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Ebony and Ivory V(Scarlett Johansson, Taylor Swift) FINALE!
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Chapter Seven: I Did Something Bad

Light drops of rain dabbled across the leaves of the trees that overtook the cabin from above. They clicked and clacked across the window sill and Scarlett was gently pulled from a soothing dream. The sun was defeated by the shade and she perched on top of the bulky man for a brief moment to check the time. Soft snoozes by both men were met with birds from the outside, otherwise everything was still and quiet, just like she wanted.

Sleepy eyes fluttered around and she draped two curious fingers on top of the outrageous bulge from the erected sheet. Tiny swirls around it brought out a quick twitch and she filled her palm full of it. Like a gentle claw, her fingers pulled up and down; he was still sound asleep. Scarlett flipped the sheet to reveal the giant, amazing thing and curled around what she could. A heavy sigh came out of her, loving the absolute hardness between her fingers. It was huge.

Early morning breath? Might as well suck a big, beautiful dick to cover it up. Draped across his solid torso, that light jerk turned into a well-rounded workout for her forearm until it started to leak and squish through her fingers. She leaned in and slurped the spongy crown between her dry lips and applied moisture instantly. Pursed and pouty, the fatness plopped out of her grasp and she caught it, reeling it back onto her tongue. With a slow dive, it filled her cheek and knocked against her tonsils, lodged tight. Scarlett rolled her head side to side and she relaxed to touch her lips onto his heavy balls. With a gargle, she was back to the top and inhaled him again. Both hands filled with nuts, she caught a simple rhythm and bobbed on it.

The tough grip placed onto the back of her head and the salty flavor lining her tongue meant she was doing well. She made quick work of the nine he had, effortlessly sliding top to bottom. The slow girth expansion made her quiver between the thighs and she handled this snake with ease. Lips glistened with delicious shine, matching his equally impressive trunk. He aided her descent with desperate pushes into her soft hair. It was a hot, slippery and seamless transition from the froth covered mushroom top to the wide berth at the base.

Scarlett was a classy cock sucker and kept the gooey mess contained in her stuffed, flooded mouth. He clasped her neck and made her devour it all every time, bulging out her tiny neck with a thick knot. A series of low groans washed over the room and both hands had her still, with thighs raising frantically to meet her. Thick squishes blurted out and Scarlett closed her eyes tight when his bloated balls started to smash into her nose.

Her throat was his sleeve and her belly was the destination. The tingling trickled up through his aching sack and with one long gasp, he shoved her to the hilt and drenched her neck in steamy jizz. Scarlett’s body relaxed and her eyes fluttered the moment he blew his morning load. One, two, three giant gulps with a forth one building quickly. She heaved in air through the nose and swallowed the remaining baby batter until he was dry.


Scarlett was pulled by the hips onto her knees and she squealed after the other man clapped his hand onto her juicy bottom. He slung his meat up between them and spanked her cheeks around repeatedly.

“Get that fuckin’ ass up in the air,” he demanded, breaking the ice and clearing the silence. Another loud bang rippled out with Scarlett’s ass wobbling.

He slid between those wet folds and Scarlett trembled at what he was about to put inside her. She groaned as he split her apart and he yanked her by the hips until he was stuck halfway. “Gimme that pussy,” he grumbled, tightening up and filling her up. He served up the morning wood and bottomed out into a warm, generous cuddle. It was wrapped like a clamp, smooth and inviting.

Now pushed into her ribs, his hips reared back and he plunged--speared--through those clinched walls with a heavy piston pump into a solid wall of glorious ass. The echoing thud culminated with his dangling sack smacking her from underneath. He held her down, stuffed full of it, and gyrated her into a dampened squeal into the sheets. Those pink walls were engorged, more than willing and accommodated the long, heavy delight.

Thick, muscular thighs beat into her feminine backside with roaring claps. That scrumptious, succulent set of buns popped onto his midsection in smooth, uninterrupted waves.

“...fuck up here,” she heard.

Hair was snatched. She winced and got lifted until she palmed the thighs of her other man. He beat her ass with open palms while staring at the trio in a double wide closet mirror. Scarlett’s juicy mounds thumped together between her arms and that was enough for the guy to get on his knees and drape his reawakened wood across her scalp. He took over the back of her head and her waist was locked down with a flurry of brutal thrusts busting down on it.

“Suck on those balls…”

Who wouldn’t? Scarlett nearly had one of them completely enclosed before he could finish. It plopped out across her chin and the other one was slurped between her pink velvet. The more she tugged, the more it twitched into her forehead. She sucked the liquid all around his fat, sensitive baby makers until they were well coated and dripping with hot spit.

Scarlett turned her cheek with a light smile through the vigorous pounding on her backside and she took nine rock hard inches across her face with a beefy crack. With a flinch, she shuddered and he slapped her silly again, a splatter of rogue jizz lacing her forehead. Every new beating brought him closer to peak thickness. The blood was roaring to his loins.

He heard the loud grunts from just over their boss’ jigging body and that man had lost the battle. He pushed her over and mounted those fat tits with a quickness and growled out before sending a syrupy gush that splattered the middle of her beautiful face. Forehead, nose and mouth were drenched in pure white and he followed up with wickedly large ropes that caked her neck. Scarlett shivered from the barrage of warmth that came over her skin.

It was too much for the other stud and he sprayed thick splooge across her giant boobs, some of it landing on the other spent dick. He jerked it until her smooth chest was turned into a heavy glaze. They both got up on her and beat their slabs onto her jiggly globes until satisfied. She was left alone with the heaps of cream sliding down whatever curve it could find.


The men had left earlier in the day and Scarlett snapped the hem of her blue sports bra below her shoved up breasts. She ran a comb through her short blonde points one last time and put two expensive looking diamonds into her ears. They had been a gift from Taylor and absolutely adored them. After she laced up the running shoes, she tossed a water bottle into her small pack and lined her shoulders with the straps. Phone in pocket, shades on and ready to roll, Scarlett dropped out from the back door and started her jog down the trail behind her secluded cabin.

Past the tall maples she strolled, making good time on a hasty run towards the sound of water in the distance. The splashes against the shore got louder and she burst through the tree line to a magnificent display of clear blue skies with cloudy mountain tops in the horizon.

Over at her picnic table on a mini wooden dock, Scarlett unpacked a piece of Tupperware and plugged her headphones in. She opened up a huge slice of pav and took a bite. Imitation. Not Taylor’s recipe, but it is what it is. A boat started to slide by as it cut through the waters. She couldn’t quite make out who it was, but no doubt a high profile neighbor. A light wave went their way.

“So it goes,” she sang with her mouth full. “You two are dancing in a snow globe, go round and round.” Scarlett spun her fork to the beat and sighed. “And she keeps the picture of you in her office downtown. You understand now why they lost their minds and fought the wars,” she grooved. “And why I've spent my whole life tryin’ to put it into wo—bzzt,” her phone went off.

Scarlett kept humming the tune and tried to shade her screen to see the text. It was from Jordan. That’s strange. She slowly pulled the headphones from her ears and reread the text again. Like a kick in the chest, the sudden loss of air scared her. She couldn’t breathe and felt a shake in her knees.

Out of nowhere, she exploded out of her seat and things went flying. Thuds roared across the deck and she beelined through the tree line. She wasn’t a spring chicken and this would hurt her later, but she sprinted as fast as she could towards the house. She slid across the dirt to the screen door and nearly tore it from the hinges to get inside.

She hurled stuff out of her way for her purse and keys and swung the front door into a slam. Remote start on her brand new, matte black Challenger sent the area into a roar. Scarlett tossed her stuff into the passenger seat, dropped the clutch and slammed the gear shift with a hard press on the gas. Rocks were sprayed and the hellcat engine sent her down the two mile long driveway in a flash. She slowed down just enough to slide onto blacktop and blasted through gears until she was at 110 MPH.

“Siri, call My Taylor,” she shuddered.

The phone rang and it instantly went to voicemail, making her slap the steering wheel in frustration. Through teary eyes, she spotted five-oh sitting in the median about three miles out from the hill she was on. Her foot let off until she could set cruise at the speed limit. “Siri, call George McCollum.”

“What can I do for ya, Scarlett?” The older man started to come through. Service was sketchy.

Scarlett collected herself and passed by the highway patrol car. “How fast can you get my plane to Denver?” She immediately felt the irritation building, but stayed in the fast lane to avoid slow drivers. Her mind wasn’t in the right place.

“I would need two days minimum. We’re in the middle of maintenance that’s going to wrap up tomorrow.”

“I was afraid of that,” she shook her head. “Thank you, George. I’ll be in touch.”

“No problem. Take care. “

She cleared her mirrors and got back to over 100 MPH, the car roaring with power. “Siri, call MaryAnne.”

“Yes, ma’am?”

“Hey, sweetie. I need to know if there are any flights open in Denver to New York City. I’m in Wyoming.”

“Oh, yes. I love a good cabin retreat,” the lady said warmly. “Let me check.”

Scarlett was all alone now and got a drink to calm her nerves. One water bottle. Great, she thought. Anything else want to piss her off?

“You know I can’t put you in economy,” MaryAnne told her. “There’s nothing in first class open at this time. Aside from that, there’s bad weather in east Colorado that is--”

“Is this Murphy’s Law or what?” Scarlett huffed.

“Everything okay? We might be able to work with eco.”

“Yeah. Yeah. I’m fine. Hey, I’ll call you back. Thank you so much,” Scarlett lied.

“Talk soon!”

Highway 80 wasn’t a turn she wanted to miss and blew past the city of Cheyanne in no time. She took the time to clear her head and rolled through the countryside until she arrived at Julesburg, Colorado, an hour later. Very beautiful scenery, but it was hard to focus on that. Hunger was setting in furiously and she threw her foot up on the dash after acquiring some nasty fast food. Tinted windows; a blessing. Diet Coke; a travesty.

“Siri, call Jordan G.”

“Wasn’t sure when you would call,” she heard.

“I’m driving to New York in my goddamn sports bra,” she sighed, taking a bite.

“Yeah, I’m sorry.”

Scarlett cleared her throat.

“How bad is it?”


Chapter Eight: It’s Nice to Have a Friend

Her eyelids were heavy, but she slowly started to lift them. It took some time. Everything felt off.

Taylor blinked and found the ceiling fan slowly turning. This place was familiar to her. The immediate area was dark except for a computer screen just to her side. She found a couple of the cords draped over her arm and one of them attached to her finger, the other an IV pushed into the top of her hand. Some kind of mask was fixed to her face and she could hear the air being pushed through her nose. With a glance back to the computer, she was able to see her vitals being monitored; a light beep accompanied the dim readings. Behind it, on a table, was an assortment of big and beautiful Cornelia roses.

She found a big bruise on her forearm and then found a controller next to her hip. It hurt to reach for it, but she paused to see her leg up in a sling with a full cast. The realization started to sink in and she couldn’t remember where she was last. She tried to back track as fast as she could, but nothing was coming to light. Instead, she just pressed the button. A man in full green scrubs came through the door a moment later and he smiled ear to ear.

“Miss Swift, it’s good to have you back.”

Taylor felt an onset of sudden anxiety and gave him a blank stare. He reached over and pulled the oxygen from her nose and gently removed it. With a glance at the screen and back at her, he gave her another smile.

“So far, so good. I’m glad you’re awake. This is great news.”

She tried to open her mouth, but everything felt stuck together. It finally broke apart and she licked them slowly. “What happened to me?” she whispered.

“You were in a vehicle accident,” he told her. “A multiple roll over, to be exact.”

The memories instantly flashed to her driving. She felt a tear run down her cheek. “Did I hurt anyone?”

He stepped in with a cloth and dabbed her face clean. “Only yourself. You had been drinking.”

Taylor licked her lips again. “I could use a drink now. Is my mom here?”

The doctor stepped up from a table with a glass of water with a straw and helped her. “She’s home for the night.”

“Am I at home?” she sighed, loving the cool liquid rolling down her chest.

“Yes, ma’am. You’re in New York.”

Taylor attempted to move her right arm, but couldn’t. “Am I…”

“Miss Swift, you were very lucky. Only a broken left leg and a hip fracture. Bruises and scrapes, but no, you’re not paralyzed.”

He went to lift the blanket and revealed a cell phone on her chest with a mess of blonde hair pressed into her side. Taylor flooded her face with tears and pulled the phone up to find a picture of her and Scarlett kissing near her fireplace. She set it back down so that the doctor wouldn’t see it and ran her fingers through the short strands. An earbud was laying out and she put up to her ear.

“I’ll give you some time,” he said gently before stepping out.

“All the hours on the watch,
I wait for that breeze to move me,
and blow me back to that place,
magic space all through me,
and I sigh your name,
across the empty water.
You made a crazy dreamer out of me.” - Heart. Mistral Wind. 1978.

Taylor shivered at the amazing vocals and ran her fingers through Scarlett’s hair tenderly. Everything was a blur, but to have this person pressed into her, this love of her life...It was making her breakdown. After all that she’s done, this person was here and by all accounts, shouldn’t be. She went over to the soft hand resting on her belly and linked their fingers together. Scarlett shuffled a bit and mumbled.

“Love you.”

Taylor’s heart jumped and she cleared her throat the best that she could before clinching the hand tight. “I love you, too.”

Scarlett nuzzled her head and raised up suddenly, staring directly into her glossed over eyes full of tears. She joined her in the waterworks and leaned in for a deep kiss. Scarlett let up and both had a dreamy gaze that danced back and forth as they took each other in. She moved in for a second, desperate, and moaned into Taylor’s soul.

“You little shit, I didn’t know if you were going to wake up,” Scarlett whispered through it all. “What the hell were you doing?”

Taylor nibbled at her lover’s lip. “I don’t know. I’m sorry.”

“You’ve been asleep for two weeks,” Scarlett revealed, kissing down her cheek and sniffling into her neck. “I’m so glad you’re awake.”

“This isn’t the right decision you were talking about, I know,” Taylor held back a laugh.

Scarlett bit her ear and kissed it. “I’d beat your ass if you hadn’t already did yourself in.”

Taylor smiled, “You’ll get your chance I’m sure, but I’m still really sleepy. Shit, this hurts…”

“The drugs. Let’s get you comfortable, then.”

“Can you sing to me?” she blinked.

“Of course.”

“Are you staying here?” she rambled.


Scarlett scooted up and she draped the blanket across them both. She nudged up against Taylor’s head and pecked her cheek. Sharing the ear buds, Scarlett found a good song that she loved to sing and put her arm to rest below Taylor’s shirt, gently caressing her belly.

“Look at me, the answer is so clear,” she sang quietly, “lying close by the fireplace. I wish that you could see yourself this way, my love...”

Taylor snuggled in and closed her eyes.

“With the firelight...on your face…”

“Ain't it strange how love put things together?
One like you, someone like me...
But no one ever moved me like the way you do,
And held against your love, I am weak, oh yeah…

Before us now, the dream of love is playin',
Like a butterfly risin' from the flame,
You and me don't need no chain,
Since this feeling came to us,
This touch of love, a lighter touch…” - Heart. Lighter Touch. 1978.


Chapter Nine: Lover

The days went by with a routine of Scarlett taking care of Taylor behind the scenes. They still wanted to keep their ultimate secret just that: Something only they knew. Taylor’s management, parents and close friends were a bit interested in why Scarlett was hanging around so much, but at the end of the day, Taylor had many, many people in her life and sometimes, it’s none of their business. It didn’t seem to be a problem and she was very well-liked.

After scrub baths, they shared meals, listened to their favorite music and played some board games. Taylor still wasn’t able to stand after four weeks, so they were bound to the house. For the most part, the story was underwraps with the media and they knew she had been in a car wreck. The extent of her injuries and the reason behind her crash, however, were safe with her and her team. Scarlett had made arrangements for her daughter to stay with her father, something she wasn’t a fan of. It was something she had to do.

With the window open next to her bed, Taylor could see the bright stars and slowly blinked towards the moon. A light guitar strum could be heard and Scarlett rotated through a set of chords while the crickets made their own music outside.

“You’re rushin’ to me,” Scarlett smiled.

“You turned around to my song’s call…” Taylor finished.

Scarlett sang, “You dreamer in the sand, you just lie there laughing ‘till the fall…Oouu...”

“Kindest lover, I can’t stay alone tonight. C’mon, bring me all your love...here and now…” Taylor smiled back with a wink. “Come rushin’ to me,” she said playfully with a drenched, sultry finish.

They sang in unison, harmonizing over the guitar. Scarlett got up and shuffled over to the bed in nothing but her cat shorts, strumming.

“Wake up late without a smile. Telephone rings, you run like a child!”

Taylor clapped her hands. “On the street. Into the day. The people I meet have nothing to say...No smile, no sorrow, no laughter. No tomorrow!”

“They talk hen to hen, they talk about their men,” they laughed together. “And they practice all the tricks for them. Too soon the nighttime’s comin’ on, deep in the darkness feelin’ alone,” the two dropped in octaves to finish the line. Scarlett started a fast strum. “No rain. No seed. No dreams! No silence!” Taylor put her hands in the air and wiggled them with her hair shaking back and forth until it was over. They stood there looking like two crazies and laughed.

The guitar was set aside and Scarlett carefully crawled on top of her. Taylor’s hands were out, willing and beckoning her to come in. Their lips met and Taylor went everywhere with her soft fingers. Through the shorts and up her toned sides and across Scarlett’s heavy chest, she went wherever she wanted, eventually taking the shorts up and over her fabulous behind. Neither of them looked like rock stars and it didn’t matter. They were together and every kiss that came her way made her melt that much faster. Scarlett pushed the untidy blonde hair and placed pecks onto her forehead. They met at the lips and Taylor sighed happily.

“You’ve been doing so much for me,” she mumbled through their affectionate taps.

“That’s my job,” Scarlett whispered, breathing heavy. “You’re mine to take care of.”

Taylor, with what strength she had, grasped her lover by the sides and started lifting upwards. Scarlett shuffled in and Taylor went for big kisses across her delicious boobs as they bopped into her face. She smooched between the cleavage and let her heftiness smear up her features before she descended across Scarlett’s impeccable abdomen.

Kisses were left on each muscle until Scarlett was gripping the wall and pressing into her woman with the perfectly smooth warmth between the legs. Taylor was there and inhaled through a heavy lick across the pink line. Scarlett shivered through it and angled a leg up to slide onto Taylor’s face and let her weight drop onto the fat tongue that flickered to a stop as it got sandwiched between her folds. Taylor’s head slipped sideways slowly, back and forth, pushing hard into the most sensitive areas she held dear. This was Taylor’s place to be; only hers. Until they shared a man, that is.

With one hand able to sneak through them, Taylor kicked her fingers up through her tight panties and fell into a slippery puddle between her thighs. Instantly drenched, she slithered around and sighed into Scarlett’s drippy, balmy sweetness the moment she plunged two fingers inside herself.

“Oh, shit,” Scarlett bit her lip. She took Taylor by the head and held her tight while rocking herself lightly. “Mmph, shit, Tay-baby…”

Taylor held her hand in deep and circled her exposed bits with the base of her thumb, or more affectionately called the Mount of Venus, a sign of passion, romance, love and true friendships. How fitting, given the occasion. She was on the right track, because Scarlett was up against the wall and unable to hold herself up. Eyelids fluttered and she stared out into the dark night through the window while Taylor maneuvered through her slow and proper. She was in deep and very audible slurps made Scarlett bite down hard as she quivered.

Her mouth and body slumped in a quick onset of relaxation and her face scrunched onto the wall as she moaned loudly. Scarlett shuddered through it with a crackling groan and a death grip on Taylor’s soft hair. Suddenly, Taylor lit up between her legs with loveable cries and Scarlett sighed out rapidly before letting go again, both of them echoing through the silent, empty house.

“Unnh, shit,” Scarlett struggled with words, unable to move from the wall.

Light kisses traveled across her slippery skin with Taylor giving long, generous swipes with her tongue until she was good and ready to be finished.

“I love you, too,” she heard, smiling with a light laugh until she couldn’t hold it and giggled when Taylor started. “Oh my god, I’m stuck.”

“I got’cha…”


Chapter Ten: Light Years and Forever

Six months later…

Taylor tore apart some bread and chucked it towards the water. The smooth gleaming of it was soon disturbed as ducks swirled in to gobble it up. She flung more and glanced over to Scarlett who looked like an absolute angel. A Cornelia, fully blossomed, sat on the side of her hair and behind her guitar was a light pink blouse that left her exposed across the chest. She sat, legs crossed, with a white flannel skirt and a matching pair of pink slippers. That’s her fashion goddess. Someone to take notes from. Scarlett looked up from her finger picking and smiled.


“Nothing, just admiring you.”

“Hmm,” she blushed. “Naughty thoughts?”

“All the thoughts,” Taylor said softly, blowing a gentle kiss.

Scarlett sat her acoustic into the stand and glanced up at her vine covered, extravagant house before taking a sip of wine. “How do you feel about living in the United States after living abroad for a while?” she asked abruptly.

Taylor took a bite of bread before she tossed it to the noisy ducks and thought on it. “It’s different. I liked the lack of paparazzi up my ass everyday. What about you in France?”

Scarlett nodded. “Same thing. This country has me on edge a lot of the time.” She pushed a box over and tapped on it. “This is yours.”

Taylor smiled and looked slightly confused. “This has been sitting here this whole time and it’s mine?”


She pulled the crutches out of her way and leaned over to take it. “Aww. I love when you give me things.”

Scarlett stayed quiet and threw bread in between sips of delicious wine. Taylor popped the lid and found a key. She looked over with a whimsical smile and shook her head.

“Babe, what is this for?”

Scarlett stood up and finished her drink before flattening her skirt and before she could even get to both knees, Taylor gasped.

“Don’t you dare!”

“Taylor Alison Swift,” Scarlett glowed with a smile. She pulled her necklace from inside of her blouse and yanked it free to reveal a ring. “Will you--”

The battered woman was shook and wiped the tears away as they came. She was completely beside herself and tried to play it straight, but simply couldn’t. “Scarlett!”

“Will you marry me?” she said softly, staring directly and falling deep into her bright blue eyes.

Taylor tried to speak, but simply nodded through both hands that covered her face. Scarlett heard the sniffles and flashed her a smile. She pulled a hand free and slid their final bond onto the wet finger. The diamond gleaned about, fractals of different colors hitting Taylor through her blurry eyes.

“Damn you, messing up my makeup,” Taylor frowned before they both laughed.

“I’ll fix it later, sweetie,” Scarlett smiled, rubbing her hands across the inner thighs of her new fiancee. She placed her head into her lap and Taylor went underneath her blouse to rub her back slowly.

“Where is our new house?” Taylor whispered.


“Mrs. Swift,” the man said.

Scarlett looked up and smiled at Jordan, who filled out his tux nicely. He was employed by Scarlett, after all and fashion was her forte.

“You can call me Scarlett Swift in an hour. How do I look?”

Intricate patterns of flowers lined her open chest that went outward to a set of flared shoulders. The dark sheer and delicate design traveled down her arms and ended with a frilly top across her black nails. Underneath her heavy looking chest and elevated display of cleavage, thick vertical stripes lined her midsection with her tattoos on full display between the see-through bits. A pair of lace panties lined her front and covered her behind with a dazzling gown that let everyone see her fantastic legs. She turned in a one strap stiletto with an open toe and smiled with the most beautiful shade of red, glossy and pouty. The blonde waves were styled to the right, full of lush volume and perfect with an assortment of golden jewelry lining her ears.

“Like a queen,” he whispered.

She grinned with a blush and fixed a stray hair. “You went in there and called her Taylor Johansson, didn’t you?”

Jordan shrugged. “I dunno what you mean, really. Sometimes you say stuff but it don’t—“

“Thank you for being there for her when I couldn’t,” Scarlett blurted. She stepped forward and extended her arms up around his neck. “I was wrong to treat you the way I did.”

“Water under the bridge,” he waved a hand. “Look at you two now. A beautiful thing.”

“I want you apart of this and apart of us,” she said with a look of certainty.

Jordan leaned in for a small kiss and wrapped his arms around her tightly. “Whatever you need, Mrs. Swift.”

She laughed and smacked his back. “Let’s go, dummy.”


In time, everyone would eventually find out what had happened; though, they wouldn't know when and they wouldn’t know where. When you’re as famous as these two, the decision on who to invite was made pretty easy. Sometimes you have to make your own traditions.

Scarlett dragged her hand through the luscious green vines that lined the garden and she rounded the corner to a few bushes arranged around a fountain. The click of her heels slowed the closer she approached the other side of the vast greenery attached to their brick cottage. With a pause, she smiled to herself and looked up to a bright orange sky, scattered with pink and yellow.

She stepped through the archway and spotted her fiancée at the altar. It was a tiny thing. Very minimal. The radiant blonde beamed from the sun and she smiled at the stripped down attire. The one piece gown had a tiny belt to hold her waist, but otherwise fell wonderfully. The fabric hung just above her behind to reveal the three large roses across her back, just barely covered by the tips of her hair. Taylor turned to reveal her ocean blue eyes and lit her heart on fire with an adoring smile.

“You look incredible, my love,” Taylor whispered, embracing her.

Scarlett went around her waist and brought her in tight to gaze into those gorgeous eyes. “My beautiful angel,” she said with a slight frown. The happiness was overwhelming. A couple fingers moved her bangs just a tad and she put her moist lips onto Taylor’s ruby red, dreamy pair.

“We’ve been dancing around this for a long time,” Scarlett smiled. “I want us to spend the rest of our lives together. I want to navigate this crazy world with you until the end of my days. Taylor Alison Swift, do you want to go on this journey with me? Do you take me to be your wife?”

Taylor felt the tear fall onto her arm and nodded. “Yes. Forever.”

Taylor leaned behind her and found her pearl white acoustic and draped the strap over her shoulder, pink roses lining the leather. “I was supposed to do this by the fireplace when you came to me,” she said, head falling slightly. Scarlett felt a tingle rush through her and she had a seat. Behind Taylor was the fjord, gorgeous water and tall mountains, and a most unbelievable view with a goddess to complete it.

Taylor applied her fingers to the fret board and strummed. “I love you, Scarlett…”

“I love you, too. Forever.”

“Past the moon, Mars, the stars…
Our love transcends through the scars,
There you were, now worlds apart,

Through the night, I’d gaze up…
Wondering if you’d show up,
Dark hue sea, please tell me…

And through the light years I’d wait for you…
Forever lost in ocean blue,
Thoughts of you and me ran free,
Our dream might come true eventually…

And through the light years I’d sing for us...
Forever glad that I had trust,
When you gave that look to me,
Cosmic seas were turned to dust...

Past the moon, Mars, the stars…
Our love transcends through memoirs,
There we were, face to face…

And through the light years, I’d sing with you…
Forever glossed with my tears,
When we board our ship for flight,
The daylight washed away my fears…” - Taylor Swift. Light Years / Forever. 2021.

And that’s the thing about love. It shouldn’t be contained. The world needs more of it. When the last strum was heard and Taylor placed a long, loving kiss to her Queen, they both turned to Jordan and he pushed the power button to the camera, ending the world wide live stream.

The End...

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Big thanks to @Grobnar for going back and forth with me on this story for months. He's been there every step of the way and much love. Also thanks to @Slyguy for the Taylor inspiration and love for this story. @volente has also really enjoyed this and I'm glad. Thanks for letting me post it up, CSS crew.

The soundtrack for III, IV and V is below. Nada One not in the story, but huge inspiration.

Taylor Swift - The Moment I Knew
Taylor Swift - The Archer
Taylor Swift - This Love
Taylor Swift - Come Back, Be Here
Taylor Swift - Afterglow
Taylor Swift - You are in Love
Heart - Mistral Wind
Heart - Lighter Touch
Heart - Soul of the Sea
Heart - Nada One
Taylor Swift - Enchanted. The beat used for writing the lyrics for Light Years and Forever.

None of this was possible without Slyguy recommending Swift. Heart's subject matter has been stuck in my head for 25 years. I wanted to apply it to this story. Later.
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Re: Ebony and Ivory V(Scarlett Johansson, Taylor Swift) FINALE!
« Reply #2 on: September 04, 2019, 01:15:27 PM »
This finale absolutely delivered on the many premises set up by this phenomenal series.  Truly it is a masterpiece of erotica.  Your ability to convey emotion and feeling next to hot, dirty sex is truly remarkable.  This will forever remain one of my favorite series (and one of the best) out there.  Congratulations my friend.

I’m also so glad for that happy ending!  What a honeymoon they must be in for  ;)

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Re: Ebony and Ivory V(Scarlett Johansson, Taylor Swift) FINALE!
« Reply #3 on: September 04, 2019, 07:17:02 PM »
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Re: Ebony and Ivory V(Scarlett Johansson, Taylor Swift) FINALE!
« Reply #4 on: September 05, 2019, 01:40:39 AM »
Thank you guys. Love this story to death. Glad it worked out
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Re: Ebony and Ivory V(Scarlett Johansson, Taylor Swift) FINALE!
« Reply #5 on: September 07, 2019, 10:12:24 PM »
Fantastic work, I really loved the twist at this end of this amazing series.

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Re: Ebony and Ivory V(Scarlett Johansson, Taylor Swift) FINALE!
« Reply #6 on: September 12, 2019, 01:07:53 AM »
You could a spin off with Scarlett and Taylor in a relationship. Really left the door open for that. I want to see what happens next! You've spoiled me with this amazing series.
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Re: Ebony and Ivory V(Scarlett Johansson, Taylor Swift) FINALE!
« Reply #7 on: September 14, 2019, 05:31:26 PM »
You could a spin off with Scarlett and Taylor in a relationship. Really left the door open for that. I want to see what happens next! You've spoiled me with this amazing series.

Stay tuned, my friend. Glad you liked this. I’m really invested in these two as a couple.
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Re: Ebony and Ivory V(Scarlett Johansson, Taylor Swift) FINALE!
« Reply #8 on: September 16, 2019, 12:20:07 AM »
Just a glorious ending. You are a true master of words. You write the action so uniquely and do so much more in 100 words than I could ever do in 1,000.  This is a magnificent story from start to finish and I am truly blown away by your ability as an artist.
For so long I have wanted to bring music into my stories and you and Cadeauxxx are doing it so well in your work in ways I just can't.

I hope you are truly proud of this series because it is better than every praise I could give it.

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Re: Ebony and Ivory V(Scarlett Johansson, Taylor Swift) FINALE!
« Reply #9 on: September 16, 2019, 09:11:26 AM »
Just a glorious ending. You are a true master of words. You write the action so uniquely and do so much more in 100 words than I could ever do in 1,000.  This is a magnificent story from start to finish and I am truly blown away by your ability as an artist.
For so long I have wanted to bring music into my stories and you and Cadeauxxx are doing it so well in your work in ways I just can't.

I hope you are truly proud of this series because it is better than every praise I could give it.


I am definitely proud of it and I’m glad you liked it. You’re too kind and my eyes watered up! Damn KMB!
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Re: Ebony and Ivory V(Scarlett Johansson, Taylor Swift) FINALE!
« Reply #10 on: November 17, 2019, 07:30:02 PM »
What a splendid read!

Even after sucking and fucking a big black cock, Scarlett still wanted to marry Taylor. Love that the deep emotional bond between the two is still there.

You wrote one hell of a series, my friend.
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