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Ending The Feud [Taylor Swift & Katy Perry]
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Previously posted on other sites, and posted here by request.

WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the celebrities, singers, record labels, publishers etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Katy Perry, Taylor Swift.

Ending the Feud

A celebrity erotic story

by DaxG2001

Codes: Cons, MFF, FF, Oral, anal.

* * *

Dylan had always known that he was a fortunate man. Great family, great friends, and a great life that has led to a great career so far as a songwriter even at his still relatively young mid-twenties age. On paper, there didn't seem to be any downsides for the handsome, short haired man who even in between penning chart topping hits and travelling between big cities to secure deals had time to maintain a healthy lifestyle and toned body. However, there was one issue that as much as he'd tried to ignore it and not discuss it, was always an elephant in the room. And was now the reason why he was in a reserved high-end hotel suite awaiting the arrival of two of his friends that he'd made through his song writing.

One is the former country star turned global pop princess in Taylor Swift. The other was a once gospel music singer but now similarly a worldwide chart topping performer in Katy Perry. Between these two women, while refusing to discuss the matter to the press, have a rather public dislike for each other and are musical rivals, and have been for years. During that time the problems between the two had been managed well, and Dylan with his song writing for both had always been meeting or hanging out with them at different times. However it seemed issues had been flaring up between the two, to such a degree that both management teams for the pop-stars reached out to attempt a "crisis meeting" to attempt to finally put and end to the feud to avoid a public relations disaster.

It was the first time that Dylan regretted the success he'd found in his writing career as while he loved being friends with the two who individually he'd always enjoyed the company of and had a blast with, he wasn't a fool and knew of the dislike each woman had for the other. He'd always tried to keep any mention of the other singer to a minimum if saying nothing at all, and had seen how a smile turned into frosty bitterness if a slip of the tongue ever mentioned the name of the rival to either of them.

However, as he had to admit himself, he was one of the few people who was on equal enough good terms with both celebrities that he might have a shot at defusing this hatred, and the bonus (as far as the management suits were concerned) of being an unknown to the general public, non-celeb so if things did go sour there would not be as huge a potential disaster if another singer or actress was dragged into this.

Dylan stood up from the lavish couch in the suite, checking over his smart attire of dress pants, shirt and shoes for a double check, then looking over the small table across with a bottle of water and glasses. He wished it was something far stronger and alcoholic to calm his nerves so that his existing friendship between each still-to-arrive woman wouldn't come crashing down in a matter of minutes, if not seconds.

An electronic "bleep" sound grabs his attention, looking to the door as the first arrival steps in. The long legs topped with high heels led to a rather ironic for one of her songs tight little skirt that covers her shapely backside, then a short and snug top that showed a little of her desirable midsection and fitted nicely to her perky, rounded chest. The blonde's look was as usually is finished with bright red lipstick, those lips forming a surprised smile when she saw who was in the room waiting for her.

"Dylan??" Taylor Swift questioned, moving in energetically and quickly giving him a warm hug that was returned with some relief. "What... What are you...?" She trails off, and her smile fades as the realisation hits her. "Oh. Her." She says flatly, folding her arms. "I can't believe they dragged you into this. Over her?"

"Taylor, come on. This is more than just about her..." Dylan said with a sigh. "It's all gotten bad enough that your management and hers arranged this all in the first place. Not to mention it's all gone on for way to long."

"You don't know her like I do! The real her!" Swift says, sounding aggravated just thinking about her rival. "She steals dancers, she steals friends, and I bet she's been trying to steal you and the songs you're writing for me away as well!"

"Oh come on Taylor, listen to yourself..." He says with a shake of the head. "Do you really think..."

He's about to speak but that electronic sound rings out again, and now a long dark haired arrival makes her jiggling appearance in a gorgeous, form fitting dress that hugs delightfully to her thick backside and does nothing to hide her large breasts that shake with every step, shown off with deep cleavage.

"Wait, Dylan??" It's the turn of Katy Perry now to be pleasantly surprised when she sees the familiar friend. However that tone and her smile soon vanishes as she sees who else is in the room. "Oh. Now I know why I was held up downstairs. So you could sneak in first." She says, staring a hole through the blonde.

"Well if anyone knows about being sneaky, it's got to be you!" Taylor snaps back.

"Oh that's rich! How about you rant about it on Twitter? Or wait until you get called out on it then have to act on it for once!" Perry says as she starts coming forward towards her rival.

"Ok enough! Enough!!" Dylan says firmly, making his two female friends stop in their tracks at the unexpected outburst. "This is why we're stuck here having to do this! Petty arguing and kicking off over what? Nothing! Both of you, and I do mean both of you..." He looks between the two with a serious glare. "Are better than this. Holding a grudge over dancers or whatever for years? Letting it all distract and take away from your careers? Do you really think that this is healthy for you both? Never mind your family or your friends, and I mean beyond me here."

There's a silence, as both women try to keep staring across at the other to perhaps provoke a reaction from the other, but his words are hitting home and actually getting through to them both as they have to look away, to the floor, and eventually to their mutual friend.

"Listen, I mean it - you're both better than this." Dylan states, switching his look from towards one of them to the other. "Is it that hard to put this all behind and move on? I mean, come on. Look at you both. You're not that dissimilar from one another, are you? Think about it. World wide fame, millions of records sold, arena tours, tons of awards won, both of you drop dead gorgeous, and still with plenty of years to go in your careers. Why waste time on some issue from years back that's no longer applicable and isn't effecting either of you any more?"

Another long pause as the silence and tension hangs in the air. Both women look at each other for a moment, a brief narrowed eye look before both turn their heads to look towards their friend. As he looks between them, he notices something he didn't expect to really see - a sly smirk forming on the pretty face of both women.

"So... I'm gorgeous, huh?" Katy says with a slightly teasing tone. "Never heard you mention that about me."

"Yeah... Here was I thinking you and me were going to stay professional in our relationship..." Taylor says, stepping forward but towards him, surprising him by placing a hand on his shoulder. "I've always thought you were a little cute myself Dylan..."

"Uh... Wait, what??" Dylan questions as he looks flustered now, quickly glancing between the two stunning females.

"Oh please, he's more than cute..." Perry says, stepping in close herself and putting her hand on his chest. "He's handsome... But he'd much rather have a friend with benefits who is a real woman..." She adds with a confident smirk.

"Which is why if he wanted to, he'd hook up with me!" Swift says, casting an icy glare to her rival as she takes a hold of his arm. "Not some so-called "woman" who married some ranting comedian!"

"Uh, ladies?? Can we not do this??" He says but to deaf ears it seems as the women either side of him begin bickering again.

"Oh, and you think he'd want someone who spends more time befriending any young model or singer on the block than spending time with her boyfriend?" Katy fires back. "I bet he'd love to..."

Boldly, Katy reaches down with her hand, surprising him and her rival as she gives his package a squeeze but pulls back when he moans after just a second of feeling him up. "No way..." Perry says with wide, surprised eyes.

"What the Hell??" Taylor questions at both the actions and the reaction of her raven-haired nemesis.

"That... That felt huge!" Katy says, starting to smile. "You... Are you fucking hung Dylan??" That smile was now clearly flirtatious as she looked over the handsome man.

"Uh... I don't think this is the time to... Mmmmm!!" Dylan tried to speak but was cut off when Swift suddenly put her hand right onto his crotch.

"Holy fuck!!" Taylor gasps, now her eyes widening as she gives him a firm feeling up. "You're... You're right! That feels big!!"

Despite having been rivals for years now, both stunning pop singers share a look and a moment of mutual understanding perhaps driven by this sudden discovery that the man who they both have seen as just a friend for a long time has the potential perhaps to be a whole lot more. Before the man in question can protest this sudden turn of events, he finds himself being pushed back down onto the couch in the room, two women now dropping down and with a quickness he didn't think would be possible they undo is pants and haul them down along with his underwear. Both Swift and Perry gasp, eyes in awe of the thick and long to match piece of man meat hanging between their legs, and while his brain might be stunned at the moment the rest of him is reacting as he's already starting to harden.

"You son of a bitch Dylan!!" Katy laughs flirtatiously as she grips his cock, giving him a couple pumps as he continues to harden and grow. "How the fuck did you keep this piece of meat a secret all this time?"

"It's not like... Mmmmm! I walk around without pants on..." He defends himself, but is still stunned by the bold actions of these two sexy women.

"Well... Maybe you should from now on..." Swift said, forcing him to lift a leg then the other to properly remove his lower clothing and shoes. "It's been a while... A while since I've gotten some good dick... And way too long since I've seen one this fucking big!"

"Yeah... Me as well..." Perry adds with a glance at the woman she usually cannot stand but now has right next to her as they clearly both want a piece of this mouthwatering size of a cock.

That situation gets worse, but more rightly better considering how he's moaning, when Swift shifts back in beside him as well, her hand reaching down to grip his cock as well. The two women share a gaze, tension for a moment but it seems something clicked between them when they glanced down at that big dick. Giving each other a nod, Katy's hand moved up so she can stroke over the top half, leaving Taylor to handle the lower portion with firm strokes of her own. In no time, their combined handiwork has him rock hard at a mouth watering length as both palms slide up and down, bumping into each other for the lightest of smacks.

"Well, would you look at that..." Taylor comments, looking across the short distance to her music rival. "We're finally getting along... Didn't think I'd see the day..." She adds as she keeps her hand moving over Dylan's cock to keep him groaning.

"Hey, when it comes to a big fucking cock? I'll happily share it..." Katy replies with a smirk, similarly pumping away at his length. "What do you think Dylan? Think you can handle both me and Taylor here?" She slightly teases, leaning closer in to press her big tits against his arm.

"Se-seriously??" The surprised man sandwiched between two of pop music's hottest beauties looks between them both with wide, shocked eyes, not able to believe what's been offered to him, let alone what's going on. "Ha-hang on girls, I mean ladies! We're... We're friends! I mean, we're trying to be friends... I mean..."

"You trying to put us into the friendzone here Dylan?" Swift makes a fake look of hurt before she also smirks. "Not going to happen... How about you just sit back and let us have some fun..." She adds, lifting her hand away so she can start to slide down off the couch to the floor, hauling those boxers and pants down as well.

"Yeah... Fun, I'm... I'm down with that..." He wisely agrees as he watches the blonde move to between his legs just as Katy lifts her hand away, allowing Swift to grip him as she, after taking a long moment to gaze over that magnificent cock, pushes out her tongue in order to run it up the underside of that tool. Reaching the tip, he's made to groan as she swirls around the head with a slow, controlled motion. As she does it a second time, she's using her hand to pump over his length to increase the pleasure, and soon using it to rub her saliva over his inches once she spits down onto the head, giving him a sexy smirk up as she strokes and pats the crown of his length with that soft tongue.

Just when he's gotten wits about him to focus on this, his heard is turned to the side and he gets a moment to register an unforgettable sight of Katy Perry's large, naked tits as she'd taken the moment to quickly shed her top. Barely registering those tanned all over mounds he soon becomes very familiar with them as she pulls his face into them, making herself moan as she fulfils the fantasy of many a man, and one Dylan never knew he wanted until now, by motorboating him with her big breasts. She groans herself before letting out a laugh, hearing him moaning into her chest as she rubs and playfully smacks her sizeable pillows around and against his handsome face. Letting out a gasp, she soon bites down on her bottom lip when he snaps his brain into working order, reaching up with his hands to take a hold of her tits as he starts to kiss and lick at those boobs being offered up to him.

"Didn't take long for him to see things our way..." The Blank Space and Shake It Off singer commented with an approving smirk, looking up at her friend now gorging herself on the raven-haired singer's breasts. Swift soon gets back to her task, leaning her head in so she can wrap her bright red lips around his dick, making herself groan from the sinful action and not stopping there as she pushes further down, taking inch after fat inch into her nicely damp and hot feeling mouth. Meeting her pumping hard that's focusing on the lower part, she starts lifting her head up back to the top to lift completely off.

"Mmmmm fuck!!" Taylor gasps, taking in air and looking up again to see the man she's blowing still busy with licking and sucking on a fine set of large tits. "If I'd have known you could have been this kind of friend..." She smirks, using her free hand to brush her long hair back over the shoulders before she leans over, spitting again down onto his shaft and using her stroking hand to lube up that rod with her own saliva. Once more she takes him into her mouth, quite a noisy slurp being heard as she rocks downward before raising back up but this time not pulling off, keeping the bell-end between those full lips so she can smoothly push back down, establishing a rhythm in no time at all and putting her mouth to a far different use than belting out chart topping hits.

"Mmmmm yes!! Suck those fucking tits Dylan!!" Katy encourages, one hand on the back of his head to keep him in close as he travels across her rack with loud, open mouthed kisses and wild flicks of the tongue, showing that he is certainly not used to this kind of sexual encounter but is making the most of it all. He soon arrives at a nipple, clamping his mouth around it and making her gasp in delight as he firmly sucks on it, his hands deeply gripping the ample flesh as he pulls off just to flick his tongue against that top of her mountain before diving back in with a groaning slurp. "Ahhhhh!" Ooooooooh you mother fucker... I bet you've been dreaming of sucking these for years..." She adds with a grin, running her fingers through his hair as he deeply sucks on those great tits, soon moving to the other tit not just to give both a fair going over, but giving him a chance to draw in breath as he moves from nipple to hard nipple.

Back down between his legs, Swift is bobbing her blonde haired head firmly up and down on his shaft, the saliva now trickling down to his crotch and her still pumping palm ensuring his road is more than generously covered. Rather than be annoyed that he's servicing the other beauty involved in this sudden threeway, Taylor is indeed happy to share as she takes his member deep up into her oral hole, making herself gag for a brief moment when that fat cock head touches the back of her mouth. Narrowing her eyes with determination, she makes her head more more forcefully up and down him, her hand now occasionally stroking as she continues an oral assault that keeps him moaning against the breasts he's licking away at.

"You fucking little slut Taylor!!" Katy says as she looks down at the other beauty, licking her lips as she sees the hungry blowjob being dished out as her fellow pop starlet groans and slurps away on that meaty shaft. "Mmmmm... You're one hot fucking cock-sucker... Yeah... Fucking get it Taylor!" She's now encouraging the woman who a few minutes ago was her hated rival, moving a hand down to rest on the back of the blonde's head, causing Taylor to look up a give her a narrowed eyed glare but not of anger, rather a whole lot of lust as she keeps on bobbing her head along that saliva-soaked dick. "You've fucking done this before, haven't you?"

Hearing that, Swift lifts her head away and completely off of Dylan's cock, making him groan but giving him a moment to recover and take this all in. "So what if I have?" Taylor asks, pressing her full red lips together. "You sound a little jealous..."

"That I'm not getting that dick in me? Damn right I am!" Katy responds, shifting away from him so she can now move down to the floor. "Now give me a taste of him..."

"And you called me a slut?" Taylor smirks as she stands up, stepping back so the other popstar can now take her place between the lucky hunk's legs. "Don't think you're getting off easy either Dylan... I saw you using that mouth of yours on her." She adds, reaching down to start to slide her skirt down her smooth, long legs.

"And he's damn good with his mouth!" Katy says with a sexy laugh as he uses her hand to pump his dick, showing no issue with handling it considering it's coated with the spit of her former rival turned partner in fucking. "Lucky for both of you, so am I..." Before she can be questioned on that comment, she puts her money where that oral hole is as she takes him straight up between her pouty lips that quickly wrap tightly around that thick pole, making them both groan as she sinks down, meeting her fingers that are gripping the base. Soon she moves back up to the crown, gazing up with a lustful look at the moaning hunk she's kneeling in front of, already showing off that she's no slouch either when it comes to some oral satisfaction as she starts rocking her raven-haired head up and down on his manhood.

"Oh Dylan..." The voice of the other just as stunning female snaps his view and attention from the red hot cock sucking going on down below, and looking to the side he sees right up close to his face another previously unthinkable to him sight. Taylor Swift's completely shaved and already looking wet pussy as the now bottomless beauty is straddling the couch with one leg behind so she can be right up close to his moaning, rugged face. "Maybe you should return the favour, and use that mouth of yours on me?" She says, but her sultry tone makes it more than just a suggestion, especially since she's placing a hand on the back of his head to not so subtly bring him in close to her.

"Mmmmm... Fucking fine by me..." Dylan says, moaning from the blowjob he's getting but putting his focus for now to the former country singer turned pop sensation, wrapping an arm around the leg planted down on the couch beside him as he lets himself be guided towards that inviting target. Sticking his tongue out, he starts to run it against her hole, tasting that dampness instantly while the touch alone causes Swift to moan out with approval already as he keeps that hand on his head. She need not worry about him moving back, and he begins to lick and lap at her outer folds, making his far from hesitant tongue work around the edges, teasing her clit when he works around the top of her pussy to make her gasp, before he drags his tongue down her slit and then right back up a couple times.

"Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmmm!! Mmmmpphhh mmmmm..." The Roar and Firework singer between his legs lets out muffled moans around his big dick as she stuffs her mouth full with it with repeated and quick bobs of the head along an impressive amount of that fat size, proving her own words true as she shows off great skill in handling his cock to keep him more than just pleasured. She looks up, and similar to her previously despised rival in music she is actually loving the sight of Swift moaning as she gets eaten out, turning Perry on herself as she keeps on slurping in a loud and shameless manner on their mutual friend who has now become a very willing fuck buddy.

Caught up in the middle of this, Dylan is impressing as he manages to both handle a smoking hot and sloppy BJ that's making him moan as he feels himself being smoothly and quickly taken between the full lips of the busty babe in front of him, and keeps on lapping his tongue against the slick pussy of the equally stunning woman to his side. As he groans from every time Katy's mouth slides down or back up his pole to keep him coated with spit not to mention nice and hard, he keeps pushing and slapping his tongue against Swift's snatch, allowing himself to smirk into her wetness as he can hear her clear moans from his far from inexperienced oral talent.

"Mmmmm!! Oh yes Dylan!! Fuck... God!! Where... Where did you learn that??" Taylor says, the approval clear from her moans alone as her hand plays with his hair as her now more than just a regular friend continues to work his tongue against and around her snatch, his lips stained with her forming juices from how eagerly he's been tasting her sweet and needy hole. "Ahhhhh... You could... Mmmmm... Teach Karlie and Selena a thing... Mmmmm!! A thing or two about eating pussy..." She compliments, showing no shame in having revealed perhaps details of her private life to him and her now former rival, who herself is keeping more than busy by sucking away on the lengthy man meat of the stud who was supposed to be making them all bond as friends, and instead is now in the hottest threesome of his life getting blown by Katy Perry while eating out Taylor Swift at the same time.

Delivering another couple of sucks, the female on her knees on the floor lifts her head away with a groan, smirking as Katy takes in air for a moment and watches the other two involved in this enjoying themselves still. "I bet he is fucking good at munching some carpet... But personally, I think I'm way better at it." She boldly says, shifting back to stand up as she begins to further peel her dress off her curvaceous body.

Hearing that, both the others look over to Perry as Dylan lifts his head away from the snatch he'd been working over, but both take a long moment to just enjoy the sight of her large tits, and then her full, sexily thick backside along with her rather wet appearing pussy as Perry steps out of the dress. "Oh, you think so?" Taylor smirks as she swings her head over the back of the couch she's been straddling. "Well, we do have a lot of time to catch up on..." She says, accepting the offer as she now sits on the couch and spreads her legs wide apart for her ex-rival, following the lead as she now lifts her tight top up and over her head to let her perky and perfectly rounded tits be revealled.

"This... This is crazy!" Dylan admits as he watches Katy eagerly moving up now between those pins of the blonde. "But damned if it isn't fucking awesome..."

"Hey, who says you're getting a break..." Perry smirks now as she looks over at him, teasingly bringing her face close to the other woman's snatch. "How about you get the lube out of my bag over there, and you can fuck my ass?" She boldly says, her voice alone showing she isn't messing around with the offer as she shifts herself to be invitingly in the classic doggy style position.

"You fucking whore!!" Swift says, eyes wide upon hearing that offer but grinning with approval. "Offering up your ass to your friend like that... What makes you think... Oh, nevermind..." She trails off, laughing as he sees what he's doing.

Indeed, Dylan has already (as any red blooded male would) accepted the invitation as he's moved across to Perry's handbag, searching and finding the bottle of sex lubricant, now moving back to them and popping the lid off, so he can pour it down into the crack of Katy's big, juicy backside, causing her to groan as it trickles down over her asshole and splashes against her cheeks.

"Well... Ahhhhh... I can't risk a pregnancy..." Katy reasons but her sly smirk cast up at the woman she's kneeling between shows that there's more than just that boring reason to wanting that big dick in her ass. "Mmmmm... And if he can handle getting blown by us both? Imagine... Ahhhhh... How good he must be a fucking..." She groans, as he continues to ready her by using his finger, pushing it in and out of her backside in order to properly lube up that tight feeling back passage, and this finger banging alone is already making her push that juicy rump back towards him.

"Excuses excuses Katy..." Taylor smirks as she takes a hold of Katy's long dark hair, making her gasp as her pretty face is moved close to the blonde's wet snatch. "Get licking... And if you're still as good as you claim to be, then I'll return the favour to you... Since we're friends now after all..."

Flashing a naughty grin, the California Gurls singer happily obliges as she hooks an arm under Swift's thighs to keep herself in place close to her target, leaning her head down to kick things off by planting a kiss or two onto her now former rival's snatch, those quick smooches enough to make Taylor moan as she still has a hold of the other beauty's hair. Soon though, Katy is showing off what she's been bragging about, pushing out her tongue against that damp entrance that's already taken a top notch going over but can take plenty more as Swift groans her approval, her eyes glued to the smoking hot sight of one of music's most beautiful women starting to eat out her snatch with a couple of smooth up and down movements.

Caught up in their lesbian fun, they'd forgotten the hunk in the mix of this all but it had given him the opportunity to ready himself up, pouring and then stroking some lube onto his own cock for good measure with a round of short pumps of his hand. Moving back in, he watches the groaning beauties before him as Perry munches away on that tasty twat of Swift's before he grips those juicy cheeks of the dark haired stunner in order to spread them. She glances back, still flicking her tongue against Taylor's snatch but wanting to see that massive cock being shoved into her, as does Swift herself as she licks her lips, seeing Dylan line is cock up with Perry's asshole.

"AHHHHHH FUCK!! Oh!! Mmmmmmm FUCK!!" Katy squeals out in shameless delight, her head tilting back when she feels that big dick being pushed forward between her thick butt cheeks, the hunk behind her groaning as he works in a few inches before having to pull out, doing do completely but then going back in to penetrate once more, getting used to her extreme tightness back there even with all the prior lubing. "Stick... Stick it fucking in me!! Come on!!" She hisses, glaring back with gritted teeth to show her sinful craving to be fucked up the ass by her longtime friend, and finding herself rocking forward each time he thrusts into her and makes them both moan out. "Fucking fuck my ass you hung motherfucker! Fucking... Mmmmmphhh!!"

Perry would have made further demands but her face was quickly turned forward and pressed down against the other woman's snatch, making the Blank Space and Love Story singer moan now as she feels the soft and pouty lips of the other woman grinding against her lower ones, Swift nodding with approval and a dirty smile on her pretty face as she now gets to enjoy more tongue work on her pussy. As she moans, Taylor is showing she certainly has a love for woman-on-woman fun, loving the feeling of Katy's tongue as she begins to lap against her wet folds and even feeling the slight vibrations of Perry's own groans of enjoyment from the ass fucking she's taking at the same time as she dines on some stunning popstar pussy.

"Ahhhhh SHIT!! Mmmmm... Oh... Oh sweet fuck!! MMMM..." Dylan moans as he thrusts his dick in and out of the tight back passage of the busty beauty in front of him, that fine and thick rump pushed up and out at him as she stays in this almost doggy style position, allowing her to rock back against his pumps but still keep her face planted into the other woman's snatch while she takes it up the ass. "Mmmmm... Fuck!! Katy... MMMM!! Your ass... Is fucking amazing!! AHHHHH..." He grunts out, his hands gripping her waist just above those smooth and rounded butt cheeks that are already making a slight and sexy jiggle each time he pumps into her. Whether or not she heard or cared about the compliment isn't exactly on his mind as his gaze switches between down at that big booty he's getting to pump in and out of as he keeps up a steady and firm pace to help himself get further up into that back passage, and over across at her head being right down between the legs of his other long time friend.

"MMMMM!! Mmmmphhhh!! MMMMM... MMMMM!!" Katy's moans are muffled against the other woman's pussy she's pressed against, her lips hungrily sucking and slurping on those slick folds and her tongue rapidly flicking out to collect the juices, eagerly drinking them down and occasionally groaning at the taste of the blonde's nectar. As she gets her stunning and thick ass banged from behind, she's making sure to get the maximum pleasure out of this by using her free hand to stimulate her own just as wet pussy. Her fingers quickly glide back and forth over her snatch as rubs and toys with herself, the action alone would have been enough normally to keep her moaning but as she eats out another just as stunning woman in front and takes a deepening butt pounding at the back, those cries are perhaps louder than they've ever been for a long time, if ever in her life.

"MMMMM!! Oh yessss... Mmmmm!! Oh Katy!! MMMMM!! You eat pussy... So good!!" Swift all too openly admits to her now ex-rival turned lesbian fuck buddy, keeping a tight grip of that long raven-coloured hair and using the other to squeeze and toy with her own ripe breasts as she feels Perry's tongue lashing out with expert skill at her dripping wet slit. "Mmmmm... Yes, like that Katy... Fuck I've missed this!! OOOOOOH FUCK!! MMMMM..." She groans out as she licks her own lips, staring down at that gorgeous face between her legs as Katy more than backs up all her claims about her pussy eating ability, making it all the more impressive as she's doing it all while taking a far more than just fine anal pumping at the same time.

Having long gotten over the small matter of any possibly friendship being irreversibly changed from all of this, the lucky and hung stud in this threeway is more than in the swing of things as he works his hips up forward to ram his cock deep into Katy Perry's ass before drawing back a few inches so he can drive back in to make them both moan out. He even delivers a sharp spank onto her booty, causing her to groan into the snatch of Taylor Swift that she's dining away on and more than fuelled on to do so by the seeing to her fine and shapely behind is taking, and making it rather clear than even with this size of dick she's taking this is far from her first time taking it up the ass.

"MMMM!! FUCK!! Oh FUCK!! MMMMM YES!!" Katy squeals in joy, turning her face away from the pussy she'd been licking as she shoves her fingers into her own snatch, rapidly jamming them in and out of her dripping wetness and roughly pushing her thick and full ass back against the stud nailing her from behind. "Cumming!! Fucking... FUCKING!! AHHHHHH OOOOOOOOHHH MMMMM..." She moans out, her cheek resting against Swift's snatch to stain her own skin as the pleasure hits her hard, an orgasm rocking through that curvy body from being fucked up the ass. Her butt cheeks still jiggle with every deep and firm thrust she takes, Dylan not stopping pumping away into her even as he feels that increased tightness around his member, and that no doubt helps the pleasure of the pop music beauty maximise as she keeps finger banging herself until she's finally done cumming.

"Hope you've still got some left in the tank Dylan..." Taylor smirks, running her hand playfully through Katy's messy dark hair. "You wouldn't be a good "friend" if you didn't help me get off as well..." She teases, referencing that this is all supposed to be a way to get them all to be friends again, instead of the lewd sexual encounter it has become.

"Shit... Well, when you put it... Mmmmm... Like that..." Dylan says, breathing in deep as eases his dick out of the well fucked behind of Perry, making her groan at the empty feeling now in her back passage.

"Let's... Let's switch places..." Katy suggests as she shakily moves up to sit on the couch. "I want some of what your little pussy posse has been getting these past couple of years..." She adds, grinning at her former musical nemesis.

"Gladly..." Swift almost purrs as she moves up to stand, casting the lucky male in this threeway a wink as she turns around and spreads her legs, bending over forwards and sticking out her shapely and smoothly rounded booty to his grinning approval. Similar to how the other woman had positioned herself, the blonde slips down and hand underneath herself to already start to tease her own wet pussy, the other hand up on Perry's thigh to keep her leg apart for her as she leans her head down. "Haven't met a woman yet who hasn't loved this... But I'm sure you remember it..." She says with a dirty tone, a flash of a smile up at the other just as beautiful pop star before she runs her tongue slowly up that very damp slit, easily tasting the juices that had formed from the orgasm moments ago and having no issue with tasting and drinking down those sweet fluids.

Meanwhile, after having helped himself to a long swig of water to boost his energy for this sex performance of a lifetime he's having to put on, he's lubed up his cock again just to be on the safe side. Now he steps back in, spreading those lovely cheeks apart and pouring a bit of lubricant down onto her asshole, making Swift groaning into the snatch she's servicing. Those cries only continue as just like before he uses a finger to work the liquid up into her back passage to properly prepare her, showing yet again that this might not be his first time tapping some ass, but never having had a couple of stunning backsides like this before.

"Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmmm... Fucking give it to her Dylan..." Katy encourages, moaning from the licking she's getting on her twat and groaning as she pushes her fingers into her mouth, sucking her own pussy juices from off them with a loud and shameless slurp, even groaning at the taste. Her other hand, again just like her new-found friend did before, is on the top of that blonde haired head, Perry's eyes switching from down at that gorgeous face right up against her snatch as Swift's tongue goes to work with licks and flick, and across up to watch the hunk who had just fucked her ass nice and deep about to do the same to the other musical beauty.

"Well, if you both insist..." He smirks for a moment before he presses his dick against that puckered entrance, using a firm push to invade and make both him and the stunning woman he's now fucking groan out as he feels another just as pleasurable and tight back passage all around his inches. Hissing for a moment as he draws back, he keeps the head inside her before he pushes back in with a moan, his hands gripping both of her desirable rear cheeks as he starts to break into a slow to kick off with but steady motion. "MMMMMM FUCK!! Shit!! Just... Mmmmm!! Just as fucking tight!!" He states between grunts, wisely showing no preference between the two stunners he's getting to bang. Staring down, he watches his cock vanish up a few inches into, then pulls out a bit from the second beautiful backside he's fucked tonight, the sight alone making him grin but it's the snug feeling around his fat tool that's keeping him sweating and moaning with every thrust.

"MMMMMPHHH!! MMMMM... Mmmmmphhhhh MMMM!!" The singer of Style and Out of the Woods lets out loud but muffled moans into the pussy she's slurping and sucking on, the fluids of the other woman coating Swift's lips and starting to drip down and off of her chin from the repeated carpet munching being done and all to Perry's moaning delight. Teasing her fingertips against her own wet snatch, it's clear the blonde is loving having a big dick shoved in and out of her backside as he moans away and rocks that ass back against the incoming thrusts, craving it even further into her and still keeping her focus on eating out her former rival-turned-fuck buddy in front of her.

Raising a hand up, Dylan delivers a spank to the very ass he's fucking, enjoying the sexy jiggle her cheek makes and giving the other side a quick blow as well before he resumes gripping that fine booty to keep it spread, allowing a little less friction so he can keep smoothly and stiffly thrusting his cock in and out of her super tight asshole. He's more than happy to keep on driving into Taylor's magnificent butt as she clearly wants from how that ass is being pushed backward to meet each and every thrust he gives her, moaning himself deeply and with no shame at all as the bangs one of the planet's hottest women up her rounded ass while she in turn tongue-fucks another of the world's sexiest singers.

"OH FUCK!! MMMM!! You fucking... Ahhhh!! Hot little rug muncher you!!" Katy groans out, her eyes half narrowed and staring down with burning lust at her fellow popstar as Swift continues to lap and lash her tongue all across and around that tasty and dripping wet snatch, the sight of course made all the more hotter as Taylor takes it up the ass and finger fucks herself at the same time as servicing Perry's love tunnel. "Yeah!! MMMMM FUCK... Take that fucking... AHHHHH... Dick up your hot fucking ass..." The Firework and Part of Me singer adds, licking her lips as she looks across to watch the blonde getting her butt stuffed full with thick man meat just like Katy herself had gotten and loved every moment of just before, but now is more than just enjoying getting her own lower lips seen to by another woman, and expertly so if her constant groans of delight are any indication.

"MMMMPHHH!! MMMMM!! MMMM MMMMM MMMM!!" Swift squeals into the snatch she's eating out, while pumping her own fingers back and forth into herself as she feels the pressure building as her ass continues to be hammered deeply and firmly from behind to keep her butt cheeks shaking while her asshole takes that big dick over and over again. Not wanting to pull away from the tasty treat in front of her as she stays sandwiched between a hung hunk and a busty beauty, she keeps her pretty face planted against Perry's snatch, but as her eyes start rolling up and her hand motion gets more feverish it's clear that she's about to hit a high quite unlike anything she's gotten before.

Feeling it just as much as the woman currently cumming, Dylan groans as he once more has to withstand the increased tightness around his cock as Taylor's back passage clamps around him as she orgasms, still driving those already soaked fingers of hers right in and out of her pussy while she still gets that ass fucked and attempts to keep eating out Katy's snatch. Grunting as sweat drips off his handsome face, he manages to dig down deep and last, easing off on the force and timing of his pumps but still working his manhood in and out of that tightness to ensure she gets satisfied and then some, resulting in her groaning away even after she finally stops cumming and pulls her hand away from her spent honey pot.

"Mmmmmm... Sounds like someone enjoyed themselves..." Katy teases as she runs her hands through the other woman's hair.

"Mmmmmphhhh... Mmmmm..." Swift lifts her face away, gasping for air but soon grinning up at her ex-rival. "I so fucking did... Ahhhhhh..." She happily admits, but groans as he pulls out of her asshole, causing her to look back. "Dylan, you're still hard??" She says with a tone of awe in her voice.

"Not for fucking long if this keeps up!" He says, but his smile showing he doesn't exactly mind that happening now.

"Poor man!! Helping us both get off, but not getting to?" Perry smirks, slipping off the couch and moving up towards him as Swift turns and also follows to kneel. "We can't have you leaving with blue balls now, can we?"

"No we can't..." Swift adds. "But how can we do that I wonder?" She adds with a teasing tone.

"Uh, do I get a say in this, or...?" Dylan asks with a chuckle.

"Nope! You just stay there, and let me and the "girls" here finish you off." Perry says, making her intentions clear as she cups her own large tits, using them to capture that long and thick to match cock between and making him moan instantly as that ample flesh gets rubbed against and around his member. "I can't wait for you to... Hey!"

The reason for Katy's gasp is Swift coming up behind her to reach around, grabbing those large tits in her own hands and pushing them against their now formerly just a mutual friend's cock, making him groan out in joy as Taylor starts to slide Perry's breasts up and down the shaft that has been in both their tight, stunning asses and made them cum harder than they ever have before.

"I think we are going to finish you off Dylan..." The blonde grins sexily up at the sweating stud, showing no issue in fondling another woman's chest as she works those large and rounded mounds smoothly up and down along that thick size, and the raven-haired woman being groped just groans as her tits get lightly squeezed and she watches that cock getting pumped in between her own chest despite not doing the motion herself as she planned.

"Mmmmm... This is a new one... I'll need to use it again sometime..." Perry giggles, looking down to see the head of Dylan's cock popping up from her cleavage formed from her boobs being pressed firmly against each other, ensuring that dick is sandwiched perfectly in all that softness of one of, if not the finest rack in all of music. Giving the other beauty an intense and still lusty stare for a moment, both ladies then look up with grins at the man who has gotten them both off and impressively is still to cum himself, but the dirty looks they give him show that won't be the case for much longer.

"Come on... Cum for us Dylan!!" Swift almost purrs as she gazes up at the man who moments ago had been deeply fucking her tight ass, and now had his cock being fucked by the large, jiggling tits of another woman who he just so happens to have also anally banged over the course of this unexpected sexual encounter. "Give us all that fucking cum... I want to swallow it all down..." She demands despite having already been satisfied by him, but she's still as lustful as she was to begin with it seems, proven by how she's eagerly using her hands to slide Katy's mountains all the way quickly up and down that rod, showing perhaps this isn't the first time she's used another woman's breasts to pleasure a man before with how smooth the motion is.

"Don't forget about me baby... Mmmmm... I want some of that spunk too..." Perry licks her lips at that thought, but she can feel his dick starting to throb between her boobs as they get rubbed and pumped along his meaty fuck-stick that she, along with the just as gorgeous singer behind her, have become extremely familiar with as this threesome has progressed. "So fucking do it Dylan! Fucking cum... Mmmm! And fucking cover our fucking faces with all that cum!!" She shamelessly begs with another filthy smile, letting out a groan as the fingers of Swift grip those bouncing breasts, keeping them firmly pressed against that pulsating cock as the hunk in front of them grunts and just gazes down to see that red hot sight of two beauties working together to service his dick with the greatest titfuck he'll ever get.

"AWWWWWW FUCK!! SHIT... Here... MMMM!! Here it fucking cums!!" He warns with a grunt, and quickly Perry's tits are released from around him, allowing him to grip and furiously stroke off as the two babes line up in front of him, mouths open and greedily expectant for a creamy reward.

The soon get just that as with a deep groan Dylan shoots the first thick blast of jizz out perfectly into Katy Perry's awaiting mouth, making her groan as that spunk splashes off her tongue and hits her lips a little as she gets the second shot as well. A slight aim to the other side and now Taylor Swift gets a dose of cum as her perfectly aims the load into her oral hole, and similarly she moans at the sensation of that thick seed filling her mouth up. He switches between the two stunners, making sure both get a just about even amount of his load but the moving causes a slight miss of his aim at times, with Perry left with a streak on her face next to her lips, while Swift has some on her chin starting to drip downward.

By the time he sighs and releases his now spent cock, both women have so much collected cum in each of their mouths its almost spilling out over their lips which would be a hot enough sight to finish with. They aren't done their though as sharing a glance, both Katy and Taylor close their mouths and swallow down his jizz with loud, shameless gulps finished off with saucy smirks cast up at this lucky stud. Just as Perry was about to reach and take a hold of that cock perhaps for one last lick, she instead gets licked as Swift leans in and uses her tongue to clean off the spunk on the side of Katy's face. Not to be outdone, Katy then turns and uses her tongue to scoop up the jizz left on Taylor's chin to leave them both cleaned up and sharing another lustful stare.

"That... That was... Holy shit, that all just happened..." Dylan says with disbelief, shaking his head at everything that's just happened but smiling with satisfaction over it all.

"Yeah... Yeah it did..." Swift says with a smirk, looking over to the other well-fucked female.

"And it was really fucking hot!" Katy grins.

"So... So are all... All friends now?" He asks, moving to sit down on the couch to take a rest, groaning as he sits back.

"Hmmmm... Maybe, maybe not..." Perry says. "I think we'd all make better fuck buddies personally..."

"That... That we would... But we'd better keep it secret..." Taylor states. "Considering how much the websites freaked out when they saw me and Karlie kissing that one time, and my team had to do major damage control."

"So... Did this all succeed, or not?" Dylan says, sounding confused.

"You just got to fuck us both, and you're worried about if you did a good job or not?" Taylor asks with a laugh.

"Honey, we came hard and so did you... So who do you think succeeded here?" Katy adds with a similar sexy smile cast at him.

"Well... When you put it like that... I guess I did end up Ending the Feud..." He reasons with a smile. "All I need to do is come up with an excuse that someone will believe to explain how I managed to do it... Without mentioning that I had the best sex of my damn life on the way to doing it!"

* * *

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Re: Ending The Feud [Taylor Swift & Katy Perry]
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Now that their feud is actually over, maybe it's time to think about a sequel!  ;)  Thanks so much for posting!

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