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The Perks of Being a Podcaster Chapter 16: Troian Bellisario
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All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred, nor would it.

The Perks of Being a Podcaster
by MaxwellLord
(MF, Oral, Cons)
Chapter 16: Troian Bellisario

It seemed like the time alone with Hailee passed in mere moments, but that's the thing about a good time, it's always over far too soon. Once we'd made it back into town we parted ways with a goodbye kiss, or rather simply a see you later one and then it was back home for me to relax for two more days before getting back to work.

When I came to my door and walked through, two things alerted me as being off. One, my door was unlocked. Two, Troian was standing in the middle of my living room, wearing only one of my button-up shirts and holding a glass of red wine.

"Hey," I said. "What's all this?"

"Oh, hi," said Troian. "You're back early." She set down the wine and came over to greet me with a hug. "How was the hot spring?"
"Fine...what are you doing here?"

"Housesitting. You know, like you asked me to do?"

"Okay, let me rephrase that," I said. "What are you doing here only wearing one of my shirts?"

"Oh, that." replied Troian. "I was here, feeding the fish, decided to make some lunch. Then wanted wine with said lunch. When I opened the wine, pulled the corkscrew a bit too hard, and voila, red wine all over my blouse and jeans. Speedily took them off and dunked them in the laundry and grabbed one of your shirts."

“Okay, well I guess I just have to thank wine and gravity for the leg show.” Troian smirked, the expression betraying something more going on here. I continued at her pace until I knew what was up.

Tro took a seat on the couch, laying back in a way she had to have known showed off her legs in the most pleasing way possible. And obviously, she knew it. It wouldn't show on her face for someone who didn't know what to look for. But me...I can read those brown eyes. It's why she never played poker against me. Still, I let her play things out.

“So, have fun feeding fish and getting my mail?” I asked.

“Hey, I did more than that,” she responded. “I also helped myself to some of your wine and watch the movies you have that aren't streaming anywhere.”

“Well, just so you know you're not getting paid for that extra stuff.”

“Isn't that always the way? You go the extra mile, get nothing in return.” She moved a bit on the couch, facing me completely now. “Now, before we can really get down to the brass tacks of your little vacation tryst, we have one more element to throw in.”

Before I could ask what she was talking about, there was a knock on the door and Troian sprung up and answered the door. When she returned, she had an extra large pizza in her hands. She looked at me and motioned her head towards the kitchen counter. By the time I joined her, the pizza box was open revealing the toppings on this particular pie.

“Hot sauce, garlic and pineapple?”

“Well, I knew you were coming back today so I thought, what better way to surprise you than with your favorite pizza?”

“It's our pizza,” I said. “It's literally the only one we ever ate together. Ordering it for years has it burned into my memory.”

“Well, that's not a bad thing is it?” Troian asked with a smile.

“Is everything all right?” I asked. “I mean, Patrick didn't have a bad case of fucking another woman again, did he?”

“Not exactly.” She approached me, her brown eyes never breaking their lock on mine. “See, I finally did what I should have done a while ago. I sat Pat down and we talked about it. A serious, no wiggle room, no bullshit talk about our relationship, and we reached a compromise.”

“And that was?” I asked, somewhat getting an answer as Troian reached to my belt, undoing it and tossing it aside.

“One weekend free. No consequence. Do whatever we want with whoever we want. No bachelor or bachelorette party atmosphere that's the tease of action with no fulfillment.”

Troian kissed my chin, then her lips went to my neck while her hands unzipped my pants. “One weekend to get all the single life we want. No regrets left to be had. So...he's gone off to Vegas to have one last crazy single weekend. And me...well..I want a flashback weekend. Just you and me Bart. No one else...”

Her lips moved to mine, her tongue slithering out to lick my lips before kissing them. She didn't have to wait for an answer. She knew she had me the moment I walked through the door.

I reached under her shirt and squeezed Troian's ass while her hands went to my pants. She deftly undid my fly and locked eyes with me, a sexy little smirk on her face as she descended to her knees, tugging my pants down along the way.

“Fuuck...that's it Tro,” I moaned as she took me in her mouth. I hate to reduce things with Troian to blunt statements, but holy shit could she suck a dick. Her tongue snaked and massaged my cock, her hands going from stroking my shaft to fondling my balls, Troian knew everything it took to get me right on that edge and keep me there until she was ready for me to go over.

“Oh shit...” I mumbled, throwing my head back as Tro began to take me into her throat. She braced herself against me, gripping my hips as she took me in deep, all the way down. “Keep it there baby...fuck Tro...mmm baby fuck...”

Troian pulled back, breathing deep as she rubbed my cock all over her face. I reached down and held her brown hair back, flashing her a smile. “Don't stop Tro,” I said, my voice more of a growl than anything. “Suck my cock.”

“Mmm bet you'd like that, huh?” she teased. She began to fondle my balls while stroking me. “Have me suck this nice cock till you cum in my mouth...mmm I don't think it's a secret I'd love that.”

I tensed up in the best of way when Troian began sucking my balls, one then the other, each one getting a lovingly wonderful tongue bath before she returned her mouth to my cock. And I could tell by her tempo, her one and only goal now was to get me to cum.

“Yeah...oh fuck that's it fucking make me cum Tro....” My teeth were grit. I hadn't talked to Tro like this during sex in a while, not since we were together. And Tro hadn't sucked me off like this since then either. She was always damn good at it, but this? This was a kind of heat I hadn't felt from her in a while.

“Do it, Bart,” she said. “Cum in my mouth...give me all that cum so I can swallow you..feel you explode in my mouth, on my tongue. Mmm, please baby.” She stuck her tongue out, going between flicking my cockhead with it to just slowly, achingly slowly, licking the underside until the breaking point was reached.

“Ohhhh FUCK!” I cried. She took me back in her mouth, just the head, and worked me over furiously until I fired, filling Troian's beautiful mouth up with my sperm. Every stream I shot got another moan from her, which made me shoot more than I thought I had.

Troian pulled back and opened her mouth, showing off all the cum I had just fired off. With a sexy gulp, she swallowed it all down, licking her lips.

I picked Tro up, her long legs wrapping around me, and kissed her deeply, navigating us to my couch as I stepped out of my pants completely.

Troian laughed as I dropped her on the couch, and those laughs soon faded into moans as I went straight for her pussy, attacking her clit with a passion I hadn't shared with her in years.

I hooked both my arms around her thighs and pulled her close, hungrily sucking and licking her clit. Troian, moaned and cried out, “YES!”, her body twisting and writhing in pleasure.

We hadn't been like this in years, since before we broke up. It really did seem like a step back in time. The passion we had back then had stepped back in from the past to light a fire one more time in the now.

“Ooohhhh my GOD!” she moaned, her raspy voiced adding a bit more music to her passionate cries. I slid my fingers in side her, twisting and crooking them as Troian's moans went into a higher pitch. “Oohhh fuck Bart don't stop...ohh I'm gonna cum...mmm please...please keep going...gonna...ohh...fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!”

Her hands went down to my head, grasping on to my hair as she came. I felt more than a little bit of pride as her voice cracked as she shivered and moaned. I kept at her clpt now, a bit softer and slower, letting her ride out her orgasm with a few extra t of pleasure.

As she finally began to catch her breath, I moved up Troian's body, opening her shirt and kissing my way up her stomach to her breasts. I sucked and kissed her nipples, getting ready to go a bit further and slide my cock into her pussy.
My face moved to her, getting ready to plant a kiss on her full lips when Tro stopped me, smiling as she did so. “Time to check my laundry,” she said. She slid out from under me and made her way to my washing machine. She looked over her should, the smile and her brown eyes beckoning me to follow. Of course, I did.

Troian sauntered over to the hallway and slid open the door revealing my washer and dryer. She bent over, pretending she was checking her laundry. I moved behind her and thrust inside her, Troian letting out a low moan as I filled her.
Troian braced herself again the machine as I began to thrust into her. It was a slow pace at first. My hands ran up and down her body, massaging her firm ass while I slowly drove into her.

“mmm,” she hummed. “Keep going...fuck me. Just fuck me Bart. Make it last...make it good. We have the entire weekend. Let's make it the best one....ohhhhh....”

I leaned forward, planting a kiss on Troian's shoulder that then travel to her neck that was then transformed again when our lips met.I cupped her breasts for a moments, my fingers playing with her hard nipples for a second before they went to her hips, holding her firmly as I began the go faster, her moans getting a little rougher, a bit more heat on every grunt and groan.

“Ohhhh...ohhh fuck me...take me...I'm your right now...mmm more...please more....”

“I think I can do that Tro,” I said. “Nngggg not a problem at all.” The only problem was going to be not exploding in her in seconds. I may have recovered a bit from her blowjob, but this was Tro like I hadn't had her in a while, a different yet very familiar kind of sensuality. Her moans, the way she moved her body as we fucked,t he looks she was flashing and the words she was speaking. It was everything we both needed, not just wanted.

Before I knew it was I going full blast, our bodies covered in sweat and the force moving the washing machine with every thrust.

I pulled Troian close to me, her back to my chest as I drove into her. Our lips met in a flurry of dirty, hungry kisses. My hands held her breasts and a chorus of moans filled my apartment.

“unng...oh...cum in me,” Troian hissed. “Fuck cum in me...I want to cum so bad but I want to feel you cum in me first Bart...mmm so close...please baby...just fucking cum in me...let me feel it.”

“Oh...oh shit Troian...oh I'm cumming...fuuuck baby I'm cumming!” I held her tight as I shot in her, gasping and moaning in her ear after I shot stream after stream of cum into her. Shortly after, Troian's moans of pleasure and climax mixed with my own, her pussy spasming around me as she joined me in orgasmic bliss.

Totally spent, we both fell forward on the washing machine, right when the rinse cycle ended with a ding.

“Heh,” Troian laughed. “Time for the dry cycle.”


Troian and I were laying in bed together. Her clothes were dry but we didn't really have any need for them. Aside from the sex,the bed was incredibly comfortable as Troian had made it up with silk sheets. The sensation of that on my skin while Tro and I were skin to skin was pretty damn blissful.

“This has been one very fun trip down memory lane,” I said, kissing her on the forehead. “Very specific too.”

“When did you catch on to that part of it?” she asked.

“Oh the blowjob. The moment your went to your knees, ti all clicked. The shirt, the food...even the washing machine as a sex surface. It was just like the first night in the apartment we lived in.”

“I don't know if it was JUST like it,” she said. “I mean, the sex was definitely better tonight than it was then. And considering how good it was then that's saying something.” She kissed me on the chest and moved her hand to my cock, slowly stroking me. “I thought if we're going to have just one more run...then let's make it the best. A greatest hits but better.”

“Sounds like...unh...a good plan.” I replied. I groaned softly as I got harder and harder in Tro's hand. “So...what...mmm..brought all this on...what..fuck...was the breaking point?”

“Well, like I said, me and Patrick had a serious talk. You weren't around to fool around with, no one to run to when he messed up again. So we actually just sat down and talked. You know acted like adults about the subject.” I licked my lips, breathing deep and she started going a bit faster. “So...we just came to the conclusion that we really needed to focus on us. And maybe the one way to do that is to just have one last weekend a piece of being single. Doing whatever we want with absolutely no consequences. And the only person I thought of when we decided on that was you. No one else I'd trust enough for this.”

Troian leaned over and kissed me, moving her body on top of me. Her hand had worked me to full hardness, and she was ready for the next round. 

Shortly I was inside her and Tro was riding me. I tried to reach out to hold her, but she softly moved my hands away.

“Un huh,” she smiled. “It's all me right now.” I laid my hand down at my side, completely giving Troian control.

It was really a sight to see, and being the recipient of her actions made it all the sweeter. While my hands couldn't roam her slim body, my eyes could. I took her riding form in, her nipples hard and o, her face, focused on the pleasure in her body as well as giving me even a fraction of it.

Troian sped up, riding me harder and faster. She leaned back, her brown hair haning behind her as her slow ride grew to a hot pace, Troian grinding and dropping on me with a fierce intensity, a snear on her face.

I couldn't be passive any more. I rose up, kissing her chest as I wrapped my arms around her. Our lips crashed together as I began to thrust into her, her moans getting more and more desperate. Her legs tightened around me, pulling us even close together.

“Ohhhh oh fuck Bart,” she cried. “Oh fuck...almost there...just make me cum...make me cum and you can have me any fucking way you want...so close!”

“I'm gonna hold you to that baby,” I said, knowing exactly what Troian was offering up. “You sure?”

“Mmmmfuuuuck yes...any way you want me....and I know exactly what...oh...fuck I know what you want. Just make me cum!” She was biting her lower lip, desperate and just on that final precipice.

“That's right honey...come on Tro..cum on my cock...let it all go and just fucking cum for me...cum!”

“Ohhh...oooh...OOOOHHHH!!!!” Troian's face was frozen, her mouth open as cries of passion spewed forth. I reached between us, rubbing her clit until finally, she released one last cry of pleasure, her legs like pythons around me as she came.

Troian was shaking as she came down, taking deepp breaths as she pulled away from me. Finally, her eyes locked on me. “Mmm, now, how about I fulfill my part of the bargain?”

Troian slinked off of me and got on all fours. She knew me all too well. I got behind her, my cock still hard and slick with her juices.
I heard Troian breathe deep as I pressed my cock against her backdoor. I held on to her hip as I pressed forward, grunting when the head finally popped past that wonderfully tight ring.

After a few moments of savoring the tightness, I pressed forward, Troian letting out a low moan as I widened her tight little asshole. It was hardly the first time I'd had her ass, but it never ceased to amaze how tight it always was. She really was one in a million.

“Take that tight ass,” she purred. “Mmmm, fill me up...fuck that's so big...always was...mmmm just fuck my ass till you cum Bart...oh baby I just want to feel it one more time...”

I leaned over Troian, kissing her shoulders and slowly pressing her down to her stomach. With her prone, my lips kissed up her neck to her ear. “Say it again,” I whispered. “Tell me what you want.” I thrust into her, completely engulfing my cock in her ass with each question.

“Cum in my ass...oh fuck it...fuck it till you fill my ass up with your um...unnngggg fuck please!” Her hands grasped my sheets tight, an my hands joined her as I began to drive it all home.

Every thurst into her amazing bum, I grunted,every noise getting more frenzied as I got closer and closer to the end, and Tro was encouraging me all the way, her words little daggers of lust chipping away at any and all resistance I had to her, which was already flaking away like cheap paint.

With one final, excruciatingly pleasurable push, I came, grunting in Troian's ear as I emptied everything I had left up her tights ass.

“Yesssssss,” she hissed. Her voice trailed off into a series of moans, her voice cracking as I gave her a few after pumps before finally finishing up.

I pulled out of her and she rolled onto her back. We kissed, soflty and first, but it son got a bit rougher, softly biting each other's lips before breaking. There were no words.


That's how the rest of the weekend pretty much went. The final farewell, sexually speaking of course, almost went by too fast. By the time we reached Sunday morning, Troian was packed up and ready to go. We were sharing one last breakfast before she had to go. While there was a bit of melancholy to it all, there wasn't a tinge of regret.

“So, when are you picking up Patrick?” I asked. “You got time to enjoy those waffles?"

“Oh he won't be back until I think six.” she replied. “We're good for a bit. Why, there anything left under the sun we didn't do?”

“Well, we never did get around to calling Shay to join in.”

“I was kidding! Kind of. You think she would have said yes?”

“She didn't mind the first time around...or when Ashley brought it up...”

“Wow, Shay likes groups,” Troian said. “Kind of surprised.”

“Sounds like you have a long time to wait for your guy to get home,” I said. “What are you going to do?”

“I don't know. Probably clean up or something. I mean, do you want me to stick around some. I'm down to and just talk and hang out if you want. I mean, just because we're not going to fuck anymore doesn't mean we aren't friends anymore. Need to unload to me about the ladies in your life or something?”

“Honestly, no. Until I get something more definitive from either of them or get a particular feeling, I'm just going to go with how things are now. I don't have anything to go on other than what I have. Why, you have another idea?”

“Honestly, that's the smartest thing you could do,” she said. “Have fun until you have something more concrete to go on. But if anything comes up, I'm just a phone call away. Just...just make sure whatever happens, it makes you happy. You deserve it. You really do.” Troian gave me a look and smiled. “And speaking of happy....”

She got up from her seat and removed her shirt. “I do in fact have some time to kill. How about we kill it in the bedroom? This weekend isn't over just yet, and I think I need to work off those waffles.”

“I like the way you think about breakfast,” I said. “How did I ever let you slip through my fingers?”

“The same way I let you slip through mine.” she replied. “Now, less schamltzy memory lane and more passionate, toe-curling sex. I have time but not all the time in the world.”

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The Perks of Being a Podcaster Chapter 17: Sabrina Carpenter
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All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred, nor would it.

The Perks of Being a Podcaster
by MaxwellLord
(MF, Oral, Anal, Cons)
Chapter 17: Sabrina Carpenter

"Well folks, now that the usual subpar comedy you're used to is out of the way, ti's time to bring out our guest for the evening," I said to the crowd. I looked over to Logan, signaling him to cue the music for the guest. "She's familiar to us all. Hard to believe the first time she was on the show, she was promoting her TV show on the Disney Channel, late, lamented Girl Meets World. Since then it's been pretty much music focused. Now...who knows? Clearly not us, as that would require a level of professionalism we just do not have. So let's skip any further formalities and welcome Sabrina Carpenter to the show!"

Logan hit the music and Sabrina strutted out on the stage, her outfit showing off her amazing body, her legs almost doubly amazing due to her short stature. Same with her ass, actually. Something great in a fun size package.

After the usual cordial greetings that go with any kind of chat show, Sabrina sat down, one look of her gorgeous blue eyes into mine confirming she was full on aware of the leg show she was putting on. Typical Sabrina. This was pretty much standard since she'd first been on the show. Of course, back then she was fifteen and as far as I was concerned, off limits. But, over the years she kept at it, and wouldn't you know it, this is the first time I've seen her in person since she turned eighteen...and she was just on the cusp of nineteen and even more beautiful than I could have even imagined.

"Welcome back Sabs," I said. "Though, it wasn't even for sure you were going to be here until maybe an couple hours ago."

"Oh, totally," she responded. "My Uber blew a tire halfway here. I was actually calling saying I might have to cancel until you, you knight in a shining Camaro you, came to my rescue and drove me to the hotel. And let me tell you all, chivalry isn't really dead at all. This man here paid for at least half the gas money."

“I try.” I replied. “I trust everything was okay when you got to the hotel.”

“Well, not exactly. My room was double booked, so I had to wait an hour in the lobby before they could get me a different room.”

“Damn, that's shitty. Sorry about that.”

“Oh don't worry about it. I mean, really, I get to travel the world doing what I love and get paid for it. Can handle a the widdle boo boo of having to switch hotel rooms and a flat tire. Besides, it's not like the day got worse.”

“You clearly haven't talked to Logan yet,” I joked. “And you'll get the chance to do that we we set you up to do a few acoustic tracks for us, as long as one of them is Why...I genuinely like that one.”

“You got it,” said, her sexy little smile melting me. And of course, she knew it.


“Well, I think you killed it Ms. Carpenter,” I said. The show went off perfectly. It was rare we had any kind of musical segment on the show, and when we did we wanted it kept to people we knew who could pull it off, for the most part. And Sabrina was one of those select few.

“Thank you.” she replied. “You two were great yourselves, as always”

“Well, I'm glad someone appreciates me,” Logan said, his voice dripping with sarcasm and THC. “Maybe I can go work for Sabrina.”

“Oh come on, you know you're appreciated. It shows in your paycheck. And what about that lightsaber bong I had made for you with the authentic igniting sound effect?”

“That's great and all, but would it kill you to send me some flowers?” Logan asked before finally breaking out in laughter. “You mull over my possible defection while I go get this ready to be uploaded. See ya 'round.”

Logan exited, leaving Sabrina and I alone, at long last.

“So,” I said, walking closer to the sexy sprite. “Your own hotel room, huh?”

“And what of it?” she playfully replied. “Are you hinting at something?”

“Could be I'm just following your lead.”

“Oh, so now you want a bit of what I've been offering...interesting.”

“Not really considering your beautiful, sexy, and most importantly right now, completely legal.”

“There's that word again. You think that just gives you a free pass then?” She was smiling,licking her lips. The game of seduction was on, and she'd already won. “What if it's gonna cost ya?”

“Well, in that case I'm more than willing to earn my way back.” Our faces moved together and met in a kiss. Soft at first, but it grew in intensity as we moved to the couch. Sabrina laid one her back, wrapping her arms around my neck while my hands were busy doing something a little bit different.

I ran my fingers up her legs, taking a little more time at her amazing thighs, tickling and teasing the sensitive flesh before I got to her panties. I could feel moisture on the crotch just before I pulled it aside and slid my fingers inside of her.

“Oooohhhhh,” she moaned. “Mmmmm not even at the good stuff and you got me hooked. Now gimme more...” We began to kiss again, going further and further down a road she'd been wanting to drive down for years. Now that, in my mind, that road was finally finished I saw now reason to do anything but go down the road that we both wanted to be very much traveled.

Sadly, before the raod trip could truly begin, reality decided to intrude and Sabrina's cell phone went off.

“Hold that thought,” she said. She answered the phone and the mood was soured even further. “What? Oh come on, are you serious? Yeah, well you better pay for the cleaning and comp the room, this is ridiculous!” She ended the call and abruptly sat up on the bed. “And the day gets worse.”

“What happened?” I asked. “Room catch on fire?”

“Literally the opposite.” she replied. “The sprinkler system just went off in my room. It soaked EVERYTHING. Including the clothes I had laid out...and all my luggage. Everything. Shit. Now I don't have a place to stay because they're booked up, no other room to move me to.”

“Well, one problem is definitely solved.”

“What's that?”

“You can crash with me tonight...maybe finish what we started before you found out about your own personal flash flood.”

“Well, it would be nice not to have to shell out even more money for a last minute place to stay...and I'm am pretty worked up already...what are the food options?”

“There's a really good Mexican place about a block and a half away.”



We made it back to my place and I promptly made the order for our food. Sabrina volunteered to pick up the food, seeing as it was pretty close. She also hinted that while I was gone, it might be a good idea to set the mood for what we were going to do after eating.

It was however taking a bit too long for Sabrina to make it back. The Mexican place was that far away. I mean my neighborhood was pretty good but you also never know when in psychos might pop up to go after a little pixie like Sabrina.

Before I could get too worried though, there was a knock at the door. When I opened it, I saw Sabrina, completely splattered with muddy water.

“What happened?” I asked.

“Big puddle. Bigger car. Vroom vroom. Splash.” she replied. “I think you can figure out the rest. Food's fine though.”

“What about you?”

“Oh, fine. Just a nice cherry to the shit sundae of a day I'm having.”

“Okay, simple solution. Clean the clothes in my washer. Take a hot shower. Food will still be here,all warm and not muddy when you're done. Day's not over yet, still got some stuff to look forward to.”

“True,” she said, a half-smile on her muddied face. “Okay, you can start on the chips and queso while I'm cleaning up, but save something for the main course.”

“What about dessert?”

“Let me clean it up first,” she said, her smile slowly giving way to a fit of laughter which I soon joined. “That was good one, better write it down.” She began to take her clothes off, then paused and looked at one of the food bags. “Could you empty the big one out so I can put my clothes in it? Don't want to drip mud all over the place.”

“Sure,” I said. I took the food out and handed her the bag. “Need help with the washer?”

“Please Bart, I'm not a Kardashian, I know how to do laundry.” Sabrina stripped down and got to her own business. As I started to chow down on the chips and queso, she was in the shower, cleaning herself free of the layer of muck that had been splashed on her.

I was getting really hungry, tempted to go right into my entree when Sabrina stepped out of the bathroom, enveloped in the steal. Her hair was wet and she was only in a white towel.

“Wow,” I said, thoughts of a taco platter completely exiting my mind.

“Thanks,” Sabrina said, a sly little smirk on her face. “So, here's what I'm thinking. I'm thinking we let those styrofoam containers do their jobs, keep our food warm. And you finally give me what I've been trying to get for a long time.”

“I'd be happy to. I have to say though, never figured you for someone who'd be so dead set on getting laid.”

“What can I say, touring can change a girl.” she replied. “Besides, constantly trying for the same guy when almost every other one has said yes kind of makes you a bit more...fun.” Sabrina dropped the towel and straddled me.

“Desire makes the body grow fonder?”

“Something like that.” We began to kiss again, picking where we left off in the green room. My hands roamed her petite nude form as she grinded on me, my cock hardening in my pants. She pulled back for a moment so I could toss my shirt away, then she went a bit further and slid to her knees.

A fire lit up her blue eyes as she undid my pants, letting my cock free. She pumped me a few time, savoring the feeling in her hands before she savored it in her mouth.

“Ahhh fuck..Sabrina,” I groaned, lying back and enjoying the heavenly warmth of Sabrina's mouth. I kept my hands to myself, letting this penis pixie have her way with me and show everything she could do. And Sabrina was more than eager to please.

She was slow,sensual, and very attentive. Her eyes went from shut, being in the moment to looking at my very, very positive responses. Any lack of experience she may have had was covered up with both enthusiasm and a desire, a hunger for everything we were doing and everything that was to come.

Sabrina moaned and hummed, her intoxicating voice sending vibrations through my hard cock as her tongue licked, snaked and slurped on it. When she took my in her throat, my back arched and my hand went to her head, holding her there for a bit as I groaned in utter pleasure.

I released her head and Sabrina pulled back, breathing deep for air while chuckling a bit. “You like?” she asked, those perfect eyebrows arching. “Because I'm just starting with you.”

Sabrina shut me up before I could respond by returning her mouth to my cock, suck me in full force. She was after my cum, and I was more than ready to give it to her.

I was right on that edge of ecstasy and Sabrina was going full throttle. Bobbing her head up and down, her tongue almost making a hot and wet tornado around my cock while her hand pumped whatever part of my meat she wasn't working on with her mouth. Her hand continued the cyclical motion her tongue was working on, her soft hand adding a wonderful sensation to the party.

Sabrina's other hand was on my balls, rubbing and massaging them in conjunction with rest of the wonderful work this little minx was doing. She wanted everything I could possibly give her, and I wasn't remotely willing to disappoint.

“Ohhh...oh Sabrina...gonna...gonna...”

“Mmm do it.” she responded. Her fierce blue eyes pierced me like lasers through fog. Her hand pumped and milked my dick as she spoke her her raspy tone. “I want to taste you...I want to feel you in my mouth..I've waited so long...please...cum for me!”

I moaned loudly as Sabrina engulfed my cock with her mouth once more, the petite songstress hungry for my cum. I aimed to please, wincing as I began to shoot.

Sabrina's throat was working over time, swallowing and gulping with every stream of sperm I shot. Even when i was done, Sabrina wasn't letting me go. She kept sucking, refusing to let me go soft. Even though I was almost in pleasure overload, trying to pull away from her, I was glad. I wasn't about to be done for the night with just a blowjob.

When Sabrina pulled her mouth, it was my turn. I swooped her up in my arms and dropped her on the couch. She laughed, the giggle having a sensual, knowing tone to it. I was on my knees now, the two of us switching positions. And much like Sabrina had with me, I wasted no time getting to my prize. I pushed her legs open and went right for it and eagerly began to eat her sweet pussy.

“Ooooh yessssmmmm,” Sabrina moaned. I caught a quick glimpse of her, taking in her face locked in pleasure while I licked her pussy. That pink tongue licking her full lips, her eyes fluttering, her pert, pink nipples pointing straight out. A work of erotic art and my eyes were feasting on every inch of it.

I pulled Sabrina closer, sucking eagerly on her clit while I fingered her. She was already writhing on the couch, absolutely relishing every single spark of pleasure going off in her, just waiting for it to ignite a fire in full.

“OH...oh shiiit...oh Bart...please...fuck please make me cum...fuck please...” I was working on that request with great pleasure. I was so turned on by everything, I would have been hard again already without Sabrina's post-orgasm suckjob.

I pressed on, lovingly attacking that aroused button, crooking my fingers inside her until she cried out in pleasure, her body, glistening with sweat, shaking as she came.

Before Sabrina could even completely ride out her orgasm, I was on top of her, my cock right at her opening.

“Fuck me,” she said, that smirk on her face again. “Fuck me, Bart.” I hooked Sabrina's legs on my shoulders, kissing her calves before driving myself inside of her. “Ohhh fuck that's deep...”

“Very worth the wait...” I said, savoring the delicious tightness of Sabrina's pussy.

“Oh completely she moaned, answering me as if I'd asked her a question.

“I...ohhh fuck you're tight...wasn't asking...”

“Oh yeah...OH YEAH...you've been waiting too, huh?” I nodded, the pleasure centers in my brain restricting my speech.

“You pervert...unggg...I fucking love it...oh fuuuck meee!” Our lips collided as I drove into her, my pace hard, fast and hungry. Her legs moved from my shoulders to around my waste and I pulled her up, having her ride me.

Now in control, Sabrina continued the fast and hard pace, the pint-sized sex bomb going wild on me like I was a bucking bronco. I grasped her apple bottom, spanking it while my tongue circles her nipples, sucking it into my mouth.

“Mmm suck my nipples baby...fuck it all feels so good...mmmfuck this is better than I had imagined...and we're not even close to being done...ohhhh fuck yes keeping fucking me!”

“Not even close?”

“Uh uh,” she moaned, grinding into especially hard. “I'll let you know when we're done...nnnngfuck I promise.”

I held tight to Sabrina and thrust up into her, hard and fast. A big smile was on her face as she cried out in pleasure, begging for more. I put her on all four on the couch and aimed to give her what she asked for.

My grip on her hips returned and I drove into her once more, feeling both utterly energized and completely drained at the same time. Sabrina was right, we weren't close to being done.

“Mmm...fuck...don't stop...keep going...fuck I'm gonna cum...keep...fuck keep fuck meeee!!” Like I'd even consider stopping. What I did do though, was reach around to her clit, working that nub once more to push Sabrina over that last edge.

“Uh...uh...ung...oh shit..oh shit Bart...oh FUUUCK!” Sabrina's cunt clamped down as she came, her melodic voice almost singing out the pleasure going through her body as this second, bigger orgasm exploded inside her. I continued fucking her, extending her orgasm a little bit before she had to rest against the arm of the couch.

She looked over her shoulder, a half smile on her face and her blonde hair wet with sweat and matted against her back. “You didn't cum?”

“Not yet,” I said, still thrusting into her pussy, but slowly now. “You took a lot out of me already.”

“Mmmm let's see what else I can take out of you...fuck my ass until you cum.”

“Whoa, you sure?”

“Mmm hmmm,” she nodded, a naughty tone in her voice. “Like I said...I've been waiting a loooong time. Just take it a little slow at first and I'm good.”

“Well, if the wait's been that bad...” I pulled out of her pussy, sick with her juices and pressed against her ass. Sabrina tensed up at first, but my hand was still at her clit, frigging it and helping her react as I pressed forward.

“Ohhh fuck!” Sabrina moaned as the med popped in. I pushed forward just a bit, then pulled out, slowly easy more and more of my cock in her ass. It wasn't long before I was going in her at a good, steady pace. Not too hard, but not snail slow.

“Oh fuck I'm loving this,” hissed Sabrina. “Oh GOD I love it up the ass!”

“Holy shit!” I cried out. I wasn't prepared for how amazing this was going to be.Her ass so was so fucking tight...but she was clearly experienced with have a cock up it, and I was feeling that. I wasn't remotely going to last. “Fuck...I'm gonna shoot! Holy fucking shit Sabrina I'm gonna cum!”

“My ass...fucking shoot in my ass...mmm Bart let me feel that hot cum in my ass...give me what I've been waiting for baby...nnnng pleeeeease!”

I grabbed Sabrina tightly by the hips and thrust into her one last time, firing ope after rope of hot cum up her ass.

“Mmmm that's it baby,” she purred. “Fill me up...ohhh just like that. Every drop just for me...waited so long for it, don't stop until you're done baby...mmmmm”

Finally, utterly drained, I pulled out of Sabrina's ass and fell back on the couch, wrecked and struggling to catch my breath. “So...worth the wait?” I asked.

“Oh totally.” she responded. “Despite the mud, the flooded room, the tire blow out....awesome day...and I'm going to sleep like a rock.”

“Glad to have lived up to the hype.” She snickered a little then crawled over to kiss me on the cheek.

“I'm going to take another shower then crash till the morning.” With that, she hopped off the couch and entered the bathroom again. Myself, I just sat back and breathed in deep. That was one damn fine time. No worries about relationships or anything.

Sometimes, it was nice to just kick back and have fun...especially when there was a sexy little blonde sex nymph pretty much demanding it.

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Re: The Perks of Being a Podcaster
« Reply #17 on: October 22, 2018, 01:52:24 AM »
All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a single word of it occurred, nor would it.

The Perks of Being a Podcaster
(MF, Oral, Exhib, Cons)
by MaxwellLord
Chapter 18: Camila Mendes

Guest starring Hailee Steinfeld

On the surface, it certainly wasn't a special morning. Just another work day. It wasn't particularly sunny day, nor was it overcast. Not especially hot or cold. To most folks, this was an average, at best, morning.

For me though, it was pretty damn spectacular. It couldn't be anything less seeing as how Hailee Steinfeld had been with me in that bed, not a stitch of clothing on underneath the bedsheet. Her shapely leg exposed, poking out of the sheet as she laid on her stomach, sound asleep. She looked just as beautiful completely zonked out as she did wide awake and in the throes of passion.

She and I had been in contact a lot in the last few months. Liz had gone radio silent again so it was nice to be around someone who actually responded. Not that Hailee was in any way a back up plan. I honestly had texted her on impulse. Texts lead to calls, which lead to face times, which lead to us stilling  evenings together whenever we could.

It wasn't a serious relationship by any means, the time apart kind of made that impossible for both of us. The fact we even got on day together was a small miracle considering her schedule of shooting a TV show followed movie re-shoot then more TV then a promotional appearance.

Still, we made the most of it, hence her being exhausted. I leaned over and kissed her on the forehead, the action instantly triggering a smile to form on her face.

"Mmmm, what time is it?" she asked.

"Just around seven." I replied.

“Mmmm,” she said, her voice in the international key of waking up. “Shower time.” She rose up from the bed and got out, giving me a peak at that cute rump of hers as she made her way to the bathroom.

I was on my way out of the room myself when she stopped me, her hands delicatley grasping my arm.

“Where do you think you're going?” she asked

“To start the coffee.”

"Unh-unh.” She shook her head, giggling a little. Her tongue went between her teeth in that insanely cute way  she did. “I said it's shower time., so...come on.”

Her hand moved to mind and grasped, leading me into the bathroom. From the moment her hand squeezed mine to the point we were in a shower seemed to be flash. It was almost an instantaneous movement from the bathroom entrance to the shower.

We were in deep embrace, kissing hungrily as the water ran down both our bodies. Her hand slid between our bodies and grasped my cock.

“Coffee's a great perk but I think this is going to be the best part of the morning,” she said.

I slid her wet hair back to get a clear look at those beautiful, almond eyes before planting another kiss on her lips. “You could always stay a litle longer,” I said, my hands now taking base at her round apple bottom.

“Mmm...I might take you up on that if I didn't have TV show to shoot...and movie reshoots...and an awards show rehearsal followed by an actual awards show...but for right now I think we should take what we can get.”

“Agreed.” I walked her to the wall of the shower, her back pressed against the slick tiles. If we had all day, this would just be the beginning of our days instead of the main event. However, she and I only had a few hours, which meant there was a much stricter time frame.

“Oh!” Hailee exclaimed with a laugh. I spun her around and she planed her hands against the wall. Her back was arched, booty pushed out. “Time management can be such a turn on.”

“That's first time I've heard that but I can't help but agree.” I kissed at her neck then moved to her back, kissing down her spine until I finally approached that peach, and I just had to take a bite.

“Haaaoohhh...” she moaned. I dove face first into her ass, worshiping it almost. There wasn't any anal on the menu, we didn't have the time....but still with an ass like hers I couldn't help but pay tribute to the gods of booty.

With a smack to her bottom I got back to my feet, kissing my way back up the trail. I softly grabbed her face and craned it over her shoulder, kissing Hailee's lips and entered her from behind.
My arms wrapped around her, holding Hailee close as we really began to get into the action.

Hailee's hands held firm braced against the tiles. Her moans were music to my ears, more so due to her already having the voice of angel.

My hands had their own work to do, caressing every inch of her body they could reach. The flesh of her hip, her tone tummy, up to her breasts.  I savored the feeling of Hailee's nipples running over my fingers.

“Mmm yes baby...ohhhh...” Hailee moaned. She leaned her head back my shoulder. I gazed over her face, and as usual it was not a disappointment. Her eyes were in some beautiful in-between of fluttering and shut tight, completely focused on the moment. She licked her full lips in between breaths, in between moans. She was painting a picture, art that was truly inspiring.

My pace increased. We both wanted, needed it. This wasn't really a time for words. We knew each other too well at this point, this wasn't one of those sessions of sex full of dirty talking and nasty words. It was about us, the moment, and savoring every moment of sensation.

Her moans got louder and Hailee reached for my face, pulling it to her for a kiss. She sucked on my tongue for all too short a time before the kiss broke. She braced had against the wall now. She whipped her hair back, giving me a look over my shoulder. Her smoldering look said it all.

My hands went to her hips and took a firm grip. Never hard..but firm. The pace increased. It wasn't frantic by any means...but hungry. Very, very hungry for both of us.

“Mmmm ohhhh fuck Bart...oooh baby yesss!” she cried out. I only wish we were at least doing this in front of a mirror so I could see her gorgeous, face in the throes of passion likes this, tiny rivers of water cascading down her body.

The mental image I had painted for myself along with the actual living and breathing experience I was having right now pushed much too close the end. Hailee mus have sensed to to, either from my thruss becoming event more urgent or the sound of my voice through the moans and grunts.

“In me,” said Hailee. “Cum in me....mmmm let me feel it...”

With a few more thrusts, I did that, gritting my teeth as I unloaded inside Hailee, the songstress responding with a pleased moan as my cum splashed her insides.

I kept thrusting though the intense pleasure, the feeling almost too much to keep going. I was rewarded for my effort, as was Hailee, when she came as well. Her body shook and her pussy spasmed and milked my cock of a few more shots before we were both finally spent.

My softening cock slipped out of her and Hailee, energetic but in a dick drunk haze, spun around and wrapped her arms around my neck. She planted a deep kiss on me, an act I eagerly returned while wrapping my own arms around her and holding her tight.

“Okay,” she said, licking my lips after the word escaped her mouth. “Now it's coffee time.”


“How's the omelette?” I asked. “I usually just include the yoke, so I'm not sure I totally fucked up an egg whites only one.”

“Oh, just as good as the coffee.” Hailee replied.

“And that means...”

“It's great! Sorry....good breakfast plus good sex equals a walking daze.” She gave me a smile then sipped the coffee. “How's the French toast coming?”

“You mean the delicious French toast you're skipping?”

“Hey, this new show I'm on requires corsets. I mean I'm not going to go full eating disorder but those things aren't fun. So regrettably, I'm sticking with my egg white omelette, oatmeal with honey and multigrain toast. Then after the show I'm going to an all day, all you can eat buffet.”

“Fair enough.” I replied, flipping my extra special French toast.

“Really, that's it? Not going to try and convince me further?”

“Well, if the smell isn't doing it I doubt my words can pull it off.”

Hailee took a big whiff of the air and her eyes lit up. “You...you didn't....it'd be just...just cruel in the nicest possible way if you did.”

“I might have battered the bread then dipped it in crushed Frosted Flakes,” I said.

“You win,” she laughed. “Via intense cruelty through kindness. Plate me.”

“What makes you think I have two servings?” I jokingly asked. I flipped the toast over for a bit of visual punctuation as I watched Hailee purse her lips humorously.

“Because I said NICE cruelty.” she responded. “You wouldn't have said a word about French toast in the first place unless it was for two.”

“Touche.” I brought the frying pan over, indeed revealing enough for two. I gave her the first piece then slid mine on to my plate alongside some bacon. I opened the fridge then brought us both some strawberries. “Never have French toast without strawberries. It's just flat out wrong.”

“I'll keep a mental note of that,” she said. She quickly dug in to the sugar encrusted French toast and was instantly returned to ecstacy. “Oh my God my mouth is having an orgasm! This is AWESOME.”

“Thanks.” I replied. “Sounds like a thumbs up, five star review.”

“Ohhh baby this is the stuff,” she said, stuffing more and more into her mouth. “Great sex, great coffee and mind-blowing sugary heaven French toast. This is the high water mark of goodbye meals.”

“Well, I want to give you an excuse to come back, don't I?”

“You're more than enough for that.” she replied.  “But I do appreciate the breakfast.”

“Hey, no problem. Thanks for actually, you know, responding when I called.”

“Hey, don't thank me for something I want to do,” she said. “I like you. You called, I responded. Like always.” She put down her utensil and leaned over the table, planting a sugary sweet kiss on my lips. “I wouldn't be here if I didn't want to be. And there's no need to thank me for that.”

“Thanks,” I said. We exchanged smiles before she got back to her seat.  “Though now I'm pretty much going to be spamming you with calls. Fair warning and all.”

“Don't forget the texts and facetimes.” she replied with a mouthful of breakfast foods. “Make a girl feel really wanted.”

We finished our breakfast in what felt like far too little time. With the final sips of coffee, it was time for Hailee to return to set. She grabbed her bag, a small backpack she needed no help with, and I walked her to the door.

“You sure I can't give you a ride to the airport?” I asked. “No trouble at all.”

“No, Uber's fine,” she said. “But thanks. Besides, you drive me we might have to pull over to the side of the road for a quickie and before you know it I miss my flight. But I'll call when I get back to the hotel.”

“I'll be waiting. Or napping. But I'll answer.”

“You better.” She smiled, then paused one last time before leaving. “I'm serious though, don't hesitate to call or text or anything whenever you want. I'll respond. How else are we supposed to find out what this whole...thing is if we aren't talking?”

She gave me one last kiss before we exchanged goodbyes. With Hailee gone, it was back ot normal life, and that included planning for the upcoming work week.  Two guests were going to be on the show. We'd been trying to book them for a while, but finally, three seasons into their show, it all worked out and I was very eager to interview Camila Mendes and Lili Reinhart.


Things had changed a bit on the show in recent months. Our camera and sound guys were gone, and since the camera guy was also our film editor, we lost that to. Logan was still around and he was pulling triple duty until we hired a new guy to take care of filming and editing. Logan and I still switched back and forth on the sound stuff.

The new kid's name was Jimmy Austin. He was a film student, getting his basics done at the local community college before trying for university. Smart kid, ready to learn and eager to be on a project that could give him a lot of exposure which we tended to do. He also didn't get star struck, which was a huge plus.

As I headed into our office of sorts that day, where I was going to meet up with Lili and Camila before we started working on the pre-taped stuff for the show, Jimmy was behind his desk, making call and booking guests, meaning Logan had pawned that duty off on the new guy. My guess was Logan was on the roof or in the garage toking up.

“How long has Logan left you here?” I asked Jimmy.

"Oh, Bart!” he said, a bit surprised. “Honestly I lost track of time. You guys got a shit ton of calls all at once then the week's guest's came in.”

“They're here? Now?!? When did they get in?”

“I really lost track of time, I don't know.”

“Okay,” I said, taking a breath. “I'm going to go check on them. The moment Logan comes back in, you go for the day. You have the rest of the day off. And next time Logan decide to ditch out, remind him he can smoke in here and the phones aren't your job.”

I headed to our pseudo-waiting room, essentially a break room no one bothered using but we kept stocked with snacks. And when I entered, there was Lili and Camila, going all in on the snack selection.

“Hi guys,” I said. “How long have you been waiting?”

“Oh!” Lili said, darting up to her feet and almost rushing to shake my hand. “Hi Bart...big fan. Thanks for having us on the show.”

“And also it was five minutes,” Cami added, casually following Lili. “Not too bad. I've waited longer in worse places. And shorter in better places. But neither of them had a mini-fridge full of pudding cups, so good job.”

“Thanks.” I replied. “Also, more thanks for you two being on the show. We've been trying to pt this together for a while.”

“I know, right?” Lili let go of my hand, but was still smiling wide. If she wasn't so damn cute it'd be a little awkward, like meeting a fan who's a bit WAAAY to into you. “But, lucky us, schedules finally aligned!”

“You'll have to pardon my friend here, she's clearly a little starstruck,” Cami said. “You're, like, her favorite podcast and I think one of the first people that made her all wet and tingly.”

“Oh my GOD, Cami!”

“What? Where's the lie? Myself...I like what you do. Not big on podcasts myself but if someone is playing it in their car I won't ask them to turn it off.”

“Thanks for the compliment.” I replied, getting a smirk from Camila. “And first crush, huh? I didn't even think we'd been doing the show for that long...”

“First of all it's only been five years,” Lili said. “And you WEREN'T my first crush...not that I didn't crush on you...okay..breath Lili, breathe....”

“Okay, how about we all just sit down and talk about the show,” I said.

“The man's got the right idea, Lils,” Cami said, returning to her seat. Lili followed suit. I took the chair in front of the couch and sat across from them. “The main reason I like to talk to the guests before the show is...”

“For the pre-taped stuff,” Lili added. “I remember that from the BTS video you put up.”

“Obsess much?” asked Camila. She brunette flashed me another quick look and smile. “Let the man speak then fangirl out.”

“I'm not fangirling! I'm being knowledgeable. There's a difference.”

“Well, Lili is right, it's all for the pre-taped stuff. And I just want to let you both know right now, no cheesy Archie comics jokes unless it's something you guys want to do. Aside from that, this is really a brainstorming session to see what kind of quick and most likely low quality comedy sketch you guys would like to do.”

“I like a man who knows his limits,” Cami smirked. “And I know mine...so how about we leave this to the big fan in the room?”

“Oh, me?” Lili asked. “Well, how about the Drunk Divorced Chef? Me and Cami could play your embarrassed daughters...ohmigod not that you're old enough to be either of ours dads seriously I know you're not that old and I should just shut up now...”

“Lili, calm down,” I said. “It's a good idea. I'll put something together, get it to you guys by Tuesday, then we can add stuff from there and shoot it on Wednesday.”

“Works for me,” Camila said. She sat back on the sofa, completely leaned in and relaxed. “Lils?”

“Same here. Can't wait actually!” Lili's phone rang. She did a quick check and the grin somehow got bigger. “Boyfriend alert, gotta take this. Be right back.”

The incredibly perky blonde shot up like a bolt of lightning and quickly walked out of the room. The moment she was out, Cami let out a long string of laughs.

“She always so...peppy?” I asked.

“Kind of,” Cami said. “I mean she is a big fan and all that, but she's usually a lot more reserved. “This is four cups of coffee after a long flight” Lili. And of course it was coffee  I brewed in the hotel room, so its extra strong. I'm kinda numb to it by now but Lili is a caffeine lightweight.”

“And here I was hoping she was starstruck.”

“Well if it's any consolation I'm a bigger fan than I let on.” replied Camila. “Not gonna fawn over you or anything but I may listen to you more than I let on. Don't let that go to your head too much.”
“Wasn't planning on it.” I sat back in the chair, Camila and I exchanging flirtatious looks. “So, what are your plans for tonight?”

“Well, after Lili has her caffeine crash in about an hour we're going back to the hotel and she's getting tucked in for a nap,” said Cami. She then leaned forward, as did I. “Then you and I are going out for dinner. Nothing fancy, but please no extra value meals.”

“Is that what's going to happen?”

“Yeah. I mean sure, I could have discussed with you but I decided to save us both some time and just assume you'd say yes.”

“Clever girl.”

“It's one of my best qualities.” Cami smiled big. “You choose the place though. And nothing expensive, I just want something good.”

“Cheap date?” I asked with a smirk.

“I guess you're gonna find out.”

Lili came back in on that note, still chipper but the inevitable caffeine crash looming. “It was really great to meet you Bart,” she said. “But I haven't gotten a wink of sleep and I think I might want to call it day kind of early. But I promise first thing when I wake up I'll check my email and look at whatever you send us...”

“And proceed to fangirl out.” added Cami. “Then probably print out a copy for you to sign. The geek out some more.”

“And on that note, I'm going to drag my dear friend here back to the hotel and we'll both see you soon.”

Lili left the room, but Cami stuck around for a second. She approached me, a twinkle in her eye to match the half smile on her face.

“My room number is 456,” she said. “Call me around six. Oh, and have a restaurant chosen. Momma needs food.”

“You got it.” She gave me a wink and left the room as well.


I had to admit, the rest of the day made me anxious. I wasn't expecting Cami to get to me in such a short amount of time, but she was just charming. Honest, funny, but never mean. She had an edge for sure but there was never an intent to do anything but bust balls. I liked that. Six O'Clock couldn't come soon enough.

When the clock struck that magical hour I was already heading into the lobby, getting ready to call Camila from my cell phone. That was going to turn out to be unnecessary as Camila was already waiting in the lobby, sitting on a big, comfy chair.

“I didn't think it was necessary to waste any time,” she said, answering my question before it left my lips.

“What if I didn't come?”

“Then that would lead to a very awkward interview, dontcha think?” She got up and came to my side, hooking her arm around mine.  “Hope you have some good grub ideas I'm very choosey when it comes you what I stuff in my food hole.”

“Of course,” I said. “I mean when someone uses such an upper crust term like food hole they clearly have a discerning palet.”

She held in a laugh, but did in that way where she  was obvious about it. The smile was clear on her face and there was no attempt to hide it.

I led her out of the lobby on to the street and from there to a little pub I knew about just around the corner.

“Nice pick,” she said when we entered. The place wasn't bad. Nice even. Not full of smoke, didn't smell like stale beer and piss, but it also didn't look fake and glitzy. Just a pub. “I'm starting to get a faint glimmer of hope that the bathrooms are so clean I want have to hover over the seat.”

“Well, it's good to have dreams.” I replied with a wink. I lead her towards a table, as this was the kind of place that said to seat yourself. I pulled out her chair then sat myself down.

“So gentlemanly.” She smiled, a mix of genuine and sarcasm. “So, I feel like as the new girl in town I'm due for a recommendation. What's good?”

“That's a lot of responsibility, Ms. Mendes.”

“I trust you.”

“You sure?”

“Well, I guess we'll find out when I take that first bite, won't we?”

“In that case, Insane Nachos. More than big enough for two. Cheese, chipotle peppers, onions, guac, salsa, sour cream, queso sauce on top of the cheese, and our chice of chicken, steak, or shrimp.”

“Shrimp it up then,” said Cami. “And two beers. Nothing light. I want beer, not water.”

“My kind of girl.”

“Lucky you.” I got up and gave the bartender the order. When I returned with the beer, Camila had completely settled in to the pub. “Thank you.” she took the beer from my hand, but waited for me to sit down before clinking her bottle with mine and taking a sip.

“Like the surroundings?”

“Not bad actually.” she replied. “Comfortable, jukebox not too loud. They have a stage set up for a live band, food definitely smells good, and the beer is a cold. Perfect little pub. And the company adds something to it as well. But only, like  a percentile of a percentile.”

“Don't smother me with compliments Cami,” I said. “You're gonna make a grown man blush.”

“Well, if you want a real compliment I do actually like your show. Like I said, you do good stuff. Makes me laugh, subscribe, all of that. You do good stuff.”

“Why do I sense a but coming along with this compliment?”

“Probably because one's coming.” She leaned forward in her seat, getting a bit closer to me. “You've been doing this for what? Five years? And I get it. Successful, you make enough money to survive and a lot more. You have a residency, a studio you use for back-up, all that stuff. And if you just did a normal podcast, I'd get it. But you don't. You throw in visual elements, and short films and all that stuff. You're kind of a one man band. I mean yeah, you have like a skeleton crew and stuff but I check the credits. You act, you write, you direct, you edit, you do the FX work...so I guess my but is more of a question of why not more, you know? I mean you could try and still do the podcast as a safety net.”

“Well, that was certainly a large but.” I replied. “And I don't know if I have any other answer but laziness I guess. I mean, I've heard that before, believe me. Often in far less kind tones. I have to just be honest though. I found my groove and I don't know if playing craps with it is a safe bet.”

“Yeah, but you could always even the odds. I mean, at this point you probably have a lot of favors you could call in from past guests. Or ask some of them. I mean you'd probably get me as long as the script was good.”

“Is that a legit offer?”

“To have me in a project of yours? Of course. In any other way...well, let's just see how the night goes.”


The night actually did end up going rather well. Cami was a great time. Laid back, friendly, flirty, and funny. And she could put away nachos like a champ. A truly lethal combination. Not even rain beginning to fall outside.

“I may get totally soaked but I do love a good rainstorm like this,” Cami said. “You know the kind, right? No lightning, it's not pouring like a faucet. It's just, you know, coming down. Soothing, don't ya think?”

“Some of my best times have been in the rain.” I replied. She looked at me with a raised eyebrow then grasped my hand, leading me outside. In seconds, we were both soaked to the bone. Camila seemed more than fine with it, her smile big and shining.

“That's what I like to hear,” she said. “Too many people get all down in the dumps when it rains. They don't like to take it all in. The sound, the smells, the sights....” She held my hand tightly and pulled me in an alleyway, right under a fire escape. “All the sensations.”

We kissed, full of passion. My hands went right to her luscious ass and hers deftly undid my pants.

“You know they, they say within the first twenty seconds of meeting someone a woman knows whether or not they'd have sex with them,” she said.

“Where was I?”

“About seventeen seconds,” she laughed. “Just made it.” Her crimson lips smiled and went in for another kiss.

We rolled against the wall until her back was now against it. I reached under her skirt and grabbed her leg, lifting and caressing the wet flesh of her inner thigh to her crotch. I grabbed her panties and pulled them down. My knees might have been in a puddle but I didn't care. With my face planted firmly in Camila's crotch, any other concerns were a mile away. I don't think Cami minded too much either.

“Ooooh, shit yes...” she said. Another, longer moan escaped her lips. I wasn't down here for the long haul. This location didn't make that an option. But the quick taste I got of Camila was enough to make me know I had to have more at a later date.

After a few too short moments with my head between her legs, I got to my feet and my pants dropped to my knees. I lifted Camila in my arms and pinned her to the wall as gently as I could. Her eyes locked on mine, her legs locked around my waist and her hands gripped the ladder of the fire escape just above her head.

“Oooh yes,” she said as I filled her up. There was no time to waist and my pace started fairly brisk. It didn't hider either of our enjoyment of the moment. I opened her blouse and and brought my mouth to her breasts. My tongue traced circles around her nipple before sucking on it. Camila rolled her head back, leaning against the hard surface of the brick wall which supported us both.

“Mmm fuck keep going...oooh right there...mmmmm,” she moaned. She licked her lips the bit down on them, her eyes fluttering as I hit a particularly wonderful spot inside her.

I felt her legs squeeze tighter around me. Our eyes met again, matching smiles on or faces as the finish line approached. “In me...cum in me...mmm it's okay...on the pill...just do it...so close...wanna feel it...mmm Bart just...oh fuck just do it...”

I was going as fast as I could. I saw Camila take a deep breath and let out a noise scream. When I felt her pussy clamp down and covulse on my cock, I knew she was hitting her orgasm, and I was more then ready to go myself.

Our forehead touched as I shot inside her, her brown eyes looking at me while those crimson lips smiled, little moans coming from her as well as I pulsed and filled her up. With one last kiss I lowered to her feet and stepped away, nearly falling over before catching the wall behind me with my arms.

“Oooh fuck,” she said. “Intense quickie....damn that was good.” She looked around the ground. “You see my panties?”
“Stuffed them in my pocket,” I said. “So they wouldn't get soaked.”

“Well, as you can clearly tell they already were.” responded Cami with a wink. “But thanks for the effort. Walk me back to the hotel? After you pull your pants up, of course.”

As soon as the pans were pulled up I brought Cami back to the hotel lobby. We sat in the coffee shop, sipping some cups of hot caffeinated goodness.

“This might officially be my favorite interview ever and we haven't even actually done the interview,” she said. “Though if the pre-interview is anything to go by, it's going to be a blast.”

“I try not to disappoint.”

“That you don't.” She gave me the sweetest smile she had in her, then scribbled something on her coffee receipt. “Here. My nmber, email, Skype...all the stuff. Call me.”

“You sure you want to give me this?” I asked.

“I wouldn't have fucked you in an alleyway if I didn't,” she said in the most friendly yet blunt tone I'd ever heard. “I'm a good judge of character...and I judge yours very positively. So...call me once this interview is over. I mean yeah,the show shoots in Vancouver but honestly the shooting schedule is so damn weird everyone's hours are kind of strange, so you'll get a hold of me. If you want to of course.”

“Oh, I definitely want to.”

“Good,” she said, her pursed lips going into a toothy smile. “And with that settled, I'm going to go upstairs, check on Lils to make sure she's not in too severe of a post-caffeine rush coma. Then it's off to bed. So...I guess I'll see you tomorrow. For rehearsals and..other stuff.”

“It's a date.” I replied.

“Maybe it will be.” She kissed my cheek then went for the elevator. She gave me one last smile before the doors closed. I looked back at the paper she'd given me and couldn't help but smile. Thing getting more complicated never felt so good.

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Re: The Perks of Being a Podcaster
« Reply #18 on: November 12, 2018, 05:56:29 PM »
All of the following is complete and total fiction. not a word of it occurred, nor would it.

The Perks of Being a Podcaster
(MF, Oral, Anal, Cons)
by MaxWellLord
Chapter 19: Ariana Grande

Most of the time for the show, when it came to booking guests, it was easy as can be. Both parties shoot out dates, meet in the middle, and boom, done deal. Some stars though, that just wasn't the case. One of those stars was Ariana Grande.

That's not to say Ariana was a diva. That wasn't the case at all. She was just very particular with her time. What that meant for the show is we only had a general idea for when she wanted to be on the show whenever she or her people contacted us. It was always relatively vague. Logan actually came up with a good solution in the midst of on of his cannabis fueled snack rushes.

The moment we knew Ari had something in the works, we'd start to have floating "free weeks" in the show's schedule, where we could do literally anything. Short notice guests, best ofs, anything we wanted that could easily be shit canned when she called. That way, no matter what, we'd have a guaranteed free week to give to her. It was an unusual stroke of brilliance that even Logan was surprised it was his idea.

Ariana happened to call the week that Camila and Lili were on and she was both in California and wanting to promote the very next week. Everything aligned perfectly so by Tuesday, were were in her California home writing and recording the sketches. She had a lot of ideas too, so she wasn't the kind of guest who liked to sit back and let everyone else do the heavy lifting. By Wednesday night it was just myself, Jimmy and Ariana left in the house. Ariana had elected to take a nap, as was her right being both the guest of the show and allowing us to use her home for it, leaving just Jimmy and myself to do the editing.

It was only around ten o'clock or so when Jimmy felt the need to pass out. “Bart, we've been cutting for five hours and been up since six,” he said.

“You do know in the realm of actual film making this would be considered an easy day, right?” I asked, a healthy dose of sarcasm in my tone.

“True, but on an actual set there'd be an entire crew with several departments assigned to specific tasks instead of just three guys, a popstar and her entourage.”

“Touche. That earned you a nap for a couple hours. Ari said her guest rooms were up for grabs.  Upstairs, any of them accept the one on the end, that's the master bedroom and it's all hers. I can handle this alone for a while.”

“Thanks boss,” Jimmy said, giving a mock salute before making his way up to the second floor. With that done, I focused back on the computer and continued  to cut together the sketches we'd shot with Ariana.

I'm not quite sure how long I was focused on the project. I completely lost track of time, as well as my own surroundings. So when I felt a hand tap me on the shoulder, I almost jumped out of my seat.

“Sorry to startle you,” Ariana said,  not being able to stifle the laughter at the fear she put through my body. “Just woke up and wanted to check on the progress.”

“Yeah...um...going great so far, want to check it out?” I asked. She nodded and took a seat next to me on the couch. I would like to say it was a struggle to keep my eyes glued to the screen and not sneak peeks at the beauty sitting right next to me, but let's be honest, what was I going to look at, the same footage I'd been looking at for hours on end or this hot and gorgeous sex pixie? It was a no brainer.

“Got a good view?” she asked very knowingly, looking at me out of the corner of her eyes. “Not tired of it after seeing it all day?”

“I can't imagine how that'd be the case for anyone.”

“Well, as recent news shows you'd be surprised.” Ariana held up her hand, waving her fingers and showing a bare ringbearing finger.

“All that means is I just can't imagine how someone could think that. Though I have to admit, I would have placed bets on you dumping him.”

“Oh I totally did,” she said with a smile. “I don't tolerate not being appreciated. And I don't care how conceited it sounds, I'm hot, talented, funny and a fantastic fuck. I deserve a bit better than an absent-minded comic who think he can just get by in bed with a big dick.”

“It takes more?” I asked with a smirk.

“Oh, I think you know it does,” she winked. “I mean you're no slouch in the size department but honestly you win in technique.” Her tongue was between her teeth, the pink showing perfectly between the pearly whites.

Before we took this any further, I wanted to mine her for some info. She was one of Liz's closest friends after all.

“You hear anything from Liz?” I asked halting any further action, hopefully just temporarily.

“Not really,” she said, her voice almost a purr. “I mean I know about your guys' little arrangement but she hasn't mentioned anything specifically. Which means, if I understand things properly, that you aren't exactly barred from using your dick in any way you please with anyone you please.”

“You'd be correct in that understanding.”

“Then understand this demand: Take me to my bedroom and fuck me. I've had big dick energy...I think I want some good dick energy. You happen to have both so I think I'm in for some fun.”

Ariana almost pounced on me with a kiss, sucking on my tongue. I wrapped my arms around her and pick her up, holding her in my arms as I carried her up the stairs into her room.

I kicked the door shut behind me and made my way to the bed. I tossed Ari onto it, the petite songstress laughing a bit before I began to strip down. She followed suit, every inch of that tight body being revealed to me.

Once I too was stripped bare, I made my to the bed. Ariana raised her hand, pausing my motion while a sensual smile became the only hing she was wearing.

“Not yet...I need you to put something on me...for fun...” She crawled over to her nightstand, giving me a wonderful view of her hot little ass and her glistening pussy. She oened the drawer and took out a pair of handcuffs, the made her way back to me. She turned her back, he hands behind them, then looked over her shoulder at me. “Put them on me. “I want you to be in total control....don't be nervous, it'll be fun. And the keys are just in the drawer over there, so if it doesn't work I can be out in two shakes of a lamb's tail.”

“Well, far be it from me to turn down the request of a beautiful woman.” I moved forward and put the cuffs on Ariana, a task made a bit more difficult as I felt her fingertips and nails teasing the head of my already hard cock. The whole handcuff thing was a new experience for me, but if Ari wanted it...well, who am I to say no?

She carefully got off her bed and onto the carpeted floor of her room, on her knees and eagerly waiting. I walked over to her and place my cock right on her outstretched pink tongue and moaned in delight as that soft, hot mouth closed around me.

I stood back and let Ari do all the work at first, her hands-free suckjob nothing sort but immaculate. Not an inch of m cock missed on the fun, Ari taking me to the root almost immediately. Feeling those hands on me would have been nice, but as Ariana was deftly showing, not needed.

Her mouth went from my cock to my balls, sucking the orbs into her mouth in the most lovingly yet dirty way imaginable, her eyes adding the right amount of spice to an already hot moment.

With her mouth at my balls, I picked up some of the slack, stroking my cock, watching and feeling her mouth work its magic on my nuts. “Ohhhh yeah just like that Ari...fuck just like that baby...”

“Oh, this feels good, huh? She asked in a tease. This hot mouth all over your cock and balls...doing all the work, too...well I have a secret...I love it too. And we're not even close to being done.” She smiled, her pink lips matching the searing sensuality of her voice.

She took me back in her mouth, the brown eyes locking on my as the magic mouth returned to my dick. I shivered a bit as her tongue swirled and snaked around the crown. My hands went to her head, no longer capable of being held back. I guided her up and down my cock, holding in place a few times to fuck her face. Her mouth was a miracle in far more than music.

Still, I didn't want to spend all night on that amazing mouth. I pulled out of her mouth, the lustful pixie grinning wide. I moved to her mouth again, kissing her her on those baby-pink lips before moving to her tits. They weren't Liz-sized by any means but she didn't need them to be for to want a taste.

I helped Ariana to her feet, then laid down on the bed.  She followed me, standing with her pussy right over my cock. I grabbed it and held steady as Ari lowered herself onto my rod.

“Oh gooood...” she moaned as she sunk down. My own mouth released a similar sentiment, her hot velvet box acting as a perfect, tight sheath for my dick.

The moment she was already down I brought my hands to her hips, steadying her as she began to ride. Her hips swiveled and ground into me, that delicious little smile on her face in between moans.

Little time was wasted in building up a rhythm. Once handcuffs enter the mix the odds of soft and sweet lowers a ton. The bed was getting a true work out. I had to sit up, holding Aria close as we fucked to make sure she didn't lose balance.

We were face to face, looks of utter lust on our faces as I began to thrust up into her. Sweat was already dripping down our bodies as I pulled her even tighter.

“Fuck me!” she said. “Oh fuck...fuck that tight little pussy...fuck it...oh yesss I really fucking needed this baby...just don't stop...don't stop and I'll give it all...all of it...”

Our lips nipped at each other in quick, hungry kissing, our tongue darting out and licking. My hand gripped her tight little ass. Holding it tight as I sped up, every thrust getting quick and passionate yelps from Ari's mouth.

“Yeah...fuck that's it Ari..cum on this fucking cock...come on...fucking do it...fucking cum baby...”

“Oooh....ungg...oh shit gonna cum...oh fuck yes fuck me till I cum...cum..FUUUUUUCKK!!”

Ari came and came harder than I expected. Maybe it was a lot of pent up stuff she just needed to release, but in the end, that didn't matter anywhere near as much as the pleasure of the moment.

I continued to thrust into her as Ari's orgasm rocked her body. Finally, she was in that happy afterglow...but not quite done with me.

After I release my embrace, Ariana got off of me with wobbly legs then got on her knees, face down and ass up.

“I promised all of it,” she said. “I'm no welcher. Take my ass.”

“Well, if the lady of the house insists,” I said, crawling behind her. I kissed each cheek of her ass, then spanked her a few times before placing my cock right at her anus.

“Oh FUCK!” she yelped when I pressed forward, engulfing myself in the tight walls of her anus. This time, the pace had to be built up. Ariana was a petite girl, making everything extra tight.

“Mmmm yeah...fucking take that ass...mmmm fuck I love a big dick in my ass...oohhhh fuck Bart....fucking take it hard baby...”

I gripped her hips hard and drove into her, just as fast and hard as Ari requested. We were in a frenzy now, to the point where I was pretty sure her head board had to have made dents in her wall. My hands went from her hips to her cuffed hands, holding her at the wrists with both hands as I drove fast,er harder, deeper in her ass.

“Ohh...oh fuck Bart...don't...don't cum in my ass...mmm no I wanna taste it...taste that fucking cum...oh fuck let me taste it...” he voice was in that valley between a moan and a whisper, but still had the energy of a thunderstorm behind it.

“Is that right? You want this cum?” I asked, smacking her ass. “Is it?”

“Mm hmm,” she said. “Every last drop...”

I grinned to myself and gave her everything I had. Truth be told, I wasn't too far off. I was really, really close to shooting up Ari's ass. After a few more pumps I pulled out and stood up on the bed as Ariana scrambled to her knees.

“Yeah...fucking stroke that cock...shoot that hot fucking cum right in my mouth,” she teased. “Right on this pretty little pink tongue. I won't waste a drop...I promise. I just want it....gimme...”

“Fuck...fuck ARI!!” I shouted. Stream of hot white cum shot out right on her pink tongue well as her face, splattering her beautiful face just as much her mouth. I wasn't even done shooting when she took me in her mouth completely, refusing to let any more of the precious fluid escape her lips.

I removed myself from Ariana's mouth and sat back on the bed, watching as she made a show of swallowing my load. “The keys are in the nightstand,” she said, licking her lips. “Handcuffs are fun and all, but only for short spurts.”

I quickly uncuffed her, Ari smiling a bit as she rubbed her wrists. “That was exactly what I needed, you have NO idea,” she said. “I'm going to shower.”

“Need company?”

“Nope.” she replied. “Not to be bitchy, but you just had my ass. I think I earned some solo shower time.. You can clean up in one of the guest rooms.”

“Fair enough.”

“Oh, and one more thing. Don't wait for Liz. Seriously. She might act all crazy for you one second and not remember your name the next. She doesn't mean to offend or hurt or anything. It's just how she is. So...if there's anyone else, just go for it. I can guarantee you she is. I mean I don't know for sure because she's private to the point of annoyance with her personal stuff.”

“Thanks...” I said. “Why are you telling me this?”

“I dunno,” Ari shrugged. “I figured it'd be fair to tell you if you're still looking, she's still looking and to not get hung up on it too much, you know? Not that whatever romantic stuff you had going on didn't mean anything, but...well...you know Liz. And a few months without talking is still a few months without talking.”

“Message received.”

“Good,” she said with a smile. “Ari knows best, after all. Now, if you'll excuse me, shower time.”

Ariana went to take a shower and I left the room. Ariana was right after all. Months was a long time and both Liz and I knew what we were getting into with the long distance stuff. I wasn't going to count her out, but with Hailee and now Cami coming  into my life as more than simple fuck and runs, things were getting a little bit too complicated to just sit back and wait for her to make up her mind. And she did say to not do that, rather explicitly.

As I headed to the guest bathroom to take a shower of my own, I decided to  give Camila a call after I was done. Maybe Hailee. It was a total coin toss. Then I remember in the morning I'd have to make one more call with the management of the show's next guest, Sabrina Carpenter, to see if everything was still a go.

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Re: The Perks of Being a Podcaster
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Great chapter!  The big dick energy line made me chuckle, and nice choice on the gifs!

Image Made By MaxwellLord

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Re: The Perks of Being a Podcaster
« Reply #20 on: December 14, 2018, 02:42:50 AM »
All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a single word of it occurred, nor would it.

The Perks of Being A Podcaster
(MF, MMF, Oral, Anal, DP)
by MaxwellLord
Chapter 20: Sabrina Carpenter

When it came to the holidays, there tended to be a small bit of difference to how the show operated. For some reason or another, there were almost never any filmed bits for the live shows. There was no particular rhyme or reason to it other than almost everything we recorded in December was the live shows, not a single thing done in studio.

As a result, we tended to stack those four weeks with people who's main job was to perform in front of audiences. That tended to mean comedians and musicians. The latter was one of ours guests this week, and one of my favorites for various reasons, from her attitude, her humor, and of course our far more personal relationship. The woman was, of course, Sabrina Carpenter.

The invitation for Sabrina to come on the show was always open, and our last encounter just increased the validity of that invite. We'd kept in touch. Not like super close friends or anything, but certainly a bit more than acquaintances. It was important to have that kind of relationship with your favorite guests...especially if they were off the charts beautiful and sexy women who were more than down for a good time.

Sabrina was staying in the same hotel as last time, in not only a comped room, but the best room they had in the hotel. It turns out some of the stuff that was water damaged was more than a little expensive and hard to replace. With Sabrina's star rising, they were more than happy to upgrade her. She didn't ask for that, not her style. She just wanted the comped room. That much was fair. However, if you're getting the biggest suite in the hotel four four days AND for free, why not take it?

We'd decided it'd be easier to talk about the show and her set list in her hotel room. The office was going through a tech upgrade and honestly I didn't want the distraction. Plus if anything extra-curricular happened between us again I didn't want more of a mess. Besides, I'd been in a lot of hotel rooms in my time and I knew you never turn down an opportunity to be in a  five-star suite. Especially when everything was comped.

Or at least that was the plan. Of  course, within minutes of being in that suite we were all over each other, clothes completely shed. We both still had some pent up lust and simply couldn't wait to exorcise it.

Her lips gloss was strawberry, a delicious little bit of extra sweetness on this already very sweet, not to mention sexy, sprite. Soon our clothes were totally gone, leaving her only in that strawberry lips gloss a me tasting the residue. Quicker than that Sabrina was on the bed, face down and ass up with me right behind her.

My hands were on that round peach of an ass, already going into her hungry and hard, which Sabrina was very receptive to the treatment, as signaled by her very pleased moans. Her hands gripped the sheets of her bed tight as she moaned, saying swears in the most seductive and sugary sweet voice imaginable.

“Ohhhh oh shiiit...mmm...fuck me...fuck me Bart!” she moaned, the harmony  in her voice lustful and alluring. Her back was arched, her ass accented in the most amazing was as I took her from behind. My hands caressed an massaged those cheeks before giving each on a good slap.

I leaned over, kissing Sabrina's back, shoulders an neck. My lips were in her ear, grunts coming from my mouth as I drove into her. I could here her breath deep as I hit a few deep spots within her.

I wrapped my arms around her body and pulled her up her knees, her back against my chest. My hands moved from her waste to her tits, gliding over that cute tummy and cupping them.

Her tongue snuck out, licking for my mouth mouth. Her blonde hair was matted with sweet. We weren't at it for that long but we had already built up a heavy sweat, a sheen of on our bodies.

I pulled out and spun Sabrina down, putting her one her back. Her smile was as bright as the sun, a slight giggle coming out that went into a moan as I re-entered her.

“Ooh yeah put it back put it back,” she whined. “Mmm, just like that...” she playfully bit her lower lip. Those blue eyes saying more about what she wanted than words could ever hope to...but the words were still fun to hear.

Once I was all the way back in, I leaned forward, running my hand along her legs and she wrapped them around me.

Our lips collided in hungry, sloppy kisses, licking and sucking each others tongues as our flesh collided. My other hand glided under her body, holding up her arched back as her face swooned in pleasure.

“More...more oh more...keep going,” she said in quick spurts. “Oh fuck don't stop don't stop...harder...oh fuck harder...faster...make me cum make me cummmmm....”

Watching Sabrina underneath me, writhing in pleasure as her orgasm built and built lit me up. I rose up a bit. Moving both my hands to the small of her back and lifting her slightly, her ass on my thighs.

My own breathing was heavy and deep. I was going at full blast, enjoying the complete sensory buffet. Touch, sight, hearing....all centered on this gorgeous woman.

I watched as her stomach rose and fell faster and faster, her breathing increased. Her eyes began to flutter and her moans became more intense, louder. Finely, in a wordless scream, she came, and came hard. Her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock to such a degree I was done for right in that moment.

With my own howl of pleasure I pulled out of Sabrina's heavenly pussy and shot off, no jacking required. It was a strong two, rocketing through my who body and exploding through my cock. The first shots rocketed forward, going all the way up to her facing, coating the smiling nymph. From how each rope landing on the gorgeous face made her moan, Sabrina didn't remotely mind. The last few shot up to her chest then slowed to a dribble right on her pubic hair.

I was exhausted, spent. I sat back breathing in deep while watching Sabrina in the after glow of her orgasm, running her hands over her body. When she finally gained some sense back from the realm of being dick drunk, she looked up at me, leaning up on her arms.

“So loverboy, you gonna help me with clean up or am I all on my lonesome?”

I returned the smile and climbed up her body, scooping up the cum with my fingers and bringing them to her mouth where she eagerly sucked them clean.

“So, you hungry?” she asked, licking her lips. “I mean, I'm buying...and by that I mean literally everything is on the hotel.”


It wasn't too long after were had redressed that lunch had arrived. The conversation was friendly, but mainly just business. To some folks it would seem a bit odd considering how deeply personal we had been a short while ago, but it was perfectly normal We were friends and all, but this was a business trip at the end of the day.

“Okay, so the set list you're doing is five songs, right?” I asked, looking over my production notes.

“Yeah, four originals, one cover, all acoustic.” Sabrina replied. “My fans really like the acoustic versions. That and bringing my entire tour crew would just be too crowded. Just me, a microphone and my guitarist. And I guess you guys too or something.”

“Thanks, it's always nice when the guests acknowledge that I might be of value to my own show.”

“No problem.” She laughed a little, then sat back in her seat, her robe opening a bit to show her bare tits to me. “I heard you guys had a little personnel shake-up.”

“Yeah, but the new guy is pretty good. Does the job of two guys and is happy to. It's when Logan hauls off his share that the kid gets frustrated. Understandably so.”

“Hmm,” she said, taking a moment to think. “What's his name?”

“Jimmy. Good guy. Film student. He applied for both jobs and I figured why not hire him for both. He was game.”

“He cute?” she asked, a sweet little grin on her face.

“In a nervous kind of way.” I replied. “You looking for a date, Ms. Carpenter?”

“Maybe, I don't know. A cute boy is a cute boy and a cute boy is a possibility.” She got up from her seat, the white terrycloth robe dropping to her feet, leaving her nude. She casually walked by me to the closet and started taking out clothes.  “Help me pick out an outfit? I'm thinking it's only fair after totally ravishing me.” She gave me a wink and a smile as she laid out the clothes.


After getting a little strip/fashion show from Sabrina, I headed down to the club where we setting up for the podcast. Logan and Jimmy were there getting ready, I just needed to come down and do a last run over before Sabrina came in for the first of many sound and camera checks.

When I entered and headed towards the equipment, I saw a sight that had become all too familiar lately and that was the site of Jimmy not just doing his work, but also Logan's.

“Let me guess,” I said, startling Jimmy with my sudden appearance. “Logan said you should do his job as well because it'd be a good learning experience for someone who wants to be in entertainment then headed back to the office for some 'administrative work'.”

“Kinda.” replied Jimmy. “He went to the green room with a blunt.”

“Okay, Jimmy, I love how you're a hard worker. It'[s what you need to be in this biz. Btut you also need a spine. Next time Logan tries to pawn his stuff off on you, tell him to fuck off. And if he gives you guff, call me about it and I'll tell him to fuck off.”

“Okay, sure thing Bart.”

“Good. Now, anything important to tell me before you get back to your work and I drag Logan back out to actually do his?”

“Um, more of a question really.”


“When does she get here...you know...um...Sabrina?”

“About forty-five minutes,” I said. “Why?” I asked this knowing full well. The moment he knew Sabrina was going to be on the show, he started asking about when she'd be on the show, what she'd been doing, all with a certain look on his face and tone in his voice. My man was crushing and crushing hard. It was both kinda cute and kind of hilarious. Which of course meant I loved to rib him about it. I just needed an opportunity.

“Um...just wanna know where she's gonna be so I can get a good look at her...you know, for..um..the camera placement and the mics and stuff.”

“Yeah, sure that's all,” I said, getting a nervous laugh from him. “Look, she'll be walking right through that door with a guitarist and probably like her manager. You have questions, you can talk to them. She won't bite. At worst she'll smile at you and make you stutter.”


“Yeah, like that.” I laughed. “Look, just chill, if you need anything I'll be making sure Logan doesn't dodge anymore work.”

I left Jimmy to his nervous jitters over his celebrity crush and made my way to the green room. Predictably, Logan was out like a light. I knew it was fruitless, but I still tried to shake him awake.  With that being a failure, I resigned myself to cover for him.

I was about to head out when my phone started to ring. The moment I saw who was on the other line.

“Camila Mendes,” I said. “To what do I owe this honor?”

“Boredom and a rainy set.” she replied. “Got me thinking of fun I could be having.”

“Glad to know I was the first thing you thought of.”

“Who said that?” she asked. I couldn't help but chuckle as I envisioned the smile on her face. “So, what are you up to? Entertain me.”

“Well, sorry to disappoint you, but I'm just prepping for a show and realizing I have to cover for Logan because he smoked himself into a mini-coma.”

“Oh, poor baby,” she teased. “Well, I might have something that could pick you up from those doldrums.”

“You're in my apartment in a sexy maid outfit, waiting with baited breath for my eventual arrival?”

“Please, if I was in town you'd have called in sick and bed ridden. Only the latter would be true. I'd have tied you down until I was done with you.”

“Okay then...and thanks for the visual. So what do you have for me?”

“Just the recommendation that you keep your February free.”

“I think that can be arranged. I'll make sure no one is sleeping on the couch.”

“Well I'm sure we'll find a use for the couch but let's not get ahead of ourselves. But, since you're working we'll talk later. Bye now.”

Well, my February seemed planned out for me. Just like January was when Hailee had called me last week. And still no word from Liz. Which at this point was the norm. I was ready to give up attempting to contact her. But instead of dwell on my worries, I decided to go out and do Logan's job for him.

Of course when I got out there the first image I saw was Jimmy and Sabrina in conversation. She was laughing, giggling, making him the center of attention while he was totally flustered like a schoolboy talking to his crush.

I let him squirm a little bit before coming in for the save. Though the closer I got though, it appeared that Jimmy needed less and less saving. The flirtation seemed to be mutual. That or Sabrina was just humoring him. Knowing Sabrina like I did though, she wasn't that kind of girl.

“Well, looks like I don't need to make an introduction,” I said, momentarily breaking up the two's discussion. “I see you've met our newbie.”

“And he's delightful,” Sabrina said, making him blush a bit. “Definite upgrade. And apparently doing the work of three he tells me.”

“Regrettably, he's right on.” I replied. “And about that Jim, I'd have gotten to Logan to do his work but he's passed out, so I'll pick up the slack, or whatever's left.”

“Thanks man,” Jimmy said. “I mean I got to most of it so Sabrina is ready for soundcheck and the cameras are ready for a test run.”

“Well I think that's a cue if I ever heard one,” Sabrina said. She signaled for her guitarist to join her on stage. Jim couldn't take his eyes off of her, watching her get in position on stage. He slipped on the head phones and was ready to listen. My eyes were on the monitors, making sure every single camera possible. We may not have had any pre-taped sketches for this episode but we definitely wanted videos of Sabrina's performances. It was good promotion for both parties and the hits our YouTube page would get would be through the roof.

The soundcheck was perfection, everything went off perfectly. From Sabrina's performance to the test recording, it was all great. As far as I was concerned we were ready to go.

Sabrina got off stage and joined Jimmy and myself, smiling wide and beaming with pride. “So, I'm thinking that kicked a lot of butt,” she said.

“I certainly can't disagree,” I said. And everything Jimmy set up worked perfectly as well. So perfectly he's getting a bonus for the extra work he had to put in.”

“Wow, that's awesome,” said Jimmy.

“I think we all deserve some kind of reward,” added Sabrina. “So how about dinner on me? And by that, I mean on the hotel as they're paying for everything. The three of us in my suite. No Logan though. You snooze you lose. How's that sound?”

“Sounds great to me.” I got a quick look into Sabrina's eyes. They told me everything they needed to about what she was actually planning, and I was in.

“You sure that's cool?” Jimmy asked. “You know...all of us in your room?”

“Well I hope it's okay otherwise I'm in trouble with myself.” Sabrina reached over and grabbed Jimmy's arm, making sure he looked her in the eyes. “Come on...it'll be fun.”

“Um..yeah, sure.”

“Great! Bart here will drive us over and that's that. I just need to grab  my stuff and I'll meet you guys outside.”

Jimmy was on cloud nine at the mere suggestion of spending some personal, non-work related time with Sabrina. I don't think he knew how personal things were likely to get, but why spoil the surprise?

I had barely turned the key in the ignition when Sabrina showed up with her bag, ready to get to her own little after party.

The drive over was pleasant, though I did take a backseat to Sabrina and Jimmy getting to know each other. The two talked a lot. I was seeing a connection being formed and it was kinda sweet, not gonna lie.  It almost made me feel like a third wheel until Sabrina gave me a quick look in the rear-view mirror that told me my presence as pretty much mandatory for whatever she had planned.

We pulled up to the hotel and the two got out. Sabrina handed me a room key. “Go park,” she said. “Use this to get back up with no security hassles. Me and Jimmy...we'll get the party started.”

“Just what are you planning Ms. Carpenter?”

“Oh, nothing but the best of fun,” she grinned. “That's all I'll say.  Surprises are fun, huh?”

Needless to say, I parked the car as quick as I could and made my way to her room in a similar fashion. Still, all in all it took a bit longer than I liked, about fifteen minutes is all. But still, what could I have missed in fifteen minutes?

When I opened the door I got my answer. There Sabrina was on the couch, her tight jeans in pile on the floor alongside the rest of her clothes and Jimmy's head between her legs, happily eating out the girl of his dreams while Sabrina herself was loving every second of it, soft moans and deep breaths filling the room.

She opened her blue eyes and got site of me, a full lustful smile crossing her face. The plan was hatched. With Jimmy busy, she waved me over with her finger, come hither radiating from every movement.

I unzipped my pants and made my way to the side of the couch. The way Sabrina was leaning back under Jimmy's treatment, her head was just level with my cock. She gave me a quick smile before leaning her head ever so slightly to take my cock in her mouth.

My sudden moan from being inside that amazing mouth combined with Sabrina's now muffled moan was enough to to snap Jimmy out of his activity.

“Oh shit!” he said, falling backwards. “What...what's...”

“Settle down,” Sabrina said. Her voice was sweet, reassuring. As was her hand, which was pumping me as her mouth was now being used for another purpose. “Just a little after party, remember?”

“But..you know..I...”

“Look, Jimmy,” I said. “No one is forcing you to stay. If you're that weirded out, then go, no problem. But...I think our guest here is going to be disappointed.”

“Very.” Sabrina added. She turned her charm up to eleven on Jimmy. Before she opened her mouth I knew she had him. “I like you Jimmy...don't you like me? Come on...have some fun. I promise you'll have a night you'l never forget...”

Jimmy deliberated on this a bit longer than I expected, at least three seconds before succumbing to Sabrina's charms like  any sane man wood. The blonde nymph giggled and slid off the couch to her knees. “Well boys, it would seem you two are overdressed,” she said.”Strip. Now.”

The decision to do that was a quick one for both Jimmy and myself. We stripped down and took point on either side of Sabrina. The petite vixen looked up at both of us, eagerness in her smile and behind those baby blues.

“Who first?” she asked, playing with both our cocks. “See, Bart here had his fun interrupted...but Jimmy on the other hand, we haven't had fun together yet....what a dilemma....”

“How about Jimmy gets some love first?” I suggested. “I mean, I think ti's only fair. To ease him into it and all.”

“Fine by me,” Sabrina grinned. Her hand began to pump my cock while her attention got focused on him. “This is gonna be so much fun Jimmy, promise.”

Jimmy was stunned silent as Sabrina started. Her mouth wasn't even on him yet. If it had, he'd have been over on the spot. Instead she gently teased him with her hand. Not even grasping his cock, she moved her palm up and down his rod, even lightly tracing her nails softly along the skin.

“This is a really nice cock Jimmy,” Sabrina said. “Not just saying that. I mean, I haven't seen a ton of them, but those I have seen...this one stands out.  But it looks like its about to burst...little bit too excited. Am I making you nervous?”

“A little.” he replied, gulping in an almost comically way.

“Don't be. Not at me. I'm not gonna bite. I don't think that'd be too welcome with what I'm planning. So, how about this, I suck your cock, and if you get too close, just tell me and we'll slow it down, okay?”

He nodded and Sabrina gave him a reassuring wink. She moved her mouth to his dick, placing a soft, tender kiss on the tip before parting her lips and taking him in her mouth. Jimmy shuddered the moment that happened, his eyes torn between looking at her slowly take his cock in her mouth and shutting them tight from the pleasure.

Myself? I was having a good time watching and getting a somewhat absent-minded handjob.  She was being soft and sweet with him, or as soft and sweet as a blowjob could get.

Sabrina took him to the root, but didn't hold him there. She seemed to know better than that. Jimmy definitely would have lost it then. Instead she removed her mouth completely, kssing from base to to tip, a combination of quick peck and deep and loving.

Her hands massaged and teased his balls, each masterful touch making him shiver just a little. It was quite a hot sight to see, made even more so due to that face Sabrina was just not breaking eye contact with him. Made me wish I had a better view, but I knew those eyes pretty well. The look had to be what Sabrina herself was, the ultimate mix of sugar and spice.

Still, it couldn't last forever, nor was it meant to. Jimmy was on course to pop like a balloon and Sabrina didn't want that just yet. She pulled off his cock just as he was hitting that edge.

“Take a breather,” she said, then turned to me. “You on the other hand...I'm pretty familiar with what you can handle.”

“Do your worst.”

“Oh, I can't do that,” she said. “I want this to last.”

Her mouth went to my balls first while her fist pumped my cock in earnest. Her tongue rolled over each orb before popping them out of her mouth. She wasn't going to be satisfied until they were coated in her saliva and my knees were well on they way to jelly.

The moment at least one of those was accomplished, her mouth moved up to my cock. She licked from tip to base and back again all while her nails lightly raked my thighs. Every wince, every deep breath I took made her smile that naughty smile.

Sabrina wrapped those lovely lips around the head of my cock, sucking and twirling her tongue around the crown while her hand pump and wrung my cock.

“Oooh shit Sabrina,” I moaned. My hands began to run through her blonde hair when she pulled off for a quick moment.

“Nuh uh,” she said. “Hands behind your back...right now I'm doing all the work.”

I let out a little laugh and put my hand behind my back as she asked.

“Good boy. Now...where were we?” She brought her mouth back to my cock and picked up right where she left off. Where as with Jimmy, she felt the need to hold back, there was no need with me. Not that she was going full blast. I mean with a beautiful woman like Sabrina that'd finish me off as well. Instead, it was more of not trying to keep me from going off too soon. I could savor every little thing she was doing without being in shock.

And she was doing quite a bit. Every touch of her singers, every slither of her tongue, the suction of her mouth, she knew what she was doing and was more than happy to show it off with a look that screamed she knew exactly what she was doing and loved every second of it.

She pulled back yet again. Sabrina extended her tongue, at first flicking it on the head before moving to the underside of the crown where she licked it furiously. If she kept doing that, I was done for. Fortunately, and a bit unfortunately for me, she stopped. Her work in this arena was done.

Sabrina got to her feet and looked us both over. She pressed her index finger to her lips, playfully in the middle of a decision. “Now, to be fair Jimmy should go first in my pussy, but I son't think he's recovered enough just yet...so looks like you've got the first ride, Bart. But don't worry Jimmy, you're not left out. Now, Bart...couch.”

I nodded and took my seat. Sabrina made the short walk to me, sashaying all the way. She turned her back to me, flashing a look at Jimmy I assumed as she sank down on my cock.

“Ooh fuck yess,” she hissed. She sat back on me, savoring my cock filling her pussy to the hilt. My hand roamed from her tits, over her stomach to her hips, grasping them just on the cusp of her booty as she began to ride me.

“Yeah...oh fuck ride it Sabrina...oh fuck ride that cock...” I began kissing her neck and back, her moans music to my ears the more she got into the action. Still, Sabrina wasn't so lost in pleasure that she forgot the two of us weren't alone in the room.

“Jimmy,” she said between moans. “I...I wanna suck you while he fuck me...that..unng...that sound good to you?”

Jimmy seemed to be past verbal communication at this point, and frankly I couldn't blame him. Instead, he scrambled on to the couch, standing as Sabrina took his cock in her mouth with a smile.

And there she was, Sabrina Carpenter with a cock in her mouth and her pussy and having the time of her life.  Myself and Jimmy weren't doing too bad either. My grip on her hips tightened as I began to thrust into her, gritting my teeth and I drove into her hot tightness.

“Oooooh fuck right there,” she said, letting Jimmy's cock fall from her mouth for a second. It wasn't too long though, She didn't even have to say it, he went right back to her mouth. It was pretty damn perfect. I didn't know Sabrina had this in her. And she still wasn't done.

I kissed her neck and shoulder, tasting her before moving my lips to her ear, grunting and moaning in her ears as she ground on me, her body moving in a wave, undulating in perfect rhythm with the thrusts.

Her moans seemed even more erotic with her mouth full, though sometimes they got so intense Jimmy dropped right out of her mouth. Sabrina was smack dab in the middle of paradise, but ti was time for a shift in the oasis.

“Jimmy's turn,” she said, gulping in a breath. She got up from me and I got up from the couch, switching places with Jimmy, who sat, a big grin on his face as he waited for Sabrina to take her seat.

This time she rode him face to face, a a true treat for a guy who'd obviously been enamored by that gorgeous face from afar for a while. I stood off to the side, my cock awaiting Sabrina's mouth..

Soon Sabrina's ride with Jimmy began. It was much quicker than we had started, Sabrina being far more in control than she was with me. Her eyes were delivering a gaze that was burrowing directly into his soul while she wasted no time in riding him hard. It was a sight to behold. But I wanted to be more than just an audience member, and Sabrina was more than aware of that.

I brought my cock to her lips and she dutifully opened her mouth, taking me in and sucking her own juices right off my cock. It was the best head she'd given, but considering she was pretty much on a bucking bronco, that was easily forgiven and truth be told a quick break was just what I needed.

Jimmy was visibly in heaven, in a world where his every dream was coming true in the moment. He couldn't form words with any level of comprehension, but knew what he wanted to do. From slapping Sabrina's truly amazing ass to pulling her close, his lips pressing against her tits.

And Sabrina, she was enjoying it all, not quite lost in the lust but rather enjoying the sensations, still in charge. “Oooh I love your cock Jimmy...mmm I knew it was good...so good....” She was getting a kick out turning him on. Hell, the both of us.

 And that's when those blue eyes turned to me. “You know, I do have another entrance that could use some attention,” she said.

“Whoa...you serious?” I asked.

“Very...I want it...both of you...nnnnngggyeah...same time....”

I hopped on the couch and got behind her, looking lustfully at her butt as I stroked my well lubed cock, coated in Sabrina's saliva and juices. “Jimmy, stop for a few...just stay still.”

“S-sure,” he said, I'm guessing only vaguely coherent as to what was going on.

I moved forward, my cock right at her back door. I kissed Sabrina's shoulder. “You ready?”

“Yes...mmm fuck my ass Bart...both of you fuck me...” I planted a kiss on her lips the slowly pushed forward. Sabrina hissed, her eyes shut tight and her hand gripping the cushion Jimmy was leaning tight.

“That's it baby...taking it slow,” I said, rubbing her shoulder.  Slowly, inch by inch I worked my dick inside her asshole, made extra tight from the cock occupying the other real estate. “You're doing so good right now...so sexy too, you know that Sabs? Doing so good baby...isn't she Jimmy?”

“Yes...oh fuck yes she is,” Jimmy agreed. He reached up, gently grabbing Sabrina's face and bringing it to look at him. “You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.”

That certainly took her mind off everything for a moment. Sabrina moved down and kissed Jimmy deep while I worked a bit more inside her.

“Stay still Jim...but move your hand to her clit,” I directed. “Rub it for her...make her feel good until she's ready for the whole thing.”

Jimmy started doing so and got an immediate reaction from Sabrina, the blonde pixie eliciting a slow moan. Then she began to move herself. She was ready. My hand took a gentle grip on her ass and I began to built up a slow pace, Jimmy following suit.

It wasn't oo long until we were all in a good rhythm and having the time of our lives, Sabrina loving every second of this new experience.

“Oh fuck...so fucking tight!” she yelled, her voice trailing off into a dick drunk fit of laughter. “Shit I didn't think I 'd like it this much...oh shit it's so fucking tight and feels so good!”

“Nothing but the best for Sabrina,” I said, kissing her neck. “So damn hot...mmm fuck baby so good....ohhh Sabrina....”

Jimmy was once again beyond words, and probably had the right ideas. For this, there were no words, only the feeling, and I had an idea.

“Jimmy, hold her tight,” I said. “And you're gonna love this, Sabrina.” Together we lifted Sabrina up. I had to slip out of her ass to do it, but that was only momentary. Jimmy held her close and I got behind her again, putting my cock right back up her ass. Now, gravity had joined the party, helping the blonde vixen go even deeper on our cocks.

“Holy shit that's deep!” said Sabrina. “Oh wow...fucking wow...oh shit boys don't stop...don't even fucking think about stopping!”

Stopping was the furthest thing from my mind and I could confidently say the same for Jimmy. His arms hooked under hers knees, holding her up at the legs while I had her waist. Sabrina's own arms were wrapped around Jimmy. We were a machine at that point. But still, standing like that was a bit of a work out.

“Switch it up?” I suggested, nibbling on her ear.

“Mmmm sounds perfect.” she replied. Jimmy and I both pullout out of her.  Jimmy say back down on the couch and Sabrina followed, her back to him this time as she slowly sank her ass down on his cock, moaning as every inch sunk into her.

Once Jimmy was all the way in, it was my turn. I approached Sabrina, staring at that gorgeous face adorned with that confident and sexy smile.

“Mmm yes Bart...stick that cock in me...fuck me...fuck me till I cum...”

“You got it,” I said, kissed her as I slid my cock back in her pussy and feeling her moaning in my mouth. The kiss soon broke, but the gaze never did. We mouthed dirty words to each other, forehead to forehead as I drove into her in rhythm with Jimmy up her ass. It was one of the single hottest experiences of my life and I'd bet the same for Jimmy. As for Sabrina, it was all over he face...and body and voice.The new sensations combined with the old had taken its toll on Sabrina, and she was gleefully on the path to an intense orgasm.

“Yeah...oh fuck me..oh...oh...OHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!”

Those beautiful blues rolled back in their sockets as Sabrina came harder than even she expected from the looks of it, but I could certainly feel the effect as he pussy spasmed around me. It was a small miracle I was able to ride it out and even a bigger one that Jimmy seemed to.

Sabrina though seemed all to aware that while close, neither of us had popped in her.

“Pull out,” she said, he voice a bit loopy and sing-songy. “Pull out and cum all over my face....all over it.”

I did just that, knowing I wouldn't the stamina for words. The moment I was out, Sabrina got off of Jimmy and back to her knees. Once again, Jimmy and I were one either side of her, only this time ready to burst with this sex-dazed sprite on her knees with an open mouth ready to receive it all.

I couldn't say who came first and it didn't matter. Soon we were both moaning out Sabrina's name and covering her face. I don't even know how long t took but by the time I was focused enough to really pay attention Sabrina's beautiful face was utterly coated in our cum.

“Wow,' Sabrina said. “That's a lot of cum....holy cow.”

“Sorry about that,” Jimmy said.

“OH, don't be. You're gonna help to clean up, after all.”

“We are?” I asked.

“No...Jimmy is.” Sabrina replied. “I think...I think this is going to be a more private party ow...you don't mind do you?”

“Not at all,” I said. “As long as you both make it to the show tomorrow.”

“OH definitely. I mean, you're my ride and his boss. I'll make sure he gets a good night's rest. Sabrina blew me a kiss then headed to her bathroom, Jimmy following her.

“Don't worry Jimmy, I'll take care of the face,” I heard her say before closing the door. “You just handle my back and those other hard to reach places.”


I slept like a baby after getting home and woke up energetic beyond belief. A rarity for me. I was just about to prepare lunch when I got a text from Sabrina offering to buy it for me. I took her up on the offer.

When I got to the hotel, there she was. Solo this time, Jimmy having presumably left long before I showed up.

“So, what do you feel like?” I asked.

“Pizza,” she said. “Thick crust. Spicy. And big..BIG. I'm always hungry after good sex and I feel like I could go through a buffet at this point.”

“Pizza it is,” I said. “So, you and Jimmy have fun after I left.”

“Big time,” Sabrina giggled. “Can't wait to see him again, honestly.”

“Is this gonna be a thing?”

“Could be...why, jealous?”

“Nah, no offense but I don't think that's what either of us were looking for with each other. Besides, it's hard enough juggling three women. Four would just be tacky.”

“Good point,” she said, smiling. “But still...might be nice to give you a nice little goodbye.”

Before I could even ask what she was talking about, Sabrina had already unzipped my fly and fished my cock out.

“Keep driving,” she said. “Still hungry...this is just a little fun before I attempt monogamy.”

“Nnnng fuck!” I yelled as she took me in her mouth. Sabrina wasted no time. This wasn't a sensual and soft blowjob. NO teasing, no slowly bringing me to the edge. This was fast, furious and fun.

In moment I was rock hard and throbbing in her mouth, one hand on the wheel and the other holding back her blonde hair as those gorgeous lips worked my cock over. I wasn't going to last nor was I expected to. So with that worry out of the way, I just enjoyed myself.

Faster and more intense, Sabrina kept going and going, the tongue that had slowly slithered over my the night before becoming a savage tornado of pleasure, every stroke, every suck pushing me further and further until...

“Oh fuck I'm cumming!” I said, only making Sabrina increase her treatment, pulling her lips back to the head and pumping me rapidly with her first as rope after rope of cum shot into her mouth. The tight seal her lips made refused to let a drop leak out as she swallowed every drop down until the tape was dry and I'd gone soft.

When she was satisfied I was done, Sabrina got back to a normal sitting position, a cheeky smile on her face as she wiped her list. “So, we there yet?”

“Pretty close...ran a few red lights but it was so worth it.”

“Nice,” she laughed. “You really don't mine the whole thing with me and Jimmy? If it is indeed going to be a thing I mean.”

“Nope. We weren't dating, no strings attached. And if you two like each other, I got no reason to stand in the way.

“Great,” she said, planting a quick peck on my cheek. “As for you though, if I may...maybe whittle down those three girls to, I don't know, maybe one? One's a good number. I mean I'm kind of fresh to this whole mature adult relationship thing but I think that's the most correct and traditional number. And yes, totally aware of the weirdness of saying that the day after a threesome.”

“Well, it's good that you're aware, and yeah, I know, this isn't exactly a fun thing to go through...except for when it is...which honestly happens sometimes. It's all very confusing.”

“Yeah...you know what's simple though?” she asked? “Pizza. Still hungry. Move, Jeeves.”

“Yes ma'am,” I said. It was going to be a nice, casual distraction from the juggling problem. That and I had to admit I was curious about Sabrina and Jimmy, and where that might go. Probably wouldn't be as simple as the pizza we were going to get.

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Re: The Perks of Being a Podcaster
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Another great instalment!

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Re: The Perks of Being a Podcaster
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Nicely done. Not really into Sabrina, but I like reading your work.  ;)

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Re: The Perks of Being a Podcaster
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All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred, nor would it.

The Perks of Being A Podcaster
by MaxwellLord
(MF, Oral, Cons)
Chapter 21: Elizabeth Gillies

It was Christmas time and I was just finishing up my usual Christmas routine. Where as my parents were flying off somewhere for their Christmas, they instead sent me a check for the amount of money it would have cost to buy me a ticket and hotel room. The price of being deathly afraid of flying.

Not that they didn't want me to go, they just thought the money was easier than me getting on a plane and getting blitzed on airplane bottles of Jack just to not be pissing my pants out of fear.

So, with a decent chunk of change in my pocket, I did what I always did. I overloaded on video games and movies. Because that's what adults do.

I was returning from from a shopping trip spending this cash when I stopped dead in my tracks. There was Liz, whom I hadn't seen or heard from in months, standing right in front of my doorway. She had a Santa hat on and trenchcoat, her hands in the pockets.

"Hey there," she said, her smile as sexy as ever.

"Hi," I said, very unsure of what was going on. "So, what brings you by?"

"Nothing...just wanted to say Merry Christmas." She dropped the coat, revealing the sexiest damn Santa suit underneath I'd ever seen, complete with thigh high black boots. From there, she almost jumped  me, pressing her full lips to mine in a deep kiss. "Now fuck me."

The door was opened and shut in a flash. Liz had jumped on me, my arms wrapping around her. My hands roamed under her Santa-themed skirt, the white faux fur slightly tickling my wrist as the went to her ass. No panties. My hands went further, their final location making her moan into my mouth.

A few more chaotic steps led us to the hallway that led to my bedroom. I pinned her to the wall, both of us breathing deeply.

Liz gave me a hungry stare, her tongue hooking her lips, waiting as I reached between us, unzipping my pants and letting my cock free.

“Do it,” she said, the words like music from her crimson lips. “Fuck me...fuck me, Bart.”

Wordlessly I thrust inside her, Liz leaning her head back against the wall for a moment, then once more locked eyes on mine. Her lips formed a sneer as my pace quickly built up. Months of pent up lust was about tobe set free and we were moth ready for every moment of it.

Are breathing was deep and ragged, a hunger in every sound. But only so much could be done against a wall...besides, my bed wasn't that far away. I pulled Liz tightly to me and walked her, clumsily at best with my pants now down my ankles, to my door. It was open, thankfully, because I was ready to kick it down if need be.

Once we were in my clumsiness inevitably too over. Fortunately, we tumbled on the bed, me on my back and Liz on top. She was already straddled, ready to take control...and that's when she got up.

“Stay put,” she said, climbing off of me and and bringing the lights on to a very sensual dimmed tone. She then crawled back onto the bed, working her way between my legs before wrapping those lips around my cock.

“Oooh shit...” I moaned, my hands instinctively darting for her head, knocking the Santa hat off as Liz worked her magic. He gloved hand clasped my cock, pumping whatever part of it were not in her mouth at any given time. The feel of the vinyl was unique, not one I'd actually experienced before, but not at all bad.

I fought against my eyes to look at hers, though the pleasure forced them shut sometimes. Resisting the temptation to thrust into her face was a war as well. My body wanted it, but also didn't want to even think of stopping the near surgical precision pleasure that Liz's tongue was providing.

She rose straight up to her knees for a  moment to remove her fuzzy red and white top, showing off those truly amazing tits once more, and they were, as always, a perfect sight to behold.

Her lips pursed, and her eyebrow rose as she noticed my admiration. Liz licked her lips and scooted up just a bit before lowering back down, wrapping those tits around my cock and pumping.

“Fuck my titties...fuck them...I know you love 'em...and let's be honest, who could blame you?” she teased, seduction with a touch of authority in her tone.

“God damn it Liz...oh fuck..”

“Yeah, I bet it feels so good doesn't it...look at you moaning, writhing...mmmm fuck you're making me even wetter....” she spit on my cock and began going faster, giggling a bit as she drove me crazier and crazier.

“But don't cum...no...not yet...you can last for me, can't you?” asked Liz, a bit of heaven sliding into to her sinfully seductive voice.

“Gonna be kind of difficult if you keep going like that,” I said honestly.

“Fair enough,” she said. She backed off, but not before placing a kiss right on the tip of my cock. She got off the bed once more, now losing the skirt. She was about to go for the boots when I stopped her.

“Keep 'em on,” I said.  “And the gloves.”

“Sure thing,” she said with a smile. She reached for my pants and yanked them the rest of the way off and I shed my shirt and jacket. Liz then returned to bed, slowly crawling up my body, my hard cock running along her skin until we were face to face.

Our lips met once more as she reached between us and sunk down on my cock, both of us moaning with smiles on our faces as my cock was re-sheathed.

“Mmm, you're really gonna fuck me now, huh?”

“Almost.” I replied before  rolling over on top of her.  “Now I will.” And I  did just that, driving into her, continuing my previous quick pace, just the Christmas wish we both wanted granted.

Her legs wrapped even tight around me, her arms pulled me closer as my hands and mouth went to her tits. Holding them, squeezing them, almost worshiping them as we fucked. All things Liz was clearly enjoying and craving more and more of.

One last taste of her flesh and I rose, kneeling as I thrust into her. Her legs wrapped around me, a seductive look on her face s I gazed down at her. My hand went from her breast to her lips and Liz hungrily sucked on my fingers, a soft moan on them with every stroke inside her pussy.

My hands then drifted from her front to her back, gliding down it until they were at her shapely rump squeezing it before slightly pull her up. We were eye to eye once again, Liz leaning back as I thrust up into her, her moans mixing with sensual words of encouragement.

Everything about her in the moment was hypnotizing. How her breasts jiggled and bounced with every thrust, the movements of her stomach as she breathed, the look on her face as pleasure rode through her body, both achingly close but oh so far from that final release.

She was well on that road...and that's why I decided to change things up again. I pulled out of her and moved away slightly. “On your stomach,” I said, breathing deeply.

“Sure she said, he look smoldering. She made a show of getting on all fours first, shaking her ass, showing off that glistening pussy before reclining down prone.

I move down her legs, starting at her ankles and kissing and licking my way up those perfectly shaped stems. Ankle to calf, calf to thigh, thigh to ass where I admittedly took a few extra moments to admire before moving up her back until I was at her neck.

“You are so fucking beautiful,” I whispered in her ear before re-entering her cunt. I was a bit slower this time, the change of pace appreciated by what was coming out of Liz's mouth, her deep, seductive moans and purrs like gasoline on a fire. I worked my hips with every thrust, driving my self deeper and moving to get every inch of her I could.

My breath was hot in her ear, my moans growing in intensity with every thrust. The tempo slowly built up again, Liz went from prone to all fours. She wrapped her gloved hands around my headboard, bracing herself as I went full blast.

“FUCK just like that Bart!” she cried. “Oh fuck baby don't stop...don't ever fucking stop...fuck fuck FUUUUCK!”

“OH fuck...oh Liz...fuck baby I'm so close!” I pulled her up,her back to my chest and was getting ready for the homestretch. We were both well past the point of no return.

She turned her face to mine, her arm reaching behind her to pull my face close. Our eyes met, utter pleasure radiating her deep blue eyes.

“Cum in me,” she said, hungry desperation in her voice. “Make me cum and cum in me baby...oh fuck do it...do it...do it FUUUCK I'M CUMMING!!!”

The moment I felt her pussy clamp down and spasm on my dick, I was down for. Were were in a sloppy, hungry kiss a I filled her up with my hot white cum, thrusting wildly until I was spent.

We both fell forward, totally drained of energy. I slid out of her and her head rested on my chest.

Liz saying “Merry Christmas.” was the last thing I heard before drifting off to sleep.

When I awoke the next morning Liz was in the rest room, gloves and boots now shed and replaced with a white cotton towel  as she was fresh from the shower.

“Morning,” I said.

“A very good morning, actually,” she said. She exited the bathroom and took a seat on the bed, giving me a surprisingly deep good morning kiss. “Hope you liked the present.”

“Very much.” I replied. “You sticking around for more?”

“No,” she said, a hint of sadness in her voice. “That's kind of the other half of this conversation.”

“Why do I think I'm not going to like what you're going to say?”

“We can't keep doing this,” she said. “I care about you Bart, a lot. But this? I mean...months. Months without talking to each other. And yes, I know that's on me. And I'm sorry about that. But I think...I really think that we shouldn't keep doing this unless we both can fully commit. And I can't right now.”

“Liz, come on...”

“I'm serious. I don't like it but..but it makes sense. I thought it'd be best to break the news to you with sex. Good way to say goodbye.” Her hand grabbed mine, clasping it softly. “This isn't me dumping you. Don't take it that way. It's just the right choice for right now.”

“Is that really how you feel?”

“Yes,” she nodded. “Don't hate me.”

I leaned over and kissed her, caressing her face. “I don't think I ever could.” There was a smile silence between us, neither knowing quite what to say. “So...does this mean we're done? Like, even trying to be a couple?”

“For now...yeah.” She kissed me on the cheek one more time, then reached for a bag. “Brought my clothes in while you were out. I...I actually have a plane to catch. Home for the holidays.”

“Need a ride?”

“No, I'll get a cab or something,” she said, regret hanging in the air.

We made small talk as she got dressed, ignoring the elephant that had just been unleashed. We kissed each other goodbye and just as quickly as she'd appeared the previous night she was gone, maybe for the last time.

Yeah, things had gotten a lot simpler. I wasn't juggling three women anymore.  Can't say I was too happy about how it went down though.

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Re: The Perks of Being a Podcaster
« Reply #24 on: December 25, 2018, 01:54:17 AM »
Nicely done, right in time to be presented as a Christmas gift.  ;D
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Re: The Perks of Being a Podcaster
« Reply #25 on: December 25, 2018, 05:36:12 PM »
That was hot but if it is the last time why not let him have some of her ass.

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Re: The Perks of Being a Podcaster
« Reply #26 on: December 25, 2018, 05:53:36 PM »
I never said it was the last time...

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Re: The Perks of Being a Podcaster
« Reply #27 on: December 25, 2018, 06:42:49 PM »
Nice one merrry. Christmas

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Re: The Perks of Being a Podcaster
« Reply #28 on: April 15, 2019, 09:16:13 PM »
All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred, nor would it.

The Perks of Being a Podcaster
by MaxwellLord
(MF, cons)
Chapter 22: Hailee Steinfeld

It was around 2:00 on Wednesday and thing were relatively smooth. Jimmy and myself were keeping busy, especially with Logan away on his annual trip to Amsterdam. That meant that for about a month, no live shows. But content still had to be done. So I was essentially just going to do stand alone interviews with a few celebs. No video bits, all one hundred percent audio.

It was for sure a load off of Jimmy's back to just have to worry about audio editing and dropping in the ads but we still had to field a lot of calls. Book the guests, secure ads, get the ad copy. Then I had the duty of doing the interviews alone, obviously.

We honestly the system timed perfectly so by the time the first guest would come in, any work Jimmy had to do would be pretty quick and clean, leaving me all the time in the world to do a good, extended interview to make up for the lack of the visual content.

That extra time would come in very hand for the first interview we were doing n Logan's absence, and I was in my office, eagerly awaiting the guest's arrival and making sure everything was perfect.

My desk phone rang. It was Jimmy, telling my my 2:15 was here and he was clearly starstruck. That was her all right.

When I got to the front office, there she was, Hailee Steinfeld, lighting up the office with her smile. The same smile that had been cheering me up for the past few weeks. Gotta love Facetime.

"Hey baby," she said with a wink. I replied the only logical way, embracing her and placing a long, full kiss on her lips. She didn't seem to mind. At any other time,this might have been a bit too forward for either of us, but after the past couple of weeks, that was not even remotely the case anymore.

"Ummm,"Jimmy said. "So I take it you two are close?"

"You could say that," I replied, still holding her.

"So, should I split, or you need help setting up the audio?"

"Nah, I got the recording stuff.You already have the ad stuff  we did earlier right?"

"Ready to be edited in when i get the interview. And all the calls for the day are officially done. I mean the mattress ad folks said they'd call back but you know they never do until after closing....so...am I done?"

"Yeah, sure." I knew he definitely had places to be, considering the blonde sex pixie he was now dating. But hey, not like I was out int he rain either.

Jimmy quickly packed his stuff up and headed out, leaving me and Hailee alone.

"I take it he's the new guy?" she asked.

"Yep." I replied.  She softly wrapped her arms around me, pulling me closer.

“So, does that mean it's just you and me?”

“That's a big yes, Ms. Steinfeld.”

“Then by my count, we only have two options,” said Hailee. “We can do the 100% professional thing and do the interview and part ways immediately...or have all the fun we've been talking about lately and worry about work later.”

“Hmm,” I said. “Well, given there's no live show aspect I don't really HAVE to be responsible...” I held her hand and brought it to my lips, planting a kiss on it.

“Well then,I guess we better head to your private office then Mr. Curry. Get right down to business.”

If that wasn't a clear signal I didn't know what was. It seemed almost instantaneously we were in my office, Hailee closing the door behind us. I turned around and saw her smiling as she leaned against the door. The look in her eyes matched her posture, sweet and inviting.

“So Bart,” she said, smiling sweetly. Sweet, but with more than a bit of spice behind it. “Business time.”

She slid her jacket off and dropped it on the couch to her side as I made my way over. I put my hands softly but firmly on the small of her back, pulling her close to me. We kissed, deep and hungry. No need for a build up. We both wanted this bad. The two of us had been talking a lot lately, every conversation making us a bit closer. Or that's what I assumed, and from the heat of the moment, I'd say I was right.

She was still against the door as I dropped to my knees, her sweet smile mixed with tinge of something a bit hotter when I went to my knees. She kicked off her shoes and I undid her jeans, pulling them down to her ankles.

Hailee went to step out of them, but me being so impatient, I couldn't resist going for what I wanted.

“Ooooh....oh Bart....” she said, a small surprised laugh giving way to a moan. My lips pressed against her flat tummy, starting a trail of kisses down further south, stopping  right at her landing strip of pubic hair...but I wasn't close to finished.

My hands rubbed up and down the bare skin of her legs before going to her pussy. Once there, I gently ran my fingers over her aroused lips, the moistness of her pussy feeling delightful on my fingers. I did this a few times  before slowly inserting my fingers, making Hailee breathe deep.

At first my fingers were solo, index and middle working in and out of her. This was never going to do in my book and it was never meant to. It was only the beginning.

I felt her hand go to my hair, alternating between grabbing it and running her fingers through it. She also managed to step out of her jeans, parting her legs just a bit as I ate her out, allowing me to go a bit further.

IF we were in any mind to think about anything else besides how much we wanted each other, we'd both be relieved that we were alone in the office space and no one could really hear our passion. That wasn't the case. All we were concerned about was the sesnation.

I pulled back my head and stood up, locking eyes with Hailee, we kissed as I undid my pants, letting them drop so I could step out of them as she had hers. My hands grasped at the hem of her shirt pulling it up and off to join her jacket. Not too soon after.

My hands moved to Hailee's heavenly ass, massaging it a bit before gripping her by each cheek and lifting her into my arms. I kissed  and Hailee wrapped her arms around my upper back and legs my lower. I looked into those beautiful brown eyes of hers as I pinned Hailee against the wall and entered her. We both moaned and shivered in pleasure as we began to fuck.

My lips found a place at her neck, leaving nibbles and kisses on the flesh while the noises from her lips came out just as melodic as her singing. Music to my ears no matter what.

“Oooh...oh...oh Bart....mmmm just like that baby...oh yessssssss....” Her voice trailed off into pleasured coos and moans. Her nails raked  my back, digging in a bit harder with every thrust I made into her.

My hands caressed her perfectly tone legs, feeling it on my hands as well as my waste as her legs wrapped tighter around me.

“Mmmm Bart just take me....make me yours....oooh baby please make me yours....”

“Nnng...is that what you want honey?” I asked, licking at her lips. “Want to be mine?”

She nodded her head yes, a smile breaking out as she bit her lower lip. She knew exactly what she was dong and how to drive me nuts.

I lowered her to her feet and brought Hailee to my desk, bending her over. And of course, she made a show out of it, mixing cute and sexy together in a perfect way that only she knew how to do.

She arched her back in just the right way, pushing her amazing butt out perfectly. Her long brown hair was flipped over and she gave me the sexiest look she had, and even then it was laced with cute sweetness she just couldn't abandon because it was just how Hailee was. I wouldn't want her any other way.

I rubbed that firm ass, giving it a playful smack before moving close behind her.

“Oh fuck baby,” I as I re-entered. Her. And those words gave way to much more comfortable and instinctual grunts and groans from the both of us. I moved my hands up her body, skin to skin and sliding up to her breast, cupping them in my palms while I leaned forward.

“Mmmm Bart baby yes,” she whined when my longue licked the nape of her neck. I could smell smell her scent, lavender and vanilla. It was driving me wild and making me drive into her faster and hungrier. I flat out needed her and from her she was acting, the noises she was making, the feeling was mutual.

Hailee was bracing herself up on my desk with her arms. I moved one of my hands to one of hers and brought it between her legs where the two of us worked her clit together.

“Oooh fuuuck baby make me yous...ohh fuck I need it!” she yelled. “Give it to me please give it to me...nnnng fuuuuck Bart!!”

I used my free arms to hug her close to my body, utterly loving our flesh colliding even more. My lips were at her her ear. “You're so fucking beautiful baby...mmm so beautiful....I want you to cum for me honey...cum on my cock Haiz....do it baby, just let it come...fuck baby....”

I gave Hailee a few harder pumps, each one getting a happy little yelp to escape from her lips. Then she began to push back against me, letting out a sexy giggle and flashing me an intensely sexy look and smile as she did it. She was more than capable of turning up the heat on me as I was on her.

“Yif I'm gonna cum for you you have t cum for me...come baby...mmm come on gimme that dick...let's cum together Bart....oh baby cum wth me....fuuuuckkk me! Oh god fuck me!!”

After that words were useless, it was all action. Hailee leaned forward all the way, face down on my desk, proving once again why clutter free is the best way to go. My thrusts slowed down just a bit, slowly sawing in and out of her heavenly cunt, totally savoring every single moment I had with her before going in for the final rush we both needed.

Thrust by thrust, second by second we were gettng closer and closer to the finish line. I was completely entranced by Hailee, any sense of of anything else didn't matter, it was all her.  She raised herself up again and planted kisses over every stitch of her skin as I could. We were body to body once more, the sparks of our orgasms ready to start a gigantic fire.

I don't know who hit theirs first between the two of us, and frankly it didn't matter.She came on my cock, I came inside her. It was utterly amazing. I pulled Hailee close to me, holding her tight as I filled her cunt with my jizz.

I held her close, the pleasure washing over us like a rolling tide before I took us to the couch, where we both collapsed ina very happy heap. My wilted, spent cock slipped out of her and Hailee rolled over, laying against me, chest to chest.

“So,” she said in between gulps of breath.”Burgers or tacos for dinner?”


After a quick stop at the best burger place in town, we were back at my place. From the smile and spring in her step and as we made our way to the door, I had clearly made the right choice with cheeseburgers.

Before we ate Hailee went to my bedroom to change clothes. We were staying in for the night, and honestly neither of us had any plans on leaving the confines of my home for a while.

She came back out, dressed only in a white shirt that came down to her thighs. She blushed a little when she saw me looking at her, noticing the desire in my eyes.

“I take it you like?” she asked.

“Oh very much,” I said. “Peak of fashion.” She giggled, the combination of her eyes and smile absolutely melting my heart. F had any defenses left she'd have decimated them.

“So, I'm thnking take out cheeseburgers are for more of a cuddle together on the couch kind of meal, wouldn't you agree Bart?”

“I think you're spot on, Hailee.” I grabbed the food and set it on the coffee table right in front of the couch. Before sitting down, I popped open the containers of food. This of course instantly divided Hailee's attention between me and her dinner.

“Oh my GOD you got sweet potato fries!”  she exclaimed, practically jumping up on the couch in excitement. “No offense but the night might have officially peaked.”

She grabbed a handful of fires then flopped back on the couch, cuddling close to me.

“I really like this,” she said after swallowing down the last of the food. “It's...it's nice.”


“Yeah.” she replied. “Comfortable. Welcoming. Nice. Just...just being here right now.” She nuzzled closer to me and I put my arm around her, pulling her closer. “It's been really nice talking to you these past few weeks. No show or anything. No planning hook-ups. Just...talking. I really needed that. I mean it's not like I didn't have anyone else to talk to, you know? I have family, other friends...I don't know, it just felt...right talking to you I guess?”

I kissed her forehead and pulled her a little closer. “I know what you mean,” I said. “I'm really glad I called you when I did. Just felt like I needed to.”

She squeezed my hand and smiled. “I mean I know we've talked before,” she said. “But, that was always for the show, you know? Or setting up a weekend booty call. I mean yeah, we had a lot of time together but it was pretty much all sex. Really good sex, but that's it. But now...I don't know...I feel like we're just...hanging out. I mean we've had sex already today, but then there's this. Just us. And you know, really good burgers. Which is a big plus, for sure.”

“I hope it's not the last time we do this.” I replied.  And I was serious. Why wouldn't I be. It had been great just, well, talking to her. It was shortly after Liz had made her decision that right now wasn't the best time for us. I accepted it, but was still bummed. And that feeling lasted a little longer than I expected.

I actually don't even know what made me call Hailee that day, but I did. And that started us on this path. She was in the middle of a press tour for Bumblebee's international release and finishing up shooting a TV series she was the star of. All that and finishing up her debut album, and as endlessly upbeat and cheerful as she tended to be, even Hailee was feeling run down and tired. She needed someone to talk to just as much as I did. And all that led us to right here and now.

“I can guarantee that, mister.” She looked up and me and smiled, sweetly, but there was a glimmer behind it that I had seen oh so many times before. “But right now....I think we need to make the most of our time before we actually have to do the interview.”

Hailee leaned forward, closing the food containers. “Gotta keep them warm,” she said. “I'm not a fan of a cold cheeseburger.” She got up from the couch, removing the t-shirt the moment she was on her feet, leaving her totally nude.

My eyes were on her naked form as she got up and walked behind the coffee table. She bent over and pulled the table back a bit, putting a bit more space in front of my legs.  She looked at me with a smile and a wink and walked directly in front of me, slowly dropping to her knees.

She unzipped my fly and took my cock out, pumping it and smiling as it hardened in her hand.

“See, here's what I'm thinking,” she said. “We have a little fun here...” she stuck her tongue out a bit, licking the head.  “Then we eat...”  she kissed the shaft. “Then we get in bed and snuggle. There's going to be a lot of snuggling while I'm here. That okay?”

“Ohhhh yeah,” I said, Hailee's hand job making it a bit tough to form a coherent sentence. “I...I'm a big fan of snuggling...throw in some cuddling and we're gold.”

“That's what I like to hear,” said Hailee. And from there, she found another use for her mouth. I breathed deep as Hailee totally engulfed me in her mouth surprising me by taking me all the way in her throat right away. She didn't hold me there for very long however, her mouth retreating shortly after the attempt. That didn't matter too much to me. The attempt itself was amazing enough.

I reach down, caressing her cheek while she regained her breath. Our eyes met, then she kissed the palm of my hand and brought her mouth back to my cock. She didn't attempt to deep throat me this time, instead opting for something a bit slower, sweeter and more sensual.

I could feel her hum as her lips slid up and down my cock, the vibration giving a nice little edge to the proceedings.

I rolled my head back as her tongue swirled around my cock. That was soon joined by a shivers and shake when Hailee moved her mouth to just the crown, sucking hard and swirling the tongue around as fast as she could. I was in heaven. This was perfect.

Then Hailee decided to make it better than perfect. She stood up, pausing for a moment. That moment went a little longer because I rose forward, kissing her pussy. She moaned for a moment before regaining her composure.

She gave me a smile as she put her hand to my chest, gently pushing me back against the couch. Then the leggy brunette straddled me, bring her lips to mine as she lowered herself onto my hard rod.

We moaned into each other's mouth, tongue's intertwined as Hailee began to ride me. My hands were on her smooth, tone legs, caressing the lithe limbs while her hands gripped my shoulders hard, her rhythm building by the moment.

“Oh Bart...oh fuck I've been needing this for a while,” she said. “Missed you...missed this...oh fuck kiss me again...”

I answered her request, because who could resist giving Hailee Steinfeld exactly what she wanted? My lips went to her, then moved down her neck. The lower my mouth went, the tighter I pulled her body to mine.

I brought my lips to her breasts, worshiping them with kisses and licks while she gyrated on my cock. I answered by thrusting up into her. Everything was on instinct. Hailee turned up the heat, I threw gasoline on the fire.

I moved my hands down her ass, squeezing it as she leaned back, her long brown locks hanging down as I kissed her stomach and thrust into her, tasting the sweat glistening on her body.

“Oh...mmm Bart,” she whined. “I'm gonna cum...mmm baby gonna cum...I need you cum too...oh...ohhh fuck cum in me baby...let me feel it...let me feel what I did to you....oh fuck yessss....”

I held her tight once more, her brown almond eyes staring right into mine, both of us hungering, needing that last, amazing release.

Both or breathing was getting ragged, desperate, moans mixing in with every breath. My grip on her ass increased as her's did on my shoulders. I could feel her red nails digging  into the flesh of my shoulder. We were both on the verge and it was going to be a photo finish.

“Ohhh...ohhh...ohhh ffffuuuuck YES!” Haile yelled, her orgasm hitting her just as I hit mine. Right as her pussy clamped and spasmed on my cock I erupted in her, breathing heavily and groaning into her chest as I emptied every drop of my seed into her thirsty cunt.

Her forehead leaned against mine, smiles on both our faces. I was in that weird area of totally spent but somehow energetic and the look on her face told me she was in the place.

“This was definitely a good choice,” she said, giving me a quick peck on the lips that turned into a longer kiss. “I'm going to go clean up....then we feast. Gotta keep our schedule, don't we?”

She got up and began to walk towards the bathroom, but not before getting a smack on that perfect bottom from my hand, which got a giggle out of her.

As I waited for her to return, I took a bit of time to think in the afterglow. I was in a funk after the whole thing with Liz, and Hailee had gotten me out of it just by us talking, Long distance no less. Of course I didn't tell her about the Liz stuff. I didn't think it was necessary. The only thing that mattered was what appeared to be going on with Hailee.  While it was definitely a fact we were getting closer, were we going headlong into relationship territory,the exclusive kind? I honestly didn't know.

At the moment though, the only thing I was concerned about was making the most of our time together. It wouldn't be too long before I actually had to get to real work and interviewing people for the show. However, for now, it was time just to enjoy her company.

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Re: The Perks of Being a Podcaster
« Reply #29 on: April 16, 2019, 06:13:23 AM »
Great to see this series back, I'm really happy. Still looking forward to when Britney gets her day ;)
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