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Re: All-Star College
« Reply #15 on: April 07, 2019, 05:28:21 PM »
All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred, nor would it.

All-Star College
By MaxwellLord
(MF, MFM, MFF, Oral, Anal, DP)

Featured celebs: Camila Mendes, Lili Reinhart, Madchen Amick, Peyton R. List, Taylor Swift, Laura Marano, Selena Gomez, Dove Cameron, Bella Thorne, Camila Cabello, Kira Kosarin, Hailee Steinfeld, Sabrina Carpenter

"Oh YES!" Camila Mendes cried out. "Mmm fuck just like that Jose!" She and Jose were in the front seat of his van and Camila was getting the ride of a lifetime. His hands were on her ass and hers on his knees, stabilizing herself as she leaned back.

They had just come from Jose and Jake's latest match. Despite being front row, Cami didn't see much of it, what with covering her eyes and all. But once it was over, the crowd was roaring. He did that. Sure, Jake helped...but her man did that. She'd never been with a guy like him before. She was proud.

Conversely, Jose had definitely never been with a woman like Camila, who despite their initial war of words, turned out to be the single most caring woman he'd ever been with. Supportive and passionate.

Also, the two were each other's best lay, bar none, which while not the biggest deal certainly helped matters.

The moment Jose stepped out of the locker room Cami had greeted him with a big kiss. Then, without letting Lili or Jake know where they were going, the rushed to his van. The initial plan was to get something to eat, but the urge to pull over to the side of the road and have dessert first grew to be a bit too much for either to contend with.

Dessert had only just started and the two were in a heated frenzy. No need for a slow pace when they this turned on by each other.

Cami sped up, her moans becoming a symphony of eroticism that drove Jose insane. He pulled her tight, his face right against her chest. Her chest, regrettably, was still covered by her shirt. Camila quickly remedied this, tossing her shirt to the back of the van.

With her flesh exposed, Jose's mouth went right to her breasts, worshiping them to Cami's delight. Her arms wrapped around him, pressing his face tight to her chest while she motions slowed down, now grinding her hips and rolling Jose's cock.

"Fuuuck Cami.." Jose moaned. He badly wanted to look her right in her beautiful brown eyes but the pleasure he was feeling made that a tough proposition, the sensations making him throw his head back and shut his eyes tight.

"Oh...oh fuck yes Jose... Mmmm, just keep going.. .don't even think about stopping..." Cami braced her arms on the van's ceiling, using it to push herself down harder and faster. They were in the home stretch, and it was time to put the van's shocks to even more of a test than they'd been having so far.

"Oh... oh, Jose... oh.. oh, I'm gonna cum!" she cried out, surprising both herself and Jose. Her body froze and Jose held her tight, thrusting up into her as Cami's orgasm rolled through her like a tidal wave.

"In me..." Cami said, her voice shaky but still energetic. A seductive little smile was on her face, still lost in an orgasmic haze. "Cum in me baby..."

"Oh CAMI!" shouted Jose, keeping Cami close as he shot into her, the two of them locked in embrace as Jose's cock pulsed inside of her. "Ohhhh... oh baby..."

"Mmm hmmm." she replied. Camila got off of him and cuddled close to him, both of them basking in the afterglow of it all. "I love you."

"I love you," he said back. And it was true for both of them. For as young as their relationship was, they knew exactly how they felt. Not even Lili and Jake had said those three words to each other yet.

And it didn't happen under grand circumstances the first time it was said. They were just watching a movie in Jose's bed, in his dorm room and he said it after Cami made a funny remark about the movie. She said it back. Done deal. It was the fact. They loved each other.

"Okay," she said. "Now it's time for dinner. I'm thinking two gigantic hero sandwiches. Everything under the sun on them. Toasted bread, melted cheese...then snuggle in my very uncomfortable twin bed in my dorm room. Lili and Jake have yours, so we're good for the night."

"Hero sandwiches?" he asked. "Still got that phallic craving I see. I don't know my own power."

"Yeah, keep thinking that Sweetface." Cami kissed him on the cheek then crawled to the back of the van, leaving her ass open for a playful smack from Jose. "Pull those pants up and get to driving. Mama wants dinner. You drive, I pay."


It wasn't a particularly hot night on campus, but things in Peter's dorm room were certainly getting heated. His girlfriend, Hailee Steinfeld, was on top of him. Their arms roaming each other bodies, pressed together passionately just as their lips were.

Neither were wearing shirts or pants, those being discarded long ago when they first decided on a more fun way to kill time while the short film they just finished editing rendered. They both had the same idea of what to do with that two hour wait time.

While most of their clothes were in a pile on the floor, the couple was still in their underwear, flesh to flesh save for some thin pieces of cotton.

Peter rolled Hailee over on to her back, giving her one more kiss on the lips before kissing his way down her body. Neck to breasts, breasts to her stomach, until her finally got to her crotch.

Hailee lifted her ass up, allowing him to pull her underwear down and toss them away.  She looked down at him, smiling as she nodded her head. With the signal given loud and clear, Peter went for it.

“Ohhh... ooooohhhhh,” she sighed. Hailee licked her full lips and arched her back. Her hands grasped the pillow her head laid as moans escaped her mouth while Peter's mouth worked on her down below.

She gripped his hair and he pulled her closer. There was no stopping them now, nothing in the world...except for repeated and loud knocking at the door.

“What the fuck?” Peter said. “GO AWAY! Kinda busy in here!”

“Just ignore it baby,” Hailee said. “They'll go away.” He nodded at her and went back to it. The knocking continued, but the couple continued to do their best to ignore it.

Eventually the knocking did stop, both of them letting out a happy laugh, totally relieved at the disappearance of the annoyance.

Sadly, one annoyance gave way to another as Peter's cell phone started ringing.”Are you fucking kidding me?” he asked. “Seriously?”

Hailee reached for his phone to hand it to him, then winced when she saw the caller. “Fuck...just answer it,” she said as she handed it off. “Then answer the door.”

“What happened to they'll just go away?”

“Look at the caller ID.” He did, and he winced too. It read : Selena Gomez.

“God damn it.” Peter got up from the single most coveted spot in his entire world and put his pants back on. He made his way to the door with same kind of demeanor a kid does on their first day back to school after summer vacation.

He opened the door to a sight that would have made his heart flutter just a short time ago, Selena's smiling face. But now, he knew what that meant; she wanted something from him.

“Hi,” she said, her voice still having that sweet and soothing tone. “Can I come in?”

“Actually, kind of busy right now.” Peter replied. “What do you want?”

“Um...okay,” she said, confused by his tone. “I just think it might be better if I came in...so we could discuss things.”

“Well, maybe if you told me what you were talking about I'd be a lot nicer about letting you in and interrupting something very, VERY important.”

“Just let her in,” Hailee said from behind the door, her underwear back on as well as her shirt. Peter looked back at her for confirmation, Hailee just nodding, her face saying “just get it over with” in a way words would simply fail at.

“Who's that?” Asked Selena. The door was opened and she got the answer when she saw Hailee,  the beautiful brunette pulling on her jeans as Selena entered the room.

“That's my girlfriend, Hailee.” Peter replied. “Like I said, we were very busy. But now, that you're here, what do you want?”

“Since when do you have a girlfriend?” Selena asked, taking a seat.

“Well, about a month and a half officially. Which you probably would have known about if I had seen you at all since the semester began. But I get it, slimeballs take precedent.”

“Okay...” Selena responded, more than a little taken aback by Peter's tone. “I'm here to discuss our holiday plans.”

“What holiday plans?” asked Peter.

“You know, how you help me every year...or really whenever both of our parents decide they need to have a get together for whatever holiday they celebrate. And New Year's Eve is the old reliable one.”

“Oh no...no no no. I'm out on this one. You're on your own this year Sel.”

“Oh...you two have plans?”

“No, she's going to her dad's works' party and I'm still doing the parent thing. I'm just not playing the part of deflector shield so you don't have to explain your poor choices in men to your parents.”

“Okay, that's going a little bit past passive in the aggressiveness,” said Selena. “And I don't have bad taste in men.”

“Well, if that's the case then bring Reggie and we'll see how wonderfully they react.”

“...okay, fine. But all I'm saying is they hate all my boyfriends and like you, that's it. So... come on, please?”

Before Peter could respond, Hailee did it for him. “He'll do it,” she said to the surprise of both Peter and Selena. “But there's a catch, and this is it. It's the last time. Never again. He does this for you, and it's done. To put it bluntly,  I am not loaning out my boyfriend at yours or anyone else's whim. Not for something like this. So he does it this time, and that's it. Those are the terms. Deal?”

“Yeah... sure,” Selena said. “But I want to say, it's not like we're going to be doing anything.”

“Do you accept?” Hailee reiterated.

“Yeah. This is the final time.” Selena got up and began to walk out, still a bit confused as to what had just gone on. “I really didn't mean to interrupt. See you later, Pete.”

“Bye,” Peter said. The moment Selena was out  of the room Peter went back to Hailee, pulling her into an embrace so quick the brunette firebrand giggled. “Is it weird I found that hot...because that was totally hot.”

“I'll let it pass,” she smiled. The two shared a kiss, but before it went any further, Hailee backed off. “Sorry...she kind of killed the mood. Gonna head back to my room and crash early. Parents are picking me up tomorrow and I'm going to need some rest to deal with the barrage of boyfriend questions.”

“It's okay,” Peter said. “Totally get it. And I'm sorry that even happened.”

“Well, at least I got you an out,” Hailee said. She smiled and kissed him again. “Besides, all this means is when we come back for the next semester, we have to come a bit early so we can ravage each other before classes start. It's gonna be even easier with you and Sabrina getting an apartment...that's still happening right?”

“Oh yeah. We even found a place with an office we're going to use as an editing suite. Our only issue is who's getting the master bedroom. I think I deserve it because frankly I have a good credit score and Sabrina...well...she shouldn't have a card by most laws. Her argument is her and my bro need a lot of room to make fuck. Her words, not mine, and I think she should be punished for giving me that image of Ben by taking the smaller room.”

“Ben's going to be in there too?”

“Yep. Three people chipping in is why we can get a place with an office.”

“Think you guys could fit a fourth?” she asked, loosely wrapping her arms around Peter's neck. “Because I figure four people makes it even lower...and I can think of a lot of fun we could have sharing a room...if you want to, of course.”

“Big time yes on my end.”

“Well, then I guess we better get back even earlier...break in the new bed...and couch...and shower...so many things to break in.” Hailee winked at him, and they kissed once more before her exit.

While Selena was busy trying to to find cover for her boyfriend, Reggie himself was busy proving Peter's point  about him being a scumbag. How was he doing that? He was getting a blowjob from the Bella's blowjob queen, Kelli Berglund.

The two were in a restroom stall in the very empty university library. It was Kelli's preferred area of business while on campus, her office. She was Bella's blowjob queen for a reason. She loved sucking cock and it showed. Kelli loved the whole thing, fucking for money, men willing to pay the price she named for her body, it really turned her on. But there was something about sucking cock that drove her wild. Sometimes she'd even cum just from doing it. And Reggie was reaping all of those benefits, especially Kelli's demand that she worked nude except for her high heels.

“Oh fuck yes baby,” Reggie said, looking down as Kelli feasted on his cock. “Suck it like a good whore...nnnggg all the way down...”

And she did just that, hungrily taking his cock in her throat to the root. She held there for a while, making Reggie absolutely weak in the knees and thankful for a wall to lean on. This was one of the many reasons Kelli loved sucking cock...the power she held while doing it. Some might have thought differently, but she was in total control of Reggie. He wanted release, and she could give it to him...when she wanted to and for the right price, of course.

He took his cock from Kelli hot mouth and began slapping it on her face, sending the cock hungry blonde into a frenzy. “FUCK YES!” she yelled . “Slap that cock all over my slutty fucking face...oh GOD yes just that that...ooooohhh treat me like the dirty little cock sucking whore I am!” Kelli loved the dirty talk. It was fun and it always ended up in a hefty tip...and the guy tended to shoot even more, which for her was another perk.

Kelli grabbed Reggie's cock and rubbed the stiff thing against her face and especially her lips, the noises coming from her mouth a wet sputtering. She grasped his cock and nearly forced it back into her mouth. Her vicious sucking resumed, her hand working and pumping the shaft as her head bobbed back and forth providing a hot and sensational sauna for Reggie's cock.

And then there was her tongue. Good god her tongue. It was almost break dancing on Reggie's dick, every move graceful and deliberate. Undulating just under the crown, swirling all over. It's not a job if you love what you do and Kelli couldn't help but have that love shine through.

Reggie once again removed his cock from Kelli mouth, the brought her to her feet. She smiled wide. She knew what was coming. She'd happy if it was just suck job that Reggie wanted, but that was never enough. Not for him.

He brought Kelli to her feet and immediately bent her over in the stall. Her hands planted firmly on the dirty tile as he rammed into her with one thrust. “OH FUCK YES!!!” she screamed. Getting filthy in a filthy bathroom, it didn't get much better for Kelli Berglund.

Reggie didn't take his time with a slow pace, this wasn't the time, place, or woman for that. They both understood that clear as crystal. He gripped her hips hard and took her cunt fast and Kelli moaned, licked her lips, and cried out in pleasure all with a big smile on her face.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, fuck me...gimme that dick...oh fucking take that pussy but don't cum in it...don't you fucking dare....because every drop of that fucking cum is going on my face and in my mouth.... understand.... mmmm, fuck that cunt hard and raw but that cum is going on my fucking face!”

“I think I can swing that,” Reggie said with a sneer. He grabbed a handful of Kelli's blonde locks and yanked her head back, eliciting a lustful laugh from the working girl.

“Yeah, fuck me dirty Reg,” growled Kelli. “Fucking take this down and dirty whore...fuck yes... mmmm FUCK!” Reggie's mouth was at Kelli neck, kissing and nibbling so hard he left a hickey in his wake.

He signaled his impending orgasm with a few hard, deliberate strokes into Kelli's pussy, Kelli eliciting an erotic “Mmmmm” with a smile on her face. That smile opened once more to unleash cries of pleasure as Reggie sped up inside her once more, rocketing towards that inevitable end.

He pulled out of her and Kelli happily spun around, crouching and getting herself in position for his load.

Her eyes were focused on his cock, watching it pule and throb as he stroked it. “Oooh look at that cock...gonna gimme all that cum huh? All over my face...my tongue...maybe even drip down on my tits... I deserve every drop... mmmm, don't stop... give me every last drop... I earned it, didn't I?” Her voice was sexual, pleading, almost begging. Her hands roamed over her own tight body, giving him just as much a visual show as an aural one.

“Fuck here it comes!” Reggie sounded off, covering Kelli's face in cum as promised.

“OoooOOoooh, fuck yes....” she hissed, cumming as her face got covered in hot, white cum. Forehead, nose, cheeks, and that pink tongue got completely covered, Kelli reveling in the filthy ecstasy of it all.

As the rain of cum began to slow down, Kelli took his member back in her mouth, making sure to get every last drop before letting Reggie go free.

The moment he began to go soft, he was out of Kelli mouth and catching his breath, watching the show as Kelli hungrily scooped the cum from her face into her mouth, swallowing every drop of the precious fluid down.

“Fuck baby, you're worth every penny,” Reggie said as he zipped back up. “Every fucking penny.”

“Thanks,” she said with a sarcastic half-smile. “Means a lot, even when its on the house.” She got back to her feet and reach for her backpack on the hook of the door. She took at a super short and tight dress and began to put it back on. “Any other “business”?”

“Well, now that you mention it, yeah.” He opened the stall door and the two walked out into the main area of the restroom. Reggie offered Kelli a cigarette, which she declined, then lit up, leaning against the sink. “I'm thinking of expanding the business. New frontiers. I need a solid foundation and can't think of too many better than you.”

“Interesting.” replied Kelli. “Does Bella know about this expansion?”

“Not yet,” he laughed. He took a drag, the smoke bellowing out before he spoke again. “She will though, I can guarantee you that.”

“Well, how about  I think on it then?” Kelli asked, returning the smile. “Weigh my options until I get something a bit more substantial.”

“Fine by me,” he said. “There's always going to be a spot for you Kell. And until then, you have my number. See ya. And thanks for the good time.” Reggie give her a wink then headed out the door, leaving Kelli to think on the offer...and how suspicious it was.


“Holy shit this is just what I needed,” said Cami. Before her was a foot long hero, the works. Loaded with all the meats and veggies and cheeses that could fit on it and toasted to utter perfection. “I get super hungry after good sex.”

“Well if you want after this we can get you nice and hungry again in the dorms,” Jose said with a very eager grin.

“One thing at a time.' Cami smiled at him before taking a big bite of her sandwich. “Oh wow,” she said, mouth full of heaven. “This place is awesome. Mark it down for whenever you have to make something up to me.”

“You have something like that for me?”

“Of course I do Sweetface. It's called a blowjob.”

“Very astute answer. Kudos.” Camila pursed her lips and smiled.

“I fucking love you,” she said.

“And on that note, what did you think of the match?” he asked, leaning forward as Camila froze, struggling for words.

“Well...I liked what I saw of it.” she responded.

“Okay....what does that mean?”

“It means I liked what I saw until I had to cover my eyes...not that anything was bad Sweetface, nothing like that. It's  just...you were doing super dangerous stuff again.”

“It wasn't that bad.”

“Hun, you got thrown through three tables stacked on top of each other. And the first one you went through nearly got you square on the neck. I saw that much before covering my eyes. I'm freak the fuck out when you do stuff like that, especially when it's all the time.”

“It's not all the time.”

“Jose, last week it was almost the exact same thing except it was two tables and they were on fire.”

“Well then there you go, I don't do it all the time!”

“Babe, I'm being serious.” Camila moved to take the seat right next to Jose, making him face her. “Look, before you even think it, this isn't me telling you to give up wrestling. I'm not that bitch, I don't get off on making my man give up his dream. Hell, when i watch you, well, when I can, even I have to say you're good. I don't even like wrestling but I know you've got something that could be huge. I just don't think you and Jake have to kill each other to get there, you know?”

“Yeah, I get it,” Jose said. “And I gotta say, you're not wrong. But it's just kind of our thing. We dish out all the damage we take. Makes us look invulnerable.”

“I kinda get that,” Cami said. “ But those guys you were up against, the jobsters?”


“Yeah, that. Isn't it their job to just lose and lose big? I guess I don't get why they even got to look remotely effective against you two. Wouldn't it make more sense for you guys to just steamroll them? Put them through the table and chairs and stuff. Makes you look more threatening, at least that's what I think. Save you doing that stuff for when you guys have a legit challenge. If that makes sense...I don't know.”

“It makes a lot of sense actually. It's just, well, we've always done it this way. I guess we don't have to anymore. I mean we're known enough to get away with not bleeding in every match.”

“Really?” Camila smiled, almost beaming with joy. “I mean, you know, if you want to, pitch it by Jake first and all...and don't do it just because of me. Do it for yourself. I wouldn't be mad if you did decide to work smarter and not harder.”

“Doing anything smart would be a unique experience for me,” Jose joked. “But I think I can pull it off.”

“That's great!” Cami said. “And I totally forgive you already for not including me as the first smart thing you've ever done. But, just promise you're not just doing it for me. It has to be what you want for yourself.”

“I do. Or rather, body has been demanding it and I've been ignoring it. And honestly Jake has kind of been on it too. So neither of you are wrong about wanting less blood and odds of me being a quadriplegic.”

“Good...and while I try to erase the thought of you being crippled in the ring, I will make one, put my foot down kind of request.”

“What's that?” Jose asked, taking her hand in his. “I'm up anything short of a lingerie pillow fight. Even I'm not that suicidal.”

“Never, ever do anything with glass. Especially those fluorescent light tubes. I nearly puked when you showed me that match with them in them. Just...please, never that, even in the most dangerous matches you agree to, okay?”

“Oh that's an easy yes. I may be stupid but I'm not a total fucking idiot.”

“Well obviously, look at who you're dating,” Cami said, planting a kiss on his cheek before moving back to her seat. “Now, back to the main event.”

“You're seriously going to slam that whole thing?”

“Sweetface, I get really hungry when I cum hard. So in a way, this is all your fault. SO it's up to you to think of the most fun way for me to work it off.”

“I may have some ideas...”


“And just one more squeeze...and...perfect!” Madchen Amick said, excited glee in her voice. She had just putting the finishing touches on the holiday cookies she'd made for her class as a Christmas/End of semester.

It was a good group this year, all with a lot of promise. Even that re-haired girl Madelaine. She'd floundered at first, but she picked it up enough to earn herself a B.

As a reward for her class, she made them a bunch of cookies, each one of them getting one, personalized cookie in addition to the normal Christmas shapes.

Truth be told though, she always liked doing this every year. She loved teaching and she loved cooking and when to two came together, it was pretty much perfection in her eyes.

As she surveyed her work, her eyes went to the clock. 815. Almost time for the second part of her evening, the part she was really looking forward to. Vance.

Vance was both a student and an institution. Madchen and her husband had this agreement. Every semester, if BOTH of them discovered the right student, they'd have fun. Not an affair, not that at all. More like a very limited open relationship. If one found someone and the other didn't no dice. That was the deal and both stuck with it.

Surprisingly, despite being in completely different spectrums as far as education goes, they usually had very fun semester. Madchen's husband, being in the music department, always found some willing and free-spirited young lady for company and Madchen found a surprising amount of lovers in eager young chefs.

That's where Vance came in. He wasn't the first to catch her eye, that honor went to a handsome and skilled young man named Jared, who'd actually taken her class twice. He was up for the nomination until she saw he was crazy for that Madealine girl and decided to not pursue it. Madchen didn't want to have fun that way. Getting in the way of a potential relationship or an established one wasn't her style. Besides, she liked seeing her students get together, which Jared and Madelaine actually did. It made her feel good. She was a romantic softy if there ever was one.

Vance though, there was no such issue. He was free as a bird and that had lead to an amazing semester of sex for himself and Madchen. Tonight though, was the end. Both knew it, and accepted it. This was never going to be an on going thing. He wasn't looking for a girlfriend and she was very happily married. But still, for what it was, it was great while it lasted.

She put the cookies away and cleaned up in a flash. She still had five minutes to spare when she was lighting the candles and getting the wine. The moment both glasses were poured in he walked, confident strut and big grin.

“Right on time, Madchen said with a grin matching his in size and eagerness.

“You didn't think I'd be late for this, did you?” he asked pulled her close the moment she was in reach. Her leg brushed up against his inner thigh and she could feel his cock through his slack. He was already getting hard. She was turned on to know she wasn't the only one eager for this goodbye rendezvous.

“If you were I'd have to think of some way to really punish,” she teased kissing his chin. “Luckily you're on time so no need for a spanking...at least for you.”

She arched her eyebrow then moaned when his strong hands grasped her ass. “How much more prep time we need before we get cooking?”

“Who said anything about prep?” Madchen grabbed the glass of wine and drank it, then kissed Vance, dropping the wine into his mouth.

He softly moved her to the edge of the counter an lifted her up so she was sitting on the edge. He ran his hands up her skirt and her fit legs before reaching for her underwear. Their eyes locked as Vance tugged them off, tossing them aside.

He pulled back just for a moment to undo his pants, dropping them to his ankles before returning to Madchen.

“Ooooh,” she said, the sound trailing of into a hiss as Vance entered her. He wrapped his arms around her as Madchen leaned back, bracing herself for the fun to come.

The pace was built face, their bodies even more starved for each other than they had thought. When their lips weren't locked, Madchen and Vance moans echoed off the walls.

Madchen leaned back further, laying down on the counter top . Vance's motion followed Madchen's firm body, his lips reigning from her breasts to her lips as he continued to drive into her.

Her back arched, a moan escaping her lips with every stroke. Vance's arms moved under her, grasping her shoulders as he sped up, lustful gasps of air escaping as grunts with every thrust. She wrapped her fit legs around him tightly, refusing him any kind of escape from her grasp, as if he even want such a thing.

Vance pulled Madchen back up, eyes locked. His arms moved under her legs, hooking them while also grabbing her firm ass. It was the homestretch for them both, their eyes telling the story.

Faster, more urgent, two bodies begging for release for the final time with each other. Madchen's nails began to dig into his back, Vance's breaths got more desperate, it was going to be a photo finish.

“Cum in me,” she said, sparks in her eyes. “Shoot in me Vance... one more time, baby... ohh... fuck Vance...”

“Uh...uh...MADCHEN!!” yelled Vance. With a few more quick, desperate thrusts he came, shooting rope after rope of cum inside of her while moments later, Madchen came as well, her pussy clamping down and milking more cum from his cock.

They were both breathing deep, trying to recover from there respective orgasms. Vance leaned forward and kissed Madchen for the last time.

He moved back, pulling his pants up and Madchen hopped off the counter, straightening herself off as well. They exchanged glances, smiles on both of there faces. Vance was unsure of how to excuse himself this time, and Madchen feeling the same way about how to dismiss him. Then, an idea came into her head.

“So... how about a good bye cookie?” she said with a wink.


“...and that is one hundred seventy eight,” Lili said. She dropped the latest thumbtack she pulled out of Jake's back into the plastic container to join the other ones. She was straddling him at the legs, and as she had done with every other thumbtack, kissed his neck as soon as it was removed. “Is this a personal record for you?”

“Twenty short, actually.” he replied. “So, what's it like? Everything you dreamed of?”

“What are you talking about?” she asked.Before he could reply, Lili began applying rubbing alcohol on the tiny prick parks on his back, making him wince a little.

“Dating a pro wrestler. Is it all the glitz and glamour you expected?”

“Of course,” she joked. “Living the dream. I can't wait to bandage of some barb wire wounds. That's pretty much an engagement ring if I know my customs.” She leaned over to kiss his shoulder, giving him a light massage. “You okay though? Not hurt or anything?”

“I'll be fine. Sore in the morning but fine. Jose took the worst of it.”

“Yeah he did. That was why Cami only saw like a third of the match. Rest of the time those brown eyes were covered. Not like I can blame her or anything.”

“It bugged you?”

“Well, kinda, yeah,” said Lili. “Look, you know me. Blood and stuff in wrestling, it doesn't bother me. Hell I just got a bootleg collection of every ECW PPV unedited on blu-ray.”

“Did you just spoil my Christmas present?”

“Maybe,” she said with a grin. “But, you know... why would you even think of selling to a couple of twerps who combined can't way more than a buck fifty soaking wet?”
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Re: All-Star College
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“Oh, that.” he replied. “I can't say I disagree on that, but it's all on Jose. Dude just can't say no to a promoter. So that's why Alison is our REAL manager and a wrestling one at the same time. And if it doesn't go to her first, it goes to me. This time, the promoter got to Jose first and boom, we sell to his nephews who want in the business.”

“Man.... snagging Cami really Is the smartest thing he's ever done,” Lili said as she  got up for a second. “Roll over, Need to see if they got in any improbable places.”

Jake got on to his back and Lili got back down. He watched her blue eyes scan his body, hurriedly checking for any stray tack she may have missed.

“She really is,” Jake said. “It's almost like he's trying to be smarter about things. Not too smart, as tonight clearly shows.”

“And he actually makes Cami happy,” Lili said, her smile soft. “I mean, it's not like she was depressed or anything but she's all sunshine and rainbows now, which works surprisingly well with biting sarcasm. All the rich boys who's yachts she'd drag me onto...well the free booze was fun but they were all pretty much arrogant assholes only good for one thing. And according to her they couldn't even get that done right.”

“Rich guys? Should I be worried?” He got up a little, but a smile was still on his face. Lili's legs crossed around his waist. She placed a quick kiss on his lips.

“Hardly. I thought they were vapid twits and Cami could confirm it. She'd been around them most of her life enough to be able to. Besides, I doubt any of them would like quite as sexy as you do with a luchadore mask, let alone know what one is.”

“How's that?” Jake asked. “How's she know all the rich twits?”

“Cami? She's like, super rich. Her dad owns a bunch of hotels. I'm talking five star places. I thought I told you.”

“Nope. Now it makes the Jose thing even more mystifying...ow!”

“One seventy-nine,” giggled Lili. She pulled her hand up from between the two of them and dropped the last tack in the pile. “Right on the happy trail to your joy division, and I don't think either of us want anything bad to happen to that.” She leaned forward, kissing him softly with her blonde hair draping over. “So I'm getting an idea. You and me...alone in a room...no one to bother us...we get to sleep late because we have no more morning classes...”

“Are you thinking what I think you're thinking?” Jake asked, Lili's hovering above his.

“Oh yeah baby...you get your present early and we marathon those PPVs I got.”

“Then what'll I get for Christmas?”

“Oh, I'm sure we'll think of something...” Lili grinned.


Bella Thorne absolutely loved Christmas time. The weather, the sights, the smells, the music, it all made her absolutely giddy. Her favorite thing though was the gifts. Not for herself. No, that'd be far too crass. As corny as it sounded, she loved to give gifts. It made her feel good. And when the gifts she gave both coincided and helped with her business she was all for it.

Ever since she started her business she always loved giving her best customers an amazing comped good time. Of course they had to follow certain criteria. Spend a lot was the obvious one. The girls they chose had to adore them. The third ruling went in line with the second to a great degree and that was to be a great fuck. Those who fit the criteria were few, which was what made the comps affordable.

The comped times would also either be two things. A whole new experience or an old classic that it was known the customer loved. And a new thing was what was on the menu today, for the chosen lucky one.

It was going to be a threesome. And a dirty one at that. The client had tastes and was always reliable for big tips and even bigger orgasms. He'd earned a comped threeway fucks with his two favorite whores in Bella's book. Especially when Bell was one of those whores.

The other one? Dove Cameron. The client had a couple other of Bella's girls but always seemed to crave herself or Dove. Just the right amount of filth. And if any of her customers could handle the combo of Bella Thorne and Dove Cameron, it was Matt Nelson.

Matt was due in about an hour, which meant Dove should be there any minute. She was due to come early so she and Bella could coordinate outfits for Matt. Sure, they'd be taken off in short order, but one of the best parts of Christmas for Bella was always unwrapping the present. It was just more fun, and that went for the human body as well in her judgement.

With a knock at her door, Bella was given the clear signal of Dove's arrival. She didn't need to knock. She both had a key and had been OK'ed by security. It wasn't like she was on the no-list like Reggie found himself on recently with his bad attitude.

“Hey girl,” Dove said as Bella opened the door. “Ready to get dirty?”

“Like you even have to ask.” Bella replied. She moved back to let Dove in. The platinum blonde was carrying two gym bags with her, filled to the brim with costume ideas. Though with the tight mini dress she was wearing, Bella didn't think she needed much more than that.

“So, leather,” Dove said, holding up the bag on her left. “Or lace?”

“I'm thinking lace.” Bella dropped her black silk robe to the ground, revealing herself to be clad in black lace lingerie. “Sexy and a lot easier to clean.”

“Great. So, do I dress here?”

“Nope,” Bella said with a smirk. She sat down on the couch. “In front of me.”

“Well, anything for the boss.” Dove started to shed her clothes, but stopped momentarily. “You want a strip tease?”

“No, not right now.” replied Bella. “Just want to see you naked. Save the tease for Matt. No offense. Those tits are pretty spectacular without any fanfare.”

Dove laughed, blushing a bit as she shook her head. 'That's Bella for you', she thought to herself. She stripped the rest of the way, no dance, nothing. All regular every day clothes changing. And still, Bella was an all too eager audience. She wasn't lying, Dove's tits, and the rest of her body, were utterly amazing, fun to just look at. Besides, very shortly Bella would be up close and very personal with Dove in a very short amount of time.

She watch intently as Dove put on a white lace bra, then thigh high vinyl boots. Dove just couldn't resist a bit of her favorite. While panties were absent. Dove never met a pair she liked and only wore them upon special request from a client, or the first time around with one to give him a look at the option. That however didn't mean Dove was bottomless. She wore a nice little plaid skirt, reminiscent of the school girl fantasy. It played very well off of Bella's all black number.

“Very nice,” said Bella. “It's even hard for me to resist.”

“Then why bother?' asked Dove, making a seductive walk over to Bella. She grabbed the boss lady's ass, pulling her close to the point their lips were almost touching. “Wanna have a little pre-game fun?”

“Mmm tempting...but let's save everything we have for Matt...a happy customer is a returning customer.”

“Suit yourself.” Dove replied with a shrug. “When is the lucky boy going to be here?”

“A little bit. Give us time to prepare. Champagne is already chilled and in the bathroom.”


“Yeah, where the big bath tub is. Big enough for say...three? With a lot of fun bubbles and candles lit all around. Or they will be nice we finish lighting them all.”

“Candles and champagne?' asked Dove, a joking tone in her voice to match her raised eyebrow. “That seems to clash a little with what I KNOW I do with Matt and what I'm guessing you two have done.”

“True, but I like the duality of it. Soft romantic candle-lighting, chilled champagne...all while I'm eating your pussy and Matt's fucking me up the ass like the dirty whore I am. Makes a girl's heart feel all a flutter.”

“You know, I actually kind of get that.”

“I knew you would. That's why you're my number one gal...among other reasons.” Bella gave Dove a wink, then motioned with her head for the platinum blonde to follow her.

The two went into the bedroom and began the candle lighting process. All different sizes, some scented, placed perfectly. Bella knew lighting, and she knew it well. She had to, after all. She was the one who took all her business promo shots, after all. And Kelly Brook had been such a good and hands on teacher.

Soon, the time was upon them. Bella sent Dove to prepare the champagne and wait. In Bella's mind, a good part of the fun was presentation, and a great piece of presentation was surprise. It was foreplay for the foreplay.

The buzzer rang. Bella smiled. It was time. She loved her job.

Bella opted not to put her robe back on. Just another thing to take off. Besides, answering the door in lingerie just was sexier....unless of course there was nothing on under the robe.

“Matt,” she said, giving him a wide and genuine smile. “And right on time. I love my men filthy and punctual.”

“Well, I couldn't be late for this,” said Matt. “I mean, a one on one with you? Can't be tardy for that. And it's on the house. I was tempted to camp out in the lobby.”

“Well, I do like to keep my customers happy. A happy customer is one that returns, correct?”

“I see nothing but logic in that thought process.” Bella gave him a laugh and let him through the door. He took his jacket off and hung it on the coat rack. In Bella's view, he was still far too dressed up.

“Lose the rest of the clothes,” she said, her voice the perfect balance between sweet and authoritative.

“Isn't it kind of early for that?”

“I guess. I mean if you want to get in a nice hot bubble bath with me fully clothed, be my guest.”

“Point taken.” Matt began to strip far less chaotically than when he usually had a session with Bella. Instead of his clothes being strewn about the place or barely hanging on, they actually ended up neatly folded on one of her sofas.

Bella led him to the bathroom. It was spacious, all aglow with the candles she and Dove had lit earlier. The bath had already been drawn, hot and steaming with a pillowy bed of soapy suds sitting on top of the water.

In front of the tub there was a big, comfortable chair set up. It was almost a throne.

“Take a seat,” Bella said. “And hold on tight.”

Questions immediately came to Matt's mind, but he held off on them. This was Bella's show now.

“I could really go for a drink...how does chilled champagne sound? The good stuff.”

“By all means.”

“Excellent.” Bella grinned. Time for the big reveal. “Champagne, please.”

There was Dove's cue. In she came, decked out in the slutty schoolgirl dream outfit carrying a bucket of ice with perfectly chilled champagne in the center in one arm and a tray with three glasses in the other.

“Merry Christmas to me,” Matt said with a laugh.

“To all of us,” Dove smiled. She set the champagne bucket and tray on the side of the tub, the grabbed the bottle. Her eyes went from Bella to Matt, a smirk on her face all the while as she popped the cork expertly. “Not the first bottle I've popped.”

“Is that a euphemism?” Matt joked.

“Maybe.” Dove winked then poured them each a glass of the bubbly.  “If it is you could certainly testify to my abilities.”

“That is true.” he confirmed.

Bella looked at him, she could tell he was getting ready to join in. His cock was already hard. But that wasn't the plan, not yet at least.

“So, let's go through what we're going to do here Matt,” said Bella. “For a little bit, you're just gonna sit back and enjoy the show. Jack off a little if you want to.”

He sat back and took Bella's advice, eyes on her and Dove while his hand was on his cock.

The women's eyes locked. Dove's eyebrow arched. Bella licked her lips and went in for a kiss. And the fuse was lit.

Bella took the lead. The desire was hot between them but Bella was either a bit quicker or a bit more hungry. She pulled down the straps of Dove's bra and the cups then followed. With the blonde's tits free, Bella went for a taste.

“Mmmm yesss,” Dove hissed, pulling Bella's face closer into her cleavage as the redhead hungrily suckled her tits. Her tongue circled Dove's aroused nipples, coating the areolas in a light sheen of saliva before flicking the aroused tipping with her tongue and then finally biting them.

Bella hungrily descended down's Dove' body, licking her tight little tummy and them lifting her skirt to get to the prize beneath, a freshly shaved and glistening pussy.

“Ooohhhh,” moaned Dove, her hands scrambling for something to do as Bella began to feast on her cunt.

Dove's green pleated skirt was draped over Bella's head. The buxom blonde struggled with what to do with her hands while Bella's were at her ass, cheeks, gripping them tight while the redheads mouth did all the heavy lifting.

“Lose the skirt,” Bella said. She kissed Dove's inner thigh and began to unzip her boots while Dove ditched the skirt. “Good girl. Get in the tub.”

Dove did just that, Matt watching as the nude form of Dove Cameron descended in the sudsy waters. Bella then turned to might, a sensual smirk on her face as she saw him stroke his cock.

“Glad to see you're having a good time,” said Bella. “But don't cum just yet. I mean we're not gonna boot you out. You can shoot as much as you want. But...isn't it a lot more fun if we're the ones doing it instead of you?”

Bella moved forward, gently grasping his cock and pumping it a few times, precum oozing out and running down her hand. “Take it slow. We have the whole night.” She moved forward and kissed him, then pulled back. She faced him head on and began to strip. Rolling down those thigh high black stockings and removing her matching stilettos.

The black satin thong was next, sliding down those long and tone legs. She flung them at Matt like a slingshot, giggling a bit as he caught them and took a deep breath of her scent before dropping them to the ground. The bra was next. Once it was off, she dropped it to the ground from pinched fingers.

“Keep watching,” said Bella. “You'll know when to join in.” Bella turned her attention back to the hot bubble bath and Dove, square in the middle of it. She waded into the hot water, crawling her way to Dove.

“Mmm, about time you remembered memmphhh!” Dove said, her speech cut off by Bella's kiss. The blonde was moved to the side of the tub by the more dominant Bella. She spread Dove's legs and looked up at her, she was hanging on baited breath.

“Sit on the side of the tub,” Bella said, tracing her fingers up and down Dove's pussy lips.

Dove breathed deep, quivering as Bella teased. She rose from the pool and sat just as Bella had asked, her shapely legs still open.

The redheaded madame moved over. Her lips began kissing on Dove's knees, her tongue and fingers teaming up in moving ever closer to their desired target, all the while Dove waited with baited breath.

“Ooooh, Bella,” she moaned when Bella got to where they both wanted her. “Oh shit yes....”

Dove's back arched, her breasts glistening from the soapy water. Her hands scrambled for something to do, nerves run awry with feelings of pleasure wreaking havoc on any sense of logic.

Bella moved in closer. One hand caressed and eased Dove's leg and hip while the other worked with her tongue on Dove's cunt. Her meticulously manicured fingers worked themselves inside Dove with surgical precision, not move wasted. Cocks wasn't the only thing Bella knew how to work.

“More, more, more!” Dove whined. Her hand darted down and grabbed Bella by the head, holding her in place as she ground her pussy in her bosses face. She was right on that verge. And Bella could have pushed her over the edge is she wanted to. That wasn't part of the plan.

Bella rose up, giving Dove the most savage kiss the blonde could remember.

“My turn,” Bella said in a growling tone. She held Dove by the hair and pulled her to other side of the tub, the blond nymphette following Bella's lead with a grin on her face. “Eat my fucking cunt.” Bella gave Dove another hungry kiss before pushing the blonde between her legs.

Bella had set the tone, Dove merely followed it, attacking Bella's pussy with the kind of passion usually only money could buy..

“OH FUCK YES!” Bella yelled. Both her hands went to Dove's head, pushing her  into Bella's cunt. “Yeah...yeah fucking eat that fucking pussy... fucking taste it... don't you think about stopping for a single fucking millisecond...ooooh, dirty whore... just like me... mmmm, fucking suck my clit just like that baby... FUCK....”

There Dove was happily eating the pussy of Bella Thorne, her round ass in the air and swaying back and forth. The water made it glisten as loose soap suds glided down the curvature. Matt was done just watching. It was time to join in.

“OH FUCK!” Dove shouted when Matt rammed inside of her. She shot him a red hot look over her should. “Ooooh that's right, fuck that fucking cunt!” she demanded. Fuck it and hard!”

“Keep eating that pussy and we have a deal,” Matt grinned. Dove winked at him and returned her attention back to Bella's cunt. Matt gave her a firm smack on her round ass as payment before driving back into her.

Bella couldn't help but laugh, amusement mixed in with the pleasure. “Fuck her fucking cunt,” the redhead growled. “Fucking take... fucking use her... ohhh, fuck yes.... mmmm fuck her pussy good... show me how fucking good because that cock is going in me next...”

Matt grasped Dove's hips and gave it to her hard and fast, just as Bella had demanded. Dove was clearly in favor from her moans breaking up her meal of Bella's pussy.

“Ohh fuck Dove... yeah... oh fuck, baby take this fucking cock.... dirty little whore... mmmm, FUCK!”

“Fucking pull her hair!” Bella shouted. “Pull this slut's hair NOW!”

Matt grabbed a handful of Dove's platinum locks and yanked her back, eliciting a surprised grunt from Dove's mouth and a wide grin from Bella's.

Dove and Matt's eyes locked for a moment, and then their lips followed suit, the two in a deep kiss for a few moments before Bella decided she wanted in on the action. She pulled Dove away from Matt's embrace and back into hers, kissing her ravenously before taking her attention back to Matt.

“Fuck her harder,” Bella demanded. Matt nodded and pulled out of Dove, spinning her around as he sat down in the tub.  Dove mounted him, a sinfully decadent smile on her face.

“Oh fuck, Matt,” Dove moaned. His hands were on her ass, gripping her tight as he thrust up into her. The water splashed and sloshed about as they fucked, Dove's moans easily drowning it out, moans that only rose in tone when Matt got to Dove's plump tits, hungrily burying his face in her cleavage.

All the while as Dove and Matt enjoyed each other, Bella sat on the corner fo the bath and watched, fingering her wet cunt in time with Matt's thrusts. She was in lustful awe, her body burning with nuclear desire.

Matt and Dove's eyes locked. Beyond the bottomless lust, there was a connection both didn't want to admit to. Dove thought she saw it, trying to hide a bit fo a flattered smile. Moaning made that easy. Still, she didn't mind returning the affection, squeezing and milking his cock with her very experienced cunt.

“Fuuuck, Dove... oh fuck, baby...” Matt growled. He drove up into Dove harder in response, bringing his lips to her nipple and lightly biting and tugging on the little pink nub.

Dove through her head back and moaned out Matt's name, their pace increased, and now Bella was done sitting on the sidelines.

“My turn,” she smiled. Dove got up and Matt made his way towards Bella. She licked her lips as he waded over, grunting with approval as he thrust in. “Ooooh that's it baby...fucking pound that fucking cunt... fuck it hard... oooh, FUCK, that's it... give that fucking cock... nnng SHIT, YES!”

Matt gave Bella exactly what she demanded, the collision of their flesh mixing with her moans and the water splashing creating their own unique symphony. One of her tone legs wrapped around him while the other lay against his chest, her calf resting on his shoulder.

Matt reached forward, groping Bella's tit and he rammed her. Her face, seductive and teasing egged him on without a single word...but that didn't stop Bella from taking things further.

“My ass,” she demanded. “Fuck my ass.”

“Music to my ears,” Matt said, smirking. He pulled out, but before he could apply his slick to to Bella's backdoor, Dove swooped in sucking him into her mouth and tasting Bella's juices on him.

“Sorry, couldn't resist,” Dove said. “Now...fuck her ass.” She kissed Matt then moved to Bella, kissing her as well, her hand fingering the madame's pussy while Matt entered her ass.

“Ohhh, FUCK!” Bella growled. “Oh fuck... oh, fuck my ass... yes, fuck yes, YES!”

Matt growled from the gut, low and bellowed as he drove into Bella's tight asshole. It wasn't the first time he'd been down this path, but it was never anything short of amazing.

“Fuck her ass,” Dove said, entranced. From Bella's look of total ecstasy intoxication to the actual view of Matt's cock gong in and out of Ms. Thorne's ass Dove was even wetter, even hotter than she'd been before. She needed to treatment Bella was getting, if not a bit harder.

“Don't cum yet,” Dove pleaded. “No... no please, don't... don't cum until you've fucked my ass too...”

“You got it,” he replied, giving Bella few extra hard thrusts. “Bella just needs to give the green light...”

“Mmm, do it,” purred Bella. “I want to see you take her ass like you took mine...fuck her ass.”

Before Matt could even pull out of Bella Dove was bent over, wiggling her ass in anticipation.

“Yesssssss,” she hissed as Matt filled her ass with cock. He stayed still when he was balls deep in her, savoring the tight feel over her ass while Dove got used to the girth. It' wasn't the first time she'd had Matt up her ass either, but she liked how he felt up there, how he savored the moment before fucking her like the whore she was. She loved feeling so dirty.

“Ohhh fuck me...fuck my ass like a dirty fucking whore Matt...Mmm, FUCK harder...HARDER!!!”

“You heard her,” Bella said, now right behind Matt. Her arms wrapped around his front, her nails raking his chest. “Pound that tight little asshole... make it yours... fuck... use it and fucking cum... do it.. .it's what we're here for, baby...”

Max Leaned over, kissing Dove's neck and whispering in her ear, “Is that what you want baby? Want me to just fucking take your ass like it's mine?”

“YES! Dove cried. “Fuck yes! FUCK that as is yours..fucking take it... oh, fuck just take it... gonna fucking cum... fuck don't stop!”

He didn't. Who would. His hand were at  Dove's shoulders, gripping and pulling her towards him with every thrust. Every moment he went harder, and faster, much to Dove's delight and Bella's enjoyment.

And Bella spurred him on, words o filthy encouragement in his ear, driving him and Dove into a total frenzy, and frenzy that could only end one way.

“Oh fuck..oh Matt...I'm gonna cum...fuck I 'm cumming with your dick in my ass. Fuck YESSSS!!!”

“SHIT!” Matt exclaimed when Dove's asshole clamped down and clamped down hard on his cock. “Gonna fucking cum too!”

“Not yet you're not,” Bella declared. “You're gonna cum all over pretty little Dove's face and in her mouth...that's what you're gonna fucking do...isn't it Dove?”

“Mmmm hmmm.” The blonde replied, still riding high with a cock in her ass. “Mmmm wanna taste it...”

“You heard her big man...”

Matt and Bella kissed before her pulled out. He got to his feet, Bella right behind him as Dove moved to her front, on her knees waiting. Her mouth was open, her tongue waiting.

Before Matt could reach for his cock, Bella had grasped it. Her fist was a blur on it, aiming right for Dove's fuck drunk face.

“Shoot it... shoot it all over that pretty face,” Bella said, her tone direct and sultry. “Don't waste a drop... all of it on her... got it baby?”

“Yes... yes... YES!!!” Matt shouted as he erupted. Bella's aim was true as his cock covered the lovely blonde's face in cum, much of it in her mouth but enough of a splatter for a good show. Bella was nothing if not a perfectionist.

Matt was spent, but the women weren't done. Bella slunk from his back to the front, slithering to her knees and licking up every last stream of cum from Dove's face only to kiss it back into her mouth...then Dove did the same. They traded his load back and forth in deep kissing,tongue caressing each until finally, they swallowed.

“Wow...”a very dazed Matt said, causing both the women to giggle.

“I don't know about you Dove, but I think it's time we finish off that Champagne,” Bella laughed.”


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Re: All-Star College
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With their classes for the semester over Alison. Jake and Jose had only one thing to do during the day, and that was to get paid. After that, they all had their own plans for the holiday and the new year.

The entered the promoter's “office building”, an old warehouse where he had a gym and a ring for training hopeful wrestlers and meet with his current roster.

The line awaiting payment wasn't too long, just the typical last minute stragglers that this trio always found themselves a part of. Though when Evan, the booker of the company, caught sight of them, Jose could just tell he had a special request of them.

“He's gonna ask us to work the holiday,” Jose blurted out. “I fucking know it.”

“Well, that's too bad, because we both have plans.”

“Yeah... I don't know what they are yet but I certainly do have plans.”

“Well, I know what I'm doing, Mexico with Lili.... just have to tell her.”

“Good god you two are hopeless,” Alison said. “You'd be lost without me.”

“Oh yeah,” Jose said. “What are you doing over break?”

“Japan. Strictly for fun. Sushi and sake and messed up anime porn. If that doesn't scream holidays I don't know what does.”

“But what if they as us to work? Bribe us with free nachos and oodles of praise.”

“That's why we're here at the same time.” replied Jake. “Hold our ground.”

“More like why I'm here,” chimed Alison. “In my usual role as the backbone of our little group. Leave Evan to me.”

“How's my favorite faction?” Evan said, the smile and posture of a used car salesman coming over him like a possession.

“Just fine, Evan,” said Alison. “Going to be even better after me and my boys get paid.”

“Of course Alison, no need to rush.”

“Oh there won't be a rush, we'll take the time to count it.”

“Don't trust me, Brie?” Evan asked.

“You're a promoter, aren't you?” Evan handed the three their envelopes, then followed them as the trio went to count their money.

“It's all there, plus a bonus for the barb wire match last week, as promised.”

“Ah, Ben Franklin, the best salve for cuts and bruises,” Jose said, breathing in the scene to the money before embracing it like a Teddy Bear.

“And there's gonna me more where that came from next year,” Evan said. “I got a surprise for you guys.”

“What?” Jake said, more than a little nervous. Most of Evan's surprises ended with thumb tacks and lighter fluid for him and Jose.

“Is it candy?” asked Jose. “It's not black licorice, is it? I'll pass.”

“No...what? No. The surprise is you three are getting an old opponent to draw some cash. Demand was high, so I made some calls.”

“Who'd you call?” Alison asked. “The Bludd Brothers? Death From Above?”

“He called me,” a female voice said, one that sent shiver up the trio's spine, especially Jose's.

“No.... no, it can't be...” he said. But it was. Kira Kosarin, Jose's ex and a living nightmare with a body that could kill. She was wearing all the things that would garner Jose's attention. Jeans that were just a bit too tight, showing off her ass, a shirt a bit too short showing off her belly while cut low enough to give an amazing view of her cleavage. She was the best looking poison Jose had ever seen up until Camila.

“Uh-uh, no way,” Jake said. “We aren't working with her.”

“Yeah, you are,” Kira said. “Live with it, moron.”

Alison made her way to Kira, staring her eye to eye, “We're not working with you. Not after last time. End of discussion. But try and force the issue Kira...just try it. We'll see how long that smile lasts on your face before I scratch it off.”

“YES!” Evan said. “This is what I brought her here for. It feels so real!”

“Because I really fucking hate her!” Alison yelled. “You want a shit stirrer like this backstage?”

“No, he wants money. And that's what I am.” Kira pushed past Alison and took to Evan's side, but not before caressing Jose's chest. “Look, I'm here for the long haul whether you like it or not. Now, if you don't want to make the same kind of money we made in San Diego, please, keep working with the podunk jobbers and has-beens. But if you want a real pay day, you know you'll have to work with me. I can turn any tag team Evan here has into superstars overnight, and you know it. Go on...try to deny what I can do.”

The three were silent. Kira had a point. She was damn good at drawing heat. People hated her, they seethed when she talked even more than's Alison's promos. And she wasn't scared to bleed and get her comeuppance in an angle.

“We'll think about it,” Alison said. “No promises.”

“She's in.” Kira smirked, which set Alison ablaze.

“Listen, because I'm only going to say it once,” said Alison, nose to nose with Kira. “This is business. Remember that. Don't make it personal. For your own sake. Which means outside of this place, stay away from me and my boys, got it?”

“See you around Alison,” Kira said, the grin still on her face.

“Rrrrr,” Alison growled. “I'll be in the car. You two, give her the names of the teams you like here. And that's IT. Got it Jose?””

“Yeah.” he replied. Alison stormed off, leaving the tag team alone, Jose's eyes trying to look away from Kira.

“You good man?” Jake asked.

“Yeah..yeah of course. She's just an evil she-beast from the planet Ball Buster. Nothing I can't handle.”

“Okay, I'm going to go talk with Evan then, you give Kira the teams. I'd speak with her but...”

“She fucking hates your guts. And the feeling is mutual, I remember.” Jose too a deep breath and head face first into the fire.

“Hi Jose,” Kira said. “How've you been?”

“Look, let's cut the pleasantries, all right?” Jose asked. “The best teams here are The High Spots and the Haberdashers. Of the two, you'd probably fit right in with the High Spots, but meet them for yourself.” Jose turned to leave, and that's when Kira put her hand on his shoulder, turning him around.

“Is that all I get?”

“You're lucky I'm even talking to you! I mean Christ Kira, you fucking humiliated me like it was your favorite hobby!”

“Because it is.” she replied. “And don't act like you don't love it.”

“LOVE it? You...you're crazy! You've always been crazy! I swear to... no... no, no, no... not gonna let you do this to me. I don't have to put up with you like this anymore. I have an actual GOOD woman at my side now. One who isn't a total psychopath bent on my suffering.”

“Oh come now honey,” Kira said, stroking his hair from his face. “It wasn't all bad. I mean, I am an amazing fuck, give me that much.”

“Well, yeah but..”

“See? Was that so hard?” Kira moved in for a kiss, but Jose backed off.

“OH no, no no, I'm on to you. And I'm not going to be your emotional plaything. Go talk to those teams. See you whenever the match is gonna be. Until then, stay away.... far away... and best of luck finding someone new to grind under your boot heel.”

Jose walked a away as fast as he could, leaving Kira behind, but still smirking. “Talk all you want Jose...but we all know your favorite position is right under neath my boot...”


The last few weeks had been pretty damn good for Paul. He had a good business relationship going with Bella, which also happened to be the best sexual relationship he'd ever had. Plus, no strings. Add in the fact that he business was prostitution and being as close as he was to Bella mean he got his pick of the girls for free...well, things were good. Plus he somehow got all As for the semester which utterly gobsmacked him.

Another perk of his relationship with Bella was access to her penthouse. She was currently out and would be for a while. Running a successful business as she had, there were a lot of hands she had to shake, among other things, to keep the authorities off her back. But that didn't mean Paul was going to be alone.

He sat back on the couch and relaxed, sipping some of Bella's fine whiskey as he waited for his appointment. This one, out of all of Bella's girl, had a special reputation that he just had to experience for himself.

His cell phone hummed, he had a text. His appointment was here. He buzzed her up and walked to the door, ready to let her in on her first knock.

One knock, and Paul opened the door to see his appointment waiting in the hall.

“You must be Paul,” said Kelli Berglund. “I've heard about you from Bella. Not a lot, but enough to know.”

“Know what?”

“You want to be impressed.” Kelli smiled. She ran her finger along Paul's lips and brushed him aside. He watched as her ass move from side to side.

She poured herself a whiskey and sat on the couch, Paul joining her. She reclined in the corner, her legs crossed. She locked her gaze on Paul and sipped her whiskey. “So, Paul,” she said, gently placing the glass down. “I'm guessing I know why you called me in. You heard about me and my...special reputation.”

“Spot on.”

“Well, why delay things?” Kelli asked, her knowing tone matching the smile on her face. She finished off her drink and slid of the couch to her knees. She crawled to Paul's lap, playfully prying his legs apart and getting between them.

“You know, a lot of women would take being called a blowjob queen an insult,” she said. She ran her hands up and down his legs softly. She look at him and smiled, licking her lips. “Not me. Well, not really. I'd prefer blowjob goddess. But queen will do for the uninitiated.”

“Is that so?”

Kelli rose up between his legs getting right in Paul's face. She licked his lips and cocked her eyebrow. “You're about to find out.”

Kelli got back down and reached for Paul's belt, unbuckling it in an almost playful way. Then came the zipper, going down slowly, more of a tease than the belt.

“See, the thing with blowjobs is guys only think they know what they want,” said Kelli. “A hot mouth that's going to make them nut in a short amount of time. ESPECIALLY when they buy it. Not so.”

She grabbed Paul's pants and began to tug them down. He lifted his ass to aid her. One they were down around his knees ad his cock exposed to the air, it was game on. Kelli's hands slowly glided up his thighs, her nails tracing a trail upwards to his cock.

“What guys really want is pleasure. A pleasure so intense they don't know what to do with themselves. Now,  understand how the confusion starts. Men tend to be absolutely wiped out by even the most minor of orgasms...but the good ones...the BEST ones, that you remember.  That's where I come in.”

Kelli sandwiched Paul's cock gently between her hands, her soft palms slowly pumping up and down the shaft. Paul gasped a bit. Keli laughed a bit. Paul returned it with a smile. Then he arched his back a little when Kelli surprised him by tracing her index finger up her under side to the tip, teasing his banjo string softly with her nail.

“And believe me,” she said, playing with his rapidly hardening cock. “I can do that with any part of my body. I have never, ever gotten a single complaint in that area. But...there's something about sucking a dick that gives me a special thrill. It's the control really.”

“Control?” asked Paul.

“Mmm hmm,” replied Kelli, softly wrapping her hand around his now stiff cock. “Control. See, again, guys have a misconception. They think that since the woman is on her knees most of the time, they're in charge of the blowjob. Not so. See, I'm the one controlling the speed, the tempo. How mouth feels, what my tongue does...what my hands do. All me.”

Kelli held Paul's cock in her hands and moved her mouth over it. A trail of saliva drooled from her mouth, hitting the tip of his cock. As it rand down, Kelli began pumping his cock, working her spit as lube. She stopped for a brief moment, rubbing the underside of the crown with her thumb.

“That includes face fucking by the way,” added Kelli. “Admittedly, some control is given up but I pretty much keep it. I can make it stop whenever I want. I mean, I am right in a man's most...sensitive of areas. I prefer the option of pleasure, don't you? I mean, a lot of girls say they love giving head, but I think they're bullshitting. Me? I get really wet. Sometimes I even cum. I know, you're thinking that's bullshit...but I give my word as a blowjob goddess, it's true. That's what makes me a  goddess at this, I think. I'm getting off too.”

“Ohhh yes,” Paul groaned as Kelli took him in her mouth. Again, it was a slow start, just the head at first, but it was magnificent. It was just his head at first, Kelli's cheeks billowing as she sucked. Her hand fondled his balls softly, just a tease. It was very welcome.

She released him with a pop and went right back to caressing his rod with her free hand. “I really like your cock,” she said. “Not just saying it either. I know in my line of work the other girls, they throw that out like it's nothing. Not me. I don't say it unless I mean it. I respect cock too much for that.”

Kelli moved her mouth to the base of Paul's cock and kissed it, wet and sloppy, almost a French kiss with the amount of tongue involved. Then the other side.  Back and forth all the way to the top. Meanwhile her hand went from mere fondling to a full on massage of his balls.

She pursed her lips together and kissed the tip of his cock, pressing forward and slowly parting her lips. Inch my tantalizing inch, Kelli took Paul's in her mouth, her tongue snaking and caressing every but of flesh.

“Oh fucking wow,” Paul uttered when Kelli took him in her mouth to the root and held him there for longer than he could have expected. She released him with a gasp, smiling all while she regained her breath.

“Now we really get started...and I'm doing all the work,” said Kelli. “Only thing I want your hands doing is holding my hair back....mmmm, fuck let me have that cock again...”

That's when Kelli really got onto her things. Her pace was steady, not slow and not fast. But there was still sweet sensuality to it. How her hands delicately stroked his shaft as she sucked, how her lips and tongue seemed to almost massage with every pump.

And her eyes, those deep brown eyes.  Hypnotizing in in a haze of lust. Every time they locked eyes took a chunk out of Paul's stamina. And then Kelli quickened her pace. Her soft hands gripped his shaft just a bit harder, her wrist twisting and turning just a bit more, her sucking just a smudge more urgent.

Paul looked down, dutifully moving her hair back, getting a full view as Kelli lived up to her name of blowjob goddess. He arched back, almost thrusting into her mouth. It was involuntarily, but Kelli was ready for it, she seemed ready for everything his bod was doing in reaction to her work of art suck job.

“Kelli....unnng Kelli I'm gonna cum!”

Kelli pulled off his cock, that smile right back to her face, her fist now a blur on his cock.

“Gonna cum?” she asked. “Mmm good...I love it..I love cum. I love feeling a cock pumping hot, warm jizz in my mouth... ffuuuck it throbs... every fucking squirt... mmm, but I don't stop... I don't stop until you have nothing left to give me...because I fucking earned every drop...”

Kelli devoured his cock once more, full speed ahead and no mercy. Paul was well past the point of no return and was loving every single moment of it.

“Oh FUCK!” Paul yelled, giving Kelli a big mouthful of cum, a mouthful she happily and hungry swallowed. Every stream, every pulse she took, sliding down her throat and satisfying her own itch. And of course, Kelli kept her promise, she kept sucking past when the bursting dam slowed to a trickle, making Paul twitch and shudder. When he well was finally dry, she released his wilting member with a giggle.

As Paul breathed deep, recovering from the collision course with pleasure he'd just experience, Kelli hopped up on the couch, her legs crossed and a pleased and proud look on her face.

“So, Paul, would you say I'm a blowjob queen, or goddess?”

“Goddess, definitely.” he replied. “Holy fuck a goddess.”

“Thank you,” she grinned. “ I hope this little display of skills keeps you in mind for the business expansion.”

“Wait...what expansion?”

“The one Reggie told me about last night.”

Paul sat up straight, his mind jolted from his haze. “Tell, me, exactly what did Reggie tell you?”


It was the last day for many students to be on campus. While a few stragglers had the random final to take, most were already on their way home for the holidays. Peter was ready to be one of those people, but he had a few things to take care of.

He'd already said his goodbyes to Hailee and already couldn't wait to see her again when school began again. Later on, he was going to meet up with Sabrina to sign the final papers for the apartment they were getting and talk a little business. But right now, he was waiting to see an old friend, and not the kind who just called on him when they needed something.

Peter was sitting on a bench outside the library, sipping on hot chocolate when an all too familiar voice spoke behind him.

“You know this better be important, my time is valuable,” said Camila Mendes, her arms folded and a smirk on her face.

“If that's true why you've spent so much of it with me all these years?” Peter stood up and turned around, his eyebrow raised.

Cami feigned deep thought for a moment. “That's all too true.” Her face quickly broke in a smile as did Peter's before they both met in a friendly embrace. “I can't believe we've only seen each other twice this semester!”

“Yeah but at least the first time was at my kick ass birthday party.”

“That your girlfriend had to invite me to,” Camila said. “How'd she even get my number?”

“She asked my brother.” replied Peter. He and Camila sat on the bench. “She and Sabrina wanted  me to have some friends there, Hailee didn't know any of my old friends that I'd actually want there...blah blah blah...”

“Inviting your friends, she's a clever one. She even has my seal of approval. And you know how hard it is to get that.”

“Cami you're the only girlfriend of mine that actually had a seal of approval before Hailee.”

“See? High standards. You bring a coffee for me?”

“Oh, yeah.” Peter reached under for a second cup, this one with coffee, he'd got for Cami. “You really like her?”

“Oh god yes.” Cami replied. “She's wonderful. Funny, sweet, and damn man she's hot. I can give a lot of shit to some of your exes but Hailee...well done my friend. I've known you since pre-school and you finally did something smart...”

“Hey, I dated you, that wasn't smart?”

“Yeah but we broke up which makes it a wash,” she joked. “Seriously though, I'm really happy for you. You seem really into her. I like you seeing you happy.”

“Same to you Camz,” Peter said. “Your new guy...Joe?”

“Jose,” Cami said, her face lighting up saying his name. “I'm so glad you two got along. It'd be so weird if my oldest friend didn't get along with the guy I'm in love with.”

“Oooh, droppin' the big l?”

“Of course. I'm not afraid to say it. It's why I'm cutting time at your New Years party short. Me and Jose are going to New York for New Years. Then we're spending the rest of the vacation with my parents.”

“Already meeting the parents? That serious?”

“Yes...which reminds me, why are you doing your parents New Year's party instead of hanging out with your super hot, almost too good for you girlfriend? And PLEASE don't tell me it has to do with Selena. That girl next door pretty much torpedoed you and I being anything more than friends and I don't want to hear she's doing the same shit here.”

“No, Hailee's doing some thing with her parents. An annual thing they do every year. I probably could have gone but Selena...”

“Jesus fuck it's always her,” said Camila. “I thought the fact that she wasn't at your birthday meant you finally got it through your skull she only even bothers with you when she wants something.”

“Believe me, the spell's been broken. Kinda happens when you see your one time girl next door dream girl get her face covered like she's a porno queen.”

“Oh...shit, I'm sorry,” Cami said. “I mean, I REALLY don't like that girl and what she does to you and how she's always used you...but...wow . No one should have to see something like that.”

“Thanks, but I'm over it. The only reason I'm having anything to do with her on New Years is it's going to get her out of my hair for good. Just have to do the traditional 'pretend we're dating' thing in front of her parents then I'm free. Hell, Hailee brokered the deal...after Selena interrupted us in my dorm.”

“Wow, so she's now a full on cock blocker. Instead of ruining relationships just from her influence she now tries to do it up close and personal.” Camila got up, motioning for Peter to do the same. “Walk me to the dining commons, I got people to meet.”

“Oh, I didn't know I was dealing with a VIP.”

“Sweetheart, I've been VIP since preschool.” Camila replied. “You should know, you've reaped the benefits even back then.”

“Well, you always did have the best juice boxes.”


The two began to walked over the quickly emptying campus. Seeing it without even the hint of chaos would have been noticeable were they not so focused on catching up with each other.

“You know, I really do want to start hanging out more next semester,“ said Cami. “This, seeing you on your birthday. I'm really glad Hailee called. And since there's no jealousy with you and Jose, there's no issue there. I miss you.”

“Same here. “ he replied. “Still, we could have made time. So...next semester we will. Maybe even do a double date thing.”

“Maybe even make it a triple date and have Lili and her guy join in...have you met Lili? She's my roommate, best friend, super sweet girl. You two would get along great.”

“Oh, she's the best friend now?”

“Oh don't give me that. You're my oldest friend and we'll probably end up in the same old folks home and I love you to death and all that.”

“I'm just kidding...mostly.”

“I know, but I gotta keep you in line, remind you who's boss every once in a while.” They both laughed a little before stopping in front of the commons. “Seriously, you're going to like her. Then we'll all be best friends and braid each other's hair and talk about boys.”

“Oh I won't do that again. My hair's not meant for braids and I'd just spend the night gushing about my man crush on Kyle MacLachlan.”

“Oh, I'd pay to hear that,” said Cami. “Hey, you want to stick around for a few minutes, meet Lili and my other friend Madelaine?”

“I've gotta meet up with Sabrina, but thanks.”

“Well, in that case,” Camila said. She kissed Peter on the cheek and hugged him. “See you when I get into town.”

“See ya.” With Peter gone, Cami decided to head inside instead of wait out in the cold. However, on the way in Camila bumped into someone she genuinely did not want to see.

“Oh, hi Camila,” Selena Gomez said, the disdain clearly mutual between the two. “Haven't seen you for a while.”

“Yeah, that was great,” Cami said. “Let's keep going with that.”

“Sounds great to me. So if you'll excuse me, I've got to go find Peter and just finalize the New Year's plan.”

Selena pushed past Cami. Camila was almost ready to let it go...but she just couldn't resist.

“Can I ask you a question Selena?”

“I guess.” replied Selena, pausing her stride. “What is it?”

“Why do you do this to him? Why do you make him do this little act every damn year? It borders on cruel and its definitely cowardly. Just admit to your parents you're a living cliché. A “good girl with a bad boy fetish”. It's certainly better than using a guy who's nuts for you, or used to, just to avoid being honest with them. Pretending to be someone's friend and using them? That's just cold.”

“First off, I'm not using anyone...”


“...and secondly, Peter IS my friend and he's helping me out, like he always does.”

“Is he your friend? Really? Let me ask you a question.” Camila got very close to Selena, her breath becoming white vapor in the cold. It resembled smoke coming from a dragon's mouth. “If Peter's your friend...when is his birthday? Just off the top of your head, when is it?”

Selena took a moment to think...of course she knew it...but it wasn't coming. The one moment stretched into a second...the date was not coming to her head.

“It was two weeks ago. There was a party. I was just going to send him a text but his girlfriend threw a party and actually invited me. I came. My boyfriend did. All of his friends came. Even Taylor Swift came. I have my issues with her but I can't really say she's not Pete's friend. Hell they dated for three months so there's clearly some affection there that has nothing to do with you.”

“Wait, they dated?”

“Oh...you didn't know?” Camila sarcastically asked. “You didn't know your two best friends had a summer fling? Wow...guess they kept it from you...or, and this is what I'm banking on...you don't really care about what Peter or what he's doing unless you need him. Otherwise, well, you probably wouldn't have even needed an invite to his birthday party. You'd have been the one to throw it.”

Triumphant, Camila flashed a smile at stunned Selena before turning back to the commons. However, she did decide to leave some parting words. “You know, now that I think of it, when we were growing up I don't remember you being at any of his parties. Weird huh?”

With that, Camila was in the building and Selena was still stuck in place, mulling over everything that had been said. She wanted to be way more furious than she was. Those accusation...they weren't true...except...they might have been. And she couldn't shake that feeling that Camila not only had a point, but had her dead to rights.

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Re: All-Star College
« Reply #18 on: April 07, 2019, 06:25:34 PM »

“Ohhh fuck YES give that cock to me!” bellowed Scarlett Johansson, her baritone voice reaching a new level of raspy seduction. She was the dean of the college, the youngest one on record ni fact, and between those firm, young legs was Ben Tramer. He was a junior at the college and editor of the paper. She was also Scarlett's willing boy toy of the moment.

“That what you want Scarlett?” he asked, staring into her green eyes. “Want this cock to keep fucking you?” HE thrust into her, scooting the desk she was sitting on a bit with his movement. He was deep inside her, deeper with every thrust. Scarlett was in deep, deep lust.

“Oh yes...yess... mmm, fuck me Ben...” She breathed deep, the air hissing in through gritted teeth. Ben went for Scarlett's blouse, tearing it open and pulling down the cups of her black lace bra.

Scarlett's legs tightened around Ben's body as he worshiped her perfect tits. Sucking, licking, kissing, fondling. He was lost in the flesh with no desire to be found. Scarlett held him by the back of his head and holding him close to her chest. He had no intention of leaving yet, but Scarlett wasn't taking any chances.

“Yes! Yes! YES!” Scarlett yelped. Every thrust elicited a new noise of pleasure. This was a goodbye fuck before the next semester, and a damn good one.

Ben looked up into Scarlett's face, a dirty grin on his face. “I'm really gonna fuck you now,” he said. He pulled out of Scarlett and pulled her off the desk, only to spin her around and bend her over it.

“Oh fuck!” Scarlett moaned. The moment she was bent over, tits pressed tight against the elegant wood surface of her desk, Ben was back inside her. Her ran his hands up her stocking clad legs up to her ass, giving it a firm slaps before grasping it as he took her.

“Yeah... nnng fuck yeah Scarlett really fucking you now...fuck...fuck your fucking cunt is so tight!”

“Fuck it... fuck it... ohhhh, fuck...”Scarlett gripped the desk tight, Ben going harder, faster, deeper into her. He wasn't holding back. Why would he? That's not how he and Scarlett did things. Never was. And never has been for Scarlett, even before him.

Se could feel it building, Scarlett was going to cum. The fire was just starting, the sparks just now burning into an ember.

“Oh fuck...fuck I'm gonna cum...don't stop fucking me! Oh FUCK I'm gonna cum! Don't stop don't stop don't stop!”

“Yeah that's it... cum... cum, you dirty bitch... cum for me... cum on my cock!”

“Uh...ung...UUHHHH FUCCCKKKK!” She bellowed. Ben let out his own moan and Scarlett's orgasm rocked her body, her pussy clamping and milking his cock with it convulsion of pleasure. He was ready to cum, and normally would have dumped his load in her pussy...but he got a better idea.

Ben pulled out of Scarlett's pussy and rushed to her head. She was catching her breath, facing his cock as he got their just in time to cover her face, just as much cum getting on her desk as in her mouth and on her face. She shoved his cock in her mouth, letting her suck the last droplets out.

“Now lick up the mess,” he said as he removed his cock, aching in pleasure as Scarlett cleaned every drop of spilled cum from her desk, swallowing it with a cum drunk grin.

When the clean up job was done, the buxom blonde got her feet, kissing her lover. “See you next semester Ben.”

“That a promise?”

“It's a guarantee....now get going. Oh...and zip up.”

He looked down and noticed a very open window down below. He winked at Scarlett as he zipped up and headed out. The moment the door was shut, Scarlett's phone rang. She already knew who it was, that wasn't hard to figure out. Her  secretary knew the cue when Ben was around, especially when Scarlett had appointments.

She pressed down on the flashing button on the phone, then one more to go into speaker mode. “Yes Ms. Robbie?”

“Your 12:45 is here,” the secretary responded, her Australian accent adding a little extra degree of cute to a mundane conversation.

“And what time is it?”

“12:30, Ms. Johansson.”

“Then it looks like they're going to have to wait, doesn't it?”

“Of course, Ms. Johansson.” The call ended and Scarlett had fifteen minutes to get ready from being fucked cross-eyed. No problem. She'd done the same in five minutes time. Fifteen was nearly an eternity.

She removed her torn blouse and reached into her desk drawer, taking out a fresh and clean one, perfectly folded. Whenever she knew Ben was coming, Scarlett made it a point to have a spare blouse.

From their, it was just a matter of fixing her hair and making up a bit. In no time flat she was as good as she was before the heated fuck session of just a few minutes prior. She did a quick lemon-scented spray clean of the desk and lite a few scented candles to cover up any tell tale smells there might be. Given who the appointment was, it's not like they couldn't piece together what had just happened if they didn't already know. But still, present ability is key. All part of professionalism and having a good work ethic.

She was done in no time. Two minutes to spare. She got back behind her desk and took a seat in her big, comfortable leather chair. And shortly after, there was a knock.

“Come in,' Scarlett said. The door opened and there was Margot, big grin on her face, one that knew everything that had just occurred. Scarlett winked at her.

“Ms. Thorne and Ms. Bush are here,” said Margot. “Shall I send them in now?”

“Please do Margot. And once that's done feel free tot ake off for the rest fo the day. Getyour vacation started a bit early.”

“Yes, thanks Scarlett. Have a happy holiday.” The tone blonde ducked out and allowed Bella Thorne and Sophia Bush to enter.

“Ladies, please take a seat,” Scarlett said. She shook the hands of the two women and gave both a friendly kiss on the cheek. As they took their seats, Scarlett made sure the door was locked before returning to her own. “You know, I don't expect to get calls from both of you on the same day. Rarely ever happens, especially before a meeting we've already scheduled. The fact that it was about the same thing made it even more of a unique situation. So, who wants to go first?”

“Me,” Bella said. “The root of this problem started with my business and from what Sophia said in her wonderful ray of sunshine way it already seeped into hers.”

“Oh don't take that tone with me Bella,” Sophia said. “Look, I don't give a shit what kind of business you run. You serve a clientele, I serve a different one but we both have the same ideas for how our girls work. We don't have to like each other to agree that if they're gonna do what they're gonna do, they need to be smart and protected. Which is why I said you should have kicked Reggie to the curb a LONG time ago. But no, you didn't. And now he's trying to start his own business...AGAIN.”

“Okay girls, let's move back a few moments. What's going on. Bella, you volunteered to go first, and it has to do with Reggie, so you do the talking. And Sophia, let her talk, okay?”

Sophia nodded and sat back in her seat.

“Well, like Sophia said, Reggie is trying to break off on his own again. Spitting on the charity I allowed him in sticking around after the last tie he tried this. This time though, he tried recruiting the wrong girl. Did the same to one of Sophia's. See, Kelli, new girl of mine, Reggie books her for a freebie. I allow it. Turns out it was a talent scouting session. Fortunately, Kelli's a smart girl. And I found out. And as far as I'm concerned Reggie is dead. Not that I want him tht way though, but in this business? He's nothing. Persona non grata.”

“That's all well and good Bella, but it's not enough,” Sophia said. “He wouldn't do this unless he had backing. We have to find out who that is. Even being kicked out of this little business and being blacklisted, he still would have an in. We have to snuff that out. Also, you left out the worst part of it all. He already has a girl.”

“Does he now?” asked Scarlett.

“Eh, kind of.” Bella said. “She doesn't know it yet. But she's so gaga over him apparently she's been been sandwiched between Reggie and his unknown partner. Girl doesn't know that she's being primed to be Reggie's bottom bitch. From what the motor-mouthed dipshit told Kelli he's going to film some basic pron shit with this girl as a preview of what she can do. She doesn't know this of course. So there's a whole new kind of low for Reggie.”

“I see,” said Scarlett. She sat back in her chair, arms folded. “So, what are we going to do about it?”

“Oh, I have some thing REAL fun.” replied Bella. “He's done. I assure you. But one thing you could do, is any protections he might have due to his association with me? Over. So, feel free to hand out his picture to campus police as someone they're encouraged to randomly have reason to search. I'm sure they'll find something on him. In fact I can guarantee it if you tell me when one of these random searches will be. And I'll make it good.”

“All right, does that sounds good to you Sophia?”

“It works if Bella follows through. We don't need trash like Reggie threatening what we have here.”

“Oh, I'll follow through,” Bella said. “No one fucks me over twice. No one. And I'll do you one better. I'll find out who he's working with. The list of people dumb enough to go over the heads of their boss, the commissioner, Scarlett AND the mayor is pretty small.  I'm sure all those parties would just love to know who's trying to rock the boat.”

“I know I do.” Scarlett replied. “Is that all the urgent business?” The two madams nodded in response. “Good. Now then all that's left are the rent payments.”

“Of course,” Bella said, a sly grins on her face. She reached into her purse and took out a thick stack of money. She then got up from her sat and walked behind Scarlett's dress. She delicately placed the money on Scarlett's desk, then leaned over and kissed the buxom blonde deeply. “See you next semester Scarlett. IN fact... it'll be on the house.”

Bella then turned to leave, nodding at Sophia in acknowledgement.

“She knows how to make an exit, I'll give her that,” Sophia said.

“Oh she knows a lot more than that, trust me,” Scarlett said with a smirk. She got up from her seat and moved to the front of the desk, leaning back against it. “She's not all bad. She knows her stuff. She just has different tastes than you.”

“Well, we do agree on some things,” Sophia said. She got up from her seat and walked towards Scarlett, planting a soft kiss on her lips. “She does occasionally have impeccable taste.”

Scarlett slowly stuck her tongue out and licked Sophia's lips. “Keep that in mind when I get back from vacation. Maybe have a little three-way with Bella,” Scarlett said.

“I'll consider it.” replied Sophia. “Until then...” Sophia reached into her purse and took out her stack of cash and handed it to Scarlett. “You ever miss it? The life? I mean, it was pretty good, wasn't it?”

“OH, ti was. And still is I assume. You're doing a good job keeping Salma's business alive. She made the right choice in selling to you. I just can't believe you took the job, Ms. Hollywood.”

“Well, I wanted to give back,” Sophia said. “We both know how hard it can be. Being a student, alone and desperate, willing to do anything. The business was needed to protect those girls. And as much as I may not be a fan of Bella she protects her girls just like I do mine...maybe even more fiercely. Salma did it for us, now it's my turn to pay it forward, both here and as a teacher. But to be honest, kind of surprised you didn't take over.”

“Well, I think it all turned out for the best, don't you?”

“Pretty much,” Sophia smiled. She kissed Scarlett one more time,then turned around with a smirk, teasing the young dean. “Have fun on your vacation. See you next year.”

“Count on it, Soph.”


“Yeah...oh fuck yes Liz!,” Bruce cried out. He was loving every moment of over this. Liz Gillies, the hottest woman he'd ever seen, the epitome of sensual and seduction, a sex goddess on Earth was his girlfriend and her was ball deep in her. She was bent over his dresser, taking everything he had for the final fuck they'd have before winter break. He held a firm grip on her perfect hips as he took her.It couldn't get much better for him.

For Liz, it could be a lot better. It was a struggle for her not to yawn. Bruce wasn't a bad guy...just boring. She should have picked up on it when he directed her in their Basic Instinct scene for class...but she wanted to be fair.

Fast forward a few weeks of the most boring, unsatisfying sex ever and Liz was ready to movie on. This was the definition of a pity goodbye fuck. Most guy's could read between the lines and get that...but Bruce couldn't. He was utterly convinced he was a sex god, which mystified Liz as she never actually came close faking an orgasm, let alone having a real one with him. So if he was a sex god, he had to be a Greek one, given how that pantheon were known to be petty and self centered. There mere fact she could even think of the characteristics of Greek mythological figures was probably the biggest red flag that Bruce was a shit lay, now that she thought of it.

“Yeah, keep going babe,” she said, trying to add some pep into her monotone. “Give me that dick. Just like that.”

“Yeah...oh fuck is that what you need baby?” Bruce groaned. He moved his hand up to her its, squeezing them as he pumped faster and faster. He was close, wincing as the pleasure grew and grew.

“Wanna cum on my tits?” Liz asked, actually being able to put a bit of excitement in her voice with the knowledge he was close to cumming. She recognized that sound too well.

“Oh fuck...fuck yes Liz...oh fuck yes baby...gonna cover those tits...” Bruce pulled out of Liz and the raven-haired beauty went to her knees. She folded her arms under her tits, pushing them up and Bruce jerked himself to completion.

He groaned loud as stream after stream coated her tits. Liz had to give him this, he could cum like a firehouse. It was actually impressive. Not necessarily pleasurable for her, but impressive.

“That feel good?” Liz asked. “You get all that cum out?”

“Oh...oh fuck yes baby...so fucking good.”

“Great, hand me a towel.”

“Um...sure,” said Bruce. “You're not going to lick it up?”

“No,” Liz said, laughing a bit towards the end. She cleaned herself off then tossed the towel aside. “And this, my dear Bruce, si where we part ways. You're a nice guy, but it's not working for me. So....yeah, see ya.”

Liz brushed past him to grab her clothes getting redressed in front of her stunned now-former lover.


“Bruce, you're a nice guy. Really, you are. But...how do I put this....you're fucking boring. And you fuck like you learned everything about sex from watching porn. And not even good porn. The kind where they always wear a rubber and only pop on the girl's pussy.”


“Look, I don't want to be mean. And I know it's weird to say that considering I'm dumping you like this...but I thought it'd be far less cruel to lead you along over the break, right?”

“Well, yeah..”

“Good! So we're agreed.” Liz smiled at him and buttoned her blouse. She gave him a kiss goodbye on the cheek then slipped her jacket on. “Best of luck to you Bruce, I'm sure you'll meet the right girl. Been fun..I guess. Merry Christmas!”

Liz left Bruce alone in his room, utterly confused as to what happened. He thought he should feel bad...but at the same time, he just got laid, so not a total bummer.


“So, usual New Years plan?” Hailee asked. She was packing a few last minute items in her bag, ready to head home for the winter. Helping her in clearing up her room was an old friend of hers, Lili Reinhart.

“As always.” replied Lili. “I use my titanic make-up FX skills to turn from merely ungodly hot to beyond ungodly hot. Seriously Haiz, you don't even need me.”

“Of course I do,” Hailee said. “I mean, come on, I need my best bud in the world with me at that party to keep me sane. And catch up. This is the first time we've seen each other in months.”

“Well, we've both been busy haven't we?” Lili said. “I mean, you've been doing all the acting and stuff...”

“And you've been going to wrestling shows and making new best friends,” Hailee said, She pushed her bottom lip out all the way, mock pouting.

“Oh please, like you haven't,” Lili said smiling. “Besides, you're going to love Camila when you meet her. I still can't believe you didn't know her dad owns the hotel your parents work in.”

“I don't even go to the hotel except for the New Year's Party, how was I supposed to know a woman I've never met is my parents' boss' daughter?”

“Fair enough. And as to your other point, if it wasn't for those wrestling matches I never would have met Jake...” Lili breathed deep and smiled, blushing a bit as she thought of Jake.

“Wow, you've got the blushes,” Hailee said with a laugh. “He better be as good as you say he is or he and I will have words. Seriously, I can't believe you're dating a professional wrestler. Talk about wish fulfillment...except it's not The Rock.”

“Jake is amazing and you'll love him...just like I better love your guy...Paul, right? Also, for the record, my crush in high school was Jeff Hardy. Though Dwayne...wooo he is something else.”

“How foolish of me to forget. And his name is Peter,” Hailee said, grinning wide. “And he's great too.”

“Well, no look who's blushing,” teased Lili. “Tell you what, the moment we're all back here and settled in, double date. Then I get to pass judgement on your guy, you on mine...maybe even make it a triple date and have you meet Camila and her guy and then you get even MORE judgement to pass. You can't lose.”

“Deal.” The two shuck hands, the hugged each other. “We can't go this long without seeing each other again Lils. I didn't get through high school without you, I don't want to attempt college without you.”

“Same here, and we won't. We'll see each other after Christmas and really catch up. I promise.”

“Great!” Hailee picked her last bag up and slung it on her shoulder, then grabbed the handle of a wheeled suitcase. But before she and Lili left the dorm, she had one more question. “What are you doing for Christmas anyway?”

“Something with Jake...I don't know what yet...but it's going to be great. And on that note...I think we both have appointments to keep. See you you soon, Haiz.”

“Back at you Lils.”

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Re: All-Star College
« Reply #19 on: April 07, 2019, 06:45:05 PM »

At any other time of the year, the university library would be packed. Even in the summer it would be a hub for activity. Even during the summer months there would be students about, making it crackle with activity.

During the winter break and the days just before it? Not remotely. In fact, with most of the students gone, the main library was officially shut down, with all students having to go to the smaller business library to return books and t study for those last minute finals thrown together by the intensely harsh professors. It was dead save for the janitorial crew who came in at night to make sure things remained clean and sanitary.

It was perfect for the immediate needs of Jesse and Peyton. During the semester, in addition to the job at knockers, Peyton had taken a job during the day at the school library just to give her wallet an extra little boost. This meant she had key cards to get and out of the building. Key cards that should been turned in last week when the main library was shut down. Peyton however had a very understanding boss though who knew of her second job, so when Peyton told her she wouldn't be able to turn them in until the day before she left for winter break, she was given a free pass.

The truth of course was that Peyton kept the keys for hers and Jesse's own use. For some reason, Peyton had always wanted to fuck in the book stacks from the day she started working there. It was a fantasy that Jesse had no problem helping her fulfill.

With one quick swipe of a key card, the main door unlocked and the two lovebirds were in the main lobby. And with the click of the door locking the two were all over each other, locked in embraced with lips pressed passionately together. Peyton led them both dead center of the library.

Peyton jump into his arms, wrapping her long legs around him before being set down on a table. Jesse went for Peyton's blue jeans, unbuttoning them and sliding his hand down them.

“Ohhhh, fuck... mmm, Jesse,” moaned Peyton. She licked his lips and then pulled her sweater off, tossing it away. Jesse went for her bra the moment he could, pulling the cups down like a hungry savage and licking and sucking her breasts.

“We gotta do something about those pants,” Jesse said, trying to tug Peyton's off.”

“Mmm, couldn't agree more baby... let me take care of that, and a little bit more.”

“More?” She nodded, kissing him before he backed off. Peyton slid off the table and grabbed her backpack.

“I'll be right back....and when I get back you better not have a stitch of clothing on.”

“Don't have to ask me twice.” Jesse quickly began stripping. Peyton winked at him and headed behind a stack of books.

The anticipation was driving Jesse crazy, his hard on somehow going beyond hard. He'd have to call it diamond just to be accurate.

Peyton added kindling to the fire by tossing her clothes as she removed them past the stacks. Once everything was off, Jesse expected Peyton to come out, but she didn't, not immediately at least. Jesse was practically salivating at this point. Exactly what Peyton wanted.

She stepped out, and while her old clothes were removed, she was now wearing a bikini. The extremely good heating of the library was another plus for her fantasy. Within the confines of the building, it was perfect, toasty bikini weather.

“Wow,” Jesse said, his hand going to his cock pretty much on instinct as he took Peyton in. “Just... wow.”

“You like?” Peyton asked, doing a quick catwalk twirl to show it off. “Got it for next semester.”

“Shopping for Spring Break already?” he asked.

“Well, kinda.” Peyton made her way over to Jesse, grasping his cock in her soft hand and starting to pump. “I need to tell you something.”

'Nnng... what is it babe?” he asked, trying not to get lost in Peyton's handjob.

“I...I signed up for semester at sea....so...when school begins next year...I'm gonna be in Europe for the semester.”


“Don't be mad...it's something I've always wanted to do...and I decided to go for it.”

“So...are we breaking up or?”

“No!” she assured him. “No. I'd say...we're just not going to be exclusive. I mean, I still want to call you...talk real dirty...send you pics of me...maybe send you some sexy videos if I hook up with any hot Euro girls...” She pumped him a bit faster and kissed him. “Jesse, you're not mad, are you?”

“No... but... oh fuck Pey...nnng.. I just thought we'd finally have some time where we're actually dating... just you and me...”

“Well, let's make the most of the time we have before I go...starting here...” She kissed him once more then sunk to her knees. What better way to heighten his mood than with a blowjob?

“Mmmm Peyton,” sighed Jesse, all the problems he had melting away as Peyton took his cock in her mouth. Her fingers tickled and danced on his balls while her luscious lips and tantalizing tongue worked his dick.

Soon his hands were mired in her golden locks of blonde hair, guiding her up and down as she sucked.

Peyton took His cock from her mouth and went to the root, planting wet kisses from base to tip before moving her mouth to his balls.

Jesse took a quick breath when Peyton tease his nuts with a quick, playful bite before licking them. After a good tongue both, she sucked them right in her mouth, pumping his hard cock with her soft hand.

She looked up at Jesse with a smirk, taking a few breaths before taking him back in her mouth, all the way in her throat.

“Oh... fuck... fuck Peyton.... fuck yes!” Peyton held herself for a few more seconds before releasing him one more. But before she could go back, Jesse pulled her up, kissing her and switching places with her. With Peyton now sitting on the table with Jesse on his knees, face planted happily between her legs.

“Mmmmm yeahhh,” she moaned. Jesse licked and flicked his tongue on her clit while his fingers worked inside of her. Peyton was white knuckled as she gripped the table while her face was flushed red. While she wasn't moaning like a banshee, she was breathing fast and deep and ready for far more than just a tongue and some digits.

Not that what Jesse was doing wasn't fun. He knew all the right moves to make Peyton starving for the next second of pleasure around the corner. How to make her simmer or bring her to full boil.

However, this was just the appetizer, they both really wanted a bit more. So when Jesse  got to his feet, any sense of disappointment Peyton might have had was overridden by the sheer anticipation of what was coming next.

She quickly shed her bikini and Jesse got a few sucks and kisses on her tits. Peyton wrapped one leg around his waste while the other was against his chest, her calf resting on his shoulder.

“Fuck me,” Peyton said. “Cone baby... fuck me...” She breathed deep, releasing it in a moan as Jesse's hard cock. “mmmm... just like that...”

Jesse reached forward, gripping Peyton's breasts as he started to fuck her, staring at her gorgeous face and watching the pleasure work over her. He kissed and softly bit her calf, gripping her leg tighter as he drove into her harder.

“Oh Pey...fuck baby...oh yes...you're fucking pussy...fuck baby...”

“Oooh fuck Jesse honey take it... take it... it's your... fuck your fucking pussy... ohh, FUCK keep going!”

And that's exactly what he did, his pace and speed increasing to the point the table they were one began to move with each powerful thrust.

Jesse's took Peyton's leg from around his waste and moved it against his chest as well. He leaned forward, his lips going for hers. The two paused only briefly for a deep kiss before the fucking resumed, the new position allowing Jesse to go even deeper.

They looked into each other's eyes, foreheads touching while Peyton released deep, bellowing moans with Jesse driving deeper and deeper.

“Ooooh....oh Peyton...oh....oh baby you perfect pussy...oh shit babe!”

“Oh if you think tha's perfect, how about you go into a little tighter fit?” Peyton asked, licking lips in between breaths. “Fuck my ass.”

Jesse kissed her again then pulled out. Peyton laughed as he brought her back to her feet then spun her around. She shook her ass in front of him, looking over her shoulder and giggling. “Take it,” she said. “It's yours baby.”

Jesse returned to his knees and buried his face in her ass, licking her tight little starfish, getting prepped for the big entrance. Peyton cooed at this, arching her back at the sensation.

Jesse got to his feet and re-entered Peyton's cunt, giving her a few more pumps before pulling out and going straight for the ass.

“Unnnnngfuuuuck,” growled Peyton. Jesse's cock was pressing against her rear entrance. Not too hard, just enough pressure to pushed forward. Slowly...slowly, and then the head popped past that tight ring.

The two held their breaths, getting used to the tight sensation from two very different perspectives. Jesse couldn't believe the amazing tightness and Peyton was shocked she was enjoying the intrusion so much. But after that initial entrance, slowly a steady, but hungry, rhythm was built.

“Holy shit!” Peyton yelled. “I'm being fucked up the ass and I love it! Ha! Oh fuck keep going...fuck...fuck I'm gonna cum with this cock in my ass...oh fuck baby go...don't stop Jesse!”

“Never...never gonna stop fucking your ass Peyton...fuck...oh fuck baby...YES! Gonna make you cum with my dick in your ass!” He softly but firmly put his hand on the small of Peyton's back, pushing her face down on to the table. Peyton gripped the edges, preparing to be taken hard and fast...almost aching for it.

Jesse's speed increased, as did their moans. The two were almost delirious in their pleasure, Peyton's gorgeous face completely red from blushing, a wide, opened mouth smile on her face as her moans echoed through the empty library, mixing with Jesse's own grunts of pleasure.

He gripped her hips and his cock was a blur as it thrust in and out of her ass. “More! More! MORE!” Peyton cried out, right on that last edge. Jesse slapped her ass, loud SMACKS being edited to the soundtrack of their lust. Then his smacking hand moved around to her clit, rubbing it an sending that last piece of the pleasure puzzle right into Peyton's head.

“OH FUCK I'm GONNA CUM! FUCK! FUCK ME! FUCK MEEEEE!!!” Peyton's voice trailed off into a hoarse moan as her orgasm rocked her body, her asshole clamping down and clamping down hard on Jesse's dick.

“Fuck Peyton!, FUUUCK!”

“Cum in my ass!” she said, her shouting voice taking on a sing-song quality in the midst of her pleasure haze. “Fill my ass with your fucking cum baby!”

“AAAGGGH FUCK!” Jesse yelled. With a few last ditch pumps, he froze as he emptied his balls up Peyton's ass, falling forward on top of her, shooting rope after rope of cum in her ass. “Oh...oh fuck baby...oh Pey....”

“Mmm, how's that for a parting gift?” she asked with a cheeky smirk.


“And that's that,” Sabrina said. “We are officially the proud renters of a spacious three bedroom, two bath apartment!” And with Peter's signature, that was true. The two high-fived. This was not just a living situation, but in a lot of ways their first official move as business partners, as that third bedroom would act as an all purpose office/editing suite for their production company. And the rent for a three bedroom apartment was the reason why they were celebrating it with the finest extra value meal eight bucks could buy. “And we are super lucky it's spacious, what with Hailee joining the party. You, me, Ben, Hailee, we're gonna be sittin' pretty and probably pay most of our bills.”

“Yeah, about that,” Peer said. “If she gets help from her parents or anything moving in and I haven't met them, the story is me and Ben are just helping you guys move in to your place.”

“And why is that the story?”

“Well, Hailee doesn't want her parents to know she's living with a boyfriend they've never met. And on top of that she figures even if they DID know about me, us living together so soon would kind of be a red flag for them.”

“Makes sense. What happens when they call and you answer the phone, in the unlikely event they use the landline and not her cell?”

“I just say I'm over visiting her or doing some work with you.”

“Aww, I'm your friend and your alibi,” Sabrina said. “I'm touched. This is a sign we're truly meant to be friends for life. I mean the next logical step is helping you cover for murder. We're that close.”

“Glad to know I've got your shovel, Sabs.” he replied. “You still swinging buy for New Years?”

“Of course.” she replied. “Can't let you play patsy for Selena alone, can I? Besides, I'm also your brother's date for the night and unlike you and Selena, we're actually dating so there's going to be some action....you might want to sleep on the couch. Just sayin'.”

“Thanks for the visual.”

“No problem, free of charge,” she laughed. “And thanks for the ride to my place by the way.”

“Eh, it's not even out of the way. You need me to pick you up for New Years?”

“Got it covered, but thanks though. I can always come early though if you need a little extra support.”

“Thanks, but I'm actually looking forward to be cut free. No support needed but it's appreciated.”

“Cool. And on that note, you ready to go and kiss the snack bar goodbye for a month?”

Before Peter could respond, Liz Gillies surprised them both, taking a seat right in the middle of them.

“Hello,” Liz said, her smile inviting and sultry.

“Hi,” said Sabrina. “Can we help you?”

“In a couple different ways actually. I heard through the grape vine you guys are actually looking to shoot a feature next semester. Some kind of horror/sci- fi anthology or something, correct?”

“Yeah...” replied Peter. “We haven't really advertised yet, how'd you find out?”

“Your girl Hailee told me about it when I lamented my poor choice in both directors and boyfriends this past semester. I said I wanted a fun time and a challenge, and she recommend you two for the acting part of that equation. So, you guys got a role I could read for?”

“Uh, yeah we might,” said Sabrina. “We'll email you some sides. I mean you'll still have to read for it.”

“Of course, no special treatment. We don't know each other aside from our work. Hailee can give you my email. Now, I also have another question.”

“And that would be?” asked Peter.

“Well, let me put it bluntly, Bruce was a bore in every sense of the word. You could tell in his work in the class, I'm sure. It was worse in the bedroom. So, I was wondering if you guys knew someone interesting. I mean, long shot I know but you two had the most interesting takes on the stuff we shot this semester, so I figured you could point me in the direction of someone who's first language isn't yawn.”

“Zero,” Sabrina said.

“Zero?” asked Peter.

“Yes, Zero.” Sabrina turned her attention to Liz. “His real name is Xavier Cochrane, but goes by Zero. Don't ask. The story will start off about his old punk band then trail off into some spirit quest he went on where he woke up in the bear habitat at the zoo. Really kind of a trippy guy. Not head in the clouds, just a weird way of thinking about things, so never a bore. He's our make-up FX guy, really good at it too. So he has a good eye for art and stuff. He's also fantastic in bed. Like...dear GOD he's amazing. I can give you his number.”

“You fucked Zero?”

“Yeah....what? I've got a lot of types.”

“He live in town?” Liz asked

“Yeah, goes to the school too,” said Sabrina. “Hates the idea of living in a dorm, so he just rents out a loft as both a studio space and apartment...there's so much fun you can have in a freight elevator....”

“Great,” the buxom brunette smiled. “I'll give him a call.”

Sabrina scribbled  Zero's information on her receipt and handed it off to Liz. “Just tell him you know us if you need an in. He can be kind of picky about who he talks to. Only reason he spoke to me was I knew Peter and Ben, who he's known since high school. I got into his pants thought with my own charm, grace, and cute butt.”

“Thank you.” Liz folded the paper up and slipped it between her cleavage. “See you guys next semester. Can't wait to read for you.”

After Liz had left, Peter looked at Sabrina, a bit of disbelief in his eyes.”

“What?” asked Sabrina.

“You really fucked Zero?”

“Yeah. I mean, we never dated. We just fucked like you and I did. And it was fun. This a problem?”

“No, not at all.” Peter replied. “Just...he looks like if Shaggy from Scooby Doo came to life and went to live in Twin Peaks.”

“And his appetite is just as bottomless...though not really for food. I can give you all the gorey details on the drive to my place.”

“...you're gonna give them to me regardless of whether or not I want to hear them, aren't you?”

“See, this is why we're such good friends. You REALLY know me.”


Though Peyton and Jesse had finished up, the library wasn't abandoned. Charlie, a janitor, was still there. He'd come in just as Peyton and Jese had left, and had no reason to think anyone else would be in. After all, Peyton had dropped off her key, hadn't she?

Well, the answer to the wasn't quite so simple. Yes, Peyton had dropped her key off...outside in a hiding spot. That hiding spot was where one of Peyton's co-workers at the library, Laura Marano, had picked it up. And unbeknownst to Charlie, Laura was there to see him.

Laura had a thing. It wasn't something people knew about. If they did, it would ruin the fun of it for her. Someone would tell for sure. And anonymity was the name of the game for Laura and her secret obsession, gloryholes. There were a few on campus, most of them she didn't have to make herself. And she used them as a way of saying thank you to people who she felt didn't get the right amount of respect. Whether it be an overly burdened TA, a flustered student barista or a janitorial worker, Laura always liked to give them a pick me up. She usually waited for holidays like Valentines or Christmas, but  would sometime do birthdays if she could find them out. Fortunately for Charlie, while it wasn't his birthday it was Christmas time, and Laura had one hell of a present in mind for him.

As for Charlie, he'd only heard rumors of the “Gloryhole Girl”. He didn't think it was real, but there was always one thought nagging in the back of his head; “It's college”. From being a young man himself once, Charlie was all too aware of how wild and free college students could get. So, in reality, a college co-ed going around giving people oral pleasure for festive gift wasn't completely out of the question. He just hadn't experienced it. Yet.

But that wasn't on his mind at the moment. Right now, he was focused on get started at work. The sooner he did, the sooner he could be out. Technically he was on overtime right now, working for a friend so he could have New Years off. Still, the bare minimum of overtime was all the school wanted to pay him, so he needed to get to it.

On the way into the locker room he saw the first of two things out of the ordinary. The first one brought a smile to his face. It was a Christmas basket full of cookies from the library staff, complete with a Christmas card signed by them all. He removed the cellophane and took one out, munching on it as he entered the locker room.

When he got to his locker, Charlie found the second gift. It was a red and green foil envelope taped to his locker. “To Charlie” was written on the front in gold ink. Another present was nice, but a bit overkill.

When he opened the envelope however, what was inside was of far more interest than cookies.

A hand written letter, exquisitely written folded out. It read:


You don't know me, but I know you. However, I think you've  probably heard of me. In my position, I've heard the hushed whispers and chats between the men I've had a little bit of fun with. I think they just call me something simple, The Gloryhole Girl.

That's fair. It's to the point, not insulting in the least. It's what I am. And I love it. It's fun for both of us. Besides, people like yourself and the other men I've been nice to don't tend to get a lot of thanks at their jobs. And you all do so very, very much for us on campus. Especially you. I heard about your overtime deal. That's what gave you the edge in receiving my gift.

By the time you find yourself reading this, I'll be waiting for you in the bathroom on the second floor, right next to the classic literature section. Middle stall in the men's bathroom. You enter the stall on the left. And please, come wearing your coveralls. It'll make me hot.”


You Know Who”

The message ended with a lip mark, the shade of red adding an extra bit of hear to it all. Before Charlie could even take in everything he'd read he was already out of his street clothes, in his work coveralls, and out the door.

In record time Charlie was in the rest room. The moment he saw that middle stall, he saw a pair of sexy legs kneeling on a blanket, waiting for him. He didn't know who it was, but Laura clearly knew him and couldn't wait to give him his well-deserved Christmas present.

“Hey baby,” Laura said. “Step in the stall. No need to wait, hun.”

Charlie certainly agreed. He rushed into the stall and pushed aside the toilet paper covers to revel the hole. And on the other side, an open mouth with a hot wet, pink tongue waiting for him.

He hurriedly fished his cock out and was ready for it, when he suddenly paused. This girl couldn't be older than twenty-five. He was much older. His dick was all ready to go, but his mind still held back. “You sure about this?”

“Mmm hmmm,” Laua said. “If you want proof though....” Laugh stood up and lifted her skirt, showing off her shaven pussy and presenting it to him through the hole. “Touch it. Feel how wet I am.”

Charlie reached forward with his hand, inserting his fingers inside her snatch. Laura moaned, feeling him explore her inner folds.

That was all the proof Charlie needed. He pulled his fingers out. Taking the cue, Laura dropped to her knees, mouth open and eager to take in his cock.

“Sweet fucking Christ!” Charlie moaned the moment Laura's mouth enclosed on his cock. It was just the head at first, her tongue swirling and whirling around while her hand reached under to tickle his heavy balls.

Laura however could take more, and she was going to. She always loved giving as much attention the the cock head. Pushing the man as far as he could go then slowing down. Rubbing her thumb just under the crowd and hearing the quiver in his bones as he moaned. Charlie wasn't going to be the only one getting off.

“Oh baby... suck it... mmmm, suck my dick honey... just like that sweet thing...”

“Oooh, he's a charmer,” Laura thought to herself. Her hand slipped under her skirt to work her clit while the other joined with Laura's mouth to team up on Charlie's throbbing rod. Her lips glided up and down his cock, leaving a trail of streaked deep red made glossy with her saliva.

Laura's backed her mouth off from Charlie's cock and moved to his balls, giving them a quick suck while her hand teasingly pumped his dick. She shook and shivered a little. It made her dripping wet.

“Oh fuck honey don't stop...fuck baby yes!”

“Wanna fuck my throat?” Laura asked, her tone revealing the answer was already very known to her. “Ram that wonderfully hard dick in my throat?” Laura pressed open mouth right against the hole, making a target too tantalizing for him to resist.

Charlie thrust his cock forward, bracing against the thin wall of the stall.

GLUG GLUG GLUG! The wet sounds Laura's throat being fucked echoed in the bathroom, a perverse symphony of Charlie's lust.

“Oh my fucking god yes! Oh fuck baby don't fucking stop...oh fuck baby I want more!” Charlei reluctantly pulled out, rubbing his cock in a circle on her lips before Laura pulled back as well.

“More?” she asked. “Mmm, sweetie all you had to do was ask.”

There was a shuffling on the other side of the thin partition separating the two. Charlie's eye was on the whole, watching as the mouth disappeared and was shortly after replaced with a glistening wet cunt.

“How's that for more?”

“Oh yes... mmm, such a good girl,” said Charlie, rubbing his cock against the entrance to her sweet pussy.

“Good girl? Does that mean you're gonna fuck me like a sweet girl? Or a dirty girl?”

“Why not both.” he responded, pushing forward, causing them both to moan.

“Oh shit Charlie!” Laura exclaimed. “Mmmm baby your cock feels even bigger in my pussy... oh, fuck me... fuck me and cum right in my pussy baby...”

“Oh.... oh, fuck girl.... mmmm, fuck yeah take this fucking dick....”

Charlie was pumping fast, Laura bent of in her stall completely, her arms stretched out and bracing against the other side. The entire structure that made up the stalls shook with every hard thrust.

“Mmm just like that baby,” moaned Laura. “Use me...use your Christmas present....mmm fuck me and fill me up... please.... mmm, don't worry about me just get off.... just fucking cum for me baby.... ohhhh god, yessssss...”

“Yeah... yeah gonna cum... gonna fucking fill you up baby... ohhh.... oh, fuuuck...”

He thrust faster and faster, their moans getting more intense and breathless. Finally, with on last desperate pump, he thrust all the way inside of Laura, going balls deep as he froze in place, unloading his cum in her pussy.

“Fuck yes!” he cried, pulsing with every stream he shot inside of Laura. “Oh baby, yes...”

“Mmmmm just like that honey...ohhh cum...give me every drop...mmmmyessss...”

Charlie took a few breath before stepping back. He leaned back, watching Laura's freshly fucked pussy dripping with his cum.

“Mmm thank you so much Charlie. Now, here's what you're going to do. You're going to zip up and head out to do your work. Start at the top floor. When you come back here I'll be gone... and no peeking. Don't worry the fun for everyone else.”

“Uh... yeah, sure,” Charlie said, zipping up. “Thanks for the present.”

“Oh no... thank you.” replied Laura. “And Merry Christmas, Charlie.”

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Re: All-Star College
« Reply #20 on: April 07, 2019, 07:01:35 PM »

“You're going to Vegas for Christmas?” Camila asked. She, Lili and Madelaine had just finished with their last meal together of the semester and were off to get the last of their things, ready to depart. Well, Madelaine was. This was their last walk across campus together for the semester.

“Yeah,” said Madelaine. “Jared got a gig opening up for some comedian in Vegas. Part of the payment is a suite for the weekend. And it's pet friendly. So it's gonna be a lot of fun. Then back here for New Year's. Candles, champagne...and silk sheets.”

“Well, at least one of us has plan,” Lili said. “And before you say anything Cami, plans only count in this case if both parties know about it.”

“And I say it still counts because there's no chance of Jose saying no to a free trip to New York on a private jet.” replied Camila. “So you're the only one without a plan, and that's only because Jake hasn't said anything. Which he will. I mean, you haven't heard about them working New Year's have you?”

“No. As far as I know Callous Pain is taking New Year's off. But if you're that worried, you better tell Jose that you have something planned. And also that you're you know, Batman-rich.”

“Did one of you say Callous Pain?” a female voice chimed in, interrupting the three. When they turned around, Lili's jaw dropped.


“I see I've got a fan,” Kira Kosarin said. “I take it you're also fans of Callous Pain, right? Or you hate them, which is also understandable.”

“Oh, they're big fans all right,” Madelaine said. “More than that, they're dating them.”

“Is that a fact?” Kira walked past Madelaine and looked over Lili and Cami, the blonde and brunette exchanging odd glances. Kira stopped in front Lili, her grin widening as Lili's faded into a look of utter confusion.

“You're definitely dating Jake. You're so his type,” Kira said. “Girl next door, sweet smile, really great tits...and you're obviously a fan, meaning you two have a lot to talk about.”

Kira then shifted her attention to Camila. Her smirked gained a sinister air. “And you must be what Jose is slumming it with right now.”

“EXCUSE me?” Camila said. “Do I know you? Answer: no. So you have about ten seconds to walk away right now before you get real intimate with my foot when it's up your ass.”

“Ohhh, you're feisty,” laugh Kira. “I can see why he picked you. While your mark friend here gave you my ring name, allow me to give you my real one. Kira Kosarin. I'm Jose's once and future girlfriend and you're the temp.”

Kira extended her hand, sarcastically reaching out for a handshake which Camila expectedly slapped away.

“Oh, so you're the old model,” Cami said. “I can see why he ditched you.  I mean yeah, you're hot and all, but even Jose has a limit on the amount of cuntiness he's going to take. And you just broke the dial, bitch.”

“You're adorable. See...I've known him far longer than you. Maybe longer than anyone. I'm sure blondie here can vouch for that if she's as big a fan as I think she is. And if not, just ask him. Or Jake. Or Alison. They'll all tell you the same story. And it all ends with him back where he belongs...wherever I tell him to go.”

“Well, if that's the case you won't mind getting out of here before I break your face,” Madelaine said. “And believe me, that'll be the mercy. You don't want to know what Camila will do if you REALLY piss her off.”

“Ooooh, so scared,” Kira taunted, mock-shivering her hands towards the three. “But, I do think I should be going. See, I'm not just going to be working with Jose again, I'm going to be enrolled next semester here. So..looks like we're going to be seeing a lot of each other Camila.”

Kira walked away, a spring in her step from this unexpected confrontation. Camila on the other turned to Lili, with one thing on her mind.

“Tell me everything you know about that fucking bitch, Lili.”


“Thanks again for helping me move in to my new place,” said Taylor. She'd decided to move off campus. She'd decided that at the beginning of the year. The only change in that plan is that now, she was going to be alone in the apartment, after her nuclear break-up with Karlie Kloss. That, combined with her moving off campus, led Katy Perry to think Taylor was in a weak position. Taylor relished the chance to prove just how wrong Katy was.

“No problem,” said Norman. “Figured it's the least I could do after you putting my services on permanent retainer.” And it was a fair figure too. His client list for his particular set of computer skills was short, just Bella Thorne and Taylor Swift. It was shorter one name after the entire McKracken incident with Katy Perry, but his income didn't really shrink that much. Bella paid good and had amazing benefits and with Taylor, it was all benefits.

Though lately, he did find he and Taylor had been spending a lot of non-business time together. It's wasn't unpleasant. Norman would go so far as to say it was fun. He was there when she and Karlie had broken up and had even comforted Taylor. And now he was helping her move. Whatever relationship they had, it'd certainly just gone beyond business with benefits. Into what though, he could quite be certain.

“I know this place isn't much to look at now, but neither was the sorority house when I took it over. Pretty soon I'll have this place looking like it's worth of royalty. Or better, me.”

“Doesn't look too bad so far,” added Norman. “This huge couch is awesome. Big screen right in front of it is killer.”

“Looking at the important stuff, aren't we?” Taylor joked.

“Yeah, well it's not like there are any painting ups or anything.”

“Fair enough.” Taylor looked him over for a second and smiled. “You look thirsty. Want a water? Your reward for lifting all those heavy boxes.”

“Honestly yeah, I'm real thirsty.”

“Same here.” She winked at him then went to a box on the counter, taking out two small glasses. She then opened her fridge and bent over, Norman staring at her awesome ass encased in denim Daisy Dukes.

Once the water was poured she headed over to the sofa, inviting Norm to come along. Once they were both seated, she handed him his glass.

“I really do want to thank you,” she said. “You've been a big help. And I haven't had to blow you once in return so...you know...thanks.”

“Well if you want to I won't say no.” Norm gave her his best shit-eating grin, earning a sincere laugh from her.

“I'm serious. With everything that's gone on lately and with my best friend pretty much so far off in her pathetic bad boy fantasy to be of any use to anyone, it was nice to have some companionship that was there because...well...”

“Because what?”

“It's going to sound stupid.”

“Then please, do go on.”

“You're such a fucking jerk,” she said with a laugh. “Okay. Here's the thing. I know on campus, I have a horrible reputation. And fine. To some degree I've earned it. I'm all business a lot of the time and don't suffer fools lightly. Present company excepted, of course.”

“Of course.” he replied, the two clinking their glasses at Taylor's joke.

“But seriously, I get the vibe I put out, and most people, men and women, just want to fuck me. And I'm fine with that. I like sex too. A lot, actually. But, it's hard for me to make friends. I'm a harsh but fair judge of character. And, well...you like me for me, I think. So...thanks for doing that. You're more than a business partner in my book. And when I really needed it, too.”


“Well, always happy to do some pro bono work.” Norm sipped his water, locking eyes with Taylor for a moment. “You been all right with all this stuff? Is there still a war cry out on Katy?”

“Oh no, I solved that problem with a quick visit to McKracken. Showed him the video, and he and I made plans. See, I've heard Katy thinks with me leaving the house, she's won. What she doesn't know is...maybe her dues for the sorority house haven't been paid...or if they did, they might have gotten lost. Ooooops. How could that have happened I wonder?”


Taylor giggled, sending a rush through Norman that was unique to Taylor, especially after the past few weeks.

“See, I'm a total kitty cat unless you do something stupid or attempt to fuck me over. Then....well...slash and burn. With no mercy. Though I'm always happy to accept apologies.”

“Glad I've never been on you bad side.”

“Believe me, you'd know,” said Taylor. “First off, I”d stop blowing you completely.”

“Well, you haven't done that for a while, so I must be in the doghouse.”

“I wouldn't say that at all,” Taylor said, her voice soft and sweet. She set her glass down and looked directly at Norman. “Wanna change that?”

“Tay, I was just kidding, you don't have to.”

“I know,” she said. “That's why I'm going to do this.” She got up from the couch only to straddle Norm's lap. Her soft hands touched the sides of his face and kissed him. Softly at first, almost a peck on the lips before it slowly got deeper. And the deeper it got, the more passionate Norman got. He gave into the more primal, emotional attraction that had been developing between himself and Taylor. Her wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer and closer.

His hands moved from her back to her ass, gripping it through her tight denim shorts. She moaned into the kiss, the grabbed his hands, moving them to her shirt. Norm got the picture. He frantically unbutton her shirt, Taylor tossing it away. It left the blonde in a simple bra, holding back her breasts. Norm just couldn't stand that.

As Taylor began to grin on him, he pulled the cups of her bra down, lovingly taking her breasts into his mouth.


“Oh fuck... mmm, suck my titties Normie... ooh, just like that...” Taylor pulled him close to her, burying his face even deeper in her tits, something Norman clearly didn't mind. He lovingly kissed and sucked at one tit, flicking his tongue over her erect nipple before sucking it in his mouth and gently squeezing it in his hand before moving on to the next. He had never experienced Taylor's body like this and he wanted the total package.

He rolled her over on to her back and kissed her, a smile on her face as it broke. Her deep blue eyes watched as he kissed his way down her body until he arrived at her shorts. He unbuttoned and then unzipped them.

Taylor lifted her perfect legs straight up, allowing Norman to peel them off with ease. Before she could lower them, he grabbed them, keeping them put.

Norm gave Taylor a look before he started kissing at her ankles, then to her calf. Taylor loved the attention, licking her lips in anticipation as his lips and tongue moved ever closer south.

By the time Norman was at her thighs, Taylor's legs had made contact with the couch once more, and they were open, inviting Norman to get ever closer to his intended target.

Norman looked up at Taylor, returning his gaze while she leaned back on the couch, waiting for his approached. She breathed heavily while he kissed his way up her thighs, his fingers doing a little dancing of their own on their own journey to the same destination.

Before too long he was there. He used his fingers  first, lightly running them on her pussy lips, making the blonde shiver a bit. He circled her clit with his middle fingers softly, so softly it was almost a tease.

“Unnnn yesss,” Taylor hissed, her eyes fluttering a bit when Norm's tongue entered the fray. While he wasn't a pussy eater to the same degree that Karlie was, Norman was no slouch in the least. And a lot of that was an obvious passion for eating pussy. With one arm he held Taylor in place, as he went head first, literally, into pleasuring her.

“Ah.. aaaah ... oooh, fuck... mmmm, right there... right fucking there....” Taylor moaned, her back arching when David's fingers went from working with his tongue in working her clit to inside of her, working their way in and out of her. When he grazed her g-spot, Taylor back arched, the golden haired vixen exhaling in a deep moan.

Norman sucked her clit, lightly grazing it with his teeth while he stroked it with her tongue. Her red nailed fingers ran through his black hair, holding his head in place as if Norman had anywhere else he wanted to be.

A lot could be said of Taylor as a lover. But greedy was never one of them. She grasped norm's hair and pulled him up to her lips, tasting herself on his when she kissed him. “Your turn now,” she said.

Norman took Taylor's old position, leaning back on the couch. His own clothes were gone in a flash and now Taylor was between his legs. Her nails gently raked his thighs as a blue fired burned behind her eyes.

She kissed up his thighs, trails of red lips marks working their way up to his cock. He took a quick breath in surprise when Taylor lightly bit the flesh of his inner thigh. The blonde vixen gave him a wink before returning to her kissing, occasionally throwing another soft bite in until she got is balls.

Norman's cock was hard, stranding straight up and ready for all the attention Taylor could give...but she went for his balls first.

Norman rolled his back, moaning as Taylor licked his balls. She teased a bit at first, quick swipes with her tongue while she fondled them with her hands before full on sucking the orbs into her mouth.

“Oh shit.... wow, Tay... mmmm,” Norm grunted. He'd had experiences with Taylor and he knee weakening blowjobs, but this one seemed to have a far more person touch. He couldn't quite pin down what she was doing different, all he knew was her felt it...and she hadn't even started sucking his dick yet.

With the warm up on his balls finished, Taylor slithered up to his cock, planting kisses all around until she softly grasped the rigid flesh in her warm, soft hand.

“Oooh, look at this,” she said. “Already so hard for me,” said Taylor. “That's what I've always liked about you. Ready and waiting. No warm up needed... but I always know it's appreciated.”

Taylor straightened both her hands out and placed the palms lightly on his ride and began to move them up and down, giving him the teasingest handjob he's ever had.

“Just a little touch at first,” she said, staring at his cock. “Not too much...that'll come later.” She ran her finger tips up and down the shaft before stopping at the head and rubbing circles around it. Taylor let out a mischievous giggle when this made Norman shiver. She'd never really gone all out for him. Though he probably thought she did. She was that good and she knew it. But now...it was time to show him what a real deal Taylor Swift blowjob felt like.

“Oh fuck,” he muttered as her red lips enclosed his cock head. Her hand pumped the shaft as her tongue swirled the mushroom tip. Then her lips moved down, taking him about halfway before dragging back up, her tongue snaking all around the flesh as she moved.

Then she did it again, a bit faster, her hand still pumping the shaft just a bit while the other one cradled and fondled his balls, even teasing his taint a bit with her nails.

Taylor released his cock and brought her lips to the base, kissing all around the roots, giving him just as much tender affection as wanton lust. This wasn't just a random fuck for either of them, or at least it didn't feel that way.

Taylor brought her mouth back to his cock and began to suck more fervently. Not too fast, but nothing close to slow. Just enough to drive him to that edge and hit the brakes before going over, just enough for the rush without the explosion. And judging from his moans, she was doing just that. And doing tat would lead to the main event that they both desperately wanted.

Taylor once again removed her mouth from his cock, a string of saliva connecting her lips. She crawled up his body, the tip of his cock leaving a trail of precum on her stomach. They kissed, lips locked deeply while Taylor got in position and mounted him. The two moaned and took a moment to look in each other's eyes.

“Wow,” Norman said. He ran his hands over Taylor's body, settling on her ass. “Just...wow...”

“Wow? So soon? I can't wait to hear what you think we we really get into it.” Taylor steadied herself, planting her hands on the back of the couch as she began to ride. “Mmm see? Already better. Mmmmmohhh... bet you wished you'd saved that wow, huh Normie?”

“Actually I don't know if wow would have fit this.” he replied. “Wow's  a bit underwhelming...” His hands took a firmer grip of Taylor's ass as his face to second trip to her breasts, taking a bit more to savor her taste.

“Oh.... oh, Norm ...mmm... been way too long.... way too long since I had a cock like this...” Taylor sped up, her eyes shut as she the pleasure was rushing through her body. It had been way too long since she'd had a cock in her pussy, let alone one she actually would have had their without it being a business deal. That part made it feel a little bit extra good.

Norm's hands moved from her ass to the small of her back, supporting her almost as Taylor leaned back, her back arching and her tits presented even better than they had been before.

The two were deep into the sex, very deep. So deep that Taylor had forgotten that her coffee table hadn't yet been put in front of the couch. When her arms reached back, leaning for the table to lean on, she found nothing but empty space. She and Norm would have tumbled over if he hadn't pulled her close, nose to nose.

“How about we try this?” said, sealing it with a kiss. He laid Taylor down on the couch. She gave him a surprisingly soft smile, the kind he'd never seen her give anyone before.

“I know I'm hot and all Norm, but less staring more fucking,” Taylor said. “But thanks, though.”

“No problem.” he replied, licking her lips before starting to drive into her again. Taylor moaned softly, licking her lips and loving how he was going deeper into her than before.

Her perfect legs wrapped around him,  his pace increased and they couldn't stop if they wanted to.

“Harder... mmmm, harder, Norm...come on baby...give it... oooh, fuck baby, just like that!”

All Norman could do is reply in moans and grunts, a romantic caveman of sorts enjoying the fruits that Taylor's body was offering up. His lips were at Taylor neck, her face moved just enough to whisper breathy bits of encouragement in between moans. She loved to encourage he lovers. Loved to think of things to say to make them go harder for her. Make them go crazy for her. Sure, for business deals it was always the over the top naughty girl dirty talk, but for a moment like this, sweet and sensual nothings mixed with her own moans of approval were the seductive symphony that worked best.

Norman slid his arms under Taylor's back, grasping her shoulders, holding her closer as his pace increased. “Tay....oh fuck Tay...shit. Baby...fuck....”

“Yeah.... mmmm, fuck I love it... love your sick in me baby... oh I want more though... and I wanna give you more.... you want more?”

“Ohfuck baby yes...oh fuck so much more...”

“Mmmm, then how about...oooh, fuck yes right there don't stop....h-how about you fuck my ass sweetie?”

“Wait what?” Norm asked, briefly pausing the action.

“Mmm don't worry...,” Taylor assured. “I want it... I want you in my ass.... you can have it...don't you want it?”

“Then pull out of my pussy and fuck my ass.” She sealed the statement with a smoldering confident smile.

Norman kissed her before pulling out and Taylor got on all fours, leaning over the couch arm and shaking her booty for him.

With such a dish presented in front of him, Norman dove right in, eating Taylor's ass like there was no tomorrow.

“Oh WOW!” Taylor exclaimed. She was far, far from an anal virgin, but when presented with what Norman just was. Most them didn't hesitate to push forward as it were. Norman though, he was a welcome change. How his tongue was licking and probing her back door sent a unique crop of goose pimples on her flesh and a new tingle up her spine to mix with all the other sensations.

But still, Norman was only a human...and Taylor's ass was an irresistible force to him. He put his cock back in her pussy for a few pumps more before pressing the head against her backdoor.

Taylor hissed, sucking in air through clenched teeth as Norm pressed forward. Her red nails were digging in tight to the couch, but the grip slowly loosened when he began to play with her clit. Getting it in was always the hard part, but once it was in, smooth sailing...or at least fun sailing.

“Mmmm fuck,” Norman growled, popping past the resistance. Taylor calmed down as well, flipping her blonde hair back and giving him a look over her shoulders.

“Oooh fuck that's tight,” she said, a smile on her face. “But don't stop baby.... I want to cum...I want to cum with your dick in my ass...then you cum in my ass.... but make me cum first baby... nnng make... ooooh, fuck.... make me cum....”

“MMM gonna make you cum Taylor... oh, fuck baby...” his free hand slapped her butt, gliding up from the impact point up the sweaty curve of her body, grabbing her shoulder again. He pulled her back with every thrust. The pace form the beginning was far from slow, neither of them wanted that, not for this.

Taylor slid a hand between her legs, joining his own at her clit. They both began to breath hard and fast, almost in beat with the increased tempo. And while Norman was going faster and damn near lust crazed by the blonde vixen he was with, he was conscious enough to pay attention her body, what made her moan, shiver and shake...what to do and not to do to make her feel good. If she didn't get off he wasn't going to...or at east he wouldn't want to.

With Taylor's hand at her clit, Norman moved his arm around her waste, hooking her and pulling her up, her back to his chest. His lips were at her ear, his hot breath and moans and grunts up close and personal for her listening pleasure.

“Say you love my cock in your ass Taylor...mmmm fuck... oh, fuck... say it, baby...”

“Mmmmm, oh fuck, Normie I love.... oh fuck just don't stop... don't fucking stop baby because I'm so close... oh please keeping going!” The two kissed, hungrily, tongue's seeking each other out as he drove hard and fast into her ass, his free hands holding and squeezing her tits. It was the final stretch...and Taylor was shockingly ahead of the curve, much further along than she thought.

“OH HOLY SHIT!!!” she cried out, her body freezing in position as her orgasm his her like a sonic boom, after shocks quaking her with every thrust Norm drove into her. And that of course was the domino that set off Norman.

“FUCK YES TAYLOR!!!” he yelled. He pulled her tight, burying his face in her hair and neck as he pumped her as full of his seed, her desperate grunts of pleasure mixing with her owns as the both fell backwards on the couch.

Norman though this was recovery time. He was wrong. Taylor got off of his cock and spun around, giving him a kiss that was right in the middle of romance and drunken lust.

“I'm not done with you,” she teased. She kissed his lips again, then his chin...his chest...his stomach, and then grabbed his cock, still pulsing and fresh from her ass.  “You're gonna give me more cum.”


“I want to taste your cum too... I'm greedy... and what Taylor wants, she gets... fresh from the source....” Taylor then inhaled his cock, giving him a fast and furious blowjob that was almost too much for his still sensitive prick to handle.

Taylor was in glee as she saw his back arch and his face contort in the oddest feeling of pleasure Norm had ever felt, a pleasure he both needed to stop and never end at the same time. It was too intense. Taylor showed him a slight mercy, removing her mouth for a second only to replace with her hands that had just about as much mercy as her mouth.

“I know you got more for me,” she said. “So gimme... gimme all of it baby... that's the deal...I give you everything I have I want everything you have..gimme... fucking give it to me!” Her mouth engulfed him again, ready to push him and push him until he couldn't take it anymore,. She was practically fucking him with her face, the pleasure was so intense he couldn't move.

The only movement he could make was a slight jerk of his hips, signalling is second orgasm in just a few minutes. No where near as big as the load that went up Taylor's mouth, but one big rope that went right on her tongue, making the blonde harlot go “Mmmm” around his cock. After that large robe, it quickly turned to a driblet and the well was dry.

Taylor released his cock and showed off her empty mouth before climbing back on the couch and cuddling with Norman. “Now we're done. Cuddle time.”

“Cuddle time?”

“Norm, you just came in my ass and In my mouth. So yeah, cuddle time.”

“I'm cool with that,” he said as he wrapped his arm around her. “I'm guessing I'm staying the night.”

“You guessed right.” replied Taylor. “And lucky for you, I'm no blanket hog.” She kissed his chest and looked up at him, resting her chin on the spot she had jut kissed. “I really like you. More than I should, probably...but I like you.”

On that note, Norm's phone rang. He tried to ignore it before Taylor grabbed it from his pants and handed it to him from the cushion in the couch it had fallen on.

“It's cool, you can take it. Just tell whoever it is you're In for the night...I'll make it very worth it.”

Norman smirked at her then saw the caller ID; Bella Thorne.

“Talk to me Bella,” he said. “Oh...oh really. No I didn't know that. He decided to not inform me. Of course...of course I'd love to help you on that matter. ON the house, actually...I don't like being denied details like that.”

The conversation seemed like normal business. Taylor was more than aware that  Norm did work for Bella Thorne. Taylor herself was quite familiar with Bella's business, having hired Bella and several of her girls for her parties throughout her college career. However, Bella seemed to say something to Norman to not only get his attention, but decide Taylor needed to be in on this.

He gave the phone to Taylor and she brought it to her ears. “Yes Bella?” she asked. “He was going to WHAT? Well,of COURSE I'm mad...oh, hell yes I'd love to help. Thanks for the invite.” Taylor handed the phone back to Norman, who ended the conversation with Bella.

“Well, that was certainly an informative call,” Norm said. He pulled Taylor closer. “Still cuddle time?”

“Mmm hmmm,” she responded. “Cuddles are pretty necessary when you're planning on utterly crushing someone. It's double the warm and fuzzies.”


Everything was going to plan for Reggie. He was going to get a piece of the pie being horded by Bella and that Sophia bitch. And he had his crown jewel of Selena Gomez wrapped around his finger. It wasn't going to take much to nudge her into the business, he could read that much about her a minute after meeting her. Now that he was in her pants, it was a done deal.

And Bella? She didn't have a damn clue. Reggie had been smart this time, not trying to recruit anyone known to be loyal to Bella.  He went for the ones who would want the same thing as he did: more.

Which made his payday from Bella even sweeter. Going up to her apartment, looking her in the eyes as she handed over the green he earned. The whore being the one to pay up...paying the guy who was about to take an even bigger chunk out of her income than the payday.

When the elevator door opened, he almost skipped from the joy. Nothing could go wrong. He reached for his key card only to find it wasn't working. But an electronics glitch wasn't going to bother him. He knocked on the door. Paul had opened the door.

“Bella wanted me to tell you that you're late,” Paul said. “I don't care personally because it's what, ten minutes, but you know her.”

“Oh yeah, very well.” Reggie said. “Before half the town had that body, I did. But enough reminiscing. Time for the green.”

Paul led Reggie in. Reggie was too distracted by his bright future that he didn't notice several things off. No background music.  Only a few lights in the hall were on. Usually, Reggie would recognize the alarms these things were, but he couldn't right now.

The pair entered the main room, Bella waiting in a large chair, legs crossed and her face cold. Paul went to her side. Reggie was now feeling a bit uneasy.  Bella rarely had a smile for him these days but this was a stone cold glare. Something was up.

“Ready for payday, Reg?” Bella asked, sipping from a glass of wine. “Ready for what you've earned?”

“I think so...” Reggie said. He took a few steps back from Bella, then thought better of it. He didn't know what was behind him, especially with all the lights dimmed.

“Good. But first, how about we bring out one for the new girls, hmm? Have you met all the new girls? Usually you're on top of all that. I know for SURE there's one you have met already. She already has such a good reputation. Repeat customers too.” Bella smiled at him, a smile that sent a shiver down Reggie's spine. “Why don't I introduce you two, just in case?” Bella looked at Paul and nodded. Paul left, only to return with Kelli in tow. The moment he saw Kelli, Reggie's heart sank.

“You know, Kelli is not just an amazing cocksucker,” Bella said. “She's smart. She can recognize a dumbass from about a mile away. Kelli, be a dear and tell Reggie what you told us.”

“Well Bella, I thought he had cleared his expansion with you. I mean, he asked me to join up with it. So naturally I needed to ask the boss what it was all about.”

“Clever girl, isn't she?” Bella asked.

“Bella, look, I can explain.”

“Don't bother. You're out. Done. I asked around, talked to Sophia. You REALLY fucked up this time. You've crossed way more people than just me. And on top of all that, you were warned already by someone outside the business...”

That's when Bruno walked in, accompanied by representatives from the Irish mob and the Eighth Street Bangers. All three men were as wide as a car on their own and pure muscle and none looked all too pleased.

“I warned you Reggie,” said Bruno. “I warned you.”

“You messed with me, you messed with Sophia, you messed with the cops, you messed with the fine bosses of these men,” Bella said. “And a few other people. Now, Reg, needless to say, any privileges you once had are revoked. You're done. Remember that with al the cops you've pissed off over the years. Now, we can lessen what else will happen to you...who're you partnering up with, and I don't mean your girl. Who's the rat betraying his boss?”

Reggie gulped. He was out. And probably in for a beating. He wasn't going to give up Ronnie. He could take the beating. But Ronnie would do much, much worse. Besides, with Ronnie he still had a shot.

“I don't know what you're talking about Bella.”

“That's what I thought,” Bella looked to the three gigantic men. “Grab him.”

They did before Reggie could even make a move to run. Two holding his arms and one with his arm around his neck, ready to squeeze. Bella looked at him, a half-smile and eyes full of anger mixed with joy.

“Don't talk. You lost that right and there's nothing you could say to change your mind.” She fiddled with the ring on her finger, the one with a large emerald in the center and turned it towards her palm. “You know what your biggest problem has always been? You think you're indispensable. Very wrong.”

That's when Matt walked in, right behind Paul. “You brought in your own replacement. And he's good with things you aren't as well. Numbers, laws...and he;s an amazing lay. Really everything you're not.”

“Never heard you complain,” Reggie said. Defiant to the absolute end.

Bella laughed for a moment before gearing back and slapping  Reggie across the face with her ring hand, the gemstone drawing blood. She then grabbed his face, her nails digging into his it.

“You listen to me you worthless little shit! You're done. Completely done. You try to take MY fucking livelihood away? MY FUCKING BUSINESS!” Two more hard slaps followed that. “Who do you think you're fucking with?!?” She kicked him in the groin, a move that finally wiped the grin from his face. Then her eyes turned to the three large muscle masses. “Do it. No broken limbs. He can walk out of wherever you dump him. But make sure he feels this for a good long while. And I want pictures.... oh, and boys, remember your payment... you all get to fuck me... one at a time or all at once. The better you do...the more I give you.”

The three men look at each other and smiled. The one with his arm around Reggie neck squeezed just hard and long enough to knock him out and the three then drug him out.

Bella lit a cigarette then motioned for Dove. “Bring me my phone dear, I have a call to make.”

The platinum blonde nodded and walked off and Paul walked towards Bella. “You think that did it?”

“Honey, the beating probably won't do it.” Bella replied. “But he's being given a chance, which is more than he deserves. You heard what Kelli said he was ready to do. Film some poor girl getting fucked by him and his nameless partner without her knowing. Launch a website selling her services. But Reggie...he's so eternally fucking stupid. He actually hired MY tech guy, thinking I wouldn't find out. I have him on retainer. Mainly for moments like this.”

Dove returned with Bella's phone and handed it off to her. Once it was unlocked, she found the name she was looking for, Norman. And this phone call was going to be a twofer. Reggie hadn't only messed with Bella, Sophia and several other “legitimate” business men. He had quite inadvertently crossed someone almost as spiteful as Bella herself when properly inspired with just about as much venom,if not more, when she struck. Bella recognized the girl Reggie had been with lately.. She knew Selena Gomez when she saw just from how often she'd been around her best friend Taylor Swift when ever Taylor hired Bella and her girls for a big party. And Norman was currently with Taylor, as he had been a lot for the last few weeks. She'd asked him to be hear for Reggie's little going away party, but Taylor had him otherwise occupied with helping her move into a new place.

If Reggie did the usual Reggie thing, he'd go forward with his plans. Bella couldn't have that. And who better to sabotage him in the worst way possible than Norman? And who better to make it hurt bad than Taylor Swift?

She hit dial. “Hello, Norman. Bella....”


The theme of the day was packing up. Getting the past semester all put away to get ready for the next one and the big things coming up. Like many students, Jake and Jose were going along with that theme, putting together the last of their things before getting ready to head out on their own holiday adventures.

“Kira select any tag team yet?” asked Jake. “Or are we in the dark until we come back?”

“PLEASE don't mention that name to me,” Jose said. He massaged the temples of his head, trying to drown at the pain that the mere mention of the annoyance of his life brought up. “I'm just fucking waiting to see how she finds a new way to ruin my life.”

Right one cue with that, there was a loud knock at the door. Jose opened it only to have Camila barge in yelling, “Why the fuck didn't you tell me you were working with your ex-fucking girlfriend?!?”

“Wait, what?” Jose asked. “What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Don't give me that! Your hot but in that trashy fucking way that of course you like ex fucking got in MY face and called me a fucking temporary substitute for her and she was about five seconds from me gouging out her god damn eyes! Lili had to hold me back...THEN she told me all about you two...how could you not fucking tell me that a woman you almost married is all of a sudden back in your life?”

Lili then sheepishly stepped in. “I'd just like to point out I only said what I heard from dirt sheets and prefaced it by saying I didn't know how true the reports were...and the general thread was she's a monstrous bitch, which has indeed proved to be true.”

“See? I fucking  knew it!” Jose said. “I knew that the moment she fucking showed up this morning that she'd find some way to wreck things for me, and now she's fucking with my girlfriend. How did she even find you?”

“Guess who's going to be on campus next semester?” Cami asked, her anger at the situation being another thing she had in common with Jose. “She was touring the campus and your tag team name got brought up and that bitch unleashed Hell. After Lili fan-girled out first, of course.”

“Hey, I didn't know she was a for real bitch when that happened!”

“Lili, Jake, could you guys do me a favor and leave Cami and me alone for a bit?”

“Yeah, sure pal,” said Jake, putting his arm around Lili and leading her out.

Now alone, Jose had Cami join him on the bed, sitting side by side. He softly went for her face, turning her gaze to him.

“You really didn't know until this morning?” she asked. “For real?”

“Hell no,” he said. “If I had known they were even thinking of bringing her in I would have been very damn vocal. I never, EVER want to see her again. But now she's here and we have to work with her...but  that's it. I promise. I love you and I just don't want anyone else. Notice the lack of jokes? She made my life a living Hell, you do the exact opposite.”

“Yeah...but you two were engaged...”

“No we weren't. She SAID we were, but I never bought her a ring, no matter how many times she told me to. Mainly because she was always fucking someone behind my back and let me know it. That's how that rumor got started. Kira is a lot of things. But she's not you. So you're always going to win...especially when you say things that get me all hot and bothered like threatening to gouge her eyes out.”

Cami laughed, then scooted just close enough to him to put her head on his shoulder. “So you're stuck with her?”

“For now.” he replied. “But she's nothing to worry about. You're the first woman I've ever told “I love you” and meant it. With her, it was always some kind of messed up game. I either said it or she found some new way to twist the knife.”

“Why did you waste your time with her then?”

“I thought the biggest thing in the world was having a hot girlfriend. That was the important thing. Didn't matter what she did or said. Now, I know a lot better.”

“Are you saying I'm not hot?” Cami asked, the humor in her tone finally returning.

“OH no, you're hotter than a Scotch bonnet and sweeter than...uh...something that's super sweet.”

“Nice, I can see why you're always the one with the mic.” She moved her lips to his kissing him. “I love you.”

“I love you too...and that's why. Well, one of the reasons. You bust my balls but you're not mean about it. Well, now that we're dating at least.”

“Hey, all those other mean things before we dated don't count because we were playing “I don't like you” to avoid admitting we in fact, did like each other. Now...I'm only joking with you. I don't want to actually hurt you...so I'm sorry I came in screaming like that. It's just...THAT BITCH.”

“Oh believe me, I know all about that bitch. She lives the gimmick. Fuck she'd even book me in the most fucked up and dangerous matches yo could think of without my permission or knowing about it. So there are definitely physical scars too.” The couple lied down on the bed, side by side holding hands. IT was time to change the subject to something more pleasant. “So...New Year's....got plans, Ms. Mendes?”

“I just might,” she smiled. “How would you like to join me on a private jet...with a bed and chilled champagne...to Manhattan on New Year's Eve. No Time's Square. That's no where near as fun as people think it is. But a nice Penthouse suite...just the two of us?”

“That sounds amazing babe....but I would need to check my bank account, to see if my Hulk Hogan-sized pay day has come in...”

“It's all on me.”

“What? Wait...how much do they pay you at the print shop?”

“I'm rich,” she said, just blurting it out. “My family is like, mega rich. My dad owns hotels. A lot of them. Good ones too. There are a couple in town. I...I didn't tell you because I thought you'd look at me different or something. I don't know. I don't really like to flaunt it that much. Lili and Madelaine are pretty much the only people I let know. And that was only after they knew me. And Peter knows but we grew up together so there's no way I could keep that from him. But...I just didn't want my money to influence how you felt about me, good or bad.”

“Okay...so...why do you work at the print shop?”

“Really? That's your one question?”

“I'm a simple man.”

“Obviously.” Camila climbed on top of him, kissing him again. “My dad. He told me the only way he'd pay for school was if I got a job. He wants me to learn responsibility, being where I'm supposed to be when people are counting on me, all of that. Fine by me. Daddy didn't raise a vapid rich bitch.”


“Really? That's it?”

“You're still you...just with a few more dollar signs than I thought.”

“So...is that a yes for New Year's?”

“Of course! Also we could visit Titan Towers! And the Hammerstein ballroom!”

“Those are all wrestling things, huh?” Cami asked.


“So...I'm gonna be distracting you with a lot of sex then while we're there...that cool?”

“Well, you could always start now...unless your limo driver is waiting, rich girl.”

“Oooh, you are sooo paying for that,” Camila laughed before taking off her shirt. “But, you know, later after the orgasms and cuddling.”

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Re: All-Star College
« Reply #21 on: April 07, 2019, 07:08:38 PM »

“How long you think they'll be up there?” asked Lili.

“Long enough for to just start relaxing on this lumpy lobby couch.” replied Jake. “Maybe longer if they're already screwing.”

“Yeah, I don't see this being a fight moment.”

“So...they weren't engaged, just so you know. Dirt sheets were WAY off about that.”

“I know! I forget that Cami loves Jose but isn't a fan of the whole wrestling thing. She doesn't know that most of the time those guys are talking out their ass.”

“Well, this time they had good reason to say things. Kira was essentially going around saying it. Jose never asked, never wanted to. BY the time she was saying that he was already planning his exit.”

“Was she really that much a of nightmare? I mean, I have to say I'm a fan of her work but she was real...and pardon my language, cunt to Cami today.”

“Oh she's one of the most awful people I've ever met. Her attitude easily undoes anything physical about her by a long shot. But she can spot easy pesy and Jose can be the easiest of them. I mean, according to him no woman really even gave him the slightest look until Kira. Even if it was just to have her own personal emotional punching bag, he was game as long as he had some someone. But even he had a breaking point.”

“Wow, he doesn't let on. But I guess I really see why Cami fell so hard then. She really hates the usual guys she dealt with. Big money, bigger egos, small...you know. Thought they owned her. She's been burned too, but, you know, kind of the opposite way. Like, they thought they  owned her because she faked a few orgasms. The moment that happened, she dropped them like flies. So...yeah, those two make a lot more sense.”

“Like puzzle pieces.”

“See, with words like that I can't help but think you should get the mic more.” Lili scooted closer to Jake, who then wrapped his arm around her. “So, let's move on to us...”

“Well, I am a big fan of that subject.”

“Well, that's a relief,” Lili said. “So...are we doing anything for New Years? I know Cami is springing her plans on Jose right now. Probably unless things have really gone south.”

“Actually...I have a great plan.”

“I'm all ears.”

“Well, the last few time Jose and I worked in mexico, we did it for less than we usually would. The promoter said he'd owe us later, and it was good exposure. Anyway, last week I called in that favor.”

“Oooh, I like where this is going...go on.”

“Well, the promoter is in the hotel business, just like Cami's dad...and I called  in the favor...”

“And I am listening as intently as possible now...”

“I got us the honeymoon suite at an amazing hotel for six days. Free. We only pay for food and stuff. The room is on him.”

“Oh my god!” Lili said, jumping up from the couch. “You're kidding...Mexico? New Year's Day in Mexico! Home of Luche Libre and amazing beer? Yes! Oh my god, YES!”

“Well, New Year's Eve too but I'm glad you're as excited as I am.”

“Wait, Eve?”

“Well, yeah. See, I was thinking I pick you up at seven, we grab some food for the road...and I planned it just right so we'd be in the parking lot of the hotel right at midnight, and kiss as the fire works go off. You know what they say. First kiss of the new year is the person you're sharing that year with.”

“That...that sounds great.”

“It doesn't sound like you think it's great.” Jake got up and pulled Lili close to him. “What's wrong?”

“It's just, well...I kind of made plans for New Year's Eve. Not the day, but Eve...yeah.”

“How do you make plans for Eve but not the day?”

“I don't know! But I did...I didn't know you were planning something like this! And I love that you did...it's amazing, but I can't make plans with a friend and then ditch them.”

“I'm sure Cami will understand, Lils.”

“It's not Cami, she has her own plans, remember?  An older firend of mine I haven't seen in a while. We always spend New Year's Eve together, so...we're doing it again.”

“Okay, well this other friend will understand when you let them know what your boyfriend just sprung on you.”

“I don't think I can do that babe...it's, you know, tradition. Why can't we just go up early on New Year's Day? The room will still be there, right?”

“Because the moment will be gone.” He began to pace around the room. Not angry, just frustrated. “So...you're just flat out saying no?”

“If we just have to go on New Year's Eve...then yes. I...I'm not going to ditch Hailee. We do this every year.”

“Oh, I see...and we wouldn't be doing this every year is what you're saying.”

“No!” Lili began to walk towards him, trying to reassure him. “I..I just don't want to let anyone down baby. Come on, don't put  me on the spot like this.”

“I...I have to think on things,” Jake said.

“Jake...babe..come on...I'm sorry...” Jake didn't hear her, he was already out the door. Lili crashed down on the couch like she'd been gut punched. What a way to start Christmas vacation.


It had been a fairly eventful day for Kira Kosarin. Raised a little Hell, toured a campus, and now she was back at the office as it were, checking out her new gear in the mirror. The entire ensemble was mostly sparkly green, gold on matte black.

It wasn't much different from her usual gear really. Just now, green instead of red. And of course, the sparkly texture of the colors. It was still two piece, and both pieces showed off her assets very well.

She turned in the mirror to look at how her already amazing ass looked even better being hugged by the tight material of the shorts. She smiled at the reworked logo right on her butt; “KAOS” on a razor blade, dripping with blood. Went well with the bloody razors on her top as her razor blade earrings. She didn't mind putting money into it. The investment was always returned.

She then turned to the front. The top was tight, showed off her tits well too, but there was a new added edition. B-sides the top being low cut, there was a bit of a boob window, showing off even more cleavage.

“Beauty and the beast in one package,” she said to herself, smiling. That was her rep, both in the ring and out of it. And she prided herself on it.She loved being one of the hardest hitting, most violent wrestlers this side of Candice Le Rae. She also loved manipulating things behind the scenes to get exactly what she wanted by any means necessary. The razor blades meant something to Kira. It meant she was as cut throat s they come. And that was partly why she was there at the moment.

She had done a little make-up as well, essentially ring ready...or photo shoot ready. She tied her hair up in a pony tail and headed towards the boss' office. It was time for some fun.

After his little confrontation with Jose's current step down from her, Kira already knew everything about her. The main thing, the thing she was going to use, was the strong likelihood this girl was squeamish. She could tell just from talking to her and how she talked about Jose that she wasn't a fan. Meaning she probably didn't know how hurt they really could get in the ring.

All Kira, in her mind, had to do to get Jose back into her possession. And that was simple. She had to pt him in the most violent match she could imagine. A death match beyond imagination.

Now, there was a potential problem, Kira wasn't the booker. However, that never stopped Kira from putting Jose in that position before. She had fun ways of getting what she wanted.

She couldn't help but smile as she headed to Evan's office. He was probably there with Trent, getting ready for the big NYE show where she was set to debut. She was hoping they would be receptive to her ideas....and if not, she had all the best ways of making her case.

Kira knocked on the door and walked in. Trent and Evan were at a desk, looking over booking sheets and note books. “HI guys,” Kira said, her voice soft and seductive with a smile that matched. “How do I look?”

Kira twirled around, making sure the men got a good look at her ass and breasts along with every curve of her body. “You like?”

“Uhhh, yeah,” Trent said. “Looks great.”

“Really good.” answered Evan. “New?”

“Just came in. I picked it up and just had to come back here to try it on and then show it off.” She turned her back  to them and grabbed her firm, round ass. “See? The shorts are a little higher than my old gear. Shows off a bit more of the cheeks.”

Kira turned back around to face them. She could tell they were already under her spell, but still, she wanted to put the cherry on top before she moved forward. “And the top I had cut lower. Boob window too. I mean, I can out-wrestle most of the people you hire, male or female, but I also don't mind flaunting the sex appeal. Just means more money, right?”

“Can't disagree there,” Evan said. His smile gave away his intentions, which were Kira's intentions as well. “What can we do for you Kira?”

“Well, I was thinking about my debut for you guys. I want it to be huge. Insane huge.”

“Same here,” Trent said. “We're open to any ideas you may have.”

“Well, I'm thinking we open up the show with Callous Pain in the ring,” said Kira. She made her way to the desk and took a seat on it. “Alison yammers on about how no one is a challenge for the team, yadda yadda, my music hits...I kill it as always, and bring out the Haberdasher...that's the team I've picked by the way. Back and forth between us all on the mic...then we set up a death match for the main event. I'm talking barb wire, light tubs, the works. No mercy.”

“Whoa, a death match?” Evan asked. “As a debut? I don't know isn't that a bit much?”

“I have to side with the boss here. That's a feud capper, not the way to begin one.”

Oh come on boys, think of the hits you'd get. So many people flocking to the website just to stream that kind of match for free? It guarantees the PPV event will go over huge. They'll want to see how we top it. And believe me, we will. You've seen what it says on my t-shirts. Sex, Blood and Rock N Roll. I don't just wear that phrase, I live it.”

Kira gave them both a look that went right to their crotches. They knew what she was going to do to get what she wanted and didn't really have a problem with it. But they still needed to play the part.

“I don't think the other team will go for it. Especially the death match part.”

“Then don't ask Alison or Jake,” Kira said, sliding off the desk and onto her knees. “Go to Jose first. You know he can't ever say no to a promoter...so get him. And then you'll have your match.” Kira reached her hands out to both men's crotch, feeling their cocks through their pants. “Now, I think we've got a plan here gentlemen...but I could always do some more convincing if you want. All you have to do is stand up and drop the pants.”

Evan and Trent were up and pants down in the blink of an eye.

Kira grasped both hard cocks pointing right at her and started to gently pump. “Oh my god, look at these cocks,” she said. “So beautiful. I don't know where to start. They both look so good.”

She looked up at the men and licked her lips. Her mouth hovered over one, then the other, her hot breath making the rock hard members twitch. She couldn't hold the grin back any longer.

“How about this? I close my eyes and oyu boys decide who goes in first and we go from there, okay?” Kira closed her eyes and opened her mouth. She didn't have to wait long for a cock to take up residency in it. And from the sound of the moan, it was Evan. The boss gets first dibs, predictably.

Her brown eyes opened and Kira dutifully began to suck Evan's cock while her hand pumped on Trent's. Both men were very happy with the arrangement.

“Suck it girl,” Evan growled. “Take the fucking dick baby. Just like that.” His hands were on her head, guiding her along as she sucked him. Kira didn't mind. This was how she got what she wanted, by giving them what they wanted.  Besides, if they took too many liberties, she could do a lot of damage from where she was now.

Kira removed her mouth and brought her lips to the sides of Evan's dick, working them up and down almost like a paintbrush. Then her attention turned to Trent.

“Oh shit yeah!” he yelled as Kira sucked him into her mouth. “Mmm that's right baby... all you honey... all you...” She winked at him as Trent put his hands behind his back, letting her take control. Different strokes, literally.

Kira matched Trent and held her behind her back, letting her mouth do all the work on him. It was more than enough. Kira knew exactly what she was doing. Sucking his balls at first, his his hard cock rest and rubbing against her face as he worked over the healthy  orbs. It was an attentive action to be sure, but just a bit of kindling compared to the blaze Kira cold set off if she wanted to.

She licked the underside of Trent's cock from base to root, her mouth ready to take him in. And when she did, she went full tilt, no mercy. She was almost fucking him with her mouth, making it a near impossible struggle for Trent to not use his hands right then and there to fuck her face.

Kira pulled back with a loud slurp, replacing her mouth with her hand and giving them both an eager grin, saliva dripping from her mouth.

From there she went back and forth between the two poles, giving each man their own treatment. Even liked it a bitch rougher around the edges. Kira allowed him to face fuck her a few moments or teased he crown with her teeth. Evan didn't even mind a bit of a prostate massage. Kira took a mental note of this. He might be fun enough for a solo ride.

Kira got to her feet and the men were on her again. Trent grasped her tight top, pulling it over her head and tossing it aside while Evan was now on his knees, working on Kira's bottoms. With them off, his mouth went to her own well rounded and firm bottom, burying his face in it as he buried his fingers in her sopping pussy.

“Oh fuck...mmmm, yes boys, just like that,” Kira moaned. With Trent lovingly sucking her tits and Evan going for the whole lower torso, Kira was just about ready to let them take over...but that would mean it would all end too soon. Where was the fun in that?

“How about another game, boys?” Kira said. She hopped up n the desk and leaned back on her arms. “Same as the first one, kinda. See, I lay back, eyes closed, legs open, You choose who gets my pussy first...and then the other can have my mouth all to themselves...until we switch things around again,of course.”

Kira laid back, her eyes closed. She heard whispering, the men discussing in hushed tones who would go first. The element of surprise, she loved it.

The talking stopped and she heard the men take their places. She let out an eager moan as the cock entered her cunt. And the moment the dick's owner moaned, she knew Evan had won first dibs. Benefits of being the boss.

She opened her eyes and winked at a waiting Trent. He was hypnotized watching the flesh of her tits jiggle with every hard, hungry and urgent thrust.

Kira winked at Trent and extended her tongue, licking the tip of his cock right before she took it in her mouth, Trent's hands now on those amazing tits of hers. He pawed, squeezed, did everything hand could do to that flesh. And Kira was giving that dick the sucking of a life time, or the best she could from her position. All mouth and tongue, just the way Trent seemed to like it.

And Evan, of course, was loving it. Loving the feel of her hot and tight velvet box, how her fit body felt in his hand. Tight, yet just a bit of softness where it counts. Fucking her was not what got her the job. Kira herself was a draw. But if this was how she called in favors, creative or otherwise, Evan had no problem with Kira being part of the creative committee.

“Mmmmfuck...hey Evan,” Trent said, fighting through a haze of pleasure to form words. “Ready for that switch up?”

“Mmm, want my pussy now Trent?” asked Kira. “Ready to get what Evan's been loving?”

“Almost.” Trent replied with a grin. Evan pulled out and Trent climbed up on the desk and straddled Kira's chest, placing his cock between her breasts. “I get first crack.”

“Oh, I do love a breast man,” Kira said. She pressed her tits tight around his cock and Trent began to thrust. “Mmm fuck yeah baby... use those fucking tits honey... fuck them. FUCK. MY. TITS! Fuck yes I love it!”

“Yeah, oh fuck yes Kira...gonna fuck your fucking titties so good baby...oh shit yess...”

Kira was lying when she said she loved breast men. Something about being titfucked gave her a rush. Not a full on orgasm kind of experience, but a bit of sizzle on the steak, as it were. She figured, if she was blessed with such a perfect rack, why not have some fun with it...and when other felt the same, well...that was just magic.

She extended her tongue, licking at the head of Trent's dick with every thrust, peppering his prick pleasure to add to what her tits were doing. She swore she could feel him throbbing in the valley of her breasts.

And Evan? He waited. He enjoyed the show. He knew Trent wasn't going to finish with a tit fuck. That'd be a waste of the fruits the Kira's body was offering up. Besides...as lovely as those tits were, Kira had a lot more to have fun with.

Trent knew if he kept going between Kira's tits, it'd be over for him. He crawled off her and moved to the position Evan had been in. “Bend over,” he said.

“Mmm, no problem.” Kira switched position from flat on her back to bent over, her back arched, her cunt waiting to be filled.

“All the way,” Evan said as he re-entered the picture. “Flat on the desk...other wise how are you going to suck me?”

“Oh, two inside me at once?” Kira asked. “I'm a lucky girl.”

“You don't know the half of it.”Kira eyed him as he got in front of her face, her body lowering down completely, her mouth open.

The men entered her almost at once. Trent savored her feel, taking long but strong strokes inside of her, eyes shut tight as if her were memorizing the contours of her pussy with his hands at her ass, gripping her round cheeks hard.

Evan on the other hand was pretty much face-fucking her. Kira shrugged it off. It was his style. Taking what he wanted. She could admire that. Besides, it wasn't like she didn't have a soft spot for the rougher stuff.

As much as Trent loved to savor his surroundings, he couldn't help but sped up and match the boss' aggressiveness just a bit, giving Kira more than a few hard slaps on her apple ass. With every stroke his desire grew, just wondering where this could all go. Though it it ended here, he couldn't complain.

“Nnng fuck I meet need another crack at that cunt soon,” Evan sneered. He took is cock out, slapping it and rubbing it all over Kira's face, smearing her make-up.

“Yeah, that right?” asked Kira. “Another shot at my pussy when there's a whole new hole to have fun with?”

“Oh yeah?” asked Evan, to which Kira replied with a nod, smiling while she bit her lower lip. Trent pulled out without complaint, bringing his cock to Kira's lovely mouth and Evan went to Kira's ass, giving a bit of worship, kissing and licking that puckered opening before pressing his lobed up cock against her back door.

“Ooooh yesssss,” hissed Kira, a grin on her face. “Mmmmmm...” Evan's head popped through that tight ring. Her mouth opened, moaning loudly. That was when Trent decided to place his cock near her mouth, running it along those lips before Kira closed in on the head, sucking while her ass was being taken.

Once again, the difference in the men was apparent. Evan, far more insistent, take charge. Hard, demanding thrusts deep inside Kira's anal cavity. Every thrust smacked against her flesh, his balls hitting her pussy lips every single time.

Trent, he let Kira take as much control as she could, keeping her hair out of her eyes, making sure he got a full view of everything. Two styles working amazing together for Kira, and two she would be quite eager to revisit on a more one on one basis.

“Ohhhh fuck..yeah baby...fucking tight, round fucking ass...fuck yes best fucking ass I've ever had...YEAH!” Evan geared back, slapping her ass hard. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Kira loved it when they got into it. Made them far more open to try new things...and do exactly what she wanted later.

“Let me see those eyes,” Trent said. He put his hand under her chin, bringing her eyes t his. “I wanna see them... unnng, wanna see them while you suck me...”

She gave him everything she had with those eyes, joining together with Kira's mouth and hand in giving Trent the best blowjob possible while fucked up the ass, which if Trent was anything to go by pretty damn good.

Evan's hand gripped Kira's hips hard, refusing to lessen their death grip as he strokes got a bit long and deeper, slowing down a bit to change things up. His eyes went from her ass to her face, Kira having looked over her shoulder and giving him a hungry, hungry look.

“Switch it up,” Kira said, winking at Trent. “I think Trent here deserves a round up there.”

“What about me?” Evan asked, giving Kira a few extra hard pumps.”

“Nnngfuuuuck... well, I do have another hole... and I'm not talking about my mouth.”

“You serious?”

“Very serious, Evan.”

With that, Evan pulled out of the seductress' ass and his way over to the couch. Kira followed, wasting no time in lowering her pussy on to his cock. Then came Trent, the last piece of the puzzle, he kissed her shoulder as he pressed forward himself, his cock having a slightly easier time getting up her asshole after it's previous fucking.

“Ohhhh fuck, that's a lot of cock!” Kira exclaimed once both men were in to the hilt. “Oh shit!”

“But you fucking love it, don't you?” Evan said before taking one of her tits in her mouth, sucking and tugging on the nipple with his teeth.

“Mmmm, every fucking second baby.” she replied, leaning over and kissing him, biting down on his lower lip and drawing a smidgen of blood. “Sex, blood, and rock 'n' roll.”

All bets were off. It was fully tilt boogie time. The fucking from both men was hard and fast and Kira was dick drunk and craving more.

“Pull my fucking hair!” she screamed. “Grab that fucking ponytail and PULL, Trent... don't... oh fuck yes fuck me... don't hold back!”

Trent reached forward, wrapping her brown hair around his fist, and yanking back, making Kira howl in pleasure, His hand grasped her neck and turned her face to the side. The two kissed in a collision while Evan was having fun with Kira's amazing rack. Kira herself was lost in such a haze of carnal bliss she could have been talked into damn near anything at that point.

Trent's hands glided over Kira's sweat soaked skin, from her ass to her back to her front, grabbing her breasts for a brief moment, getting a feel of the globes before whispering into Kira's ear in between grunts, “I want that pussy again.”

“Mmm, I think that can be arranged. “ she replied. “Want my ass one more time Evan? Want to fuck my fucking asshole some more, you fucking pervert?

All Evan could manage was nod and a grunt. He stayed in position on the couch while Trent pulled out and Kira turned around, sinking her asshole down and his pole while Trent re-entered through the front.

The fucking resumed. Fast, furious, and no mercy. Kira would never have asked for any. Where was the fun in that?

Trent, as expected, gravitated once more for Kira's tits. He split his time burying in her breasts and at her face, showing a perverted sort of affection towards Kira, whispering absolute filth in her ear while kissing her deeply.

Evan, Evan was just enjoying himself. Not that she could blame him. If she could experience what he was she'd be more than a little tempted to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Kira could feel it in her gut. As the men were taking her faster and faster, she knew they were too. She was going to cum. And if she was close she knew the men had to be even closer. Time to earn her match.

“You boys gonna cum? Huh? My ass and pussy gonna make you cum? Well you fucking perverts better cover me with it... my tits... my face... make me a fucking cum whore... nnnng, FUCK, just for you!”

Trent pulled out of Kira's ass and she went to the floor, back to her knees. He and Evan were standing on either side of her, jacking there cocks while she rubbed her clit. Watching her moan and writhe on her knees got to be way too much for the men, both of them unloading and utterly covering Kira's face and tits with cum, making a sizable and sexy mess of the woman.

Getting a few extra stream out was viewing Kira cum, almost right when their jizz first made contact with her skin.

Soon, moans gave away to exhausted, but pleased, deep breathing. Not a one of them was clear headed, high on the orgasms that had run through each of them.

“So,” Kira said after a couple of minutes of recovery. “How about I go shower up, then we talk about my place on the booking committee?


It had been a fairly good first semester for Camila Cabello. She turned twenty-one, good grades, new friends, wouldn't have to live on campus next semester due to her new job, and her new job was actually a lot of fun. That surprised her, considering it was, for lack of a better term, prostitution.

Camila really, really wish there was a better term. Whore, hooker, prostitute, they all made it seem a lot worse than it was. It wasn't like she was on the street peddling her wares. She had a safe environment with men thoroughly vetted out and a boss who made it her business to watch out not just for Camila, but every woman who worked for her. Working for Sophia made the whole act seem classy because under her, it was.

She never would have imagined doing this for a living when she was younger, but now? It was just a job. A fun one, but just a job. It was sex, but not SEX sex. And it wasn't a forever thing by any means. In order to make it not a forever thing, she had to sometimes work the days no other woman would. It usually meant more money.

That's what lead Camila to take Sophia's call. Pretty much everyone had left the campus at this point. Only five more days until Christmas. Most of Sophia's girls were back home with their families or with the high paying clients, what few there were in the area. Camila was staying put though. It wasn't that she didn't have family or that she didn't want to see them. She just wanted to be on a bit more solid footing financially before taking on a full fledged Christmas break.

Sophia was still in her office on campus. It wasn't too hard to go see her, about this new appointment. All it took was a soft knock on her office door and Camila was welcomed in with a big hug and smile.

“Camila, thanks you so much for taking this job,” Sophia said, leading the Latina to a chair. “It's a first timer, but he was willing to pay the holiday price. And you... well, I think you're perfect for him.”

“Why's that?” asked Camila. “Not that I'm objecting or anything. Just, well, curious. Is it physical? Another ass man?”

“Honey no offense because that is some genuine talent you have back there, but if it was just that I wouldn't have gone for you. See, this guy, Owen, he's...I'm pretty sure he's a virgin. Or at least never had a girlfriend.”


“Yeah. He was too jittery even for me. Which made me think of you. You've got this really sweet disposition. I can't tell you how many candy grams and flowers get sent here by your regulars. Not even requesting another session, just to say hi. That's something special.”

“I got it,” Camila nodded. “He needs a soft touch. Maybe break him out of his shell without him realizing it. Don't ride him hard at all, well, unless he asks for it of course.”

“Exactly.” Sophia replied. “It should be fun. Give him the 100% girlfriend experience. I know that's kind of our exclusive thing here, ut you know what I mean. He wants a genuine girl, you're the most genuine one I've got.”

“I'm in,” Camila said, blushing a bit.

“Great,” said Sophia. “I'll email you the details. His phone number, where to meet him, all that. I think he's booked a suite for you two for after the date for, well, the second half. He's going all out. It's actually pretty cute.” Sophia's fingers danced on the keyboard, and after a few strokes, the info was in Camila's possession, signaled by a ding from her phone.

“When should I text him?”

“Id say this afternoon. And actually, call. Get a little preliminary stuff in first, so the conversation at dinner goes a lot smoother.”

“You got it,” said Camila. She headed towards the door, smiling a bit at what her specialty was in Sophia's business; the Nice Girl. A little naughty, but soft and sensual. Spicy, but more than a little sweet to go along with it.

And why not? None of these men had ever given her any reason to be anything but that. And at the end of the day, it was all business. Owen would be no different.

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Re: All-Star College
« Reply #22 on: April 07, 2019, 07:42:44 PM »

Selena Gomez was more than a little nervous. She still couldn't believe she agreed to this. Yeah, she had blown Reggie and his friend before. The idea made her a little wet. But actually fucking them both? She didn't know if she could go through with that.

However, there was also apart of her that was eager to try. It wasn't a strong part by any means, but it was there, and empowered by the fact that Selena had already agreed to it.

How could she have said no, though? The way he looked when he opened the door to his place, she knew why he called her that late at night. He looked like he'd been through fifty MMA matches in a row. Cuts, bruises, swollen face, he was beaten so badly, Selena would have said yes to anything.

And she did. And now she was looking in the mirror and breathing deeply. She looked at her hair and make-up and resolved this was going to be the only time. Besides, it could be fun. She didn't think she would enjoy anal when it was first brought up by an ex...but she turned out to actually like it a lot. Not an every day thing, but certainly a lot of fun.

Maybe tonight would be two. It better be, for the one and only time she was going to do it.


“She's really gonna do it?” Ronnie asked. “Seriously, she's down with it?”

“Yup,” Reggie said with a laugh. “Bella's parting gift of a beating actually helped seal the deal. And Norm checked out all the camera's all the hard drives and back-ups, set up the site. It's already to go live. Only thing missing is this.”

Reggie reached into his pocket and took out a glasses case and handed it to Ronnie. “Put 'em on.”

“I don't need glasses.”

“Good thing they don't have a prescription then ain't it?” Reggie took them out and put them on Ronnie's face. “Camera, dead center. Perfect POV shots.”

“Nice. She ready?”

“Yeah, I can call her in. Just, remember, like last time when she blew us, go easy on her, okay? Got to ease her in to all this. And that way, easier for all of us once we get this business rolling.”

“Speaking of business,” Ronnie said, stepping up to Reggie. “You didn't tell Bella  about me, did you? That could end very ad for you.”

“The fact that your kneecaps ain't broken should tell you Bella doesn't know shit.”

“Works for me. And that means it works for you.”

“Nice, great, we done posturing now, or anything else you want to do before we fuck Selena crosseyed?”

Ronnie nodded. Reggie headed towards his bedroom. When he returned, Selena was with him, strikingly beautiful. Ronnie couldn't wait to get her nice and filthy.

She was in something so amazing simple, just a white t-shirt. But it showed off so much. Her legs, her hard nipples through it. And Ronnie could just about make out a small, dark patch of hair around her crotch.

“Hi Ronnie,” said Selena. “Nice to see you.”

“And it's very nice to see you as well Selena,” he said. “Every part of you.”

Selena felt a bit odd around Ronnie, but ti came across as cute. “So,” she said. “How...um..do we start this whole thing?”

“Well, I was thinking babe...how about you start...and I'm just going to be blunt instead of dancing around the issue, how about you start out sucking off Ronnie? I'll sit back and watch, then join in. That sound good?”

“Mmm hmm.” replied Selena. “Anything for you, baby.” The two kissed, then Reggie stepped back and took a seat. Then Selena turned her eyes towards Reggie and sucked up all her confidence. It was go time. Now or never.

Selena slid to her knees, her hands running down Ronnie's body, resting on his pants. She unhooked his belt, then down went the zipper, and soon the pants were completely down.

Her brown eyes gazed up at Ronnie while her hand fondled his cock. Her fingers traced up and down his rod, the length growing in her hand. Ronnie already began to breath deep when she teased him, and when her lips finally closed around him, it was pure ecstasy. And it was only going to get better for Ronnie.

Reggie sat back and watched with a smile on his face. She was made for this. Eye contacts was A +, and Reggie knew from personal experience that Selena could suck a golf ball through a plastic straw. Watching her, strictly from an observer's stand point was a whole new experience. Seeing the way her tongue came out, giving just a quick preview of the work it was doing when that mouth was closed. The amount of saliva coming through, leaving Ronnie's pole shiny and slick.

Of course, Ronnie couldn't complain as a participant. Everything Reggie was viewing felt even better. Selena was a perfect little cocksucker. Everything fit Looks and technique. Where she fell short in one area, another instantly made up for it. Experienced tongue, big beautiful eyes, perfectly manicured nails and soft hands. She was going to be a big money makers and was showing why.

Reggie by now had had enough of being on the sidelines. He got up and lost the pants. He stood next to Ronnie, his cock hard and ready  to go.

“Mmmm, someone's ready,” Selena said, her other hand grasping Reggie's cock.

“Very ready baby.” replied Reggie. “Put 'em both in at the same time. Get that mouth full of cock.”

“Sure baby.” If Selena had any reservations, she was hiding them pretty damn well, or that had all sine long faded away. She stuffed both cocks in her mouth, her lips closing over them, or attempting to, in a futile effort. Her tongue though still got in a few good licks.

“Oh fuck yeah,” growled Reggie. “Now just me baby...just my cock.” Selena eagerly complied, throwing everything she had into sucking Reggie and exactly the way he liked it. Fast, hard, almost fucking his cock with her mouth herself.

However, this wasn't a race to the finish for Reggie. Nothing could be further from the truth. The blowjob was just a primer. He pulled his cock out and rubbed it on Selena's face, the Latina sex kitten practically purring for him.

“You're gonna fucking ride me now baby...ride me and suck Ronnie. Gonna do that for me baby?”

She nodded, licking her lips as she was brought to her feet only to be taken off them once more.

Reggie sat back on the couch and held her by the hips, guiding her slick cunt down on to his cock. The couple moaned as she was filled up, her pussy fully sheathing his rod.

It little time Selena had built up a rhythm, completely lost in the moment. Her loud moans of passion echoed throughout the apartment. She was in heaven, utter heaven as was Reggie. Ronnie wanted back on that stairway as well. He placed his hard cock right at her full lips and without a word spoken Selena sucked him in.

“Oh fuck yeah, baby... suck that fucking dick while he fucks you!” Ronnie yelled. “Dirty little slut for us, aren't you... ohh, fuck YEAH!”

At almost any other time, Selena would have objected to this. The words, especially, but Ronnie being involved as well. But..she couldn't have really backed out, she'd already blown him for Reggie. And now...she was into it...the whole. She was almost ready to do anything.

Reggie's face was buried in Selena's back, grimacing from the pleasure. His hand roamed from her hips to her tits, grasping them as his pace increased inside of her. He wasn't close to blowing, but he couldn't help but want to ride that edge, no matter how dangerous the curves may be.

“I want some of that pussy now,” Ronnie demanded. “Need to fuck this hot piece of ass.”

“That can be arranged,” Reggie said. “Babe, get on your knees and suck your pussy off my cock. Ronnie's gonna get his turn now baby.”

Selena obeyed almost without thinking. She was far too eager to please, even she was aware of that now on some subconscious level. But still, she did.

Reggie stayed in place while Selena shifted her here, getting on her knees in front of the couch, he head already in Reggie's lap and sucking his cock while her ass shaking in front of Ronnie, her pussy glistening and waiting for him. He grasped her hip with one hand and his cock in the other, bringing it to her sopping pussy and pushing forward.

“Oh fuck baby you're still fucking tight,” Ronnie moaned, thrusting in all the way, filling Selena completely. “Oh yeah baby take it.. take all of it.. FUCKING HELL YEAH...”

Ronnie wasted no time. He went full blast. Hard, fast, like a beast. All the while, Selena was surprising herself by being into it. She moaned with every thrust, the vibrations adding an extra bit of spice to a very sloppy blowjob.

“Yeah... take our cocks baby,” Reggie said, urging her on. “Take both of them... so fucking had for you baby... ohhh, yeah every damn inch honey...” His hands reached for her head, holding it in place as he began to fuck her mouth. The two men exchanged glances. It was only the beginning and at this point, they knew Selena was up for anything.

Ronnie gave Selena a few more pumps before pulling out. When he did, Reggie got up himself and the two switched spots. Selena went right back to work, sucking Ronnie while Reggie took her pussy again... but Reggie had another part of the plan.

He withdrew his cock from Selena's snatch and placed the slick pole at her anus, not pressing forward, but not removing it either. The moment the contact was made, Selena's head shot straight up.

“Wanna give me a little more baby?” he asked, rubbing her shapely bum. “Make me feel a little better?”

Selena paused briefly. She wasn't exactly a stranger to anal, but it coming up now made her wonder for a split second what else was being going to happen tonight. But still...she just didn't want to say no.

“Do it, Reggie,” she said. “Take my ass...” She winked at him, and he took that as his green light. He pressed forward, the entire room going silent until he got through.

From there it was a few moments of slow thrusts, Selena breathing deeply with every one of them, Ronnie's cock still in her hand being jerked. As Reggie's pace increased, so did Selena's pumping. And the pumping soon gave way to the return of her mouth to Ronnie's prick.

Before too long, it was all back on again, Reggie going at a full pace with Selena's ass and her blowjob in full effect, or the best it could be while being rammed in the ass. Either way, a fun time...and the footage Reggie knew he was getting would bring him customers in no time. Selena was a natural whore.

“Oh fuck...Selena...damn girl your ass is perfect...so fucking good baby...oh shit yes...”

“My turn for a piece of that,” said Ronnie.

“Give me a few more minutes, then I'll get back to her pussy and you can take her ass, Reggie said, the full impact of it not reaching Selena's ears right away. “Ohhh, fuck yes baby... take my dick... fucking take it!”

Reggie sped up, drilling Selena as hard as he could, Ronnie's cock falling out of her mouth as her moans once more echoed in the room.

“FUCK YES FUCK MY FUCKING ASS!” she screamed. The words would have surprised even her if she was paying attention to them, but she was a bit too far gone in pleasure to realize that.

But Ronnie was his business partner. After a few more slow pumps, Reggie pulled out of Selena's ass and returned to the couch. He led Selena to him, facing him as she lowered down on this cock. She was starting to ride when Reggie stopped her.

“Let Ronnie get in first,” he said.

“Wait, what?” Selena asked. “Reggie, I don't know if I can do that...”

“Sweetie, I promise, it's going to be so much fun, feel so good. “ He brought his hand to her face, caressing it while turning on the charm. “Would I lie to you? Trust me.”

“O-okay. But...just go slow first, okay...really slow. I've never done this before...never even thought of it.”

“Oh, he'll be gentle, right Ronnie?”

“Of course,” said Ronnie, rubbing Selena's ass. “You can trust me too.”

Selena braced herself. She once again felt a cock pressed against her asshole and push it's way through. What was new was the sensation of just how filled up she was. It was something she had never even thought about before...and it didn't feel that bad, not at all.

True to their word, it began slow, a little bit too slow for Ronnie, but he played along. But the moment Selena began to push back just a little, get more and more into the thrusting of the men. The moment she did that, for Ronnie, all bets were off.

It didn't take long for the three to become a sweaty mass of lust. Reggie now got to fully  enjoy Selena's body in a way that taking her from behind simply didn't allow. With his cock fully embedded in her cunt, her sucked and pawed at her tits, the rounds mounds bouncing in time with the furious pace of her double fucking.

As for Ronnie, he was much more focused on the pleasure, the only part of Selena's body her was holding on to was her ass cheeks, squeezing them tight and he rammed her with wild abandoned, spurred on by Selena's enjoyment of it all.

And the enjoyment was far from false. Selena was much more into this then she ever thought she would be... being taken by two men... one in her pussy, the other in her ass... it was beyond belief for her. The sensation was a whole new feeling for her, and it was all good.

And it was far from over. The two men switched back and forth, Selena being full worn out, cumming several times, to the point she had lost count. She was so spent she could barely move, only moan with the a drunkard's smile on her face, still riding high from her series of orgasms.

But all good things must come to an end. She thought she heard through her pleasured haze to get on her knees, Reggie and Ronnie were going to cum. Them pulling out of her was just confirmation for what she had heard.

The sweaty and cock-high beauty was her knees, mouth open, tongue out and smiling, her hand hands out just under her chin, ready to catch every last drop the men were going to fire.

And it was quite and amount, both Ronnie and Reggie utterly coating her, painting her face white with jizz. When the streams slowed to a trickle, she took them both in her mouth, the two sensitive cocks making their owners twitch and wine as she got her few last drops from them.

It was a good night for all, and a surprising one for Selena. And even more surprises were due to come for her...


It's was just a short three days before Christmas, and all through the college town, almost everyone was stirring due to not having finished their Christmas shopping. One of the exceptions to this was Liz Gillies. She had something much better than shopping on her mind.

Among those things was the weather, back east in Jersey, she could have never gotten away with wearing a skirt during the holidays. Not because of any prudish assholes, but the freezing weather was a severe obstacle to wearing anything less than fours layers of clothing unless you wanted to be damn near frozen solid.

But in sunny California, that was far from an issue. Yes, it could get chilly, especially at night. But a lot of times she could show as much skin as possible. Today was a midway kind of day though. Just enough to set some intrigue when she met Zero.

She was fairly anxious. Not nervous, but genuinely intrigued. She'd spoken to Sabrina a bit more, and everything she told Liz about him just made him all the more appealing.

Also, thanks to Sabrina, she had the perfect pretense to see him. She was officially in whatever project Sabrina and Peter were doing. She'd convinced Peter that despite the director Liz had been paired with, she'd shown more than enough chops to be included in the cast without a reading. That combined with saving time with the auditions got her the spot. And since she was in the cast, she had to meet with Zero for the FX work. Both the truth and perfect cover.

She came upon the building, a rather non-descript one story building. It appeared to be a warehouse, albeit a very small one. But still,  it had a doorbell on it and the address was right.

One doorbell ring and a few moments later the door opened and Liz laid eyes on Zero for the first time. He looked like what would happen if David Tennant woke up one day and decided he was going to be Shaggy from Scooby Doo, but with green hair.

“Who're you?” he asked, not even hiding the fact he was looking Liz up and down.

“Liz, Liz Gillies.” she replied. “I believe Sabrina or Peter called you about me?”

“Oh yeah, the actress. Here for your FX body scan or something, right?”

“Something like that. I'm assuming I can't get it done from out here, right?”

“Yeah, sure.” Zero opened the door and Liz breezed past him. She looked at a mirror dead ahead of them to catch a view of Zero checking out her ass. He certainly wasn't shy.

The inner workings of the building were a hodgepodge of old gaming equipment and toys. None of it was put out for presentation, it all looked more like inventory.

“You collect games or something?”

“No, not really.” Zero replied. “I mean I got some stuff but this is all part of the other business. I sell a lot of this stuff. Kind of a spin-off from my dad's pawn shop. I'm catering to a more niche market. It pays the bills so I can do the fun stuff like blood and gore and shit.”

“Always nice to have a side hustle,” said Liz. The further they got into the place the less inventory there was slowly giving away to computers, styrofoam heads, tubs of latex and Plaster of Paris until they reach a wall with a door.

“It's open, go on through,” he said. “That's where I do most of the movie stuff.”

“I see you're a man who separates business and pleasure. Very professional.”

“Well, if you've spoken to Sabrina you'd know that not exactly true.”

“Fair point,” Liz said with a smile. The two walked through the door to an area that was almost all tech, only the furthest corner looked to be any kind of domicile. A bed, a TV  with a couch and chair on one side and on the other a small kitchenette. Everything else was pretty much an FX workshop, both CGI and practical from what Liz could see.

“Still have a taste for going classic?” Liz asked, running her fingers over some of his foam latex make-up monstrosities.

“Well, computers can make it easy, but honestly a little too easy. Nothing beats getting your hands dirty.” The shared a glance, dancing around and treading lightly with the innuendo. Sparks weren't quite flying, but it wasn't like there weren't a couple at that this point.

“So, how do we do this?” asked Liz. “I get in a chair, your cover my face, make some kind of mold, boom, make-up's all ready?”

“Oh no, nothing so uncomfortable. Come on.” Zero led Liz to part of his work area that seemed you just be a tube. Mostly glass, but with bits of metal in it, seeming to hold it together, though there was most likely an  additional purpose. “It's my 3D scanner. A lot easier than plaster and molds. It'll scan you from head to toe. Every curve, dimple, everything will be recorded into the computer. Then, my 3D printers will print out a bust and we're ready to go..”

“Think the printer can actually handle this bust?” Liz asked, motioning toward her own ample one.

“I think that's a risk we're going to have to take. Let me go get the whole system warmed up and we can get started.”

Zero left her side to one his many computers, turning his focus strictly on booting everything up proper.

“So, anything I need to no before going in? Should I shut my eyes or anything?”

“No, nothing like that.” responded, tapping away on the keyboard. “The laser scan isn't like that. Very low level intensity. Those baby blues will be fine.”

"He noticed my eye color,” she thought to herself. Another in the win column for him.

“Really the only thing you need to do is strip down. Same thing had to be done with Hailee. Only way to get everything precise. Just let me grab you a...” Zero never got to finish that though. The moment he turned around, Liz was already nude, placing her blouse on his coffee table.

“Lose the shoes too, right?” she asked, he tone never breaking once, no-selling the nudity. That didn't stop Zero from staring. “What?”

“Oh...nothing. Just, well, I had a bikini for you...that;s what Hailee used.”

“Oh don't worry. I'm fine. Nice and warm in here, actually. Downright toasty. Besides, we want an accurate scan, don't we?”

“Sure do,” said Zero, grinning. He liked this girl's gumption. He led her to the scanning booth and Liz stepped inside. “Okay, turn and face me. Have your feet about...six to eight inches apart for the best scan...arms up at about forty five degrees...posture's already perfect...”

“Thank you. Not everyday a man sees you bare ass naked and compliments your posture.”

“Well, far be it for me to be obvious,” he said, winking at her. “It should only take a few minutes. There's a robe in that closet next to the scanner. Hope white silk is all right.”

“I'll manage,” Liz said, smirking. Two sets of machines within the tube began to slowly move around Liz, scanning her with a green laser. Several revolutions were made, then they stopped. “That it?”

“Should be.” replied Zero. “Just gonna do a quick check, let everything load up. Gonna take a few minutes though. Care for some tea?”

“Sounds great.” Liz stepped out of the scanner and grabbed the robe and headed for the small kitchen. Zero put a kettle on as Liz took a seat on the couch, legs crossed. “What you have brewing?”

“Mint tea, nothing major. That okay?”

“Still sounds good to me,” said Liz. Zero leaned against the counter, scoping Liz out. “Something on your mind?”

“What exactly did Sabrina tell you about me?”

“All the fun stuff, for sure. Also that you're a bit of a free thinker.”

“Free thinker?”

“Simpler way of saying does a lot of peyote.”

“Fair enough,” he laughed. “That bother you? The peyote, shrooms, all that?”

“Not really, unless its more of a crutch then fun.”

Zero nodded and moved to a chair facing Liz. “And what is fun for you, Ms. Gillies?”

“That's appropriate for light conversation? Well, I'm a big karaoke fan, jazz clubs, classic rock, vinyl hunting and show tunes. And trashy reality TV but let's keep that between us.”

“No problem,” he said with a smile. “Now, what about the fun that's not suited for light conversation.”

Liz smiled. Not a big one, but just enough to let Zero know it was there. “Well, that's the big question, isn't it? Let's be honest, you're not stupid. Neither am I. I'm sure Sabrina told you there was more to my visit than just the film, correct?”

“Well, all Sabrina said is she might be playing Cupid, just a smudge though. You asked if she knew any interesting guys, my name got dropped, and here we are. Well, that and your ex was a dead fuck. Is that going too far?”

“Not at all. It's the truth. So, tell me. What are you thinking right now,with all this honesty laid out?”

“Well, if we're being honest....”

“We most definitely are.”

“Well, and I'm sure you can't blame me for this, the main thing I'm thinking right now is how much I wouldn't mind being face first between your legs. IF we're being honest.”

Liz arched her eyebrow and smirked. She liked her men direct. Besides, she did ask for honesty. She answered him and by undoing the belt of her robe and uncrossing her legs. Zero got the picture.

The two locked eyes as he got up from his seat and promptly returned to his knees right in front of her. His fingers traced up her legs, danced up her smooth calves to her thighs, slowly parting them. His hands then moved to her robe, pulling it completely apart and putting Liz's glorious form once again on full display.

He grabbed one of her legs and lifted it up, kissing from her ankle to her calf and her thigh, the hairs of his soul patch adding a little tickle to every movement. Liz looked down at him, licking her lips ad her got closer and closer to her pussy. She was almost aching for the contact.

He drew his tongue slowly up her tongue tightly, planting kisses along the way until the destination was arrived at. His fingers came into enjoy the party. His fingers lightly touched her clit, motioning in small circles around it. Liz's eyes began to flutter and a small moan escaped her lips. It was off to the races.

Zero brought his mouth to Liz's clit. His tongue came out first, softly caressing it before going in closer and sucking on the red button. Liz moaned, her back arching, tits pressing forward. She slid the robe completely off and licked her lips as Zero really started to get down to business.

His fingers entered her as her started to suck a bit harder on her clit, teasing her a bit with his teeth. Zero's free hand roamed up her body, feeling her tight stomach fluctuate with her heavy breaths before grabbing on to one of her full breasts, feeling the lovely tit flesh in his hands before Liz grabbed his hand to suck his fingers into her mouth.

She moaned around the fingers in her mouth as Zero absolutely buried his face in her cunt, lost in the act of oral pleasure. His tongue was writing novels on her clit in every language he knew, with a little Morse code thrown in for good measure.

Liz was more than a little shocked. Not that the two of them were fucking, that was essentially her goal for the day. Instead, it was how close she already was to cumming. She was practically smiling with every moan and breathless cry of passion. Her back arched as Liz cried out one last time, her first word of the act, “YESSSS!!!!”

Liz held Zero's head in place as her body quaked with an orgasm. Better wake-up call than a cup of coffee, in Liz's book. But even before she was done, Zero rose up her body, his face still slick her her juices. Their lips met in a hungry passion, ready for what was going to come next.

“I'm gonna fuck you, Zero said in a guttural growl. “Gonna fuck you so hard.” Her through his shirt away and and undid his pants, taking his hard cock out.

“How about you do it then and stop talking about it?” Liz asked, a sarcastic smile on her face. The question was given the obvious answer when he thrust his cock inside of her, bringing a big grin to both of their faces.

The lips met again, some where between a collision as a kiss, desperate groans being exchanged as their tongue became just as intertwined as the rest of their bodies. Zero wasn't going slow and Liz wouldn't think of asking him. That's not what this was. And both couldn't be happier for that.

He wrapped his arms around her, pulling Liz close to his face and then burying himself in her tits. She couldn't blame him, she'd do the exact same. She cooed, eyes flitting when his teeth grabbed her nipple, pulling and tugging it as his hand savagely groped them.

She grabbed his face, making him stare her right n her icey blues. “Don't fucking stop...keeping fucking me and make me cum again!” demanded  Liz. She reached for his hand and brought it her neck. Zero got the point, slowly squeezing her neck. Not too hard, just enough to give Liz what she wanted.

“Yeah...yeah oh fuck yes just like that,” she said, her voice cracking. “Oh fuck I...fuck I can't believe I'm gonna cum again!”

“Yeah, gonna cum on my cock?” Zero asked,  darting his tongue out to meet hers. “Gonna my fucking hard dick... fucking do it... ohh fuck, cum for me!”

“Ggggffffuuuuck, yeaaaahhh!” Liz yelled, her cunt spasming and milking Zero's cock as he continued to thrust into her, not giving her a moments rest as Liz's orgasm rocked her like a typhoon. Her own storm was about capsize Zero's own vessel.

“Oh fuck I'm gonna cum!” he announced, moments away from the explosion.

“Fuck my tits!” Liz demanded. “Fuck them and fucking glaze them int hat cum...FUCKING DO IT!”

Zero pulled out of her pussy and Liz slid down on the couch, flicking her tongue at Zero as he got in position and placed his throbbing rod between Liz's perfect tits. She squeezed her tits and around his dick and Zero began to thrust. And Liz's tongue darted out to meet the head with every single motion until Zero had reached the end of his rope, exploded, Liz's tits and her lips and tongue being covered in his seed.

“Yesss. Gimme all that cum,” Liz demanded, grabbing his cock and jerking every last drop out on her pale skin. “Every drop... all of it... you have more... give me all of it....” She craned her neck up, giving him an extra jolt when she took his cocked head in her mouth, sucking and swirling her tongue around it until she knew for sure he was drained.

The two collapsed on the couch, breathing deep and laughing at a bit, both still riding that orgasmic high.

“So Zero,” Liz said, leaning back on her elbows. “What are you doing New Year's Eve?”


“Look man, you should just call her,” Jose said. “The longer you don't, the harder it's going to be for you to talk and the harder it's going get for me with Camila and Lili being friends.”

“She could always call me.” Jake replied. “Why's it on me? I'm not the one who didn't want to spend the holiday together.”

“Well, to be fair from what I understand it was just New Year's Eve, the rest of the time was fine.

“Oh come on, who's side are you on?”

“The side where I don't feel sandwiched between my girlfriend and my best friend! Besides, I think I should get some slack for taking Alison's couch while we're house-sitting for her.”

“Dude, we're crashing at her place because we don't have a place to live when we're not at school, let's not sugarcoat things.”

“But sugar tastes so good!”  There was a knock on the door, putting a pause on their conversation. Jose went to answer it and behind the door was Camila Mendes.

“Hi sweetie,” she said, kissing Jose on the cheek. She then looked at Jake. “Hi scumbag.”

“OH great, you couldn't just send me texts over the phone about this whole Lili thing?”

“Well I wasn't sure you knew how to use your phone, what with all the not calling Lili you've been doing lately.”

“That's what I've been saying,” Jose said, getting a roll of the eyes from Jake and a kiss on the cheek from Cami.

“But I'm not here to give Jake any additional shit. I was actually on the way to the bakery to pick up some of my dad's favorite cookies before Christmas. They're peanut butter chocolate chip things, little bit of mint, oh my God sweetheart you have to try them...but anyway, when I go in, I see something taped to their window....”

Camila reached into her purse and took out a flyers for Wildeheart Wrestling. What was on it made both Jake and Jose's jaws drop.

“What the fuck is this?” Jose said. “New Year's Eve Death Match? Light tubes, plate glass,barb wire...fuck Jake did you agree to this because Lili shot you down for Mexico?”

“First off, fuck you,” Jake said. “And secondly, I have no fucking clue why we're on this poster! Evan KNOWS we're not going to be here. And he also knows we're not doing this death match shit. Especially to begin a feud. Is he fucking nuts?”

“Oh thank god,” Cami said, sighing in relief as she took a seat on the couch. “I thought one of you set this up. In which case I was going to hurt Jake bad if it was him, or outright kill Jose for giving me a heart attack like this.”

“You know, it's obvious who's behind this,” Jose said. “She might as well have signed it and sold it with her overpriced 8x10s.”

“Kira?” Cami asked. “I thought she was just a wrestler. She writes the shows too?”

“No,” Jake said. “But she's not above fucking the bookers to get what she wants. And putting Jose into a situation where he's pretty much guaranteed to bleed...that's her all over.”

“Wow...okay seriously Jose, your taste in women before me fucking sucked.”

“Oh, believe me, I know.”

“So, who wants to call Evan to tell him the bad news?” Jake asked. “Coin flip for it?”

“Wait, we're not doing it?”

“What?!?” both Camila and Jake said simultaneously.

“Of course we're not doing it. You don't book a match like this and then have the performers find out by a fucking poster in a bakery window! Evan does this without so much as a fucking phone call? FUCK that.”

“I'm sure the phone call is on the way,” Jose said.

“And when it comes you're telling them no, right?” Cami said, getting silence and a shrug from Jose. “Oh you've gotta be kidding me.”

“I can't just say no!”

“Yes you fucking can! Jake is! God damn it Jose, you promised me.”

“Cami, we can fly to NY the next day.”

“I'm not talking about the trip. Fuck the trip!” Cami stood up, trying to contain her feelings by pacing. “You PROMISED me this is exactly the kind of shit you wouldn't do. You told me you would never do anything like this. Now you're just going to do it with no say in it?”

“Babe, I have to.” Jose got up, trying to pull Camila to him only for her to back away.

“No, you don't. I've seen the money people throw at you guys for shirts and those papers masks and stuff. You're bigger than some high school gym! He needs you more than you need him.”

“It's not that simple...”

“I'm with Camila,” Jake said. “It's totally that simple. You KNOW we've gotten offers to go elsewhere. ROH, Impact...we even got an offer to be jobbers on NXT! So no, we don't fucking need Evan. We're here because he asked us and named the right price.”

“Thank you Jake...wait aren't jobbers the guys who lose a lot?”

“Yeah but it's good pay and international exposure so it evens out. And they don't put us through glass.”


“Guys, if we don't do this, he could fucking bury us! One no show and we get the reputation of being difficult to work with and our careers are over!”

“Oh my god, Jake literally just said you had offers to go elsewhere. You could go anywhere else but you're just too chickenshit to say no.”

“Yeah, but I'm not,” said Jake. “In fact, I'm going to tell Evan personally I won't be there. You can do whatever.”

“Jake, come on man...”

“No, he's right. And you should go with him.”

“Sweetie, I can't,” Jose said, one last chance to plead his case. “It could ruin us.”

“Fine,” she said, anger mixing with hurt feelings. “Go ahead and break your promise. Do something that you don't even want to do. Bleed all over the place. But find someone else you help you patch up.”

She began to turn to leave. Jose grabbed her arm to stop her, but Cami brushed it off.

“Don't!” she said. “You don't get to do that. You made your choice. You chose bending over and taking it instead of keeping your promise to me. I love you Jose! I LOVE you. But if that's not enough for you to actually stand up for yourself, I'm not going to stick around.”

Cami left Jose speechless when she left the room. Then Jake chimed in.

“Do the smart thing for once in your life and tell Evan no. Keep her and give Kira the ultimate middle finger.”

“You sure you want to be handing me relationship advice?” Jose said, regretting it the moment it left his lips.

“Fine. Enjoy your bloodbath. I'm sure Kira will tell her boys to take it easy on you.”

And with that, Jake was out the door too. Jose was shell shocked. He slumped down on the couch, trying to figure out just how much he'd just lost...and if he could get it back.
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Re: All-Star College
« Reply #23 on: April 07, 2019, 08:07:22 PM »

“So, let us conclude the grand tour of the Farrano residence with, of course, my bedroom,” Ben said. He had just led Sabrina through the whole of the house while Peter and his parents were out shopping for the New Year's party in a few days. Sabrina had come by the day after Christmas and was technically Peter's guest. However, she wasn't dating Peter. Hence, the bedroom.

“Hmm, I wonder why we ended here,” Sabrina said, winking at him as she brushed by him, entering the room. It was typical teenage boy fair. Posters of films on the wall, a computer probably loaded to the limits with porn, a TV with a couple of game systems, all the usual. The only odd thing was the bed, just for it's sheer size. Both Ben and Peter, who's room Sabrina had seen when she dropped her stuff off in it, both had king size beds.

And upon seeing the second empty king-size bed of the day, Sabrina did the only logical thing, She hopped on, right in the middle. She leaned back, smiling at Ben. “What's with the big bed? You get that much use out of it you need so much space for the other people involved?”

“Nah, me and Pete just like our space...unless of course we're sharing it. Which in high school, we did not.” Ben walked over to his bed, sitting on it next to Sabrina. “Anything...extra-curricular got taken care of over by that computer.”

“Yeah, figured as much.” The two moved close to each other's face. Closer and closer until their lips met in a kiss.  “When is your family supposed to be home?”

“Not for a few hours.” Ben replied. His hand went to her shirt, going underneath it and feeling her tits in his hand. Sabrina's eyes flutter, a smile on her face.

“Close the door,” she said. “And lock it. Just in case.”

Ben nodded and shot up from his bed, locking his door so fast he might have set a new land speed record. When he turned back around, Sabrina was ready for him.

She was sitting on her knees, her top already tossed aside. She licked her lips and beckoned him to come to her with her finger. Of course, Ben found it impossible to resist.

When had got to his bed, Sabrina was on all fours. Her hands reached for his belt, deftly undoing any obstacle to her target. Once his cock was out, Sabrina sucked it into her mouth. He wasn't at full mast yet, which was something Sabrina liked. She always got off a little from feeling a cock harden in her mouth.

Ben' hands went to Sabrina's head, nesting in her long golden locks. He wasn't holding her head still, Sabrina was still in complete control. His hands just held her head while Ben himself enjoyed the sensations caused by her mouth and sensational tongue.

But the tongue wasn't the only tool in Sabrina's arsenal. Her soft fingers teased his balls, her nails and fingers tips sending little shudders of pleasure on the sensitive skin of his ball sack while her other hand jerked his cock while she sucked. It wasn't even so much a gripping hand. Her fingers glided up and down his shaft.

Ben's breathing was slow but steady. His eyes alternated between looking down at Sabrina and shutting his eyes and letting the feeling wash over him, focusing on every single snaking movement Sabrina's mouth made on his cock.

While Sabrina loved to give head, she also loved to get a little return on her investment. She pulled her mouth from his cock, still pumping it in her hand. “I think you're ready,” she said, winking at him. “I know I am.”

Ben answered by backing away, scrambling in an effort to shed his jeans. Sabrina laughed a bit, her tongue snaking out to lick her teeth. She leaned back and started doing the same just as the troublesome pants became a thing of the past.

Her short but shapely legs were in the air as she pulled her jeans off. There were at her knees when she felt Ben's mouth on her pussy.

“Oooh, hello,” Sabrina purred, settling back for a bit and let Ben take his turns. Goose pimples cropped up all over her skin as her alternated working her clit with his tongue and fingers, licking and caressing it as her legs hung in the air, her belt buckle dangling and making a clinking noise as it swung.

Ben then got to his knees, pulling her pants off the rest of the way. They were both more than ready.
Sabrina crawled over to him, wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. She lowered herself down on to his rod, both of them shuddering a bit at first contact.

“Oooh fuck that's good,” Ben said, giving Sabrina a quick kiss.

“Mmm hmmm,” Sabrina said, her grin playful and smoldering. “And would ya believe it gets even better?” She giggled a bit before kissing him. As their lips locked, Sabrina began her ride.


Ben's hand gripped her shapely peach of an ass, pulling Sabrina nice and close as she bounced on his cock.

“Mmmm, smack my booty,” Sabrina said. “Spank it a little, Ben....”

It started a light little smack that made Sabrina coo. Then another, harder one that made her moan for more. Her legs tightened around Ben's waist as the pace increased.

Ben's hand moved up her her back and Sabrina leaned back, her head resting on the pillows as now Ben was in charge of the pace. She looked up at him, perspiration glimmering on her reddened face as he drove into her, Sabrina's eyes doing more talking than actual words could ever do. It was the best fuel for the fire.

Soon Sabrina went from leaning back to full on laying back, her blonde hair splayed out on the bed. Ben kissed her breasts, circling his tongue around each nipple before moving up to her neck and then once again finding refuge with her own lips.

They were nose to nose, matching smirks between them as Ben began to fuck her again. The smirks soon gave way to open mouths, breathing, panting, moaning. Sabrina's nails raked Ben's back, her moans almost melodic in tone.

Ben was almost hypnotized by this sexy sprite beneath him. Flirty, cute, sexy, all rolled into one and not afraid of showing off any of those features at the drop of the hat. And the sex easily lived up to the hype.

He pulled out of her and brought Sabrina to her knees, the sexy vixen wiggling that booty again, ready for the fun to continue. But before going back to the promised land, Ben got up close and personal with Sabrina's ass.

“Oooh, yessss,” she hissed as Ben buried his face in her ass, his tongue probing her starfish just for a few moments. He wasn't getting anything back there, not yet anyway. Still, he couldn't resist getting a little up close and personal with Sabrina's ass, and frankly, she couldn't blame. She wasn't conceited but she was more than aware of the shapely caboose her pixie body possessed.

After planting a quick peck on each ass cheek before re-entering her. “Mmm, there we go,” she purred. Sabrina looked over her shoulder at Ben, her golden blonde hair whipping to the side. “Gonna make me cum all over that cock? Is that the plan?”

“Well, I don't want to spoil a thing.” replied Ben, giving her an extra powerful thrust as punctuation.

“Mmm, good... but don't write checks your cock can't cash,” teased Sabrina. And that was the end of words, or at least sentences for the two. As he took her, all there was time for was moans, pleads of more.

Ben's hand moved over the curves of Sabrina's body, her round ass, over her hip to her clit, joining her hand already there. Ben leaned forward, burying himself deeper inside Sabrina, moving his face to her ears.

“Cum on my fucking cock Sabrina...you're so fucking close and I know...I am too...we wanted this so fucking bad since we met... haven't we?”

“Nnng yessss,” she said. Ben softly pressed down, not forcefully, almost in a questioning way. Sabrina went face down and ass up,  as Ben drove into her, deeper than ever. “Sooo close... oh, so close...”

“Then cum...cum on baby...let it happen...cum for me...and I'll cum for you...”

“OOOOHHHH SHIIIIIT!!!” Sabrina cried out before burying her face in a pillow to stifle her moans. Her body shook and and her pussy hugged and spasmed on his cock. Sabrina's knees gave out and Ben continued to drive into her prone form, her moans going into pleased purrs as she rode out the last few echoes of a good orgasm. And now it was Ben's turn. He was barley holding on as it was and his voice gave it away. The least she could do was give him a little encouragement.

“Mmm cum for me...you're turn Benny-Boy,” Sabrina said. “And I want it someplace..mmm someplace so special baby....I want it on my face...and I wanna taste it...taste that cum...help a girl out?”

“Oh yeah...yeah...YES!” Ben pulled out in a flash and Sabrina rolled over to face him. She leaned back on her elbows, her blue eyes piercing him, her mouth smiling and her tongue waiting as he swiftly pumped his cock until her unloaded on her face, covering her face and pink tongue in ropes of cum. Sabrina took Ben in her mouth, sucking the last few shots from his cock, then used his rod to scoop the rest of the cum from her face into her mouth.

“Holy shit,” Ben said. He slumped down next to Sabrina, both of them staring up at the ceiling in a drunkard's gaze.

“So, here's what I'm thinking,” said Sabrina. “One, wash your bedding, sheets and all. Two, shower while that's happening. Three, you help me unpack my crap in Peter's room.”

“Then we bang there,” Ben said.

“Eww, no,” Sabrina laughed. “Then we remake your bed, head to the living room and wait for the rest of your family to come home and act like we didn't just fuck each other silly.”

“Good plan.” Ben replied.

“Well, I am both the beauty and the brains of the operation,” said Sabrina, smiling wide.


“Okay, so what do you think, short skirt, or long with a leg slit up the side?” asked Hailee. She was going through her closet, preparing for big fancy NYE party at her parents' work. In theory, her friend Lili was there to help her. However, once Lili entered Hailee's bedroom, she had only looked at one of two thing, her phone and the wall.

“Lili, is everything okay?”

“What?” the blonde asked, snapping out of her daze. “I'm sorry, I haven't been paying attention. You pick out a dress?”

Hailee flopped down on the bed next to Lili. “What's the problem Lils? You've been out of it since you got home.”

“I...I'm just waiting for Jake to call. We haven't talked since the semester ended. We had a fight and....no call.”

:Well, how about you call him?”

“He needs to call me first and apologize.” The re was a gruff look on Lili's face now, but still with a twitch of sadness.

“Okay...” said Hailee. She paused for a moment. She had yet to meet Jake, but Lili was crazy about him. To see her so mad she didn't want to speak to him...she knew she was missing a piece of the puzzle. “What did you guys fight about?”

“New Year's plans.” replied Lili. “He booked this whole vacation to Mexico...honeymoon suite, hotel on the beach...everything...”

“That sounds amazing,” said Hailee, imagining herself and Peter doing something similar, tropical drinks in their hands. “How'd that turn into a fight?”

“Well, we were supposed to leave tomorrow, according to his plan.” Lili's voice got a little harsher. “I tried explaining to him that I had plans with you, what we always, do every year and how I hadn't even seen you this semester and...”

“Wait wait wait,” Hailee said as she turned onto her side. “ Are you saying you could be going to Mexico tomorrow but you chose to help me get dressed for a party I'm only going to because I have nothing else to do?”

“Yeah...I mean I wanted to hang out with you again. I missed you.”

“Lili, I missed you two...but I would have understood.”


“Look, you know I love you. Ever since first grade, you and me. And yeah, we haven't seen each other at all this semester and not that much last one. But, Lili, what have we been doing since we got out of school?”

“Well, hanging out.”

“Exactly. I don't even think we've slept in different rooms for the last week. Just one bg sleepover. And we would have done that anyway. If you'd told me about this, I would have been fine with it. I mean, if Peter was around right now Id want him here with me, maybe introduce you two or something...” Hailee paused, smiling a bit thinking about Peter. “He's great. I know you're gonna like him. Just like I know I'm going to like Jake. So...I would have totally understood if you wanted to skip out on helping me get ready for the party and going to the snooze fest.”

“Well, I wish I'd known that,” Lili said. “Oh god damn it...”

“Well, you never asked...I'm sorry...”

“Haiz, it's not your fault. It's on me and Jake. The fight escalated way too fast...which is why I still think he should call me....”

Before Hailee could say anything else, Lili hopped to her feet and headed to Hailee's closet. “Let's see what we have to work with here,” Lili said. “Sultry and classy I'm thinking. Just because you're attached doesn't mean we can't have the guys there wishing they had a shot...”

“Okay, we'll go back to the party...but only if you promise you'll at least text Jake.”

“I'll think about it.” Lili replied. “In the mean time, get ready for some modeling.”


Jose was in his van, gripping his steering wheel white-knuckle tight. He wasn't even driving. He was in the parking lot of the venue where Evan and the wrestlers were no doubt preparing for the next night's show, the NYE event that might have cost him Camila. He knew what he had to do.

He reached for the cooler and took out another Surge. In seconds he had downed it. It was his third. Nothing like cracking open decades old soda to strengthen one's resolve.

He tossed the can in the backseat and left the van. Now or never. Focused like a laser he strode. He went right through the front door. Kira looked at him with her usual sinister grin, but he no sold her. Evan and Trevor greeted him but he brushed them off. This made them follow him. Jose thought it would.

They followed him to the locker room and watched as he opened it up and started piling  his gear into his gym bag.

“Hey pal, just getting you gear cleaned before tonight?” Evan said. “I mean we had to change the match to a handicap match since Jake said no and Alison won't be here but you'll pull it off, right?”

“I quit,” Jose said. He zipped up his bag as the punctuation, the pushed back Evan and Trent and tried to exit. They blocked him again.

“You WHAT????” asked Evan. “You can't fucking do that to me!”

“Yes, I can. And I am. You fucking try to book me and my crew in a god damn DEATH MATCH without even running it by us? AFTER we put over your nephews? Really Evan? Fucking really?”

“Come on, you know we need a great way to introduce Kira.”

“Have her ambush someone. Do whatever you want. I'm fucking done.”

Jose once more pushed past them. Right before he hit the door, Evan got in front of him one more time. “You walk out that door, you're done. Not just here. But any where. Think about that Jose before you tell ME no. Remember, I got connections”

Jose breathed deep. Promo time. “Connections? Really? Well, let's see what those connections have to say when they find out how you do business.” HE gave Kira a look over Evan's shoulder, one Evan noticed. When Evan's eyes moved to what Jose had just gestured at, he began to sweat. “And you know they'll buy it. Some reputations in the dirt sheets aren't bullshit. So not only will these connection of yours know the kind of stuff you try to pull on your workers, they'll know how easy it is for them to get what they want. And imagine how the dirt sheets will spin it...that in order to even get a meeting with you, a woman has to sleep with you. So you could blacklist me and my crew, but not before I make sure you look like the shadiest motherfucker in the business.”

Evan stood there, stunned. This wasn't the spineless Jose Heyman that had to be protected by his friends, the one Kira promised him. “Fine, what do you want, more money?”

“What I want for you is to get out of my way,” Jose said, mustering every last bit of guts he had, trying to be the fearless bad ass he was in the mask. “If you want to talk in about a week and a half, you know where to reach Alison.”

With that, Jose pushed past Evan. Evan then motioned for Kira to go to Jose before looking at the rest of his crew. “What the fuck are you guys looking at???”

Jose was halfway back to his van before Kira grabbed him. “What the hell do you think you're doing??”

“Shitting all over your little plan is what I'm doing.” replied Jose. “And don't even attempt to play innocent. I know you way too fucking well at this point to fall for it. The moment I saw that flier I knew you were behind it. You being sent out here to wrangle me back? Just the final bit of proof. And if we were still dating, you could have done it. You could have lured me back with the added bonus of me thinking you fucking someone else was my fault. Not now. So congrats Kira, all you got out of this was fucking your way  to the middle.”

Jose turned and headed to his van, leaving Kira in shock. As his van drove away, shock gave to anger, and that anger gave way to one sentence. “Jose Heyman, I am going to crush you like a bug.”

Meanwhile in the van, Jose had a wide grin on his face. He'd finally grown a pair. And he knew that Evan was going to call him, Jake, and Alison, begging to come back. He could read that on the promoter's face. But just in case he didn't Jose already had back-up plans, calls to make. All in all, it was the easiest part of the next two days. The hard part was talking to Camila. At this point, he was sure she'd blocked his number after their fight. He had one last shot to make it right, and was ready to do it.

But before that could happen, he was finally feeling a violent rumble in his stomach.

“Oh shit, here comes that Surge!”


New Year's Eve had finally arrived, and Owen had butterflies in his stomach. Not just butterflies, but butterflies who'd spent their entire lives in a gym, bulking up so they could have a rumble in his gut.

He had reason to be nervous. This was his first time...well, approaching anything sexual. He had always been awkward. Awkward to an insane degree. He had no idea how to really talk to anyone, which growing up made him an easy bullying target, which in turn made him utterly terrified of talking to women, especially if he was attracted to them.

There was a tiny part of him that was trying to make him feel ashamed in addition to being nervous. But he was able to wash away that thought relatively quickly. He wasn't going to some massage parlor that dealt in trafficked women or going to a street walker that have up most of her money to some dipshit pimp.

He had gone to, essentially, a reputable service. Hell, it was run by one of the school's professor's who gave him all the assurances she could. None of the girls that worked for Sophia did it against their wills. They kept 80% of the money and the customers were always screened for both safety and more accurate match ups with the women. No one was their, customer or employee, that didn't choose to be.

Owen had calmed down after that, and any time guilt tried to rear it's ugly head he just kept remembering that...after of course going through all his nervous ticks, like running his hand through his sandy brown hair or cleaning his glasses of streaks that weren't there.

He must have stood out like a sore thumb in front of the sushi restaurant, all his ticks while looking for the girl that Sophia had set up for him. Camila Cabello was her name, and he had gotten a picture of what she looked like, of what to expect.

When he felt a tap on his shoulder and turned around to see that same face from the photo, he had to admit he truly had no idea what to expect.

“Hi, are you Owen by any chance?” Camila said, her full lips in a sweet smile. That, and the rest of her gorgeous face took Owen's breath and ability to talk away for a fleeting few seconds, the reaction making Camila laugh a bit. Not in a taunting way, but in a flattered way. “I think you just answered my question.” She extended her hand and he gently grabbed it, not sure whether to shake or kiss it, so he did an awkward combination of both. She laughed again. “I'm Camila Cabello.”

“Ah.. haha... uh yeah, I think I figured that out too,” he said, his eyes drinking her in. “You look beautiful...”

“Thank you.” she replied. “You're looking very handsome yourself. “ Her brown eyes looks at the restaurant and those lips went into another smile. “Good choice. Great sushi and and wonderful sake selection. You ever come here before?”

“No. I mean I'm a big sushi fan but this semester has been really hectic...but I thought it looked great so I booked it for tonight.”

“Good thinking. Sushi and good company is a great way to spend New Year's Eve.” She winked at him, making him blush a little. It was cute. Camila had never done her job with someone she found outright disgusting or anything, she always found something endearing about her men, especially the repeat customers. Hence the repeating. Owen though...there was something unique about him she couldn't just place yet.

They entered the restaurants and were promptly seated. The restaurant was busy, but not hectic. Ready for the NYE rush. Busy, but not breaking the mood of the night.

The couple were sat in a nice corner booth, men presented before them, and then left alone to converse and peruse the restaurant's many selections.

“So, what do you study?” Camila asked. “Anything exciting?”

“Well, I'm attempting a double major in computer sciences and English Lit, so it's heavy classwork. I want to write though. Novels and stuff. Programming is a back up plan.”

“Oooh an author,” Camila said, legitimately intrigued. “I love creative people. Makes everything more fun. What kind of stuff do you write?”

“I don't know...I mean it's kinda nerdy...”

“Doesn't mean I don't want to hear it.” Camila reached forward, holding his hand re-assuredly. “Tell me.”

“Well...I write sci-fi. I want to do a novel series about time travelers who essentially solve time murders. Like, someone goes back in time to kill someone who was never meant to die, so they need to go back and find out who did it and then stop it from happening, set the wrong thing right...I know it sounds dumb...”

“NO, it really doesn't.” Camila smiled and leaned in closer. “I'm gonna tell you a secret. Something I don't really get to talk about doing, you know, this. My favorite TV show EVER...Quantum Leap.”

“No way...”

“Yep,” she nodded. “My dad had all the DVD's growing up and I just tore through them constantly. I loved the one where Sam leaped into Elvis, into himself as a kid, into his brother's Vietnam platoon, into Al...so many good episodes!”


“Yep. I'm so glad I'm talking about more than wine or fine art and stuff. Not that I don't like that stuff but usually my clients all seem to want to impress with how much they know about rich people stuff. This...is nice.”

“Thanks...it's nice to be here with you too.” Camila picked up her glass of water and clicked it with Owen's.

“Here's to tonight.” The two continued their small talk, finding it very easy to just converse. Camila enjoyed making Owen a lot more at ease and Owen just enjoyed talking to someone without feeling like the most awkward man in the room.

The server soon arrived. The pair ordered  a wide array of rolls, from California rolls to spicy tuna to Shrimp Tempura rolls.

“May I get you two anything to drink?” the server asked. “We have a wonderful sake selection.”

“Oh, that sounds wonderful,” Camila said.  “You drink much sake?”

“Can't say that I do, but I'm game.”

“Great! So, let me order it.” Camila looked over the drink menu and set her eyes upon a selection rather quick. “This is a good one. Two bottles of this Junmai. One chilled wit the sushi, one warmed for after the meal...wait is that okay Owen? I don't want to push too much on you...”

“Oh no, it's fine.” he replied. “I...I didn't even know you could have it warm, so I'm intrigued....gonna get both sides of sake tonight.”

“Well, that's not all,” Camila said with a wink, making him blush. He was cute all right. And relaxed. Well, mostly. She was totally at ease now. Owen had really made her feel comfortable. But he still seemed a little on edge. Fortunately, Camila had a plan for that.

“You know, I think you might still be a little nervous,” she said. “Tell me the truth, are you?”

“Well, yeah, a little. I mean not as bad as before but you know, some habits die hard and my anxiety pretty much has a bunker it hides out in to stay safe.”

“Well, let's se  if we can change that,” she said with a laugh. “Do you trust me?”

“Well, yeah...I mean, I don't have much reason not to.”

“Good. So...how about this. You...just sit there. Relax...let Camila take over.” Before Owen could really even guess what Camila had in mind, she slid under the table and crawled over between his legs. When he felt her hands  run over his pants, Owen jumped a bit.

“Shhh,” Camila said. “It's okay baby. Just relax. Camila's got you.”

Owen was sweating, breathing deep. His eyes darted around the restaurant as she unzipped him. “Oh!” he blurted out when her hands reached in and grabbed his cock.

“Already getting hard for me huh?” Camila said, beginning to pump his cock. “I'm flattered. But keep it under control honey, as best you can. I just want you to relax, okay? No one's gonna know but us....”

Owen's eyes fluttered when Camila took him into her mouth. The sucking began softly at first, just letting his cock get hard in her hot and wet mouth before she went any further. She didn't have to wait long.

Above, Owen tried to find something for his hands to do, anything to make him look like nothing was going on. Meanwhile, Camila was going hands free, only working her mouth along his rod. She didn't mind showing off and Owen was clearly a big fan of it.

Camila pressed forward, her nose pressing against his pelvis, letting him in her throat for a few moments before she pulled back, giving the head a hard suck before releasing him completely. She looked at his cock, absolutely pulsing and his leg's tense. He was going to have a nice big release. Frankly, Camila couldn't wait to give it him.

Her hands finally joined the party, delicately tickling and teasing his balls with one and stroking his cock with the other before taking him back in her mouth. It was go time now.

“AH...oh wow,” Owen said, his voice almost breaking as Camila's pace sped up. Every single movement of her tongue, every little way she teased him, pushed his limits just a bit was another wall torn down. His resistance wasn't going to last much longer. But what could he do? His body was telling him to yell out what he was feeling, but his mind kept hammering that pesky common sense into his brain.

“Oh... oh... mmm... Camila... I'm... I'm gonna...” He said, desperately trying to stay in whisper.

“Mmm, hmmmm,” Camila responded. It was the all clear. She was ready, very ready for what he was going to unleash. And she wanted it. She wanted to make him feel good.

Her mouth left his cock for one more brief moment, just to flick her her tongue underneath the crown of his cock, her tongue moving almost like a wave. It began throb and Owen's legs began to straighten out. That was  a tell if she ever saw one. Her lips enclosed around his cock once more, ready to take him to paradise.

“Mmmm, mmmnnnngggfuck!” Owen let out. The tone was relatively quiet and he hoped no one heard the noise, which was very disproportionate to the amount of pleasure he was feeling in the moment, which was off the charts.

Camila wasn't feeling to shabby either, loving how his cock pulsed with every shot into her mouth, her motions to swallow milking a few extra streams out of him. She wasn't having her own orgasm, but she was definitely having fun.

Once Owen's tap was dry, she parted way with his cock with a kiss on the tip, politely zipped him back up, and resumed he place across from him in the booth.

“Well, I don't know about you cutie, I hope the food is here soon. I'm famished,” she said with a wink

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Re: All-Star College
« Reply #24 on: April 07, 2019, 08:40:44 PM »

“Well, let's get this over with,” Peter said. Of all the things he'd want to do on New Year's Eve, faking being Selena's boyfriend to hide the fact she's dating a scumbag for yet another year in a row was dead last on the list.

“Oh come on, it's not gonna be that bad,” Sabrina chimed in, looking herself over in the bedroom mirror, smoothing out her black gown that hugged her curves n a way that even made her go “wow”. “It's not like you have to be on her arm the whole night. And I'm your back up. And Cami said she'd slum it tonight before she had to do something for her dad. You're covered so you're not 100% going to be in abject misery.”

“Thanks Sabs.”

“Besides, if it gets too hectic you can facetime Hailee at that thing she's doing with her family and go “Oh baby, I miss, wish I was with you, kissy kissy!” Sabrina said, mocking Peter and laying it on thicker than peanut butter.

“You're a pal Sabrina.”

“And this is me sober, when I get some champagne in me, you're toast.”

“Is this going to be before or after you slur out all of Madonna's catalog from the 80's?”

“Like you didn't love it.” The pair headed down the stairs. Everything for the party was all set up. The bar was decked out, signs saying Happy New Year were hung all about, snacks ready to go along with assorted paper hats and noisemakers for the guests. Full on cheese, but considering the holiday, 100% expected. It was pretty much like living in Wisconsin, cheese guaranteed.

Sabrina grabbed one of the garish hats and tried one on, a particularly tacky purple top hat looking one, covered in glitter. “Too classy?”

“Very.” he replied. “Parents aren't back yet, so no one should be arriving yet.”

“They set all this up and just left?”

“Decided to get more alcohol,” Peter shrugged.

“Wow, I have a lot in common with your parents.”

“I think you can probably drink my dad under the table, honestly. With that said, feel free to make yourself something, they won't be hurting from a couple beers.”

Sabrina went behind the bar and poured herself a bit of vodka and added some cranberry juice, then hopped up on the bar to drink it, her legs crossed like a lounge singer just waiting for the piano player to start. “Where's Ben?”

“Itching for a quickie?”

“Well, if I was you can't provide that anymore,” she said with a wink. “Just wondering. I mean, is he testing me to see if you really would try to make a move on me? Some sort of weird competition between brothers?”

“No, he's just picking up the cake and stuff for the parents. But what you said would make a fucked up movie.”

“Duly noted,” Sabrina noted, typing the idea down on her phone. “So how long is it just going to be just you and me? Not that the company is bad at all but this isn't much of  party. I mean this isn't much different than campus except then I'm In sweats, we're drinking piss beer and playing Smash Brothers instead of working on our movies.”

That's when the door knocked. “I guess that answers your question.” Sabrina put her drink down and hopped off the bar, walking right behind Peter as he went to open the door.

“Calm down everyone, the party has officially arrived,” Camila Mendes said with a grin. She walked right through the door, placing a quick peck on Peter's cheek and giving Sabrina a friendly hug. Then she looked around the empty house. “Either I'm early or this is the start of the worst kind of porno.”

“Party doesn't officially start for another hour.” Peter replied.

“And if this was a porno that fact that I'm in it means it can't be that bad,” added Sabrina.

“I like you,” Camila said to Sabrina.

“You're friend here is SUPER smart.”

“Shouldn't you be at your dad's hotel getting ready for that party? I thought it was work before fun then back to work.”

“Petey-boy, what am I going to do? The party already has planners and I'd rather spend time with my friend and his new pixie pal than be alone with my thoughts.” Camila's thoughts that she was trying to get away from went immediately to Jose. She thought again about unblocking his number...but then remembered he'd made his choice.

“Well, there's not much to do here except wait for the parents to arrive and the guests to follow suit.” he replied.

“I assume that also means your friend and mine Selena Gomez,” Camila said, her sarcastic smile matching her tone of voice at the mention of Selena's name.

“I take you're not a fan?” asked Sabrina.

“Peter and I dated in high school....and I kinda think Selena is the reason we stopped.”

“Oh...,” said Sabrina. “So did you guys...you know...”

“Oh of course, yes.” replied Camila. She moved closer to the tiny blonde. “I mean, it was kind of a build-up you know. I mean I've known Pete way longer than Selena. I'm talking pre-school. So yeah, kind of destined we were to be together until she messed with his head....wait...did you two...you know?”

“Yep,” Sabrina said. “Before him and Hailee got together. A one off.”

“Oh, we DO have a lot to talk about,” Camila said with a grin. “Is there a girl who you're friends with you haven't had sex with? And Selena doesn't count because I said FRIENDS...and I know you two never did anything.”

“Oh god this is my worst nightmare...” Peter said, and moments later his door had the sound of knocking upon it. When the door opened, this time Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift were behind it. “I stand corrected.”

“Look, it's a splitting headache in two sizes,” said Camila. “Did your parents actually tell anyone the right time for this party, Pete?”

“I'm just here so he and I can essentially get out plan laid out for tonight.” replied Selena.

“And I'm here to keep her honest,” Taylor added. “And always a treat to see you too Camila. Like an apple on Halloween.”

“Any apple you'd hand out would have to come with a razor blade, blondie,” said Camila. “Hey Sabrina, how about we leave the devil women to their misdeeds and compare notes on our...mutual interest?”

Sabrina nodded, a big toothy grin on her face. She and Camila exited to the kitchen and Selena and Peter went to the living room, Taylor in tow.

“Your parents have really outdone themselves in the decorations,” said Selena, trying to break the tension. “I really like the colors.”

“What's different?” he asked.

“What do you mean?”

“What's so different about this year that we need to go over some kind of plan? We've been doing this for years so you don't have to show off your shitty taste in men to your parents, I know the drill.”

“And on that note I think I'm going to go join those two in the kitchen,” Taylor said. “I might not be welcome there but it's gotta be more comfortable in their than it's gonna be in here.”

And with Taylor gone, that left Peter and Selena alone, just them and the fierce tension between them.

“Okay, what's your problem?” asked Selena. “Look, I know I blew you off this whole semester and I get you're mad...”

“This semester? Try our whole lives Sel!” Peter began to pace the room, trying not to blow up. “This is ALWAYS how it is when you mean your newest bad boy flavor of the month. I don't hear from you until you need something. Hell, I mostly don't even hear from you even without the assholes you attach yourself to!”

“Oh please, stop with the pity party. If you didn't want to help, you could have said no at any time. But you do it anyway. And you know why? You keep hoping that'll be the time you get in my pants, because that's all you're really interested in with me. Admit it! You want to imply that I'm not really your friend? Give yourself the same accusation when you're trying to dish out this friend zone bullshit to me.”

“You want me to be honest? Yeah, I always hoped that maybe, ONE day we could be more. Because stupid me, I was CRAZY about you! But I wasn't ever NOT your friend. Ever. I was their for you at the snap of your fingers and don't even try to deny you didn't take advantage of that more than a few times while you were slumming it.”

“Okay...I can admit that.” Selena responded, choosing to ignore the slumming comment. “And I'm sorry for that. I really am.” She took a breath, trying to calm down before speaking. “Look, let's just get through tonight, and we can talk about this other stuff, okay? If we're fighting, we will not get through this. Let's...let's just try to work together.”

“Fine,” he said. “Just get through tonight.”


New Year's Eve, it was a night of many types of parties. From the house party that Peter and his friends were at to the hotel party Hailee was going to be at. Those were the normal kind of parties. Fun, but typical. Liz Gillies wasn't in to typical tonight.

She was with Zero, and they both had plans for that night. Plans that were formed in the aftermath of their tryst. Plans that solidified when they both named the same club that they would be spending the holiday.

They had both been to The Wet Bar before, separate of course. But now...there was a lot of couples fun to be had there....which was the entire point of the place.

The two went to the door and showed their Ids and membership cards. It was that kind of kinky sex club. The bouncer knew them both, Liz especially well. They were let in easily.

They were both on auto pilot when they reached the bar, and the bar tender went the same way when they saw them and got them their regular drinks in a flash. After leaving a hefty tip, the pair spun around, scanning the crowd as they sipped their drinks.

“So, spot anyone yet?” Zero asked. “Or are you getting some threesome cold feet?”

“Settle down, I only just started looking.” She replied. Her blue eyes scanned the room. Men only. She and Zero had agreed to that, or rather she convinced him. Not that he was bothered by sharing with another guy...he just would have preferred two women all over him. She couldn't blame him.

Liz's eyes landed on a man on the opposite end of the bar. Shaved head, full sleeve tats from what she could see as well. He didn't notice her gaze. Fortunately for him he'd been noticed by her.

“We got one,” Liz said, motioning her head towards the mark. “Go talk to him.”


“Yes, you. Look, I do it, he says on the spot, then when finally comes down for doing the devil's triad he might get a little nervous at not being the only horn in the room. You do it? Sure, it'll take some convincing but it's not as likely that he'll back out.”

Zero thought on this for a second. “Eh, why not?” He downed the rest of his drink and headed towards the man in question.

He took a seat next to him and dove right in. No need to beat around the bush. “Hey man, what' up?”

The man looked at Zero and smirked. “Sorry man,no offense, but I'm not here for other guys,” he said. “You do you though. The way this place is going, you ain't walking out of here alone.”

“No problem man, not looking for a dude myself, at least not in the way you're thinking.” Zero replied. “See that girl over there?”

He looked up to where Zero was pointing and locked eyes with Liz, who winked at him as she drank from her vodka cran.

“See, she wants a little double team action for NYE and I just can't bring myself to say no to the little lady, can you? Especially when she already has a private room at this club ready to go.”

“Well...I mean if she already has a room...”

“Exactly!” The two men shook hands, sealing the deal. “Name's Zero.”

“Bill,” the man replied. “And the lady?”


The two went back to Liz, the bust brunette smiling wide. “Well hello there,” she said, extending her hand. “My name's Liz.”

“Bill,” he said. “And Zero's already made both his introduction and told me about your plans for tonight.”

“Then I take it you're in.”

“I'm here, aren't I?” Liz smirked, then looked at Zero.

“Follow me gents.” Liz led the way, Zero in two with Bill just a bit far behind, getting a good view at Liz's amazing ass. She took them to an elevator. She flash them another bodyguard her card, this time it was scanned. From there it was on to the elevator. It took them down a few floors before the stainless steel box opened revealing a long, elegant looking hallway.

“Which room did you get?” Zero asked.

“My favorite one here, the black room.” The door way to it wasn't anything special. Behind the door was a room of striking contrast. Blacks and silvers. A couch, a bed, black and silver over and over. “I love the color. Goes with everything.”

Liz made her way to the couch and sat down, legs crossed. Bill, being the newbie, had at least one question. “SO...how are we doing this?”

“Zero, would you mind explaining this to our guest?”

“Well Bill,” Zero began. “We're gonna start with you and Liz...just go with the flow. I'll pick my entry point.”

“I'm assuming you mean tat literally.' Liz added.

“Oh believe me, you'll find out.”

“Okay then,” Bill said. He joined Liz on the couch and the two didn't take long to enter a heated embrace, hands roaming each other's body while their lips were doing some roaming of their own. Zero leaned against the wall and watched. He liked to watch. Being in the action was a lot more fun, but there was something to be said for being a spectator, just waiting for your time to jump in.

Bill attempted to go lower on Liz's body, his mouth taking the place of her hands at the top of her cleavage. To his minor shock, he was blocked. “Mmm, mmm,” Liz said, in smile.  “Sit back and relax. I'm going to have some fun with you first.”

She went from the couch to her knees, and Bill did the kindness of opening his legs and giving Liz a station for what she was going to do next.

Her hands moved up his legs, nails tracing up the black denim of his pants until they met at the button. Undone. Then one hand massaged his bulge as the other pulled down his zipper. Access.

“Nnnggg,” Bill uttered. Liz had reached into his pants and began to pump his cock to full attention. Perfect night to go commando.

Liz ran her tongue from base to tip of his cock, flicking it against to tip before taking it in her mouth for a brief, but hard suck. Bill shook a bit and Zero grinned. What a show.

Liz began to suck in earnest, but first making sure Bill kept his hands to himself. This was her fun time. No other hands on her toy, not even the person it technically belonged to. Bill didn't take issue with that, not one bit. Liz's experience was too goo for him to even try to direct.

While Bill was loving his first experience with the wonders of Elizabeth Gillies, Zero was hanging back, enjoying the show, and getting ready for his grand entrance. Looking at the way Liz's shapely ass was swaying and wiggling as she sucked on Bill. He found that opening.

He went into Liz's purse.They came prepared. They both knew where this threesome was going to go before they even entered the club. Thus, the lube. He walked over and knelt behind Liz.

The only pause she gave form her suck job on Bill was an “Mmmmm” when Zero knelt  behind her and began to feel up that wonderful bum. He bunched her skirt up a bit then ran his hands from her ass to her legs, stopping just at the beginning of her thigh high boots. He chuckled to himself when he remembered her picking them out earlier. Liz called them her only real pair of “fuck me” footwear. These were her official sex boots, for all intents and purposes. Perfectly fitting. It made someone who was a sex goddess even more holy.

He kissed her firm apple before peeling down those black satin panties she was wearing, letting them stay at her knees. He then leaned forward again and decided to have a taste of the thing he had his eyes on.

“Ohhhhh, fuuuUUUuuckkk,” Liz said, pausing her blowjob for a moment as she savored the sensations the meeting of Zero's tongue and her asshole brought about. She knew what he was aiming for, quite literally. She didn't mind. It was a foregone conclusion that before the clock struck midnight he was getting her ass. Hell, Bill would too. She actually found the idea of Zero going straight to the ass hot, it made her even wetter.

Zero rose back up and reached for the lube, Her squirted a dollop onto his hand and worked it in Liz's ass with his fingers, making her tense up just for a moment before she cooed at the sensation, actually pushing back on Zero's fingers.

All the while Zero was a captive audience, Liz was still working his shaft with her hand, but he couldn't help but be more than a little turned on at the view  of Liz being prepped for an ass fucking right before his eyes.

Zero removed his fingers and reached for the lube again. He undid his pants, letting them fall, then worked some lube onto his rod. Then, it was time for Zero to fully enter the action.

Liz stopped moving just for a moment, hissing in a breath while Zero pressed his cock against her asshole. “Oh fuuuuck yes...” She moaned when he finally got the head in. Bill was in awe as he watched Liz slowly get her asshole filled, all while she was on his knees in front of him, her mouth so close to sucking him again. He almost came on the spot.

Once Zero had worked himself in,he waited for a few seconds, letting Liz get very used to the intrusion. Then he began to thrust, just a bit. He was testing the waters. Then eh got the clear signal.

“Mmmm Zero just fuck my ass.... ohhh fuck, stop playing with me...”Green Light given. Zero began to go a bit faster and harder and Liz went right back to sucking Bill. She was still hands free, but more likely now because her hands were grasping at Bill's legs tightly, almost bracing herself and pushing herself back against Zero's thrusts.

“Ohhhh fuck yes Liz,” Zero said. “Don't you stop sucking his dick...no no...oh...mmm...keep doing it...fuck...with this dick up your ass...oh fuck baby..”

Liz could only answer with a moan. But even without words the sound had confidence and sultriness to it. It was gasoline on the fire. Zero was going much faster to the enjoyment of everyone involved. Liz loved being reminded why she liked being fucked in the ass. Such a unique experience...a whole different kind of pleasure, new sensations...same destination with a whole new set of landmarks.

“I think Bill could use a bit of a change, don't you Liz?” Zeroa asked, giving the pale sex goddess a firm smack on her ass. “And I think your tight little pussy could use a bit of company.”

“Oooh...oh that's good idea...mmm, fuck yes...” Liz replied. Zero pulled out and got to his feet, using the break in the action to strip completely. Liz did the same, and Bill followed suit. She was once again holding Bill close, hungrily kissing him before pushing him back down on the couch.

No words were needs. All Liz needed was a look of her eyes. She straddled Bill and impaled herself on his cock, her moan erupting into a scream of passion as she was filled with his girth. Then Zero resumed his place in her asshole.

“Mmmmm fuck, this is just about perfect,” said Liz, licking her lips as her men built up a firm and steady rhythm inside of her. Being filled like this was an experience she couldn't explain. Calling it pleasure undersold it. It was a component for sure...but it also fed her ego as well. Two men wanting her so much they just couldn't wait.

And the way they took her, thrusts that were both measured and desperate in their need added to it. And how they focused attention all over her body. Zero's hands on her ass, back and shoulders, his mouth at her neck and ears, whispering images of the most romantic filth imaginable.

And Bill did what was expected of him, which Liz couldn't blame him for. After all, with her admittedly amazing tits dangling in his face, how could he not bury his face in them. Kiss, lick, nibble, bury himself in the experience of her breasts...he was only human, after all.

The trio switched things up again. Bill stayed on the couch, but Liz turned her back to him, settling back down only now his was the cock up her ass. Zero's cock found a home in Liz's pussy, the two kissing deeply and the furious tempo built up once more.

Zero's forehead was against Liz's their eyes locked on each other. “Like that? Huh?” he asked as he drove into her, feeling Bill thrust as well in to her. “Both your holes filled up with cock? Exciting enough for ya? Huh? Say you fucking love it!”

“You already know I fucking do,” Liz teased, her beautiful smile contorting into a lustful snare. The two collided in a kiss again and the pace off three went faster and faster. The fireworks were getting ready to go off and Liz was about ready to cut those fuses even shorter.

“Take my fucking holes!” she yelled. “How they feel, huh?  My holes gonna make you fucking cum? Huh boys? My ass and pussy too fucking much for you? You boys better making cum! Cum on those fucking perfect dicks! DO IT!”

“Oh fuck oh fuck oh FUCK!” Bill groaned, trying not to erupt inside of her. Zero was close too, but he wasn't showing his hand yet.

“Yeah cum on our fucking cocks...cum on Liz baby...do it...do it and we all cum...come on baby...”

“Ooooh...oh fuck I'm gonna cum...fuck Zero I'm gonna cum!” Liz declared mere seconds before her orgasm erupted in her, the volcano of pleasure coursing through her, the eruption taking it's toll Zero and Bill. And Liz could read it on Zero's face. “CUM IN ME! Both of you! Fill my ass and pussy with your fucking cum!!!”

And they did, their cries mixing with her and they pumped Liz's holes up with their hot, white cum, Zero leaning forward to kiss as he came down with Liz. As the crashing waves went to low tied, Liz looked in Zero's eyes, a fierce energy still behind her exhausted face.

“Happy New Year,” she said, licking his lips.


“So, how does it look?” Hailee asked. She stepped out of her closet, showing off her dress and hair for the party. Lili, who was Hailee's audience, had helped her pick out the dress as well done her hair and make-up, but was also the only person Hailee really wanted to show off in front of. And to be fair Lili hadn't seen the entire ensemble put together.

“You look great,” Lili said. And she meant it. But her heart wasn't totally into it, which was something Hailee picked up on immediately.

“Let me guess, he hasn't called yet.”

“Nope.” Hailee sat next to Lili on the bed. “And my next guess, you didn't call him.”

“No...because Jake should call me.”

“Lilz, I agree with that assessment totally. 100%. But...maybe give a little just in this case? And if you have to go after the call, I'm fine with that. We've had fun so far, and we'll have fun hanging out when school gets back in session. Just...just don't let someone you really care about go this easily. You'll regret it.”


“Lili I'm saying this as your friend. I've known you longer than I've known a lot of people and I'm telling you, I'm fine with you going. But please, just call him. I hate to see you like this.”

Lili took a moment. She was still really mad and hurt by Jake...but she'd also cooled off. She wished they'd talked more before this, maybe reached a better understanding. Maybe they'd even be on their way to Mexico right now. Then her blue eyes went to er purse, where her phone was.

“Are you sure you're fine with this?”

“Lils,” Hailee said, standing up from her seat. “I'm fine. I mean, yeah, it'd be fun with you there but even then...it's still a work party for my parents so it wouldn't be that much fun. The complimentary suite I get is probably the highlight and that's just for the free cookies and morning room service. Besides, a dress like yours kinda needs to be seen by someone who's going to really appreciate it.”

Lili smiled and almost leaped up from the bed and grabbed her purse. “Okay, but the DAY school gets back in session we're having lunch together.”

“Deal,” laughed Hailee. “Now, go get him. Have fun.”

Lili rushed to give Hailee a goodbye hug then went for her phone, already dialing as she left the bedroom. Hopefully Jake would pick up.


Sushi time was over and Owen and Camila were already at the hotel. Camila had done the impossible, melted pretty much all of Owen's nerves. He was still a bit awkward but Camila had no problem with that. She actually found it cute.

Cute...and a bit sexy. But that was mainly how well they got on during the food and sake fun of dinner. But now, at the hotel, it was about to be all about a new kind of fun.

She let Owen lead the way into the hotel. It was nice, extremely nice. Bellmen, chandeliers, and a concierge in a three piece suit. Before going to the elevator, Owen headed to the front desk.

“Excuse me,” he asked. The woman behind the counter looked at him and smiled.

“Yes sir, how can I help you?” she asked.

“I was wondering if it'd be possible for me to make a quick room service order and have it waiting for us at my room?”

“Of course sir, I just need the room number and your I.D.”

“Room 619.” he replied. He handed off his ID as well.

“All right Mr. Larshart, and what would you and your lady friend like?”

“Champagne. Um....Cristal?”

“Are you sure?” Camila asked. “Don't splurge for for me. I'm fine with whatever.” She squeezed his hand. Not hard, but in a sweet way. “Whatever you get will be great.”

“Cristal. And some strawberries....or is that too cliché?”

“It's fine.” replied Camila. “I love both of those things.”

“So, is that it Mr. Larshart?” the clerk asked.

“Yes, and just put it on the room.” She nodded in response and told the couple that their order will probably be there when they arrived, or shortly after.

“You didn't have to splurge like that...but thanks,” Camila said as the elevator doors closed. “What do you do for a living? I mean, and I don't want to pry, but all this looks kind of expensive.”

“I...uh..I do a lot programming stuff. It's mainly just that and school. I save any extra money from my jobs over so when I have free time I have some wiggle room. And since I don't have much free time, when I do have it I have a lot of wiggle room.”

“Oh, going to school for it and doing it?”

“I'm taking advanced courses. People hire me for basic stuff like web pages and stuff. Honestly having a degree is the valuable thing that will get eyes on me while I'm working on my novel.”

“Well, obviously working out for you,” she said, kissing him on the cheek. Camila was paying a lot of attention tonight. Owen was a lot more interesting than she thought he was going to be. Of course it helped that he was treating this thing like an actual date. It was endearing for her. So endearing she didn't notice herself acting something a bit more than professional herself.

The doors of the elevator opened and right when they turned to the suite, there was a room service attendant waiting with the order he'd placed. With the attendant tipped, the couple then entered the suite, and once more Camila's jaw dropped. It was big, damn near a penthouse.

“How much programming do you do?” she asked.

“Way too much,” he said. “But I try t make up for it with times like this.” He blushed once more, which made Camila do the same. “Want to see the view?”

Owen took her out to the balcony, champagne and strawberries in hand. He placed them on a little table on the balcony then went to the rail.

“Nice,” she said. “You wouldn't think it, but the view really is ice here. The blinking lights, even the cars and traffic lights...it's something to see.” He came up behind her and placed his hand on her shoulder. She put hers on his,then turned around. He moved forward going for the kiss. She was waiting. Fireworks before midnight.

It broke, sweetly. More was to come. “Take a seat,” Camila said. Owen did so, sitting back on a reclining chair. She winked at him, then went for the champagne. “I'm sure you've seen them open champagne in movies and stuff. They always just pop the cork and the champagne explodes, sprays everywhere.  Sometimes to cork itself goes flying. The reality is...that's not how you're supposed to do it.”

She picked up the bottle from the bucket of ice it was in and ran her fingers along the neck. “See, the way it's supposed to be done with a lot more finesse. First there's the wire around the cork.” She placed one hand near the cork, pressing against it with her thumb while the other removed the foil around the neck. This exposed the wire cage, which she deftly undid.

“It's important to be careful. Don't rush. Going to quick will ruin anything. Like if I tried to pop the cork right now? Bottle might go flying. Still wet from the ice.” Her eyes locked on her attentive audience of one, licking her full lips as she went for a towel near the bucket, wiping down the bottle. “Now, one of the major mistakes people make is they always focus on the wrong part. Most people go right for the cork.”

She walked closer to Owen, a seductive smile forming on her face. “Always take your time. It'll pay off. Instead of pushing hard against that cork and ruining the bottle by going way too early, you have to take it slow.” She motioned for him to grab the bottom of the bottle.

“Not too hard,” she added. “Okay, now, gently pull and twist. Don't stop until you hear a pop.” He did exactly as she asked, being urged on by her comforting gaze. And soon POP went the cork. “Good job. Not a bit spilled.”

She poured them each a glass of champagne. Camila handed one off to Owen before heading back to the rail of balcony. “Come here,”she requested and Owen complied. He came to her  back, softly embracing her. It was a bit forward for him, but Camila didn't mind. He was getting comfortable. It was what they both needed. Camila sipped the champagne, and anticipated the next move Owen would make.

A gentle caress of her shoulder that soon gave a way to a gentle kiss. She sighed and licked her lips. Then came another sip of champagne.

“Unzip my dress,” Camila said. His hands traveled to the zipper and slowly pulled down. The dress slid off, and Camila wasn't wearing a thing under it and Owen was hypnotized by the site of her nude body. He was running on instinct as he dropped to his knees and began to kiss that rounded perfection.

“Oooooh yessss,” she sighed. There wasn't much finesse in what he was doing, but the passion, the hunger, that was all there and made up for any inexperience that Owen might have. She went along with him as he turned her around. He wanted to taste her and Camila had no problem with that.

She moaned once more as he began to taste her, his tongue and fingers gently probing her insides. No real technique, but again, passion makes up for a lot. He wanted to make her feel good and as a result, the effort was paying off. She wasn't going to cum from this treatment but the feeling itself was sweet, wonderful. Just what it was supposed to be.

“Stand up,” she said, smiling. When Owen was on his feet, she kissed him again, he tongue licking at his lips as it broke. “You know honey, it's kind of awkward for me to be the only one in their birthday suit out here.”

“Oh yeah...” Owen said before stripping off faster than any man Camila had ever seen. It made her laugh, but not in a cruel way. She really liked this guy. She almost forgot this was a job.

With Owen totally nude, the two embraced, skin to skin, lips to lip. His hard cock was against Camila's thigh, though soon her hand went between them, pumping his cock. Just feeling it in her hand, the size and shape of it...she honestly couldn't wait any longer.

She broke away from him and then leaned forward on the railing, her round booty presented right before Owen. She looked over her shoulder at him. “Take me,” she said. “Take me Owen.”

He got behind her, rubbing and caressing her ass with one hand while he guided her other to her pussy. Her breathed deep as he entered her for the first time, moaning “Oh my GOD!” when he was inside her. From the sound of Camila's own moans, the feeling was very mutual.

Owen began slow. He had too. Any faster than the pace he was at right now and the sex would be over before it really began. This was all right with Camila. She understood and took it as a compliment in a way. Besides, it didn't feel bad at all.

Her hand slid between her legs, softly working her clit. Her mouth was open wide, the corners upturned into a smile. “Mmm....oh Owen,” she moaned. “So good baby...just a little faster honey...oh fuck a little faster...doing so good...”

Owen did so, increasing his pace ever so slightly. He leaned closer to Camila, kissing the back of her neck and shoulders, pleased sighs and moans escaping her lips at the sweet attentiveness of his lips while his hands caressed her booty.

While all of this was wonderful, a great change of pace even from Camila's usual clientele, Camila new he might not be totally ready to be this much in control. Which was fine. Taking control of the situation had it's own kind of fun attached to it. She just had to take it carefully.

“Ooooh Owen baby, pull out for a second sweetie.”

He paused for a second, then did as she asked. “Is everything okay? AM I going too fast or...”

turned around and kissed him, both silencing him and soothing his doubts.

“No baby, you're doing great,” said Camila. Her hand reached out to pump Owens slick cock very softly. “I just wanted you to give me a ride...and have a better view.” She lead him to the reclining chair where Owen took a seat.

His eyes were glued to Camila. She downed the rest of her champagne and set the crystal glass down. She then grabbed one of the strawberries. Camila pulled off the green leaves of the berry the placed it in her mouth, her teeth softly sinking in before she walked over to Owen.

“Ohhhh Camila,” he moaned when she sunk down on his cock. She gently caressed his face before grabbing it, then moved forward, offering the strawberry to Owen, who egaerly ate it. The sweet snack of the fruit gave way to a kiss. And that when Camila began to rides his cock. The pace was hers, and Owen was more than fine with it.

“Oh...oh yeah baby...oh yeas...feels so good inside me...oh Owen...ohhh...ohhhh...” Camila's eye's fluttered. The pace was faster, but not too much. Owens was riding on that edge, right there in a state of pleasure before going over. Exactly where Camila wanted him.

She leaned forward, her face never far from his. They kissed repeated while Owen's hands roamed her back, from her shoulders to her round bottom where he gained a good grip.

“Oh!” Camila said a small laugh following it as Owen pulled her closer, his lips kissing and sucking her nipples for the first time. He was lost in the moment now. Mission accomplished.

Camila's pace began to sped up. The whole night was getting to her. The passion of it all, added to the fucking, she was just as close as Owen. It would have surprised her if her mind wasn't so focused on how good she was feeling at the time.

“O...Owen...oh baby I'm gonna cum... mmm but I need you to cum too... okay baby? You cum I cum...that a deal honey?”

“Yeah...oh yeah Camila,” Owen said, holding her tight against his own body. He was more than willing to do anything she asked of him at this point, which of course included reaching orgasm.

“Yeah... yeah just like that.. .hold me close baby... cum in me... cum for me and I'll cum for you....”

“Ahhhhh, fuuuuckk!” Owen said, trying his best to keep from yelling out into the night as he began to cum. Both actions made Camila smile.

“Yes baby....mmmm cum for me... fill me up... make.... ooooh, Owen... fuck you're making me cummmmmmm!” And Camila wasn't faking it. Her body quivered and quaked as pleasure now also wracked her, and she was holding Owen just as close as he was her. And as he began to come down, they kissed once more, her weight softly pressing him down onto the reclined chair, Camila now laying on top of him.

“Mmmm,” she said, kissing his chest. “You grab the strawberries, I'll get the champagne... and we'll meet in the bed,” she said dreamily.

“Okay....” Owen said, chipper but still a little dazed. He knew Camila wasn't done with him, and even as lost in the aftermath as he was right now, he was more than all right with that.

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Re: All-Star College
« Reply #25 on: April 07, 2019, 08:54:28 PM »

“So, when are you going to put a ring on my daughter's finger?” Mandy asked, nearly making Peter choke on his drink.

“Mom, come on,” Selena said. “We're still in college.”

“But you two have been together since what, Junior High?” Mandy looked stern, then broke out in laughter. “I'm just kidding around with you two... mostly. But still Peter, you better think about it. Selena's a catch, you never know who might grab her attention.”

“You're right there, Mandy.” Peter said with a grin. “But while I'd love to talk engagement rings with you, I think I might have to rescue my brother and Sabrina from being interrogated by my parents.”

“Of course,” Mandy said. “And I'm sure Selena is going to go and be your back-up. You two are just inseparable.”

“That's how it seems doesn't it?”

“We'll be right back mom,” Selena said. She then followed Peter out of the game room into the busy living room. The party was bustling at this point and Peter had been keeping up his deal with Selena. Everyone thought they were dating like they did every year, yet this was the first year Peter was getting increasingly annoyed with the concept. No one could tell of course. Except Selena.

“Don't worry, it's almost over,” she said.

“Well then I hope you don't mind if I take a break.”

“No, but come on...it's not all bad.”

“Not all bad?” Peter could not believe what he was hearing. “Your mom was joking about us getting engaged! Which means the question is REALLY in her mind.”

“Yeah, I know...and I'm going to tell her in February we're done but still friends...okay?”

“Sure.” He replied. “I really do have to have to see save Ben and Sabrina...possibly.”

“Right...at ths point your mom is probably trying to verify Sabrina's social security number and your dad runs her finger prints....why does Ben get the over protective treatment anyway?”

“Because he's the baby....by like five minutes, but still.”

'And on that note, I'm going to go check on Taylor, see if her new boy toy arrived.” The two went their separate ways, but before Peter could make his way to his brother, Camila caught him by the arm.

“Come with me,” she said. “We're getting a drink.”


“Because I'm guessing you need one right about now.”

“Eh, good guess.” The pair went to a kitchen counter covered in assorted booze. Camila reached for the first bottle that caught her attention.

“Tequila good for you?” she asked.

“Fine by me.” She poured them each a shot, clinked glasses and they bother down the shot, followed by the traditional tequila grimace.

“Whoa,” said Camila. “Good stuff.”

“Oh yeah.” Peter replied. “You heading out soon?”

“That depends, Selena done with you or are you still at her beck and call for the rest of the night?”

“I don't now honestly. I just got done being grilled by her mom, and right now she's talking with Taylor or something. I don't know.”

“Taylor huh? You know, I never would have thought we'd have anything to talk about, but she, and Sabrina all had a lot to say about you and your bedroom activities. Very educational.”

“Great. I need another shot.”

“Oh calm down, it was all VERY complimentary,” Cami said with a wink. “Besides, consider yourself lucky. I mean, how many other guys can say they have had three unbearably hot women in their beds with a fourth just around the corner? You dog, you.” The two laughed a bit, and Camila did indeed pour them each one more shot. “To friends.”

“To friends.” They both downed the tequila once more before heading off in search of his brother. Camila found herself heading to the backyard, wear she walked in on Selena and Taylor having a conversation.

“I still can't believe you're dating Norman,” Selena said. “I mean he's so...Norman.”

“He's nice, smart, great in bed, and very helpful,” said Taylor. “Like right now, he's just finishing up with a project I'm working with a couple other people. He's putting the finishing touches on it. It's why he's late.”

“What kind of project?”

“Oh, kind of a charity,” Taylor said with a laugh. “Sorry, inside joke. I'll let you know about it when it's ready.”

“Okay...” Selena then looked at her watch, then her phone expectedly.

“Waiting for something?”

“Yeah, Reggie should be here soon to pick me up. We're going to some party down town.”

“And then Peter is finally free.”

“Yeah, until February.” Camila came a little closer upon hearing this. Neither of the other women noticed.

“Are you sure about that?” asked Taylor. “I think his girlfriend might object to that.”

“Then I guess I'm going to have to make that not a problem.”

“What? Sel, no...that's fucked up.”

“Oh come on, like you haven't done the same.”

“I haven't.” she replied. “Sure, I tend to fuck with people who fuck with me first, but never my friends. And Peter is your friend, right?”

“Of course he is. I would just prefer him be with someone a little...better. I mean it's just like when he was dating Camila in high school. I had to end that and all it took was turning up the charm a little bit....”

“Oh my god,” Camila said, announcing her presence. “I always blamed you for Peter and I breaking up but holy shit, I never imagined you did it on purpose.”

“Great,” Selena said. “Just what I needed, more of the rich girl tonight.”

“I always knew you were bitch Selena, I just didn't figure you for a stone cold bitch.” Camila got right in Selena's face, neither was backing down. “I gave you the benefit of the doubt. That you didn't know what you were doing. Clearly my mistake. Though there is some slight validation in being right about you.”

“You don't know the first thing about me and you never have,” Selena said. “Which is why you're not good enough for Peter. He deserves better than some poor little rich girl cliché.”

“Selena, come on,” Taylor said. “This isn't the place for it.”

“No Taylor, I think it's the perfect place,” said Camila. “I'm actually glad you're here. That's a sentence I never thought I'd say, but it's true. See, you I get. I may not like what you do, but I understand it and Hell, I even respect your honesty about it.” Camila's eyes focused back on Selena, nearly burning a hole through her. “You...don't get it. Maybe it's the self-delusion part. I'm willing to bet on some level you actually think sabotaging Peter's relationships is somehow helping him. And the fact that it just aligns when you need some help from him, well that's just a bonus isn't it?”

Selena didn't answer. Camila smirked, looking at both Selena and what was behind her.

“Before I leave this party to get away from you, just tell me this; what's your issue with Hailee? I mean me, I get. Somehow me being rich that rubs you the wrong way. But Hailee? She's a nice girl. He's crazy about her. What's your problem there?”

“I don't need to explain myself to you.” Selena replied. “All you need to know is she's not good enough for him. They can have their fun, I'm not cruel...but when the time comes I'll make sure he ends the mistake.”

“And how is that going to happen exactly?” Peter said. He was right behind Selena, right where Camila had been looking. Selena turned around stunned, fumbling for words.

“Look, Pete...I know it sounds bad but I'm just looking out for you....”

“Yeah, whenever it seems to benefit you, right?”

“Look, let's just talk about all this, okay? It's not as bad as you think.”

“Look, just save it Selena. I'm too exhausted by lying for you to even attempt an argument or anything. Just...let's leave this whole thing at that, okay?” Peter walked off back into the house. Selena went to follow him, but Taylor stopped her.

“Sel, I know you want to fix this, but trust me, you're the last person he wants to see right now,” said Taylor. “Let me try to smooth things over.”

Selena nodded, then turned to Camila. “Did you bring him over to hear that?”

“Oh god no, that was just hilarious circumstance. That grave you're in right now? You dug it yourself.” Camila walked past Selena, then paused one more time. “It's bittersweet though. Because even though it was amazing to see you fall flat on your face exposing yourself...Pete's still hurt. But don't you worry, your pal is going to be feeling a lot better next time he sees Hailee. Until then...I don't know...chill out with your “drug dealer or whatever bad boy nonsense he does that makes you dumb” boyfriend. I'm sure he'll sate your hunger for bad decisions until you want someone even worse.”

While Cami was having her parting words with Selena, Taylor had caught up with Peter...but not for the reasons he expected when he spoke to her.

“Look, Taylor, just don't right now, okay. I don't think you could defend no matter how hard you try.”

“Oh, believe me Peter, I'm certainly not.” Taylor replied. “In fact I find Selena's attitude completely nasty to tell you the truth. And honestly, that's cold even for a girl like me. This is how she always is when she's with a fresh asshole though, their worst aspects rub off on her, and Reggie has ego and pride in using people as his chief flaws... among thousands.”

“Well, yeah,” Peter said.

“So, here's what I'm thinking. She's my best friend but Selena needs some consequences. Heartbreak doesn't do it. So, I suggest you go right up to her mom and tell her the whole truth. And not just about her current pimp boyfriend, all of them.”


“Or a drug dealer,” Taylor said, trying to cover up what she knew. “I mean he's definitely shady, right?”

“Yeah... you're right.”

“As always,” smiled Taylor. “You go talk to her, I'll be right behind you as back-up.” Peter nodded and headed for where Mandy was last. Before Taylor could start, she was stopped by Norman.

“Finally found you,” he said. The couple kissed, then Taylor was handed a computer tablet.

“It's all done?”

“Yep, the only copy of the video left is loaded up and ready to go as proof,” Norman said. “The virus I uploaded to the site took care of everything else. Wiped any hard drive connected to it clean, included Reggie's main PC. The whole deed he recorded with Selena is gone.”

“Excellent baby! And did you inform Bella?”

He nodded. “She's handling her end of it right now. She should be meeting us here fairly soon. Reggie is for sure coming?”

“Yes,” Taylor smiled. “Selena just confirmed it. All while sticking her foot in her mouth. Which to me proves we're doing the right thing, like I always do.” She looked at the tablet. “Just press play, huh?”

Taylor and Norman exchanged smiles then followed Peter. They had caught him just as he had found Selena's mother.

“The entire time?” Mandy said, he voice utterly flat. “You two have been lying the whole time?”

“Yes,” Peter said. “All to cover for Selena's choice in men she knew would get her in trouble. She has a bad boy thing. The new guy Reggie is probably a pimp or something.”

“I...I can't believe this,” said Mandy. “I need to hear this from Selena...”

“Sadly Ms. Teefy, I think she'd just lie again,” Taylor said, entering the room. “But... I have proof that Reggie is a pretty bad guy who's gotten Selena into something. Peter... you should go. I don't think you want to see this.”

He shrugged, nodded, then left. Whatever happened to Selena was out of his hands now, and after what he'd heard come from her mouth, he didn't really care. The one thing he knew was he didn't want to be at this party anymore. He wanted to do something different.

He quickly found Cami. “Can you get a limo here?”

“Yeah, I was going to take one to the hotel soon actually,why?”

“Well, it being a limo I assume it could fit more than you?”

“Why Mr. Farrano, are you actually going to shake up your routine this year?”

“Well, my parents get the invite every year, I'm included in that. So's Ben. We each get a plus one, so Sabrina is included.”

“And my dad's the owner so I don't need to be a plus one...and I just texted the driver. Get Sabrina and your brother. We're on our way to some real fun.... no offense to your parents. That sounded super rich bitch and really this is a great party but I was just trying to make leaving the part sound cool and you know...”

“Cami, it's okay,” Peter said “Totally got your point. So let's go get some free top shelf booze at your dad's hotel.”


Of all the ways Jake had hoped to spend this New Year's Eve, a solo drive to Mexico wasn't one of them. But the truck was loaded up, and it was time to go. He thought about grabbing his phone to call Lili... but at this point it was way too late. And she hadn't called him. Maybe the damage had been done.

“Hi Jake,” Lili said, making Jake jump in shock. He then turned around, and despite the terms in which they last parted, he couldn't help but smile a little. She was all decked out in a gorgeous gown covered by her favorite jacket, a denim one covered in wrestling patches, and carrying a full duffle bag.

“Hi.” he replied. “Um, how'd you know I was at Alison's?”

“Called her. She's on her way back from Japan actually. Arizona right now. I don't think the jet lag's hit her yet.”

“Right...so...you've been talking to Alison?”

“I...I had to talk to someone that knew us and was unbiased..well, to a degree. Cami wasn't going to be fair to you so she was kind of out. I love her to death but I needed a more level head.”

“Yeah...so, what are you doing here? I thought you had party to be at.”

“Jake...don't. Please. Look, I came here right from Hailee's to be with you, okay? I talked to her, she could tell my head was somewhere else... and look, she's fine with this. And she would have been fine with me leaving earlier. Hell I didn't even change out of my dress.”

“And you couldn't have asked her about this earlier?”

“God damn it Jake I don't want to fight!” she yelled. “Look, maybe I would have talked to her about it if you hadn't flipped out on me. But...damn it Jake I felt cornered and angry...why did you act like that?”

Jake took a breath. Not out of frustration or anger. More...acceptance. Acceptance he may have been a tool. “Look, Lili... I know I flipped out. And there's no real excuse for it. It' just...I wanted this to be something perfect. I don't get to do perfect and...I didn't want to disappoint you.So...I called in all those favors and put a lot of pressure on myself to impress you. And when I thought it was all for nothing... I acted like an asshole and overreacted. And I know I should have called...”

“Hey,” she said. She walked towards him and grabbed his hand and brought it to her face, place it on her cheek. “I could've called too. You weren't the only one who overreacted. We both could have acted better.”

“Yeah...but I'm sorry.” She forgave him with a soft and sweet kiss, followed by her signature smile, the one that had caught his attention the year before.

“So,” she said. “Think you have room for one more? Or is this trip still solo for you?”

“Throw your bag in the back.” He replied. “Gotta warn you though, passenger's seat is automatically the navigator.

“I think I can handle that.” She tossed the bag in the back of the truck. “And the only payment I require is a Double Double, animal style fries and a large Chocolate shake.”

“Two straws?” Jake joked.

“Hell no, get your own,” she laughed. “Come on, let's hit the road, cap'n.”

The couple soon got the required payment and were soon off, filling the time by catching up on lost time and planning the days in Mexico...most of which knew would most likely be spent in some form of undress in the suite.

The moment they hit the open road however, Lili decided she didn't want to wait for the Honeymoon suite. Her hand reached over to Jake's crotch going right for the zipper.

“Lils, what you doing?” Jake asked, already knowing the answer.

“What we've been doing.” she replied. She kissing his cheek then moved her lips to his ear. “Catching up on lost time.” She licked and nibbled on his ears while her hand was taking out his cock.

“Oooh... mmm, Lili... this... oohh... this really isn't conducive to save driving.”

“Mmmm, then maybe you should pull over for  a bit.”

Jake saw this as the best idea he had heard in a while and immediately pulled to the side of the road into the dirt of the desert. Both he and Lili were out of the car in a flash. The both met at the truck bed, Lili already in the middle of ditching her gown and Jake tossing his shirt in the back.

Lili hopped up on the bed, waiting with a smile as Jake scrambled to get out of his pants. Once that obstacle was cleared, the loved embraced, armed wrapped around each other and lips locked.

“There's a blanket in the gym bag behind you,” Jake said.

“Which one?” Lili asked.

“Red one.”

Lili grabbed for it and the blanket was laid out on the cold metal of the truck bed. With that done, Lili laid back and Jake crawled of her, licking his way up to her beautiful face. Up her stomach, his tongue flicking her navel before getting to her breasts, taking a little extra time there.Both parties appreciated this.

Jake then got to her face, placing a kiss on her lips, their eyes locking just as their lips had been. He guided himself to her entrance and pushed forward, both of them moaning at the sensation.

Lili wrapped her legs around Jake's body and pulled him close. Before long, the truck's shocks were getting a work out. Their was passion, heart and love in the act, but this was also some serious make-up sex. Anything else pent up was itching to be released.

“Ohhh...ooo yeah Jake,” Lili moaned. “Just like that...oh baby yes fuck me... oh, fuuuuck baby yes... faster... nnnnggg, faster baby, yesss....”

Lili's arms reached above her head, bracing herself against the truck as Jake did as she asked, driving into her harder and faster. They kissed again, bit fiercer, sucking on and licking at each other's tongues as it broke.

Jake looked above Lili at another bag. “Lift...nnng, baby... lift your head..”

Lili did so, and was surprised by a pillow being placed under her head.

“Better?” he asked.

“I love you,” said Lili, grabbing his face and pulling him in for a hard kiss.

“I love you too,” he said, placing his forehead against hers, building his rhythm up once more. The two were getting a sheen of sweat on their bodies, the chill of the night not even occurring to them, their body heat giving them more than enough to counter the cool night air.

He reached his arms under her, lifting Lili with him as her rose up. They were chest to chest, Lili holding on to both sides of the truck while Jake drove up into her. She moaned, eyes fluttering and goose pimples coming on her skin as his lips danced from her lips to her neck and back to her breasts. Her head rolled back, her sweat soaked blond hair matting on her as she flung forward once more. They were nose to nose, going hard and fast. Lost time and urges were being made up for.

Soon Jake was the one on his back and Lili was taking a ride. “You comfortable now?” she asked with a big grin. “Need that pillow?”

“Oh I'm fine,” said Jake, running his hand from her hips to her face, Lili sucking on his index finger when it grazed her lips. “Have a hell of a view right here.”

She leaned forward, their lips connected once more. Jake's hands roamed her back as Lili rode and ground herself on his cock. Her lips did what they did to initiate all this, went to his ear and whispered in his ears,” Cum in me baby...I want it....I want to feel you  throb and feel me up.... we'll cum together.... oh, Jake... mmmmm, fuck yessss....”

Lili rose up and leaned back, again using the truck to brace herself as she and Jake fucked to what they both knew was gong to be explosive. Jake's hand caressed from her hip to her thigh to her crotch, his thumb resting on Lili's clit. He began to rub it, the added stimulation being the match that lit Lili's fuse.

“Oooh....oh, fuck... Jake... Jake, cum with me... Jake ...Jake... AAHHHH!!!” The fuse exploded the dynamite and Lili fell forward, her moans of passion muffled by Jake's mouth. And after she went off, Jake did as well, moaning into Lili's mouth as he thrust into her while he shot everything he had into her.

Jake soon went soft and slipped out of Lili's pussy and Lili rolled off to the side, cuddling in Jake's arms. Her fingers traced circles on his chest and her lips kissed his shoulders. “When are we back on the road?” she asked.

“I'm thinking once we come down,” Jake said. “Actually notice how cold it is...then we slip on some sweats and we'll be in Mexico in time for breakfast and check in.”

“Mmmmmm, sounds wonderful,” she said dreamily. “I don't know if I packed sweats though. I was in such a hero it was mostly just jeans, sneakers, flip flops, skirts and stuff like that. Outside casual, not rainy day casual.”

“I have a couple in my bag. It's the black one. Just tighten the drawstring and we're good.”

“Are they Zubaz?”

“Yeah...how'd you know?”

“Honey, you're a wrestler,” Lili said, kissing him as she got up to crawl over to the bag. “It's international law  that you own at least six pairs of Zubas.” She winked at him as she rummaged through his bag for the pants. “What do you think? Electric Blue or Hot pink?”


“Not only have you been lying to me for years, but now you're dating a pimp?!?” Mandy screamed at Selena. She, Selena, Taylor and Norman had all gone next door to Mandy's home. Selena was in the den, surrounded by them and in a state at utter disbelief at what she'd found out.

At first she didn't want to believe it. That Reggie was a pimp, or at least a wannabe one and she was going to be his first...girl. That he had manipulated her into doing whatever eh wanted and had in fact recorded her doing several sexual acts. Acts she thought were private between them...and the other guy Reggie had brought in a couple times. She can't even say she wouldn't have gone along with it....she done a lot of dumb things at his suggestion. And Taylor had the proof on her tablet. She'd seen it.

“I swear I didn't know what he was doing!” Selena said. “Really, I didn't...how did you even find out?”

“Reggie hired Norman to build the website,” Taylor said. “When he found out what Reggie was doing, he let me know. Then he put a virus on the computer Reggie was using...and every external hard drive Reggie had with footage.” Taylor put her hand reassuringly on Selena's shoulder. “It's all gone. Everything. The webstie Reggie was going to put up, the footage...nothing is left. Norman took care of it all. Don't worry. All that's left is on this tablet and that'll be deleted too.”

It was a somewhat accurate version of the events. All the traces were in fact gone, Selena had nothing to worry about on that front. As for the rest of the story and the whole involvement of Bella Thorne... well, Selena didn't need to know about that.

“Oh I'm not worried,” Selena said. “I want to kill him...I want to hurt that fucking bastard! She shouted. “This...Jesus Christ I can't believe this...”

“Well young lady, while you're dealing with this, let me tell you this,” said Mandy. “You're an adult, and I can't ground you. And I want you to get through college, so I'm not yanking you out. But from now on...any money I was sending you is HALF. You're getting a job ASAP to cover your costs. And I want proof you've done it, because clearly you're not as mature as I thought you were. Also, those grades better pick up or else. Am I understood young lady?”

“Yes mom.” She replied.

“Good. Now, I'm going back over to the party and not ruin the rest of the night. It could have been much worse.” Mandy went over to Taylor and hugged her. “Thank you so much. You're such a good friend.”

Mandy left the room, giving Selena one last disappointed look before she shut the door.

“I really messed up this time,” Selena said. “Fell for the worst kind of person, messed up my oldest friendship and damn near became a hooker. Hell of a semester.”

“Yeah,” agreed Taylor. “You can make a comeback though... it's just.... Sel I hope you learned something from all this, what almost happened. You deserve a better class of man. You know, one that won't try to pimp you out.”

Before Selena could reply, her phone buzzed, signalling a text. “Speak of Satan himself,” she said. “Reggie's here, outside.” Selena headed for the door, anger radiating from every pore of her body. “I'm gonna give him a warm welcome.”

Taylor smiled and looked over to Norman. “Let's watch the show.”

Taylor and Norman followed Selena out of the house. The Latina saw Reggie, his smiling face just fanning the flames of her rage even more.

“Hey babe you ready to get the fuck outta..OWW!” Reggie yelled as Selena decked him, knocking him over.

“Did you really think you'd get away with it motherfucker?”Selena kicked him a few times on the ground, Reggie trying to crawl away. “Try to make me a whore?”

“What the fuck are you talking about you crazy bitch?”

“I KNOW Reggie!” Selena yelled. “I saw the video. I know about the website you son of a bitch!”


“That's my cue,” Taylor said smiling at Reggie, her smile causing a sickness in his stomach. “Selena, step back before you go a bit too far. Let me talk to this...thing.”

Selena nodded and stepped back as Taylor got closer to Reggie. “You're one dumb son of a bitch Reggie.”

“Go to Hell, she beast.”

“Maybe one day. But first...would you like to know where you went wrong? You used Normie...you know ,Bella's tech guy. Did you really think his loyalty would be with you? Really?”

Reggie's eyes darted all over the place, he struggled for words. “Let me guess. Websites gone. And all the video, right?”

Taylor smiled and nodded. “You're smarter than I thought.”

“And you're dumber than I thought....you got nothing on me with that gone.”

“Oh...Reggie...you'd be right if not for this.” Taylor showed off her tablet and started playing the video of him and Ronnie double teaming Selena. “And I could always show this to the police. But I won't. Not because you don't deserve it, but because I made a deal with someone. You're valuable. See, when you texted Selena...I texted someone. They'd been driving around the neighborhood for a bit, waiting for you. She knew you'd come.”

Reggie took a few moments to realize who Taylor meant. Then he turned around and saw a black limo pull up. Bella. “Ooohhhh shit.”

“HA! That's right. And she's seen the video. Said she wanted to find out who you weren't giving up.” The limo parked and the driver came out to open the very back seat, then looked at Reggie. “I think that's your cue, tough guy. Don't keep Bella waiting.”

Reggie looked back at the limo. The muscle men from his earlier beating were now standing outside it. He was pretty much cornered. He got up and headed to the limo, a dead man walking, a smile on Taylor's face as Reggie went to face the music.

“Reggie,” Bella said, smiling wide as soon as he came in view. “Come in. Sit. That's not a request, by the way.”

He slid in and sat opposite from Bella, the Madame smiling a smile that sent shivers up Reggie's spine.

“Let's not play around. I know your partner was Ronnie. Saw the video. You've been a very bad monkey. But you've had your punishment. Privileges revoked, all of that. But I just wanted to tell you, for old times sake, I'd avoid going into any Russian territory downtown, okay? Ronnie got demoted to essentially everyone's coffee bitch and he's looking for some payback. Probably won't be sated for a while. But he won't cross any agreed upon territories. Well, not yet anyway. I'd just thought you'd like to know how well and truly fucked you are. You're not dead to anyone...you have a target on your ass, in this town at least....catch my drift?”

“Yeah,” Reggie said. “Still, it was a good run, wasn't it?”

“Oh fuck no,” laughed Bella. “Reggie, sweetie, you're a moron. This is just all of it catching up to you. Now, get the fuck out of my limo and...well, after that I don't care. Just remember, you're beyond done here.”

Reggie nodded, biting his tongue from saying anything else that might eliminate the last bit of charity Bella had just shown him. He got out of the limo and it drove off. He looked one last time at the front yard where Selena and punched him out. He saw her face, furious, and Taylor and Norman, grinning. He would have loved to knock the smiles off both their faces...but at this point, he had bigger decisions to make. The first one was heading back to his place without Ronnie spotting him, then figure out what to do from there.
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Re: All-Star College
« Reply #26 on: April 07, 2019, 09:49:56 PM »
“I sometimes forget just how big this place is,” Peter said. He, Camila, Ben and Sabrina had entered the grand hall of the hotel. Camila took the lead, taking them all to the second floor ballroom, where the party was taking place.

“Me too, and my dad owns the place.” Cami said. “When you get to the guy in front just give them your names.”

“Cami, I've been to parties before,” Ben said.

“Yeah but this is one you're actually invited to so how about you soak up all the perks of that experience?” she asked with a sarcastic smile. “Sabrina, you're pretty much anyone's plus one, so you're in no matter what.”

“As it should be.” replied Sabrina. The four made it through the doorman with no issue and entered the grand ballroom. Tables were set all around, two large bars on either side of the room. The chandeliers with gold and crystal, sparkling against the lights in the room. The sounds of people talking mixed with music. It wasn't a loud din, but t certainly filled the room.

“Welcome to the party, people,” Camila said. “Daddy throws one in all his hotels for the employees every year. Everything's on him.”

“What does that mean?” Sabrina asked.

“Cheap drinks and well beer.” Peter replied.

“And I thought Christmas was the most wonderful time of the year!” Sabrina tugged Ben towards one of the bar. “Come one, we're gettin' blitzed.

As the blonde sprite led Ben towards a night of reckless intoxication, Camila and Peter walked the party, people watching.

“I'm actually proud of you tonight, you know,” said Cami.

“Why's that?”

“You actually stood up to Selena's bullshit. I wish I had popcorn for it, honestly.”

“Let's just try and forget that whole thing and finish the night with some semblance of fun.”

“Fine by me. I think we could both use it. Drink?”

“Sure,” he said. Before he could say what he wanted, his eyes caught site of someone he recognized...but that couldn't be the case. “No way.....is that?”

“What?” asked Cami, looking where he was looking. “Hey, isn't that Hailee?”

Peter began to head in the direction of the person he saw, Cami behind him. Upon closer inspection, it was indeed Hailee. And then her eyes met his and a similar look of surprised recognition over came her face. She went to go closer as well.

When the two came face to face, there was no denying that they were indeed seeing who they thought they were. Camila was close behind, smiling when she saw it was Hailee. “Crazy how things work out”, she thought to herself.

“Hailee, what are you doing here?”

“This is the party I was telling you about, my dad works here,” she said. “What are you doing here?”

“My parents work here too, so I decided to ditch that house party and the whole Selena thing and come here.”

“Wait a second,” Camila said. “Both of your parents' work here?”

“Yeah, my dad runs the gym and is an on-call trainer and my mom runs registration,” said Hailee.

“My dad's in payroll and my mom is a buyer for retail.”

“So...to catch up. You guys grew up in the same town...parents all work in the same place...and you two didn't even know? Even after you've started dating? This is some romantic comedy nonsense right here. I mean me and Lili are just roommates and I know we came from the same town. Different high school though.”

“It never came up honestly,” said Hailee. “I'm guessing you and Peter went to Westlake High?”

“Yep,” Peter nodded.

“Which means you and Lili went to Williams Prep,” Cami guessed. Hailee nodded.

“Wasn't that that where your mom wanted to send you?” Peter asked.

“Yeah. Daddy didn't want that though. He insisted I get the kind of high school experience he got in New York and he didn't want me separated from my normal friends....not that Williams Prep isn't normal.”

“So,” Hailee said, her smile warm and welcoming as she reached out for Peter's hand. “What I'm hearing is we could have spent the whole break together if we'd known where we went to high school.”

“Yeah, we gotta get a lot better at this small talk stuff.” Peter replied.

“Well, no time like the present.” There lips got very close, until Hailee paused and looked at Camila. “I mean unless of course I'm interrupting you two...”

“No,” Camila said. “Absolutely not. You two...go have fun.”

“Could give us a second please?”

“Of course,” Hailee nodded. Peter took Cami aside for a second.

“Are you sure?” he asked. “I mean, I'd love to spend the rest of the night with Hailee but, you now...your new guy isn't here and you're alone because  Ben is with Sabrina and your guy isn't here right now and I'm not going to pry too much on that but...I don't want to ditch you.”

“This right here,” Cami said. “Is we we stayed friends after we broke up.” She kissed his cheek then caressed it. “Go be with your girl, I'll be fine. Okay?”

“You sure?”

“Do as I say or I'm going to slap you silly.” She gave Peter a hug then sent him off to be with Hailee. As the two disappeared into the crowd. Camila was fully prepared to be alone with her thoughts for the rest of the night, or at least until she had to make the speech her father wanted her to make for the crowd. However, she wouldn't be alone with her thought too long as a security guard came up to her.

“Excuse me, Ms. Mendes?” The guard asked.


“I have to disturb you ma'am, but there's a man at the front claiming he's with you. He's not causing trouble, he just asked for you to come and verify this. And well, it's not the first time a guest of yours has been late to an event like this.”

“Fair enough.” she replied. “Lead the way.” Camila was very curious. Not enough people she knew would name drop like this, especially to get into a party that was pretty much employees only. However, the moment she saw who it was, everything fell into place.

There he was, Jose Heyman decked out in a tuxedo complete with a leopard print jacket and holding a single white rose.

“Jose?” she asked, shocked and happy, but not quite ready to reveal the latter part of the emotion. “What are you doing here?”

“I quit,” he said.

“Wait, what?”

“I told Evan, Kira, everyone who was involved in that match to fuck off. I quit.”

Camila pulled him close and kissed him. It was deep and it was long and a gesture that Jose eagerly returned.

“Yeah, I'd say she knows him,” the guard says.

“Oh baby I missed you,” Cami said. “But...you didn't have to quit the company. I don't want you to stop going for your dream babe...”

“I'm not. I simply went in, told him if this is how he's treating people who come in and put their bodies on the line for him AND do his no talent family favors, then I'm out the door. And if he tried to ruin mine and Jake's rep I could just as easily ruin his. Then told him if he wants us back he can call Alison in about a week and half and maybe we'll come to an agreement. Then I drove away. Then I threw up. But that was mainly because I drank like five Surge's to psyche myself up for it.”

“Was it your old wrestling soda? The green can one with the wrestlers on it?”


“Sweetface that stuff almost twenty years old!” Camila said. “You said so. Why didn't you just have the new case I got you for Christmas?”

“....because I needed the power of the little Stingers coursing through my veins?”

“I don't know what that means but I love you.” They kissed again, Cami smiling wide as it broke. “Thank you. And I promise I'll do whatever I can to help you with the whole wrestling thing. I didn't want to seem like a bitch but...something about glass just makes me queasy and then I saw that that actor guy, David Arqutte, was in one of those Death Matches and actually almost died and I just got so worried and...”

“Cami, you were right, okay? And if I have to swear off rolling around in broken glass to keep you around, well, I might just be willing to give that up. But the career isn't over. You heard Jake yourself, we have enough offers elsewhere.”

“Great,” she smiled, absolutely beaming. “Well...I think I have my New Year's date now, don't I.”

“That you do. Though I think the whole New York thing is off the table at this point. I mean I'm guessing all the flights are booked and stuff.”

“Sweetface, don't you remember?” Cami said with a grin. “My family owns the plane. Not to brag, but that plane leaves when I say it does.”

“Well, in that case....”

“Not so fast. I have some business to take care of first. Keep it in your pants...but I promise at some point it will get out.”

Camila grabbed him by the hand and led Jose into the party. She whispered in his ear, “By the way, nice choice with the leopard print.” She pinched his ass then headed up towards the stage in the middle of the party.

She tapped the microphone on stage a few times to makes sure it was on, then went for the speech, just not the one her dad had planned.

“HI everyone,” she said, her voice upbeat and chipper. “I'm Camila Mendes. Some of you know me, but I'm sure you all know my father Roland, the man who owns this hotel. And obviously you're all here so you're familiar with the annual employee appreciation party we're at right now. From being in the crowd and now up on the stage I can see you all are having a good time.” The crowd applauded and Camila paused for a moment before speaking again. “Now, as I'm sure you all know, daddy likes to do a little tradition. A half hour before midnight, open bar is declared. Drinks on the house. This year though, I'm thinking why not do it a little different? So, right at the mark of 11:00, open bar. But on one condition. All of your tip those bartenders and servers well. They're using their New Years to make all of ours better, so please, show them some love. And with that said...happy new year!”

Camila walked off the stage to the sound of applause and quickly rejoined Jose. “Now I'm just gonna say good bye to my friends and we are off to the airport where you will be ravaged beyond comprehension.”

“Don't threaten me with a good time,” Jose instead. “You should probably use a knife or a barb wire baseball bat.”

Camila laughed then took Jose to a table that she saw from the stage where Hailee, Peter, Sabrina and Ben were all sitting. “”Guys, Jose showed up,” Camia said, the happiness radiating off her like sunlight. “So, we're going to get out of here. But that means my suite will not be in use...so...who wants it?”

“Peter and I are covered,” Hailee said. “The family got rooms for the night, and I got one of my own.” She looked over at Peter and winked. “Thanks though.”

“You two?” Cami asked, dangling the keys in front of Sabrina and Ben.

“Is the mini bar open?” Sabrina asked.

“Sure.” The blonde grabbed the key from Camila's hand and the deal was done.

“And with that my friends, I bid you all adieu. And you two,” Camila said, pointing at Hailee and Peter. “We're double dating when school's back in session, understood?”

“You got it.” Peter replied. The two smiled at each other, and then Camila and Jose were off. Then Peter looked over to Hailee. “So, when are we heading to the room?”

“Oh, after you meet the family,” said Hailee. “Gotta make you earn it, don't I?”


It wasn't that long a drive to get to the airport, or didn't seem so in the back of Camila's limousine. She tipped the driver well when they got out on the airfield where the private plane was waiting. This whole thing was a new experience for Jose, but Camila felt at home.

The plane itself was nothing short of jaw dropping. It had four big, cushy seat, a small kitchen area and in the back, as Camila had said, a big bed made for two.

“This is nice,” Jose said. “Real nice.”

“It is, isn't it?” Camila replied. “But it's just a very comfortable means to an end.” Once the a bin was sealed off and it was just her and him, Camila slowly removed her dress, leaving her in only her black lace underwear. “Get back there, on the bed. And lose the clothes. We won't be needing them.”

Jose made his way to the bed, clothes shed in a trail that Cami followed as her remaining garments joined Jose's on the floor. She crawled over him, the two embracing as their lips met. Cami kissed her way down his body before her mouth reached his cock, at which point she took Jose in her mouth.

“Oh... ohhhh fuck, baby,” Jose moaned. He looked down, watching as Cami sucked him. Slowly, softly but urgently. Not going hard enough to make him explode in her mouth, but enough to send chills through his body.

Camila pulled her mouth off with a pop, kissing the tip before she moved back up his body, lining her pussy up with her opening and slowly lowering herself onto his cock.

Or at least, that was the plan. However, that was also when the pilot decided to actually start the plane. The vehicle went into motion and jerked Cami forward then back, going all the way down on Jose's cock in motion.

“Oh shit!” he said,as Cami moaned at the sudden filling. “Oh gotta love physics.”

“Shut up,” she laughed before leaning forward to kiss him. As the plane gained speed and rose into the air, Camila began to rise and fall on Jose's cock, the motion of their passion getting a steady rhythm.

Jose rose up slightly taking Camila's nipple in his mouth, licking and sucking it. It made her eyes flutter. Jose rose up even more, sitting up now withCamil's legs wrapped around them.

Their eyes caught each other and lips collided. They moaned in their mouths as they worked in unison to make each other feel amazing. They simply ached for each other and this was the painkiller.

Camila leaned back, arching her back and Jose began to thrust into her, his face going to her chest.

“Oh... oh, Jose... mmm, damn baby, yes...”” she moaned. Her head rolled back, her long brunette hair swinging with every thrust. From leaning back she laid down, Jose now fully on top of her. “Give it to me... oh, give it all to me Sweetface... want you so much... oooooh fuck, I love you...”

“Love you too,” Jose grunted, going faster now. Their kisses with quick and hungry. His lips went to his ear, the heat of his breath and the sound of his gasps giving Camila an extra little rush.

“Mmmm baby pull out for a second,” she said. “I wanna give you something special.”

Jose did exactly that and watched with a grin as Camila got on to all fours, wiggling her ass before looking over her shoulder at him.

“Happy New Year,” she said. “Fuck my ass.”

“Clever, you've obviously been working on that.”

“Jose, less jokes, more sex.”

“Correct as usual.”

“And don't you forget it.” Camila's voice trailed into a moan when Jose went to her asshole, licking and probing it with his tongue for a bit before bringing his cock to her back door. He pressed forward, his rod still slick with her juices.

Camila tensed up, wincing and hissing as he pressed forward. “Slow slow slow,” she chanted. “Mmmm just go slow Sweetface... mmmm slow...” Their hands met at her clit at the same time, working together from the start working it as Jose worked himself into  her asshole.

“Oh wow,” Jose exclaimed once he worked himself in. “Oh...fuck Cami... oh wow baby...”

“Oh shit you're so big back there,” she said. “Mmmm, just take it slow... slow baby...”

“You sure you want to do this?”

“Yes,” she said. “I want it baby....just warm me up...keep playing with my clit...ohhh fuck my ass...fuck meeee...”

Jose built up his pace and Camila clawed at her sheets, gripping them tight as Jose worked more and more of his cock inside of her. Before too long, the grip on her sheets relaxed, the rhythm got steady and pleasure reigned over Camila body, any pain far, far in the background.

“Oh god baby this is so good!” Cami exclaimed. “Oh wow...oh my god yes!”

“Damn...of Hell Cami it's so fucking tight!” Jose's hand held firm on Camila's ass cheeks while the other still worked her clit. “Oh fucking Hell baby yes!”

“Fuck it better be tight,” she said with a laugh. “Not like anyone else has been back there....oohhh fuck...”

“Oh shit honey that's so hot!” Jose started thrusting faster. Not too much, but just enough to sate his excitement a bit more.

Cami was in utter heaven and shocked at it too. This clearly was not an everyday thing, but she was shocked at how much she enjoyed it, how intense it all felt and how close she was to cumming herself. She was more than ready to let go.

“Faster Sweetface...ohhh faster Jose,” Cami pleaded. “Mmm baby I need you to make me cum... make me cum honey... oh fuck, I want to cum with you inside me... ohhh please, baby, yesss.....”

Jose did as the lady of a lifetime asked, going faster and deeper into her as Cami went face first and ass up on her bed. Faster, harder, deeper thrusts into her ass propelled them both closer and closer to going over the edge.

“Oh shit...oh shit Cami...oh baby I'm gonna...oh fuck I'm gonna...”

“In me....oh Jose do it in me...” she moaned in response. Both of his hands gripped her hips as her own darted between her legs to continue working her clit. It didn't take long for Jose to cry out her name one last time before filling her asshole up with his load.

Camila was close behind him, crying out herself as he began to pump her full of his load. The lovers collapsed on the bed, drunk on the orgasms and very affectionate. Jose pulled out of Camila's ass and rolled on to his back and Camila scooted up to cuddle with him.

“Mmmm that was great,” he said. “Love you.”

“Mmmhmmmm,” she replied. “Love you too.”

“Sleep the rest of the flight?”

“Sounds good to me sweetface. Shower first though.”

“There's a shower in this thing?” he asked.

“Yes...big enough for two.”

“Sounds great. I think I can pull off round two.”

“Sweetface, you got my ass,” Camila said. “The only round your getting is giving me a back massage in the shower and then washing my hair.”


“Well, that went better than I thought it'd go,” Peter said. He and Hailee and just come from a long talk with her parents where Peter got the traditional parental grill. And also according to tradition, the first opening the couple had t get away, they took it, sneaking off to elevator and off to Hailee's hotel room.

“You did great,” Hailee said. “They like you. My dad only kind of squeezed your hand hard when you shook hands. It means he doesn't think you're that bad.”


“Trust me,” Hailee reassured. “You're good. I talked you up big time over break. You didn't disappoint.. But, since you did suffer through such a horrible ordeal...” Hailee winked at him and squeezed his hand. “I think you've earned a little respite.”

The elevator doors opened and Hailee led Peter to her room. But before she could open it, Peter turned her around and kissed her, pressed her against the door. His hands caressed her cheek and rand to her hair, letting it down and fall to her shoulders.

The kiss broke, and then Hailee opened the door. Once the two were in they were all over each other again. Peter picked Haille up in his arms and she wrapped her long, sexy legs around them, her high heels sliding off as her ankles locked.

They made they way to the bed and Peter laid Hailee down on it then rose up himself, stripping down while Hailee also quickly shed her dress.

“Now, last time we were in a position like this where were we?” Peter sarcastically. He smiled when he saw Hailee smiling at him, laying back and totally nude on a bed in front of him. “I think I got it.”

Peter crawled one the bed and parted Hailee's legs, kissing and licking from ankle to calf and from calf to thigh, from leg to another.

Hailee back arched and she cooed, the small, delicate sensations making her hungrier for something a bit stronger. Goose pimples on her flesh as her thighs were kissed and caressed.

“Oh Peter,” she hissed. His fingers lightly brushed his pussy lips, barely touching them but with just enough to give her a wonderful teasing sensation. Then his tongue joined the party and the fun really began.

“Ooh... ohhh, mmmm yes,” she hissed, writhing on the bed and her legs pressing against Peter's ears. He licked her clit, then took the little nub in her mouth, sucking on it as his fingers entered Hailee's pussy.

Hailee's flat stomach rose and fell with her breaths, her deep and desperate breaths. And they both knew it was only going to get better, no one was going to interrupt them.

“Mmmm oh Peter...oh baby,” Hailee said. “I...I want you...I want you inside me....”

He pulled his mouth away from her pussy, his fingers now working her clit. Peter then kissed her thighs and moved further up her, Hailee's legs locking around him once more as he guided himself inside her for the first time.

“Oh wow,” they both said. It was well worth the wait. Their lips met again as Peter already began building up speed. He couldn't help it and Hailee didn't mind in the least. They both had been wanting this for a while and it showed.

Peter's arms reached underneath Hailee, lifting her up while her got to his knees. Their eyes locked, her deep brown eyes completely entrancing him as Hailee began to grind on his cock while he thrust up into her.

“Oh fuck, Peter... oh baby... baby, yes.... mmmmm, I love it... I want you.... want you so bad.... mmmm don't stop....”

Peter had no plans on that. He kissed her full lips and then moved to her breasts, licking a circle around her nipple before sucking on it then moving to the other, the salty taste of her sweat acting like kerosene on a fire.

Peter's arms wrapped tighter around Haille and her legs tightened their grip around his waist. The two lovers were at a frenzied pace now, lost in the sensation and feeling of it all. Peter's hands moved to Hailee's firm ass gripping it tight.

Her looked Hailee dead in the eyes, a smile on his face. “Fuck I love you,” he said.

“Mmmm me too,” Hailee said. “Love you...oh baby yes...I love you...”

The two were on auto pilot now after saying the magic three words, giving 100% over to the lust in them. Hailee unlocked her legs and removed herself from Peter's cock. She crawled near the top of the ed on all fours, gripping the headboard tight. Peter got the message.

“Ohhh, FUCK yes!” she yelled as Peter re-entered her puss from behind. His arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her up so her back was against his chest.

The two were breathing hot and heavy now, mouths meeting in sloppy, animistic kisses as the point of no return was in sight for both of them.

“Peter,” Hailee moaned. “Oh baby I want you taste you..mmmmm, yesss... feel it in my mouth.... oh baby, cum in my mouth...”

“Oh... oh, Hailee... ooohhh, fuck baby, yes!” Peter pulled out of her and Hailee spun around, taking his cock in her mouth before the first spurt erupted, hitting the roof of her mouth. She hungrily sucked, swallowing every rope her shot in her mouth until the tap was dry. But this wasn't a time for relaxation. Just when he was done, Peter brought Haille back down, to laying on her back, his head once again between her legs.

“Ohhh...oh, Peter.... fuck yes baby make cum.. oh....”

And Peter was eagerly at work on that, more than happy to return the favor of oral pleasure on Hailee. And it wasn't going to take much, as she was already close. He sucked hard on her clit, his tongue furiously going at it, shock waves of pleasure setting off sparks in Hailee's eye before she finally came.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” She cried out, the sound so loud the entire floor would have heard it. “Oh... oh, Peter yes I'm cumming!” He body moved in wave as the pleasure coursed through her, convulsing as every last bit of energy left her body after being rocked by an orgasm until finally, she was done, breathing deep and smiling.

Peter moved up her body, planting light kisses from her tummy to her lips. Then both their eyes looked over to the clock. 11:59 to 12:00.

Peter kissed Hailee. “Happy New Year,” he said.

“Happy New Year.” she replied.


Jose woke up to the smells of eggs and bacon and toast. Not the smells he expected on a plane. He got out of bed and slipped on his boxers, then headed to the front side of the plane. He found Camila in the small kitchen area, putting the finishing touches on two plates, each one with a big omelette on it along with some toast.

“Morning,” Camila said smiling. “Sleep well?”

“Big time,” he said. “What's this?”

“Breakfast, duh.” Camila picked up both plates and breezed past Jose, giving him a kiss before placing both plates down and taking her seat. “Sit down, eat.”

“You can cook?” Jose asked as he took his seat.

“Of course,” Cami said. “We never had a butler or anything, much to mom's chagrin. But me and my dad, we know our way around the kitchen. And yes, you lucked out big time. Now, eat.”

Jose dug in, the cheese and bacon filling of the omelette oozing out. He took a bite and the flavor exploded in his mouth. “WOW.”

“Thank you,” said Camila with a wink. “Four egg omelette with cheddar, sausage, spinach and bacon. Like I said, when I have great sex, I get REALLY hungry. Toast is multigrain in an effort to trick myself into thinking that balances out this gut buster.”

“Well if it's any help I think I can help you work all this off.”

“Keep it in your pants until we get to the hotel Sweetface,” said Cami. “And that won't be long. The plane is going to land in about thirty minutes....then we get a ride to our hotel...then we have just oodles of spare time until we meet my parents for dinner...just think of the things we could get up to.”

“Like seeing the Manhattan Center??”

“Well I was suggesting sex in the hot tub but hey, it's your first time in New York, I'll show you a good time Sweetface.”


Selena woke up in her bed, still in a miserable mood. She'd dodge a major bullet last night, but that didn't change much about how she felt. She didn't even stay up for the countdown to midnight.

She looked over at her clock. 12:00 PM. She'd slept for a while. And that was fine with her. She didn't want to see anyone. However, she also knew there was one person she absolutely needed to see if she really wanted to start making amends.

She quickly put on some jeans and a t-shirt and got ready to walk next door to Peter's house to apologize for the past semester. However, before she could even go out her bedroom door she looked out the window. A taxi cab pulled up in front of the house and out of it walked Ben, some short blonde girl, Peter, and then Hailee. They all looked as if they were still dressed for New Year's Eve...and Hailee and Peter were especially affectionate towards each other with both major and minor tell tale signs. Peter was actually happy.

That's when Selena had seconds thoughts about heading over. She genuinely did want to apologize to him, but seeing him like that, she knew it wasn't the right time. If there was one.

She then looked in the mirror. Maybe the new year should also mean a new leaf. And maybe it would. She knew she needed it.
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Re: All-Star College
« Reply #27 on: April 07, 2019, 11:58:14 PM »
That was awesome best one yet. Well worth the wait. I thing l know how Selena should apologise. ;). Also l think Laura might be discovered by Charlie and has to keep her secret. Can’t wait for more
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Re: All-Star College
« Reply #28 on: April 08, 2019, 12:34:32 AM »
It was a pleasure and an honor getting to read over and edit this for you.  :)

My favorite girl in this series is Bella. I just love how she is a straight up, bad ass hustling girl, but I also really loved Scarlett's part. There is so much to like in these chapters, it's hard to pin down just one or two things.
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Re: All-Star College
« Reply #29 on: April 09, 2019, 08:44:00 PM »
Definitely the best chapter yet!  Fantastic job!  So much to unpack.  The pacing of this story is spot on.  No scene drags on for too long, and the way you weave back and forth between sex/plot and so many different characters is truly amazing.  Thought the Taylor scene was the best, but I might be a little biased  ;). Looking forward to what comes next.

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