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Nice work, you and Dark Swordsman make a hell of a duo.
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You guys are killing it with this. I love these set ups and I’m checking often just like your other fans.
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Re: CelebsGoBlack For Sex-Ed (Multi-Celeb Collaboration)
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CelebsGoBlack For Sex-Ed Segment #4
Starring Christina Hendricks
Featuring Alison Brie
Codes: M+F, M+FF, Facial, Oral
By DarkSwordsman, Contributions From Slyguy

Christina Hendricks emerged from behind the red velvet curtain; the cameras following her as she crossed the well-lit stage.  She really was a sight to behold; the curvy redheaded MILF heavily, though tastefully, made up with the finest, most expensive beauty products on the market.  Her pouty, bee stung lips were glazed with designer lipstick; a dark red that perfectly complimented her curled fiery locks and pale, alabaster cheeks, dabs of rouge giving her smooth, milky white skin a rosy glow.

She wore a gorgeous black evening gown that hugged her thick, voluptuous frame like a second skin; the outlines of her deliciously round rump and shapely, child bearing hips accented to such a degree that Stevie Wonder himself would’ve had trouble missing them, and that was just the beginning.  As was common with a woman of her build, Christina’s dress had been custom made, but even with her impressive measurements taken into account, the garment still fell someway short of fully covering her modesty.  As such, her enormous 32F cans were thrust up front and center for all to see; her priceless gown offering up a cleavage so deep and cavernous it could’ve disappeared the Sears Tower given half the chance. 

“Hey, girl!” shrieked an excited Alison Brie as Miss Hendricks made her approach. 

“Hey, Ali!” Christina replied, meeting her friend in an embrace.  “It’s so great to be back here again!”

A nearby cameraman moved in for a close up as the squeezing together of bodies caused Christina’s ample bosom to emerge even further from the confines of her designer dress; so much so that her giant, creamy white chest mounds nearly spilled free from the priceless garment altogether.  The ladies chatted amongst themselves, praising one another on their hair, makeup and outfits; seemingly forgetting their hosting duties entirely as they exchanged compliments like friends on a night out.

“Ehem!” exclaimed Hugh Johnson from across the stage; Alison’s co-host loudly clearing his throat in an effort to return the brunette actress to the task at hand.

“Oh, hey, Hugh,” said Christina, before quickly returning to her friend; the pair nattering away like moms at a soccer game.

Hugh rolled his eyes.  “Alison!” he barked, the ladies promptly halting their private conversation and looking across in his direction.  “You were saying, about the next pledge goal…”

“Oh, right, yes, yes, of course,” said Alison, finally addressing the camera.  “Yes, we’ve reached our pledge goal of 200,000 bucks, and this, my dear,” she added, turning back to Christina, “is where you come in.  Did our producer tell you what it is you’re going to be doing for us today?”

“Mmhmm,” Christina murmured.  “I’m gonna be sucking a bunch of dicks, right?”

“That’s right,” Alison replied.  “Also known as a blowbang for those of you that don’t know,” she said, turning to the camera.  “Now, Christina, we’ve got seven burly, young dark-skinned studs stood backstage, just waiting for that pretty little mouth of yours to drain every ounce of cum out of their big black balls.”  The camera cut to the band of ebony-skinned football stars waiting patiently behind the red velvet curtain.  “Think you can handle that?”

“I’ll give it a good shot,” Christina grinned.

“I’m sure you will,” said Alison.  “I’ve seen you handle more dicks than that in your time, so this should be a walk in the park for you.  Who knows, if these guys play their cards right, maybe we’ll have found some special guests for our next get together with the girls.”

The camera cut backstage once more; the boys exchanging grins at the prospect of some after hours fun with these two horny white women and their celebrity friends. 

“Maybe,” Christina smirked; the buxom redhead clearly excited by what was to come.

“OK, so without further ado, let’s bring out our studs,” Alison declared, turning towards the back of the stage.  “Alright, boys, out you come.”

The guys marched out in single file from behind the red curtain and lined up across the well lit stage.  Christina gasped.  She put a hand to her heaving chest, her plump red lips agape as she looked across at the row of hulking black studs.  Despite having yet to finish high school, each one of the dark-skinned youths already boasted the build of an NFL veteran and their letterman jackets and tight-fitting white t-shirts did little to obscure the bulging biceps, barrel-like chests and rippling six pack abs hidden away beneath.

“Wow!” she exclaimed.  “All for me?”

“Uh huh,” Alison grinned.  “Well, I might join in a little, but yeah, they’re all yours,” she declared.  “Have fun.”

Christina strutted across the stage; the chesty actress noticing a certain stir in the crotches of all seven men as she approached, the breathtaking jiggle of her big, bouncing breasts enough to have even the most devout of homosexuals swelling up down below.  She stopped at the center of the row; resting her manicured hands on the broad chests of two of the shredded black youths as she gazed up at them with her shimmering blue eyes.

“Hey, boys,” she said, in a breathy coo so sexy and alluring it would have put Marilyn Monroe herself to shame.

The guys said nothing in response and closed in around the busty MILF; the band of burly, dark-skinned studs encircling her like schoolyard bullies.  Before long, Christina found herself surrounded; the stacked starlet marooned in a sea of tar black skin, long dreadlocks, nealty barbed fades, carefully styled cornrows, ripped hulk-like bodies and thick, protruding trouser bulges.  Hands were on her in an instant; a multitude of large black paws squeezing and smacking her ass and groping her huge tits.

“Now, the key to a good blowbang is taking control,” said Alison Brie, the brown-haired actress commentating from the sidelines as the seven-on-one suckfest got underway.  “Remember, you’re sucking their dicks.  You’re the one in the hot seat, so don’t let them dominate you.  Let them have a sample of what you’re working with, sure,” she added, “but make sure it’s not a one way street.”

Christina targeted the two young hunks standing before her and reached down to grope at their crotches, her eyes bulging as she touched what felt like a pair of Burmese pythons slithering down their pant legs. 

“See,” said Alison, “Christina’s getting a good feel for them too, and it looks like she’s found something she likes,” she grinned, the redhead biting her pouty red lips with desire as she stroked the boys’ girthy black cocks through their pants.

“Obviously, as you’re just sucking dick, undressing is optional,” Alison declared.  “With this many cocks on hand, though, I’d highly recommend it.  Especially if you’re wearing an expensive dress like Christina here.  There’s gonna be a lot of cum flying about and try explaining away all those stains when you drop it off at the drycleaners!”

The boys took this as their cue, and one unzipped the back of Christina’s dress while two others tugged it down past her chest.  The garment clung so tightly to her bulging bust, that it took considerable strain upon the young men’s rippling arm muscles to pull it down to her midriff, but once they did there wasn’t a soft dick in the house.  Indeed, the auburn starlet’s breasts spilled out like melons from a grocery bag; the magnificent milk jugs hanging in gravity defying pertitude above the rest of her curvaceous frame.  Jaws hit the floor in unison as football stars, pledge takers, camera guys and the producer alike stared in disbelief at the mesmerising set of mammoth-sized mammary glands ballooning from her chest.   

“That’s a good set of jugs huh, guys?” Alison grinned.  “I’ve seen them countless times before so I’m used to them, but it looks like our guys here have gotten a little distracted.  Come on, boys,” she said, walking up behind two of the guys, Wendell and Tyreke, and giving them a slap on their firm, steel-hard buns, “those titties ain’t gonna suck themselves!”

The guys came to their senses like they’d been snapped out of a trance.  They reached up to cup Christina’s breasts; smooth, lotioned stretches of creamy white titflesh spilling through the gaps in their fingers as they squeezed and groped.  Thick African lips wrapped around her puffy pink nipples as they sucked on her jiggling juggies like infants at feeding time.  Christina cooed in delight as the dark-skinned hunks feasted on her funbags, two more tugging her dress past her shapely hips and down to her expensive stilettos.  The redhead reciprocated; unbuckling Wendell’s belt as a young man behind her, Julius, parted her thick white buttcheeks and burrowed his face in her crack. 

Christina groaned, unable even to carry on undressing the stud before her as Julius’ long, thick tongue lapped fervently at her swollen clit.  She reached back and grabbed a handful of his dreadlocks, the buxom starlet holding the young man’s head in the crack of her ass so firmly that he couldn’t have escaped if he’d wanted to.  With Christina’s attention elsewhere, Wendell took it upon himself to continue undressing.  His friends followed suit, and jackets were shed and pants dropped in perfect unison.  Some tore off their tight white t-shirts, revealing their coal-dark bodies in all their shredded, musclebound, heavily tattooed glory, while others left theirs on.

Soon, big black cocks dangled between strong, muscular thighs in all directions; each longer, thicker and darker that the last.  Christina leant forward; Julius still tonguing at her dripping wet gash as she fed Wendell’s dick between her lips.  She moaned and groaned around the big dark cock swelling in her mouth as her hands quickly found two others; the busty actress stroking them vigorously as two other dark-skinned studs slapped their dicks against her ass.  Finally, Julius came up for air; the black youth smacking Christina’s ass he rose to his feet.  She dropped to her knees, sucking greedily at Wendell’s girthy dark schlong all the while.  The guys closed in on her, jerking themselves off excitedly as they awaited their turn in her alluring white mouth.  She stroked and tugged at the cocks on either side.  Hands grasped and pawed at her tits; the milky mounds jiggling delightfully as she bobbed her pretty head on Wendell’s crotch.

Before long, Christina had sucked Wendell’s dick right down to the balls; all ten of the football star’s thick, veiny inches disappearing between her pouty red lips like an X-rated magic trick.  With her head still, two the guys behind her took it upon themselves to slap their ever stiffening dicks against her crown; little drops of diluted precum splattering across her fiery red hair as they did so.  Christina released Wendell’s dick between from her mouth and quickly went for another; the auburn MILF turning her head 90 degrees as she sucked down a second girthy black cock to her left. 

“Giving a blowbang is a bit like spinning plates,” said Alison Brie as she watched on from the side.  “You have to rotate regularly to make sure every cock remains thoroughly rigid,” she added, Christina’s arms criss crossing like a game of Twister as she did her best to stroke every dick within spitting distance. 

“Otherwise the guys will find other ways to entertain themselves,” Alison laughed, as the boys continued to whack their long hard cocks against Christina’s head, some squatting slightly to slap their dicks against her big, bouncing breasts.  “Unfortunately, most people can only handle three at a time, maybe four if you can fit two in your mouth at once,” Alison went on.  “Luckily for Christina, she’s got a great set of tits, so that gives her a leg up on the rest of us.”

Eager to demonstrate, Wendell fed his dick between Christina’s jugs; the hung black youth groping and fondling the titanic ta-tas as he sawed his dong between them like a master craftsman.  His dick was so big that it poked against her jaw each time it emerged from the depths of her cleavage and as Christina sucked Tyreke’s girthy, dark schlong right down to the base, Wendell’s cockhead prodded against her mandible like a long black stick.  Her multitasking skills were second to none, and the chesty starlet stroked two cocks with expert precision, her hands little more than white, manicured blurs as she jerked the throbbing pricks.

Christina continued around the circle; stroking and jerking, sucking and slurping at any thick black wang that came her way, swallowing them down to the hilt and taking each one between her lilywhite fucktanks for good measure.  She spat and drooled, slavered and slobbered, making sure every dick in a two foot radius was lubed up and dripping with her spittle; the randy redhead reeling off every trick in her oral arsenal as she worked her away around the ring of studs. 

She tongued at slits, encircled heads, lapped at undersides and sucked on balls; tugging, stroking and tittyfucking all the while; the buxom MILF handling no fewer than four of the oversized black prongs at any given time.  But in spite of Christina’s best efforts, a few of the dicks started to go slack, and some of the studs were far to engrossed in her big, bouncing tits and thick, round ass to even stroke themselves as they awaited their turns.  Fortunately for Christina, she had a friend nearby, ready to leap in at a moment’s notice, should such a problem arise.

“The trickiest part of a blowbang is keeping all the dicks hard,” Alison declared, “and, inevitably, one or two are bound to soften a tad at some point or other.  Don’t worry, it happens to everyone, even experts like Christina.  We all need a helping hand once in a while, that’s why it’s best to organise a two person blowbang, especially if you’re just starting out.  That way if you’re starting to struggle, your friend can come and help you out.”

Alison tugged her dress down to her waist and waded into the fray, her perky C cups jiggling as she marched defiantly into the ring of black hunks.  She squatted down beside her friend and go to work; the brown-haired beauty targeting those who were going limp and sucking and jerking them back to full rigidity within seconds.  The girls worked their ways around the circle of studs; clockwise, counterclockwise, their pretty heads bobbing and dipping on every African crotch that came their way, the horny starlets sucking each of the black dongs down to the balls and back, regardless of shape, length or girth.   

At one point, the ladies went twos up on Julius’ long black fucktick; Christina blowing him, while Alison sucked his balls, their arms little more than blurs of lilywhite skin and golden jewelry as they jerked and beat off any thick dark schlong they could get their hands on.  At another, a big dark wang sawed between Christina’s rack, while Alison’s mouth gaped lewdly at the the entrance, ready to catch the swollen brown head every time it emerged from the creamy white depths.  This went on for some time, the girls sucking and stroking a multitude of fat black cocks; swallowing each and every one of the oversized dongs right down to the hilt with minimal fuss or bother.   

“OK,” announced Alison Brie, retrieving a girthy black schlong from between her lips, “I think Christina’s got it from here.  Actually, girl, it looks like the guys have got a little surprise for you.”

The camera cut to the far side of the stage as the remaining four Licksville Rammers wheeled out a long cream leather futon from behind the velvet curtain.  The boys parked it at the center of the platform and bumped fists with some of their buddies before disappearing backstage.  The guys helped Christina to her feet and led her over to the futon; the chesty starlet moving as quickly as her spindly stiletto heels would allow.  She layed on her back atop the leather futon with her pretty red head hanging over one of the ends.  One of the black studs, a boy named Jamal, quickly took up position at her mouth.  The chiseled hunk fed his long dark wang between her lips and right down to the base; his heavy, spit slicked balls squishing against her face as he buried his cock inside her. 

In the meantime, a second man, Gerald, had straddled her voluptuous frame.  He slapped his thick slab of jet black man meat between her massive tits and wrapped them around it with his hands; the whopping set of doughy, creamy white fuckjugs enveloping his wang like buns around a hotdog.  Before she knew it, Christina was being taken from all sides; her hands reaching out for two long black cocks to stroke and jerk as the ripped young studs surrounded her from all angles.  Gerald drilled his dick between her tits; his lengthy black schlong slicing between her marvelous milktanks like a saw through a 2X4.  Meanwhile, Jamal thrusted back and forth between her plump red lips; guiding his dick down to the hilt with each pass, his big, spunk filled balls slapping against her forehead as he fucked her skilled white mouth. 

But even from this position, Christina was able to retain control.  In fact, she was leading her band of seven studs like a puppet master and as Jamal’s spit soaked dong slipped from her mouth, the busty actress guided him with a hand on his thigh; letting the dark-skinned youth know exactly where she wanted him.  Jamal stroked his cock as he fed his balls between her lips; the football star dipping his bulging, coal-black gonads into her gaping mouth like a teabag in hot water.  Christina sucked on his balls like they’d been dipped in honey, her mouth bulging like a squirrel with a nut as she held both of the swollen, cum-churning orbs between her lips at once. 

Christina remained in this position for some time; two lines of horny black youths soon forming at her head and chest, each one ready and waiting to fuck her pretty mouth or plow her epic rack with his dong.  One man, Darnell, had grown tired of waiting.  He knelt at the end of the futon, parted Christina’s milky white thighs and buried his cock in her pussy.  Alison, who was watching on from the other end, caught sight of the young man thrusting between Christina’s legs through the mass of dark-skinned bodies.

“Hey, you!” she barked, pointing at the mischievous stud from across the leather futon.  “This is meant to be a blowbang,” she yelled, marching across the stage like an irate mother.  “What the hell do you think you’re doing?  Get your cock out of that pussy this instant!”

Though the muffled moans and groans from Christina’s mouth suggested she had no such complaints herself, Darnell did as he was told.  But Alison got a little more than she bargained for when he fed his sticky, wet cock straight between her lips.

“MMMPF!” she exclaimed, her brown eyes nearly popping straight out of their sockets as the black youth buried his dong in her gaping maw. 

But she didn’t object for too long; a series of muted groans soon escaping her glossy pink lips as she sucked the dick clean.  Darnell retrieved his dick from her greedy mouth, repositioning the tip at the opening of Christina's cooch and looking across at Alison for permission.

“Oh, go on then,” she said, rolling her pretty blue eyes.  “But make sure you give me another taste.”

Darnell grinned and fed his dick back inside, humping wildly as he drilled out Christina’s cunt, retracting regularly to feed his glistening wet cock into Alison’s waiting mouth. 

“Cocky little bastard,” she smirked, looking up at the chiseled youth as he flashed her a toothy smile.  “I’ll teach you to fuck with my scene.”

She circled around behind the humping stud, prizing apart his smoothly waxed, musclebound buttcheeks and buried her face inside.  Darnell’s eyes bulged as he plowed away at Christina’s gash, the young man unprepared to have his rear end devoured in such a way by the randy A-list host.  Alison lapped mercilessly at his anus; glasping his buttcheeks with her expertlty filed fingers as she tongued his strip waxed ass.  The feeling of Alison tonguefucking his asshole, not to mention the vice-like grip of Christina’s hot, slick twat around his fat black dong, had Darnell on the verge of orgasm within seconds.  His dick throbbed uncontrollably inside Christina’s tight pink gash, a thick load of creamy warm spunk brewing in his giant balls.  Alison heard his brutish, animalistic grunts as he plowed away at Christina’s pussy, saw his hands trembling as he clasped onto her creamy white thighs and knew his climax was close at hand.

“This guy’s gonna cum!” she declared, rising to her feet beside him, her lengthy fingernails clawing at his ass like the talons of a golden eagle.  “Aren’t ya, big boy?”

The boys clambered off of Christina’s supine frame and she dropped to her knees, ready and waiting for her first load of gloopy African seed. 

“Now there’s two things you can do with all that cum after a blowbang,” said Alison, as she addressed the nearest camera, “swallow it all down or take it on your face.  Both are fun but today we’re going to focus on the face.  This is known as bukakke and it’s a bit messy, but trust me, the feeling of all that hot, thick spunk all over your face...there’s really nothing like it!”

Darnell jerked his throbbing cock as Christina assumed the position.  She tongued lewdly at his winking prickslit as she cupped her giant cans; the stacked starlet offering up her pretty face and ample bosom as a lilywhite canvas to paint with his seed.  Two other guys flanked him on either side; all three stroking their pulsing black dongs as they aimed them at her upper half. 

Two of the dicks went off at exactly the same time, with the third not far behind.  Thick jets of warm, verile spunk shot from their dickholes, splattering across her face and chest in equal measure.  Lines formed behind the three at the front and no sooner had the trio of blacks blown their piping hot loads, had two more stepped up; blasting torrents of cum, every bit as creamy and thick as those that came before, over her gorgeous white face and heaving F cup bosom.  By the time they were done, Christina had been bathed in goop from the chest up, nigh on every inch of her face and bust coated with African semen.  Thick streaks made a mess of her curly red hair, while ounces and ounces of the stuff glued her blue eyes shut and dripped down her cheeks and nose.

“Wow!  That’s a lotta cum, huh guys?” Alison remarked, grinning at the camera.  “Did you enjoy yourself, Christina?”

“Mmhmm,” Christina murmured in response, “I had a great time.”

“Good,” said Alison.  “It looks like our boys did too.” 

The camera panned across the line of studs, palming their still hard pricks as they looked down at the jizz-soaked white woman before them.   

“Right, off you go, guys,” Alison added, shooing the dark-skinned youths from the stage like a gang of stray cats.  “We’ll let you know when we need you again.”

The guys picked up their discarded clothing and disappeared behind the velvet curtain at the side of the stage.

“OK, girl,” said Alison, helping her friend to her feet, “let’s get you cleaned up.  Christina Hendricks, everyone.” 

There was a smattering of applause.  Christina waved blindly in the direction she believed a camera to be and Alison took her by the arm; guiding the cum-drenched MILF offstage.  Hugh Johnson returned to centre stage, walking gingerly; careful to avoid slipping in the streaks of stray spunk splattered across the hardwood floor. 

“Wasn’t that something, folks?” he exclaimed.  “And we’re not done yet.  The pledges are showing no signs of slowing down.  In fact, they’ve been coming in thicker and faster than those cumshots just then,” he quipped.  “Let’s take a look at that total, shall we?”

Hugh looked up at the electronic screen as the counter ticked over to $276,483.

“Wow! Nearly at our next pledge goal already,” he declared.  “While we’re waiting, why don’t we see if Ricky Hornball has any updates for us over at casa de Kendrick. Ricky, how’s it going over there?”

End of Segment #4
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Gets better and better!
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Christina Hendricks, FUCK YES.

Now this is a woman BUILT to take on BBC.
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Always happy when i see a new post. Hendricks is not my favorite but damn did I enjoy reading that! Keep it up boys!
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I'm not big on gang bangs, but I am big on Christina and you gentlemen made this story hot!!
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Ya'll know how I feel about gang bangs. Christina is one of the elite redheads that need BBC love. This is hot hot hot. Fuck.
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CelebsGoBlack For Sex-Ed Special Bonus Segment
Starring Alison Brie & Anna Kendrick
Codes: F, MF, Toys, Masturbation
By Slyguy, Contributions From DarkSwordsman

“Hey, Hugh,” said Anna Kendrick, a red Solo cup clutched in her hand as she addressed the camera. “Ricky’s taken over camera duties for a bit so you’re stuck with me I’m afraid.”

“I think we’ll cope, Anna,” Hugh grinned from the studio as the cameraman took a pan of her toned, athletic frame.

Her bronzed skin glistened in the afternoon sun, her heavily defined cameltoe nearly chewing her g-string whole as she posed for the camera.  She finished her drink and tossed the cup aside before responding.

“Yeah, I guess I’m a little easier on the eye than Ricky Hornball, huh?” she giggled, pulling the thin cups of her bikini top to the side and flashing her puffy pink nipples.

“I’ll say,” said Hugh Johnson, crossing his legs to hide the hardon snaking down his thigh.

“Why don’t we let those lovely pledgers meet some of the guys they’re helping out today?” Anna suggested.

“Great idea, Anna,” Hugh replied.

“Follow me, guys,” said Anna, turning on her high heels and beginning across the patio.

The crew trailed behind; a camera guy taking a pan of Anna’s plush green yard as he went.  No fewer than 11 dark-skinned youths, the starting team of the Licksville Rammers, were lounging on plush white recliners, some with scantily clad celebrities laying at their sides.  They wore nothing but bright red speedos; their stylized tattoos, thick biceps and chiseled abs on display for all to see, the crotches of their trunks sagging with the weight of the huge black cocks tucked away within.  Anna stopped at the first recliner; a young black stud sipping from a Solo cup as he chilled in the afternoon sun.

“This is Shaun,” said Anna, perching her cute butt on the edge of the recliner.  “Say ‘hi’, Shaun.”

“What’ up, y’all?” said Shaun in a deep, bassen tone; the football star raising his cup to the camera lens.

“Oooh, that voice!” Anna declared, grinning naughtily at the camera.  “As you can see, Shaun’s enjoying a little drink there.  Just orange juice.  He’s only 18 after all.  Right, Shaun?”

“Err...yeah,” Shaun replied, reaching back and hiding a bottle of gin behind the legs of his sunbed.  “OJ all the way.”

“So, Shaun, why don’t you tell the folks at home a little about yourself?  Let’s start with what position you play.”

“Running back,” he replied, taking a sip of his beverage.

“Like playing there, do you?” Anna asked.

“I like it OK.”

“Man of few words,” said Anna.  “I’m sure he lets his other talents do the talking,” she added, flashing a cheeky wink at the camera.  “OK, let’s move on shall we?” 

Anna moved onto the next recliner where a second big black hunk basked in the afternoon sun.  He had one strong inked arm wrapped around Jennifer Lawrence’s glistening, fitness model back as the blonde actress lay beside him, a manicured hand rested on his slab-like pectorals. 

“Hey, Jen,” said Anna.  “Having fun?”

“Mmhmm,” she grinned, regarding the brown-haired starlet through a pair of designer shades.

“And who’s this handsome young man?” asked Anna.

“This is Dion,” Jennifer replied.  “You’re a linebacker, right?” she added, looking across at the chiseled youth for conformation. 

Dion nodded.  He took a puff on a thick Philly blunt, billowing a hazy cloud of weed smoke into the air.

“Nice to meet you, Dion,” said Anna.  She turned to the camera.  “I mean, we met earlier,” she declared, gripping an imaginary penis and poking her tongue at the inside of her cheek to simulate oral sex, “but now I know his name,” she added, grinning at the camera lens.

“So, Dion,” Anna went on, “why don’t you tell all those kind pledgers where their money’s going.  What colleges are you applying for?”

“Auburn,” he replied.

“OK,” said Anna.  “And what made you want to go there?”

“There was loads of hot pussy on campus when I went to visit,” Dion declared.  “And it’s got the best football team.”

“I see,” Anna responded.  “And what about the educational facilities?”

“Yeah, it’s got those too,” Dion replied.  He brought the blunt up to his lips and took another puff.

Anna looked at the camera and laughed awkwardly.  “Right.  OK, who’s next?”

Anna continued across the patio.  A third black stud was sat back on the next recliner with Melissa Benoist’s bikini-clad frame perched on his lap, a slender, beach bronzed arm wrapped around his broad, hulk-like shoulders. 

“Hi, Melissa,” said Anna.  “Who’s your friend?”

“This is Wesley,” Melissa replied.  “Starting quarterback,” she added, giving his giant bicep a squeeze.  “Look at that arm!”

“Wow!” Anna exclaimed.  “He’s a big boy, isn’t he?”

“Oh yeah,” Melissa grinned, the fair-haired starlet grinding her barely covered ass cheeks lightly against his crotch.  “He sure is.”

“OK, Wesley, I’m sure those guys at home would like some insight into what life is like as the school’s starting QB,” Anna declared.  “Why don’t you fill them in?”

“Shit, guys, it’s awesome!” he replied.  “You can skip school almost every day and you get your pick of the girls after each game.”

‘Right,” said Anna.  “Anything else?”

“Sometimes the teachers wanna join in too.”

Anna turned back to the camera.  “So there you have it, guys.  Sounds like quite a life, huh?” she grinned.  “Plus, if you’re these guys, you get to fuck a bunch of hot celebrities and get paid for the privilege.  But only if we hit that total of a million bucks, so keep those pledges coming in!” 

The PA’s were just finishing up mopping the floor when the camera fixated back on Hugh Johnson and Alison Brie.
“Fantastic!  We’re ticking every closer to that orgy!”  Hugh said, clapping his hands and rubbing them together eagerly.
“I absolutely cannot wait.  I just wish I could be in two places at once!” Alison said, her appearance put back together after helping out her close friend Christina Hendricks handle over half a dozen hefty black dongs.
“We’re almost at our next pledge goal of 300,000.  But while we wait for those pledges to roll in, I want to finish going over the list of donor rewards.  That should help get those phones ringing.  Now, where did we leave off?”  Hugh asked.
“The calendars.”  Alison said, flipping through one and examining the photos. “Hey! There I am!”
She faced the calendar towards the camera.  Indeed, right above the month of May was Alison with her legs spread wide, hands on her tits and a milky white creampie leaking out her freshly fucked cunt. “And, actually I think I’m the only one with a double feature!  Yep. June too.” Above the days of June, Alison was bent over the back of a couch, a big black cock hammering her asshole.  Her expression was bordering on comical.  “I had so much fun on both those days!”
“You’ve certainly been having some fun today too.” Hugh said, raising his eyebrows suggestively.
“You can’t blame a girl for wanting to get some.  Not with all these big dicks-err-I mean, handsome young men around.”
Hugh shook his head and looked into the camera.  “Donor pledges.  Remember, no matter the amount you receive a free membership for a year to both sites. 15 dollars and you get the calendar. For 20 dollars, you will receive two dozen premium latex official CelebsGoBlack for Sex-Ed condoms.  He pulled a roll from his tuxedo jacket and let the shiny packets unravel, nearly hitting the floor.  We have a lot of unprotected sex here on the show, but all our stars are thoroughly tested before head.  I mean, beforehand.”
Alison grinned wickedly at his Freudian slip. She might have to throw Hugh a bone before this day was over.
“Safe sex is of the utmost importance.  STI’s and surprise pregnancies are no joking matter. Condoms will protect your ding-dong from getting the crotch-itch and from becoming a baby-daddy at the ripe ole age of 18.  And these condoms are some of the finest out there.  So smooth.  So thin. It’s like nothing is there.  That’s from personal experience.”  Hugh winked at one of the girls working the phones.  She blushed and giggled.  “I should say, they only come in XXL though. A manufacturing slip up.”  He shrugged. “Works just fine for me.  Of course, no condom is completed without some lubricant, which you will also receive as part of the 20-dollar donor pledge pack.”  From inside his jacket, he produced a bottle of clear lube and shook it for the camera.
“I will take that!  Gonna need it in just a sec.”  Alison said, snatching the bottle from his hand.
Hugh cleared his throat and continued.  “A 30-dollar donation and you will receive our official book, Sex-Ed For Dummies: For Dummies.  Yes, that’s right, we’ve written a book. Our instructors were generous enough to write a chapter on their chosen lesson.  The book goes into details of things we didn’t have time to get to in the episode. Better blowjob tips?  Best ones around.  Aggressive anal sex?  All there. Helpful hints for a handjob?  Handled.  Double the dick?  Double your pleasure.  Tied up? Try these tips.  Roleplay?  Real experiences.  All that and so much more.  I’m told that there may even be a couple of polaroid’s slipped in for our donor’s enjoyment.” 
Alison giggled loudly, winking at the camera.  She took over. “When you get up to 50 dollars, that’s when we start getting to the really good stuff.  Depending on your preference you will either receive a CelebsGoBlack.com certified dildo or a Sex-Ed For Dummies specialized Hitachi wand.  Yes, you did hear me correctly. Either a dildo made from the exact mold of the biggest blackest dick we’ve ever had in a scene or a premium motorized vibrating friend designed solely to bring you to a squirting orgasm.  But one thing at a time. Let’s talk dildos.”
From under her dress, Alison produced a fat fake cock.  Jet black, it had to be nearly a foot long. Wiggling it at the camera, she held it by the shaft as her other hand automatically fondled the rubbery black balls.  It was anatomically correct, straight down to the swollen tip crowning a long girthy shaft.  A spider web of veins swirled around the shaft down to the very big, very round, very black balls.  Behind those, a suction cup. 
“This dildo is fantastic. The quality is second to none.  When they asked me to host this event, they sent me one of these.  I’ve used it every night since.  It reminds me of getting fucked silly by a big black cock, something I suspect all ladies want.  But, don’t just take my word for it. I’ll show you!”
Alison began to strip, her red-carpet ensemble once again falling to the ground in a crumpled pile.  Totally naked, apart from her heels and jewelry, she looked around for a PA.
“Can we get a chair over here? Probably a better shot if I’m sitting.”
There was no immediate response as all the PA’s were currently drooling over her heavenly, naked, pale form.  Even after all the debauchery they’d witnessed today, it was still a mesmerizing sight.  It didn’t help that she blew a kiss to them and shook her tits, the sizable pale flesh jiggling underneath the bright camera lights.  Eventually Hugh was the one to drag a plush, and somewhat gaudy, high-backed armchair across the stage, squeaking on the freshly mopped floor as he did so.
“Thank you Hugh.  Chivalry isn’t dead after all.”  She said, flopping back into the chair and spreading her legs wide, resting one on each arm of the cushy chair.
The camera was now treated to an up close and personal view of her pink pussy.  She teased the entrance to her already wet velvet box with the tip of the fake cock before bringing it to her glossy lips and tasting her own secretions.
“Pleasuring yourself is different for each person.  We all like different things, settings, toys, etc.. Some like flicking their bean in a public place, others need candles and music playing.  I’ll do it just about anywhere. Obviously.” She grinned cheekily at the camera and placed the rubber cock between her lips, sliding it in.
Black inch after black inch disappeared into her mouth, stopping all production as they watched. Phones went unanswered, PA’s stopped running around and the producer nearly fell out of his chair as she fit the foot-long dildo down her gullet like a professional sword swallower.  Her throat bulged as the black balls rested against her chin.  She winked and began to pull it back out, with the same ease.  As the dildo remerged into the light, wet saliva coated the rubbery cock, sloshing off in great drips.
“Saliva can be used as a lubricant if you don’t have any handy.  Thankfully I do.” She popped the cap off the CelebsGoBlack For Sex-Ed Official Lubricant with dexterous ease. Turning the bottle upside down squirting a generous helping of clear oily lube all over her labia. 
Rubbing it in with her free hand, she spread it around.  Her fingers settled on her clit, forming small concentric circles with her digits.  Taking hold of the dildo, she brought it down to her cunt, pressing the wet slobbery tip against it. Giving her lower lips a few healthy smacks with the head of the dildo, spit and lube flew everywhere before lining up the imitation black schlong, splitting her sopping folds.  Just as before the dildo vanished from sight. Inch after rubbery inch disappeared into her twat. Her mouth was a perfect O, eyelids fluttering and body twisting as she pushed more and more of it into her until the rounded balls pressed flat against her taint. Opening her eyes, she slowly rotated the dildo inside of her.
“Now, use a bit of warming gel and it’s nearly as good as the real thing.  Maybe better in fact. Never goes soft.  Watch.”
Keeping a firm hand on the sextoy, Alison began to slide it in and out of her hot snatch.  Her clit was attended to by her other hand. Slow, rhythmic motions at first, using the entire length to pleasure herself, bringing it out to the very tip only to push it back inside all the way.  In no time at all, she had built up steam. Moving faster and faster.  And as her speed increased, she grabbed the end of the dildo with both dainty white hands, a hand wrapped around each black rubbery testicle, jamming all 12 inches of the toy into her gushing twat with frenzied, frantic motions.  A series of grunts, exhalations and groans escaped from between Alison’s painted lips.  Her eyes were squeezed shut, no doubt imagining the big black dick ramming her was attached to a hulking black stud, ready to bust a gallon of hot sticky nut inside of her.  Her legs shook and slipped off the arms of the chair, heels hitting the floor with a loud click.
“Whoa!”  She said, opening her piercing blue eyes.  “Almost there. This dildo comes with a suction cup on the bottom.  Perfect for attaching to any hard surface and fucking yourself silly.”
She pulled the foot-long glistening sextoy from her love canal with a wet *POP* and stuck it down onto the stage in front of her.  The suction cup sealed instantly, the plastic member wiggling, shining with arousal in the bright studio lights. Not caring about the hard surface on her knees, she sank down on pillar of synthetic manhood.  Beginning to ride, the dildo stayed securely in place with her hands outstretched, pressed against the floor in front of her.  Riding fast and hard, she screamed exhalations with each repeated penetration of the foot-long fake rubber rod.
“YEA!  YEA! YEA!”  One hand moved between her legs, wildly strumming her clit as she fucked herself.  “THAT’S IT!  YES! FUCK!  I’M CUMMING!  I’M CUMMMMIIINNGGG!!!”
Alison sank down one final time on the fake dick, her body trembling and twitching as she climaxed, shrieking like a banshee.  Pausing and breathing heavily, she opened her eyes and stared blearily at the camera.
“And that’s how you do it folks.” She said, standing up on shaking legs.
Popping the dildo off the floor she held it up close to the camera.  It was sparkling with fluids.  Sticky, white rings of cunt cream were wrapped all along the dildo. Staring at the fluid-soaked fuckstick, she licked her lips. 
“It’d be a shame for it to go to waste.” Alison said, opening her mouth wide and swallowing the cock whole.
Cramming the entire phony phallis into her gaping maw, pressing her lips tightly around it, she pulled the dildo out of her throat and held it up to the camera. Clean as a whistle. Smacking her lips appreciatively, she dropped it to the floor.
“What’s next?  The wand?  Gimme.  I love Hitachi’s.” Alison said, snatching the long pink pleasure instrument from the hands of a PA with a very poorly concealed erection. “Wands are great for the inexperienced.  All you have to do is turn it on.” She clicked the on switch with a single manicured finger and the entire thing buzzed to life.  “And press it against your clit.”
Alison moved back to her chair, assuming a similar position to before, legs draped over the arms and pussy spread wide.  Settling in place, she pressed the pulsating head of the wand against her soaked labia.  She slid it around, searching for the right spot before settling firmly on her clit.
“It’s got three settings. Micro.  Which it’s on now.” Alison said, sounding unenthused. “Average.”  She clicked it up a notch. The buzzing grew louder, sending a visible shudder through her body.  “And then Magnum.” She clicked it again and the wand nearly jumped out of her hand, the buzz filling the studio like a swarm of angry bees.  “OH FUCK YEA!”
Alison grabbed the wand with both hands, struggling to get it under control as she squashed it against her clit, the vibrations shaking her entire body.
“HOLY FUCKING SHIT THAT’S GOOD!!!!”  She needed to yell to be heard above the incredibly loud buzzing. 
Back and forth she rubbed the wand across her clit.  The buzzing was so loud that the volunteers answering phones had trouble hearing the donors.  Thankfully they didn’t have to wait long because the intense power of the Sex-Ed For Dummies Hitachi Pleasure Stick had Alison cumming within minutes.  No longer able to spout coherent words, she pulled the vibrating wand away from her pussy.  A second later, she squirted what seemed like a gallon of clear crystalline fluid from her pulsating clit.  It sprayed out in a great arc, drenching the so recently mopped floor. And it didn’t stop there.  Alison blew like a supersoaker, jet after jet of sugary ladycum sprinkling the stage until it resembled a slip-n-slide.  When the flood gates finally halted, she relaxed, dropping the wand to the floor which proceeded to buzz loudly against the hard surface.  A PA hurriedly ran up to turn it off, unable to stop himself from licking the soaked plastic pleasure implement. Alison slumped up in her seat.
“See what that can do?”  She asked, looking at her spray spreading across the floor.  “Jesus, cleanup in aisle 5!”  Shaking her head to try and clear it, she looked into the camera.  “Now, where were we?
“The fleshlights!”  Hugh called from across the stage.
“Right.  75-dollar donor pledge.  Oh boy, am I excited about this one.  For 75 dollars, you can get your own CelebsGoBlack For Sex-Ed fleshlight.  That’s correct. I said fleshlight.  The absolute coziest fake vagina’s you’ve ever had wrapped around your ding-dong. These fleshlights are molded after the various stars we’ve had in the episodes.  Have you ever wanted to blow a load balls deep into my pussy?  Unless you are here on stage today, this is probably the closest you are going to get! We’ve got Emma Watson.  Alicia Vikander.  Brie Larson. Taylor Swift. Mine.  And if you’re looking for something else, we do have a few asshole models available.  Bryce Dallas Howard and Camila Cabello’s were kind enough to volunteer.  Call in and donate now.”
Alison beckoned with one finger to someone offscreen.  Coming onstage was one of the Licksville Rammers, naked and gripping a fleshlight in his meaty pan sized hand.  His hefty black dong was swinging somewhere around his knees. Gesturing to the chair, he sat down, the soaked fabric chafing against his skin.  Accepting the fleshlight from him, she held it up for the camera. A perfect rubber replica of Alison’s own vagina stared back. For reference, she held it down to her own pussy, peeling both sets of lips apart.  Apart from a slight difference in color, they matched up perfectly.
“See?  Twins.” Flipping the fleshlight skywards, she squirted a healthy amount of lube into and against the rubber lips.  “Isaiah was it?”  He nodded.  “Did I fuck you backstage before?”  He nodded again.  “Well get ready for it again because here comes my pussy.”
Isaiah was rock hard.  Being inches away from a nude Alison Brie would do that to any red-blooded man.  Pushing the rubber lips against the dark swollen crown of his cock, she teased the head before sliding it down further.  The fleshlight greedily swallowed every inch of his thick black dick until his sagging golf-ball sized gonads were all that were visible to the camera.  Alison stood behind him.  One hand gripped on the fleshlight, the other dug into his well-defined pec.  She whispered in his ear, her bright blue eyes never leaving the camera as she jerked him up and down.
“How does it feel?”  She asked, nibbling on his earlobe.
“Really good!”  Isaiah groaned, squirming in his chair. 
“Just like the real thing?”  She asked.
“He would know, people.  Just hours ago that big black dick was balls deep in my actual pussy!”
Adding a twist, she jerked him harder, the squelching noises from the pumping fleshlight loud and wet.  Alison took her other hand and wrapped it around the fleshlight.  Double-fisting, she jacked him off even faster.  The grey plastic grip was a blur, the rubber pussy lips just as tight and wet as the real thing, probably tighter at this point. At least it must be, judging by the panting and moaning coming from Isiah.  His hands gripped the arms of the chair, threatening to crush them as Alison jerked him six ways from Sunday, whispering sweet nothings into his ear so quietly that even the boom operator couldn’t pick them up. 
“UUUUHHHHHHHH!!!!  CCUUUUMMMIINNGGGG!!!!”  Isaiah roared out, loudly and suddenly. 
Alison didn’t stop working the fleshlight even as it gave a wild jerk, the large dark wang inside contracting and pumping out a fresh load of piping hot cum.  She gave it a few more strokes then pulled the fleshlight off with a *POP* and Isaiah’s cock flopped down onto his leg, leaking precum and covered in shiny lube. He panted like he had just sprinted down the field for a Hail Mary pass.
Alison looked to the camera, then to Isaiah, then to the camera and smiled.  She tilted her head back and raised the fleshlight above her open mouth.  Tipping it downwards, she waited as the freshly deposited spunk oozed out from between the fake pussy lips only to dribble down into her gullet, her pink tongue writhing to catch each long sticky drop as it fell.  Isaiah watched as a shower of his cum splattered against Alison’s face, most of it getting into her mouth, but not all of it.  His cock began to harden again.  When the last of th jism leaked from the fleshlight, Alison licked her lips approvingly, ignoring the rest of the semen splattered over her face and neck.  She looked down the camera lens, throwing the fleshlight to the side.
“Delicious.”  She said. “As you can see.  That fleshlight had him popping off in no time at all.”
There was a loud ringing and Alison looked up at the LED screen. It read 300,069 dollars.  Everyone gave a cheer.
“Just in time for our next pledge goal too.  We do have one final donor pledge level, 100 dollars, but I’ve heard our next guest is already making use of it.  The official Sex-Ed For Dummies buttplug can be yours for only 100 dollars.  That’s in addition to all the other products we’ve shown here today.  And here to show off that buttplug is Chloe Bennet!  You’ll see how well it stretches out the sphincter when she has absolutely no trouble taking a big black cock up the butt.  Chloe?  Come on out!”
As applause sounded around the studio, Alison pointed a finger at Isaiah.  More specifically she pointed at his cock.
“Meet me backstage in two minutes.”

End of Special Bonus Segment

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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only at $300k...shit i wanna this gangbang...where do we donate...loving the story guys! keep it up!
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CelebsGoBlack For Sex-Ed Segment #5
Starring Chloe Bennet
Codes: MF, Anal, ATM, Oral
By Slyguy, Contributions from DarkSwordsman

Chloe Bennet emerged from behind the red velvet curtain, an enormous grin on her face and blew a kiss to the camera.  Decked out in her own red carpet ensemble, her hair was sleek and shiny, streaks of blonde running through it, makeup expertly applied to her delicate features.  Walking over to Alison, the two actresses hugged.  It made for quite the sight.  One utterly naked with cum still on her face and the other looking nothing short of a million bucks.  Two quick pecks on the cheek and they broke apart.  Chloe felt a globule of cum on her cheek, which she quickly wiped up and licked off her finger.
“Welcome Ms. Bennet!”  Alison said, clapping her hands together and making her tits jiggle.
“Thank you Alison.  I’m so happy to be included!  I’ve had my eye on both organizations for a while and this is such a worthy cause.”  Chloe replied, flashing her dazzling white smile and winking slyly at the camera.
“It truly is.  Why don’t you give us a little spin and show the folks at home what you’re working with?”
Chloe spun around effortlessly on her high heels, presenting her rear for the camera.  Even covered beneath the fabric of her dress, the ample swell of her booty was evident, the fabric struggling to contain the jiggling mass hidden beneath.  That only became more apparent when she started to shake it, the cheeks smacking and clapping together even as the dress threatened to pop right off her.  Staring with wide eyes, Alison reached down and gave it a hearty smack. Chloe looked over her shoulder alluringly and giggled.
“I want to see it with the dress off!  Plus, we need to get a look at that buttplug!” Alison said, her hands all over Chloe, tugging down the front of her dress. 
In what seemed like no time at all, Chloe was as naked as Alison. The generous amount of sheer shaking flesh on her booty as she shook it for the camera was mesmerizing.  Wiggling her hips and bending over for the camera, the bouncing buttcheeks were a hypnotic show of caramel colored goodness. But the real treat was peeking out from between the cheeks.  A bright, silver handle glimmered in the bright studio lights as it protruded from her asshole.
“There’s that toy.”  Alison said, her eyes fixed to it.  “Shall we pull that out and show it to all of our viewers?”
Nodding in response, Chloe reached a hand behind her, perfectly-manicured fingers wrapping around the glowing handle and tugging.  Alison assisted by taking hold of each cheek and pulling them apart.  With practiced ease, Chloe teased the toy out of her backside, stretching her sphincter as wide as the girthiest part of the toy.  Her low moaning turned into a high-pitched wail as her sphincter stretched and stretched until the shiny silver toy came out with a *POP* that could be heard throughout the studio.  Chloe nearly fell over before recovering and holding it up high above her head.  It glittered like a jewel.  Turning forward to face the camera, Chloe opened her mouth wide and slowly brought the toy to her bright pink lips.  Before the dull point of the buttplug could reach those lips, Alison grabbed hold of her.
“Please.  Let me.”  Chloe allowed her to take the slimy sextoy from her and Alison placed it between her own pink, smeared lips, resting it on her tongue.  Smiling for the camera, her lips pressed tight around the buttplug.  Her expression was one of delight as she slowly extracted it from between them with a satisfying slurp, smacking her lips together appreciatively. 
Now thoroughly cleaned, she held it up again and smiled. “Mhmm. I do love that taste.  Delicious.”
“Same girl.  Same.” Chloe said, looking jealously at the pale actress.
“Don’t worry.  I’m sure you’ll have at least one more opportunity for some ass to mouth before the day is up.  Let’s bring out the Rammers!”
At her command, the now familiar lineup of Rammers walked out on stage, still naked apart from their matching letterman jackets.  Chloe’s brown eyes grew wide as the hung black studs lined up before her, presenting themselves and their massive hanging cocks for her inspection.
“WOW!”  She exclaimed. “I know these guys were big!  I’ve been watching all day, but when you’re up this close…damn.”  She turned to face Alison. “Now I know why you were so loud backstage before.”
Alison blushed. “It’s also why I’ll be walking funny for a week after today.  Go ahead Chloe, pick one.  Any of these fine gentlemen here.  There are really no wrong choices.”
There was some flexing and posing from the Rammers, each trying to subtly outdo one another as Chloe’s eyes roamed over them.  Each wanted to be selected for a chance with this actress and her very fine backside. 
“Hmmm, let’s see.”  Chloe said, her voice heavy with seduction.
Moving to the front of the line, she turned around and presented her ass for the first stud in line.  Pressing her buttcheeks against his hefty prick, she grinded up against him. Working those succulent cheeks across his groin, he fit his dick between them like a hotdog fits between a bun. Giggling as he groaned, she stepped away, leaving his cock pulsing and throbbing.  She stepped down to the next in line and did the same.  This process repeated, going down the entire line, testing out each big black cock with her asscheeks. Some of the Rammers groped her buttocks, smacking her ass and watching it jiggle.  Other pried those cheeks apart and peeped at her puckered winking asshole.  Still others took hold of their dark, meaty fucksticks and beat the swollen crown against her cheeks, sending precum flying everywhere as they went.  As Chloe reached the end of the line, she turned to face the row of hung, black studs and pointed one finger lazily at one of the Rammers in the very middle.
“You.”  She said, a hungry look on her face.  The Rammer, Julius, stepped forward, a big shit-eating grin plastered across his chiseled and handsome face.  His cock was hard as a rock, ready to go despite having blown a thick cumwad all over Christina Hendrick’s jugs not too long ago.  Fixing the rest of the Rammers with an equally ravenous look, she said.  “But the rest of you…don’t go too far.”
“Without further ado, I leave you in Chloe’s capable hands.”  Alison said into the camera, already inching towards the curtain and the big black cock that awaited her back there. 
Chloe grabbed Julius’ wang and led him across the stage to the futon still sitting there from Christina’s segment.  They had added a thick shag carpet next to it, at her request.
“Perfect.  I just love fucking on the floor.  Like two wild animals.  But first, a little ass-eating.”
Chloe stared daggers at Julius, who looked at her blinking confusedly. 
“Ya want me to eat yo ass?”  His tone could not conceal his disgust at the idea.   
Chloe didn’t respond, pushing him to the ground until he was flat on his back.  Looming high above him was his thick dark cock.  Instead of settling down near his groin, Chloe planted two heels on either side of his face and squatted. Before Julius could say anything Chloe’s sizable asscheeks smothered his face.
“MHHMMHMMM!!!!”  Julius’ muffled protests could barely be heard as Chloe rubbed her butt against his handsome facial features.
“There you go.  Take that tongue and stick it right in the hole.”
His protests died as meaty hands came up and pulled apart those caramel colored cheeks.  Between those round fleshy globes, the camera could just make out the pink of his tongue as it pressed against Chloe’s bleached rosebud.  She cooed as she felt his tongue pierce her backdoor.
“That’s it.  Lick.  Goooood. Tongue that fucking asshole.”  Julius continued drenching her sphincter with saliva as Chloe moved her hips, grinding against his face.  “How’s it taste?”
Julius gave a surprisingly positive sounding moan as Chloe suffocated him with her butt.  Her hands reached out, fondling the fat prick in front of her.  He continued eating her ass, Chloe moaning loudly and him groaning as she stroked his cock faster and faster.  His body started to jerk and spasm just she lifted herself off of his face. Julius took a huge breath of air, his chin drenched with saliva, panting like he had just sprinted down the entire field.
“Too much for ya babe?”  Chloe asked, laughing at his sweaty and disheveled face.
Chloe stood up while Julius recovered from his near suffocation. Snatching a bottle of lube off the futon, she straddled the juicy black dick.  She flipped the bottle upside down, drizzling clear shiny lube all over his groin.  Grabbing hold of it, she smeared it around until it gleamed, coated it in copious amounts of slick lube, so much so that it dripped down onto his heavy black balls and onto the carpet below.
“Normally a bit of anal play is advised before shoving it right in.  But I’ve had that buttplug in all day and his tongue is just a tease.  I need that cock right now.”
Thrusting her ass out for the camera, and peeling those bronzed globes apart, she gave a good long look at her bleached pink puckered butthole.  Squatting over him, her heels digging into the shag carpet, she fit Julius’ cock between those cheeks.  Like a missile right on target, his fat mushroom head found her rosebud, pressing against it.  Her sphincter struggled to accommodate the girth of that fat black cock, even after the buttplug.  Squealing as she lowered herself, sinking down over the bulbous prick.
With an audible *POP* the tip vanished from sight and Chloe’s rectum swallowed the rest of the shaft with relative ease, pressing her fat butt down on his lap.  Feet still firmly planted on the ground, knee’s bent, she squatted over the African-American youth, his thick black wang firmly lodged within her backdoor.  Looking over her shoulder, she began to slide along the shaft.  A long, low groan escaped from between his thick, full African lips as Chloe fit the entirety of his cock up her butt.  Gyrating her hips, she worked his cock like a joystick before rising up to the tip and dropping back down with ferocious force, both ample buttcheeks clapping against his groin.  The smacking of sweaty flesh filled the studio, intermingled with Chloe’s high-pitched cries as she really got down to it.  Julius slapped a meaty palm on either side of her bouncing hips, guiding her as she rode his cock.  The camera spun around to get a forward facing view of Chloe. Her mouth was fixed into a permanent O as her perky tits bounced up and down with each repeated impaling.  Leaning back, hands splayed wide to support her, she winked at the camera, going even harder.  Squeezing her tight, he held her in place, thrusting upwards and using his own many powerful muscles to jam every inch of his enormous dark python up her rectum. His heavy balls swung wildly with every thrust, with enough momentum to smack into her gushing twat, sending her arousal flying every which way.  Chloe’s beautiful brown eyes rolled into the back of her head as her body trembled and shook, struggling to take the entirety of the stud’s dick but loving every second of it.
“Oh yes.  Fuck me. Fuck me. FUCK MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!”  Her voice was several octaves higher than usual, words threatening to morph into little more than whimpered moans of pleasure as her tongue lolled out of her mouth and her eyes crossed.
As if on autopilot, her fingers were strumming her throbbing clit as her ass got absolutely destroyed for the next several minutes.  He paused only to take a breather and give his dick a moment’s reprieve from Chloe’s impossibly tight sphincter.  She pulled herself off of him, flopping onto the carpet, only to rise on shaky legs.
“Let’s see if those muscles are just for show. Lift me up.”
Julius stood up behind the half-Asian actress, lifting her up, she clung to him like a rock climber clings to a wall.  Spreading her legs wide, he placed both muscular, tattooed arms underneath her legs, spreading them wide.  Squeaking she secured herself on the chiseled chocolate youth as he lined up her anal cavity with his cock, impaling her on it once more.  Now in total control, Julius began bouncing her upon his fat chocolate pole. One hand wrapped around his strong torso, the other tickled her clit. With the aid of gravity, Chloe felt his large, throbbing wang penetrate deeper up her rectum than any other cock before. And she’d taken quite a few up there.
“UGH!  UGH!  UGH!”  She tried to form words, but could only grunt as Julius dropped her down to his hanging cum-filled black balls, only to lift her up to the very crown of his dark meatstick and drop her again like an amusement park ride.  “FASTER!”  She managed to scream out.
Julius picked up the pace, sweat gleaming on his dark brow as he picked up the pace.  The cameraman got in real close as the sounds of Chloe’s sphincter squelching along the well lubed cock filled the audio.  Her fingers were a blur as they fucked her snatch into oblivion. 
“Ya close to cummin?”  Julius asked through gritted teeth, unsure how much longer he could keep up this pace.
Chloe only groaned in response.  Groaning turned to screaming as every muscle in her body, including her sphincter, tightened like a coiled spring.  Then she climaxed. Squirting like a firehose, her twat blew out a geyser of hot ladyspunk directly into the camera lens. The cameraman stood his ground as the lens was sprayed with what appeared to be liters of hot, sweet girlcum.  And Chloe didn’t stop there.  As Julius continued bouncing her twitching form along his shaft, it renewed the spray with each penetration until the entire rug looked like a wet rag. When the fountain of spray finally died down, Julius placed her down on the ground gently. He stood there breathing, ragged and heavy as Chloe clawed her way back up his dark thighs. Unable to look straight, her lips still found his dick, taking them between her pink lips and slurping the cock down to its very base.  Her taste buds delighted, she moaned appreciatively.  A full minute later when she dropped him from her mouth, looking towards a different, cleaner camera.
“Ass to mouth.  It’s not for everyone, but you should at least try it once.  I for one cannot get enough.  There are few things I love more than slurping down a dick after it’s been lodged up my asshole.  Still, there can be some health risks involved, so make sure your partner is clean. These guys all got a good thorough checkup and cleaning yesterday.  Now, back to fucking.”
Chloe flopped down onto the rug, Julius laying his large muscular form on top of her.  Spitting on the gaping backdoor entrance he slid his cock back between her cheeks.  Now in the pronebone position, he started jackhammering away.  Face pressed into the soaked carpet, Chloe could taste her own ejaculate as her mouth opened to cry out with the renewed frenzy of anal penetration.  They fucked on the floor like two wild animals, Chloe clawing at the drenched fibers of the carpet to keep herself still as Julius went full force on her backdoor.  But even he had reached his limit.  He couldn’t hold against Chloe’s remarkably elastic sphincter, still somehow having a vice like grip around his dick.  Grunting louder and louder, Chloe could feel him hardening as he pummeled her colon.
“Bout to blow big guy?”  She turned her head to look at him
“Uh-huh.”  He groaned, the clap of his pelvis on her ass still echoing loudly around the studio.
“Go right ahead.  I love that feeling of a big sticky load of up cum sloshing around in my ass.”
Julius grinned and kept up his breakneck pace.  “Yea?  You like that?  You want it?  You want it?”
“Yes!”  Chloe screamed.  “Gimme that cum!  Dump a hot fucking load of jizz inside asshole!”
Julius felt his balls contract, cock swell as he slammed one final time, balls deep into her rectum.  Chloe’s eyes grew wide and she screamed as she felt the dick fire off the first volley of hot, gooey seed, splashing the walls of her colon with the murky white jism.  Fingers dug into hips, balls flush against her taint as he emptied every ounce of the spunk swirling around in his nuts into her.  Finished, he pulled out and collapsed backwards. The camera zoomed in to get a shot of the gaping chasm that he had so recently occupied with a big black dick.  Oozing out of the well-fucked orifice was the hint of his massive load.
“Damn that feels good!  Nothing like a hung stud’s cum right up the butt.  Ohhh, I feel all warm and tingly.” Shivering, Chloe looked towards the pledges.  The amount read $417, 631. “Oh no!” Looking crestfallen, she glanced around worriedly. “We haven’t hit 500,000 yet!  And Julius here looks mighty tuckered out.”
Off camera Julius indeed gave a weary sigh.  A devilish smirk crossed Chloe’s face.  She wiped a few blonde strands of hair out of her face.  “I’ve got an idea that will get those pledges right up!  Julius here invites a buddy to take a turn.  By the time he finishes, if we’ve reached 500,000 then I will drink down a double anal creampie.  Sound good?”  Somewhere offset, the producer gave an encouraging nod.  “Julius?  Which of your buds do you want to have a go?” 
Julis looked over at his teammates and called out, “Yo, Darnell!  Come get a piece of this ass!”
Darnell hurried over his plum-sized gonads bouncing as his equally large cock swung somewhere close to his knees.  The pair exchanged a complicated and elaborate handshake before he positioned himself behind Chloe, who was kneeling on all fours on top of the bed.  Quickly lubing up, it was seconds before he was at full-hardness, beating the head of his ebony wang against her caramel-colored buttcheeks.  She tossed her blonde-streaked hair over her shoulder, giving him the most alluring of looks.  He pushed the tip of his cock against her well-used sphincter.  It slid in with ease until his heavy black balls were pressed against her taint.  Then he started to thrust, going at it like a madman.
“Fuck!  Fuck!  Fuck!  Fuck!”  Chloe cried out each time all ten inches of his meaty jet black schlong slammed balls deep into her rectum.
The minutes crawled by as the pledges came rolling in, a sharp spike as the numbers ticked upwards with the same frenzy that Darnell was plowing Chloe.  The donors clearly eager for Chloe to swallow the salty cum concoction she had promised.  Darnell was like a well-oiled machine, relentless in his pounding as Chloe succumbed to yet another squirting orgasm, drenching the entire futon in her sugary, sweet girlcum.  Darnell powered through as her sphincter squeezed his cock even tighter, railing her asshole like there was no tomorrow.  Still, he really stood no chance against Chloe Bennet’s butthole.  Nearly ten minutes later he found himself unable to hold back anymore.
Roaring like an animal, he exploded into her ass. Copious amounts of goopy sizzling spunk fired far up the bowels of her colon, warmth blooming deep inside Chloe.  As he drained his balls in her backside, he pulled out with a flop onto the wet mattress.  Chloe sat, her ass stuck up in the air.
“What are we at?”  She asked.
Darnell looked over at the pledge screen.  It read 613, 617.  He told her.  Ass still up in the air, she called out for a glass.  A PA quickly ran over and handed her one.  Righting herself, she squatted over the glass.  There was a gurgle as the cum bubbled out of her butthole and the murky concoction of not one, but two enormous loads began to drip out.  The thick syrupy mixture fell with a splat into the glass as every eye in the studio watched.  A full minute passed before she finished, the glass nearly half full.  Or half empty.
Chloe brought the glass to her lips and said with a sly grin, “Bottoms up.”
Tilting the glass, the slimy sludge slid towards pink puckered lips.  The man goo disappeared down her gullet as she chugged down the ass-flavored semen until it was all gone, and licking the glass clean for good measure.  Letting the glass drop onto the bed, she licked her lips appreciatively.   
Looking into the camera, she said, “Delicious.”
Hugh Johnson strolled on over and said, “Thank you Ms. Bennet!  What a display.  And thanks for going the extra mile to reach our next pledge goal.  We sincerely appreciate it.  And with that…” Hugh looked around the stage.  Alison was nowhere to be found.  “Alison was supposed to introduce our next guest, but who knows where or what she is doing.”

“I think I have some idea.”  Chloe said with a smirk.  “I think I’ll wander around and look for her.”

With that Chloe stood up and walked offstage, but not before wiggling her ass for the camera one final time.  Hugh grinned and shook his head as his eyes followed her progression until she vanished behind the red velvet curtain.  He cleared his throat
“Our next guest is going to be taking on two of these gentlemen.  At once!  Give it up for Lauren Cohan!”
End of Segment #5

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You guys have the interracial market on lock down with this series!
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Re: CelebsGoBlack For Sex-Ed (Multi-Celeb Collaboration) [Segment #6 Posted]
« Reply #27 on: October 12, 2019, 04:03:52 AM »
CelebsGoBlack For Sex-Ed Segment #6
Starring Lauren Cohan
Codes: MMF, Anal, ATM, DP, Oral
By DarkSwordsman, Contributions from Slyguy

Lauren Cohan stepped out from behind the curtain, blowing kisses to the camera as she crossed the stage.  Hugh Johnson met her with a warm embrace.  So warm, in fact, that Miss Cohan clocked the hard on still running down his pants leg from the previous segment. 

“Hi, Lauren,” he said, as he looked her up and down.  “Great to see you.”

“I can tell,” Lauren quipped as she glanced down at his crotch.  “Looks like you’re very pleased to see me.”

Hugh looked down and spotted the bulge in his pants.  “Oh, er...sorry about that.”

Lauren giggled.  “That’s ok, Hugh.  An occupational hazard, I’m sure.”

It sure was.  In fact, the host was pitching a tent in his trousers nigh on every second he was on stage, and the sight of Miss Cohan dolled to the nines before him certainly wasn’t helping matters.  She was kitted out in a green dress; the garment so thin and sheer that the buds of her nipples poked clean through like they were plotting an escape.  The dress extended right down to her ankles, a split travelling so far up one leg that the fabric of her panties would have been visible at the top had she chosen to wear any.  Her hair was tied back in a bun, her pretty face dabbed, glossed and otherwise adorned with all manner of expensive cosmetics.

“We’re still waiting on Alison to introduce the next segment,” said Hugh.  “Have we managed to find her yet?”

Just then, a giant image appeared on the screen overhead.  Alison Brie and Chloe Bennet were squatted side by side as they shared Isiah’s long black cock; Alison handling the shaft while Chloe took care of the balls. 

“Ah…” Hugh added.  “Looks like she might be a little while.  Guess I better do it then.  So, Lauren, you’ve very generously offered to perform a certain sex act for our pledgers when we reached our $500,000 goal.  Why don’t you tell the guys at home what you’ll be doing for them?”

“Certainly, Hugh,” Lauren replied.  “First of all, I’d like to personally thank everyone who has donated to the cause and I very much hope you enjoy my little show for you today.  Today, guys, I will be performing a DP for your viewing pleasure.  Yep, that’s right.  Double penetration.  Dual dicking.  One in the pink, one in the stink.  Whatever you want to call it; I’ll be taking one very large black penis in my vagina and another in my asshole at exactly the same time.  It’s gonna be tricky; these cocks are, after all, enormous, but I’m very much looking forward to it.  Hope you guys are too.”

“I’m sure they are,” Hugh took over.  “OK, guys, now we’ve met our celeb, what do you say we bring out our two guys?  Please welcome Donovan and Trae!”

The guys strolled out from behind the curtain; muscles bulging under their matching jackets as they marched across the stage.  They stopped beside Lauren; the gorgeous brunette wrapping her arms around the small of their backs as they flanked her on either side. 

“Hey, fellas,” said Hugh.  “How you guys doin’?”

“Yeah, we good,” Donovan replied.

“You guys are the last two Rammers to be called.  What’s it been like waiting backstage while your buddies have been out here having all the fun?  Bet you guys are raring to go by now, aren’t you?”

“Oh, we always ready to go, man,” Trae replied, grinning down at Lauren.  She giggled in response.

“We been gettin’ plenty off ass backstage anyhow,” Donovan added.  Lauren gave a knowing smirk.

“Miss Cohan!” Hugh exclaimed.  “Have you these guys been giving you a little preview before the main event?”

“No,” Lauren replied, putting a manicured finger to her lips in a thoroughly unconvincing display of innocence.

Hugh remained skeptical.  “Guys?” he said, extending the question to Lauren’s counterparts.

“Yeah, I’ve hit that pussy already,” said Trae.

“Me too,” Donovan added.

“Booooys!” Lauren whined.  “You weren’t supposed to tell him that!”

The guys looked at each other and shrugged.   

“Well then,” Hugh replied, “sounds like I better let y’all pick up from where you left off.  Guys, take it away!”

He backed away to the edge of the stage, the spotlight shining on Lauren and her pair of studs as she took over the hosting duties.

“Right,” she grinned, “let’s get to it, shall we?  Now, the first thing you guys need to know, and I’m talking to the ladies here, is that double penetration is NOT for beginners.  Certainly not if you’re gonna tackle two dicks as big as these ones,” she added, stroking the snake-like bulges in her co-stars’ jeans.  “Only attempt a DP if you’re well versed in both vaginal and anal sex.  Like me.”

Lauren dropped to a squat between Donovan and Trae.  The cameraman moved in for a close up; the videographer framing her pretty face between the two huge swellings protruding from their crotches. 

“You’re gonna want to make sure those cocks are nice and wet before they plug your holes.  Especially the one going in your ass.  You don’t want him going in dry, trust me.  So, with that in mind, we’re gonna start with a little sucking.  Boys, whip ‘em out!”

The guys didn’t have to be told twice.  They unbuckled their belts and dropped their pants in double quick time; two giant black prongs springing out and flopping up and down before her in the blink of an eye.

“See, guys,” said Lauren, “told you they were big!”

She gripped both cocks at the base and gave them a closer inspection.  Donovan’s was especially lengthy (ten inches, no less), while Trae was bringing the thickness; his slightly shorter black wang sporting the girth of the average baseball bat. 

“I think this one’s going in my ass first,” she said, gesturing towards Donovan.  “I’m gonna have warm myself up for the other one!  Well, since your friend’s getting first dibs on my ass, I think it’s only fair I suck your dick first, don’t you agree?” she asked, looking up at Trae.

“Uh huh,” he murmured in response.

“Thought you might say that!”

Without further ado, Lauren parted her glossy pink lips and wrapped them around Trae’s dong.  She reached up to stroke Donovan’s wang while she sucked the other; her lips roaming up and down the shaft like a glass elevator as she swallowed his length.  Donovan’s hand groped at her chest while Trae’s rested at the back of her head; the black stud guiding her mouth up and down his dong while she sucked him. 

“When handling two guys, it’s very important that you switch regularly between them,” Lauren declared, the brown-haired starlet retrieving Trae’s pole from between her lips as she moved onto his friend’s.  “You don’t want either of them feeling left out.”

Lauren turned to her right, parting her lips once more as she fed Donovan’s wang into her mouth.  She gripped Trae’s dick around mid-shaft and stroked the spit-slicked wang while she blew the other; the brunette beauty attacking the second prong with equal ferocity as she had the first.  Her lips travelled up and down the shaft with lighting quick speed, leaving behind thick trails of saliva in their wake as she sucked the oversized dong. 

Before long, Lauren had swallowed Donovan’s dick right down to the balls; all ten of his thick, veiny inches disappearing between her lips as he choked down his massive length.  But she wasn’t done yet.  Lauren was no stranger to the world of the threesome and, as such, knew full well of the primary rule of two-on-one sex; any act performed on the first of one’s sexual partners, should be bestowed with equal vigour upon the second. 

So, with that in mind, she retrieved Donovan’s cock from her mouth and switched back to Trae’s; the brunette choking it straight down to the base without as much as a moment’s pause.  By now, both cocks were literally dripping with saliva; the brown-haired starlet’s slippery, wet spittle greasing up the pair of oversized wangs far better than any drugstore lubricant ever could.

“OK, I think they’re ready,” Lauren smirked, both of the spit-slicked wangs clasped in her dainty hands as she addressed the nearby camera.  “Who wants my pussy first?”

“Sheet, I’ll get up in that pussy, baby,” said Donovan, a gold tooth sparkling between his lips as he grinned back down at Lauren.

“Aww, hell no!” Trae protested.  “You hittin’ dat ass first, I’m gettin’ first dibs on dat pussy!”

Lauren grinned devilishly; the British-American actress very much enjoying the prospect of two beefy black studs fighting over her holes.  “Boys, boys,” she said, “don’t fret, you’ll both get your turn.  On second thoughts, I think this one might need a little more lubing,” she added, gesturing to Trae’s thicker, meatier cock.  She turned back to Donovan.  “This one’s going in first.” 

Donovan smiled triumphantly.   Lauren rose to her feet, the three of them undressing as she turned to face Trae.  She thrust her ass out at Donovan as she dipped down to his friend’s waist.  “OK, guys, so doggystyle is great for a threesome as it puts you in the best position to suck the second dick.”

Donovan pressed his dickhead up against the opening to her snatch and fed it inside.

“Ahhh!!” Lauren gasped, her pretty face lit up like a Christmas tree as the long black cock entered her.  “This is known as spitroasting because...well, it’s pretty self-explanatory really.”

Lauren wrapped her lips around Trae’s dick and worked them up and down the shaft; the brown-haired beauty sucking the oversized wang as best she could amid the invasion of girthy dark schlong from the other end.  Indeed, Donovan was working his dick back and forth inside her like their lives depended on it; the dark-skinned stud feeding an additional inch of his veiny black length into the depths of her cooch with each pass.

Before long, he was hitting it balls deep; every one of his coal-dark inches disappearing inside her with each motion, his thick, swollen crown repeatedly bothering her g-spot as he pounded her from behind.  And it didn’t end there.  In fact, Lauren was receiving similar treatment from the other end.  Trae had a hand placed at the back of her head; the ripped black youth thrusting his hips as he worked his ultra fat dong back and forth between her lips. 

This went on for some time; the dark-skinned duo working the brunette over from both ends as they skewered her like a butchered pig.  They thrust into her in perfect unison; their twin black cockheads hitting her g-spot and the back of her throat with flawless synchronicity.  After a while, Trae prized his dick from Lauren’s mouth; a clear indication that he was ready for his turn in her pussy.

“Another benefit of doggy is that it makes it very easy for your guys to switch ends,” Lauren explained, Donovan retrieving his dick from the depths of her twat as she turned around to face him.  “All I gotta do spin around and we’re good to go again.  You don’t have to wait for the boys to change positions.”

Sure enough, the guys were back inside her in a matter of moments.  This time Donovan fed his dick into her mouth while Trae took the pussy.  Lauren sucked at Donovan’s wang with equal intensity as she had his friend’s (perhaps even more so- the sweet taste of her pussy juices coating the wang only serving to heighten her appetite), while Trae went to town on her pussy. 

Before long, she was getting it balls deep from both ends once more.  Donovan worked his long dark pipe into her gullet while Trae took her from behind; the chiseled black hunk driving every inch of his veiny, thick wang into her snatch with each pass.  Lauren came over and over; nigh on every pass of Trae’s thick black dong into the recesses of her twat igniting a fresh fiery climax from within.  Several minutes and numerous orgasms later, the guys retrieved their dicks one again.

“Wow!” Lauren exclaimed, the brown-haired actress breathing heavily as Donovan prized his dick from the depths of her gullet.  “These boys sure know how to fuck!  They’re certainly earning that money, no doubt about that!  OK, guys, now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for.”

The same futon from earlier in the show was wheeled out once more by a pair of Licksville Rammers.

“Right, remember what I said, boys?” asked Lauren.  “You’re going first,” she pointed at Donovan.  He nodded in acknowledgement.  “Come on then.  Park your ass down there,” she added, pointing down at the futon.  “I haven’t got all day!”

Donovan did as instructed and sat down on the leather ottoman. 

“OK, so it’s up to you which way you mount your first guy,” Lauren explained.  “Cowgirl or reverse, it doesn’t really matter.  Maybe go cowgirl if your guys are new to this.  They might find it a little easier to buck up into your pussy than your ass.  These guys seem like they’ve double teamed a few girls in their time so it shouldn't be a problem for them.”

Lauren climbed up onto the futon and straddled Donovan’s frame; the brunette actress mounting him in the reverse cowgirl position.  Donovan gripped his dick around mid-shaft, pointed his tip at the puckered rim of her ass and slipped it inside.

“Uhh! FUCK!” Lauren gasped, her eyes nearly popping clean from her skull as the girthy wang split her asshole open.  “Goddamn, that’s a thick cock!  Now I’m really glad I didn’t start with the other one!  Work your ass up and down that dick a little before you get your pussy filled.  No matter how well-versed you may be in double penetrations, it’s very important that you open up your asshole properly before getting stuffed to the brim.”

With that, Lauren began to rock atop Donovan’s person; the horny starlet working her asshole slowly up and down his dick, the tight pink rim accomodating an additional inch of his epic length with each pass.  Before long, Lauren was riding him like there was no tomorrow; the brown haired beauty performing perfectly executed squats atop his chiseled form as she bounced on his giant dick. 

Trae stepped up before her; girthy black dong in hand as he prepared to fill her up.  Donovan held Lauren in place; the gorgeous brunette sat back atop his shredded frame, his long, thick cock buried in her asshole as she readied herself for the second.  Trae pressed his tip up against her slit and guided it inside.

“UHH!!! FUCK!!!” Lauren screamed, the actress cumming on the spot as a second dark wang was thrust up inside her.

The guys began to buck their hips in unison; the dark-skinned youths guiding their fat, veiny cocks back and forth in perfect synchronicity, both of the jet black dongs venturing deeper into her tight twin holes with each pass. 

“Ooh yeah,” Lauren cooed.  “That’s it, boys!  Fuck me with those big, black cocks!”

Donovan and Trae needed little encouragement in that department.  In fact, both of the tall dark studs were guiding their cocks right down to the hilt with each motion; their bulging brown dickheads hitting her g-spot and tunneling into the depths of her rectum as they drilled her snug pink holes.  Lauren came over and over; a steady refrain of impassioned coos and groaned expletives escaping her pretty pink lips as she was stuffed full of thick African cock.

“Another great position for double penetration is standing,” Lauren declared.  “OK, boys, up we go.”

Keeping their dicks embedded in her holes, Donovan and Trae hoisted Lauren into the air.  She wrapped her arms around their hulk-like shoulders; the beefy black hunks holding her between their muscled bodies like the filling in an Oreo. 

“I like this position because it gives the boys two options.  They can drive their dicks up into me…”

The guys illustrated; holding Lauren in place as they thrusted up into her holes.

“...or they can throw me up and down on them.”

They demonstrated once more; the dark-skinned duo bouncing Lauren’s toned, slender frame up and down between their chiseled torsos, piercing the brunette repeatedly on their oversized cocks with each motion.

“I prefer it like this personally,” Lauren grinned at the camera, her green eyes fluttering with orgasmic delight as Donovan and Trae speared on their big black cocks, “but that’s just me.”

The guys continued to toss her up and down between their muscled frames; their huge dark wangs disappearing inside both her holes with each motion.

“I ALWAYS cum in this position.  Every damn time.  Speaking of which…”

Lauren’s face contorted in all kinds of unflattering ways; an intense, earth-shattering orgasm tearing through her as her dark-skinned counterparts threw her up and down on their dongs.

“WHEW!” Lauren panted.  “That was a good one!  OK, boys, pop me down.”

The guys set her down and she dropped immediately to her knees; wrapping her lips around Donovan’s cock and sucking it down to the hilt.

“Mmm!” she murmured as she came up for air.  “I love tasting my ass of a big black cock.”

Lauren readied herself for another plunge; her second pass halted by the sound of Hugh Johnson clearing his throat from the side of the stage.

“Oh, yes.  Make sure he’s nice and clean if you’re gonna do ass to mouth.  You don’t want to get an infection.”

Without further delay, Lauren parted her lips once more and took Donovan’s dick back inside; the brown-haired beauty swallowing it down to the balls with even greater ease than she had the first time. 

“OK,” she said, as the turned towards Trae, “your turn now, big boy.”

Donovan sat back down on the futon and Lauren mounted him once more, this time in the cowgirl position as he fed his dick into her pussy.  Trae stepped up behind her, aligned the head of his dong with the ring of her anus and pushed it inside. 

“SWEET JESUS!” Lauren gasped.  “Fuck, that thing is fucking THICK!!  If you’re taking a particularly girthy cock up your ass, make sure to relax your glutes as much as possible,” she explained, her voice strained as Trae fed his veiny black pipe into her rectum.  “Don’t hesitate to use a little lube if you need it and if it still won’t go in then I’m afraid you’re not ready.  Train your ass with some buttplugs for a few days then give it another shot.”

Trae began to rock back and forth, Lauren’s asshole stretching like elastic around his girthy rod as he worked it inside.  Once he got a rhythm going, Donovan joined in; the chiseled youth thrusting his dick up into Lauren’s snatch from beneath.  Before long, the guys were tunneling into her with perfect synchronicity; the dark-skinned duo filling the actress with a foot and a half of girthy dark meat as they thrust up inside her.

“FUCK! YES! FUCK ME!” Lauren cried; the brunette cumming time and again as her ebony counterparts drilled her snug pink holes. 

Their dicks started to throb and pulse inside her; her tight asshole and vice-like cooch threatening to wring every last drop of spunk from their churning, plum-sized balls.

“OK, I think these guys are ready to cum now,” Lauren declared.  “That right, boys?”

“Uh-huh,” the guys responded as best they could; the muscled pair using all the restraint they could muster to keep from going off inside her.

“Ooh! Good!” Lauren shrieked excitedly.  “I want it on my face!”

Trae prized his dick from the depths of her rectum and Lauren climbed down from the futon; the pair of studs standing before her as she dropped down to her knees.

“Come on, boys,” she purred, reaching up to fondle their big dark balls.  “Gimme all that spunk!”

Donovan and Trae stroked their girthy cocks; their twin black poles twitching in their hands as they prepared to shoot their goo.

“UHHHH!!!!” they cried unison as equally thick, equally creamy loads of hot African seed shot from their winking tips and splattered across Lauren’s face; the gloopy wads of off-white man mess coating nigh on every inch of her gorgeous features.

It was everywhere; over her lips and nose and across her cheeks.  Globs of the stuff clung to her long, dark lashes while still more made creamy streaks in her chestnut hair.  Alison Brie, who had just re-emerged from behind the red curtain, made her way to the front of the stage.

“Well, that was quite something wasn’t it, guys?” she said as she addressed the nearby camera.  “I watched it from backstage.  Well, some of it.  I was a little busy myself actually.”  She grinned at the camera.  “But it sure looks like these guys gave Miss Cohan here one heck of a going over.  How was it, Lauren?”

“Incredible!” Lauren replied as she rose to her feet, face still streaked with jizz.  “These guys have got some big fucking cocks!”

“They do, don’t they,” Alison concurred, her voice taking on a distinct and rather aroused purr as she eyed the two black dicks.

“Oh, God, not again!” mumbled Hugh Johnson from the side of the stage, the smartly-dressed man hurrying over to intervene before his randy co-host disappeared backstage once more.

“OK, everyone, give it up for Lauren Cohan!” Hugh announced, applauding eagerly with everyone else as she exited the stage.  “AND for our studs, Donovan and Trae!” he quickly added, ushering the young men off stage before Alison could get her greedy claws into them.

“Hmpf!” Alison huffed, pouting as the endowed young men disappeared from sight. 

Hugh looked up at the big screen.  The pledge total read $745,932. 

“OK, so we’re still a few grand short of the next pledge goal,” he announced.  “Why don’t we see how things are going over at chez Kendrick.  Ricky, do you have an update for us?”

End of Segment #6
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Re: CelebsGoBlack For Sex-Ed (Multi-Celeb Collaboration) [Segment #6 Posted]
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I like this series. Is there a chance that Victoria Justice and Dove Cameron could make future appearances in this or the CelebsGoBlack.com series?
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Re: CelebsGoBlack For Sex-Ed (Multi-Celeb Collaboration) [Segment #6 Posted]
« Reply #29 on: October 27, 2019, 08:56:47 AM »
I like this series. Is there a chance that Victoria Justice and Dove Cameron could make future appearances in this or the CelebsGoBlack.com series?

They won’t be in this one but maybe CGB.
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