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Re: CelebsGoBlack For Sex-Ed (Multi-Celeb Collaboration) [Segment #6 Posted]
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I like this series. Is there a chance that Victoria Justice and Dove Cameron could make future appearances in this or the CelebsGoBlack.com series?

They won’t be in this one but maybe CGB.

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Re: CelebsGoBlack For Sex-Ed (Multi-Celeb Collaboration) [Segment #7 Posted]
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CelebsGoBlack For Sex-Ed Segment #7
Starring Gal Gadot
Codes: M+F, Gangbang, Oral, Anal
By Slyguy, Contributions From DarkSwordsman

“Hi, Hugh,” said Ricky Hornball, a number of muscled black studs and bikini-clad celebs mingling on sun loungers in the background.  “Yep, things are really heating up out here in Anna’s yard.  Why don’t we take a lot at what some of our glamorous celebrities are getting up to?”

Hornball and his cameraman crossed the patio and approached the first sunbed.  A young man named Derrick was sprawled out on the padded surface, a large, bicep-laden arm curled around Jane Levy’s slender form as she lay beside him.  Her mouth was wrapped around a chocolate popsicle; the auburn starlet slurping suggestively at the sweet treat as she fed it between her lips.

“You look like you’re enjoying that popsicle, Jane,” said Hornball, the camera guy pointing his lens at the redheaded beauty as she sucked at the sugary sweet treat. 

“Uh huh, I looove chocolate,” she replied, flashing a naughty wink at the camera as she ran her tongue slowly up the melting shaft.

“Shit!” Derrick exclaimed at her side.  “Girl got all the moves, huh?”

“Sure does,” Hornball agreed.  “You’re in for a treat there, buddy.”

Hornball moved onto the next lounger where Kristen Bell was laid out on her front.  Bikini top removed, a chiseled black stud named Jalen was perched behind her, his large dark hands roaming across her back as he rubbed a hearty dose of sunscreen into her smooth, velvety flesh. 

“Ah, yes,” said Hornball, “in this heat its very important to apply lots of lotion to protect your skin from the sun.  Safety first, right guys?”

“Mmhmm,” Kristen murmured in response, her voice thick with arousal as the skilled ebony hands glided across her skin.

Jalen moved to her ass and undid the ties on her scanty bikini bottoms.

“She don’t want no tan lines,” he said with a grin.

He peeled off her underwear, a clear wet patch visible in the teeny crotch as he held them up.

“Damn!  She looks like she's ready!”

“Well, she doesn’t have long to wait,” Hornball replied, “and neither do you guys at home!  As Hugh said, we’re just a few grand short of our $750,000 pledge goal, then it’s onto that million!  And with what we have coming up next, I’m sure those donations are gonna come flooding in.  Back to you in the studio.”

“Actually Ricky,  just this very second we have hit the 750,000 dollar mark!”  Alison Brie said, hopping up and down with anticipation.  “Thank you to BBCLover69 for getting us over the hump with pledge of 500 dollars!  Hmmm, I guess they wanted to remain anonymous.  Now, I’ve loved every special guest and every wild segment we’ve had here in the studio today, but let me tell you folks, this next one blows the rest out of the water!  We have none other than Wonder Woman herself here!  Everyone please give a warm welcome to the gorgeous, Gal Gadot!”
From backstage, the actress strutted onto the stage with a walk worthy of the finest Parisian runways.  Her red carpet ensemble was every bit as extravagant as the other guests of the day had been.  It clung tightly to her muscular frame with elegant ease and effortless grace.  Waving to the camera, she clicked her way across the stage on spindly heels and warmly embraced Alison.  Two quick kisses on the cheek for Hugh Johnson and she settled between them, taller than both and unable to keep the enormous dazzling smile off of her face.
Turning to face the camera, she uttered two friendly greetings, one in Hebrew and one in English.  “Hello everybody.  Truly honored to be here for this great cause!”  Her accent lay thick upon every word, but it added an exoticism to every vowel and syllable formed between those smirking red lips.
“I’m loving the enthusiasm.  The energy.  Keep that up Gal.  Can we bring the Rammers back out?  All of them?”  Hugh called out loudly.
A brief drumroll sounded and from the shadows of backstage emerged the second string of the Licksville Rammers.  All eleven of them marched onstage in a line.  Andre, Xavier, Isaiah, Wendell, Tyreke, Julius, Jamal, Gerald, Darnell, Donovan and Trae.  Each had played a hand in reaching the current donation goal and now they were ready and willing to do it one more time.   
Each Rammer was naked, letterman jackets discarded.  They came to a stop in center stage and stood there with serious expressions usually reserved for a big game.  Their dark skin gleamed, muscles bulged and cocks hung low, dangling out in front of them.  The Israeli born actress had been watching the day’s events unfold with ever increasing excitement and now that she was here onstage with them, she realized she had not been excited enough.  In person was very different than via screen.  Her eyes didn’t know where to look, trailing down the line of stunningly good-looking well-hung young studs.  She was taking in every detail of their big, thick, juicy black cocks.  It seemed like each one was bigger than the last.  Or perhaps her mind was just playing tricks on her.
“Gal?  Gal?”  Alison asked.  “Earth to Gal?”  She waved her hand in front of her, cutting through her reverie.  “I know they’re distracting.  Trust me.”  She winked at the camera.  “Now that your scene partners have joined us, tell me.  Are you going to be able to get us to that 1-million-dollar mark?”
Eying each stud one-by-one for a final time, Gal nodded.  “I absolutely will.  Along with the help of all these fine young gentlemen.”  She said, stumbling over her words more than usual.  “Gangbang?  Yes.  That’s the word.  Gangbang.”
“Boom!”  Alison yelled, punching one fist into the air as a sign of victory.  “That’s right folks!  A gangbang with Wonder Woman herself!  Call in now.  Donate.  Pledge.  Yatta-yatta!  You know the drill.  And remember, once we hit 1-mil, that’s just the beginning.  Then the real party gets underway over at Anna’s house.  Hell, I don’t know about you but, I NEED to see that orgy at this point.”  Alison shuddered at the thought, then shaking herself, bowed in the presence of Gal.  “Ms. Gadot, the stage is yours.”
Lingering, Alison just couldn’t quite bring herself to leave.  Hugh rolled his eyes and exasperatedly dragged her backstage.  Luckily, the rest of the celebrity guests from the day’s event were clustered there.  Each and every one of them equally as eager to watch the scene about to unfold.  There may have been no Rammers backstage to play with them, but there were other ways to make their own fun.
The camera was closely fixed on Gal’s beautiful face.  Running her tongue across her lips, she clapped her hands together.  “Let’s get started, shall we?”
Approaching Darnell, the nearest Rammer, Gal ran her fingers along his well-defined pecs, trailing down his chiseled abs and tickling his groin as his cock sprang to full, throbbing life before her.  Squatting down in front of him, she gripped the coal-colored cock in her hand.  Holding it tightly, she put her red lips to it and began to suck.  All down the line, cocks stiffened as they watched Gal swallow their teammate’s cock to the base.  A few gleeful deep bobs of her head and she released it.  Leaving behind a shiny, spit-soaked prick, she moved onto the next one.  Julius shook with anticipation as he received the same treatment from Gal until his cock too was left throbbing, dripping with spittle and wanting more.  Knocking out Xavier just as quickly, by the time she reached the Tyreke, any trace of red on her lips was gone, smeared all over the previous shafts.
“You’ll never be able to pleasure so many men at once.”  Pausing, she gave a smoldering look to the camera and the rest of the Rammers. “As much as I’d love to… the best you can do is handle as many as possible and give a good show for the rest to enjoy while they wait.”
They certainly were enjoying the show.  Each and every single one had a fist wrapped around their meaty pricks, slowly jerking themselves off as Gal made each dark dick disappear after another.  Undoubtedly, the viewers at home were doing something similar.  Although perhaps not as slowly.  The Rammers cheered and shouted out encouragement, both for Gal and their teammates, but their impatience was growing.
Upon finishing with Jamal, the rest simply could not wait anymore.  Like cattle stampeding, the Rammers thundered forward and Gal suddenly found herself surrounded on all sides by fat, swinging dongs, each jockeying for the prime position in front of her expertly talented mouth.  Swollen crowns beat against her cheeks, head and lips as she reached with both hands, trying to assuage the insatiable group.  Mouth little more than a wet blur, she darted from one cock to the next with superhuman speed, gurgling each and every one down to the base in a singular swift movement.  Camera swinging overhead, it gave a sweeping view of the sea of cocks Gal swam it as she was continually buffeted on all sides.
Spit-soaked cocks dripped saliva and leaked precum.  The slimy cocktail of fluids splattered across her entire head and shoulders as the cocks swung back and forth with frenzied excitement.  Soon, it wasn’t just one cock shoved into her mouth, but two, even as she jerked another with each hand.  Gal couldn’t even get a word out to the camera if she wanted to.  Gurgling moans accompanied by hot squelching were the only sounds coming from her.  Still, those were nearly drowned out by the grunts and groans of the group of horny young men.  Even when a third schlong was stuffed into her gullet, stretching her lips near to breaking point, it still wasn’t enough for the insatiable Rammers. 
It was frantic.  Frenzied.  Lust-fueled.  Gal had soon lost count of just how much cock had been thrust into her mouth, how many inches of manmeat she’d taken or jerked off.  In their excitement, the Rammers found themselves grabbing hold of her sleekly styled head, balling up her long black hair with their meaty hands and humping her face.  Each gave a few hard thrusts, bouncing their big black balls against her chin, before releasing her and handing her off to their nearest team member.  With only a moment to take a huge breath, and not even a second to wipe the spit slobbering down her chin, her mouth was once more filled with an all dark meat dick of epic throbbing proportions.  Choking it down, black tears freely running down her face, the rest of her makeup had long since been ruined as sweat beaded on her glistening skin.  After having gone around at least thrice, and probably more, she put a stop to the oral assault.  Rising upwards from the horny horde like an actual goddess ascending, she stood tall and proud.  Despite, her haggard appearance she wiped the tears from her eyes with great dignity, coughed once or twice and held up a finger, waggling it back and forth at the men around her.
“Naughty boys.”  She scolded, but with an undeniable sly smirk.  “This is no, a…err…blowbang.  This is a gangbang.  We move on.  Now.  Undress me.”  The last sentence was a command.
Heavy hands moved to grope her ludicrously toned body.  The designer dress she wore, easily thousands upon thousands of dollars was literally torn to shreds as the Rammers grabbed and pulled the fabric, uncaring as the soft material disintegrated beneath their palms.  All were desperate to get to the luscious glowing tanned olive skin beneath.  A multitude of hands mauled at her petite chest, squeezing the flesh and tugging upon the dark pointed nipples perched atop.  At least four hands fondled her toned buttcheeks, smacking and squeezing the muscular appendage, easily tight enough to bounce a quarter of off.  Fingers trailed up her smooth long legs, from calves to thighs, eager to reach what lay at the end of them.  It proved impossible as a cluster of hands were all fighting off one another to get even the smallest touch of her glistening honeypot, pink lips smooth apart from a dark landing strip stationed directly above them.  Gal was fully naked within seconds, the remnants of her dress tossed to the floor without a second thought.  Closing her eyes, the groping continued as she thoroughly enjoyed the sensation of so many hands upon her.  But she had a pledge goal to meet.  Her eyes snapped open, a look of cool determination in them.       
Parting them easily, she strode gracefully over to the stained and thoroughly-used futon that had served the fundraiser’s needs very well.  Resting her goddess-like body upon it she struck a model’s pose for the camera, allowing it to take in every inch of her naked form.  One hand was held up, keeping the Rammers in place, their hands back around their pricks, jerking slowly.  Gal returned her attention to the camera.
“It may look like I lost control back there.”  She smiled.  “Truth is; I was exactly where I wished to be.  Better than one at a time, eh?”  She looked for confirmation from the Rammers, who all heartily agreed.  “Still, I think it’s time these young men service me.  Remember.  No gangbang without you.  Otherwise it’s just a bunch of guys, howyousay, jerking off?”
With a singular finger she beckoned over the lot of them.  A mad scramble ensured, like a ball had been fumbled.  The luckiest among them, Wendell, buried his head between her glowing tanned thighs, greedily gulping at her oozing slit.  A couple other lucky Rammers placed their lips to her breasts, sucking and tonguing at the hard nipples there.  Trae contented himself with her feet, rubbing and sucking on her toes while Donovan sloppily swapped spit with her.  The rest gathered around closely, stroking their dicks as they waited for their turn.  The Rammers had Gal positively wriggling with delight as felt the combined efforts of their hands, mouths and tongues on the most pleasurable spots of her body.
Breaking her kiss with Donovan, she said, “When you have this many partners, every part of you can be receiving pleasure.  It is…it is…wonderful!”
Eventually the Rammers swapped out, the new ones coming in just as eager to touch or kiss Gal’s bare body.  Hardly noticing who was doing what, she relished the sensation of the swirling dark masses surrounding her.  She did take notice when Gerald moved from licking her pink twat to tongue-fucking her butthole with his comically large tongue.  Even happier than before, she did eventually have to get on with it.  After all, this was a gangbang.  Perhaps there would be time later to spend with these gentlemen, where she could really take her time.  Her hotel wasn’t too far away… Waving them off, she adjusted herself on the futon, spread her legs wide and allowed her head to hang off the edge of the mattress.
“Get in line boys.”  She cooed, unable to hide the delight in her voice.  The Rammers nearly tore each other apart as they fought to form two lines.  Six settled in line between her thighs and five at her head.  “I believe this is called, running a train.”
Assistants hurried onstage to hand out lube as Andre stepped up, knelt between her legs and thrust his meaty dark wang inside of her, whooping at the sensation.  At her head, Jamal fit his fat prick between her lips and didn’t stop until it had vanished from sight.  In an instant, both were thrusting like their lives depended on it.  Big black balls slapped against her taint as Andre drove himself into her, holding himself aloft on his brawny forearms.  Jamal smacked his own saggy sack against the bridge of her nose, nearly blinding her with every frenzied hump.  Spit frothed at her mouth, running down her face as she stared cross-eyed at the black dick plunging in and out of her mouth hole.  Both were grunting with a savage ferocity usually reserved for game day.  It took Gal a moment to get accustomed to the double dicking from both ends, hard pelvic thrusts deep enough to rattle her entire body.
When she finally settled into a rhythm, her hands reached out for two more pricks that were not there.  That was quickly remedied as she felt two huge throbbing slabs of manmeat slapped against her palms.  Flexing, arm muscles bulging, she jacked off those pricks with practiced ease.  The hard thrusting went on for a couple of minutes before Gal signaled it was time for the next person in line.  Andre and Jamal were pulled off of her as they very reluctantly they vacated her warm, wet holes and shuffled to the back of the line with swollen balls. The next pair of Rammers hopped up and sunk their cocks into her with joyous glee, Gal giving a squeal as the pricks filled her up simultaneously. 
It was quite the sight to see.  The line of anxious Rammers, each waiting for a turn with the actress, only to ram her good and hard before being told to get to the back of the line and let their buds have a turn.  The donations on the screen were ticking up faster than a thermometer dropped in a pot of boiling water.  Gal withdrew a big black cock from her gullet, even as her body rippled beneath the onslaught of pelvic thrusts.  She turned to look towards the camera.
“Now, when entertaining so many suitors, you need to work on many tasking.  I mean, multi-tasking.  Let us see just how many of these Rammers I can work at the same time.”
The horny crowd of boys shuffled around her, eager to be chosen as she set about directing them like a conductor with an orchestra.  Gerald laid flat on his back, Gal straddling him and sinking down as he split her pussy in two with his impossibly thick dong.  Isaiah stepped up behind her as she pried her toned buttcheeks apart.  Grinning, he stared down at the dark sphincter.  His fat cockhead pushed against it and Gal’s eyes bulged as the cock slipped past the tight anal ring and her rectum was filled with thick black pipe.  Spitting out a curse in Hebrew as she was double stuffed more fully than any Oreo.  Like pistons firing in an engine, both Rammers relentlessly pummeled her holes.  Gal moaned with a mouth wide open.  It was quickly filled by Julius who pressed into her until her throat was bulging and his balls rested on her chin.  Three cocks now sliding in and out of her, she reached out to jerk off two more hard schlongs.  Tyreke grabbed both of Gal’s feet, smushed them together and pushed his cock in-between, feeling the soles on his veiny member.  Every thrust of his hips nearly tapping Isaiah in the butt, even as he pounded Gal’s backdoor.
Amazement filled the studio, even from those Rammers who couldn’t participate.  That was six.  Six men at once, each grunting and groaning as loud as the last one as they fucked, were sucked and jerked off in a stunning show of skill and dexterity.  At the absolute center of attention and having too many rock hard cocks in and around her, Gal could feel her orgasm build.  The sensation made her drop the cocks from both hands and feet and open her mouth widely to scream.  The two men pounding her holes went harder.
“FFFFUUCCKKK!!!”  She screamed, her voice going raspy as she climaxed.  But there was no reprieve, as they kept humping while she recovered.  “You will have many orgasms in a gangbang.  Many.”  She muttered to the camera.
Shaking sense into her head, she looked around with fresh determination.  Everyone swapped positions, giving those waiting a turn. Back up to pleasuring six men at once, she indicated for another Rammer to join his bud at her mouth.  Looking sheepishly, Xavier came over and thrust his wang right next to Trae’s.
“Just like we did with the head cheerleader, remember?”  Trae asked and Xavier fist bumped him.
Gal’s mouth stretched her wide, choking down both pricks, no one caring about the waterfall of saliva pouring down her chin or the fact they were rubbed up against one another.  Still, even then, Gal wasn’t satisfied.  With a gesture towards Darnell, she slapped her own ass.  He looked confused, jerking his dick.  Her asshole was already currently being reamed by Julius.  Making hard eye contact, she nodded and slapped it again.
“Double up!”  She mumbled through the mass of manmeat in her mouth.
Darnell climbed up on the futon, squatting over Gal’s ravaged body.  He looked at Julius.  “I think she wants us to do what we did with that college recruiter.”
Julius shrugged and stopped thrusting long enough for Darnell to get real close.  In an impressive display of strength and dexterity he managed to press his thick black cock against her already occupied backdoor.  Andre didn’t stop thrusting into her pussy as his buds got into place.  With an almighty groan, Darnell pushed inside.  Gal’s eyes flew wide open and she screamed, an impressive feat with dual dicks in her mouth.  And as her backdoor was stretched with a double-dicking the likes of which the world had rarely, if ever seen, she came on the spot.  Hot gushing ladyspray burst forth onto Andre’s chiseled form beneath her.  Momentarily losing focus, she was back to it as soon as she was finished squirting.  Two cocks now happily snug in her butt, thrusting in and out of her.  Gal had truly reached her limit.  It wasn’t one man.  Two.  Three.  Or even six.  Eight men all at once, being pleasured in some way or another.  And maybe if their cocks were smaller she could have fit another in her pussy, but there wasn’t even a millimeter of space left in any orifice on her body.
“SHE REALLY IS WONDER WOMAN!  DAMN LOOK AT HER GO!”  Hugh called out from across the stage.
He’d seen many things in his 50+ years on this Earth.  Many of them sexual in nature.  Still, he’d never seen anything like this.  Alison and her cohorts were also watching from backstage.  They couldn’t believe what they were seeing either.  Jealousy was the primary emotion they were all feeling.  Horny too.  But at least they could do something about the horniness.  Tits bounced every which way, buttholes were licked, pussies fingered and lips kissed.
Gal held that position, or more accurately was held in that position by the strong arms of the Rammers.  Every so often, she would have them switch, ensuring those few poor sad sobs who were left standing there jerking got a turn.  Each double anal entry sparking another squirting orgasm on the lucky Rammer laying beneath her.  It wasn’t before long that each and every Rammer had at least some girlcum dripping down their chiseled abs.  The rotation continued on and on, each cycle bringing the Rammers closer and closer to orgasm.  Just about ready to pop themselves they signaled to Gal who could have gone all night, displaying superhuman stamina.
“A big finish in a gangbang is important.  You should be drowning in cum by the time they are all finished.  You can swallow all the loads, although that might upset your tummy.  Take it in either hole, or all over your body.  Or some combination thereof!”
With that said, Gal reduced the number of men pleasuring her to three.  One for each hole.  The rest got in line behind their teammates, speeding up the jerking of their dicks ensuring they were ready to release.  All were eager to drench her.  The first to pop was Wendell, fucking her tight ass and Gal cried out as her roared and slammed himself balls deep into her, pumping out what must have been a gallon of cum, utterly emptying his balls.  He was soon followed by Isaiah who was fucking her pussy and unloaded an equally large load, painting her cervix white.  As they extracted themselves from the now leaking holes, Andre and Trae hurried to take their places.  Tyreke came down her throat, his hands balled up in her luscious dark hair as he held her head tight.  Even as he was pumping his load down her gullet, Gerald stepped up and sprayed the entire side of her face with his goopy jism.
And the cumshots continued, each with as much force and volume as though the Rammers hadn’t cum in days.  Andre pulled out of her ass and sprayed those toned cheeks white, the ropes of jizz reaching the back of her neck.  Her pussy was pumped with even more virile semen by Andre until it ran down her thighs like a leaky hose.  The other side of her face was blasted by Donovan with wave after her wave of seed until she couldn’t see anymore and still she felt cum splatting against her skin.
Darnell pried himself from her jaws and splattered her perky tits until they were glazed liked pottery.  Xavier flooded her rectum with another fat load.  Julius sprayed her toned legs and last but by no means least, Jamal gave her one final load directly in the front of her face, dribbling down her features.
When the last drops of cum had been squeezed out and deflating heads had been beaten against toned sticky skin, the last of the Rammers stepped back.  Gal blindly wiped the cum from her glued-together lashes and sat up on the futon, her features nearly unrecognizable from beneath the thick, gluey white glaze coating nearly her entire body.
“You see?”  She said, smacking her lips together.  “Big finish.”
It was at that precise moment a loud ringing filled the studio.  Every head turned to the screen above the callers.  It was flashing.  1,000,000.  They had done it.  They had reached the goal. Screams and cheers went up from around the studio.
Alison came bounding out, naked as the day she was born yet again, boobs bouncing hither and thither.  She was quickly followed by the other celebrity guests, each just as naked as the last.  They were all cheering and whooping.
“That’s it!  We’ve done it!  1 million dollars!”  Alison ran over to Gal’s cum covered form and gave her an enormous hug, feeling the semen of almost a dozen men squish between them.
“Thank you so much Gal!  You’ve done it.  Got us over that final hump!  And you know what that means folks, it’s time to check in with Anna one last time.  That means we can officially kick this orgy off!”
Just as the crew was preparing to switch feeds, Alison leaned in and said to Gal, “Don’t worry, we’ll help you get cleaned up.  Won’t we girls?”
The assembled crew of naked celebrity instructors nodded and giggled with excitement.


“Wow!” exclaimed Ricky Hornball from Anna Kendrick’s backyard; the outline of his stiff pecker clearly visible through his pants.  “That was quite something, wasn’t it, folks?  These girls are gonna have to go some distance to top that.  But you know what, ladies and gents, I think they’re up to the challenge.”

The cameraman took a pan of the yard.  The Licksville Rammers and their celebrity partners were primed to begin.  Some of the guys already had their dicks out, their A-list counterparts squatting at their feet with hands clasped around their shafts. 

“So, with the final pledge goal finally reached, I declare the Celebs Go Black for Sex-Ed million dollar orgy...Hey, Jen!  Get that dick out of your mouth!  We haven’t started yet!”

The camera cut to Jennifer Lawrence as she slipped Dion’s wang from between her lips, a ring of lipstick smeared around the boundary of his crown. 

“I declare the Celebs Go Black for…”

Load slurping noises stopped Hornball in his tracks once more.

“I declare the…”

“Aww yeah, baby!” someone groaned in the background.  “Suck that dick!”

“Ah, fuck it!” sighed Hornball.  He stepped away from in front of the camera and the orgy had begun.

End of Segment #7

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Re: CelebsGoBlack For Sex-Ed (Multi-Celeb Collaboration) [Segment #7 Posted]
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Damn! I desperately want to read the end of this story!
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