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Adopt, Adapt, Improve [Taylor Swift, Karlie Kloss]
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A short abandoned series idea that I never ended up going anywhere with. Posted here by request.

WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, places, events, etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Taylor Swift (singer)

Adopt, Adapt, Improve

A celebrity erotic story

* * *

Adopt, Adapt, and Improve.

Daniel Jacob did not have an easy life to say the least. Brought up in a strict, religious household that used faith as an excuse for hatred, he objected strongly to the beliefs of his parents and strongly refused to go along with their lifestyle or the idea he should continue the family ways of supporting and being a leader in the organization.

Despite having good grades at school and the potential to make something of himself, he'd shown potential in the school choir and shined during musical lessons, he was left with little alternative than to escape the toxic family life and run away from home with the little clothing and possessions he had. That led to years of sleeping rough, working crummy jobs, and drifting from town to city, from state to state with no direction or life goal other than to scratch together a couple of bucks for some food.

Now, as a twenty-five year old with unsurprisingly scruffy hair and a stubbly beard, he'd semi-found a way of "living" that he could get by with. At least, it'd worked out for the past couple of months so he might as well roll with it. He'd gotten into a squat of a homeless hostel, shared with a revolving door of fellow homeless men and women who'd come and go but it was a roof over his head and a space on a floor to sleep, better than a park bench or the open air. Some nights, he'd get to work a shift at a less than professional warehouse to move boxes, help with deliveries and arrivals but it was all zero hours, no guarantees of work. After all, no contracts here and not exactly health and safety standards meeting either, but cash in his hand at the end of the work was better than waiting weeks for a paycheck, especially with no bank account to his name.

Otherwise, Danny as he now called himself, found a way to get a couple of bucks or so during the day. Months back he'd done a job to move an assortment of collected items from a deceased hermit's home that was to be demolished. While picking up a decent pay from it, he was allowed to take whatever he could from the stuff that would mostly just get sent to a dump if it wasn't valuable. Spying a guitar and case, he claimed it thinking it might make money being sold to a pawn shop or something. Instead, he found himself rather naturally attempting to play, strumming chords and practicing singing, picking up tips from fellow hobo players on the way.

A piece of advise he'd picked up early on was to Adopt, Adapt and Improve to whatever life threw at him, as he never knew when the next decent meal or any food would be coming from, or how he'd ever scratch together enough cash to get by that day, let alone get a roof over his head of some form. All he could do was try his best to apply that to whatever situation he found himself in, and he was fortunate enough, smart enough, and occasionally just plain lucky enough to have gotten by using that way of thinking and living.

So here he was, on a street in New York City, his case at his feet and the busy crowds passing by as he strummed and played, going through the regular "set list" of exactly all the songs he knew, including all the ones he'd written and remembered himself. There were a few coppers and silvers in the case - he always made sure to scoop up any "donations" from people after each song - one of the first rules of busking especially in a city like this. He'd gotten enough for a half-decent meal for the night, but there was no reason not to keep on playing until some jobsworth cop came along to move him on.

"And it's still cold out there, so I gotta keep my head real warm..." Danny sang, playing the chords to compliment as he kept his eyes forward, occasional glances to the passing crowd and the moving traffic across, ready to give a smile to anyone who was stopping to pay attention. That usually got some extra change for him, especially if it was a lady.

"Keep those good old thoughts coming, stop my poor old heart from being torn..." Despite his homeless state, the handsome young man tried his best to remain presentable - his messy shoulder length hair finger-brushed back will a dark skull cap, a thick and dark jacket to fend off against the elements with a T-shirt underneath, and very worn and faded jeans with boots that had crusts of dried mud on the trim.

"I can't waste no time complaining, when I've still got to find my home..." He continued singing one of his own songs, closing his eyes for a moment as he continued to apply the pick to the strings.

"And when I finally get there, I hope there's someone to share it with me..." He finished, opening up his eyes as the chorus finished.

Who he saw was the start of his life changing forever.

Across the sidewalk, looking out from the open widow of a big, black people carrier vehicle was a stunning blonde woman with short hair, and thick red lipstick curled into a smile as she looked out, clearly enjoying the song she was hearing as the vehicle she was in was stopped among the traffic. Her fingers on the top of the glass of the pulled down window were tapping along to the chords he was playing, another clear sign of enjoyment. There seemed to be a man in the back seats with her, burly looking like a bodyguard or something but he was more focused on her than anything else.

'Damn she's a pretty gal!' Danny thought, giving her a smile back in appreciation, strumming again as he dished out the end of the song, another full round of the chorus, getting a smile back as she sang out for the audience of one despite the hustle of the crowd of many around. Maybe she'll offer out a note or two from the widow? A phone number isn't any use to him, he doesn't have a cell phone.

Sadly, it was a case of not too be as he'd no sooner finished playing the last chords than her vehicle started to move off, the woman motioning and talking to others in the car as she pointed back towards Danny as it moved away, like she was telling them to stop and go back. He could only smile, giving a little wave that she saw as she looked back, a look of regret for a moment before she cutely waved back before leaning back into the car as the window went up.

'Another lady to meet again in my dreams...' Jacob thought with a chuckle to himself, kneeling down to pick up a coin or two and stuffing it into his pocket, before he stood up straight and testing the tuning of the strings with a couple of strums. Then it was right into the next song, well practiced and sang and not just from the several times he's played it today.

The rest of the day left for him was the usual uneventful period of busking. The odd snide look from snooty businessmen and women, giggling from tourists, and the odd grateful spare change from the odd New Yorker. Later on in the afternoon, Danny had decided that it was getting on enough, his tattered wallet was filled enough, and it was time to head on off and maybe see if the warehouse had any work for him. He'd secured his guitar into his case, locked it up, and slung it over his shoulder and was about to head off.

He was stopped when that same burly man who had been in the car with that gorgeous lady stopped him right in his tracks.

"Woah! Hey man, I don't want no trouble..." Danny said, stepping back with his hands raised.

"It ain't trouble bud'. Taylor wants to meet you. Let's go." He said bluntly, pointing back behind him.

"Tay-who? Oh, wait... You're that guy who was with..." Jacob started to say, remembering seeing him before but before he could finish, the bodyguard cut him off.

"Time is money bud', let's not keep the young lady waiting." He again said in that less than friendly, business-like tone.

With only seconds to process this, Danny shrugged his shoulders in a carefree manner. "Sure, why not. Be rude to turn down a lady's request." He reasoned, soon having to move as the man took that as agreement and headed down the sidewalk.

"Smart choice kid..." Danny heard the guard mumble, making him wonder for a moment what this was all about as the went down the street, not causing any sort of attention grabbing or anything of the sort as the went through the hustle and bustle of the New York City street. A few minutes later, he found himself entering that same vehicle he'd seen the guard and that pretty blonde in a long while back, and was now getting driven in a car to... Hell, he still wasn't sure. Still, it was nice to finally be driving in a nice car for the first time in forever. Beats hitching a ride in the back of a lorry or delivery train.

"Don't talk to any of those paparazzi, don't look at them, just head right inside the building and we'll take you up to her." He'd been read a riot act of do's and don'ts on the journey, only confirming that whoever this lady was must be a big deal, maybe some celebrity or something. When you're busy trying to get by and survive day by day, you don't have too much time to spend on celeb gossip or money to waste on entertainment magazines. He was happy to just listen to a radio sometimes and hear some good music.

He didn't need to worry however as when they arrived at the destination, there was only groans of disappointment from the couple of photographers outside the apartment building, one commenting on this being a "stunt" to distract as Danny was lead inside, and soon up to the floor of presumably that same stunning woman who had enjoyed his song.

"Don't try anything stupid kid..." Was a last stern warning as Jacob was left in front of a fancy door, the guard taking his leave to leave the young homeless busker on his own, his guitar strapped to his back and still in his shabby clothes as he scratched the back of his head for a moment.

'Adopt, adapt, improve...' Danny thought to himself, remembering a motto of sorts he'd picked up early in his hobo lift. Meaning you had to adopt a lifestyle when it suited and was needed, adapt to whatever situation or problem you find yourself in, and improve yourself with everything you come across and learn to get by. This drastic change of being in a high-end place would certainly need all three of those, having no idea what to expect beyond the door but he'd agreed to come here, so might as well face it. Drawing in breath, he gave a knock on the door and waiting to see exactly what fate was on the other side.

Moments later, Taylor Swift was the answer.

"Hey!" Taylor said, a big smile on her pretty face as she held the door open. The stunning singer had on a pair of heels and black, high waist shorts, with a simple white sleeveless top and still having the bright red lipstick covering her lips. "Come on in!" She offered with a motion of the arm.

"Uh... Thanks. I mean, yeah, sure..." Danny said with a stumble, still taken aback by these events as he stepped into the apartment, eyes wide at the most luxurious place he'd ever seen before, making the digs he'd been in the past few months look like from a completely different era of time. All the modern day utilities, books, entertainment systems, you name it. Warm, with heating as well. A very, very nice change he was not used to.

"I'm so sorry I couldn't stop by and talk to you before!" Swift said, closing the door to let the lock click on as she came up beside him, making him turn to face her. "They said I couldn't go back because of traffic, I could get in trouble, we had places to go..." She listed off the excuses in a playful, mocking sing-song voice before breaking off with a laugh. "Otherwise we could have talked there and then. I know this is kind of... Even for me, a little odd but I kind of felt..." She paused, pressing her lips together as he held the gaze of the disheveled man for a moment. "That song of yours I heard. It just... It spoke to me. I loved it!" Taylor smiled honestly and brightly.

"That's... That's cool. I mean, yeah, really cool." Danny stuttered out. This was odd, to say the least but it wasn't exactly bad. Nothing with as pretty of a lady in front of him as currently was. "I call it "Find my Home". I like it. I mean, I wouldn't be singing it and playing it unless I liked it."

"Totally." Taylor nodded, a slight tilt of the head as she saw the guitar case. "And you brought your guitar, right?"

"Well yeah, that uh... Bodyguard of yours sort of pounced on me as I was just finishing packing up for the day."

"He wasn't rough on you, was he?" She questioned, looking serious for a moment.

"Naw, just... Strict I guess is the word?" He chuckled nervously.

"Yeah, strict... That sounds like him. I'll give him a telling off for you next shift he's on with me." Swift smiled, stepping back as she turned and walked on into her apartment. "What can I get you? Want a beer or something? Water?"

"Beer?" That perked his interest, causing her to giggle in response as she raised an eyebrow at him as she approached the kitchen. "I mean, if you're offering then yes please!" Jacob said as he followed her.

"Well I am offering, and since you asked so nicely you can have one." Taylor slightly teased. "You're my guest after all! I'd be one rude hostess if I didn't treat you nicely."

"You're already being Hell of a nice gal just by letting me in here. I've never seen such a nice a place in like, ever!" He admitted.

"Then make yourself at home. My treat." She said without any hesitation, motioning down to a coat-hanger outside the kitchen area by a wall. "Hang your stuff up, get settled in, whatever you want to do." She added, turning as she moved over to the refrigerator to open it up, a slight bend as she leaned in to browse the contents.

"Uhhhh... Are you sure? This isn't... I mean, this is a real nice place you've got here..." Danny said, feeling a little uncomfortable as he glanced around, not even for once checking out Swift's nicely rounded ass in those sexy shorts. "All clean and expensive looking... I don't exactly fit in around here."

Picking up a couple of bottles, she looked back and saw he wasn't looking her way, and seeing how concerned he was made her bite down on her bottom lip at his reaction. She closed the door, moving back in and setting the bottle on a counter before moving across to him, getting his full attention as she stood in front of him.

"And yet I invited you up here. You know why?" Taylor asked as she again held his gaze.

"You... You liked my song?" Danny offered.

"More than that. I could tell you are a good person." She explained, the honesty in her voice clear as she explained herself. "The way you smiled, the way you sang and played that guitar... I could tell you meant it. You can't fake that. I saw it and heard it when you played, and that smile you gave me when you looked over to me... There was something about you that I had to meet you. Talk to you, get to know you. What does it matter that we just happen to be in my apartment to do it?"

"But... Listen, we don't know each other though. I don't know you, and you don't know me! You only just saw me across a sidewalk maybe a few hours ago! That doesn't mean that..."

"You don't know me?" Taylor cut him off, looking a little surprised by his comment. "You... You mean that?"

"...Should I?" Was the first words he said, but he quickly spoke again when he realised what he said. "I mean, I'm not exactly clued in... I mean... I don't have any way to... Uhhhhhh..."

There was an awkward silence between the two, the words of the other making this now very uncomfortable as both found the sight of their feet and the floor quite interesting, along with brief glances at the very contrasting footwear of the other. This was not going well, both of them thought.

Adopt, adapt, improve. Danny remembered the motto. This stunning young lady went out of her way to invite him to her place, offer a drink and place to stay for presumably a while, and he's throwing it back in her face? About time he started being not just a man about this, but being damn grateful to her for this.

"I'm sorry." He said to her as he looked up, and when she looked back to him he repeated it. "I'm sorry. I appreciate you doing this for me, and I'd be more than happy to... To talk, to get to know you, whatever you want to do. I'm just not, not used to this at all." He paused, first brushing his hands together to try and make them clean, or at least as clean as it gets for him, before he offered a hand out to her. "I'm Danny. Danny Jacob. I was called Daniel, but now it's just..."

"Danny." Taylor smiled broadly, eagerly accepting the handshake as the tension vanished between them, replaced with warm smiles. "I'm Taylor. Taylor Swift."

He blinked, giving her a curiously look and she smiled a little more, telling that there were cogs turning in his head at hearing that name. "I've... I've heard that name somewhere..."

"Yeah?" She kept smiling, stepping forward a little expectation.

A brief paused, his lips moving as he mouthed a couple of words of a song before properly speaking. "Shake It Off?"

"You have heard of me!" She laughed, breaking the handshake to turn to the table, scooping up a bottle of beer and moving across to a bottle opener attached to the wall.

"Yeah... A couple times on the radio... You make some real nice songs. Great voice as well." Jacob said as moved in, feeling a lot more comfortable now with the clearly down-to-Earth celebrity. "I don't exactly get any access to TV or the Internet in my, you know, position, but from what I've heard of you, you sound real good."

"Thanks Danny." She smiled, turning and offering him the opened bottle that he took, and in response handed her the unopened one. "I can say the exact same thing about you."

"Except I'm not a famous singer on the radio." He chuckled.

"I'm not the famous celebrity Taylor Swift right now though, am I?" She smirked, opening up her bottle. "I'm the Taylor Swift who wants to get to know you, maybe hear and song or two of yours along the way." She said, moving up and with a bright smile, clinking bottles with the handsome, homeless man she's got in her own apartment.

"Is that so?" He smiled back. "Well, what does Taylor want to know about me?"


* * *

As it turned out, everything covered quite a lot of ground and more than Swift had been expecting. But she listened intently to his story, at several points hanging off of every word as he told of a life far removed from her lifestyle of being able to within reason get what she wanted and do whatever she wanted, compared to his of scratching and clawing his way to make not a living, but to stay alive. Running away from home, sleeping rough, fights and brawls, and a list of some of the less than savory jobs he had to undertake just to get by for a while or even a day.

As the story went on, broken up by the ordering of some take-out food that was gratefully and gleefully eaten down like it was the first meal he'd had in days, and he talked about how he'd gotten his guitar, began playing and writing his own songs, Swift became more and more enraptured by the scruffy but handsome man, as her own singing and song writing side related to his, to a point of course. But there was something more to this than that, more than just her being friendly and nice by inviting the homeless guy to her place, giving him a beer or two and letting him relax. She had meant it before when she said there was something about his smile, the way he sang that spoke to her.

Even know, the stunning blonde pop (and former fully country) singer was leaning on her side on the couch, a hand slightly playing with strands of her hair as she listened to him singing that same song from when they'd first locked eyes hours ago. She was listening and loving the song, her head bobbing slightly in time with the strums of the strings he was playing but her eyes were seemingly focused on something else indeed.

He'd gotten comfortable enough to just be in his jeans, boots and T-shirt, showing off his arms and a little of his body that for a man who had to constantly work to just get enough cash to eat wasn't in too bad shape. A sort of rough, dirty and in a good way bad boy look about about despite his obvious good nature, his messy hair and stubble facial hair matching and adding to... Well, from the way her eyes were roaming over his quite nice body, his appeal.

It'd been a while since Swift had been in a relationship. Having tired of fellow popstars or musicians, and plagued with constant rumours of her being "more than friends" with anyone, male or female, she was pictured out with, she decided to take a break from dating and focus on the many aspects of her career. That didn't mean she didn't have cravings or desires of her own however, and while could sometimes take care of her needs herself or with a toy, she did often wonder...

She was never into one night stands. Not just from being a famous music Superstar that could run the risk of having her career ruined if a lucky hunk who got to nail her went and sold the story to the media for a quick kiss-and-tell payday. She always wanted consistency in her sex life, knowing who exactly she was dealing with and what they were like, which in turn gave her a good idea of what they were into and could do. But having consistency would mean that she had to be in a relationship, right? Unless there was another way to do it, without the baggage of dating someone else but still getting some great sex whenever she needed it.

Swift had a plan. And Danny Jacob felt like the one to fit into that plan. A part of her felt bad for not just coming out and telling him about this but from the moment she saw him, easily telling that he was down on his luck, homeless and everything else he'd been through, she knew there was something about him that was just what she was needing. It almost felt... Bribery? Grooming? Luring him in with a roof for the night, drinks and company? No, it wasn't quite as sinister as all that. This was all just testing, to see what he was like and proven by the smile on her face her instincts had been correct. He wasn't bitter about his life, but thankful, and thankful to her for all she had been offering to him so far.

As Taylor bit down on her bottom lip and looked over him again as he finished off the final round of the chorus, she knew herself what she had to do. One final test to see if he was the guy she was looking for. Time to take a risk and see if it pays off.

"Beautiful..." Taylor commented, but from the way she was looking at him was she meaning the song or him himself?

"Thanks." Danny chuckled as he rested the guitar down on the floor. "You liked the full version rather than the last parts out of the window of that car?"

"Loved it." Swift smiled, leaning back slightly as she used a hand to flick at strands of his wild hair. "Cute little haircut here as well." She teased.

"Cute? More like the product of... Ummmm... Well, I don't exactly get to, you know... Everyday..." Jacob said, looking away from her with a strong sense of shame in his voice.

"Hey, back here Mister." She said firmly as she used the hand to turn him back to look at her. "It's like you said, that motto of yours? Adopt, adapt, and improve, right?" She used his words against him, making him nod in agreement. "Well, get your butt over to the bathroom and enjoy yourself a nice long shower."

"You sure?" He asked, sitting up and clearly liking the sounds of that but still being polite enough to ask. Another trait of his that is very much to her liking.

"That's an order Danny. You go have yourself some fun, and I might have another beer waiting for you when you get out." She stated, moving off from the couch.

"Geez, I've already had a couple... I hope you're not trying to get me drunk here!" He laughed as he also moved, following her as she guided him to the bathroom despite already knowing it's location.

"Depends, are you a fun drunk?" Swift teased with a playful smack onto his arm as he passed her.

"Could not tell you, I've never risked getting too drunk before!" He replied with a smile as he went in, closing the door behind him.

Taylor didn't move however, leaning in to listen carefully, just hearing the sound of clothes hitting the floor, then the flow of water and the splashing, along with sighs of relief of clearly the first proper, warm wash in a long, long time that alone made her smile broadly. She was already long into a giddy, schoolgirl like happy mood that increased as he was happy, only enhanced by this wild setting of this homeless man invited in off the street but now almost like a dear friend to her over the course of the few hours they've known each other.

They were about to become far more than friends as Taylor executed her master plan.

Pushing the door open, she peered in, seeing the outline of Danny from behind the shower screen as he had his back to the rest of the bathroom as he showered. Taking off her heels and setting them aside, she sneaked into the room, feeling the heat of steam from the warm water crashing off of him as she reached down, scooping up every piece of his shabby clothing and then carefully moving back out of the room like a blonde haired master thief. Closing the door quietly, she smirked as she set the clothes down inside of his guitar case and then turned to move across, grabbing her beer bottle and downing the contents for a bit of extra liquid courage. She hoped this would all pay off, otherwise things were going to be incredibly awkward to say the least, but in the best case? This was about get fun...

Long minutes passed, no doubt her homeless hunk enjoying the first real hot shower in months, maybe even longer. Her attention peaked when she heard the water being turned off from the other side of the door and she moved back, waiting for a reaction as another minute or so passed.

"Hey, hey Taylor? Did you take my clothes?" Danny asked as he opened the door, keeping a towel around his waist but showing off a nicely toned, perhaps from the repeated heavy lifting work and whatever else he did at the warehouse "job" he had mentioned, and to her grinning delight that good shower not only made her look more handsome than before, but made his hair look like a completely new set had been implanted onto him. "They aren't down on the floor any... More..."

He words trailed off when he saw the blatant lustful look Swift was giving him as she stepped towards him with a seductive sway in her step as she boldly reached down, making his hands leave the towel that she took a hold off and whipped away. Her eyes widened, her grin growing when she took a good look at his manhood. Far from tiny, and past average, not too far off from being a hung pornstar. Just what she was looking for. Taking advantage of his stunned, speechless state she slipped down to her knees on the floor in front of him, using the towel to place under her nears to prevent any rubbing friction before she reached up, still grinning as she took a hold of his cock and started to stroke him off.

"Oh fuck!!" Danny gasped as her hand runs back and forth over his unsurprisingly quickly hardening cock, his mind trying to process the sight of the stunning Taylor Swift jerking his cock, an almost devilish smile with those bright red lips as she looked up.

"Oh fuck?" Taylor asked with a sultry tone. Not taunting, somewhat controlling, but a whole lot of lust just with the one look as she has her eyes locked up on her newfound sexual play-toy. She glanced down, seeing him getting harder, thicker, and best of all to her longer in her stroking grasp. She really did like where this was going.

"Oh... Oh wow!!" He let out a little laugh then a moan, the forming smile on his face showing that he also was liking the direction of the night, the naked man still with drops of water on his nicely toned frame as the fully clothed babe in front of him worked her hand over his pole.

"Oh wow?" She teased with another smirk, another long look over the now rock hard cock in her hand as he stood at a proud and very impressive length with a fatness to match, the sight of his eight or so inches making her mouth, and another intimate place of hers, begin to dampen.

"Fuck... This is... Shit!" He almost threw his hands up, lost for words as the sexy singer gave his rod another firm stroke before gripping him by the base, pointing that cock right at her pretty facial features. "You... You always treat any guy you pick up from the street like this?" He chuckles as he keeps his gaze down onto her as she shifts closer towards him.

"What kind of girl do you take me for?" She delivered the classic, cheesy line but her seductive tone made it red hot to hear, a slight tilt of the head before she leaned down, parting her lips enough to slide her tongue out, swatting the very tip of his cock. That got a groan from him as she lapped at his crown, pumping his shaft as she flicked across the head, teasing over the slit and all the while keeping the eye contract with her guest, a man she barely knows but is now giving a handjob while she licks at his cock.

"Mmmmm... Meant nothing bad by it Taylor... Just... Fuck!! I must be the luckiest guy in New York right now..." Jacob comments with another low groan, his eyes half-closed almost in a trance as he watches her frisky tongue start to roam across the fat head of his dick, licking around the sides, over the top and moving across the underside and still keeping her palm pumping up and down to give an indication that she is no novice when it comes to this sort of sexual act. "Ahhhhh... Holy fuck Taylor... That feels... Mmmmm... So fucking nice!" He admits with another grin, finding his hands going onto his waist as he watches Swift use the double teaming of her hand steadily moving back and forth along his pole while she swirls her nicely wet tongue around the crown, applying a nice coating of her saliva onto him from the perfectly paced motion.

Raising an eyebrow, she slowly leans her head back, using the free hand to brush her blonde hair back as she looks up at him with another sexy smirk. "Honey, we're just getting started... You've impressed me so far, so don't let me down now Danny..." She gives a hint at her naughty intentions but before he can question it she's opened her bright red lipstick covered lips apart, pushing her mouth down onto his cock as she grips the base with her hand, making him moan out loud and clear, her own groan muffled as she takes his man meat into her damp oral hole. Her eyes flash with lust, having to control herself on his big dick as she stays frozen in place, the head and a few inches taken between her lips as she places them firmly around that dick but she waits for the right moment that soon comes when he opens his mouth to attempt to speak. Cutting him off by lifting her head upward towards the crown, he can only moan as she begins to establish the rhythm, working her mouth along the upper portion of him with a series of smooth, savouring sucks as she soon starts to apply her saliva over those inches.

"Awwwww fuck!! Mmmmm... Oh fuck Taylor!!" He gasps, the hunk without a home now finding himself in the extremely unexpected but from his moans of delight very pleasurable situation of having his cock sucked by the global pop superstar Taylor Swift as she kneels in front of him, using just that warm and wet feeling mouth to pleasure him as her hand merely keeps him steady and in place to slurp on. "Mmmmm!! Oh fuck yes!! Mmmmm... Suck that fucking dick..." Danny says with a groan, letting natural instincts take over when he said that dirty talk, a flash of worry on his face for fear of what the woman currently blowing him might think since the statement was a world apart from his politeness minutes ago. He need not worry as a smirk around his cock and her eyes giving an approving, narrow eyed glare of desire showed she loved it, but perhaps not as much as actually carrying out the act as she lets out another groan that bounces all around his tool as she takes him into her mouth.

"Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmmm... Mmmmm..." Pushing her face down further onto him, a trail of saliva seeps from between her lips to hang from his rod as she adjusts her hand so only a couple of fingers grip him, allowing her to feast on more of that fat man meat to both of their moaning delight, that spit soon being broken when she next slides her mouth forward, causing the saliva to fall and stain her tight top over her breasts. She shows little worry about that, continuing to briskly suck on this rod with this forceful and messy pace as even with her lips being tightly wrapped around his pole her saliva is starting to noticeably drip from both off of his inches and from her own chin as spit trickles down, helped by the rapid movement her blonde haired head is doing along his length.

"Ahhhhh... Oh fucking Hell!! Mmmmmm!! So... So fucking good!!" He moans his obvious delight, tilting his head back for a long moment to just enjoy the feeling of that dampness smoothly gliding back and forth over his manhood as she continues to show her clear skill at sucking cock, making it look like an art form from the way she effortlessly takes him in and out of her hungry and talented not just at singing mouth. "Mmmmm... Fuck! It looks... Fucking awesome as well!" He chuckles before moaning again, looking down and commenting on the way her bright lipstick is smearing on his cock from the, no pun intended, swift way that Swift is blowing him and taking him deep between those soft lips as she leaves her saliva splattering all his rod and making a mess of her own chin and clothing from the repeated, horny motion.

"Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmmm!! Mmmmmm... Mmmmmmphh..." The country-turned-pop singer groans around the thick and long cock she's been gorging herself on with the hunger of a cock-starved slut, showing no shame at how messy and dirty she looks as her own saliva has completely ruined her top, the outline of her shapely tits and bra underneath visible due to the dampness. Instead her focus is on "testing" her newfound hunk as she bobs away onto him, taking his dick in deep and making herself gag on his tool, her eyes widening in discomfort but also surprise as she sharply pulls back. She wasn't quite used to taking in a cock that was able to touch the back of her mouth like that. She wanted it again. "Mmmmm!! MMMMMPHHHH!! GAHHHHHH!!" She suddenly pushed her mouth right back down onto him, rewarding her desire with a louder, clear gag as she started to fuck her face onto his cock, making herself gag nastily onto his member each time she drove down, only further making her saliva drip off of that pole.

"Holy fuck Taylor!! MMMMMM... Oh fuck!!" Danny was made to gasp again by this unexpected, slutty action as she showed impressive deep throating skill of taking his entire length into her oral hole, even if made her harshly gag and groan around that stiff prick that was coated with her saliva and her lipstick but unsurprisingly he made no motion to try and stop her even as her eyes began to water. "Awwwwww fuck!! MMMMM... Oh Shit!! Mmmmmm... Fucking awesome!!" The pleasure was so incredible to him that he had no plans to ask her to ease off, even if obvious discomfort was on her pretty face and her eyeliner began to run, as after all she initiated his cock sucking and was going at her pace, so if Taylor Swift wanted to choke herself on his cock, who was he to stop her?

Another round of deep slurps and gags, and she finally was forced to pull up and off from his shaft with a long and loud gasp as she grabbed her own throat, drawing in breath as saliva hung from her smeared lips, her eyes gazing over her work of all the saliva messily dripping from off his dick that was also stained with her bright lipstick in a truly naughty to say the least sight. She said nothing, just smirking up at the similarly grinning hunk who was still to her lusty delight rock hard for her, and soon she found herself pushing up and off from the floor, reaching down to take him by the hand as she led him across to the couch they'd been chatting on what now feels like a lifetime ago.

"Stay there..." Taylor stated, pushing Danny down onto the couch to sit before she stepped back, turning around. "Need to get protection for this." She said as she headed across towards the bedroom area of her apartment.

"Protection?" Danny questioned, before his eyes widened in realisation. "You, you serious Taylor?" He called out as he looked back.

"Fucking right I am!" Swift replied when she re-entered the main area a moment after, holding a couple of condom wrappers in her hand, and as she returned to him she dropped all but one onto the centre table, opening up the last one. "Not going to leave my quest with blue balls now, am I?"

"After what's already happened, I'm not going to question anything from you anymore..." He grinned at her, watch as she put the rubber onto his saliva and lipstick covered dick to apply that "protection" she was talking about.

"Don't worry Danny... But a woman like me can't be too careful, you know?" She reassured as she then put on a show for him, lifting her ruined top up and over her head, showing off her perky tits in a lacy, no doubt straight from the high price range of Victoria Secret black bra. "And I still want to test you out stud... You handled a blowjob real nicely..." She complimented with clear honesty, perhaps a sign that not every lucky guy she's been with has been able to handle a BJ from her.

"Yeah? I... I try my best..." He murmured, his attention more on her actions as she turned around, showing off again as she sexily swayed her hips from side to side, hooking the top of her shorts before pushing them down those lovely long legs, revealing the matching pair of panties that clung to her shapely, rounded backside.

"I hope I've yet to see your best Danny..." Swift smirked, licking those smeared lips as she looked back over her shoulder at him, stepping out of her shorts before turning around to step towards him. Moving up onto the couch, she ran her hands over his toned but still desirable upper body, grinding herself down against his cock to make them both gasp as his rod rubbed against the dampness of her underwear, a clear show of her own desire from all of this. "So impress me baby... Let me feel you deep in me..." She said breathlessly, locking eyes with him as she reached down blindly with both hands, one pulling her panties to the side and the other lining up that shaft with her lower hole, and as soon as she felt the head against her slick folds she hastily rocked back to take him inside, causing them to moan out at the first penetration.

"Mmmmm!! Sure... Sure thing Taylor!" He stated with a confirming nod, his hands moving up to her slender and gorgeous waist as her hand went onto his shoulder, the other still holding her underwear to the side for unrestricted access as they eye contract between the two has yet to be broken off. It was clear that now she wanted to see what he was capable of, just having a big cock and being able to handle a red hot blowjob only just a good start for the stunning, global pop superstar. She wanted, and needed to know if he can fuck as well. "Here we fucking go then!" He said with confidence, making her smile back as he delivered the first thrust upward, instantly smashing through her expectations as she moaned out with him and arched back, her gasps of delight continuing as it didn't stop there and nor was he slow or weak - a series of firm and nicely paced pumps to indeed send him deep up into her already wet snatch.

"Oh yes Danny!! Mmmmmm!! That's... That's exactly it!!" She moaned with closed eyes, already her other hand leaving her panties and going up to his other shoulder to properly mount her gorgeous body onto his rod as she started to rock back and forth onto his pumping tool from the perfect amount of force he was putting behind fucking the woman he'd only met for a couple of hours. Now though she was on top of him, groaning as her wet snatch was getting filled up with his fat cock as he plunged in with a brisk and steady pace and keeping a big smile plastered onto her face, a trail of saliva dripping off of her from the previous deep throating. "Oh yeah!! Mmmmm... Fuck me Danny!! Mmmmm... Fuck me good!!" She ordered as she looked down to him with another wild, lusty gaze as her mouth opened in a perfect O-shape to allow more moans to flow out as the underwear-clad stunner gladly took his cock from underneath as he drives in deep with that forceful and steady pace of a man with obvious experience under his belt.

"Ahhhhh!! Holy fuck!! You're... Mmmmmm... Tight as fuck Taylor!!" Jacob grunted as he kept his grip on her midsection as she bounced on his thrusting manhood, ensuring she stayed impaled on his stiff, condom-coated rod as he sent himself right up into her wetness, loving the feeling of her tight snatch all around his dick, the "protection" not denying even a fraction of pleasure at all from this fucking. "Mmmmm... Yeah... You want it Taylor? You're... AHHHHH... You're gonna fucking get it..." He moaned, gritting his teeth as he plunged his member into her snatch that felt so fantastic around his impressively long and thick to match cock, easily blowing away any other chick he'd encountered in his life. He didn't consider himself a Romeo or a skirt chaser, not counting notches on a bedpost he didn't have anyway, but he was certainly no minute man, and was showing that now as he drives his rod right up into her tight and able to take even more pussy.

"UHHHHHH!! Oh yeah?? Yeah?? MMMMM... You'd... You'd fucking better Danny!" She moans with another narrowed eyed glare, giving a hint of a warning to not disappoint even with how great his dick feels stuffing in and out of her snatch as he currently is, easily making many of her past sexual experiences and boyfriends be blown out of the water from how wet she is downstairs right now. "Mmmmmm!! Give it... Give it all to me babe... MMMMM!! I need... AHHHHHH... Need all that fucking big dick in me!!" She demands again as she digs her fingers into him a little, finding herself unable to hold herself back as she now rocks her hips back and forth, timing herself to perfection with his thrusting motion so she's able to push her snatch back against the incoming pumps, aiding to both take him deeper into her damp folds and raise the volume of their shameless moans in the process.

"MMMMM!! You... You've fucking got it Sugar!" Danny says with a smirk and a moan, soon getting a smile back from the nickname-talk as she locks eyes with him again, but he shows his own skill by not missing a beat with his thrusts, driving his tool into her love tunnel that's still as tight as ever around his member but now leaving her wetness over that condom-covered dick. "Ahhhhhh... MMMMM yeah!! You feel... AHHHHHH... So damn good Taylor..." He groaned again, finding his head tilting backward against her couch as they continue to fuck in her own apartment, the blonde beauty still in her bra and panties working that gorgeous body against the pistoning motion as he drives his dick upward into that snug and wet snatch, the slapping sound of his cock plunging into that hole mixing with their loud moans of desire as this steamy sexual encounter continues on.

"Oh yes!! MMMMM!! Yeah!! Yeah yeah yeah!!" The "Shake It Off" singer let out a moan with every bounce she made onto his thrusting pole as he stuffed her full with his member yet still left the drunk with desire beauty wanting more of him as she gasped out again, feeling sweat forming across her forehead as strands of her blonde hair came loose to rest across her pretty face. "Mmmmmm!! Oooooooooh SHIT!! I fucking knew... MMMMM... You were a keeper when I saw you... When I fucking heard you..." She groaned the admission as she stopped her bouncing motion, leaning forward a little to allow him to continue driving straight up into her pussy for a few more thrusting moments, her cries of delight not stopping as he was more than happy to keep on enjoying her tight hole, giving her the chance to look back over her shoulder and watch the stunning sight of his dick firing up into her snatch.

"Ahhhhh... A keeper?" Danny questioned, running his hands up her sides as he stops his thrusts, keeping his cock in her for the moment just to enjoy the sensations of being inside her tight, wet pussy.

"Yeah..." Swift said, biting down on her bottom lip and leaving a slight stain of lipstick on them as she runs her hands over his lightly sweating chest. "I need... I'm looking for a man who can fuck good... Not just good, but hard and do it night after night... In case you haven't noticed, I'm kind of... I need some good dick in me once in a while..." She finished with a sexy laugh.

"So... Is this like, some kind of... Tryout A job interview?" He asked, watching as she leaned back, reaching behind her and peeling off her bra, showing off those nicely rounded and sized tits to his grinning approval.

"Exactly that baby!" Taylor grinned back, groaning as she lifted herself up and off of him to stand up from the couch and quickly pushing her panties down her legs to remove them. "I'm not looking for a relationship, fuck no! But a friend with a nice, big fucking cock who can use it?" She gave the answer to those questions with another lusty smile as she reached down, tugging his hand and he moved up from the seating in response to her pull.

"Fuck... Telling me I'm being "interviewed" for the position of being Taylor Swift's fuck buddy? I'll damn well take that job!" He said as he watched her move up onto the couch, resting on her knees on it as she grabs the back of the seating, sticking that gorgeous, rounded butt out at him along with her wet snatch, and after checking over the condom to make sure it's intact and secure around him, he lines his dick up with her pussy and pushes right into her to make them both moan again. "Mmmmmm!! Shit!! Fuck, I love this... MMMMM... Fucking tight pussy..." He sighs in delight as he once again takes a hold of her toned waist, staring down at her rounded ass as he starts to firmly thrust into her with a steady pace, driving in and already making his crotch slap forward against her backside, the sound ringing out around her apartment as he now fucks the stunning blonde from behind.

"MMMMM!! Ooooooooh yeah Danny!! MMMMM!! I love that... UHHHHHH!! Big fucking cock!!" The stunner who went from country starlet to worldwide pop megastar moans her approval as she looks back over her shoulder with a filthy gaze, already her body rocking back and forth in response to his pumping motion as he takes her once again and the force of those pumps makes her sexy frame jolt towards the couch she's in a doggy style-like position on. "Ahhhhhh!! YES!! Mmmmmm!! Deeper!! Fucking... MMMMM!! Fucking fuck me Danny!!" She demands, further showing both her lust and her need for this sexual satisfaction, knowing how dirty it is for her to be fucking a homeless guy she'd invited off the streets hours ago just to see if he can be her fuck-toy on the road, but loving every moment of his fantastic cock being deep in her tight and getting soaking wet snatch.

"Mmmmmm!! Sure thing "Boss"... AHHHHH... Oh fuck!! MMMMM..." He groans, making the most of the kind of chance millions of red blooded men across the world would kill for was he fucks the drop dead gorgeous blonde from behind with a series of rapid and forceful thrusts, making her ass cheeks jiggle when his waist connects with her body and he goes balls deep into that still very pleasurably tight but dripping wet snatch. "MMMMM... Oh FUCK!! AHHHHHH... Fucking you... MMMM... Gonna fuck you real fucking good!!" He vows with an almost primal grunt, using the grip on her midsection to pull her desirable and sweating frame back sharply towards him when he thrusts forward, fucking her on his pistoning member to increase the pleasure they both feel as he hammers her deeply as he continues to more than just impress with the almost pornstar way he's controlling the pace despite her being the one who's calling the shots here.

"OH YESSSSSSSS!! MMMMMM!! Like... Like fucking that Danny!! OH FUUUUUCK!!" She screams out, mouth hanging open as shameless moans pour out past her smudged red lipstick lips, sweat covering her pretty face and only serving to ruin her make-up yet make her look even hotter than before as strands of her blonde hair now stick to her groaning face as she's fucked hard over and over again by the still somewhat of a stranger behind her. "UHHHHHH!! OH FUCK!! FUCK!! MMMMMMM... Almost... OH SHIT!! So close!! MMMMMM!!" She groans and gasps, her fingers digging into the back of her own couch that she's getting fucked on as that shaft continues to plunge in and out of her snug box from behind time and time again, filling her up deep with all that cock and keeping them both calling out in pleasure and delight with every in and out pump he delivers into her wet snatch.

"AHHHHH... Oh fuck Taylor!! MMMMM... You gonna cum, huh?? Gonna cum??" He allows himself to grin for a moment, keeping that strong hold onto her body to keep her bouncing back and forth onto his manhood as he drives himself balls deep forward into that still snug hole before pulling quickly out a few inches and then repeating the motion again and again like his very life, never mind this potential fuck buddy job, depends on it. "MMMMMM FUCK!! Yeah, gonna make you... AHHHHHH... Fucking cum!! Cum all over... MMMMM!! My fucking dick!!" He vows, even as sweat drips from off his rugged and handsome facial features, still hammering his cock into her twat from behind as her rounded ass cheeks have been left with a slight shade of light red from the repeated slapping impact that his midsection has been doing against her each time he both slams his cock in to the hilt into that pussy and hauls her body sharply back to take his dick.

"OH FUCK YES DANNY!! MAKE ME CUM!! MAKE ME... FUCKING.. CUM!! CUMMING!! CUM... CUMMING AHHHHHHHH!!" She squeals out in joy as her mouth hands open, her head tilted back as indeed the floodgates open and Taylor Swift starts to cum all over Danny's long and fat cock as he pumps her from behind, her snatch clamping around that tool to make him groan and throb as her juices pour out to further cover that condom-covered length. She moans away as the thrusts continue to come, both making her feel every moment of this already powerful sexual high but enhancing it, giving no rest at all as he keeps on banging her even as she cums all over his magnificent cock. "OOOOOOOOOH MMMMMM!! OH DANNY!! YES!! YES YES YES MMMMM..." She gasps out, sweat dripping off her face and her blonde hair a complete mess as she gasps for air, groaning each time he thrusts forward into her tightness and brings her body backward to take those starting to ease off pumps before she finally is able to turn her head around to give a very approving grin just as she begins to come back down to Earth.

"Holy... MMMMMMM... Holy fuck Taylor..." Danny gasps, giving another couple of pumps into her snatch before he pulls out of her slickness, marveling at the juices leaking out of her but soon groaning at the feeling of his own dick pulsating as he reaches down to pull the condom off of his cock. "That felt fucking awesome!" He smiles as he wipes sweat off from his forehead with the back of his hand.

"Ahhhhh... Felt fucking amazing to me too..." Taylor said with a laugh, slowly turning around to slump on the couch for a moment, using a hand to brush her hair away from her face and hissing a little at the strands that were sticking to her from all the sweat. "I think... My new fuck buddy deserves to get off as well though..." She grins, shifting herself forward to take a hold of his cock.

"Mmmmmm... I take I'm hired then?" He smiles back, eagerly stepping forward to get his cock closer toward her gorgeous face.

"All but the ink on the paper baby... Now let me make another mess on this fucking dick of yours..." Swift said before she leaned in to once again take his tool into her mouth.

"MMMMM... OH FUCK... Yeah!! MMMMM.. Suck it Taylor!" He moaned his delight, his cock instantly throbbing the moment those smudged lips wrapped around his man meat and the smearing only resumed as she went straight to work, despite having experienced a powerful orgasm seconds ago already energerticly working her head back and forth along his pole like a cock-drunk slut. "Awwwwwww SHIT!! MMMMM... AHHHHHH... MMMMMM FUCK!!" He groaned, closing his eyes and just experiencing the amazing feeling of her warm and wet mouth smoothly sliding along his shaft, hearing her own groans being muffled by his member as she slurped away on him, her hands gripping his waist to allow her to steadily rock herself onto the cock she'd just cum all over and now was all too happily sucking on.

"Mmmmmmph!! Mmmmm... Mmmmmphhh..." The moans of the gorgeous blonde bounced off the shaft she was rapidly taking in and out of her still hungry oral hole even after getting her own sexual high, but now looking to return the favour and not holding back as she looked to get that payday, deeply sucking on him as she bobs her head steadily onto his size. "Mmmmmm!! Mmmmmphhhh... Mmmmmm..." The sexy singer continues to show her dirty, erotic side as she smoothly moves her pretty, but make-up wrecked face back and forth over the cock that she's previously gagged over and came on, her slurps loud and shameless as she once again applies her saliva onto those inches and makes the stain of her bright red lipstick be left on his cock from the repeated sucking motion she's using on her newly "hired" fuck toy.

"MMMMM!! OH FUCK!! Ahhhhhhhh... MMMMMM YEAH!! AWWWWWWWW FUCK!!" The lucky, hours ago just a homeless busking man moans out, the grin on his handsome face never leaving as he stares down to watch the "Blank Space" singer delivering some oral satisfaction that feels even hotter and better than the first time she blew him to start this erotic encounter off in the first place. "AHHHHHHH SHIT!! Taylor!! I'm... OH FUCK!! Close!! I'M... OH FUCK!! GONNA CUM TAYLOR!!" He grunts out the warning as his cock wildly throbs between the soft and perfectly pouty lips of one of the world's most beautiful women as she moves that famous for singing mouth quickly and deeply along his tool, hearing the warning but not yet letting off as she slurps again and again to leave her spit once more dripping from off of those thick inches.

Lifting her head away from him with a loud "pop" sound, she smirks up at him and grips his dick, starting to rapidly jerk him off and gazing up at the groaning stud as she does so. "Yeah you are baby... Fucking cum Danny! Cum all over my fucking face!! Fucking plaster me with all your fucking spunk Danny!!" She demands as she works her hand up and down the pulsating pole, licking her lips before pressing them together in a lusty smirk as she tilts her head backward to offer up the target to him.

She gets it and then some, the first blast of Danny's jizz launching with speed and force to catch Taylor Swift across the left eye, making her groan as she just closed in time so her lashes and eye make-up take the impact as the long rope splatters all the way up into her blonde hair and down onto her cheek. The next shot lands a couple inches across near the right eye but mostly on the nose and down the right side, just catching her lip and she can't help but lick them to sneak a taste of his spunk, but she'll have to wait as the third shot goes over the right cheek and up over the eye to further wreck her already make-up smeared facial features. She continues to groan as the cum continues to rain down onto her, covering her cheeks, nose, lips and chin as she keeps her hand pumping to make sure she gets every drop that he's got, the massive load leaving her impressively coated to her obvious approval if the naughty smile on her face is any indication.

"Mmmmm... Oh fuck Taylor!! Sorry... I've fucking layered you!" Danny says, but the smile on his face shows he's far from truly sorry as he cock starts to go soft in her gasp.

"Don't be sorry Danny... It feels fucking amazing!" Taylor says with a grin as she stays seated, enjoying the feeling of his seed across her face before she reaches up, starting to wipe the spunk from away from her eyes and lashes, needing a couple of wipes before she can finally look out at him and even then, she can't help but take those fingers into her mouth and suck them dry, swallowing the cum down with a dirty, satisfied gulp. "Tastes just as good too..."

"Glad I could live up to your... Expectations I guess?" He offers with a shrug of the shoulders, still smiling as he takes a seat next to her, letting out a tired groan.

"Oh, you did Danny... And I meant what I said." Swift said, turning her head to look at him. "You're hired. As my fuck buddy. I mean, on paper you'll be like, a personal assistant or something, but behind closed doors and away from everyone else, we'll be doing this and and a whole lot more." She grins.

"Damn... You were being serious after all... This is... Oh wow..." He laughs, once again lost for words. "This is... The best fucking day of my life!"

"Yeah, not too bad huh? Off the street and getting some great sex!" Taylor giggled as she gave him a playful smack on the arm. "And I mean off the damn street, like forever. You'll be on my payroll, so that means you being wherever I am. Hotel, penthouse, whatever, you'll be there. Heck, the spare room here in this apartment? It's yours. We're fuck buddies, but that still means buddies as well. We've got something special going on here, and you can use me as much as I'll be using you." She states with a smile. "Sound like a good plan?"

"A fucking awesome one Boss!" Jacob says with a smile of his own. "Thank... Thank you Taylor... This... This is just..."

"Hey now Danny, don't peak too soon. We are just getting started..." She said, standing up from the couch. "I'm gonna take a shower... Get your money shot off of my fucking face, then you can drag yourself in and freshen up." She said with a teasing smirk. "But I kind of hope you can produce that amount of damn spunk every time we fuck!"

"I'll do my damn best Taylor... Something tells me getting to fuck you like this? That won't be a problem."

"Good to hear Danny... Because we will be doing this, and a doing it a whole lot more from here on out... Just you and me... My handsome homeless hire..." She says with a grin, turning and walking with a satisfied sway in her step as she entered the bathroom, invitingly leaving the door open for her new "assistant" to eventually join her. Minutes later, to her groaning, cumming delight, he did just that leading to round two. Then a quick round three in the bedroom to further solidify their naughty "working agreement", the start of what would be a wild, secret time between the two of them that would have made him the envy of many men across the globe had that info ever gotten out.

Adopt, adapt, and improve. How things could improve any more from this, Danny Jacob had no idea. He was damn well ready to find out though, in between fucking Taylor Swift.

* * *
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Re: Adopt, Adapt, Improve [Taylor Swift, Karlie Kloss]
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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, places, events, etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Taylor Swift (singer), Karlie Kloss (model)

Adopt, Adapt, Improve Part 2

A celebrity erotic story

Codes: MFF, Cons, Oral.

* * *

Not too long ago, Danny Jacob was a handsome but unfortunately homeless man attempting to scratch together a living by busking on the streets of New York in between less and health-and-safety conscious jobs. Then, by complete chance he was plucked off the streets by the global pop superstar singer Taylor Swift who gave him the opportunity to change his life forever. By being her personal fuck buddy.

A woman of high sexual needs, regardless of being in or out of a relationship, she needed someone to fuck to keep those cravings under control, but not have the baggage of a relationship that could be played out by the media and gossip websites. Fortunately, even with their greatly contrasting lives, he was able to handle the "interview process" and gave Swift the kind of fucking she was looking for and craving just hours after they met. And then again minutes later, and then again after the shower, and so on...

Weeks passed and now Danny looked and felt like a completely new man, and not just from the gym membership and work-outs. Officially on the payroll as part of Swift's entourage (listed to the public, should anyone ever ask, as a personal assistant even if those close to her knew the real truth but contracted to secrecy), his job was to give her his cock when she needed it, however she needed it. Be that a wake-up fuck, a mid-afternoon eating out, or some action before bedtime, when she made the call, he was right there to be willing, ready, and certainly able to give it to her.

Dressed in fashionable jeans and a buttoned shirt - a far cry from the torn rags he'd slummed it in during his, what now feels like a, previous "life" on the streets and hostels - he smiled as he flicked through a song book, his old guitar resting in his lap serving as the only reminder of what life was like before meeting Taylor. He hadn't visited any of his own haunts since taking on this "job", and having no cell phone back then he couldn't exactly call anyone, not that he figured anyone would care about him being gone now. Certainly, he had no intentions of trying to contact his family now - the reason he had ran away from home all those years ago in the first place.

He was happy. He was making money he could have never dreamed of having before even in his wildest dreams, had his apartment paid for along with most commodities and gadgets, and even received the odd "thank you" bonus present along the way for an extra good or long fuck. This was all almost too good to be true... But as he always said during his homeless days - Adopt, Adapt and Improve. Although he wasn't quite sure how life as Taylor Swift's secret fuck toy could improve...

His top of the range smart phone buzzed, the opening drums of "Shake It Off" sounding to make him smirk as he put the book and his guitar aside on the couch, pulling the phone out of his pants pocket and swiping it to take the call. "Hey Boss!" Danny said, knowing from the ID and ringtone who was on the other end of the line.

"Hey Danny, come on over. Got someone I want you to meet..." The sweet tones of his Boss replied back, perking his interest as she hung up the phone.

"That's different..." He mused to himself as he put the phone away and moved to stand up. He was used to hearing her request him over to her place for the usual action of some sort, but meeting someone? This could be interesting...

Grabbing his apartment keys, he headed out and moved along the corridor towards Swift's place. She hadn't been kidding about knowing that there was a place for him to live just a few minutes in the same apartment complex and the same floor - the perks of being as superstar he'd assumed. Even with the short distance, it was enough to build anticipation that sometimes was enough for when he arrived to knock at her door as he was currently doing she would haul him in, throw him to the floor and start riding him there and then.

Today however the door opened and Taylor Swift stood with a big smile on her gorgeous face, dressed in a nice short skirt, complimented with a sleeveless top that showed off her toned midsection along with her perky tits. The blonde singer motioned for him to step inside, soon closing the door behind him. "Danny, I'd like you to meet one of my best friends in the world - Karlie. And Karlie, this is Danny."

He blinked in surprise as stepping forward with a smile of her own was the stunning supermodel and former Victoria's Secret Angel Karlie Kloss, her leggy frame being shown off in a stylish red and black top with a longer, knee high skirt compared to the other blonde. She stepped forward and extended a hand that he happily shook, but noticed quite the obvious checking out of him that she was doing as she smiled a little broader. In the time he'd spent being employed by Swift, he'd gotten more the educated on the goings on in the showbiz world, including knowing who she was friends with, has worked with, and even inside information on "rivals" in the music industry. He was well aware of how big a friendship the two have.

"This is the hunk you've been bragging about..." Karlie says, still smiling as once the handshake is broken off she boldly places her hands onto his shirt-covered chest, running her hands over the material and up to the collar to toy with the surprised hunk.

"Yes, yes he is..." Taylor says with a grin of her own, moving around and slipping an arm around the other woman's waist as she moves in close to her. "This is my awesome fuck buddy. Aren't you Danny?"

"That I am Boss." He says, glancing between the two and wondering where this could possibly lead to although from the seductive gazes he was getting, he sure hoped it was heading one way more than any other.

"Tay' here says you are a great fuck. You might look the part, but I think... Well... How can we put this?" Kloss looks over to her bestie.

"We're going to fuck." Swift states as he uses a hand to pull the other blonde into a deep kiss, both women groaning as their lips press together and soon part, tongues flicking against the other as they close their eyes and make out in such a way that indicates the rumours they have been closer than just friends might be true, and then some.

"Shit... Sounds good to me..." Jacob mumbles as he stares at the red hot sight of two of the hottest women on the planet making out in front of him while one of them still grips his shirt.

"Mmmmm..." Swift breaks off the lip lock, turning her lusty gaze towards the man she employs. "Don't worry, we're going to have fun with each other and you... So don't disappoint us..." She says, before running her hands up so she can start to lift Karlie's top up, in turn making her release her hold on him so the garment can be removed, showing off the no doubt right from out of the Victoria's Secret high-end catalogue bra the model has on.

"No complaints from me..." Danny says, starting to unbutton his shirt as he watches Swift squat down, sliding Kloss' skirt down those lovely, long legs to reveal the matching pair of panties.

"Don't get too excited there... I've heard plenty of hype about you, but I'll need to see it in action for myself..." Karlie states with a smirk, turning to return the favour to her friend as she helps Swift undress, first lowering down her skirt to show off the lacy underwear she has on.

"He can deliver, I promise..." Taylor says, shooting him a look that appeared to be a challenge to do just that, before she glanced back at the other beautiful female as she raised her arms up, allowing her top to be removed so now both women were clad in sexy bra and panties.

"Maybe I should show Karlie here how good I am then to kick things off?" Jacob offers as he undoes the final button, peeling his shirt off fom his body to show off his nicely toned upper body, the result of good eating and a workout routine that's about as far removed from his previous homeless days as it gets.

"I don't know...Tay' here is pretty much... No, she is the best at eating pussy that I'll ever have." Kloss states. "You really think you can... Hey!" Her words were cut off when the other blonde snuck behind and unclasped her bra, letting the model's lovely ripe tits be exposed.

"Enough foreplay Karlie... Let's have some fun..." The singer said with a smile as she tossed the bra aside, taking her friend by the hand to lead her over towards the couch in the living area. "You coming?" She invited, glancing back at Danny.

"Damn right I am!" He grinned as he headed over, and already Karlie was making herself at home as she sat down, smirking as she leaned back. "Allow me..." He said, lowering himself down in front of her before reaching up, taking a hold of her panties and started to lower them down her legs, revealing her neatly trimmed pussy in the process as he takes them off from her feet.

"You are not going to regret this Karlie... Danny here knows how to fuck, amongst other little tricks..." Swift teases as she reaches back to unclasp her own bra, soon taking it off to show off her own lovely breasts.

"I'll definitely say... He looks like he knows what he's doing..." Karlie laughed playfully as he spreads her legs apart and leans his head in, hands gripping her thighs as he plants his mouth onto her pussy, making her gasp and soon groan in delight as he lightly sucked on her snatch, working his lips against her folds with dirty, loud slurps that alone made her bite down on her own bottom lip as she watched him start to immediately pleasure her. "Mmmm... Feels... Feels like at as well..." She admitted, already seemingly impressed by her friend's fuck buddy as he sucked on her pussy, planting the occasional kiss onto her lower lips and keeping eye contract as he looked up to her, his mouth pressed firmly onto her snatch so he could work his mouth on and around her sweet love tunnel.

Just as he was starting to probe his tongue out onto the newest blonde he's met, the one that he works for got his attention as Swift slipped down beside him, reaching under and going for his belt as she quickly undid it and pulled it out of the loops. Smirking for a moment, he let her boss continue with the obvious plan of undressing him, turning his focus back to the guest as he pushed his tongue out, a flicking motion used against her outer folds that made Kloss moan, feeling her hand go onto the back of his head which was all the encouragement he required.

"Yeah... Fucking eat her out Danny..." Taylor grinned as she hauled down his jeans then his boxers, her excited eyes spying his already hardening cock that she eagerly took a hold of and started to stroke, feeling him further growing to the already familiar size she was all too used to now, but still can't get enough of. "Oh yeah... He's good, isn't he Karlie? Danny knows how to eat some pussy..." Swift added with a tone of lustful pride, seeing her good friend moaning and grinding slightly against the handsome face buried into Karlie's crotch, hearing the muffled groans from the lucky hunk as he ate out the stunning model while having his lengthy cock stroked off by the other equally gorgeous beauty involved in this three-way.

"Mmmmmm!! Oh shit!! He is Taylor! He's... Mmmmm!! Wow! Really good!!" Kloss let out a gasp, continuing to be pleasantly surprised by the pussy-eating skill shown by the man she's just met but now is sliding his hungry tongue against her already slick snatch, pushing herself forward against his face even as his mouth remains constantly close if not completely on her box as he munches away on her. "Oooooooooh shit!! Mmmmm!! He's definitely... MMMM... Picked up some tips from you Taylor..." She flashes a grin across at the other woman along with a look of desire, soon moaning again as he works his tongue around those nicely wet folds, travelling clockwise around her before finishing by pushing forward into her, getting a clear moan of approval as he probes her slit.

"Oh, believe me Karlie... Danny here had some skills already when I first met him..." Taylor says as she slowly runs her palm back and forth over his dick to keep him nice and hard while he focuses on eating out the tasty snatch of her stunning and sexy friend as Kloss keeps those lovely long legs spread apart for him so he has full access to that pussy. "I've just helped him, you know... Become really amazing at it..." The "Shake It Off" singer flashes another naughty smile as she keeps on giving this steady hand job to the man she pays to keep her sexually satisfied, but currently has him showing off his "services" by feasting on the pussy of one of her best friends, and from the moans the model is letting out as his tongue plunges in and around that snatch, he's proving to be more than worth the money he's getting paid to do a "job" than many a red blooded male would happily do for free.

"I... Mmmmmm FUCK!! I can fucking tell!" Kloss gasps again, this time feeling Jacob start to tongue-fuck her box as he pushes it in and out of her with a sharp, darting motion which in turn makes her dig her fingers into his hair to already make it desirably messy, while a different kind of mess is being left over his mouth as her forming juices rub and stain his lips. "Mmmmm... I still think... Mmmmmm... He isn't able to eat me out... Ahhhhhh! Like you can Taylor... But he's fucking close!" She says a compliment, not as a challenge, but either way currently he's quite rightly preoccupied with the task of gorging himself on the former Victoria's Secret Angel's tasty and now noticeably wet pussy, further proof his oral talents as he keeps his tongue working around and inside of her folds to keep her moaning out.

"You're just saying that so you can get to fuck my awesome fuck buddy here." Taylor says with a playful tone, letting go of his cock so she can shift back and stand up, getting both his and Karlie's attention as she slips down her panties to show off her own snatch and the clear dampness that's formed just from watching her friend getting eaten out.

"Mmmmm... Can I?" Kloss grins, releasing his head as she looks down at him. "I don't know... I want to eat you out now Tay' now that this stud of yours has... Ahhhhh... Gotten me all worked up..."

"Then let's do both!" Swift says as she takes a seat down her to her good friend with a smile. "Get yourself some of my fine pussy, and let Danny here show you how he can use his dick... Up you get Danny. Let Karlie get into position for this."

Letting out a muffled sound of agreement, he lifts his head away and takes in a deep breath, smiling as he licks Karlie's juices off of his lips as he stands up, giving both ladies a clear look at his impressive length that makes them both smile. "No arguments from me Boss." Danny says, stepping out of his underwear and jeans, next kneeling down to fish out a condom packet from his pocket and then shoving his clothing to the side.

Meanwhile the blonde model has shifted down to almost a doggy style position in front of the blonde singer who has taken up the position her friend had just been in, legs spread apart and her slick pussy offered up invitingly to her friend who all too eagerly moves her pretty face downward. Smirking up for a moment, Karlie then flicks her tongue out for a slow lick up Taylor's snatch to make her moan, followed by a second savouring lick, and then a hat trick to test how wet and turned on the other stunning beauty is. Satisfied with the initial results, it's now Kloss' turn to take a hold of a pair of sexy, long legs as she gets her face right up close into Swift's crotch, showing already that the two have engaged in lesbian sex before in the past and no doubt not just a one off fling either.

"MMMM!! Oh fuck!! Taylor... You weren't kidding... Mmmmm!! About him packing..." Karlie exclaims with wide eyes, looking back as Danny pushes his condom-covered cock into her snatch from behind, taking a hold of her toned waist as he starts to pump her, easily breaking into a steady back and forth motion to fuck her and send his member forward into her tight and wet pussy. "Oooooooooh... Wish I'd fucking blown him first..." She groan in delight as she turns her head forward, not forgetting the role she plays in this position as she runs her tongue up and down the damp snatch of the other stunning babe, tasting Swift's juices and all too eagerly drinking them down, while Kloss herself is made to moan as she takes the dick from a man she barely knows deep into her own box, and is quickly seeing the stories she's heard from the best friend she's currently eating out are all true and then some.

"Mmmmm!! We'll... Ahhhhh... We'll get to that soon enough Karlie... Mmmmm..." Taylor groans, leaning back on the couch as she gazes down between her legs at the red-hot, but clearly familiar to her, sight of one of the world's most beautiful models with her face buried into her crotch, getting glimpses of that tongue as Kloss licks and laps away at that lovely, wet pussy. "You enjoying this Danny? Getting to... Ahhhhh... Fuck my super sexy friend while she... Oooooooooh!! Eats my fucking pussy like the pro she is?" She grins across at the stud not too long ago was just a homeless busker on the street but is now her personal fuck toy, and now is showing off that sexual talent that got him hired as he firmly thrusts his dick into the snug snatch of the groaning model sandwiched between himself and his boss as he nails Karlie from behind while she dines on Taylor's pussy at the same time.

"Mmmmm!! Fuck... This is... Ahhhhh... So unreal!!" He admits with a handsome laugh, moaning at the superb feeling of the model's love tunnel all around his nicely thick inches as he pumps his manhood in and out of the snatch he'd only minutes ago been eating out, now showing he's far from a one trick pony as he dishes out a great fucking too, shown by how wet the beauty is he's driving into as he keeps that hold on her gorgeous midsection. "But it's... Mmmmm... Yeah, it feels real fucking good Taylor..." He groans as he looks down at the stunning, rounded ass of the blonde he's currently banging as his toned waist starts to smack into those plump cheeks, a sexy slapping sound ringing out around the apartment of the beauty at Kloss' other end currently being made to moan from the expert way the tongue working her over is sliding all over and around her pussy.

"Mmmmmmphhh!! MMMMM... MMMMM!!" With her mouth firmly planted onto the pussy of her best friend, Karlie groans into that delicious lower hole as she slurps shamelessly and slides her tongue in as deep as she can, the obvious familiarity of the two women's previous lesbian encounters clear as she knows just which areas of that wet snatch to work over to really make Taylor moan out. "Mmmmm... MMMMMPHHHH!! Mmmmm... Mmmmmphhh!!" Her mouth is being made to grind against that snatch as her stunning body rocks slightly back and forth in response to the stiff and deep thrusts she's taking from behind that keep her groaning in joy into the pussy she's munching on, giving the occasional glance back of approval to the hunk who's ploughing into her.

"Oh fuck Karlie!! MMMMM!! Tongue... Get that tongue deep in me!" The blonde singer moans the demand, keeping her legs apart but now using a hand to take a hold of the long locks of the model kneeling in front of her in order to ensure her friend's mouth was staying pressed onto that wet, needy snatch which in turn makes sure she gets her wish of the other woman's tongue licking deep around her. "Oh yessssssss... Ahhhhhh!! Eat me Karlie!! And... And keep fucking her Danny! Fuck her good!!" Taylor groans out the order, her gaze going down to the crotch of the man involved in this steamy threesome to catch glimpses of his cock as he plunges in with balls deep thrusts into one of her best friends, filling up that snatch with all of his inches and make her desirable, tanned body jolt forward and cause her lips to rub over Swift's lower ones.

"Mmmmmmphh!! MMMMM... MMMMMM..." The gorgeous stunner in the middle of this groans again into the snatch she's briskly eating out, the juices of the other blonde female now all over her lips and starting to sexily drip down her chin not just from the rapid licking she's been dishing out but how her mouth has been make to work all over those folds when she rocks forward each time she takes a stiff balls deep thrust from behind. "MMMMMMPHHH!! Ahhhhhhh!! Oh... Oooooooooh FUCK!!" Karlie moans out as she lifts her head away, drawing in much needed air as she looks back, shooting a filthy look of lust at the stud that she's only met but is now getting deeply fucked by, and as she groans again and still rocks backward to meet his pumps it's clear she's loving that treatment as her wet snatch remains erotically tight around his meaty length.

"Hey, I wasn't finished with your tongue yet Karlie..." Taylor grins as she lets go of her friend's hair, showing she has another idea already in mind as she shifts back on the couch.

"So... Sorry Tay'... But... MMMMM!! FUCK!! Danny!! Your fucking cock is... MMMMM!! Too good!!" Karlie says with a lustful grin as she can't help but keep rocking back against his pumps.

"Thanks... Mmmmmm!! Your pussy is awesome as well..." Danny says with a smile as he pulls out of her snatch with a groan.

"Better than mine?" Swift teases with a seductively raised eyebrow.

"Maybe you should let me have a round with yours and I can see which one I like best?" Jacob challenges boldly, causing his Boss to grin.

"I was thinking along those lines..." Taylor says as she slips down to lay on the floor, spreading her legs wide. "Karlie, time for me to return the favour babe... And Danny? Give me all of that amazing cock of yours. Hard!"

"Sure thing Boss..." The lucky stud says as he moves into position just as the other blonde does the same, so he pauses to watch Karlie swing a leg over as she straddles the pretty face of the equally stunning blonde, moaning when her pussy connects with Taylor's mouth as she starts to flick her tongue out. "Fuck... Best fucking job ever..." After enjoying that red hot sight for a moment, he gets to work himself as he slips his condom-covered dick, that's now nicely slick with Kloss' juices, into the pussy of the woman he works for, making them both moan as he experiences the familiar, and still more than just pleasurable feeling of penetrating Swift's wet pussy.

"Mmmmmmphhh!! MMMMM... MMMMMMPHH!!" The country-turned-pop singer's loud moan is muffled by the sweet love tunnel she's eating out as she reaches up to grab the shapely and sexy ass of the beauty mounted on her face, keeping her mouth right up onto Karlie's snatch as she works her tongue into and around those tasty folds. "MMMMMPHHH... Mmmmm!! Mmmmmm... MMMMM..." The cries of joy don't stop as her own snatch is getting filled up by the nicely thick and lengthy cock of her own personal fuck buddy, feeling him smoothly moving back and forth into her with a steady pace and just the right amount of force for her to still be able to focus on dining on the other woman's snatch while getting pumped at the same time.

"Ooooooooh FUCK!! Oh yes Taylor!! MMMMM... God that tongue... So FUCKING GOOD!!" The supermodel loudly groans, leaning forward and placing her hands on the toned stomach of the stunner she's on top off, lightly rocking her hips in order to grind her damp pussy against Taylor's talented mouth. "Uhhhhhh!! MMMMM... Fuck... Fuck her good Danny!! Yeah, stuff her damn pussy full babe...:" Kloss encourages as she looks down, watching the man involved in this hot and heavy three-way, certainly proven by the sweat starting to form over their desirable bodies, thrust his dick deeply in and out of her good friend's snatch. The sight alone of his crotch connecting with her tanned body and the sound of the resulting slap that rings out is enough to make Karlie bite down on her bottom lip, but she's got plenty of reason to keep on moaning herself as the woman getting fucked doesn't miss a beat as she runs her tongue all up and around that wet and tasty snatch.

"AHHHHH... Trust, trust me Karlie... MMMMM... I'm gonna do just that..." Jacob flashes a grin across at the beauty just inches away from him as he sends his cock balls deep into the tight and hot pussy of the woman he works for, earning that pay and then some as he makes Swift groan in pleasure into Karlie's pussy that she's eating out like it's the only meal she's had in days. "MMMMM... I'm guessing that... Ahhhhh... Taylor wipes the floor with me... MMMMM!! When it comes to pussy eating?" He smirks again, glancing down at the moving back and forth hips of the former Victoria's Secret model as she rubs her slickness across the pouty lips of the other blonde, his question perhaps being answered by the shameless moans the woman who is mounted on the face of the other is releasing.

"OOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSS... MMMMM... She's so... AHHHHH... MMMMM!! So good!!" Karlie groaned, tilting her head back with a gasp, stopping her grinding motion as the pleasure starts to overwhelm her, feeling the pressure building within her as her cries start to increase in pitch. Familiar with hearing this, underneath her Swift smirks as she moves a hand down, suddenly pushing two fingers right in deep into that damp hole over her but soon applying her mouth so she can slurp on the clit to really enhance the sensations her friend feels. "AHHHHH!! OH TAYLOR!! MMMMMM... AHHHHHH... OH YES!! MMMMM!! Cumming!! CU-CUMMING!!" The model squeals in joy as she tightly grips Taylor's midsection, gritting her teeth at the feeling of the double teaming being done to her love tunnel as she takes a finger banging and has her as to be expected sensitive clit sucked on by the pouty and full lips of the other stunning female involved in this threesome.

True to her word, it's only a few more pumps of this digits before Karlie Kloss starts to cum on the fingers of Taylor Swift, while she is getting fucked herself at the same time, but even as she groans Swift makes sure to give her good friend plenty of treatment, moving down off the clit to lick away with her tongue at Karlie's pussy and her own fingers in order to lap up those delicious fluids. The singer purrs with erotic delight at the taste of the other woman as those juices drip off her fingers and from those folds onto her own lips and chin as she licks away and drinks them down. At the same time, she's moaning not just from the sweet taste but from her own pussy getting more than stimulated as she gets stuffed over and over again by the still rock hard hunk who is ramming that member deep to ensure she groans and sweets during this three-way action.

"MMMMM... Holy fuck!! That was hot as Hell!" Danny states the obvious as he pulls his dick out of Taylor's snatch, shifting back to just watch the two beauties engage in a little more lesbian loving as Swift gives Kloss' pussy a couple more licks before pulling her fingers out and greedily sucking them clean with her experienced lips.

"Ahhhhhh... You say that like... You've never been a threesome before..." The tired Karlie says, giving a grin and a wink to him before she rolls off of the other woman, taking a seat on the couch and just resting back as she needs some time to recover from quite the powerful sexual high she's just been on.

"And yet he's still ready to go..." Taylor comments with a grin as she also moves up from the floor, turning so she can move up onto the couch, leaning over Kloss but sticking her ass out as she holds onto the back of the couch. "Think you've got enough in the tank to get me off Danny?" She challenges as she looks back at the stud now standing behind her.

"Damn fucking right I have Boss..." The sweat-covered male states as he doesn't hold back, shoving his cock right back into that dripping wet hole and going all the way in to the hilt with the first thrust, much to her moaning delight. Those sinful cries keep on coming as the beauty who'd just been taking dick as she made the other woman involved in this sexual action cum now once again is taking those inches all the way into her box as he now slams away into her, making the sharp smack of skin meeting skin sound out around her lavish apartment that they've been fucking in for what feels like hours. "MMMM!! Oh FUCK!! You wanna cum Boss?? Then... UHHHHH!! You're gonna fucking cum!!" He vows, gripping her sexy, rounded butt with his hands as he rams his manhood in and out of her still nicely snug but extremely wet snatch, the force of his sudden thrusting motion causing her to jolt forward over the still recovering beauty that he's also been seeing to over the course of this wild three-way involving the two best friends.

"OH YES DANNY!! MMMMM!! Make me... AHHHHHH FUCK!! Cum all over... MMMM!! That fucking cock!!" The Grammy award winning singer moans out, acting more like a desperate, cock-loving whore as she gazes back to watch him plough back and forth into her snatch from behind with his big dick that to her feels just as good as the first time they fucked when she plucked him off the street as a handsome homeless hunk, let alone as good as the first time he entered her today. "AHHHHH... Yeah... YES YES YES!! Fucking!! UHHHHH!! Hammer me baby! MMMMM..." She clearly doesn't need to encourage him anymore from the way he's pounding into that gorgeous, damp pussy with his member, knowing just how to give it to the woman who is paying him to be her fuck toy so she moans each time his cock slides quickly into or out of her slick to say the least folds.

"You'd better not be forgetting about me Tay'..." The voice of the model involved in this threesome grabs Swift's attention as she turns her head around to look down, and instantly finds her hair being taken a hold of as Karlie leans up to lock lips with the woman she's clearly had plenty of lesbian encounters with in the past. The two blondes groan lustfully into each other's mouths as their lips clash and soon their tongues begin to slap against one another's, Swift rocking her head and making her lips grind against Kloss' as she takes a fucking from behind as this making out is going on. "Mmmmm... Mmmmmphhh... Mmmmm..." Not satisfied with just kissing the just as gorgeous as herself beauty, Kloss starts to grope Swift as well as one hand goes onto her perky breast for a deep squeeze, the other hand sliding down to the crotch to rub the singer's pussy while she's getting fucked, the added sensations making Taylor moan louder into the mouth of the model she's swapping spit with.

"MMMMM... Awwww FUCK!! MMMMM... Real... Real fucking hot!! MMMMM..." Jacob comments on the making out going on the short distance away from him between groans as sweat drips from off his handsome, rugged face. He's putting all the effort and energy he's got left in him to bang that tight snatch hard and deep, his crotch repeatedly smacking into her ass each time he drives forward and goes balls deep into his Boss' dripping hole, all that wetness over his condom-covered cock and her muffled moans showing she more than appreciates his efforts. "AHHHHHH... MMMMM... What a fucking way... MMMMM!! To have my first threesome!!" He's able to quite rightly boast with a grin, soon moaning as he continues to drive his shaft in deep, feeling the brush of Karlie's rubbing fingers against his shaft as she stimulates the snatch he's pumping away in and out of, both of their work making the babe sandwiched between them groan out in shameless delight.

"MMMMMM!! Ooooooooh FUUUUUUUCK!! YES!! OH FUCK!! Don't... DON'T STOP!!" Now it's the drop dead gorgeous singer's turn to approach her own sexual peak as she finally breaks off the lip lock with the other woman who is pleasuring her pussy with quick rubs back and forth with her fingers, that wet hole getting stuffed full with the dick that they've both been sharing and that Swift pays for to do just as he's doing right now. Fucking her until she can barely think straight. "UHHHHH!! OH DANNY!! KARLIE!! MMMMMM YES!! YES YES YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!" The sexual joy that the global pop Superstar is feeling only increasing when the former Victoria's Secret Angel underneath her starts to suck on Swift's perky tits, the free hand groping the other as Kloss' other is still firmly planted down over her friend's dripping snatch to keep on rubbing her as she takes the hot and heavy pounding from behind.

With a long and loud moan, it's now the turn of Taylor Swift to start cumming and she does so hard all over Danny's pistoning cock as he doesn't stop fucking her even as that hot snatch tightens around his shaft, her juices flooding out and spilling over the rubbing back and forth fingers of Karlie Kloss who keeps on using her hand on her good friend while sucking on her tits at the same time. The actions of the other participants in this threesome are greatly appreciated by the beauty being made to ride out this wave of erotic pleasure as she groans with a big smile, still rocking forward when her fuck buddy behind her drives his dick balls deep into her snatch, and her beautiful friend-with-benefits underneath her toys with her pussy and breasts at the same time.

"AHHHHHH... Oh FUCK!! I'm gonna... UHHHHH!! Blow soon Taylor!!" Danny hisses as he's able to deliver a final deep pump into her dripping wet snatch before he has to pull his throbbing dick out, pulling the condom off of his cock and letting out a sigh of relief as he does so.

"Mmmmm... Ahhhhhh... You... You think he deserves a reward Karlie?" Swift asks the other blonde underneath her with grin as while now worn out, she's still buzzing from her orgasm.

Lifting her mouth from the other woman's tit, the smile is returned. "Fuck yes!! This was amazing Tay'... Let's go get him!" Karlie says with an eager tone as she takes her slick with juices fingers off from her friend.

"Shit! I'm in for it now..." He says as he watches the two stunning and sweat-soaked blondes lower down to their knees in front of him as Karlie is the first to clamp her lips around his shaft, starting to bob her head along the pole that's been in both women over the course of this sexual encounter, and unsurprisingly she shows no issue at all at sucking on the dick that's just come straight out of her best friend. "MMMMM!! Oh FUCK!! MMMM... FUCKING... Amazing!!" The lucky stud marvels as he moans out, staring down in awe as while Kloss blows him, Swift has leaned in to flick her tongue against the base and lower inches of his dick, giving his heavy balls some oral treatment to go along with the blowjob he's receiving at the same time.

"Mmmmmm... Is that good Danny? Is Karlie a good little cock sucker??" Lifting her mouth away from him for a moment, Taylor's lusty words makes it all the more hotter as if the sight of the two beauties working over his cock wasn't enough as the model rocks her head sharply up and down on his dick while the singer laps her still-hungry for either pussy or dick tongue against his nutsack. "Mmmm... We need your cum Danny... We need you to make a sticky mess all over our slutty faces..." Swift adds with a naughty grin before she leans in and uses a hand to guide his ball into her mouth, both the receiver and the deliverer groaning as she sucks on that half of his nuts while her hand cups and plays with the other, testing his limits as he still takes a superb, slurping sucking at the same time with his cock being deep in the other woman's oral hole.

"Mmmmm!! Mmmmmmphh!! Mmmmm..." Saliva already is getting plastered onto his tool from the steady way Kloss is blowing the dick that's been deep both in her own and in the other equally horny and beautiful woman's snatch during this three-way, her gaze remaining locked up at his handsome face to watch him moan as she feels his shaft throbbing between her soft, pouty lips. Delivering a couple more sucks as he also takes slurping onto his ballsack at the same time, she lifts away in order to spit down onto that cock. "Yeah! Cum on our faces Danny! You've been so good to us... You deserve to cover us like a couple of sluts!" Kloss says with a grin, shifting to the side so that now Swift can start to suck on his pulsating dick, allowing her to now move downward and apply her tongue to his lower inches with quick licks against that pole and against his crotch and balls for good measure as well.

"MMMM!! OH FUCK!! Keep... Keep this up... UHHHHHH!! And that won't be... MMMMM!! A fucking problem..." He grunts as he keeps his eyes locked down on the duo of pretty faces that are working over his rod with such skill that this wouldn't look out of place on an award-winning pornography site as the two women expertly treat him and his nicely long and thick to match cock with one Hell of a reward for making them both cum. The model slides her tongue along the side, across the top, and over the underside of his tool as she more than handles the task of treating the base to some high quality licking, while the just as stunning singer carries on bobbing her head up and down on his shaft with clear familiarity knowing just how her fuck buddy likes to have his cock sucked. "AHHHHH.. MMMMMM Yeah... AHHHHHH... MMMMM..." Taylor slides her mouth smoothly up and down on his rod at a perfectly timed pace, groaning herself around his cock as she blows him while right next to her Karlie laps her tongue against the lower portion of him like she's tasting lollipop, the two beauties so close their sweat-covered cheeks brush against each other when Swift pushes down before rising right back up to suck him off.

"OH SHIT!! HERE... AHHHHH... HERE IT COMES!!" Danny is able to warn and instantly the babe blowing him lifts her head away, both women shifting back and tilting their heads back for him as he grips his cock, one pump all that's needed as the first blast of spunk lands across Taylor Swift's face followed by a thick second shot to plaster her cheek and nose. He aims over to send the next couple of blasts onto Karlie Kloss' just as pretty face, making her groan as his seed splashes over her cheeks, nose and lips. "Ahhhhhh... AHHHHH... MMMMM FUCK... Mmmmmm..." He groans as he jerks away, milking himself dry after their combined "motivation" and giving them the creamy payday they demanded, now switching to stroke out another burst of cum onto one face and then moving to deliver the next to the other, resulting in both women getting a more than just decent coating of his jizz to finish off a threesome to remember.

"Mmmmm... Yeah Danny! That's what I love... Plenty of cum for me and my friends..." Taylor said with clear pride for not just how well he'd fucked her and her bestie, but the amount of cum he'd dropped onto both of their faces.

"Tay' wasn't lying about you Danny... You are one great fuck!" Karlie adds with a laugh as they both look up with cum-covered faces at the spent hunk as he finally lets go of his spent shaft.

"Thanks... Thanks ladies..." Danny smiles back, gasping for much needed air. "One Hell of a way to break me into taking on two stunning babes at once though..."

"And you delivered, like I knew you would..." Swift states with a nod as she stands up, helping her friend to do the same. "But now me and Karlie have got to get washed up... We've got dinner plans, remember?" She says, placing a hand firmly onto the other blonde's ass.

"That we do... Are you coming with us Danny?" Kloss asks as she licks her lips to collect a little bit of his load from off of herself.

"Sorry, but that's not part of my job..." Jacob says. "I'm more of an out of sight kind of deal... Can't raise suspicious of being seen regularly with her and the gossip sites thinking I'm a boyfriend, let alone what I really am!"

"Don't worry Karlie... Once we get back here, we'll have all night to have some more fun with my fuck buddy here." Taylor grins, giving a pat to the shapely backside of the model. "Go get the shower running, and I'll join you soon."

"Sure thing!" Karlie says, giving a last smile to them both as she turns and heads off towards the bathroom area of the apartment.

"I mean it Danny... That was awesome, just like always!" Swift says with a big grin. "I'm so going to share you with all of my friends..."

"Wait, friends? You mean..." Danny starts to question.

"Oh yes, and believe me... Knowing some of my besties like I do? They are all going to love you and that fucking cock of yours!" She adds with a lick of her lips. "Would you mind going to shower at your place? If we get out and see you here, we'll just jump on you and no way will me make dinner."

"Not a problem Boss. I'll... See you later I guess?" He says, referring to what she said moment ago.

"Oh believe me Danny, we will... I'll call you when we're back." Taylor says, giving him a wink before she turns and struts her way sexily towards the bathroom, closing it behind her.

This leaves Danny to chuckle to himself, reaching down to grab his underwear so he can get dressed before heading out. "If any of Taylor's friends are half as good as this was? This "job" is going to get better and better by the day!"

Considering that true to her word, he would be invited over later on in the evening for more threeway fun with Swift and Kloss long into the night? Danny had no idea how right his thoughts were about all of this.

* * *

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Re: Adopt, Adapt, Improve [Taylor Swift, Karlie Kloss]
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Hard to beat that classic pairing of Taylor and Karlie.  Excellent as always!

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