soon after.

“Jesus, Selena sure knows how to pick 'em.” Taylor said before flopping down on the couch.

“Tell me about it.” Peter replied. “I've got a good two decades of experience in her bad dating choices.”

“I'm sure there's not a hint of jealousy in that at all.” Taylor crossed her legs and smirked. She did like Peter but she also had no issue prodding him a bit on a sensitive subject.

“Maybe a little.” He replied. “Is it sad that I'm used to this?”

“Big time.” said Taylor. “It'd be even sadder if you were WAITING for her, waiting for her...but we both know that's not the case, don't we?”

“Oh god, no.” He replied. “I may have it bad but not that bad.” The two shared a quick glance packed full of heat, a heat they experienced very intimately at one time.

“You do know she's never going to see you as anything more than a hanger on, right? I mean, she's been avoiding you like the plague, like she always does, when she has a guy. You're an emotional support blanket. And I'm not saying this just to be mean. I like you. I really do. But I'm also being flatly honest when I say that girl doesn't know what's good for her. Like you. So be smarter. Because she's not good for you.”

“Yeah, I'm beginning to see that.”

“See what?” asked Selena Gomez. She was descending the stairs, a duffel bag on her shoulder.

“See that I really need to be better at scheduling,” Peter said. “I just came by for the hard drive.”

“Oh yeah, I gave it to Taylor to give to you. Didn't think I was going to see you.”

“And I believe that's my cue,” Taylor said. She reached over the arm of the couch and grabbed a paper gift bag. “The drive is in there.”

“Thanks.” Peter said. He grabbed the bag and began to head out the door.

“Oh, and Peter,” Taylor said. “Don't forget what we talked about. And be careful of the trash outside.”

“Sure thing, Tay.” Peter left the house without saying goodbye to Selena, something only Taylor seemed to notice.

“I always liked him,” Taylor said.

"Yeah, Peter's nice,” said Selena. “Have you seen Reggie?”

“Oh, he's outside with the rest of the trash.”

“Seriously Taylor?”

“You can let him in your dorm room all you want but he is not stepping foot in this house. End of discussion.”

“He's my boyfriend.”

“I'm well aware, darling. And my sorority, my house, my rules. And rule number one is no men allowed in the house without my approval. Family excluded, of course. And Reggie...boy does he ever not have my approval.”

“Fine. Be that way. I'm not breaking up with him,” Selena said defiantly.”

“Of course not, it's only the first week. He hasn't really treated you like garbage yet. Just your friends.”

“Please, Peter can take it.”

“It's funny how you know it's him Reggie gave shit to. You two really are besties, huh?”

“Okay, I'm leaving now before I get really mad. See ya.” Selena stormed past Taylor, who was still smiling. Selena was her friend...but she just couldn't abide her stupid choices.


“Okay, in a couple hours these should both be uploaded to your YouTube page,” said Sabrina. “So, we got some major league time to kill.”

“Cool, so when does Hailee get here?” Peter asked.

“Not for a couple hours. Her last class gets out at like four or something. Then she's heading straight here.” Sabrina got up from her seat at the computer and sat on her bed, right next to Peter. “Everything okay? You seem kinda down.”

“Only because I didn't kick someone's ass like I wanted to.”

“Oh, you wanted to go all John Woo on somebody?”

“Yeah, that Reggie guy from class. And no, not for the reason you think so don't roll your eyes. I was on my way to get my hard drive, he blocked my way and tried to start a fight with me. Kinda wish it hadn't been stopped before it started.”

“Oh, righteous fisticuffs, I can dig it,” Sabrina said. “Kinda sexy too, if I do say so.”

“Is that a fact?” Peter turned to look Sabrina eye to eye, the petite blonde posture a bit more friendly than usual.

“Let me pitch you an idea. Some background. I think you're cute. And I've seen you check me out. And it's cool. It really is. And I like that you haven't hit on me. Keeps things friendly and professional. But I can't deny I'm attracted to you. Or to put it bluntly I think you're fucking hot.”

“Same here.”

“Great. So, here's my idea. How about we fuck like jack rabbits to kill some time? Not for any other reason but to do it. I mean, I want to. You've got the big green light screaming go...so go for it. No strings. No commitment. But, why not just have fun for the sake of it just being fun?”

Peter responded to Sabrina in the only logical way, he pulled her face to his and kissed her. And with that opening salvo, it was on. Their hands groped each others bodies, one shedding the others clothes as if it was a race to get each other naked. Once Sabrina's shirt was off, Peter laid her on the bed. His lips moved from her full lips to her bare breasts, delicately licking her nipples, kissing her breasts before moving down her stomach to her crotch. Sabrina was still wearing her skirt, but it wasn't as much an obstacle as her panties, which Peter quickly removed them and went to work. He massaged and kissed her thighs, slowly working up to her glistening slit.

Sabrina breathed deep as her moved up with his mouth, his fingers almost dancing on her flesh as his lips merged with the skin of her inner thighs. Soon she inhaled deep as his mouth finally got to his destination. “Ohhhh fuck,” she hissed. Peter's fingers glided over her lips as his tongue began to lick and his fingers joined in. Sabrina's moans got louder the more Peter got into the moment. His tongue flicking her clit and his fingers softly pressing her lips together. Not too hard, but just enough pressure to give her shivers up her spine. Peter hooked his arms around her legs, pulling Sabrina closer as she dined on her pussy.

“Oh...oh yeah...mmm...” Sabrina moaned, She licked her lips while her hands caressed her own body. “Fuck, this is nice...”

“Just nice?” Peter asked.

“What, you have something better in mind?” Sabrina asked, her smile a tease if there ever was one. Peter grabbed her up in his arms and pinned Sabrina to the door. The petite blonde licked her lips before Peter entered her in one thrust. “Oh fuck, that's MUCH better!”

Sabrina's words were replaced with intense moans and the door creaking with every thrust. Sabrina and Peter lips and tongue met and collided hungrily. Sabrina's nails dug into his back, her desperate moans of pleasure were melodic tones in Peter's ear. Nothing was in his mind but the moment. Not even Selena. Peter grabbed Sabrina again and brought her back the bed. The blonde wrapped her legs around his waist and leaned up on her elbows. Peter grabbed her hips and wasted not a single second in regaining his fast and hard pace.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Sabrina said. “Mmmmmmmm, keep fucking pounding that pussy...ohhhh fuuck yes...”

Peter's hand reached out to grab Sabrina's tits. They weren't what anyone would call huge, but Sabrina's petite form also had a drop dead gorgeous face, a great ass, and amazing legs making her a total package no mater what. Peter loved the way her tits felt in his hand, the tender flesh sweating in his palm. Peter's free hand went to Sabrina's clit, getting into action working her hot button ASAP.

“OoooooOOoohhh fuuuUUUUuuck you bastard.” Sabrina moaned. Her eyes fluted a bit while her face betrayed a smile. “I'm gonna get you for that.”

“I'm shaking,” Peter said, berating a bit as he thrust into her.

“Oh, you will be.” Sabrina grasped tightly onto the hand that was grasping her tits and began to pull herself to meet Peter's thrusts, all while wearing a grin so seductive and sinful she should have been wearing devil horns, “That's a promise.”

“Oh shit.” Peter growled. Sabrina's pussy contracted, almost milking Peter's cock and making him pause momentarily for the sensation.

“Toldja!” giggled Sabrina. “But don't stop now...mmmm keep fucking me....oh fuck, don't even think about stopping, Pete!”

Sabrina released his hands and then Peter surprised her by pulling out. “All fours,” he said, motioning at Sabrina with her hands.

“Oooh, taking charge,” said Sabrina. “I really like that.” Sabrina got in position, wiggling her peachy ass while Peter got behind her.

Her ran his hand over her butt, giving it a firm but playful spank before pressing his cock against her sopping opening.

“Nnnnng,” she moaned. “Don't tease...just please....OH!” Sabrina cried out as he entered her from behind. She turned her head, whipping her her back to give him a look of utter seduction, complete with a smile that dripped sex.

“Oh...ugh...Sabrina.” Peter gasped. He had a firm grip on her hips and took her hard and fast, and if her moans and pleads for more were anything to go by Sabrina was more than happy with this.

“Jesus Christ, don't stop...oh shit I'm so fucking close...fucking close...”

“OH fuck, Sabs.” Peter groaned, not slowing down in the least. “Fuck I think I'm gonna cum!”

“N—not yet,” pleaded Sabrina. “Just a bit more...fuck I'm almost there...almost there....almooooOOOHHH FUUUUCK, I'M CUMMING!” Sabrina's whole body convulsed, her hands tightly gripping her shits and her cunt tightly gripping Peter's cock.

“Oh FUCK, cumming!” Peter yelled. Sabrina moved forward, letting Peter's cock slip from her pussy and eagerly sucked it into her mouth. She gave Peter a fast and sloppy blowjob, no teasing and all pleasing, until Peter couldn't hold back a second longer and came hard, filling up the nymphet's mouth with his jism.

Sabrina let his cock drop from her mouth and looked up at him. Her lips parted and she showed off his load on her tongue. Her eyes stayed on his as she swallowed it all down. “Ahhh,” she said. “Yummy.” Sabrinna then laid back on the bed, propped up by her pillow, Peter joining her soon after. She crawled over Peter to her night stand and opened the drawer, getting out a baggie of weed and a pipe.

“Smoke?” she asked. “I don't do it a lot, but something about getting high after cumming is just mind blowing to me.”

“Sure, I'm down.” Peter replied.

“Cool, then it's shower time, in which you are more than welcome to join me, we check our uploads, and wait for Hailee.


All things had went exactly to Sabrina's plan. They toked, they showered, and now they waited for Hailee's arrival. Sabrina was still drying her hair, just enough so it wouldn't be soaked to the bone when she went to sleep. Peter, he was fine as is, the advantage of not having luxurious blonde locks.

“So, what should we show her first?” he asked? “One of yours, one of mine...”

“Actually we should probably watch her stuff first.” replied Sabrina. “We want to seem welcoming, open to listening to what our actors have to say, that kind of stuff. And if Hailee is going to be our main actor,then we have to really foster a good relationship. That means listening.”

“Good point.”

“Yeah, I am shockingly well spoken after a good fuck, some good weed, and a hot shower.”

A knock at Sabrina's door came as the response to her statement. Peter got up to answer it, and behind the door, as expected, was Hailee Steinfeld.

“Hi guys,” she said, her voice perky and her lips in a smile. “Hope I'm not late or anything, got a bit caught up at dinner.”

“Oh no, you're right on time,” said Peter. “Come in, everything is all set to go.” He opened the door for her and the long-legged brunette stepped in and took a seat on Sabrina's bed.

“Hi Sabrina,” Hailee said. She then noticed Sabrina wet hair and towel on the floor. “Did I interrupt something between you two?”

“What?” Sabrina asked. “No. No of course not. I just got out of the shower because I was at the gym for a bit. I let Peter in before I left to upload a couple of his shorts to his page. Then I showered when I got back because I trust him and we're all adults here.”

“Oh, okay.” Hailee replied. “Just, you know, didn't want to get in between anything.”

“Well, unless you want to direct as well there's nothing to get between.” Sabrina said. “Me and Pete are buds, and partners.”

“Okay.” Haille replied. “Just checking.” She then got up from the bed and pulled a chair up to sit next to Peter at the computer. “So, who's stuff first?”

“Well, me and Sabrina though we should see your stuff first,” Peter said.

“Yeah, Sabrina followed, taking a seat next to Hailee. “Just to see how you are under different directors and stuff. But we can go any order really.”

“Sure, that's cool. Here, let's me get us to my page.”


“Wow,” Hailee said. You guys are good.” For the past couple of hours Hailee, Sabrina, and Peter had been watching each other's film work, and all were impressed. “Sabrina, you've got a really good eye. Your stuff looked amazing.”

“A-thank you,” Sabrina said with a grin, doing a short little bow from her seat.”

“And Peter, your miniature stuff was great! The models looked so real...and the make-up...and the pacing of it all too. I loved it!”

“Thanks,” Peter said. “And you were amazing. I think I can speak for Sabrina here too, but your performances were stellar.”

“Really? Thanks.”

“That one where you were a runaway...I was tearing up.”

“What my emotional compadre is trying to say is I think we have a team that is going to utterly kill at any film festival we enter in.”

“What she said.” Peter replied.

“Cool!” Hailee said. “I can't wait to work with you guys. I wish I could stick around and watch more stuff but I need to do some last minute Halloween shopping.”

“Oh, what are you going to be?” Peter asked.

“I have no idea. Hence the last minute. Sorry, I gotta go.”

“Um, how about I walk you back to your dorm?” Peter asked. “I mean, me and Sabrina don't really have anything else planned, right?”

“Oh no, I'm thinking we're done for the night,” Sabrina said. She nodded at Peter, instantly catching on. “I'm actually thinking of calling it an early night. That workout I had earlier really took a lot of energy out of me.”

“What exactly did you do?” Hailee asked.

“Um...a lot of cardio.” Sabrina said with a smile.

“Oh, okay. So...yeah, let's head out Peter.”

“Sure, let me just grab my bag.”

“Sure,” said Hailee, flashing a smile before stepping out in the hall.

“You all right with this?” Peter asked.

“I'm fine,” said Sabrina. “We're not dating. We fucked, and it was good, but it's not a commitment. And I wasn't kidding, I am kind of worn out. I might sleep till the Halloween party tomorrow. So...see ya tomorrow and work your magic...and also don't fuck it up. She is a good actress and I don't want to lose her.”

“Sure thing. See ya.” Peter exited and joined Hailee in the hallway.

“You don't really have to walk me if you don't want to,” Hailee said. “It's not a big deal or anything.”

“Oh, do you not want me to?”

“No, no! I do! I mean...um...I wouldn't mind. If you know, you don't want to though I'd get it. Like, if you and Sabrina had something to do.”

“Oh no, nothing at all. She's tuckered out.”

“Okay...so...let's go?”


With Sabrina being on the first floor it didn't take long for the two to make it outside. It was a nice and starry night, not even a bit chilly.

“So, what made you want to do this?” asked Hailee. “The directing I mean.”

“Oh, well that's probably kind of cliche now that I think on it, but the moment I saw the original, non CGI infested Star Wars movies and Indiana Jones. I mean, they just got me under their spell. Then from there it was all those kinds of things; Star Trek, monster movies...then I graduated to David Lynch with Eraserhead and I just needed more. I needed to tell stories visually. Me and my brother pretty much did it as soon as we could.”

“Oh, you have a brother? Me too!”

“Cool. He into the same things you are?”

“A little. I don't know if we could make movies together or anything like you and your brother did...I mean I understood that right, right?”

“Oh yeah. He edited more than anything. We actually made cash shooting wedding and birthday parties. Then used that money to buy better equipment to make better stuff. Luckily we had a girl who wanted to act next door to us so we always had a star.”

“Selena Gomez right? That's her name, isn't it? She was in almost all of those.”

“Yeah, that's her name. Girl next door, she's a friend.”

“Yeah, I kind of figured,” Hailee said. “Kind of surprised you didn't go with her for yours and Sabrina's group instead of me. Super glad you did though. Not just because you guys are talented but the guy that was trying to get me was really skeevy. Sabrina swooped in for the save. He already had hooked up with your friend. I wasn't in to the kind of movies he probably wanted to make.”

“Yeah, Reggie. I don't blame you.” said Peter. “Let's go back to your question,because it doesn't involve a total scuzz. What made you want to act?”

“Well, here's comes the second cliché of the night...but Romeo & Juliet. Uggh the first time I saw the one from the 60's, I was just enthralled. Then I saw the nineties one with Leonardo DiCaprio and just fell further in love. And, yeah..started there.” Hailee smiled wide, almost lighting up the night with the brightness of it. Or at least that's how Peter saw it. “I even got to play the role in high school. But it all started there.”

Peter wanted to keep talking but the walk ended sooner than either expected. “This is my dorm,” Hailee said. Peter looked at the building and was a little shocked.

“Wait, this is my dorm.”


“Yeah, what floor are you on?”

“Second, you?”

“Third.” replied Peter. “How have I never seen you?”

“I have no idea. But...I think we can fix that issue. Wanna walk me to my room?”

“I'd love that.”


Considering it was a campus that had not one but two competing escort services as well as two warring sororities in which the heads were more than willing to use sex to get what they wanted, Friday was shockingly dead. Everyone was saving their energy for Saturday night and the big party held by Taylor Swift's sorority. When Saturday came around, everyone was ready to go. Well, most everybody. Lili Reinhart, full-on Hitman costume and all, was down at the wrestling show, her eyes glued to the match going on, specifically, the tag team Callous Pain...and even more specifically, Magnus Pain. She'd been looking forward to this since..well, since she blew him after the last wrestling show. Lili was hoping to see him again, up close and personal. However, she had no clue what she was going to do this time.

That wasn't too much of a concern at the moment, as she was utterly entranced by the action in the ring. It was a bloody battle. A battle that was soon to be over. Lili shot up from her seat as Magnus picked up Athena Zeus and power bombed her through a table covered in barb wire. She began to cheer like a madwoman when he picked up Aphrodite Gorgon and laid her on top of the bloodied blonde. The ref got the three count and then Callous Pain pounded the defeated team to the ground until security came out, and then the team battle security to the back. And Lili was entranced completely and her mind was made up about what she was going to do next.


“And THAT'S how you steal a show!” Jose said as he removed his mask. “What say we celebrate my getting piss drunk in completely different costumes at the Halloween party on campus?”

“Yeah, sure,” Alison said. “I'm gonna hit the showers and get all this blood off first.”

“Same here,” Gillan added. “Then bandage up a bit.”

“Can I watch?” Jose said, wringing his hands comically.

“Ugh that Cami girl is right,” Alison said. “You are a little yappy dog.” Alison and Gillian turned their backs and stripped, heading to the shower.

“Mmmmm mmmm,” Jose said. “What a sight. “So, you coming too? Or taking an early night.”

“Yeah, I'll meet you there,” Jake said. “Gonna grab the t-shirt money, then shower back at the dorm.”

“All right, see ya then.”

The locker room now empty, Jake slowly got up, his Magnus Pain mask still on, and stretched a bit. His back cracked a little, all part of the job. He began to head out the locker room to collect the money when once again, a familiar face blocked his exit.

“Hi again,” Lili said. “You were great out there.”

“Um, yeah. Thanks.” Jake replied. “Nice Bret Hart costume.”

“Thanks. I just figured it's Halloween and it'd be nice if you weren't the only one in costume.” She walked towards him, Jake backing back a little. “I didn't tell you my name last time. I believe my mouth was otherwise occupied. I'm Lili.”


“Shhhh,” she said. “All I need to know right now is you're Magnus Pain." She began to slowly remove her costume, exposing her tits first. “Keep the mask on...just for now.”

Jake couldn't turn this down, and he didn't want to. He grabbed Lili and picked her up in his arms. With a quick turn he had her pinned against the wall. Lili looked up into his eyes, pure sexual hunger radiating from them as she slipped her sneakers off and the two worked in tandem to get her out of the pink and black tights. Jake's mouth went to her breasts, suckling at them for a few moments before surprising Lili by spinning her around. Facing the wall, Lili arched her back, her ass pointing out.

“Fuck me,” she said. Her voice was pleading, almost breathless. “Please...Fuck me Magnus...”

Jake pulled his own tights down to his knees and grasped his cock. Her ran his hands over Lili's ass before thrusting forward.

“Oh fuck that's big!” Lili yelped. “Mmmm...feels so good....mmmmmm, just fuck me...fuck me with that big dick...”

Jake wrapped his large arms around Lili's body. His hands cupped and caressed her tits one moment then glided over her stomach the next. His lips were at her neck, kissing and nibbling as Lili moaned. Lili reached back, grasping at Jake's mask. Jake got an idea and grabbed her hands, pinning them on the wall above her head.

“Keep them there,” he said, his voice a growling whisper. “Hands right there.”

“Mmmmm, okay.” She said. “Just keep fucking me.” She kissed him then braced herself as he continued to drive into her.

“Oh...oh Lili...oh fuck baby...” Jake moaned.

“Yeah...yeah...fuck...oh please keep fucking me...mmmm make me cum on your cock...I wanna cum all over your cock...please...”

“Yeah...yeah baby...I want you to cum...cum just for me...just for me...”

“Oh...oh...oh fuck...fuck...gonna..gonna cum...mmm, please cumin me please please please cum in me if I cum for you please please please ohhhh, FUUUUCK I'M CUMMING!!”

“Oh shit LILI!” Jake cried aloud. The moment Lili came, Jake lost it and came in her as well. Both were in a technicolor haze of ecstasy. Normally neither would have lost it so soon, but something about it,,, the moment, the two of them, created a perfect environment for an intense moment of passion. Jake pulled out of her and Lili turned back around, sliding to the ground.

“Mmmm,” she said, licking her lips. “That was amazing.”

“Definitely.” Jake replied. “So...um...should I take off my mask?”

“No!” Lili said. “I mean..I don't mean it like that...I'm...I'm just not ready yet.”


“No, trust me..it's not you. After that it's REALLY not you. I promise though, soon.” Lili crawled over and kissed Jake. “Promise. But until then...see ya, Magnus.”

The warmth of the night had quickly settled among the darkness outside. While many were busy with their usual Halloween routines, Kate had other ideas in mind. There was one professor among the university who always gave her special attention. Weather it was to improve her grades, or simply to make an older man lusting over her voluptuous form, Kate took a liking towards the man in charge of her music class. After neglecting him for the past few months, the time had finally come that Kate decided to go spend some time with her friend Professor Cade Deveraux. Swaggering down the hall way, her white heels clicked and clacked a rhythm, imitating something that was often heard through the walls of his class room. 

A spare light was cast in the room, illuminating the far corner near the door. It wasn't out of the ordinary to pass by Professor Cade's class room during the night and see light from inside the door. His class room was something of a special place for him, as he would stay up after hours going through recordings on his laptop. He may not have made it to fame and glory with dreams of a music career, but he managed to land a job where he could pass on his knowledge to a new generation. Pushing into his mid-forties, the man was short, his brown hair beginning to fade with lines of grey. His time at the university had been spent with success, as well as failures including a broken marriage with another teacher on campus. 

Kate had heard the rumors about him, but didn't pay it no mind. If Professor Cade liked you enough, he let you call him by name. Kate was one of the few students currently attending his class who received such a privilege. The other students had already teased her that she was his new favorite since he always stood up for her in class when she came to moments of a struggle. Standing next to the door to his class, Kate could see the light from within, telling her that he was there by himself during the night. A mischievous grin ran across the buxom blonde's face as she raised her hand to knock on the door. Her knuckles hit the glass surface to give off a boom. Within seconds a voice, called out to her. 

"Come in, it's unlocked." 

Was he expecting someone tonight? Such a question ran through Kate's mind, but she didn't allow it to bother her. Tonight was going to be a fun party, even if it was just the two of them alone together. Placing her hand on the door knob, a rattling sound could be heard as she pushed it open. Sure enough, Professor Cade was seated right at his desk holding a guitar over his lap. He turned to look at the sight within the doorway. 

"Oh my god, what are you doing here, Kate?"

Kate Upton stood wearing a wedding lingerie outfit over her voluptuous body. Her amazing large breasts were trapped in a white silky bra, the wedding net hanging over her head and a white matching bottom piece down below. At least five pearl necklaces and probably more were wrapped around her neck. Her lips fixed up in bright red lipstick, matching her fingernails. She pushed her lips out, as if she were modelling for him before stepping through the door. The heels clacked over the floor, her necklaces dangling and creating a rattling sound. Kate shut the door behind her while Cade moved to set his guitar down next to the stand. Over his desk, he had a laptop opened up that clearly had sheet music over it. 

"So, what you doing tonight, Professor Cade? You practicing a song to show the class tomorrow?" 

She spoke to him in a seductive tone The older man just chuckled at her, shaking his head. He sat there wearing black pants and a white button up shirt. His jacket to go with the suit had been taken off hours ago, slung over the chair. 

"I guess you could say that, but I think I should be the one asking you questions, little lady. Why are you dressed up like it's your wedding night?" 

A giggle crackled from Kate's lips as she stood there. 

"It's Halloween tonight! Did you forget?" 

"Nah, I didn't forget. I've just been busy and didn't want to think about it." 

A typical response she could've expected from the older man. Kate couldn't help but shake her head. Her professor was always so serious, worrying about what was to come next during the week. She changed the subject with her next spoken words. 

"I am looking for a date tonight so I'm not going by myself at the Halloween party."

Cade laughed. 

"That shouldn't be too hard for you. Pretty much every red, hot blooded male in this class would be foaming at the mouth if they seen you dressed like that." 

Kate rolled her eyes and sighed. This was another reply from him she could've guessed his words to. Of course cade would ignore her obvious attraction to him, as he tried to remain professional at all times, but Kate wasn't having this tonight. 

"I don't want a boy. I came to you, cause I would like for you to be my date."

"You want me to be your date, Kate? With you dressed like that, I'm not sure we'd make it to any party." 

Finally, he was telling her what she wanted to hear. Kate busted up giggling before moving to sit on his lap. Beside the desk was two guitars sitting on their stands. One was a regular Telecaster with a white body, the other was his trusty sunburst body painted Stratocaster. It was rare of him to break out the Stratocaster, as Kate had noticed over the course of her time in his class that he kept it locked away in a case. He must have been in a good mood to break out his favorite guitar, she thought to herself. As she sat in his lap, his eyes quickly moved down to glance at her large cleavage hanging close to his face. 

"We can skip the wedding, Mr. Deveraux. How about we pretend that this is our wedding night instead?" 

Giving her a smirk, he moved his hands around her neck, knocking off the net she was previously wearing. 

"You wanna pretend that you're married to me tonight, Kate?" 

"Maybe...Just a little test in case it ever happens some day." 

She moved forward, brushing her lips upon his and allowing him to inhale the scent of her strong perfume. They began to kiss passionately as he moved his hands to her back. Kate moaned into his mouth, taking it slowly. This wasn't the first time she had been seated in his lap and certainly wouldn't be the last. She knew what she was pushing herself into, messing with a divorced man with a storied history around the campus. There wasn't any crime in a student having a relationship with her teacher, Kate was well aware that she could make history repeat itself and mirror his previous marriage, if she ever wanted to. Upon breaking the kiss, he leaned back in the chair. She could already feel his cock hardening down below, within his pinstriped suit pants. Kate glanced over his desk, impressed by the immense size. Sitting over to the far left side was a photo of himself with his ex-wife and son together. She took a hold of the photo, moving to hold it with both hands as he sat there, observing her every move. 

"You still think about her a lot?" 

Cade let out a sigh before answering her back. 

"I guess you could say I do. My boy is that picture with us." 

Kate took the photo and placed it back on his desk, setting it face down so the picture was unable to be viewed. Her eyes shifted back to Cade and then a smirk ran across her bright red lips. 

"I don't want you to think about her anymore. I'm here, she's not. Let's pretend we're married tonight, Cade." 

He leaned up, pushing his lips to hers again. This time Cade had initiated a passionate kiss, taking Kate completely by surprise. She moaned into his moan while reaching behind her back to undo her silky white bra, loosening it so she could snatch it off soon. When the kiss broke, Kate pulled her bra to allow her giant breasts to fall free. Cade was quick to move his hands, cupping them softly as he gave them a squeeze. She let out a soft moan in her voice, almost purring to him. 

"You love those tits, I know you do." 

"Yes, I fucking do. They might be my favorite thing in the universe right now." 

Kate giggled at his words, feeling his hands squeeze over her pillowy mounds of tit flesh. Her lips puckered up, as she gazed into his face with all desire. She spoke to him softly, moving her hand to caress over his left cheek. 

"What would you like me to do to you on our wedding night, Cade? No wait, I know what would you like me to do." 

Giving him a wink, she slid off her lap and moved down to her knees over the floor. Cade smiled down at her and spoke softly. 

"Keep the pearls on, baby. They look great on you." 

He stood up, pushing his bare feet over the floor as Kate moved her hands to the front of his pants. Cade liked to go bare foot in his class room after so long. 

"I wasn't gonna take 'em off anyway. They make me feel like your bribe. Mmmmm, Mr. and Mrs. Deveraux. A girl can always dream." 

Her hands moved quick across the front of his pants, pulling the button apart and then pushing the zipper down. Kate didn't waste any time shoving his pants and underwear down. Her cold hands wrapped around his cock. Cade took a deep breath, feeling the chill of her hands as she gripped his hard rod. Kate looked up into his face, her big blue eyes locking onto him as she spoke. 

"This is gonna be mine someday. Mine forever." 

Kate still starred into his eyes while moving her left hand down to playfully rub his balls. Her right hand pushed to the base as she parted her red lips and kissed the head. Her lipstick was going to smear over his skin tonight, just as she expected happened to him on his wedding night.  Halloween offered the best night for her to play into a fantasy.
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Re: All-Star College
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 Cade didn't bother bringing his hands down to play with her golden locks of hair. He didn't want to bother Kate at all, as she was taking in a deep breath and moving her hand back and forth. She finally opened her eyes again, looking up at him as she leaned down to lap her tongue over his balls, just for a moment. When she returned her face towards his cock, Kate looked up at him and gave a soft smile before parting her lips once more. She slammed her hand down to the base and brought his rod back between her lips. This time, she placed her hands down below, playing with her breasts as she began to squeeze her nipples while sliding his shaft back and forth in her mouth. 

"Ohhhhhh, fuck! You are something else, Kate!" 

His compliments were enough to tell her that she was doing her job in pleasuring him. Kate picked up the pace, bobbing her head up and down much faster than before. The pearl necklaces around her body shook, softly ratting as they touched her firm skin. It was time to get nasty, proving to her professor like in the past that she could deepthroat his big dick. Her lips pushed to the base as she began to gag, slobbering all over his rod. Cade still stood there, watching as Kate choked herself on his cock. She had to get nasty for a moment, just to compete with the woman whom she knew of as his ex-wife. After a few seconds of loudly gagging, she came up releasing his cock entirely from her jaws as a few strings of saliva dripped and dangled back to his soaked rod. Kate held her breasts up, ready for him to slide that big dick between them. He leaned down with his left hand, brushing the necklace out that was between her tits. Kate watched him then, slide his cock right in place between her tits. Her eyes gazed up into his as she squeezed them together, trapping his rod. 

"Mmmmm, that's it. Right where your cock belongs." 

"Those tits were made to be fucked, baby." 

"Yes they were! Made to be fucked by YOU!" 

She gave him a wink as she began to move her breasts up and down, fucking his cock to a pulp. The many pearl necklaces around her neck, dangled and waved all around. Cade stood there, taking in deep breaths. Kate's breasts were so massive that his entire rod disappeared between them, only for the head to poke up with each thrust she made. For the moment being, this almost did feel like a special wedding night. 

"Keep going, baby! Yes!!" 

After he called out to her, Kate looked down to see the head of his rod poking up with her movements. She spit on it while the necklaces moved back and forth, rattling across her skin. Over and over, she continued to pump her breasts up and down. Her eyes glanced back up into his face as she teased him with dirty words. 

"You love my big titties, Cade?" 

"Fuck yes!!" 

"Mmmmm, I love it when your cock is between 'em, going up and down." 

Picking up a bit of speed, Kate controlled this man so easily with the power of her giant breasts. She continued, still pumping them up and down. Cade was in complete heaven as Kate was still titty fucking him like this. It was a wonder that he could control himself and not blow a load between these tits, but years with his ex-wife had proven to build experience with lust. Kate eventually came to a stop, letting go of her big tits and grabbing his cock with her right hand. She used her left arm to prop her boobs up from underneath. She then brought his cock towards her left boob first and began to spank it across her nipple. 

"Ohhhhhhhhh, fuck yes baby." 

Smack. Smack. Smack. The sound echoed from down below. She smirked while looking into his eyes, then bringing his cock to her other tit and repeating the process, smacking the head against her hardened nipple once more. Smack. Smack. Smack. By this time, she couldn't take anymore of this from him. Kate needed him inside of her, giving her all his loving to make her scream as he always managed to accomplish. Once she quit teasing him with her lovely tits, Kate leaned down and kissed the head of his cock before she got up from her knees. Cade knew what she wanted next, but she had to say it anyway.

"This bride is ready to experience your loving. I want you to make love to me, dear husband." 

He placed his hands over her shoulders, leaning forward and softly kissing her lips. Kate moaned, and moved back a bit. She took charge by using her left palm to quickly close his laptop and then shove it out of the way, clearing space over his desk where she would soon find herself sitting. Cade moved his hands over her body, feeling her soft skin and looking down her stomach. It was ironic that he would call her 'little lady' earlier since her height made her almost tower over him. When Kate was wearing heels like tonight, she was almost like a giant compared to his short height. Once he found her bottom piece, he pushed it down slowly while speaking aloud. 

"God, just look at you. You are so fucking perfect." 

"I love it when you tell me that." 

"It's the truth, Kate." 

"I know it is, husband. You love me and I love you, that's also truth. Come make love to me, right now." 

She licked her lips, moving to sit on his desk, right over the clear space she had made. Kate shook her legs, just to get the bottom piece of her outfit from around her ankles and down to the floor below. When he moved into position, she spread her legs for him, inviting him to slide his cock right into her wet pussy. Once Cade had slipped the head inside of her, Kate wrapped her legs around his waist, shoving the edges of her heels down into his buttocks. She pushed her palms down onto the desk, leaning back as she closed her eyes and called out to him. 

"Yes, yes! That's it, mmmmm! Give it to me!" 

Cade knew exactly why Kate would choose this position, all to give him a show with her magnificent breasts bouncing all around. He moved his hands to grip her sides, letting out a grunt as he bucked his hips forward to drive his cock into her tight wet hole. Kate began to moan, calling out to him again. 

"That's it! Make love to me, Cade! I want it harder!" 

He gritted his teeth, letting out a grunt as he fulfilled her request by thrusting harder. Those amazing tits jiggled, bouncing all around in every direction with each thrust he sent into her. The necklaces over her body all around, flying forward when he would thrust into her harder. It became a struggle for him to not reach up and move his hands over her breasts. She began to pant, calling out to him louder as her voice elevated. 


Kate's voice was sure to echo outside his class room, not that he cared at all. As he continued to pump his cock into her pussy, he could no longer control the urge to place his hands over those bouncing breasts. Cade moved both his hands, clamping them over her tits as he looked into her eyes. His balls slapped against her thighs, hitting the desk with each thrust he sent into her. She looked into his eyes, refusing to look away as he continued to give her his hard cock. With one final hard thrust, Cade was ready to switch positions. He pulled his rod from her pussy, and took a few steps back, forcing her to break her legs from over him. 

"Get up and turn around for me baby, I wanna fuck you from behind." 

She let out a soft giggle, rising up from the desk and kissing his lips softly. 

"You must love doggy style. I can't go a single time with you and not end up in this position." 

Another giggle was heard from Kate's voice as she turned around and leaned against the desk for him. Cade moved into position, stepping behind her as he used his left hand to softly caress her ass. At the last second, Kate glanced over her shoulder and spoke to him. 

"Just don't cum in me. We're not married yet, I don't wanna have kids yet." 

She turned her head, thinking about his words as she felt his cock slide back into her. The last time Cade had given her a facial, Kate had to spend an hour scrubbing cum out of her hair. He knew just how to make a mess when he blew his load over her face, so she had to at least hope that wasn't his plan. Soon, her giant breasts began to bounce all around as he pounded his cock into her. 


Kate screamed once more. His pole pumped into her hard and fast, forcing his nut sack to beat against her thighs and create a rhythm of noises of their bodies fucking. She was close, as he continued to pound that thick cock into her pussy. Kate felt her tits bouncing all around from underneath her. She pushed her hands down into the desk, forcing the necklaces to dangle down below as they moved back and forth. 


Just when Kate screamed again, she couldn't contain herself and her orgasm had been reached faster than she originally anticipated. Cade one final thrust before stepping back and pulling his rod free from her leaking pussy. Kate needed a few seconds to catch her breath and recover from such a hard orgasm. As she looked forward, she could see several instruments across the class room but she was giving no attention to her environment. She had a hard cock waiting behind her, desperate to explode from her sensual touch. Cade didn't say a word, as he just stood there, giving her time to catch herself. Once Kate was ready, she turned around, looking at this man she had been referring to as 'husband' for the past hour. She didn't have to ask him what he wanted to do next, as Kate was well aware that he would not refuse her next action. Slinging some of the necklaces around, she fell down to her knees, gripping her breasts and quickly sliding them around his cock. 

"Come on, fuck my tits! Fuck 'em, Cade!" 

He took a deep breath, following her request as he began to pump his cock back and forth between her tits. Cade had to try and control himself, as he knew exactly where he wanted to cum and didn't want it to be too soon. To enjoy fucking Kate Upton's tits was something many men on campus dreamed of doing, as he liked to entertain himself with every passing second of it. 

"Fuck those tits, yeah! Just like that!" 

Her dirty words nearly pushed him over the edge on more than one occasion. Kate smiled as she looked at his face, witnessing the struggle as he curled up his cheeks into a complicated expression. She looked down to see the head of his cock poking up between her tits, among the necklaces that still covered her skin. Unlike before, this time she leaned down and licked the head each time it poked up. He was close to exploding, as she braced herself for what she believed was going to be a sticky load straight to her pretty face. As his breathing became more heavy, Cade simply couldn't take it any longer as his thrusts came to a halt. He snatched his cock free from her tits and screamed at her. 

"Hold your tits up, Kate!" 

Doing exactly as her professor told her, Kate held her breasts up while closing her eyes and opening her mouth. Cade aimed his cock right over her necklace covered heavy chest and began to scream as he stroked his cock. 


As Cade screamed out his words, his cock erupted to shoot a thick line of cum right across her perfect big titties. He continued to stroke his cock, shooting out wad after wad of cum that splashed across those boobs he loved so much. Kate opened her eyes when she realized he wasn't covering her face in cum. She looked down, watching as the cum splashed over the necklaces and across her skin. A big smile moved across her lips as she teased him. 

"Yes, yes! Cum on my titties, baby! Mmmmmmm, just like that!" 

One shot misfired to the left side, striking the fretboard of his Stratocaster guitar. Cade didn't notice it or care at all, as he squeezed his cock to get the last remaining drops of cum out and over her tits. Kate smiled as she looked into his eyes. He cupped her face with both hands, leaning down and kissing her lips passionately. It was almost as if they truly were a married couple. He stepped away from her, collapsing his buttocks down into his chair as he looked down at Kate. She used her hands to swipe up some of the cum, feeding it to her mouth. Cade gave her a smile as he tried to catch his breath. 

"You are something else Kate. Oh my god, that was the best surprise ever. I wish we were married tonight, I would be doing a lot more to you." 

"Maybe we will be someday. That's if you've got the stones to give me a ring." 

She gave him a wink as she stood up from her knees, her heels stomping down over the quiet floor once more. Moving her eyes back to him, she smirked, flashing her teeth as she held her tits up for him to see the mess he had splashed across them. 

"Happy Halloween, Professor."

Cade tried not to laugh as he blushed. His cheeks turned a red color as he finally laughed and replied back to her. 

"Happy Halloween to my favorite student. Love you Kate! Stay right there, I'll get some paper towels to clean you up and get you all dressed up again." 

Not caring that he was without his pants, he got right up and moved from the desk, hurrying across the room where he had some paper towels and other supplies. Kate glanced over his guitars and then noticed the cum that was splashed across the fretboard of his Stratocaster. She began to giggle. 

"Ummmmm, Professor?" 

"Yes, baby?" 

"You must've misfired when you were emptying your balls all over me. You've got some cum on your guitar here." 

"Oh, fuck! I just cleaned that damn thing and put new strings on it!!" 

Kate giggled at his frustration before answering him back. 

"Don't worry, I'll clean it myself." 

When he walked back over to the desk, Cade was forced to stand there and watch as Kate grabbed his Stratocaster and held it just towards her mouth. She licked the strings, collecting the bit of cum up before swallowing it down. The sight he had witnessed had simply taken his breath away. 

"This one's your favorite, right?" 

"Yes, it's my old trusty Strat." 

"I like it...Since it's your favorite, I know you'll love this." 

Her eyes wandered to his as she leaned down and kissed the white pickguard. Kate's red lipstick smeared over the aged white plastic, leaving an imprint. Cade smiled at her, knowing that he wasn't going to be washing that off his guitar any time soon. His favorite student kissing his favorite instrument, it was too good to be true for a small gesture. 

"That was cute. Now stand there, baby. I'm gonna clean you up myself."


At the student union, the party was in full swing and Taylor Swift couldn't be happier. Well, that wasn't exactly true. If Katy Perry came crawling in, especially if she literally crawled, THAT would make it perfect. Still...full house, cops and security looking the other way with the booze she brought in...damn good party. Another smile crossed her face when she saw Peter Farrano come to the party with another girl. A short and very cute little blonde. She always liked it when people took her advice. Mainly because Taylor loved being right. Then Selena came in and ruined that little victory...with that Reggie fellow on her arm. Taylor shook her head and sighed.

“I warned her,” Taylor said. “It's a pity...but she's got to learn.”


“Well, if there's a most bad ass costume contest I do believe we have and edge,” Sabrina said to Peter. “Two sides of Harrison Ford. Me as a cute and bad ass Indiana Jones, and you as that scoundrel himself Han Solo, Empire Strikes Back style.”

“Well, if there's such a contest I hope it's a cash prize.” Peter responded.

“I'd be happy with a case of Sam Adams.”

“That'd work too.'

“Speaking of inebriation,” said Sabrina. “I feel disturbingly sober. That just won't do if I'm dressed as Indy. It's almost an insult. So lets go and raid a lost bar or something.”

“You gonna be referencing our costumes all night your worshipfulness?”

“Yeah. Might as well. Got you doing it too. Now follow me, ya nerf herder.” Peter indeed did follow Sabrina's lead. The pint-sized sprite seemed to have a nose for illicit activity. Where there was a mind altering substance or two to be found, Sabrina could sniff it out. It wasn't an issue at all. When it was time to work, she worked, clean and clear headed. And most of her play time was similar. However, Sabrina could cut loose with best of them, and there was no better time for that than Halloween. Peter was right behind Sabrina when his eyes caught sight of someone and he stopped dead in his tracks.

It was Hailee, dressed in a tight, red vinyl dressed, with lips and high heels to match. Sabrina looked behind her and caught Peter in his daze. She made her way back to him and quickly took in what he was staring at.

“Go get your princess, you scoundrel,” Sabrina said.


“Go talk to Hailee, you dummy!”

“What? No..no, I'm good. I was just...”

“Staring at her like a moron. Go, talk to her. I'm cool with it if that's what's holding you back. We're not dating, we just had some really good casual sex. It's obvious you're into her. So...go do it or I will tease you mercilessly among other things.”

“Oh, other things. That's scary.” Peter scratched the back of his head and took a deep breath. “Get a drink for me in case I come back a failure.”

"And when you don't I'll drink both in celebration.” The two fist bumped and Peter made his way to Hailee. She was just a few feet away, but it felt like miles to him.

“Hi.” Peter said. Hailee immediately turned her head to him and smiled.

“Hey,” she said. “Nice costume. Definitely looking the part of a scruffy looking scoundrel.”

“Who's scruffy lookin'?" He joked. “But thanks for not calling me a nerf herder. A guy can only hear that so much before it starts to hurt.”

“I pride myself on my mercy.”

“So...um...you have a nice costume going on there yourself,” Peter said, taking in her insanely sexy outfit up close and personal. If looks could kill Hailee at that moment would be a nuclear bomb.

“Oh, thanks. Like I said on Thursday, it was kind of a last minute thing. Actually found it at a thrift store of all places. Weird, huh?”

“Well, that's not the word I'd use,” Peter said. “If I may be so bold I might even go so far as to say hot.”

“Thank you,” She smiled. “So...this is my best shot at a hooker costume. You think it worked?” Hailee did a full turn, Peter even happier to take it all in and Hailee more than a little pleased to have his attention.

“Oh yeah, A+.” Peter said. ”Not only that, but completely high class too. Wouldn't find you on a street corner.”

“Oh flattery.” Hailee laughed. “It does in fact get you everywhere.”

“Well, how about we both get a drink and see how things go from there?”

“I would love to.”


“Damn girl...” Said Reggie. “All these super hot bitches at this party and you're outdoing them all.”

“Thanks babe,” Selena said. And honestly, Reggie wasn't wrong, for the most part. All Selena was wearing was a simple costume. It was just atheltic gear and a hoodie. Poof, she was an aerobics instructor. “Competition seems to be pretty stiff though.”

“The competition ain't the only thing,” grinned Reggie, making Selena roll her eyes. She wasn't disgusted, she found it cute. She also knew most people wouldn't get it. And honestly, she didn't fully get it either. But whatever it was, it just worked on Selena. It always did.

“Well, I think I have the cure for one of those stiff things.”

“Oh, I bet you do baby.” Reggie was smiling wide. “And I'm sooo ready whenever you are.” Reggie got up behind Selena, right in the middle of the crowd and grabbed her ass, then moved his hand down her tight workout pants. Selena froze in place, right in the middle of the crowd of party goers as Reggie's fingers probed her pussy. “Fuuuuck,” she hissed. “Mmmm let's look upstairs...one of the...one of the social rooms.”

“Yeah, gonna make it nice and social.” Reggie withdrew his hand and followed Selena.

Selena herself was almost laser focused on the mission at hand...find a free room upstairs and fuck as dirty as possible. Only two things broke her concentration. One was catching a glimpse of Peter talking and laughing with another woman...and a hot one at that. For the brief moment that had her attention, Selena was unsure how to feel. She had always known deep down how Peter felt about her, even if she never admitted it. Seeing him with another woman, and apparently being very into her...that was new. The next thing to distract her was her best friend, Taylor Swift, directly in her way.

“Taylor, now's not the time.” Selena said. “Really not the time.” Reggie had a cocky grin on his face, the gaze he and Taylor exchanged showing the disdain they had for each other.

“Oh Sel, don't worry honey.” Said Taylor. “We're not at the house. And this is a party. Anyone, including....him...can come. In fact, I unlocked the biggest social room upstairs just for you. It's the one with the really big couch and TV where all the gamers go on weekends. You'll have all the privacy you need.”


“Yeah, I know I came down kind of hard on you, so here's a way of apologizing.”

“Oh, thanks Taylor.” Selena said with a big grin. “I owe you. Reggie has me so fucking worked up.” Selena grasped Reggie's hand and dragged him up the stairs. As soon as they were out of earshot, Taylor's number two and sometimes girlfriend Karlie Kloss came to her side.

“We're good to go,” Karlie said. “You sure you want to do this?”

“Well, let's be honest Karlie...I'm not doing anything except giving that scum bucket a morality test. He doesn't have to do anything with the camera. And if he does, he could always tell her that he wants to record. But if he doesn't, well...that's not my fault, now is it? And anything that happens as a result of such a recording being made is far from my fault.”

“Honey, you can be a little cold sometimes,” said Karlie. “She's your best friend, isn't she?”

“First off, don't call me honey.” replied Taylor. “You call me Taylor. Or mistress when I'm in this dominatrix gear. Halloween spirit and all. And secondly, she is. That doesn't mean she doesn't have to know the one rule everyone should know. That I'm always right. And if Selena has to learn that the hard way, then oh well.”

Taylor turned her attention back to the party and a smile crossed her face. All these people partying, laughing, kissing, drinking and fucking...all because of her. They owed her. They loved her. And there was no way Katy Perry could top this. It was a good night.


As soon as they were through the doors of the room, Reggie was on Selena. He kicked the door opened from behind and pulled her tight body to his, Selena's back to his chest. With one hand her reached under her tight top, grasping and mauling at her tits while his other hand went back under her pants, fiercely fingering her wet cunt and making the sexy Latina writhe and moan for more in his arms. Selena quaked and quivered, her mouth somehow both dry and wet at the same time as she gasped for air. With what little control she had over her body while it was being overloaded with erotic pleasure, Selena reached behind her and undid Reggie's pants and fished his cock out. The moment his cock hit the air, Reggie's game plan went into fast forward mode. He spun Selena around and put her to her knees, her grabs his cock,jerking it a few times before slapping it around her mouth. “If you take it out, you just gotta suck it, babe.”

“Oh, of course,” Selena said. “I have to follow the rules, don't I?”

“Damn right you do.” Reggie growled as Selena began to suck him. He let her start out slow, loving how it felt as he got rock hard in her wet sauna of a mouth. “Yeah, that's right bitch, use that fucking tongue...fuuuuck yeah.”

Reggie's hands went to Selena's head, softly grasping it, letting her know what he wanted next.

“Mmm hmmm.” She nodded,the vibration giving Reggie a satisfying chill up his spine. When that little preview sensation passed, Reggie began to fuck Selena's face, something he relished, especially after that episode with Bella. Treating him like a worm...who did she think she was? She paid good, and honestly money and sex was the only thing that was between them any more...and he'd love to crush her at her own game. Right in the middle of his fantasies of revenge on his boss and the face fucking he was giving Selena, Reggie noticed a small video camera on the table. And a thought entered his head. If he wasn't already smiling he'd have one a mile wide.

“Get on the couch,” Reggie said. “Strip down and get on the couch.”

Selena got to her feet and made a show of her movements. Walking purposefully slow, she slowly peeled the tight clothing from her body, inch by inch of her exquisite body being revealed in the multicolored Halloween party lights shining through the window of the room. As Selena made a trail of clothes leading to couch, Reggie followed, grabbing the camera on the coffee table. He didn't even question where it came from. All he saw was a free camera that could be a lot of fun...and profitable. While Selena's back was turned, Reggie swiftly turned the small camera one and set it to record. If she didn't notice it before she certainly wouldn't now, or so he was banking. And if she did...well, Reggie could talk her into doing what he wanted anyway. With the camera set, Reggie stripped down and got in front of Selena and sat on the couch. Once she was within reach, Reggie grabbed her and pulled her close.

“I am going to fuck you cross-eyed.” He sneered.

“Mmmm, I want it baby...I want that cock in me,” Selena said. “Fuck me.” Selena sunk down on Reggie's hard cock and the two wasted no time in getting in a quick, nasty rhythm.

Reggie sucked on Selena's tits, roughly taking the wonderful flesh In his mouth. Reggie loved Selena's tit, as any sane man would. He could never get enough of them. He's copped more than a few feels in public and she loved every moment. He slapped her ass before gripping her hips hard and thrust up, slamming her hard and fast. He was nearly hypnotized as her breasts bounced with every forceful pump, but not so lost in the motion he couldn't speak.

“Fucking take this cock...dirty fucking bitch...every...fucking...INCH!!!”

“Yeah...yeah fuck this fucking pussy...make me a dirty bitch...fuck...oh fuck yes Reggie!!” Selena whipped her hair back, crying out in passion as the fucking got harder and irtier. She was so lost now Reggie could suggest anything and she'd go along with it. Fortunately for her, Reggie wasn't thinking that dirty...not this time.

Wanting a better view for the camera, Reggie had Selena turn around, her full nude form, riding his cock in full view of the camera. She braced her arms aganist the couch and went wild, riding and grinding, giving Reggie the ride of his life.

“OH, fuck Selena...” Reggie groaned. “Fucking tell me what you want...tell me what you fucking want...what am I doing right fucking now?”

“I'm fucking your cock!” she yelled. “Being fucked like a dirty fucking slut...ohhh don't fucking stop...fuck me! DON'T FUCKING STOP FUCKING ME!!”

Selena bucked back and forth rapidly, making Reggie's eyes roll back in his head, his grip on her hips getting tighter. Once his eyes refocused he got an amazing view of Selena, her body coated in sweat, almost glowing in the lights of the party shining through the windows. Even a lunkhead like him knew sexy when he saw it, and he was definitely seeing it now. Despite the spectacular view, Reggie wanted a new position...and more control of the action.

“All fours.” He gasped. “Now.”

Selena got on her feet and turned to Reggie. “Mmm, yes sir.” Reggie got up from the couch and jerked his cock as Selena got in position on the couch. He got behind her, feeling up her round ass before smacking it hard, making the Latina seductress yelp before she moaned in pleasure as he thrust his rock hard cock back in her sopping cunt.

“Yeah...fucking bitch take this cock.” He growled. “Nnnngg take every inch...fuck...so fucking good...ungg yeah...” Reggie reached for her hands, grasping them both and holding them behind her back. “Gonna fucking take you like a whore...fuck...fuck yeah...say you're my whore...”

“I'm your FUCKING whore baby!” She cried. “Oh my fucking god I'm you're fucking whore so fuck me like a fucking whore! Pound it...fucking take that pussy!!”

And that, Reggie did. With on hand holding Selena's wrists behind her and the other grabbing and pulling a handful of her hair. He's was going all in, every last ounce of energy he had went into fucking her. Selena's lips curled as she snarled and moaned in pleasure....she was going to cum.. It was all too much, so intense. Everything Reggie was doing and how he was doing it drove her wild. Hard, fast, dirty...it made it all so much more vivid. Every stroke, every smack on her ass, even the pulling her hair, somehow it was all so fucking hot to her. With a passionate cry Selena came, her body freezing as Reggie continued to fuck her, not letting up until her knew he was close. He was using her and somehow that made the orgasm even more intense.

“Fuck you're making me cum!” Reggie yelled. “Knees, now...gonna cum on that pretty fucking face!” He pulled out and Selena obediently got on her knees, mouth open and tongue out, eagerly awaiting Reggie's hot load.

“Fuuck yeah!” He cried, covering Selena's face with a massive amount of cum, the hot white liquid dripping down her face to her tits. She took him in her mouth, sucking every last drop her had out before freeing the smiling scumbag. “Good fucking girl.”

“Mmm,” she said after swallowing the cum down. “You made such a dirty mess of me, baby.”

“Then I guess you better clean yourself off.” Reggie watched intently as Selena, scooped up all his cum with her fingers, happily swallowing every bit down. Selena was putting on a hell of a show, both for Reggie, and his new found camera. And unknown to both of them, one more person....


“Favorite movie, go.” Peter said. He and Hailee found an area of the party where they could actually hear themselves speak, so that's exactly what they did. About almost anything. Right now, the subject was movies, and more specifically, favorite.

“Oh jeez,” Hailee said. “ I mean, I know it's a cliché answer but it's kind of hard to choose. I guess the one I go back to all the time is...I have to say Love Story. I just...it's so beautiful and it makes me cry and...it's just so good, you know? It's something I just love. Now, your turn. Favorite movie.”

“Blue Velvet.” He replied. “So warped...yet pure. It's just...I can't take my eyes off it at all. So creepy, unsettling...but beautiful in all of it.”

“You're gonna have to show that to me sometime.”

“I think that can be arranged.” There was small silence between the two, and a perfectly comfortable one. No rush to break it. But it had to be broken to get the important question out of the way.

“So, um...do you think maybe...you'd like to...go out sometime?” Peter asked. “I mean, you know, it's cool if you don't want to. I was just thinking...”

“Yes.” replied Hailee. “I'd love to. I'd-yeah, I'd like that a lot actually. Um, like, next weekend would be great. Maybe tomorrow...I don't know...whenever? But yeah. I'd totally be down for that.”

“Cool...um...so...what a party, huh?”

“Well, I think it's all right. Didn't really start having fun till a little bit ago.” Hallie smiled at him, blushing just a slight bit. “I think I'm gonna head home though.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yeah. I mean, I love the company, don't get me wrong, but in my mind it isn't really Halloween unless I get some scary movies in my system.”

“What's on the marquee tonight?”

“Well, after I shower it's gonna be Night of the Living Dead. Perfect for tonight.”

“That is a great one.”

“Wanna watch it with me? She asked. “I mean, not like a date or anything, but just a movie together. Down in the main room on the first floor, where the big screen is.”

“That's great. How about I walk you there after I make sure Sabrina gets back to her dorm okay...I think she's a bit plastered.”

This sentence was followed by a loud crash and the voice of Sabrina shouting “FUCK YEAH!!!”

“Well, that's a cue if I ever heard one. I'll be right back.” Peter left and headed towards where he thought he heard Sabrina's shouts of drunken bliss. Before he could get too far, Karlie Kloss got in his way.

“You're Peter, right?” she asked.


“Cool, Taylor needs you to do her a favor.” Karlie handed Peter a small hand bag. “She wants you to take that to Selena. She's up on the second floor in the big social room. And before you ask, the reason she can't is she's trying to make sure no one is being to untoward to any of our drunk party guests, and Selena's kind of miffed at her.”

“Yeah, okay. But if I do that I need you to check on my friend Sabrina. Make sure she's okay and stays in one place until I can get back and walk her back to her dorm.”

“Sure...um...which one is she?”

“MORE FUCKIN' SHOTS!” Sabrina yelled in the background.

“That'd be her.” Said Peter.

“Oh, Indiana Drunk,” Karlie said. “You got it. I'll make sure she stays at the bar and get her some water, or at least watered down drinks.”

“Thanks.” Peter left and headed up the stairs. The moment he was up, Taylor appeared next to Karlie, a smile on her face.

“He go for it?” asked Taylor.

“Yeah.” Karlie said, a tone of guilt in her voice. “Taylor, I kind of get the Selena thing, but why do this to him? I thought you said he got the point already.”

“This is just to drive the point home darling. He's a sweet guy and deserves better than to wait for something that's not going to happen. It might be a rough way to put the final nail in the coffin, but he'll get over it.”

“I just think it might be a bit too far.”

“Fortunately I didn't ask what you thought.” Taylor walked off, leaving Karlie fuming. If she didn't have a drunk to watch out for she would have torn into Taylor. She really was starting to take Karlie for granted...which was not a smart move.


While Taylor was making Karlie feel like dirt, Peter made his way to where he was told Selena was. He stopped dead in his tracks when he looked through the big windows of the room to see Selena getting fucked. She was on all fours, being railed like a porn star. Fortunately, and somehow unfortunately at the same time, Peter came in on this scene towards the end. In moments, Selena was one her knees, her face being splattered with the dirtbag known as Reggie's sperm. That was the moment Peter had enough. He dropped the bag and walked down the stairs. He saw Karlie again, and she could see the utter rage and hurt on is face, even before he tried to hide it.

“Hey, uh, so is Sabrina okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, way past tipsy.” Karlie replied. “Completely blasted is more appropriate.”

“Great. I'll walk her back to her room and make sure she's sleeping safe. Thanks.” Peter went to help Sabrina up, wrapping her arm around his shoulder.

“More shots?” she asked, her voice weak and on the verge of passing out.

“OH no, no more shots. Just lots of water. Maybe some Gatorade. And a lot of sleep.”

“Baaah, Indiana Jones doesn't sleep! He drinks and punches Nazis and whips and is scared of snakes! Right tall blonde?”

“Yeah, sure,” Karlie said. “But...he has to sleep sometime, right?”

“Pffffffff,” Sabrina somehow slurred. “I wanna keep partying. Right after I lay down for a bit.”

“Cool, that's what I was going to do,” Peter said. “Just take you to your bed to lie down for a bit, then party again.”

“Oooh, okay.” Said Sabrina. “Then lead the way.” Sabrina leaned on Peter heavily for balance and was ready to go.

“Thanks again for watching out for her.” Peter said. “Really helped.”

“Oh, no problem,” said Karlie. Before Peter could go, she stopped him one last time. “You all right?”

“Yeah, I'm fine.” He lied. “Just a bit tired. Come on Sabs.”


“Okay, Indy.” Peter led Sabrina towards the exit, where Hailee was waiting.

“Whoa, is she okay?” Hailee asked.

“I'm fine Marion,” Sabrina said with a laugh. “Because she looks like Marion but all slutty! And I know you not really slutty but it's Halloweeeeeeen!”

“She's plastered.” Said Peter. I'm going to make sure she gets to sleep all right. I might be a bit late getting back.”

“Oh that's okay,” Hailee said. “Make sure she's all right. I'll be okay.”

“Thanks, sorry.”

“Don't be.” Hailee moved towards Peter and kissed his cheek. “Trust me, it's okay.”

Peter nodded and smiled, then began to lead Sabrina away. “Come on Indy, time to recharge.”

“YEAH!” yelled Sabrina. “Also carry me on your back, Solo!”


On the other side of the party, Jesse, dressed as Fox Mulder, was dancing with Victoria, who had a lot of eyes on her as sexy Beetlejuice.

“Sure you don't want to vary your dance card?” asked Jesse.

“Not yet,” said Victoria. “Make 'em sweat. Drool. Want me more. Once they hit their peak, I'm gonna get every last thing I want from them. Sexually of course. Not really interested in much else. I already got myself a good pal...who can fuck like a machine.”

“Am I to understand my plans for the rest of the night have already been decided for me?”

“You wish.” replied Victoria. “No offense, but right now I'm more in the mood for a group thing...and to open my horizons while I open my legs. But don't worry, you're still on my pussy's speed dial.”

“Well, that's comforting.”

“Besides, looks like someone new just got on your dance card.” Victoria motioned behind Jesse, who then looked to see Peyton, her legs on full glorious display in her camp counselor. “And would you look at that, she's solo. Go get her.”

“She's got a boyfriend.”

“Who's a dick by your own admission. And I notice you didn't say, 'And he's my friend'.”

“That's kind of debatable right now.”

“Then stop wasting time and go talk to Peyton.” Jesse shrugged. He wasn't remotely nervous as he made his way over. What was the point of it? He knew from being “friends” with Paul for as long as he had, his hooks stayed in the girl until he was completely done with them. And after that they wanted nothing to do with him or his friends. He knew he could break through his spell.

“You know miss, if you're going to dress like that you should really avoid illegal drugs and premarital sex,” Jesse said. “Especially around hockey players.”

“Oh, I don't think I have much to worry about,” said Peyton. “After all, I'm the good girl. Besides we have an FBI agent here to protect me.”

“Oh, if I see a gigantic masked serial killer I'm off in the other direction. I chase UFOs, not slashers.”

“Some hero,” she smiled. “So, how's your All Hallow's Eve going?”

“Not too shabby. Really only just beginning, if you ask me. Where's Paul? I thought you two were coming together.”

“Me too.” Peyton paused for a second, breathing deep. Jesse could read the frustration on her face. “I haven't seen him since we fucked, if I'm going to be blunt. Not a call. Not a text. Nothing. For days. Let me ask you something, is this what he fucking does? Just use women and toss them away?”

“You want the honest answer, or the answer his friends are supposed to give.”

“Well,” she said. “I guess that's the answer. God damn it.” Peyton began to walk away, but Jesse halted her, stepping in her path.

“Hey, look. Fuck him. Seriously. This is who he is. HE draws women in; he uses them, then they're gone. You caught on quick, before he got really fucked up with it.”

“And you just let him do it?”

“There's not much I can do to stop him.” He lead Peyton to a bench just outside the party, where things were a lot quieter. “Besides, if I had told you right then, would you have believed me or just assumed I was trying to sabotage him to get you to look at me the way you did him?”

“I don't know...did you want me to?” They locked eyes, Peyton smiling a little. “Because right now....I think I could be swayed.”

The two moved closer together, their lips on a crash course for each other until an unfortunate interruption.

“What the fuck are you doing, Jesse?” said Matt. “Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that Paul's girl? You know, Paul, your friend.”

“First off, I'm no one's girl,” Peyton said, shooting straight up and getting directly in Matt's face. “Secondly, fuck your friend. That asshole fucked me and walked, all right? So he fucking loses the privilege of calling me his anything.”

“Whoa, calm down lady.” Matt said. “I wasn't talking to you. I was talking to the asshole making moves on you.”

“Oh would you shut the fuck up?” Jesse asked, joining Peyton. “Would you for once stop being Paul's bitch? For a second. I swear, ever since the thing with Demi, you've modeled yourself after quite literally the sleaziest guy we know to the point where you're little more than his fucking sidekick, backing him up on every fucked up thing he does. Might as well just call you Paul Jr. or 'his bitch'.”

“Oh, fuck you Jesse!” replied Matt. “You're just jealous he gets what you want and you can't even get the sloppy seconds. Except for this time with this skank. So what if he has some fun then tosses them away. Some women deserve that.”

“Do they now?” said the voice of Demi Lovato. She was in earshot of this whole meltdown, and decided to walk in to the mix. She was decked out completely as an S&M cop. “Please, do tell us the requirements. Does it require being drunk and taken advantage of? Or is that just your personal preference?”

“Oh great, El Whoro Suprema is here. How about you leave this whole party before you give everyone here the clap?”

“How about you shut up and listen? I'm done trying to be nice to you. I'm done feeling guilty for being taken advantage of. It wasn't my fault. I was blackout drunk. And you know, it looks like I'm not the only one tired of your bullshit. So...let me make this clear. Let me cut right to the bone. If I had known this was the kind of person you'd become, I'd never have talked to you in the first place. You're actually a worse person than Paul. You blamed me for being assaulted. You blame this girl here for being fed up with being treated like a fleshlight with legs. You're a shit. And I'm honestly going to thank you for getting out of my life because it's the best gift you could have given me after what was done to me.”

“Fuck all of you losers.” Matt said. “And never forget Demi, I dumped you because you're a whore. That's exactly what you are. And you Jesse, I'd start packing my things if I were you. I don't know if you're going to really want to stick around in the room once Paul finds out about all this.” Matt walked off, fuming and desperately trying not to show it.

“Demi, I'm sorry about ...” Jesse started to say.

“Don't apologize for what he said. For anything he's said or done in regards to me. I meant what I said. And I'm done with him. And if you want to do the smart thing, you'll be done as well.” Despite the strong face she was putting on, tears were welling up. “I hope I didn't bother either of you. I just...I've had enough.” Demi walked off into the night, and Jesse had a good idea of where she was going.

“Um...so...awkward, right?” Jesse asked Peyton.

“Yeah, a little. Look...I don't want to be rude, but I don't feel like a party or anything. I think I'm just going to bed. I just...I can't take any of this right now.”

“I'm sorry about all this.”

“It's okay. It's not on you.” Peyton walked away from the party. And while a part of Jesse felt bad, another part of him wanted to go after Demi. He knew where she was going to go, and he didn't want tonight to be the night she fell off the wagon, especially not because of Matt


Inside the party, things were actually surprisingly drama free, especially for Camila Mendes. She had been turning heads the entire night with her Catwoman costume. Many men and a few women had tried to garner her attention,but the one who sunk it was some random dope in a Deadpool costume. His aloofness and sarcasm kept her attention, and before too long they were in a secluded part of the union, Cami pinned to the wall behind a soda machine. Her lips were locked with Deadpool's his mask up just enough to expose his lips. Fortunately for Cami and her masked lover, her Catwoman mask left her mouth nice and open. For the first hour or so, Cami was actually steamed she came alone instead of with Lili, who decided to do her wrestling sex thing before coming to the party. But without her...she hooked her self something nice...and big if what she was feeling through the guy's tights was anything to go by.

However, with the mask off his mouth, the man's voice was no longer muffled. And when he spoke between kisses, Cami's eyes shot open.

“Mmm, mamacita, you want some Latino heat?” her Deadpool asked, the tone and cadence echoing in Cami's ears.

'No...couldn't be[/b].' she thought to herself. She reached forward and grabbed the top of the mask and saw Jose “Yappy Dog” Heyman behind it.

“Oh my god!”

“What is it baby,” Jose asked. “Too much handsome to take?” Cami answered by removing her mask, making Jose's jaw drop. “Oh my god!”


After a long piggy back ride, Sabrina was finally back in her dorm room. Peter flopped her down on her bed while the tiny blonde couldn't stop giggling.

“When I wake up I want a line of shots,” she said. “Keep this party going till I can't feel feeling anymore!”

“I'll get right on that,” Peter said. “First though, just gonna put this bottle of aspirin right here and on the floor is the jug of Gatorade we bought on the way.”

“BLUE Gatorade!” Sabrina said. “I wanted blue.”

“Yes, you made that very clear yelling it in my ear in between whatever song you were singing while we were in the store.”

“It was Material Girl!” Sabrina then burst into another laughing fit and kicked her shoes off.

“Okay, how about you just lay down and get your nap, so you can wake up and party more?”

“Good thinking,” she slurred, getting to her knees on her bed. She grabbed Peter by his shirt and pulled him close to her. “While you're out getting my tequila, you should totally go see Hailee.”

“I might just do that.” he replied, softly removing Sabrina's hand from his shirt and laying her back down. “Just might.”

“No! No might, just fuckin' do it. She's cool, you're cool...it works...a lot more than some girl you barely see and ignores you. And that's not me! I like you! You're my friend and you fuck good, and you're brought me home and put me in my bed and I am SOO drunk!”

“Yes you are, so how about you get a little bit of shuteye, then you get to wake up and party even more?” The only response was silence. The moment Sabrina had laid back down she was out. Peter gently turned Sabrina over so she was on her stomach instead of back, just in case she started to chuck in her sleep. After spending a few more minutes watching over her to make sure she was asleep, he left her conked out.

The moment he was outside, Peter took out his wallet and removed a business card. It had been among his things a couple days ago, the day he met Hailee in fact. The card had a phone number on it and only three letters, GFE. Peter knew exactly what those letters stood for, and tonight, he needed that girlfriend experience badly. Breathing deep, he dialed the number on his phone. “Hello?” a very familiar voice answered.

“Um, hi...I..found this card in my stuff and I was calling too...” Peter said, but he was abruptly cut off by that familiar voice.

“Oh, of course. I was wondering when you'd call.” They was a brief pause on the line, the sound of papers being shuffled. “I'm actually open for the next two hours, maybe more if you're lucky. I'm going to text you an address. The moment you get it, come over. The only delay you should have is on the way to an ATM if you don't have cash on you. Five hundred will do this time. Bye, sweetie.”

The line went silent and Peter already was moving to the closest ATM. He needed a bit of fun tonight, and he definitely had some tension that needed some relief. That voice though...he knew it but couldn't place it.


The Whisky Casket was the unofficial campus bar. Perfectly located next to some of the favorite student eateries, it saw a lot of business. The fact that the bartender was the insanely hot Eliza Taylor brought in a lot of heavy tipping guys as well in the year since she started. The band wasn't bad either. Just a cover band essentially, but people really liked them. They had a great singer and guitarist combo too. The singer was newer, her name was Ariana and her vocals could kill. Her chemistry with the guitarist Vinnie Slade was off the carts.

Well, most of the patrons. At the end of the bar sat Demi Lovato, still decked out as the sexiest cop the world had ever seen, but definitely putting out a 'don't fuck with me' vibe that people were actually listening to. Eliza handed her another drink, which was when Jesse entered the scene, taking a seat right next to her.

“What's in the glass, officer?” he asked, trying to lighten the mood his question probably only soured.

“Just club soda and lime Jesse, relax.” replied Demi. “But thanks for the concern.”

“No problem. Look...I'm sorry. Not just for then, but for every time Matt has ripped into you and I didn't stop it. Not just tonight. But any time. Especially earlier in the week.”

“Don't. Just don't. It's not on you. I'm the one who made you promise him not to tell who got me drunk and went to town on me. At this point though I could really give a fuck about making sure Matt's feelings are spared.”

“I'm honestly with you on that. He's changed and not for the better. And the world doesn't need two fucking Pauls in the world, and I certainly don't.”

“Well, then this here club soda soda and lime is to coming to our sense.” Demi down it and put the glass down. She turned to Jesse, licking her lips. “And now it's confession time. I would never have cheated on Matt back then. Never. I thought we'd genuinely be together forever. BUT...if I did...I probably would have fucked you WAY before Paul. He never registered. You...you did. Paul was always an arrogant asshole. That doesn't do much for me. You...you very much did.”

“Well...I would never have gone behind Matt's back but if any woman could have convinced me it was you. I have to admit, I was always jealous he got your attention first, all the way back in third grade.”

“Well, he had the best juice boxes,” Demi laughed. “I mean, that kind of stuff draws a woman in. It's shows a cultured palette.”

“Me and my Kool-Aid just couldn't compete.”

“Well...that was then...now...now I think I want something more...you.” Demi's lips moves closer to Jesse's, who wasn't backing off. Neither was lying or being nice, there was always a spark there. Not enough to overcome what Demi felt for Matt...but now, neither saw much of a reason to now fan the flame into a spark. “I don't want to ignore this.”

“Neither do I,” replied Jesse. He wanted her. Bad. “I don't know where we can go to do what I think we're both thinking of.”

“Cheap motel down the road a bit,” Demi said, a sexy smile on her face. “The kind that charges by the hours.


“Well, all right.”


The house Peter arrived at was big, three stories in fact with what had to be a three car garage. He walked up to the door, checked his breath, and rang the doorbell. The woman who answered and what she was wearing made his jaw go agape.

“Well hello,” Sophia Bush said, dressed up as a French maid. “Happy Halloween. So glad you came by for a trick and a treat.”

A still shocked Peter walked through the door into an amazingly decorated house. Everything about it screamed class and relaxation.

“May I take your jacket, Captain Solo?” Sophia asked with a smirk. “Nice costume. The belt and holster look really authentic.”

“Uh yeah, thanks,” Peter said. “Um, you're the acting professor.”

“Yes I am. I was also on TV. And you're one of the directing students, though I don't think I caught your name.”


“Well, Peter. Let me answer your questions so we can get through this night with no hiccups whatsoever. I gave you the card because you looked absolutely crushed and could use my services. And yes, those services do in fact include sex, but there's a lot more that comes with it, like a person to talk to. I don't watch the clock, none of my girls do. We want to make you feel comfortable before, during and after. No rush, and always ready to listen and talk about any issues you might have. I pride my business on providing the ultimate GFE. If someone wants the pornstar kind of thing, they can talk to my competitor, I'll even give them a recommendation. I do this because I like sex and think women who want to do this should be safe and only have the right clientele who aren't going to just pump and leave. If a young woman wants to do this, she should feel safe and also be doing to build towards something else. Does that answer any and all of your questions?”

“Yeah...yeah it does.”

“Good,” said Sophia. A warm smile came to her face as she walked towards Peter, her stiletto heels clicked and clacked on the hardwood floor. “Do you like how I look Peter?” I know it's cliché a bit...but I think it works, don't you?”

“Yes...it's very, very..um..”


“Yes, god yes.”

Sophia laughed. She liked him. She always knew how to pick the right people to be possible clients.

“Do you want to kiss me, Peter?”

“Very much so.”

“Then come here.” Peter walked up to Sophia and the two locked lips. It was deep and passionate, the two wrapped In each other's arms without even realizing it. Sophia's hands untucked his white shirt while his reached for a zipper behind her costume, but found none.

“Let me take care of that,” she said, pulling down the top of her outfit, revealing her full, supple breasts. They weren't huge, but they were a delightful handful that Peter wasted no time in getting to no.

Sophia's smokey voice trailed in a happy moan as Peter kissing ad sucked her tits. Her hands tussled his shaggy hair wile his tongue circled her nipple, flicking a bit before sucking it in his mouth. Sophia hissed the air between her teeth. She gently moved Peter's mouth from her tits to her face, lightly kissing him again before leading him to her huge couch. He had him sit down, then sunk to her knees. Her hands roamed over his inner thighs, moving to his crotch and massaging the bulge in his pants.

“Mmm, that feels good.” She said. “Can't wait to feel that hard flesh. And I know it's going to be so hard for me.” She reached to unbuckle his holster belt then unzipped his trousers. Her brown eyes never left his, nor did the sexy smile leave her face as she reached in and grabbed his cock, fishing it out.

Peter moaned as she began to pump him with her hand, working slowly, achingly slowly. Sophia was having fun to, watching his face get lost in pleasure, feeling his cock harden in her hand...one of the perks of the job. The many, many perks. The moment he was at full mast, Sophia took Peter cocks in her mouth, making the young man groan in pleasure at the sensation of Sophia's hot, wet mouth. That sound always made Sophia wet. With her mouth on his cock, Sophia's hand grasped at Peter's trousers, him raising ass up enough for her to pull them down. With everything no exposed, Sophia could really work some magic, her mouth and tongue sucking, twisting and turning on Peter's dick while her hands massaged and fondled his full balls.Sophia was a world class cock sucker, and loved showing off. She loved doing just enough to keep the man just on that precipice where they'd lose it, give them just enough room to hold back...it made the sex hungrier, more passionate. And Peter was getting overcome with that feeling.

Peter reached to Sophia's head, undoing her hair and letting the long brown locks fall. Her held the hair back stil, he wanted to see her face, how she sucked his cock. That was of course, when he could. Sophia knew just howto make him squirm and moan, how to make his eyes shut tight from pleasure. One jerk of her hand, a sweep of her tongue, her nails teasing his balls...ohyeah, she knew what she was doing.

Still, Sophia knew that he was here for a simple blowjob. The amount of money she was charging would be insane just for head. Any good sexual business person knew that. She released his cock then got to her feet. Peter watch while Sophia lifted her skirt, showing off a pair of black satin panties. She peeled them off, daintly placing them on her coffe table before getting ready to mount him. To her surprise, she was stooped by Peter.

“I...I want to eat your pussy,” he said. “I...just need to right now.”

“Of course,” she smiled, rubbing his cheek. “Have at it, Peter.” She took off her heels and set them aside too, then stood on the couch, her glistening pussy at the perfect height for Peter.

He reached under her skirt, feeling the warm flesh of her ass and  brought his face forward.

“Oooh...ohh yesss,” moaned Sophia. He hand moved to the back of his head, holding it while Peter sucked and licked at her clit. Her breathing got a bit more intense as his fingers joined in, entering her, working around inside her. Her legs trembled a bit and her hand grasped at his hair, almost pulling it as she made a fist.
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Re: All-Star College
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“Oh...fuck...fuck that's good...mmmm...” Sophia knew she couldn't take much more of this, not even if he wasn't going on full throttle. She already felt a little weak in the knees in the best way possible. She backed off and looked down at him, smiling that sexy and warm smile of hers. “Now we really get down to it.”

Peter leaned back as Sophia lowered herself down. She stopped to grab his cock, teasingly rubbing it at her opening, making him shiver a bit before sinking down on him. Once he was all the way in, she placed her hands at his shoulders and started to ride.

“Oh...oh damn...oh Sophia,” he winced. His hands grabbed her ass, squeezing the cheeks as she slowly rode him, the two savoring every single feature of the way the other felt. Sophia liked it this way...it made her feel amazing and the guy feel the same. It's what GFE was all about to her...making casual sex between two strangers feel close and personable. The ultimate release in her view.

Peter was in no position to disagree agree. Sophia leaned forward, allowing him to kiss her as her tempo ever so slightly built up. He moaned into her mouth as their tongues collided, giving Sophia and extra little jolt. Her hands softly caressed his cheeks, making sure his gaze was on her, watching her as he fucked her.

“Mmmmm, keep going Peter...I love this cock...filing me up so good,” Sophia said, her husky, sexy voice adding the perfect spice to her erotic moans. “Keep fucking me...enjoy it...everything...every sensation...mmmm baby don't stop...”

She leaned back, , bucking her hips at a faster pace, her maid's dress now completely bunched up around her waist. The sweat on her body made her body glimmer and glow a bit in the candle lit room. Peter moved one hand to her back, caressing it and holding her up while the other went to her clit, his thumb rubbing the aroused nub in circles as the two went faster and harder, the hunger growing and growing.

“Soph...Sophia...I think...I don't know if I can...”

“Mmmmm, understood sweetheart.” She said warmly. “Don't worry...I've got it...” She rose up from him, his cock slick with her juices, and got to her knees. She then took his cock in her mouth, sucking it fast, yet tenderly, urging Peter to fill it up with his cum, her brown eyes begging fro every last drop in a way words couldn't pull off. As she sucked, her hand was between her legs, working herself over, every second bringing her closer as well.

“Oh...fuck..FUCK!!” Peter cried, exploding cum into Sophia's experienced mouth. The brunette hungrily swallowed every stream, shuddering herself as she came as well. The brief pause made a dribble of cum leak out the side of her mouth, a site that got a few extra shots to escape Peter's cock.

With every drop drained, Peter slumped down on the couch, sweaty and out of breath. Sophia soon joined him, showing him a mouthful of his cum before swallowing it down. She cuddled close to him, peter getting the hint and wrapping his arm around her.

“That was... just...I can't even say,” Peter said.

“Mmm, all part of the job.” Sophia replied. Now, comes the next part...do you need tot alk about anything? And I mean anything.”


“Yeah. It's what makes my brand of GFE unique. If you have an problem, my girls, and myself, are always here to listen, before or after the act. So...anything?”


It didn't take long for Demi and Jesse to find themselves in the skeezy motel room. That was a good thing. NO wasted time meant more time to ravage each other. They burst through the door, lips locked and in focus to fuck. Jesse kicked the door shut, fumbling for the deadbolt while Demi kissed, him, barely breaking, her teeth mildly biting on his lower lips. IN a flash his black tie was gone and his belt was pulled out the loop, tossed aside as well. Demi tore his shirt open, buttons flying all over the room. Demi's lips went to his chest, kissing, leaving a trail of wet kissing down it until she was on her knees. She unzipped and yanked Jesse's pants down, his hard cock springing free. The moment it was out, Demi had it in her hand, jacking Jesse's cock, her fist a blur. Jesse could only moan. No words were going to fit in this moment but the filthiest, and it wasn't quite time for that yet. Her brown eyes gaze at him, a fierce and intense fire behind them before she engulfed his cock to the root, deep-throating him on the first go and holding him.

“Fuck, Demi!” Jesse yelled. His eyes rolled back as she held him there. After a few more seconds, Demi pulled back. She was gulping in air, a big grin on her face. She then went back to Jesse's cock, sucking him hard and fast.

She stopped again, just to make one demand. “Fuck my face.” she gasped. “Fuck my throat with your cock, Jesse.”

“Oh you're gonna get that,” Jesse sneered. “Gonna fuck your face Demi...”

Demi took him in her mouth and Jesse grabbed her head and started to fuck her face, just like she asked. It was hard. It was fast...but not without passion. Demi loved this feeling...she wanted it, she asked for it, she got it. If she wanted him to stop, he'd do it...but now...seeing how ravenous she'd made him was making her sopping wet. The sound of Demi's throat being fucked was wet and rhythmic, the lugging sounds mixing well with Jesse's own near-feral moans and groans. Jesse pressed forward, his cock deep in Demi's throat. He held there for a bit before pulling out. A long string of saliva connected his cock to her mouth as Demi caught her breath. That's when Jesse wanted something new.

“Stand up,” Jesse said. Demi did so and the moment she was on her feet Jesse took hold of the zipper of her vinyl body suit and pulled it down, revealing Demi's gorgeous nude form before him.

A slight smile was on Demi's face. It was eager, hungry, yearning for what would come next, whatever that would be. Jesse spun Demi around so she was facing the bed. He then got on his knees behind her, his face right in line with the epic booty of Demi Lovato. Everyone...EVERYONE knew Demi had a top tier ass. Demi knew, and flaunted it...when she wanted to do.

“Oh...ohhh baby yeah,” Demi moaned. Jesse wasted not a second, he pressed his face into her ass, tonguing her starfish and fingering her sopping cunt. “Mmm...fuck eat that ass...eat that fucking baby....oh fuck yessss....” It was hard to say who was enjoying this more, Demi or Jesse. The pleasure was making Demi tremble, crave the inevitable next act.

Jesse was just as lust drunk, happier to be face first in Demi's ass than he had been to be anywhere else. But he too knew, he could only eat ass, even one as perfect as Demi's, for so long. Jesse got to his feet and spun Demi around once more, almost knocking her to the bed. Demi laughed as she hit the mattress, a laugh soon silenced by a hungry kiss as Jesse climbed on top of her. His lips trailed from her own to her neck, Demi's smiling face emanating more moans than joyous laughter as Jesse thrust his cock into her wet, hot pussy. The sex was hot and fast, but not without affection. There were kisses and caresses in between the grunts, groans, and sounds of slapping flesh. Her legs wrapped around his waist, ankles locked tightly. Demi's finger nails raked Jesse's back, digging into the flesh as he went harder and faster.

“Oh...oh fuck Jesse...that's it.” She gasped. “Fuck my pussy...fucking pound it...ungg...take my cunt...FUCKING TAKE IT! TAKE ME!! FUUUCK YES!!”

Demi's hands went from Jesse's back to the head board, grabbing the bars tight as he began fucking her so hard it hit the wall, a fast rhythmic beat joining to sounds of the room, the symphony of raunchy, dirty, desperate and hungry sex. Everything was amazing, Demi was everything Jesse had fantasized about and vice versa...if not bit hotter. He pulled out of her and said one sentence, three words.

“Hands and knees.”

“You got it,” Demi said, a sexy confidence in voice. She bit her lower lip and cocked her eyebrow as she got in position, her hands grasping the headboard again while he brown eyes looked forward. “Go ahead and fuck me...put that cock back in me, Jess.”

His hand glided over her curvy ass, smacking her cheek before grasping her hip and re-entering her. “Fuuuuck baby,” he growled. “Fuck yes...”

It didn't take long after entry for the hot andfrantic pace to build up again and the headboard to start knocking the wall.

“Fucking take that pussy Jesse!” She cried. “It's your...fuck....fucking take it...oh fuuuuck don't fucking stop please baby keep going!”

As Demi begged for more, Jesse prepared to give her just that. He pulled her up, her back to his chest and reached his arms around. He kissed her neck while his hands mauled her tits, Demi's passionate moans throwing fuel on the fire, urging him to do more..more...more! He grabbed her hand and moved it between her legs, the two working together in stimulating her her clit, which switched Demi into a whole new gear.

“OH MY GOD!” she cried out with a trembling voice. “Oh fuck yes! Fuck I'm gonna cum...oh fuck fuck fuck gonna fucking cum! Don't stop...fuck I'm gonna cum on your cock!”

With one last, pleasurable but desperate cry Demi came, shaking in Jesse arms as her cunt convulsed on his cock, making it a Herculean effort to not shoot in her the moment she came. Jesse pulled it off...he had his mind on a different prize. He laid a very happy and satisfied Demi forward, kissing her should as she laid on hee stomach prone.

“Mmmm, did you cum too?” She asked, delirious and dick drunk.

“Not yet.” Jesse said as he pulled out. His hands ran over her ass, massaging the cheeks. “Was kind of hoping for one last thing before I gave in.”

“My ass?” she asked knowingly. “Mmmm, do it...I want you to...fuck my ass Jesse. I'd be disappointed if you didn't take that booty.”

“Well, if you insist.” He joked. He leaned over to kiss her before he got in position, pressing his cock against that tight opening. Both took a deep breath and then...he was in. “Holy shit you're tight...fuck baby...”

“Fuck my ass...mmm...shoot your cum in my ass...fuck it till you cum...ohhhh, fuuuck yeah...”

Jesse built up a hard pace quickly, desperately need that moment of utter bliss, to let loose up Demi's ass. He need to cum...fill up Demi's asshole...and Demi needed it to...she loved anal...and it'd been way, way too long since any cock had been up there.

“Uh...oh..fuck...fuck Demi...oh I'm gonna...I'm gonna...”

“Oh fuck shoot in my ass! Cum in me!!”

“Oohhh FUCK!!!” Jesse cried out,slamming into Demi's asshole one last time before collapsing on top of her, shooting every last drop of cum he had n her bowels.

The two breathed deep, desperately trying to catch their breathes in the ecstatic afterglow of the sex. It was Demi who was first was able to string together a sentence.

“So,” she said, a smile on her face. “We totally need to do this again...but with something like dinner and a movie first.”

“Sure thing,” Jesse answered.



“Look, you can tell me whatever you want, Sophia said. She'd been trying to reassure Peter it was okay to speak with her. In fact, it was what she prided her business on, that her clients could talk to her, or any of her employees. Advice, or just someone there to listen. A real GFE experience. “Nothing to be ashamed of, no judgement....it's not because I'm completely naked now, is it?”

“Oh no, not at all.” replied Peter. “Though...holy shit you're beautiful.”

“Thanks,” Sophia said. “Now, how about you tell me why you looked so down in class this week, and why you called that number tonight.”

“Okay...it's a girl.”

“It tends to be,” Sophia smiled. “I hope it's not a girlfriend thing. I don't like to book guys who already have girlfriends. The only exception are loveless marriages, but you're way too young for that.”

“No, not really. Someone I thought of maybe one day having that with...she's never seen it that way. We've gotten close a few times, but I'm not her type. I know it's a cliché that the good girls are addicted to assholes...but holy shit Sophia, she LIVES this cliché to an insane degree. I thought we were friends...but it's also obvious at this point that's really only when she wants it. All with the cherry on top of getting a front row seat to seeing her fuck her new guy. So...I guess I was just needing to forget things. That's when I remembered your card.”

“Okay,” Sophia said. She took a seat right next to Peter, draping her arm around him. “So, it sounds like you loved someone, and they didn't reciprocate..and it turns out you weren't even the friends you thought. And that SUCKS. I'm not going to sugarcoat that. But, you didn't hold out for her, obviously. I mean, you're no virgin. So...go look elsewhere. Whatever happened tonight, that's your clean slate. Your past is the past. Look back on it fondly where applicable, but don't live there. And if it ever gets to be too stressful, well, you have my number. And you haven't even seen the rest of my girls.”

Sophia leaned over, kissing Peter one last time, a goodnight kiss. “But right now, I need to get some sleep. I'll see you in class...or maybe sooner.”

It wasn't too long before Peter was redressed and out the door, a spring in his step. That was honestly exactly what he needed. It 100% cleared his head, and it was going to make getting a good night's sleep a lot easier. After a quick stop to check in one Sabrina, who was still out like a light but now snoring like a chainsaw. With that done, he made his way back to his dorm. He passed the party on the way, still raging, it held no interest for him though.

He headed in the back way and made his way up to his room and changed into more suitable sleeping attire, just some pajama bottoms and an old, worn out t-shirt. Despite the clothing however, he wasn't ready for sleep. He was feeling hungry, and decided to head to the make-shift student union, a food truck just outside the dorm to take care of the late night hungry crowd while the student union was currently occupied. He went down the min way this time, walking through the social room where he saw Hailee sitting on the couch.

“Hi.” she said, her voice still energetic and chipper. “I didn't think I was going to see you again tonight. How's Sabrina?”

“Passed out and probably going to wake up with a massive hangover. I left her with a bottle of aspirin and a jug of Gatorade to greet her in the morning.”

“That's nice of you. So...wanna  watch Night of the Living Dead with me?”

“You know what? Yes. Yes I would. I was going to go to the truck out front, get some food.”

“Taken care of!” Hailee said, grinning wide. “I got chicken fingers, boneless wings with extra sauce. Red sauce too so it looks like blood...got chicken nachos...I feel like going full carnivore for snacks is perfect for a movie about zombie flesh eaters.”

“You logic is sound and the food is plentiful.” Peter walked over to the couch and sat right next to Hailee. “Drinks?”

“I brought some water from my room. And the blu ray player is hooked up. All that's left is to turn off the light and press play.” Peter looked at Hailee, a smile on her face and her almond shaped eyes sparkling just a bit. Her reached over to the main lightswitch and shut it off.

“Let's start.” Hailee pressed play on the remote and rested her head on Peter's shoulder, snuggling in for the night. It was a perfect place to start.

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Re: All-Star College
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All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred, nor would it.
All Star College
Chapter 3
by MaxwellLord
(MF, MMF, MFF, FF, Oral, Anal, Cons, Slut)
Celebs featured: Lili Reinhart, Elizabeth Olsen, Sophia Bush, Camila Mendes, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Karlie Kloss, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Victoria Justice, Kelly Brook, Madelaine Petsch, Vanessa Hudgens, Debby Ryan, Dove Cameron

“How's that cone treating you?” Jake asked. He and Lili were out celebrating her recent streak of straight As on every single pop quiz thrown on her in Bio Chem. When she called, extremely excited, Jake had the perfect idea to celebrate...and spend some time alone with her outside of his wrestling identity, which she still didn't know about. So there they were, walking and talking together on a moonlit night.
“It is delicious,” Lili said. “Even better with it being free. Nothing beats free Tuti Frutti. Bonus points for finding a place that actually serves it. Did I tell you it was my favorite?”
“No, that's just a happy accident.”
“Well, that happy accident made me a very happy girl. What happens if I ace the midterm AND the final?”
“What about...two gallons?”
“Holy crap you're gonna spoil me,” she laughed. “Thanks for this though. I really needed this.”
“Yeah. Just, well, a lot of stress, you know. There's school and all that and kind of a...unique personal situation. It's just really nice to get away from it all. Plus the bonus of knowing that with the school stuff I don't have much to worry about thanks to you.”
“Well, I don't know,” Jake said. “I wasn't the one taking the tests. That was all you. Hence why I paid for the ice cream.”
“The delicious ice cream,” Lili corrected. “Want a taste?” The two stopped and she offered her cone to him. “Have a lick. It's REAL good.” She had no idea what she was saying to him, or rather the coronations it has. She was being totally innocent, just offering a taste of ice cream.
“I..uh..I don't know,” he gulped. “I mean, I've never had Tutti Fruiti before.”
“It's so good,” she smiled. “You'll never want another flavor after you've tasted it.” She placed the cone directly in front of his mouth, a sweet and playful smile. “Come on....just one quick taste.”

Jake extended his tongue and took the quick taste requested of him, Lili's blue eyes sparkling as they watched him taste her beloved flavor of choice.
“Well?” she asked, softly biting on her lower lip in anticipation. “Great or the greatest?”
“It's good.” he replied, leaving Lili a little perplexed.
“Just good? Jake, dear Jake, Tutti Frutti is the KING of all ice cream flavors.”
“Well, it's certainly good,” he said, a smile starting to form on his face. “But my flavor, that's the one that reigns supreme. Nothing beats Superman ice cream.”
“That mish-mash?” Lili said, a hint of jest in her voice. “No way.”
“Oh really?” Jake said. He spotted a nearby table. “Sit with me and take a taste yourself.
 It's only fair.”
“Okay...but only because it's fair.” The couple sat down and Jake handed her his cone. Her eyes on him the whole time, she took a rather large taste of the ice cream, letting it rest in her mouth before swallowing. “Okay,that was better than I expected. Great even. But it's no Tutti Frutti.”
“OH well, guess I'll take what I can get.”
“What are those flavors anyway?” asked Lili. “I get lemon and cherry, but what's the blue?”
“Marshmallow.” He replied. “Blue marshmallow. From the same fictional plant that produces blue raspberry.”
“Mmm, busy plant.” Lil smiled again, making Jake's heart skip a beat. “I can't believe we didn't hang out outside of school up until now. Were we really that stressed last semester?”
“Well, we didn't get much sleep in between carbon-dating and the Cantebury Tales, so we had some sleep deprivation in the mix as well.”
“Ah, of course,” she said with a smile. “I'm glad it's different this time around. I really am.”
“Me too.” Then came the silence. The kind that was destined to become awkward. This being the first time he'd gotten to be with Lili outside of tutoring her and wearing a mask,  Jake decided to nip that in the bud. “It occurred to me aside from school studies and ice cream flavors, we don't really know each other that well.”
“Yeah, that's true.” She replied. “So what do you want to know?”
“Okay, I got it,” said Jake. “Why take more chemistry classes? I mean, you got the required credit last semester. Why again?”
“Well, I felt like it'd help me. I don't all of a sudden want to be a scientist. But I figure if I'm going to be a novelist, knowing stuff like that could help immensely. Any knowledge is good knowledge. Now, you. Why are you taking even more literature classes?”
“I like it. It's really that simple.” And it was true, he did like the classes...as well as seeing Lili in them...sitting next to her, talking to her. Everything. “New subject.”
“When you're not prepping for the novel of the century by studying chemical bonds, what do you do for fun? Aside from ice cream?”
“Well, I used to write movie reviews a lot. Oh my god, I even had a blog. Please don't look for that by the way.” Lili smiled a little when Jake laughed. She then took a breath. “but...there is one thing I've always loved, ever since I was little.”
“What's that?”
“I don't know...I mean, if I say it I run a huge risk of looking like a gigantic dork.”
“No judgement from me,” said Jake. “Now, it's your turn. Shoot.”
“Okay...professional wrestling. Ever since I was a kid...LOVED it. I grew up with Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels...I swear that Eddie Guerrero was my first crush;. I started getting all the DVDs so I could watch the old stuff too. You know, pre-network days. Spent hours devouring old ECW stuff and the Monday Night Wars when I could. I'm just...I love that business so much, warts and all. And since you're silent I'm going to guess my utter dorkiness has shocked you into silence.”
“Not at all.” Jake replied. “I like that stuff too actually. Really big into Undertaker and Edge. So, do not worry, your enjoyment of the wrestling that is professional is not obsolete, so you have not been marked for DELETION!”
“OH MY GOD!” Lili laughed, nearly dropping her ice cream. “Are you a follower of Broken Brilliance as well?”
“It is DELIGHTFUL, is it not?” Jake's own smile grew wider as hers did.
And for Lili, this was the first time in weeks she hadn't thought about Magnus Pain. He hadn't been at the last few shows, it had just been his partner, Brimstone Callous. The story was Magnus had been imprisoned for the amount of security guards he'd injured. But the real story, no one knew. And now, around Jake...she'd been forgetting all about that, almost.
Of course, Lili was totally in the dark that Jake WAS Magnus, which was a huge stumbling block that he had no clue how to get around. But now, that wasn't an issue at the moment.
“I want to do this again,” Lili said. “Just to do it. No reward system required. I...I like hanging out with you.”
And Jake was flustered again, desperate for words, but no words would come. He just gazed at Lili's angelic face, the moonlight adding an extra level of intoxication to her already hypnotic effect. Only one thing entered his mind, and it wasn't talking. It was bold, daring, and so not him. But in that moment, it was the only thing that made sense.
He softly put his hands on her face, leaned in, and kissed her. And to Jake's surprise, Lili kissed back. She put her hands on his face as he had hers as the two once again tasted each other's ice cream, not even noticing their own cones had fallen to the ground with this impulsive act.
Their lips parted slowly, Lili's eyes closed. Only one word made it from her mouth for a few seconds, “Wow.”
“That's definitely one way to put it,” said Jake. Before another word could escape his lips,Lili kissed him, their second liplock lasting even longer. This one broke a bt more abruptly though.
“Is something wrong?” asked Jake. “I mean, I'm sorry if...fuck I knew I shouldn't have..”
“It's not you,” Lili said. “It really isn't, I promise. I mean, I kissed you too. And it was great...really good...I..I just need to get some stuff together. That's it. Just personal stuff. I promise, PROMISE, that I'm going to get back to you. I just gotta go now.” She kissed him one last time, hoping to let him know it was okay. Then left. She hated doing it, too. But there was just one thing she needed to take care of first. And that was Magnus Pain.
It had been an interesting time for Jesse since Halloween. He was out of his dorm room after his falling out with Matt, and by proxy Paul. One would think losing two lifelong friends would have a negative impact on Jesse. However, that wasn't remotely true.
How could he be mad? Too much went right as a result. Peyton? She got free of Paul's bullshit. Jesse couldn't act on that, but just knowing a woman had seen through Paul's utter bullshit was enough of a victory for him.
The other thing keeping him from being down was the reason he hadn't started to pursue Peyton. Ever since their tryst in the dirty motel room, Jesse and Demi Lovato had essentially been dating. Well, fucking each other's brains out any chance they could. Which ended up being quite often as Jesse had been forced to pretty much crash with Demi in her dorm room until he could afford his own place.
And Demi's room was exactly where he was heading. After a long day of dropping off job applications, the news that her roommate was gone for the weekend was the perfect pick me up.
Of course, the moment Demi opened the door for him, she provided an even better pick me up, decked out in some nice, frilly, white lingerie.

“Hi,” she said. Her lips formed into a smile, her tongue snaking out to lick them. “The way I see it,this goes one of two ways. One, we order a pizza or something and have a nice, mature talk about our day.”
“The other?”
“We fuck each other's brains out.”
“I think I'll go with option two.”
“Good choice.” The two kissed with a hunger of incredible need and desire. Before he realized it Jesse was stripped down to nothing, his clothes now just a pile on the floor. Demi gently jacked his cock, leading him to the bed.
Demi gave him a few more pumps before Jesse took initiative and laid her down on the bed. His face was between her legs and he was ready for a meal. He pushed the crotch of the bodice aside and went straight for her clit. He went for it with a loving roughness; tender enough to make her simmer with enough of an animal charge to bring Demi to a rolling boil.
“Oooh...ooh my god fuck yes...” hissed Demi. Her thighs pressed against Jesse's ear, getting tighter and tighter as he cranked up the heat, and he had no interest in slowing things down. While he was showing Demi the time of her life with his mouth on her clit, Jesse slid his fingers into the party, further making the latina sexpot quiver and shake.
“More...” she gasped. “Just don't stop...more Jesse...oh shit more...” Demi began to slide the straps of the lingerie down, exposing her breasts to the air. She caressed herself, licking her lips between breaths.
Jesse doubled down on what he was doing, Demi writhing before him. He'd gotten to know her body very well the past few weeks, and vice versa. Making up for the lost time spent simply lusting over each other for years. At this point, most of that time was made up for and made up for pretty well. Demi's teeth clenched, her lips curled. She was riding just on that edge of an orgasm, and now she wanted to be riding something a bit harder.
“I want your cock,” she moaned. Of course, Jesse heard and was eager to grant her request. He climbed up her body, kissing her tits to her neck, then to her lips, savoring her flavor before entering her pussy.
“Oh fuck...Demi,” Jesse moaned, closing his eyes as he savored the familiar and tantalizing feeling of her pussy around his cock.
“Yeah, say my name,” she said with a dirty little smile. Her legs locked around him as he began to drive into her. Fast, passionate, hot. “Ohhh FUUUCK YES!!”
“Take it fuckin' deep baby,” he growled. “Everything...ohhh god damn it yesss!” The moans continued, only muted slightly by the melding of their mouths, Jesse's lips going from Demi's the the flesh of her neck, kissing her in just the right spot to send an extra jolt of electricity through her body as every inch of his cock thrust and pulsed inside of her.
Jesse's arms reached under Demi, holding her as he pulled her up, the two sitting, face to face as he thrust up into her. “Mmm giving up a little control, huh?” she said, licking her teeth, her lips in a spicy smile.
“As long as it's fun.”
“You bet your ass it will be.”
“I'll bet my ass as long as I get to do something a bit more interesting with yours.”
“Deal,” Demi said with a wink. Their lips pressed together, their tongues hungrily massaging each other as Demi ground her hips, working her body and making Jesse squirm in the most pleasurable way. She hissed with a smile as he grabbed her ass, squeezing the luscious cheeks as she went from grinding to riding him. The hiss turned into a full on moan as Jesse began to suck and lick on Demi's tits.
“Ohhh fuck yeah...oh Jesse...mmm yeah....” Their arms pulled each other close, the speed and heat increasing between the two of them. Harder, faster, louder...their bodies shimmered with sweat. Soon Demi was on all fours, being fucked cross-eyed and loving every moment of it. Her moans, laden with filthy talk that would make most porn star blush echoing throughout the room and more than a little bit down the hall outside.
“Fucking take it!” she shouted. “FUCK take my pussy Jesse....ohhhh fuck me it's yours...everything you want...oh shit...is yours...”
“I'm definitely holding you to that.”
“Oh, you fucking better,” said Demi. She rose to her knees, letting Jesse hold her as they kissed again. “Because I fucking meant every word.” She winked at him right before he pushed back down to all fours.
After a few more pumps, Jesse pulled out of Demi's pussy and pressed his cock against her asshole, making the lustful Latina wince. With a few more seconds, he popped past that tight little ring and the two were deep in the woods.
“Oh my GOD I love how your cock feels in my ass,” Demi wined, She clutched her sheets tight as Jesse picked up speed with every thrust into her backdoor. Every pump made her release a desperate moan, pleading and begging for more as his dick rammed her ass.
Demi's encouragements, both vocal and otherwise drove Jesse insane. The sound of her voice, erotic, desperate for that last release, the feeling of her flesh slick with sweat as he ran his hands over her body, how her ass and pussy before it had felt on his cock...paradise. Demi loved sex...every aspects of it...getting pleasure, giving pleasure. It all turned her on which turned whoever she was with on, a perpetual motion machine of lust.
Jesse's hands gripped Demi's ass tight, going hard and fast. His balls slapped against her pussy while Demi's hand snaked to her clit, working herself over the two lovers both reached their crescendo. To the surprise of them both, the end came to Demi first, the curvy seductress screaming in pleasure as her orgasm hit her like a bullet train. Her asshole clamped tight  on Jesse's cock, sending him to the point of no return.
“Shit cumming!” he shouted. “Gonna fucking cum, Demi!”
“Mouth,” she said in a big gulp afar. “I want to taste that fucking cum.”
He pulled out of her ass and Demi was on her back in seconds. Just as fast he had straddled her chest. Before he could even get his hands on his cock, Demi's mouth was on it, sucking him fresh from her ass.
It was a masterclass in blowjobs, but it was over all to soon. In seconds, Demi's mouth was filled with cum. She left him twitching, refusing to release his cock until she got every last drop of his baby batter shot directly into her mouth.When the well had finally run dry, Jesse meekly pulled his cock from Demi's mouth and collapsed next to her on her bed. The two were covered in sweat, breathing deeply as they fought to regain their breath, big smiles on both their faces.
“So,” Demi said. “How was your day?”

Camila Mendes was putting the ultimate cherry on top of an already very successful night. She was straddling the hottest guy she could find, which was pretty hot. They were making out, hot and heavy. Her blouse was already off, leaving her only in her skirt and bra. His cock was nice and hard, she could feel it through his jeans. His name was Dave...or Darren..or was it Mark? His name didn't matter, as long as it wasn't Jose Heyman, she was fine with it.
She kissed him. HIM. Mr. Yappy Dog himself. Yeah, he was under a mask...and from what she could feel through his Halloween costume he was hung a lot better than this guy...but NO. She had to get her mind off such a terrible mistake. Which is what it was. They both felt that way. Utterly disgusted by their actions...that's what it was, right?

Before Cami could dwell on this any longer while straddling her pretty much nameless lover, there was a loud knock at the door.
“Occupied!” Cami said. “I'm so sorry. My roommate, and she KNOWS THE RULES!”

“No problem baby,” her beau of the moment said. “Let's just keep going.” Cami agreed to this plan by kissing him again, letting his tongue slide into her mouth. She moaned a little as his hands groped her ass. The mood was back to being reset, with no thoughts of Jose and his strong hands being the ones roaming her ass....before that thought could really solidify in her head, the knocking came again, louder.
“Cami, please let me in,” desperate Lili said. “Please, it's urgent!” It was. Cami could hear it in her voice. She sighed and got off her guy, and much to his chagrin it was in the literal sense.
“Okay...sir, time to go,” Cami said. “It's urgent. You heard the crying blonde.”
“Oooh, she's blonde? I like blondes. How about once she's settled down we turn this into a three way?”
“Yeah, sure,” Cami said, rolling her eyes as his back turned. As soon as the door was open, he was shoved out and Lili was let in. “Okay, what's wrong? Am I gonna have to kick some meathead's ass?”
“Jake and I kissed,” Lili said.
“That's great!” exclaimed Cami. “Wait...it is great, right?” She sat down next to her friend, who was oddly distressed , at least in her summation. “I mean, when you say kissed, you do mean the two of you were into it and it's not him ramming his tongue down your throat, right?”
“He didn't force anything Camila.” replied Lili. “It was...we were so comfortable...and the sky was so crisp...there's the ice cream, even the smell of the air...so perfect..and it got even better when we kissed.” Lili got up, her movements almost like a Disney princess in mid song. “His lips felt so amazing, I could taste a little bit of our ice creams melding together. And his hands..his arms. Holding me just tight enough, caressing my face. It was magical.”
“So...you liked it,” Cami said with a gigantic grin. “I SO fucking told you so! In fact....” She got up and went to Lili. She grabbed the confused blonde's hand and used it to pat herself on the back. She used her other hand to squish Lili's lips together like a puppet.

“You did good Cami, thanks for saying I should accept his invite,” said Cami in a high pitched voice.
“Oh, well, it's certainly no problem Lili, I just know what I'm talking about all the time,” Camila replied to herself in her normal voice.
“Stop!” laughed Lili, backing away from Camila. “This is serious. I have a problem!” She sat down at her desk, Camila taking a seat at the corner of the bed.
“What, the chapel double booked for your impending nuptials? Just chill. Relax. He's a good catch, sparks flew, like I said they would. Now...how about you call him and tell him everything is cool, because something tells me you kind of left him hanging and worried about you with you being so jumpy.”
“Cami, it's not that simple and you know it.”
“No, I don't.” Cami took a deep breath. She was going to have to break out the big guns of logic and reason. They might actually work this time. ”This whole Magnus Pain thing? A fling. One you initiated. But you know it. I know. Hell, I could probably write a rule book all about the best ways to have a fling. But you don't LIKE him. You found him fuck-able. Which is okay. But fucking doesn't equal a relationship. Here, let me prove my point. What do his hands feel like?”
“Hands? I don't know. Strong I guess? I think.”
“Mmmm hmm. And now...Jake's. And be honest. I know what those baby blues of yours look like if you even think about fibbing so don't try it.”
“Well,” Lili said, trying to fight a smile. “They're soft...but there's a bit of a roughness on his left hand. Almost like a scar more than a callous. But it doesn't feel weird. It actually feels really nice when he holds mine. It's weird. I don't know how to describe it other than...good. It feels really good. I mean his right hand also feels amazing but his left is something I could pick out blindfolded.”
“Okay, nice. Next question. Pain's eyes. What color are they?”
“I...shit...I don't know. I really don't. I mean he obviously has eyes but I guess I never looked, not really.”
“Okay. So...tell me all about Jake's.”
“They're almost...grey. Almost. There's a hint of blue there. Not bright. But it's there. Little bits of green too. I didn't even notice the green until tonight either. The way the moonlight hit just right.” Lili sighed a bit thinking about it. Cami knew she'd made her point. Still, she needed to drive it home.

“So, you already told me about kissing Jake. So, tell me about kissing Magnus. How was it?”
“There really wasn't much kissing,” Lili answered honestly. “It was just kind of..sex. I mean I guess we had to have at least once...did we?”
While Lili was struggling to remember, Cami had her answer. “I think that proves my point. You can remember a scar on Jake's hand and how it feels in yours but not how the other guy's kiss felt or if you even kissed him. Lils, come here.”
Lili sat back on the bed with Cami, resting her blonde head on the brunette's shoulder. “Lili, you know you like Jake. I know it. And somehow I'm fairly sure he knows it. So just fucking go for it. This Magnus thing was fun, but that's all it was. You have to know that now.”
“Yeah,” Lili admitted. “I know. It was such a rush though. Fucking some guy I didn't even really know. Being a little naughty. I never got to do that before. But....now I have. And it was fun.”
“But...”Cami added, egging her on.
“But...it's not everything. Tonight...I think that's more of what I want. I mean, I'm thinking of Jake's hands doing a lot more than holding me. But I think I do owe him enough to tell him it's done. I mean, that's the right thing to do, right?”
“Sure,” said Cami. “And I tell you what, I'll even go with you as back-up, okay? Then we'll pick out floral arrangements for yours and Jake's wedding.”

“Shut up!” Lili laughed. “God, one date! That's all.”
“So you're saying it WAS a date?” Cami asked, the size of her smile matching Lili's.
“Look at their smug faces,” Peter said. He and Hailee gazed over to Sabrina Carpenter and Peter's brother, Ben. “They think they have us. We're down by three.”
“Got a plan?” she asked, sipping from her drink.
“Yeah. They used up all their time-outs. They think that have the perfect set up, Benji boy on offense against me as goalie and Sabrina blocking you. But we still have a shot.”
“So we're both thinking the same thing.”
“Same page, Haiz.” Peter stated. “You take the goal when we go back in. I'm on offense. Last shot. Best shot. We crush them or they crush us.”
“We're all that stands between the sacred game of foosball and evil.” Hailee said with a smile.
“Damn straight,” Peter said with his own grin. “Time in!” The two headed back to the battlefield, the foosball table at the Whisky Casket. Their opponents were ready. The stakes were indeed high...loser pays for the night.
“So, Ms. Carpenter,” Ben said, his face reeking with a sarcastic confidence, just enough to annoy his older brother. “Should we order another round of drinks, more mozzarella sticks and cheese fries before we make these two, unfortunate souls pay for it all?”
“That sounds just perfect Ben,” said Sabrina. “Not only are you super hot, but super smart.”
“It's not over yet.”
“Always so delusional, huh Pete?”
“I call it hope, Ben.”
“They do know this is just a food bet, right?” Hailee asked Sabrina.
“They're brothers, it's what they do. Besides, all this over the top machismo is kinda hot.”
“True.” The two went to their positions, and the great foosball battle began. It was brutal, excruciating, nail-bitingly close. Truly, it was a competition for the ages...between the brothers at least. The girls were honestly having more fun watching them then playing along. Between the brothers though, it was a total nail biter.
Goal after goal, Peter and Hailee slowly caught up to Ben and Sabrina until, with one last smack of the ball by her little plastic avatar, Hailee scored the winning goal of the game.
“YES!!!” Peter said, jumping in the air. “Yes! That's my girl!” Peter spun around and grabbed a laughing Hailee in his arms, hugging her tight as Ben and Sabrina simmered in the loss....mainly Ben though.
“You know what would make this victory even sweeter?” Hailee asked.
“What's that my dear?”
“More sliders and cheese fries. Could you get on that Ben?”
“Sweetie, you forgot the magic word,” added Peter. “Now. Now Ben. Oh, and some fried pickles.”
“Yeah yeah.” Ben responded. He turned and headed towards the end of the bar, the easiest place to actually put your order in, and Sabrina was in tow.
“You know, you're pretty cute when you're stewing in defeat,” Sabrina teased, elbowing Ben softly in the ribs. “You're probably even cuter when you win.”

“Well, tonight's certainly not the night you're going to find out,” he grumbled.
“You're seriously mad about that? It's just a game.”
“Yeah, I know...but...how do I put this...I just REALLY like beating my brother at stuff. I hate it when he wins. Against me at least. Any other time is fine.”
“Well, if it makes you feel any better, Hailee was the one to actually score the winning goal.”
“True...but it was probably his idea to have her at the goal...”
“I have an idea,” Sabrina said, a mischievous smile on her face. “How about..we purposefully mess up their order? Extra spicy sliders, ghost pepper spice on the fried pickles...it'd be fun...”
“Nice,” Ben grinned. “But no. He wouldn't do that to me, and I lost. But I do like your style, Ms. Carpenter.”
“Well, maybe you could show me how much you like it sometime.” She gave him a wink, then got the attention of the bartender.
The turnaround between order and food pick up was quick and the two rejoined Peter and Hailee.
“And the feast is here,” Peter said with a big grin. “But where to begin?”
“How about you and Ben work on that,” Hailee suggested. “I'm going to the restroom. Sabrina, join me?”
“Uh..yeah sure,” Sabrina said. The women left their men alone. The moment they were in the restroom, Hailee turned to Sabrina.
“Okay, you're his friend, does Peter even like me?” Hailee asked.
“What? Yes, of course!” said Sabina.
“Are you sure? I mean, that hug? That celebration? That's the most affection he's given me since we started dating. If we're even dating...I don't know!”
“He REALLY likes you Hailee,” Sabrina said, comforting the tall, nervous brunette. “He probably likes you so much he doesn't know how to go forward.”
“Are you sure? You don't think he's still hung up on that Selena girl?”
“Oh God no, are you kidding me? Trust me, she's a non issue.”
“Then what's the problem?” She asked. “I mean, I like him a lot but I feel like there's this wall HE put up that he doesn't want to try to get over.”
“Look, Hailee, I don't know. That's something you have to ask him yourself. All we can do now is finish the night. Okay?”
“Okay,” nodded Hailee. “But you have to promise to talk to him tonight, okay? I just...I just want to know if I'm wasting my time.” With that, Hailee left the restroom, leaving Sabrina alone for a split second.
“Peter, you DUMB motherfucker!” Sabrina said to herself before putting on a fake smile and heading back out.
“You really think these are gonna sell?” asked Alison. She was in Jose and Jake's dorm room, looking at the merchandise idea Jose had brought to her: a stick with cut outs of his and Jake's wrestling masks stapled on them. “They look kind of cheap.”
“Alison, of course they're gonna sell.” Jose reassured. “They're cheap and its perfect for anyone who comes to the shows who doesn't bring a sign. And it's easy to sign. Also, someone loses it, it's not expensive for them to buy a replacement. It's perfect.”
“If you say so. I'm just glad there's not one of my face. I don't even want to know what some fans would do with that.”
“What, like cut the mouth out and pretend you're blowing them?”
“...I should just start preemptively telling you to shut up.” Before Jose could get a response in, Jake came in, visibly down. He only added an exclamation to his visible demeanor by face-planting on his bed.
“Jake, what's wrong?” Alison asked. She moved over to his bed, taking a seat on it as she tried to get an answer from.
“From the look on his face, I'm saying he unmasked in front of Lili and got drop-kicked without a goodbye blowjob.” Jose joked. And of course he did it at the exact wrong time.
“Okay, get the fuck out, you're not helping.” Alison demanded.
“Oh come on, I was just kidding!”
“And it's not helping. Now, how about you go off somewhere and let someone who has some level of tact deal with this, okay?”
“Yeah...sure,” Jose said. “I'm sorry though...it was just a joke...”
“I know, it's okay, just leave this to us...I'll tell you what though, you really want to help, you go by that pot store you go to all the time and get some of the good stuff. Come back in about an hour, we'll all just unwind, be cool. Okay?”
“Yeah, sure,” Jose said.  After he had left, Alison sat on Jake's bed, patting the muscle man on the back.
“Rough night, huh?”
“A little,” he said.
“Tell me what happened.”
“I fucked it up.” He responded.
“”Okay, let's try that again, except this time you're sitting up and you use big boy words and form sentences for your pal Alison, okay?” Jake sat up, still slumped over. “Good, we got part one out of the way. Now lets work on the rest.”
“We kissed.” Jake said, his voice monotone and flat.
“And that's bad how? Unless she freaked out...oh crap she freaked out, didn't she?”
“No! I mean..I don't think so? Maybe a little...see, this is why I was face down on the pillow, way less taxing while having a breakdown.”
“You're not having a breakdown.” Alison replied. “Okay, so you two kissed. Was it bad? Break it down for me.”
“Okay, so the night is going amazing. Everything about the night is perfect. Mood, the moonlight, the night even smelled amazing. Two ice cream cones, great conversation. Perfect tone, perfect mood...and we kiss. And it's great. Electricity, fireworks, the whole shebang.”
“Okay, so far no reason to bury your face in a pillow.”
“I'm just about there. So, the first kiss? Perfect. We both feel it. It's there. It's right in front of our faces, flashing like a big damn neon sign. So we kiss again, and its feeling the same until she backs off, kind of jittery. She tries to reassure me nothing's wrong, she just needs to sort things out, and she promises she's going to call, and here we are.”
“So, you two kiss twice and she pauses for second. She doesn't shoot you down, she doesn't slap you. She instead reassures you that there's no issue, she just has to think or whatever.” Alison took a deep breath, going from friend to wise sage mode. “Look, from what you've just told me, it sounds like she's just as nervous as you. This isn't some tryst. This is something that is a bit more real. Which means the emotions are a bit more...vivid.  It's all right. She's probably just nervous about it. Like you are. Worrying about making you feel weird the same way you are here. So..don't sweat it. Just wait for her call. And she will call, unless you were just bullshitting me about how perfect the night was.”
“I wasn't.”
“Then you're good. And I think you should double down on all of this just to make sealing the deal even easier.”
“How?” asked Jake. “I mean, I'm not sure what else to do.”
“Have Magnus dump her. Ditch her. So then, who's left? You don't have to worry about your girlfriend crushing on a guy who's actually you, and she's then pretty much officially 100% yours instead of fifty percent going to some mask. And if you're nervous about that, I'll have your back. And Jose too...maybe..I guess...we'll run it by him.”
“And what happens when she does find out it was me the whole time?”
“Well by then you two will be so heads over heels for each other that it'll barely be a blip. And you know how I know?”

“Because,” Alison said getting up from the bed. “You are the only ex in my entire life I've actually stayed friends with. So...if you're that special to me, then you have to beyond that to her.” Alison took off her shirt and removed her bra. “And, since you're soon going to otherwise occupied, allow me to relieve all that tension you've built up.”

“You sure this is a good idea?” Jake asked.
“Oh definitely.” Alison replied. She got to her knees and unzipped Jake's pants, jacking his cock as she fished it out. “I mean, a kiss, no matter how amazing it is, is just a kiss. You're not attached yet. So...I get to have one last bit of fun with this guy right here...besides, it's not like you couldn't use just a tiny bit of stress relief right now, correct?”
“You could definitely say that.”
“Then just relax and let me get reacquainted with this cock.” Alison leaned forward and kissed the head of Jake's cock, smiling as he moaned. “It's been a while since I've seen this guy...such a nice cock. Feels so good in my hand...my mouth...DEFINITELY in my pussy. But tonight...I want to feel this nice...hard..lovely cock n between my titties. Would you like that too?”
“Uh huh,” he managed to get out.Jake had almost forgotten how sensation Alison was at handjobs. She wasn't even trying that hard and she had him up the wall.
“Well then, what are we waiting for?” she asked. “But first, I think we need to get that dick nice and wet first.” Alison took Jake's dick in her mouth. She bobbed up and down, getting his cock slick with her saliva. She pulled her head back, leaving Jake's cock suitably slick.
A sly grin on her face, Alison whipped her hair back and wrapped her wonderful tits around his cock. “Mmmm, now that's a nice bit of nostalgia.” Her eyes locked on Jake's as she began to pump it with her breasts.
“Oh shit...fuck....Alison...”
“That's right...mmm these titties feel so good around you cock, huh? Tell me.”
“S-so good...incredible.” Jake's eyes winced when Alison sucked his cock head as it peaked out through her cleavage.
“Eyes on me,” she demanded. “Look at me....look at my tits...look at your cock...fucking my tits...look at what your doing...what your feeling...mmmm I love how your cock feels between them.” She pumped faster and faster, still teasing Jake with her lips and tongue. The focus was clear...making him cum. That's it. Nothing else. It was understood and they both were loving it. Simple fun. Desperately needed fun.
“Fuck yeah baby, I can feel your cock throbbing between these titties. That's good Jake..makes me happy. You want to know what's gonna make me even happier? When you cum. Mmm Jake I can almost feel it now...hot white cum shoot from your cock, covering my breasts....ooh, I bet some of it is going to hit my face, huh? You're so hard baby, I know it's gonna be huge...just don't hold back...cum for me!”
“Oh...oh fuck Alison...I'm gonna shoot...gonna cum,” Jake groaned, thrusting up hard and fast, right on that edge as Alison cheered him on.
“Do it...do it and cum...fucking cum...cum...cum...FUCKING CUM!!!!”
“Shit!” Jake cried out, thrusting a few more times before exploding all over Alison's tits, the brunette moaning and coaxing him on with a smile on her face.
“Yeah, every drop baby...every last drop!” yelled Alison, her grin wide as her blue eyes as she completely drained Jake. As his shots went to dribbles, her stimulation slowed to a soft massage with her tits until the tap had finally run dry. “Nice job.” She was smiling wide, her chin and tits utterly dripping with Jake's load.
“Fuck,” he gasped. “Fucking Hell.”
“Thanks,” Alison said, her tone gone from utterly seductive to bright and chipper. “I'd take a bow but I don't want to get any cum on your floor.” She pushed her tits up to her extended tongue, licking the jizz off before getting her feet. “Missed a few spots, but that's what the shower's for. So, how about you pull your pants up, grab me a towel, then we just wait for Jose to show back up with something else to lighten the mood...probably not as good as a tit-fuck, but it might be close.”
“Sure thing,” he laughed. Thanks for that.”
“Aw, what are ex who you're somehow still friends with for? Besides, made you forget your troubles. Now before I clean off the rest of the population pudding you provided, just take this advice. Chill out about Lili. You've got her man. End it as Magnus, your friends have your back, it's smooth sailing. Okay?”
“You got it.” As Alison entered the bathroom, Jake laid back on the bed. Oddly enough, blowing his load after fucking his ex-girlfriend/current best friend with a vagina's tits did clear his head a bit. Lili was in his sights...and he was confident about things going well. I mean, what could go wrong...especially if Jose could keep his mouth shut for once.
“Well, I had a lot of fun tonight.” Ben said, looking right into Sabrina's bright eyes. “Too bad it has to end.” Peter older brother had walked Sabrina to Pete's dorm room instead of her own. Hailee broke off from the group to head back to her room, giving Peter a bit of the cold shoulder. But before he could dwell on that, he was treated to the love-fest going between his brother and Sabrina, who had hit it off like crazy.
“Well, that just means you're guaranteed to come back for more.” She replied. “Sounds like a win to me.”
“You know, we could just send Peter over to stay with his girlfriend tonight...or the couch and have his dorm room all to ourselves.”
“Mmm, that sounds very appealing,” Sabrina said, her voice almost a purr. “But you brother and I have some business to attend to concerning our movies.”
“We do?” Peter asked.
“Yeah, we do.” Sabrina sternly said to him, her glare sending a chill up Peter's spine. She then turned back to Ben, the ice completely melted away from her demeanor. “But, let me give a little something to keep you wanting more.” Sabrina grabbed Ben's face and pulled it to hers, giving him a deep and seductive kiss.
“Wow,”a stunned Ben said as it broke. “When can I see you again?”
“When I call you. Bye.” Ben left and Sabrina shut the door then tuned directly to Peter.
“What business do we have to go over?” asked Peter.
“The business of why you're such a fucking idiot!” Sabrina said. “Let me get this straight. You meet Hailee, She leaves you all flustered and nutty. Makes you feel good about yourself after essential being treated like third hand garbage by some girl you were nutty for. You to start dating and you're what, treating her like she's just a good buddy? I mean for crying out loud we're best friends and we've fucked and you haven't even kissed you girlfriend? Are you mental?”
“Did Hailee tell you this?”
“No, I actually saw it written on the bathroom wall, rather lengthy post in a stall...of course she told me! And I reiterate, ARE YOU MENTAL? Hailee is cute and hot  and funny and she likes you and thought you liked her and what the fuck?  She's all stressed out over your being more closed off than Fort fucking Knox and she's right! So...what's the deal? Because this isn't just about affecting our movies, which by the way, big deal also, but Hailee is a good person and your my friend and I will not see you be so incredibly stupid and hurt someone who doesn't deserve it. So spill or we're going to have some actual serious words.”
“These aren't serious words?”
“You're not hiding under your covers, are you?” Sabrina took a deep breath, then  grabbed a chair. She sat right in front of Peter, making him look her in the eyes. “Look, I'm sorry if I'm coming off as mad...but you know how I feel about stupid people.”
“You hate them with the heat of a thousand suns.” he replied.
“Exactly. And you're acting like a stupid person so tell me what's going on before those suns gets really hot and I have to smack you around a little.”
“Okay, I get your point,” Peter said. “And I do like Hailee. A lot. And I've wanted to kiss her. And frankly a lot more. Bad. But...no moment feels right, you know? I...I like her enough that it has to feel right. Believe me, I know it sounds like crap. Which is one of the many things I'm gonna run by my therapist.”
“You have a therapist?”
“Well, kinda yeah,” Peter said, Technically, Sophia did kind of fill that void. Their conversations both during and after their sex sessions were actually helping him out a lot more than he'd have thought. And since he and Hailee weren't TOGETHER together, he could rationalize it as not cheating.
“Well, whatever you need to do, do it. Girls like her come along maybe once in a life time. Don't screw it up for yourself. And if you wouldn't mind, say that same thing about me to your brother. Except lay it on thick and don't mention the fact that we had sex. True, it does ruin the idea of you giving a testimonial about how good I am at it, but it's probably not a smart thing to say that to a guy who's pants I want to get into, badly...oh my god is weird that we're best friends, and we fucked, and now I wanna fuck your brother?”
“A little but I'm honestly not phased.”
“Whew, that's a relief,” she said. Sabrina got up from the chair to grab her bag. “I'm not kidding though. I know it's kind of odd, we haven't known each other that long. But I don't really like most people. And as you could probably tell from being balls deep in me, I do like you a lot. So, I'm not on you about this  Hailee stuff just for our movie. So...yeah. That's the most schmaltz you'll get out of me for a while. So, get to tower on that Hailee stuff and getting me some action form your brother...holy fuck this is weird.”
“Yeah. And thanks. You're probably my best friend too. I do have a dog at home though.”
“Damn, genuine competition.” She gave Peter a kiss on the cheek before saying good night to him. He had a lot to think about. Hailee and how to move forward with her,  his projects with Sabrina...and somehow getting Sabrina laid..... “This IS weird, he said to himself before laying down.”
It didn't take long for Jose to get to the weed shop, but with everything on his mind, it seemed almost like an eternity...or forty-five minutes. Same thing to him. Most people would be surprised that he had quite a lot on his mind that did not include wrestling, including himself.
He was going a little hard on Jake, he ad to admit that. And yeah, a little bit of it was jealousy. I mean...a hot blonde giving it up on a regular basis. Who in their right mind would complain about that, especially if you were already into the girl? Well, Jake apparently. And he had been giving him shit nonstop. It had to be jealousy.
Yep, jealousy. That's it. Certainly not anything or anyone else. Especially not Queen Bitch herself, Camila Mendes. That hot, sarcastic brunette with the really pretty eyes, the nice ass, and the kind of mouth that made him want to do things with her mouth that had nothing to do with blowjobs, like talk. But also blowjobs. Definitely not her. Or so he tried to convince himself. It couldn't be his own frustration with the fact he might actually like her and wouldn't have minded if they went beyond their Halloween make-out session.
Nope...he just wanted that no frills sex Jake got and couldn't figure out why Jake had such an aversion. Fortunately for him, the weed shop had just the cure, and not just in the wonderful word of smoke and edibles, but the people who ran the shop.
Jose strutted in with a smile and a swagger that he hoped would betray any unease he was feeling. “Do't worry folks, your favorite customer has arrived,” he said aloud, hoping someone would respond to his confident tones.”

“Really, where?” Debby Ryan responded, a sarcastic smile crossing her face as smoke rose from her mouth. “Is he behind you or something?”
“You know, if it wasn't for the service and high quality grass in here, I'd never come in.”
“Yeah, I'm sure that's the only reason.” Debby leaned forward as her sentence ended, knowing it would push her sizable tits up into some major league cleavage. She took another drag on her joint and asked, “So what brings you by?”
“Oh, I need to make an apology...a big one. So, the good shit.”
“Shit man, you've been needing to do that a lot lately. Fortunately for you me and Nessa just finished raising our newest creation.” She signaled  him over with a wave of her head then reached behind the counter. 
“I present to you, our newest, homegrown strain. We call it Green Goblin.” Debby proudly showed it off. The weed was bright green and purple, or as bright as Jose had ever seen the plant get, with little flecks of orange in it somehow.
“I call those the pumpkin bombs,” Debby said between puffs. “They're not seeds or nothin'. Just weird coloration that happened. It's neat, don't cha think?”
“I guess if you like webbed freaks. Is there nothing in here inspired by a charming Cajun with a thing for decks of cards?”
“Dude, we don't what's going to happen. If we happen to do something that reminds me of your  fictional man crush, I'll try to remember. IN the mean time, you want to blind buy or you want to hit this with me and see where the night takes us?”
Debby offered him her joint, a little smile on her face. Whenever Debby smoked weed, which was pretty much non stop, she got horny. And some strains, like this one, simply increased that effect, as Jose had experienced many time himself in the past. And tonight, it looked like he was going to experience it again. What better way to remove the load from his shoulders than by shooting one?
Jose took the joint and inhaled, holding deep for until exhaling. “Nice,” he said.  “I like it.”
“And it hasn't even kicked in yet. But you know, you took the hit all wrong?”
“I did?”
“Yup.” Debby replied. “Let me show ya.” She grabbed the join and came around the counter, taking another drag. “Okay, pay attention. This strain requires special attention.”
Debby got face to face with Jose, the off-duty wrestler staring while Debby took a deep hit on the joint and proceeded to give him a shotgun kiss, the smoke being blown from her mouth to his before their lips locked.
Jose took the signal and went forward, grabbing Debby' ass before working on her pants, tugging them off while she pulled  his shirt off.
“Fuck me on the counter,” she said.
“Shouldn't we lock the door first?” Debby reached into her pocket and grabbed a small remote and pressed it, locking the door.
“Gotta love technology, huh?” she asked with a grin. “Now...counter...fuck me.” By her command, Debby was taken to the counter. The moment she was securely on the reinforced glass surface she raised her ass to let Jose take her jeans and underwear off.
With her bottom half bare, she braced herself for Jose's entrance into her. “Nnnng fuck!” Debby moaned as he thrust inside. “Oh...fuck...fuck me...”
“Always was a big fan of positive reinforcement,” Jose said. He pulled off Debby's shirt and hungrily went to her tits.
“Mmmmm fuck I want you to do more of that with your mouth and less talking,” she growled as his mouth went to her tits. Debby leaned back, her long brown hair moving and waving to the rhythm of Jose's thrusts.
“How about more of this?” he asked, giving her an especially deep thrust.
“Oh fuuuck...multitask then...” After that Debby concentrated far less on talking and for more on fucking. “Oohhhhwwwwnnnggg...” she moaned. Debby's legs wrapped around his waste, locking him in tight as he drove into her.  She grabbed his face, her deep brown eyes piercing fiercely into his. “Ohhh fuck...oh...fuck yeah...nnngg fuck...”
Jose's hand went from fondling and massaging the delectable tits of Debby Ryan to feeling up her tight ass. But while his hands were busy elsewhere, his mouth stayed on those tremendous tits, savoring everything the wonderful globes had to offer.
“Oh FUCK!” Jose yelled in pleasure. Debby began to squeeze and flex her cunt around his cock. He looked her in the face to see smoke trailing out of her smirking mouth.
“Surprise ya?” she giggled. “Mmmm hope it doesn't make you hesitate...too much!”
“Not enough.” he replied. Jose kissed Debby deep, the too entranced in each other. If the counter wasn't attached to the floor it would have been moved a couple feet by now from how hard and intensely the two were fucking. The linoleum floor made their intense moans of pleasure echoed through out the room, drowning out anything but them. This of course, included the store's manager.
“Ahem,” Vanessa Hudgens said, her own sly smirk on her face as she surveyed the scene. “I, like, don't think I need to ask but totally should...what's going on and why was I not waited for?”

“The fuck?” Jose said said. He and Debby both looked to the door, startled the ultimately relived when they saw Vanessa. “Hey Ness,” he said. “How are things?”
“Fine.” The tone bohemian sex kitten said. “ Anthropology class went a little long...which it turns out kept me from being on the ground floor of this fun.” Vanessa began to strip down, soon leaving her tone, nude body on complete display. For any one but Jose, this would be an unbelievable scene straight out of a porno. For him though, this was a relatively believable scene right out of a porno. Debby wasn't the only employee of the store he'd had some fun with, he was also very friendly with the management. This wasn't even the first time he'd had them both.
“Well boss, looks like you're ready to join in anyway,” Debby said in a moan. “So, hop on in.”
“With extreme pleasure Ms, Ryan.” Vanessa purred. “First off, how about you two move to the part of the counter. Jose...bend her over, take her like that.”
“You got it boss.” Jose replied, grinning. He pulled out of Debby, letting her hop of the counter. Once she was bent over on the far end of the counter. Vanessa licked her lips as she watched him re-enter Debby, grasping her by her curvy hips and thrusting inside. She was getting wetter by the moment.
Vanessa hopped up on the counter, spreading her legs right in front of Debby's face. “I think you know what's next Ms. Ryan.”
“Oooh...ngg...very...very much Ms. Hudgens.” Vanessa breathed deep and let out a moan as  Debby began to eat her pussy. “Oooohhhh,” she moaned, leaning her head back. “That's right baby.” Vanessa craned her head back up, watching Debby get fucked while the big titted, weed clerk ate her out. “Damn, I love college.” She thought to herself.
Jose and Debby didn't find it too bad either. Jose had the wonderful treat of driving his dick inside of Debby's pussy while getting a full view of her snacking on Vanessa Hudgens' pussy alongside looking at her wonderful ass and running his hands all over it, plus the fact that preceding it he got real up close and personal with her amazing tits.
As for Debby, she couldn't think of anything she'd rather be doing...good weed, eating out Nessa with a good, hard and reliable cock in her pussy. Perfect Saturday.
“Fuck her good.” Vanessa demanded in a hiss, smoke from her own joint coming out between her teeth. “Show me how fucking good that dick is...show me it's worth the time.”
“I...unggg fuck...thought you knew it was worth it, Nessa.”
“Doesn't mean I don't want a good show....” She smiled with an open mouth, more smoke coming out as she moaned from the feeling Debby's mouth was providing her. “Smack her ass.”
Jose reared back and planted a firm smack on Debby's round ass, making her yelp and Vanessa smirk with a wicked glee. “Again.” SMACK. “Mmm..one more time...” SMACK! And with that, Vanessa was done looking at Debby get fucked...she wanted to get fucked now.
“Pull out,” She said. “My turn. Follow me to the break room.” The trio went behind the counter into the break room, the single most chilled out, stoner's paradise, complete with min fridge and shag carpeting, carpeting that was going to get a lot of use. “Lay down and get ready for a wild ride honey.”
Jose lay down as Vanessa had asked. But before Vanessa could take her place, she turned to Debby and pulled her close, their lips locking as soon as they could.
Debby moaned into Vanessa's mouth as the exotic brunette's hands roamed her body as their tongues intertwined. Vanessa gave Debby a few more jolts of pleasure by inserting her well-manicured fingers into the doe-eyed stoner's snatch, making her moan a little before pulling them out and placing her fingers in Debby's mouth, letting her get a taste.
Vanessa looked out the corner of her to Jose, smirking when she saw him jacking himself to the show he was getting. And the show wasn't over. Vanessa cupped Debby's breasts and lowered her mouth to them. “Fuck these are amazing tits Deb...so big...beautiful. They just demand attention...”
“Ooooh Nesssss....” Debby hissed. She licked her full lips as Vanessa hungrily sucked and needed her tits, the Filipino seductress burying herself in the stunning cleavage Debby Ryan possessed. With a visual like this, Jose couldn't help but think things couldn't be hotter...except maybe if Cami was in the mix in this. And the moment that thought entered his head he shook it out and chose to focus on something he considered more wholesome than romantic thoughts about Camila Mendes, like watching Vanessa Hudgens ravage Debby Ryan's tits.
And it was certainly a show to behold. There were a lot of things that could be said about Vanessa, almost all of them positive. One of them was she knew how to make something as scorching hot as two hot women having their way with each other even hotter. Caressing here, licking there, kissing
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Re: All-Star College
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Vanessa crawled over to Debby and happily went back to snacking on her snatch. After taking a few moments to watch, Jose got behind Vanessa and resumed his fucking, and now, he controlled the pace. He was going a little harder, faster, and Vanessa was loving it, adding fuel to her fire which only stood to make Debby feel even more amazing.
“Oh...oh wow yes...mmm eat it...eat my pussy...oh 'Nessa...fuck...don't stop fucking her Jose...keep going...oh fuck both of you just fucking keep going!” Debby pleaded.
“Not gonna be a problem Debz.” He grunted. His hands held tight to Vanessa's hips, ony breaking contact to give her firm, tight ass a good smack. “Yeah...oh fuck Vanessa yes...mmmm...fuck baby!”
“Yeah...yeah take that fucking pussy...give...ugh....oh fucking give it to me...ahhhhh yesss...” Vanessa threw her head back, groaning in pleasure with her eyes shut tight. As they reopened, she caught Debby staring a hungry stare as Jose plowing her from behind, her tongue extended to lick her full, plump lips. That's when an idea entered Vanessa's head.
“Debby,” Vanessa breathlessly said. Move...move to the side...”
“Mmmm, I just got the yummiest idea....” Vanessa peered over her shoulder at Jose, the sexy little smirk on her face again. “How about we give our friend here a bit of variety? Bend over the couch, shake that ass and let Jose fuck you...then her can come right back to me..over...and over...till he shoots all that cum right in your mouth...”
“OH fuck that sounds amazing.” Jose said, speeding up his thrusts inside Vanessa.
“That's one yes,” Vanessa said. “What about it Debby?”
“Hell yeah!” replied Debby, grabbing Vanessa's face and pulling her into a kiss. The moment it broke, both women's tongue still darting out at each other, Debby scurried and bent over the couch, shaking her ass. “Fuck me again...fuck me, Jose....”
“Mmm, go on honey...I don't mind sharing.” Vanessa said, her voice a seductive mix of perky and sultry.
“If you insist he said, pumping her a few more times before moving over to Debby.
“Ohhhh shit yessss,” Debby hissed, her eyes rolling in the back of her head when Jose entered her again. She propped herself up on her elbows as he plowed in her her. Jose Reached around, grasping at Debby's tits, bringing the curvy girl up, pressing her back to his chest. Vanessa crawled back on to the bed just for a bit, unable to resist another chance to kiss Debby's full lips and even fuller breasts
Debby was writhing in pleasure from all the attention, it was almost too much, and Vanessa could spot it. A slick smile crossed her face and she said, “Switch.” She climbed back down, bent over right next to Debby and eagerly awaiting for Jose's dick to return to her waiting pussy. And it did.
Vanessa and Debby and back again, Jose fucked them both, feeling them from the inside with his throbbing cock and the outside with his hands and lips. The pair of vixens went from being bent over to sitting on the couch, facing Jose, their words singed with seduction and filth, cheering and urging him on as he fucked them. Which ever one he wasn't balls deep in was helping him get the other off. It was too much for anyone to take, Jose included.
“Oh fuck, gonna cum!” he shouted.
“Not yet!” Debby pleaded. “Not fucking yet...oh so close...keep going...oh shit so close.”
“I think I can help with that,” Vanessa purred. She crawled on Debby's body, her face  her crotch while Vanessa crotch was right in Debby's face. The three were a living sex machine, working in a delightfully perverse union to get each other off. Debby went off first,, releasing a low, guttural groan as her cunt clamped and spasmed around Jose's cock, ending him.
“SHIT! Cumming.”
“In her mouth.” Vanessa ordered. Jose pulled out and Debby dutifully scrambled to her knees, all while Vanessa frantically fingered herself at the scene. “Cum right in her mouth....”
Debby wrapped her lips around his cock and almost instantly her mouth was  filled with cum. And as soon as Jose was moaning in satisfaction, his cock pumping and shooting hot cum in Debby's mouth, Vanessa came, screaming out in utter pleasure over the scene.
Even before she had come down completely, Vanessa made her way to Debby, whispering in her ear, “Don't swallow...not a drop...we're not done yet.”
One Jose had pulled out, he watch in amazement as Vanessa moved her mouth to Debby's the two kissing and swapping his cum between them. Back and forth, his sperm was swapped between them before the two sex kittens swallowed, smiling and satisfied.
“Debby, why don't you be a dear and get Jose hear some of that Green Goblin...and bring us some waters from the fridge.” Vanessa said. “You, weed's gonna be eighty.”
“Eighty? After that?”
“Jose, sweetheart, that was fun but I don't run a charity. I run a business. Besides, i knocked twenty bucks off. So you go home with prime weed, fresh off the kind of fuck most mopes would sell their soul for, and twenty bucks off that weed. Good deal, no?”
“Fair,” he nodded. And it was. Only thing better would have definitely been having Camila in the mix....and the moment that thought entered his head, Jose badly wanted that weed to be strong enough to wipe any thoughts of Camila and her great ass, beautiful face, lovely legs and all the other hot shit about her from his brain.
Monday morning, breakfast time, and the dining commons was filled to the brim with a mix of the groggy and the bright eyed and bushy tailed, but unified in their dreading of the upcoming week of classes, all building up to mid-terms.
At one of the tables sat one such group of women, each one making up a mental cross section of the feelings. Camila Mendes was a total morning person, completely and acutely aware of how much the week was going to suck due to the extreme amount of studying and busy work ahead. Lili Reinhart was sluggish, and she was actually looking forward to the class work, as it would take the edge off of all the romantic drama going on in her life.

The third woman of this trio was Madelaine Petsch. And she was somewhere in the middle. Not 100% awake, and not 100% concerned with the week as far as school work goes. Growing up the way she did, she knew better than to stress out a week in advance when life was always ready to throw the most nightmarish things it could at you at any second. She always managed to pull through somehow, even with all the chaos her life had thrown at her. It made her appreciate friends like Camila and Lili, even if she didn't see them that much. Or, anyone for that matter.
Madelaine had made an effort on that part. Living with ANYONE after years in the foster care system where sometimes she didn't even get her own bed was more than enough to make her hunker down and get the extra cash to have a place of her own. It was a studio apartment that was a tight squeeze for her and her dog and cat, but it was hers. Still, acing the upcoming midterms would be a great way to give the next few weeks a bit of a boost. But this fiery redhead had learned to not ask for too much, especially if she wasn't the one in control of it.
“I am actually annoyed at how relaxed you are.” Camila said, picking at her omelette. “No. Enraged. That's the word. I am fucking enraged at how calm you are right now.”
“This isn't calm, it's pure exhaustion and you know exactly what from. I'm just glad it's all going to be over. Tests I can handle, this shit has been a nightmare. Pass the salt.” Once Lili had received her shaker of salt, both her and Camila noticed how, once again, the fiery haired woman was incredibly cool in her demeanor. “How are you never stressed?”
“I'm constantly stressed,” Madelaine said, her voice still cool, even-tempered. “See, the trick is the stress from all school stuff is actually a vacation from my daily stress of trying to afford an apartment and bills on my own on a Knockers' waitress salary and tips. I don't really have time to stress over any of the classes here, which are pretty much a breeze except for the cooking class.”
“Really? Madchen's such a great professor though!” Lili said. “I remember her cherry pie recipe by heart. I always make it when I go back home.”
“Why are you even taking a cooking class?” Camila asked. “It's not like you're going to need one if you're running a hotel, which by the way is the most random thing I can think of going to college for.”
“Yet it's got it's own building  on campus with an operation student restaurant included.”
“Look, the whole point of what I'm doing is to get a job in what tends to be a lucrative, secure business. And if I climb that ladder, I'm going to in charge of pretty much everything, right down to the restaurants. Not directly in charge, but the yes, the head honcho. So when I tell people what I need of them, I want to know what I'm talking about, hence the cooking class. Better to have the knowledge and not need it than to need it and not have it. I prefer independence.”
“I'd prefer an easy A.” Camila replied. “Or a class where I could bullshit my way to it.”
“Thanks, but I'll pass on the sage advice. Besides, i just need to get a C. That's it. All I need to keep my scholarship.”
“You know if you're that worried you could just accept some help,” Lili said. “I mean, what was the name of that guy who's Madchen's fave? She was raving about his lobster ravioli last week. The one that even offered you some help?”
“Oh god I am not asking Jared,” Madelaine said, a little bit of emotion entering her voice. “And he's not just offering to help me study out of the goodness of his heart.”
“So?” Cami asked. “He is asking to help. And besides, he's cute. And he also showers a lot more than the guys you usually date. Though a lot less leather and piercings in the wardrobe.”
“They're not all that bad,” Madelaine said, fully knowing that yes, they were indeed all that bad. She liked her bad boys. Not because of the bad behavior, but they tended to make her feel; safe...when they weren't blowing up at her. “Besides, he's no saint if he has an ulterior motive.”
“Mads, it's not a bad thing,” Lili said. “I mean, he's a guy who just wants to find a way to spend time with you that's kinda no pressure. It's sweet. He just wants to get to know you and he's nervous to just flat out ask.”
“Lili's right, in her own saccharine way. Besides, if nothing clicks you're at least getting a B- out of the situation.”
“Well, we're about to find out,” Lili said with her first grin of the day. “Here he comes.”
“Great,” Madelaine said, not remotely trying to hide her disdain. She didn't even want to make eye contact with Jared, even as he got closer to the table.
“Hi Madelaine,” he said, a nervous smile on his face. He grabbed the chair directly in front of her and asked, “Is this seat taken?”
“Absolutely not,” Cami said, cutting off Madelaine. “Please, join us.”
“Camila. Or Cami. The cute blonde is Lili, but be warned, she's kinda taken....long story.”
“Not that long.” Lili replied. She extended her hand to Jared, shaking it. “We've actually met a few times before in Madchen's office, right.”
“Yeah, I think so...you're the pie girl, right?”
“Well, kick ass pie girl but yeah.”
“Great,you two have something in common AND know each other,” Madelaine said, you must have so much to talk about. So I'll leave you to it.” But before Madelaine could get up, Camila grabbed her arm, a sideways smile on her face.
“You haven't touched your pancakes yet.” Cami said. “And trust me, I know your schedule, your classes today don't make lunch possible. It's why you got the tall stack. So you should probably eat.”
“And if you stick around, you'll get some entertainment.” Jared said with a hopeful tone. “And if if you don't like what I do, I'll go.”
“And if I do?” Madelaine asked, fully expecting this to be a deal of some sort.
“Um...that means you liked the trick?”
“And you let him him help you with your cooking class,” Lili added. “If he entertains you, you let him help you.” Lili winked at Jared, who was kind of confused over the whole thing but was going with it.
“Fine. But I have very high standards.”
“Okay...so...” Jared reached into his jacket and pulled out a deck of cards. He spread them out on the table, then took one from the end and used it to flip them all over on their face. “I'm trying to be an illusionist. Sleight of hand, all that stuff. Not the best at it, but card tricks, I'm pretty untouchable at. Camila; Lili, Madelaine, please feel free to examine the deck. Look at any cards you want and as many as you want.”
The three women carefully rifled through the cards, looking closely at many of them before putting them back.
“So, genuine deck, right? Not a trick to them?”
“Yeah, that's right,” Madelaine said, her tone lacking any sense of interest. “What's next?”
“Well, that's up to you Ms. Petsch.” Jared rounded up the cards and shuffled them as fancily as possible, the held the deck out to Madelaine. “Cut the deck. Anywhere you want.” She did, placing the half deck of cards she chose back on the table. “Okay. Lili, cut that piece of the deck.” She did, and then Jared turned to Camila and asked the same.
“How much of this is audience participation?”
“Only a bit more, Red.”
“Oh...sorry. Well, here's the next thing. I want you to pick up those three piles of cards and reshuffle them, then hand it back to me, right in the palm of my hand.” She looked at him quizzically for a moment before doing what he asked, similarly fancy.
“Nice handwork,” Jared said.
“You don't know the half of it,” Camila joked, earning an elbow to the side from Madelaine. Once the deck was shuffled to her satisfaction, she placed it square on Jared's palm.
“Now what?” she asked, her tone now a bit more earnest. She was into the trick.
“Last step is a bit of a cliche, but pick a card, any card, and don't show it to me. Show it to them, show it to the chefs, take a pic and post it on Instagram, just don't show it to me at all.” He turned his back on the women, staring straight in the other direction.
She licked her lips and let a smile slip out and selected a card. Lili and Cami both took a look, Cami taking out a pen and scribbling down Madelaine's number on it.
“Cami!” Madelaine whispered.
“Oh calm down Mads. If he pulls it off he's earned it, I mean he has to call you sometime, right?”
“And now it's going to be easier because you marked the card.”
“Just to remind you guys, I haven't seen what card it is and I only know it's marked now because you told me. I won't be seeing the card you picked because you're going to place it back in the deck. Any place you want.”
“Oh...okay.” Madelaine slid  the card in towards the bottom of the deck, but not quite the bottom. “Done.”
“Great.” Jared turned back around, grabbed the deck and thoroughly reshuffled it, his hands and fingers doing what looked like a very choreographed danced as some of the cards almost seemed to roll over his fingers. Then, he stopped, the deck perfectly shuffled.
He placed it squarely in front of Madelaine and tapped the top. “Your card is right on top,” he said. “Check out.”
The redhead smirked and reached forward, drawing the card. Her eyes went to Jared's. “Sorry, not my card.”
“What? No no no...wait, check the next one.”
“I'll do you one better.” Madelaine drew the next three cards, none of them were hers. “Sorry.”
Jared breathed deep. He saw Lili and Cami were feeling for him, it was on their faces just as plainly as the look of victory was on Madelaine's. He had her. Hell, he had them all. His eyes went to the second thing he had spotted at the table, right next to the first thing, Madelaine.
“Wait, are those Frosted Flakes?” he asked.
“Yes...” Madelaine replied. “Why?”
“That explains it. See, the way those are made, the way the flakes are frosted, creates a weird ionization effect, throws off the teleportation for the trick. May I?”
“Yeah, sure.” Lili and Cami exchanged looks, grinning wide and Madelaine handed her mini cereal box over. Jared opened it up and grinned. He reached inside, and right outside the bag within the box he ”found” a card. He took it out, and flipped the face towards the women. “Is this your card?”
“Queen of hearts...with my number in Cami's handwriting,” Madelaine said. “100% my card. And now it's yours...along with my number.”
“Are you sure?” Jared asked.

“You got me. I'm impressed. But let me make one thing clear. This isn't a date. You're helping me do better than average in class. That's it. And we're not doing this at your place or mine. Ask Madchen if we can use the kitchen in her class. If not, I'll get us into the one in the hotel class building. Understood?”
“100%. I have to get to class, probably gonna be late, but so worth it. Nice meeting you Lili, Cami. And I will call you later Red.”
“Fine. Talk to you then.”
“Oh my God he's so cute,” Lili said  when Jared was out of earshot. “He actually has a spring in his step. You put a spring in there Mads. I thought it was just an expressions but the man is practically skipping.”
“Well he's setting himself up for disappointment. It's tutoring. Nothing more.”
“Yeah, sure. And Lili doesn't have a thing for guys in masks,” Cami said.
“Really?' Lili said. “This early?”
“What do you mean?” asked Madelaine.
“Well the mask stuff I'll tell you later when that's all settled, but the other thing...dude he called you Red when he said bye and you didn't even flinch, let alone correct him.”
“Oh...I didn't? Must not have cared.”
“Yeah...kind of my point. Anyway, Lils and I must be going. Classes and campus jobs and other things of dread. See you later...most likely after you call that guy you're definitely not even the tiniest bit intrigued by.”
“Yeah, like Cami here isn't intrigued by that guy she made  out with at Halloween....what was he dressed as? Was it Deadpool or was he a dog...like a yapping dog...”
“Lili, not ONE word.” Camila sternly replied.
“What the Hell do you guys do when I'm not around?” asked Madelaine.
“And that's how it's going to go,” Norm Dillon explained. “Straight from her mouth.” He had stopped by Taylor's place to give the dirt he had just gotten on Katy Perry and her sorority. As the school's best tech student, ahead of most of his teachers, actually, he was pretty much on call to the highest bidder. Katy paid the most for his computer expertise...Taylor paid in more fun ways with his information gathering skills.

“Mmm, good job Normie,” Taylor Swift said, crossing her legs from right to left. “So, Katy is going to try and up the ante for McKracken to secure the student union AND the main hall for her sorority's own little end of semester party next month. Well, I don't think I can allow that, can I Karlie?”
“I can't imagine anyone could talk you out of it.” replied Karlie.
“You know me so well. And since I know you so well, I think I'll ask Charli to join me in something so...well, wonderfully fun to some and distasteful to others.” Taylor smiled, then turned her face back to Norm, the smile becoming more seductive, her tongue slithering out and licking her red lips. She gave Norm a wink and he nodded, then walked forward. “So, as usual, time for your little...finder's fee. Drop 'em.”
Norm dropped his drawers and Tay got from her seat to her knees, running her perfectly manicured nailed up and down his legs. She extended her tongue, licking his balls. As Taylor began her payment, Karlie began to gather her things to leave. Taylor wasn't having it.
“Where do you think you're going?” asked Taylor.
“I don't really want to see this.” Karlie replied. “It's bad enough you're going be fucking McKracken again, I don't want to see you sucking some jackass' cock. No offense Norm.”
“None taken.” he responded.
“Well, I want you here. I want the audience. I don't think Normie here would mind a beautiful blonde watching another beautiful blonde suck his cock.” Taylor looked up at her eager guest, his cock hard from the nonchalant handjob Taylor had begun giving him.  “Besides...when I'm doing this, having an audience really gets me off.”
“Fine.” Karlie curtly responded. She watched, mostly pissed off but there was indeed a part deep down that did enjoy the show.

Taylor's blue eyes returned to Norm. “Now...where were we? Ah...of course, this guy.” She slid her thumb under the head of Norm's cock, rubbing it in circles, the embers of a fire building inside her as a small droplet of pre-cum oozes out. “I love it when a cock is ready. It's so...hot. There's no other way to put it.”
Norm let out a moan when Taylor's full, red lips slid over his hard rod. He got goose-flesh as her mouth explored his hard flesh, her tongue caressed and snaking every inch before she pulled back. He looked down, watching his red lipstick smeared cock connect to Taylor mouth wit a string of saliva.
“You know, I don't know if people rally know how much I love cock. I mean, I just fucking love it.” Taylor had a toothy sneer of a smile on her face as she spoke, her hand gently pumping Norm's cock. “I mean sure, I also enjoy pussy a great deal. Proof of that is watching us right now. But for me...I just need cock sometimes. That's why I love this arrangement of ours, Normie. I get what I want...you get what you want...and I also get something I want at the same time. It's so...delicious. Literally in my case.”
She gave Norm a big, open mouth smile and returned to his cock. It was pure heaven as she slowly worked her mouth up and down his cock while her hand massaged his balls, her shiny red nails tickling his taint.
“Oh yeah...yeah Tay...oh fuck that's so perfect...god damn...”, said Norm. His head was lost in a firework colored haze of pleasure, and the firecrackers hadn't even exploded. It all felt so amazing, every single touch of her fingers, every stroke of her tongue, eye contact that was an amazing blend of sensual and fierce. When her mouth couldn't dish out the dirty talk she let her eyes do the work.
One more time though, Taylor pulled back, ready to spit more erotically charged fire.
“You know what I REALLY love abut dicks? The way they feel when they're about to cum. After I've worked SO hard to get a guy ready to burst...mmmmfuck the way they throb...pulse...oh my GOD I love it. Nothing comes close. Nothing...mmmm and I want it from you right now Normie. I know your ready. I want it...give me what I want...again. You gave me the intel...now give me that cum.”
The only answer Taylor's informant could give was a loud moan. His hands went to Taylor's gorgeous golden locks of hair, his fingers running through it.  Taylor gave him a wink as her paced increased, determined to make give Normie deliver her one last thing she was now full on starving for. Taylor genuinely wasn't lying, she fucking LOVED cock. Maybe too much, which was why she never kept a man for too long.
While the erotic oral interlude between Taylor and Norm was reaching its crescendo, Karlie was there, dutifully watching. Still angry, but the part of her turned on had increased in a way she hadn't expected. Even Taylor referring to her as just pussy was rolled off her. She was into the show, though she'd never admit it.
“Tay...oh fuck Taylor..gonna cum..oh fuck yes....”
She pulled off his cock, moving her hand to his stiff meat, pumping it right at her open mouth. “Yeah...mmmm give it to me...right on my tongue...I want to feel you cock pump that load right my tongue...do it Normie...fucking DO IT!”
His cock head was right on her outstretched tongue, his hands squeezed tightly into fists when he began shooting, his white cum covering her moist, pink tongue in streams and ropes.
A happy moan of “Uh huh,” came from Taylor opens mouth, savoring every drop she was getting, even the stray few shots that fired on her face. She had zero issue with cum on her face. It just proved she knew what she was doing.
Taylor looked up at Norm, then to Karlie, giving her a wink before returning the gaze to Norm and swallowing his load with a loud “Aaah!”
With the payment given,Taylor returned to her feet and kiss Norm on the cheek. “Always a pleasure Normie. Always keeping your eyes and ears open for me.”
“Well, with such a great payment plan how could I say no?” he asked with a grin.
“Smart boy. Now, pull those pants up and make your way out. Maybe find something a bit juicier. You might even get an even juicier payout next time.”
Norm looked at Karlie, the taller blonde a mix of furious and turned on then back to Taylor. He grabbed Ms. Swift's hand and placed a kiss on it, giving her a wink. “I think I can pull something off that'd make us both happy. I've got a lead.”
Taylor and Karlie's eyes met, Taylor half-smiling, a naughty and mischievous look to her face before going back to Norm. “Well, I look forward to our next meeting then. Bye.” Norm buckled his belt and left the room.
“Can I go now?” Karlie asked.
“If you must,” Taylor said, making her way to Karlie. “But admit it sweetie, that was fun.”
“I admit, I got turned on a bit.” Karlie said, backing away from the approaching Taylor Swift. “But that doesn't mean I wanted to watch while you blew some guy.”
“Oh give me a break Karlie.” Taylor said. “What, you're fine with me fucking McKracken to keep our sorority party's location but this bothers you? I FUCK someone else, you're fine, but this? This is where you draw the line? And don't think I don't remember every time you question one of my decisions as far as the sorority goes. But as long you get what you want, your morality is fine.”
“Yeah, like that only applies to me.”
“Oh honey, it does. You wanna know why? Because I always get what I want. It doesn't matter the set back, I go for it. I fight for it. At all costs. I know what I'm doing. I don't mind dissenting opinions but the better damn be good. And if there's a problem with that, well, you do know where the doors are, don't you.”
“Are you saying what  I think you're saying?”
“Karlie, let me be clear.” Taylor got face to face with Karlie, her face soft, but with a tinge of the authority she held behind it. “You don't have to leave if you don't want to. I'd much prefer it if you were here, with me. Often times in bed.” She softly touched Karlie hand, rubbing her thumb on it. “You know how I feel. And you also know how protective I have of everything I have. I don't want to lose it and I will fight for it. I will do whatever it takes to keep it. And I don't like it when people cross me. Like Katy. I will do things to get what I want you will not always agree with. I will do things you don't like to protect my friends. But as you know I'm very ready to do things you will like. And as for me enjoying things like my agreement with Norm are my bargain with McKracken, well, you knew exactly what I liked sexually when we started dating. And joined in more than a few times.”
“I know, but...”
“But what? Karlie, none of this is done to hurt you. Honestly I thought you might want to join in on sucking him off or maybe it'd turn you on enough to want to skip class and have a little fun with me. For misjudging that, I'm sorry. But I'm not going to apologize for loving dick. And I won't apologize for doing what it takes to get what I want. Because that's how shit gets done. So, I probably will be fucking McKracken again. Definitely will be doing something with Norm again. Because it benefits me, what I want and what I need. And it's really fucking fun. And as much as I do care about you, I won't let that stand in the way of doing what's best for me, you , or my friends.”
“And how do you know what's best?”
“I'm Taylor Swift, dear. That's how I know. And I've never been wrong. Just like I know I'm not wrong about us.” Taylor pulled Karlie to her for a kiss, one that Karlie returned, though not as enthusiastic as Taylor wold have hoped. “You're still mad.”
“I'm fine.” Karlie responded. “I just need to cool off, though I am a little tempted to stay with you. But, I have class and other stuff. I will see you tonight though.” Karlie kissed Taylor and left her alone in the den.
“I hope you do,” Taylor said when the door closed. “And I hope its as pleasant as this goodbye was.”

“How'd you meet Mr.Boz?” The cop asked. He was urgent, but detached, professional. The interrogation room was somehow both sleek an ancient, sterile and dirty. The cops were dimly lits, taking notes with desk lamps and all lights were on Catherine Tramell, a black haired, pale skinned femme fatale, looking at them the way a cat look at mice, her smile giving away she was pretty much playing with her prey. The prey didn't seem to mind.
“I wanted to write a book about the murder of a retired rock and roll star.” Catherine replied. She reclined slightly in her chair, showing off her legs, her large breasts pressing tight against her low cut white dress. “I went to his club, picked him up and had sex with him.”
“You didn't feel anything for him, you just had sex with him for your book?”
“In the beginning? Yes. But then I got to like what he did for me.” The raven-haired brunette looked to Nick, a small, predatory smile showing through her plump lips.
“That's kind of cold, ain't it lady?” the scrubby cop next to Nick said.
“I'm a writer. I use people for what I write. Let the world beware.” Catherine whipped her hair backed and leaned forward, her cleavage almost over flowing. “Do you want me to take a lie detector test?”
The screen faded to black, and the lights in the classroom went up. Liz Gillies, Bruce Rayner and the rest of the cast and crew of the scene beamed. They knew they'd done good, and were just waiting for the official line from their professors.
“Good work,” Professor Burton said. “Really like how you gave your own take on the Neo-Noir look of the film in this, Bruce. Especially with the limited resources you had.”
“Thanks sir,” Bruce said. “I had a great crew and a great cast. And we're just getting started.”
“That's good to hear,” Sophia chimed in. “And I'm giving you credit, so far, you've turned in the best scene so far. And it's good to have that confidence. It inspires everyone on set. But don't let that confidence turn into cockiness. The semester isn't over, and we have one more scene to be shown before the midterm. Be proud but stay on your toes.”
“Sure thing.” Bruce replied with a confidence that bordered on arrogance, which was nothing new at this point. In a lot of ways, it was a plus, specially for the business he was aiming for.
“And as for you Liz, great job.” Sophia got up and walked towards the busty brunette. “You did something even someone with decades of experience would have trouble doing, you made an iconic role 100% your own. On the screen, that's still Catherine Tramell from Basic Instinct. I mean you even wore the same color dress. The only thing I'd say is, honestly you didn't go far enough. I don't mean to sound exploitative, but I honestly think you could have done something of your own with the leg crossing part of that scene. It seemed cut to mostly focus on, well...”
“My tits?” Liz said bluntly. “Yeah, I know. I suggested doing the leg cross too. That outfit doesn't include underwear. Bruce decided against it, said we didn't need it. I fought for it but in the end let it slide. I thought it'd be perfect to do, maybe somehow make it more explicit. Just to try, of course.”
“I see,” Sophia said. “Is this true, Bruce?”
“Yes, and I stand by it. I don't think it was needed so it's not there.”
“And you didn't bother just trying it? Was there a scheduling issue?”
“Okay, time issue? Was the location going to become unusable?”
“Well, no.”
“So you have no excuse for not at least trying it. This isn't the era of celluloid and film. We're digital. Film, music, all of that. So knowing that and knowing that you had no scheduling issues or time constraints, you couldn't find the time to try something your actress clearly came prepared for just to see if it would work, am I correct?”
“Yes,' he said. “Yes you are.”
“Bruce, I don't want to say be at the mercy of your actors. Because you can't be. As a director you HAVE to be the leader. You have to know what you want. But you also need to be ready to listen. You need to be willing to try something. The final cut is not assembled on set. Hell, the final draft of a script isn't even the one that's turned in most of the time. If you have the time, and the ability to try something new that your actor suggests, even if you don't agree with it, take it. Try it. Don't be married to the script or your vision, because even without input from others your vision will change. And actors, don't take this as free license to try every single idea you have, because not all of them are gold. Here's the golden rule, Pick your battles. Got it?”
A general consensus of agreement was returned to Sophia, who who nodded. “Now, with that said, good job to the crew. You've set the high bar that next week's group, the Carpenter and Farrano team.”
“Well, I won't too my own horn,” Sabrina said grinning. “So I'm gonna leave that to my partner to do for me while I toot his horn, because he's super awesome.”
“And she's even awesomer,” Peter added nodding. “That's why her name comes first.” The two high-fived each other without looking. “Crushed it.”
“Great, keep that confidence away from cockiness and we'll see what you have in store for us. And I'll be keeping a strong eye on you Ms. Steinfeld.”
Hailee nodded with a nervous smile as Sophia's mention of her. And with that, the class was dismissed.
“Hey Hailee,” Peter said, catching up to her before she walked out the door. “Can we talk?”
“Yeah,” she said. “I think we should honestly. Alone. No offense Sabrina.”

“None taken.” the blonde said. “This is between you two, but I'll be seeing you both tomorrow night, no matter what. Business is business. Also Peter don't fuck this up  or I will end you. Anyway have a great day.” Sabrina nodded and smiled as she walked out of the classroom with everyone else.
It was just Hailee, Peter and Professors Burton and Bush left, with the professors seemingly more interested in discussing the class than the personal lives of their students.
“I need to know if you're even serious about me.” Hailee said. “I know Sabrina probably said something about it to you already...because let's be honest I doubt the girl could cover up a pair of twos with her poker face. But I want to talk to you. I know that whatever went on with you and that Selena girl was big for you. I know that. Hell the fact she wasn't even in class today was probably the only thing on your mind most of the class.”
“Haiz, Selena is a non issue. I didn't even notice that she wasn't here and I haven't talked to her since Halloween.”
“Please...please just let me finish.”
“Okay, I'm sorry.”
“Look, I like you a lot. I don't hide that. I may have made fun of Sabrina's poker face but mine is so much worse on this subject. I want to know where you stand. And I don't want some knee jerk reaction born in the moment of pressure being put on you right now. I really want you to know for sure. Know as much as I do. So...Thursday, by eight at night, I want your answer. If I don't hear from you, barring some kind of messed emergency, then I'll consider this just business. Also if I get like a text from you that's marked as you sent it by eight and I just didn't get it until way later, that's fine too. I just want to know, okay?”
“Hailee, come on...”
“Look, I'm not mad. But this is how I want it. You have until Thursday. Just...just give me this. I really want you to think on this, okay?”
“Yeah, I get it. Are we still on for lunch or is that cancelled?”
“Of course we are,” she smiled. “I don't want to stop seeing you. I want to give all the reason in the world to be with me. But it doesn't change my mind on you needing time to think. But I can't wait for lunch.” Hailee got up from her seat and grabbed her things. “See ya then.”
Right when she exited the door, Peter felt a soft hand on his shoulder. He turned around to see Sophia behind him.
“What are you doing before lunch?” She asked.
“I have a free period, was going to work a on script me and Sabrina have been work shopping.”
“Scratch, we have to talk. My office.”
“Y-yeah, sure.” Peter replied.
“Good. From that conversation you just had, I think we have a lot to talk about.”
The answer to where Selena Gomez was during class was an easy one,  she was with Reggie, or she was going to be. She was currently waiting in his bedroom while he was talking to a business associate in the living room.
While Selena waited,Reggie and his associate were talking about a business that Selena would probably have liked to be in on, considering the business was her.
“Reggie, I am not saying she's not a hot piece of ass.” Bruno a large, educated brute of a man in the cheapest expensive three piece suit you've ever seen. “I just don't know if she's up for the kind of business you're saying she is.”
“Bruno, my man, you saw the video,” Reggie said. “The girl is a born slut. And you know I know a good slut. Fuck she was practically begging for the cum on her face? Swallowed every drop down. Begged for the dick too. How is that NOT the business?”
“Well, what does Bella think of her?”
“Bella doesn't know.”
“Then I'm out.” Bruno replied. He made his way towards the door, and was blocked by Reggie.
“Bella doesn't have t be the only game in town.”
“She's not. Sophia's got the other half of the upper class business.”
“Who says it has to be just those two, huh? I got ideas too.”
“You wanna know why you're not gonna get anywhere?” Bruno asked, getting right in Reggie's face. “Because you pull shit like this. Dumb shit. Let's be honest Reggie, the onyl reason I even came here was because you work for Bella. Not with, hasn't been that way for a while, not since the first time you tried something like this. You work for her due to a level of mercy you should be thanking God for, you little twit.  You know why  Bella and Sophia run the prostitution biz in this town? They're business women. They have a market and they don't try to expand elsewhere. They don't try to get in the drugs or anything else. They sell sex. They have their customers. And those customers are very happy and very powerful. Yeah, this Selena chick is hot. Easily hot enough to be the crown jewel of a biz like this. But she's just one woman. And that ain't enough for me to even consider bringing this to my boss or frankly, anyone else.”
“Come on Bruno...I'll let you fuck her. I got this lovesick ditz wrapped around my fingers, it'll be a breeze.”
“We're done here. And consider it a courtesy I don't tell Bella what you just fucking pulled, AGAIN.” Bruno pushed pass Reggie and slammed the door, leaving Reggie completely seething. Eve when she wasn't there Bella was busting his balls.
“Everything okay?” Selena asked, finally stepping out of the bedroom. “Were you guys fighting?”
“Nah, business meetings can get kinda heated is all.” he lied. “It's all cool.”
“What business was that guy in anyway?”
“Entertainment.” Reggie grinned wide. He loved it when a lie was technically a truth. “Talking about you actually.”
“Reggie, I'm still taking acting classes, I'm not ready to  actually be in the business,” Selena said. “I don't even have an agent.”
“Sweetie, you got me.” Reggie said, leading her back to the bedroom. “And all the best still take classes to keep their skills sharp.” He closed the door and moved his hands to Selena's shirt, pulling it offer her and exposing her tits to the air. He cupped the delightful mounds, making her moan a bit. “Besides...I know you're gonna be a moneymaker, a real star....”
“Think so.” Selena said, going for his pants.
“I know it.” Reggie grinned, dollar signs in his eyes as he looked into her far more sincere gaze.
“So, is there a problem Sophia?” Peter asked. “I mean with school work or, you know...the other thing...”
“A little bit, yes.” Sophia said. She took a seat on the side of her desk, sitting just on the edge, her legs crossed. “Are things going all right with you and Hailee? Is our little...arrangement distracting you? I know we've spoken about a few times before and after, but if what we're doing is keeping you from committing to her, we're not doing it anymore. I told you before, I don't really like having clients who are involved with someone else. I'm not a fan of being the other women, even if I'm getting paid.That goes for all my girls as well. So if this is hurting her, then it stops. This isn't a loveless marriage, so no pass.”

“Soph, it's...it's weird. I like Hailee. I like her a lot. I know I do. But I don't know where we stand because I don't know what happens if it all falls apart. I'm not remotely lucky with this stuff. I mean Hell, we're not even DATING dating and we're on the verge.”
“Okay, I get.There's a lot of confusion about it. And now it's taking it's toll on both of you.” Sophia moved to the front of her desk, a smile on her face as she looked at Peter. “So...here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to refer you tone of my other girls. Our usual time, Thursday during the day. She's a bit more...equipped to maybe talk you through this. I mean I'm a good listener but clearly there's a block we're not getting over. Not that you're not a good fuck, but in cases like yours I like to see you move on to something a bit more meaningful, so it's nothing personal against you.  I just want to see you happy and you know, not paying for sex. Nothing wrong with it but, you know. It's my business after all. But still, shouldn't be necessary for everyone, or a crutch.”
“You think I'm really using this as a crutch?”
“Not yet,” Sophia said. “But it could get that way. Not to sound egotistical but I can easily imagine fucking me is a real nice alternative to facing your problems.” She got up from her desk and locked the door to her office, then turned back to Peter. “With that being said...I honestly think its the height of bad manners to say goodbye to a client without a proper goodbye. And don't worry, this one is on the house.”
Sophia had Peter's 100% attention as she stripped free of her clothes, hanging them on the coat rack before going to her knees and crawling towards him. Her hands softly parted his legs at the thigh then ran over the bulge in his pants, her smokey voice a purr as her green eyes sparkled with a matching lust.
Peter tried to undo his pants, but Sophia pushed his hands away. “I'm doing the work...just sit back and enjoy the last hurrah.” She unzipped his pants and fished out his cock. Her hot breath made his growing member twitch before she began tot ake him in her mouth.
“Mmmm fuck yes...oh Sophia,” he growled. He tried to keep it down. The door may have been locked but they were still in an office, so it wasn't too private. Though Sophia's hot mouth and oral expertise were making that a very, very tough issue to deal with.
She was methodical, but not slow.And even methodical seemed to clash with the sensuality Sophia's blowjob had. There was not a wasted moment. Eye contact, her tongue, her saliva, her hands. She was the conductor of a symphony of lust and the orchestra was just warming up.
Peter reached down, brushing and holding back Sophia's gorgeous brown locks, getting a full view of her beautiful face sucking his cock. It was such an perfect visual. A gorgeous face, just the right mix of girl next door combined with girl that takes you the back alley.
Sophia took Peter's throbbing member down her throat, her nose pressed to his flesh as he writhed in the chair. After a good twenty seconds, Sophia pulled back, saliva strings connecting her lips to Peter's hard prick.
“How about we move on to something a bit more mutual, sweetie?” Sophia said with a smirk.
Peter got to his feet, bringing Sophia up with him and kissing her as he picked her up in his arms. He pinned Sophia to the door and began to drive into her, her smokey moans filling the room. She was just as aware as Peter there were in an office, but sometimes pleasure doesn't have a volume dial.
“Oh...that's it...just the right spot baby...” Sophia said. “Mmmm love how you fuck me, it's so fucking good Peter...so damn good.”
“Oh...oh holy fucking shit, yeah.” Peter groaned, His lips went from a desirable piece of real estate on Sophia's lips down to her breasts, eagerly lavishing them with with lustful attention as Sophia's shapely legs wrapped tightly around him.
Their foreheads were pressed together, breaths heavy, sweat building. There was a light sheen of perspiration on both of them. His hands held her ass, firm and round and her eyes did all the pleading her moans weren't already doing. The sparkle behind them screamed “FUCK ME!” where her controlled moans could not.
“My desk.” Sophia said, her husky voice somewhere between a moan and whisper. “Bend me over...fuck me...fuck me...”
Peter moved Sophia to her desk. He pulled out of her and bent her over, smacking that firm ass before grabbing her hips and thrusting right back in.
“Oh fuuuuuck.” She growled. His hand on her hips, he drove into her. “Mmm...mmm give to me hard Petey....just like that...fuck me...fuck me cause it's the last time baby...make it worth it honey...uhhh yesssss...”
The sounds of slapping flesh increased it's pace. Peter's grip was firm, tight, but somehow a little tender. He wanted, her, needed her in that moment and she loved it. With one thrust he slammed all the way and paused, savoring the feeling of her cunt while Sophia ground against him, working her hips.
Peter pressed Sophia forward so she was laying flat against her desk, him directly on top of her as he pumped her. His hot breath was in her ear,every moan, every grunt, all filled with pleasure and all going directly in her ear. She loved it. Best part of the job.
The desk scooted a bit with every thrust, and the thrusts themselves were getting harder, fast more insistent. And Sophia wanted on changed, both minor and major. It was, after all, their last time.
“Ass,” she said in gulp for air. “Fuck my ass.”
“You sure?”
“Mm hhm...big time. Gotta give you a grand finale...something to remember me by.”
“Oh trust me I am never forgetting you Soph,” Peter said, kissing her neck.
“Mmm I appreciate the sentiment but I kinda want that cock up my ass, sweetie.” She moved her lips to his, giving him a quick kiss before he stood up behind her, giving Sophia's pussy a few more pumps before pulling out.
Sophia braced herself against the desk as Peter's cock entered her asshole. “Ooooohhh that's fucking tight,” she hissed. “Oh don't worry I fucking love it just take it slow at first, okay?”
“No prob, Soph,” he said. His hands ran over her ass, taking a grip of her once again as he slowly fucked her ass. The moans lowered to a near whispers, Sophia's mouth open in a silent “O” shape as Peter worked more and more of his cock up her ass, inch by tantalizing inch.
Soon, he was balls deep up her ass, and then when the pace began to pick up.
“Yeah...oh yeah fuck it...fuck my...oh Peter...fuck it...fuck my ass....just...like...THAT!” He wrapped his arms around Sophia, pulling her up, her back to his chest and drove into her, hard and fast, both right on that edge. His hand feverishly worked her clit. They were both ready to blow, ready to cum. It was a race Peter was going to win.
Oh fuck...oh Sophia...gonna cum...gonna fucking cum!”
“Mouth! Cum in my mouth!” In a flash he was out of Sophia's ass and in her mouth, the lustful professor sucking hard and fast until her mouth was full of cum, Peter freeze in place as pleasure raced through his body cum filled Sophia's mouth.
Before either could bask in any kind of afterglow, Peter whisked Sophia onto her desk and plunged his fingers into her soaking snatch.
“Cum Sophia...cum on...cum for me,” Peter said as he fingers her, sloshing sounds filling the room as Sophia writhed and moaned. She hadn't swallowed all of his cum, and some had leaked out of her mouth as she began to moan.
Sophia shut her mouth tight, stifling what would have been a glass shattering scream of pleasure as she came hard, shaking. When she finally started to come down, she laid back flat on her desk while Peter took a seat once more. They were totally spent, and that's putting it lightly.
“So,” peter said. “Thursday, your place around 2:00.”
“Uh huh.” Sophia replied, somewhat in a daze. “Perfect girl. She'll help you, guaranteed. Though that one won't be on the house.”
“Gotcha. Also, I hate to fuck and run, but I should probably shower before I go meet Hailee for lunch.”
“Yeah...probably should. I'm just gonna...gonna relax....maybe nap for the rest of the week.”
While class is where Karlie Kloss should have been, her destination ended up being some place quite different, and the person she was seeing would have been a surprise to her entire sorority.
“Well, I'd like to say I was surprised to get your call,” Kate Perry said, grinning from ear to ear. “But we hear at Kappa Alpha are always friendly to a woman scorned. I am correct in that regard, right? You've finally had enough of Taylor's brand of shit? Understandable. I'm glad to see you've seen the light, and came to me personally. In my bedroom no less.”
“Look, no games,” Karlie said. “I came here to give you a heads up.”
“About what? Taylor letting McKracken fuck her again? Up the ass to screw me out of my party? Something along those lines?” Katy smiled, sipping her seltzer, the bubbles fizzing around the lone maraschino cherry in the glass.
Karlie was speechless, frozen in place. Her entire pitch had been ripped from under her. “How...how?”
“Norm, be a dear and step out,” Katy said. From the connecting room, Norm Dillon entered, holding a baby blue teddy bear in his hand. “Taylor isn't the only one who employs our boy here. I just...pay better.”
“Indeed she does,” Norm grinned. “Speaking of payment, this bear spy cam is still on the fritz. Might need to replace the camera. I'll go by my workshop, see if I have something doable. If not, gonna be a week before I get anything in to fix it.”
“No problem. Just leave it here and come back when you can. Ms. Kloss and I have some...private business to attend to.”
“You got it, Katy.”  Norm left the two alone, giving Karlie a wink as he left.
“Now, we can talk a bit more...friendly. Come closer, Karlie.”
The statuesque blonde walked towards Katy. Katy got up from her seat as well. The two met. Karlie was unsure of what to do next, but there was a heavy sexual tension in the room, far too strong to cut. Instead, Katy did what she'd been planning on doing, she went along with it.
The raven-haired sorority queen pulled Karlie to her for a kiss, deep and raw. Karlie returned the affection, wrapping her arms around Katy. She'd always found her hot, but with the way Taylor had been acting lately, this kind of affection sparked kindling that had long been building.
Karlie wasted no time in freeing Katy's large tits. Male, female, it didn't matter, everyone Katy had ever been with had need to suck her amazing breasts, and Katy took no issue with that.
As Karlie voraciously went at Katy's tits, the two fell down onto Katy's bed, all in full view of the bear spy cam. The broken one...that wasn't so broken after all...
After a quick shower Peter rushed over to the dining commons to meet with Hailee. He wasn't going to be late by any means, but he didn't want to remotely take a single chance, not with things being the way they were currently. Things weren't bad but they cold always get worse.
Peter didn't have look too long to look for her. Hailee had taken a seat near the entrance.  She was sitting with a blonde woman Peter didn't recognize.
After a quick run through to get the food necessities such as pizza, fries, and of course nachos, Peter made his way to Hailee, sitting right across from her.
“Hey there beautiful,” he said, getting a big smile from her despite their earlier conversation. “And...beautiful's friend.”
“Hi.” replied Hailee. She was happy to see him, despite the uncertainty she still felt. “And this is my friend Elizabeth Olsen.”

“Nice to meet you,” Elizabeth said. “Hailee said a lot about you. Most of it good, so don't worry.”
“Well, that's...kind of a relief,” Peter said.  “So...what do you study?”
“Psychiatry.” she replied. “Studying to be a therapist. Every day is a new experience, so many interesting cases, both in text and in real life. Fascinating. Simply fascinating. I have some of my own ideas I'd like to test out as well.”
“What would those be?”
“I'd rather not say right now,” Elizabeth said. “Still in the planning phases. I'm not even remotely close to a degree. All I have right now is studying and my job, which also includes a chance to check people out in a unique way.”
“You got a job?” Hailee asked. “When?”
“A couple weeks into the semester. Kind of a therapist actually,” Lizzie said with a smile. “A massage therapist.  You'd be surprised what people will talk about when completely relaxed. Kind of a preview of full on mental therapy.”
“You never meet any creeps?”
“No, not really. My boss has a good screening system, so no scum balls..” A text message alert rung out and Elizabeth went for her phone. “It's my boss, give me a second.”
While Elizabeth got up and checked her messages, Hailee and Peter's attentions returned to each other.
“So, ready for the shoot this weekend? He asked,a tiny bit on the nervous side.
“Completely. “ Hailee replied. “I know When harry Met Sally like the back of my hand. I am beyond prepared, regardless of what happens between, well, you know.”
“I meant what I said.” She looked at him, her face was serious, the smile fading momentarily. “You need to get your head together. Really think about us.” She smiled softly at the last word. “I'm not saying no. I don't want to. But if I'm unsure I don't want to double on this. I need to know you're serious, okay?”
“Yeah, I get it.”
“Hey, it's not so bad,” she said, grabbing his hand and holding it. “If I was mad or didn't want something with you, I wouldn't have still wanted to eat with you. I don't want to not be around you. I like you, a lot. And I know this will turn out all right.”
Before Peter could say anything else, Elizabeth returned, a grin on her face.
“What's with the smile?” Hailee asked.
“Well, my boss hooked me up with a sweet last minute sessions. An intriguing one too. Really looking forward to it actually.”
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Re: All-Star College
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“Well, it's important to have a job you love,” Peter said. “Especially a college one.”
“You have NO idea,' Elizabeth said. “So, what's the movie you guys are doing a scene from?”
“FUCK ME!” Bella screamed, her voice raspy, lustful, and desperate for release. Paul was ramming her ass, every inch of his cock sawing in and out of the backdoor entrance.
Her arms were bend her back, being held there by Paul's strong hand. The sex was raw, rough, dirty and just how Bella loved it. She hadn't had a free fuck like this in a while. Her customers could get dirty, but there was always that edge when she discovered someone who could get like that for free. The last one had been Reggie, but in the end even he couldn't keep up...and he was a scuz ball.
“Yeah...take this fucking cock...fucking whore...”, growled Paul. Bella's arms were behind her back, being held I place by Paul's hands. If believed in such a thing as a perfect match, he I might have to say Bella was his. A fierce, perhaps even dangerous business, woman and a total sexual freak to whom the idea of sexual monogamy was as ludicrous as taking a bath with a toaster. The closet he could think was “upgrade” when compared to his ex,Peyton. Sure, she was a fantastic fuck, but she didn't give up the ass like Bella....and she wasn't nearly as depraved.
“Yeah fucking take this whore's ass...mmmm fuck it..fuck it ...huh...can your cock take it? You slowing down because you can't fucking take it?” Bella smiled as she teased. She knew he'd fuck her harder...rougher. It was a contract between them. The mment his dick entered her, that was the signature. “UNG! FUCK!” Bella's head was yanked back, her arms now free but her red hair being wrapped around Paul's hand and being pulled back. He knew her so well.
“Yeah you fucking need this dick, huh?” Paul asked, his voice a whisper in Bella's ear, tugging a bit more on her hair urging her to answer.
“Oh fuck yes I do...” She hissed. “But you admit something now...you fucking need this ass...my cunt...you flat out need me...you're addicted to this fucking slut and her holes!” Bella squeezed her ass tight on Paul's cock and began to grind against him, almost making him melt into a quivering pile, but her held on long enough to give her what she asked for.
“Oh fuck yes I fucking need it.” Paul pulled Bella's head back again, roughly kissing her as he slammed harder and harder into her. They both knew what was coming, but Bella wanted a little bit more...a little garnish for the sexual dish.

“You're gonna cum huh? Fucking right..., fucking dirty pervert...gonna shoot right in my slutty asshole...but I need something...I need something BAD first...I want to suck your cock again...taste my ass on it...taste fucking dirty whore ass on your cock!”

“Oh what whore wants whore gets!” he yelled. Paul yanked out of Bella's ass and the horny little tarts dashed to her knees, happily taking his cock fresh from her ass right into her mouth.
A lot of girls hated ass to mouth. Hell, Bella knew a lot of girls hated blowjobs and anal. Bella was not one of those women. She loved it all. Sex was her passion. Her job. Her career. And she loved every second of it, the dirtier the better. It made her cum, and cum hard. And the guys tended to like too. They knew it was real, regardless of her being paid or not.
Paul and Bella moaned in unison, though Bella's was muffled by a mouthful of cock. He held her head in place as he fucked her mouth, Bella frigging her pussy furiously, every thrust in her mouth making her feel dirtier and more turned on. However...her ass was feeling a little empty. She just couldn't have that.
Bella pulled back. Her hand went to Paul's cock, jacking it, not letting him go a second without stimulation. “Back to my ass...fuck it...cum in my ass...fucking cum in my ass until you don't have a single fucking drop left. Understand? Every. Last. Drop!”
“You got it.”
“Good.” Bella gave Paul a smirk. She gave his cock a long lick before getting back on all fours, her hands gripped in the couch arm while Paul got behind her once more and quickly filling her well fucked ass with his dick. It was the home stretch, no turning back.
The room echoed with moans of filthy decadence and slapping flesh. Grunts and filthy words of encouragement flooded out of both their mouths as they rocketed closer and closer to their orgasms. As Paul's cock ravaged Bella's ass her hand was between her legs, working her pussy, increasing her stimulation until she couldn't take it anymore. However, Paul crossed that finish line first. She couldn't blame him. With a loud slap on her ass Paul shot into Bella's ass, the slutty master madame loving the sensation of cum being fired up her rectum. She loved it so much she came soon after, her asshole clamping tightly on his cock, straining a few more shots.
Both totally spent, they both collapsed on the couch, Bella resting comfortable in Paul's arm. It was shockingly romantic for both of them, but neither took too much notice of it. It was what it was.
“You wanna grab that blunt over there?” Bella asked. Paul reached over and grabbed the blunt. He took the lighter right next to it on the table and lit it before handing it over. “Such a gentleman. Explains why you're such a great, nasty fuck.” Bella smiled before taking a deep drag on the weed.
“Can I ask you question?” Paul asked. “Somethings been on my mind.”
“Paul, you've been balls deep up my ass and shared the real estate, you don't really have a question that could offend me.”
“Why do you this whole thing? Not that I mind or judge. Frankly I think it's awesome. Proud to be a part of it. But...you're smart enough to do something legit.”
“This is legit.” Bella replied. “As long as I pay my taxes they don't really give a shit. That and giving law enforcement a nice 'look the other way' incentive with premium pussy at discount prices. And thanks to you and your music connection giving all those rock stars and rappers no frills, no problems college girl pussy for that premium price, I'm making more than before.” She took a long drag on the blunt then handed off to Paul, who took one as well. “As to why I do it? Because I can. I'm good at it. The moment I realized in high school I could get what I want with my body, I saw no issue in doing it. Started out with fucking for better grades. Not As or anything. That would have been dumb. But if I had a C- and I wanted a C+ or B-, then it was time for fun. And not all my classes, just stupid shit like English and stuff. Math? I excelled. Still fucked those teachers though, but at that point it was for money. Which was still fun.”
Bella smiled wide, some smoked leaking from her mouth. “Hell, I already had my college business before I applied here. It's good to have a healthy base of growth for any business. And professors, students...so many under a lot of pressure, so many lonely and they just need that nice, good nonjudgmental orgasm. A warm mouth, a tight pussy, a hot ass. And why shouldn't they get it? And without judgement. That's my business. That's what I'm good at.”
“How did Reggie enter the picture? Like me?”
“Hardly. We used to date. My first love. I should have known something was up when he actually got excited at the fact I was hooking. Red flag, right?” She breathed deep, a little wistful, a bit regretful. “It was downhill after that. When I expanded to this campus, he torpedoed it. He tried to start up his own business with my girls. MY girls. None of them went for it though. Came to me. I pay well. I keep secrets well. It's good for business. But not for Reggie. I ended it. Kept him on payroll. He was good at scouting new talent and customers. He still can be. And I don't mind fucking him every now and then. But..that's far less now.” Bella crawled over to Paul, a sweetly sinister smile on her face. “Is that why you asked? Wanted to know where I stand?”
“Maybe. I have to admit, was curious where Reggie stood on all this. Haven't seen him since we all had that little party.”
“Oh he probably found some dumb co-ed with a bad boy fetish,” Bella said with a laugh. “You boys and your hobbies. I wouldn't worry about it him though, not where we're concerned.”
“And what exactly are we?” Bella crawled closer, her face inches from his. She extended her tongue and licked his lips.
“Exactly what I want us to be baby,” She said. “Business partners. Close business partners. With an option for more. ON my terms. Any questions?”
“None at all.”
“Good,” Bella said. “Because if we aren't fucking I need to head to class. I try to not fuck my way into passing those classes since I'm actually good in them. Get dressed, we're leaving, and lunch is on you.”
“Is it now?”
“Sweetie you may not have paid cash but you got in my ass. That's going to cost you a Denver omelette.”
“Ready for the match tomorrow? Jose asked. “This might be the first time you actually cut a promo that doesn't just equate to HULK SMASH but all demonic and without my amazing charm.”
“I am so glad at least for our working ours you have to act like your jaw is wired shut,” said Jake. “Utter paradise.” He, Jose and Alison were sitting in the student union food court, picking at a lunch of mall-quality Chinese take out and discussing the match
“If only it was a shoot.” Alison said wishfully. “Only in dreams.”
“Laugh it up now, but when I decide to go all dark and gothic like Crow Sting, you guys will be wishing for my killer one liners that would even make The Rock jealous.”
“Yeah, well keep that wit to yourself, Jake's dream girl is incoming.” Said Alison. “And just remember, you get the urge to open your mouth, just repeat one name to yourself; Ellsworth.”
“Hey, I'm not gonna say anything. This is totally his deal to screw up.” Jose slapped Jake on the back. “Go get her buddy. This time without the mask.”
“Thanks.” Jake sarcastically replied. “Alison, if it even looks like he might be thinking about opening his mouth to do anything but breath, please cover his mouth with extreme prejudice.”
“With pleasure. Now go for it, dummy.”
On the other side of all this Lili approached him with a smile and confident front, but butterflies were slim dancing in her stomach. Camila and Madelaine were with her as back up, though only one of them had any clue what had been going on.
“I hate to ditch you on this very special morning Lils.” Said Madelaine. “But I honestly have no clue why you need me and Camila here to help you ask a guy out like this is some episode of Saved by the Bell.”
“It's moral support Maddie.” Cami replied. “And entertainment to watch her sputter and get tongue tied like a middle schooler at her first dance.”
“You're really bad at moral support Cami,” Lili said.
“I do try.”
“Be nice, or I'll send you over to talk to Jose to keep him busy.”
“Yeah, well....look I don't even like him okay?? I didn't even know it was him I was making out with! And yes, from what I felt through the spandex he was packing but...well...I don't like him he's annoying!”
After an awkward moment of silence, Madelaine said, “Well, after even more awkward shit I'm clueless on the context of, I'm gonna go to the bulletin board post these flyers for Knockers. Lils, best of luck, let me know how it goes. Cami....calm down and just fuck the guy and get it over with. You only get like this when you really want to get someone in bed.”
Maddie waved goodbye to a Lili barely able to contain her laughter and a very flustered and exasperated Camila, her face now beet red.
“She's right. You so wanna bang him.”
“Shut up Lils.”
“If you two fucked would it be yappy doggy style?” Lili asked.
“Oh I'm gonna get you. And it's gonna be good, like you'll cry and shit. But for right now, go get your big hunk of sexy guy who's nice and stuff....that was meant as an insult. And a GOOD one.”
“Thanks.” Lili took a deep breath and walked towards Jake. They met at a halfway point He pulled out a chair for her at a nearby table and they both took a seat.
“Hi,” he said.
“Hi,” she replied.
“Look, I just wanted to say, I'm sorry if I was too forward. It just felt like the right moment and..”
“It was.” she replied. “It was the perfect moment. Don't apologize. Don't even think it. Jake...I've been in a weird place this semester. Hell maybe last semester. I didn't even really notice you. I don't know what I was thinking of. Head in the clouds and the books and not enough time here on Earth. And this time...something a bit more...exotic? I guess that could be the word. But...Spending time with you now feels...different. And it's a good different.”
“Yeah, very good different.” He added. “So...you're saying what I think you're saying, right?”
“If you think I'm saying I want to see a lot more of you in a very non-tutor setting, then yes. Spot on. I really want date number two. So, how about Thursday. You and me at the Whisky Casket. I figured since the first date was on you, this one's on me. And we continue the tradition of food we're going to need an extra couple hours in the gym to work off and get some of those gut-buster burgers they have there.”
“That's...that's awesome Lils. You sure you don't want to do something a bit more, upscale? Fancy?”
Lili shook her head. “I don't want fancy. I just want you. Thursday works though, right? I know it's the middle of the week and all but it works best for me. I have some school and family stuff to prep for Friday night and Wednesday is...kind of booked. Just need to finish something up. And Saturday...Saturday is an awful long wait.”
“Thursday is perfect. I'm kinda busy tomorrow too, and Saturday is too long to wait.”
“Great,” Lili said, her smile almost as wide as Jake's. “I will see you at the Whisky Casket at seven then mister.”
“Nothing could keep me away.”
“Well, let's keep it that way.” Lili got up and leaned over the table, sealing their discussion with a kiss. “See you then.” She got up and walked a way with a confident spring in her step.
And all the while, Alison, Jose and Cami sat together at the same table and watched.
“Ain't love grand?” Jose said, getting odd looks from both Alison and Camila. “What? I'm being serious. I'm sorry if it came out sarcastic. I'm happy for the big lug. Lili's hot.”
“Ugh, I don't even know why I sat here,” Cami said. “I mean you're okay and all Alison but your bud here is a total creeper.”
“Yeah, and this creeper has a pretty good idea why you sat here. You want me. It's common, but alas, I have to say no as I don't bang evil hell beasts from the planet Bitch.”
“Oh like I would ever even touch you.”
“You kind of already did.”
“You were in a mask! I couldn't recognize your slimy mug. Besides, you're the one who wants me, and it's not like I can blame you but that shit ain't happening. I don't do bestiality, and that includes whatever it is you are.”
“Jesus Christ would you two just fuck and get it over with already?” Alison said. “I have never seen you two together like this, at all, and I already know you two are thinking of about fifteen different ways you could fuck each other right now.”
“Oh HELL no,” Camila said. “Not if he was the last living thing in existence.”
“For once we're in agreement,” Jose said. “Not even if she paid me.”
“Uh huh, whatever.”
Both Jose and Camila tried to protest even more, but were cut off from protesting too much when Jake returned to the table.
“Were you guys actually watching us?”
“Yeah,” Jose said. “With running commentary. I was Lawler. Alison was J.R. And Camila here was that really annoying person they add in for a three man booth.”
“And on that note of bullshit.” Cami said as she got up from her seat. “Good luck, Jake. Lili is nuts about you, you'll do great, don't be nervous and if you break her heart I have no issue killing the shit out of you. Alison, nice speaking with you, you're a doll, we should do lunch sometimes. And Jose....down boy, or you'll get neutered. And if you'll all excuse me, I have to head to work.”
“Thanks Cami, see ya around.” Cami gave both Jake and Alison a smile, and big time scowl for Jose, then turned and left, Jose entranced by Camila's ass as she walked away. And if she'd known, she'd have a big smile herself.
“Dude, just ask her out.” Jake said.
“Cami. She's into you, you're into her.”
“You too???”
“Fucking told you.” Alison said. “You got it bad. The denial of this magnitude is only proof. You two had some heat behind those words but it wasn't angry heat. It was 'fuck me senseless' heat.”
“Oh I don't have to sit here and take this,” Jose said. “Both of you telling me I should hook up with some brunette sex goddess, I don't need this cruelty. I'm going to go do something actual business for us and head to the print shop to pick up those paper masks. Then burn all of the Jake ones in effigy for this egregious offense.”
As Jose stomped off in faux anger and denial, Jake and Alison just looked at each other and laughed.
“You do know of course when they do finally fuck we're probably not going to see either of them for like a week, right?” Alison asked. “You know what that means.”
“Singles run?” Jake answered.
While a lot of the student body and faculty were busy with lunch, Kelly Brook's photography class was just about to end.
“All right class, once again, great work all around,” Kelly said. Her sexy accent meshing wonderfully with her full, curvy body. It had a touch of class to go along with all the filthy thoughts she created. She was a favorite professor among the lads...and more than a few of the ladies. “Most of you are coming along quite nicely, some of you though are slumming in mediocrity but I think we have enough time to pull all of you out of it. And do remember, next week half of you must bring me your portfolios for review for the midterms, then the other half next week. Short of a death in family or hospital stay, there will be no portfolios accepted late. And with that, I'll see you all next week.”
The class gathered up their things and filed out. Kelly had a smile on her face as they left. She generally did. This time though, she was going to fulfill the fantasy that always left her smiling. She looked at two of her her students, the ones she had her eye on the entire semester.
Adam and Tommy weren't necessarily the kind of guys that stood out unless they were someone's type. And as different as they both were; Adam almost being annoyingly proper, never a hair out of place and Tommy being far more of an openly wild man.
Neither were particularly built. They both had auras about them, conflicting ones. They were young, lean, and on two different ends of the spectrum. And Kelly wanted to fuck them both. Prime cougar prey. She was going to eat them alive and they were going to love every moment of it.
“Adam, Thomas, I'd like you two to stay,” Kelly said. “There's a few things I'd like to talk to you both about.” The two photographers looked at each and shrugged. They headed towards Kelly's desk, the two different right down to even how they walked. However, the one thing they had in common was something a lot of people did as well; they simply couldn't stop staring at Kelly's tits. Kelly of course, didn't mind. It turned her on. She was a former pin-up, and the money was only part of it. Hell, she did a little bit on the down low. She loved being an object of lust.
“Now, boys, first let me say there's absolutely no reason to worry.” Said Kelly, the fire inside her already burning wild from their gazes. “Quite the opposite in fact.  Adam, sweet Adam. I love the simplicity of your work. Everything, every single last thing is not just in service to your subject, but it's slave. And doing everything in monotone adds such a nice layer of sexuality with a hint of the sinister.”
“Well, thank you Ms. Brook.” Replied Adam, a happy smirk on his face. “Means a lot.”
“First off, it's Kelly. Secondly, no problem sweetie. Now, you Thomas. You are very wild and shows color, unique subjects, angles rebellion. Lovely, raw and fierce. The other side of perfection.”
“Yeah, thanks.” Thomas replied. “So, what did you need us for exactly?”
“Right to the point,” Kelly said, half-smiling and giving Thomas the eye. “I like that. Very professional. Very...appealing.” She took a quick moment to note both students staring at her tits before speaking. She loved her job. “Did you boys know that before I took this position I had a history as a pin-up?”
“No but I can believe it.” Thomas said.
“Thank you. It's actually how I got this position. Turns out after years of being photographed I know a thing or two about shadow, lights and lenses. I have a good eye, and not just on how to make my tits and ass look positively scrumptious.”
“I don't think you need much help in that arena, Ms. Brook,” said Adam.
“And thank you, Adam. But please, it's Kelly, understood?” He nodded, getting a sweet smile from Kelly. And what was behind that smile Thomas saw immediately, giving him more of an idea of what was going on than his computerate. It was going to be a good day for sure.
“As I was saying, I was indeed a pin-up. And to be honest, using the word was is a bit misleading. I still do a bit of it on the side. Old fans, you know. Nothing big, no magazines. But demand is high enough where I can earn a nice bit of change for a photo set or two a month. Plus prints and posters and such. It's good little...what's the phrase...side hustle? Yes, that's it.”
“And you want us to take some photos for the set,” Thomas said, grinning.
“Precisely.” Replied Kelly, returning that very same grin. “There's enough room for the both of you to set up just how you'd like. Just get your equipment back out, and I'll be right back with my outfits on...and little else. Your payment is dinner on me, credit, my reference which carries a considerable degree of weight, as well as another bonus I'll tell you about later, agreed?”
“Well, I kind of want to know what the other bonus is actuall--”
“Done deal Kelly,” Thomas said. “Trust me boy scout, it'll be good.” He gave Kelly a look that told her everything; he knew what the bonus was, and she gave him a little knowing wink as a response. This was going to be a LOT of fun.
While Kelly took a few minutes to get in costume, the two amateur photographers set up on opposites sides of the classroom/studio. It was minimal, of course, the basics. Neither felt like going all the way until they knew exactly what Kelly was going to be wearing.
Moments later, that question was answered.

Kelly took their breaths away when she walked back in the room. She was decked out in black lingerie, complete with stiletto heels, garter belt and stockings. She also wore a trench-coat. It was open, flowing behind her as she strode into the room.
“All right lads, who's first?” She asked, flooding the room with innuendo.
“I think I'm good to go.” Adam replied. “You've provided me with....quite a lot in the way of inspiration. And I think I have something less intense in mind than Tom.”
"Works for me.” He said, drinking in every single inch of Kelly. “A little extra time to set up after seeing what I'm shooting...well, let's just say you gave me some ideas.”
“All good ones, I hope.”
“Oh, you'll find out.” Kelly pursed her lips at him, rolling her tongue. He was going to be fun.
“All right Adam, how do you want me?” Kelly asked.
“Well..um...huh,” he said, taking a pause while fulling absorbing all the images that Kelly just put in his head. “Okay, well, first, got to that stack of apple boxes. Just stand there, don't sit just yet.”
Kelly did as asked and Adam got behind his camera. “Okay Kelly, I want your back to me. Pop the collar and look over your shoulder. I just want your eyes. And cheat the coat a bit to show just your calves. Tease them a bit. Hit them hard with the eyes.”
Kelly whipped her hair back and popped the collar, her brown eyes giving Adam exactly what he asked for. The coat was cinched up a bit too. Underneath the popped collar Kelly was sporting a wide grin. She knew she had Thomas from the start, but now she knew she had Adam completely.
“Okay, now turn around.” Adam said. “Keep the coat closed...but just barely. More on the bottom than the top. Give me a bit of a naughty look...cheeky. Mind I turn on the fan?”
I thought that's what I was doing,” joked Kelly, making Adam a bit red in the face. “Of course sweetie. Whatever you think is best.”
Kelly got in position and Adam turned on the fan. Her hair began blowing and flowing with the wind, and the coat getting the same treatment. Kelly posed and Adam took his shots. Picture after picture of Kelly seducing him with her eyes.

Next up Kelly was sitting on the crates. The coat was hanging off her shoulders and she was leaning back, the bra strap just barely hanging off. That's when Adam got a bit more bold.
“Kelly, could you pull down the cup of your bra?” He said cotton-mouthed. Just the cup. On the, uh, side the strap is falling off of. And...uncross your legs. If you'd please.”
“Of course.” Kelly slowly pulled the cup down, her large breast spilling out while she opened her legs.
“E-e-excellent. Now, put you arm between your legs a bit. Slowly lean forward as soon as I start shooting again.” Kelly complied again and another round of photos were shot. Kelly was going on instinct, Adam's minimal direction giving her free reign to do everything she could...but not go too far. She didn't want to scare the lad off. He liked the tease, the build up. He gave it all away without realizing it. And the tent he was pitching in his pants also helped.
Kelly was soon laying down, the trench-coat now a makeshift blanket as she posed. The bra was completely off now, as were her panties She was writhing, her back arched. Then she was on her stomach, her ass up in the air. Then to her side, baring it all right in front of Adam.
“I...I think we got it.” He said. He was breathing deep, out of breath. Kelly held in a giggle.
“Well, in that case, I'd say it's Thomas' turn. Are you ready?”
“Definitely.” Thomas replied. Kelly put the lingerie back on, bending over at one point and giving Adam, quite on purpose, a clear view of her bare pussy.
She made her way over to Thomas' side, an array of light gels laid out, ready to be used at Thomas' whim.
“Okay, how do you want me?”
“Well, and not to be crass, drop the bra. Still have it in your hand. I want to start with the coat completely on. Dangle the bra bra from your finger. Maybe bite your lower lips a bit. Naughty, flirty, all that. You know you don't have anything covering your tits, they don't, and you know exactly what they want to see, all on your terms. You the one in control and they love every second of it.”
“Got it. Know exactly what you want.” Kelly replied. Her eyes locked on Thomas, both them knowing what was going to happen. The silent confirmation just made them both want the future to be happening at that moment. Soon her tits were free and both Adam and Thomas were entranced. “Anything else?”
“Yeah, actually,” Thomas said. He gave Kelly a sly smile. “I heard some jingling in that coat. I'm gonna take a leap of faith here and ask, you got handcuffs?”
“Good ear. What would like me to do with them?”
“As you drop the bra, take out the cuffs. Twirl them on your finger. Then back to the camera, slowly drop the coat. Show your bare back. We'll work on it from there.”
The directions were given, and Kelly gladly went along. It was more upfront and in your face than Adam's style, but Thomas kept the tease in tact.
The bra was dropped, the cuffs twirled. As the trench-coat came down, more of Kelly's flesh was unleashed. She turned to her front, her arms covering her bare breasts...and soon the arm dropped and Thomas grinned. He would have licked his chops if he could.
Much sooner than before Kelly was bare to the two men again, and once again, both were more than fine with that. Her skin was bathed in lights. Blue, red, orange, it was all she was wearing save for the stockings and heels.
“We got it?” Kelly asked. At this point she was laying down, her crotch pointed up in the air.
“Oh, we got all of that and more.” Thomas replied. “And I think we might get even more.”
“Oh, you're right about that.” Kelly got to her feet and walked towards Thomas. She signaled for Adam to come over as well.
“What's going on, we both directing another set?”
“No, silly boy. We're talking about payment. IN addition to the lunch and the photo credit.”
“Okay, so what is it?” He was a little nervous, Kelly's nude body completely bared in front of him, her calmness about it turning up his jitters.
“Well, how about this?” Kelly grabbed the straight-laced young man and kissed him, her hand immediately going to his crotch and massaging. 
As Adam was being clued in as to what was going on in the most amazing way possible, Thomas took advantage of the fact he knew from the start. He got behind Kelly, his pants dropped and hard cock out. He grasped Kelly's hips and thrust in, the voluptuous Brit moaning in Adam's mouth.
Kelly bent over, finally freeing Adam's cock with her skilled hands and taking it in her even more skilled mouth. Adam got into it, any trepidation about fucking Kelly alongside another guy her barely knew was gone. Kelly was too hot to honestly care. Her beautiful lips were wrapped around his cock. He reached down and felt her huge tits in his hands, letting out a satisfied moan. The moment was enough to push him a little over where he'd usually be comfortable. He held her hair back, grabbing her head and fucking her face.
Thomas had no issue getting in to the moment. He was already balls deep in Kelly Brook's epic amazing cunt making it loud and clear how much he was enjoying pounding her. Her slapped her full ass, grinning like a half-mad court jester. This was the life.
“Ung...oh...oh fuck yeah,” growled Thomas. “Dirty fucking teacher...fucking your students...mmmm, love a right slut...and you're that, huh Kelly? Just a hot slut with a fine fucking body...ungg, fuck you're made for sex...fucking built for it...shit baby,...”
“Mmm don't stop.” Kelly moaned, taking her mouth from Adam's cock. “Cock...give me your fucking cock and you get my whole body...both of you little fucking perverts get all of me...just do as I say and you get to do as you want...oh fuck...put that fucking cock back in my mouth...”
“Oh my godddd...” Adam yelled. If Kelly's mouth was this close to heaven her pussy simply had to be sinful as Hell. Thomas, seeing the curiosity on Adam's face, and being an all right guy for a pussy hound, decided to share the wealth.
“Get in on this pussy, pal.” He said. “I'll take the mouth.”
“Thanks.” Adam pulled himself from Kelly mouth, the cock hungry professor smiling as a string of saliva connected the head of his prick to her lips. Thomas pulled out too. However, instead of immediately taking Thomas' place, he sat down on one of the apple boxes. “Fucking ride me.”
“Oooh, taking charge.” Kelly teasingly said. “I like it.” She made her way over to Adam, leaning over and kissing his lips. “You want me to ride that cock, right? Take that hard piece of fucking meat inside me and let you take me?”
“Yes...now get on my cock.”
“Mmmm, right away.” Kelly turned her back to Adam and lowered herself down, her eyes shut as his cock took up residence in the prime real estate that was her pussy.
“Yeah...oh yes Adam...fuck it...fuck my cunt baby...ooooooooh fuck....” Adam's hands began at Kelly's hips before moving up her perfectly curvy form to her tits, the classic destination no one could resist on Kelly.
As Adam was in his own private heaven, driving his cock up into Kelly, Thomas decided to get back in the game. He stood on the box as well and stuck his cock into Kelly's eager mouth and began to give her a good face-fucking.
“OH fucking Hell...taste your fucking pussy Kelly...right..right on my cock...oh...oh...fuck yes Kelly....”
A cock fucking her pussy and the other fucking her mouth...her tits being groped by two pairs of hands...not much more could improve the moment for Kelly Brook. And those things that could, well, she was more than willing to put in motion.
Of course, Kelly wasn't the only ones with such carnally fulfilling plans. Thomas, as any sane man in the same position would, could take his eyes of Kelly's tits as she sucked him off. And feeling them with his hands was quickly getting to not be enough.
“Gotta fuck those titties,” he growled, yanking his cock from Kelly's mouth. Her got in position, quite a feat considering the limited room the little platform provided. However, when the opportunity comes to fuck a pair of tits like Kelly Brook's, a way will be found.
“Yeah...you filthy perv, fuck my tits...so big, you can't help it, can you?” Kelly grinned, her tongue just barely curling up between her teeth. Thomas slapped his dick on her tits a few time before sliding in between the amazing mounds of flesh.
Kelly looked up at him with a cocky snare, her face almost daring him to go as fast as he could and not cum right in between her tits. She knew it's be a fun challenge. With every thrust she licked the tips of his cock, and everything was almost double time with added motions coming from Adam's furious fucking.
“Fuck man, you got get some of these tits,” Thomas said. “Too fucking good to pass up.”
“Mmm, yes Adam...I love how that cock feels in my pussy but it would almost cruel to have you miss out on all the fun.”
“Ung...oh..oh...fuck...on your knees Kelly...” Adam groaned, his eyes shut tight. Kelly  went right from his cock to her knees and her boy toys took position right in front of her. Thomas went right back in her mouth, giving Adam the perfect opening to go for Kelly's tits.
“Oooh, how's that feel baby?” Kelly asked, jacking Thomas' cock. She loved giving head, but loved urging her partners on as much as she could. Words were jut as much a party of the party as anything else.
“Oh shit so good...fuck this is amazing...holy shit...”
“Right answer,” Kelly grinned before her mouth was once more filled with cock. The two took turns on her mouth. One in her mouth, the other between her tits, Of course, sometimes her mouth was filled with both. What Kelly wants, Kelly gets.
But now, Thomas wanted something a bit more...fun. Of course it fit right in with what Kelly wanted. He brought Kelly up, a lustful little laugh escaping her mouth. Her brought her over to her desk and bent her over. He motioned for Adam to get in front of her while Thomas got in position behind her, his anticipation matching Kelly's own.
“You know what I want, don't you?” Thomas asked her, slapping his cock on her ass.
“Mmm hmmm.” She purred. She looked back at him over her shoulder, licking her lips. “So stop talking and just fuck my ass.”
Adam's jaw dropped at hearing Kelly says that, but any shock he felt was soon placed with the familiar, wonderful sensation of her mouth on his cock.
Thomas placed his hand on the small of Kelly's back and grabbed his cock. He pressed it against her backdoor, and with a slight amount of resistance, he was in. Kelly was very, very experienced in anal sex. Fortunately, she was also nice and tight. The best of both worlds.
Adam felt a delightful shiver of pleasure run up his spine as Kelly moaned over his cock as her asshole was filled up with Thomas'. Everything about the scene was getting to be a bit much. He had to back out or Kelly was going to be swallowing his cum a lot sooner than he wanted.  After all, if her ass was now part of the equation he definitely wanted in.
He pulled out of Kelly's mouth and stood back and watched, lightly jacking his cock as Thomas fucked Kelly up her ass. Her brown eyes stared at him, her face forming in a seductive, devilish open-mouthed grin.
“Yeah...yeah Thomas..fuck my ass...ngg....harder...harder baby...oh...oh fuck...”Kelly moaned and whined, her eyes pleading to Adam as her voiced pleaded to Thomas. She wanted him drunk on her lust.
“Oh you're such a hot slut, huh?” Thomas asked, slapping Kelly's ass hard. “That's what you are, isn't it? Taking it right in your fucking ass....gonna take his cock too, aren't you? Fuck...yeah...not quite done with you myself...”
Thomas pulled Kelly up, grabbing her tits again and putting his lips to her ear. “Say it...say what you are and what you fucking want.”
“I'm...ung...I'm a slut!” Kelly cried out in erotic joy. Thomas increased his pace In her ass, her moans erratic, like she was on a very, very bumpy ride. “I'm a slut who wants cock...your cock...his...and fuck I want them both inside me...right now...fuck I need them both in me right now!”
“You hear that?” Thomas asked Adam, slowing his thrusts into Kelly, swiveling his hips. “She wants both of us in her....I think we can handle that.” He pressed Kelly back down on the desk and built his speed up again, savoring every single moment of it before he pulled out for the next level.
Adam stared on, stroking himself as Kelly burned a sensual hole through him, her eyes screaming with lust to match her moans as Thomas rammed her.
“Oh...oh fuck...bet your want this ass, huh Adam?” Kelly teased. “Mmm I want it too...you want it? Want it now?”
“Yes.” he replied. “Fuck yes.”
“Cool by me...just...a few more...” Thomas growled. Her grabbed Kelly's hips hard and fucked for all he was worth before pulling out. He laid on the floor and Kelly walked over, sinking down on his cock. “Fuck this pussy is just as perfect as your ass Kelly...so fucking hot...hot whore, aren't you you?”
Kelly leaned down and kissing him forcefully, biting his lower lip as it broke. “Only the highest class of dirty whore, luv.” He looked over to Adam and waved him over. “I hope you weren't all talk. Fuck my ass. I want you lads to fill me up completely...now.”
Adam snickered and made his way over to Kelly, who was already riding on Thomas. He knelt behind he and Kelly stayed still as he entered her backside.
“Ohhhhhhh fuck YESSSS!” Kelly screamed. “Oh fuck that's it lads...or now fuck me...fucking use me! FUCK!” A handful of ass-cheek in each hand, Adam grasped Kelly's wonderful rump and began to thrust. He kissed and lightly bit her shoulder as Thomas fucked her pussy and sucked her massive tits. The trio were utterly in heaven, Kelly loving being sandwiched between her two lovers.
Adam sped up, growling and groaning like a sex-crazed demon as he ravaged Kelly's ass. Thomas filling up her pussy was making things even tighter. It was amazing. Perfect for all...and it was beginning to take it's toll.
Thomas moved his hand to Kelly's pussy, working her clit and as she was fucked, making the buxom British bombshell shiver and moan even louder. He buried his face in her massive cleavage.
“Oh...mmm you boys are doing so good...gonna make me cum...just a little more...little bit more...”
“Yeah...nng...I got an idea about a little more..” Adam said while balls deep in Kelly's ass. “If you're up for it...”
“Mmmm, I'm up for it all baby.” replied Kelly. She kissed Adam, her tongue snaking out before their lips met.
“Wonderful,” said Adam. He pulled out of his ass and breathed deep. There was a world of difference between Kelly saying she would be up for anything and her actually being there. But...she DID give him the green light.
He aimed his cock for Kelly's already occupied pussy and pressed his dick right at the crowded entrance, ready to push forward.
“Ooooh, very interesting choice Adam,” Kelly said with a grin. She turned to Thomas, her face one of pure lust. “You cool with this?”
“No problem here teach,” Thomas said.
“Well I'd say that's a green light, Adam. Now..FUCK. ME.”
With the green light of go given, Adam pressed forward and Kelly's pussy was filled to the brim. She shuddered and released a low, guttural moan. Rarely had she been s filled...and she loved it. She'd have to do it again sometime much sooner.
“Oh SHIT that's so fucking tight!” squealed Kelly. “Oh fuck...oh yes...keep fucking me..so close...keep going!”
The men rammed their cocks inside Kelly, faster and faster, her moans and gasps laced with a fire that could melt concrete. Adam massaged and rubbed her ass as he thrust, pop his thumb in her well fucked ass while Thomas continued exploring her delicious tits. None of them wanted the pleasure to end. But then reality had to rear its head.
“FUCKING BLOODY HELL, I'M CUMMING!!!” Kelly screamed out, her cunt clamping down and convulsing on Adam and Thomas. The hottest fuck of their young and virile college age was close to being over.
“Fuck, gonna cum too.” Thomas yelled.
“Me too!” yelped Adam. He pull out and Kelly got to her knees once more. The men were pumping fast and hard, moaning and aiming towards her gorgeous face, soaked with sweat, her mouth open and tongue out.
Soon she was coated in cum, the hot semen coating her face and dripping to her tits.
“Mmm fuck yes...fucking cover me lads...just..oh fuck just like that...good boys...” She reached out and rubbed their legs as their cumming slowed to a dribble. With a happy smiles, Kelly cleaned off both men and gave them a incredible post sex show of cleaning up and swallowing all the cum from her body.
“So...how about that lunch?” Kelly asked with a grin.
While some were eating lunch as well as other fun activities, Madelaine found herself hanging “Help Wanted” flyers around the school for Knocker's, the restaurant she worked it. It was like a low rent Hooters, but their specialty, aside from showing off the female form, was burgers. They even had a really good Vegan burger, Madelaine had to admit. It wasn't the ideal job but she made enough to live and her manager was paying her two hours worth of over time to put the flyers all over the school.
Her focus however wasn't totally on her work. All she was doing was pinning up flyers, but still, she couldn't stop thinking about Jared. Though she'd never, ever admit it to anyone, especially Cami or Lili, the guy had gotten under her skin in a good way. She was, to her endless surprise, actually looking forward to their cooking date...and Madelaine herself was the ONLY person she'd ever let know she was thinking of it as a date. Cami would never let her hear the end of it.
While Madelaine was musing about her near future and posting flyers in the Arts building, Peyton and Jesse were exiting the building's small library.
“Risky Business.” Peyton said. “I can't believe we're actually doing a scene from that movie. The SUBWAY scene no less!”
“What, you nervous?” Jesse asked. “I mean yeah, it's an intimate scene but the professors kind of set all the directors up for it with how they deemed the Basic Instinct guy for going too soft, not taking the same risk the actor was willing too...that Gillies girl kinda raised the bar while her group lowered it.”
“Yeah. I mean I don't know if I'm nervous, or THAT nervous. I mean, it's not like I'm working with a stranger in the scene.” She gave him a sweet smile, the kind a guy could get addicted to, as Jesse surely was. Peyton and Jesse had been spending a lot of time together since Halloween, much like Jesse and Demi had been. Though unlike with Demi, Jesse and Peyton spent all the time just talking instead of the constant stream of sex. Not that he was complaining about either situation.
“Yeah, that is a pretty nice perk. On to a different subject, how are you doing since Halloween? Paul try and talk to you at all?”
“Oh thank God no,” Peyton said. “He got what he wanted and ran. The only thing I think he's disappointed in was he didn't get my ass, honestly.”
“Wow, okay,” Jesse laughed.
“What? Did you have hearts in my eyes thinking I was as pure as the driven snow?” Peyton grinned, laughing right along with him. “Ruin the fantasy?”
“Not at all Pey. Just didn't expect such...bluntness. Especially in public hallway.”
“I..I don't really care, you know? I mean it's not like it's a lie. We had sex. He conned me and I gave it up. It happened, I hated him for it, now I've moved on. I mean, I barely knew him, honestly. Just got swept off my feet by a pick up artist. I should have gone with what I usually do.”
“What's that?” he asked.
“Gone with the first really cute guy I saw.” replied Peyton with a wink. “It really doesn't bother you knowing Paul and I screwed around?”
“Nope. Makes you a lot more appealing you saw through him, actually.”
“Oh really?” Peyton moved right in front of Jesse stopping him. “Then what's it finally going to take for you to make your move? I mean, you pretty much told me last week you and Demi aren't dating, you're fucking. So that means, your dance card is fre. So...wanna dance?”
“Oh, I do. Big time. I just should talk to Demi first, just to sort it all out.”
“That's cool. Totally understand. But just so you know I'm serious...” Peyton's face moved to his, their lips pressing together in a heated kiss. “I'm done with the bad boy bullshit...except of course in the bed room. Victoria speaks real highly of you.”
“Well, I hope I don't disappoint.”
“You haven't so far.”
“Well, there's still an issue,” said Jesse. “I kind of need a place to stay and my income situation is kinda non-existent.”
“Here,” Madelaine interjected, getting in between Jesse and Peyton. He handed them both one of her flyers. “I couldn't help but over hear literally everything you said. Because you were right behind me. Knockers is looking for waitresses and bussers. Blonde girl, you'd be a great waitress. You have the assets they want. And they can always use more bussers. And you'll both make bank. Young or old, men get weakened by chicken wings, tits and ass and your wallet will reap the benefits.”
“Um...thanks...” Jesse said, trailing off as he did not know this red head's name at all.
“Madelaine. Mention it when you get interviewed, I'll get a kick back. Do that and you're bussing with me the first night, I'll pay you out big time. And you? I think you'll do just fine on your own, blondie. Still, mention my name. Have a nice day. Hope you enjoy all the sex and stuff.”
Peyton and Jesse were silent, amused and confused as Madelaine walked away.
“Knockers?” Jesse asked. “I don't know if I have the ass for that.”
Peyton laughed, returning to Jesse's side. “I'm pretty sure I do though. And if the money is as good as that girl said, you'll be making some decent cash too. Enough for maybe a studio apartment...” She pulled him close, resting her head on his shoulder. “Not too small, but just big enough for romantic dinners for two and all the really fun stuff we do after.”
“Sounds like a plan.”
Things had been going good for Jose. Threesome with two of the hottest women he'd ever come across(in both meanings of the word), his tag partner finally had his head clear again, and his business partners had FINALLY listened to one of his insane money making merch ideas that probably wouldn't work. Accomplishment felt good.
That merch idea was why he was heading to the campus print shop. The paper masks were all done, stapled to the sticks and all. Now it was pick up time and the money was sure to roll in. After all, wrestling fans have bought much, much dumber stuff. Jose himself had a case of unused WCW Nitro cologne.
And yet those good feelings sank, or that's what he told himself, the moment he saw the lone clerk at the print shop, Camila Mendes. And from the look on her face, the projected feeling was mutual.

“Well, there goes my mood.” She said. “What do you want?”
“I'm here to pick up an order, sunshine.” replied Jose, desperately trying to heap as much annoyance on his voice as he could.
“Okay. Obviously it can't be anything with word, as I doubt you can go above grade four in reading...” Camila got up, waving him over to follow her. “There was a leak or a pipe burst or something. Before I clocked in. Nothing was damaged but for safety everything ready for pick up got moved to storage. That's where your crap is.
“It's NOT crap.”
“Is it yours?”
“Case closed,” said Cami, her smile sarcastic...certainly not genuine on any level...certainly not. She kept telling herself so it HAD to be true.
The walk wasn't that far, just enough for the two to trade a few more barbs. Camila led Jose in, saying as she opened the door, “Watch the door. The lock's been faulty, it can only be opened from the outside.”
“You should probably get that fixed.”
“Oh gee, Jose, why didn't I think of that?” Camila asked, sarcasm dripping off the words like syrup. “Blame it on maintenance. I've put in a request at least twelve times, and I'm not even the only one.”
“I could probably take a look at it.” he replied.
“Really?” Cami's eyebrow was raised. “You can do something useful?”
“Well, not with that tone,” Jose said with a smirk. “Besides, with the way you were all up on me on Halloween, I think you saw PLENTY of my uses.”
“All right, listen here you annoying little dog...”  Cami rushed over to get face to face with Jose, leaving the door to do the one thing she had warned him against, shutting behind them. The moment they both heard the click, the argument they were about to have stopped on a dime.
“WHAT DID YOU DO?” Jose yelled.
“Oh shit! Shit shit shit!” Cami added. “Thanks a lot.”
“ME? Oh no, no no no no, this is all on you, honey.”
“You don't call me honey. Secondly, if you hadn't brought up the NIGHTMARE that was Halloween night, I wouldn't have had to get in your stupid face.”
“Oh yeah, it was a real nightmare. Must have been why your tongue was halfway down my throat and you were squeezing on my dong through my costume.”
“First of all, “dong”? Seriously? That's low brow even for you. And second, it's not like you weren't in on the tonsil hockey. And don't forget, I felt your hands too. And from the feel of things your were really wishing for the easy access of a skirt instead of the skintight leather.”
“Fair point,” he admitted. “Though I can't say I hated the black leather at all.”
“Thanks...you weren't so bad either...for what it was.”
“What it was? What's that supposed to mean?”
“Oh my GOD Jose stop taking everything I say as an insult!”
“Then stop insulting me!” The two were face to face, snaring, rage seemingly boiling over.
“You first!”
“Oh I bet you'd LOVE for me to do it first!”
“Yes, I would! But that won't happen because only real men make the first move!”
“That a fact?!?” Jose asked before grabbing Camila and pulling her in for a kiss, an action that was very, very eagerly returned.  Her hand went between them, deftly undoing his pants while Jose reached under her skirt, cupping her round ass before grabbing and pulling down her underwear.
Camila moaned with a smile as she was pinned to the wall, Jose entering her. “Unnnhh fuck yes this is already better than expected,” said Camila. Before Jose could respond she kissed him again. She sucked on his tongue locked her legs around him.
Jose's hands grasped her legs, running up them and back to her ass.  If he wasn't under Camila's spell before, which he was even if he didn't want to acknowledge it, he was now. She was a walking aphrodisiac.
Camila reached behind herself, unzipping her top and tossing it aside. All it took was a look from her seductive brown eyes to his to get the message. For two masters of gab, their nonverbal communication skills with each other were through the roof.
Jose went to her breasts kissing and sucking them in a shockingly loved way considering they were fucking in an office store room. Camila breathed deep, the air hissing between her teeth and his teeth softly,but firmly, bit down on her nipple. Another quick moan escaped her lips as he grabbed her ass and held her, trying to move them to a nearby table.
Yet, as good as Jose was in the wrestling ring, he was still just a lust crazed man in the middle of some frantic, spur of the moment sex with his pants around his ankles. He tripped himself up and fells backwards on a pile of scrap paper.
The two of them laughed a breathless laugh, Camila leaning over to kiss him gently on the lips. “You okay?”
“Yeah, not the worst fall I've ever taken.”
“Good..I only want you to have the bruises I'm gonna give you.” She smiled at him, then moved her lips to his ears. “How about I do all the work for a bit?” Camila grabbed his hands and brought them to her hips, her eyes locked dead on his. “Watch me...watch everything I do...”
Jose's eyes, and everything else at the moment, were Camila's as she rode him, putting on a show of it. She whipped her hair, a look of utter passion on her face.
Every breath was deep, ragged and hungry, the look on her face one of seductive bliss, a smile never far from her lips. She loved what she doing to him. Every moan, every pleading word of “yes”, the way he arched his back and gripped her hips tighter when she ground her hips just right just fueled her own fire more, which in turn, made him go crazier.
Camila grabbed he hands, dragging them up her body. First to her breasts, rubbing and caressing them together before taking one of his fingers into her mouth and sucking.
“Oh holy fuck Cami!” Jose growled. “Fuck that's so hot...holy shit!”
“Mmm...ohhh Jose...you like that? Like watching me fuck you? I love it...I love knowing you're so fucking hot for me...ohhh...ohh it's so hot...fuck I've wanted this since Halloween...”
“Fuck ...oh shit me too...oh I thought you fucking hated me...”
“Fuck I thought you hated me...ohhh fuck right there!” Jose rose up, kissing Camila and pulling her close to him. She cried out as the kiss broke, moaning as he thrust up into her hard and fast before rolling her onto her back.
Jose paused for a moment, being utterly absorbed by how sexy Camila looked in the moment.
“Like the view, baby?” she asked with a n eyebrow cocked. “'Cause it's gonna be ever better when you make me cum...so start fucking me again...come on...fuck me, OHHH YESS!”
Their lips met again as Jose complied with Camila's request. Their moans were music to each other's ears. Camila's arms were wrapped around Jose's body just as tightly as her legs were. He wasn't going anywhere she didn't want him to. She reached down squeezing his ass as he drove into her. Both were going to finish the race, it was just a matter of who passed the line first.
From the look on his face, Camila knew it was going to be Jose. That was fine, she was close as well, they were both coming, ad she didn't mind if it was him first.
“Do it,” she said. “Cum in me Jose...fill me up...oooh baby come I know you need to...
“You sure?”
“Mmm hmm,” she nodded. “Let me feel your cum...please...”
“Ohhhh ungggg fuuuckkk!” he groaned. He moved down and kissed her deeply as he filled her pussy with his seed, his thrusts stopping as he came.
And shortly after the first few streams began to fill her, Cami reached her orgasm as well, reaching her hand to the back of his head making their kiss deeper, more passionate.
He was still inside her as they were both coming down. They looked at each other, forehead to forehead, warm but tired smiles on their faces.
“Wow,” Cami said.
“Same here.” Their lips met again, softly and much more tender. They were in no rush for anyone to unlock the door.
To say Matt Nelson had been having a bad time of things lately would be understating the matter. He once shared his dorm room with his two best friends. Now? He was mostly alone. Paul was busy with business and fucking every girl in sight and Jake had chosen Queen Skank herself, Demi Lovato, over him. And that's the reason he was mad, surely not because Jake was in some kind of relationship, a sexual relationship no less, with an ex Matt still had feelings for. No, that certainly wasn't it. That'd just be silly.
Still, Matt was alone. No friends, and no women. He was angry and restless. He had an urge to cure the blues in a very, very specific way. He reached for his phone and called up Bella.
After a few anxious rings, Bella answered. “Well hey there honey,” she said. “It's been far too long. How are you?”
“A little..um anxious I guess?”
“Ooh...is that code for your cock is hard? Hard for me? You need a nice, slutty pussy to calm you down? Make you feel good?”
“Oh you have no idea, Bella.” he replied. “Really bad few weeks.”
“Oooh, poor baby,” teased Bella. I'll tell you what. I can't personally help you today. I'm booked. But, I always like to give my clients exactly what they want, or the next best thing at the best possible price. So, I'm gonna give you the best deal on my dirtiest girl. I'll let her know up front. Same as our first time, just five hundred bucks and you get everything she has.”
“Okay, I trust you Bella.”
“Smart boy. Her name is Dove. I just sent her your contact info. Do't worry, it's all private. Know one fucks my clients but me and my girls. And it's always fun and yummy. She's going to text you the details of where to meet her. Then you two can get really, really nasty.”
“How nasty?” Matt asked, images of the things he and Bella had done flying through his head, fueling his ideas for what he and this new girl could do.
“Mattie boy, I have trouble keeping up with her.” There was a brief pause as Bella allowed what she just said to sink in. Bella smiled, just imaging her client's face. “I like to give all my girls a good test drive before I let them out. I mean, if I don't have a good time with them I know my clients aren't. It's just good business. And a lot of fun.”
“I can only imagine.” Matt replied with a gulp.
“Oh, you don't need to only imagine. I'm sure at some point we can arrange a little triple the fun. But first...have fun with Dovey. Bye, baby.”
The line went dead and Matt put his phone away. For the first time in a while, he laid back, a big grin on his face. Sure, he was looking forward to fucking. Pure animistic fucking. It wouldn't solve all his problems. But for the moment, in that moment, it would feel amazing. And now, he also had a possible threesome to look forward to.
Sure, it all had to be paid for, but it didn't matter. In Matt's head, he always paid for pussy in some fashion. Money was the least painful way, right now.
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Re: All-Star College
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“So...just to make it clear, wow,” Jose said. He was buckling his pants, giving Camila a shockingly sincere smile, one that was eagerly returned.
“We're in total agreement there.” Camila replied. “Could you toss me my panties? I think they're in the corner right next to the recycling.” Jose tossed them to her, locking eyes with her as she slid them back on.
Once their clothes were in order, the two found themselves in an embrace again, softly, but deeply, kissing each other. “Another round?”
“That sounds great, babe,” Cami said. “But we pushed our luck with no one opening the door on us. At this point, especially after texting my boss, it'd be kind of career suicide to literally be caught with my pants down at work. Still, tempting.”
“Did you just call me babe?” Jose asked. “Not a dog of the yapping kind?”
“Yes, I did.” Camila licked her lips, barely containing a smile. “Look, let's be honest. We're attracted to each other. We like each other a lot. We're the only two people that can verbally keep up with the other. And denying it after this would just be foolish. I'm no fool and despite many of my insults neither are you.”
“Thanks...I think. But yeah, I agree. So...we a thing?”
“A big thing.” She kissed him again, smiles forming on both their lips as it broke. “We're going to be the annoying, lovey dovey couple aren't we?”
“Probably, but we could always throw in a couple of snide comments to make it interesting.”
“I'm gonna hold you to that.” Cami backed away, reluctantly, and looked at her phone. “Boss should be here any minute to let us out....why did we come in here again?”
“I had to pick some stuff up. Water leak, customer stuff in here.”
“Oh yeah...sorry, brain goes a little fritzy after an orgasm. Let's get your stuff.”
The two went to a series of shelves, and right on the top was Jose's box. “Of course they put it on top. Because I'm the only one here not six foot anything.” Cami turned to Jose. “Give me a boost? You get touch my butt again....”
“Griping your ass and getting my stuff? Who could say no to that?” Jose cupped Cami's ass before going to her hips and lifting her up. “Got it?”
“Yeah...nnnh...it's wedged in here really tight..because of course that's what they did...gotta...make everything way too hard!”
“Wow, so they're taking your job?”
“Ha!” she laughed. “Okay, wrap your arms around me, get a good grip. When I tell you, pull, okay?”
“Got it.” he replied. He wrapped his arms tight around her waist, lifting her skirt a bit to kiss her ass, making her gigle a little.
“Okay...I have a grip...on three...”

“You sure about this?” Jose asked. “What if it falls right on you or something?”
“I got this, babe.” Cami replied.  “Now,again, one three....one....two....THREE!” With one hard pull, the box was dislodged...and while things didn't go as Jose feared with an impact on Camila's noggin, the box did fly open, and it's contents got strewn about the room as Camila fell backwards, Jose happily breaking her fall.
“You okay?” he asked.
“Yeah, sure,” she said. She turned over and and looked him over. “What about you? You pretty much got sandwiched between me and the floor, but a lot less hotter than we had first done it.”
“Cami, you're not the heaviest person who's ever fallen on me.”
“Huh? What do you mean by....” Before she could finish her though, Camila noticed what had actually fallen out of the box. She saw the floor littered with paper masks. Very familiar looking masks. She looked at Jose's face then picked one out, placing it over his face. “HOLY SHIT!”

“Not too nervous, are you?” Katy asked. She and Karlie when in a restroom, checking themselves out in the mirror before going to Mr. McKracken's office. “Cold feet?”
“Not really.” replied Karlie. “It's just, you really need me to?”
“Sweetie, I know why you're cautious. But I promise you, this is two fold. One, as bad as it may sound, it proves your loyalty to me and that you're done with Ms. Swift. Secondly, I'm pretty sure the two of us together can outdo anything Taylor can do with that Charli girl...what does XCX mean anyway?”
“Some internet thing.” Karlie pursed her lips, colored red, in the mirror and checked her  hair. “Ready or not.”
“Here we come.” Katy grinned and lead Karlie out of the rest room. If there was any trepidation on any of their parts, their confident strides hid it completely. They burst right past McKracken's eternally flustered secretary and right into his office, Karlie closing, and locking the door.
“Um, hello,” he said, raising his gaze up from the stack of papers in front of him. “How can I help you and your friend today, Ms. Perry?”
“Well, as much I as I like a little build up, I think for the sake of all three of us and the fun we could be having, I'll cut to the chase.” Katy walked to his desk and grasped his papers, sorting them and lightly placing hem aside before sitting down. She leaned forward, giving the older man an amazing view at her cleavage. “Karlie and I are going to fuck your brains out. Outdo anything Taylor did or will do to get the on campus approval for her end of semester party. And I do mean anything.”
“Look, Ms. Perry, Katy. Not that I don't really, really appreciate the offer, I have to insist that there's been no such offer from Ms. Swift.”
“So, you're saying you didn't fuck up the ass on your desk and she go the union back for Halloween?” McKracken was silent and Katy smiled at her victory, a smile that grew wider when he gulped. “That's what I thought. But don't worry. I only took it away from her in the first place by letting you jerk off on my tits. She upped the ante by giving up her ass to get it back. Can't argue with results. But I think this time, I can do much...MUCH better.”
Katy got to her feet, Karlie standing by her side. Before McKracken good say anything else, he was silenced by the blonde and brunette dropping their dresses in unison. With two bare naked except for high heels co-eds in front of him, he decided to go with the flow. Like any sane pussy hound would.
“Now, how about you just watch first,” Suggested Katy. “But take your cock out. You can cum if you want. But don't think we'll be done just because you came once.”
The older man moved to the font of his desk, sitting on the edge. His cock was out and in his hand, ready to stroke himself as Katy and Karlie began their show.
The two kissed, deeply and hungrily. There was an element of show to it, to be sure. This was for an audience, after all. But every good show has genuine passiion behind it, and Katy and Karlie were radiating just that.
They pulled each other closer, far to into each other to really pay attention to McKracken's moans and the fap fap fap of his masturbation. Kat thought wasn't as lost as Karlie. With a quick gaze to McKaracken, seeing how totally under their spell he was, Katy slid her hand between Karlie's legs and her fingers entered the leggy blonde's folds.
Karlie moaned loudly into Katy's mouth a sound that only increased Mr. McKracken's lust. “Yeah, just like that,” he said, lechery dripping from every word. “Suck on Katy's tits...kiss those big fucking titties.”
“You heard the man Karlie,” Katy said. “And I also wouldn't mind the gesture.”  Karlie and Katy gazed at each other, eyes of blue fire to eyes of blue fire, burning hot with lust.
“Ooooh Karlie....” Katy moaned as the long legged blonde feasted on her tits. Any thoughts of Taylor were gone from Karlie's mind. She was much to into the moment. Ms. Swift though was still fresh in Katy's mind, and that was a good thing for Ms. Perry. She loved fucking. Men or women, didn't matter. She loved winning. And she loved to take things from Taylor. This little event was a hat trick. Knowing she was hurting Taylor Swift just a little gave things a wonderful extra rush of pleasure.
While the visage of Katy Perry fingering Karlie Kloss while Karlie sucked and kissed Katy's  amazing breasts, McKracken wanted a lot more, and he wasn't remotely afraid to ask for it. Or in this case, demand it.
“Katy, get her on the desk and eat her out,” McKracken said, he hopped off the desk and moved back behind it. “Do it.....eat her pussy.”
“I love the way you think.” Katy removed her fingers, licking them clean, then motioned to Karlie. “You heard the man, lay down on that desk.”
Karlie smiled and nodded, all too eager to please in the moment. She reclined on the desk, her elbows propping her up just a bit. Her long legs were open, an enticing invite to Katy.
The curvy brunette got to her knees and waited no t a single second more than she needed to dive in.
“Oooh oh oh Katy...oh yes...” Karlie moaned. “Oooh..oooohhhhh”
If Katy's mouth wasn't already busy orally pleasing Karlie, she'd be grinning from ear to ear. Fortunately her eyes told the tale. Though Karlie couldn't tell, her own eyes were shut tight as Katy delivered a constant stream of pleasure.
McKracken had had enough of just watching and stroking. He moved to Karlie's mouth, presenting his hard prick to her. “Suck it.” He demanded. “Suck my cock while she eats your cunt.”
“Karlie, be dear and do as the nice old pervert asks,” Katy said, a seductive and authoritative smile being delivered directly at Karlie in between the bolts of pleasure.
Karlie turned her gaze to the man in question. Her arched her eyebrow, glowing confidence at him as she opened her mouth, her tongue flicking in a decadent come hither motion at him.
McKracken grinned with glee as he stuck his cock in Karlie's mouth, shuddering as she sucked him.
And did she ever suck his cock. Karlie was rarely one for blowjobs. She was much more of a fan of Katy's current activity. She had sucked her share of dick before, mainly in tandem with Taylor. It was a job, but she learned more than a few tricks at Taylor who one of the men flat out called a “goddess of blowjobs”.
Right now though...Karlie might have given the blowjob goddess a run for her money. It was all down to Katy. There was something...dirty about it all. Something that made what they were ding a sensual kind of filth than what Karlie had been dealing with concerning Taylor. She;d been cold to her for so long, even the slightest bit of warmth was like a raging fire. It used to be like that with Taylor...but any thoughts of her were quickly swept away by the actions fo Katy, which only spurned Karlie to make Mr. McKracken feel as a amazing as she could with her mouth.
And he was damn near in heaven. With the sensation she was creating with her warm, wet mouth and sensational tongue, McKracken would have a hard time believing that Karlie wasn't a seasoned blowjob artist. He reached his hands out and held her msaller breasts, squeezing the felsh that was there before beginning to pump her mouth, a move that only seemed to make Karlie moan louder.
Still, as much fun as Karlie's mouth was, he could help but look over at Katy Perry. The sex bomb brunette was bent over, happily munching on Karlie's cooch, wiggling her peachy ass  Katy knew what she was doing and McKracken knew exactly what he wanted. He pulled out of Karlie's mouth, kissing her like a savage beast before  getting off the desk and moving behind Katy.
“Oooh!” Katy yelped as McKracken's hand collided with her ass with a loud smack. “Mmm what are you doing back there, sir?”
“I do believe I'm going to fuck your pretty little pussy, Ms. Perry.”
“Ohhh baby that sounds like so much fun. Don't make me wait. Fuck me please please please...”
He rubbed his cock up and down her pussy lips, shaking with anticipation before he thrust forward. “Oooooooh shit....” he moaned.
“Mmmm,” Katy said. She licked her lips, tasting Karlie on them and looked over her shoulder. “Hard and deep baby...fuck me hard and so deep...”
He answered her with a hard thrust, a satisfied whine escaping from her lips. His hand held the curves of her hips and he began to take her exactly as she requested, hard and deep. From the moans coming from Katy's mouth, it was exactly what she wanted. There was no show to be put on. Not that they weren't putting one on anyhow, as Karlie was loving her time as a spectator. Though Mr. McKracken wanted her included as well.
“Keep...fuck...keep eating her pussy Katy,” McKracken said, his voice on the verge of a demand. That made Katy a bit hotter than she already was. The authority hiding behind the tone. “Eat it...fucking...fucking do it...”
“Nnng...any..unh...thing you want, baby...and of course I don't think Karlie's gonna mind.”
Karlie lips went into a affirmative smile into a lustful “O” shape as Katy went back to satisfying her. Her; Katy, and McKracken were a chain of pleasure, each one feeding the other, making things hotter and hotter. So hot Karlie would do just about anything, which was something McKracken, and Katy, were going to be all to eager to take advantage of.
Before moving on though, McKracken wanted a full tour of Katy's body with his hands. They roamed her ass, every inch of the each getting felt up and massaged before moving up her body, skin slick with sweat.
A jolt of mild pleasure went up Katy's spine at McKracken's exploring touch, mixing with the heavy pleasure his cock was delivering. With the amount of fun she was having, it was easy to see why sex was the manipulation tool of choice for Taylor Swift. Even having McKracken just watch her and jerk off had a tinge of hotness to it, but the full on act, a threesome no less with no limits, well, that's just open everything a thousand fold.
He leaned over Katy's body, his hands moving around as well, gliding over her tight stomach to the all-stars of Katy's body, her tits. Not that the rest of her wasn't spectacular, but even Katy acknowledged the headliners of the show were her gorgeous globes. As soon as his hands were on them, McKracken confirmed what he already knew, they felt even more amazing than the looked.
Katy moaned as her tits were felt up, the vibrations causing nothing short of heavenly pleasure to be jolted through Karlie's body. The view wasn't bad for the blonde either. It as so good in fact Karlie didn't mind much when Katy was yanked up, her back pressed to McKracken's chest, his hands tightly grasping her tits.
Karlie was mesmerized as Katy was fucked, and fucked hard. Jolts of moans and groans were the only thing to escape from her cherry-chap-sticked mouth as he ravaged her cunt, thoroughly enjoying it in a way she could tell was nothing short of amazing.
McKracken softly bit Katy's shoulder, then kissed that spot and moved to her neck, then to her ear. While her moans were music to his ears, McKracken wanted to shake things up a bit.
“Mmm...Katy...oh fuck...your pussy...ohhh damn...”
“Mm, yeah fuck it,” she playfully purred. “Take that pussy...fuck it's all yours...”
“Think Karlie feels the same way?”
“Mmm...I know she does.” Katy's blue eyes looked at Karlie's dead on. “Time for some cock, Karlie.”
“I'm more than fine with that.” replied Karlie. And, despite her preference for pussy, she wasn't lying. This had happened when Taylor brought her in for things like this as well, but if you got Karlie hot enough, crazy in lust enough, a deep and serious craving for cock overcame her. Nothing like just being able to suck a guy off and find fun it it like before, oh no. She flat out NEEDED it in her pussy, and needed it now. And Mr. McKracken was too happy to oblige.
After a few more pumps he pulled out of Katy then looked to Karlie. “You're gonna ride me.”
“Yes, sir!” she exclaimed, an eager and sultry grin on her face. Karlie slid off the desk and McKracken laid down on it. For her part, at least for now, Katy was fine in watching and catching her breath...as well as playing with her pussy. She watched with sinful  glee as Karlie climbed back on the desk and sunk down on Mr. McKracken's cock.
“Oooh...ohhh sir,” Karlie moaned. While she was indeed high on the erotic pleasure of the moment, she was conscious enough to know exactly what to say. Just by observing how he fucked Katy, Karlie knew calling McKracken “sir” would give him that perfect, extra little jolt. Of course, she was right.
“Yeah...yeah fucking ride it,” McKracken demanded, authorative urgency in his voice. “Fucking ride that cock, you hears me?”
“Ooooh, sir yes sir!” Karlie grabbed his loosened tie and pulled himself up just a bit, Karlie leaning down the rest of the way and gave McKracken a deep and hungry kiss. When it broke, she let him back down, gravity doing it's job. He may have had the tone, she may even be calling him sir...but Karlie was the one riding the bronco.
She heldy the tie tightly and began to buck and grind, yee-hawing like a cowgirl as McKracken was being driven utterly wild.
“Yeah fuck it fuck it fuck it FUCK MY FUCKING COCK!” he bellowed, grasping Karlie slim hips hard, smacking her ass a few times as well for good measure.
He rolled his eyes back in pleasure as Karlie squeezed her cunt around his dick, almost making him lose it on the spot. The only thing that kept him in the safe zone was pure will power, knowing exactly how he wanted this debauchery to end.
Katy probably knew exactly what McKracken wanted. But before they got there, she decided it was time to add a bit more to the mix.
She got up from the chair and climbed on the desk as well, her sopping pussy directly over Mr. McKracken's face. With such a perfect visual cue, McKracken relented, savoring Katy's pussy while the brunette brought her lips to Karlie's the two sirens deeply kissing as they both felt stunning pleasure from two ends of their lover of the hour.
Katy maned a moan that trailed off with a pleased giggle of girlish glee as she felt Mr. McKracken grasp her ass and pull her closer to his face. She moaned, appreciative. What he may have lacked in technique he made up in enthusiasm, which definitely went a long way with Katy.
As good as Karlie Kloss riding his cock while he ate Katy Perry's pussy was, and good was VASTLY underselling it, McKracken wanted more...as well as a breather so he could last when he got that more he wanted. He slapped Katy's ass and mumbled, something Katy correctly took as a sign he wanted to speak.
“What is it baby?” She asked.
“I want to change it up again.” He replied, kissing her ass. Just from the look in his eyes, Katy had an inkling of what he was going to want...and she was hungry for it. Anything Taylor could do, Katy could do better and she was ready, willing and able to prove it.
“Off that cock sweetie,” Katy said to Karlie. We're moving on to something a bit more fun....”
“Sure thing, Katy.” Replied Karlie. The blonde then looked at McKracken and winked. “Your cock felt soooo good baby.” Katy crawled off the desk and stood, smiling a sinister smile as Karlie leaned over and kiss McKracken before getting off of him. He then sat up and look at the ladies, his smile matching Katy's.
Before we move on...how about your eat Katy's ass Karlie. Get her ready for me.”
“Get her ready for..you mean?”
“Mmm, damn I love how you think, Mr. McKracken.” Katy replied. She turned to Karlie, a half smile that told all the story Karlie needed. “Do it. Eat my ass and get it ready for that thick cock of his.”
Karlie nodded, breathing deep. She was both stunned and turned on by what was going to happen. She kissed her way down Katy's back before she got to her ass. She open up Katy's cheeks, kissing each one of them before going in and sending Katy on the road to sinner's heaven.
As Karlie took care of Katy's behind, McKracken wanted a bit of Katy's front. While feeling them with his hand was nice, he needed to taste those titties.
“Oh fuuck yes!” Katy cried out. McKracken hungrily went for her tits. Sucking, kissing, nibbling, all of it. He had his face buried and and getting the full experience of Katy Perry's titties while Karlie was enjoying herself at Katy's ass, licking her brown eye while playing with herself.
Still, this was all just build up. As much as Katy loved the attention and McKrakcen craved being up close and personal with her tits, there was something more they both wanted.
She pushed McKracken off of her gently and moved away from Karlie. The older man and the blonde watched, almost hypnotized as Katy walked towards the wall in front of her. The room was silent save for click-clack of her pumps. Her pressed her hands flat on the wall and bent over, her back arched perfectly.
She didn't look over her shoulder to call him over. She didn't need to. Katy didn't even have to wait ten second after getting in her position for McKracken to get in his. She moaned softly as she felt his rock hard cock slap against her ass a few times before his hand came into play. He pressed down on the small of her back with one hand and pressed his cock against her asshole with the other.
They broth breathed deep through gritted teeth as McKracken pressed forward, finally popping through her tight ring. They both let out a satisfied sigh.
McKracken stayed still as a statue for a few moments, letting Katy's tight ass get used to the intrusion of his girth. Soon though, he began to thrust. Slowly, carefully at first, but still with a sense of urgency behind it.
While McKracken was getting very well acquainted with Katy's sphincter, Karlie was entranced. While not a fan of anal herself, she LOVED watching it, whether it be watching Taylor get fucked up the ass in person or just watching porn online. And right now, watching a cock saw in and out of Katy Perry's utterly delightful ass had her intensely wet. She was fingering herself not even realizing she was, under the spell of voyeurism.
Katy braced herself against the wall and cried out in pleasure as McKracken's pace increased. Her eyes were shut tight, her tongue licking her lips as the wonderful mix of pain and pleasure rushed through her body. Goose pimples covered her flesh as with every stroke, any pain was overpowered by the intense feelings of pleasure.
McKracken went harder and faster, grunting and growling out Katy's name. “Ung...fucking take it...right...ohhh fuck...right in that ass...mmmm baby so fucking good...fuuuuck!”
“Yeah...yeah fucking take it...all yours...fucking use my asshole...oh fuck make us both cum baby!”
He went balls deep inside of her, grinding his hips, really working his cock. Katy, in response, squeezed her ass tight around his cock, making him shiver. He through his head back and moaned. As he slowly came back to Earth, he caught a glimpse of Karlie, enjoying the scene on her own. And a great idea for a grand finale entered his mind.
“Ride my cock with you ass,” he said. “Fucking ride my dick with that asshole, Katy.” He pumped her ass a few times then pulled out and sat back down on his chair. Katy turned to him and smirked. She made her way to him and turned around and sunk back down on his ass. Their rhythm continued, now Katy in control...but McKracken wasn't done yet.
“Karlie, eat her pussy while I fuck her ass...”
“My pleasure.” Karlie crawled over and got between Katy's legs. There were no looks exchanged. Karlie went right for her cunt and Katy howled in pleasure.
“Ohhh oh-oh-oh fuuuck yess!” she cried out. “Mmmm you're both gonna make me cum...oh fuck yes...don't stop...fucking make me cum!”
McKracken wrapped his arms tight around Katy's waist, thrusting fast up into her ass. Every thrust made her moan higher and higher, every stroke of Karlie's tongue drove her wilder and wilder and wilder until....
“FUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKK!” The brunette bombshell cried. She froze, McKracken still taking her asshole as Karlie frigged her clit. With Katy's asshole clamping down hard though, McKracken knew it was all coming to a spectacular end.
“Fuck gonna cum!” She said. “Wanna cum on you both!” Katy pulled herself off and knelt right next to Karlie, kissing each other savagely as he stood before them.
“I have to fuck your tits!” He said to Katy.
“Mmmm, fuck them and cover them in your jizz baby.” She replied, licking her lips. She pressed her tits together and he slid his cock between them. McKracken thrust frantically, going harder and faster and faster until finally, he exploded with a long groan.
“Yessss, baby.” Katy urged, a wide smile on her face. “Every drop...don't stop..I earned it all...every single drop you have is all mine....there we go...Good boy...”
“Fuck,” he sighed, slumping back down on the seat, but his eyes still on both women. Karlie, inspired by the whole scene, licked Katy's massive tits clean of the massive load Mr. McKracken had just fired on them, then depositing it right in Katy's mouth, giving Ms. Perry a pleasant surprise.
With the cum swallowed, Katy got to her feet, smiling wide. “So, Mr. McKracken, about the party plans....”
“Sure, yeah. You got it. I'll sign the papers, you get a discount, whatever. All yours.”
“Excellent. Very great doing business with you. See you around.”
The afternoon was a pleasant one. Birds chirping, a soft breeze, just the right amount of clouds in the sky. Perfect weather for walking your girl back to her home, which was what Jose was doing with Camila.
Hand in hand, they walked back to her dorm, gigantic grins on both their faces instead of sneers and false bravado. No more insults...to each other at least. Now it was all sweet nothings and trying to one up each other on sarcastic quips. It was a welcome turn around. A very quick one too. Not that either minded, but still, it was enough to make Jose chuckle a bit as he thought about it for a second too long.
“What so funny, Sweetface?”
“Nothing, just...kinda funny being so openly into each other instead of hiding it and being openly hostile. Sure you're not going to be keeping this a secret, ease the friends into it?”
“Hardly,” she said. Camila led him by the hand to a bench right in front of her dorm. He sat down, she sat on his lap. “The only person I ever seem to hide things from is myself. But, once I admit something to myself, I don't hide.” She craned her face to his and kissed him softly but deeply. Of course, mid kiss was when Lili decided to show up.
“Oh my god I knew it,” Lili said with a laugh. She waited for a reaction, but didn't get one until Cami was done.
“Oh, hi Lils,” she said. “I'll meet you up in the room for the customary ten minutes of jokes before you get all the details.”
“Well, for something of this magnitude I'd usually demand fifteen,” said Lili with a crooked smirk. “But I think the details are gonna need to be extra detail-y. So...see you soon Cami. And treat her right Jose...or I'll neuter you. It's a best friends thing.” Lili smiled and turned, when the smile grew even bigger. It took a lot for Cami to be willing to stick with a guy, and considering the sweet way she was showing the affection already, Lili knew Ms. Mendes was serious. 
“She seemed more happy about this than either of us.”
“That's Lili for you. Big time softy. A marshmallow soul, all soft and warm and sweet and tasty...which means I hope the whole thing with Jake and the whole Magnus Pain thing doesn't hurt her. I won't dump you for it or anything but it will make things weird.”
“I know. And I had a lot of fun at his expense over but you know it's not his fault, right?”
“Yeah, I know.” Cami rested her head on Jose's, sighing deeply. “Lili's side of the story is pretty much the same. She wouldn't even let him take the mask off. She didn't want to know who it was. She just wanted the fun. And what sane man is going to tun down no strings sex WITH his dream girl. It's a good reason to not insist but still...he could've. Not entirely blaming him but come on...”
“Yeah, I know. Probably why I was ripping on him so hard. That and they were some REALLY good shots at jokes.”
“OH my god, right?” Camila replied. “They pretty much laid it out on a silver platter, with that platter on a silver platter.”
“Why did you take it so well? I mean you seemed kind of shocked about the wrestling thing, but not mad.”
“Eh, no reason to be mad. I mean it's not like it was something you were actively hiding from me and I found out. Shock, yes....and it puts some pressure on you. I mean the cardio and endurance you have to have to do that stuff, well, let's just say when you and me are alone where there's an actual bed and privacy instead of a big supply room you're going to have your work cut out for you.”
“I think I'll live up to the challenge.”
“And on that note,” Cami said, kissing his forehead. “I'll see you Thursday Sweetface. Right after we drop the kids off for their play date.”
“Can't wait.” She hopped off his lap and left Jose on the bench. He slumped back, smiling wide while looking at the sky. “College rules.”
While the whether was the same at the campus coffee shop, the mood was decidedly different, or it was in Jesse's head. As he told Demi, beautiful Demi, about the current status with Peyton, he expected her to meltdown. To scream. To yell, you run away betrayed once more. But aside from being gorgeous, Demi was a master of curve balls.
“Jesse, that's great!” she beamed. “I'm so happy that's going somewhere with you two!”
Jesse wasn't just surprised by Demi's verbal reaction but the celebratory hug she gave him. “You're not mad? I mean...you know..us an all that?”
“The sex? The really fucking good sex but still just sex?”
“Yeah, and me staying over...”
“Look, Jesse,” Demi said, her smile still beaming, but now with a comforting tone. “I appreciate that you care enough about me that you'd be worried about how I'd react. And yeah, I thought after Halloween night, there might be something more than the sex. But the more we fucked,  the more I realized I just wanted some amazing, guilt free sex. No strings, but with someone I could trust. And you 100% fit that bill. But dating? I don't know if I even really wanted that. I thought I did. But I did realize what I wanted, and you telling me about Peyton...it makes it easier honestly, because you're not going to be alone.”
“What do you mean?” Jesse asked. “Everything okay?”
“It's great,” Demi said. She took a deep breath then a sip of her iced tea. She was collecting herself for something, building up the courage to say it for herself. “I'm leaving. It's got nothing to do with you. But...I can't be around here anymore. Surrounded by too much of the bad from the past and only a couple bits of good. And you're one of the best bits. Still, I can't be on this campus with Matt & Paul. I just can't. So I talked to my professors and next week I'm pretty much doing a combo of midterms and finals. So, from Thursday until Tuesday, it's pretty much nonstop study time.  But...I have tomorrow open. And I checked out that same room from the same hotel as Halloween. So, before I leave and you pledge you're undying devotion to Ms. Peyton List....” Demi moved her face to his, her hot breath on his lips. “...how about we have a nice, sweet, sexy and dirty goodbye party?”
Demi extended her tongue, licking Jesse's lips and forming it into a quick peck on the lips.
“Sounds like the best way to say farewell.”
“Great.” She replied. “Tomorrow night, 7:00 P.M. Se ya then. And again, seriously happy about you ad Peyton. Best of luck.”
“Thanks, Demi.” She got up and gave him a long, full hug good bye then walked away. They were both happy for each other...and of course eager to say goodbye in the most fun way possible, though what Demi had planned, Jesse couldn't have imagined.”
While plans were being made for certain sleazy motel in the near future, that same motel was about to have another set of plans come to fruition. And Demi was connected to them as well, though not in any way she'd like to acknowledge, and that went for the party involved.
Matt pulled into the motel, perverted anticipation written all over his face. Bella had talked this Dove girl up...and the location he'd been texted certainly lived up to that talk. If there was a definition for sleazy motel in the dictionary, this would be the visual definition for it, right down to the sun bleached neon sign, perpetually flickering, getting ready to die. Dove had a lot of sleaze to live up to.
He made his way to the door he was directed to. He was kind of honester the old worn down door's number, gold paint cracked and aged, weren't 69. Instead, it was room 26. No double entente he could think of unless that was the number of men preferred for a gangbang by Dove.
Matt knocked three times, and she opened and took his breath away. Platinum blonde and curvy, Dove had a look that was almost angelic, but there was just enough of a dirty air around her to make it clear she was a very willing sinner, the least of which wasn't her smoldering smile from her plump lips.

“You must be Matt.” She said, he voice seductive and inviting, with just the right amount of authority. She could read Matt like a book and knew exactly what position to take, both literally and metaphorically. “Come in.”
He walked through the door into the room. It had all the accouterments that the sleazy outside promised. A basic bed, a landscape painting from a discount mart, and a TV two generations old. A classic porn set motel room.
“Bella never disappoints.” Said Dove, walking a circle around Matt, looking him up and down. “Either in recommendations or in bed. And I'm sure you know about the bed part by now. And I hope to show you that I...I'm worth every penny and more. I never overcharge though. A good whore is an honest business woman. And a good fucker. They go hand in hand, wouldn't you agree?”
“Yeah, I would.”
Dove smiled at the slight hint of nervousness in his voice. She loved hearing that from a man. Every single one she'd ever fucked gave her that tone, even when she wasn't turning it on.
“Bella was right on the money. You're cute. I'm not just saying that for the money, believe me. I have no problem telling guys if they're ugly freaks. Most of them get off on it. You...you like like fun.” She approached him, that sinful smile still on her face and her eyes never leaving his; a cobra who has entranced her prey. “Let's see what you have, Matt.”
Dove slunk to her knees and opened Matt's fly. In short order his jeans and boxers were around his ankles and his cock was out. Dove held it in her soft hand, examining it.
“Oooh, I think we have a twofer here.” She said. Her eyes gazed back up to Matt,a twinkle in them that made him hunger for her more than he already was. “You look to be both a shower and grower.”
She pumped him casually, the feeling of his cock getting rock hard in her soft hands making her soaking wet. “We are going to have SO much fun.”
Matt had a response lined up for that, he really did. But Dove silenced that by taking his cock between those full, pouty lips of hers. Any words he hand melted away into grunt and groans of approval and pleasure.
Dove was like a woman possessed, sucking and slurping, obscene amounts of saliva dripping from her mouth as she sucked. You could almost call her a cock sucking machine save for the fact a machine can't love what it does. Dove didn't just love sex. Sometimes it crossed over into living for it. She was the ultimate workaholic and she, and all her clients reaped the benefits.
She pulled off his cock, taking a deep breath. He mascara was dripping but her face was all smiles. “You like that, don't you? Fucking pervert. Being lazy too, making me do all the fucking work...gonna be passive, huh, make Dove do all the work? Not gonna help out you lazy motherfucker?”
“That kind of talk is gonna get your face fucked!”
“That a promise? Huh? Fucking dirty son of a bitch? Gonna shut my mouth with your fucking cock?”
“Damn right.” Matt replied. He took hold of Dove's head and fulfilled Dove's teasing demand. His balls slapped against her chin and the saliva was flowing like an open faucet.
While Dove was getting her mouth ravaged her hand slipped under her jeans, her fingers sliding inside and delivering a bit of release to the pleasure building inside. She loved being used just as much as she loved using the client's cock. Perversion, she loved it.
After a few moments holding his cock deep in Dove's throat, Matt pulled out, slapping his cock on her face before pulling her up and throwing her to the bed as the blonde caught her breath and laughed.
“Oooh, taking charge?” Dove asked, the tease in her voice on full blast. “Gonna fucking take this pussy, huh? Think you can do it? Think you can fucking have this pussy?
Matt climbed on top of her, holding her wrists down while Dove laughed. She darted her head up as best she could, licking at his face, her own face screaming at him with looks, daring him to take it further.
“Oh I am...I'm getting what I paid for for...” Matt slide his jeans clumsily off then went for Dove. He flipped her over on to her stomach, the platinum-maned she-devil giggling with excitement as her pants were yanked down just enough to expose her pale, round ass to the air.
“Yeah...yeah that's right Matt...fucking take me...make me yours...all fucking yours...use me...” Dove moaned, breathing in deep as Matt enter her, laying on top over her prone form. The moans turned to pleased grunts as his paced increased.
Matt was in utter heaven and he'd only just gotten a sampling of what Dove had on display. He was grunting, almost growling in her ear as he fucked her, his sounds of pleasure matching hers. No words. None were needs. The primitive sounds screamed it all, “Fuck me!”
Dove loved it. Matt pressing down on her, his hot breath in her ear, arm around her neck. Not pressing down, but around it, holding her in place, just using her...she loved it. She one wished she were facing a mirror so she could see it all happen. But there was time for the mirror in the room later. This was just beginning.
Matt began to slow his thrusts, replacing quick and short with long and strong pumps into Dove before pulling out. “Face me.” He demanded, turning her over on his own. “I want to see that slutty fucking face.”
“Oh, is that right?” Dove said,spitting  on his tongue with a smile. “Need to see my pretty face while you fuck me?”
Dove hopped off the bed and leaned against the wall. She extended her arm and wagged him over with finger. She gave him a sneer mixed with a smile as he ran to her, stripping her completely, her jeans tossed away and her panties torn off, then picking her up in his arms and pinning her to the dirty, aged door of Motel Sleeze.
In short order he was back inside her and taking her cunt so hard and fast Dove thought the door might break down...but it'd be so worth it. As he moved to her tits, sucking and biting on her nipples, Dove new she was always going to pencil in Matt, no matter what. She always knew in short order whether she had a return customer she'd actually want to see and one she'd only take if she was low on rent money, and Matt was proving himself to be in the former category.
“Oh fuck...fuck yeah...such fucking good pussy...holy fuck,” Matt said, almost like a mantra. He was utterly entranced by everything Dove brought to the table. Her body, her eyes, her voice, her velvet vice of a cunt...utterly divine.
“Yeah...fucking use that pussy,” she said, he striking blue-green eyes piercing him through locks of sweat-matted platinum hair. “Nnnngg fucking take it...take that cunt and use it...use it good...you're doing so good just FUCKING USE ME! OH FUCK, I'M A FUCKING SEX TOY! FUCKING ME YOU FUCKING PIG! FUUUCK!”
Matt's pace increased again, driving up into a very happy whore in Dove. She rolled her head back, her eyes shut tight in deep, passionate lust as she was given everything she demanded and more....and of course, she had more to give all the same. When a man fucked her like this, she always felt she had more to give up to really earn every last penny.
She looked at him, that smile of her never leaving his face. Her tongue darted out again, licking his lips before kissing him, biting on his lower lip as it broke. “You want me? You really want to fucking take me? Huh? Fucking dirty motherfucking pervert? Really want to make me fucking yours?”
“Nnng yes!” he growled, grabbing her blonde locks and pulling her hair back. It got a laugh from Dove, making that wicked grin of her even wider. “I want everything you have.”
His mouth went to her neck, kissing it as Dove breathed deep, getting ready to drop the bomb on him that wold make their liaison something more than a one time, bought and paid for fuck. She already knew it was, but this would be the cherry on top.
“Then you're gonna need to bend me over that dressed and fuck me up the ass,” Dove said. “So what are you waiting for, motherfucker? Do as I say. Take me over there and FUCK MY ASS!”
Dove laughed a sinner's giggled Matt pulled out of her and almost dragged her to the dresser. He spun her around and smacked her hard on the ass. He slapped his cock head against her cheeks a few times before wrapping his arm around her, his hand clasping around her throat. It was a firm grip, but not choking. Matt knew better and Dove trusted he did. Perverts could read each other pretty well, in her experience.
“Does the slut want it up the ass?” He asked, biting her earlobe firmly, but not too hard. “I hear that right?”
“Yes you fucking did.” replied Dove. “So how about you stop fucking talking about it and start fucking do it unless you're too much of a fucking chickenshit!”
Matt responded in the way Dove hoped, the way she needed him to. He pressed his cock against her backdoor and pushed forward, grunting in primitive satisfaction as he began to take her backdoor.
“Unnnnfuck that's it...just like that,” Dove moaned. “Don't fucking go slow...no sweetness...fucking take my ass...I'm fucking whore so fuck me like one!”
Matt built up his pace. Hard, fast. Urgent. Both of them were utterly lost in the lust of it all, lust that was turned up by watching it unfold in the mirror, just as Dove knew it would. Self-voyeurism is a thing of beauty.
He held her tight as he plundered her ass, her pleading moans and groans, urging him on. His hand roamed from her neck to Dove's full tits, squeezing the fleshy orbs hard, pinching her nipples and his other hand furiously worked her clit over.
Dove's breaths got quicker, shallower. Her eyes began to flutter. She was going to cum, she knew it. She grasped his hand by the wrist and brought back to her throat. She looked at hi through the mirror. “Choke me.” She said. No qualifiers like 'not hard' or 'just a little'. Perverted trust.
He squeezed down. Not too hard, but just enough to send that perfect chill up Dove's spine to mingle with the rest, sending her on her final destination, a collision course with a mack truck orgasm.
Matt only went hard and faster in Dove's amazing ass as he watched her body's reaction in the mirror, the way her tight stomach expanded and retracted as her breaths got deeper and more desperate, her groans and cries of  passion becoming more and more a garbled, confused and lustful mess until she cried out in absolute pleasure, freezing in place as she came, and came hard.
Matt's thrusts continued as Dove road through it, his thrusts becoming more insistent as her ass clamped and squeezed on his cock. He couldn't help, looking at Dove's face contorted in pleasure, her eyes rolling in the back of his head. He had to keep going...and the his wall was hit.
He pulled out of Dove's ass and pulled her down to her knees. Before he could jack himself off Dove beat him to the punch, taking his cock in her mouth directly from her ass.
“Yeah...oh yeah Dove...suck that fucking dick...oh fuck...gonna fucking paint your face...paint it up like a real whore...”
“Yeah, you fucking better,” she said, jacking his cock, her fist a blur. “Fucking cover me...make me your whore..fucking make a real fucking whore with this cock...paint me with what ass-fucking earned baby! CUM ON MY FUCKING FACE!!!”
“FUCK YES!!!” He yelled. He grasped his cock back from Dove and aimed at the fuck drunk blonde face, her mouth open, tongue out and happy written all over it, soon to be joined with copious amounts of cum.
Rope after rope was shot on her face, and even more firing right on her pink tongue before things slowed to a drizzle, when she took his cock in her mouth, sucking the last few droplets he had to offer down her throat.
Matt flopped backwards on to the bed, propping himself up with his elbows to watch as Dove cleaned the cum from her face, licking and sucking her fingers clean. “So, was I worth, you fucking perv?”
“Every damn penny,” he said with a smirk. “And then some.”
“Thanks you.” Dove got to her feet and laid next to him on the bed. “You were amazing too. Again, not just saying that because I'm getting paid. You just made it to the top tier, Mattie-boy.”
“Top tier?”
“That means you're not just a low on the rent fuck. You? You book me, I'm cancelling plans for that dick.”
“Oh, cool,” he said. “Nice to be wanted.”
Despite being such an active campus, Wednesday was a relatively normal day, all things considering. The evening though was a different case, at least for Lili, Camila and their men. Or in Lilli's case prospective man...kind of.
While Lili went inside to secure hers and Lili's seats, Cami waited outside to meet Jose. Mainly to get an update on Jake's state of mind. She waited,arm's folded being on the lookout for him, either in or inside his mask.
A smile crossed her face when she caught him sneak out of the back entrance. Without his mask on, no one even notice he was in his wrestling tights, though the jacket he had on covering his upper body probably helped.
“Hey,” he said, planting a quick peck on her lips. “Lili here?”
“She's inside. She's so psyched to not be here alone she didn't even question me volunteering to be her back up with zero protest. How's Jake?”
“Psyching himself up for the bit we have to do. Once he does that, the whole Lili thing should be a piece of cake. I convinced him it's not really breaking up with her because he's breaking up with her so he can date her for real. That's some slingshot around the sun time travel nonsense but he got it.”
“Well that's one less thing to worry about.”
“There's more than that to worry about?”
“Well...” Camila said, pulling herself close to Jose, who got the message really quick and started to cuddle her. “I started watching a bunch of your stuff since yesterday...and other wrestling stuff. You could get hurt. Bad. I'm not even talking from the stuff you normally do with the tables and thumbtacks and stuff. I saw this video where this huge dude just ran and he fell to the ground in pain, clutching his knee. Sure, it was fucking funny the way he just fell over like one of those buildings in a Godzilla movie then it wasn't funny when I thought it could be you.”
“You watched that video and laughed?”Jose asked. “You're fucking perfect. Seriously, I have about thirty minutes before our segment if you want to go to my van for a quickie.”
“I'm being serious.” Cami replied. “I know you're going to be hurt doing this but I don't have to like it. Just...just becareful, okay? Don't TRY to get hurt to impress these guys, okay?”
“Yeah, sure, I promise.”
“Good.” She nuzzled against his shoulder and her caressed her hair. This was new for him. He never actually had someone worried about the dumb shit he tended to do in the ring. He just did it. Now...would he be second guessing everything. Instead of dwelling on that, he decided to break the very small amount of tension he was feeling.
“SO is this a no one the whole quickie thing?”
She pulled away from him, her eyebrow raised and her lips pursed. “Really? You have to ask that?”
Before he could respond she grabbed his hand and pulled him away from the building. “It's the black and green one, right Sweetface?”
Jose hit the jackpot.

While her friends were busy off campus, Madelaine had her own things to attend to, namely her cooking class tutoring with Jared. Despite her best efforts to convince herself otherwise, she was looking forward to it. Maybe it was the effort he took to get it to happen, including actually getting a hold of Madchen's classroom for it.
She walked in the door, Jared had texted her it was open. She tried to keep her face stonewalled, but she couldn't help a little bit of a smile from coming out. She didn't know why he was getting to her. She knew she should not want it at all, it was against everything she'd always told herself she wanted. And here she was disagreeing with herself. Typical her.

Still, it could be worse. Jared could be the kind of guy who went to eat at Knockers. The kind that under-tipped and over-touched. Instead he was the kind of guy who tipped and actually ate the food and didn't act like he was there to flirt. But he did flirt..kind of...but she didn't hate it which drove her nuts because she told herself she should hate it.

“So, what's on the menu?” She asked. Jared was behind the counter in the center of the room, apron on and setting up all the ingredients. He looked cute. She hated it. And loved it.

“Madelaine!” He said, a hint of surprise in his voice that made her want to smile. She held it back. Kind of. Mostly. A little. “Oh, um, well, I thought something fairly simple and delicious. Where when you do it once, boom, you've nailed it for life.”

“And that would be?”

“Blueberry muffins. Vegan, of course.”

“Wait, baking? Not like, you know, something a lot simpler that I won't instantly fuck up, like...scrambled eggs or something? I can't bake!”

“Yes you can.” Jared replied. “Look, you're smart. Can you do math?”

“Well, of course. I'm not stupid.”

“Then you can bake. Because that's all it is. Just follow the instructions to a t for the first few times. Then it becomes clockwork. And when it becomes clockwork you can add some flare to it. But right now, you're going to make some vegan muffins. Just follow the instructions. I'll be here as a net if you need any help. But I want to stress if. I don't think you'll need much help.”

“Is that so?” she asked, the smile braking out from it's cell halfway. She placed her hands on the counter and leaned over it. “What makes you so confident?”

“I just think you can do it. If I had to bet what the issue has been with the other stuff you've attempted to cook or bake, it's you're putting too much thought into it. Trying to put a signature on everything instead of just, you know, doing it. You're outsmarting yourself and you're smart enough to do it.”

She nodded, pursing her lips as a way to push that smile back all the way down. “Okay, what are the bananas for in this blue berry muffin recipe?”

“Oh, to replace the eggs. You could also use unsweetened apple sauce, but I personally think that more useful in vegan pancakes than something like this, where the sweetness of the banana brings a lot to the party but the flavor kind of plays background to the other stars, namely the blueberry.”

“Okay,” she said. “So, is there an apron for me?”

Jared nodded, holding one out for her. Madelaine made her way to the other side of the counter. She picked up the recipe and gave it a quick look. “Just follow it, word for word.”

“Yep,” Jared said. “If you feel lost, I'll be off to the side. Not going to be hanging over your shoulder. That sucks. And besides, you don't need that kind of supervision. You've got this. Only thing I can really say is tie your hair into a bun or something, red. Then we're ready to go.”

“Okay,” she said, once again letting him get away with calling her Red. She quickly put her hair up, read over the recipe, and began.

Madelaine was on shaky ground at first. She kept repeating to herself, it was all just following directions. That's it. But she kept feeling like somehow she was getting measurements wrong. They were exactly what she was reading, but she didn't think she had good footing.

Every time she looked at Jared for reassurance though, that changed. He only checked on her a few times. Always with the response she knew was already there, she was doing okay. She was just psyching herself out and she honestly enjoyed having someone have her back. And she barely had any problem admitting it, at least to herself.

Before long, much quicker than she expected considering her own trepidation, Madelaine had the batter made. She looked over to Jared, and he came over, the safety net activated.

“What's wrong?” he asked.

“Is this right?” She showed him the bowl of batter. He quickly dipped his index finger in it and took a taste.

“Tastes good. I mean raw batter is kind of a clue of how the final product will be. Not exact. See for yourself.” Jared reached in to get another taste for himself, then Madelaine surprised him and tasted the batter form his finger, surprising them both.

As soon as Madelaine realized what she'd done as she pulled back, her lipstick leaving Jared's finger smeared.

“I'm sorry, I didn't mean for that to happen,” Jared said, blushing redder than Madelaine's hair.

“No, it's all right,” she said, burying any embarrassment she might have felt the only way she could, by letting the smile out. “I misread it and...I'm sorry if I embarrassed you.”

“No, I'm fine.” There's was a few moments of silence, every one of them awkward. “So...how did the batter taste?”

“Good,” she laughed. “I think the final product will be better. I grease the pan, right? Even with the muffin paper things?”

“Oh, yeah, just use the oil spray.” Jared replied. “Just a little. One quick coating should be enough.”

Madelaine took the next steps, coating the pan, putting in the muffin cups, filling them up then putting them in the oven, the timer set for eighteen minutes.

“Is that it?”

“Uh, yeah, until the timer goes off.”

“Okay, so what do we do until then? Madelaine asked.

“Um, I brought some books Or if you want we could go get some food at the little mini snack bar/convenience store thing around the corner.”

“You really didn't have anything planned?”

“No. I mean, if I'm going to be honest I thought you might get frustrated and kick me out.”

“Really?” Madelaine asked. That hurt, a little.

“Yeah...and I'm sorry I said that.”

“No...don't be. I can be a little, stand-offish. I'm not easy to know. To put it bluntly I can be kind of a bitch. I get that. I have problems trusting people. Foster care will do that to you.”

“Red, I had no idea..”

“Don't. Don't say you're sorry. Don't pity me. I hate that. I'd prefer people think I'm a bitch than pity the poor little orphan girl.”

“I don't think you're a bitch.” He said. “Maybe a little distant, cold sometimes, but not a bitch. And I don't pity you either. It can be a touchy subject is all.”

“Thanks.” She hopped up on the table, swinging her feet a little before waving him over, inviting him to sit next to her. “I don't like to tell people about that. The foster kid stuff. I try to hold that back unless I trust someone. So...I guess I trust you. Thanks for offering to help me. It means a lot. I should have said yes earlier. Should have thanked you earlier. So...thanks.
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Re: All-Star College
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“It's no problem. Happy to help. Besides, you did the work yourself, I just ws back up and...” before he could finish the sentence, Madealine kissed him. It was soft, tender, but deep. His hand went to her cheek, soft holding her face until the kiss broke.
“I think I have an idea of how we can kill time,” Madealine said, letting her red hair fall back down to her shoulders. Jared watched, completely speechless as he watched Madelaine hike her skirt up to remove her underwear, dropping them on the floor. Her opened her legs, and looked at him, her smiling face giving him the last it of invitation he needed.
Jared got off of the counter and moved to Madelaine, the pale beauty  wrapping her legs around him. “You..you sure about this?”
“Yes,” she nodded. “I want this. I want you. It's okay. “
“I didn't offer to help expecting this.”
“I know,” she smiled. “That's why it's happening.” She pulled his face hers, kissing him while undoing his pants. The moment his cock was free, she held it in her hand, moaning into his mouth as she felt it harden in her hand. He wanted it too.
They both breathed deep as her entered her. She moaned, tightened her legs' grip around him as he began to build his pace.
“Oh...oh Jared...oh...oh wow..” Madelaine said, the smile winning it's battle completely. “Oh keep going...mmmm...”
'Fuck...fuck I wanted this for so long...oh Mads...”
“Mmmm unnn...oh fuu...ohhh....” Madelaine leaned back, holding herself up with on arm while the other scrambled to remove her top. Jared moved back from kissing her neck to help her, dropping the garment on the floor right next to her underwear.
“Ooooo,” she moaned, a smile on her ruby red lips. Her free hand ran its fingers through Jared's hair as his mouth was at her round breasts, little droplets of pleasure being added to the mix as his mouth worshiped her pink nipples.

Jared's hands were doing double duty, one at her breasts, softly massaging and caressing Madelaine's perfect breasts while the other had to feel her legs, carressing them from her inner thighs out and back again. He wanted to know every inch of her and in this setting, this was the best option.
His arms reached around her, holding her up and freeing Madelaine's hands to go to his face, softly holding him in place as she stared deeply into his eyes.
“Gnnnnohhh look at me...look me in the eyes Jared...I want to see you...I want you to see me...mmmmmm just keep going...oooo....”
He did and instantly got lost in them. It was all to easy to do with her. He was already crazy about her, but that was from afar. This, up close and very personal, was completely new, different and worth every second he spent admiring her from afar. His forehead leaned against hers, bringing a smile to her face as she breath deep. She moved to kiss him softly, their tongues caressing each other as it broke.
“Don't..don't stop looking at me...hold me...kiss me...keep kissing me...”Madelaine began to moan, her bod starting to shiver and her pale face getting redder and redder. Her legs squeezed tighter around Jared, his arms pulled her closer. Their eyes never broke contact, their lips never far apart for too long.
“Madelaine..oh..oh Mads...I'm close, where do you want me to...”
“Don't pull out,” she said, almost begging. “I want to feel it..oh please cum for me...oh I want to feel so..soo..oooohhh my gooooaaahhhh...” Madealine's eyes shut and began to flutter and Jared could feel her shaking. He kissed her and almost with that contact she came, Madealaine pulling his face even closer to her as her orgasm rocked her.
And as it rocked her, it rocked Jared to. With one last thrust, he came into her, Madelaine's toes curling at the warm feeling filling her up, joining in the mix of every other ounce of pleasure.
He grunted in her ears a few times before she knew he was spent. A warm smile came across her face as she felt him kissing her shoulder and neck. She then guided his face back to her, their tired eyes looking at each other once again before a soft kiss was shared between them.
And right then, the timer went off, making them both laugh. Jared pulled out of her and offered to go get the muffins, but Madelaine halted him.
“Let me handle it,” she said. “You should probably pack your pal away before handling anything like hot metal straight from the oven.” Jared smirked at her as he zipped up. Madelaine hopped off the counter and put her shirt back on. She then grabbed the oven mitts and before long, the muffins were out,perfectly baked. Not too brown, but delicious golden brown.
“These look amazing!” Madealine exclaimed, a big and excited smile breaking through the post-sex exhaustion. “I can't believe I made these!”

“I knew you could do it,” said Jared. Her came up behind her and kissed her cheek. “They smell amazing too.”

“Well, don't get any ideas about eating them, they're still hot. Fifteen minutes rest time.”

“Oh, well if the chef insists.”

“I do.” she replied with a smile. No point in even trying to bury it now. “So, I'm going to go to the restroom and clean up. Don't touch these muffins. If I look and even a pinch of them is missing, we're gonna have words.

“My hands are yours to order, Red.”

“They better.” She winked at him, picked up her underwear and headed to the restroom. As soon as the door was shut her back was against, and the biggest grin of the night on her face. She sighed, looked in the mirror, and simply mouthed the word “Wow.” She quickly cleaned herself up and slid her panties back on. After a quick touch up of her lipstick she went back to the classroom kitchen. She saw Jared cleaning up the area where they'd just had sex.

“Did we get that dirty?” she jokingly asked.

“Well, I don't know, but I think it's only polite and sanitary,” he said. “Not that you're not sanitary, but we did just fuck right here and, well, you know.”

“Hey, calm down,” she reassured. “I get it. I'd be more concerned if you thought we shouldn't have cleaned up. Just, be calm. You got me.”

“I wasn't trying to though.”

“I know. And I like I said...that's why you have me. I've had enough assholes who just wanted to get some pussy. Hell, I experience them nightly at work.” She took a deep breath and looked up at Jared, holding his hands. “I don't have a lot of friends. Never have. If I'm going to be honest, I have two. And you met them. I've had way more asshole boyfriends. I tend to embrace that. Fuck, it's pretty much the standard model I had growing up for a what a man is. You're not that. You're something different. So...we're doing this.”

“I...I hope I live up to expectations...or lack of them?”

“How about we don't worry abut that and instead, try those muffins?”


Lili Reinhart was in her seat, the popcorn and merch she'd bought in Camila's. For the first twenty minutes, Lili was wondering where her friend was. After that though, she got too swamped up in the action and simply guessed Cami went home. This of course meant Lili was actually a little shocked when Camila turned back up.

“Where the Hell have you been?” Lili asked over the roar of the crowd. “And why is your hair messed up?”

“What?” Cami said. She took a compact mirror out of her purse. “Shit..uh, must have been a gust of wind, you know, like when you go into an air conditioned room from outside.” 'And certainly not sex in a van with my new boyfriend who's a masked wrestler and also the tag team partner of your soon-to-be new boyfriend who you don't know is the masked wrestler you've been fucking. she thought to herself.

“Really? My hair's not messed up.”

“Yeah, well...yay for you.”

“Yay for you?” Lili's look of utter confusion was a sight to behold, almost making Camila laugh. “That's way below par for you. What happened, you get laid or something?”


“Well, you only get that bad at one liners if you've gotten laid in the last hour...did you and Jose have time for a quickie before we left or something?”

“UH...yeah, just before  we left. Had to have it.”

“Jesus, Cami, you're insatiable.” Lili replied. “Let him keep it in his pants for a bit.”

“Oh, you're one to talk, mask fucker,” said Camila. “Speaking of which, despite your cold and cruel words, I'm still your back up on this whole Magnus Pain thing.”

“Thanks. I...I don't think I need it though. I want a different kind of fun. But thanks.”

Soon a familiar music filled the arena and the crowd started going in an oddly approving way as Callous Pain hit the ring, led as always by Aphrodite Gorgon. The moment they got in the center of the ring, the ices were handed off, but this time Magnus had one as opposed to Brimstone.

“Oooh, look your soon to be ex-boy toy is gettin' the talky stick,” Cami said, laughing a little bit too hard at her joke. It wasn't even the joke so much as Lili's situation. How many other women out there can say their soon to be ex-kinda boyfriend is also their soon to be actual boyfriend and they have no clue? And the only reason for that is a combination of a wrestling mask and the woman's own “fuck first ask question later” attitude. Not that Cami could joke about that anymore...though in her estimation she did it the right way by fucking the real guy first.

“Shush.” Lili replied. “I may be done with the dick but I still want to watch his work.”

Cami couldn't help but release another gut buster laugh before settling down and paying attention. After all, her man was in the ring too.

“As all you...what's a nice way to say this, wastes of space” Aphrodite asked, her grin big, evil and full of joy. “Yeah, wastes of space, our dear, dear compatriot Brimstone had a severe jaw injury while he was away, forcing him to keep him mouth wired shut. Sadly, his mouth is pretty much useless.”

“Could have fooled me,” Camila commented, loud enough for Lili to hear. Their little long form quickie in the van proved how well his mouth still worked.

“What did you say?” Lili asked.

“Just talking to myself...besides, your big guy is about to talk.”

Before Lili could respond with the required “He's not my big guy!” response, Magnus brought the mic to his mouth.

“Ever since my brother here was attacked, I've had so many of the faithless in the back try to take me down,” he said, his voice gravelly, every word chosen carefully. “And not a single one could do it. So I'm going to give you all an advantage. Come to the ring. Now. All of you. All at once. With anything you want.Tables, ladders chairs, bats, barb wire...name it. Try and use it. And suffer. Because you think you know pain? I AM PAIN. And I know how to use it. That's what this tattoo on my back means.”

Jake turned around, showing off the tattoo he had gotten on a whim on his eighteenth birthday that had become his logo, a skull emerging out of a human heart.

“If your heart beats, death is waiting for you...and I will bring it.”

“Man, I should have had him talk more,” Lili said, smirking. “Still, I think I'm upgrading...why are you laughing?  I thought you liked Jake.”

“I do!” Cami said, trying to hold all laughs in. “Just..um...something Jose said earlier. Super funny. I'll..*Hccckmmpt* tell you later.” Cami couldn't wait for this to be done with so she could tell Lili the true hilarity of calling her own boyfriend an upgrade from himself.

Cami's thoughts went from humorous to concern the moment a group of guys rushed the ring. Lili was excited, still a fan to the core despite any emotional turmoil going on. And Cami knew all this was supposed to happen. But still seeing Jose being hit with chairs and thrown through tables made her concerned. Is this what he thought on easy night was? She got so into worrying about him she actually joined in cheering with Lili when Jake bagan to clear house, throwing everyone out of the ring to protect his partner.

Cami got so into it she almost blurted out Jake's name before quickly turning it into a chant of “Jack him up!”

“You're surprisingly into this,” Lili said. “You okay? Still a little dick drunk from your office romp?”

“I just got swept up in the action, that's all. Kind of like you but without blowing them in the locker room.”

“One guy! I swear to god, you blow one guy on a whim and it follows you forever.”

“Well, as soon as you end it I'm sure that's all going to end.” 'And I'll have a whole new round of jokes.' Camila said to herself. “We heading to the merch table to do it?”

“Yeah, the moment they leave the ring. Like a band-aid, right? Just rip that shit off.”

It wasn't too long after that it was time to remove that band aid. Lili and Cami headed from their seats to the merch booth where Callous Pain were, and there they were, selling t-shirts and paper masks on sticks.

“Go get 'em Sweetface,” Cami said to herself, an odd bit of pride in Jose's idea actually working and making him some cash.

“What was that?”

“Oh, I said 'Go get him, Lils.'” replied Cami. “I'm here, supporting you. If you want I'll even distract the little guy so he won't try to convince the bigger one of anything unsavory.”

“Thanks...but I think I have it covered.” Lili took a deep breath, shook it stress she had off, and headed over. She was off to the side of the lines, With a soft but firm “Ahem,” she got Magnus' attention. “Can we talk?”

“Uh, yeah, sure,” Jake said, trying to cover his voice up more than he usually did. “You got this on your own?”

Jose nodded. “I can do math...kinda. You got this though?” Jake looked at Lili then back to his partner and nodded.

Lili led him to a semi-secluded spot. They had privacy, but not the kind that they usually had. But, like usual, before Jake could say anything, Lili silenced him.

“I met someone,” she said. It was blunt but she tried to make it as comforting as possible. “And...and I like him. A lot. I care about him and it's way deeper than what we had. Oh shit I didn't mean that to come out like that! I'm sorry, I really am. I am so bad at things like this....”

“Hey, don't worry about it,” Jake said, trying to look somber but giddy as a kid on the first day of Summer vacation on the inside. “This is something that happens, especially with wrestlers. Nothing wrong with it. And hey, if you got a great guy, cool.”

“Really? That simple?”

“Yep. Sex is sex. There anything else?”

“Oh...well...no, not really I guess.” Lili turned to walk away, relieved but confused. “You sure you're fine with this?”

“Yeah,” he said. “Is there anything else?”

“No, I...I guess not. Hope you sell out at the merch table.”

“Thanks.” Jake returned to his table, giving Lili one last view of his back and that tattoo on it before she turned around and went back to Camila.

“How'd it go?” asked Camila. “You okay?”

“Yeah.” Lili replied. “A lot easier than I thought.”

“You sound sad about that.”

“More...confused I guess? I don't know, I thought he'd be more...hurt? Or at least try to talk me into one more romp which I'd refuse of course but still...would have been nice.”

“Yeah, so sorry you didn't get asked for one last quickie in a locker room. The height of romance. Right above a Big Mac dinner followed by a fast food bathroom blowjob.”

“Yeah, you're right,” laughed. “Besides...I got something a lot better waiting for me tomorrow...you ready to go?”

“Uh, yeah,” said Camila. “I need to go to the bathroom first. Just start the car, I'll be back out in a couple minutes.”

“No problem...but please, use the toilet seat covers here...trust me on this.”

“Got it...” Camila headed back towards the merch table the moment Lili was out of the building. She headed right to Jose. “You. Up. Now.”

Jose shot up and went right to Cami, shocking Jake a bit.

“Excuse me ma'am, can we help you?” Jake asked.

“Yeah Jake, you can drop the fakey voice.” Camila responded. “It's better than Christian Bale's, but it's not needed right now.”

“Wait, you KNOW?” he asked. “How?”

“Well, here's a clue.” Cami pulled Jose's face to hers and hungrily kissed him. When the kiss broke, she looked back to Jake. “I pieced the rest together from there.”

“Oh...I totally fucking called it.”

“Wow, you and Lili are made for each other. That's word for word what she said when she found out. Of course she laughed way more.” Camila then turned her attention back to Jose. “You okay? I thought you were going to take it easy.”

“I did.” He replied. “That's an easy night. No barb wire or thumb tacks or anything. Didn't even bleed.”

“You got tossed through a table covering a row of steel chairs.”

“Yeah. Easy night.”

“Okay, fine. We're talking about this later. But right now, we're talking about Lili and Jake and everything in between.”

“Um...does she know?” Jake asked. “Did I just shoot her down for real?”

“No. Somehow, despite talking to you repeatedly and hearing you talk even more, she hasn't put it together. I'm thinking the moment she sees you naked though, she's going to catch on. So you better find a way to tell her and tell her soft. I'll back you up as much as I can because I like you and you make her smile. And Sweetface is also going to back you up.”

“Who's Sweetface?” Camila pointed to Jose and and Jake began to laugh. “The terror of the Squared Circle, SWEETFACE BRIMSTONE!”

“What? I have a face and it's just...too...SUHWEEEEEEEEET!”

“Yeah, sure. That's why you cover it up.” Jake said. “As for Lili...I just things to work. I don't know how to tell her everything but...it's gotta be done.”

“Good. Because if you hurt her I will become your worst nightmare. And with that said.” She gave Jose a goodbye kiss and walked away. “Night, guys.”

Jose returned to his seat, a gigantic grin on his face as he leaned back in the seat. “She's one in a million.”

“Oh my god, you guys are going to be the lovey dovey couple, aren't you?”


Reggie was going to have a hell of a night, and his view, he earned it. While it wasn't as challenging as he thought, it took a little bit of convincing to get Selena to blow him and a “friend” of his. Friend in the case meaning possible investor in his business break from Bella. Of course, Selena didn't know that aspect of the friendship.

The way Reggie saw it, he need to show that Selena could get a little bit extra freaky. The video he he got from that camera on Halloween was a good start, showed she was an sensational fuck. He needed the proof. Bella came with a built-in customer base by the time he'd found out about her career. And it was a loyal following. Selena had the looks, but he needed proof she  had the ability.

That was where Ronnie came in. Very few people knew the same amount of unsavory people with all the savory connections quite like he did. And it helped he wasn't a fan of Bella's. Something his attitude rubbed her the wrong way and vice versa. He also firmly believed that Bella overcharged him. This was information gotten from a reliable source, Reggie. Of course, Reggie was lying...but Ronnie didn't need to know that.

The plan was flawless the moment Reggie conceived it. The only flaw would be Selena saying no....but she didn't. Hesitation? Yes. But the moment he “bared his soul” to her and told her it was a huge fantasy of his to share her, she went for it, even let it slip it wouldn't even be her first time in a threesome.

But it was only going to be a blowjob. When he was ready to film a threesome he'd find a new guy or a woman. There was a reason Belle didn't like Ronnie. If it was just head, Reggie could keep an eye out for his more, savage tendencies. Selena was his potential meal ticket and he didn't want that damaged.

There was a knock at the door. Game on.

“She ready?” Ronnie asked the moment Reggie opened the door for him. He was like a hungry dog, licking his chops at the event to come. “I sure as hell am.”

“She'll be out soon,” Reggie said. “Just prettying herself up for us. Which means I don't want nothing to mess up that pretty, ya got me? This needs look just as hot as it feels for the camera. You read me?”

“Gotcha. It's good for business. Besides, I'll get a crack at her later.”

'Like Hell you will', Reggie thought to himself. Ronnie was here for his connections. He was a scumbag like Regie, but Reggie had somethings he wouldn't do. He had no issue with manipulating people. That was one thing. The stuff that Reggie liked to do...Reggie pretty much supported Bella's ban on him. This was a last ditch effort kinda thing, but Reggie wanted out from under Bella's thumb. The pussy that Selena provided was just a bonus...as well as a means to that end.

“Well, hello.” Selena said. She walked out of the bedroom in a long gown, oozing a classy kind of sexuality that hid just the right amount of nasty waiting to be unleashed. “I didn't keep you boys waiting too long, did I?”

“Not at all, babe.” Said Reggie, trying to make his smile as sincere as possible. “This is the friend I told you about.”

“Name's Ronnie,” he said. “And you are every bit the beauty Reggie said you were. More so, in my estimation.”

“Well thank you. Reggie didn't mention you were such a flatterer.” Selena had the charm turned all the way up. Smile just right, the way she looks at the both, licking her lips in a way both subtle and noticeable, brushing up against them...they were hers in the way she was Reggie's.

Selena was a little surprised when he brought up bringing someone else in the bed room. Then she promptly out surprised him by being into the idea. If anything Selena was more shocked at the idea that he just wanted to stop at a blowjob and not have them tag team her. Wouldn't be the first time. But his hesitation to was sweet. He wasn't ready to share her that much yet. And a double blowjob could be fun too.

The men waited with grins, trying to figure their best opening. Everyone knew exactly what was on the menu for the day, but they were unclear on how to order. Selena solved that problem.

With one hand she pulled Reggie's face to hers while the other went to Ron's crotch, massaging his dick through his pants.

“I love this chick,” Ron said with a sinister chuckle.

“You're easy to impress, “ Selena said, a sensual authoritative tone in her voice. “I haven't even really touched your cock.”

“Then what are you waiting for?”

Selena looked over at Reggie before dropping to her knees. When her knees hit the floor her hands went to both men's zippers and drew them down.

“Take 'em out boys,” she said. “Let me see what you've got.”

“You first, babe,” Reggie, his grin becoming a matching set with Ronnie's.

She stared back up out him half-smiling and her brown eyes telling a tale words couldn't properly translate. Both men were locked on her eyes until Selena pulled down the top of her gown, then there eyes were locked a little lower.

“Happy to impress,” she said. “Your turn.”

Both men fished out there cocks, both at half mast and waiting for Selena to get them both up to eleven. Both Reggie and Ron grunted a bit when her soft, delicate hands took grip of them. This made Selena's smirk go to a full blown, light up the room smile.

“Now, let's see, who's first?” she asked in a playful tone. She looked between the two dicks as she pumped the, feigning a tough choice. “Well, I do love your cock Reggie...but Ron here is the guest.” She gave Ron a wink before taking just the heading of his cock between her lips.

“Oh, wow.” He said, trailing off into a laugh that morphed into a moan. Selena started off light, sucking on only his head. Then she started swirling her tongue. First all around the crown, then just on the other side, sending an earthquake up Ron's spine. With him suitable prepped, Selena got to work and began to work her mouth up and down his rock solid cock.

As Selena gave Ron the best suck-job he'd had in a while, Reggie himself was enthralled by the show of it, his cock getting just as hard as Ron's while Selena absent-mindlessly stroked it. He knew how good of a cocksucker she was, but getting to watch it was a whole new kind of thrill. It was almost hypnotizing.

Ron decided he needed to press things a bit further. He was going to stay within the rules Reggie had set...but he also wanted to see how far those rules could be bent. He put his hands on Selena's head and slowly pressed forward, moaning with a wicked glee as his cock went down Selena's throat. To his surprise, she could not only do it, she liked it. And Reggie's view of the action wasn't bad either.

Selena held him there for a few seconds before Ronnie pulled out. She gulped for air as Ron pumped his own cock and giggled.

“Next time you want my throat, ask.” Selena said. “I don't mind. But now I think it's Reggie's turn.”

There was no time for Reggie to respond before Selena took him in her mouth. Selena knew Reggie wasn't much for the tease, he was all about the please, which she was pleased to do.

Her pace wasn't slow, it wasn't fast. It was a good and hard medium pace. Her mouth a tornado of suction on his cock while both her hands were hard at work pumping whatever part of the shaft wasn't being treated to her mouth and fondling his balls. Selena knew just what to do, how to do it, and for how long. She had down to a science sweeter than pugilism could ever hope to be.

While Ron wasn't much for strictly observing, he had to admit the show Selena was putting on was enough to make her an exception. She was sucking like a porn star and she didn't even realize. She was gonna be a moneymaker for sure. A porn star experience with a genuine girl next door.

Reggie couldn't quite form words He was in such a  state all he could do his moan and try not to look to long at Selena sucking him. The feelings alone were enough to keep him on edge, the site added to it for too long would end it. Hell, her moans and her loud sucking sounds were close to being to much spice.

Selena showed him a bit of mercy and pulled off of him, a smile on her face as she resumed jacking both men.

“Hmmm, now what could I do next?” Selena looked up at both men, loving how captive of an audience they were. Quite literally, they were waiting on her next breath. “I think I've got it.”

“Oh fuck!” both men cried out at Selena's next move. She shocked them both by taking them both in her mouth, trying her best to suck them both off at the same time. And while the effort was very, very much appreciated, some places don't allow for duel residency in a convenient manner.

From there, Selena went back and forth between the two. Soft, rough, slow, fast Selena was giving it her all, the sounds in the room a chorus of wet slurps and moans. It was all a symphony building up to massive crescendo.

Ron was the one in her mouth he hit his wall first. He didn't even say it, but the noises he was making made it clear. He held her head still and unloaded in her mouth, Selena swallowing every drop she could, but some still leaked out.

When he was done Ron pulled out and Selena looks back towards her man, licking around her lips, more cum dripping from them. That visual was all it took for him to fire off on Selena's beautiful face, eyes shut so tight he didn't even see her move her mouth over his spewing spout to get the last few streams. He certainly felt it though.

When every last bit of cum had been drained from both men, Selena got to her feet just as they dropped down on the couch, spent.

“I think you boys will excuse me while I clean up.” Selena said. “Ron, it was very nice meeting you. Don't be a stranger.” She gave a wink and went to the bedroom, very confident she'd given Reggie exactly what she wanted...she was convinced was what she wanted.

“Did I tell you or what?” Reggie asked, his shit-eating grin dialed all the way up. “She's going to be a goldmine and a foundation.”

“You sold me,” Ron said. “Or rather, she did. I'm in. But we gotta be smart about this. Record her doing stuff like this a few more times. Is every room in this place set up for recording like the living room?”

“Oh yeah. All the best angles. We got ourselves a star.”

Karlie Kloss had stomach overflowing with butterflies. The way things were flying about in there, it was more like moths set loose in a light bulb factory. She hadn't seen Taylor since talking with Katy Perry. And a LOT had happened in between. She'd even slept in Katy's bed...after some fun with the brunette, of course.

Then, just two hours ago, she had gotten a text from Taylor. The message was simple. 'We need to talk'. That was it. No “please” or “NOW”. Just the sentence. Karlie had no clue what Taylor she was going to get.

She slid her key into the lock and and went through the door of the sorority house. All the lights were off. No one, save Taylor, was n the house. Which meant Karlie knew exactly where she'd be.

Karlie stepped through the door to the room best described as Taylor's office. It certainly wasn't her bedroom. This place was 100%, and not the fun kind. It was where she made all the party plans and kept all her records for the sorority as well as the plans for her party planning business. No one was allowed in here without her being present, and even that was a rarity.

Karlie's eyes went right for the desk where Taylor was seated. Their eyes did not meet, however, Taylor's were locked firmly on the papers in front of her. Karlie didn't even know if Taylor noticed her.

“Sit.” Taylor said, not even bothering to look up form her papers. “Now, Karlie.”

Karlie had heard that tone from Taylor before, but never towards her. Those butterflies had gone into overdrive.

“Well, you've certainly had a busy few days, haven't you?”

“What do you mean?” Karlie asked while wearing the world's worst poker face.

Taylor answered wordlessly. Her face told the tale first. Her blue eyes looks right at Karlie's radiating the word “Really?” before Taylor turned her computer monitor around so Karlie could see what was on it...and quite a lot was on it that she had no clue how Taylor could have gotten footage of. Three videos were playing simultaneously. Two of them were Karlie having sex with Katy. Every kiss, every lick, every caress...and every word spoken. Including the ones against Taylor. The last video...it was herself, Katy, and McKracken.

“Like I said, you've been busy.”

“How did you get that?”

Taylor gave Karlie the kind of smile she never thought she'd be o the other side of...that cold smile...that all knowing a smile. The smile that Taylor used to scream at someone “YOU FUCKED UP” without a single word. Those butterflies now wanted an exit.

“Normie dear,” Taylor said through the smile. “Would you please come out of the shadows?” From behind Taylor came a smirking Norman. “I know, a BIT dramatic. But if nt for the theatrics I'd be showing exactly how furious I am at you Karlie. You failed one every conceivable level.”

“I failed?” Karlie yelled. “I FAILED!? What about you? Did you think I'd always just sit and take this shit from you? Fucking other people, manipulating them? You thought I could handle all that and the disrespect?”

“Disrespected? Bitching about infidelities? Spare me Karlie. How many of those did you join in on. Now, do correct me if I'm wrong...but that's not cheating. That's a threesome. And all those other times, like when I blew dear old Normie here? Business. Strictly business. Which you KNEW about. You always knew. And if you didn't, I'd expect you to talk to. Because I certainly would bring it up to you. You know, like I'm doing now. Because I fucking loved you. I LOVED YOU!”


Taylor stood up and towered over Karlie, who still reeling from the use of the l-word. “I loved you. I listened to you. I took your advice. Not all the time, but when I did you knew it. The only times I ever snapped back at you was when I knew you were wrong. And guess what? I was right then. All your complaints about manipulation? That's me doing what's right for people who seem addicted to doing the exact wrong thing. I won't apologize for that or what I do when it's strictly business? My fuck with McKacken? I did it because Katy fucked me over. You two...you did it just to hurt me. And the worst thing about it? Neither of you even bothered to check out if you had a real reason to. See, I knew Katy MIGHT fuck him without double checking Norm's story, but you? I thought you'd for sure double check. I didn't think you were that much of a fucking pathetic follower.”

“What the Hell are you talking about?”

“Norm? He certainly was in McKracken's office. But a normal tech thing. For McKracken at least. For me? He planted a couple of cameras in their. Just to see if Katy would fall for it. I never went to McKracken for a Christmas party. But I thought it was the perfect way to really get to Katy and make sure she stopped gunning for me. It was a trap for her. And by proxy, you. You didn't really enter into things until you fucked Katy though. I'd love to know when you got her number. But that's not need to know information right now. Not anymore. You had one chance to redeem yourself Karlie. You failed. A lot.”

“Yeah, I'm the failure of the relationship, not the cold, manipulative bitch!” Karlie stood up,face to face with Taylor. “Playing the victim? You set me up! You expected me to do this!”

“No...I set Katy up. You? You willingly went along with what Katy had planned. I didn't even know she had your number, in both the literal and figurative sense. You had issues with me. You didn't want to talk them out. You wanted to hurt me. And you succeeded. Bravo.”

“That's always been your talent, Taylor.” Karlie sneered. “Making yourself the victim.”

“You're forgetting my BEST talent Karlie dear. Revenge. And its just starting.” Taylor tried to smile. She knew a smile with her anger always drove the final nail in the coffin. But no smile would come. Instead, she tried to hold back the tears she'd been crying since Norm first delivered the videos to her. She thought they were gone, but one slipped out. One lone tear down her cheek. The sight of the tear made Karlie laugh.

“You actually do have a heart...got to admit...it's kind of an honor to have been the one to break it. I mean, it's not like you didn't deserve it. This is what ahppens when you treat the people you care about like trash.”

“Do me a favor...get the fuck out. You have a day...one fucking day to get all your shit out of here or I'm trashing it all. But a gutter tramp like you should still be able to find it.”

“Fine,” Karlie smiled. “It's not like I don't have a place to stay. And when Katy finds out you cried...well, I don't think I'll be getting much sleep.” Karlie walked out with a confident smile on her face. Taylor? She collapsed in a heap of tears on the floor, crying everything she had left in her out.

Norm knelt beside her, gently putting his arm on her shoulder. “Hey,” he said. “You okay?”

Okay? Okay? She just had her heart torn out and he wanted to know if she was okay? Taylor wanted to scream at him, yell that of course she wasn't fucking okay...but he was the only one in the world there for her at the moment. And she did the only thing she could. She crawled into his arms and cried into his shoulders.

It was an odd position for Norm to be in. This wasn't remotely his and Taylor's relationship. But he he stayed there, comforting her.


It was the day of truth in a lot of ways for Peter. Thursday. It was the deadline Hailee had set. Eight O'Clock. He had a few hours. Which was where Today's appointment came in. He was at her place. Right time and everything. And as usual, he went in with no hesitation. It was his scheduled time after all. He locked the door behind him as usual, then went ahead to a table in the middle of the den where a silver platter was placed dead center. He lifted it up and found a note. It read “Basement. Second door on the right.”

The note wasn't in Sophia's handwriting, so Peter figured it had to be the woman he'd been set up with for what Sophia predicted wold be his final time.

He followed the directions. He was always surprised by how big Sophia's house was. He was sure the side business helped cover expenses where the teaching gig didn't, but still it was an impressive display.

Second door on the right. It was nondescript, just a door. But behind it was a rather ornate massage parlor. And not a typical, porno set type that one would expect to see in  a brothel. The walls were would and looked well cleansed. The furniture was comfortable and well-taken care of as well. No cheesy ferns or potted plants in site, save for a few flowers. The lighting was dim. Not dark, but it fit the mood, relaxation and eroticism. A few candles mixed with electricity. But class was the standard Sophia had set. Nothing was out of the ordinary...until the woman Peter had been set up with walked out from the back.

It was Elizabeth Olsen, Hailee's friend. She was wearing a short silk robe,scarlet in color that came up to her thighs an displayed her breasts in just the right way. It clearly showed off their size ad fullness without giving too much away. The best kind of tease.

“Oh shit,” Peter said, feeling completely busted. “Look, Elizabeth, I can explain.”

“Call me Lizzie,” she smiled. “Or just Liz. But Lissie..I kind of prefer it. And don't feel embarrassed. You know that text I got? It was about you.You're the client and Soph is my boss. I found it a little weird you were booked for me, and almost told Hailee if it didn't involve me explaining my job. But once Sophia explained the situation and how this was just as much a therapy session as...you know, I saw no problem with it. I get to really try out my own style of therapy. And not to toot my own horn, but I think we're going to make some real progress today.”

Elizabeth dropped her robe, leaving her completely nude. The casual nature of it and her confidence set the tone of the room. She gave Peter a smile. “What are you waiting for? Take your clothes off. I don't do clothed massages. Skin to skin is best. It's not even about being sexy, it's just easier to do and keeps your clothes clean. So...take it off and hop on the bench.”

“Oh, yeah, sure.” Lizzie smiled at him as he promptly disrobed. She actually found it cute the way he folded his clothes and set them on the couch. Her smile got bigger when she saw his cock. She loved having something to work with. She walked towards him as his back was turned and reached around t grab his cock, softly pumping it with her breasts pressed again his back.

“I like to do this first,” she said. “Not a full handjob or anything. Just testing the waters.” She ran her free hand up Peter's back, softly rubbing segments of it before getting to his neck. “You're tense all over. Not just from being jerked off. If anything that should relax you a little.” She gave him a few more strokes then backed away with a big grin. “Okay, on the table.”

“So...how should I lie down on this?”

“Face down.” she replied, gathering her materials. “We're going to start with the back. Just put your crotch over the hole for when you get hard. I don't blow you or anything through it, it's just for comfort. I'd imagine getting a hard-on while lying against a hard flat surface isn't the most pleasant experience.”

“Good thinking.” Peter climbed on the bench and lied face down just as Lizzie had suggested. He folded his arms on the pillow at the head of it and rested his own head on them. He twitched a bit as Liz poured a warm, syrupy liquid on his back.

“This isn't massage oil,” she said. “It's a water based gel. Herb-infused, just like the oil but much better for your skin. Works a lot quicker too, in my experience.” She began to work the warm gel into Peter's back, starting out with a genuine, and rather good, legit massage. “So, tell me what you think of Hailee. Honestly. I'm not here as her friend. I'm here to help you. So...just give me your point of view.”

“Hailee's amazing,” said Peter. “I'm not just saying that. The more I get to know her, the more it becomes fact rather than theory to me. She's funny, adorable, generous, sweet, talented, beautiful, smart, creative...I cannot say enough good about her.”

“Okay, then color me confused. What's the problem. Is it...shit, what was the name? Hailee talked about her...Sophia did too...name's slipping though.”

“Selena Gomez?”

“Yep!” Elizabeth said. “Is it her? I'm under the impression you had a thing for her at one point? Like nutso in love with her.”

“Is that a clinical term?”

“For right now, yes,” laughed Liz. “Okay, your upper back is done. Well,  not done but warmed up enough. Gonna change angles.”

Elizabeth climbed up and straddled Peter, pretty much sitting on his ass and lower thighs. “Comfortable?” she asked.

“I'm fine,” he said. “I mean it can't be too uncomfortable getting a massage from a nude beautiful woman climbing all over you,can it?”

She smirked and began to rub his lower back. “Wow, really tense here. Worse than before actually. Is it because I mentioned Selena?”


“I'll take that as a yes,” said Elizabeth. “What's the story there? Ex-girlfriend you're not over or something?”

“No...more like lifelong crush on someone I thought was my best friend that never came to fruition. Then things went real sour. I don't feel much for her outside of being disappointed I guess. If you made me choose between her and Hailee, Hailee wins, hands down.”

“Okay, but right now, telling me about her, you tensed up again. Noticeably.” Lizzie leaned over, running her hands up his spine, her tits hanging over and her nipples brushing against his back. “What caused the breakdown between you two?”

“Figuring out the friendship only went one way.” he replied. “Whenever she needed something, I'd be there. And she knew it. Used that knowledge all the time. I didn't get the same treatment. And when she was with one of her many bad boy cliché boyfriends, I flat out didn't exist. But when they wrecked her, and they did, she broke the emergency glass case and had a shoulder to cry on.”

“That bad? I mean, it sounds like all she ever did was use you then tossed you when she had something else lined up to take her time up.”

“It wasn't all bad. We had some fun times. I do think we were actually friends. I just...I just don't think she realized how much she could hurt someone. I mean Taylor got ignored as well, but I either got the brunt of it or it just seems that way.”

“You think you bring any of this with you when it comes to Hailee?”

“Well, from your tone of voice it seems clear you think I do.”

“Good ear,” said Elizabeth. “You clearly don't have an issue being with other women. You weren't so hung up on Selena that you didn't date or have sex with other women, that's clear. But none of them really lasted, did they? What's the longest relationship you've had?”

“Three months.” he responded, thinking back to his summer fling with Taylor. “Never gone past that.”

“You think you could make it that far with Hailee?” Lizzie placed both her hands at the base of his spine and slowly pressed upward, a medium amount of pressure. She pushed all the way up until she was almost laying down against him, her tits pressed against his back and her lips at his ears. “Further?”

“Uhhh, yeah.” He said, struggling with his intense erection. It may not have been pressed against the table, but with Lizzie, tits pressed against him and her breathing in his ear while being totally nude on top of him, it made his cock almost painfully hard. He could here her giggle in his ear. She knew what she was doing to him.

“Well, let me tell you what I'm thinking.” Elizabeth sat back up, leaning over a bit as she rubbed his neck and shoulders. “You're holding your resentment for how you were treated against Hailee. You don't intend to. But you think she's going to fuck you over. Consciously, you don't think she will,but underneath that you're expecting It. And since you see this lasting between you two, unconsciously, I think you're blocking it.”

“Okay, so what do I do about it?”

“Well, that's kind of a loaded question. There's no such thing as an easy fix when it comes to the mind. But, there's a perfect first step.” Elizabeth back off, moving lower down his legs. “Roll over real quick.”

“Okay.” He said, doing exactly as she asked. “So, what's the first step?”

Elizabeth grasped Peter's cock and moved back up his body, lowering herself onto his cock. “Ooohh, fuck just go for it.” She moaned. She licked her lips and leaned back, bracing herself with her arms as she began to ride his cock.

“Oh fuuuck.” Peter cried out, grasping her round hips the moment she sunk down and began grinding on his dick. “Ooooh Lizzie...oh shiit.”

“Shhh don't ...oooh don't talk...just focus...” her stomach undulated, moving in a wave as they fucked. Grinding riding, every sensation, every move she could make, she was doing. “Just think about me..you...mmm you...the moment...feel it...don't think...just...just do it...just...just fuck me...”

His hands roamed from her hips to her lower back, gliding over her ass for a sweet moment. Holding firm, he pulled himself up and buried himself in her breasts.

Lizzie moaned, a smile crossing her open mouth. No words. Just the moment. It was just was the doctor-to-be ordered. Her moans increased as her held her tighter, thrusting into her himself now. In between every kiss, lick and suck on her breasts, Peter moaned into them. It was cute. Cute was fun in this business.

Her hands moved beneath his chin and pulled his face up to hers. “My eyes...mmmm...unnnn look at them...right in them...let yourself go...just feel it all...see it all...hear us together, right now...and let it all out...oooh fuuck keep going...just keep fucking me...mmmmyessss...”

Heavy breathing, grunts, groans...all with eyes locked and ears open. Skins to skin, tactile sensations, temperature rising. Lizzie and Peter went harder and faster, breathing deeper, savoring every moment without any thought but the pleasure until they were on the verge.

To Elizabeth's surprise, it hit her first. She cried out as her orgasm sneaked up on her, pushing Peter over his own edge as her pussy came and spasmed on his cock. And right as she was riding it out, she got off of his cock and moved in between Peter's legs, sucking and stroking his cock. No words. None were needs. The message of what she wanted was loud and clear as her tongue swirled and flicked just under the mushroom tip.

Peter's hands clenched and he began to shoot, ropes of cum launching into Elizabeth's mouth, some hitting her face as she pumped his cock, wringing every last drop her had out.

With one final suck, she smiled as she swallowed the load, getting to her feet. She wiped the remaining cum off with her fingers, sucking them clean as well. “That was a lot of fun,” she grinned. “I think we're making some progress. Next stop, sauna.”

“Next stop?”

“Yes...what, you thought we were done?” Lizzie went to the sink in the room, giving her face a quick wash before looking back to Peter. “Just follow me. Nothing like a good sauna session to end, well...a fuck therapy session I suppose.”

Lizzie led Peter out of the room, both of them still stark naked, into a steam room just across the hall. Peter took a seat while Elizabeth poured some water over the piping hot rocks in the room. Once the steam started rising, she took a seat near him, yet not next to him, giving him a full view of her nude form and vice versa. All part of the session. Now they were both totally comfortable with each other, at least that was Liz's therapy. IN this case, that held true.

“So, what we just did there?” she said, brushing her wet hair behind her. “Apply that to Hailee. Not just in the bedroom, though do feel free. But when approaching her. Forget the past. Forget everything but her. She's the focus. Not what might happen. Not what has happened. Just you, her and what you both want. I know, easier said than done...but I think Hailee deserves that leap of faith. I think you believe that too. Because that's all it is. A leap of faith. And you're right on that edge already. And she's ready. So you're homework tonight is to follow through. Go see her. Let her know. Show her. And do something with her you haven't done with anyone before. Share something you love with her.”

“What if I can't?”

“Then you lose her,” Lizzie said bluntly. “We both know that. But hey, don't worry about it. I know you can do it. Because the way you look at her, you don't want to risk it. You just need to realize what's holding you back.” Lizzie's voice was sweet and soothing, and her smile added to that. But behind both was something else. She licked her lips and got up, walking towards Peter. She planted a kiss on his lips, her hand once again going to his cock and stroking him.

“Again? You sure?”

“Of course.” she replied. “Did you think I was done with you? Besides, I don't charge by the orgasm and you still have half an hour left. I don't like my customers leaving with time not spent. You get every minute you paid for.”

Lizzie licked at her lips and Peter went in for kiss. T the least moment, Lizzie turned away and began to walk towards the rocks again. “I think we need more steam,” she said.

She bent over the rocks, reaching for the water. As she poured it over the rocks she felt Peter come up behind her. Her smiling lips parted as he entered her pussy once more, a moan escaping her mouth just as one was escaping his. She placed her hands against the wooden walls of the sauna as Peter fucked her, moaning at every thrust he made, every touch of his hands on her body.

And they were all over it, getting a much better feel for the amazing form that Elizabeth Olsen possessed. Lovingly holding her amazing tits, feeling her sweet little tummy, gliding once more over her hips to her ass. Then one hand moved in between her legs, working her clit.

Lizzie loved it when her men were like this. Tender, affectionate, and starving for her. Not all of them were. They weren't bad, but they just wanted a happy ending. But when she made some small kind of connection with her clients. It made everything better, and the sex so much more pleasurable. They wanted to make her cum, which ended up making them both cum harder than they would otherwise.

Her arms reached back and pulled his lips to hers in a sloppy, lustful kiss. Their eyes locked again. Words were pointless. The moment...the sensations, the sights and the sounds were key, the key to it all.

Peter went faster, Lizzie moaned louder. He pulled her closer, she pushed back against him. Gasoline on the fire. Moans and cries of pleasure grew more urgent, more desperate. HE was going to cum again, and do it first. And that was okay. All in the moment. Both parties were enjoying it, both were loving every second of it and not worrying about anything but the pleasure.

When Peter's breath's got shallow, Lizzie got the message loud and clear. One last kiss and she pulled off of him and dropped to her knees. She started sucking and stroking him again, her free hand playing with her clit as Peter got closer and closer to his end.

“Cum on my tits,” she said, her lustful demand the only words either had spoken during this sexual experience. “All of it...everything left...mmmm please cum for me....”

Peter began to fire, pleased grunts coming from his mouth as his cock plastered Lizzie's tits with his cum. And when that first stream hit, Lizzie came, her hand finishing the work Peter began. Viewing her in the throws of her own pleasure made Peter cum harder, his last few blasts almost rocketing out of his cock.

He slumped back down on the wooden bench of the steam room, his and Lizzie's eyes meeting once again. He wished he had one more round in him as he watched her rub his cum into her skin.

“So,” she said, still catching her breath. “How about we shower up and have some tea?”


“Okay dude, you got this, okay?” said Jose.  He and Jake were inside the whiskey casket, waiting for Camila and Lili. Once they arrived, Camila and Lili would go off on their own, both simply there to give their respective friends a pep talk before cutting out to do their own thing...most likely in Jose's van. “I mean yeah, sure, you think the sex pressure is gone because you two have banged but it's still there. But that's no concern. She digs you, not the mask. And when she finds out the dong belongs to the same guy as the mask, she knows she's in for good bang. So really this whole thing is in the bag as long as you're not a total dork.”

“Thanks for the pep talk that would make most creepy uncle cringe,” said Jake. “Look, I got it all covered. Only bump in the road is the mask thing and how to tell her. Ut I'll cross that bridge when we get to it.”

“Got it. So don't try and get int hose pants too soon!”

“....I swear to Christ, you and Cami are getting married this time next year. I'm putting money on it.”

“Don't worry, You'll the most important role if it comes to that. The stripper that jumps out the cake.”

“Yeah, I'm sure that's exactly what Cami would love.”

“Who said it'd be for her?” Jose joked, just as the door opened and the two ladies walked in, Lili leading the pack. The moment her eyes met Jake, they were the only two people in the room.

Their focus on each other was so intense they didn't even notice Camila and Jose exit the bar.

“You look amazing,” Jake said. “I...I actually under-dressed.”

“Jake, we're in a bar,” said Lili. “If anything, I overdressed. With Camila's insistence, actually. Then all the jokes. Then I said she and Jose would be engaged by next year.”

“Me too.”

“Well, looks like we have another thing in common. Sit at the bar?”

Jake nodded, then gently took her hand and led her to the bar.

“Looks like we have couple sweethearts here tonight,” Elzia Taylor said, that warm grin on her face. Got her amazing tips. “What can I do you for tonight? Usual, Lili?”

“Oh yes, the Bacon BBQ burger, medium rare,  with the onion rings on the burger spicy and the fries curly,” said Lili.

“I'll do the same,but have those fries be sweet potato, if possible.”

“Of course Jake,” Eliza said. “ You two are cute together. And while I'm not saying that for the tip, do consider it when deciding on it.”

“You have good choice in burgers,” Jake said. “Most folks don't even bother with the rareness of the burger, at least here.”

“Oh when it's a thick burger you need to go medium rare just to make sure it's juicy. Very few people can go well done and still be juicy. It's totally possible, my dad can do it. But I don't really trust a restaurant too, you know? I know, I know. I'm a BIG time burger snob. Explicit instructions or I'm getting the chicken.”

“Well, aside from writing, burgers, and wrestling,w hat else are you into?”

“Make-up. Not like glitzy stuff, though I can do that really damn well, but movie monster stuff. My parents had all the cable stuff and on weekend,s when they weren't showing the titty movies, there was horror stuff. Especially on Halloween. And instead of being scared, I just wanted to know how to make that stuff. So...I learned. I'll show you sometime. I actually have a portfolio. Thought it might come in handy for the film students here...though I don't think anyone knows I can do it.”

“I'd love to see it some time.” Jake said. “I bet it's really awesome stuff.”

“Oh you will.” Lili responded. “I'm thinking way before I come up with a couples costume for Halloween next year.”

“You're already planning Halloween?”

“Is there any reason I shouldn't be?” she asked with a smile. “I'm feeling pretty confident right now. How about you?”

Jake leaned over and pressed his lips to hers. He looked into her eyes and said “I think I'm feeling pretty confident.”

“Wonderful.” Lili leaned on the bar a bit, the light hitting her just right, making her look even more radiant. For bar lighting this was no small miracle. “So, give me your interests. I think we've been up and down mine repeatedly. But what about you? What do you like that we haven't covered?”

“Travel. I always like to do a lot during the summer.”

“Where have you been?”

“Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada, London...hoping to make it to Japan this summer actually.”

“That'd be so much fun!” Lili exclaimed. “I've always wanted to go to Japan. See some NJPW shows, have the food, see all the weird and messed up toys there for make-up ideas.”

“Then...maybe you should go with me. If I can make it, of course. Probably would be for the whole summer though.”

“Well, now who's thinking far ahead?”

“You did essentially give me precedent to.”

“Fair enough,”she said. “Guess I better start saving up then.” A busser brought by water for the two, Lili taking a quick sip. “How'd you end up going to all those places? Family trips or just on your own?”

A little form column A, little from B, and then some some column C sneaks around to join in.”

“Column C?” she asked.

“Oh, just work stuff.”

“Oooh, work stuff. What kind of work?”

Jake had put himself into a corner. What kind of work indeed? What work could a college student have that would take him to ANY of these places that wasn't wrestling.

Fortunately for him, that's exactly when his phone went off. Ironically enough, it was the local promoter. He had no clue why he'd be calling now, but he wasn't going to take this momentary reprieve for granted.

“Shit, it's my boss,” said Jake. “I have no clue why he's calling me now but I have to take this. I'm so sorry.”

“Hey, it's okay,” Lili said. “We're here, this is just a hiccup. Come back soon, okay?”

“Sure thing.” Jake headed outside to take his call, and no sooner had he left, two goons descended on Lili.

“Hey there beautiful,” the lead idiot said. He was a wiry type. He looked simultaneously overly clean and filthy. The epitome of annoyance. “You finally free from the meathead? Want some company?”
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Re: All-Star College
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“Already have some, morons. He's outside, he'll be back, and you'll be in for some serious embarrassment if you don't buzz off.”
“Oooh, I love it when they get all feisty and fight back, don't you Frank?”
“It's the best,” the other, shorter, somehow filthier moron said. “Makes everything so much more fun when they act like they don't want it.”
“It's not an act.” Lili replied. “Leave me alone.”
Before the two slimes could press further, Jake returned. “There a problem here guys?” he asked. Frank got a head nod from his idiot boss and headed off. Then the boss man walked right up to Jake.
“Just talking, we're allowed to talk, right?”
“Well, she doesn't want to talk to you. Pay attention to body language, and leave us both alone.”
“Paying attention,” the slimeball said. Funny you should mention that. You? You should probably pay attention to your surroundings.”
That was Frank's cue. He came down hard on on Jake's back with a pool cue, the wooden stick breaking and causing Jake's shirt to tear...but Jake himself didn't budge.
“Are you fucking serious?” Jake said, turning to face a very stunned Frank. And the moment he turned around, Lili got a look at the torn section of shirt on his back. And that torn section revealed a tattoo she recognized. Her jaw dropped.
“Lili, go outsides please,” Jake said. “Just for safety.”
“Yeah, bitch. You wouldn't want to us beat the shit out of your man.” Head Slimebucket said moments before being grabbed by the throat and pressed against the bar by Jake.
“Less talking. Talking gets you no where in a real fight.” Jake threw him to the floor, running into his slimey sidekick. “Here's how it's going to go. You guys are going to try and hurt me. And youre going to fail. You think can inflict pain...I AM PAIN.”
“Jake?” Lili asked, any confusion she had slowly fading away as puzzle pieces filed together.
Frank tried to tackle Jake, and he was met with a mule kick to the gut, sending him tumble onto a table. Next up was the nameless idiot, who charged at Jake with even less of a plan, and was rewarded by Jake picking him up over his head and tossing him right on top of Frank, the table supporting them both crumbling beneath.
“Now, you two are done,” Jake said. “What you're going to do, is you're going to give Eliza, the manager here, your information so you can pay for all of this.”
“Yeah, and what if we don't?” asked a defiant Frank.

“Then I call the cops.” Eliza replied. “Give them the security tapes that show you harassing one of my customers, then attacking another one with a weapon before he had to defend himself. Along with several eye witness testimonies in case they need it. SO either way you boys are fucked. So how about you be slightly less fucked, give me your info, let me take your pictures so the other staff know you're banned, and get the fuck out of here?”
The two thugs got up and complied. “Need any help with them?” asked Jake.
“Nah, I got it covered,” said Eliza. “Go check on your girl,huh? She ran outside.”
Jake looked behind him to see that Lili was indeed gone. He rushed outside to see her pacing just outside the doors. “Are you okay?”
“You're Magnus Pain,” she said, staring right at him with watering eyes. “You're fucking MAGNUS PAIN!”
“Lili, I can explain.”
“Explain why you didn't fucking tell...was it a joke to you? Did you laugh at me? Laugh at the dumb ring rat?”

“Lili, you came after me! And..I tried to tell you, I did. You have to believe me...but every time I even opened my mouth...”
“I shut you up,” Lili said. “Every time.” She nodded, grimacing a bit and pacing. “I'm so fucking stupid! FUCK!”
“Lili, don't...” Jake approached her, gently grasping her shoulders. “I could have said something. I really could have. But...I was fucking terrified you didn't even want the guy, you wanted the mask. You wanted the thrill of the wrestler...not the guy under the mask.”
“I get that...I do. I didn't give you any reason to think otherwise.” She looked up at him, any urge to shed a tear quickly fading. “But when we...you, me and NO mask started getting closer..why not then?”
“Because I had no idea how.” He replied. “I wanted to...but, honestly, this situation? It's kind of unique. I had no clue how to approach it without losing you completely. Which looks like has happened anyway.”
“Who said that?” Lili asked. “Who said you're losing me or this is over or anything?”
“Well, I just thought...”

Lili put a smile on. It was shaky, but genuine. “I was shocked. Very shocked. And embarrassed. Kind of still am. But you're obviously more than a little mortified by the whole thing as well. It's...weird. Definitely weird. But not insurmountable. I still wish we'd gotten together last year honestly. I thikn we'd have avoided the weirdness and have been having all the fun we're going to be having. You know..if you still want to. I do...in case that isn't clear.”

Lili's smile grew stronger, more radiant. “I still want us. This whole thing...it's not even a bump in the road. It's a pebble. It's going to be a super weird story to tell people about how we got together. But at least it'll get a few laughs.”

“Are you positive?”

“Big time.” The two kissed, sealing the deal. “With one small change to the plans for tonight.”

“What's that?” asked Jake.

“We get those burgers to go,” Lili said, her arms loosely hanging on his shoulders. “Then,  we leave Eliza a gigantic tip...”

“Good call.”

“Thank you,” she smiled. “Then, we take the food back to my dorm and see where we go from there.”

“Good plan.” Jake replied.

“Thanks.” She took his hand an led him back into the Whiskey Casket, big grins on both of their faces.


It was a slight sense of flashback for Jesse, being back at the seedy motel. Nothing but good memories attached to a dirtbag place. It seemed off until he remember how amazing it was fucking Demi there. Then the sleaze seemed not just all right, but perfectly fitting.

It was also a bit bittersweet, knowing this might be the final time he'd ever see Demi. But he also knew if that was the case, she was going to make things beyond memorable.

He went to the same exact room they had used on Halloween and knocked. In short order, Demi opened up, smile blaring and in, of all things, tight fitting athletic wear. Not that Jesse was complaining. It hugged her curvy body perfectly.

“Well, are you going to come in or are we going to fuck outside?” she asked. And Jesse could not tell if she was joking or serious. “Though if it's outside, you're not going to get the surprise I brought.”

“And what's that?” he asked.

“Step inside and find out.” Jesse did exactly that, walking in to discover that Demi had brought Victoria Justice along for their final rendezvous, Victoria in the same style of tight athletic gear.

“You two know each other?”

“Kind of,” said Victoria. “We both know you very, very well. We just go to the same gym. Friendly enough. And to be honest I've always wanted to fuck her.”

“Likewise.” Demi said.

“Thank you.” Victoria replied. “But we chat. So...a couple days ago she tells me her plans...especially abut this plan I told her you and I have fucked..a lot. And, well, here we are.”

Jesse heard the door softly close. He turned to see Demi leaning against the door, grinning from ear to ear. “Can I throw a party or can I throw a party?” she asked.

Demi walked past a speechless Jesse to join Victoria. The two sexy brunettes were side by side, sensual smirks on their faces. “So here's how this is going to go,” said Demi. “You're going to strip naked and sit on that chair over there. Then...you're going to watch Victoria and myself fuck each other. So...strip down. Now.”

Jesse quickly shed his clothes and took his seat. Once he was seated, he watched with bated breath and Demi and Victoria began to make out, hungry kisses and yearning caresses leading to a full on passionate embrace.

In a flash Victoria's top was off and Demi's mouth was at her tits, lovingly and hungrily going after them. Was part of it a show? Of course. The women had an audience. That didn't make any less authentic...or pleasurable.

Demi backed Victoria into the bed,the taller woman falling backwards. The moment she was on the bed, Demi was crawling on her, moving on her prey before returning to Victoria's hungry lips.

Demi's hand's slid down Victoria's tight waist, tickling the skin a bit before it slid down her pants. Victoria moaned loudly the moment Demi's fingers entered her and began to get very, very vocal.

“Oh...oh fuck...yeah Demi...use those fucking finger...of fuck...fuck yessss....”

As the two lovely lady got to know each other very intimately, Jesse was enjoying the show as an entirely captive audience. He was stroking himself absentmindedly, almost as a reflex to the show of eroticism the two were putting on in front of him. He wasn't ready to join in yet, and he honestly might not have been welcome just yet. Like Demi said, he'd know when to join in.

The two women rolled over, Victoria now on top. She had Demi move on to her stomach and promptly pulled her spandex workout pants down, exposing Demi's full, rough peach booty to the air.

Victoria dove in, burying her face in Demi's ass and Demi howling like a wolf in heat in response. Her hands gripped the sheets of the bed tightly as Victoria's tongue probed her ass and her fingers teased just the outside of her pussy.

Demi rolled back on to her back and shortly after, her tights and shoes were discarded and Victoria's mouth was securely at her cunt, happily providing Demi with some damn fine oral pleasure.

As Victoria ate Demi out, Jesse decided to tag in. He slapped Victoria's wiggling ass before peeling her tights down to her knees and sliding his cock into her tight, wet cunt.

Victoria let out a moan, the vibrations giving Demi a little additional thrill. Jesse grabbed hold of Victoria and gave her it all. This was no time for a slow build up. This wasn't love-making. This wasn't even sex. This was fucking. Hard, fast, urgent. All in a sleazy motel room. Perfection.

“Mmmm, fucking fuck me!” Victoria bellowed. “Take that fucking pussy! Oooouuugghhh fuuucking TAKE ME!”

Demi watched from her very pleasurable position. The view of Victoria going between eating her out and crying out in pleasure from being fucked by Jesse was amazing eye candy to go along with the insane physical sensation. Still...there was always something more to be added. And from talking to Victoria, she knew her suggestion would be no issue.

“Fuck her ass.”  Demi moaned. “Mmmmm Jesse honey fuck her sweet ass....”

Victoria looked over her shoulder at Jesse, her eyes told the story and her words backed it up. “You heard the lady,” she said. “Fuck my ass.”

Jesse pulled out, his cock slick with Victoria's juices and moved his cock at the entrance to Victoria's ass. He massaged her cheeks for a few moments before pressing forward, Victoria breathing deep the moment his cock went through the tight threshold.

“Oh FUCK I love that fucking cock up my ass!” she screamed. “Unnnngg fucking fuck it! FUCK! Fuck my ass! Ohhh fucking hell YES!”

Jesse built up a hard and fast pace quick, much to the liking of both Victoria and Demi...though as the direct participants Victoria and Jesse were much, much happier.

Demi got to her knees, letting Victoria concentrate on herself for a few moments. She grasped Jesse by the face, her palms on his cheeks. Her smile was sweet and sultry as her brown eyes gazed into his.

“Fuck her ass, Jesse,” Demi said. “Fuck it hard...fast...but don't cum..mmm not yet...not until I have that cock. And I want it in my pussy...in my ass...everything Victoria is getting but harder and faster...'kay honey...give me a good farewell...everything you have.”

She kissed him, sucking his tongue into her mouth. When the kiss broke she lai back down, but now sliding under Victoria, licking the slender sexpot's pussy as her ass was lovingly ravaged.

“Ohhh fuck yess eat that pussy,” hissed Victoria. “Mmmm fuck it's so good...fuck you're both being so fucking good to me...shit....”

Victoria threw her long brown hair back, releasing a loud growling moan as she pussy was loved by Demi's tongue and her ass was taken by Jesse. It was already in her top ten threesomes ever...at least the ones where the women outnumbered the man. Her skin was a slick surface of pleasured tingles, her mouth smiling a bit with every slap her ass got from her lovers.

Of course, they were loving it to. Victoria was hardly greedy, moving her head down to return the favor to Demi, and Demi added a bit more to the mix, her long tongue taking short breaks from Victoria's pussy to give Jesse's balls a bit of attention.

A rumbling of pleasure began deep in Victoria. It was building into a gigantic explosion. She was going to cum, and cum hard. Her entire body tensed up, her voice crying out in desperate announcement of pleasure. Jesse regrettably pulled out of her ass. He knew if he had stayed in, he'd be done. This gave him a short reprieve. Despite his removal though, the show of Victoria cumming was worth it, her tone body shaking and quivering in pleasure. Her arms and legs struggling to keep her up.

All the while, Demi was lapping away, smiling as Victoria's cum coated her mouth. After a solid, intense Orgasm, Victoria rolled to her side, breathing deep, wiping her sweaty hair from her face with a gigantic smile.

Demi the put Jesse on his back. She wasted no time in mounting him, moaning a throaty moan as she sunk down on his cock. Before really getting down to business she removed her top and tossed it aside. Now, completely nude, Demi began to fuck Jesse, grinding her hips and raking her nails up and down his chest.

Jesse was loving every minute of it, his cock finding a home just as nice in Demi's pussy as it had up Victoria's ass. His hand roamed up Demi's thicc thighs to her ass, loving the perfect peach being felt in his hands before moving further up.

He leaned his body up and Demi leaned hers down, allowing him to go to her tits. He wanted every part of Demi's body, every inch, and she wanted him to have. Tonight was the final time, and they both wanted everything they could get.

And of course, after a quick breather, Victoria wanted back in. She had quickly completed the removal of her tights and kicked her shoes off, making her just as nude as the other two. Still dick drunk, she climbed back on the bed and over Jesse face. Needless to say, Jesse got the hint and went right to licking her pussy while Victoria went right to making out with Demi, the two women still as hungry as ever for each other, if not more so post Victoria's orgasm and Demi on the journey to her own.

Lips, tongues, fingers, hands, bodies and moans. Physical and aural sensations filled the room. It was near perfect for Demi...but not quite there. Not yet. She whispered something in Victoria's ear and the lithe Puerto Rican climbed off the bed, then Demi got off of Jesse's cock and got on all fours.

“I think you know what I want,” she said, popping her booty to accentuate the question.

Jesse once again got behind a beautiful woman with an amazing ass. Demi's ass though...it was otherworldly. The ultimate ass. He smacked it, loving how the flesh rippled. It was hypnotizing, amazing...and it felt even better than it looked.

“Mmmm fuuuuuck..” Demi grunted when Jesse entered he god-tier ass.  Her hands gripped the head board tight, bracing herself as he began taking her just as he'd taken Victoria earlier.

Just as soon as he entered Demi's ass, Victoria crawled on the bed behind Jesse, her chest to his back. “Keep fucking her,” she said, nibbling his ear. “Hard...fast...she wants it that way...needs it that way...give her what she wants....”

Victoria ran her hands over Jesse's body before getting to Demi's ass, Demi' moaning at the sensation of two pairs of hands n her ass. The attention was heavenly, a bit of added flavor to her moment.

“Pull her hair,” whispered Victoria. “Not hard...just enough...pull her up to your body...bring her upright...but don't stop fucking her ass...”

Victoria's hand went from Demi's ass to Jesse's stomach, running over his abs as his pace in Demi's ass got harder and faster. Demi's cries of utter pleasure got louder and more intense. He ran his hand up her body and grasped her hair. He pulled, not hard, just like Victoria said, and brought Demi to him, her back to his chest. Jesse was no sandwich between two gorgeous, Latina sex goddesses.

Jesse's mouth went to Demi's neck as Demi's hand went between her two night lovers, running her fingers through there hair as her ass was taken.

Victoria's hands were usy as well, one with Jesse's hand, fondling Demi's tits and the other going between's Demi's legs, working her clit and getting an instant reaction from the girl with the goddess booty.

“Hear that Jesse?” Victoria asked, her tone sensual and knowing. “We're making her cum...and she's going to cum HARD. We both know that...and it's all from us...so keep on taking her ass...give her everything...here how her voice is getting higher and higher...shes not even talking anymore...mmmm it's so fucking sexy...keep going...fuck her...make her cum with me...”

Faster, harder, more desperate for release for Demi and himself....Jesse gave her everything. Every energy inch every bit of power he had until finally, he felt her begin to shake and tremble in his arms before freezing and crying out in total pleasure. Demi came,  and clamped down hard on Jesse's cock with her ass.

Her held her tight as she moaned, breathing short rapid breaths as pleasure rocked her to the core.

“Mmm yes, that's right Demi...fucking cum with his cock in your ass,” said Victoria. “Big fucking cock in that ass...feels so perfect, doesn't it? FUCKING CUM!”

As Demi was tapering off, Jesse just hit his wall. “Fuck, cumming!” he cried. The moment the words left his mouth, Victoria darted to her knees, with Demi joining her shortly  after, albeit a bit slower, still in that orgasmic haze.

Victoria got behind Demi, the curvy sex kitten's mouth open wide.

“Cum, right in her mouth,” Victoria said. Fucking shot that cum right on that tongue. Give her every fucking drop she's earned.

“Unnnggshiiit!” Jesse groaned. Demi's moaned with perverted glee as his cum shut into her mouth. After the first few streams, he put his cock completely in her mouth, Filling Demi's mouth with everything he had to give.

“Mmmm, that's it...good to the last drop,” Victoria seductively said. When he knew he had nothing left to give, Jesse pulled out of Demi's mouth and sat back on the bed. He was wrecked, but still a captive audience.

He watched, desperate for one last burst on energy for his spent body as Victoria kissed Demi, the two sharing his cum between them in a long, passionate lip-lock. Once it broke, they both opened their mouths, showing Jesse's big load of cum split between them before swallowing it down.

With the fresh cum swallowed, Demi fell back laghing. Victoria leaned over kissing her once more before sitting right behind her.

“Best goodbye party ever,” laughed Demi.


Peter waited nervously. He had only knocked on Hailee's door maybe five seconds ago, but every one of those seconds felt like their own eternity. It was 8:30, thirty minutes past the deadline Hailee had set. But he'd texted her he was going to be late...but she'd never responded. Every kind of bad thought possible careened through his head before Hailee opened the door.

“You're late,” said a stone-faced Hailee. “Thirty minutes late. I wasn't being arbitrary about the time. I wasn't trying to be bitchy about it either, Peter. It was to see if you even cared enough to text me you were going to be late. I gave you an out! An still, you failed. You..you didn't think enough of me to let me know you were going to be late.”

“Hailee, I'm sorry,” Peter said. “I did text you though, I swear.”

“Don't try to bullshit me! My phone has right next to me for last two hours. Not a beep, not a vibration.”

“Did you turn your notifications back on?”


“You have your chem lab today. You told me you always turn notifications off during the class because you need to concentrate as much as you can since it's not your strongest class. You told me that like the first week we knew each other.”

Hailee paused for a moment. “Hold on.” She reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone. She quickly checked and found that he had texted her he was going to be late, that he ha to run downtown to pick something up but he was definitely coming by. “Okay...so you texted me. How did you remember that though, about my phone?”

“I don't know. Seemed like important information. Like if you didn't respond then not to take it personally. I remember a lot of stuff we've talked about.”

“Oh...okay...” Haille gave him a quick smile, a little embarrassed at how she came out ready to argue. “What were you downtown for anyway?”

“Well, before I answer, and I to understand I am In fact on time?”

“Yes you are,” she nodded.

“Okay. Then first, I want to get the pressing matter out of the way.” Peter took his shot. He held both of Hailee hands and went for her lips with his, kissing her. Softly, but with a ton of heat behind it. And it grew into a much deeper, prolonged kiss as their hands separated and began to form an embrace.

When the kiss broke, Peter looked right into Hailee's eyes.”It's just you. No one else. I want this with you. I have bullshit to get through but I want to do that WITH you instead of, well, not with you. I'm sorry about the weirdness. I really am. But...but you're worth it. I want to do it all right next to you.”

“Okay.” She said with a warm smile. “So...that's taken care of with the best possible outcome. Now, the other half...why did you go downtown and make yourself late?”

“Well, my...um...therapist said I need to really let you in. Share things with you. So...I found out the theater downtown was showing Blue Velvet tonight. And I got us tickets. I didn't think it would be so long but there was an accident and the traffic went nuts...but it's cleared up by now...so...wanna go see my favorite movie with me?”

“Let me grab my jacket.” She replied. “And...I'll drive. I know some shortcuts.”

“Now you tell me,” he joked, earning him one more kiss before they left. It was only the beginning.

The room was candlelit, Lili having lit every single one Camila hand bought. She'd owe her, but it was worth it. It set the mood as perfectly as it could. The rest was all in her's and Jake's hands. And they were doing a pretty good job of mood setting.

They were on the bed, lip-locked, embracing. Face to face, lips to lips. Just the two of them, in the moment.

“Mmm...ohhh Jake..” Lili said in between kisses. She licked her lips as he slid his hand under her skirt, Jake's hands delicately moving up her delicious thighs, ready press forward more so until Lili, very hesitantly, stopped him.

“Clothes off.” She said. “No masks. No clothes. Just us. Skin to skin.” They got to their feet and Jake's clothes were off in short order, getting a laugh from Lili.

“Glad to see I'm not the only one anxious for this,” she said. “Help me with my zipper?” She turned around and Jake moved behind her. She moaned softly as he kissed her neck  and rubbed her shoulders. His hands then went to the zipper of her dress, pulling it down and letting the dress fall to the floor.

His lips moved to her shoulders, kissing each on before removing her bra, unhooking and letting it fall to the floor as well. Jake descended down Lili's body, his tongue tracing a trail down her sine until he got to her ass. He grabbed the hem of the panties and peeled them off, giving Lili a moment to step out of them before planting a kiss on each cheek of her lovely rump.

As much as Lili adored the attention she was getting, she knew there was much, much more on the table. “Bed,” she managed to get out. “Back to the bed.”

He backed off a second, letting Lili lie down, and getting an eyeful of her entire form for essentially, the first time. If he wasn't already all in, he definitely would be now.

She looked at him, her eyes full of sugar and spice. Her look was inviting and Jake took that invitation. He descended onto Lili, the blonde opening her legs for him. Jake didn't go up all the way though. His head stopped right at her pussy and dove right in.

“OH!” she moaned. “Mmmmm yesss....oh baby please yesss....just like that...” Her back arched as Jake ate her pussy. HE tenderly sucked and licked her clit while his fingers moved and grooved inside of her, making her toes curl in time with her back.

Lili's breath were going in between deep and shallow. Already lost in a haze of lust and pleasure, she knew this was only the beginning, there was more, so much more to come. Keeping that in mind only added more kindling to the fire.

Jake hovered his arms around Lili's legs, keeping her close as he continued to provide her with oral pleasures. He looked up at her, her eyes closed. She moaned out his name, then moved her hand down his head, grabbing his hair and pulling him up to her.

They kissed, Lili tasting herself on his lips. “Now Jake,” she said, a sweet smile on her face. “Get inside me...but face to face. The whole time I want to see your face...”

She gently caressed the side of his face before he turned his head slightly to kiss her palm. “Just what I was thinking.”

Her cute smile soon gave way to a  face full of pleasure as he thrust his cock inside of her. The moment he was inside of her, her legs wrapped around him, making sure he would be as close to her as possible throughout the night.

It was a tender and slow pace, one that was still building. They were face to face, really for the first time. Her arms draped around his neck loosely while his hands were at her face, brushing her blonde locks from it before leaning down to meet her lips once more.

His pace built up, Lili's moans getting a bit louder, though both knew they were no where near the end.

'You doing all right,” Jake said in between breaths.

“Wonderful.” replied Lili licking at his lips. “Mmm...keep going...don't stop Jake...I love it baby.....it's perfect...”

He wrapped his arms underneath her and rolled Lili over, making her laugh a bit at the sudden movement.

“Want me in charge now, huh?” She playfully asked.

“Well, I would mind it.” He replied.

“Lucky you,” she said, leaning down to kiss him as she began to work her pussy on him. Her fingers interlocked with his as she began to ride his cock, her eyes closed as she focused on the pleasure.

“Oh fuck...it's so good.” She said, her voice a mixture of a moan and a whisper. “So...so much better...just us...nothing else...p-perfect...ohhhhhhh....”

Lili's head hung back, rolling as bit as they went faster and faster, somehow managing to keep the tenderness, the affection intact.

Their hands still together, Jake pulled himself up and wrapped his arms around Lili's smooth back, pulling her close as they both began to careen to the climax together.

Forehead to forehead, gazing deeply into each others eyes. Words replaced with moans that translated to the same thing in a pleasing way.

“Uhhhh...ohhh...mmm...gonna...gonna..oh JAKE!!!” Lili crid out before kissing him hungrily, moaning into his mouth as her orgasm hit her like a knockout punch. And when her final moment came, so did his; Jake filling Lili's convulsing pussy with his hot cum.

They stayed in place, coming down from an intense orgasmic high in each other's arms.

When he was capable of speech once more her looking into Lili's tired, but smiling, face. “Sorry..I came...you know...”

“Don't be.” she replied. “I wanted you to...I really, really did. Just..just one last thing.”

“What's that?” he asked.

“Stay with me tonight?” She bit her lip again, trying to convince him as if he wasn't already going to say yes.

“Try and kick me out.” Jake replied. The two kissed again, ready to settle in for the night.


“Okay, we made some serious bank tonight,” Madelaine said. “Good job Jesse.” The two were in the middle of Knockers. The last customers on a busy night had left, and only three people remained in the restaurant. Madelaine, Jesse, and Peyton, who was in the kitchen doing her side work.

“Wow, first night and you remembered my name,” he said. “Thanks...though I don't know what I actually did.”

“You bused those tables quick and clean.” replied Madelaine. One day of training and you're moving quicker than the guys who've been here longer. The quicker you clear the tables, the more tables we fill full of men desperate to see hot co-eds in tight fitting, low cut clothes. And we had the A-team tonight. I made about eight hundred bucks.”

“Holy shit,” said Jesse. “Are you serious?”

“Very. I usually tend to make bank because, well, not to be conceded but look at me. I have these Daisy Dukes custom made to make them think they might see a flash of vag and my top is so low cut, one good sneeze and they're going to see a nipple. Then I get all pretend bubbly and flirty and BOOM....money. And that money I think at least doubled with how quick you handled them. So...” Madelaine took a pause, counting out her money. “Here. Two hundred.”


“No, Knockers fun bucks. Of course it's dollars! You earned it. It's yours. Take it.”

“Isn't that a little high?”

“Like I said. I made bank. Besides...things are a bit different for me now. Not that you'd know about me from before tonight, but I met someone, he's great, and he's waiting for me outside...he's gonna cook me dinner at my place.” Madelaine paused again, smiling wide at the thought.

“What about your side work?” Jesse asked.

“Well, that's where the extra bank you got comes in. I gave you about twenty extra bucks to do mine for me. I don't usually do this, I like to do my own shit and get it done. But tonight is special and honestly all I you have to do is clean the soda spouts on the machine. I took care of the napkins about fifteen minutes before the last gaggle of meatheads left. So...helping me out? Huh? I'm not good at this making friends stuff but I think this is how it goes.”

“Sure,” Jesse said. “No problem. Just put them in the cleaning solution and water over night after giving them a good brush, right?”

“Bingo,” she replied with a smile. It was weird to be so open with smiling all the time, but Madealine was getting used to it. “You're going to do great here. Keep kicking ass and you're going to be my personal busser.

“What does that mean?”

“Duh, you get the best tip outs,”she said, grabbing her purse. “Work the best shifts, and if I cut out early because it's dead guess who else does.” She pointed at him, making the answer obvious. “So, I will see you tomorrow. And don't worry about locking up, Peyton's got that covered.”

Madelaine gave Jesse a friendly wave and headed out just as Peyton came in from the kitchen.

“Madelaine just leave?” she asked. “What about the soda machines?”

“I got her covered.” Jesse replied. “Looks like it's just you and me.”

“Well, I could think of worse company.” Peyton winked at him. “Want to help me with these last few tables? The dishes and crap are cleared and have been washed and all that crap. Just need to clean them off then I'll be done.”

“No problem.”  She tossed him a spray bottle full of cleaner and a shammy.

“You get the one on the left.” said Peyton. The went to their respective booths and began to clean, scrubbing the table of assorted wing sauces and sticky soda residue. “I can;'t believe we got the jobs this fast. They must have been super desperate to push it through like this.”

“I know, right? Pure luck that all our paperwork was good too. I mean yeah, I have to renew the health card in two weeks but it's working now.”

“Oh god I don't even want to know when I have to renew my stuff,” said Peyton. “Paying money just to work...at least the tips here are good.”

“Oh shit, big time. Madelaine made out like a bandit.”

“Me too!” Peyton said. “I have next month's car payment, insurance and still enough left over for...like a sandwich at some point after savings.”

“Well, maybe I'll buy you that sandwich so you can get yourself something nice.”

“You asking me out on a date, Jesse?” Peyton asked, looking over her booth with a raised eyebrow, her expression almost teasing.

“Might be.”

“Hmmmm.” She gave him that little sexy half smile of her before going back to scrubbing her table. “Might just take you up on that.”

While Jesse imagined all the things a date with Peyton could entail, especially with her confidence boost after getting away from Paul, he pretty much finished with the table. It was as clean as it was going to get.

“Thank I'm all clear here,” he said.

“That was quick. You always that fast?”

“Well, when I'm enjoying myself I can take my time.” Jesse leaned against the wall, watching Peyton's ass wiggle as she scrubbed.

“That's another thing I might just take you up on.”

“You need any help over there?”

“Couldn't hurt.” Peyton replied. She looked over her shoulder to Jesse, noticing him looking her and hoping he'd notice her very inviting gaze. He did.

Jesse moved behind her, unable to see the sly smile on Peyton's face as he moved into position. He moved her hair aside, leaving her neck bare.

“Mmm yes,” she hissed the moment his lips touched her neck. His hand moved to Peyton's chest grabbing her breasts and squeezing before moving down. They were on a collision course with her pussy when he paused for a moment; the belt of her shorts was already undone and the zipper down.

“What?” she asked. “You think skirts are the only way for easy access?”

“You're are fucking amazing, he said, sliding his hand down Peyton's shorts.

“Well, I don't...unnnn...like to b-bragg...fuuck...” She quivered a bit as his fingers entered her, tiny bolt of pleasure already beginning to generate. “Oooh fuck, we should have been doing this since day one...”

“No disagreement here.” Jesse replied. She turned her head, panting as their lips and tongues met in a starved kiss.

“The...oooh fuck yes...way I ssssee it...we have one option Jesse...”

“That'd be?”

“We skip the bullshit..we've both had...ooh fuck that's nice...our fill...just fuck me...and we're dating...oh but please just fuck me...I want that cock...”

Jesse quick removed his hand and yanked Peyton's shorts a underwear down, exposing her beautiful bubble butt to the air before burying his face in it. His luck with women who had outstanding asses was insane and he'd just pulled the hat trick.

“Ohhh good yesss,” she moaned. “Mmm cock...now...”

Jesse got back to his feet and dropped his pants, his hard cock at full attention. For good measure, he peeled Peyton's shirt off too, her completely nude.

“OH FUCK YES!” Peyton shouted. Jesse had thrust inside her, giving Peyton exactly what she had asked for.

No time was wasted, their pace was hard, fast, and furious.  Even with the other people they ha slept with, their hunger for each other was off the charts. His hands were on her perky breasts, their mouths in a hungry collision with each other. This was beyond want. This was flat out need.

“Oh fuck, I love this cock.” Peyton said in a guttural growl. “Oh fuck don't stop...oh fuck yesss!”

The booth shook with every furious thrust Jesse gave her. His hands moved from her breasts to her succulent ass, grabbing hold of it tight as Peyton went prone on the table, gripping the sides hard. Was it the most romantic first time? Hardly. But that had never been her style. For Peyton, romance was the other fun stuff. The dinners, the dancing, the cuddling in bed. But the sex? That was meant to be hot, fun, and just the right amount of dirty. As Jesse gave her cute little booty a hard, audible smack, she knew in him she had a man who could deliver it all.

“OH fuck...oh fuck I'm so close...oh fuck me harder Jesse...oh baby please make me cummmmmmm...” Jesse took the order loud and clear, his cock a near blur as he thrust into her. He was surprised at how close she was with so little build-up, but was hardly complaining, considering he was a lot closer to his own end than he'd have liked to admit.

“Ah...ah ahhhh,” Peyton uttered, her face frozen in pleasure. “Oh shit I'm cumming...cummming...CUMMMMMINNNGGGG!”

“Oh man, me too, Pey...” Jesse muttered, trying desperate dam the oncoming flood.

“Oooh hold on,” Peyton managed to get out mid-orgasm. “Oh please, let me taste your hot cum! Mmmm, I want feel it running down my throat. Oh, please be the best boyfriend ever and let me drink your cum....”

“Fuck cumming!” Jesse cried out. The moment he pulled out Peyton spun around and dropped to her knees, hungrily sucking him, her eyes dick drunk and full of happy lust.

The blowjob Peyton gave Jesse was quick, but amazing and over all too soon. He held her head still and began to shoot in her mouth, grunting with every new pulse.

“Mmmmmmm,” she hummed over his cock, legitimately loving the moment. Her mouth filling with cum, swallowing it, how a throbbing cock felt in her mouth...utter perfection for Peyton.

When he was spent, Jesse slowly took his flaccid dick from Peyton's mouth, his blonde vixen showing the emptiness of her mouth off like a trophy. He quickly scooped her up in his arms and kissed her, one filled with a delightful mix of affection and lust.

“I can get used to his,” he said, kissing her forehead.

“Then plan on it.” Peyton replied. “I don't plan on going anywhere.”

“I'm going to hold you to that.”

“Promise?” she asked, her tongue resting playfully between her teeth.

“Big time.”
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Re: All-Star College
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Finally got through part 3!  Stellar job with weaving plot/sex and keeping everything varied.  Don't know how you did it.  Especially loved that threesome with Karlie and Katy.

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Re: All-Star College
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It was an honor being able to edit this for you. A truly amazing story, it's even better with all the photos you've included.

You've created something special here, a true work of art.
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Re: All-Star College
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Just wanted to say amazing story. Hope you keep it up. Love the Katy Perry and Elizabeth Olsen parts especially. Thanks for the huge effort you’ve put in
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