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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 16 Up! 01/01]
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This is just epic stuff. Great work and real joy to read.
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 16 Up! 01/01]
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Disclaimer: This a work of fiction.  It is not real.  It did not/will not happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such.

Chapter Seventeen: Out Of The Woods
Starring Taylor Swift
Codes: MF, Oral, Public


“Back to work tomorrow.”  Cole said sadly as the pair of them settled into their bed. 

“Yep.  Vacation’s over.”  Taylor replied in an equally sorrowful tone.  “My people are really pissed we that extended it.” 

“My boss is livid.”  Cole said.  “But fuck him.  That was a hell of a trip.  Wasn’t it?”

Taylor looked at him and smiled widely, “Hell yeah it was.  Really something…” She paused for a moment and said, “You don’t remember the first trip we ever took together, do you?” 
Cole thought about it, going over their many, many encounters over the years. She was watching him intently as he struggled to recall the specific instance she was referring too.  “You don’t mean that camping trip we took back when I was in college?” 
“That’s the one.”  Said Taylor, smiling back at him. 
“I’d hardly call that a vacation.  I was like an hour away from school at the time.” 
“It was still a trip.” 
Cole smiled as more of the details from that weekend floated to the surface. “We had fun and a couple of close calls on that trip.” 
Taylor laughed, “You always remember the dirtiest parts.” 
He did indeed. 


“I can’t believe you talked me into this.”  I said as the car stopped and we stepped outside into the sweltering heat. It was the middle of July in Tennessee, just outside of Nashville.  You could swim through the air, it was so humid.  The sun beat down on us mercilessly. 
“You said you needed a break.  A break from your internship.  And I need a break from touring.  Well, this is it pal.”  Taylor said.
“Yea Cole.  Come on! It’ll be fun!”  Taylor’s younger brother Austin said, who was opening the trunk to pull out our equipment. 
“Where are we exactly?”  I asked, wiping the sweat off of my forehead. 
“It’s a luxury campground!  One of my record executives has a pass for this place.  There’re spots for tents, fire pits, bathrooms and a lake down along the path there.  Suppose to be really pretty.”  Taylor said.
“I can’t wait to see it!”  Abigail said.
Taylor had brought along Abigail, her best friend from high school.  The invitation to go camping had come as a pleasant surprise.  I hadn’t heard from Taylor in a couple of months.  Not since that memorable weekend where she had come to visit me at Vanderbilt University during the last semester.  It had been the best weekend at college ever, but neither of us had ever brought up, discussed what we had done or the implications of it.  Whatever her motives, I was grateful to get off campus for a bit.  We pulled our bags out of the car and got around to setting up our tents, which took me far longer than I would have cared to admit.  As evening came, and with a it a blissful drop in temperature, we settled down to roast hotdogs, smores and drink some beer over the firepit.  It even started to get chilly as the four of us chatted, laughed and swapped stories.  The moon climbed higher and higher in the night sky.  Stars twinkled brightly as Taylor snuggled up next to me under our shared blanket.  Eventually the conversation fell by the wayside and we decided it was time to retire to our respective tents.  I stood up to make my way over to the tent Austin and I were sharing.  Taylor grabbed me and leaned into my ear to whisper.
“Maybe, if you want, you could come by tent a little later?  Keep me warm tonight?”   

She didn’t wait for my response, only walked over to her tent.  She stepped inside, gave me one last alluring look before zipping the it shut.  I stood there stupidly, mind racing and heart pounding. Shaking myself into action, I walked over to my own tent.  Austin was already nestled up in his sleeping bag.  I got into mine and laid down, staring up at the canvas ceiling, wide awake. I checked the time every few minutes, wondering whether or not I should get up and see Taylor.  Half of me thought she was just teasing.  The other half remembered her visit last semester. In the end, I chose to trust the head that was between my legs.  As the minutes crawled by, I got up, unable to wait another second.  It had only been about half an hour, but my throbbing erection couldn’t take it anymore.  I quietly unzipped my tent, closing it behind me and tiptoed over to Taylor and Abigail’s shared tent.  I leaned down and whispered into the quiet Tennessee night.  Crickets chirped loudly in the woods around us. 

“Swift?  Swift?  You there?”

She answered immediately, also in hushed tones.  “Cole! Finally!  I’ve been dying to get you in me.”

The tent quietly unzipped itself and I stepped inside with the caution of a cat burglar.  Abigail was clearly asleep, curled up in her sleeping bag, facing away from Taylor, who grabbed the front of my t-shirt and pulled me inside.  Her soft lips pressed against mine as we laid down on top of her sleeping bag, wincing slightly at every loud crinkle in the fabric.  The noise echoed horribly loudly within the confines of the tiny tent.  Abigail stirred slightly in her sleep.

“Don’t worry.”  Taylor said, pausing just long enough to remove her mouth from mine. “She’s a really heavy sleeper.” 

She threw her pouty pink lips back against mine as her tongue thrust forward into my mouth.  Our tongues wrestled as our bodies pressed against one another, each burning for the other.  Still, I had something I needed to say.  It was a full minute before I was able to dislodge my tongue from hers. 

“What is this Swift?”  I asked.  “I mean, you just tell me to come to your tent, pull me in?  And now what?  Fuck me?”

She stared at me with big blue eyes, face flushed.  “Is that so bad?  Why can’t we just make this a once and a while thing.  You know?  You make me feel good.  Like really good.  And I make you feel good, don’t I?”

Her hand moved down to my basketball shorts as she uttered those words.  She gripped the tent that was pitched there.  Whatever thoughts were in my head, flew out.  I grunted my approval and our lips locked.  She pulled my shirt up, over my head.  I pulled down her short-shorts.  Hurriedly she unzipped her sleeping bag as we both finished undressing, until we were both naked.  I stared at her.  Curly, blond hair framing her face, a pair of puffy pink erect nipples on petite breasts and her delectable shaved pussy between stunningly long legs.  Her eyes were immediately drawn to my dick, standing at attention with a thick globule of precum glistening at the head.  Wrapping ourselves around one another, we snuggled into her sleeping bag.  Each of her hard nipples poke me in the chest, even as my thick prick prodded her inner thigh.  Groans escaped from between her lips as she felt precum smear along her pale skin and she reached down a hand to grab it.

Her finger wrapped around my member and slowly, she began to jack it, moving her tight fist up and down.  My response was swift, as I felt my dick swell another inch in her grasp as our bodies grinded together. 

“Fuck Swift. This feels goods.”  I said as her lips roamed down over my neck.

“What?  You don’t have horny co-eds doing this to you every weekend?” 

“I only had one horny co-ed last semester and she was wild in the sack.”  I replied, teasing her with the idea of our last encounter. 

A look of mock shock crossed her face, mouth forming a wide perfect circle.  “Sounds like the kind of girl who rides you bareback and then blows you in the morning just to say thanks for the lay.” 

I was going to come up with my own witty retort, but she smiled wickedly, squeezing my cock tighter and jerking harder.  So instead, I reached down my own hand and moved it between her thighs.  Her wet labia parted as I slid two fingers into her velvety folds.  Abigail mumbled something in her sleep and we both froze, waiting to see if she had been awoken by our sensual rumblings.  When she didn’t stir again, we resumed devouring each other.  I sunk my two digits up to the knuckle only to draw them back out to the fingertips and stick them in again.  She stroked my cock faster, but I reached my other hand down to stop her as I positioned my cock to penetrate her wet snatch.  She felt me getting ready and nodded her approval, begging me to enter her. 

Biting down on her lower lip, my swollen cockhead pressed up against her tight pussy.  It struggled to accommodate the girth before relenting and letting me slip inside.  Her lips were pressed tight together to prevent her from screaming out.  I let out a stifled moan as I slowly filled her up with my fat prick until I was buried to the base.  Laying on our sides, faces inches from one another, I began to move my pelvis.  Her greedy cunt gripped me tight, unwilling to let me pull out and all too eager to suck me back in.  It felt unbelievable to be back inside of her again.  In my two years at Vanderbilt, I had hooked up with a couple of chicks, but none of them ever matched up to Taylor.  Soft cries slipped out from both of us as our hips gyrated and our groins ground against one another.  Our tongues were reenacting an Olympic wrestling match, darting back and forth between mouths or escaping from between sealed lips.  Balls deep in her, any movement granted her great pleasure as my member rubbed against her g-spot.

“Swift.”  I whispered, needing to audibly express the sensation I was feeling. “Holy fuck this feels good.  My god.” 

“I know.  So good.  So good!” She whispered back as her eyelids fluttered.

Our sleeping bag writhed over the floor of the tent and still Abigail slept, blissfully unaware that her best friend was getting fucked right next to her.  Taylor’s nails were gripping my back, digging into my skin as we thrashed around. Already I could feel the powerful sensation of pressure swirling around my balls.  I needed to switch positions, lest I blow too early and disappoint her.   

I whispered again, “Roll over and let me get at you from behind.”

Taylor smiled, nodding her agreement. We paused as I extracted my cock from her gushing snatch.  Rolling over so her back was too me, she pressed her bubby behind up against my fully erect cock.  She wiggled slightly as I blindly searched for her fuckhole.  She took pity after a few seconds of searching and brought a hand down to guide me.  Now from a spooning position, I began to hump her again.  A sharp intake of breath from Taylor cut through the air as she felt me fill her up.  I gradually built up speed, thrusting harder and faster.  My face was full of her sweet-smelling hair as I reached one arm around to cup one of her petite breasts.  Her hard nipple rubbed against my palm.  Losing myself, I gave a particularly deep thrust and let out a loud moan. 

Abigail stirred and I froze, my cock deeply stuck inside Taylor’s twat.   Abigail rolled over in her sleeping bag, eyes still closed, and breathing deeply.  All appearances indicated she was still sound asleep.  Now face to face with her best friend, I began to thrust in and out of Taylor again. Her face was literally inches from Abigail’s as I gingerly placed one hand over her mouth to further stifle any noise.  For her part, she reached around and placed one hand firmly on my ass, squeezing a cheek, urging me to plunge deeper into her.  I happily complied as our sweaty bodies, smacked together, my pelvis banging into her perky behind.  Taylor was getting louder, she just couldn’t help herself.  The sounds of muffled moaning audible even through the hand clamped over her mouth.  I was close now, thrusting harder and harder.  The sleeping bag threatened to tear at the seams as I pulled my hips back only to sink them fully into Taylor.  If it was possible, she felt even tighter from behind.  I couldn’t hold back anymore.     

I whispered in her ear, through a face full of curly golden hair, “Swift!  Gotta cum!”

She bit down on my hand, prompting me to let go.  Shuddering and taking a deep breath, she whispered in a husky voice, “Me.  Too.  Cum. Inside.  Me.  Please!”

Each word was punctate with a thrust of my hips.  Another minute of humping and I granted her request, spraying the contents of my balls into her.  A sticky, hot load blew from the tip of cock as it pressed deep inside of her twat.  She threw my hand back over her mouth, sinking her teeth into my palm as she screamed and her body shook, climaxing. Piping hot jizz pumped into her snatch until I felt like I was going to black out.  Her body trembled and spasmed, the orgasm renewing itself with each fresh jerk of my cock that deposited yet more of my load into her.  When I felt my cock give one last twitch, I pulled out.  We both lay there, catatonic for a few moments.  My deflating cock rested between her thighs and I could feel my seed leaking out as she turned her head for one last kiss.  It was long and lingering. 

She broke it to say, “You should probably get back to your tent.  And I need to get cleaned up.”

“Yea, I guess I should.  See you in the morning.”  I said, slithering out of her sleeping bag and pulling on my shorts before tiptoeing back to my own tent. 

I laid down on my sleeping bag, wondering at what had just happened.  Still, my eyes felt heavy as I lay there and before I knew it, the sun was shining brightly. Austin was unzipping the tent, yawning and stretching.  We all got up, Taylor and I cast furtive looks at one another while we cooked breakfast, but said nothing of what transpired the previous night.  After breakfast, we decided to go down for a swim at the lake.  We changed into our bathing suits, shorts for Austin and myself, bikinis for the girls. We all put on t-shirts and shoes on as we walked down long path to the lake.  Taylor had mistakenly only brought a pair of black stylish cowboy boots with her and I couldn’t help but laugh as she walked, clad in a bikini, t-shirt and the boots.  The path stretched on, taking us beneath the canopy of a forest.  Taylor and I fell back to talk.  She called ahead that we were going to catch up a bit.  The other two forged on ahead.     
“We were so naughty last night!”  Taylor said once they were out of earshot. 
“Oh please, you begged me to sneak into your tent!”
“Well…ok so that might be true, but still I don’t know what I expected.”  I raised my eyebrows suggestively.  “Ok so I should have known what to expect with you. Even so, the inside of my sleeping bag is stained with cum!  I could smell it all night long.  Woke up with soaking wet panties.  I’m going to have to throw it away! 

“The bag or the panties?”

“Both probably!”

We laughed as we walked through the woods, quite alone now.  Taylor cast a glance around as we stopped near the edge of a clearing.  It was a pretty scene.  Birds chirped as sunlight filtered through green dappled leaves.  The temperature was rising, but it wasn’t as hot as yesterday.   

“It looks like no one is around right now.” She stared intensely at me with those stark blue eyes. 

“Swift, if I didn’t know better, I’d say you only invited me on this trip to get in my pants.” 

A sly grin broke out across her face as she grabbed my hand.  She led me a bit off the path, for some additional privacy.  Finding a suitable tree to hide behind, she pushed me up against it and kissed me with ferocity and fire.  My arms squeezed her tight as they wrapped around her.  Her hands trailed down my body to find my tight swim trunks. Already my swelling hard-on was evident through the wafer-thin material.  I squeezed one perky tit over her bathing suit top, but under her shirt. She gave a tug on my swimsuit as our makeout session intensified.  My cock flopped out into the open air.  She slowly fell to her knees, uncaring about the pine needles and leaves present there. Her shirt came off, pulled over her head.  I took a wide stance and rested my back against the large oak tree.  She stroked my cock slowly, admiring it with round eyes.

“Hmmm…I do like this cock.”

“How much do you like it?”

She laughed and opened her mouth wide, taking in-between pouty pink lips.  My hands gripped the rough bark as Taylor nibbled on my cockhead, running her tongue in a circle encompassing the tip, over and over again.  She stared up at me as she took more of the shaft into her mouth and sucked hard, cheeks caving inwards with the pressure.  I groaned louder, letting my satisfaction with the oral service be well known.  It echoed throughout the forest clearing.  Taylor smiled wider as she sucked down more of my cock, gagging slightly as she struggled to accommodate its size.  She slurped loudly, trying to keep the spit from spilling over onto her chin as she cupped my nuts.

She released me to say, “This is good, right?  Massaging the balls?”

I could only nod in response as she giggled and wrapped her lips back around my prick.  Leaves rustled as a gentle wind blew through the idyllic woodland scene while Taylor sucked, slurped and slobbered her way over every inch of my knob. I was in oral heaven.  I had never had head like this before.  She was even better than the last time.  A long string of pleasurable expletives rolled off my tongue. It was interrupted by someone calling my name.
“Cole!  Is that you? Hey Cole!”  Austin’s voice called through the trees.

I stuck my head around the side of the tree to see him waving at me across the clearing. 
“Fuck!  Shit! Fuck!”  I said panicking, “Swift, it’s your brother!” 
We did a quick spin around.  Taylor now had her back pressed up against the tree so she could hide better.  I didn’t have time to pull up my trunks so my cock smacked her in the face, leaving a shiny mark of spit and precum on her cheek as I positioned myself.  I stepped forward, eager to hide my erection.  It went the only place it could, into Taylor’s agape mouth.  And it went in deep.  Her eyes bulged as she struggled to adjust to the sudden, girthy, fleshy mass occupying her windpipe.  She didn’t have many options, now pinned between the trunk of the tree and my hard cock filling up her throat.  I was oblivious to her predicament, trying to play it cool as Austin approached closer.       
“Hey Cole!  Whatcha you doing over here?”  He asked.
“I’m…I’m… taking a piss!”  I called back, saying the first thing that came to mind. 

My eyes flicked down to Taylor whose face was getting redder and redder, but she still managed to give me a look that said, “You’re dead if you do that.” 

“So, eh?  Do you mind giving me a little privacy?”  I called back to Austin.   
“Sure thing.  Sorry! Hey, have you seen Taylor?” 
My eyes inadvertently looked back down at his sister, who’s mouth was currently stuffed full of my cock.  Her face was now bright red as tears formed in the corners of her eyes. 

I looked back up and said, “I think she headed down to the lake.  I needed to grab something from the tent.  I’m heading there in a bit.”
“Sounds good, see you down there!”  Called Austin, giving me a wave and turning around away from us.
Taylor gave me a hard pat on the butt and I looked down, quickly realizing my mistake.  I stepped back, pulling my prick from her gullet and she inhaled a great gasp of air, spitting copious amounts of saliva onto the leafy ground.
“So sorry Swift!  Didn’t realize!  That was a close one.”
She panted, breathing heavily, but looked up at me with excitement, “I’ve never deepthroated anyone before!  Didn’t even know I could!  Let’s do that again!”
I was speechless as she opened her mouth wide again and took my shaft down to the very base.  She adjusted slightly, but smiled even as her face began to turn a brighter shade of red and fresh tears formed in those blue beauties.  I could feel her esophagus contract and undulate around my cock.  It felt like nothing else in the world.
“Holy shit Swift!”  I exclaimed, her nose buried into my shaved pubic region, penis utterly and completely hidden from view. 
Then she gagged, coughing and spluttering.  Releasing me, she retched and spat on the ground again.  She looked up, face flushed.
“Well, practice makes perfect, right?  I’ll need to work on that!”  She said, giggling as she stood back up and spun around, planting her cowboy boots firmly onto the ground and bending over.

She slipped off her black bikini bottoms and waggled her ass in my direction.  Her hands gripped the tree trunk as she stared hungrily at me, head turned around. 

She beckoned with one finger, “Come here big boy.” 
I eagerly stepped forward, leaves crunching beneath my feet as I lined up with her pussy.  I rubbed my shiny cockhead against her wet folds.  I teased her a bit first, running it along her labia and placing a hand on either side of her waist.  Then with a quick thrust, I sheathed myself.  This time it was Taylor who let out a long appreciative cry as I stuffed her.  Bouncing back and forth on the balls of my feet, I slid out to the very tip of my prick only to slam back in up the base.  My balls swung back and forth as I built up speed, smacking into her with frenzied lust-driven force.  Her cute little bubble butt rippled beneath me as I gave each cheek a hearty squeeze.  Pulling them apart for just a moment, revealed a nice sneak peek at her butthole. Taylor was now cursing with delight at each reverberation of my thumping pelvis.  Her legs buckled, cowboy boots wobbling dangerously, threating to give out as I continued my carnal onslaught.  I reached forward, fingers wandering over her hanging breasts, pulling them out from behind the fabric of her bikini top.  I gave each one a squeeze as I continued to pound her.  I paused only to catch my breath and wipe the sweat gathered on my forehead.  She pulled herself off of me, exposing my cock to the open air and turned around to face me.
“Come here.  Closer.” She said breathlessly, equally as sweaty as I was. 
I moved forward, taking her in my arms and planting a large, wet kiss on her as I pressed her back against the tree.  She lifted one long leg up and wrapped it around my waist in an impressive display of dexterity.  She was trusting me to keep her balanced as I slid my cock back into her pussy.  I resumed my thrusting.  We stared deeply into each other, grunting like rutting animals as Taylor wrapped her leg tighter around me.  I could feel the leather of her cowboy boot on my thigh as she squeezed tight.  At some unseen signal, we attacked each other with our mouths.  Lips formed tight seals, only to be broken by thrashing tongues, each more eager than the other to dart into an open mouth.  I reached down a free hand and located her rock-hard clit. I pressed my thumb gently against it as my shaft rocketed in and out of her.  It was a trick I had learned recently.  Her eyes went wide at the stimulation.
“Oh my god Cole!  Oh my god! Keep doing that!”  She said, expelling the words from her lungs in quick short bursts.
I smiled and stimulated her clit with gentle circles as I picked up the pace, fucking her harder.  Her fingers clawed at my back, no doubt leaving marks there as I kissed her neck, getting a nose full of her still sweet-smelling curls.
“Yes Cole! YES!”  She cried. “Oh fuck!  I’m cumming!  I’m CUMMIINGG!!” 
I felt her vagina clench around my prick like a vice as her leg hooked around me squeezed tighter, both trying to pull me in even deeper.  The biggest of smiles splashed across her face as her body orgasmed, sending a rush of fluids from her pussy, muscles spasming with the pleasure of it all.  She went limp as a ragdoll for a moment, relying on me to support her.
“Fuck Cole.  That was amazing.”  She said, coming too as I adjusted my rock-hard prick, still inside of her. “You close?”
I nodded as she unhooked her leg from around me and playfully pushed me off her. Dropping to her knees with curls bouncing around her, she reached out to stroke the bulging glistening cock in front of her.

“Now it’s your turn!  Gimme that big fat load!”  She exclaimed cheerily. 

She devoured my shaft, apparently unconcerned with the taste of herself.  Her enthusiasm was infectious as she moaned appreciatively, staring up with a pleading expression.  Within a minute she had me giving a cry of warning.  She dropped me from her mouth and jerked the shaft as she closed her eyes. I blew my wad.  Ropes of cum burst forth, shooting across her face.  I had never had a girl intentionally want a facial before, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  When I looked down, I had never seen a hotter image.  My spray had left streaks of thick white cum across Taylor’s beautiful face, tracing from chin to curly golden mane.  She opened her eyes, blinking slowly when my cock relaxed in her grasp.  She moved one finger up to wipe some cum pooling beneath her right eye.  Examining the milky white goo on her forefinger, she popped it into her mouth and sucked hard, cleaning her cum-soaked digit.

“Mhmmm….”  She said.  “That was awesome!” 

An enormous grin was spreading across her cum-covered face as she looked up at me.  I agreed heartily.  Taylor ended up using some leaves to try and wipe as much of the cum off as she could. When that failed, she just used her t-shirt.  Both of finally presentable, Taylor and I made our way down to the lake.  It was indeed beautiful.  Sparking blue-green water, surrounded by picturesque forest on all sides.  Abigail and Austin were there waiting for us, splashing around.  We leapt in after them, eager to escape the heat of midday.

The rest of the trip passed in a flash. Soon it was lunch, followed by more exploring and other camp-related fun.  Then came dinner, cooked by ourselves over the open fire.  Taylor and I didn’t get another opportunity to sneak away as she and Abigail stayed up late into the night talking.  We left the following morning, pulling the tents down and loading up the car.   We headed back to Nashville and they dropped me off back at Vanderbilt.  I gave a wave as I watched as the car speed away.  It had been a near perfect weekend, but I couldn’t help but feel sad, not knowing when I would get to see Taylor again.  I shook it off and headed back to my dorm. 


“You know.”  Cole said, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.  “Now that I think about it.  That trip was alright.” 

Taylor laughed playfully, “I’m glad you agree!”  One delicate hand slowly rubbed his chest in a small circle. 

“But seriously, Swift.  Who wears cowboy boots on a camping trip?” 

“And now you know why we don’t go camping.”

“I don’t know, if it’s anything like that trip, maybe it could be our next vacation.”  Cole said thoughtfully.   

“One word.  Glamping.”  Taylor said. “Or a cabin or something.  No tents.”

“Why not?”  He asked.

“You have to be quiet when you are having sex in a tent.”  She replied, as though it was the most obvious answer in the whole world.  She was staring at him, undressing him with her eyes. 

“How about one more romp in the sack before this vacation’s over?”

Cole stretched playfully and gave a massive fake yawn.  “I’m actually kind of tired.  I think I’ll just go to bed.”

“Oh, shut up and fuck me.”  Taylor said, sliding over as she straddled him.

“Well, ok.  If you really want to.”  Cole said with a stupidly large grin as he turned off the light and she pulled his cock out. 

End Of Chapter Seventeen
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 17 Up! 01/27]
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Nice. Fucking. Work. You do a fantastic job with this series.
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 17 Up! 01/27]
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5 Star rating! Wonderful work!
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 17 Up! 01/27]
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Always look forward to reading new installments, thank you for your dedication and love to this woman.
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 17 Up! 01/27]
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Another excellent episode!
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 17 Up! 01/27]
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Thank you all so much!  I just want to take a moment and say I really do appreciate every positive affirmation, comment and message you leave here or elsewhere.  They mean a lot to me.  I hope to keep living up to your expectations with this story.

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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 17 Up! 01/27]
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The single best Taylor series ever. There's no competition. There's good stuff then there's this, miles above the rest.
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 17 Up! 01/27]
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Disclaimer: This a work of fiction. It is not real. It did not/will not happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such.

Chapter Eighteen: A Perfectly Good Heart
Starring Taylor Swift
Codes: MF, Handjob, Oral, Roleplay


It was back to reality for Cole.  It was like getting beat with a sock full of oranges.  His many weeks of bliss with Taylor evaporated as he entered his place of work. People swarmed him, demanding his attention for some asinine task or another.  After fighting them off, he finally made it to his own office.  His desk was hidden under a mound of marketing materials for his review and approval.  Sweeping some of the pages aside, he logged into his computer and checked his inbox.  It fared no better.  The number of emails was in the triple digits, filled with things for him to approve, complaints at his absence or useless junk mail.  He let out a sigh and resigned himself to his fate.  The next week was spent entirely playing catch-up. He was first in the office and last out. Every morning he found it harder and harder to get out of bed, away from the warm blonde form next to him.  That was the only time he got to see her, asleep. She always passed out, waiting for him to come home and was definitely still asleep when he got up.   

By next Monday, nobody hassled him on his way in, his desk was clear and there were only thirteen emails in his inbox.  He was finally back on track.  That was until his boss dropped the hammer on him.  A brand-new pitch for an old client.  They wanted some new, stunning guerilla marketing campaign to distract from some bad press.  Cole didn’t go home that night.  Or the one after that either.  His phone buzzed like an angry bee.  Message after message from Taylor, each filthier than then the last, trying to tempt him home with a list of naughty things she would to do him.  Sadly, he could not.  He settled on a concept that Wednesday.  Now to make it happen and put the presentation together.  He got to go home that night, but Taylor was out of town for the next several days.  By Friday, through a combination of sheer willpower and enough coffee to jumpstart an elephant, he was ready.  At least, that was what he thought.  About five minutes into the presentation, he knew it was a lost cause.  Passive faces and bored expressions greeted his idea.  Ted, his boss stood in the back, growing angrier with every passing minute.  The suits left, after asking if he had anything else.  He did not.  Ted held him back in the conference room after and reamed him out.  Screaming.  Red in the face.  Spit flying. The whole nine yards.  Cole could feel his blood boiling as it thundered through his ears.  He took it all with a stiff jaw.  Everyone was silent and staring as he left the conference room.  About halfway back to his office, he knew something was wrong. He could feel it coming on.  A panic attack.  A big one.  He hadn’t had one this bad in years.  The room started to spin.  He stumbled, swaying back and forth like he was drunk.  He clutched the wall, desperately trying to remember if he had any meds nearby. He hadn’t touched them in months, but he needed them now. Right now.  He tried counting backwards from ten, but couldn’t remember what came after nine.  Spots flashed before his eyes, his heart beating like it was going to explode.  He felt his fingers going numb as his abdomen seized up and suddenly he couldn’t breathe.  As he slid down the wall, the last thing he remembered before everything went black was someone screaming to call 911.


Cole blinked slowly.  Harsh, bright white light was burrowing its way into his retina’s. He looked around, wondering where he was and how he got here.  It was a hospital.  He sat up just as a nurse walked past with her nose buried in a chart.  Hearing him stir, she looked up. 

“Oh, you’re awake!  Wonderful, let me grab the doctor.”   
Cole nodded slowly.  He didn’t feel all that sick, apart from a splitting headache.  Although it was all a bit fuzzy how he’d gotten here, his job, the failed pitched, the public humiliation, the attack.  Shakily he poured himself some water on his bedside table and wet his throat.  A few more minutes past before his doctor came in, smiling warmly at him. 
“Mr. Stephens.  How are you feeling?  Probably a little disorientated?”  He nodded silently.  “I’m Doctor Smith, your attending.”
“So…what’s wrong me doc?”
“At the moment, we don’t believe anything is wrong with you.  Based on your medical history, I believed you suffered from a massive panic attack brought on by anxiety, stress and a severe lack of sleep.” 
Cole absorbed her words, thinking it over.  “I guess that sounds about right.  Although, I’ve never had one like that before.  It felt like my heart was going to explode.”
“When was the last time you filled your prescription?”
“It’s been months.  I haven’t needed them.”
“Uh-huh.  And why is that?  Any big changes?”
“Started dating someone.  She…she keeps me balanced.”  Suddenly, he jerked up looking around for his phone.  He needed to call Taylor.  “Where’s my phone?  I need my phone!”
“Calm down Mr. Stephens.  Your emergency contact, Ms. Swift has already been notified.”  She paused at the name, recognition dawning behind her eyes.  She handled it remarkably professionally.  “Well, that is wonderful to hear, but I might talk with your personal physician about a refill, just to be on the safe side. And just to be sure, we are going to run a couple of tests and keep you overnight for observation.”   
Cole relaxed back in his bed.  Doctor Smith continued talking about tests.  After a quick call to his parents to let them know what was going on, they wheeled him off for the first test.  Everything from heart rate, reflexes and neurological tests were all thrown at him.  He passed them all.  By the time he got back to his bed, he was tired, but his mind was racing. It was dark outside now.  He would be free to go in the morning.  His musings were interrupted by a flurry of activity at the door.  A mess of blonde hair came charging in as Taylor ran towards him.  She still managed to look flawless despite the crazed look in her eyes.  Her security detail was hurrying to keep up with her. 
“Cole!”  She shouted, throwing her arms around him and squeezing tight. 
Then as if realizing what she had done threw her arms back as if he was radioactive.  “Oh god. I’m sorry.  Are you ok?  What happened?  What did the doctor say?  How long have you been here?  Someone told me heart attack?  I got here as fast as I could!”  All of these words flew out of her mouth in one long breath. 
“Swift.  Swift. TAYLOR!”  Cole said, raising his voice.  “Relax!  It’s ok. I’m fine!”
He spread his arms wide, ready to accept her hug.  She wrapped her arms around him tightly.  He breathed her in and felt instantly calmer.  Her warm form against his was like its own medicine. She kissed him on the mouth, hard. Breaking it, she looked at him with red eyes, as though she had been crying. 
“Tell me what happened.”  She said quietly, pulling up a chair next to him. 
Cole launched into the whole story.  Taylor sat silently, taking it all in.
“I didn’t know…about your anxiety.”  She said afterwards.
“It’s never been a huge deal, just minor stuff mostly.  I haven’t touched any meds in months…not since we got together.”
Tears welled in the corners of her eyes.  She wiped them away and stood up determined.  “I’m talking with the doctor.”
She stormed out of the room.  Good luck to anyone who got in her way.  Within minutes Taylor had Doctor Smith in front of her, where she politely, but forcibly had her explain every aspect of Cole’s treatment. 
“Really Ms. Swift.  I assure you. He’s got a perfectly good heart.” Said Doctor Smith, trying to calm the raging storm of the worry evident in her eyes.  “We are keeping him overnight just as a precaution.  He’ll be free to go in the morning.  I’ve prescribed him some more of his anxiety prescription, and advised to talk to his own personal physician.  That should prevent another incident.  I also advised him to find a less stressful job, but patients never listen to that.” She paused.  “If I may say…you seem very good for him.  He claims to have not taken his medicine since you two got together.  That is quite remarkable.”

Taylor fought back the tears again and thanked the doctor for her help.  She went back to Cole’s bedside and settled down.  It was already late and the hospital was quiet apart from the occasional nurse walking down the hall.
“What the prognosis?”  Cole asked, as she took a seat next to him.
“She says you’ll be alright.”
“As long as I’ve got you.”  He patted her hand and smirked at the cheesy line.
Instead of her usual smile, her lip quivered.  She was upset. 
“Don’t worry Swift.  I’m fine. Clearly I just need to be on vacation with you every day of the year.” 
She looked around idly, her hands twisting, searching for something to do. They pulled open the cabinet next at his bed.  Picking through the contents, a naughty idea began to take shape.
“You know, I’d like to try a treatment that the doctor hasn’t. Something she wouldn’t have thought of. Something I know always helps relieve stress.”
“I’m relaxed Swift.  It’s anxiety. Very different than stress.”
She nodded her head.  She understood the difference.  Further conversation was halted when she pulled out a pair of light blue latex gloves from a box in the drawer.  The curtain was drawn around his bed, offering them the barest modicum of privacy.

“Rubber gloves.”  Taylor said suggestively as she tilted her head, blonde locks falling forward.  “Don’t think we’ve ever used these before.” 
Cole stared, unable to look away as she gazed unblinkingly at him.  She put a glove on each hand, pulling them the latex tight with a snap.  All ten fingers waggled at him.  The implication sent blood rushing to his groin and within moments, his hospital gown resembled a fully pitched tent.  It had been nearly two weeks since Taylor and he had been together in any kind of physical way.
“Swift, you really don’t have to do anything.  Just you being here is enough.”

She leaned in close, giving him a nice peek at her cleavage while staring very intensely at him.  Within those deep blue pools, the lust was evident, but there was something else.  Concern. She was worried about him and didn’t know what to do.  This was the best she could come up with.  And to be honest, it would feel pretty damn good right about now. 
“Don’t worry.  Doctor Swift is going to take very good care of you.” 
“Doctor Swift?”

“Yes Cole.  Its 2019.  Women are not just nurses.”  She said with a smirk. 

“No…that’s not what I meant.”

But she cut him off as her hand slipped beneath his hospital gown and gripped his rigid pillar of flesh. Whatever protest he was going to verbalize died as he felt her latex clad fingers tighten around his cock.  He was surprised at just how different it felt with the rubber gloves on.  She started to jerk him up and down very slowly, the only visible movement, a solid lump shifting his gown.  Cole sank his head back into the pillow, a hiss of pleasure slipping from between his clenched teeth.  It felt good. Really good.   Thankfully they had removed his heart monitor because he could feel the muscle banging in his chest like drum.  She squeezed his cockhead tight, kneading the flesh between her fingers before trailing lightly back down to the base and slowly jerking him again. She watched with delight as he squirmed.   
 “Huh!  And look at this.”  Taylor said, pulling a tube of something from the drawer.  “Medical grade lubrication.” 
She raised her eyebrows suggestively, letting go of his prick. Holding her palm flat, she unscrewed the tube and squeezed.  An impossibly large amount of clear gel oozed out the nozzle onto her blue-gloved hand. Quickly darting back underneath, she grabbed onto his throbbing erection.  Cole shivered at the ice-cold lubrication.  Squeezing tight, it seeped between her fingers, rolling down his thick shaft inch by inch until it came to rest atop his neatly shaven balls.  Slowly, methodically, she began to stroke.  Up and down with a twist, massaging the mushroom head between her fingers.  Lingering at the tip for a moment, she tickled the veiny underbelly before gripping tight and sliding back down to the base.  Her eyes bore into him, a hungry expression dancing on her full lips.  Within a few seconds, every inch of his fat cock was slick and shining.  At the apex of his tented gown, a faint wet spot of precum stained the fabric, growing larger and larger with each solid stroke of her hand.  Beginning to jerk faster, Cole released his pent-up breath.   
SHICK*SHICK*SHICK*SHICK.  The squelching of her rubber glove grew louder as she jacked him off faster and faster under his gown.  The sounds filled the quiet hospital room, echoing loudly around the hard-tiled floors and bare walls.  Taylor grinned wickedly and her free hand slithered along his thigh until it found his swollen testicles.  She gripped his sack with gentle firmness, massaging the pooled lubrication into his wrinkled scrotum.
“How’s this feel, Mr. Stephens?”  She whispered in a husky voice.  “Is this helping at all?”
“Mhhmmmm…yes, d-d-doctor Swift.  It f-f-feels very n-n-nice.  I’ll be back to n-n-normal in n-n-no time.”  The words stammered out of him as he gripped the hard-plastic edge of his hospital bed, legs shaking.
She kept a steady, rhythmic pace.  Base to tip in one fluid movement, seamlessly twisting her fist around the shaft. Over and over again she repeated the motion, gazing longingly at him.  Cole could tell she wanted nothing more than to jump in the bed with him, but that would have to wait for another time.   
“Oh my!  It feels like we are almost done.”  She said, an expression of mock surprise on her face as his cock swelled in her grasp. “Just a bit more and your treatment will be over.”
Stroking his pole faster, she abandoned her twisting technique for straight up jacking it.  Her gripped tightened on his rod while she juggled his jewels between her fingers, each digit more dexterous and nimbler than the last.  That’s what all those years of playing guitar get you.   
SHICK*SCHLOCK*SHILCK*SHICK*SCHLOCK.  Up and down she went, beating his meat with the speed and ferocity of a horny teenager who just discovered porn on the internet for the first time.  She gave no quarter as Cole’s breathing became more and more labored, his entire body growing tense beneath the grip.  She leaned in very close now. 

Cole could feel her hot breath on his neck, her lips tickling his earlobe as she whispered, “Mr. Stephens, I want you to release whenever you are ready.”
Cole’s eyes fluttered, going cross-eyed as she uttered those words. His whole body was numb.  All he could feel was the pair latex-clad hands wrapped around his junk, doing their best to draw the cum right out of him.  He was stiffer than a board as he reached his breaking point.   
“I’m there!  Doctor! Fuck!”  He grunted out.
“Yes!  Do it! Release it!”  She said breathlessly, eyes wide and face a bright pink.
A throaty grunt came from Cole as his balls swelled, semen spraying forth from his bulging prick.  Solid white ropes of cum fired outwards with nowhere to go but into his taught hospital gown.  The creamy jism stained the already off-white garment.  But he didn’t stop there as Taylor tugged even more cum out of him, spilling forth in great quantities from his piss slit.  The milky white goo rolled down the sides of his quaking shaft in great sticky strings.  Taylor’s hand never stopped jerking as until she felt his cock relax and begin to go limp. She made sure to squeeze out any last semen in his urethra, starting at the base, squeezing tight and pulling upwards until she was at the head.  Cole felt one final bead of spunk expunged before rolling down along his veiny underbelly. Removing both hands from beneath his stained and ruined hospital gown, she admired her semen drenched hands. From between those pouty lips her pink tongue emerged as she brought the glove up to her mouth.  The tip of it poke into a fat glob of semen before darting back into her mouth.  Her face crinkled with disgust as she tasted it.
“Ugh!  All I can taste is the latex!”  She frowned in disappointment.   Peeling off her gloves with a snap, she tossed them away in the trash bin.  “But, look at that!  Don’t even need to wash my hands!”
“That’s great Swift.”  Cole said, feeling utterly relaxed despite the setting.  “Is there maybe another hospital gown in that drawer, so I don’t have to sit in my own cum?”
“Why, don’t you like your cum?  I know I do.” She said with a smirk.
“I’d gladly sit here in a puddle of your cum.  But mine?”  He shrugged noncommittally. 
She rummaged through the drawer and pulled out a fresh gown.  He stood up and disrobed, Taylor eye-fucking him the entire time as he wiped off the jism from his crotch and put the fresh gown on. Settling back into bed, they passed the time just chatting.  Then a nurse came and in and told her visiting hours were long over.  She needed to leave.  No expectations.  Not even for Taylor Swift.

Before she left, she whispered in his ear, “Don’t worry.  Doctor Swift will be waiting at home tomorrow to make you feel all better.”

She kissed him goodnight and left.  He hated to see her go, but liked watching her leave.  Sleep found him very quickly after that and the next morning, when the doctor came to see him, she did a quick checkup.  He was officially released him with a clean bill of health and a prescribed couple more days off of work.  A black town car was waiting for him as he walked out of the hospital.  He was disappointed when Taylor wasn’t inside waiting for him, but the driver assured him that Ms. Swift was at their apartment preparing for his arrival.  They drove through the crowded streets of New York.  Cole sat in silence, reflecting on his life and the choices that had led him here. A health scare tended to do that. His musings were interrupted when they arrived.  Taylor was up there waiting for him.  A smile spread across him face.  He quickly hurried upstairs. 
“Swift?”  He called out, opening the front door as her cats scampered up to greet him.  He scratched both of them behind the ears before venturing further inside.  “Swift? You here?”
“I’m in here!”  Her voice was coming from the bedroom.  He walked down the hall into their bedroom.  “Lie down on the bed!” 
Her voice was coming from the closet.  Cole kicked off his shoes and laid down on their bed. 
“Ready for it?”  She asked, still from within the closet.
“Yep.  Whatever it is.”  Cole said, snuggling down into the comfortable familiar setting. 
The click of high heels on the hardwood floor greeted him as she stepped out of the closet into full view.  What he saw made his jaw drop and his cock rise.  Taylor was squeezed into the skimpiest, sexiest nurse uniform you’ve ever seen.  Tall, spiked, bright red heels matched sheer red stockings running up along her mile-long legs.  That gaudy shade of red was also plastered over her lips, fingernails and toes.  Her makeup was heavily applied, dark, smoky eyeshadow spreading out across her lids accompanied by full, thick eyelashes, heavily laden with mascara.  The front of the uniform was unzipped about halfway down.  An equally bright red lace push-up bra put both perky globes on full display.  Perched on top of her head was a tiny white hat with a miniscule red cross on it.  Shiny hair-sprayed blonde locks flowed down around her beautifully made up face.  Straddling the doorway, she stretched one long along the wall as his eyes swept back and forth across her figure.
“I just finished reading your chart, Mr. Stephens.”  She said in a husky, breathy tone.  “I have the perfect treatment in mind for you.”
Cole gulped audibly.  She strutted towards him, each slow step met with the sharp click of her heels.  Her hips rocked side to side.  Coming to rest at his bedside, she bent over him at a perfect 90-degree angle.  Cole was treated up a nice up-close view of her breasts, which were threatening to burst forth from their restrictive prison.  She laid one hand across his forehead.  He shivered at her gentle caress. 
“You’re feeling a bit warm.  Let’s have you strip down.  That should cool you off.” 
Her hands were a blur, undoing his pants before he could even pull his shirt off. Standing upright with her chest and ass thrust outwards, she swaggered to the front of the bed, heels clicking all the while.  With a simple tug, his trousers came right off.  She tossed them behind her as she indicated for him to take his shirt off, which he did promptly.  Now only his underwear struggled to hold down his massive erection.  Taylor made a mock surprised face as she gazed longingly at his groin.  Moving back to the side of the bed, she framed his throbbing boner with her hands, feeling it quiver with anticipation beneath the tight fabric.   
“I see the problem now Mr. Stephens.  This area definitely needs to be treated.” 
Cole muttered incoherently as she gave it a squeeze before reaching for the waistband.  Tantalizingly, she pulled his drawers down, allowing his cock to spring forward into view.  Dragging them down his legs, she balled them up and threw them across the room.
“You are quite the impressive specimen!”  She said excitedly, blue eyes round and shiny. 
Grabbing the thick slab, she gave it a few strokes just to make sure it was fully erect.  Held in her grasp, it stood tall like a skyscraper above the bed.
“I find an oral technique to be most effective.”  She said with a sly smirk.
Bending over again, her mouth hovered inches above his stiff wang.  Eyes flicking away for a moment, Cole gaped in awe as each tight buttcheek burst forth from beneath the ridiculously short white uniform.  The supple curve of her behind was not interrupted by the presence of any panties. Her bright ruby red lips pursed together, allowing a long string of drool to escape from in-between them.  Stretching down, the string of saliva connected with his tip, uniting her lips and his cock.  As the string stretched on and on he felt the warm liquid roll down his hard shaft.
“Now Mr. Stephens.  You just relax.  Stay still while I perform the treatment.  Ok?”
“Yes doctor.”  He said, the anticipation killing him as his cock trembled.
Taylor smiled and opened her mouth wide.  Cole watched as his cock disappeared into that crimson hole.  Warm, hot breath tingled his sensitive skin flute before those lips closed shut and she sucked.  A hot, wet, soft vacuum turned on and began slurping down his cock. 

“FUCK!”  He swore, unable to stop himself. 

Her smile got bigger as her eyes opened and looked towards him.  Holding him inside her skilled orifice, her tongue worked wicked tricks.  He couldn’t see it, but he could feel it coiled around his shaft like a boa constrictor.  Lips pressed tight near his base, no liquid escaped as Taylor sucked upwards, swallowing a potent mixture of spit and precum.  A hand gave a gentle squeeze on his nutsack as her tongue swirled like a tornado.  Eventually released him with a loud *POP*.  She looked up, lipstick already smearing.
“How’s the pressure Mr. Stephens?  Is it alright?”
“Yes…it’s very good Doctor Swift.” 
“Excellent.”  She said smiling and nodding, her stiff hair shaking.  “I’ll continue with the procedure then.”   
Her lips latched back onto his bell-end.  Wrapped around him tightly and sucking something fierce, she began moving up and up along the hard pillar of flesh.  Her hand found its way to grip his cock, right below her roving lips.  Mouth and hand moved in unison, up and down with ferocious speed.  Loud slurping and suction noises sounded as she struggled to retain her saliva while slobbering along the entire length of his prick in rapid succession.  Settling in, Cole laid back to appreciate both the view and the feeling of Taylor providing such an oral spectacle.  She was showing off as he put both hands back behind his head and watched her blonde head bob.  Her hair remained frozen in place as her motions became more and more frantic, lips streaking back and forth across his fat meaty schlong.  His toes curled and his breathing became labored as Taylor treated him to an oral servicing the likes of which had rarely been seen before. Even bent over as she was, she showed no signs of slowing down.  Cole could her the clicking of her heels as her legs twitched and shuffled back and forth to keep her and balance and to try and calm the fire raging between her thighs.  The minutes dragged on and Taylor sucked him with even more vigor, Cole began to feel the cum bubbling around his scrotum.  She released him, coming up for air, sucking it down between utterly smeared lips.  The evidence of her treatment plastered all over his prick.  Her mascara was slightly smudged as well, making her look all the hotter. 
“Well I have to say Mr. Stephens, I’ve never had a patient who didn’t succumb to my oral treatment.”
Cole gave a genuine laugh at that.  That was probably true.  “Is my condition that serious Doctor Swift?  Isn’t there anything else you can do?”
Taylor stood up, rubbing her chin as she considered it.  “There is something else I can do.  It’s quite experimental though.”
“What is it?  Anything you can do, please doctor.” 
In response, Taylor lifted one long leg up onto the bed.  Her red heel dug into the mattress as she turned slightly to display her smooth pussy.  The hem of the nurse’s outfit doing absolutely nothing to conceal it.  Those puffy pinks lips were already shiny with arousal. 
“I’m going to try a much more physically intensive treatment.”
She clambered up onto the bed, kneeling on all fours as she faced him.  Again, he stared slack-jawed at her cleavage.  She left the heels on.  Straddling his lap on her knees, she lined up his lipstick smeared tool with her dripping velvety twat. 
“Here we go.”
She sank down onto him, her delicious, wet snatch swallowing him whole.  Both parties let out a lustful cry as he filled her up.  Giving herself a moment to adjust to the rock-hard stick of manmeat inside of her, she looked down at him and grinned like a fool. 
“Quite the specimen!”  She exclaimed, before starting to move her hips, propelling herself on red-stockinged knees. 
Leaning forward, she pressed herself against him.  Her tits squashed against his chest.  He could feel her hard nipples poking through the fabric.  Her lips were inches above his own, still as smeared and slutty as ever.  She rocked forward, still riding him.

“Sometimes the patient needs something a little more intimate for the treatment to work.  Is this good Mr. Stephens?”
Her big blue eyes blinked beneath dark, heavy lashes.   In response, he brought his lips up to meet hers.  Together their mouths collided in a hot, wet, sloppy battle for dominance.  Her tongue darted into his mouth as he tried to wrestle it down with his own.  Those plump lips kissed him over and over again, gradually moving from his mouth and down to his neck where they sucked as the tender flesh there.  All the while, she continued her rhythmic steady clap of her pussy on his hard cock.  Releasing his neck after leaving a sufficient mark, she sat up.
Now looming tall over him, she said, “Intimate is good, but most of the time my patients need it hard and fast.” 
Building up speed, her tight snatch gushed as she used his cock, impaling herself over and over again.  Jiggling with the force, her tits threatened to flop out of their lacy confinement.  Her tiny hat fell off as she slammed down on him with tremendous force.  She failed to notice, so utterly consumed she was with treating her patient.  When he went to grab onto her hips, she pushed his arms back, holding them against the mattress with surprising strength.
“No! No!  I’m the doctor here!  You need to lie very still!”  She uttered in-between the loud slapping noises of their genitals. 
Normally Cole would have protested, but it also might be nice to just lay there and have her go bananas all over him.  She released her tight grip on him as he rested his arms behind his head, put a big smirk on his face and watched Taylor riding his cock like she was practicing for the rodeo.  The uniform was threatening to tear apart as all her shaking bits fought to break free. Placing both hands on his chest and digging scarlet nails into his muscular torso, she sank to the hilt. She began to gyrate her hips like a practiced onstage dance routine.  Back, forth, side-to-side and all around she worked her hips, her snug, slick snatch using his cock like a joystick.  Those smeared lips smiled as she watched his expression twist and contort with pleasure.  Like the ultimate lap dance, she ground her groin with him firmly lodged inside. 
“Is everything feeling ok with the procedure?”
“Hmmm…yessss…feels good!”         

Gyrating her hips, a bit more, she adjusted herself, positioning her legs under her.  Heels dug into the blankets as she squatted over him, her feet now firmly planted on the ground.  Leaning back in a crab-like position, her hands gripped his legs for support as her feet inched further and further up the bed.  They came to rest near his shoulders as she steadied herself.  Cole felt her silky slit undulated around him until she was ready to start again.  She started to bounce again, using him like a pogo stick.  Based on her cries, it was the greatest pogo stick ride ever because with every bounce, she got louder.  Cole could feel his penis thrust into the deepest recesses of her cunt as she slammed herself down on him.  Her cunt flooding his prick as he now banged into her g-spot with each sweaty smack of skin.
“Oh god!”  She yelled. “OH MY GOD!”
“What’s wrong Doctor Swift?”  Cole said through gritted teeth as she rode him like a mechanical bull. 
“I’m going to cum!”  She shrieked at the tops of her lungs.  “I’m going to cum!  C-C-CUM! CUMMMMMING!”
Her body twitched and Cole watched as every muscle in her stunning legs visibly tense up.  She thrust her chest out as her back arched and he heard the ripping of fabric.  Still screaming, her tits popped out of their red-laced prison to tremble and quake as the orgasm tore through her body.  Both pink nipples looked sharp enough to cut glass. Taylor twitched and trembled several times until the orgasm finally released her from its clutches.  She blinked dazedly at him. 

“Please excuse my unprofessionalism Mr. Stephens.  I assure you it won’t happen again.  We should be finished with your treatment shortly.”
Cole had to struggle to hold his laughter as she adjusted herself again. Now truly squatting on his dick, she used only her toned legs to slide that hot cunt along his member.  She broke her promise.  Within minutes she was cumming again, screaming at the top of her lungs with orgasmic bliss.
“Fuck!  Mr. Stephens, really, I’m terribly sorry.  This has never happened with any of my other patients.” 
“It’s alright Doctor Swift.  Actually, I think I’m just about there.”  Cole said through gritted teeth.
He had nearly lost it during the last orgasm and was now positively throbbing, ready to burst inside of her wet snatch at any second. 
“Oh excellent!”  She said, extracting herself off his hard cock on shaking legs.  “I’ll need to taste the sample.  That way I can determine any future treatments.” 
Before he could say anything, her mouth was back around his cock, taking him deep, hard and fast.  She grinned at the taste of herself on his meat slab.  Cole moaned softly, but it grew louder and louder as he felt himself ready to blow.  His knuckles were white as his fists clenched the bedsheets and his toes curled.
“DOCTOR!”  He yelled out as she sought to suck every last ounce of cum from his swollen balls. “I’M CUMMING DOCTOR!”
She made a happy gurgling noise, unwilling to dislodge the cock from her mouth. Cole’s cock swelled, right before he fired the first wet sticky wad into her anxiously awaiting mouth.  Squealing with glee, she felt the initial volley of salty thick spunk paint the insides of her mouth white.  Cole blasted out more ropes of pearly jism as Taylor greedily kept her lips tight, ensuring not a drop was spilled, taking it all.  Cole relaxed as the last of his seed sucked out by Taylor.  Coming off his cock she looked up at him, her cheeks bulging with his semen.  Opening wide, her pink tongue gleefully dove in and out of the pool of spunk.  Then she closed those plump lips and gave a big gulp, swallowing his jism down her gifted throat.  Grinning, she opened her mouth to prove it was all gone, tongue still searching out every last trace of cum coating her teeth and gums. 

Clearing her throat, she said, “Well Mr. Stephens.  I must say, you have quite the stamina.” 

“Thanks doc.  Do you recommend further treatment?”

“You seem healthy enough, but I’m going to need to continue your treatment.  Repeatedly. Just for the next week or so to make sure that you are fully healed.”


“I’d advocate for two or three times a day.”

“Doctor’s orders.”  He said, shrugging as she grinned gleefully. 


One ball-draining week later Cole found himself back at the office.  It was Déjà vu.  Plenty of work waiting him.  Everyone tiptoed around him like he had an infectious disease.  Everyone except his boss, who came barging in about five minutes after he sat down.

“Stephens!  Finally, back, huh?  Or are you gonna fake another heart attack to get some more vacation time?”  Cole grit his teeth, his heart already beating faster in his chest.  “You really screwed the pooch on the last one, but legal tells me I can’t fire you after your episode.  At least not for a little while, so you get another chance not to fuck up this pitch.”  Blood was thundering in his ears as he gripped the desk tighter.  “I can’t imagine what the fuck you have to be so stressed about.  You clearly aren’t working all that hard.  And your girlfriend is a goddamn popstar.  Is that hot piece of ass too much for you?  Or not enough?  Does she not put out?” 

That was the last straw.  “You know what Ted.”  Cole said, shouting at the top of his lungs.   The last word was laced with venom.  People outside stopped in their tracks.  “Fuck you.”

“Excuse me?”  He said, eyes popping out of his head.

“I said, FUCK YOU!  I’ve had enough of this.  All your bullshit, covering your ass and taking your crap.  I QUIT!”

His voice got really low as Ted’s eyes widened.  “And if you ever talk about Taylor like that again, I will beat you senseless.” 
Cole stood up and walked out.  Every eye in the office was on him, but he didn’t care, he was headed back to Taylor.


“And I just quit.”  He said, having just finished recounting the story.

“Wow, Cole.  Just wow.  Sounds like good riddance.”  She said, rubbing his hand.

“I think it was a long time coming.”

“Do you know what you are going to do next?”

“Not sure yet.  I’ll some time to think about it, scope a few other companies. See whose hiring.  Call a headhunter maybe.”

Taylor paused and looked down shyly. She said, “…You know, you could always come work for me.  I always seem to need good marketing people.  And I’ve seen some of your work.  You’re good. Very good.” 
“You serious Swift?  You’d really want me to work for you?”

She nodded emphatically.  “Just think of us as the ultimate power couple.” 

Cole sat back in his chair, thinking about. It could work.  It could definitely work.  Making Taylor Swift look good?  It sounded like the easiest job in the world. 
“You know Swift, that’s not a bad idea.  Not bad at all.  I might just do that.”
She grinned widely. 

End of Chapter Eighteen
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 18 Up! 02/19]
« Reply #54 on: February 20, 2019, 06:11:11 PM »
Another fantastic chapter. Really look forward to reading them.  :)
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 18 Up! 02/19]
« Reply #55 on: February 20, 2019, 06:18:13 PM »
Great new chapter. I wanted to give you some praise for the plot here and focusing on chemistry. This is great stuff as it adds a level of depth to the stories. I like reading something I can feel heart and soul in. Your stories definitely have that, so it's a huge 1+. Cheers for another wonderful installment.
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 18 Up! 02/19]
« Reply #56 on: February 20, 2019, 06:54:26 PM »
I liked the roleplay here. Even though Taylor Swift isn't my kind of woman, you really turn me on to her! Another fine chapter in this series.
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 18 Up! 02/19]
« Reply #57 on: February 20, 2019, 07:59:40 PM »
Slyguy - the master of hand jobs. You really are setting the scale for when it comes to expectation with detail and how to write an amazing hand job.  ;)

When it's all said and done, this is the definitive Taylor Swift erotic series. Nothing comes close. Love every last one of these chapters. You completely nail her and explore everything about her. It's a true work of art.
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Re: Era Erotica (Taylor Swift) [Chp. 19 Up! 03/23]
« Reply #58 on: March 23, 2019, 02:45:37 PM »
Author's Note: Thank DarkSwordsman and his amazing Taylor orgy stories, A Party Like No Other and Taylor's Southern Soirée for inspiring this!

Disclaimer: This a work of fiction. It is not real. It did not/will not happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such.

Chapter Nineteen: Wonderland
Starring Taylor Swift
Featuring Blake Lively, Camila Cabello, Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid, Hailee Steinfeld, Hayley Kiyoko, Karlie Kloss, Martha Hunt, & Selena Gomez
Codes: MF+, M+F, Anal, Oral, Orgy


Cole was taking some time off while he pondered his next career move.  Joining Taylor’s marketing team was a big decision and he wanted to be absolutely sure before committing.  His unemployment meant days alone playing with Taylor’s cats and nights playing with her pussy.  Still, only two weeks in and he was already going crazy.  All that changed one day while rifling through the mail.  A gold leaf envelope caught his eye.  Curious and thinking it was a wedding invitation, he carefully opened it, pulling out the letter to read its contents.

Ms. Taylor Swift & Mr. Cole Stephens,

You are cordially invited to the annual Wonderland celebration.  Ms. Selena Gomez is hosting and Mrs. Karlie Kloss is our mistress of ceremonies.  Ms. Gomez has elected to hold the event at her Los Angeles residence on the 23rd of this month. Please RSVP if you plan to attend.

- Wonderland Planning Committee

P.S.  We’d love to see you both there! – Selena

Cole finished reading, no closer to understanding what it actually meant.  Wonderland was the setting of a beloved fiction book, and a song off Taylor’s 1989 deluxe album.  Neither seemed an adequate explanation.

“Hey Swift?”  Cole asked, calling out to the other room.  “What’s Wonderland?"

He heard something crash and a loud curse as Taylor dropped whatever she was holding.  Storming into the kitchen, her eyes darted back and forth.  They froze at the letter in his hand.

“Where did you get that?!?”

“It was addressed to both of us.”  Cole said, looking confused and handing her the letter.

Taylor snatched it from his hands, her blue eyes roving over the short script in seconds.

“Every year I give them the same answer!”  She threw letter aside and slumped down at the kitchen table.

“What’s going on Swift?”  Cole asked, sitting down next to her.  “Talk to me.”

Taylor looked at him, a mixed expression on her face.  “I don’t want any secrets from you.  So here it goes.  Wonderland is…an orgy.  An annual one.  Hosted by members of my so-called squad.”  She put the last word in air quotes.  Cole’s jaw hit the floor.  “Started in 2013.  At first it was just a bunch of friends getting together for a fun and wild night.  Things apparently got out of hand after I left, but they had so much fun that they decided to make it yearly thing.  They called it Wonderland after the song of mine, because I’d brought them all together.  And because they had a wonderful time.  Their words.  Not mine.”  She gave a hollow chuckle.

“An orgy, a little out there I guess.  Why are you so against it?”  Cole asked, trying to focus while battling images of Taylor’s many model, singer and actress friends in the raunchiest sexual positions and scenarios.

“I wasn’t!  All for it really.  Until 2015.  That was the first year I decided to go…with Adam.  Asshole.  At the time he seemed really excited.  In retrospect, he just wanted a free pass to fuck all of my friends.  When we got there and realized I would also be fucking other guys, he freaked out and ruined the whole thing.  Haven’t been since.  Stupid DJ prick.”

“Not even with other guys?”

“Nope.  Wasn’t dating Tom long enough and Joe would have loved to see me get railed by a few dudes, but he wasn’t too keen on anyone else knowing that.”

“Well, you’re with me now.  And I say let’s go.  It sounds like you want to.”


“Swift.  I don’t care if there are other men to fuck.  It’s only fair.  Some women for me.  Some dudes for you.  Tit for tat.  Besides, I know who you’ll be coming home with.  This guy.” He stared intensely, waiting for the argument.  “You know you’re not going to find a cock as good as this one.”

The corners of her mouth twitched.  “I do love your cock…”

“Love you too Swift.”

She moved in for a kiss.  He kissed her back and as they lingered, it turned into much more.  Right there on the kitchen table.  Afterwards, as Taylor wiped the sticky cum from her torso, she said, “Ok.  If you’re sure.  Let’s go.”


“OH MY GOD!  HE’S ACTUALLY HERE!”  Was the first thing they heard as they opened the front door of Selena Gomez’s Los Angeles estate.

The next thing Cole knew, he was being dragged inside by a gaggle of stunningly beautiful women.  They marched him to the living room, forming a close-knit circle.  Shameless with their eye-fucking, Cole smiled nervously at the sudden intense female scrutiny.  Taylor fought her way through, shooing away her friends like a flock of birds.  One-by-one they retreated, resuming whatever activity they had been doing before.  Cole still felt many of their eyes upon him.  The celebrations were already underway as empty bottles littered the room and music blared from an unseen sound system.  The scantily clad women were comfortably dressed, not that it mattered.  They’d all be sporting birthday suits soon enough.  That wasn’t to say they didn’t look good.  Makeup was on point, hair sleekly styled.  And then there was their toned bodies, each one tighter and perkier than the last.  Every one of them could have passed for Greek goddess.

“Wow.  A lot of your friends are here.”  He muttered.

“It’s a good turnout this year.  It looks like we’re the last ones.”  She said nervously.  “It’s not too late to back out, just so you know.”

“Nonsense Swift.  I’m good if you are.”

She nodded, giving him an anxious smile.  Selena came bounding over to them in sleeveless tee.  Undeterred by the presence of a bra, her perky milk-makers threatened to bounce right out into plain view.  She brushed her shiny black hair behind her ears, rattling the hoops there and hugged Taylor tightly.

“I’m so glad you’re here!”  She was positively beaming.  “And you brought a treat!”  Her warm brown eyes roamed up and down Cole’s muscular form, noticeably lingering at his crotch.

“Yep!  We’re here!  Cole’s been great.  Really supportive.”

“I’m sure having all these beautiful ladies here doesn’t hurt.”  Selena said with a wink.

Blake Lively joined them, the tightest of tank tops barely able to hold back the ample bosom of the blonde actress and mother of two.  She hugged the both of them, pressing her breasts against Cole for far longer than was socially acceptable.

“It’s strange to see you here Cole.”  Selena said.  “All of our boyfriends, husbands or significant others are too insecure to come.”

“It’s fantastic!”  Blake cut in.  “Ryan wanted to come, but he’s on a movie shoot.  Usually he’s the only other guy that turns up.  He’ll be sorry he missed it this year!”

“Not sure what all the fuss is, Taylor and I love each other.  We know that.  A little fun with other people doesn’t change that.”
His statement was met with aws and ohs, everyone clearly eavesdropping on them.  Taylor gripped his hand tightly and gave him the warmest of smiles.  Introductions and greetings followed.  Cole had met nearly everyone before, but not all.  Taylor gave a particularly large greeting to Hayley Kiyoko, who had been a special guest on her reputation tour.

“Hayley!  So glad you accepted my invite!”  She said, hugging the fellow popstar.  “I wasn’t sure you would with all the dicks involved.”

The half-Asian blonde singer, referred to as Lesbian Jesus by her fans, shrugged and said, “There’s also a lot of fine chicks.  I’ll find plenty of pussy to entertain myself.”

Karlie Kloss stood at the head of the room, effortlessly striking a pose as she cleared her throat loudly.  The tall lanky model with flowing flaxen hair and blue eyes to match Taylor’s, tapped a large crystal goblet with a silver spoon to get everyone’s attention.  Through the sliding glass doors behind her, the sun was just setting, casting a gorgeous orange glow over the rocky foothills of LA.

“Welcome all to Wonderland 2019!  I’m your mistress of ceremonies, so I’ll be dictating the events tonight.  Before I bring the gentleman out, we need to have a toast and take care of a few orders of business.  Drink up everyone!”

Cole looked around as the party-goers gravitated towards the table with an enormous punch bowl in the center of it.  He’d been to Selena’s home plenty of times before, although the layout looked different this time.  An enormous plush ottoman lay in the very center of the room, nearly the size of a mattress.  Several couches and chairs were arrayed all around it, almost like seats facing a stage.  Her usual furnishings seemed to be gone.  The doors to her room and a guest room, both of which lay just off the living room were closed.  Cole and Taylor had spent many a night fooling around in that guest bedroom, and even once or twice in Selena’s bed when she was otherwise preoccupied.  On the wall opposite the punch bowel was another table.  Cole stopped mid-walk as he realized what was on it.  Spread across the table was every variety of sex toy imaginable.  Dildo’s, both anatomically correct and otherwise, vibrators, strap-ons, wands, butt plugs, nipple clamps, anal beads and pocket rockets of every size, shape and color imaginable were presented in neat organized rows, clearly waiting to be claimed by a horny owner once the festivities got underway.  Taylor tugged his arm and he shook himself.  The punch bowl was filled with a bright red concoction.  Cole ladled two full red solo cups, taking a whiff.  The overwhelming aroma of alcohol filled his nostrils.

“Whoa, what’s in this?”  Cole asked Gigi Hadid who stood next to him, pouring her own cup.

The model stared with blue-green eyes, her rounded cheeks smirking.  “The Jungle Juice?  Alcohol.”

Cole laughed and gave a cup to Taylor.  Once everyone was ready, Selena raised her own cup.  “Here’s to Wonderland!  Cheers everyone!  Drink up!”

Everyone in the room downed their red solo cups, chugging down the contents like it was a race.  The combination of what tasted like several different types of alcohol made him cough.  “Reminds me of college.  I think I prefer your old fashions.”

Taylor grinned.  “Let’s get another.”
The mingling continued as they all downed a few more rounds of Jungle Juice.  After the third cup, Cole began to feel strange.  Within the confines of his jeans, his cock stiffened, snaking down his pant leg as it searched for an escape.  Taylor immediately spotted it.

“Someone should have mentioned, it’s the Jungle Juice.  Makes dicks hard as a rock.  Clits too.”  She leaned in closer, whispering.  “I’m dripping right now.”  That did absolutely nothing to help his erection.  “It gives everyone the libido to go all night.  Because they do.  I mean we do.”

Cole shifted uncomfortably as Taylor moved to talk with Cara Delevingne.  The British model flashed him a wink, sticking her tongue into her cheek and grabbing an imaginary cock with her hand, miming a blowjob.

“Hey Stephens.  Long time, no see.”  Hailee Steinfeld said, the dark-haired singer actress sidling up to next to him.
“Hailee.  Nice to see you again.  It’s been a while.”
“It has.  Too long.  Since you two got together, Taylor’s been hiding you!”  She leaned in closer, licking full lips.  “I’m stoked to see that dick of yours in action again.”

Cole nodded stupidly as she flashed a wicked grin and gave his crotch a quick squeeze.  Before he could say anything, Karlie called for attention.
“I think we are all sufficiently hard up.  Let’s get started!  Everyone, STRIP!”
Cole glanced around.  What little clothes they had on were quickly tore off.  Camila Cabello bumped into him, pulling off her blouse.
“Whoops!  Sorry Cole.”  The half-Cuban singer said, now topless and gazing at him.  Cole’s eyes slid downwards to her perfectly proportioned bronzed globes.  Each dark nipple was as puffy and erect as he’d ever seen.  “What are you waiting for?  Don’t be shy.  Strip!  I’ve been bragging about your pinga all day.”
She gave a high-pitched raspy laugh, pushing him playfully.  She reached and gave his trousers a tug.  Taylor materialized over his shoulder, her face playful.

“Always so eager to get my man naked, huh Cee?”
“You know it Tee.”  She said, shimmering out of her short-shorts.  “You’re a bit overdressed yourself chica.”

“Let’s change that.”  Taylor said, peeling off her own shirt. 
In a flash, she was naked.  Cole followed suit, unbuckling his belt and pulling his trousers down.  The blonde Victoria Secret’s model, Martha Hunt, gave a hoot as she walked by ogling his ding-dong.  She was naked herself, breasts jiggling as she carried a bundle of clothes.  Taylor reached for his underwear and pulled, letting loose a girlish giggle as his wang sprang forward, stiff and ready for action.  For a moment, the eye of every female in the room was drawn to the thick rod, even Hayley.

Once everyone was done stripping, they clustered around Karlie, who just as naked as everyone else.  As far as the eye could see there were toned, fit muscles, breasts that jiggled with the slightest movement, shapely asses that were pinched and squeezed by perfectly manicured hands, pouty lips being licked by tongues in anticipation and eyes wide, filled with excitement in the dying light of the LA sunset.  He really was surrounded by a group of goddesses.

“WELCOME TO WONDERLAND 2019!”  Karlie screamed, her excitement evident.  A roar of noise greeted her words as the call went up all around.  Hands clapped, mouths whooped and squealed with glee as the gaggle of women unabashedly rejoiced at the wild fucking that was about to commence.  “On the count of three we kick it off!  One!  Two!  Three!”

Every woman reached down between her buttcheeks, to the buttplug tightly nestled there.  They pulled.  Cole was treated to the sound of ten different and distinct pops as sphincter rings stretched and the glittering trove of anal sex toys were pulled from various rectums.  They held them high, triumphantly above their heads, each a different color and shape.  Hoots of laughter echoed as they trembled with the sensation.  Cara popped hers into her mouth, licking it clean before holding it up.  Taylor gave a squeak as hers was removed.  Grabbing Cole’s hand, she placed it on hers, holding the shiny pink bejeweled buttplug high.  It seemed only right, after all, he had helped her put it in that morning.

“LET WONDERLAND BEGIN!”  Karlie yelled, her voice an octave higher than it had been moments before.

One set of the double doors banged opened and the gentlemen marched in, butt naked with their fat cocks dangling in front of them.  Five prime male specimens lined up next to Karlie, hands behind their back, dick’s facing forward.  Even Cole couldn’t help but marvel at them.  A multitude of ethnicities, but all with chiseled jaws, slick haircuts, pretty eyes and muscles that bulged on each of their respective frames.  Then there were their cocks.  Each one was as long and girthy as the last.  Veins spiderwebbed across thick shafts, golf-ball sized mushroom tips were already shiny with precum and large heavy balls swung between their legs.  Cole was pleased to see that he measured up reasonably well.  Well, expect for the last guy in line.  The African-American man was hung like a horse, easily dwarfing every other cock in the room.  The ladies squealed with glee as the men made their grand entrance.  Selena only had eyes for the black man, her brown eyes following his swinging progress across the room.

“Look at these fella’s!  Am I right ladies?”  Karlie asked, standing behind the nearest one, sinking her nails into his large pecs and biting her lip something fierce.

This was met with further cheering as horny hands began roaming over their owner’s and neighbor’s bodies.  Clits stiffened, lady lips shimmered with arousal and nipples hardened.  Martha looked as though she was actually drooling.

“Only five of them?!?”  Camila called out, the dismay evident in her voice.
Karlie shushed her before turning to Selena, “Would you care to announce the guest of honor?”  She held out a sealed envelope.  Selena was still fixated on the big black dick, oblivious to everything else. “Selena!”  She was snapped out of her stupor as Karlie clapped her hands together. 
“Yea.  Right.  Guest of honor.”
She stepped to the front, perky tits and ass jiggling.  “Eh-hem.  The guest of honor this year is…a little drumroll please.” Hands strummed against tight tummies, muscular thighs or supple asses as the women patted themselves, drumming up a sufficient buildup for Selena to open the card. “TAYLOR SWIFT!”
Everyone turned to Taylor, cheering, giggling or running a hand over her supple body, giving her bits a squeeze.  Taylor blushed.
“You know what that means!”  Martha shouted.  “Get ready for those cocks!”

“What does that mean?”  Cole whispered.

“It’s mean’s she’s about to get stuffed airtight!”  Blake said excitedly.

As Taylor was pushed forward, she flashed a look back at him.  He gave a smile and a thumbs up.  Karlie’s instructed the men as Taylor knelt on the carpeted floor in the center of the room, next to oversized ottoman.  They jockeyed for position around her, hefty wangs swarming her as she gazed around up at them.

“C’mon Tay!  Give us a good show!”  Selena called out.

Everyone settled down around on the arrangement of couches and chairs, eager to watch the live sex show play out in front of them.  Cole wouldn’t say he was overjoyed to watch these five dudes rail his girlfriend, but he knew there were no feelings here, only sex.  Thankfully as he settled down on a couch, Blake cozied up next, brushing her sizable ta-ta’s up against him. 

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you don’t get too jealous.”  She whispered and wrapped a hand around his cock.

“Me too.”  Said Hailee, snuggling up on his other side and likewise gripping his cock.

Taylor gazed upwards at the selection of manmeat around her.  With a look of determination and a cheeky grin, she dove right in.  Opening her pouty lips wide, she devoured the nearest schlong, taking it straight down the balls and holding it there as she grabbed two more, stroking them fast.  Woo’s and more cheering greeted her ears as took down another dick, his balls resting on her chin before releasing it with a spit-filled cough and moving to the next one.  She spat left and right, making sure the five cocks around were nice and slippery as she jerked them off.  Taking inspiration, Hailee leaned over and let loose a long string of spittle onto Cole’s cock, spreading it around as her and Blake worked in perfect tandem, stroking every inch of him.  Blake reached down to fondle his swelling balls.  Everyone else was enjoying the show.  Fingers disappeared between thighs, rubbing wet lips or strumming throbbing clits.  Breasts were groped and nipples tweaked as they watched Taylor suck down each guy six ways from Sunday.  She utilized all her many oral tricks, fast bobs of her head with lips sealed tight, long slow powerful suction strokes with her cheeks caved inwards, gobbling at heavy swinging balls, lapping at gaping oozing pisslits and curling her tongue around every veiny inch. 

“Get it Taylor!”  Gigi called out.

“Suck those cock’s girl!  Woooahhh yea!!!”  Blake added.

Hayley had already given into her baser instincts, busing herself between Cara’s legs as she kissed her soaked twat.  Cara pinched both nipples, twisting them back and forth as her eyes watched Taylor intently.  Selena sprang up from her seat, only to quickly grab something off the sextoy table and hurry back to her chair.  She promptly spread her legs wide and fit the large black dildo into her snatch, moaning loudly as she did so.  Suddenly, there was flurry as women hurriedly also ran up to grab something.  Blake and Hailee remained seated, jerking Cole off.  To compensate, he placed a hand on each of their hot wet slits, slipping fingers between velvety folds as moans filled his ears on either side.

“Don’t make her do all the work boys!”  Karlie called from her position on the hardwood floor by sliding doors where she was riding a large dildo, suctioned to the floor.

The guy with Taylor’s lips wrapped around his dong placed both hands on her head and with her nod started thrusting in and out.  Taylor gagged and gurgled at the sudden speed and force of the prick fucking her mouth, but adjusted herself, opening her throat wide as he jammed every inch into her gullet with frenzied speed.  She never wavered, still jerking off two other spit-soaked pricks while more eagerly awaited her attentions.  Tears beaded in the corners of her eyes as the stud released her and she gasped for air, spittle flowing freely down her chin, strings of saliva connecting her lips to his cock.  The next guy took his prick, thrusting in-between her lips as Taylor yet again took every inch.

“Fuck!  Look at her handle those dicks!”  Hailee yelled, the admiration clear.

Camila was making out with Gigi as the two of them simultaneously worked thick colorful dildo’s in and out of the other’s pussy.  Martha was double-fisting two vibrators, one disappearing into gushing pussy and the other plowing her taught butthole.  Cole fingered Hailee and Blake harder, curling his twitching digits, a thumb rubbing across each clit, as they worked his pole over.  His head was being pulled back and forth as one would sink their lips against his, their tongue blindly searching for his tonsils before the other pull him off for an equally as deep and sloppy kiss.

“Stuff her airtight boys!”  Karlie said, wobbling over on shaky legs, a gigantic bottle of lube clutched in her hands.

They actually looked relieved for a reprieve from her ferocious oral assault.  Despite being outnumber five to one, Taylor was showcasing her oral talents to such a degree that she would have had a lesser man already blown his wad.  Each man took a squirt and began to lube up his prick.  Karlie was like a director, instructing who should go where.  One laid down, flat on his back on the ottoman.  Taylor straddled him, lining up her dripping slit with his fuckstick.

“Think you can handle me boys?”  She asked in the sweetest tone.

Sinking down onto him she started to ride him, her cries of pleasure lost in the chorus of cheers.  Another stood in front of her, presenting his fat cock which she promptly swallowed down again.  Two more flanked him as she reached out lanky arms, grabbing their oily pricks, her hands a blur along the shafts.  A smile split her face as the man beneath her thrusted upwards, hitting the deepest reaches of her cunt.  Finally, Karlie pointed one perfectly manicured fingernail at the well-hung black man.  She pointed to Taylor’s ass.  He got behind her and every woman in the room gasped as he pushed his big black cock between her pale white cheeks and against her snug sphincter.  Taylor’s eyes went wide and choked on cock as she felt the monster press harder against her tight anal ring.

“MMHHMMHHMMM!!!!”  She cried out as with an audible *POP* heard round the room, his fat mushroom head slipping past her sphincter as the monster cock stuffed every black veiny inch up her poop chute.

“Thank god for that buttplug!”  Selena said to laughs all around.

Everyone gaped in awe at an airtight Taylor.  Even Cole couldn’t tear his eyes away from what must be more than 30 inches of cock inside of her, with two more slippery dicks gripped in her palms eager for entry.  The men waited until she was comfortable before they really went to work, banging each of her holes with practiced ease.  Their own grunts were nothing compared to hers.  Even with a mouthful of dick she was the loudest in the room as every orifice she had was worked over with a thick slab of manmeat.  Cole might have minded more if the two hands wrapped around his prick weren’t jacking him off at top speed.  Blake was watching Taylor with big, envious eyes.  Hailee’s gaze flicked back and forth between Taylor’s undulating body and Cole’s throbbing prick.  Around the room, the arousal was only building as the gurgling cries of Taylor whipped everyone into an orgasmic fever.  The live gangbang of Taylor Swift turned out to be quite the crowd pleaser.  The tension grew and grew as sweat beaded on Taylor’s supple body, subject to the pleasure of having every hole filled and reamed by big, fat cocks.

"That’s it!  I can’t take it anymore!”  Blake said, grabbing Cole by the shoulders and pinning him down as she straddled his lap.

Hailee let go in shock as Blake pressed his pecker against her pink cunt.  His vision was suddenly obscured by two large, floppy funbags, each topped with a pink pointed nipple.  Motorboating the rack in front of him, she dropped her hips.

“OHHH FUUUCCK YEESSS!!!” She cried out as Cole filled her up.

“Blake!  I wanted to do that!”  Hailee said, banging the couch and pouting.

Eyes turned from Taylor to watch as Blake slid herself along Cole’s pole, hips bouncing like she was riding a pogo stick.  Cole grabbed each juicy jiggling asscheek, holding on tightly and guiding the 31-year-old MILF up and down.

“Blake!  You’re supposed to wait till they finish!”  Karlie yelled, trotting over with the authority of a scolding school teacher.

“Couldn’t.  Wait.”  She grunted out between slaps of flesh.

“I guess I can’t blame you.”  Karlie said, as Hayley snuck up behind her probing her tongue deep into her asshole.

Karlie gasped, but was only too happy to let lesbian singer tongue her backdoor like a starving woman presented with a ten-course meal.  Kneeling on all fours, Hailee pulled Cole’s slobbering mouth away from Blake’s tits and forced her tongue into his mouth.  In response Cole stuck three fingers into her sopping gash and fingered her hard.  Her hands now free, she popped a finger into her own butthole, making herself shiver.

Taylor’s eyes bulged as she tried to take in the scenes around, just as depraved and raunchy as any porno would suggest, but the cocks pummeling her made it difficult to do anything other than succumb to the building orgasm.  The men worked in perfect unison, like a practiced team of synchronized swimmers.  The man beneath her held her aloft as he jackhammered upwards, his willy thumping her gushing snatch with ball slapping force.  His mouth sucked on her hanging tits, taking her hard nips between his teeth.  Taylor’s lips puckered as another prick bumped her tonsils with every thrust.  Drool poured down her chin.  Her face was bright red, eyes watering, hair stuck to her sweaty forehead but her smile couldn’t be wider.  In each hand she jerked of another cock as though it was her sole focus.  Base to tip in perfect synchronization for each of them, pausing only to juggle both sets of swollen balls.  Her ass was getting fucked like it was the dude’s last lay.  He slammed his entire black monstrous length deep into her bowels before pulling back out to the tip, only to slam it in again.  Taylor’s buttcheeks rippled with each powerful thrust as he gave her tushy a couple of good smacks.  Her first orgasm of the night grew and grew, swelling larger and larger in her pussy until she could feel in it in every limb.  When it hit, it hit like a tidal wave.  It would be the first of many.  The cock fell from between her limps as she shrieked.  He proceeded to beat his mushroom head against her cheek, leaving behind dribbling stains of precum and spit.


She blacked out as every limb went numb, her body going ragdoll, only kept suspended by the guy beneath her as they relentless continued pummeling her holes.  She went cross-eyed, her tongue lolled of her mouth as she squirted, spraying jet after jet of clear sticky ejaculate all over the gentleman below her.  The others cheered loudly, celebrating the first orgasm of the night.

“WOOO!!! YEA!!! GET IT TAY!!!”  Selena squealed, holding a large vibrating wand to her clit and cumming herself not three seconds later.

Blake pulled Cole’s face back between her ta-ta’s and rode him harder.  Hailee was dragged to the floor by Karlie and Hayley, the three of them laying down in a triangle, each eating another out.  Orgasms began popping off like fireworks.  Some screamed, some shrieked, and some squirted.  Martha slid right out of her chair as she climaxed, the two dildos’ slipping from her holes as she spasmed with pleasure.  Camila sprayed her own fountain of lady cum onto Gigi as the model fucked her hard with the plastic cock, cumming herself just afterwards from Camila’s efforts.  Cara finished herself off using a two-pronged vibrator, buzzing in both her pussy and asshole.

As Taylor’s orgasm seemed be renewed with each thrust of the cocks inside of her, cum spraying forth from her pussy like it was a firehouse.  The men could hold out no longer.  The first to explode pumped a few shots into her mouth before painting her face with his remaining ropes of sticky cum.  He stepped back, breathing heavily one as another took his place before Taylor could even swallow down the hot spunk.  Not long after the guy she was jerking off wrenched his cock from her grip and stroked himself off, jizz flying from his rod as it drenched the side of her, from neck to ass.

“GIMME THAT HOT FUCKING CUM!!!  BLOW THOSE LOADS BOYS!!!”  She screamed, relishing the feel of those creamy cumwads splattering against her body.  Her mouth was free for only a moment before a dick was shoved back.

Cole could feel his own climax approaching, Blake’s surprisingly tight snatch doing its best to coax the semen from his balls, threatening to blow a sticky wad inside of her at any minute.  Behind her, the rest of the men fell before Taylor.  She felt her pussy flooded with semen as the fuckstick jerked violently inside of her, pumping piping hot spunk deep inside.  A cock was pulled out of her mouth as her face was assaulted with yet more salty seed, splattering against her pretty features until she blinked from beneath a cum-white glaze.  Last to go off was the big black cock.  He growled, deep and guttural, as he exploded up her backside, cumming for what seemed like minutes as he spurted milky wad after milky wad up her shit pipe.  Pulling out, he left behind a gaping hole behind that leaked murky jism onto the ottoman below.  Taylor rolled over on her back, sticky and white, dribbly man goo leaking from every orifice.  The black man moved around and draped his cock across her face and Taylor opened wide without thinking, cleaning the fleshy instrument of pleasure so recently shoved up her backside.  She was incoherent, her body still twitching as the pleasure coursed its way through her.

Cole grit his teeth as he fired his first load of the evening into Blake.  He sprayed like a fountain inside of her, triggering her own orgasm as she felt the hot baby batter burst into life inside of her.  Pulling herself off and falling sideways onto the couch, she was immediately attacked by Camila who spread her legs apart and starting munching box, gulping down the freshly deposited load there.  Cole sat in a daze as the men stood back, trying to recover from sticky Taylor below them.

“Ladies!  Ladies!  LADIES!”  Karlie called for attention.  “Looks like our opening act is done!  You know what that means!  Boys!”

And just like that from the guest room door burst opened and out strolled five more men, just as equally good-looking and hung as the previous five.  Their cocks were erect and swinging as everyone screamed with delight.

“Have at ‘em!”  Karlie yelled.

The women leapt forward like a pack of ravenous lionesses.  Men were grabbed and thrown down, squatted in front of, pulled to the side or tackled as mouth’s, pussy’s and assholes were pushed down upon hard cocks.  Pairs split off, each searching for a space so the real fucking could begin.  If the men who had just fucked Taylor thought they were going to get a break, they were wrong.  Just as many of them found an orifice suddenly engulfing their re-hardening cocks.

Taylor lay on the ottoman, spread eagled, limbs numb and tingling.  She had already lost count of her orgasms.  Had it been one?  Five?  Ten?  Who knew.  Cole stood up to check on her, but was pushed back down as Gigi wrapped her plump lips around his still-rock hard shaft.  Slurping down the combination of Blake’s pussy and his jizz, she gazed up at him with a large smile.

As the orgy really kicked into gear, it was minutes before Taylor finally felt like she could move.  Sitting up, she was already sore.  And sticky.  Stumbling over to a table, she grabbed a rag, wiping some of the cum off her body.  It was everywhere.  Around her, every friend was in a various state of fornication.  Selena shrieking like a banshee, two dicks penetrating her pussy and backdoor.  The gigantic black cock that had so recently been plowing her own asshole was now disappearing between her best gal pal’s jiggling buttcheeks.  A strap-on was cinched tightly around Cara waist as she fucked Hayley from behind, smacking the lesbian’s ass and asking if she wanted it harder.  Camila had hefty wang sliding in and out of her lusciously large twerking butt, bent over with her hands wrapped around her own ankles.  Karlie was on her knees, her height still remarkable evident, one erect cock prodding her cheek as she swapped back and forth between two juicy pricks.  Hailee had taken a stud to Selena’s bedroom, her lithe body bouncing up and down on his discostick as she rode him into oblivion upon on the mattress.  Between Blake’s large tanned lubed-up tits, another cock found its home, sawing away like a master carpenter.  Firm hands held her head, her long hair flowing around her as another dude fucked her face.  And there was Cole, fucking both Gigi and Martha in the guest room.  Both women knelt on all fours as he was thrusted behind them.  He’d give a few pumps into one then switch to other, all the while rubbing his fingers across their soaking, hard clits.  Taylor smiled and started walking towards them on wobbly legs.  Before she made it halfway across the room, a man presented himself, his fleshy tool standing at attention.  She smiled and dragged him to the ground on top of her, eager to let someone else do the work for a bit.

Cole was plenty distracted drilling the two gorgeous Victoria Secret’s models.  Both snatches were tight, wet and seemed to suck his member in with every hump.  The pair of them made out, tongues sloppily spilling over the other’s full lips as they were fucked silly.  Martha came first, Cole holding onto her hips as he drove himself into her over and over again.  Her twat convulsed and contracted around him as she cried with glee.  Pulling out with an audible slurp he stuck it into Gigi’s fuckhole, gripping her by the shoulders and pulling her backwards onto his cock and he pummeled her pussy until she too climaxed.  He switched back to Martha, but after only a few more pumps, he lost it, pulling out and spraying a hot and heavy load all over her ass, white streaks trailing far up her back.  Gigi pounced on him, sucking his cock dry before leaning down to her model friend’s butt and licking her clean.  Cole fell backwards as the two models became intertwined.  Head spinning and still sporting a sizable semi he marveled at his own dick.  Whatever was in that Jungle Juice was working.

Taylor was finished with this fella.  She had laid back on the floor while he humped her brains out.  He’d brought her to screaming orgasm before finishing inside of her.  Shakier than before, she stood up, hot baby batter trickling down her thighs.  She looked to find Cole, but was again waylaid by two more dudes led by Karlie.  She had her fists wrapped around each of their pricks.  Strands of jism clung to her chin.

“What do you say Tay?  Tag team?”

Cole was back in the thick of it.  Casting his eye around, it was immediately draw to Camila’s magnificent backside.  It was currently thrust up high in the air as she knelt on the couch sucking off some dude.  Her puckered brown starfish seemed to be winking at him as he lined up his cock with her butthole and prodded his mushroom head against it.

“This taken?”  He asked.

Camila’s eyes flicked back to him, looking like a squirrel with a nut in its cheek.  Slurping, she said, “It is now.”

Cole smiled and pressed against her sphincter.  Gooey jizz was still oozing out from the last guy that had been in there so he didn’t even need to lube up as he pushed his way inside.

“AYYYE!!!”  Camila cried out as she felt his package fill up her rectum.

She gave him a wink and resumed sucking.  His thrusts were cushioned by the ample flesh of her bronzed buttcheeks, quivering with every frenzied movement.  He gave a sharp smack to that booty.  It was too irresistible not too.  She moaned, the sound escaping around the cock lodged in her throat.  He slapped that dancing derrière and pounded her asshole harder.

Cara was now bouncing her own tight asshole along some dude’s dick, the bright blue strap waving wildly as she slid and up and down.  Hailee was 69-ing with a fella, making his cock fully vanish between those full dick-sucking lips as he slithered his snake-like tongue deeper into her snatch then she had thought possible.  Hayley was motorboating Blake’s freshly glazed tits who was grinding her hips on yet another dick.

Camila’s asshole squeezed him tighter and tighter as she climbed towards orgasm, rubbing her own slit as she climaxed, squirting a hot stream of lady cum onto the couch.  The dude she was sucking blew his wad a second later, pulling out of her pouty lips and splattering her face with face from forehead to chin.  Panting heavily, Cole couldn’t take it anymore and busted his own fat nut in the deepest recesses of her rectum, spraying her already soaked colon with even more cum.  He pulled out and admired the gaping chasm before him as Camila spread her cheeks wide to give him a better view.  She spun around on the couch and opened her mouth wide, taking his cock into her mouth running her tongue along every veiny inch.  When she popped off he was clean as whistle as she started wiping the cum off her face with her fingers, licking those clean as well.  Cole held prick, already starting to feel a bit tender after such repeated use.  Thankfully at that moment Karlie called for attention.

“I think we could all use a breather.  Let’s have a game!”

The orgy picked up as everyone fucked for one more orgasm before stopping.  Spunk flew through the air, smacking against excited faces, perky tits, supple asses or inside velvety pussies.  Ladies screamed, convulsed, trembled and squirted as they too climaxed.  Selena was the last finish, shaking with pleasure as a cock blasted its sticky load all over her tight tushy.

“What were you thinking Kloss?”  Taylor asked.

“A little tug of war.”  Karlie said, holding two long strings of anal beads tied together.

One strand was neon pink, the other solid black.  The ladies cooed loudly, hurriedly gathering in a circle, eager to decide who be competing.  Cole stepped forward to join, but Cara placed a tattooed hand on his chest.

“Unless there is a chance of those beads going in your ass, you don’t get a vote.”  Cole took a step back.  Cara looked disappointed, “That’s a shame, love!  We could have had some fun with you.”

Cole retreated to the punch bowel and poured himself another cup of Jungle Juice, recharging his erotic batteries.  He downed the cup as a couple of the guys came over for refreshments or to towel off.  The situation was a bit awkward, the women clustered in a group, whispering and giggling excitedly.  He did the only thing he could think of, make some polite chitchat.

“So, are you guys like friends…or…you know.”

“We’re escorts.  The high-class kind.”  Said a buff Latino stud.  “It’s good money.”

“Seriously, this party alone.  You wouldn’t believe!”  Said another sculpted hunk.

“Do you, err, do a lot of parties like this?”  Cole asked, genuinely curious.

“Oh yea.  You wouldn’t believe what these Hollywood types get up.  I swear to god it’s like every other week is some absurd orgy.”

“This one takes the cake.”  Another chimed in.

“Wonderland they call it?  Weird name, but whatever.  This is my third one.  Great fucking time every year.”  Said yet another.

A cheer went up from the gaggle of women, sparing Cole from any more awkward conversations with the group of sweaty naked well-hung men.

“Ok boys, sit down and enjoy.  We do so love an audience.  It’s the newbie and the veteran.  Hayley Kioko vs. Martha Hunt.”  Karlie said, that wicked grin back on her face.

Both women climb on the center ottoman on all fours, thrusting out their rear ends and giving them a shake.  Cole settled on a cumstained couch cushion as the other men took their seats.  Outside, the moon was high in the sky as they split into two teams.  On Hayley’s side was Taylor, Selena, Camila and Hailee.  On Martha’s side, Karlie, Gigi, Blake and Cara.  First the teams needed to warm up their competitors.  The horny teammates descended using lips or fingers, pressed in or against mouths, twats or assholes, priming the competitors for what was to come.

Taylor placed her lips directly against Hayley’s sphincter, her beautiful face buried between buttcheeks, her nimble tongue drenching the hole with saliva.  She locked eyes with Cole across the room, smiling and tonguing harder.  Hailee jabbed three fingers into Hayley’s twat, the sloshing noises of dripping cunt echoing across the room as she fingerbanged her.  Selena was making out with the half-Asian pop singer, both sets of full pouty lips pressed hard together, tongues wrestling with one another.  Camila was using her own thick lips to suckle on her hanging teats, kneading the perky tit-flesh between her fingers as her tongue trailed back and forth between areola’s.  On the opposite team, Martha was receiving much the same treatment.

The boys watched as both competitors soon succumbed to spectacular orgasms, their teammates licking, fingering and kissing every orifice.  They were ready.  Hayley’s team had the pink beads, Martha’s the black.  One by one, each girl took a turning feeding a single bead into their team’s asshole.  And one by one those plastic spheres disappeared from view as Hayley and Martha inched closer and closer to each other, the string becoming taught between their very full rectums.  Teammates cheered and gave words of encouragement.

“Oh, yea baby.  Such a good girl, fitting those beads.  Now take another one.”  Hailee whispered as she popped another one into Hayley’s trembling form.

Across the ottoman, Blake was strumming Martha’s clit, saying “That’s it!  Now another one!  Here we go!”

No touching was required to keep his stiffie up as the impossibly gorgeous women performed one of the most depraved sex acts he’d ever witnessed.  In no time at all, Hayley and Martha were ass to ass, firm tushies pressed up against one another, the string all that visibly connected the two.  Both seemed near orgasm again as the teams stepped back to watch their champions.

Karlie screamed go and the two women each began to crawl away from each other, letting out shrieks of pleasure as the first of the bright rounded globes began to stretch their well-used sphincters.  The cheering from the girls intensified as the boys got in on the action, clapping and stomping their feet.  A loud *POP* and suddenly the first bead was back in view.  Hayley white-knuckled the cum-stained ottoman as she shook.  More pops followed.  Martha was in the lead; three slick and shiny spheres exposed as another one threatened to emerge at any moment.  The contest dragged on, each participant careful not to overdo it and move too fast.  Each audible pop of another bead triggered an orgasm from either Hayley or Martha as they continued to crawl away from one another on shaking limbs, fingering their spraying twats.  Their horny teammates couldn’t keep their hands off each other while they watched.  Hands cupped perky breasts, tweaked nipples or else disappeared between thighs to rub swollen clits and stroke wet lips.  Spit was swapped and tongues roamed over every bodypart, licking up trails of drying cum or sticky sweet pussy spray.  After nearly fifteen minutes, it came down to the wire, with only one bead to go on each side, Hayley gave a tug and the last one popped out of rectum, falling down between her legs as she orgasmed yet again, soaking the furniture with even twat juice.  She collapsed still squirting like a fire hydrant.  Her team erupted into wild yelling, rushing forwards.

“Dammit Martha!”  Cara screamed as Martha pulled the last anal bead with her hand just a few seconds too late.

“Well done to both competitors!  Hayley and the popsluts are our winners!  I hope you boys enjoyed the show, because they’re coming for you!”  Karlie said, staring daggers at her opponents.

“Losers.  Let’s congratulate Hayley while they have some fun.”

Hayley spread her legs wide as Martha turned around buried her face between them, licking her wet slit.  The winners dangled the impossibly large strings of beads in front of the losers who each had to take a turn sucking down a slimy sphere, cleaning it before releasing it from between shining pink lips.  Jibes and insults were tossed out be the winners.

“How does Hayley’s ass taste?”

“Gobble those beads you dirty anal skank!”

As they finished, the losers turned to Hayley to treat her to an all-out lesbian lickfest that she could have never imagined, even in her gayest of dreams.  The winners turned towards the erect cocks standing tall all over the room and bounding over to them, ready for more.  Before Cole could even stand, Selena was on his lap, straddling him.  Sheathing him, she gave a cry as she pressed her mouth against his.  The winners were outnumbered two-to-one by the men and they couldn’t be more excited about it.  In no time at all they found themselves doubly penetrated by big, rock hard cocks.  Hailee was on all fours, spit-roasted by two fellas.  One bounced his balls off her chin as the other set bounced against her clit, reaming her from both ends.  Taylor had three guys sitting in a row on a couch, sucking down one after the other like it was a hot-dog eating contest.  One dude underneath Camila pummeled her pussy while another plowed her asshole from above.  She was by far the loudest in the room until a third guy came over and sunk his cock between those pillowy lips.  That quieted her down.  Behind Selena came another ripped stud, prodding her ass with his fat prick.  Selena cooed as Cole stood up, lifting the singer with him.  He bounced her fit body along his pole before sinking her deep and presenting her ass for the guy behind her.  Behind her caramel colored cheeks, his dick vanished from sight.  Selena cried out as both her holes were suddenly and completely stuffed, suspended in midair and bouncing back and forth between both dicks.

Hayley meanwhile was in lesbian heaven, laid out with limbs spread wide.  Blake sat on her face, grinding her velvety folds.  Karlie sucked on her clit, the leggy blonde buried between her thighs.  Cara had her naughty mouth wrapped around her left tit while her spit-soaked fingers plunged in and out of her gaping asshole.  Martha was sucking on the right one.  Gigi was left sucking on her toes, taking one between her full lips before moving onto the next.

The fucking went on and on, reaching orgasmic heights.  Taylor took not one, not two, but three hot sticky loads to the face.  Hailee gagged and spluttered as cum drooled down her chin while her ass was glazed with jizz.  Camila climaxed, body shaking, shortly followed by all three men blowing their wads all over her.  Selena climaxed, squirting as Cole frigged her clit while fucking her.  The hot spray of crystal-clear fluid drenched his torso.  Both holes clenched the dicks stretching them, followed by her rectum being filled with thick spunk a few seconds later.  Cole followed suit, flooding her snatch with creamy cum.  But none came harder than Hayley who threatened to shatter every pane of glass in the house with her orgasmic cries.  Karlie took a faceful of sizzling girlcum as it sprayed forth from her ladylips.

The losers backed off from Hayley, now eying the men, hornier than ever before.  The men panted as they fingered sensitive pricks and sore testes.  The losers had no pity for them as they descended into the fray, evening the odds and many grabbing more than one hard cock for themselves.  Cole looked down to find Selena sucking on his ding-dong, full lips sliding over his shaft and quickly bringing him back up to full length.  She was quickly joined by Hailee and Cara, all three kneeling at his feet.  The three beautiful ladies fought to guzzle his cock down, but Selena was having none of it, holding him deep in her throat as he groaned loudly.  Hailee took one of his aching testicles into her mouth, quickly followed by Cara on the other side.

Finally releasing him from her deep-throating, tongue waggling goodness, Selena said, “Taylor always gets the best dick.  Isn’t that right, girls?”
Hailee and Cara both released his dangling cum-filled orbs with a *POP* and said, “Yea she does!”

Hand gripping the base, Selena fed his dick into Hailee’s mouth who made an incredible duck face as she took every inch of the shaft.  As Hailee sucked him down, her dark head bobbing wildly, Selena moved down to take a turn with Cara as the pair of them continued gobbling as his balls.  Once Hailee had finished her turn, she passed him over to Cara, who beat his meaty stick against her cheek, splattering it with spit and precum, a wild look in her eye as she too took him down to the base.  All three of them passed him back forth, each showcasing their impressive oral talent.  Before long, he was yet again bubbling with cum.

Wrenching his prick from Hailee’s greedy mouth, he grunted, “Ladies!  Gotta cum!”

“Spunk on our faces!  Right girls?  We’d like that.”  Cara said with a cheeky wink.

The other two fervently agreed with her, their fingers dug into his thighs as Cole fisted his prick and stroked like his life depended on it.  The three of them put their heads together, staring up at him and giggling, drunk on lust.  Within seconds his cockhead was spitting semen in every direction.  Hot, thick ropes blew across all three of their faces.  His spunk splatted across the bridge of Hailee’s nose, left behind sticky strings on Selena’s forehead and cum-drenched Cara’s chin.  The longer he stroked, the more fired out until all three blinked up at him from beneath a layer of gooey white splooge.  Cole fell backwards onto a couch, utterly worn out as he watched the three ladies begin to clean themselves, tongues and lips seeking out his seed to swallow down.

“Thanks Stephens.”  Hailee giggled as she stood up, already in search of her next source of pleasure.

Cole took a moment to recover before moving through the crowd and getting another swig of Jungle Juice.  The moon had long since reached its zenith and was retreating back down towards horizon as he surveyed the room.  Cara had reattached the strap-on and was pegging one of the guys.  She had him bent over a chair, reaming his asshole.  Gigi sat below them, sucking on his dangling ding-dong as he took every inch of the big blue plastic cock.  Karlie was 69-ing with Martha, each of them taking a thick prick up the butt as they munched box.  Every few thrusts, the men would pull their cocks from the depths of their bowels and feed them directly into the model’s mouths.  Each was all too happy to suck them clean before returning to eating pussy.  Camila was sucking off two dudes at once, both cocks wedged between pouty lips, cheeks bulging.  Hayley had Taylor’s lips peeled apart and was eating her out something fierce.  Blake was taking one in the rear, cumming it seemed with each repeated penetration, tits flopping around wildly.  Selena rode someone on the floor while she stroking two more cocks around her.  Hailee laid flat as a muscular hunk towered over her, plowing his cock into the deepest reaches of her cunt.  He watched as orgasm after orgasm befell the party guests.  Face’s, tits, assholes and pussies were blasted with even more soupy man goo.  Bodies shook, shrieks filled the air and fluids squirted from gushing snatches.  Lost in the hedonistic display, he didn’t even realize as Taylor wrapped her arms around him.

“Hey you.”  She said, smiling.

Her body was sticky with who knows what, but he didn’t care, turning to kiss her.  As their kiss lingered, the sounds of the orgy intensified yet again.

“Been trying to find you all night.”  He said, grinning.

“Me too.”  She said, taking his cock in her delicate hand, which now thanks to the Jungle Juice was back to erect, even if it was quite sore.  “I’ve found you now.  How about a quickie?”

Cole pulled her over to a chair.  She sat down, spread her legs wide and high in the air.  Lining up his cock with her familiar cunt, he slid inside.  Of the many orifices he had been inside of tonight, none felt quite like Taylor’s.  It was like sleeping in your own bed after a long strange trip.  He gripped the arms of the chair, running his lips along her beautiful legs and started humping.  The orgy raged around them, but they only had eyes for each other.  And as they grunted and groaned together, it was impossible to say how long it was before Taylor climaxed just as Cole unloaded his umpteenth load of the evening in her gushing snatch.  Panting and kissing each other, a ringing cut through their reverie.  Karlie clinked the crystal goblet, surveying the room.

“It’s looks like we’re all pretty spent.  Time for the closing ceremony.  You know what that means ladies!  Get another load from those balls!  Remember boys.  In here!”  She tapped the goblet again.

Cole groaned as he felt Taylor’s hand slide around his aching dick.  “Come on big guy.  One more.”  She whispered.

The entire group of ladies worked to extract one last load from each of the men.  Karlie joined Taylor as the two of them serviced his sore cock, kissing and slobbering all over it, before offering up her pussy.  There was no holding back.  If you thought the women might be exhausted, you were wrong.  Cries split the air as the men gave it up one by one, each succumbing to whoever was servicing them.  The crystal goblet was passed around the room like a hot potato, the level of semen rising higher and higher with each successive load.  Those who came first were granted a reprieve from their tender pricks.  Hungry eyes and holes then turned to the next in line, teaming up on those who hadn’t yet to blow their wads.  Karlie worked her pussy along his shaft and Taylor nibbled at his balls as Blake joined them, joining Taylor in tongue his aching nutsack.  More deep guttural grunts and high-pitched screams greeted his ears, as the women stacked up, one by one.

Before he knew it, they were all gathered around him.  He was the last man standing.  At the mercies of ten gorgeous models, singers and actresses, hands roamed over his body, whispers filled his ears, begging for cum.  Sets of soft wet lips pressed against sensitive areas.  Glimmering wet twats flashed into view before enveloping his cock.  Breasts flopped into vision, stiff nipples rubbed against his face.  Tight snatches were replaced by hungry mouths, lips wrapping around his soaked shaft and balls.  He stood up, close.  Someone started licking his asshole.  Between the haze of gorgeous women, sat Taylor, his cock disappeared entirely inside her gullet.  Clutched in her hands was the crystal goblet nearly full to the brim with semen of ten other men.  He lost it.

Growling, he yelled, “Unhhhh!  Ladies!  Cumming!”

They squealed as Taylor released him and held the goblet up.  Karlie stroked him while Camila and Gigi each took a nut to suck on.  He exploded, one last time, dumping a still huge gooey load of cum into the swirly milky mixture.  His first rope overshot, hitting Taylor in the cheek.  It was promptly licked off by Selena.  As Karlie squeezed out every last drop, she released him and took the goblet, standing up on lanky legs.  She looked immensely satisfied.  Everyone stood up as Cole collapsed into the chair, utterly worn out.  Karlie presented the goblet to Selena.

“Let’s thank our hostess this year!”

Cheers went up and Selena accepted the glass before raising it as she would a toast. “Wonderland!”

“Wonderland!”  Everyone shouted.

She brought the goblet to her lips titled it, swallowing down the frothy cocktail of swirling spunk.  She swallowed, gulp after gulp, chugging it like a pint of beer.  Gigi gave a playful tip, causing the milky goo to spill over, running down her chin and onto her perky tits.  Laughter followed and even after all it had been through that evening, watching her swallow down that spunk caused Cole’s cock to twitch.  It sent a jolt of pain through his body.  Selena finished, called Gigi a bitch and grabbed the model’s head, making her lick the sticky dregs off her tits.  One more round of applause went around and Karlie officially declared Wonderland to be over.

The men were already filing out of the room, to disappear back from whence they came.  The women started to peel off as well, heading towards the bathroom to clean off or otherwise flopped down onto sticky sofas, utterly spent.  The red glow of dawn was illuminating the LA hills as Taylor snuggled next to Cole on the chair, both equally sore. 

“What did you think?”  She asked.

“Wonderful.”  Cole said faintly, his eyes closed.

“Hmmm…yea it was.” She pressed a cum stained cheek against his shoulder.  “Can’t wait till next year.”

End Of Chapter Nineteen
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Very nice work! I like the expansion with all the new celebs.
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