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Cathy Kelley: Takesover
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Disclaimer: All right, this story is not real. NOT REAL! Not to be read by anyone under the age of 18/21 yadda yadda yadda! I’d love to hear some feedback as per usual. My e-Mail addresses are at: mean.blackjack(@)yahoo.co.uk If you remove the parenthesis from the @ symbol it’ll get through! You can also get me at mean.blackjack47(@)gmail.com. Again, remove the parenthesis. Also, don’t forget to thank and like the story if you do like it! Also feel free to post on the thread to voice your encouragement, lord knows my ego needs stroking!

Also, please don't post this on any other site without my explicit permission. I've had to bring the hammer down on two thieves right as of writing and don't want to bring it down again. Don't forget to add me on Discord too! My name on there is Swagatha Christie#2438.

Codes: MF, Cons, Facial, Semi-Public

Walking through the doors of the trendy gastro-pub blend with a nightclub and bar and whatever else appealed to the owner and the youth of Portland, Cathy Kelley ran her fingers through her long black hair and instantly she felt a rush of pink come to her cheeks. The inside of the building was filled, almost packed, with the NXT main talent and also the road crew and all of the tech teams who had set up the TV shows and the Takeovers as well. They were all friends of Cathy and to an extent, they were her family as well. Looking around and smiling at every single one of them, Cathy felt her heart beat against her chest and another pang of sorrow washed over her. She was moving on, something that every grown person needed to do, but her time working with the WWE had been such a strong time of her life that she knew she was going to miss them.

Greeting Bianca Belair, who had lost her match at Takeover: Portland earlier on in the night, with a hug, she had so many people lining up to greet her and offer their goodbyes and good lucks to her. She had a warm smile planted on her face and it only grew and grew with every person who moved up the line and came closer to her. Her arms had been empty before she had came inside but now, she was being weighed down with shirts from the superstars and various parting gifts for the former WWE announcer. Managing to make her way over to one of the sides of the bar, she heaved her arms up and dropped the contents down on the top of the counter as one of the bartenders made their way over to her.

"Can you look after these?" Cathy called out, having to almost shout as some poppy, trendy EDM started to come to life over the PA. The younger man behind the bar nodded his head and offered her a thumbs up before he lifted them contents over the bar and out somewhere to the back. Turning around to look at the party as it came to life, Cathy was alone for the briefest of moments and she was able to fully appreciate just how nice the company, her friends, had been to her. Her dark browns watched her friends moving together to the music and her right foot started to come to life, tapping up and down rhythmically with the music and she quickly stripped her jacket off and moved towards the dance floor where she was greeted with loud cheers of welcome and greeting from her friends. The dance floor parted ever so slightly and Cathy was greeted by her friends as they began to dance to the music.

The party had been great all night and as the group had started to disappear, the talent needed a rest after such a barn burner of a show and some of the tech teams just needing a break, Cathy was left with some of the merch people and some of the lighting rig guys. They were joined with some of the talent as well though that was starting to dwindle as well. Cathy and some of the merch girls knocked back some shots before they all wiped at their mouths with the back of their hands to get all of the alcohol up. They looked at each other and instantly burst out laughing, holding onto each other as they almost fell forward to the bar. Cathy ran her hand through her hair and the women fell into a group hug and they squeezed onto each other before the girls had to split and move on out of the club. Turning to look at the inside of the club, Cathy was left alone with a few more groups of people and a couple of the guys who she knew were single just like she was.

Looking over to Bruno, one of the lighting rig guys, he was definitely cute. Short brown hair, cleanly shaven and a pair bright blue eyes that could pierce the darkest of nights, he was definitely the type of guy that you could see on her bedroom wall as the type of dreamboat hunk. She stared over the bar to Bruno, Cathy studied him and when he made the group of people he was with all laugh, she bit down on her bottom lip and it was almost enough for her to make her mind up there and then. She had never really considered sleeping with anyone she worked with, that sort of drama just wasn't the sort of thing she should have wanted to deal with but looking at the inside of the club and her party, she realised she could pretty much deal with any of them there and then.

Having a goodbye screw started to seem like a great idea to the former announcer and when she looked over to Bruno, she started to really think that he would be a good contender. A lot of the ring crew were in good shape, the concept of a pot belly was definitely lost on the team and they all looked like they enjoyed a good workout. They would definitely be able to handle a good night with her and being able to take her to the places where she would want her sexual partner to go to.

The music in the club was still pounding and the lights were still flashing in a rhythm that matched the tunes, Cathy chewed down on her bottom lip before her body almost made her mind up. Climbing up and off of the bar, Cathy cut through the remaining people at the party and headed over to where Bruno, Danny and Paul, the main lighting rig people, were standing and joking around. The trio of men all saw she was heading over and their smiles remained as they turned to look at her. Cathy smiled at them before looking over to Bruno, her fingers reached out and took hold of him by the middle of his shirt and pulled him from his group of friends. His friends watched the pair move onto the dance floor and they were left to their own devices as Bruno and Cathy moved to dance together.

Cathy's eyes melted into Bruno's blues and the woman felt another pang of pleasure rushing through her body. The pair sashayed to the sounds of the EDM and quickly, Cathy fell into an easy rhythm of moving from side to side as they danced to the tunes. Their arms moved in time with the music and with their bodies as they moved to the music. The pair were more than happy to dance with each other and soon, Cathy had her body pressed up tight against his. Her softer frame was tight and up against him, almost grinding her body up against his. Her body slipped around to the front of Bruno, her arms reaching up behind herself to find his neck and take a real hold on him. Her body pushed backwards against Bruno and the woman could feel his lower half coming to life as her round ass started to grind against his forward and towards her lips as she leaned her head up to meet his body. Her mouth opened slightly and she leaned her body up so she could whisper to him.

"I'm really going to miss you guys." She called out, the tunes bouncing in both of their ears as Bruno leaned his head forward to listen to what she was saying.

"Yeah, we'll miss you too!" He shouted back, the two sharing a look. "But you're going to do great in whatever you’re going to do!"

Their bodies were grinding together and they were slightly obscured by the dance floor was still swimming with various couple and other people who were just dancing together. Cathy looked over her shoulder to Bruno before smiling to herself and rolling her hips around in a slow circle, really threading his length up and down and between her cheeks. She could feel him coming to life and as if he wasn't already a total dreamboat the feel of his hardening dick was just another mark for him being the guy. She smiled to herself and continued to move herself back against him as he seemed to stumble in terms of just where he was going to put his own hands. He reached down and placed his hands on her waist but she was quick to take them off of her body and place them up on her upper body, near to her shoulders. She turned her head to look over her shoulder and making eye contact with him.

"Naughty naughty." She playfully scolded, her ass still grinding against him as the music continued to pump into the club. "As if you wanted to do anything bad with me on my last night!"

"I... Well..." Bruno struggled to find the words as the bombshell of a former WWE announcer simply moved her ass against his dick. It was fully hard now and she had a pretty strong emotional grasp on being the cause of it. It was enough to make the woman smile even wider. He struggled to complete a sentence so Cathy took over.

"You do want to do something bad with me?" She asked, raising her eyebrows slightly as she leaned herself forward slightly to really push her ass backwards and against his now rock hard cock. "Bad boy."

"I'm the bad one?" Bruno asked, managing to find his voice as he let his hands turn over slightly so his fingers could touch against her shoulders as they moved together. "You should take a peek at yourself." He said, almost having to shout as she was moved away from him.

"You can tell me to stop." Cathy countered back, enjoying the verbal game she was playing with him.

"I don't think you would if I did." Bruno called back. His hands rubbing against her shoulders and then experimentally moving to the top of her spine and then down towards the lower part of her back. Cathy shivered slightly but she adored the touches and she adored the game they were playing together. The EDM came to a stop and rather than having another pounding tune coming on, one of the slower jams came on and the duo were left with their bodies threatening to melt together. Cathy straightened up and she turned to have her dark browns meet his bright blues. The two took some steps forward and his hands came down to settle on her sides, stroking against her frame over the fabric of her dress as she wrapped her hands around the top of his spine so they rested close together. They slowly stepped from side to side, moving in a slow circle around on the dance floor while the music played and the lights came down to give the inside of the club more of a romantic feeling.

Looking over the club and then back to Bruno, Cathy felt like she was almost floating on clouds now as she stared deep into Bruno's eyes and there was definitely a spark between the two of them. She bit down on her bottom lip before looking from side to side, she then stood up on her tiptoes and moved forward so her breath tickled against the side of his cheek and then right onto his neck as well. She leaned closer to him and as the music played and various people on the dance floor coupled off together, Cathy found her words.

"Do you want to come back to my hotel with me Bruno?" She asked, her voice low as she took a step back slightly so that they were making eye contact with each other again. She had to smile when he looked at her and was legitimately lost for words as she told him just what she teased him with just what she wanted to do and just what she wanted him to do as well. When he stumbled over his words much like he had done when they started dancing, she smiled, let her head fall back and she laughed. Bruno's own eyes had floated around and with Cathy's broad laugh, the few eyes that had been settled on them moved back to what they were doing, their partners or just their drinks. Cathy's brown eyes moved back to face him. "Well?"

"I mean... Sure!" He answered honestly, still amazed at the situation he had been positioned in. She smiled and nodded her head. Looking around, the DJ and the rest of the staff seemed to be just milling around now, Cathy recognised the look as one of someone who was just waiting to go home and the other person just wasn't getting the picture. She looked back to Bruno before nodding her head.

"Call us an Uber. I'm going to wrap this thing up." She almost ordered the man, who was more than happy to just follow her command. The two parted and she made her way over towards the DJ who saw her approaching, the man behind the decks took a step down to greet her. A quick couple of words were exchanged and the music came to a stop at the end of the song so Cathy could speak to the remainder of her leaving party.

"Hi guys!" Cathy said, looking over the selection of people who were still left at the party, the group stopped and had turned to look towards her. Cathy looked over the people with a warm smile on her face, still flushed with a combination of drink, happiness and arousal. Cathy thumbed at her bottom lip with her left thumb before she thought back to what she wanted to say. "I wish everyone else was here as well so I could say it to everyone but I'm sure I'll get to see them again." She continued, starting to get a little off topic but she was quick to stamp it out and get back to what she was talking about. "I guess I just really wanted to say that I'm so happy you guys wanted to throw me a party and I'm just so flattered that everyone came to say goodbye to me." Cathy chewed down on her bottom lip and then finished. "I'm really gonna miss you all and I can't wait to watch more of you all next week!"

The crowd cheered and as Cathy passed the microphone back to the waiting DJ, she was greeted by some more hugs and squeezes from her friends, or family, that had been there to see her off. She looked around and eagerly swapped numbers with the last few who hadn't gotten her number, working her way through the people, even as the numbers dwindled, she found herself face to face with Bruno. The man had her gifts in a trash bag that had been supplied by the club as an easier way to carry the items. Her hands came up and touched against his arms, leaning up and smacking her lips against his cheek in a friendly sort of way but the two of them both knew that there was a lot more.

"It's about five minutes away." He responded, the kiss lingering slightly as Cathy took the bag and moved it up and over her shoulder, almost as if she were impersonating a Santa. The people of NXT had started to empty out towards the streets of Portland and towards their homes or hotels. With Cathy and Bruno being left to themselves, they moved together and out towards the main street. Cathy's free hand reached over towards the lightning technician and she slipped her hand over towards the man, her hand taking hold of his spine and pulling him closer to her. The weather was cold outside and as Bruno looked down the street and flagged down their Uber, Cathy could feel her nipples coming to life and pushing against the fabric of her dress. Cathy looked over her shoulder to the car and then back to Bruno, her free hand gripped him by the front of her shirt and she pulled him down into a kiss.

Their lips smacked together and Cathy was quick to threaten to slip her tongue into his mouth but the sound of the car coming to a stop at the curb made them stop their kiss. She quickly planted her lips on his again before the lighting technician swatted her on the ass. They broke the kiss and smiled at each other before he opened the door for her. The two slipped into the back of the car and right onto the backseat, the two barely acknowledged the driver of the car who simply made a noise of acknowledgement and as soon as the car door was shut, the woman simply pulled the car out from the curb and into the traffic of Portland.

As the car took them away, Cathy found herself not really caring about the trip, her arms had wrapped around Bruno's shoulders and she was pulling him in tight for their kiss. His hands had settled on her waist as he held her in place, their lips smacking against each other with almost a desperate, pressing embrace. Their arousal was starting to become a more prominent occurrence in the car and when his right hand slipped from her waist and moved down towards her thigh, Cathy just pulled him closer to her. Their lips spread and their tongues moved together, sucking on each other and lewdly exploring the others mouths as they kissed. Bruno's hand moved inside of Cathy's legs, sliding upwards and underneath her dress, moving towards her velvet core. His hand settled on the inside of her leg, just touching and almost absorbing the warmth of the inside of her thigh. Cathy moaned into the kiss, her head turning to the side and Bruno mirrored it, his tongue broadly flicking against hers. His hand slipped up and brushed against the outside of her panties, his palm moved up against her entrance, blindly groping at it as the two kissed.

His palm soon found itself pushing against her hard clit, teasing and rubbing against it as Cathy let out another moan. Their kiss broke and they each hungrily sucked in desperate lungfuls of air from their passionate kiss. The two went right back to messily making out with each other and as they did so, Bruno's index finger tugged at the fabric of her panties. Slipping it inside of the fabric, Bruno pushed the tip up and against her entrance. The tip of his finger slid inside of her, almost easily with how moist she was, and as soon as she swallowed his finger inside, she let out a low groan into their second kiss. The two could hear the groan of annoyance from the driver, clearly something she had seen countless times before, and the sounds of the digital radio station filled the inside of the car as Cathy's moaning got louder.

Bruno pumped his index finger in and out of her slowly, moving his digit inside of her velvetey vice. His other hand held onto her waist, keeping her pinned to the backseat of the car while he started to finger her. His index finger was soon joined by his middle finger, the two digits slipped in and out of her, sliding in and out slowly. Cathy gasped in pleasure, their kiss breaking and she let her head fall forward to bump her forehead against his. Bruno simply ignored the contact though and continued to slide his fingers inside of her. Moving them in and out, Bruno listened intently to every breath that escaped Cathy's mouth. The woman was the main focus of Bruno's ministrations and he was going to make sure that she was never going to forget him.

Bruno's fingers were on top of each other, his palm facing her left thigh as he continued to work on her. His fingers were facing forward, almost as if he were making a finger gun motion inside her slick pussy. His hand held onto her waist and he slowly turned his hand to the right, spreading her lips and applying some extra pressure to her lips. Bruno bowed his head down and started to kiss against her neck as his fingers moved in and out of the woman. He could feel just how wet his fingers were getting and as he nipped his teeth against her neck, he had a wide smile on his face from how she was getting into it.

Cathy's fingers pawed at Bruno's body, her right gripping him by the shoulders while her left took hold of him by the shirt. Pulling the man closer to her, she could smell his aftershave wafting up her nose and assaulting her senses, much like just how this handsome stud of a man was forcing waves and waves of pleasure on her body. The feel of his teeth nipping against her skin and also her lips being split open by the man's two fingers was enough to make her eyelids flutter and her own eyes roll towards the back of her head. Her legs twitched slightly and she almost shivered her heels off as her left leg lifted up out of the footwell of the car. Feeling his fingers slide in and out of her, Cathy bit down on her bottom lip and did her absolute best to not pant out loud or scream in delight like she wanted to.

The sound of the music in the car was enough to cover the noise of her aroused juices filling the back of the car and Cathy was more than happy for that as Bruno continued to finger fuck her. Cathy was more than happy to start moaning and she was breathing every little moan she had right into his ear. Cathy's lips spread and she was panting louder and louder as the man rubbed his fingers inside of her. Her legs were spread, her sundress had ridden up towards the middle of her thighs, fully exposing her panties but her frame was somewhat obscured by Bruno's body as he was covering her while he leaned over and into her. His other hand, the one that had been resting on her side, came up towards her breast. Cupping her right tit over the fabric of her dress, Bruno pushed his fingers inside of her and then pushed his palm up against her slit and rubbed his palm against her hard clit.

The feeling of skin against her clit made Cathy's leg kick out and shake in the car seat while she had his fingers inside of her. The feeling of her palm against her clit was already sending her over the edge and when he continued to finger her faster and deeper, Cathy could feel her orgasm starting to build. She was already dripping wet but the feeling of his palm against her clit made her lips threaten to just leak all over the backseat. Cathy would never have behaved like this before but the way the whole evening was going and the way she was leaving what she had once considered her family, it was enough to make her want to act out and just go wild. She had never done anything like this before but she was more than happy to just ride it out and with Bruno against her, she knew he was happy to do the same. Bruno's mouth came up off of her neck and the two shared another hot kiss as her silky smooth walls clamped down on his fingers and the former WWE announcer just exploded over his fingers ruining the backseat of the car.

The moments passed briefly and they shared another kiss as the car came to a stop. Bruno slowly pulled his fingers out from inside of her and he quickly redressed her panties over her dripping wet slit. Cathy weakly lifted her butt up off of the back seat and wriggled her dress back down as Bruno pushed his index finger into his mouth to taste her. Sucking his digit clean, he was going to work on his middle finger but was beaten to it by Cathy who swallowed his finger into her mouth. Bruno looked into Cathy's eyes as they made contact, she sucked on his finger as if it were his length all while she had a wicked smile on her face as he was left staring at her, almost slack-jawed at the sight. The car was slowing though and as Bruno's finger slipped from her mouth with an almost comical popping noise, he turned to look.

"If you've both finished, we're here." The driver said, not even humouring the two with looking into the rear view mirror.

"Oh, thanks." Cathy managed to squeak out as the two wriggled towards the kerb side door. Bruno offered his thanks as well and the pair made their way out and onto the street. Bruno had her leaving gifts in his hands and Cathy was still adjusting her clothing as they crossed over to the hotel's entrance and they were soon making their way over to the elevators to head up to Cathy's room. "I can't believe we just did that!" Cathy exclaimed, a wide grin on her face as she looked over to him.

"I'm sure they've seen worse on a weekend night." Bruno replied, offering the announcer a shrug as the pair walked inside the elevator. It was something of a mercy for the woman and she suddenly found herself not really caring. Sure, it was the most adventurous thing she had ever done but she'd be lying if she were to say it didn't feel good. Cathy pressed her thumb to her hotel's floor and then, her hands were right on his chest, pushing him backwards towards the closest wall to him. The woman took his face in her hands and they both quickly went right back to sliding their tongues over each others and hungrily kissing each other. Bruno's hands came down and cupped her generously sized rear in his hands, the bag of her gifts falling to the floor as his hands took hold of each of her cheeks. Cathy moaned into the kiss and the two hungrily devoured each others lips and tongues as the elevator rose up through the floors. The small booth quickly came to a stop so they could fall out and Bruno was left following her lead.

The man had hold of her bag of gifts and they walked down the corridor towards where she was guiding them both. Coming to a stop outside of the door, Cathy pushed her rear backwards and bumped her large ass up against his hard rod and they quickly found themselves almost falling inside of the room. The door clicked shut behind them and before they even had a chance to adjust to their new scenario, Cathy found herself being spun around, the bags dropped to the floor, and then pushed up against the wall. Cathy's head turned to the left and her neck was exposed to Bruno who was more than happy to attack it with his kisses. His hands were gripping hold of her by the waist and as he pulled her hips backwards to bring her ass out towards him. His hands then moved down to the bottom of her dress and he quickly started to slide the bottom of her dress up towards her thighs and then, he just wriggled it up so it flipped over her ass. His hands rubbed over her rear before he smacked each cheek, making the presenter yelp in a sea of pleasure. He then pulled her plum panties aside and used his left index finger to tease against her dripping wet slit while his right hand unzipped his jeans.

Cathy bit down on her bottom lip and closed her eyes, the sting of the spank rang out inside of the hotel room and she was relishing in the chance to fully breathe out her pleasure and just enjoy the encounter with her newest lover. When her panties were pulled to the side, Cathy's eyes rolled into the back of her head and she knew she was going to be given it good. It was almost a moment too long for the former announcer before she felt the head of his dick nudge against her wet slit. Biting down on her lip, she looked over her shoulder and before she could even voice a single word, Bruno had pushed himself forward and his dick buried itself inside of her. His hands moved up from her waist and he took hold of her by the arms, his left hand held onto her left wrist while his right hand settled on her right bicep. Taking hold of her as he was, Cathy's eyes flickered in pleasure as his hard dick worked on splitting her pussy lips apart.

Bruno took hold of her arms and as he pushed his length inside of her, he gave his hips a quick pump forward and his balls smacked against her lips and her clit. The contact made the brunette gasp out in pleasure and when that happened, Bruno pulled her body up off of the door and had her almost vertical directly in front of him. His hands swapped hold on her arms, crossing in an X fashion, Bruno started to work his hips backwards and forwards, sliding himself inside of her with his hips smacking against her rear with a soft, steady, clapping fashion. Keeping hold of her and positioning her so she was at a slight angle facing the door while he pushed himself in and out of her. Her tight walls were already squeezing down on his length and as he pumped himself inside of her, he could already feel how wet she was for him.

Cathy was in a world of pleasure as she felt his large and heavy balls slapping forward and against her clit all while his dick slipped inside of her. His hands on her arms were gripping onto her and she felt a sense of pleasure hitting her as she was ravaged backwards and forwards by the handsome lighting technician. Her body was being hammered and with every quick pump inside her, her breasts were starting to bounce as well and she was already feeling like she was going to cum again. Her toes started to curl inside of her heels and as she was being pumped in and out, Cathy's mouth was hung open in a near permanent scream of delight. Her head flicked backwards and she looked over her shoulder, biting down on her bottom lip and then shaking as she was hammered backwards and forwards, Cathy's entrance clamped down tightly on him.

Bruno pushed himself in and out of her, his length sawing into a very fast and easy motion with her. The pair made eye contact and the two could only smile with each other as he hammered his way inside of her. His balls continued to slap against her skin and as they worked towards each other, the lighting rig technician had to focus on the incredible feeling of sliding in and out of her. Pushing his length inside her and angling his length upwards and then pushing it downwards, Bruno listened to every spluttered noise that was spilling from the mouth of Cathy. Bruno pumped his hips back and forth, his groin beat against her rear and the sound of her moaning with each stroke was married with the sensation of his balls slapping against her slit. Bruno continued to pump his hips backwards and forwards, sawing inside of her and aiming around to try and find the best spot to hit inside of her and make her explode. Even with his earlier fingering of her, she was still holding on and threatening to explode over his length seemed to be getting closer and closer.

Pumping his dick inside of her with one more hard thrust, Cathy was starting to be bounced backwards and forwards. Despite her toes digging into the material of her heels, the former announcer was still being rocked and she could feel another orgasm coming up to smash down her inner walls. Her velvet walls milked him tightly and as he pushed his dick inside of her and the dick's head smashed against her sensitive inner spots and her once silent mouth exploded in an loud scream of pleasure. Her orgasm shocked her body and she felt like she was going to scream the whole damn hotel down as her wetness soaked her lips and his hard dick.

Bruno grunted in delight as she squeezed down on him and her juices soaked all over his cock. Slowly pulling his length backwards and out of her slit, Bruno sighed in pleasure and he let go of her arms letting the woman take a couple of steps backwards and then forwards as if her wobbly legs were steadying to try and find some form of standing on the ground. Her legs trembled and she had to place both of her hands on the wall as she recovered from her second intense orgasm. She reached down to her legs and one by one, she undid her heels and slipped her feet out of them. Now a couple of inches lower, Cathy groaned in pleasure as she slowly turned to greet him. Bruno barely gave her a chance to adjust though, he was still two orgasms down compared to what she had been through. His hand guided her towards the bed and with a grin, he pushed her down onto the double sized bed.

Cathy hit the bed and as Bruno started to undress, unbuckling his belt and stripping his shirt off over the top of his head, Cathy matched him. Leaning up, she reached behind her back and unzipped the dress to free her body of the cotton fabric. The long dress came off of her body and she tossed it aside, now lying before him dressed only in her panties, even though they were tucked to the side. She dipped her fingers into the waistband of the lacy underwear and she quickly stripped them down so she was just as naked as the handsome lighting tech was for her. She sat back on her elbows, her eyes looking up at him with lust on her face as she drank in every last inch of his body.

Bruno stepped forward and took hold of her by the ankles, lifting her up and spreading her legs to lay them on his shoulders. Standing between her legs, Bruno stroked at his slick dick before he leaned forward and aimed it towards her leaking slit. The lighting tech looked down at her entrance and as he moved to push himself inside of her, he was stopped by a hand on his waist. He looked down at her and she shook her head, making a tutting noise with her mouth as if in disapproval.

"You don't get to be on top again." She scolded him, the two making eye contact. "I'm going on top."

"I don't think you get to make that choice." Bruno fired back, looking at her and still trying to push past her hold she had on him. "I'm staying on top." He added, seemingly finding his ability to communicate with a woman even after the awkward start he had had in the club at the start of the evening.

Cathy didn't say anything to counter it, in fact she just reached up and grabbed a hold of him, pulling him towards her for a more traditional missionary style but then rolling him to the left almost like how crocodiles would do. Bruno didn't stop though, he took hold of her and continued to roll her to the left. The two continued to roll, giggles and everything filled the room as they jockeyed for position. Eventually, the two ran out of room to roll on and they fell to the floor of the hotel room. Bruno hit the floor with an oomph and thankfully, Cathy landed on top of him.

"Are you okay?" She asked, her eyes looking down into Bruno’s who simply placed his hands on her hips and nodded his head.

“Yeah, I’m fine. We’re fine right?” He asked, looking up at her and Cathy nodded her head. Leaning her head back, she threaded her hand through

He was going to ask what she wanted to do but she had answered him before he even had a chance to even speak. She leaned forward, her breasts hanging in front of him, and reached between her legs to grip at his slick dick. She lewdly pumped his shaft up and down before she steadied it and then she started to lower herself down onto her new lover's length. Her hands came away from Bruno's length and placed themselves on his shoulders, pushing the man down onto the surface of the hotel's carpet and she moved to fully mount him. Her own slick walls were squeezing down tight on him and she slowly started to work herself up and down. Her legs were folded in on themselves, the front of her shins pressing down onto his thighs as her hands were planted on either side of his head. Her long brown hair was hanging down low, decorating her face and forming a curtain around his head and blocking out the rest of the room, giving the pair eye contact and ensuring they could only focus on one another.

Bruno's hands came up off of floor and up to take hold of Cathy's warm, athletic body. His fingertips touched her soft skin and soon moved up from her thighs towards her waist where he took hold of her and held onto her as she started to slide herself up and down. The feeling of that silky smooth entrance squeezing down on him made him want to explode there and then but she was already way ahead of him in her orgasms. The lighting tech knew she should take the lead in terms of cumming, this was her goodbye party after all and he was going to give it to her.

Cathy panted out in pleasure as she felt his hands come up off of her body and then he took hold of her breasts in each of her hands. She bit down on her bottom lip as the sound of her ass cheeks hitting against his body started to fill the symphony of the two lover's moaning. She looked deep into Bruno's eyes as she felt his thumbs come up and brush against her rock hard nipples, teasing them to life and making the woman purr in pleasure. She looked down at him and he rearranged himself, moving to a sitting position so he was now face to nipple. Cathy's arms came down and she wrapped them around the back of his head, pulling him closer to her as she positioned her legs so that she was now kneeling on either side of him. Bruno's hands left her body, no long working on her breasts and instead he was taking hold of her frame. His left hand came down and swatted against her right ass cheek prompting a husky moan from the woman, Bruno didn't stop though and hit her other cheek to get another moan from her.

Bruno could feel her body react to his strikes and as she slid herself down on his length, the lighting technician lifted his hips up to slide inside her. With his hands taking turns hitting each of her cheeks, Bruno bowed his head down and wrapped his lips around her left nipple. Taking it into his mouth and gently closing his teeth down, grazing his pearly whites against her hard nipple. Sliding his length up and inside of her, Bruno made sure to apply his teeth to each of her nipples, swapping from side to side and making sure to apply just the same pressure to each of her rock hard nubs. Cathy could only moan and groan louder and louder and Bruno could feel the telltale signs of her orgasm starting to build again. Her walls were clamping down on him and she was still dripping her arousal all down his hard length as he pushed inside her.

The two were working together, he would lift his hips up just as she would drop them down. The pair were working in near perfect sync and every time his ass clapped against the carpet of her hotel room, she would rise up off of him, keeping only his dick's head inside of her. Her walls hugged down tightly on him as he moved in and it was almost as if she would clamp down harder when he moved down, like she didn't want him to leave her insides as he fucked her. The sounds of their bodies clapping together started to fill the room as he moved inside of her and she dropped herself down. Sweat was already painting their bodies and as she clapped herself down on him, she threw her head back and let out a long, low moan. Bruno's lips attacked her neck, claiming her throat for his, sinking his teeth into her neck and sucking on it while she bounced on him. Working himself inside of her, Bruno grunted into her skin as she was starting to moan louder and louder.

The two slipped up and down, working together in a symphony and as he tasted the sweat on her skin Bruno knew that she was close. Pushing himself inside of her, the pair worked up and inside of her, they slipped together and Cathy's hips started to crash down faster and he lifted his hips up towards her faster. They worked quicker and quicker and Cathy's hold on his body started to loosen, her legs were trembling and her body bounced awkwardly as Bruno pushed himself up inside of her. The pair fucked harder and when her body tensed, Bruno reached up and his right hand locked onto her at the top of her spine while his left hand went straight down to her waist. Holding her against him, Cathy's body was shaking and rocking and he was going to force another hard orgasm out of her. Bruno ached to unleash inside of her and as he rocked himself upwards and inside of her, Cathy's head rocked backwards and with an impressive flick of her hair, she exploded.

Cathy couldn't believe just how much pleasure was being fed into her and as she came over Bruno's big dick again, the former interviewer became weak. Her body almost collapsed against Bruno who simply held onto her and rolled her over so she was flat on her back and Bruno was on top of her. His hands held onto her waist, keeping her in place on the carpet but as she took to her place and rode out her latest orgasm, Bruno rearranged her so that her long legs were now resting on his shoulders and he was quick to pump himself into her all while her long legs were positioned to give her more of a deeper penetration but it all felt the same to the former WWE employee as she was pounded. Her walls were just soaked and she was being stretched by his invading member, it was enough to make her eyes roll into the back of her head and throw her back into the sea of pleasure.

Bruno was working beyond his normal level of stamina and as he pushed in and out of her his grip on her legs started to harden. Sliding backwards and forwards, ignoring the feel of the fabric biting into his knees, Bruno started to beat her pussy with his dick. No longer working with the same sort of rhythm he had been doing her with earlier on in the night, he was ready to blow there and then. His knees were no doubt starting to get more and more red and as he pushed inside her, his balls started to tighten. He pushed his length inside her and as he hit one sweet spot inside of her, her back arched up off of the carpet and she blindly groped for him while he pushed inside of her. His dick continued to hit all of those sweet spots and it wasn't long before he had to admit what was coming.

"Fuck... Going to cum..." Bruno managed to breathe out, his breath in short bursts while his balls clapped against her ass cheeks. Cathy whined and nodded her head, her hands coming up to almost try to stop him as a warning.

"Face... Fuck! Over my face!" Cathy begged, prompting the man to slide out of her and move up so that he was hovering over her face. His hand stroked against his length and he could barely contain it as his precum dripped down and onto her sweaty skin all while she looked up at him and closed her eyes down shut so he could blast her. His hands stroked against his dick and he finally fired his load. Shooting his ropes out of his balls and towards her face, Bruno grunted as the load was emptied out onto her. A rope landed in her dark hair, almost hitting the parting of her hair while he continued to stroke. Shooting another rope over her forehead and then hitting another one against her nose and then one last one landing on her cheek. Cathy reached up, cum still on her face and she took the lighting tech's dick inside of her mouth. Sucking on the dick to clean it, Cathy closed her eyes down and slowly she started to push her lips down onto his length.

Cleaning him off, Cathy looked up at him with her one good eye and watched as his length fell from her mouth and she was free to move up. The pair climbed up off of the floor and she reached over to the bedside table, picking up a tissue that had been in a box on the side. She mopped at her face, scooping up the globules of cum that had been fired over her face and somewhat cleaning her face up. She still needed a shower to fully clean herself up but for now, she was happy to just take some much needed breathes and recover from her tremendous fuck session.

"Fuck yeah..." Bruno managed to breathe out, looking to the woman as she finished applying the tissue and then tossed it in the trash.

"I am not going to forget that in a long... Long time." Cathy admitted, her hands smoothing down the front of her hot, tight body before she looked back to him. "Thank you."
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Re: Cathy Kelley: Takesover
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Awesome stuff and a fitting goodbye to a hottie we might end up forgetting about in a couple months time :P But seriously, great stuff as always!  ;D
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