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Re: Sex-Ed For Dummies (Multi-Celeb Series) [Lesson #2 Now Up! 11/19]
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction.  It did not/will not happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such. 

Lesson #3: Titty-Fucking
Starring Alexandra Daddario & Christina Hendricks
Codes:  MF, MFF, Oral, Titty-Fuck

“Welcome back to another installment of Sex-Ed For Dummies!”  Said the fiery-haired buxom actress, Christina Hendricks.

She was sitting at in a chair across from another equally busty actress, Alexandra Daddario.  Alexandra was staring adoringly into the camera with her bewitching blue eyes and said, “Today we will be discussing a subject near and dear to our hearts.  Our boobs!” 

Both actresses placed both hands on their respective racks and gave them a good, hard shake for the camera as they guffawed heartily. Both were wearing tight sweaters and short skirts that left absolutely no room for imagination.  Each pair of nipples were so stiff they looked ready to tear the seams on their thin sweaters.  The producer was very happy with his idea to crank up air conditioning up to maximum overdrive.   

“But in all seriousness.”  Christina said.  “We will be discussing and demonstrating how to give a proper titty-fuck.  Mammary intercourse.  Tit wank.  Whatever you call it, we will be showing it.”   

“I think they called the right girls for the job; don’t you think Christina?” 

“Well, I don’t know about you Alex, but I’ve lost count of just how many guys have put their cock between my cans.” 

“Me too!  Once a fella has got his sight set on these knockers, it’s all he can think about!” 

“I know.  They’re just boobs!  Seriously, gentleman!”  Christina said as she faced the camera, exasperatedly.  “If you lady is letting you put your willy between her ta-ta’s and humping her chest like there is no tomorrow, then the least you can do is get her off before or afterwards. Consider this a PSA.”  Christina paused as if deep in thought, then said. “To be fair.  We’ve got nice tits.”   

Alexandra fervently nodded her agreement.  There was a pause as both actresses looked towards one another, unsure of who should speak next. 

“So…I think how this is going to work today is one of us is going to go first while the other spectates and comments.  Then we will switch!  That way everyone can see different positions and what not.” Christina said, getting a nod from the producer offset.  “We’ve got two gentlemen here today to help us.” 

Two good-looking handsome men walked onto set in tight shirts and tight trousers.  Each had a clear long thick bulge snaking down the front of their slacks. 

“Doug and Clint, was it?”  Christina asked.  Both men nodded in confirmation.  “Then let’s get those pricks out and get started.” 

“Rock, paper, scissors to see who goes first?” Alexandra suggested.

Christina nodded and both women started pumping their arms, breasts jiggling as they threw out their choices.  Alexandra threw rock, Christina scissors. 

“Looks like it’s me first!”  Alexandra said, immediately peeling her sweater off and tossing it to the side. 

A collective gasp was drawn from the crew as her massive mammaries were revealed to the open air.  This was in spite of the fact that every single one of them had jerked off to her topless scene in True Detective the night before. After the first episode with Alison Brie, there was a strict no-jacking-off-while-in-the-studio policy.  They had lost several hundred dollars’ worth of recording equipment because someone had blown their wad all over it.  Still as she gave her boobs a shake for the camera there wasn’t a single unpitched tent in the house.  Doug moved into view as she got on her knees, staring up at him alluringly with those memorizing eyes.

“Ok, so Alex here is on her knees.”  Christina said, serving as narrator.  “This position only works if you’ve got really big titties.  No problems here.”   

He pulled his pants down, his obscenely large member flopping into sight.  Both ladies made noises of excitement.  Alexandra moved forward on her knees as she wrapped her hand around the large penis in front of her, stroking with an enraptured look on her face.  Bringing her lips in close, she spat on the schlong, coating it in saliva as her hand worked the veiny shaft.  Using one hand to lift up a massive melon and the other to guide the cock, she rubbed the ping-pong ball sized mushroom head against one erect nipple and gently worked it around.  It smeared shiny precum around one areola before she switched to the other boob and did the same.  Her nipples now even stiffer than before, she released the cock only to engulf it with her colossal pale knockers.  She squeezed them together tightly as she brought her chin up to stare vapidly at Doug. She began to move her terrific ta-ta’s in small circles with her hands.  She did all the work while Doug just stood there feeling the soft pillowy mounds treat his cock to the greatest of all massages. 

“Lubrication, as with any kind of sex, is important.”  Christina said, breaking the silence.  “When I tit-fuck a guy, I prefer to use oil or maybe some lotion.  Alex here prefers to spit.”

On cue, Alexandra spit down the massive valley on her chest, long trails of drool clinging to her pink lips as she sloppily deposited saliva into her cleavage.  She glanced up as she worked the lubricant around, only to bring her chin down and release yet more spittle onto her milky white rack.  Before long Doug’s cock was glistening in the bright studio lights whenever it emerged from between the two snowy mounds. 

“Plus, guy’s love it when you spit on their dick.  Isn’t that right Doug?”  Alexandra asked.

Doug merely nodded as she really got to work.  Her stiff nipples poked his groin as she worked her tits up and down.  You could just make out the tip of Doug’s bell-end poking out as her tits flopped, her hands barely able to clutch even a handful of her sweater puppies.  A glistening gem of precum oozed from his tip, only to quickly disappear in the wave of saliva as the blue-eyed beauty freely let drool run down her chin.  Wet, sloppy *SHICK* noises were audible throughout out the studio as everyone watched transfixed.  Doug was in heaven as the blue-eyed beauty worked her tits like there was no tomorrow.

Christina interrupted the squelching noises, barking out an order. “Doug!  I think you’ve sat like a lump long enough.  Move those hips!  Let’s put the fucking in titty-fucking!”

He jumped at being scolded like a naughty student.  He began to hump Alexandra’s chest as she relaxed, only to squeeze her breasts even tighter together.  Her alluring expression had almost turned to one of boredom, perhaps at the realization that she wasn’t going to get to fuck this particular big dick.  Doug meanwhile was on top of the world, groaning and panting like a wildebeest as he slid his member between her money makers.

“Giving head while tit-fucking is easy enough.”  Christina said.  “And plus, Alex looks bored.  Go ahead and show them honey.”   

Alexandra complied, bending her head downwards, locks of raven hair falling forward as she pursed her spit-soaked lips to accept the sliding slab of manmeat sawing away between her jiggling spheres.  Now his engorged, purple-headed bellend would appeared from between her milky jugs only to disappear between her lips, sucked inside like a vacuum sucks up a dust bunny.  Alexandra made sure that ample drool continued to roll down her chin each time the cockflesh has withdrawn from her mouth.  Doug grunted louder at the combined feeling of her mouth and breasts. Her mouth formed an open hole to swallow his cock each time.   

“Sometimes just a tongue is enough.”  Said Christina, watching with rapped attention. 

Sticking her tongue out, Alexandra proceeded to lap up each gleaming globule of precum as it was expelled with each squeeze of her ample bosom.  Doug was huffing and puffing like he was running a marathon as his cock slid effortlessly between her milky white jugs.  Alexandra smiled with each flick of her tongue as it formed a broad flat shovel with which she swallowed down more precum.   

“Maybe your man is tired of standing or maybe your heights aren’t so compatible.  That’s ok. Have him sit down.  The edge of a bed or a chair is great.”  Christina said, indicating for Doug to sit down in Alexandra’s vacated chair. 

He didn’t respond immediately.  Only once the producer had shouted his names several times did he very reluctantly withdraw his cock from the wet, slick cushiony embrace her spectacular ta-tas and planted his ass firmly in the chair.  The camera swung around as Alexandra crawled on all fours towards him, her breasts hanging below her, swaying as she moved.  They were shiny and wet with spit.  Kneeling again, she flopped her tits onto his lap and resumed control, working them with great gusto over his rigid pole.  Doug gripped the edges of the chair, knuckles white as he threatened to blow his load. 

“Looks like Doug here is about to cum.”  Said Christina, looking over at him with a sly smile. She placed one hand delicately on his chest, feeling his well-defined muscles.  Her eyes roamed up and down, imagining all the naughty things she wanted to do to him.  Then, she cleared her throat and said, “The best ending to a titty-fuck is a fat milky load all over your chest.  Keep going Alex, give the man what he so desperately desires.” 

Alexandra let a gentle moan escape her lips as she jerked her tits harder.   Doug’s mushroom head was now the size of a golf ball as it threatened to expel its sticky reward. 

He groaned as Alexandra said in a flat, even voice, “Come on Doug.  Blow that load.  Blast that big sticky load all over my big fat tits.  That’s its buddy.  Come on.”

“Alex.”  Christina said, waggling her finger.  “I know you’re a better actress than that.” 

Alexandra rolled her beautiful witch eyes.  Doug didn’t seem to mind or care, hot breath being expelled from his lungs only to suck it back in as he gave a guttural moan that deafened the boom guy holding the mike.  His dick seemed to grow another inch as it swelled, spraying jism upwards.  It burst forth from his piss-slit like some great geyser.  It flew skyward, glistening in the air before raining back down atop Alexandra’s big ol’ titties as she continued milking his cock for all it was worth.  Cum covered every inch of her milk makers by the time he was done.  Doug relaxed in his chair, a look of utter contentment on his face.  Alexandra looked down at her utterly drenched tits and turned to face the camera.  It zoomed in to watch as the cum dripped down her body and onto the carpeted floor.

“Excellent job Alex.  Well done.  Now Doug, scram.”  Christina said, indicating offstage with her thumb. 

Doug slowly stood up, stumbling like a drunkard as he made his way off camera.  Alexandra stood up and resumed her sitting position.  She stared down at her soaked tits. 

“I really can’t wipe this off?”  She asked.

“No.  No. Ms. Daddario.  We agreed upon this in your contract.”  Said the producer, who was nestled into his seat and wearing a very large coat. 

If you looked closely enough, you could see that he was only gesturing with one hand and the other was tucked firmly beneath the coat. There was slight up and down movement in his lap.  Alexandra rolled her eyes, bringing a finger down to scoop up some cum and bring it to her mouth.  She placed it inside, sucking her finger clean. 

“Hmm…tastes good at least.  Ok Christina, your turn.” 

The stage next to them lit up, revealing a bed with the other man, Clint already laid out upon it, naked as the day he was born. Chiseled abs and rock-hard 10-inch cock ready to go.   

“To be honest, there aren’t that many ways to titty-fuck. Christina will be demonstrating the other primary position.  She’ll lay down on her back and Clint will straddle her.” 

Christina stood up from her chair and peeled off her own sweater, tossing it aside as she sauntered over to the bed, full hips swaying hypnotically as she went.  Just as she reached the bed, she gave a tug on her skirt and it too came off.  Now clad only in a pink thong that disappeared between her buttcheeks, she gave the camera a wink and posed allowing for everyone to take in her curvaceous form.  Then she laid down atop the mattress, breasts jiggling with every slight movement. 

“Clint, be a dear and bring the oil, would you?”  Christina asked, a voice dripping with honey. 

Clint leapt off the bed to grab a bottle of lubricant. He eagerly squirted it onto his palms and tossed the bottle aside.  He reached both meaty paws over to her massive chest and began rubbing in the oil.

“A little massage action lets him appreciate what he’s about to shove his cock in-between.  Plus, it feels nice.  Go ahead Clint and oil up those puppies.” 

She cooed and awed as she felt his meaty hands massage her tits, palms rubbing against her hard nipples.  He worked over the ample flesh, kneading each boob like it was a mound of dough.  Christina squirmed beneath him, savoring the feeling of his strong hands groping her overly sized rack.  Once her ta-tas were gleaming in the studio light, she beckoned for Clint to climb on with one finger.  Clint threw a leg over her torso and nestled his tool in-between her pillowy mounds. Smiling like a she-devil, Christina placed a hand on either side of her rack and pushed them together.  Suddenly you couldn’t even see Clint’s oversized pipe as it was lost from view by milky white titflesh.  Automatically he began to hump, letting out a long sigh of relief. The fiery buxom redhead stared up at him with pure sex written all over her face.  She puckered her lips and gave him the best fuck-me eyes any human has ever seen. 

“You see Christina is pushing her tits together.  This ensures comfort for herself and a nice tight area for the cock to fuck.  She can also let Clint do it…”

Christina let Clint hammer away from another few minutes before dropping her hands to her sides.  Clint immediately snatched up each pale breast.  Forcing them together tight around his throbbing prick, he increased his speed, slick oil ensuring there was almost no friction as he unabashedly titty-fucked her. 

“Now Christina can relax.  Or she can give some head, just as I did.”

Christina lifted her head up and opened her mouth wide. Clint’s bulbous cockhead emerging from between two pale mountains of flesh only to disappear from view between pink plump lips with each rapid thrust of his hips.  As she felt his cock slid into her mouth, Christina reached around her jiggling chest to search out for Clint’s swinging scrotum.  She located the rocking nutsack and gently squeezed it in the palm of her hand.  She was rewarded with a loud groan from Clint.

“Ahhh yes.  So, playing with the guy’s sack can add a nice dimension to a tit-fuck.  Especially if you like rolling pair of gonads around your palm.”  Alexandra said, as she smeared some of the congealing jism further into her own milky white hooters.  Christina continued doing just that, juggling his jewels while she blew him as he humped her chest.  Once Christina was satisfied with her own little taste of salty precum, she indicated for Clint to stop and get off of her.

“If Christina hangs her head off the edge of the bed, then Clint can fuck her boobs from a different angle.”  Alexandra sat, her own fingers straying down between her legs, simply searching for something to keep her entertained. 

Christina swung so that her head was hanging just off the bed. Clint stepped over her so that his large plum sized gonads were hanging just above her mouth.  She squeezed her jugs together and he slid back between them. He didn’t ease into it, rattling the frame of the bed.  Christina reached up to lick away at his ballsack and at his taint.  She was rewarded with a series of curses and grunts from Clint. 

“This position can be a bit tiresome for the woman.” Alexandra said.  “She’s got to hold her head up and lick your balls, which guys never seem to wash enough.  So, don’t make her do it for too long.”

Christina dropped her head to look at Alexandra upside down and said, “You know Alex.  You look a little lonely over there.  Why don’t you come over and help me finish Clint off with one final move?”

There was a collective silent plea from the crew as the younger actress considered it.  She shrugged, tit’s shaking as she did so.  “Why not?”

She withdrew her fingers from between her legs and got up from her chair.  Walking over towards the bed as Clint still hammered away, blissfully unaware of anything but the breasts in front of him.  Alexandra’s chesticles jiggled with each step.  She left a trail of cum behind her as still continued to drip off her rack. Alexandra had to tap Clint on the shoulder before he realized what was happening.  He let go of Christina’s sweater puppies as she indicated for him to lay flat.  He did so, hopping onto the bed as his rigid greased-up pole stood high above him.  Christina nestled herself to the left of him and wrapped her ta-ta’s around one side his cock, beginning to work them up and down. Alexandra met her on the other side, pushing her tits against Christina’s and utterly engulfing Clint’s cock with their funbags.  With now four gigantic individual breasts working his dick, Clint threw his head back into the pillows.  Christina and Alexandra smooshed their respective racks together, each playing with Clint’s rock-hard rod between an entire mountain range of pale titflesh. The two actresses leaned forward to share a steamy kiss, two sets of full lips pressed together as their tongues wrestled with one another.  They broke apart to stare hungrily at Clint, each actress expertly kneading her bosom around his cock.  Clint was thrusting his own hips upwards, even as the actresses massaged his hard prick. Nipples hard enough to cut glass rubbed up against one another as they worked faster, turning themselves on even more.

“Will you cum for us?”  Christina asked in her most seductive voice.  “Spray a nice big load all over us?  Jizz all over these nice big titties?”

Clint nodded his head, his face screwed up tight as he tried to hold on a little bit longer.  His fists were clenched full of sheets as sweat beaded his brow, easily visible in the bright studio lights. 

“Go ahead.  Give it to us big boy.  Explode.” Alexandra said, chipping in and sounding enthusiastic this time. 

Clint’s cock swelled at those words peeking out from the mass of undulating flesh.  He gave a roar as his balls contracted and cum shot out.  Neither actress stop working their tits as semen shot out in great arcs.  Jet after jet of sticky white cum splattered down upon them.  It got everywhere.  Hair, face and most importantly, tits.  By the time he was done, both actresses blinked silently at each at the sheer volume of jizz drenching them. 

“Wow!”  Christina said, leaning forward to lick some of the cum off of Alexandra’s cans.

Alexandra did the same, leaning forward to lick some off of Christina’s pair of milk makers.  Both actresses kissed and the licked the other until their lips found each other and they shared a sloppy kiss, swapping some cum back and forth.  When they parted and knelt on the bed, Clint’s cock flopped down and he closed his eyes, looking ready to fall asleep right there. Both actresses turned towards the camera.

“Licking the load off your tits, whether with your tongue or scooping it up with your fingers, is a great way to some your partner appreciation. You want to make him feel like his you wanted nothing more than for his load to be all over your breasts.” Alexandra said. 

“That’s right, Alex.  And afterwards, it’s time for him to do some work on you!”  Christina said, waggling another finger at Clint. 

The satisfied looking producer gave them the thumbs up, something white and sticky covering his fingers as he did so.  He quickly withdrew his hand back beneath his coat, looking around to see if anyone had noticed. 

“That’s our show for today!”  Said Christina, waving at the camera, her tits still dripping with jism and jiggling with each wave of her arm.

“We hope you all learned something!”  Alexandra said.  “Next time in on Sex-Ed For Dummies we have Olivia Holt in the studio where she will show us how to give the perfect handjob!”

“Bye-bye!”  Said Christina. 

The lights began to fade as the camera zoomed out.  Still even as the picture faded, you could hear Christina saying, “Ok you two.  Get those cocks back up, you’re gonna fuck us after that.” 

“Damn straight!”  Said Alexandra. 
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Re: Sex-Ed For Dummies (Multi-Celeb Series) [Lesson #3 Now Up! 01/12]
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Goddamn, that was bloody brilliant. I love Christina and am biased as big tits are my kinda thing, so this was obviously my favorite chapter thus far.  ;D ;D
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Re: Sex-Ed For Dummies (Multi-Celeb Series) [Lesson #3 Now Up! 01/12]
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Great work again. I can't wait for the next chapter
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Re: Sex-Ed For Dummies (Multi-Celeb Series) [Lesson #3 Now Up! 01/12]
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Wow, that was amazing. I love how you write big tit celebs. I hope to see more of them in your works. This is my favorite chapter too so far.
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Re: Sex-Ed For Dummies (Multi-Celeb Series) [Lesson #3 Now Up! 01/12]
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Agree with the above. Brilliant story
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Re: Sex-Ed For Dummies (Multi-Celeb Series) [Lesson #3 Now Up! 01/12]
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Another outstanding episode!
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Re: Sex-Ed For Dummies (Multi-Celeb Series) [Lesson #3 Now Up! 01/12]
« Reply #21 on: January 15, 2019, 05:58:23 AM »
You are kicking some serious ass with these stories, the latest one has been the best.
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Re: Sex-Ed For Dummies (Multi-Celeb Series) [Lesson #3 Now Up! 01/12]
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction.  It is not real!  It did not/will not happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such. 

Lesson #4: Handjob
Starring Olivia Holt
Codes: MF, Handjob

An enormous black cock filled the screen.  A tiny, dainty perfectly-manicured hand was wrapped around the massive dick. Slowly, the camera zoomed out farther and farther until it revealed two people sitting next to one another on a couch. An enormous well sculpted African-American man was attached to the gigantic schlong.  Next to him with her teeny fist clenched around his prick was an equally tiny, petite young blonde woman.  Olivia Holt slowly slid her hand to the top of the stiff chocolate rod.  She gave the head a gentle squeeze, only to slide back down to the base.  Her movements were slow, controlled and methodical as she gazed alluringly into the camera. 

“Hello all!  Welcome back to Sex-Ed For Dummies.  I’m Olivia Holt, actress, singer and nubile young hottie.”  She flashed a stunning smile at the camera, her arm never wavering as it slowly jerked the mammoth piece of manmeat next to her.  “Today, I will be demonstrating how to give the perfect handjob.  If there is even such a thing.” She looked at her male costar quizzically, as if struggling to remember something.  “This is…is…well, to be honest, I’ve forgotten his name.” 

He opened his mouth to state his name, but she cut him off first.  “But does it really matter?  Because look at this size of this fucking dick!” 

She bent over and leaned in close to examine it, staring with a wide opened mouth.  It was quite the specimen.  11 inches long.  Girthier than your average salami loaf.  Thick veins twisted around the oversized cock.  And sitting at the base were two fat testicles, each the size of a small clementine resting on the sofa.  He was shaven clean, not a single strand of dark curly hair visible on his crotch.  Olivia’s hand looked absurdly little next to it. She was barely able to curl her fingers all the way around the dark shaft as she stroked him.         

“You may be asking yourself.  Why is Olivia Holt here talking about handjobs? Well, let me tell you. I’ve got a long history of jerking guys off.  Like, so so so many over the years.  It really aids with the whole casting process.  You know with directors, writers, executives, and especially producers.” 

She flashed an overtly large wink at the producer who grinned sheepishly and nodded his head emphatically in agreement.  Some of the crew were also nodding their heads with equally matching silly grins. 

“Ok!  Let’s begin! As you can see, we’ve already lubricated this bad boy up.  Spit, lotion, lube or oils are all viable options when giving a handjob.  Today I’ve opted for some nice oily lube. Don’t want my arm to get worn out! Normally you’d start off with a bit of over-the-pants action.  You know, give him a little rubdown while the two of you fool around.  We’ve skipped all that to get right to the meat of it.”

She shook his cock by the base as she said that.  It waved back and forth through the air and she giggled. Now starting to pick up the pace a bit, she jacked the shiny slick shaft just a bit faster. 

“Our friend here is circumcised, but what we talk about today shouldn’t make too much of a difference.  If your cock isn’t circumcised, just peel that foreskin back and get to work!  Gently of course.  This goes without saying, but dry-dogging it isn’t advised.  It might ok to rub one out really quick, but you definitely do not want any chaffing going on down there.  Use lube people.”   

Olivia squeezed his pole tight, kneading the bulbous mushroom head between dainty fingers.  Crystal clear glistening precum was expelled from the tip.  It rolled down the underbelly of the dark girthy pole.  Her attentive eyes followed its slow descent down his prick. With nimble fingers she scooped it up, bringing her hand up to the light.  Thumb and forefinger rubbing together, she smeared the precum all over her digits. Pulling them apart left a clear, sticky string connecting the two.  She continued playing with it, back and forth, smearing it into her fingers and hand. A sly smirk danced across her lips as she glanced towards his face for his reaction.  He watched with wide eyes, clearly in approval of her actions.  A snap from offset brought her back to reality.   

She cleared her throat before saying, “We are sitting here on a couch, just like a couple of horny teenagers in their parent’s living room. This is a prime position for a little hanky-panky.  After your tool has been properly lubricated, just wrapped your hand around like this. Start at the base, squeeze tight with a firm grip.  Not too tight though.  You aren’t trying to choke him out.  Then slide your hand up to the top in one fluid motion.  Once at the top, slide back down.  Easy enough!  Start off slow, but you can build up speed pretty quickly unless you want to tease or edge him.  He’ll usually let you know if he wants you to go faster.” 

She demonstrated, giving a few long slow strokes from the base to tip.  They were precise.  Methodical. With just the right amount of grip. It wasn’t long before her hand was moving faster and faster.  The squelching sounds echoed across the quiet set.


The sounds only grew louder as she thumped up and down, her hand a pale blur along the dark pillar of manmeat.  The heads of every crew member bounced like a pogo stick, following the trajectory her palm as she ferociously beat his meat.  The dude gripped the couch tighter, letting out a groan. He was in heaven.  Then she stopped.  Suddenly releasing his dick.  It throbbed in protest.

“What the fuck?!?”  He yelled, his deep voice booming out across the set.

“Don’t want you blowing too early.  Still got lots more to show the folks at home!”  Olivia said as she uncrossed her legs, giving a nice revealing look at the sheer black panties beneath her short skirt.  “Stand up for me stud.” 

He stood up, showing off his impressive height. Olivia stood as well, barely coming up to his chest.  His cock was closer to eye level than it was to her hands.  Shuffling behind her costar, she rested one hand on his toned and muscular stomach.  Her fingers felt each rock-hard ab in his cut six-pack.  Her other hand fondled his cock again, now aimed in front of him like a spear.  Facing the camera, she peeked out from behind the dark muscular man.  Her brown eyes sparkled as she started jacking him off again.

“If you stand behind him and jerk him off, that’s pretty hot too.  And if he’s into butt stuff, then you can have a little fun playing with backdoor while you stroke him.  A little prostate play can also go a long way, just make sure you ask before you stick a finger up his bum.  How bout’ it pal?”

“Uhhhh…no thanks?”

Olivia shrugged and said, “Your loss.  I know just the right spot to hit.” 

The chocolate hunk took a moment to consider it, but in the end decided on no, shaking his head from side to side.

“Oh well.  Next time then!  Something we haven’t talked about yet are testicles!  Balls. Nuts.  Jewels.  Nads. Bollocks.”

She grinned, flashing another glittering smile.  Her hand molesting his midriff moved down his frame until it was below his gigantic schlong, resting on his inner thigh.  She spread her fingers wide and began fondling his nustack.  Her miniature palm could barely fit both of the plum-sized gonads as she dexterously began to juggle them back and forth, her well-manicured squeezing with the perfect amount of pressure.

“Jesus Christ!”  She said, looking down as his dangling bits.  “Most guys don’t have balls this big.  Fuck.  Well, anyways, you always want to be gentle with the balls, unless he tells you otherwise. Cupping them in the palm of your hand is a good way to start.  Use your fingers to massage the sack, pressing gently rubbing around the scrotum. Make sure not to tug on his gonads.”

All five of her fingers worked independently, kneading and rubbing a different section of his ballsack as the heavy bollocks rested in the palm of her hand.  They danced from his perineum in the back to the base of his shaft in the front, treating every inch to the most sensual of massages.   

“How am I doing so far?”  She asked, chuckling.

“Good.  Really fucking good.”  He grunted out.

“Make sure that you keep stroking while juggling his jewels. It really helps add another whole dimension to the handjob.  And if you’re feeling ballsy.”  She winked at the pun.  “Move those fingers behind the sack and give his taint a little rubdown.   

Her fingers left the bulging nustack and spent the next minute rubbing his taint, straying dangerous close to his butthole at times. Her other hand never stopped jerking his prick, sliding from base to tip with strong, quick, repetitive motions. His dark piss-slit winked at the camera, dribbling precum with every few strokes.  The drops fell onto the gaudy carpeted floor, to stay there with the combined fluids of all the other guests that had shared the stage. 

“You can ask him which hand he usually jerks off with. Right or left.  Then use the opposite hand, it’ll give him a whole new experience.  So, which is it pal, righty or leftie?”

“Err, right I guess.”

“Great!”  She said, switching up her hands so now her left hand was doing the stroking and her right one moved down to work his hanging cum-filled orbs. 

“Feel any different?”  She asked.

He nodded his assent.  She smiled and jerked him harder.  She repeated her same techniques that she had demonstrated thus far with her other hand.   

“Ok!  Time to switch things up!”  Olivia declared, letting go of his cock and stepping around in front of him. 

She knelt down in from of him, thrusting out her ass as she got into position.  Both the camera and crew were treated to a nice eyeful of that perky behind before she settled on the floor.  Her already petite frame look even smaller down there in comparison.  She reached up with both hands to grab the cock in front of her.  The camera swung around to get a nice profile view of them, Olivia Holt kneeling in front of this big black cock. 

“Kneeling in front of him like this is a great way to show your submissive side.  He’ll loom over you with his big dick right in your face and you can stroke to your hearts content.  This position is prime for two hands.  And this cock needs it!  Hell, it probably needs three or four!”

She gripped his cock like an Olympic gymnast grips a pole. It was still shiny, plenty slick with the lube they had started with.  Holding both hands out in front of her with her elbows out to side, she began to jerk it.  Looking very much like she was doing a Shake-Weight commercial, the cock quivered in front of her feeling both hands working over its shaft.  She kept both hands together as she jerked.  Muscles bulged in her arms as she jacked that dick for all it was worth.  Once again, her hands became a speeding pale blur as they moved across the oversized ebony dong.  The squelching sounds were back.  Louder than ever before.


Above those noises she said, “Usually this position also goes great with blowjobs, but we already know that from our lesson with Taylor Swift! So that means no cock-sucking for me today.”  She frowned and pouted at the camera, still working the shaft.  “That’s too bad because my arms are getting tired!  Can you sit back down?” 

She stared up alluring at the chiseled stud above her. He nodded and collapsed back onto the couch, his dick swinging with enough force to take an eye out.  Olivia stood back up and sat down on his other side. Dutifully she fisted his pick and started jerking again. 

“Ok, a couple of advanced techniques and I’ll have him spewing in no time.  Straight up jacking is all well and fine, but add a little twist to your strokes and have your man squirming.”

Olivia slowed down her strokes to demonstrate.  Like she was turning a screwdriver, her tiny fist twisted around the shaft as she moved up and twisted back as she slid down.  A potent mixture of lube and precum oozed from between her fingers as she did so.   

“You can use both hands and twist in opposite directions along the shaft.”

Both hands took hold of his slippery boner and twisted in opposite directions, working in perfect unison as she stroked from tip to balls.  The level of dexterity and precision was awe-inspiring.  One of the crew was actually jotting down notes to try out on himself later.  Now quite pink in the face, she released him, fanning herself with both sticky hands.

“Excuse me!  I’m getting all hot and bothered.  Let’s get you off buddy so I can go rub one out in my dressing room.”  She said.

She grabbed him by the tip and slid all the way down the base. As she hit the bottom, she let go just as her other hand grabbed the tip.  It too slid all the way down only to let go.  She repeated this downward action over and over again working his cock like she was shucking an ear of corn.  Without warning, she reversed direction, grabbing him by the base and rocketing upwards with a single hand.  As soon as her palm left the swollen mushroom tip, her other hand grabbed the base and shot upwards as well.  She repeated this upwards motion in a fluid continuous cycle of stroking.  Finally, she turned to stare into the camera, smiling wickedly. 

“For that final push, I think a little dirty talk is in order. Always an important part of any handjob.”

She snuggled in close to him and craned her neck upwards to whisper into his ear.  The boom guy hurried forward, somewhat awkwardly as the raging hardon in his pants made it difficult to move.  He wanted to make sure he got every naughty word. 

“Here we go big boy.  God, I could jerk you off all day.  I can’t get enough of this big, hard dick.  It’s so stiff in-between my fingers, harder than a rock!  There’s just one more thing I want.  Your cum.  I can’t wait anymore.  I need you to explode everywhere!  Just blow that load all over my little hands.  What do you say?  Will you cum for me?  Huh? Pretty please.  Please!”

She purred like a sex kitten, her voice dripping with honey and feigned innocence.  He groaned and squirmed as she pouted and batted her eyelashes.  Abandoning all the fancy tricks, she was back to straight-up jerking him at lightspeed. 

“Ohhhh yes!”  She squealed delightedly.  “I can feel you getting harder!  Give me that creamy cum!”

“Yea babe!  Keep stroking that fucking dick!”  He shouted, deafening the boom guy. 

“That’s it!  That’s it! I can feel it!  Give me that cum!  Right now, baby!” 

He closed his eyes and roared like a wounded animal.  Olivia quickly placed one teensy hand above the massive black pillar.  His balls visibly contracted as his mushroom head swelled before unleashing thick, sticky spunk upwards.  One hand never stopped stroking him as the other covered the erupting slab of manmeat. Ropes of cum burst forth, flying skywards.  They painted the palm of her hand with copious amounts of hot, gluey jism.  The initial splatter drenched her hand, but it was quickly followed by more with each continued jerk of her hand.  As she pumped more and more cum out of him, if rolled down the thick chocolate shaft.  Even more cum rained down on his lap as she milked every last ounce of semen from his massive black balls.  Finally, he gave one last spurt before relaxing, sinking back into the sofa.  Olivia waited expectantly to see if there would be any more. When there wasn’t, she moved her hand aside, examining the pasty white man-goo covering it. 

“Make sure while he’s cumming that you keeping stroking. That’s very important.  Especially if you want him to shoot far!  And at the very end after it seems like he is done, squeeze from base to tip one last time.  This will get the last of that cum out of his urethra.” 

She did just that, squeezing the base and slowly working her way up to the top.  Kneading the fat mushroom head between petite fingers.  She pushed out one last large globule of cum.  It dribbled down to join the other spunk now concealing around his balls.  Upon closer inspection, his entire lap was a mess of cum.  It gently leaked onto the couch cushion beneath him.  With both of her hands both splattered with jizz, she waved them at the camera, wiggling each of her cum-covered her fingers.

“And there we have it!  Now, it’s hard to give a truly phenomenal handjob.  Guys are always jerking their dicks and most can handle their own junk better than anyone else, but if you follow what you saw here today, you might just surprise him.”  Olivia said as she adjusted herself on the couch, clearly agitated and aroused at the sight and smell of so much semen around her.  “Now, for next time on Sex-Ed For Dummies, we have a very much anticipated episode.  Anal sex!”

Olivia paused, squinting at the prompter as though she couldn’t believe what she was reading.  “Is this right?’  She asked, indicating the prompter. 

The producer nodded his head vigorously, gesturing for her to go on. 

“Wow, ok.  So next time we will have Bryce Dallas Howard in the studio.  She will be teaching the lesson on anal sex lesson.  And as a special treat, she will be on hand to assist Camila Cabello.  Camila is going to be losing her anal virginity here on set.  And all of this in front of a live studio audience!”

There were large grins from every single member of the crew as she read those words. 

“I might just have to come back to see that!  Anyhow, I’m Olivia Holt and this has been another installment of Sex-Ed For Dummies. Goodnight all!”   

She waved one semen covered hand goodbye before bringing it to her lips and blowing a kiss right into the camera as it faded to black. She licked the bit of spunk left behind on her lips, giving one final wink.   
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Re: Sex-Ed For Dummies (Multi-Celeb Series) [Lesson #4 Now Up! 02/09]
« Reply #23 on: February 09, 2019, 05:46:14 PM »
That might be the best handjob scene I've ever read. GREAT work.
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Re: Sex-Ed For Dummies (Multi-Celeb Series) [Lesson #4 Now Up! 02/09]
« Reply #24 on: February 09, 2019, 11:17:28 PM »
More fine work from you. I like how this series breaks down sex acts chapter to chapter. Few authors out there put as much dedication and detail into something like a handjob or a blowjob. Thank you for that. Some of us who like those fetishes can really dive in and enjoy the story slowly.
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Re: Sex-Ed For Dummies (Multi-Celeb Series) [Lesson #4 Now Up! 02/09]
« Reply #25 on: February 10, 2019, 09:05:25 AM »
More fine work from you. I like how this series breaks down sex acts chapter to chapter. Few authors out there put as much dedication and detail into something like a handjob or a blowjob. Thank you for that. Some of us who like those fetishes can really dive in and enjoy the story slowly.

Appreciate you saying so!  That's the goal.  The lessons so far have all been pretty standard stuff, but I hope to get more specialized in later chapters with specific kinks or fetishes.  I'll try my hardest to do those justice.  If you've a suggestion on a topic feel free to shoot me a message or drop a comment!

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Re: Sex-Ed For Dummies (Multi-Celeb Series) [Lesson #4 Now Up! 02/09]
« Reply #26 on: February 11, 2019, 10:48:16 AM »
guessing the next one is anal. great job on the series slyguy
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Re: Sex-Ed For Dummies (Multi-Celeb Series) [Lesson #4 Now Up! 02/09]
« Reply #27 on: February 11, 2019, 08:09:38 PM »
Gave you five stars, that was awesome. I like the level of detail, it is inspiring like your other series.  ;)

If the next one is anal, oh boy, I can't wait to see who you choose. So many wonderful big booty women out there.  ;D
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Re: Sex-Ed For Dummies (Multi-Celeb Series) [Lesson #4 Now Up! 02/09]
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I can't believe something as simple as a handjob got such an awesome episode . . .
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Re: Sex-Ed For Dummies (Multi-Celeb Series) [Lesson #5 Now Up! 04/08]
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction.  It is not real!  It did not/will not happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such.

Lesson #5: Anal
Starring Bryce Dallas Howard & Camila Cabello
Codes: MF, MFF, Anal, ATM, Masturbation, Oral

“Hello and welcome back to another episode of Sex-Ed For Dummies!”  The announcer yelled, his voice deep and booming. 
The camera panned down across the live studio audience as they cheered and clapped, clearly very excited to be there.  Each audience member was better looking than the last.  Women and men alike were 10’s across the board.  The camera came to rest on a devilishly handsome older gentleman in a crisp sleek suit, seated behind a large wooden desk on what appeared a late-night set.  His features were chiseled, his hair a nice blend of salt and pepper, the smile lines deep on his tanned face.
“Hi everyone.  Hugh Johnson here, and I’ll be hosting our lovely guests this evening.  We’ve got a great show for you tonight and are extremely excited to have full house!”  The crowd shouted, applauded and stamped their feet.  Hugh smiled widely, showing off perfectly white teeth.  “It’s a special show tonight.  Something we’ve been getting requests for since day one.  Anal!  Sex that is.  Does it hurt?  Will there be shit everywhere?  Does it give better orgasms?  We’ll answer it all.  Or more specifically, our first guest will!  Please welcome, Bryce Dallas Howard!”
He threw his hands to the side.  Bryce emerged from behind the thick red velvet curtain, smiling brightly and waving to the audience.  She blew a kiss as she sauntered across the stage, her heel’s clicking on the floor.  The busty redheaded MILF was dressed surprisingly professionally.  A tight form, fitting red dress only served to highlight just well-endowed she was, both up top and on the bottom.  The eyes of every audience and crew member followed her ass as it shifted from side to side while she walked.  She shook hands with Hugh, as they exchanged a quick peck on the cheek.  Just before sitting down in her chair, she gave her ass a little wiggle for the camera.  The ample flesh strained against the tight fabric of her dress, threatening to tear at the seams before she turned around and sat down in the chair.  The crowd clapped and cheered.  Uncrossing her legs with a wink, she gave a nice quick upskirt to every viewer. 
“Welcome Bryce!”
“Thanks Hugh!  So glad to be here!”  She replied, beaming at him and gazing out over the crowd with wide pale green eyes. 
“Let’s get right down to it Bryce.  You’re here today to talk about and demonstrate anal sex.  Considered something of a taboo to your average everyday citizen, what do you enjoy so much about it?”
“I didn’t start having anal sex until I was older, in my 30’s.  I was nervous at first, but I had a trustworthy partner and we both really wanted to try it.”
“With an ass like that, I can’t blame him!”
“The first time can be painful if you’re not careful about, but really if you make the necessary preparations, it can be unbelievable.  Ladies, I’m talking about the best orgasms you’ve ever had.  Like, squirt ten feet across the room kind of orgasms.” 
“Wow!  And how about for a gentleman who might be interested in anal?”  Hugh asked.
“I mean, obviously I don’t have a penis, so I can’t speak for men, but I’ve heard from many sources that both giving and taking it up the butt is remarkable.” 
“Ok, so you didn’t start having anal sex until you were in your 30’s, what makes you our expert here today?” 
“Besides the fact I’ve got an ass that just won’t quit?”  She gave a tinkling laugh.  “I really just can’t get enough of it.  Making up for lost time and all that.  My husband fucks my ass more often then he fucks my pussy!” 
“Sounds good enough for me!  But, what about first time anal?  What do you need to do to prepare?”
“That’s why we have Camila Cabello here today.”  The crowd started to clap again.  A few whoops from some of the guys could be heard.  “Yea, give it up for Camila!  She’ll be coming out a little later in the show.  She’s here today to demonstrate that losing your anal virginity is not the big deal we make it out to be.  That’s not to say there isn’t any preparation involved for your first time.”
“Such as?”  Hugh asked, a pencil and notepad at the ready.  The cocky grin on his face said that he was already very familiar with this subject, but we would give a good of show of ignorance. 

“You definitely want to do some anal play before sticking a big ol’ cock up there.  Fingers.  Tongues.  Toys, if you’ve got them.  Buttplugs are your friend!  They really stretch the sphincter out and get it ready to receive.  To make things more fun, you can wear one all day as a sexy treat.  They feel wonderful.  Sometimes, I’m even wearing one on set, if I don’t have to do an action scene that day.  Another thing.  Don’t eat spicy foods the day before.  Especially the first time.  Because if your stomach is even a little upset, then there is a chance that when he pulls out you will lose control and shit everywhere.  And I mean everywhere.  Nobody wants that.”  She rubbed her chin as she considered what else to say.  “You would think I wouldn’t have to say this, but LUBE UP!  Seriously.  You can’t do anal with some kind of lube.  The butthole doesn’t get wet like a vagina does.  Absolutely no dry-dogging it.”
“Uh-huh, anything else you want the folks at home to know?”
Bryce thought about her answer before saying, “I think it would be better if I just showed everyone!  Let’s get my partner out here already!”
Hugh nodded and the crowd began to clap again as the velvet curtain opened once more and a stunning Latin hunk swaggered out.  He was tall, absolutely ripped, muscles bulging as he made his way across the stage.  His jet-black hair was slicked back, and he had just a hint of stubble on his handsome features.  The bulge in his tight pants was evident even from across the room.  Bryce’s went wide and her jaw dropped as she took in every inch of this tanned stud.  One lady in the crowd actually swooned, slumping down in her seat at the sight of him.  He shook hands with Hugh and then extended his hand to shake Bryce’s.  Her mouth was still opened, eyes glued to his crotch. 
“Eh-hem!”  Hugh said, startling Bryce out of her stupor.  “This is Hector.  He’ll be your costar for today.”
She stood up and quickly shook his hand, her usually pale face a bright shade of pink. 

“Hector?”  Hugh asked.  “Ever had anal sex before?”

“Of course.”  He said through a thick accent.  “Lots of times.” 

“How about with anyone with an ass as fine as Bryce’s?”

Hector eyed the 38-year-old MILF, his eyes glued to her behind.  She wiggled it a bit for him as he stared unashamedly. 

“Don’t think so.”  Hector replied with a grin. 

Together they moved over to another stage, away from the desk and chairs.  A plush bed was laid out before them.  Velvet sheets the same color as the curtain with many fluffy looking pillows and a gaudy looking headboard. 
“Here we are folks.  Enough talking.  Time for some action!”  Hugh said, “I’ll let Bryce take it over from here.” 
“Thanks Hugh!”  Bryce said.  “First thing’s first!  Time to get naked!” 
Immediately Hector unzipped her dress for her.  It slipped off her shoulders, revealing a black bra underneath.  That too quickly came off as well, revealing her pale milky tits to the air.  Her nipples were as pink as her face.  She shimmied out of the dress letting it drop to the floor.  Stepping out of it, she struck a pose for the camera as it zoomed it, taking in her rear in all its pale fleshy glory, the black g-string flossing between supple white buttcheeks.  She gave her booty a little slap, sending ripples through her ample backside.  Hector leaned over and gave it a harder smack.  Bryce gave a squeak and smiled as her entire butt jiggled.  Sauntering towards the edge of the stage, booty and boobs a-jiggling, she pulled down her black thong, letting the fabric fall to the ground before leaning over to pick it up, presenting her ass for all to see.  Her pink pussy was also on full display.  As she picked up the undergarment, she pulled back on it like a slingshot and fired it into the crowd.  It landed between two gentlemen who promptly began to fight over it.  After a brief struggle, a winner emerged and held it up high for all to see before bringing it to his nose and breathing in deeply.  His other hand immediately flew to his lap, starting to rub the evident boner sticking up there.  The producer jogged over from his chair.

“Nah-uh!  No touching yourself!”  He said, waving his hands at the guy clutching Bryce’s panties.

He only reluctantly stopped rubbing himself, but tucked the black undergarment down the front of his trousers and shuddered. 

“Now, when you’re having anal sex, it helps to be totally and utterly aroused.  I’m talking like dickdrunk levels of horniness.  You’ll need lots of foreplay for your lady to feel comfortable.”  Bryce said as she laid on the bed and spread her legs wide, revealing her pink slit with a landing strip of fiery red hair.  It turns out the carpet did match the drapes.  “Get over here and eat this pussy Hector.”

The Latin stud was all too eager to comply as he slithered onto the mattress and buried his dark-haired head between the redhead’s thighs.  He licked her twat with a nimble tongue and nibbled at her clit as she threw her head back against the headboard and gasped.  Her hands found his head, running her fingers through his dark shiny hair.  The crowd watched eagerly as Bryce squirmed and moaned with pleasure beneath Hector’s oral ministrations.  Her hands left his head to move up her body and tug at her puffy pink nipples.  She moaned louder and louder as he buried his tongue deeper and deeper into her snatch.  Once Bryce felt she was sufficiently warmed up, she dragged Hector away from her pussy and flipped over onto her stomach before thrusting her ass high up in the air.

She turned to face the camera and said, “Once he’s munched on your pussy for a bit, it’s time to move onto the asshole.  And if he doesn’t like eating ass, then he shouldn’t be putting his dick up there.” 

Hector had zero problems as he dove right in-between those soft buttcheeks, spreading them apart so the camera could get a nice close up of her bleached, pink and puckered asshole.  He ran his tongue around her tight anal ring before penetrating it with the tip of his tongue.  If Bryce had been loud before, it was nothing compared to now as Hector tongue-fucked her rear entryway, drenching her rosebud with copious saliva as he slobbered away. 

“Start out with fingers once he’s licked you a bit.”  Bryce said, her voice somewhat muffled with her face buried in the sheets.  “But lube them up first!”
Hector grabbed the supplied lube, coating it over his hands and rubbing it around slick fingers before prying her cheeks apart again, leaving shiny handprints behind.  Everyone watched with bated breath as he slowly slid one finger in Bryce’s backdoor.  She groaned as he pushed in knuckle deep with ease.  He worked his finger out to the tip before sliding it back in several times over.  It was quickly followed up with two fingers.  Then three.  With each finger penetration, Bryce gave a loud gasp.  Before long Hector was fingerbanging her backdoor with force, the squelching sounds echoing across the stage.  As Hector built up even more speed, Bryce pushed him off, ready for the real thing.

“If you still don’t feel prepared after the fingers, then you may want to utilize some toys.  But, I’m wet and ready.  I want that big dick up my ass ASAP!” She said, shaking her booty as Hector frantically pulled his cock out from behind his underwear.  As it flopped into view, Bryce cursed staring at the veiny behemoth.  “Fuck!  That’s supposed to fit up my ass!  Jesus!  Camila’s gonna have it rough!”

Hector shrugged and grinned as he squirted more lube onto his massive prick until it was slick and shiny in the bright studio lights.  The crowd cheered as Bryce settled onto all fours, presenting her ass for the taking.  Hector got into position, wielding his cock like a weapon, he beat his bronze dickhead against her white tushy several times before lining it up with her butthole.  Bryce made it wink at him.   

“Breathing is very important.  You don’t want to hold your breath because it will make you tense up.  Just breathe and relax.  If it hurts, tell your partner and let yourself adjust before trying again or going further in.”

Hector pressed his fat mushroom head against her tight anal ring and pushed.  Bryce was clearly the anal expert she claimed to be, otherwise there was no way her sphincter would have taken a dick of that length and girth so easily.  Even so, there was still some resistance as he pushed.  Her asshole stretched as she cried out, her pitch rising with each passing second until there was a loud *POP* and his bell-end slid inside. 

“FFFUUUUCCCKKKKK!!!!!”  Bryce screamed out as the crowd watched Hector’s penis disappeared inch by girthy inch into her backside. 

He came to rest, balls deep, letting her get accustomed to the gigantic schlong stuffed up her backdoor. 

“Doggystyle is a great starter position for anal.”  Bryce said.  “It also gives him a nice view of your ass!”

Hector grinned and grabbed a handful of alabaster flesh, kneading the jiggly mass between his fingers.  It was followed up quickly with another smack.  At Bryce’s nod, he began thrusting slowly.  The crowd was having a real hard time not touching themselves.  All over the stands, hands covertly moved across crotches, or slipped under skirts, feeling hardened dicks and clits alike as the big-bootied redhead was plowed from behind, large breasts swinging beneath her as Hector picked up speed.  One hand was between her legs, massaging her wet slit as the impact of Hector’s thrusts rocked her entire body.

“Continued vaginal stimulation is recommended.  It’s helps heighten the state of arousal and can help if it’s a bit uncomfortable at first.”  Bryce said, grunting out the words between humps.  “This position is also great for some spanking!  Start out with a light smack to see how your partner responds.  If they like it, do it harder until you find a force you’re both comfortable with!  Me?  I like it hard.  Smack dat ass baby.”

Hector maintained his ramming speed as he raised one muscular arm high, spreading his five fingers wide, his hand large enough to palm a basketball.  He brought it down with a sharp smack that cut through the air like a knife.  Bryce shivered and her eyes momentarily rolled into the back of her head as she felt his hand connected with her shaking tushy.  And shake it did.  With each smack to Bryce’s ample keister, ripples moved across it likes waves on a pond.  Both Hector and the crowd liked the look of it.  He whacked and whacked, Bryce crying out each time until her pale skin glowed with a bright pink handprint.  Limbs trembling, she laid down flat on the bed, squashing her tits beneath her and letting Hector slip out of her.
“Prone-bone is nice because you can feel your partner on top of you.”
Hector spread her cheeks again, looking down at the empty chasm left behind by his cock.  Grinning, he slipped back inside with absolutely no problem.  He laid his muscular tanned form on top of her pale curves.  Using his hands to hold himself up he slammed himself down like a piledriver absolutely wrecking Bryce’s tight butthole.  Tilting her head backwards, she pulled down his head for a long lingering kiss, filled with lots of sloppy tongue, punctuated with gasps and moans each time Hector drove himself balls deep into her rectum.  She broke it saying, “Ok, now time for something a little different.”
Bryce rolled onto her back as Hector reluctantly pulled out of her again.  Grabbing a hefty calf in each hand, she pulled back so her legs were high up in the air.  Now the entire crowd could get a good look at just how gaping her asshole was.  Several jaws dropped as they stared mesmerized by the deep dark hole.  Placing a leg on each of Hector’s shoulders, he lined up with her anus and pushed inside.
“FFFUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!!!!”  Bryce cried out.  “SOOOO GOD DAMN DEEP!”
As Hector began thrusting again, she tried to recover her composure, “This position hits really deep.  Not recommended for beginners!” 
It was too much.  The crowd couldn’t take it anymore.  Most were openly masturbating, hard dicks pulled from tight trousers and skirts flipped up as fingers were sunk knuckle deep into sticky twats.  The producer was running up and down the stairs, trying to tear people away from their own genitals, but he was having very little luck as he was roughly pushed back.
Hector railed Bryce harder and harder, pushing on her legs as he did so, slowly inching them further and further back.  She grabbed hold of them and pulled, until her heels were just about touching her ears.  Her asshole could not possibly be more open than it was than in this position.  And she let the studio know it, screeching like a banshee as she was pounded by the big Latin cock.  While Bryce’s hands were occupied, Hector wildly frigged her clit until it was clear she was about to cum. 
Hector didn’t stop as his pelvis slammed into Bryce’s ass over and over again.  Sweat glistening on his tanned chiseled body as she got closer and closer to climax.
“C-CC-CCUUUMMMINGGG!!!!”  Bryce screamed as a spray of lady cum shot forth from spasming cunt, drenching Hector from face to groin in her sticky juices.
He blinked in surprise as the juices dripped down his muscular torso, licking the pleasant taste on his lips.  Bryce let her legs fall forward, flopping onto the already sticky sheets.  Hector pulled his bulging rod from her well and truly fucked asshole. 

Bryce groaned and looked around for the camera, “Squirting… happens more often than you’d think with anal.  I’d never squirted in my entire life until I started getting fucked up the ass.”  She looked down to Hector who was slowly stroking his cock.  “Let’s get you off bud.”  Bryce looked around and said,

“Actually Hugh, can we borrow your desk?”
“Sure Bryce!  Come on over!”  Hugh said cheerily. 
Hugh stood up from behind his desk and somewhat awkwardly moved to the side, his tight suit pants doing absolutely nothing to conceal the massive erection hidden there.  Bryce stood up on shaky legs, wrapped a hand around Hector’s dick and led him over to the desk.  The camera followed them the entire way.  She proceeded to bend over, resting her torso on the hard wood and presenting her ass, high up in the air. 
“Fuck me big boy.”  She said with a wink.
“You got it chica.”  Hector said, smacking his cock against her ass a couple of times before sticking it back inside. 
Bryce clutched the desk with her well-kept fingernails as Hector jackhammered in and out of her puckered butthole.  The desk shook and rattled, making a screeching noise as it was pushed across the set, inch by inch with the force of Hector’s hammering hips. 
“Bent over something, whether a desk, bed, chair or whatever is a fantastic position for anal.”  Bryce said.  “It lets your partner go full force because they are standing up, while you can relax and take it!  Go Hector!  Harder!”  Hector slammed harder.  “I SAID HARDER!” 

Madre dios…” He muttered and pummeled her even harder.
And as her ass rippled, pinned between Hector’s pummeling pelvis and the hard wood of the desk, Bryce found herself cumming again, squirting another liter of clear fluid all over Hugh’s mahogany desk. 

“Oops…” Bryce said, trying and failing to look at the camera with cross-eyed vision.

Hector wasn’t far behind, pulling his dick out, gazing down at her fat ass and fisting his prick as the camera zoomed in tight for the money shot.  He jerked himself until he gave a grunt and thick, white ropes burst forth from his throbbing prick.  Blast after blast of gooey semen spurted onto Bryce’s backside.  The pink cheeks were soon covered in enough spunk to make it look like she sat in a tray of murky off- white paint.  The crowd paused in their frantic masturbation to watch in awe as it trickled down her rounded cheeks, onto her legs and the floor.  Bryce laid sprawled across the desk for a minute, recovering before looking up at the camera.
“Cumming all over your ass is nice, because it lets you see the fruits of your labor.  Plus, it’s a little easier to clean up.”  She said with a wink, wiping some of the dribbling cum with her fingers and licking them one by one.
Turning around and squatting on shaky legs, she looked eye level at Hector’s deflating cock, a bit of spunk still hanging from the tip.
“It’s common curtesy to clean your partner’s member.  I think it’s only fair if he’s licking your butthole to return the favor.”
Bryce opened wide and inch by inch swallowed Hector’s dick down to the base, her nose pressed into his pubic region, tongue clearly working to clean every inch.
Mierda!”  Hector cried as he felt the insatiable red head suck every last drop of cum from his urethra. 
When Bryce released him with a *POP*, she said, “Plus, I like the taste.”  She gave a little giggle. 
“Well, why don’t we bring out our next guest while we give those two a minute to recover and clean up a bit.”  Hugh said as the camera moved over to him standing in front of the thick velvet curtain.  “Please welcome Camila Cabello to the stage!”
The audience cheered loudly, but there was no clapping as their hands were all preoccupied.  Camila came out from behind the velvet curtain, clad in the tightest yoga pants you’ve ever seen and wearing only a sportsbra for a top.  She spun around, showing off her curvaceous figure, smiling and waving to the masturbating crowd.  She gave a look of mock surprise as she spotted the many sizable dicks and sopping twats visible throughout the audience.  She shook hands with Hugh, and they shared a kiss on the cheek. 
“How are you doing today Camila?  Bit nervous?”  Hugh asked, oozing charm from every pore.
“A bit Hugh.  But also, excited.” 
“Want to tell the folks at home why you’ve decided to pop your anal cherry live in the studio today?”
Camila smiled and nodded, staring straight down the lens, “Anal can be scary for first timers, I wanted to show everyone that there is nothing to be frightened of.  Bryce and I have been talking for weeks.  I thought by showing everyone a nice big prick going up this booty.”  She gave her own ass a smack. “It would let others feel they could do the same!” 
“But why now?”  Hugh asked, pressing deeper while his eyes ogled her ample backside.
“I’m 22 years old.  It’s been long enough.  Boys have been wanting to get a piece of this ass for years now.  I’ve always said no because I was nervous.  No more.  So many of my friends enjoy anal, looking at you Taylor Swift!  Now it’s my time.”
Hugh grinned from ear to ear, “Why not give a little show of why so many boys wanted to tap that ass?”
Camila smiled and nodded, turning around and thrusting out her backside.  She dropped to the ground, gyrating her hips in a hypnotic fashion as she slowly rose back up.  Bending over, she started to twerk.  The crowd watched with open, drooling mouths as her absurdly large booty shimmied and shook, her well-practiced dance moves vibrating her rear with ease.  She looked over her shoulder, casting an alluring gaze over the crowd while she worked her money-maker.  It didn’t take long for Hector to wander over.

“Hey there guapo.”  Camila said with a wink.  “I saw you giving Bryce a few good smacks before.  What about me?” 

He grabbed onto that twerking beauty and gave it a couple of good licks.  The skin-tight fabric of the yoga pants could barely contain the jiggle as he whacked it with his meaty palm.  Camila cooed each time his hand connected with her backside.  Before long, Hector grabbed the hem of her pants and pulled.  They tore along the seam with ease, ripping right down the middle with a sound that echoed throughout the studio.  As the fabric fell away, Hector spread her caramel colored cheeks wide to reveal a large bejeweled buttplug.  Camila turned her head around to face the camera, put one finger to those puffy lips and made a face as if to say, “Oops, you caught me.”
“Wow!  Look at that thing!  So shiny!”  Hugh said, standing off to the side.  “While we let these two get a bit more comfortable, we actually have a short clip from Camila of putting the buttplug in.  Is that correct?”
Camila nodded, “It’s so important to stretch out that sphincter for the first time, or if you haven’t done it in a while.  Bryce helped me pick this one out and I’d thought I’d shoot a little video to show everyone how to put it in.”
“Let’s roll that clip!”  Hugh shouted.

“Hey all!”  Camila was holding her phone in her hotel room.  “I’m going to be on Sex-Ed For Dummies later today, where I’ll be losing my anal virginity.  So, first thing’s first.  I need to stick this up my ass.”
She held up a bright pink buttplug, ending in a shiny bejeweled handle, looking nervously at the sextoy in her hand.  “Jeez, it’s pretty big.  I’m gonna need to warm up first.”
Placing the phone down, she grabbed an equally pink ribbed vibrator.  She shook her ass a bit for the camera before lying flat on her back on the bed and spreading her legs wide.  The vibrator turned on with a buzz.  Immediately placing it against her clit, she teased her pussy with the bright pink plastic cock.  It probed deeper and deeper with each pass over her pussy lips, eliciting loud moans from Camila.  Before long the pink plastic cock was disappearing in and out of her snatch as her other hand strummed her clit. 
The video cut and suddenly Camila was screaming as an orgasm rocked her 5’2-foot frame, spread out on the bed.  Panting, she flipped up her mess of dark hair and looked back at the camera, “Now for the buttplug.”     
Getting on all fours, she first probed her asshole with fingers.  One.  Two.  Then three.  Next came the vibrator, sliding just the tip in and working it around.  Finally, she lubed up the glittering pink buttplug and stuck it between her cheeks.  Slowly but surely, she pressed it against her puckered bumhole, her noises growing louder and louder with each passing second.  It took several tries before she pushed it inside with audible *POP*, the plastic toy sliding all the way inside until only the shiny jeweled end was visible.  Camila brought the camera back close to her face.
“Phew.  Ok, now that’s in, it’s time to get ready and head to the studio!  I can’t wait to see you all later!”  She blew a kiss with those magnificent dick-sucking lips before waving goodbye.

“What clip!”  Hugh exclaimed as he struggled in vain to adjust his tight slacks.  “And it looks like our three stars are ready.  Who wants to see more anal?”
The crowd cheered as the camera swung back over the gaudy bed.  Camila was on all fours, much as Bryce had been not too long ago.  Hector was ready with his hand on the buttplug, eager to pull it out.  Bryce lay down next to her, fingers trailing along her wet pussy as Camila pouted her wonderfully full lips.
“Go ahead Hector.  She’s ready.”  Bryce whispered.
Hector gave a tug and Camila’s eyes flew wide opened as she let out a cry.  He tugged again, her tight sphincter straining to stretch over the bulbous plastic toy.  He tried again, stretching it even more.  One more pull and it popped out, causing every fiber of Camila’s being to tremble with pleasure.  Bryce stroked both their pussy’s faster.
“Once the buttplug is out.  It’s very important to quickly stick your cock in.  You don’t want that sphincter tightening back up.”  Bryce said. 
Hector needed no further instruction, giving the quickest of licks to Camila’s rosebud before lining his dick up to her backdoor fuckhole.  Back up to his full impressive length, he pressed against Camila’s sphincter, his second asshole of the day.  The dark hole winked at the crowd as Camila flexed, showing a surprising amount of control over her sphincter for someone so inexperienced with anal play.  There was still some pressure and resistance from Hector’s lubed up shiny dick, but once his head was in, the hardest part was over.  The buttplug had done its job.  Camila was breathing hard, trying to relax as Hector slowly filled up her poop chute inch by inch.
“Remember to relax!”  Bryce said, whispering to Camila, “You’re doing so good, taking that huge cock up your ass.  Just a few more inches.  Here we go.  Good girl.”
Camila felt a huge pressure, but before she knew it, Hector was all the way inside.  Every single inch of his massive cock hidden inside Camila’s backdoor, his heavy hanging balls touching her pussy as it was stroked by Bryce.  He gave her but a moment before beginning to move his hips.  Unlike Bryce, he went slow, sliding only a few girthy inches out of Camila’s no longer virgin butthole before putting them back in.  He needed to let her get accustomed to the massive fleshy python before pounding her senseless. 
Mierda!  Soy apretado!”  Hector cried as his cock fought for every inch against the hugging walls of Camila’s colon.
Camila turned to look at him and spat a quick phrase of Spanish his way.  He grinned and replied equally as fast.  In an instant, a flurry of naughty words and expressions were thrown back and forth, both parties clearly getting off on the dirty talk in their native tongue.  And as Hector picked up the pace, the crowd grew even more restless.  People were turning to one another, lips touching and hands searching out for the other’s genitals, the scene in front of them too hot to bear alone.  Bryce laid back, letting Camila fingerfuck her own twat as Hector took her from behind, using her hips like handles.  Bryce fingered herself with ferocity equal to that of the horny crowd.  She let them fuck for a while, before speaking up. 
“Do you like to be on top Camila?  I think the folks at home would enjoy that.”
Camila nodded between her grunting.  Hector wrenched his cock from her bowels and laid flat on the bed, his dick standing tall.  Squatting over his cock, she spread her cheeks apart giving the camera another nice view of her sphincter.  She sank downwards as Hector’s cock vanished between those voluptuous bronze buttcheeks.  It reentered her rectum much easier this time.  He filled Camila up until her buttocks rested on his lap like a cushion, his cock entirely vanished from view.  Then she began to bounce up and down, sliding along his rigid pole and shrieking like a madwoman with each repeated penetration.  She worked her snug bunghole up and down his flesh pipe with surprising ease. 

“Look at her go!”  Bryce yelled.  “She’s taking it like a champ!” 

Indeed, Camila was bouncing her booty up and down Hector’s dick like it was a pogo stick.  Dark hair flying in every direction, petite tits jiggling and lips in a permanent O-shape as she screamed out her pleasure.  Hector grabbed another handful of the bouncing bronze booty in smacking into his lap, unable to stop himself from groping the fleshy tanned globes before him.  Getting to her knees, Camila leaned forward and rode him hard, like a cowboy at a rodeo, his cock threatening to burst free from her pooper with each hard motion. 

“Owww, smack that ass Hector!  Whack that bouncy booty!”  Bryce cried, fingering her snatch faster than ever before.

Hector would never tired of watching that booty jiggle after a hard smack by his hefty palm.  After three good smacks, a pink outline of his hand was visible on her caramel colored booty.  Every eye in the studio was glued to Camila’s backside, the crowd now out of control.  Frantic masturbating and jacking each off had turned into an all-out orgy.  People who had been feeling up their neighbors, teamed up with whoever was next them, men, women, it didn’t matter.  All that mattered was a release from the pent-up sexual tension after watching not one, but two famous, gorgeous beautiful women now take it up the butt.  As clothes came flying off, the producer struggled in one last vain attempt to try and control the horny crowd.  Running up and down the steps, he tried to pry duos, trios or even quadrios off each other.  Finally, he reached one pair in the midst of a hard banging and the woman in turned to face him.  She grabbed his crotch, pulling the zipper down and fishing his cock out before he could utter another word. 

As her mouth wrapped around his prick, he gave a large shrug with shoulders and said, “Eh.  What the hell.”  He started to disrobe as well, grabbing her head and thrusting a few times into her mouth while a ripped dude plunged his dick in and out of her dripping snatch.

The rest of the crew looked at one another before they too started stripping and ran to join the raucous orgy blooming to life in the rattling stands.  Camila called out her approval as Hector now thrusted upwards into her tight backdoor, the bed and entire stage shaking with their combined efforts.  Each thrust of his hips sent his balls smacking against her twat as he fucked her good and hard.  Still on top of him, Camila slammed downwards, achieving maximum possible penetration with each of their combined motions.  Bryce had moved to the front of the pair and was now friggin herself and Camila so fast that her fingers looked like blurs.

Camila tossed her hair out of her face, and turned her head to watch Hector, an alluring cum-draining look on her face as she puckered her pouty lips and purred.  Hector was only hanging on by a thread, her tight virgin asshole doing its best to coax another big fat load from his large Latino balls. 

“Usually first time anal doesn’t last too long!”  Bryce yelled over the noises of the crowd.  “That tight virgin asshole usually makes him blow his wad in no time, which is good.  You don’t want to overdo it in the first run.  That’s what the next time is for!”

She crawled back up to Hector and asked, “What do you say?  Almost there?  Ready to cum up Camila Cabello’s ass?”

He grunted out an affirmation as together his cock reached deeper and deeper into her bowels with every lust-driven thrust.  Camila cooed her approval at the idea of this Latin hunk losing his load.   

Camila growled like a minx, “I’m ready for it chico.  Can’t wait to feel that big creamy load paint by bowels white.  Give to it me!  Blow that a big fat load up my virgin asshole!  YEA!”

This prompted Hector to renew his efforts as his breathing grew more and more labored until it sounded like he was running a marathon.  The bed creaked, threatening to collapse beneath them.  Bryce’s own eyes were fluttering, about to cum herself.


Camila’s body seized up, her tiny form held in place by Hector’s muscular arms.  Only her fingers kept stroking her clit as she squirted.  It rocketed out across the stage, hitting a couple of humping couples in the first row who cheered like they were on a ride at a waterpark.  Several more streams of crystalline lady cum followed those first jets, making the stage a bonafide slipping hazard as she fell forwards and Hector gave one final thrust before unloading the contents of his balls into the 22-year-old popstar. 

MIERDA!!!!”  He screamed out as hot jism exploded into being with the force of an atom bomb. 

Camila felt jizz squirt up her butthole, a fiery hot sensation deeper inside of her than she had ever thought possible.  Waves and waves of goopy, white cum drenched the insides of her colon as it sprayed out with the force of a firehose.  Watching Camila squirt across the stage caused Bryce’s own climax, making her shutter and squeal as her body writhed next to the orgasming pair.  Camila half fell, half was placed, onto the wet sheets as Hector pulled his fat prick from her now very well fucked ass, white cum oozing out.  He wiped the sweat off his forehead, looking down at the two satisfied women and the undulating crowd of fucking people arrayed in front of him. 

“Like I said before, after your partner cums.”  Bryce said, the first to recover.  “I like to make sure he’s nice and clean.  It’s only common courteously after all.  He did just lick your butthole.  Camila?”

Camila blinked blearily and dragged her head around to Hector’s deflating dick.  She smiled, opened wide and moved sweaty strands of dark hair out of her face.  Between those beautifully full dick-sucking lips Hector’s cock disappeared.  Camila’s cheeks sucked in tight, her tongue roaming over every veiny inch.  A full minute later when she released him, Hector’s prick was as clean as it had ever been, probably in his whole life.

“Mhmmm…my asshole tastes good!”  Camila said with a giggle.

“Yea it does.”  Bryce said, chuckling herself. 

Bryce looked around for some direction as what to do next, but the only crew member that was left was the poor cameraman, who had to be satisfied jerking his own dick. 

“I guess that’s it.  Camila, what did you think of your first-time anal experience?”  Bryce asked, relaxing lazily on the bed. 

Camila flipped up her mess of dark hair back and looked at the red-headed MILF.  “What did I think?  What did I think?  I think Hector better get it back up, because we are doing that AGAIN!” 

She let loose a wild cheer as the roars of the orgy intensified in the stands.  She spun around and took his cock back between her lips, working to get him back up to full mast. 

Dios mio!”  Hector cried as the insatiable popstar attacked his tender prick. 

“There you have it people!”  Bryce called waving at the camera.  “Already she can’t get enough anal.  Follow these tips and you’ll be taking or giving it up the butt in no time!  Bye now!  I could use a bit of dick up my ass as well, move over Camila.”  She pushed Camila to the side, licking Hector’s cock.
The camera panned over to Hugh, slouched behind his wet desk, a look of absolute bliss on his tanned face.  The cameraman hissed at him, waving his one free hand until Hugh jerked up and shuddered as the camera zoomed in on him.  “Hmmm…oh yes.  Err, next time on Sex-Ed For Dummies we have actress, Alicia Vikander!  She’ll be going through some of our more advanced sexual positions for viewers out there.  That’s all!  Goodnight and good fucking!”
As he finished speaking and the camera zoomed out, a woman crawled out from under his desk, wiping spunky remnants away from her lips with her fingertips and looking slyly at the camera with a wink.
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