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Sex-Ed For Dummies (Multi-Celeb Series)
« on: November 11, 2018, 10:08:15 AM »
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction.  It is not real!  It did not/will not happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such.

Lesson #1: The Basics
Starring Alison Brie
Codes: MF, Creampie, Oral

“Hi.  My name is Alison Brie and welcome to Sex-Ed for Dummies.” 

The brunette actress was sitting on a well-lit stage, made up like a bedroom.  Her wide blue eyes seemed to glow as she stared directly into the camera and spoke with a clear, soothing voice.

“This is the first of a series of instructional, hands-on videos, lessons and guides to the wonderfully wide and wild spectrum that is human sexuality.  We will cover everything from blowjobs to anal to kinks to orgies to anything else you can imagine.  Today, however, we are going to start off with some of the basics, really ease you into this.” 

She settled more comfortable onto the bed.  A chiseled stud of a man walked onto set.  He came to stand next to her, casually striking a pose worthy of Adonis.  It looked as though he had a can of Pringles stuffed down the front of his tight jeans.  You could see his ludicrously well-defined abs through his white t-shirt.  He was classically handsome, with a rugged jaw line covered in scruff.  His dark brown hair was trimmed short and slicked back. Alison let her eyes rove up and down the hunk next to her.  Her gaze lingered at his crotch for a noticeable length of time.  Then she looked back into the camera and silently mouthed, “WOW!” 

“My partner for today is named Vince.  As you can probably guess, he is a model for something or other.  Say hello to the viewers Vince.” 

He gave a half-hearted, too-cool-for-this, wave at the camera before returning his attention to the actress. 

“Let’s get to it!”  She said, still gazing adoringly into the lens.  “To begin we still start off with some foreplay.  Foreplay is crucial, especially for women, but men need a bit too. Kissing is a great way to get things rolling.” 

Vince sat down on the mattress and moved his hand to caress Alison’s cheek as she closed her eyes and puckered her lips to meet his.  The two gorgeous people locked lips, slowly and sensuously.  Alison’s fingers trailed down his shirt to lightly brush rock-hard pecs.  Vince reached his other hand around her waist, pulling her in closer.  The kissing became more passionate as lips parted and tongues began to worm their way into the other’s mouth.  Vince pushed Alison back onto the bed as the camera zoomed in and he settled his impressive form on top of her, his hand sliding up her leg. 

She broke off the kiss to say, “Some light caressing goes a long way to compliment your canoodling.  Butts and breasts are a great place to start before moving between a girl’s thighs. And ladies, guys like nothing more than giving his bulge a good rub over those pants.” 

Vince immediately moved a hand to kneed one ample C-cup through her billowy blouse, massaging as though it were a lump of dough before moving onto the next one.  His other hand squeezed her ass tightly, roaming over both cheeks.  For her part, Alison moved a dainty paw towards the large cylindrical object desperately trying to break through the zipper of Vince’s fly.  She gave it a firm squeeze, sliding her hand along the girthy trouser snake.  Vince gave an audible groan as he pushed his lips back onto Alison’s, grinding his raging boner against her thigh.  Squirming around with one another, he slipped a hand underneath her shirt. 

“Now for the inexperienced, removing a girl’s bra can be very intimidating.  Vince here will demonstrate one tried and true method for taking it off.” 

Alison pushed the stud off her and sat up on the bed, back to the camera.  She pulled her blouse over her head and tossed it aside carelessly.  She looked over her shoulder and gave the viewers an alluring look.

“Vince, how many bras would you say you’ve have taken off in your time?” 

“Hundreds.  Easily.” He said, in a deep gravelly voice.

“Hundreds.  Wow! We have a real expert here.  Ok, now pay close attention.” 

Vince reached a large beefy hand around Alison’s back, grazing her alabaster skin as he went.  With a slow exaggerated motion, he pinched the clasp together and slid with his fingers.  The black lacy bra immediately popped open, the frilly straps falling off her porcelain shoulders as she gave a shrug.

“And that is how you do it!  One hand, use your fingers to pinch the clasp, slid it a little and bam! My breasts have been freed from their prison!  Of course, if you’re still nervous, just have the woman take it off herself.  A perfect opportunity for a little striptease.”       

Alison laid down flat on her back, her arms pressed up against her chest, covering her nipples.  As she titled her head, long dark hair nearly brushing the floor, you could almost hear the collective gasp from the crew as she removed her arms, fully exposing her breasts to the open air.   Her pink puffy nipples were like two little stiff mountain peaks upon great snowy white mounds.  Vince was tugging at her jeans, eager to get them off as well.  When she was freed of them, she raised one smooth pale leg up in the air. 

“Matching underwear and bra are a nice touch, but the guy usually cares more about what’s under them.”  She said with a wink.   

Vince got on his knees as Alison rolled over and turned to face him.  She licked her lips, staring at the poorly concealed weapon in his pants.  His shirt was already off.  She quickly undid his slacks and unzipped his fly with agonizing slowness. When she did finally pull down his pants, his cock sprang forward like it was spring-loaded.  Her eyes widened, mouth agape at the size of the dick in front of her.  She stared at it, forgetting her next lines completely.  Her hand gripped the girthy veiny shaft and began stroking it slowly.  The silence stretched on and on as she stared, enarmed with the gigantic fleshy instrument in front of her. 

“Ms. Brie!  Ms. Brie! Ms. Brie!”  The producer was hissing at her from offscreen, trying to get her back on track.  “ALISON!”

Alison jerked her head around, looking confused and then smiled back into the camera.  Her hand looked pitifully tiny as she stroked the massive schlong faster. 

“All men aren’t going to be as big as Vince here, but the methods are still the same.  A bit of sucking beforehand really drive him wild.  We won’t go too much into blowjob tips here, we’ll cover that next episode. Still…I’ll give you a little example of how to handle a dick.” 

She turned back to face Vince, fixed her big blue eyes on him and opened her mouth wide, eager to swallow him down.

The producer offscreen hissed at her again, “CIRCUMSIZED!”

She paused again, an annoyed look crossing her face as she was yet again deprived cramming the 11-inch salami into her gullet. 

“Yes of course.  Vince is circumcised, meaning her doesn’t have a foreskin.  Don’t be intimidated or surprised if the dick you pull out has a hood over it.  That’s perfectly normal.”  She looked back towards the producer, “Is that everything, can I blow him now?”

The producer hadn’t even nodded his head when Vince took the initiative and forced his cock right into her open mouth.  Alison gave a groan of surprise, but more than happily accommodated the nearly foot-long prick into her mouth.  She wrapped her lips tightly around the shaft as she sucked every last ounce of precum out of the tip.  Her tiny hand stroked the part she couldn’t quite fit inside and the other juggled his huge, swollen testicles looking like two meatballs.  Alison sucked and slurped her way up down his shaft, making sure to look up at him with her big blue eyes.  Every single member of the crew was pitching a tent in their respective pants.  One of them was covertly rubbing himself.  When Alison released him, the veiny behemoth now shiny with spit in the bright lights of the set.  She laid back on the bed and spread her legs, hooking a thumb on either side of her panties and sliding them down.

“Ladies.  If you go down on your man, you better make sure that he goes down on you.  Or else ditch him and find someone else to lick that pussy.” 

Vince buried his tanned face between her pale thighs and starting lapping at her pussy like a kitten drinking from a bowl of milk. Alison let out moans as Vince pushed deeper into her folds, wrapping a brawny arm under each of her pale thighs and lifting her up for better access to her dripping twat.  As she wrapped her legs tighter around Vince’s head, chest heaving, she looked back at the camera. 

“It’s pretty difficult for most men to get their woman to come from cunnilingus alone.” 

Vince grunted and chuckled from in-between her legs.

“But Vince here is doing a VERY good job.” 

Alison let Vince continue to munch on her pussy for a few minutes, allowing herself to enjoy the oral stimulation as she ran her hands over her pillowy mounds, twisting and squeezing her nipples.  A shout from the producer brought her back to reality as she pulled Vince out from between her legs.

She looked at the camera dazedly.  “Safe sex is important.  If you don’t know your partner or their sexual history, then make sure to use a condom.  STD’s are nobody’s friend.  Vince here is tested and clean, as I am.  Now for the main course.  Get that fat cock over here and inside of me big boy.” 

Vince happily complied, resting his sculpted form on top of the petite brunette.  He lined up his thick slab of meat with her pussy and rubbed the head against her lips, smearing precum over it. 

“This is probably the most standard position that people use. It’s called missionary.  The girl lies on her back and the man is on top and slides his dick inside.”  Alison said, eyes fluttering at the feeling of Vince’s swollen piss slit rubbing against her stiff clit.

Vince thrust his hips forward, sliding himself all the way inside of her.  Alison swore loudly as she felt every fat veiny inch of his trouser snake slither its way up her snatch.  She could feel his engorged cum churning orbs pressed up against her taint.  Vince started to thrust his hips with earthshattering force, proving those muscles were more than just for show.  He wrapped his brawny arms around Alison slamming his pelvis into her over and over again.  She grunted with time, steadily growing noisier.  There were now several members of the crew rubbing themselves.  One had dropped all pretense and had his cock in hand, beating away furiously as he watched the pair go at it.  Vince gave one powerful slam and held himself to catch a breath. Alison pushed up and wrapped her legs around, rolling them until she was on top.  Straddling him she sat upright, balancing a knee on either side of his chiseled torso.  She placed two well-manicured hands onto his chest and started to rock her hips as she spoke again. 

“This is called cowgirl and it puts me in control.” 

Alison started to bounce her hips up and down, digging her nails deeper into Vince’s chest.  He matched her rhythm, putting a beefy hand on either side of her waist and thrusting upwards just as she came down, ensuring maximum penetration.

“If you time your thrusts well enough, the man can penetrate you deep enough to hit your g-spot.  Which Vince is doing RIGHT NOW!” 

He smiled as he did his best to continue impaling her on his fleshy sword.  Alison looked out to the crew and flashed a wink at the one with his dick out.  That was immediately followed by several more pulling their willies out to have a wank and the ejaculation of someone in the back, grunting as he spilled his seed on the floor.  Alison really kicked up the volume as she rode Vince, fucking him for all she worth, riding him like she would a bucking bronco.  When she felt her pussy needed a break from the pummeling it was receiving, lest she actually be split in half, she rolled off of him and got onto all fours. 

“Take me from behind stud.”  She said with a smirk and another wink. 

Vince got on his knees and lined up his cock with her dripping cunt and pushed back inside.  Alison screamed as he filled her yet again.  Each thrust from Vince sent ripples through her body, causing her breasts to swing forwards like a pendulum.

“This…is called.  Doggy.  Style.” Her speech was breathless and halting as she had trouble focusing from the sensation of Vince slamming into her backside.  “And. It always…makes me…CUM!” 

She shouted out loud suddenly and unexpectedly as she felt the orgasm build within her and release with the force of an exploding bomb. She shrieked, yelled, cursed and shook as the powerful sensation washed over her.  Vince didn’t relent in his pounding, using her hips to pull himself deeper like she was his own personal fucktoy. 

When Alison felt like she could form coherent words again, she said, “It’s only fair that you both have an orgasm.  Guys, if you’re a two-pump chump, then you are going to have to make it up your woman in other ways.  Vince has made me cum, so now it’s his turn.”  She turned her head around to face him.  “You hear that big boy?  It’s time for you to give me all that fucking cum I know you’ve got building up in those balls of yours.” 

Vince grit his teeth, his face screwed up in concentration, wanting his experience with the actress to last a bit longer.  Alison turned back to the camera to say, “Dirty talk can be very hot for both parties.  In my experience, a few choice words and I can have a guy blowing his wad without even touching him.  Isn’t that right boys?” 

She said it into the camera, but the crew took it to mean she was talking about them.  Every prick was out now, furious jerking off as they waited for the climax of the scene. Even the cameraman, who was keeping one hand on the camera and the other on his throbbing prick. 

“Come on Vince.  Give me that cum!  Blast that sweet creamy jizz straight into my pussy.  YAH!  YAH!  YAH!  Give it to me!”  She shouted as he continuing pummeling her from behind. 

Vince kept up his relentless pace until his dick was so hard he could have lifted her with it.  He gave an almighty roar as he slammed himself in deep and released. Alison cried out as she felt his dick swell inside of her and blast out cum like a canon.  Hot, thick, copious amounts of jizz exploded inside of her, shooting so deep inside of her she could feel warmth blossoming in her stomach. He didn’t stop his primal yell as his dick fired out more and more semen, easily enough for two or even three dicks’ worth.  Alison felt herself cumming again at the sensation of being so utterly and completely filled up.  Her screams mixed with his until they both fell silent, panting with the effort.  Their orgasms were accompanied by the rest of the crew who hadn’t already blown their load.  Grunts and groans of pleasure filled the studio as pearly jism fired out of dicks, over the floor or into hands and maybe even onto some expensive equipment.  Vince pulled out of her and flopped back onto the bed.  Alison spun around and spread her legs facing the camera.  It zoomed in to watch the milky spunk ooze out of her freshly fucked pussy.  She brought two fingers down to rub, feeling the white cream between her fingers.   

“Mmmm…this is called a creampie, when the guy cums inside of you.  Other common places for ejaculation include the stomach, ass, back, tits and face. Pretty much anywhere really.  I really enjoy a good load drenching my tits.” She grabbed her sizable rack and shook it for the camera.  “But I’ve got nice tits, so that’s natural.”   

She looked at the producer, so see if there was anything else.  He was busy trying to wipe the jizz off of his hand without staining his clothes.

“Well folks!  That’s it for our lesson today.  I hope that you learned a little something or at least had fun.  I know I did, Vince?”

He grunted from his position on the bed.  Alison gave a trilling laugh.

“That means yes! Join us next time on Sex-Ed For Dummies as we learn how to give a proper blowjob with none other than international pop superstar, Taylor Swift!”
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Re: Sex-Ed For Dummies (Multi-Celeb Series)
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2018, 12:04:31 PM »
Great story and I absolutely adore the concept of this series. I think we've all used a 'For Dummies' book for something in life. Can't wait to see what else you have in store with this series.
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Re: Sex-Ed For Dummies (Multi-Celeb Series)
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Great story and I absolutely adore the concept of this series. I think we've all used a 'For Dummies' book for something in life. Can't wait to see what else you have in store with this series.

Thanks!  I've got a few ideas for other lessons, but I am open to suggestions for celebs to use.  If you've got any let me know!

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Re: Sex-Ed For Dummies (Multi-Celeb Series)
« Reply #3 on: November 11, 2018, 04:22:08 PM »
I really liked this, the story was well placed and enjoyed the talking Alison was doing throughout.

The sex was good, enjoyed the description. I look forward to seeing where you take this.
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Re: Sex-Ed For Dummies (Multi-Celeb Series)
« Reply #4 on: November 11, 2018, 07:17:42 PM »
I really liked this, the story was well placed and enjoyed the talking Alison was doing throughout.

The sex was good, enjoyed the description. I look forward to seeing where you take this.

Thank you!  The kind of running self-narration of what each celeb is doing will be a common theme in each lesson. 

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Re: Sex-Ed For Dummies (Multi-Celeb Series)
« Reply #5 on: November 12, 2018, 04:31:03 AM »
A great idea for a series, can't wait to see the next episode.

Thanks!  I've got a few ideas for other lessons, but I am open to suggestions for celebs to use.  If you've got any let me know!
Christina Hendricks for the tit-fucking lesson!
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Re: Sex-Ed For Dummies (Multi-Celeb Series)
« Reply #6 on: November 12, 2018, 08:05:37 AM »
A great idea for a series, can't wait to see the next episode.

Thanks!  I've got a few ideas for other lessons, but I am open to suggestions for celebs to use.  If you've got any let me know!
Christina Hendricks for the tit-fucking lesson!

Haha, she is definitely on the shortlist for that particular lesson. 

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Re: Sex-Ed For Dummies (Multi-Celeb Series)
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I fucking love this and can't wait to see more.
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Re: Sex-Ed For Dummies (Multi-Celeb Series)
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I fucking love this and can't wait to see more.

 ;D Thanks so much!

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Re: Sex-Ed For Dummies (Multi-Celeb Series)
« Reply #9 on: November 14, 2018, 02:20:12 AM »
Christina Hendricks is a great choice, any chance of Lucy Pinder?
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Re: Sex-Ed For Dummies (Multi-Celeb Series)
« Reply #10 on: November 14, 2018, 05:18:24 PM »
Christina Hendricks is a great choice, any chance of Lucy Pinder?

I feel like Pinder is Cadeauxxx's territory, lol.  But I will take her into consideration, thanks for the suggestion! 

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Re: Sex-Ed For Dummies (Multi-Celeb Series)
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. It is not real.  It did not/will not happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such. 

Lesson #2: Blowjob
Starring Taylor Swift
Codes:M+F, Blowbang, Oral

“Hello everyone!  Welcome to another episode of Sex-Ed For Dummies.  Today we are here at the Los Angeles home of Taylor Swift, world renowned popstar.” Said Glen, one the many good-looking spokespeople employed by Sex-Ed For Dummies.  “She has graciously offered to give a lesson on how to give a proper blowjob.  Isn’t that right Taylor?” 

“That’s right Glen!”  She said, waving enthusiastically to the camera.

Taylor wasn’t dressed too formally for the occasion. She was all in black with a top that showed a decent amount of her perky cleavage.  Her styled golden hair flowed to her shoulders, her lips were pink and full, eyes dark with mascara.  Glen shifted slightly in his tailored three-piece suit as he eyed the blonde singer up and down.

“At your request we are filming in your house where you have invited some guests?” 

The camera cut to another room where about 40 people, boys and girls alike, were crammed into what appeared to be Taylor’s living room. They cheered loudly, all waving excitedly.       

“These are all fans of yours?”  Glen asked, the camera cutting back to him. 

“Mmhmm!”  Taylor nodded cheerily.  “I’m very in touch with my fanbase.  I follow them on social media, read their posts, watch their videos, etc.  I’ve held secret sessions for fans to listen to my new albums in my homes in the past.  I figured I’d treat this something like that!”

“How exactly were these fans selected?”

“The crowd was selected from fans who’d never met me before and also expressed an interested in becoming more sexually active, or looking to improve themselves in the bedroom!” 

“Uh-huh.  And the lucky gentlemen?”

The camera cut away again, this time to a different room where 10 good-looking dudes were all milling about, eagerly waiting for the proceedings to begin.  It flashed back to Taylor.   

“That process was a little more in-depth.  I wanted male fans with big cocks.  I held a kind of lottery.  They created a profile, sent in submissions with pictures from my shows or with my merch.  And more importantly, proof of a big dick.”

“And how many submissions did you receive?”

“Literally millions.  I had to hire a special tech guy to just filter out any dick that was under 10 inches.  Once we got the pool narrowed down a bit, I personally went through and selected these ten gentlemen.  Let me tell you, the size of some of these guys.” 

She held her hands far apart from one another with a look of utter shock on her face.

“I’ve been with big guys before, a lot of big guys, but these men are in a whole other league.” 

“Can you speak to a little more about the selection process?” Glen asked. 

“It was difficult scrolling through all those dick pics.  I would get so turned on that I’d have to bang one out right there, but my boyfriend can only take so much.  His dick was about ready to fall off by the end.  So, when he was recovering or away, I’d just have to rub one out myself.  Sometimes a friend or two would join.  Then I’d get back too it, but it never lasted that long before I got horny again. Needless to say, it took a LONG time to get through all those submissions.  But if I was going to show everybody how to suck cock properly I wanted some big tools to work with.”     

Cutting back to the room of the lucky male recipients, another interviewer was standing by to get a statement from them.   

“So, you guys are all big fans of Taylor’s?”  She asked the room at large. 

The men looked at one another, some of them shrugging half-heartedly, others murmuring gentle sounds of affirmation.

“What would you say is your favorite thing about Taylor Swift?”

“Her legs.”  One guy said.

“Her cute little bubble butt.”  Said another. 

“She’s got a decent rack for a girl that slim.”  Said a third. 

“I don’t know.  There’s something about her face that just makes you want to blow a load all over it.”  Said a fourth. 

There was a lot of nodding at this statement. 

“That’s great fella’s, but I was thinking more along the lines of her music or career?”

There were confused looks as the men glanced at each other.  Cleary they were waiting for someone to step up and answer the question.

“Ok.  How about this?  What’s is your favorite song of hers?”  The interviewer said, rubbing her forehead exasperatedly. 

The silence stretched on for a long time in the room until one of the guys said, “Oh wait!  I got this!  I Kissed A Girl!” 

She just blinked at them.

Cutting back to Taylor, she was saying, “I’ve been blowing guys since I was a teenager.  I found early on that you can get a man to do just about anything if you don’t have a gag reflex.”  Glen just nodded slowly as Taylor brought a hand up to her mouth to wipe at the corners of it.  “Sorry! I’m drooling just thinking about all those big cocks waiting for me in the other room!”

“Let’s not wait any longer then.  Shall we?”

Taylor led Glen and the cameras into her fan-filled living room.  They went berserk as she entered.  She waved, an ecstatic look on her face.  The 10 dudes filed in behind her and formed a line at the front of the room.  They ranged in height, weight, race and build. They were all however, definitely prime male specimens. 

“I don’t want to wait any longer!  Let’s get started!”  Taylor said, dropping down on her knees in front of the first guy in line. “Pants off boys!  Get those cocks out!”

She dragged the pants off the first bloke as she hurriedly undid his belt.  His cock sprang forward, ready and at attention, an 11-inch pole of thick, veiny manmeat with a healthy pair of hanging plums to match.  Looking delighted, she grabbed the shaft and began stroking slowly. 

“If your man isn’t erect immediately, that’s fine.  Suck on that softie until he is stiffer than a board.” She said, blue eyes alight in the lights of the camera.  “If he doesn’t get hard with you sucking on his ding-dong then there might be a bigger problem there.  Thankfully it doesn’t look like these boys have any problems.” 

She gazed down the line at the row of erect cocks, all waiting for her.  A couple of the guys were rubbing their rods watching her with eager expressions.

“Uh-uh boys!  No touching until I get to you!  I promise it’ll be worth the wait!” 

She laughed and the crowd of fans behind her cheered.  Staring up at the first fellow, she placed her pouty lips around his ping-pong ball sized mushroom head, taking him into her mouth. He threw back his head, groaning loudly enough to hear it down the street.  She looked up at him, a big ol’ grin on her face, lips dancing down to the shaft. She paused only when his plump testes were resting on her chin. 

Releasing him with a *POP*, she said, “The key to a good blowjob is suction.  Take your lips wrap them as tight as you can around his shaft.  Slide them up and down his shaft at a speed you’re comfortable with.” She demonstrated, pursing her lips tight around his fat prick and sliding up and down.  “Take as much of him into your mouth as you can.”  She took him down to the balls again. 

“Repetitive motion is crucial, so even if you can’t take him all the way, take as much as you can for as long as you can.  And suck, suck, suck! Creating pressure with your mouth will have your man popping in no time.” 

Her mouth inhaled the bulging dick.  His expression twisted and contorted as he struggled valiantly to retain his sperm.  Taylor was having none of it.  Her cheeks caved inwards, looking like she was sporting a permanent duck face.  She sucked the cum out of him like a vacuum sucks up a dust bunny.  He blew his wad within a minute, pumping the first load of the evening straight into her greedy mouth.  Her cheeks reversed, suddenly bulging as her mouth was flooded with goopy jism.  She gulped it down like a runner chugging water after a marathon.  Letting his cock fall from her mouth, she turned to face the camera.  Pearly white globules of cum oozed from the corners of her pouty lips as she licked them appreciatively. 

“Swallowing.  Some people love it.  Some hate it. I for one cannot get enough.  I love everything about it.  The taste, the texture, the way a load feels as it slides down your throat.  And most importantly, the activity leading up to it!  And there is actually a decent amount of protein in the average guy’s load. Vegan’s, I’m looking at you. Thanks bud.”  She finished saying, winking at the guy and giving his dick a quick kiss. 

Not bothering to stand, she sidled over to the next guy and said, “Eye contact is crucial for any blowjob.  So, when you wrap your lips around his knob, make sure you are staring up at him.  And give a smile.  He wants nothing more than for you to think his dick tastes like candy.  Personally, I think it tastes better.  After all, you do get a creamy treat at the end!”

Taylor performed a similar set of moves on this equally hung stud, expect this time her blue eyes never left his face.  She made grunts, groans and other noises of satisfaction, but the true magic was in her eyes.  Reflected in each of those crystal blue pools was a plea.  A plea for more cum.  Her plea didn’t go unanswered for long.  In almost no time at all she was treated to another sticky reward, as the guy shouted out to the lord above and exploded into her mouth.  She happily swallowed it all down, smacking her lips in appreciation. She moved down the line to the next one. His dick appeared to be the shortest of the bunch at 10 inches, but was thicker than a Burmese python.  Taylor stuck out her tongue, trailing along the mass of veins on his underbelly.  She worked her tongue up and down his shaft more thoroughly than a cat cleaning itself.

“Sometimes you don’t even need to put it in your mouth. Let your tongue do the work!  The underside is especially sensitive, as is the tip.”  She said, puckering her lips like she was going to kiss it and flicking her tongue like a snake against his oozing piss slit.  Crystal clear precum was dripping out like a leaky faucet as she lapped it up. She ran her tongue over every millimeter of his cock in rapid succession, looking like she was trying to finish an enormous popsicle before it melted on a sweltering summer’s day in her hometown of Nashville.  The dude blew just as Taylor opened her mouth wide, sticking her tongue out for all to see. The guy roared like a bull elephant, jerking himself off as he fired volley after volley of creamy jizz into her open awaiting mouth.  Her lips never closed as she swirled the pearly pool around with her pink tongue, looking as though she was tasting the most delicious sauce in the world.  Turning to face the camera, mouth full of spunk she finally closed her lips.  Gulping in an exaggerated manner, she gave a thumbs up, opening wide to prove it was all gone. 

The fourth generously endowed man was next as she moved down the line and said, “Ball handling is also crucial.  Not too rough though.  Your best bet is while you are sucking on his knob to cup his sack in the palm of your hand and roll his nuts around with your fingers.  Like this.” 

She demonstrated on her latest victim, sucking on his crown while one hand reached up to do exactly what she had just described.  She held her palm flat, fingers cupped ever so slightly as they gently prodded and massaged the nectarine sized testicles dangling there.

“Sometimes you need two hands!  Damn buddy!”  She said giggling. 

He groaned, unable to speak as his nustack was treated to the most thorough and intimate massage of its life.   

“Then...to mix it up, suck on those nuts!”  She said gleefully. 

She attached her lips to his scrotum, taking one of those massive orbs entirely into her mouth.  She draped his cock across her face, savoring the feel of the warm pulsing member on her pretty features as she slurped and nuzzled at his gonads.

“Mmhhmmm… massage… his… taint… too…” She managed to get out between slurps. 

Her fingers reached behind the nustack as it received its saliva bath.  She firmly stroked his taint as she opened her mouth the kind of wide that only singers can achieve and fit his entire sack into her mouth, a testicle bulging out of each cheek.  She looked just like a greedy squirrel.  She sucked hard and the guy blew his load right there.  Heavy, creamy jizz spurted out onto the top of her head and into her hair as she reached up and jerked the shaft, still doing her best to swallow his entire scrotum. She didn’t seem to mind at what looked to be about three dicks’ worth of cum that had just been spilled on the top of her head.  Instead, she made sure to squeeze out any remaining cum onto her forehead before releasing his shriveling gonads with a great breath and taking him into her mouth to suck up any remaining cum. 

“Yea.  That happens sometimes.”  She said, shrugging as she released him and moved onto the next guy. 

“Sometimes your mouth is dry, or maybe his dick just tastes a little funny.  Who knows? Lube is a viable option.  Make sure it’s edible, and pick a flavor you like. This one tastes like strawberry’s!” Taylor said as an assistant handled her a red bottle of thick jelly lubricant.  She poured it along with shaft, spreading it around with her dainty palm before going at it with her mouth.  “Sometimes lube can have tingle sensations for both him and you!  How about it?  Does it feel good?”

The guy nodded mutely as she treated the cock like a delicious pastry.  Licking, sucking and cooing at every chance she got.  Before too long, he expelled the cream filling inside which Taylor swallowed to her delight. 

“Mmmmm, makes his cum taste even better too!”
She moved down the line.

“Now sharing a dick is a very different experience.” Said Taylor, looking around and biting her lip nervously as though she had forgotten something.  “I think Selena is around here somewhere.  She can help me demonstrate…”

“That’s quite alright Taylor.  We will cover group pairings in another lesson.”  Said Glen quickly, starting out of his stupor and remembering his job here. 

“OH, COME ON DUDE!”  The guy said looking at Glen in disbelief. 

“Alright then.  Let’s see. What’s next?  Ah yes, taking a facial is like art.  Anyone can do it, but few have mastered it. Let me demonstrate. Ready buddy?”  She asked, looking up at the man. 

He nodded, slack-jawed as she proceeded to devour his shaft like a starving woman on a desert island presented with a ten-course meal. The poor guy never stood a chance. Within minutes he was begging for release, the veins threatening to burst on his meaty prick as she stroked it a mile-a-minute, blinking two large blue eyes at him and ready to receive.

“There are two ways to do this.  Either you control it, or he does.  I’ll stroke him until he cums and the next guy can demonstrate the other way.”

Taylor leveled the cum-filled organ directly at her face. Her hand was a blur, a begging, pleading look on her face he grew stiffer and stiffer beneath her palm until he shouted a warning and erupted.  Taylor closed her eyes as her face was assaulted with salty jism.  Streak after streak of white hot cum splattered across her cheeks, nose, forehead and chin.  She kept her eyes close, stroking the guy until she felt the last bit dripple out of him. 

Wiping a bit of spunk from her eye, she said, “Unless you trust your partner’s aim, it’s probably best to close your eyes, at least for the first initial volley.  Also, make sure to suck out any leftover cum in his urethra, he’ll really appreciate that.” She did just that.  “Now you can clean off your face right away, or if your partner is good for another go, maybe leave it on.  It’ll really get them going, seeing you covered in their cum. Ok, next!” 

Taylor made no move to clean herself as she moved down the line again.  The next fella fared no better than the previous one.  At the mercies of Taylor’s oral bag of tricks, he also blew his wad in minutes.  This time, she released him and waited impatiently as he took ahold of his thick shaft.  He pointed it at Taylor, jerking himself off like his life depended on it.  She sat there, mouth a gaping pink maw, asking for more cum on her already spunk-splattered face. 

“Be vocal!”  She said. “Really beg for his cum.  It’ll make him blow that much harder!  Now come on big boy, stroke that fucking cock and spray that fat load over all my pretty face.  Haven’t you always wanted to cum on Taylor Swift’s face?  Huh?  Yea, that’s right.  Gimme a big load.  Right now. Right now.  RIGHT NOW!  COME ON!”

The guy uttered a roar that rattled the windows as his cock swelled and detonated right in the popstar’s face.  His dick sprayed like a firehouse, giving no consideration to Taylor. He blasted two wet wads into each of her eyes, gluing her lashes together before aiming upwards to fire even more across her forehead and into her hair.  As he relaxed, he gave one more long spurt down onto her onto her black blouse, making a far bigger white stain that few stray drops already present there.  Taylor, now blinded, searched cautiously for his cock, taking it into her mouth and sucking it dry before releasing him.

“This is what happens you when let the man aim. Blinded by cum.”  She said, wiping her eyes clear and sucking on her fingers to clean them. 

“A lot of times, the man will be in a seated position. This is a little different than standing.”  She said, pushing the eight guy down into a plush armchair.  “It lets you have easier access to the balls, which as we saw before can really drive a him wild.  However, I’d recommend actually tonging his taint from this position.  Like this.” 

She demonstrated the motion, lifting his cock straight up, spitting and stroking as she pressed her nose against his sack, tongue darting out underneath the sack, straying dangerous close to his asshole.  The guy groaned and gripped the arms of the chair with white knuckles.

“Handwork is important, especially for this position as you focusing on his balls.  Keep the strokes firm, fast and along the entire shaft.  And if you move a bit lower, you can worm your tongue right into his asshole!” 

The guy felt the singer’s snake like tongue slip between his hairy cheeks and he grunted out a warning as he fired his load upwards into the air.  The crowd watched with open mouths, hard dicks and swollen clits.  The pearly jism flew upwards before descending like white rain onto her already sticky scalp.  Semen peppered her body, shooting down the back of her black blouse.  One girl in the front row had to wipe off a glob of semen that landed squarely on her cheek.   

Moving her tongue off his groin, she said, “Wow!  He blew like a geyser!  Did you get that?”

Glen nodded, still mesmerized by the sight of the cum-drenched pop singer.  His suit pants were threatening to tear at the seams as his boner struggle to break free.

“One more different position to show everyone.” She said, dragging the next guy next to a long table and climbing upon it.

He stood transfixed as the leggy singer laid on her back, letting her head hang off the side.  Her long golden hair tumbled to the floor, much of it stuck together with drying cum.   

“Upside down, you have less control but it’s great for the guy.” She said, pulling his cock close to her and stroking. 

He plunged his dick into her awaiting mouth, sticking it in deep until his sack was resting on the bridge of her nose.  Taylor went cross-eyed trying to keep her eyes on it. She pulled it out her gullet with a wet slurp and started stroking again as she attacked the underside of his dick with her tongue.  Alternating between licking the shaft and nibbling at the balls, she released him to say, “Your techniques are essentially the same as when you are on your knees, only the different angle probably means you can take him deeper, and it feels great for him to mix it up.”

Taylor went through and demonstrated her various techniques on the quivering man as he tried to hold out.  To his credit, he did pretty well compared to the others, but even he was still no match for the mouth of Taylor Swift.  He managed to hold out for a few minutes before he too pulled his lengthy skin flute from her open drooling pink mouth.  Her hand stroked his shaft from her upside-down position as his first volleys of jizz flew high, missing her mouth completely and leaving more white sticky lines across the front of her blouse.  She aimed his flesh canon lower as fired more projectiles onto her writhing pink tongue, draping several ropes of cum across her upside-down face in the process.  She swallowed the cum down greedily, her tongue straining to lick off the cloudy white jism from her lips.  She flipped onto her stomach, gave the dick a kiss and slithered off the table onto her knees in front of the final guy. 

“Alright.  Deepthroating.  Probably the hardest technique I’ve done today.”  She said to the last guy in line, marveling at the size of his 13-inch penis.  “It looks like I saved the biggest and blackest cock for last!  I can’t say that every black guy has a big dick, but every one I’ve ever sucked off has had one!”

She took him deep, slowly inching her lips further and further along the dark shaft until her was nose pressed up against his wiry pubic hair. His cock vanished into her mouth as though she was an accomplished sword swallower.  Releasing it from her throat, Taylor choked out the big black cock, leaving strings of saliva attached to it as she looked back towards the camera. 

“Unfortunately, if you have a gag reflex there is probably no way you could handle something like this.  However, for a cock of any size, all you have to do is take it into your mouth slowly.  Just get used to the feeling of the tip pressed against the back of your throat. Relax your jaw and open wide. Then move your head further down the shaft, trying to get the head past that reflex.  If you can manage that without gagging, well done!  It feels great for the guy, tight as hell around his prick.  Wouldn’t you agree?”

She looked up at the guy, who didn’t get to answer before Taylor ravaged him again, inhaling his dark meat in the blink of an eye.  It was a like a magic trick.  It was there one second and gone the next.  The camera zoomed in up close and you could see the muscles in her neck bulging as her throat tried to accommodate the ludicrously large prick forcing its way ever further downward.  Taylor didn’t gag, but she did begin to turn redder and redder as the cock blocked her airway.  Her eyes watered, further ruining the already smudged mascara, as her faced became flushed and still she held it, her tongue and lips working the base of the shaft as she tried to swallow more.  From the look on his face, the man had never experienced such a sensation on his ding-dong before.  Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, she released the cock from her gullet, coughing and spluttering as a wave of saliva was expelled along with it.  She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, and wiped her eyes, smearing more cum and mascara in the process.  She cleared her throat and looked at the camera.

“The real tricky part is blowing him while deepthroating. Again, the principle is the same. Relax your gag reflex and just go to town.  Like so.”

Taylor did just that, starting off slow, sliding down his shaft until it had yet again vanished from sight.  Then she dragged her lips back to the tip.  She repeated the motion, increasing her speed each time as the amazed crowd watched her.  Before long, her head was a blonde blur slobbering along a thick column of chocolatey goodness. Grunting like a wounded animal, Taylor took him all the way and held herself there, teary eyes staring up at him. His dick swelled as it flooded her esophagus with his potent virile seed, dumping out a tsunami of spunk into her tummy. Taylor’s watery eyes bulged as she felt the cock jerk and stiffened in her throat, but she continued to hold, even as the man squirmed and shuddered as though his very lifeblood was being sucked out.  Finally, she released, coughing and looking around. 

“Oh no!”  Was the first thing she said, looking down the row of utterly spent men.  “I had more thing to show everyone!  We didn’t even get to face-fucking!” 

Her eyes trailed around the room, settling on Glen and the large cylindrical bulge in his pants. 

“You’ll do from the looks of it!”  She said, hopping over to him and dropping to her knees in a flash.

Before Glen could react to anything, his pants were around his ankles and his own 11-inch trouser snake was springing forward for all to see. The cameraman had no problem getting a closeup as the microphone slipped from Glen’s hand with a thud onto the carpet.

“This one is hard to do, but the idea is pretty easy.  Make your mouth as tight as possible around his cock and then just surrender control.  Let him treat your mouth like it’s your pussy.  And if you can manage to deepthroat him while he does it, all the better.  Watch closely.” 
She winked at the camera, quite the sight given the amount of cum coating her, placed her lips around Glen’s dick and sucked in deep.  As if automatically both hands grabbed her head, not caring about the collected jism of several other men and took a fistful of hair.  Glen started rocking his hips as Taylor held perfectly still, eyes focused on him.  After having watched the erotic display, Glen was rearing to go and really started pummeling full force into the back of the talented singer’s oral cavity. Taylor didn’t protest or gag.  She loved the feeling of his balls bouncing off of her chin.  Instead she moaned appreciatively as Glen fucked her face hard and fast.  Soon her eyes were red and watery, spittle drenching her chin in great waves as Glen gripped on tighter, already feeling his own orgasm coming on. 

“FUCK TAYLOR!”  He shouted as he held her tight, slamming into her face one final time, choking her as he felt the cum bubble up from his bulging nutsack. 

Deciding he wanted to give the singer one final parting gift, he wrenched his cock from her greedy mouth and fisted it furiously.  Taylor was recovering from the face-fucking when the first wad spunk blasted into her.  She squealed with delight as she felt more and more cum splattered against her already semen-soaked face.  As the strokes slowed down on his member, Glen clutched the wall behind him for support. Taylor sucked the last bit of cum out of him, causing him to slump down the wall.

“It looks like I am out of guys.”  Said Taylor, staring around the room. 

From his spot on the floor, Glen cleared his throat, trying desperately to remember what he was supposed to say next.  “Well…umm…there you have it folks.  Taylor Swift on how to give a blowjob. What do we think, was that helpful?” 

The crowd of fans cheered and whooped.  The camera turned to look at the line of gentlemen, all of who were in various states of comatose.  It really did look like Taylor had sucked the life of them.  It cut back to Taylor, still splattered in gooey man-seed pretty much everywhere at this point. 

“I hope you did all learn something!  I had a tonof fun!  We should do this again sometime!  But only if you come back Glen.”

“Thanks very much Taylor.”  Glen said, standing back up on two wobbly legs, with his dick still hanging out.  “Ummmm…let’s see.  Next time on Sex-Ed for Dummies we will be learning about the art of the tit-fuck from two pros.  Alexandra Daddario and Christina Hendricks.  Thanks for joining us this evening.”

“Bye everyone!”  Said Taylor waving emphatically at the camera.  As the shot began to fade out, you heard her in the background asking, “Does anyone feel like they need a more hands-on demonstration? Boys?”  She was addressing the crowd of fans.  “Ladies, I also happen to eat pussy pretty well!”   

“Goodnight folks…”  Said Glen, slinking back down the wall to rub his tender member. 

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Re: Sex-Ed For Dummies (Multi-Celeb Series)
« Reply #12 on: November 19, 2018, 09:40:33 PM »
I think I might like this chapter more than the first. Taylor is a big reason for that. Great to see her in this and with this lesson plan.
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Re: Sex-Ed For Dummies (Multi-Celeb Series)
« Reply #13 on: November 19, 2018, 10:59:17 PM »
I think I might like this chapter more than the first. Taylor is a big reason for that. Great to see her in this and with this lesson plan.

Thanks so much!  It was never a question of IF Taylor was going to be in, only what she would teach.  I couldn't write a multi-celeb story without working her in somewhere!  ;D

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Re: Sex-Ed For Dummies (Multi-Celeb Series)
« Reply #14 on: November 21, 2018, 12:01:29 PM »
Taylor Swift blowbang?  Hell yes!

Next time on Sex-Ed for Dummies we will be learning about the art of the tit-fuck from two pros.  Alexandra Daddario and Christina Hendricks.
Oooohhhh . . . .
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